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4201   Healthcare Solutions Healthcare Solutions Büro Büro Apps like Healthcare Solutions A dynamic presentation that highlights San Jamar’s dispensing, food safety and washroom hygiene solutions for healthcare facilities. See how our innovative product line can enhance productivity and help maintain asafe, sanitary environment.Eine dynamische... Gratis 12/2015
4202   Criterion HCM Criterion HCM Büro Büro Apps like Criterion HCM Employee Self Service - Criterion HCM... Gratis 12/2015
4203   Custom3r Custom3r Büro Büro Apps like Custom3r Custom3r is a Unified Customer Care app which caters to Customer Care Services for all brands across the globe. Custom3r empowers Customers to Raise complaints directly to Businesses with a revolutionary Ticket based Complaint System built within a compre... Gratis 12/2015
4204   MojoPlus - Manage Bookings MojoPlus - Manage Bookings Büro Büro Apps like MojoPlus - Manage Bookings MojoPlus is an easy booking management application for business owners and managers who value efficiency. With MojoPlus, you can manage bookings at anytime, from anywhere. No need to carry your booking diaries with you anymore. No need to inquire about bo... Gratis 12/2015
4205   Marketing Machines 2016 Marketing Machines 2016 Büro Büro Apps like Marketing Machines 2016 Focused on FREE Top marketing tools Marketing Machines 2016 brings new apps you will love!Now powered by RL Mobile Technology, your smart personal assistant for apps and games. Marketing Machines 2016 uses our team of Android experts and the technology of... Gratis 12/2015
4206   PTS Barcode Scanner PTS Barcode Scanner Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like PTS Barcode Scanner PTS Barcode Scanner is a simple app that allows you to use your Android device as a barcode scanner for the Prescription Tracking System using the device's camera.When loading the app for the first time you'll be asked to enter the Web Service URL for you... Gratis 12/2015
4207   StepOrTwo StepOrTwo Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like StepOrTwo * Connect with other StepOrTwo users to keep track of each other on the map in real time.* Get notifications when your friends and family enter or leave geo-boundaries you set for them.* Get notifications when you enter or leave geo-boundaries you set for... Gratis 12/2015
4208   IPA English Phonetics IPA English Phonetics Lernen Lernen Apps like IPA English Phonetics If you want, but you can not pronounce the English correctly, it is time to end this shame.The IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) can be used to transcribe any language in the world. It is the phonetic alphabet used all over the world, facilitating the... Gratis 12/2015
4209   conradsagranew conradsagranew Lernen Lernen Apps like conradsagranew The school is a dream of the Franciscan Capuchins come true, a result of their far-sightedness, a vision and a great sign of service to society and the nation. No doubt, the Capuchins were pioneers in establishing educational institutions in North India a... Gratis 12/2015
4210   Lernkarten für Kinder Lernkarten für Kinder Lernen Lernen Apps like Lernkarten für Kinder Die App umfasst über 1500 Lernkarten mit Geräuschen und heiteren Bildern, welche in verschiedene Themen und «Finde ein Bild»-Lernspiele aufgeteilt werden. Karteikarten stellen eine einfache und interessante Methode dar, mit der Ihr Kind die Welt um sich h... Gratis 12/2015
4211   Achiever's Academy,  Bangalore Achiever's Academy, Bangalore Lernen Lernen Apps like Achiever's Academy, Bangalore SchoolConnect app can be used by parents to track the activities of their kid(s) in the school.The main features of the app are Secured Login (for both Father and Mother) Student / Kid Profile (Request for changes whenever necessary) Student Emergency Con... Gratis 12/2015
4212   Vertretungsplan Schillerschule Vertretungsplan Schillerschule Tools Tools Apps like Vertretungsplan Schillerschule digitaler Vertretungsplan der Schillerschule HannoverFehler bitte bei Tobias Nicklaus, Tobias Nauen oder Herrn Grave melden. ... Gratis 12/2015
4213   Zeitreise Spalt Zeitreise Spalt Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Zeitreise Spalt Die Zeitreise des 21. Jahrhunderts in Spalt – der fränkischen Hopfen- und Bierstadt – verführt zu einem Spaziergang durch Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Starten Sie im Museum HopfenBierGut mit einem Besuch des interaktiven Kartentisches. Lebendig und medial... Gratis 12/2015
4214   Wacked Wacked Arcade Arcade Apps like Wacked The evil necromancer has raised an army of zombie mice. Help us defeat him and his armies! The new and improved Whack-A-Mole system that will test your speed and wits. Let's see if you have what it takes to defeat the evil rat and his army. It's time to g... Gratis 12/2015
4215   Intolerance Check Intolerance Check Medizin Medizin Apps like Intolerance Check Simple app to determine whether you are intolerant or not.Intolerance is growing or not, it is time to find out our own intolerance level.Answer few questions and get to know your intolerance level.Einfache Anwendung, um festzustellen, ob Sie intolerant s... Gratis 12/2015
4216   GIFs for Soccer GIFs for Soccer Sport Sport Apps like GIFs for Soccer View / Download die Medien von Zielen, Fähigkeiten und alles andere auf r / Fußball geschrieben ... Gratis 12/2015
4217   ShakeMyTours ShakeMyTours Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like ShakeMyTours ShakeMyTours est une application mobile gratuite qui vous permet de découvrir activités par jour près de vous via la géolocalisation en secouant (Shake) votre mobile. Cet outil pratique vous permettra de choisir vos activités en fonction de vos goûts et d... Gratis 12/2015
4218   NCFEF Almanac NCFEF Almanac Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like NCFEF Almanac Get important political and demographic information right at your fingertips with the North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation's Almanac.This is a comprehensive collection of National and State-level demographics, including congressional and house distri... 52.69€ 12/2015
4219   messageLOUD messageLOUD Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like messageLOUD Make your drive safer by automatically listening to your email and texts out loud! Download the messageLOUD app and make your drive safer, your messages sounder, and your life louder. – Use immediately, free of charge, for 30 days.– Automatically reads yo... Gratis 12/2015
4220   KKM Launcher Prime KKM Launcher Prime Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like KKM Launcher Prime This is Prime KEY for KKM Launcher, unlock all its prime features.Please install KKM Launcher firstly to enjoy its prime featuresDies ist Prime KEY für KKM Launcher, entsperren alle prime Funktionen.Bitte installieren Sie KKM Launcher zunächst seiner erst... 4.21€ 12/2015
4221   Material Flashlight Material Flashlight Tools Tools Apps like Material Flashlight Eine einfache Taschenlampe Anwendung in einigen Richtlinien des Material Design anhaftende ... Gratis 12/2015
4222   blurred.io blurred.io Tools Tools Apps like blurred.io blurred.io allows users to securely send images. With end to end encryption, users can submit images that are password protected that can only be viewed if a correct password is given. You can feel safe sending any image via blurred.ioYou can rub your fin... Gratis 12/2015
4223   HYPHY HYPHY Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like HYPHY Jeder kennt das Gefühl, wenn er gerne einen Sneaker hätte, aber nicht mehr weiß wo und wann es ihn gibt. Die HYPHY App hilft dir dabei den Überblick zu behalten.HYPHY ist ein Fashion-Blog der 2015 gegründet wurde. Er zeigt dir jederzeit, immer und überall... Gratis 12/2015
4224   SkyWalkDSM SkyWalkDSM Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like SkyWalkDSM Never get lost in the skywalk again!SkyWalkDSM features a detailed map to help you navigate Des Moines's skywalk. It includes real-time construction and closure updates as well as detour routes so that you can get where you need to go!Noch nie in der sky... Gratis 12/2015
4225   Porter's Real BBQ Porter's Real BBQ Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Porter's Real BBQ You favorite BBQ place just got better!Porter's Real BBQ App allows you to always know what menu items are in stock at that exact moment! Want to feed the whole family tonight? Check to see if our famous ribs are in stock.Looking to come in for lunch but ... Gratis 12/2015
4226   Radio Russia Radio Russia Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Radio Russia Rdio Russia made for you to your favorite radio station desfrutes are more than 50 major stations, radio Russia is not an alternative is the application you must have to listen to your favorite station from Russia, with a variety of stations.Try it and se... Gratis 12/2015
4227   PIP Camera - Fun Photo Editor PIP Camera - Fun Photo Editor Photographie Photographie Apps like PIP Camera - Fun Photo Editor PIP Camera is the best partner for self-captured photos. You can make your photos funny and creative with this PIP camera. PIP Camera provides you with various poses, beautiful and creative techniques used as photo frames. When you view the set and sav... Gratis 12/2015
4228   ShutApp - Digital Detox ShutApp - Digital Detox Effizienz Effizienz Apps like ShutApp - Digital Detox Live the moment, leave the phone!ShutApp is free and easy to use, timer app that helps you and your friends to take a break from your phone, and to enjoy the real moments. “Sorry what did you say?” Everyone knows situations like this – missing real momen... Gratis 12/2015
4229   Saturn Emoji Keyboard Colors???? Saturn Emoji Keyboard Colors???? Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Saturn Emoji Keyboard Colors???? ★ Notice ★ To use the theme, you need to first install iKeyboard for Free.Click here to install https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qisiemoji.ikeyboard★ Learn about iKeyboard★Bored with your default Android keyboard? CUSTOMIZE your keyboard... Gratis 12/2015
4230   Good Night Images Hd ! Good Night Images Hd ! Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Good Night Images Hd ! you can share them via Whatsapp,Line,etc ....The most beautiful words & pictures of love on your phone to send to loved you love most your friend, your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your brothers, your family, etc .... Tell him that you love t... Gratis 12/2015
4231   GAPS 2016 Mobile Game GAPS 2016 Mobile Game Büro Büro Apps like GAPS 2016 Mobile Game Internal event gamification app supports iBeacons .... Gratis 12/2015
4232   Crystal Insurance Group Crystal Insurance Group Büro Büro Apps like Crystal Insurance Group Getting into an accident can be scary, but you’re not alone. Auto Accident Help reminds you and your family of the important steps to take in the event of an accident. It provides an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to collecting information right at the a... Gratis 12/2015
4233   Hill Osborne Hill Osborne Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Hill Osborne Entwickelt das Team von Hill Osborne ... Gratis 12/2015
4234   Christmas Snow Truck Legends Christmas Snow Truck Legends Simulation Simulation Apps like Christmas Snow Truck Legends Merry Christmas everybody! Santa Claus is in serious need for some offroad truck drivers that can help out deliver present to all mountain city people. Santa Christmas gift delivery express has an open vacancy. Are you interested? Download now for free an... Gratis 12/2015
4235   Legierungen Legierungen Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Legierungen Der Anhang enthält eine Beschreibung der Legierungen. Wie in der Anwendung einfache Suche durchgeführt.... Gratis 12/2015
4236   Appendo Appendo Büro Büro Apps like Appendo Sie haben verstanden dass digitales Marketing nicht die Zukunft sondern die Gegenwart der Unternehmensdarstellung ist? Sie wollen in naher Zukunft werben wie die Großen Ihrer Branche? Und das mit einem deutlich geringeren Etat? Dann sind Sie bei uns in gu... Gratis 12/2015
4237   Kitty Zipper Screen Lock Free Kitty Zipper Screen Lock Free Tools Tools Apps like Kitty Zipper Screen Lock Free Cats are beautiful pet animal of world. Many people like kids, girls and even mature people love with kittens and keep them as a pet in homes. Now we are presenting beautiful new stylish Kitty Zipper Screen Lock for them. It is a free zipper locker app fo... Gratis 12/2015
4238   Handspiegel Handspiegel Tools Tools Apps like Handspiegel Sie können ein Bild mit einem Handspiegel Anwendungen nehmenSpiegel-App ist nützlich für die Überprüfung Ihrer Frisur und Make-up-Sie können Ihre Front-Kamera als Spiegel benutzen.Spiegel, Handspiegel, Handspiegels ... Gratis 12/2015
4239   Hush: Keep your secrets up Hush: Keep your secrets up Tools Tools Apps like Hush: Keep your secrets up Dim your screen with swing of a hand.With low energy hardware sensors you can hide your screen just by laying your phone down.Just place the device into horizontal position, or turn upside-down. Your screen will immediately disappear when placing your de... Gratis 12/2015
4240   Einfache Tallykostenzähler Einfache Tallykostenzähler Tools Tools Apps like Einfache Tallykostenzähler Ein einfacher Stückzähler für Android, das verwendet wird, um schrittweise etwas, das am häufigsten flüchtig zählen. Eine der häufigsten Dinge, tally Zähler werden für sich Menschen, Tiere oder Dinge, die schnell kommen und gehen von einer Stelle zu zähle... Gratis 12/2015
4241   Familly Pizza Familly Pizza Shopping Shopping Apps like Familly Pizza http://www.familly-pizza.frL'application Android Familly Pizza vous permet de commander en ligne ou par téléphone via votre application. Vous pouvez consulter notre carte et choisir vos produits. Familly Pizza :3 Rue Chateaubriand41000 BloisTél.: 02.54.9... Gratis 12/2015
4242   FNB Windmill Mobile for Tablet FNB Windmill Mobile for Tablet Finanzen Finanzen Apps like FNB Windmill Mobile for Tablet FNB Windmill Mobile for Tablet allows you to complete financial transactions from the convenience of your mobile device: check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, locate other branches and ATM’s, deposit checks or contact us. Our mobile banking app prov... Gratis 12/2015
4243   Feuerwerk 2016 Feuerwerk 2016 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Feuerwerk 2016 Sie können nun feuern erstaunlich und bunte Feuerwerk auf dem Display des Geräts und genießen Sie es . Sie können unbegrenzt Feuerwerk auf dem Bildschirm knacken und von den verschiedenen Sorten von ihr begeistert sein. Es kommt mit realistischen Sound un... Gratis 12/2015
4244   The Infinite Stone The Infinite Stone Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like The Infinite Stone Hack away at the infinite stone to make money, or rather ingots and gems. Can you get the Dietizer?Hacken auf der unendlichen Stein, Geld zu verdienen, oder besser gesagt Ingots und Edelsteine. Können Sie die Dietizer bekommen?... Gratis 12/2015
4245   Santa´s Holidays Santa´s Holidays Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Santa´s Holidays After delivering all the gifts, Santa Claus needs a good holidayBut wait! Santa is in trouble! The beach its fully of sharks You can help him? avoiding the sharks before bite Santa Santa Claus only have 3 lives and there are many sharks in the water Help ... Gratis 12/2015
4246   Air and Space Mobile Missions Air and Space Mobile Missions Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Air and Space Mobile Missions Are you cut out for a career in aerospace? Find out with Air and Space Mobile Missions! Maybe you have the steely nerves of a flight controller, or the problem-solving skills of an engineer, or the dexterity required to perform a spacewalk. Mobile Missio... Gratis 12/2015
4247   A Wish for Christmas A Wish for Christmas Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like A Wish for Christmas The story “A Wish for Christmas” is a story for children designed by educators. Synopsis A different and unique Christmas story written by educators. Entertainment, learning, and fun guaranteed. It's Christmas and Javi this year is far away from his fami... Gratis 12/2015
4248   Daily Science Quiz Daily Science Quiz Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Daily Science Quiz As the name suggests, Daily Science Quiz (SciQ) brings you one science related quiz everyday. There will be four options out of which one of them is correct. Once you submit your answer, you can see the worldwide votes for each option. You will also be ab... Gratis 12/2015
4249   NABU Froschzähler NABU Froschzähler Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like NABU Froschzähler NABU-App zur Bestimmung und Erfassung von Amphibien an Schutzzäunen... Gratis 12/2015
4250   Music Trainer Professional Music Trainer Professional Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Music Trainer Professional Mithilfe der drei integrierten Lernmodi lernen Sie in kurzer Zeit alle Noten, Tonarten und Intervalle schnell zu erkennen. In jedem Lernmodus werden die Zeiten erfasst, die Sie für die richtigen Antworten benötigen. Die Bestzeiten werden in eine Rekordsta... Gratis 12/2015
4251   QuickFx QuickFx Lernen Lernen Apps like QuickFx Automatische Generierung von mathematischen Funktionen und dazugehörigen Aufgabenstellungen.Aufgabentypen:- Nullstellensuche- Zuordnung von Funktionsvorschriften Funktionstypen:- Linear- Quadratisch- Kubisch- Exponentiell- Gebrochenrational- Betrag Tipp: ... Gratis 12/2015
4252   Deseneaza cu Mowgli Deseneaza cu Mowgli Lernen Lernen Apps like Deseneaza cu Mowgli Desenează și descoperă aventurile prin care a trecut Mowgli după ce a plecat din junglă. Peste 270 de modele de desen (printre care casă, soare, flori, băiețel, fetiță, bărbat, femeie, telefon și multe altele) îl vor ajuta pe copilul tău să participe la c... Gratis 12/2015
4253   Übungen zum Markenrecht Übungen zum Markenrecht Lernen Lernen Apps like Übungen zum Markenrecht Prüfungsvorbereitung für das Fach Markenrecht an der FH Bielefeld... Gratis 12/2015
4254   Holiday Hoopla:Christmas Match Holiday Hoopla:Christmas Match Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Holiday Hoopla:Christmas Match Have a great time with the Christmas themed match 3 game designed to keep you in the spirit of the holidays no matter what time of year. The app features Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.Support Tennessee Homeless Solutions by playing this game. Purchases... Gratis 12/2015
4255   Steampunk Racing Steampunk Racing Rennsport Rennsport Apps like Steampunk Racing “Steampunk Racing” is a Steampunk-themed, arcade, battle racing game with exciting, action, characters, and campaign.The game features 8 tracks to compete with rival racers across different game modes - racing through the City Slums to the Industrial Mine... Gratis 12/2015
4256   Driving Games Vault Driving Games Vault Rennsport Rennsport Apps like Driving Games Vault Driving Games Vault is the #1 Source For New App Games, Trailers and Reviews with an entirely new and advanced user interface!!What a true driving gamer wants really?- Latest news and full coverage on the games I play. √- How-tos and walk-through videos f... Gratis 12/2015
4257   The Quiet of the Alien The Quiet of the Alien Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like The Quiet of the Alien The theme of the wallpaper mainly describes the quiet of the alien. This wallpaper with black background, an alien head occupy this wallpaper eye-catching position, in the mouth of the alien is a string of English words, eyes wide open, in a quiet look at... Gratis 12/2015
4258   After the success of failure After the success of failure Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like After the success of failure Perfect face, elegance, is the greatest gift God for him, he probably has a fan on the planet, but behind this gift, but also belonged to his courage and tenacity. He may have failed many times, after the failure to get up, that is the joy of success.Cobo... Gratis 12/2015
4259   Be Strong Be Strong Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Be Strong Slender fingers, gently pinching, small pieces of paper.Warm sunshine, through white clouds, poured down.Bright sunlight on smooth glass, reflects the dim light.Thin brush, on a square piece of paper, write the black letters.Small heart-shaped, black line... Gratis 12/2015
4260   The Light of The Stars The Light of The Stars Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like The Light of The Stars The theme of this wallpaper mainly describes the light of the stars. This piece of wallpaper background color is black, blue and white lines between the shuttle, the blue line is particularly obvious, in the middle there is a round star, as is the planet ... Gratis 12/2015
4261   Tools Cowboy Tools Cowboy Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Tools Cowboy This wallpaper on a white background, a picture of a teenager.He took a big straw hat, wearing pointy shoes.Red pliers, put the painting looks like a stylish overalls.Themes of the day is sunny, bright colors.If you like it, please download it quickly.I h... Gratis 12/2015
4262   Broken Home Theme Broken Home Theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Broken Home Theme In an old house, a man desperate squatting there. It was his home, when he went out so was destroyed, his family did not know where to go. That is the damage caused by the war, so that people's homes were damaged.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launche... Gratis 12/2015
4263   Smashed Glass Theme Smashed Glass Theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Smashed Glass Theme Windows smashed out of a heart-shaped. You can see the beautiful scenery outside through the aperture. Some bad things, we can find something new to replace, no need to have been addicted to the past.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher.What do Cob... Gratis 12/2015
4264   The Yellow Light The Yellow Light Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like The Yellow Light The theme of the wallpaper is mainly about the yellow light. This piece of wallpaper background color is red, colorful lines each shuttle, yellow lines particularly obvious, lines are mutually woven, constitute the pattern of cool, specially good-looking.... Gratis 12/2015
4265   Night of City Night of City Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Night of City Society's light is one of oppression,It hides in the shadows the manipulation,Of likes, favourites and ratings,That tell us how to live.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher.What do Cobo Themes have?☆Unique Widgets - Best designed widgets on each ho... Gratis 12/2015
4266   Silent loneliness Silent loneliness Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Silent loneliness Those camphor edge of the city grew into endless undulating mountain memories. They stand by the roadside, standing in every corner of the city.Memories of the river stood watching silently shaking ferry year-round ferry. So they quietly painted painted e... Gratis 12/2015
4267   Drift Racing Theme Drift Racing Theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Drift Racing Theme Drift racing on the track, tire friction with the ground out of the smoke. It looks cool. Speed will give us the feeling of passion, we will release our pressure. When traveling in the track when we control for speed so that we have a sense of conquest.Co... Gratis 12/2015
4268   Sad moan Sad moan Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Sad moan Standing on the sea endless, the guitar came the sad groans, a few gulls flying over the sea, and your song sounds emitted together what they have been infected by your song, your song from their understand your grief, I want to comfort you, but could do ... Gratis 12/2015
4269   Cute Orange Cute Orange Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Cute Orange Lovely orange, is yellow.Lovely yellow orange, painted on nose and mouth.Cute face, can bring people happiness.If all the unhappy things, to see this expression, the same can vanish with the time.Such a lovely idea, so dull life becomes more interesting.C... Gratis 12/2015
4270   ‏‏Guide for Candy Crush Soda ‏‏Guide for Candy Crush Soda Arcade Arcade Apps like ‏‏Guide for Candy Crush Soda This is an unofficial guide Candy Crush Soda, tips, strategies, guides, tips, secrets to Candy Crush Soda.This application gives you the keys to match sweet and secret that nobody wants to tell.Legal warning: This application is not authorized or created ... Gratis 12/2015
4271   Guide for Candy Crush Saga Guide for Candy Crush Saga Arcade Arcade Apps like Guide for Candy Crush Saga This is an unofficial guide Candy Crash, tips, strategies, guides, tips, secrets to crush candy.This application gives you the keys to match sweet and secret that nobody wants to tell.Legal warning: This application is not authorized or created by the aut... Gratis 12/2015
4272   Country Radio Stations Country Radio Stations Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Country Radio Stations Country Radio Stations offers wide range stations from all around the US and couple stations from Europe. So far we offer 100 quality stations to choose from but e will work hard to bring much more quality stations with the next updates. In the meantime, ... Gratis 12/2015
4273   Under Stars - Apex/Nova Theme Under Stars - Apex/Nova Theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Under Stars - Apex/Nova Theme Rest your soul under the stars and feel peace of mind. This theme will beautify your gadget.This theme can be used in many launcher applications, such as;1. Nova Launcher2. Apex Launcher3. ADW Launcher Thank you all. ... 0.95€ 12/2015
4274   Videos For Apps Videos For Apps Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Videos For Apps Videos For Apps - be free to communicate. video call and voice call to anyone, anywhere with friends. video calling free - These days, it’s all about video calling free. If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re likely holding a video calling free machine. And r... Gratis 12/2015
4275   Phone Video Calls Phone Video Calls Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Phone Video Calls Phone Video Calls lets you make free international voice calls, send unlimited chat messages, share files etc across popular messengers.send messages or Video SMS worldwide through your android smartphone’s. videos are pushed directly from and to your mob... Gratis 12/2015
4276   Free Calls & Text Messenger Free Calls & Text Messenger Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Free Calls & Text Messenger Free Calls & Text MessengerForget about limited time communication on desktop computers and laptops. Smartphone application have brought video calls to Android mobiles and tablets. Now you can make video calls on your Android phone anywhere as you want. P... Gratis 12/2015
4277   Free International Call Free International Call Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Free International Call Free International CallAndroid cell phones have progressed to make portable feature calls available to everybody. For quite a while feature calls where restricted to work area top machines and laptops however cell phone applications have brought feature c... Gratis 12/2015
4278   Lana Del Rey Songs&Lyrics Lana Del Rey Songs&Lyrics Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Lana Del Rey Songs&Lyrics Enjoy for free Lana Del Rey Songs&Lyrics on your device!Genießen Sie kostenlos Lana Del Rey Songs & Lyrics auf Ihrem Gerät!... Gratis 12/2015
4279   Babybilderrahmen Babybilderrahmen Photographie Photographie Apps like Babybilderrahmen In der Welt gibt es nichts Schöneres und süßer als ein Babys. Sie bringen Fröhlichkeit in unserem Leben. Lassen Sie uns Ihnen schöne und zarte Frames für die Fotos Ihres Babys. Baby-Fotorahmen ist der beste Foto-Editor für Bilder Ihres Neugeborenen und Si... Gratis 12/2015
4280   Christmas Photo Frames Christmas Photo Frames Photographie Photographie Apps like Christmas Photo Frames Christmas Photo Frames And Greetings"Christmas Photo Frames" is a best collection of more lovely photo frames of Christmas for you to decorating your and your friends best photos. Christmas photo frame will add photo effects to your photos.We can customiz... Gratis 12/2015
4281   WM Sports Assistant WM Sports Assistant Sport Sport Apps like WM Sports Assistant L'application calcule la distance parcourue, le temps, la vitesse moyenne et le nombre de calories dépensées en fonction du sport pratiqué. Le parcours réalisé est affiché sur une carte avec des marqueurs et un tracé d'itinéraire.Vous retrouvez aussi vos ... Gratis 12/2015
4282   RMC Sport Games RMC Sport Games Sport Sport Apps like RMC Sport Games Les RMC SPORT GAMES, c'est la rencontre de la Dream Team RMC et des plus grands champions français pour célébrer l'année sportive 2015. Et pour l'occasion, plus de 35 heures d'antenne délocalisée, en direct des Menuires.Durant 3 jours, les plus grands cha... Gratis 12/2015
4283   meltyPortal meltyPortal Tools Tools Apps like meltyPortal Si vous ne connaissez pas Leslie et son portail qui claque, n'installez pas l'application, elle ne vous servira à rien, ça vous évitera de commenter "Ça marche pas, ça sert à quoi ?" ;-)... Gratis 12/2015
4284   Goliath PhotoPearls® Goliath PhotoPearls® Lernen Lernen Apps like Goliath PhotoPearls® Avec PhotoPearls® tes portraits et selfies prennent des couleurs !Choisis ta photo et pixelise-la grâce au logiciel PhotoPearls®. Il ne te reste plus qu’à placer les perles sur le support à picots en respectant les couleurs et les numéros. Le résultat est... Gratis 12/2015
4285   Flash Light auf Klatschen Flash Light auf Klatschen Tools Tools Apps like Flash Light auf Klatschen Flash Light auf KlatschenTaschenlampe auf Clap App ermöglicht es, Menschen zu Torchlight / starten. nur durch Klatschen Hand & Blitzlicht ein- oder ausgeschaltet ist.Im Hause, wenn das Licht ist es nicht Brenner hd hinter Ihnen und Sie nicht wissen, wo es... Gratis 12/2015
4286   Animal Song Animal Song Tools Tools Apps like Animal Song Free application lets you listen in or register as a ringtone sounds, cries and sounds of domestic animals, wildlife and birdsHelp your child learn the names and sounds of French various animals using an interactive pictorial book. Remember that parents a... Gratis 12/2015
4287   TAXI.TT TAXI.TT Verkehr Verkehr Apps like TAXI.TT Anhang TAXI.TT Hilfe Sie ein Auto in Orsk, Orenburg, Novotroitsk buchen. ... Gratis 12/2015
4288   Municipio Municipio Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Municipio - Versione Demo - Hilapp Municipio. L’applicazione si pone come un nuovo strumento, strutturato per la tecnologia mobile, in grado di garantire una comunicazione efficace, immediata e costante tra l’Amministratore pubblico ed il cittadino.Attraverso lo st... Gratis 12/2015
4289   Taschenlampe auf Clap Pro Taschenlampe auf Clap Pro Tools Tools Apps like Taschenlampe auf Clap Pro Taschenlampe auf Clap ProTorchlight auf Klatschen App ermöglicht es für alle Menschen in jeder Zeit, um Taschenlampe starten .. nur durch klatscht Hand & Blitzlicht ein- oder ausgeschaltet ist. Wenn Sie sich im Hause und das Licht ist nicht die Zeit für e... Gratis 12/2015
4290   Surah Yasin Full Mp3 Surah Yasin Full Mp3 Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Surah Yasin Full Mp3 the application is mainly build for users to engage themselve in memorisng this surah. it works effectively offline. no more boring streaming, no internet connection. it works with different reciters. I assure you this application is good and you will tel... Gratis 12/2015
4291   Best Punjabi Ringtones Best Punjabi Ringtones Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Best Punjabi Ringtones Top 10 punjabi Ringtonelatest Punjabi ringtone 2016Download Latest Punjabi Ringtones for free and feel joy and happiness like you are a star of your favorite movie. This is a magnificent soundboard collection with the latest ringtones that will put a smil... Gratis 12/2015
4292   Who Visited my Fbook profile ? Who Visited my Fbook profile ? Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Who Visited my Fbook profile ? können Prüfung, die meinen FBook Profil besucht ... Gratis 12/2015
4293   Diamant-Armband Design Diamant-Armband Design Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Diamant-Armband Design Elegante Diamant-Armband kann den letzten Schliff, die den Bedürfnissen von Frauen ergänzt. Von der Einfachheit eines einzigen Strang von Diamanten als Tennis-Armband verwendet wird, für das Drama des pflastern 'Diamantarmband, kann Diamantarmbänder Frau ... Gratis 12/2015
4294   Neues Jahr 3d Feuerwerk Neues Jahr 3d Feuerwerk Simulation Simulation Apps like Neues Jahr 3d Feuerwerk 3d neue Jahr Feuerwerk in Ihrem Telefon gerade jetzt aus dem Fest, um den Klang von Feuerwerkskörpern und Feuerwerk.Themen-Hintergründe, geburtstag, Neujahr, Weihnachten und andere Feiertage für Sierealen Klängen von Feuerwerkskörpern und Süßigkeiten in 3... Gratis 12/2015
4295   Texture & Mods For MCPE Texture & Mods For MCPE Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Texture & Mods For MCPE Weihnachten ist eine Textur, die auf die Veränderung der ganzen Welt konzentriert ... Gratis 12/2015
4296   Christmas Clock Christmas Clock Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Christmas Clock Christmas Clock is The Very Beautiful Clock to Decorate you Mobile Screen to celebrate this Christmas .this is Christmas Clock has Different Christmas Wallpapers and Clocks.... Gratis 12/2015
4297   Qasidah Sholawat Wafiq Azizah Qasidah Sholawat Wafiq Azizah Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Qasidah Sholawat Wafiq Azizah Aplikasi ini berisi informasi mengenai Qasidah dan Sholawat yaang dilantunkan oleh Wafiq Azizah. Dia memiliki suara yang khas dan sangat bagus sehingga membuat kita terhanyut dalam lantunannya.Dalam membuat aplikasi ini, Kami berharap kita semua dapat men... Gratis 12/2015
4298   Senandung Sholawat Habib Syech Senandung Sholawat Habib Syech Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Senandung Sholawat Habib Syech Aplikasi ini berisi informasi mengenai senandung sholawat oleh habib syech. Beliau merupakan sosok yang dapat kita teladani karena merupakan sosok yang baik dan berbudi pekerti yang luhur.Dalam membuat aplikasi ini, Kami berharap kita semua dapat dapat me... Gratis 12/2015
4299   Sejarah Islam Indonesia Sejarah Islam Indonesia Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Sejarah Islam Indonesia Aplikasi ini berisi informasi mengenai sejarah atau cerita tentang masuknya islam di indonesia. Proses datangnya saudagar yang datang ke indonesia merupakan awal mula datangnya ajaran islam ke indonesia.Dalam membuat aplikasi ini, Kami berharap kita semua... Gratis 12/2015
4300   Ninja AntiGravity Dipper Ninja AntiGravity Dipper Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Ninja AntiGravity Dipper New adventures in Gravity falls village. Help your favorite characters to catch all the things! Bill – the magical creature, powerful demon capable to enter sub consciousness of a person returned to a hut again. He decided to play a new prank, he stole Di... Gratis 12/2015
4301   Ninja Kitty - fruit slasher Ninja Kitty - fruit slasher Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Ninja Kitty - fruit slasher New adventure in the wonderland! Cheshire cat known for his tricks, and his descendant Kitty catches up. She decided to play a new prank.Day of crowning is approaching and all the heroes of the ever kingdom expect after this very important event. Who of ... Gratis 12/2015
4302   FUMC Killeen FUMC Killeen Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like FUMC Killeen Stay connected to First United Methodist Church Killeen with our App. Grow in your discipleship though special events, mission opportunities, and devotion readings. Listen to sermons on the go and get updated through our blog and newsletters as they come ... Gratis 12/2015
4303   ABC Kids Alphabet ABC Kids Alphabet Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like ABC Kids Alphabet ABC Kids Alphabet it's an educational free teaching game for your children. This game can help your kid to find out the complete alphabet type ‘A’ to ‘Z’. every alphabet letter is pictured with colourful animal image and sound voice-over. the kids ABC Alp... Gratis 12/2015
4304   X-Ray Camera Hd simulated X-Ray Camera Hd simulated Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like X-Ray Camera Hd simulated Have you ever imagine to scan a cloth or body from mobile camera? if no try out an xray simulator cloth vision. easiest way for you to simulate it with this application- see under the coats or any cloth!- Camera xray to scan cloth- Scan lingerie - easy to... Gratis 12/2015
4305   Queens University of Charlotte Queens University of Charlotte Lernen Lernen Apps like Queens University of Charlotte Explore Queens University of Charlotte!Thinking of attending Queens University of Charlotte? Prospective students and families can navigate the campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours. Whether at home or on campus ... Gratis 12/2015
4306   Kennesaw U Kennesaw U Lernen Lernen Apps like Kennesaw U Explore Kennesaw State University!Thinking of attending Kennesaw State University? Prospective students and families can navigate the campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours. Whether at home or on campus our intera... Gratis 12/2015
4307   University of Rhode Island University of Rhode Island Lernen Lernen Apps like University of Rhode Island Explore University of Rhode Island!Thinking of attending University of Rhode Island? Prospective students and families can navigate the campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours. Whether at home or on campus our inte... Gratis 12/2015
4308   College of Wooster Tour College of Wooster Tour Lernen Lernen Apps like College of Wooster Tour Explore The College of Wooster!Thinking of attending The College of Wooster? Prospective students and families can navigate the campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours. Whether at home or on campus our interactive ... Gratis 12/2015
4309   Juniata College Juniata College Lernen Lernen Apps like Juniata College Explore Juniata College!Thinking of attending Juniata College? Prospective students and families can navigate the campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours. Whether at home or on campus our interactive student guide ... Gratis 12/2015
4310   U of Arizona U of Arizona Lernen Lernen Apps like U of Arizona Explore University of Arizona!Thinking of attending University of Arizona? Prospective students and families can navigate the campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours. Whether at home or on campus our interactive st... Gratis 12/2015
4311   Love Photo Frame Love Photo Frame Photographie Photographie Apps like Love Photo Frame Make your photo lovely and romantic photos with love photo frames. It contain Romantic frames, Lovely Photo Frames, beautiful pink frames, Rose photo frames and heart photo frames with HD quality. there are lots of effects are available to make your phot... Gratis 12/2015
4312   Bart & Schnurrbart Fotomontage Bart & Schnurrbart Fotomontage Photographie Photographie Apps like Bart & Schnurrbart Fotomontage Willkommen auf beste Gesicht Wechsler App für Männer. Ändern Sie Ihr Gesicht Stil mit besten Bart & Schnurrbart-Foto-Montage Bearbeitung. Wenn Sie anders und besonders zu schauen möchten, dann downloaden Sie dieses neuesten Bart & Schnurrbart-Foto-Montage... Gratis 12/2015
4313   Blur Photo Effect Blur Photo Effect Photographie Photographie Apps like Blur Photo Effect Blur Photo EffectBlur Photo effect is an app to blur the unwanted background part and highlight your part that you want to make.you can do blur background photo effect to your photo. You can also undo of blur effect while applying the blur effect. Can s... Gratis 12/2015
4314   Color Picture Color Picture Photographie Photographie Apps like Color Picture Color Picture, the application supports image editing, professional makeup, designed to suit every age, with many rich features.* Features:- Pairing stunning photos with multiple templates, magazine photos, cover art, poster ... for free, with the number ... Gratis 12/2015
4315   Kinderärztin-gl Kinderärztin-gl Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Kinderärztin-gl Nun werden Sie nie wieder einen Vorsorgetermin Ihrer Kinder vergessen. Die Erinnerungsapp an Vorsorgetermine für Kinder und Jugendliche erinnert Sie an anstehende Termine. Alles was Sie tun müssen, ist die Geburtstage Ihrer Kinder anzugeben. Wir informie... Gratis 12/2015
4316   Best Christmas Countdown Best Christmas Countdown Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Best Christmas Countdown This Christmas countdown timer has that small personal touch that goes a long way. Along with the Santa animation and music this app is great for everyone.This Christmas Countdown-Timer hat, dass kleine persönliche Note, die einen langen Weg geht. Zusamm... Gratis 12/2015
4317   Junk Shot Junk Shot Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Junk Shot SAVE TIME & MONEY! Take a Junk Shot…! Use this Easy, Free Junk Removal App to take Photos of your unwanted trash and junk, and send it to AWS for a FAST Quote to have AWS remove it at Your Convenience! *WE RESPOND BACK TO YOU IN MINUTES* We do ALL the wo... Gratis 12/2015
4318   Notepad Calculator Notepad Calculator Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Notepad Calculator More flexible than your average calculator.- Perform multi-step back of the envelope calculations easily.- Use variables to clarify more complex calculations.- Sprinkle plain text explanations in between sums to clarify your calculations.Flexibler als das... Gratis 12/2015
4319   Saturn Theme for Kika Keyboard Saturn Theme for Kika Keyboard Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Saturn Theme for Kika Keyboard ????Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter. The Meaning of Saturn in Astrology:Saturn is the role of the taskmaster of the zodiac. Saturn commands us to get to work and to work hard. Saturn's inf... Gratis 12/2015
4320   LocationKit App LocationKit App Effizienz Effizienz Apps like LocationKit App Track the places you visit with LocationKit using LocationKit's advanced SDK for Android. LocationKit monitors your location continuously with minimal battery drain and gives you a list of the places you visit.Verfolgen mit LocationKit fortschrittliche S... Gratis 12/2015
4321   lmoroneys site lmoroneys site Effizienz Effizienz Apps like lmoroneys site This app corresponds to lmoroney's site at laurencemoroney.com -- it's primarily used to test Google technologies such as App Invites.... Gratis 12/2015
4322   NotesByReece NotesByReece Effizienz Effizienz Apps like NotesByReece A simple note taking appEine einfache Notizen App... Gratis 12/2015
4323   Rebar Rebar Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Rebar We all know a lot of money can be saved using coupons, but most people can not save them long enough to use them or want to keep a bunch of paper coupons that will create clutter.Rebar allows you to save coupons on your phone so it okay to now lose those ... Gratis 12/2015
4324   L Moreno Trucking L Moreno Trucking Effizienz Effizienz Apps like L Moreno Trucking Aplicacion para la gestion de empleados de L Moreno Trucking. En la cual se le permitira al empleado hacer el uso de algunas herramientas como la creacion de tickets, el envio de tickets, y ver el progreso de la factura asi como de otras cosas relacionada... Gratis 12/2015
4325   Field Test Mode (Nexus 5X/6P) Field Test Mode (Nexus 5X/6P) Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Field Test Mode (Nexus 5X/6P) This app allows you to access the hidden field test settings and data on your Nexus 5X/6P.This allows you to change settings such as enabling/disable LTE bands and viewing general information about the cellular radio on your device. This app requires root... Gratis 12/2015
4326   The Cleaner's Rack The Cleaner's Rack Shopping Shopping Apps like The Cleaner's Rack Cleaners Rack is the first and only solution for Dry cleaners who have unclaimed inventory. list any piece of clothing you have in your inventory. It could be a coat, tie, pants, jackets, anything! Want to make a profit? Download and sign up today! Its th... Gratis 12/2015
4327   SV Móvil SV Móvil Shopping Shopping Apps like SV Móvil Subastas Ventura, empresa líder en la organización de subastas, amplia su oferta de servicios mediante el aplicativo Ventura Móvil que permite a los compradores participar en las subastas desde cualquier lugar utilizando su smartphone. Adicionalmente perm... Gratis 12/2015
4328   Colorful Chairs Colorful Chairs Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Colorful Chairs Front of the building there is a layer of floor-space, two tall pine trees like sentinels, standing straight in front of the building, in front of neatly arranged four wooden chairs shaped like color, from left to right are blue, yellow, green, red differ... Gratis 12/2015
4329   Nurkochen Nurkochen Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Nurkochen Einfacher geht kochen nicht! Denn mit Nurkochen gehört Schlange stehen im Supermarkt und Tüten schleppen der Vergangenheit an. Wähle aus über 2.500 leckeren Rezepten aus. Wir kümmern uns um die Zusendung der Zutaten durch deinen Wunsch-Lieferdienst.Die Zu... Gratis 12/2015
4330   Pallkhi Pallkhi Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pallkhi The PALLKHI spells the ultimate in luxury,comfort and trusted services.The PALLKHI was the traditional means of personal transport in ancient India,decidedly the privilege of only the most elite in the land.PALLKHI EXCLUSIVE FAMILY RESTAURANT draws its in... Gratis 12/2015
4331   My Carolina Connections My Carolina Connections Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like My Carolina Connections Share your Carolina stories. ... Gratis 12/2015
4332   Outlet de la Moda Outlet de la Moda Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Outlet de la Moda It is the only outlet that brings together the best brands. ... Gratis 12/2015
4333   Rotary US Bank Holiday Classic Rotary US Bank Holiday Classic Sport Sport Apps like Rotary US Bank Holiday Classic The Rotary US Bank Holiday Classic app will provide everything needed for team and college coaches, media, players, parents and fans throughout an event. Need to find your next game? How about a player's next game? Need directions to your next game? Wonde... Gratis 12/2015
4334   Magical Scene Magical Scene Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Magical Scene Gray mountains were shrouded in thick mist hazy, dreamy atmosphere.Tall trunks, thick roots.Bright red maple leaf floats in the cool light air, fine shape.Black woman, wearing a black and white striped skirt.White hair, a face covered with strange beautif... Gratis 12/2015
4335   Taschenlampe LED-Lampe Taschenlampe LED-Lampe Tools Tools Apps like Taschenlampe LED-Lampe Taschenlampe mit Ihrem Kamerablitz macht Ihr Gerät zu einem hellen Taschenlampe. Desktop Widget wird Ihnen helfen, schalten Sie Taschenlampe an der bequemste Weg. Die ultimative Lichtwerkzeug nutzt alle Vorteile der LED-Licht.Eigenschaften:** LED-Lampe** ... Gratis 12/2015
4336   Mini Cooper Maintenance Log Mini Cooper Maintenance Log Tools Tools Apps like Mini Cooper Maintenance Log BMW's maintenance checklist for the Mini is ridiculously long. So I made this checklist as a simple way to keep track of where I'm at in the maintenance process. Since the app is just a checklist, there are no special permissions required. The App is ... Gratis 12/2015
4337   JW Reading JW Reading Tools Tools Apps like JW Reading This application is designed to help Jehovah's witnesses in their weekly bible reading : everyday, a portion of the weekly reading is sent and you are notified.You can choose how many days and what days you want to receive a portion. For instance, you cho... Gratis 12/2015
4338   SWEC IL SWEC IL Tools Tools Apps like SWEC IL SWECIL offers Southwestern Electric Cooperative members a broad range of account management and outage notification tools. Using SWECIL, members may: Check daily, weekly and monthly usage View and pay bills Set up and update payment methods Receive usag... Gratis 12/2015
4339   AutoDXS Dealer Express Service AutoDXS Dealer Express Service Verkehr Verkehr Apps like AutoDXS Dealer Express Service The AutoDXS is a companion phone app that allows you the ability of quickly creating an express service appointment with your dealership.Begin with registering by entering your Dealers Code, your name, phone number and email address.To book an appointment... Gratis 12/2015
4340   VTCRequestPU VTCRequestPU Verkehr Verkehr Apps like VTCRequestPU THIS IS NOT FOR ACTUAL USEClass Project, Not for actual useDies gilt nicht für tatsächliche NutzungKlasse-Projekt, nicht für den tatsächlichen Einsatz ... Gratis 12/2015
4341   Radio Colinde Romania Radio Colinde Romania Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Radio Colinde Romania Ce poate fi mai frumos decat momentele petrecute impreuna cu famila...impodobind bradul si ascultand colinde traditionale.Alunga singuratatea din momentul impodobirii bradului si pune fiecare glob de cristal cu ajutorul colindelor. Pentru acest lucru va v... Gratis 12/2015
4342   Benachrichtigung Klingeltöne Benachrichtigung Klingeltöne Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Benachrichtigung Klingeltöne Töne sorgfältig ausgewählteKann Tone angepasst werden:StandardtelefonStandardalarmStandardbenachrichtigungKontaktshare Musik es mit Ihren Freunden auf WhatsApp, Telegramm, Post .... etc Software-Eigenschaften:Multi-Language-Apphochwertige Klingeltöne, ohn... Gratis 12/2015
4343   James Would Go James Would Go Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like James Would Go This is all you need for your next vacation to Luquillo, Puerto Rico, the Capitol of the Sun. With the annual temperature average of 88 degrees, there is no bad days in paradise. This app will provide driving directions, maps, tips for travel, phone num... Gratis 12/2015
4344   Visit Francavilla al Mare Visit Francavilla al Mare Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Visit Francavilla al Mare Visit Francavilla al Mare sarà il vostro assistente durante il vostro soggiorno nella "perla dell'adriatico" . Vi guiderà alla scoperta di questa splendida città, vi terrà informati sugli eventi, vi aiuterà a trovare i punti di interesse, vi consiglierà ... Gratis 12/2015
4345   Track N Find Track N Find Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Track N Find Track N Find :It help you to track and find your location, past tracking records as well as of your friends.Features.Shows current location.Sending friend request to known person by username. Accepting friend request and add your friend.Tracking record us... Gratis 12/2015
4346   Bodengestaltung ideal Bodengestaltung ideal News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Bodengestaltung ideal Sie können speichern und gestalten Sie Ihre Boden für Ihr Zuhause Design Interieur Ideen auf Ihrem Handy. Diese Anwendung zeigt Ihnen die Galerie von schönen Boden Design-Ideen für Ihr Haus oder Wohnung, Bodenplaner und Ihr Zuhause Wohnideen. Sie können I... Gratis 12/2015
4347   Deutsch Fonts für FlipFont Deutsch Fonts für FlipFont Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Deutsch Fonts für FlipFont Genießen Sie diesen freien Packung von eleganten deutschen Schriften, ausgewählt, um Ihrer Art zu entsprechen.Entwickelt, um auf Samsung und HTC Sense-Geräten.Das Android-Anwendung ist nicht mit GO Launcher EX, FlipFont® oder Monotype Imaging Inc. Alle ve... Gratis 12/2015
4348   Christmas Xperia Theme Christmas Xperia Theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Christmas Xperia Theme With this theme you can do your Xperia phone more beautiful.With this theme you can do your Xperia phone more beautiful.... Gratis 12/2015
4349   Event Fotographie Event Fotographie Photographie Photographie Apps like Event Fotographie Bleibe in Kontakt mit Event-Fotographie!Dir entgeht nichts mehr - mit dieser App bist Du immer auf dem Laufenden!Hier findest Du top aktuelle Fotogalerien und wirst mit Push-Nachrichten zeitnah über neue Galerien informiert. Viel Spaß mit der App, den Fot... Gratis 12/2015
4350   Indian Bridal Jewelry Montage Indian Bridal Jewelry Montage Photographie Photographie Apps like Indian Bridal Jewelry Montage Sofort tragen elegante indische Hochzeitsschmuck Zubehör mit neuen Frisuren! ... Gratis 12/2015
4351   Happy Christmas Frames Photo Happy Christmas Frames Photo Photographie Photographie Apps like Happy Christmas Frames Photo Best Christmas frames for your Christmas photos, you can choose frames of snow, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, stars, garlands and many more...Turn your photos and images into works of art with this wonderful application of picture frames.Simple and very e... Gratis 12/2015
4352   Indian Wedding Dressup Montage Indian Wedding Dressup Montage Photographie Photographie Apps like Indian Wedding Dressup Montage With Indian Wedding Dressup Montage camera app, you can instantly access and try on all beautifully crafted designer wedding dresses like gorgeous colorful striking frock sari, lehengas, net ghagra with long jacket embellished with zari and stones, rawsil... Gratis 12/2015
4353   Wedding Hairstyles Montage Pro Wedding Hairstyles Montage Pro Photographie Photographie Apps like Wedding Hairstyles Montage Pro Sehen Sie sofort, wie du in diesen Hochzeit Inspiration Idee Frisuren! ... Gratis 12/2015
4354   Christmas Photo Frames Christmas Photo Frames Photographie Photographie Apps like Christmas Photo Frames Best Christmas frames for your Christmas photos, you can choose frames of snow, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, stars, garlands and many more...Turn your photos and images into works of art with this wonderful application of picture frames.Simple and very e... Gratis 12/2015
4355   Christmas Happy Frames Christmas Happy Frames Photographie Photographie Apps like Christmas Happy Frames Best Christmas frames for your Christmas photos, you can choose frames of snow, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, stars, garlands and many more...Turn your photos and images into works of art with this wonderful application of picture frames.Simple and very e... Gratis 12/2015
4356   Attractive World Attractive World Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Attractive World En rejoignant la communauté Attractive World, partagez plus que des rencontres. ... Gratis 12/2015
4357   The Shining Light The Shining Light Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like The Shining Light The theme of the wallpaper mainly describes the shining light. This piece of wallpaper background color is blue, blue and purple lines with mutually shuttle, blue lines particularly obvious, lines are mutually woven, constitute the pattern of cool, specia... Gratis 12/2015
4358   Hit-Tracking DEMO Hit-Tracking DEMO Büro Büro Apps like Hit-Tracking DEMO Hit-Tracking est donc une solution de géolocalisation simple, efficace et sans publicité.Hit-Tracking, vous permet de géolocaliser votre flotte de smartphones sur une carte et de disposer de l'ensemble des activités de la journée. Le site web : maps.hit-t... Gratis 12/2015
4359   P4 Call P4 Call Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like P4 Call P4 Call Dialer is a mobile app for Android. The P4 Call Dialer helps users make international calls easier from an Android phone. The application is free to download.After downloading and installing the P4 Call Dialer, open the application and follow the ... Gratis 12/2015
4360   Video Downloader Faster Video Downloader Faster Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like Video Downloader Faster Video Downloader FasterUnbegrenzte Download-Videos schneller und KOSTENLOS!Unbegrenzte Download Videos auf Ihr Gerät schneller als andere. Laden Sie Videos, die Sie aus dem Internet schneller als andere Video-Downloader auf dem Markt und die beste App für... Gratis 12/2015
4361   Convertisseur de devises light Convertisseur de devises light Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Convertisseur de devises light - Ce convertisseur de devises ne prends aucune place sur votre téléphone, à peine une centaine de kilo-octets.- Il est universel. Vous avez juste à indiquer une somme et le taux de change, valider et voir le résultat de l'opération. - Aucune publicité et ... Gratis 12/2015
4362   Zentrum Regensdorf Zentrum Regensdorf Shopping Shopping Apps like Zentrum Regensdorf Mit der Zentrum Regensdorf App stehst Du im Mittelpunkt. Profitiere bei deinem Besuch von personalisierten Tipps&Tricks zu deinem Lieblingsthema oder erhalte exklusive Angebote, welche auf deine Interessen zugeschnitten sind.Möglich macht dies die Verknü... Gratis 12/2015
4363   Sihlcity Sihlcity Shopping Shopping Apps like Sihlcity Mit der Sihlcity App stehst Du im Mittelpunkt. Profitiere bei deinem Besuch von personalisierten Tipps&Tricks zu deinem Lieblingsthema oder erhalte exklusive Angebote, welche auf deine Interessen zugeschnitten sind.Möglich macht dies die Verknüpfung der ... Gratis 12/2015
4364   Pilatusmarkt Pilatusmarkt Shopping Shopping Apps like Pilatusmarkt Mit der Pilatusmarkt App stehst Du im Mittelpunkt. Profitiere bei deinem Besuch von personalisierten Tipps&Tricks zu deinem Lieblingsthema oder erhalte exklusive Angebote, welche auf deine Interessen zugeschnitten sind.Möglich macht dies die Verknüpfung ... Gratis 12/2015
4365   HEXA Puzzle HEXA Puzzle Arcade Arcade Apps like HEXA Puzzle HEXA Puzzle est un jeu de puzzle très amusant !Le Tetris façon hexagone ! Faite glisser les petits hexagones en les combinant pour faire des lignes droite. A vous de jouer ! Comment jouer:1. Faites glisser les hexagones pour faire une ligne2. Aucune limit... Gratis 12/2015
4366   Indian Dress Salwar Montage Indian Dress Salwar Montage Photographie Photographie Apps like Indian Dress Salwar Montage Tragen Sie sofort alle eleganten Tracht kleidet von Indien. ... Gratis 12/2015
4367   শাস্তি | Shasti Choto Golpo শাস্তি | Shasti Choto Golpo Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like শাস্তি | Shasti Choto Golpo বিশ্বকবি রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের এক অনবদ্য সৃষ্টি জনপ্রিয় ছোট গল্প শাস্তি । এই অ্যাপের মাধ্যমে সম্পূর্ণ ছোট গল্প তুলে ধরা হয়েছে।Shasti is a great Bangla Choto Golpo by Rabindranath Tagore.Rabindranath Tagore, einer der beliebtesten Kurzgeschichten Strafe tade... Gratis 12/2015
4368   ছোটদের গল্প | Chotoder Golpo ছোটদের গল্প | Chotoder Golpo Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like ছোটদের গল্প | Chotoder Golpo এই অ্যাপ্লিকেশনটিতে রয়েছে জনপ্রিয় কথাসাহিত্যিক সুকুমার রায়ের ছোটদের জন্য রচিত ২০ টি মজার মজার ছোট গল্প। অ্যাপটির মাধ্যমে এখন সহজেই গল্পগুলো পড়তে পারবেন। Chotoder Golpo is a app with some popular story by Sukumar Ray.Diese Anwendung ist ein populärer Sch... Gratis 12/2015
4369   কৃষ্ণকান্তের উইল কৃষ্ণকান্তের উইল Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like কৃষ্ণকান্তের উইল প্রখ্যাত ঔপন্যাসিক বঙ্কিমচন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়ের জনপ্রিয় একটি উপন্যাস কৃষ্ণকান্তের উইল।ত্রিভুজ প্রেমের কাহিনী নিয়ে উপন্যাসটি রচনা করেছেন তিনি। এই অ্যাপ্লিকেশনের মাধ্যমে সহজে সম্পূর্ণ উপন্যাসটি পড়তে পারবেন। Krishnokanter Will is one of the popular novel b... Gratis 12/2015
4370   ধাঁধাঁর জগৎ Dhadhar Jogot ধাঁধাঁর জগৎ Dhadhar Jogot Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like ধাঁধাঁর জগৎ Dhadhar Jogot আমাদের দৈনন্দিন জীবনে ধাঁধাঁ খুব জনপ্রিয় টপিক। গল্প কিংবা আড্ডার আসর জমিয়ে তুলতে ধাঁধাঁ খুব জনপ্রিয় রসদ। মজার মজার সব ধাঁধাঁ আর সেগুলোর জানা অজানা উত্তর নিয়ে আমাদের এই অ্যাপ্লিকেশনটি তৈরি।Halten Sie ein sehr beliebtes Thema in unserem täglichen Leben. Di... Gratis 12/2015
4371   Sky Streaker Sky Streaker Arcade Arcade Apps like Sky Streaker Then Get Ready to Play Air LiftNever Ending Game play for Addictive Lovers ★★★★★Save the frog from Dark World of Fantasia and send challenges to your friends! A perfect lovable time pass game, Tune your FunDo High score on leader board N Challenge with yo... Gratis 12/2015
4372   Mouse Cartoon Christmas Run Mouse Cartoon Christmas Run Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Mouse Cartoon Christmas Run Mouse Cartoon Christmas RunThe game takes place continuously, the player must focus on the situation in the game.Gold coins collected in the game's currency to help you buy items and upgrade features.Google Play games with other services.You can emulate t... Gratis 12/2015
4373   Video Player HD FLV AC3 MP4 Video Player HD FLV AC3 MP4 Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like Video Player HD FLV AC3 MP4 Video Player HD FLV AC3 MP4 High Definition Video Player for android. Plays almost all the video formats.Are you need Video Player HD to play all your Videos?Video Player HD FLV AC3 MP4 High Definition Video-Player für Android. Spielt fast alle Video-Form... Gratis 12/2015
4374   Ecoutez France Inter Ecoutez France Inter Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Ecoutez France Inter France Inter est une radio proposant des programmes de qualité.Elle mérite une application digne qui fonctionne correctement.Cette application vous permet d'écouter France Inter en direct sur votre téléphone et aussi de réécouter toutes les rubriques de F... Gratis 12/2015
4375   Mexican Television Guide Free Mexican Television Guide Free Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mexican Television Guide Free The ultimate TV guide. Our experience in TV Broadcasting allows us to offer a complete, quick and easy to use guide with daily update of the information. All your favorite features are enhanced: trailers, related videos, reminders, Twitter, mail... FEATU... Gratis 12/2015
4376   Televisión de Honduras Televisión de Honduras Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Televisión de Honduras La guía de televisión definitiva. Nuestra experiencia en Broadcasting, nos permite ofrecer una guía completa, rápida y fácil de usar con actualizaciones diarias de la información. CARACTERÍSTICAS - Ahora en la TV - Alquila o compra las películas y program... Gratis 12/2015
4377   Suomalainen Televisio Guide Suomalainen Televisio Guide Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Suomalainen Televisio Guide Lieblings-TV-Guide. Unsere Erfahrung in der TV-Übertragungen wird uns helfen, eine vollständige bieten, ... ... Gratis 12/2015
4378   OS 9 Lock screen theme OS 9 Lock screen theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like OS 9 Lock screen theme This is a beautiful theme for lock screen.We all like iphone and want to enjoy the experience of ios system.So we make it and wish more and more friends could enjoy our lock screen,enjoy the ios-style on the Android phone.This theme is the customized them... Gratis 12/2015
4379   The Tealprint for KLWP The Tealprint for KLWP Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like The Tealprint for KLWP Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro is needed. You can get that here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.wallpaper I use Nova Launcher Prime. I'm sure this will work just fine with launchers similar to Nova. The grid size shouldn't matter w... Gratis 12/2015
4380   Frauen Frisuren Anwendung Frauen Frisuren Anwendung Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Frauen Frisuren Anwendung Jeder braucht eine Veränderung manchmal! Mädchen, die Sie nicht haben, um zu Ihrem Friseur laufen. Werden Sie etwas, um Ihr Haar, die Sie später bereuen! Dies ist eine neue, fantastische Bildbearbeitungssoftware, Frauen Frisuren Anwendung, die. Es wird Ih... Gratis 12/2015
4381   DroptheCode DroptheCode Photographie Photographie Apps like DroptheCode DropTheCode is the solution to instantly transform your objects into smart objects. Any photos, videos, links or files can now be dropped into your favorite objects: notebooks, bracelets, rings, clothes...You just need to Drop The Code!DropTheCode die Lös... Gratis 12/2015
4382   Sun Compass with Qibla angle Sun Compass with Qibla angle Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Sun Compass with Qibla angle Sun Compass/manual compass for all devices esp. no built-in magnetic compass devices. Use sun direction as angle reference is the alternate way to avoid magnetic compass interference. Switch on your device GPS and point it to the Sun as directed, or align... Gratis 12/2015
4383   ADSSmartV20 ADSSmartV20 Büro Büro Apps like ADSSmartV20 Suivi des intervenants des applications ADSADS applications stakeholder monitoring... Gratis 12/2015
4384   Christmas skin,  maps Minecraft Christmas skin, maps Minecraft Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Christmas skin, maps Minecraft You want to make a real and funny new year in his Minecraft: PE? To do this, you need Christmas skins and maps that you can download here!Celebrate the New Year with their friends on the network! Put Santa Claus skins or skins boys and girls in Christmas ... Gratis 12/2015
4385   Christmas Time eTheme Launcher Christmas Time eTheme Launcher Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Christmas Time eTheme Launcher New FREE brand theme for eTheme launcherBrief introduction ♥ Partying and festival are an indispensable part of Christmas. Christmas Time will bring bustling festive atmosphere to your phone screen with wallpapers HD and set of 35 high quality ico... Gratis 12/2015
4386   White Christmas eThemeLauncher White Christmas eThemeLauncher Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like White Christmas eThemeLauncher New FREE brand theme for eTheme launcherBrief introduction♥ Snow is falling every where, the road in front of house is white, the window sill is white, the garden is white, sparking snow falling on all eTheme icon and ♥ Compatible device: Samsung, HTC, As... Gratis 12/2015
4387   Scanner Röntgenganzkörper Scanner Röntgenganzkörper Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Scanner Röntgenganzkörper Scanner Röntgenganzkörper-StreichMit Scanner Röntgen Full Body Prank Sie sehen können, was die Menschen haben unter Mantel, und unter den Pullover ,! Vielleicht ein xray Kleidung Scanner Vision? Vielleicht ein schönes T-Shirt ...Sie können diese Anwendung... Gratis 12/2015
4388   Fondos de Pantalla Fuente Fondos de Pantalla Fuente Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Fondos de Pantalla Fuente Increíble colección de imágenes con ⛲ Fondos de Pantalla de Fuentes ⛲ para establecer como papel tapiz y/o wallpaper en tu smartphone en buena calidad.*Rápida interfaz con imagenes en alta resolución (HD).*Velocidad de carga rápida de fotos.*Ésta App func... Gratis 12/2015
4389   Blood Pressure Prank Blood Pressure Prank Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Blood Pressure Prank Hi everyone I hope you are doing good so you need some fun and a loudly laugh ?You are in the right place, with our application Finger print blood pressure prank you will have some fun withyour friends and relatives.Our application is just a joke !It ena... Gratis 12/2015
4390   Snow Keyboard Theme Snow Keyboard Theme Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Snow Keyboard Theme Simple yet beautiful American Keyboard theme. Enjoy!Snow Keyboard Theme is a keyboard theme that works only with American Keyboard installed on your device. American Keyboard is a simple app that replaces your standard keypad and improves your typing expe... Gratis 12/2015
4391   Spanish Television Guide Free Spanish Television Guide Free Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Spanish Television Guide Free The ultimate TV guide. Our experience in TV Broadcasting allows us to offer a complete, quick and easy to use guide with daily update of the information. All your favorite features are enhanced: trailers, related videos, reminders, Twitter, mail... FEATU... Gratis 12/2015
4392   Miracle Fly Miracle Fly Action Action Apps like Miracle Fly Play as Mira, Daria, and Irvette to fight Nightmares in Dream World. - Control is unique, which means it would give you a whole new gaming experience (you might find it hard to play at first, but don't worry, you'll get used to it) - 100+ stages. Almost e... Gratis 12/2015
4393   Over the Bridge Hidden Object Over the Bridge Hidden Object Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Over the Bridge Hidden Object People in search of challenging free hidden object games that features spectacular graphics and delivers hour after hour of fun, no longer have to wait. PlayHOG presents Over the Bridge, a Free find object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects pe... Gratis 12/2015
4394   Tap Dots Tap Dots Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Tap Dots Red, blue, yellow, green, grey, black.Only four of them will help you to move on further.The red dot is your ally throughout the game. Enable it with blue or yellow one .The green dot will slow down the uncontrolled rotation of gray, but not black one's .... Gratis 12/2015
4395   Rust Covered New Hidden Object Rust Covered New Hidden Object Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Rust Covered New Hidden Object People in search of challenging free hidden object games that features spectacular graphics and delivers hour after hour of fun, no longer have to wait. PlayHOG presents Rust Covered, a Free find object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects per l... Gratis 12/2015
4396   Christmas Santa Coloring Book Christmas Santa Coloring Book Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Christmas Santa Coloring Book Christmas Santa Coloring Book ist ein kostenloser Färbung Spiel für Weihnachten 2016 (Boys & Girls)Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einer Malerei Malbuch Spiel für Weihnachten? du bist in der rechten Coloring Christmas Game :)Christmas Santa Coloring Book ist ... Gratis 12/2015
4397   Recetas de Cocina Chilena Recetas de Cocina Chilena Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Recetas de Cocina Chilena En esta app encontraras una variedad de recetas de comida y cocina chilena.In dieser App finden Sie eine Vielzahl von Lebensmitteln Rezepte und chilenische Küche zu finden.... Gratis 12/2015
4398   PhysiApp® PhysiApp® Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like PhysiApp® ***To start using this app, ask your healthcare practitioner to design & assign your home exercise program for you in Physitrack.***The PhysiApp® app lets you download your PhysiApp home exercise program to your Android phone. Once you've installed this a... Gratis 12/2015
4399   2016 Horoscope 2016 Horoscope Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 2016 Horoscope THE GRAND HOROSCOPE 2016Start the year on the right foot with 12 months to fulfill all your dreams!In 2016, do not miss the opportunities that will allow you to find happiness in love, a successful professional activity, strengthen your finances, all with... Gratis 12/2015
4400   DIY Jeans-Tasche Design-Ideen DIY Jeans-Tasche Design-Ideen Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like DIY Jeans-Tasche Design-Ideen Wie Sie Ihr eigenes Hausgemachte Tasche von Old Denim Jeans StellenWie viele von uns haben sich oder geworfen, um Wohltätigkeitsläden angesichts unserer alten Jeans. Denim ist ein starkes und vielseitiges Material und kann in neue Mode, Haus und Garten Pr... Gratis 12/2015

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