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4601   Witchcap Cupcake Witchcap Cupcake Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Witchcap Cupcake White plate, placed delicious cakes.Cake outside, cover the brown cup.The above also painted a creamy yellow, it is particularly attractive.Cream on the dark gray hat, looks very delicate.If you like this wallpaper, please download it quickly.I hope it wi... Gratis 12/2015
4602   Inner desire Inner desire Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Inner desire Under the dim light, standing in front of them the microphone, sitting on high stool, guitar in his arms, fingers sliding up and down on the mysterious, playing a beautiful rock, in the dim light, hat completely cover live my face, the audience who just f... Gratis 12/2015
4603   Racing Games Theme Racing Games Theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Racing Games Theme Racing is a sport of passion, because the consumption is relatively high, it is a niche sport. But this does not prevent us like it. Sometimes we will use the game to replace the real racing car. Many people will like racing game equipment requirements as... Gratis 12/2015
4604   Eternal Love Eternal Love Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Eternal Love In this picture, the background is yellow.The above picture is a piece of the sky, its color is yellow, a large area of ​​sky, people like sunny.Below the sky, is a sea, the sea is very wide.Its color is yellow.Above the sea, there are two goose, its col... Gratis 12/2015
4605   Night Sailing Night Sailing Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Night Sailing Gray-blue sky, quiet night.Huge moon, round profile.Clear surface, a spectacular sight sky.Vast sea, clear waters.A black ship is sailing at sea.Strong sailing safely travel in the cool sea.Tall pole, sophisticated structure, a clear reflection.Cobo Theme... Gratis 12/2015
4606   Racing Games Theme Racing Games Theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Racing Games Theme Play car racing is a certain danger , if not control your speed and steering , is very likely to occur in a car accident , there will be life-threatening. But the car brought them exciting, happy to let them chose to continue to drive. When the car open t... Gratis 12/2015
4607   The Smoking of Aliens The Smoking of Aliens Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like The Smoking of Aliens The theme of the wallpaper is mainly about the smoking of aliens. This piece of wallpaper with dark blue as the background, a magnified the alien face accounted for with a whole piece of wallpaper, alien smoking two cigarettes, particularly cool.If you li... Gratis 12/2015
4608   Run Jogos Cumplices Resgate Run Jogos Cumplices Resgate Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Run Jogos Cumplices Resgate Run Jogos corre Cumplices Resgateprovavelmente um dos jogos casuais mais addicitve desenvolvido até agora.Este app jogo recomendado para crianças, meninos, meninas, homens, mulheres e todas as pessoas em sua família. É legal!Este jogo para todos que ama C... Gratis 12/2015
4609   TRIAL:Real Material Faces TRIAL:Real Material Faces Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like TRIAL:Real Material Faces Futuristic animation watch faces for round and square watches (HUAWEI Watch, Sony Smart Watch 3, LG Urbane, LG G Watch R, Moto360 ...).Trial version. Watch Faces- Earth (day and night is switched to the beautiful animation)- Sunset (animation the... Gratis 12/2015
4610   FunzChat Messenger FunzChat Messenger Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like FunzChat Messenger New way to chat and meet new people around the world. chat with family, friend and loved ones. fast, secure, simple.➲ Why should you use FunzChat ? ★ Public Chat :- Chat with people around the world in public rooms and make new friends,many types of publi... Gratis 12/2015
4611   Calculator Dofus Calculator Dofus Tools Tools Apps like Calculator Dofus - Calculator Dofus permet de calculer :• Vos dégâts à partir de vos stats, vos boosts et des résistances de l'ennemi.• Le soin.• La probabilité de retirer chaque PA/PM selon les PA/PM/esquives de l'ennemi et de tes retraits. - Disponible en Français, Angl... Gratis 12/2015
4612   ggpanel for Total Launcher ggpanel for Total Launcher Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like ggpanel for Total Launcher This theme does not work alone.(Tested on Xiaomi Redmi 2 & Asus Padfone S, Android 4.4.2 & 5.0, Total Launcher 1.2.5) Requirement : 1. You must have Total Launcher (app by ChYK) installed on your device. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.s... 0.56€ 12/2015
4613   Convert Article to Speech Convert Article to Speech Tools Tools Apps like Convert Article to Speech Article to speech: This app converts copied text in any language to voice and reads for you. It requires a tts engine like google tts. Check your accesibility settings. If there isn't download it from play store.if you wish it saves text as voice. it c... 1.00€ 12/2015
4614   Abitur Escape Game Abitur Escape Game Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Abitur Escape Game Abitur Escape GameSpielen Abitur Room Escape Spiel.              Willkommen auf der Point & Click Flucht Spiele. In diesem Escape Spiel, müssen Sie aus der Schule zu entkommen. Sie haben in der Schule gefangen. Flucht aus der Schule, um mit Ihr Gehirn Fäh... Gratis 12/2015
4615   Riedberg Apotheke Riedberg Apotheke Medizin Medizin Apps like Riedberg Apotheke Die geniale Apotheken App zum Vorbestellen Ihrer Rezepte. Die App der Riedberg Apotheke bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit Ihre Rezepte fotografieren und an die Apotheke zu senden. Sie werden umgehend per Push Notification informiert, sobald Ihre Medikamente zu... Gratis 12/2015
4616   Prinzessin Spa Make-Up- Prinzessin Spa Make-Up- Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Prinzessin Spa Make-Up- Hilfe die Prinzessin haben ein schönes Beauty-Spa,um Make-up und verkleiden sich ... Gratis 12/2015
4617   APN Backup and Restore APN Backup and Restore Tools Tools Apps like APN Backup and Restore APN Backup and RestoreAPN Backup and Restore is a very powerful application that can backup or restore all applications and a few other things on your phone installed. You can do it with a Lost Data Recovery Software put your MMS, SMS , bookmarks , call l... Gratis 12/2015
4618   Vodafone PLAY Vodafone PLAY Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like Vodafone PLAY Vodafone PLAY appið veitir aðgang að helstu íslensku sjónvarpsstöðvunum og Vodafone 6 erlendum stöðvum, öllum með Tímavél, Frelsi og frábæru efni Vodafone PLAY. Appið er aðgengilegt hvort sem þú ert í viðskiptum við Vodafone eða ekki.Með appinu þarft... Gratis 12/2015
4619   GoSkipstone GoSkipstone Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like GoSkipstone When you watch a Skipstone Video, whenever you have a question, simply ask it! A pre-recorded answer created by experts will play, giving you all the details you want to know. You can speak or type your question or even select from a list of answers.You w... Gratis 12/2015
4620   Initiale C Initiale C Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Initiale C L'application Initiale C vous offre la possibilité de consulter toutes les infos utiles du salon (Tarifs, prestations, avis…) mais aussi de recevoir leurs dernières News ou Flyers sous forme de notifications Push.Caractéristiques de l'application : - La p... Gratis 12/2015
4621   Minute Journal Minute Journal Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Minute Journal Based on real psychological research, the Minute Journal is designed to improve your entire day. It lets you focus on positivity - prime your brain in the morning to be happy the entire day! Best of all, it takes less than five minutes!Thousands have alre... Gratis 12/2015
4622   BOSTag BOSTag Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like BOSTag Your chat conversations are now equipped with embedded functionality. No more leaving your chat conversation to go 'find' an app.Ihre Chat-Gespräche werden nun mit eingebetteten Funktionen ausgestattet. Nicht mehr sich von Ihrem Chat-Unterhaltung zu gehen... Gratis 12/2015
4623   Hechos Hechos Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Hechos Radio Hechos Ecuador, es la primera en andar libremente hacia la gran cadena de comunicación en el mundo, hacemos diariamente las noticias con mucha ética, pero por sobre todo con el deseo de servir mejor a la comunidad de nuestra tierra que vive en el mu... Gratis 12/2015
4624   GameHitch Messenger GameHitch Messenger Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like GameHitch Messenger Connect gamers from around the globeSchließen Sie Spieler aus der ganzen Welt... Gratis 12/2015
4625   포항부동산 포항부동산 Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like 포항부동산 포항아파트닷컴이 앱으로 출시되었습니다!포항, 경주, 울진, 영덕 지역의 아파트나 상가, 토지등을 앱으로 만나보세요!웹사이트 : http://www.phapt.com/mPohang Wohnung dot com in die App veröffentlicht!Pohang, Gyeongju, Uljin, die Eugene Wohnung oder Gewerbeflächen, wie Land und treffen Sie die App!Website: http:/... Gratis 12/2015
4626   Spy Hop 360 Spy Hop 360 Lernen Lernen Apps like Spy Hop 360 Take a look around you, what do you see? The Spy Hop 360 challenge is to turn that into your first Android app. The app itself is a recording of the moment that could take you on the path of app developer. The app itself doesn't do much, other than perhap... Gratis 12/2015
4627   TRB 2016 TRB 2016 Lernen Lernen Apps like TRB 2016 The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 95th Annual Meeting mobile app is available to all meeting registrants. The information-packed app covers all transportation modes, with more than 4,000 presentations in nearly 750 sessions and workshops addressing ... Gratis 12/2015
4628   StudyBuddy StudyBuddy Lernen Lernen Apps like StudyBuddy StudyBuddy is meant to match Purdue students to each other by allowing users to choose courses they are enrolled in and matching them. The matched students can then communicate to each other through a chat system and meet in real life to study and/or soci... Gratis 12/2015
4629   Fractions - Pre-algebra videos Fractions - Pre-algebra videos Lernen Lernen Apps like Fractions - Pre-algebra videos 43 In-depth tutoring videos explain all important concepts about Fractions and Mixed Numbers, an important topic in pre-algebra.Our tutoring videos teach all key concepts about Fractions and Mixed Numbers in major pre-algebra textbooks. You'll get the he... Gratis 12/2015
4630   Evolution - Biology videos Evolution - Biology videos Lernen Lernen Apps like Evolution - Biology videos 13 In-depth tutoring videos explain all important concepts about Evolution, a very important topic in biologyOur tutoring videos teach all key concepts about Evolution in major Biology textbooks. You'll get the help you need whether you're doing homework... Gratis 12/2015
4631   Tutor Tutor Lernen Lernen Apps like Tutor For many students, status-quo teachers aren’t enough. For educators, finding clients requires surrendering professional independence.Alas, no more awkward phone calls, last-minute price haggling, or disappointingly unhelpful meetings. Tutor finds the righ... Gratis 12/2015
4632   Mobile Kids Mobile Kids Lernen Lernen Apps like Mobile Kids Educational use of knowledge at an early can assist family values.Pädagogische Nutzung von Wissen in einem frühen können die Werte der Familie zu unterstützen.... Gratis 12/2015
4633   Urdu Idiom Flashcard Urdu Idiom Flashcard Lernen Lernen Apps like Urdu Idiom Flashcard Urdu Idiom Flashcard ermöglicht dem Benutzer, Urdu und Englisch Idiome als Karteikarten anzuzeigen. ... Gratis 12/2015
4634   Pythagorean Theorem videos Pythagorean Theorem videos Lernen Lernen Apps like Pythagorean Theorem videos 42 tutoring videos explain all important topics about Pythagorean Theorem, one of the most important topics in Geometry.Our tutoring videos teach all key concepts about Pythagorean Theorem in major Geometry textbooks. You'll get the help you need whether... Gratis 12/2015
4635   Prime Numbers: Video Tutorials Prime Numbers: Video Tutorials Lernen Lernen Apps like Prime Numbers: Video Tutorials 13 In-depth tutoring videos explain all important topics about Prime Numbers, an important topic in pre-algebra.Our tutoring videos teach all key concepts about Prime Numbers in major pre-algebra textbooks. You'll get the help you need whether you're doi... Gratis 12/2015
4636   Factoring - Algebra videos Factoring - Algebra videos Lernen Lernen Apps like Factoring - Algebra videos 57 tutoring videos explain all important concepts about Factoring, a very important topic in Algebra.Our tutoring videos teach all key concepts about Factoring in major Algebra textbooks. You'll get the help you need whether you're doing homework or prep... Gratis 12/2015
4637   Electricity - Physics videos Electricity - Physics videos Lernen Lernen Apps like Electricity - Physics videos 22 In-depth tutoring videos explain all important topics about electricity, one of the most important topics in Physics.Our tutoring videos teach all key concepts about Electricity in major Physics textbooks. You'll get the help you need whether you're d... Gratis 12/2015
4638   Area: Geometry tutoring videos Area: Geometry tutoring videos Lernen Lernen Apps like Area: Geometry tutoring videos 61 tutoring videos explain all important topics in ‘Area’, one of the most important topics in Geometry.Our tutoring videos teach various topics about ‘Area’ in major Geometry textbooks. You'll get the help you need whether you're doing homework or prepa... Gratis 12/2015
4639   DANTES Waypoints Beta DANTES Waypoints Beta Lernen Lernen Apps like DANTES Waypoints Beta DANTES Waypoints is a powerful tool designed to help you Define Your Future. Serving in the U.S. Armed Forces isn’t always easy; it requires dedication, commitment, and drive. The thought of pursuing higher education while also meeting the obligations of ... Gratis 12/2015
4640   Urdu Poetry Urdu Poetry Lernen Lernen Apps like Urdu Poetry Urdu Poetry app is a simple and user easy to use app. It is for children to read and learn the poems of the Famous Poet, Allama Iqbal. School going students can find this app very helpful in memorizing Iqbal’s poetry.Urdu Poetry App ist ein einfaches und ... Gratis 12/2015
4641   Nevada Car Driving Test Nevada Car Driving Test Lernen Lernen Apps like Nevada Car Driving Test USA Driving Test (www.usdrivingtest.com) was started in 2010 and we serve more than 150,000 users until now. Every month more than 4000 users use our website and we help them to pass the written test easily.Kansas Driving test has over 1000+ Questions.The... Gratis 12/2015
4642   Belajar ABC 123 Belajar ABC 123 Lernen Lernen Apps like Belajar ABC 123 Mengenal belajar huruf dan angka diperuntukan untuk anak usia batita.Lernen, Buchstaben und Zahlen für Kinder im Alter von Kleinkind bestimmt zu erkennen.... Gratis 12/2015
4643   VCP-DCV study guide VCP-DCV study guide Lernen Lernen Apps like VCP-DCV study guide This guide can be used in preparation for the VCP5-DCV (VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization) certification. VCP5-DCV (VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization) is a cerfitication from VMware that deals with data ... Gratis 12/2015
4644   Mobile App Store Free Market 8 Mobile App Store Free Market 8 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mobile App Store Free Market 8 Mobile App Store Free Market 8 is the best market app for android to search Google Play and the best way to find a new app & new game without wasting time searching through junk.Functions:- Support many languages such as: English, Indonesian, Portuguese, ... Gratis 12/2015
4645   Brava Sound Radio Brava Sound Radio Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Brava Sound Radio Brava Sound Radio fue fundada en Noviembre del 2006 en el Bronx, NY por Julio C Laboriel Jr. (Dj Lito) con el proposito de entretener a la comunidad Hondurena y garifunas del Mundo ofreciendo La mas grande variedad de musica nos hace los favoritos de nues... Gratis 12/2015
4646   Coastal Heritage Mobile Coastal Heritage Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Coastal Heritage Mobile Bank from anywhere with Coastal Heritage Mobile Banking. Coastal Heritage Mobile Banking is a full featured banking tool that gives you the ability to perform all of your banking needs on a mobile device. Available features include: Accounts - Check your ... Gratis 12/2015
4647   LOYAL3 - Investing For All LOYAL3 - Investing For All Finanzen Finanzen Apps like LOYAL3 - Investing For All LOYAL3 makes it possible for you to invest as little as $10 in your favorite brands, without paying any commissions or fees. With the LOYAL3 mobile app, you can safely and securely:• Browse stocks in your favorite brands• Buy and sell stocks• Create month... Gratis 12/2015
4648   JSSB Mobile JSSB Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like JSSB Mobile Mobile Banking from your Android.Jersey Shore State Bank's Mobile banking offers you the ability to view account balances and recent transactions, transfer funds between your accounts and even pay your bills. Our mobile banking solution provides you with... Gratis 12/2015
4649   FNB Windmill Mobile Banking FNB Windmill Mobile Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like FNB Windmill Mobile Banking FNB Windmill Mobile Banking allows you to complete financial transactions from the convenience of your mobile device: check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, locate other branches and ATM’s, deposit checks or contact us. Our mobile banking app provide... Gratis 12/2015
4650   Simple Tip Calculator Simple Tip Calculator Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Simple Tip Calculator A simple and straightforward application for calculating tips Please email simple.applications01@gmail.com with suggestions or to report bugs.... Gratis 12/2015
4651   FTSB IA Mobile Banking FTSB IA Mobile Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like FTSB IA Mobile Banking The First Trust Mobile Banking App provides the most optimal mobile banking experience with your Android phone. First Trust takes great pride in offering our customers a convenient and secure mobile banking service literally at their fingertips. The added... Gratis 12/2015
4652   CU-Online CU-Online Finanzen Finanzen Apps like CU-Online Online account access for Sidney Federal Credit UnionOnline-Account-Zugang für Sidney Federal Credit Union... Gratis 12/2015
4653   Dakota Star FCU for Tablet Dakota Star FCU for Tablet Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Dakota Star FCU for Tablet Now you can manage your money anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day on your tablet. With Dakota Star’s tablet app, you can conveniently and securely:• Check your account balances• View recent transactions• Transfer money between your accounts• View images of... Gratis 12/2015
4654   Des Moines Metro Credit Union Des Moines Metro Credit Union Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Des Moines Metro Credit Union Des Moines Metro Credit Union members can view balances, transfer money, pay bills, and more.Mitglieder Des Moines Metro Credit Union können Guthaben anzuzeigen, Geld überweisen, Rechnungen bezahlen, und vieles mehr.... Gratis 12/2015
4655   Intercity State Bank Tablet Intercity State Bank Tablet Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Intercity State Bank Tablet Intercity State Bank Tablet is available for personal accounts. A fee is not charged to use our mobile banking. Some features may not be available for all mobile devices and/or carrier plans. Data rates may apply, check your carrier plan for details.Inte... Gratis 12/2015
4656   Intercity State Bank Mobile Intercity State Bank Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Intercity State Bank Mobile Intercity State Bank Mobile is available for personal accounts. A fee is not charged to use our mobile banking. Some features may not be available for all mobile devices and/or carrier plans. Data rates may apply, check your carrier plan for details.Inter... Gratis 12/2015
4657   Bloomsdale Bank Mobile Bloomsdale Bank Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Bloomsdale Bank Mobile Mobile banking from Bloomsdale Bank. Connected to our customers since 1914!Bloomsdale Bank is now available anytime, anywhere! With Bloomsdale Bank’s mobile and tablet app you can conveniently and securely • Check balances• Transfer money... Gratis 12/2015
4658   Bloomsdale Bank Tablet Bloomsdale Bank Tablet Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Bloomsdale Bank Tablet Mobile banking from Bloomsdale Bank. Connected to our customers since 1914!Bloomsdale Bank is now available anytime, anywhere! With Bloomsdale Bank’s mobile and tablet app you can conveniently and securely • Check balances• Transfer money... Gratis 12/2015
4659   All India IFSC / MICR Code All India IFSC / MICR Code Finanzen Finanzen Apps like All India IFSC / MICR Code The Indian Financial System Code (IFS Code) is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank-branch participating in the two main Electronic Funds Settlement Systems in India: the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and the National Electronic Funds ... Gratis 12/2015
4660   Outlay Outlay Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Outlay Outlay is an easy to use subscription manager. It calculates your monthly expenditures in an easy to use and beautiful interface. Comes preloaded with icons for over 20 major subscriptions. Contact us for any new icons you'd like and we'll update them as ... Gratis 12/2015
4661   Pew Pew Action Action Apps like Pew Your ship fell through a black hole and you have no idea where in the universe you are! There's angry space pirates all around and they want your ship. Can you survive their onslaught? Upgrade your ship to fit your playstyle and compete against your fr... Gratis 12/2015
4662   Etherblade Lite Etherblade Lite Action Action Apps like Etherblade Lite In a world where darkness has swallowed the light, defeated the hero, and threatens to extinguish humanity from the earth, the hero’s son must rise up to defeat the darkness. With the sword he inherited from his father, Aaron must make the long journey fr... Gratis 12/2015
4663   Walking Zombies Walking Zombies Action Action Apps like Walking Zombies Play an action packed shooting game in a city hospital environment surrounded by zombie. Dive into the dead city of Walking Zombies and save the Human from the deadly zombies. Now you need shoot and kill all the Zombies and recover the anti virus. Walking... Gratis 12/2015
4664   Arena Of The Battle Fight Arena Of The Battle Fight Action Action Apps like Arena Of The Battle Fight Arena Of The Battle Fight is beatiful arena fight game with special attacks!!Fight and win in the arena to become the best ultimate hero in the arena.Fight with over 100 enemies.Endless Fight game.Features:-Many weapons.Many Armors And more more items Pla... Gratis 12/2015
4665   Christmas Wonderland 4 Christmas Wonderland 4 Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Christmas Wonderland 4 Bill and Mary can’t wait to head down to Main Street to watch the Grand Christmas Parade and they are just in time to see the Switching on of the Christmas lights. Next, they go shopping for presents for Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma at the town’s Chri... Gratis 12/2015
4666   MC Cake Run MC Cake Run Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like MC Cake Run Hello this app game made by MCEnderFX.Enjoy this game. So this game is also from black and white studio. Then you should Buy more stars and rate us YouTube MCEnderfx MinecraftEnderFX@gmail.comStoryPlease help zombie dave collect the cake. Collect much the... Gratis 12/2015
4667   Wrong Level VR Demo Wrong Level VR Demo Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Wrong Level VR Demo Explora diferentes niveles para encontrar la salidaRequiere controlador bluetooth Wrong Level VR está diseñado para jugar de pie o en silla giratoria Compatible con: Durovis DiveLakento MVRHomido VRArchos VRDive VRFreeFly VRGoogle CardboardVXMASK Wrong Le... Gratis 12/2015
4668   Temple Ancient Runner Temple Ancient Runner Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Temple Ancient Runner Forget the subway, temple and pyramid - Temple Ancient Runner fun game awaits you. In the legend of a long lost temple. There are treasures of gold, diamond & gemstones waiting for Jessica Can Jessica, the ultimate treasure hunter can speed run away and f... Gratis 12/2015
4669   Urdu Column Urdu Column Lernen Lernen Apps like Urdu Column This app has articles from different domains like; Sports, Weather, Economics, History, Education, etc. The articles are in Urdu language, the articles are mostly related to Pakistan. Users who want themselves to get updated will find this app very intere... Gratis 12/2015
4670   Urdu Muhawray Urdu Muhawray Lernen Lernen Apps like Urdu Muhawray Urdu Muhawray is an informative app for school going children. This app has a simple interface and easy to use. This app has the commonly used Urdu idioms with their English meaning for better understanding. The app has an index to browse through and sele... Gratis 12/2015
4671   Kitty Rush Hour Kitty Rush Hour Arcade Arcade Apps like Kitty Rush Hour Will your kitty survive the rush of traffic?How to play:Swipe to move your kitty, dodge the vehicles and collect diamonds! Don't Die. ... Gratis 12/2015
4672   Button Blitz! Button Blitz! Arcade Arcade Apps like Button Blitz! Smash those green buttons as fast as you can before the timer runs out! If you're too slow, you lose. You have to stay on your toes though because if the gold button appears, that's when you go on an all-out blitz!Smash jene grünen Tasten so schnell wie m... Gratis 12/2015
4673   Pigs Might Fly Pigs Might Fly Arcade Arcade Apps like Pigs Might Fly Pigs Might Fly in this amazing flappy Pig flyer.Free to download and play on Google Play for Android.Get a high score and beat your friends.Schweine konnten in diesem erstaunlichen flappy Schwein Flyer fliegen.Gratis zum Download und spielen Sie auf Googl... Gratis 12/2015
4674   Chicken Crossing River Chicken Crossing River Arcade Arcade Apps like Chicken Crossing River This is a wonderful and simple arcade game. Save the chickens from getting wet and get to the top of the leaderboard!To play, you only need to move the raft under the chicken, so it will bounce and avoid the water. The more chickens you save, the funnier ... Gratis 12/2015
4675   Rail Line Express Rail Line Express Arcade Arcade Apps like Rail Line Express The train never stop !make your way to building a rail to move the train . And through the station Get to score . Simple, but requires a surprising quickness of hand and quick critical thinking skills . Try to compete with your friends to the score regist... Gratis 12/2015
4676   Hop Hop Hop Hop Arcade Arcade Apps like Hop Hop Then Get Ready to Play Hop HopNever Ending Game play for Addictive Lovers ★★★★★Save the frog from Dark World of Fantasia and send challenges to your friends! A perfect lovable time pass game, Tune your FunDo High score on leader board N Challenge with you... Gratis 12/2015
4677   Estocando Vento Estocando Vento Arcade Arcade Apps like Estocando Vento Você está cansado desses discursos sem fundamento de nossa governanta? Conversa sem nexo, pensando que não leva a lugar algum?NÃOOO... você que está sem fundamento... Resolvemos provar que tudo isso faz sentido... SIM faz sentido... é possível estocar o v... Gratis 12/2015
4678   Santa's Zombie Escape Santa's Zombie Escape Arcade Arcade Apps like Santa's Zombie Escape A deadly virus has swept through Santa's homebase, leaving it a wasteland of zombies and presents lying everywhere! Help Santa escape and collect as many presents on the way as possible!Ein tödliches Virus hat sich durch Sankt Homebase gefegt, so dass es ... Gratis 12/2015
4679   Crayon Physics 1.0 Crayon Physics 1.0 Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Crayon Physics 1.0 Crayon Physics 1.0 is the start to a colorful drawing experience incorporating doodling and physics.Crayon Physics 1.0 ist der Start in eine bunte Zeichnung Erfahrung Einbeziehung kritzeln und Physik.... Gratis 12/2015
4680   Thauheedhuge Dhaleelthah Thauheedhuge Dhaleelthah Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Thauheedhuge Dhaleelthah This is the Dhivehi translation of the book Dalaail at-Tawheed by Sheikh al-Islam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. The Dhivehi translation was compiled by Sheikh Muhammad Shafiu ibn Abdul Ghafoor.This book consists of information on Tawheed that every Muslim br... Gratis 12/2015
4681   eStellen eStellen Büro Büro Apps like eStellen Die kostenlose eStellen-App ist Ihr mobiler Begleiter bei der Stellensuche. Recherchieren Sie vonunterwegs aus nach passenden Stellenangeboten im öffentlichen Dienst und in der verwaltungsnahenWirtschaft Baden-Württembergs. Ihr Schritt auf der Karrierelei... Gratis 12/2015
4682   XELOS - Social Workplace XELOS - Social Workplace Büro Büro Apps like XELOS - Social Workplace XELOS definiert die Art der Zusammenarbeit in Teams und Unternehmen neu. Weg von eMails zur Kommunikation und hin zu einer einfachen und durchdachten Form der Kommunikation in Ihren Projekten und mit Kunden. Tauschen Sie Inhalte schnell und einfach aus un... Gratis 12/2015
4683   intersec 2016 by GIT SECURITY intersec 2016 by GIT SECURITY Büro Büro Apps like intersec 2016 by GIT SECURITY GIT SECURITY and Messe Frankfurt Middle East, the organizer of Intersec, publish the “Official 2016 Intersec Dubai App - by Wiley and GIT” for all exhibitors and visitors. This official Intersec App show you visitors exactly where to go – and will lead yo... Gratis 12/2015
4684   Barbara Masquerade Performance Barbara Masquerade Performance Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Barbara Masquerade Performance Welcome to the Masquerade! Today’s night is going to be one of the most luxury and pompous night in the city. Barbara is lucky to visit this performance too because the invitation letter was sent to her. But she absolutely doesn’t know what to wear. She h... Gratis 12/2015
4685   Rettungsgasse Rettungsgasse Lernen Lernen Apps like Rettungsgasse Mit dieser App erfahren Sie alles zum Thema Rettungsgasse. Warum es sie gibt, wie man sie bildet und was sie wirklich bewirkt.Die App begleitet Sie im Alltag und informiert Sie kostenlos. ... Gratis 12/2015
4686   Kalimat - My words list Kalimat - My words list Lernen Lernen Apps like Kalimat - My words list Through this application you can save the new words you learn in the list on your phone. You can review the new words easily at any time during the day.You can:1. Add a new word.2. Delete a word.3. Showing words.4. Make a test. (Doesn't avaliable now for ... Gratis 12/2015
4687   Happy Kids Alphabet Happy Kids Alphabet Lernen Lernen Apps like Happy Kids Alphabet Erinnern Sie sich noch wie Sie selbst das Alphabet gelernt haben? Dann hat Alphabets eine gute Nachricht für Sie: das ABC zu lernen kann so viel Spaß machen! Mit der modernen und kindgerechten Lernapp war es noch nie einfacher. Alphabets wurde für Kinder ... Gratis 12/2015
4688   Gamers4Cast Gamers4Cast Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Gamers4Cast Gamers4cast is your favorite website for gaming content. Now we have rolled all that great content into a even better mobile app. Effortlessly check new post on the go and keep up to date with optional notifications straight to your phone. Menu bar to sim... Gratis 12/2015
4689   Escape games zone 65 Escape games zone 65 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Escape games zone 65 Das Thema des Spiels ist es, die Schafe von den cage.All die best.Have Spaß zu entkommen ... Gratis 12/2015
4690   DodgeDot DodgeDot Puzzle Puzzle Apps like DodgeDot Dodge the dot to avoid getting hit by the black balls that are all over the place, get the rotating blue and red squares and get the High Score.Earn mPOINTS and get real prizes for playing the game!Not contains adverts! Get real prizes for playing the gam... Gratis 12/2015
4691   Maze Escape 3D (Labyrinth) Maze Escape 3D (Labyrinth) Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Maze Escape 3D (Labyrinth) Solve the puzzle! Escape from the maze and look out for danger! ... Gratis 12/2015
4692   Hunting Class Hunting Class Action Action Apps like Hunting Class Hunting wild or jungle animals is fun when one is a professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his life in trying to kill furious beasts.This game is a brand new real hunting and sniper shooting experience which you might not been able to get in your... Gratis 12/2015
4693   City Car Simulator 2016 City Car Simulator 2016 Simulation Simulation Apps like City Car Simulator 2016 Realistic Graphics! Drift Mode, Parking Career Mode, Target Career Mode and Free Drift Mode!- Real 3D Graphics- 13 Different Realistic Cars. Different car options. All cars has different speeds, different options and different drive options- 4 Different M... Gratis 12/2015
4694   Lips Surgery & Lips Spa Salon Lips Surgery & Lips Spa Salon Simulation Simulation Apps like Lips Surgery & Lips Spa Salon Ever did Lips Surgery and Lips Spa Salon treatments togather. Well we brought you one stop solution for all your princess fashion makeups and makeover needs. Now get your lips surgery done by specialist lips surgery doctor and get a free lips spa salon tr... Gratis 12/2015
4695   Die Herzfrequenz-Messgerät Die Herzfrequenz-Messgerät Simulation Simulation Apps like Die Herzfrequenz-Messgerät Die Herzfrequenz-Messgerät. Messung der Puls - Dieses Programm ist die Definition des Impulssimulator Fingerabdruck. Sie müssen sich für einen Puls in seinem Herzen oder die Finger an einer Hand fühlen. Drücken Sie dann den Finger auf dem Bildschirm, die ... Gratis 12/2015
4696   Beste Flugzeug Krieg Spiele Beste Flugzeug Krieg Spiele Simulation Simulation Apps like Beste Flugzeug Krieg Spiele Sind Sie bereit, einen Krieg Flugzeug Pilot und verteidigen Sie Ihre Planeten?Kampf und Kraft in der Galaxie in einer fröhlichen und intensiven Kämpfen. Zeigen Sie Ihre große Fähigkeiten! In diesem Krieg der Sterne werden Sie durch den Raum mit hoher Gesc... Gratis 12/2015
4697   Airplane City Car Transporter Airplane City Car Transporter Simulation Simulation Apps like Airplane City Car Transporter Time to fly into the skies and be the transporter pilot in this Airplane City Car Transporter simulator. Who wants to play the role of a cargo plane pilot? The best cargo flight simulation game is here. You get to drive forklift, heavy trailer truck and t... Gratis 12/2015
4698   Skeasy Skeasy Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Skeasy Can you....What will be your best score? More than 1 point?Try your luck.Can you....What will be your best score? More than 1 point?Try your luck.... Gratis 12/2015
4699   Schädel Röntgen Streich Schädel Röntgen Streich Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Schädel Röntgen Streich Streich Ihre Freunde mit Röntgen Schädel-Kamera-Scanner. echte Knochen Bilder. zu simulieren, dass Sie eine wirkliche Röntgenscanner haben. Simulieren Abtasten des Schädels. zeigen Sie es Ihrem Freund oder Freundin. verpassen Sie nicht Ihr Freund Reaktion... Gratis 12/2015
4700   Stupid Monster 2 Stupid Monster 2 Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Stupid Monster 2 Stupid Monster 2 is casual game for kid about a cute monster.He need to collect fruits as much as he can for his big collection book.Guide:- Use button Left and Right to move left and right.- Use button Up to jump.- Eat fruit to collect and keep away fr... Gratis 12/2015
4701   Handy Piano Keyboard Handy Piano Keyboard Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Handy Piano Keyboard Your best Piano Keyboard you will ever Need to get started on Piano Learning Lessons !Amazing Multi Touch Support to Perfect Your Tunes !! Don't Just play the songs existed ,Create your Own , Record and share with the world Yourself ! Have Complete contro... Gratis 12/2015
4702   Nature Photo Frame & Stickers Nature Photo Frame & Stickers Photographie Photographie Apps like Nature Photo Frame & Stickers Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautiful Nature frame? These fantasy frames are ideal for you to frame your memories and make them unforgettable. These are amazing and stunning nature photo frames. These beautiful frames are ideal to ... Gratis 12/2015
4703   South of Russia South of Russia News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like South of Russia Publisher: Institute of Applied EcologySouth of Russia: ecology, development Scientific and practical reviewed journal The scientific and public reviewed journal "South of Russia: the ecology, development" covers fundamental and applied regional, nationa... Gratis 12/2015
4704   Fasta Fasta Driver Fasta Fasta Driver Verkehr Verkehr Apps like Fasta Fasta Driver FASTA FASTA, ride through Tanzania with joy! Now book a Boda Boda or any other taxi service, instantly without any hassle! You can be rest assured of our services, as we regularly review the drivers and their vehicles for your safety, hygiene, and comfo... Gratis 12/2015
4705   Pathogen: Antivirus Killer Pathogen: Antivirus Killer Action Action Apps like Pathogen: Antivirus Killer There are the viruses, the germs, the pathogen and then there is the Antihero...I mean the Antivirus. The Antivirus game presents an unlikely antihero which has turned against his own kind to protect you. Bringing along unique gameplay where you are in co... Gratis 12/2015
4706   Free Facetime Use Guide Free Facetime Use Guide Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Free Facetime Use Guide Free Facetime Use Guide is a cross platform app with a wide range of communication features including free messaging, file transfer, push notifications, audio/video calls. Use instant messaging, voice or video calls features to keep in touch with friends ... Gratis 12/2015
4707   Kamus Meteorologi Kamus Meteorologi Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Kamus Meteorologi Meteorologi adalah ilmu yang mempelajari mengenai cuaca, yaitu: kondisi fisis dan dinamis atmosfer. Seperti kita tahu, peranan cuaca sangat penting dalam kehidupan manusia, hewan dan tumbuhan. Kamus meteorologi ini dibuat untuk memudahkan dalam mempelajar... Gratis 12/2015
4708   Süße Ladies Süße Ladies Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Süße Ladies Dressup schöne Fashionista in unserer neuen Spaß Spiel für stilvolle Damen! Experimentieren mit Stilen und machen Sie ein bezauberndes Make-up für die Prinzessin. Wählen Sie original Outfits und Accessoires, modische Frisuren zu machen, das Mädchen mit de... Gratis 12/2015
4709   Stars Capricorn Keyborad Theme Stars Capricorn Keyborad Theme Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Stars Capricorn Keyborad Theme TouchPal Stars Capricorn Keyboard Theme will bring your keyboard & text input a real new look & feel. Check this FREE personalized design for your TouchPal Keyboard right now!★ Notice ★-To activate the Stars Capricorn TouchPal Keyboard theme, you need Tou... Gratis 12/2015
4710   StreamIt StreamIt Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like StreamIt Want to see if a movie or TV show is available for online streaming? StreamIt can help! StreamIt allows you to search for a movie or TV show and then see all free, subscription and paid online sources where the content can be watched. The app even links y... Gratis 12/2015
4711   Komilfo Yves Cardin Komilfo Yves Cardin Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Komilfo Yves Cardin Votre conseiller Yves CARDIN, spécialiste des stores et fermetures vous accompagne étape après étape et s'occupe de tout dans les moindres détails. Après 37 ans d'expérience, l'entreprise CARDIN, adhérent au réseau KOMILFO, répond à toutes vos questions e... Gratis 12/2015
4712   Where Where Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Where Where is an app for SHARING your Location and FINDING your friends.It has a simple interface that allows you to quickly manage which contacts will be able to access your Location and to choose the contacts that you will see too. What doesn't Where do? Whe... Gratis 12/2015
4713   Activ'Est Activ'Est Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Activ'Est Outil de communication réservé aux adhérents Activ'Est ... Gratis 12/2015
4714   100 Questions Orthographe 100 Questions Orthographe Lernen Lernen Apps like 100 Questions Orthographe L’application 100 Questions vous permet de vous tester sur 100 points fondamentaux de l’orthographe et par conséquent, 1° de voir ce que vous maîtrisez, 2° de retravailler ce qui vous échappe.Le concept de l’application repose sur 3 principes : 100 règles... Gratis 12/2015
4715   EpiAndroid EpiAndroid Lernen Lernen Apps like EpiAndroid Intranet d'EpitechIntranet Epitech... Gratis 12/2015
4716   PHaVE Phrasal Verb Dictionary PHaVE Phrasal Verb Dictionary Lernen Lernen Apps like PHaVE Phrasal Verb Dictionary A quick dictionary reference program to learn the 150 most common phrasal verbs in American English along with their most common meanings. The dictionary also includes a simple flash card trainer as well as other resources related to phrasal verbs. In add... Gratis 12/2015
4717   ATHS-STS LMS ATHS-STS LMS Lernen Lernen Apps like ATHS-STS LMS The Applied Technology High Schools (ATHS) and the Secondary Technical Schools (STS) are providing a Learning Management System (LMS) to further engage students, teachers, and parents in the learning and teaching process. This app provides an alternative ... Gratis 12/2015
4718   Flowers For A Woman Flowers For A Woman Arcade Arcade Apps like Flowers For A Woman International Women's Day is coming and every lady should be cherished and pampered on this beautiful spring day! Help a charming cupid make women happy by sending them flowers and creating exquisite bouquets in a lovely shooting game - Flowers For A Woma... Gratis 12/2015
4719   YSRCP Updates YSRCP Updates News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like YSRCP Updates This is new technology app allows you to know the updates of our favorite party YSRCP.App will be update every time with new stuff. Features in this YSRCP Update as follows - - News wall : every time latest telugu news of ysrcp party and ys jagan mohan r... Gratis 12/2015
4720   Aliens Invasion TD Heroes Aliens Invasion TD Heroes Strategie Strategie Apps like Aliens Invasion TD Heroes Es ist schon eine lange Zeit, das Geheimnis des Universums wurde intensiven Debatte unter den Wissenschaftlern. Und auch für die einfachen Leute, dieses Ding immer wurde ein interessantes Thema, vor allem für die wirklich neugierig auf die Weltraum. Eines... Gratis 12/2015
4721   NE4M142 NE4M142 Büro Büro Apps like NE4M142 This is a business app. NE4M142 ... Gratis 12/2015
4722   La Kalle 96.3 Moncion La Kalle 96.3 Moncion Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like La Kalle 96.3 Moncion Plays the best music... Gratis 12/2015
4723   Schuhe Brecher Spiel Schuhe Brecher Spiel Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Schuhe Brecher Spiel Jeder liebt Schuhe. Besonders hochhackige Schuhe sind sehr charmant, um Mädchen im Teenageralter. Aber High Heels kann sehr schlecht für die Struktur unserer Füße. In diesem Spiel ist Ihre Mission, um alle High Heels auf dem Bildschirm erscheinen, ohne da... Gratis 12/2015
4724   Wi-Fi Password Wi-Fi Password Tools Tools Apps like Wi-Fi Password Protect your Wi-Fi network with the most secure password generated by the universal android app. Wi-Fi Password generates a strong password based on the given length. You can copy the generated password to clipboard and use it anywhere you want. The Wi-Fi... Gratis 12/2015
4725   Update Motorola ™   Update Motorola ™   Tools Tools Apps like Update Motorola ™   Diese App erkennt neue Updates des Betriebssystems Motorola ™ für spezifische Smartphone / Tablet Motorola ™.Diese Anwendung ist in der Lage, nach neuen Updates für Ihr System und installiert das neue Update für Motorola ™.Es ist eine schnelle, einfache u... Gratis 12/2015
4726   Update Alcatel ™ Update Alcatel ™ Tools Tools Apps like Update Alcatel ™ Diese App erkennt neue Updates des Betriebssystems Android ™ für spezifische Smartphone / Tablet Alcatel ™.Diese Anwendung ist in der Lage, nach neuen Updates für Ihr System und installiert das neue Update für Android ™.Es ist eine schnelle, einfache und ... Gratis 12/2015
4727   Aktualisieren Asus ™ Aktualisieren Asus ™ Tools Tools Apps like Aktualisieren Asus ™ Diese App erkennt neue Updates des Betriebssystems Android ™ für spezifische Smartphone / Tablet Asus ™.Diese Anwendung ist in der Lage, nach neuen Updates für Ihr System und installiert das neue Update für Android ™.Es ist eine schnelle, einfache und gut... Gratis 12/2015
4728   Satellite Algeria Info TV Satellite Algeria Info TV Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like Satellite Algeria Info TV Satellite Algeria Info TVAll the info you need to set up your satellite receiver to watch free TV channels from Algeria.In App you can search more information and this topic below.1. Algerie 42. Algerie 53. Canal Algerie4. Chaine Nord Africaine5. Djurdjur... Gratis 12/2015
4729   Till or masso ki jyotish Till or masso ki jyotish Lernen Lernen Apps like Till or masso ki jyotish This kind of application is very unique and different which gives you the future prediction with the help of till and masse which you thing increase or reduce your beauty when they are at wrong place. but everything has their story , so know this mystery.... Gratis 12/2015
4730   Apke grah2016 Apke grah2016 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Apke grah2016 This application can really help you to to know your grah how they effect your personal and professional life this application can really help you in all manner .Everything is here in one application so download the application it is totally free.Diese An... Gratis 12/2015
4731   Fruits remedies Fruits remedies Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Fruits remedies This type of application proves to be the very helpful for the simple disease ,This kind of application is very useful in solving the problem. Everyone use the fruit as a health proven but know it uses as a home remedies.Diese Art der Anwendung erweist si... Gratis 12/2015
4732   Factorization. Factor calc. Factorization. Factor calc. Lernen Lernen Apps like Factorization. Factor calc. Factorization. Factor calculator. HCF & LCM of several numbers.Faktorisierung. Faktorrechner. HCF & LCM von mehreren Zahlen.... Gratis 12/2015
4733   BRR-With-Jason Hawes BRR-With-Jason Hawes Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like BRR-With-Jason Hawes Chat live with Syfy/NBC's 'Jason Hawes' and JV Johnson and listen live as they host Beyond Reality Radio. App also allows you to listen to past episodes of Beyond Reality Radio.Live-Chat mit Syfy / NBC 'Jason Hawes' und JV Johnson und hören leben, wie sie... Gratis 12/2015
4734   #ElfYourself#~ Videos & Photos #ElfYourself#~ Videos & Photos Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like #ElfYourself#~ Videos & Photos Here is the ,,#ElfYourself#- Videos & Photos,, download free and have fun!***Elf Yourself PICTURES***Elf Yourself VIDEOSMerry Christmas! :)Hier ist die ,, # ElfYourself # - Videos & Fotos ,, herunterladen und Spaß haben!*** Elf Yourself BILDER*** Elf Your... Gratis 12/2015
4735   Celebrity Stalker Celebrity Stalker Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Celebrity Stalker Do you like to see candid Celebrity photos, do you want to know where they hang out? Want to go celebrity spotting?Celebrity Stalker is designed as a place for fans to share photos they have taken of their favorite celebrities mixed with the latest papara... Gratis 12/2015
4736   Waffe MOD Für MCPE` Waffe MOD Für MCPE` Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Waffe MOD Für MCPE` Waffe MOD Für MCPE` besteht aus einer ganzen brandneue Reihe von unglaublichen Waffen an Minecraft von Bajonette und Messer, Waffen und Waffen! Die Waffen bestehen aus Sensen, Katanas sowie Streitäxte. Jede der neuen Waffen erhalten ihren eigenen, unverwe... Gratis 12/2015
4737   Zombie Mod für MCPE` Zombie Mod für MCPE` Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Zombie Mod für MCPE` Zombie Mod für MCPE ist ein Überleben und Abenteuer Mods, die in einem Untergang geweihten Welt, wo Zombies haben entstanden versuchen die Menschheit zu vernichten stattfindet. Ihr Ziel Minecraft Zombie-Mods ist, um zu überleben und sich durch die Welt de... Gratis 12/2015
4738   Sportliche Girls Sportliche Girls Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Sportliche Girls Genießen Sie unseren neuen kostenlosen Gesicht Spiel für kleine Fashionista "Athletic Girls: Fitness Make-up"! Helfen Sie stilvolle sportliche Mädchen Geet neue Mode suchen. Beantragen Sie die Dame ein perfektes Make-up: Augenfarbe, Auge Sahadows, Augenbr... Gratis 12/2015
4739   Fairy Dungeon Fairy Dungeon Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Fairy Dungeon Fairy Dungeon is a maze adventure game where you must traverse through different settings in order to restore balance to the fairy world. You play as Faylinn, a princess fairy, who is now in charge of gathering all the lost diamonds that powered her kingd... 2.19€ 12/2015
4740   Tree Wall Tree Wall Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Tree Wall This is a wallpaper for Kustom. If you have not installed Kustom not for you!3 wallpaper for Kuston!Dies ist ein Wallpaper für Kustom.Wenn Sie Kustom für Sie nicht installiert haben, nicht!3 Wallpaper für Kuston! ... 1.31€ 12/2015
4741   Cohort Cohort Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Cohort Filler app to reserve the name, DON'T PURCHASE!!Filler App, um den Namen zu reservieren, KAUFEN SIE NICHT !!... 2.18€ 12/2015
4742   Court Directory Court Directory Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Court Directory Specifically designed by an attorney for those who work in law, this is a quick directory lookup of court departments and officers. The app automatically updates every time it's opened with our up to date directory info and then works offline thereafter. ... 0.73€ 12/2015
4743   w50mdf: Test Paid Application w50mdf: Test Paid Application Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like w50mdf: Test Paid Application test... 1.26€ 12/2015
4744   MA EMS - Statewide Protocols MA EMS - Statewide Protocols Medizin Medizin Apps like MA EMS - Statewide Protocols This app is designed for anyone involved with EMS in Massachusetts. It contains the official statewide protocols (effective 10/20/15) broken down into individual sections and hyperlinked for easy access. No one can remember hundreds of pages of protocols ... 3.30€ 12/2015
4745   Logo Maker [PRO] Logo Maker [PRO] Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Logo Maker [PRO] Hızlı ve kolay bir biçimde logonuzu yapın. Birçok logo dizaynıyla logonuzu tasarlayınStellen Sie Ihr Logo schnell und einfach. Entwerfen Sie Ihr Logo mit mehreren Logo-Design... 1.51€ 12/2015
4746   Fake SMS + (Fake conversation) Fake SMS + (Fake conversation) Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Fake SMS + (Fake conversation) FakeSMS+ is the BEST professional and beautiful FakeSMS on the Android Market.FakeSMS+ is used to send Fake SMS in light of your requirements. With FakeSMS+ allows you to fake entire conversations with people in your contacts list or new names/phone numbe... 0.73€ 12/2015
4747   Pixel Warrior - At Daybreak Pixel Warrior - At Daybreak Action Action Apps like Pixel Warrior - At Daybreak Everything stuck your intelligence.Daytime stock has built and needs to survive in the structure of the building at night Helps to heal. If you want to do with your friends on a map iceworld death match. Kill zombies to throw in the sandbox or stress. Gam... 1.13€ 12/2015
4748   Nachricht und E -Mail- Planer Nachricht und E -Mail- Planer Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Nachricht und E -Mail- Planer You can try the free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.receme.app1Nachricht und E-Mail -Scheduler ist eine einfache, aber effektive Software , um Ihren Text -SMS und E-Mails zu planen, zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt gesendet werden.... 1.61€ 12/2015
4749   TicTacToe Assist TicTacToe Assist Strategie Strategie Apps like TicTacToe Assist TicTacToe is a simple strategy game played by two players. Each player marks a square on their turn. The player who completes a row or column or diagonal first wins the game. With in-built move assessment and suggestions, enjoy the hidden beauty of the ga... 0.50€ 12/2015
4750   Sky Streaker - Gumball Sky Streaker - Gumball Arcade Arcade Apps like Sky Streaker - Gumball Weiche den Kleidern aus, fange die Münzen und überhole Gumball und Darwin auf dem Weg in den Himmel!KEINE HOSEN – KEIN PROBLEM!Richard Watterson ist entschlossen, einen neuen Rekord aufzustellen ... im Keinehosentragen! Sorge dafür, dass Gumball Richard n... Gratis 12/2015
4751   Adult & Zen Colouring 2 Adult & Zen Colouring 2 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Adult & Zen Colouring 2 Our adult colouring app is ideal for every age group and will help you relaxe whislt producing amazing images.Appearing at the top of every appchart, adults are going crazy for the therapeutic task of doodling and colouring in and here with our adult colo... 1.63€ 12/2015
4752   Best HD Motorcycle Sounds Best HD Motorcycle Sounds Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Best HD Motorcycle Sounds Best HD Motorcycle Sounds is a 100% free app that will certainly bring a smile to your face. By installing this app you get access to the revving sounds of all the major motorbike models from world famous motorcycle manufacturers (Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, ... Gratis 12/2015
4753   My Town : Daycare My Town : Daycare Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like My Town : Daycare Top Pick On AppsForMoms dec 2015 "Our favorite creative role-playing imagination game full of adorable babies, activities and fun. We know for sure it's going to be a hit with our kids"NEW FEATURE ADDED - SEASONSDo you prefer summer? perhaps winter? simpl... 3.39€ 12/2015
4754   Syfy Building Guide: Minecraft Syfy Building Guide: Minecraft Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Syfy Building Guide: Minecraft Want to build and design your favorite TV and Video Game Characters in Minecraft? This Guide will show you how to build exactly that! Inside contains FREE step-by-step blueprints to walk you through the process.Ranging from beginners to advanced Minecraft... Gratis 12/2015
4755   eBird by Cornell Lab eBird by Cornell Lab Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like eBird by Cornell Lab eBird Mobile makes it easy to record the birds you see in the field, and seamlessly link these observations with eBird--a global online database of bird records used by hundreds of thousands of birders around the world. This free resource makes it easy to... Gratis 12/2015
4756   Kourtney Kardashian Official Kourtney Kardashian Official Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Kourtney Kardashian Official The Kourtney Kardashian Official App is an exclusive portal into Kourtney's world, bringing you closer to her than ever before. Exclusive content features behind-the-scenes photos, candid videos, personal journals, family recipes, healthy living tips, sh... Gratis 12/2015
4757   Ziegelsteine Zerbrechen Ziegelsteine Zerbrechen Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Ziegelsteine Zerbrechen Ziegelsteine Zerbrechen - Break the Bricks ist die # 1 Smash-Ziegel-Spiel auf Geschäft und bietet mehr Funktionen als jedes andere Arcade-Spiel. Lassen Sie erleben eine revolutionäre Ziegel brechen Spiel, die einen neuen Standard der Spaß über jede ausbre... Gratis 12/2015
4758   Motocross Drift Track Motocross Drift Track Simulation Simulation Apps like Motocross Drift Track Drive with your motocross on a country road and drift into curves, drive off road, up to the hills and jump over huge ramps or cliffs. Explore the huge map to find the perfect starting point for your unbelievable stunts. With each jump you earn points for... Gratis 12/2015
4759   Oli hilft den Tieren Oli hilft den Tieren Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Oli hilft den Tieren Die intellektuelle Entwicklung eines Kindes kann schon ab der Geburt stimuliert werden. Von Anfang an gibt es Spielzeuge und Hilfsmittel, die unseren Kleinen nützlich sein und ihren Eifer und Willen zum Lernen in vollem Ausmaß zum Ausdruck bringen können.... Gratis 12/2015
4760   Candy Bubble Shooter Candy Bubble Shooter Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Candy Bubble Shooter Fun and addictive bubble shoot game! This is the most classic and amazing shooting bubble buster game, make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst, collect all the candy to level up.How to play:1.Tap where you want the bubble.2.To group 3 or... Gratis 12/2015
4761   Streets Unlimited 3D Streets Unlimited 3D Rennsport Rennsport Apps like Streets Unlimited 3D Streets Unlimited 3D bietet Nervenkitzel und endlosen Fahrspass. Rasen Sie mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit durch die vielbefahrenen Strassen von Central City, lassen Sie ihre Reifen qualmen während Sie an Kreuzungen abbiegen und erleben Sie die gewaltigen Motor... Gratis 12/2015
4762   Cookie Star Cookie Star Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Cookie Star Download Cookie Star for FREE now. It’s Sodalicious!Cookie Star is a brand new game brings a new way of match-3 fun in Cookie Star. New candies, New cookie, more divine, more star combinations and challenging game modes brimming with purple sugar soda!☆☆☆... Gratis 12/2015
4763   Aktualisieren Wiko ™ Aktualisieren Wiko ™ Tools Tools Apps like Aktualisieren Wiko ™ Diese App erkennt neue Updates des Betriebssystems Android ™ für spezifische Smartphone / Tablet-Wiko ™.Diese Anwendung ist in der Lage, nach neuen Updates für Ihr System und installiert das neue Update für Android ™.Es ist eine schnelle, einfache und gut... Gratis 12/2015
4764   Crafting For Girls Crafting For Girls Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Crafting For Girls ✔✔✔ Crafting For Girls ✔✔✔In the north is located small, but very profitable village, which is living its own life. Another cities are miles far away, so the citizens must make do with what they have. The main point in this crafting game is the town hall,... Gratis 12/2015
4765   Jewels World Deluxe Jewels World Deluxe Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Jewels World Deluxe Jewels World Deluxe (diamonds Deluxe ) is a simple game, yet quite fun match-3 puzzle game. It’s best match 3 No.1 in World.Game World diamond (Jewel world) with crisp graphics, extremely attractive gameplay will surely please all of you. Please try puzz... Gratis 12/2015
4766   Awesome Ninja Cat Awesome Ninja Cat Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Awesome Ninja Cat Awesome Ninja Cat start your exciting ninja games in the warriors Dash world?Forget Kung Fu skills or Karate if you can swing samurai swords Rush, use your parkour skills to jump over buildingsThis game is among the most addicting Cat Games and ninja gam... Gratis 12/2015
4767   RISK Big Screen Edition RISK Big Screen Edition Brettspiele Brettspiele Apps like RISK Big Screen Edition Everybody wants to rule the world! Now you can, with a new way to play the classic strategy game of RISK. Play on your TV with Chromecast for the ultimate living room experience. Defend your territories, draft troops and launch attacks for the ultimate co... Gratis 12/2015
4768   F&M State Bank Mobile Business F&M State Bank Mobile Business Finanzen Finanzen Apps like F&M State Bank Mobile Business Bank conveniently and securely with Farmers & Merchants State Bank Mobile Business Banking. Now you can manage your business finances anytime, anywhere - from your mobile device.  Manage Your Accounts:• Check business account balances• View recent transac... Gratis 12/2015
4769   Leader Bank Tablet Banking Leader Bank Tablet Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Leader Bank Tablet Banking Leader Bank Tablet Banking is a free application that brings banking to your fingertips! View account balances, make transfers, pay bills and deposit checks directly from your tablet at any time that is convenient for you.Führer Per Tablet Banking ist ein... Gratis 12/2015
4770   CaribeCoop MovilCoop CaribeCoop MovilCoop Finanzen Finanzen Apps like CaribeCoop MovilCoop Homebanking version movil... Gratis 12/2015
4771   Red Hot Devils Free Slots Red Hot Devils Free Slots Kasino Kasino Apps like Red Hot Devils Free Slots Red Hot Devils Free Slots is a collection of the cutest, most effeminate incarnations of Devil ready to play a game of slots with you at a moment’s notice. The crazy guys and femme fatales of the underworld are inviting you to join them for a grand party ... Gratis 12/2015
4772   Lost temple endless run Lost temple endless run Action Action Apps like Lost temple endless run Lost temple endless run is a brand-new endless runner inspired by famous running in temple liked game. In this edition, the main character is Santa Claus who has fellen down in Tibet while riding his reindeer. Play as Santa Claus and outrun the shrieking ... Gratis 12/2015
4773   Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter Action Action Apps like Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter Battle your way to victory in Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter! Addictive combination running and action-shooting invites you to unleash your fury upon a post-apocalyptic universe, rife with villainous creatures. Varied and powerful weapons are there for th... Gratis 12/2015
4774   Adler Jagd: Sniper Shooting Adler Jagd: Sniper Shooting Action Action Apps like Adler Jagd: Sniper Shooting Adler Vs Hawk: Adler ist in der Regel eine größere Vogel als Falke. Adler ist zweifellos stärker und leistungsfähiger als ein Adler und auch die meisten Adler größere Spannweite als Falken. Hawks würden die kleineren Landtiere wie Ratten oder Kaninchen od... Gratis 12/2015
4775   Spinning Rings Spinning Rings Arcade Arcade Apps like Spinning Rings Bored at work? Want something challenging? This original, new game is easy to play but difficult to master.How to Play:Simply shoot the ball and avoid the spinning circle rings. Starts off very easy, but gets harder the further you go. How far can you go ... Gratis 12/2015
4776   Cosy GO Weather Widget Theme Cosy GO Weather Widget Theme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Cosy GO Weather Widget Theme ❤ You may get this premium theme via:a. Get it FREE by installing few sponsored free app - Need to upgrade your GO Weather app to the latest versionb. Buy this theme individuallyc. Upgrade to VIP and get all widget themes and live backgrounds freeThank yo... Gratis 12/2015
4777   Datingwebsite Datingwebsite Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Datingwebsite Dating-Website für die Suche nach die beste Beziehung, Freundschaft und Heirat... Gratis 12/2015
4778   Camera style of iOS 8 Camera style of iOS 8 Photographie Photographie Apps like Camera style of iOS 8 Camera style of iOS 8 is an app with the design like camera on iPhone. The design of this app is really beautiful and look like real one. A cool simulation of camera app with style of iOS 8This app has many highlight features, you can see how different to... Gratis 12/2015
4779   Christmas Live Wallpaper Pro Christmas Live Wallpaper Pro Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Christmas Live Wallpaper Pro The Chritmas is coming. The day is so light, the night is so bright.This live wallparer contains four setting for customization.You can adust a snow density, speed. You can set the lamps bright and switch delay.Die Chritmas kommt. Der Tag ist so leicht, d... 1.13€ 12/2015
4780   Scrolledge for Total Launcher Scrolledge for Total Launcher Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Scrolledge for Total Launcher This theme does not work alone. Only for Total Launcher version 1.2.7 or above.(Tested on Xiaomi Redmi 2, Android 4.4.4, Total Launcher v. 1.2.7) Requirement : 1. You must have Total Launcher (app by ChYK) version 1.2.7 installed on your device. https://... 0.56€ 12/2015
4781   mLrs for KLWP mLrs for KLWP Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like mLrs for KLWP Before install this theme you need:- Nova Launcher Prime- Klwp application Settings in Nova:- 2 screens- Dock OFF- Show notification bar OFF- Wallpaper scrolling ON Settings in KLWP:- 2 screens RSS FEED:Go to KLWP - globals - source - put the url rss fee... 1.07€ 12/2015
4782   Naro Naro Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Naro Getting lost in endless todo lists? NARO helps you focus on what’s truly important, by restricting the number of items in your lists. It makes a world of difference. Three simple steps---------------------- 1. Pick a board: keep pro and private boards, an... 1.18€ 12/2015
4783   Numbers Fever Numbers Fever Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Numbers Fever Are you looking for a whole new refreshing and entertaining game?Numbers Fever is a casual and addictive game, with simple rules based on basic mathematical operations and funny game elements.No boring levels to achieve or other annoying goals. Just train... 0.95€ 12/2015
4784   The Lore of Canis The Lore of Canis Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like The Lore of Canis A new piece for the Edegard-Universe arrived!Jump into the fur of Canis, a young adventurer in a green tunic.Discover hidden secrets and the potion your family needs behind the desert of Magad.Or won't you return fast to your family because your curiosity... 2.39€ 12/2015
4785   PCG RESOURCES PCG RESOURCES Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like PCG RESOURCES This is an official app for the Presbyterian church of Ghana. The app contains all four hymnals of the church in four languages, Ga, Twi, Dangbe & English and other resources which includes: the Liturgy in all four languages and the Almanac.This version i... 11.00€ 12/2015
4786   GIFs for Soccer Pro GIFs for Soccer Pro Sport Sport Apps like GIFs for Soccer Pro View / Download die Medien von Zielen, Fähigkeiten und alles andere auf r / Fußball geschrieben ... 1.64€ 12/2015
4787   Word of God Word of God Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Word of God Download the OFFICIAL Android App for the #1 Bible Version Directory.The Word of GOD App has the most FREE versions of the Bible to help with your studies! A statement regarding some ambiguous or undefined aspect of a work, the Word of God comes from som... Gratis 12/2015
4788   Flirt chat and dating advise Flirt chat and dating advise Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Flirt chat and dating advise Do you want to flirt with other interesting people from all over the world? Or maybe you are looking for love, and want dating advice? Download Flirt Chat, and you can start flirting with real people, all over the world, in seconds. Flirt chat is accessib... Gratis 12/2015
4789   OS 7 Launcher style Iphone OS 7 Launcher style Iphone Tools Tools Apps like OS 7 Launcher style Iphone Launcher OS 7 style is a launcher app for your Android phone. This app will change your default launcher into iOS 7 style. This will make your phone look like OS 7 style on iPhone. Change the icon, screen style… All of them will be change to OS 7 style, a... Gratis 12/2015
4790   Televisión de Guatemala Televisión de Guatemala Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Televisión de Guatemala La guía de televisión definitiva. Nuestra experiencia en Broadcasting, nos permite ofrecer una guía completa, rápida y fácil de usar con actualizaciones diarias de la información. CARACTERÍSTICAS - Ahora en la TV - Alquila o compra las películas y program... Gratis 12/2015
4791   Besten lustige Stimme Wechsler Besten lustige Stimme Wechsler Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Besten lustige Stimme Wechsler Haben eine großartige Zeit der Aufzeichnung und Wiedergabe klingt verrückt ... Gratis 12/2015
4792   Mirror Photo Christmas Magic Mirror Photo Christmas Magic Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mirror Photo Christmas Magic ☀ Feel the spirit of Christmas time and try out great free application ☀Mirror Photo Christmas Magic☀! Create your own world of photowonder by adding magical “mirror reflection” effects to your pretty pictures and then decorating them with a plenitude of ... Gratis 12/2015
4793   1st Consultants Inc. 1st Consultants Inc. Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 1st Consultants Inc. Welcome to the newest innovation in financial services. With our new app you can reach out anytime with questions, concerns and comments. Need an appointment? Schedule it easily here. Have a question about an investment or a concern about your portfolio? ... Gratis 12/2015
4794   Safe & Secure Tip Calculator Safe & Secure Tip Calculator Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Safe & Secure Tip Calculator When you go out to eat and pay for your meal with a credit card, you trust the waitstaff will not alter your handwritten tip and give themselves a few extra bucks. Fight fraud and protect yourself with Safe & Secure Tip Calculator. Simply type in your bil... Gratis 12/2015
4795   Animal Jam - Play Wild! Animal Jam - Play Wild! Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Animal Jam - Play Wild! Become your favorite animal and join your friends in the wild world of Jamaa! Show off your style with animal characters that express the real you. Design your own den and invite your friends to parties in your virtual home. You’ll explore a lush and bea... Gratis 12/2015
4796   Crazy Cooking Chef Crazy Cooking Chef Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Crazy Cooking Chef Welcome to the most famous world kitchen street! Here you will meet four adorable chefs: Yuki from Japan, Lin from China, Marta from Mexico and Grazia from Italy. Help them make their traditional food: sushi, Guo Bao chicken, tacos and pizza!Based on real... Gratis 12/2015
4797   Candy Blast Remastered Boom!! Candy Blast Remastered Boom!! Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Candy Blast Remastered Boom!! Are you ready for a totally renewed version of Crushing & Matching Candy Blast Experience? Be prepared for a delicious Chain Reaction Game that will keep you hungry for more! We're proud to introduce you a unique game between candy games and chain reactio... Gratis 12/2015
4798   Solar-Log™ Insight Solar-Log™ Insight Tools Tools Apps like Solar-Log™ Insight Solar-Log™ Insight bringt das Dashboard als App auf Android Geräte.Damit können alle Kunden der Solar-Log™ WEB „Commercial Edition“ ihre Daten jederzeit auch unterwegs abrufen. Auf einen Blick kann der Leistungsverlauf und der Stromverbrauch vom aktuellen... 2.99€ 12/2015
4799   VBGA Meine Box VBGA Meine Box Büro Büro Apps like VBGA Meine Box VBGA Meine BoxDokumentenverwaltung leicht gemacht – alle Bankinformationen für unterwegsMit der VBGA Meine Box für Android Phone und Tablet haben Sie alle Dokumente immer dabei. Ihre digitale Dokumenten-Box für die Hosentasche. Nutzen Sie die Kamera oder... Gratis 12/2015
4800   Chop/Shake Flashlight w/Alerts Chop/Shake Flashlight w/Alerts Tools Tools Apps like Chop/Shake Flashlight w/Alerts The Droid Turbos have a nice gesture flashlight built into them. It was so useful not to need to go find the flashlight button after unlocking your phone. I wanted it on my devices and a few others that asked for it. Here it is! Not exactly like the Turbo... 1.56€ 12/2015

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