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5401   Txtr Txtr Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Txtr Txtr is a simplistic application that throws the annoying and repetitive text messaging out of your life. Whether you are sick and tired of asking your parents for a ride or if you're always wondering where your child is, this app is for you. Here's how i... Gratis 12/2015
5402   X-Ray Body Scan simulated X-Ray Body Scan simulated Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like X-Ray Body Scan simulated Thank you to download these smart application ////////////////////////////////Take your mobile sensors to detect organs of your body if you want and to scan your hand with //////////////// Get the fun with the XRay Body Scan !The X-Ray Body Scan applicati... Gratis 12/2015
5403   Facetime Call Facetime Call Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Facetime Call With its simple and intuitive user interface, Facetime Call is the solution to making high quality calls for a fraction of the cost. Utilizing the latest the latest advances in VOIP technology, you can be ensured that all your communications are secure an... Gratis 12/2015
5404   Christian Chat Christian Chat Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Christian Chat Christian Chat is a new sharing platform for Christians.This app build with great useful features - - wall - here you can post message or photo or video of jesus christ. - find people - this is a great option that you can easily find christian peole dist... Gratis 12/2015
5405   Tazawudus sixaar Tazawudus sixaar Lernen Lernen Apps like Tazawudus sixaar Voici les premières images de la toute nouvelle App de DURUSAPP intitulée TAZAWUDUS SIXAAR.Elle va vous accompagner tout au long de votre vie pour vous apprendre les principes fondamemntales de la religion musulmane. Avec le systéme interractif intégré, l... Gratis 12/2015
5406   Zen Airlines Zen Airlines Lernen Lernen Apps like Zen Airlines Source code available at Github - https://github.com/tryagainn/zen-airlines.Team Blue focus is on the airline industry specifically Zen Airlines, to construct our database on. Zen Airlines is a new up and coming airline to compete with the other airlines... Gratis 12/2015
5407   Weihnachtsbaum-Transport-LKW Weihnachtsbaum-Transport-LKW Simulation Simulation Apps like Weihnachtsbaum-Transport-LKW Ferienzeit ist da und Weihnachten Countdown läuft! Es ist die frohe Zeit des Jahres, so bekommen für die magische Festival aufgeregt. In Form zu Ihren Weihnachtsgeist und starten die Verteilung Weihnachtsbäume in der Stadt. Werden Sie city-Transporter und... Gratis 12/2015
5408   Pirates photo stickers Pirates photo stickers Photographie Photographie Apps like Pirates photo stickers Pirates Stickers... Gratis 12/2015
5409   SELCA LINE (셀카 라인) SELCA LINE (셀카 라인) Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like SELCA LINE (셀카 라인) >셀카라인을 사용하여 멋진 셀프 촬영과 구석진 곳의 물건을 찾는 등 다양한 방법으로 활용해 보세요. 셀카라인 용도1) 아웃도어 - 등산, 캠핑, 스키 등 활동적인 사진을 촬영2) 전문분야 - 카센타, 인테리어 등 섬세한 작업이 필용한 곳3) 외부활동 - 야외공연장, 야구장 등 복잡한 곳에서의 촬영4) 좁은 틈새 - 서랍 밑, 벽틈 사이 물건을 찾을 때>Use the Gonzo's line by utilizing a variety of ways, such... Gratis 12/2015
5410   Frohe Weihnachten Zipper- Frohe Weihnachten Zipper- Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Frohe Weihnachten Zipper- Der Geist von Weihnachten ist der Geist der Liebe und der Großzügigkeit und der Güte. Es beleuchtet die Bild-Fenster der Seele, und wir halten Sie Ausschau nach den weltweit geschäftigen Leben und werden mehr daran interessiert, Menschen als in den Dingen... Gratis 12/2015
5411   Mars Vs Venus Mars Vs Venus Quizspiele Quizspiele Apps like Mars Vs Venus “Mars Vs. Venus, The Ultimate Game Of The Sexes” loosely emulates the popular book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” written by John Gray, Ph.D. Contestants will be asked various questions and attempt to answer them as if they were answering lik... Gratis 12/2015
5412   Scramblegram Scramblegram Worträtsel Worträtsel Apps like Scramblegram Chromecast required.Find as many words as you can in just 3 minutes! Your progress is tracked on the big screen, so you know what you're missing and how close you are to sweet victory. Play alone or have your friends (or exotic birds) shout letter combina... Gratis 12/2015
5413   Texty Twist Texty Twist Worträtsel Worträtsel Apps like Texty Twist This is an anagram word game with 45 levels. You have two minutes to try to beat each level. Seven random letters are given to you and words with three letters to seven letters are valid. Try to spell as many words as possible.Dies ist ein Anagramm Wort... Gratis 12/2015
5414   Aliens Invasion TD Aliens Invasion TD Strategie Strategie Apps like Aliens Invasion TD It’s been a long time, the mystery of the universe became intense debate among the scientists. And also for common people, this thing is always became an interesting topic, especially for whom really curious about the outer space. One of the popular thing... Gratis 12/2015
5415   Survival Island 3 : Australia Survival Island 3 : Australia Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Survival Island 3 : Australia Australia is the world's largest island, and also one of the most dangerous places in the world. No, there are no wars or other disaster, but there are a lot of aggressive animals, who will be happy to eat you for lunch. This time you’re a lonely traveler... 1.58€ 12/2015
5416   Fast Tract Diet Fast Tract Diet Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Fast Tract Diet Fast Tract Diet App helps you identify gut friendly foods versus hard-to-digest foods, track and chart your meals and symptoms, create shopping lists and quickly look up symptom potential for specific foods & drinks at your favorite market on the fly. Vo... 8.98€ 12/2015
5417   Escape From Hills Sanitorium Escape From Hills Sanitorium Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Escape From Hills Sanitorium During his US trip, a tourist trapped inside the Waverly Hills Sanitorium.There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out.Enjoy with eightgames!!!!!!!! +++ Instant Alerts ... Gratis 12/2015
5418   Stack the Dish Stack the Dish Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Stack the Dish Tap Tap, yes just tap tap to play and feel more excited with colorful dishes.BE CAREFUL, you can’t get out of the screen, KEEP TAPPING TO STACK DISHES! Don’t let them falling off the ground. Can you stack 50 dishes? * Features:- Simple yet addictive: a si... Gratis 12/2015
5419   IHK-LSR IHK-LSR Büro Büro Apps like IHK-LSR Unter dem Motto "Reinschnuppern und ausprobieren" haben 26 Betriebe im Rahmen der 1. Flensburger Lehrstellenrallye am 6. Februar ihre Türen geöffnet, um den Jugendlichen die Möglichkeit zu geben, sich über die unterschiedlichsten Berufe zu informieren. Vo... Gratis 12/2015
5420   Senator DocUpload Warehouse Senator DocUpload Warehouse Büro Büro Apps like Senator DocUpload Warehouse Mit Hilfe dieser App können sie einfach Lager-Dokumente für die Senator International Spedition GmbH übermitteln. Es existieren mehrere Versionen dieser App, die für verschiedene Geschäftsbereiche verwendet werden.... Gratis 12/2015
5421   Learn German in Practice A1 A2 Learn German in Practice A1 A2 Lernen Lernen Apps like Learn German in Practice A1 A2 Improve and restore the knowledge of the German language is possible only through practice. Starting from level A1, A2 and further it is very important to consolidate all the skills and repeat periodically. Learned dry theory is ineffective without regula... Gratis 12/2015
5422   Wo der Weihnachtsmann-Scanner Wo der Weihnachtsmann-Scanner Simulation Simulation Apps like Wo der Weihnachtsmann-Scanner Wo der Weihnachtsmann-Scanner - Comic-Simulator-Scanner, Suche von Santa Claus. Mögen Sie Neujahr, Weihnachten? Sie glauben an den Weihnachtsmann? Dann wird die Radarantenne für Sie. Bestimmen Sie seine Position auf der Karte. Führen Sie die Anwendung, dr... Gratis 12/2015
5423   ANTECH ANTECH Medizin Medizin Apps like ANTECH ***For existing ANTECH customers. You must have an ANTECH account to use this application***ANTECH Diagnostics is thrilled to introduce the next generation in laboratory results – ANTECH 2.0 Beta. With our easy-to-use application, ANTECH customers can n... Gratis 12/2015
5424   Froedtert Virtual Clinic Froedtert Virtual Clinic Medizin Medizin Apps like Froedtert Virtual Clinic Urgent Care from Froedtert Virtual Clinic, Live 24/7 Visits With A Doctor or Nurse Practitioner, no appointment necessary.No need to travel to an urgent care clinic or call a nurse line when you can consult with a board-certified Froedtert Virtual Clinic ... Gratis 12/2015
5425   Radio Cuba Radio Cuba Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Radio Cuba -With The Radio Cuba online application you can easily listen to the majority of the resorts in Cuba who distribute their programs online and shared with your friends online .-Easily And quickly with one click you can enjoy with Wi-Fi, 3G or 3G + 4G or ev... Gratis 12/2015
5426   Inventory Manager Inventory Manager Büro Büro Apps like Inventory Manager Inventory Manager is an easy to use mobile application to manage and track Orders and Inventory.. The mobile application access the retailcloud Inventory solution and can be used to streamline back office and warehouse inventory functions to tie into stor... Gratis 12/2015
5427   Optimum Pools & Spas Optimum Pools & Spas Büro Büro Apps like Optimum Pools & Spas Proudly Serving Westchester County, NY and the surrounding area since 2009.This app offers convenient, and simple access to Optimum Pool Service and their staff. Offering Loyalty memberships, ask a pro options, exclusive online products, and much more...P... Gratis 12/2015
5428   The Midwest Clinic 2015 The Midwest Clinic 2015 Büro Büro Apps like The Midwest Clinic 2015 The official attendee app for The Midwest Clinic 2015, ConnectME Mobile is designed to help you create the ultimate show experience. In addition to an electronic show guide, this app connects you with exhibitors via an automatic matching component, provid... Gratis 12/2015
5429   Princess Christmas Tree Princess Christmas Tree Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Princess Christmas Tree Princess Christmas Tree DecorationWe have prepared a wonderful Christmas Tree which you can decorate it and you will find classic Christmas wishes.Tender ones for your girlfriend or boyfriend and most important, tons of funny and entertaining happy Chris... Gratis 12/2015
5430   SMT SMT Musik Musik Apps like SMT way to waste timeWeg, um Zeit zu verschwenden... Gratis 12/2015
5431   Target Pro 2016 Target Pro 2016 Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Target Pro 2016 Target Pro 2016 is a classic puzzle game to put the words mean from the letters in an alphabet is close to the previous messy, this is a collection game you can see in the news day paper.How to play : From a table have 9 letters, find the means of at leas... Gratis 12/2015
5432   Del Bajazzo Del Bajazzo Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Del Bajazzo Del Bajazzo ist die App von unserem italienischen Restaurant in Köln.Nutzen Sie unsere App und bleiben Sie immer im Kontakt mit ihrem beste Restaurant! Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Speisekarte , unsere Geschichte und weitere Infos über uns. • Speisekarte... Gratis 12/2015
5433   Christmas Cookie Keyboard Christmas Cookie Keyboard Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Christmas Cookie Keyboard GenießenSiejedes TippenPlatz # 1 Tastatur in Google Play Markt!Installation:- Dieses Motiv nutzt GO Keyboard. Falls Sie es nicht installiert haben, werden Sie auf die Download-Seite weitergeleitet.- Falls Sie Probleme bei der Installation von GO Keyboar... Gratis 12/2015
5434   Weihnachten Fotomontagen Weihnachten Fotomontagen Photographie Photographie Apps like Weihnachten Fotomontagen ★ Weihnachten Fotomontagen★ ist magisch-Bildbearbeitung App voller Weihnachtsstimmung! Wie viel wissen Sie Weihnachten? Freust du dich um sie das ganze Jahr? Jetzt müssen Sie nicht mehr warten. Lassen Sie jeden Tag ein Weihnachts Tag. Machen Sie sich bere... Gratis 12/2015
5435   Fisheye Camera Fisheye Camera Photographie Photographie Apps like Fisheye Camera With Fishey Camera application you can take a photo like a professional photographer.Fisheye Camera contains different fisheye cameras with real-time fisheye effects.Fisheye Camera is very easy to use 1. Select the Fisheye Camer which you whant to use to ... Gratis 12/2015
5436   Commando Dress Changer Commando Dress Changer Photographie Photographie Apps like Commando Dress Changer Long Description.This app provides different suit style in Commando Dresses.This nice and very attractive App for android users who love Army & Commando.No need to wondering here & there in search of commando suites.Its now right time Just Download this A... Gratis 12/2015
5437   Weihnachten Live-Hintergründe Weihnachten Live-Hintergründe Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Weihnachten Live-Hintergründe Weihnachten gnom Live-HintergründeDieses Weihnachten ... Es ist Zeit für Spaß und gute Laune!Diese Live-Hintergründe erstellen Weihnachtsstimmung. Dies ist eine lustige weihnachts gnome Live-Hintergründe mit TonDieser Spaß Weihnachtszwerg jubeln und Sie z... Gratis 12/2015
5438   Honda Road Readers Honda Road Readers Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Honda Road Readers Honda Road Readers is a collection of children’s audiobooks, FREE to all Honda drivers*.Honda encourages kids to dream bigger by exploring great literature and opening up their imaginations. Road Readers features the latest, top-selling children’s audiobo... Gratis 12/2015
5439   Lucky Penguin Slot Maсhines Lucky Penguin Slot Maсhines Kasino Kasino Apps like Lucky Penguin Slot Maсhines Explore brand new slot machines online - Lucky Penguin Slots. Come to the ice-cold land of Antarctica and be the first one who win gigantic Polar slotsfree jackpot. The company of friendly penguins will help you in your vegas casino adventure.Lucky Pengui... Gratis 12/2015
5440   Great Magic Owl Slot Machines Great Magic Owl Slot Machines Kasino Kasino Apps like Great Magic Owl Slot Machines Great Magic Owl Slots is the one-of-its-kind slot machines. There is no other place in the world where you can play free slots games with a big magic owl. INSTALL NOW AND GET 5000 FREE COINS BONUS!This slot machines is for Fairy tales and CASINO LOVERS w... Gratis 12/2015
5441   Beauty Pageant Slot Machines Beauty Pageant Slot Machines Kasino Kasino Apps like Beauty Pageant Slot Machines Why travel to casinos when Beauty Pageant slot machines gives you all the excitement and thrill you would expect from Las Vegas, wherever you happen to be! Hours of spinning await in one of the most realistic slots games ever! Play this slot machines to ... Gratis 12/2015
5442   Spielautomat: Weihnachten Spielautomat: Weihnachten Kasino Kasino Apps like Spielautomat: Weihnachten Willkommen bei Weihnachten Spielautomat!Weihnachten Spielautomat ist 5-Rollen und 40 Gewinnlinien Spielautomat mit erstaunlichen HD-Grafik und Sound-Effekte.Versuchen Sie Ihr Glück GRATIS und spielen die besten Spielautomat mit Weihnachten Theme!Es wird I... Gratis 12/2015
5443   Around the World Slots Around the World Slots Kasino Kasino Apps like Around the World Slots Maybe with a hot air balloon! As long as we are within reach of adventurous slots, we will make it! Around the World Slots - Swipe, DOWNLOAD and play now for free! MEGA WINS and FREE SPINS! You’re going to love it!Game Features ► Hot Air Balloon MEGA wins... Gratis 12/2015
5444   Runoff BlackJack casino free Runoff BlackJack casino free Kasino Kasino Apps like Runoff BlackJack casino free All the people who likes BlackJack casino card game have a dream:One day they can come to the "Oriental Paris", Shanghai,"lost" sun city, "European shall" baden, "entertainment capital of the world" Las Vegas........Rackety Ride.Now these unfamiliar or f... Gratis 12/2015
5445   My Betting Tips My Betting Tips Sport Sport Apps like My Betting Tips Best chance of winning with daily prepared football, tennis and basketball tips, all given by qualified, professional team. Every bettor should have this app on their android devices. Free and daily betting tips are ready for you.We have success rate of %... Gratis 12/2015
5446   Angers Sco Info Angers Sco Info Sport Sport Apps like Angers Sco Info Dans cette application vous allez retrouvé toute les informations concernant le club Angers sco y compris pour la ligue 1 et tout les autres clubs a rencontré mais aussi des informations sur la ligue 2Information, mercato, et bien plus encore.L'agenda des... Gratis 12/2015
5447   Wrestling News Wrestling News Sport Sport Apps like Wrestling News Get the latest Wrestling News, Scoops, Rumors and Results. We provide live results from Monday Night Raw and TV shows and the latest breaking news. Want to know what is going on backstage in WWE? Then this is the app you need.Erhalten Sie die neuesten Wre... Gratis 12/2015
5448   TELECOM ParisTech Alumni TELECOM ParisTech Alumni Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like TELECOM ParisTech Alumni Télécom ParisTech Alumni Mobile Connect permet aux anciens diplômés de Télécom ParisTech d’accéder à l’annuaire, à la géolocalisation, aux évènements et aux actualités de l’association.... Gratis 12/2015
5449   Mypinkpal - Gay & Lesbian Chat Mypinkpal - Gay & Lesbian Chat Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Mypinkpal - Gay & Lesbian Chat Mypinkpal.com is a social network with free video chat for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals & Transgendered (LGBT) Worldwide, which provides an interactive platform for both LGBTs and LGBT friendly people from all religious and ethnic backgrounds, enabling you t... Gratis 12/2015
5450   Laden Sie Videos von Facebook Laden Sie Videos von Facebook Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Laden Sie Videos von Facebook Facebook Video Download ist ein Werkzeug, mit dem Sie Videos von Facebook herunter zu Ihrer Galerie oder auf der SD-Karte, können Sie sie zu beobachten sofort oder später, wenn es keine Internet-Verbindung zur Verfügung.Mithilfe von Facebook Video Downloa... Gratis 12/2015
5451   Arabic 2016 Ringtones Arabic 2016 Ringtones Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Arabic 2016 Ringtones Arabic 2016 RingtonesArabic 2016 Ringtones - Arabic Ringtones - Ringtones Arabic - Arabic Songs. * Arabic 2016 Ringtones Best Application is time for new ringtones on your Android phone. If you are looking and searching for the Top Arab Tones, now we can ... Gratis 12/2015
5452   HD Camera Ultimate for Android HD Camera Ultimate for Android Photographie Photographie Apps like HD Camera Ultimate for Android HD Camera,Quick Snap,Gorgeous Camera Effects, easy take HD Quality photo.HD Camera Ultimate allow you to shoot excellent photo in a fast and simply way. It has utilized all advantage of your phone or tablet. Key features:- Photo, video recorder & panorama... Gratis 12/2015
5453   Bestzeit Akupunktur Bestzeit Akupunktur Medizin Medizin Apps like Bestzeit Akupunktur Berechnen Sie die zu einer bestimmten Zeit offenen Akupunktur-Punkte nach dem 60 Tage-, 10 Tage- oder Tageszyklus basierend auf dem traditionellen Chinesischen Mondkalender.Benutzen sie den traditionellen Chinesischen Mondkalender um die Konstellation der... 8.00€ 12/2015
5454   Stunt Bike Challenge 3D Stunt Bike Challenge 3D Simulation Simulation Apps like Stunt Bike Challenge 3D Treten Sie Ihre moto Fahrrad und stellen Sie sicher, Sie tragen Ihr Motorrad Fahrerhelm, weil diese extrem Motorrad Fahren Missionen kann ein bisschen extrem zu bekommen. Wählen Sie Ihre Lieblings Stunt Bike Simulator Karte und machen Sie sich bereit für ... Gratis 12/2015
5455   GAMORSEC GAMORSEC Simulation Simulation Apps like GAMORSEC GAMORSEC est un jeu de gestion/simulation qui permet à n’importe qui de se glisser dans la peau d’un véritable opérateur de secours d’urgence.Vos décisions sont capitales ! Vous avez les vies de vos interlocuteurs entre vos mains ! Nous savons tous, plus ... Gratis 12/2015
5456   Space Jet Space Jet Arcade Arcade Apps like Space Jet Kosmischer 3D Online-ShooterDas Weltall war nie so nah! Schließe dich dem kosmischen Online-Krieg an, kämpfe allein gegen alle oder bilde mit deinen Freunden ein Team!Verdiene Spielwährung bei täglichen, einfachen Aufgaben und in der Schlacht.Im Shop wart... Gratis 12/2015
5457   Pray For Chennai Pray For Chennai Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Pray For Chennai Informationen zur Hochwasserentlastung und andere Stoffe, Tamil Nadu Flut ... Gratis 12/2015
5458   TechCrunch Disrupt TechCrunch Disrupt Büro Büro Apps like TechCrunch Disrupt App for TechCrunch Disrupt event attendees to connect with and message other attendees, view the agenda, get alerts, and more!App für TechCrunch Disrupt Veranstaltungsteilnehmer mit und Nachrichten anderen Teilnehmern verbinden, sehen die Tagesordnung, Al... Gratis 12/2015
5459   IRAN BUSINESS INFORMATION IRAN BUSINESS INFORMATION Büro Büro Apps like IRAN BUSINESS INFORMATION Information about Iranian companies which contains general profile, rating, capital. This information is generated by STARIT, an online platform to provide BUSINESS INFORMATION SERVICES about those firms who have exercised the Business Rating Program (R4B... Gratis 12/2015
5460   InfoStruga InfoStruga Büro Büro Apps like InfoStruga Struga Business Directory and Tourst InfoStruga Branchenbuch und tourst Info... Gratis 12/2015
5461   Hasreiter Planer Hasreiter Planer Büro Büro Apps like Hasreiter Planer Baustellen Einsatz-Planung:- Planung Mitarbeiter in Fahrzeuge, Fahrzeuge in Baustellen... Gratis 12/2015
5462   Mi Band GPS Navigation Mi Band GPS Navigation Verkehr Verkehr Apps like Mi Band GPS Navigation Use your Mi Band as accesory for a true turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Eyes-free, hands-free and no voice. Just by vibrations on the wrist.Start a GPS navigation with Google Maps on your smartphone. Now you may put your handheld device in your pocket, handb... 0.71€ 12/2015
5463   ODDSET Sport ODDSET Sport Sport Sport Apps like ODDSET Sport Mit der ODDSET Sport App für Android hast Du jederzeit das aktuelle Sportgeschehen im Blick. Alle Ergebnisse, Livescores inklusive Push Benachrichtigungen, Statistiken wie Head-2-Head, Leistungskurven und vieles mehr. Das komplette ODDSET Wettprogramm mit... Gratis 12/2015
5464   MOVMNT Shopping @ Great Prices MOVMNT Shopping @ Great Prices Shopping Shopping Apps like MOVMNT Shopping @ Great Prices Downloade Dir jetzt kostenfrei die MOVMNT App und beginne noch heute Deine mobile Fashion Shopping Tour! MOVMNT bietet dir Zugang zu einem Online Store mit einzigartiger Kleidung zu tollen Preisen. Wenn Du auf der Suche nach den neuesten Mode Trends und I... Gratis 12/2015
5465   Comitéo Comitéo Shopping Shopping Apps like Comitéo Retrouvez tous les bons plans et les informations de votre CE en quelques clics.... Gratis 12/2015
5466   Mensch ärgere Dich nicht Mensch ärgere Dich nicht Brettspiele Brettspiele Apps like Mensch ärgere Dich nicht Mensch ärgere Dich nicht ist ein Gesellschaftsspiel für zwei bis sechs Personen. Es zählt zu den Klassikern unter den deutschen Brettspielen und ist ein Abkömmling des indischen Spiels Pachisi.NamenSeinen deutschen Namen verdankt das Spiel der Besonderhei... Gratis 12/2015
5467   Alice In Wonderland Theme Alice In Wonderland Theme Comics Comics Apps like Alice In Wonderland Theme TouchPal Alice In Wonderland Keyboard Theme will bring your keyboard & text input a real new look & feel. Check this FREE personalized design for your TouchPal Keyboard right now!★ Notice ★-To activate the Alice In Wonderland TouchPal Keyboard theme, you ... Gratis 12/2015
5468   marathi panchang 2016 marathi panchang 2016 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like marathi panchang 2016 मराठी panchang for 2016मराठी पंचांग, दिनदर्शिका, कॅलेंडर, काल, राशिभविष्य* With rashi, tithi, kaala, calendar and important information * Public holidays, marathi festivals, jatras, pujas* Wiget can be added to home screen* share, sms or mms details* You ... Gratis 12/2015
5469   Skylark Restaurant Skylark Restaurant Shopping Shopping Apps like Skylark Restaurant Skylark Restaurant app lets you order your Indian food online in no time. You can edit your order anytime before placing the final order. The order will be available for both-pickup as well as delivery. Users can experience amazing food including various ... Gratis 12/2015
5470   Broken Screen-Streich 3 Broken Screen-Streich 3 Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Broken Screen-Streich 3 Haben Sie Pistole geschossen Bildschirm gebrochenen Ton zu hören ist? Diese gebrochenen Bildschirm Streich haben einen Witz mit Ihren Freunden und Familie, die Simulator-Gewehrschießen Screen Crack-Effekt, lassen Sie sie denken, der Bildschirm ist wirklic... Gratis 12/2015
5471   Linie zeichnen Zeichen Linie zeichnen Zeichen Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Linie zeichnen Zeichen   Schließen Sie zwei identische Zeichen, indem Sie die Finger.  Dieses Spiel erfordert, dass Sie denken und ruhig.  Lösungen durch das Video erhalten.... Gratis 12/2015
5472   Hinar.io Hinar.io Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Hinar.io Esse aplicativo contem os hinos usados pelos irmãos que congregam somente ao nome do Senhor Jesus Cristo, contento as seguintes características:- Totalmente Offline (Não necessita de internet);- Separação de categorias por cores;- Menu com somente números... Gratis 12/2015
5473   Solo Con Verte Solo Con Verte Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Solo Con Verte Enjoy this stunning song while reading the lyrics, chat with other fans from all over the world, explore awesome photos, and discover the latest news and surprising curiosities.Join the community of Banda Sinaloense MS in this addictive music app. Other f... Gratis 12/2015
5474   afterdj afterdj Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like afterdj afterdj is unlimited , free access to all your Telugu and English songs online - wherever you go.Find your favorite tollywood songs and your favorite artist top hots for free.Listen unlimited number of tracks online.Its Completly free service without any ... Gratis 12/2015
5475   Events of Jubilee of Mercy Events of Jubilee of Mercy News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Events of Jubilee of Mercy Follow the "Jubilee of Mercy" 2015 - 2016 and Major Events in the worldYou can promptly receive updates about activities of Pope Francis and where to meet him.See on a map the location of the Doors of Mercy in every diocese in the world that will be opene... Gratis 12/2015
5476   SnappyCast SnappyCast News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like SnappyCast IMPORTANT: This app is for Chillicothe, Ohio area only. SnappyCast came to be when I woke up one morning waiting on a phone call for school to be closed. I quickly realized this is outdated, ugly and I can do it better. About a year went by and I rediscov... Gratis 12/2015
5477   Live Soccer Scores Worldwide Live Soccer Scores Worldwide News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Live Soccer Scores Worldwide Live Soccer Scores WorldwideLive scores directly from the source, the 1st live score service on the Internet, powered by LiveScore.com since 1998. This application comes directly from LiveScore Ltd., the leaders and inventors of real-time delivery of live... Gratis 12/2015
5478   Ice Crush Memory Game Ice Crush Memory Game Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Ice Crush Memory Game Features of the memory game for kids .- There are 30 different levels of game play .- Memory game of concentration and awareness, develop children's skills .- There 's a matching game for kids .- Colorful , designed for children to learn .- Sound settings... Gratis 12/2015
5479   Barrel Bounty Barrel Bounty Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Barrel Bounty Het grootste schip gevuld met rum is gezonken en het is jouw taak om de vaten rum terug te zoeken. Ga aan de hand van verschillende levels de vaten zoeken en probeer dit op de meest efficiënte manier te doen. Je krijgt een prijs op het einde van de level ... Gratis 12/2015
5480   2Square:tetirs with numbers 2Square:tetirs with numbers Puzzle Puzzle Apps like 2Square:tetirs with numbers From WhiteElephant comes 2square, One of the most creative and original tile matching puzzle game in years. Bring out your inner math genius and immerse yourself in an engaging multiplication based tile matching experience where you match and multiply num... Gratis 12/2015
5481   Frozen Bubble Neo Frozen Bubble Neo Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Frozen Bubble Neo If you like bubble puzzle games you will like this one. Shoot the bubbles so they pair up and fall down. Increase difficulty level if you find it to easy. Play arcade or puzzle mode. Play with a second player via WiFi or Bluetooth. Choose your control met... Gratis 12/2015
5482   Christmas Photo Frames Christmas Photo Frames Photographie Photographie Apps like Christmas Photo Frames Christmas Photo Frames is total free photo application for you and everyone who want to collage multi pictures to one nice with Christmas xmas frame and new year style+ Christmas Photo Frames have over 40+ basic frames which you can pic your pictures into... Gratis 12/2015
5483   Make Up Photo Funny Make Up Photo Funny Photographie Photographie Apps like Make Up Photo Funny Features● Powerful Editing ToolsDozens of quality effects and frames makes your photos stunning in an instant. Professional filter, various of blur, auto flash, mosaic, star lights, etc.● Beauty RetouchAuto retouch makes you look stunning by clicking with... Gratis 12/2015
5484   Frohe Weihnachten Bilderrahmen Frohe Weihnachten Bilderrahmen Photographie Photographie Apps like Frohe Weihnachten Bilderrahmen Frohe Weihnachten mit Freunden und Familie, und machen fantastische Weihnachtsbilderrahmen emotional.Beglückwünscht Weihnachten, um Ihre Familie und Freunde in einer einfachen und ursprünglichen, erstellen Sie Ihre eigenen Kompositionen für Ihre Glückwüns... Gratis 12/2015
5485   Photo Editor App Photo Editor App Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Editor App Photo Editor App is a powerful photo editor which provide quick and easy way to edit our photos. Photo Editor App provide very easy way to change your photo in a awesome one. Multiple filters can be applied at one time and see the change from original pho... Gratis 12/2015
5486   Christmas Photo Frame Christmas Photo Frame Photographie Photographie Apps like Christmas Photo Frame Most popular festival over the world called Christmas for Christians cast. Enjoy with beautifulChristmas photo frame which can send you to your friends and family and lovers too.Wish xmas and Christmas celebration by your photo. New year Christmas gift wi... Gratis 12/2015
5487   Tierbilderrahmen Tierbilderrahmen Photographie Photographie Apps like Tierbilderrahmen Wenn Sie ein Natur- und Tierliebhaber sind dann versuchen, diese neue populäre Bildbearbeitung für die Einbettung von Fotografien in erstaunliche Tierfotorahmen. In diesem erstaunlichen Foto-Bearbeitungs-App finden Sie eine Reihe von großartigen Tierbilde... Gratis 12/2015
5488   PNW Homes- Search Save & Learn PNW Homes- Search Save & Learn Effizienz Effizienz Apps like PNW Homes- Search Save & Learn The PNW Homes App is offered by the Pacific Northwest House Hunter Team, a Keller Williams Company.Search the latest listings and save homes under your own account.Watch videos that guide you through the buying and selling process through Real Estate 101S... Gratis 12/2015
5489   Walmart Deals Walmart Deals Shopping Shopping Apps like Walmart Deals Walmart Deals is A handy shopping tool to view the specials and deals(clearance,rollbacks, bestsellers) everydayAll Departments are included.You will be redirected to official website of Walmart when you plan to buy itemsWalmart Deals ist ein handliches W... Gratis 12/2015
5490   Crockadeli - in Cranbury,  nj Crockadeli - in Cranbury, nj Shopping Shopping Apps like Crockadeli - in Cranbury, nj Crocadeli is a grea local Deli in Cranbury, NJ The menu includes: - Breakfast Sandwiches- Hot and Cold Sandwiches and Subs- Salads- 6 foot party subs- cateringCrocadeli ist eine grea lokalen Deli in Cranbury, New JerseyAuf der Speisekarte stehen: - Breakf... Gratis 12/2015
5491   Şahin Honda Bmw Drift3D Şahin Honda Bmw Drift3D Simulation Simulation Apps like Şahin Honda Bmw Drift3D Özellikler-14 farklı drift arabası.-Eksoz çeşitleri.-Farklı gerçek eksoz sesleri.-Air süspansiyon.-Farklı jant seçenekleri-Arabaların rengini değiştirme.-2 farklı bölüm.-Godfather korna.UYARILAR*************************-Araba isteklerinizi yorum olarak ya... Gratis 12/2015
5492   Who's Online for ConVRge Who's Online for ConVRge Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Who's Online for ConVRge This third-party app will let you know when players log into the VR community known as ConVRge. Never miss an opportunity to hang out and socialize in your favorite online virtual reality community.Diese Drittanbieter-App wird Sie wissen lassen, wenn die ... Gratis 12/2015
5493   Roast Roast Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Roast Roasts, memes, vines, pics, gifs, videos, roast wars, roast me, Flipagram roasts, humour, giveaways, & more!Sign in using Facebook,Twitter, Disqus, Google Plus, Open ID or register a Roastz account. Automatically earn roast coins, badges, and promotions... Gratis 12/2015
5494   RIT - Report Illegal Taxis RIT - Report Illegal Taxis Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like RIT - Report Illegal Taxis Online Android mobile application to report illegal taxis activities.an online application to report all the illegal taxis activities; as a platforms for the victims of illegal taxi activities; all reports will be sent to the government authorities in you... Gratis 12/2015
5495   SHRLJ SHRLJ Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like SHRLJ Competitive business environment in the VUCA world has made it imperative for HR leaders to adopt a strategic and holistic approach to people management. HR function is not viewed as just the internal service providing function but is expected to become a... Gratis 12/2015
5496   SportSpot SportSpot Sport Sport Apps like SportSpot SportSpot is a social organization app for sports. Host or find sporting events and connect with other people interested in your sport of choice. Create a sporting event for a specific time/date, size, and location. Either host a public game lobby which a... Gratis 12/2015
5497   30 Day Push Up Challenge 30 Day Push Up Challenge Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like 30 Day Push Up Challenge Sind Sie bereit für die CHALLENGE!?Trainieren zu Hause. Kein Fitnessgeräte erforderlich.Diese 30-Tage-Push Up Challenge-App enthält 3 Trainingspläne;- Bronze (Anfänger)- Silver (Zwischen-)- Gold (Fortgeschrittene) Diese Trainingseinheiten sind einfach 30 ... Gratis 12/2015
5498   Great Sniper: Recuse Hostage Great Sniper: Recuse Hostage Action Action Apps like Great Sniper: Recuse Hostage You're a sniper,your mission is save a woman journalist was kisnap by terrorism.You take part in a endless mission. Just shot and save her. BECOME THE ULTIMATE SNIPER, AIM and SHOOT. not real FPS but i believe you will like it Great Sniper: Recuse Hostage... Gratis 12/2015
5499   Karateka Karateka Action Action Apps like Karateka In game, you will transform into a karate. Your mission is use karate to defeat all of enemy and their boss to rescue the Princess. Karate game use beautiful graphics and rich audio will bring to you a wonderful experience.Im Spiel können Sie in eine Kar... Gratis 12/2015
5500   Air Combat Vanguard:Eagle Air Combat Vanguard:Eagle Action Action Apps like Air Combat Vanguard:Eagle Hey! Bored of foolish air fight games that have no proper theme situations and missions? Are you a neophyte in flying ‘Air Combat Vanguard Eagle’ gives you the perfect situation, in which your mission is to defend, your country from the brutal attack of ... Gratis 12/2015
5501   Panda pop 2016 Panda pop 2016 Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Panda pop 2016 Panda 2016 is a super addictive animal puzzle game! Panda pop 2016 Run is an amazing running and jumping adventure game. Tap to jump play panda pop 2016 with your finger movements Run, run and do not stop. Make your way in the jungle run over the obstacle... Gratis 12/2015
5502   Dungeon Of The Lost Dungeon Of The Lost Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Dungeon Of The Lost You are a middle aged man who likes to adventure. You found a dungeon that traps people in it. your job is to try to find a way out. the way to attack is to slap the monsters with a sword because you don't know how a sword works properly. The main obj... Gratis 12/2015
5503   Lucy's Christmas Run Lucy's Christmas Run Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Lucy's Christmas Run Demo of our game Lucy's Christmas Run!Démo de notre jeu Run de Noël de Lucy!... Gratis 12/2015
5504   Reader for Android Weekly Reader for Android Weekly News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Reader for Android Weekly This app makes it easy for you to follow the latest articles posted on Android Weekly and more. * Bookmark articles to read later.* Keeps track of which articles you recently read.* You can easily share favourite articles with your friends.* Browse the ar... Gratis 12/2015
5505   Legacy International Legacy International Büro Büro Apps like Legacy International A Legacy International é um grupo para negócios, sediado em Nagoia, no Japão e promove, de forma inspiradora, o espírito de liderança pessoal, palestras motivacionais e treinamentos nas áreas dos negócios, motivando o crescimento pessoal das pessoas ao re... Gratis 12/2015
5506   Lucy's World 3D Adventure Lucy's World 3D Adventure Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Lucy's World 3D Adventure Demo of our game Lucy's World Adventure! Check out next week's update!Demo unseres Spiels Lucys World Adventure! Schauen Sie sich nächste Woche Updates!... Gratis 12/2015
5507   Moscow Subway Surfer FREE! Moscow Subway Surfer FREE! Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Moscow Subway Surfer FREE! Moscow Subway Surfer FREE! games In super Adventure's world,Tap buttons to move and jump and runner! Moscow Subway Surfer FREE is a very funny puzzle monster like zombie on Androidthe Best games target amazing adventure for your Android. Enjoy the platfor... Gratis 12/2015
5508   Santa Run  Xmas Santa Run Xmas Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Santa Run Xmas Help The Santa Run Xmas and Run through 100 beautiful levels with increasing difficulty!Top Features:- Easy to play- 3 level packs and 105 levels- Colorful Graphics- Game is free, no purchase required Hope You Enjoy Playing The Game And Don't Forget To s... Gratis 12/2015
5509   Man ON Wire Man ON Wire Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Man ON Wire Спустя месяц разработки, мы готовы представить вам нашу новую в своем роде игру, "Man ON Wire". Мы старались сделать для вас интересный и в то же время не сложный геймплей. Мы попытались сделать так чтобы вам было удобно играть как сидя за столом или окут... Gratis 12/2015
5510   Insomnia - A torre dos sonhos Insomnia - A torre dos sonhos Abenteuer Abenteuer Apps like Insomnia - A torre dos sonhos Quando alguém começa a ter dificuldades para dormir, contar ovelhas é a última decisão desesperada quando todas as outras opções falharam.Ajude o Esquadrão Insomnia a chegar no último andar da torre dos sonhos, completando muitos andares com dificuldades ... Gratis 12/2015
5511   Dot Catcher Dot Catcher Arcade Arcade Apps like Dot Catcher Dot Catcher is a simple action game that will test your speed and reaction. Catch the dots, match the colors and get try to get the highest score you can! The dots get faster as you play, and soon you'll be rushing to catch them all. Play on 3 different l... Gratis 12/2015
5512   Lineless Lineless Arcade Arcade Apps like Lineless Lineless is something new in the genre of "runner" - if we offer you to determine not only where you are but also what is going on around you? And all this at great speed. Faster ... And faster. And further! How do you hang on? The real test for your reac... Gratis 12/2015
5513   Up! Up! Arcade Arcade Apps like Up! Don't touch the black boxes. Can you react fast enough?→ Wait for the right moment→ Then tap on the screen to jump→ Don't touch the black boxes How far can you get? Enjoy the challenge.Berühren Sie nicht die schwarzen Kästen. Können Sie schnell genug reag... Gratis 12/2015
5514   Snail Panic Snail Panic Arcade Arcade Apps like Snail Panic Zehntausend Feuerbällen auszuweichen ist für manche Schnecken etwas ganz Alltägliches... aber kannst DU es schaffen?Ein Spiel mit schnellen Runden, perfekt um Wartezeiten in Bus, Bahn und Aufzug zu überbrücken, oder einfach für ein bisschen Spaß zwischend... Gratis 12/2015
5515   Christmas Fruit Candy Blast 2 Christmas Fruit Candy Blast 2 Arcade Arcade Apps like Christmas Fruit Candy Blast 2 Christmas Fruit Candy Blast 2 is a Christmas Themed free puzzle game from top game app makers. It is a match 3 and match 4 game! Blast the icy fruit candy and enjoy the very addictive splash and most interesting match-three casual puzzle game! It is also... Gratis 12/2015
5516   Tap'n Slide (Beta) Tap'n Slide (Beta) Arcade Arcade Apps like Tap'n Slide (Beta) Are you ready for a simple, yet hard game which really tests your reflexes and timing?Well here it is!This game is all about tapping the screen. Sounds easy, you might say, until you give it a try.All the different types of obstacles will make your finger... Gratis 12/2015
5517   TAP BLADE TAP BLADE Arcade Arcade Apps like TAP BLADE Tab Blade is a story of hero which has an adventure to defeat a evil monster that threatens the town .defeat a evil monster with quick judgment,Raise your hero through level-up and up-grade. You can acquire a valuable item when you defeat a elite monster... Gratis 12/2015
5518   Plague Bird Plague Bird Arcade Arcade Apps like Plague Bird Tap anywhere on screen to keep the plague infested bird in flight. Navigate through the pipes and go for 5 stars!Tippen Sie auf eine beliebige Stelle auf dem Bildschirm, um die Pest befallen Vogel im Flug zu halten. Navigieren Sie durch die Rohre und geh... Gratis 12/2015
5519   Holiday Hop Holiday Hop Arcade Arcade Apps like Holiday Hop Furiously tap to hop as far as you can without hitting a tree! ... Gratis 12/2015
5520   Meteor Smash - Endless Tapping Meteor Smash - Endless Tapping Arcade Arcade Apps like Meteor Smash - Endless Tapping Tippe auf die Meteoriten um die Stadt zu verteidigen.Sammle Karten, schalte neue Levels frei und miss dich mit deinen Freunden.Wie lang hältst du durch?Meteor Smash ist ein endlos Arcade Tapping Spiel im klassischen Retro/Pixel Style. Und so funktioniert'... Gratis 12/2015
5521   Chopsticks Chopsticks Arcade Arcade Apps like Chopsticks Allows you to play chopsticks on your phone with a friend, by yourself (against a A.I.), or online with others.... Gratis 12/2015
5522   1000 dumb way to die 1000 dumb way to die Arcade Arcade Apps like 1000 dumb way to die 1000 ways to die is back with more dumb ways to die, adventure and action. You might just die in absolute excitement. It will be the most challenging 100 ways that you have to go through or not you will die in many ways. Swing up and down to capture as ma... Gratis 12/2015
5523   Various Pets Onet Connect Game Various Pets Onet Connect Game Arcade Arcade Apps like Various Pets Onet Connect Game Onet Connect Game (Connect Game) is a kind of classic addictive connect game called onet games or onet pikachu. In this Onet game you will not play with pikachu but you'll play with some Various Pets. How To Play :xxxxxxxxxxxxx The gameplay this Onet game... Gratis 12/2015
5524   Tower Builder Advanced Tower Builder Advanced Arcade Arcade Apps like Tower Builder Advanced Tower Builder Advanced is a game featuring almost realistic physics in tower building out of blocks made out 4 other smaller square blocks, how amazing is that?This game doesn't help you, instead it requires precision, skill, and nerve.Set on a amazing ad... Gratis 12/2015
5525   Eggies World Eggies World Arcade Arcade Apps like Eggies World This game tests your skills and precision!Check how fast you are and how precise and get to the top of the leaderboard!Each of the little eggies has a special item to collect.TAP anywhere on the screen to collect the item, be precise or it's - GAME OVER!.... Gratis 12/2015
5526   Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Brettspiele Brettspiele Apps like Tic Tac Toe .... Gratis 12/2015
5527   Rely Rely Büro Büro Apps like Rely Rely Mobile AppOur app will allow our customers to: Direct contact usRequest up ServicesUnlock Loyalty ProgramsReceive mobile coupons and much moreVerlassen Sie sich Mobile AppUnsere App wird unseren Kunden zu ermöglichen: Direkter Kontakt mit uns aufFord... Gratis 12/2015
5528   Our Media Solutions Our Media Solutions Büro Büro Apps like Our Media Solutions Sometimes it's hard to forget about yesterday.... Gratis 12/2015
5529   Paris Mobile App Paris Mobile App Büro Büro Apps like Paris Mobile App By designing out Mobile App that will bring back old clients and new clients.Durch die Ausbildung heraus Mobile App, die zurück alten Kunden und neuen Kunden bringen wird.... Gratis 12/2015
5530   BioS Android 4 driver 2015 BioS Android 4 driver 2015 Büro Büro Apps like BioS Android 4 driver 2015 BioS Android 4 driver 2015 ( Dev )BioS Android 4 driver 2015 (Dev)... Gratis 12/2015
5531   Help Chennai Help Chennai Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Help Chennai Flight Chennai Flood by helping people around you.Chat with anyone around you. Provide Help, Information, Food and ShelterCreate and Share photos in the Feed.Create posts and join a conversation. Its Free and No Ads.Flug Chennai Flut von Menschen zu helfe... Gratis 12/2015
5532   Robo VPN - Free VPN PROXY Robo VPN - Free VPN PROXY Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Robo VPN - Free VPN PROXY +++FREE VPN+++Unrestricted and easy access to Facebook,Youtube,Skype,Snapchat, InstagramWhy we are better than the others?* Absolutely FREE VPN* No registration required* No personal information needed* Easy interface - just tap connect* Multiple geograph... Gratis 12/2015
5533   Instalar wasap para tablet Instalar wasap para tablet Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Instalar wasap para tablet Instalar wasapp para tabletSiguiendo los pasos de este tutorial podrás instalar wasap en tu tablet. De una manera sencilla aprenderás a instalar de una forma rápida usando solamente tu Tablet, conexión a internet y esta app.Este tutorial no tiene ninguna ... Gratis 12/2015
5534   Video-Chat for Whatsap Video-Chat for Whatsap Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Video-Chat for Whatsap demo versiondemo... Gratis 12/2015
5535   New Year Party Invitation Card New Year Party Invitation Card Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like New Year Party Invitation Card New Year Party Invitation Card, easy to create & share New Year Invitation Card, just in few click.this is absolutely free app, to create and share the New Year party invitation cards with your friends and family on this New Year. this application having ... Gratis 12/2015
5536   Vote 1 - Political Spectrum Vote 1 - Political Spectrum Lernen Lernen Apps like Vote 1 - Political Spectrum Having trouble deciding which party to vote for? Confused by the left and right wings? Vote 1 - Political Spectrum can help you understand where your views fit and which parties best fit your views. With a quiz to determine your position and details of 3... Gratis 12/2015
5537   Frazer Composers Showcase 2015 Frazer Composers Showcase 2015 Lernen Lernen Apps like Frazer Composers Showcase 2015 The official app of the Barr Elementary Composers Showcase 2015 music program. Help me test this app and the concept by downloading and playing Hot Cross Buns with us during the program. I learned how to code apps during Thanksgiving break, and thought ... Gratis 12/2015
5538   QuizMe QuizMe Lernen Lernen Apps like QuizMe QuizMe is a simple and nifty app that allows users to sign up and play quizzes against themselves or against other people. You can create your own quizzes to study for tests and quizzes, as well as to challenge friends and people around you. Many features... Gratis 12/2015
5539   Find Your Way 001 Find Your Way 001 Lernen Lernen Apps like Find Your Way 001 Find Your Way Apps allow the elementary level reader to engage and interact via decision points in the story. Stories are tailored to the interests and experiences of the elementary level scholar and decision choices are relevant and reflect choices they ... Gratis 12/2015
5540   College Compare College Compare Lernen Lernen Apps like College Compare Choosing which college you should go to is one of the hardest decisions a person will make in their lifetime, so why should the research be just as hard?! Easily compare the top 5 schools in the United States! This includes: Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, C... Gratis 12/2015
5541   Learn JSP Programming Learn JSP Programming Lernen Lernen Apps like Learn JSP Programming "LEARN JSP PROGRAMMING" Jabby Share & Print Tangy Red+ Dazzling Blue= Royal Purple Colour, the King of All ! Likely Java + HTML=JSP. JSP –JAVA SERVER PAGES constitutes server-side programming tec... Gratis 12/2015
5542   醫學縮寫 醫學縮寫 Lernen Lernen Apps like 醫學縮寫 簡單的醫學縮寫查詢程式左上角的搜尋列是查詢縮寫,文字必須完全符合才出現結果右上角的搜尋列是全文查詢,只要那個條目的文字中含有搜尋的詞彙,就會出現結果 例如查 R/O 就會出現 Rule out ,以及相關的中文解釋Einfache medizinische Abkürzungen AbfrageprogrammDie linke obere Ecke der Suchleiste wird die Abfrage Abkürzungen, muss Text in vollem Einklang mit ... Gratis 12/2015
5543   The Periodic Table.Wallpaper The Periodic Table.Wallpaper Lernen Lernen Apps like The Periodic Table.Wallpaper Key features:- HD photos;- Live water effect that simulates water drops falling on the water surface, waves on water and water ripples (water drops effect / water waves effect);- Rainy day effect;- This app fully supports horizontal orientation and looks ... Gratis 12/2015
5544   Projectile Motion Tower Game Projectile Motion Tower Game Lernen Lernen Apps like Projectile Motion Tower Game Physics review of projectile motion. Covers both concepts and math problems. Player must answer questions as they navigate the tower. Answering questions wrong will force you to review and sometimes encounter a guard. Answering correctly will earn you... Gratis 12/2015
5545   CAHQ Simple Kids Rewards CAHQ Simple Kids Rewards Lernen Lernen Apps like CAHQ Simple Kids Rewards Have you ever feel frustrated that you cannot track the rewards program you designed for your little ones even if that's a fantastic program. The thing is that it's on paper and it's hard to bring that specific piece of paper with you anywhere you go.CAHQ... Gratis 12/2015
5546   Santa Detector Santa Detector Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Santa Detector See Santa's sleigh soar through the sky this Christmas.When it is time, run outside and look to the sky. You can see a light brighter than the stars fly by. Santa starts making test flights with his sleigh on the first of December. This Santa tracker will... Gratis 12/2015
5547   myAppFree - Free Apps Everyday myAppFree - Free Apps Everyday Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like myAppFree - Free Apps Everyday ★ Get every day the best apps, free for you thanks to myAppFree. Do not miss a deal! ★MyAppFree offers you the apps of your dreams with no cost: every 24 hours a new app carefully selected and tested to satisfy even the most hard-to-please users: ✓ games✓... Gratis 12/2015
5548   ARPP77 ARPP77 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like ARPP77 Application de l'Association des Randonneurs du Pays Provinois.... Gratis 12/2015
5549   Cool Runnings Harz Cool Runnings Harz Sport Sport Apps like Cool Runnings Harz Du möchtest auch unterwegs über unsere Läufe stets informiert sein, und gleichzeitig einen bequemen Zugriff auf unsere Webseite, Laufbilder, und Nachrichten haben?Dann lade dir noch heute unsere App von unserem Partner Tobit.Software! Features:* Alle Beit... Gratis 12/2015
5550   AbfallApp Myk AbfallApp Myk Tools Tools Apps like AbfallApp Myk Mal wieder den Abfuhrtermin verpasst? Dank der kostenlosen AbfallApp MYK des Landkreises Mayen-Koblenz gehört das jetzt der Vergangenheit an. Mit wenigen Klicks den Wohnort einrichten und sich künftig bequem an alle Abfuhrtermine erinnern lassen – volle M... Gratis 12/2015
5551   Congstar Guthaben Congstar Guthaben Tools Tools Apps like Congstar Guthaben Für Congstar Prepaid Guthaben AbfrageZeigt dir nur Dein Guthaben auf Deiner Prepaid-Kartemehr nichtKostenlos, ohne Reklame ... Gratis 12/2015
5552   Easy-clean Master Easy-clean Master Tools Tools Apps like Easy-clean Master Easy-clean Master is a small, fast, and totally free Android device cleaner and booster featuring a junk cleaner, memory booster, app manager. With this app you can free up storage, boost RAM, remove or disable unnecessary Apps.Home- I free up memory (RA... Gratis 12/2015
5553   Klimatherm RaumKlimaRechner Klimatherm RaumKlimaRechner Tools Tools Apps like Klimatherm RaumKlimaRechner Erfassung und Berechnung aller relevanten Daten rund ums Raumklima mit:- Automatisch erstellten Logs - Schnelle und einfache Auswertung von Messergebnissen - Übersichtlichem Menü - Alles in einer App Berechnung von:- Taupunkt - U-Wert- Luftfeuchtigkeit- E... Gratis 12/2015
5554   Lotto Gewinnermittlung Free Lotto Gewinnermittlung Free Tools Tools Apps like Lotto Gewinnermittlung Free In der App können beliebig viele Spielscheine à maximal 12 Reihen gespeichert werden.Einfache Prüfung auf Gewinne. Die App benötigt keine Berechtigungen. Die Free-Version ist auf 8 Reihen beschränkt hat aber ansonsten die gleiche Funktionalität wie die Ka... Gratis 12/2015
5555   Airport Code Finder Airport Code Finder Tools Tools Apps like Airport Code Finder This app provides the easiest way to find the airport code.Search for airport codes by city, country or name of the airport. ... Gratis 12/2015
5556   Taschenlampe auf Clap Taschenlampe auf Clap Tools Tools Apps like Taschenlampe auf Clap ♥♥ Taschenlampe auf Klatschen ist eine erstaunliche Taschenlampe Für Android App im Google Play ♥♥♥ Wenn es eine schwarze Hause oder auch außerhalb, es ist sehr schwer, eine Fackel oder Taschenlampe zu finden. Sie denken immer, wie es wird gut sein, wenn ... Gratis 12/2015
5557   Motorhome Parking Turkey Admin Motorhome Parking Turkey Admin Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Motorhome Parking Turkey Admin Motorhome Parking Turkey Management App... Gratis 12/2015
5558   Recent Notification Recent Notification Tools Tools Apps like Recent Notification Have you ever missed an important notification shown in your device status bar?No worries! Recent Notification can safely store them for you. Relax and read them when you find time.Find out which applications are spamming annoying notifications and uninst... Gratis 12/2015
5559   Cooler Master - CPU Cooler Cooler Master - CPU Cooler Tools Tools Apps like Cooler Master - CPU Cooler Cooler Master – CPU Cooler monitors device temperature to reduce CPU usage and cool down your phone. It detects the Apps That causes heat and makes your phone slow. Now keep your device performance optimum with Cooler Master. This app is highly effective ... Gratis 12/2015
5560   Dein Erkelenz Dein Erkelenz Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Dein Erkelenz In der Dein Erkelenz App entdeckt ihr besondere Läden, Geschäfte und Restaurants in Erkelenz. In der App findet ihr Veranstaltungen und Events, sowie Aktuelles zum Leben in der Stadt.AKTUELLESWas ist los in Erkelenz? Im Bereich Aktuelles findet ihr Neuigk... Gratis 12/2015
5561   Cocktailzz Cocktailzz Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Cocktailzz ‘Cocktailzz' does not only contain the world's 100 favorite cocktails with all it's ingredients, amounts and the method of preparation. It also allows you to add your own creations. These personalized cocktails will be added to the current list of cocktai... Gratis 12/2015
5562   Home Jeeves Driver Home Jeeves Driver Verkehr Verkehr Apps like Home Jeeves Driver This is the Android Driver App for Home James LLC.Driving with Home James provides a mutual benefit to both our Drive Partners and our clients. While we establish the relationship between the Drive Partner and the clients, the Drive Partners benefit from ... Gratis 12/2015
5563   Trits Trits Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Trits Trits 1.0 is an useful app to help those traveling internationally understand and be able to hear currency in all denominations.Simply select the country you are at, and select the currency buttons to hear that currency in the native language. Supported l... Gratis 12/2015
5564   First Night Morris County First Night Morris County Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like First Night Morris County The First Night® Morris App brings all the excitement of First Night Morris County to your finger tips! In side the app you will find schedules, artist information, maps, photos, and much more! Keep up to date with First Night Morris County activities and... Gratis 12/2015
5565   Airports: India Airports: India Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Airports: India Long press on any location of the map to instantly find its address.A visual representation of all Indian airports (plus a few important global airports). It displays all available information about airports in a neat clustered view on top of Google Maps.... Gratis 12/2015
5566   San Francisco Top 10 San Francisco Top 10 Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like San Francisco Top 10 You want to enjoy your visit in San Francisco as much as you can and don’t want to miss anything? This app it made for you! Thanks to it, you will be able to see what is to be seen, to “check” what you already saw, and to get the directions to reach your ... Gratis 12/2015
5567   Sinus Funktionsgenerator Pro Sinus Funktionsgenerator Pro Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Sinus Funktionsgenerator Pro Die App Sinus Funktionsgenerator Pro ist eine Frequenzgenerator App, die z.B. die Sinusfunktion über den Lautsprecher des Mobiltelefons wiedergeben kann. Dabei kann man bestimmte Einstellungen vornehmen, wie z.B. die Frequenz und Amplitude ändern.Funktion... Gratis 12/2015
5568   IGS Radio Deutsch IGS Radio Deutsch Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like IGS Radio Deutsch Das Internetradio der IGS (Islamische Gemeinde Saarland e.V.) streamt:- Übersetzung des Freitagsgebets- Quran Rezitationen von verschiedenen Rezitatoren- Anasheed- Islamische Unterrichte ... Gratis 12/2015
5569   CDJ for Android CDJ for Android Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like CDJ for Android Diese App befindet sich noch in der Entwicklung. Bitte nutzen und bewerten Sie die App NUR, wenn Sie sich ernsthaft mit ihrem Aufbau und ihren Fehlern beschäftigen!CDJ for Android ist ein Client für den Python-Dienst Community DJ. Community DJ ermöglicht ... Gratis 12/2015
5570   Saxophon für Kids - Deutsch Saxophon für Kids - Deutsch Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Saxophon für Kids - Deutsch Saxophon für KidsFeatures:Saxophon mit hervorragender KlangqualitätAcht verschiedene Töne C-CSehr einfache Bedienung, auch für die Jüngsten geeignet.Eltern-Info.Kindgerechtes Design.Fördern Sie die Kreativität Ihres Kindes mit diesem wunderbaren Saxophon ... Gratis 12/2015
5571   I Know What U Did Last Summer I Know What U Did Last Summer Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like I Know What U Did Last Summer Enjoy this stunning song while reading the lyrics, chat with other fans from all over the world, explore awesome photos, and discover the latest news and surprising curiosities.Join the community of Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello in this addictive music ap... Gratis 12/2015
5572   Online Shopping Arena Online Shopping Arena Shopping Shopping Apps like Online Shopping Arena Enjoy shopping online to your mobile. All your Favorite Shopping site now at one place. Download and enjoy the apps.7 popular online shopping websites. amazon.com, amazon.in, snapdeal.com, flipkart.com, paytm.com, jabong.com, mobilereview101.com ... Gratis 12/2015
5573   Beauty Scanner PRANK Beauty Scanner PRANK Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Beauty Scanner PRANK Try this new and stylish tool. A very test scanner app which calculate your beauty percentage.beauty Scanner Prank Free is a real prank app, it randomly determined your hotness level. This is the best free prank app.Enjoy and fool your friends ,boyfriend/... Gratis 12/2015
5574   rabbywinter DodolLauncherTheme rabbywinter DodolLauncherTheme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like rabbywinter DodolLauncherTheme Cute winter smoking Levi!Itneyo already preparing for Christmas ~Meet at the One Touch Levy theme :)"★ Apply the theme to transform your background screen, icon and launcher widget! :D ■ How to apply a theme - Install dodol launcher (if you haven't yet)... Gratis 12/2015
5575   Earth-DIY Locker Earth-DIY Locker Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Earth-DIY Locker Lock your phone using unique style with DIY Locker! The best thing is that you can DIY lock pattern with your favorite photos. Just FREE DOWNLOAD to design your stylish lock screen and share it on Facebook.■ ContactsAny issues or suggestions, please feel ... Gratis 12/2015
5576   HopeYouHappyDodolLauncherTheme HopeYouHappyDodolLauncherTheme Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like HopeYouHappyDodolLauncherTheme If you want happiness - all malya :)Image Theme contained an emotional phrase ^^"★ Apply the theme to transform your background screen, icon and launcher widget! :D ■ How to apply a theme - Install dodol launcher (if you haven't yet). - Press the home ... Gratis 12/2015
5577   Citytest for uber Citytest for uber Verkehr Verkehr Apps like Citytest for uber Become an expert in the city to be a driver of 5 stars! ... 3.28€ 12/2015
5578   Root Buzz (OS-CPU-RAM VM Heap) Root Buzz (OS-CPU-RAM VM Heap) Tools Tools Apps like Root Buzz (OS-CPU-RAM VM Heap) This app incrases Speed, Battery & Stability of your rooted android device using our strong optimized algorithms. You have to decide which boost is best for you. All these modes optimizes Android OS (Operating System), RAM(Random Access Memory), CPU(Centr... Gratis 12/2015
5579   Lottomanager Lottomanager Tools Tools Apps like Lottomanager Mit dieser App können Sie Ihre Lottozahlen verwalten. Außerdem erhalten Sie die neuesten Gewinnzahlen von Lotto 6 aus 49 und KENO immer per Push-Nachricht direkt auf Ihr Handy.... Gratis 12/2015
5580   Kansas Car Driving Test Kansas Car Driving Test Lernen Lernen Apps like Kansas Car Driving Test USA Driving Test (www.usdrivingtest.com) was started in 2010 and we serve more than 150,000 users until now. Every month more than 4000 users use our website and we help them to pass the written test easily.Kansas Driving test has over 1000+ Questions.The... Gratis 12/2015
5581   Qooky Games Qooky Games Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Qooky Games Play free games on your mobile and tablet!Enjoy many free games in one App! Our collection of free games includes: Action gamesPuzzle gamesGirl gamesDriving gamesDressup gamesFootball gamesMatch 3 gamesHidden Object gamesStrategy gamesCooking gamesCar gam... Gratis 12/2015
5582   Jeux de princesse des bijoux Jeux de princesse des bijoux Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Jeux de princesse des bijoux Salut comment ca va? Voulez-vous vous amuser avec nous à travers ce jeu de bijoux? Voulez-vous avoir une belle journée? Certes, vous voulez avoir du plaisir et ce qui est la raison pour laquelle nous avons préparé un jeu pour les filles que vous aimerez b... Gratis 12/2015
5583   Ball Breaker Ball Breaker Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Ball Breaker Ball Breaker is a bouncing ball game where the simple idea is to make it from the starting point to the goal. There's stars to collect along the way, three per level if you can figure out how to get them all. Oh, and most of the small platforms you're bou... Gratis 12/2015
5584   Candy Land Saga Candy Land Saga Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Candy Land Saga Candy Land Saga ist ein klassisches Match-3-Spiel!Spiel 3 oder mehr gleichen Formen, um das Vergnügen der Beseitigung zu genießen!Candy Land Saga ist ein tolles Spiel!Exquisite Grafiken, bunten Formen, wunderschöne Spezialeffekte und eine Vielzahl von Ein... Gratis 12/2015
5585   Tom Rainbow Coloring Book Free Tom Rainbow Coloring Book Free Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Tom Rainbow Coloring Book Free By the coloring books game that contains 10 pictures, children will spend fun. Hundreds of different colors in the crayon use among the favorite colors. Dolphins, bears, cows, snails and select what you want from other animal picture and paint as you wish... Gratis 12/2015
5586   Chotta Bheem Maths vs Aliens Chotta Bheem Maths vs Aliens Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Chotta Bheem Maths vs Aliens Chhota Bheem is back, this time to save Dholakpur from an Alien InvasionDholakpur has been taken over by Aliens. All of the villagers and Bheems Friends including Chutki, Raju, Dholu-Bholu, Kalia, Princess Indumati and Raja Indraverma have all been conver... Gratis 12/2015
5587   Baby Pop Fruits Baby Pop Fruits Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Baby Pop Fruits Your baby or young child can now learn the fruits names and spelling.Pop fruits, enjoy, and during the process learn the name, pronunciation and spelling of many different fruits. This app is designed for families who wish to teach their children in an ... Gratis 12/2015
5588   SumIt SumIt Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like SumIt This game is based on testing your concentration and your ability to quickly calculate. You will have 4 possible answers and you must pick the correct one to advance to the next level. The game starts with easy question and it gets harder as you advance. ... Gratis 12/2015
5589   Trivia Tic Tac toe Trivia Tic Tac toe Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Trivia Tic Tac toe Trivia Tic Tac toe - Jewish HolidaysIn this App you will play and learn about Jewish Holidays- Rosh Hashana- Yom Kipur- Sukot- Chanukah And more...Trivia Tic Tac Toe - Jüdische FeiertageIn dieser App werden Sie spielen und lernen über jüdische Feiertage- ... Gratis 12/2015
5590   Crorepati 2016 Crorepati 2016 Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Crorepati 2016 Welcome to the India's biggest general knowledge quiz show.Crorepati 2016 is developed with lots of innovative and meaningful GK and aptitude questions, which will not only improve your General Knowledge, but also help you crack/pass competitive aptitude ... Gratis 12/2015
5591   christmas games free: kids christmas games free: kids Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like christmas games free: kids Christmas Winter games now the sound of horses will show your little one the real cool games for free for kids ! Nows your chance to be part of an awesome fantastic free Christmas Winter games for kids fun game with Christmas Winter Game for Kids Free... Gratis 12/2015
5592   Destined Destined Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Destined The book "Destined" is not only a book that is read with pleasure by the multitude of people all over the world, but a collection of valuable secrets which may help us to radically change the direction of our lives. This book existed only in the printed v... Gratis 12/2015
5593   German Articles (Artikel) German Articles (Artikel) Lernen Lernen Apps like German Articles (Artikel) This app helps you learn and remember the german articles. The first but most important step on learning the german language. Feel free to contact. Thank you.Diese App hilft Ihnen lernen und erinnern Sie die Deutsch-Artikel. Das erste, aber wichtigste Sch... Gratis 12/2015
5594   GROW ORNAMENT GROW ORNAMENT Puzzle Puzzle Apps like GROW ORNAMENT Jeder kann das Spiel [WACHSEN] genießen. ... Gratis 12/2015
5595   ProjectCOLOR ProjectCOLOR Puzzle Puzzle Apps like ProjectCOLOR Connect 3 colors and try not to let the board fill up!Schließen Sie 3 Farben und versuchen, nicht das Brett füllen zu lassen!... Gratis 12/2015
5596   Twisted Memory Twisted Memory Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Twisted Memory An epic battle of mind over memory.Twisted Memory adds new dimensions to the classic memory game. Modes:Single - variation of the classic memory game!Double - two rotatable sides to each game piece!Cube - six sides to each game piece! wait, what?! Skill l... Gratis 12/2015
5597   Blossom Crush Mania 2 Blossom Crush Mania 2 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Blossom Crush Mania 2 Blossom Crush Mania 2 is a classic and exciting puzzle from top game app makers. It is a match 3 and match 4 game! Blast the flowers and enjoy the very addictive splash and most interesting match-three casual puzzle game! It is also a brand new amazing po... Gratis 12/2015
5598   Chain reaction smart Chain reaction smart Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Chain reaction smart Chain reaction is a smart game fresh and interesting that relates the numbers in different combinations and stimulants.Create your high score and your maximum combos and challenge your friends.... Gratis 12/2015
5599   Flippy Tile Flippy Tile Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Flippy Tile Flippy Tile is a simple puzzle game. The goal is to change all color tile to white tile by tapping the tile. There are 3 levels of difficulties and a survival mode. Each puzzle have 3 stars to earn, keep challenge for 3 stars.Flippy Tile ist ein einfaches... Gratis 12/2015
5600   Puzzle Grids Puzzle Grids Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Puzzle Grids Grids is an addictive puzzle game. It's very easy to play and be a master of it.Grids has very simple rules. Just drop blocks to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. Game will end if there is no room for given bloc... Gratis 12/2015

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