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11201   Cut Paste Photo Quick Editor Cut Paste Photo Quick Editor Tools Tools Apps like Cut Paste Photo Quick Editor Cut Paste Photo Quick Editor is nice and awesome tool to cut photo and paste on another photo. In this Quick Cut Past Photo Editor tool you can make some custom photos, cut any part of the photo and paste on any other photo, Change background of any photo... Gratis 12/2015
11202   Sound Calibration Sound Calibration Tools Tools Apps like Sound Calibration Has your phone's speaker performance deteriorated?Is the sound coming out of your phone noisy?Is your microphone not working properly?Then Sound Calibration is the app for you. Sound calibration calibrates your phone's speaker and microphone and gives you... Gratis 12/2015
11203   CER Collines d'Estanove CER Collines d'Estanove Verkehr Verkehr Apps like CER Collines d'Estanove L'Auto-École CER Estanove vous présente sa nouvelle application. Retrouvez toutes nos prestations, les coordonnées de nos établissements ainsi que les horaires des cours. Nous vous informerons de toute promotion, changement d'horaires ou tarifs instantané... Gratis 12/2015
11204   Pacific Bondi Beach Pacific Bondi Beach Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like Pacific Bondi Beach Exclusively developed for residents of the Pacific Bondi Beach.Seamlessly book any of the concierge services made available through the app. Order external activities, for family fun, romantic outings and more. Discover the best restaurants and bars of th... Gratis 12/2015
11205   Fairies Malvorlagen Spiel Fairies Malvorlagen Spiel Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Fairies Malvorlagen Spiel Coloring Fairies ist ein Spiel mit vielen Fairies Färbung auf Ihrem Smartphone oder Tablet.Es ist eines der am meisten Spaß-Spiele für Kinder und ist völlig kostenlos !!! Sie können eine Fee zu wählen und färben sie in irgendeiner Weise Sie wollen, die Au... Gratis 12/2015
11206   Paint By Number Christmas Game Paint By Number Christmas Game Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Paint By Number Christmas Game Get set for the holidays with a fun and educational Christmas game for kids, paint by numbers and follow the coloring guide activities. Two fun filled activities bundled into one just in time for cold winter entertainment. Our paint by number game will he... Gratis 12/2015
11207   Tierstimmen,  nette Freunde Tierstimmen, nette Freunde Lernspiele Lernspiele Apps like Tierstimmen, nette Freunde Tierstimmen ist eine Anwendung, die vollständig für toddler.It entwickelt wurde, zielt darauf ab, junge Kinder zu sorgen mit Tier klingt besser zu erkennen, dass die Anpassung zu erleichtern. Kinder haben Spaß dieses Spiel zu spielen haben und lernen Tier... Gratis 12/2015
11208   Fairy Bride Gives Birth a Baby Fairy Bride Gives Birth a Baby Rollenspiele Rollenspiele Apps like Fairy Bride Gives Birth a Baby Hi all girls dream of the day when they become brides, the day that will go to the altar to see the boy that they love. A very important point is the arrival of a child into the world. If the two events occur at a short distance is even a greater happines... Gratis 12/2015
11209   가디언즈Z (GuardiansZ) 가디언즈Z (GuardiansZ) Rollenspiele Rollenspiele Apps like 가디언즈Z (GuardiansZ) ■ 기존의 슈팅게임과는 100%다른 진짜 슈팅 RPG! ■자유자재로 피하면서 즐기는 짜릿한 스릴감!남녀노소 누구나 쉽게 즐길수 있는 쉬운조작법을 느껴보세요!■ 사실감 넘치는 특수효과!■화려한 특수효과로 통쾌하고 사실적인 타격감을 직접 경험하세요! ■ 탄탄한 스토리와 실감나는 전투효과 ■기갑, 펫, 다양한 무기로 풍부한 콘텐츠! 수많은 스킬과 다양한 콘텐츠와 탄탄한 스토리로 가디언즈Z의 세계에 빠져보세요! ■ 다채로운 PVP시스템 ■팀던전, 세계 BOS... Gratis 12/2015
11210   Verrückter Zahnarzt Verrückter Zahnarzt Rollenspiele Rollenspiele Apps like Verrückter Zahnarzt Verrückter Zahnarzt Behandlung für Zahn Problem. Innovative Wege, um mit Werkzeugen wie Hammer, Kleber und mehr zu behandeln.Nur zum Spaß. Versuchen Sie es nicht zu Hause.... Gratis 12/2015
11211   Scout Legend Scout Legend Rollenspiele Rollenspiele Apps like Scout Legend Scout Legend is a game for people who enjoy the world of scouting, hiking, fishing, camping and scout uniform dress-up and would like to have fun playing together and unite into scout units.To start you need to choose a character to play, then make your s... Gratis 12/2015
11212   Blossom's Dress Up Salon Blossom's Dress Up Salon Rollenspiele Rollenspiele Apps like Blossom's Dress Up Salon When it comes to dress up games for girls, you just can’t get enough makeover options!Everything Free and unlocked in the Free Family Games for Blossom Series. Experience amazing fashion dress up options and choose from shirts, shoes, hats, hairdos, and ... Gratis 12/2015
11213   Point & Click Flucht Spiel 3 Point & Click Flucht Spiel 3 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Point & Click Flucht Spiel 3 Point & Click Flucht Spiel 3House Escape Spiel Play House Room Escape Spiel. Dieses Spiel für Point and Click Spiel Liebhaber.              Willkommen in der neuen Serie von Point and Click Escape Games. In diesem Escape Spiel 3, müssen Sie aus dem Haus z... Gratis 12/2015
11214   verborgene Welt der Kunst verborgene Welt der Kunst Puzzle Puzzle Apps like verborgene Welt der Kunst Hallo Kinder! Sie sind daran interessiert zu spielen Wimmelbild Spiele? Seien Sie bereit, die Herausforderung der Suche nach versteckten Objekten zu stellen und geben Sie eine neue Fantasiewald Welt. Dies ist ein neues Point and Click neue versteckte Obje... Gratis 12/2015
11215   Double Control! Double Control! Arcade Arcade Apps like Double Control! Double the action and double the excitement! Double Control offers two-times the game!This highly addictive game is SUPER TOUGH! Control two balls at once as you roll, jump, and bounce your balls through 3 environments! Challenge yourself to go as far as ... Gratis 12/2015
11216   Zombie Epidemic - Infect Earth Zombie Epidemic - Infect Earth Arcade Arcade Apps like Zombie Epidemic - Infect Earth Zombies are taking over the planet — it's time to save the humanity once again! Or is it you who disperses the virus?Evil genius or world savior? Choose your side! Zombie Epidemic — Infect Earth is a zombie apocalypse game where you have to choose if you ... Gratis 12/2015
11217   Traffic Rush 2015! Traffic Rush 2015! Arcade Arcade Apps like Traffic Rush 2015! Imagine 5 pm rush hour time... you are sitting in your car on the way home. There is a steak and a cold beer waiting for you. But suddenly all traffic lights fail, it is your job to manage the crossing and control the rush traffic, without any cars gettin... Gratis 12/2015
11218   Christmas Santa Surfer 3D Christmas Santa Surfer 3D Arcade Arcade Apps like Christmas Santa Surfer 3D **** Lassen Sie den Weihnachts Abenteuer beginnen, Spielen Sie als Weihnachtsmann und über verschneite Welt in diesem spannenden Eis Abenteuer Laufendes Spiel für Kinder laufen. ***Die festliche Zeit des Jahres beginnt und Weihnachtsmann ist bereit, Fried... Gratis 12/2015
11219   Snake Bubble Shooter Snake Bubble Shooter Arcade Arcade Apps like Snake Bubble Shooter Snake Bubble Shooter is an addictive, entertaining and fun Android game. get it on google playstore and Play it NOW for FREE! :)With physics effects and ambient music Snake Bubble Shooter is the most original bubble shooter game for Android and it's based... Gratis 12/2015
11220   City Bus Simulator 2016 City Bus Simulator 2016 Simulation Simulation Apps like City Bus Simulator 2016 Download the best City Bus Simulator on android and explore this realistic public transport simulator while steering through the streets of San Andreas. Pick up passengers and be nice to them so they can gentle take their seat and bring them to the destin... Gratis 12/2015
11221   Jurassic Stadt: Dino Park Jurassic Stadt: Dino Park Simulation Simulation Apps like Jurassic Stadt: Dino Park Sie werden sich in der Stadt von Dinosauriern zu finden, und es wird Ihr Zuhause sein. Die Menschen haben lange verlassen diese Orte leben jetzt Dinosaurier. Dieser Ort oft rufen Sie die Stadt oder Dino Jurassic Park. In der Jura der Stadt sehen Sie die V... Gratis 12/2015
11222   Wolf Simulator 2016 Wolf Simulator 2016 Simulation Simulation Apps like Wolf Simulator 2016 Now wolf is online!! Jump into a brand new adventure game Wolf Simulator 2016 as a wild wolf and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Start your own pride of wolves, fight for your life against fierce animals in the dangerous jungle. Progress your ... Gratis 12/2015
11223   Village Farm Construction Sim Village Farm Construction Sim Simulation Simulation Apps like Village Farm Construction Sim Welcome to the Village Farm Construction Simulator Village Farm Construction Simulator you have learn how to build farm in a village side.So this time we comes with a new idea that you have to construct. Now this is the time to show your construction s... Gratis 12/2015
11224   Traffic Racer Traffic Racer Rennsport Rennsport Apps like Traffic Racer Punktzahl erhöht sich mit jedem Mal. Nicht aus dem Weg zu bekommen, es zwingt dich sehr. Machen höchste Punktzahl, ohne auf etwaige Autos.... Gratis 12/2015
11225   Fedups Fedups Büro Büro Apps like Fedups According to Jose Li, former executive for FedEx's e-commerce and retail division, BILLIONS of dollars are retained by FedEx and UPS in unclaimed refunds due to consumers.Did you know if your parcel arrives even 60 seconds late beyond the guaranteed deliv... Gratis 12/2015
11226   WOSApp WOSApp Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like WOSApp WOS Messenger allow you receive private messages from other people.Have a fun! This is first version, more features soon!WOS Messenger können Sie Nachrichten von anderen Personen erhalten.Viel Spaß! Das ist die erste Version, weitere Features in Kürze! ... Gratis 12/2015
11227   SPG Jaipur 2015 SPG Jaipur 2015 Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like SPG Jaipur 2015 This is the official App. for SPG Jaipur 2015, 11th Biennial International Conference & Exhibition - the flagship event of Society of Petroleum Geophysicists, India Chapter.The app. is designed to enhance the experience of the attendee and will allow him ... Gratis 12/2015
11228   Barakaath Pro Barakaath Pro Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Barakaath Pro Barakaath Pro is the most happening mobile dialer in the telecom circles. It is a simple downloadable app that allows you to make VoIP calls from your mobile at low rates with best quality. It works on all Android supported devices with limited internet c... Gratis 12/2015
11229   ToAqui ToAqui Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like ToAqui O empurrãozinho que faltava... Já pensou em chegar em uma balada e ter a lista das pessoas que estão la?Sim agora você tem.. logando no ToAqui você vai poder visualizar toda lista da galera que está no local ou com o serviço de geolocalização que conecta ... Gratis 12/2015
11230   LegitChex LegitChex Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like LegitChex LegitChex is a secure messaging app that allows you to verify the legitimacy of other users before interacting with them. It's a convenient, data-driven way to build trust with new people and to share trust with your existing contacts.Protect your identit... Gratis 12/2015
11231   Toguna - Creative brainstorm Toguna - Creative brainstorm Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Toguna - Creative brainstorm COP21 by Toguna is dedicated to the COP21 summit, the 21st Conference of the Parties, i.e. the annual meeting of all countries which want to take action for the climateToguna - Creative brainstorm Toguna helps creatives and innovators to change the world ... Gratis 12/2015
11232   Green Bells Green Bells Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Green Bells Green Bells is a Mobile VoIP dialer application that allows to make VoIP calls from any of the Android devices and it uses 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.It is developed based on the requirements of VoIP Providers business needsFeatures :-Green Bell... Gratis 12/2015
11233   Intouch101 Intouch101 Lernen Lernen Apps like Intouch101 This app is meant to be used by students, faculty, parents. This app act as quick communication medium connecting everyone through their mobile phones. Parents gets real time alerts on day-to-day activities happening in the school, as well as they can giv... Gratis 12/2015
11234   Chen: Read and write Chinese Chen: Read and write Chinese Lernen Lernen Apps like Chen: Read and write Chinese Learning Chinese can be difficult without reading and writing Chinese everyday. That's where Chen comes in.Chen helps you read and write Chinese while you use other apps. Chen works on top of the apps you already use, such as WeChat, Chrome and various ne... Gratis 12/2015
11235   Cine Colombia S.A. Cine Colombia S.A. Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Cine Colombia S.A. La aplicación de Cine Colombia reinventa la experiencia de cine proporcionando los horarios completos y actuales en todos los múltiplex. En solo unos pasos compra tus entradas donde estés, evitando las filas de compra de boletas en los cines. Llegando al ... Gratis 12/2015
11236   bitPESO Móvil bitPESO Móvil Finanzen Finanzen Apps like bitPESO Móvil Wallet allows you to send and receive money, get loans, and pay bills.Wallet ermöglicht es Ihnen, Geld senden und empfangen, bekommen Kredite und Rechnungen bezahlen.... Gratis 12/2015
11237   Unfinished Mission Unfinished Mission Action Action Apps like Unfinished Mission Play as a brave soldier whose mission is to save the innocent and hunt down the enemies who intend harm in Unfinished Mission. Take out enemy agents, plant or detonate bombs, rescue undercover agents, secure urban locations eliminate the single high-profi... Gratis 12/2015
11238   Heroes of SWAT Heroes of SWAT Action Action Apps like Heroes of SWAT Hold on--this isn’t just another cops vs criminals game! Step into the shoes of a SWAT soldier and take part in the large network of protecting your NATION. Wiping out terrorism is no light work. Take advantage of this accurate and graphic simulation to c... Gratis 12/2015
11239   Futterpflanzen Futterpflanzen Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Futterpflanzen Der Anhang enthält eine Beschreibung des Wirtspflanzen. Wie in der Anwendung einfache Suche durchgeführt.... Gratis 12/2015
11240   Coffee drinks Coffee drinks Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Coffee drinks The appendix contains a description of coffee drinks. As implemented in the application easy search.Der Anhang enthält eine Beschreibung von Kaffee-Getränke. Wie in der Anwendung einfache Suche durchgeführt.... Gratis 12/2015
11241   -Konservatorium -Konservatorium Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like -Konservatorium Der Anhang enthält eine Beschreibung von Wintergärten. Wie in der Anwendung einfache Suche durchgeführt.... Gratis 12/2015
11242   Adult Emojis Adult Emojis Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Adult Emojis GREAT for Adult Emojis ! Finally – Emoji for the grown-ups who are young in mind ;)Adult Emojis (18+): Use these special cute adult smiley emoji icons to text flirty and naughty messages to your entertainer. Express your feelings with this vivid and rich ... Gratis 12/2015
11243   Dirty Stickers Dirty Stickers Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Dirty Stickers Place the Dirty Stickers wherever you want.Use the great stickers to create your cute own photosDirty Stickers offers hours of fun for those who want to express themselves creatively. Dirty Stickers is not static, it's animated. The characters and items p... Gratis 12/2015
11244   Hot and Dirty Stickers Hot and Dirty Stickers Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Hot and Dirty Stickers Place the Hot and Dirty Stickers wherever you want.Use the great stickers to create your cute own photosHot and Dirty Stickers offers hours of fun for those who want to express themselves creatively. Dirty Stickers is static, it's not animated. The charac... Gratis 12/2015
11245   Cute Love Emoji Stickers Cute Love Emoji Stickers Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Cute Love Emoji Stickers Cute Love Emoji StickersWe as Human Beings are filled with emotions like fear, sad, anger, hate, worry, jealous, frustration, loneliness, joy, love and guilt!. But, we are not conscious that Negative Emotions will start laying foundations for a lot of dis... Gratis 12/2015
11246   Info TV Channel Guinea HD Info TV Channel Guinea HD Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like Info TV Channel Guinea HD Info TV Channel Guinea HDAll the info you need to set up your satellite receiver to watch free TV channels from Guinea HD.In App you can see more data and this topic below.1. Asonga TV2. TVGE InternacionalImportant NotificationThis app contains neccesarry... Gratis 12/2015
11247   Info TV Channel Costa Rica HD Info TV Channel Costa Rica HD Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like Info TV Channel Costa Rica HD Info TV Channel Costa Rica HDAll the info you need to set up your satellite receiver to watch free TV channels from Costa Rica HD.This App you can get more article and this topic below.1. CB 242. Destinos TV3. Enlace Juvenil4. Teletica 7Important Notifica... Gratis 12/2015
11248   Write Answer Addition Write Answer Addition Lernen Lernen Apps like Write Answer Addition Simply write the answer to the addition problem using your finger or stylus and press the next button. This app recognizes your handwriting and tells if your answer is correct or wrong! Mimics real life math problems in a classroom setting which use paper... 1.10€ 12/2015
11249   THEME GOLDEN FULL EXDIALER THEME GOLDEN FULL EXDIALER Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like THEME GOLDEN FULL EXDIALER This is a theme for ExDialer & Contactsaplication: com.modoohut.dialer.theme NICE THEME WITH GOLDEN FULL DESING THEME INSTALLATION:-Open exDialer-MENU-Preferences-THEME-Select EXDIALER GOLDEN GLASS-Apply CONFIGURATION THEME:-Open exDialer-MENU-Preferences... 1.69€ 12/2015
11251   THEME BLACK HEARTS  EXDIALER THEME BLACK HEARTS EXDIALER Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like THEME BLACK HEARTS EXDIALER This is a theme for ExDialer & Contactsaplication: com.modoohut.dialer.themeTHEME WITH A NICE STYLE BLACK HEARTS PINK COLORS THEME INSTALATION: –OPEN EXDIALER-MENU-Preferences-THEME-Select FLAT BLACK HEARTS-Apply CONFIGURATION THEME:-Open exDialer-MENU-P... 1.69€ 12/2015
11252   THEME PINK HEARTS FOR EXDIALER THEME PINK HEARTS FOR EXDIALER Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like THEME PINK HEARTS FOR EXDIALER This is a theme for ExDialer & Contactsaplication: com.modoohut.dialer.themeNICE THEME PINK HEARTS STYLE THEME INSTALATION: –OPEN EXDIALER-MENU-Preferences-THEME-Select FLAT PINK HEARTS-Apply CONFIGURATION THEME:-Open exDialer-MENU-Preferences-Appearanc... 1.69€ 12/2015
11253   Avance Avance Tools Tools Apps like Avance La percée de dernière minute pour les spécialistes de protection exécutif ... Gratis 12/2015
11254   (FREE) GO SMS PRO GLOW THEME (FREE) GO SMS PRO GLOW THEME Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like (FREE) GO SMS PRO GLOW THEME Brand new FREE theme for GO SMS Pro!❤Features:Colors: black, blueDecor: space, alien, glareCustom Design:Inbox Background,Cov Background,Chat Bubbles,Popup Window,Top Bar & Bottom Bar,ect.. ❤Notice:GO SMS theme is only available for phones with GO SMS Pro... Gratis 12/2015
11255   Zoo Heros Saga Zoo Heros Saga Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Zoo Heros Saga Zoo Heros Saga is absolutely Free! Zoo Heros Saga is definitely your best matching game choice! Simple, fun and very addictive!Zoo Heros Saga features:- Many levels- Very cute and lovely animals- Super gorgeous effects- Simple to start, but very challenge... Gratis 12/2015
11256   Brick Classic 2016 Brick Classic 2016 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Brick Classic 2016 Brick Klassische ein Spaß spannendes Spiel Backstein. ... Gratis 12/2015
11257   Combo! Combo! Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Combo! 1. Variety of magic effects: magic blocks are very helpful in the game. Besides generation randomly, you can also get them for prize by cleaning multi-line "continuously" or "at once". The more lines you clean, the more powerful you get.2. Score system: C... Gratis 12/2015
11258   quotes-love, inspire and wishes quotes-love, inspire and wishes Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like quotes-love, inspire and wishes Share Quotes With Your Friend. Motivational, Inspirational, Spiritual, Poetry, Love, Wishes, Thank you, Funny And Quotes From 'The Secret'.The Platform To Share Quotes With Your Friends. On Various Platforms Like Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Hike And... Gratis 12/2015
11259   Radio Russie Radio Russie Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like Radio Russie Radio Russie est la meilleure application dans son genre pour écouter votre station radio préférée.Où que vous soyez, avec un simple clic, profitez de vos radios préférées à l'aide d'une connexion internet Wifi ou 3G/4G. Points fort de Radio Russie: - Eco... Gratis 12/2015
11260   FMN FMN Medizin Medizin Apps like FMN 10ème Congrès Maghrébin de Neurologie - Tunis 2015----------------------------------------------------------------Cette application sera l'application officielle de la 10ème Edition du Congrès Maghrébin de Neurologie - Tunis 2015.Cet événement se dérouler... Gratis 12/2015
11261   3D Ringtones Free Download 3D Ringtones Free Download Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like 3D Ringtones Free Download Would you like to have 3D sounds as your personal ringtone for Android? In 3D Ringtones Free Download app for Android you will find 3D sound effects that you can set as mobile ringtone!★ Download the best ringtone apps for Android free with Top Mobile ★ C... Gratis 12/2015
11262   IntraPixel IntraPixel News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like IntraPixel La aplicación de IntraPixel te permite recibir todos los artículos, noticias, editoriales y reseñas que publicamos de una forma fácil y sencilla de leer. Nuestra aplicación ofrece: ✮ Acceso a todos nuestros artículos, reseñas, editoriales y más ✮ No te p... Gratis 12/2015
11263   Leatherneck Magazine Leatherneck Magazine News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Leatherneck Magazine Leatherneck—Magazine of the Marines. Stories of yesterday’s Marines, today’s Marines, and the Marines of tomorrow.For almost 100 years, Leatherneck has told the Marine Corps story. Every Marine, every family member and anyone who loves Marines will find s... Gratis 12/2015
11264   Hades United Hades United News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Hades United Hades United is a 12 month subscription to original content such as essays, short fiction, plays, cartoons, paintings, photographs, reviews, and all that lies outside those borders. The work is adventurous, philosophical, funny, satiric, and pushes the li... Gratis 12/2015
11265   QuotPad QuotPad News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like QuotPad Эммануил Кант, Уильям Шекспир, Джон Донн... До нас жили столько мудрых людей, что не хватит и книги, чтобы их перечислить. Их цитаты и афоризмы стали крылатыми и учили нас тонкостям человеческой жизни много лет. Прочесть их цитаты на фоне красивых фотогра... Gratis 12/2015
11266   HUAWEI Nexus 6P Thema HUAWEI Nexus 6P Thema Effizienz Effizienz Apps like HUAWEI Nexus 6P Thema Personalisieren Sie Ihr Handy mit Blue Abstract Theme für CM Launcher for FREE. ... Gratis 12/2015
11267   Mobile Taxi Mobile Taxi Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Mobile Taxi Часть комплекса "Такси Навигатор".Обратите внимание!!! Настройки, необходимые для работы приложения: логин, пароль, ip-адрес и порт - необходимо узнавать в своей диспетчерской службе.С помощью Mobile Taxi водитель может: -получать информацию о доступных з... Gratis 12/2015
11268   MobTrack(Mobile phone tracker) MobTrack(Mobile phone tracker) Effizienz Effizienz Apps like MobTrack(Mobile phone tracker) Mobtrack wird eine Handy-Tracking-Anwendung zu verfolgen Ihnen und Ihren Freunden verlorene oder gestohlene Mobiltelefon.Selbst Mobtrack wird Ihnen helfen, die Person, die Ihr Mobiltelefon oder die Stola Ihr Mobiltelefon über zu lokalisieren.Sie können di... Gratis 12/2015
11269   Recycle Notes Recycle Notes Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Recycle Notes Recycle Notes is a good helper to manage your schedules and notes. It gives you a quick editing experience when you write notes, memo and message.Recycle Notizen ist ein guter Helfer, um Ihre Termine und Notizen zu verwalten. Es gibt Ihnen eine schnelle B... Gratis 12/2015
11270   Bonnie's Corner Store Bonnie's Corner Store Shopping Shopping Apps like Bonnie's Corner Store Bonnie's Corner Store is your #1 stop for online deals and discounts in an app. We offer discounts on computers, televisions, tablets, cell phones, media and much more!Bonnies Corner Store ist Ihre # 1 Station für Online Angebote und Ermäßigungen in einer... Gratis 12/2015
11271   Discounted Fitness Store Discounted Fitness Store Shopping Shopping Apps like Discounted Fitness Store Shop for discounted fitness gear and more today with our app. Get the best deals on your favorite fitness equipment today when you shop with Discounted Fitness Store.Kaufen Sie für diskon Fitness-Artikel und mehr heute mit unserer App. Holen Sie sich die ... Gratis 12/2015
11272   Jenz Best Computer Deals Jenz Best Computer Deals Shopping Shopping Apps like Jenz Best Computer Deals Get great deals when you shop online with the Jenz Best Computer Deals app. We have all types of computers and electronics to choose from. Stop by today and you wont miss any amazing deals!Fur die besten Angebote, wenn Sie online mit der Jenz besten Compu... Gratis 12/2015
11273   DrinkThink DrinkThink Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like DrinkThink Have you ever been to a bar and asked the bartenders what they recommend; and they reply "What are you in the mood for?" Well, DrinkThink can figure that out for you. You enter your mood and the people you're with, and DrinkThink will either curate the ... Gratis 12/2015
11274   MCP MCP Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like MCP MC Panipat App enables the information sharing & complaint service for Citizens using latest mobile technology.You can submit your feedback/grievances online to Municipal Corporation thru this app -MC Panipat App ermöglicht die gemeinsame Nutzung von Info... Gratis 12/2015
11275   Pitch Counter Pitch Counter Sport Sport Apps like Pitch Counter Pitch Counter... Gratis 12/2015
11276   Today's Knuckleball Today's Knuckleball Sport Sport Apps like Today's Knuckleball Today's Knuckleball a division of FanRag Sports strives to provide you quality, professional journalism covering all the latest baseball news and information. Our writers are held to a strict code of conduct and professionalism. Our mission is to be your ... Gratis 12/2015
11277   BWW Citrus Bowl BWW Citrus Bowl Sport Sport Apps like BWW Citrus Bowl Description: 2016 Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus BowlMobile App features:• Game Information• Bowl Week Event Schedule• Maps and Directions• Stadium Information• Social Feeds• Videos• Team StatsWelcome to the official mobile app of the 2016 Buffalo Wild Wings C... Gratis 12/2015
11278   USSA Annual Report USSA Annual Report Sport Sport Apps like USSA Annual Report The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association's annual report features yearly highlights from the organization’s various departments, including financial standings and athletic accomplishments.This application is powered by GTxcel, a leader in digital publishing... Gratis 12/2015
11279   Thema für Huawei Mate 8 Thema für Huawei Mate 8 Tools Tools Apps like Thema für Huawei Mate 8 Huawei Mate 8,Huawei Mate7, Huawei Mate S, Huawei P8 Lite, Huawei watch, Huawei Honor 7, ist ein freies Thema speziell für CM Launcher Benutzer, einschließlich zahlreicher einheitlicher Symbole und künstlerische Hintergründe, die Ihr Gerät leicht personal... Gratis 12/2015
11280   Contact iPhone 6s iOS 9 style Contact iPhone 6s iOS 9 style Tools Tools Apps like Contact iPhone 6s iOS 9 style Something new for your phone if you want to change something. A whole new style and fresh thing for your default contacts. This is Contact Phonebook iPhone 6s iOS 9 style, fresh and new on store. The design of this app is very beautiful and you can now us... Gratis 12/2015
11281   Merry Christmas Emoji Keyboard Merry Christmas Emoji Keyboard Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Merry Christmas Emoji Keyboard Weihnachtsmann & Rentiere zusammen, um Ihnen die Weihnachts festliche Atmosphäre! ... Gratis 12/2015
11282   gujarati panchang 2016 gujarati panchang 2016 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like gujarati panchang 2016 gujarati panchang for 2016પંચાંગ , દૈનિક રાશિ ભવિષ્ય, કાલેનદાર, કાલ* With rashi, tithi, kaala, calendar and important information * Public holidays, marathi festivals, jatras, pujas* Wiget can be added to home screen* share, sms or mms details* You can al... Gratis 12/2015
11283   rubkom rubkom Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like rubkom Beratungs- und Trainingsunternehmen für Servicequalität, die mit Tipps, Tricks, Anekdoten, Witziges und Informatives aus der Welt des Handels, der Touristik und der Dienstleistung unterhalten.... Gratis 12/2015
11284   My Maze: Puzzle Craze My Maze: Puzzle Craze Puzzle Puzzle Apps like My Maze: Puzzle Craze Mach eine Pause von der Realität.Führe die Kugel um alle Pyramiden herum und​ sammle versteckte​ Geheimnisse um sie ​aufzudecken, in diesem schönen minimalistischen Puzzle-Spiel. ​ Wirst du​ das Geheimnis von MY MAZE : PUZZLE CRAZE entwirren können​? - Ei... Gratis 12/2015
11285   Cake Mania Cake Mania Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Cake Mania Come and join the sweet puzzle adventure right now!Cake Mania is a match 3 game that is full of cake, candy, cookie and all kind of sweet elements. * Amazing sweet cake world, hundreds of well-designed free levels! And free levels are increasing with futu... Gratis 12/2015
11286   Christmas Watch Face Christmas Watch Face Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Christmas Watch Face Keep an eye out for our others watch face creations that are coming out soon!Follow Us on Twitter ! http://www.twitter.com/droiipd Like Us on Facebook ! http://www.facebook.com/droiipdFollow Us on Instagram ! https://www.instagram.com/droiipdFollow Us... 1.08€ 12/2015
11287   8 Bit Watch Face 8 Bit Watch Face Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like 8 Bit Watch Face 8 Bit Watch Face is a classic arcade game style watch face. It support round and square watches with android wear. Ambient mode included! Enjoy!8 Bit-Uhr-Gesicht ist ein klassisches Arcade-Spiel-Stil Zifferblatt. Es unterstützt runde und quadratische Uhre... 1.21€ 12/2015
11288   Santa Keyboard Santa Keyboard Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Santa Keyboard Wie man ein Keyboard Plus-Theme zu installieren? Folgen Sie einfach diesen einfachen Schritten: 1. Laden Sie rosa Blumen Keyboard Thema aus Google Play Store 2. Öffnen Sie das Rosa Blumen Keyboard Thema 3. Wenden Sie das Design durch Drücken der - Ak... Gratis 12/2015
11289   Transparent Theme-ZEROLauncher Transparent Theme-ZEROLauncher Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Transparent Theme-ZEROLauncher Presentation:- How simple and colorful a theme could be? This is it!An awesome way to turn a boring plain mobile interface to a beatiful one. It is free and beyond your imagination!- Specially designed for ZERO launcher, provides delicate app icons,wallpa... Gratis 12/2015
11290   Smile Emoji Saga Smile Emoji Saga Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Smile Emoji Saga Die aufregendste Emoji passende Puzzle-Spiel aller Zeiten !! Swap und passen Sie Ihre Lieblings-Emojis für Non-Stop-Spaß!Swap und Match drei oder mehr Emojis Rack bis so viele Punkte in bestimmten Zeiten! Wahnsinnig süchtig und jede Menge Spaß!Lächeln emo... Gratis 12/2015
11291   Bilal's Bedtime Stories Bilal's Bedtime Stories Comics Comics Apps like Bilal's Bedtime Stories Bedtime (or anytime!) stories on Bilal, the companion of the Prophet (s.a.w.s.), and other events from the lives of the Prophets, Imams and companions.Author(s): A. H. Sheriff & A. S. Alloo Publisher(s): Bilal Muslim Mission of KenyaBedtime (oder jederzei... Gratis 12/2015
11292   The ZUEIRA sem limites Oficial The ZUEIRA sem limites Oficial Comics Comics Apps like The ZUEIRA sem limites Oficial The official app of TO BEAT ... Gratis 12/2015
11293   PaloozaLand PaloozaLand Comics Comics Apps like PaloozaLand PaloozaLand est le premier parc d’attraction à thème du Maroc !! Entrez dans le monde préhistorique et vivez au temps des dinosaures ! Entre parcours ludique et attractions, vivez, en famille, une journée riche en découverte et en amusement !PaloozaLand i... Gratis 12/2015
11294   Kids Stories in Hindi Kids Stories in Hindi Comics Comics Apps like Kids Stories in Hindi Kids stories is a collection of short moral stories in hindi offline mode on internet required after download app. These stories are focused for all age peoples but specialy for kids. This is a completely free app, Users can also send stories to us for a... Gratis 12/2015
11295   The Beauforts The Beauforts Comics Comics Apps like The Beauforts There’s never a dull moment in The Beauforts, all the more when you factor in a bear (Bosseah), an ever-precocious marsupial (Eddy), a magician of mishaps (Dewi), a dog (Dr. Radar) a duck (Aurora), Jack Russell (Pizmo), and a Martian (Barry). Featuring Ho... Gratis 12/2015
11296   WS-QR Reader WS-QR Reader Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like WS-QR Reader Scan QR codes, save or delete. Soon you can share via NFC and other communication methods, and save an image of the scanned QR Code direct to your phone.QR-Codes scannen, speichern oder löschen. Bald können Sie via NFC und andere Kommunikationsmethoden z... Gratis 12/2015
11297   AutoLOG Pro+ AutoLOG Pro+ Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like AutoLOG Pro+ AutoLOG is a brand of easy to use smart applications that allow you to clearly see and understand a vehicles past history and current health helping you to make the most informed buying decision when purchasing your next vehicle.AutoLOG Pro+ queries vehic... Gratis 12/2015
11298   Ongole Constituency Ongole Constituency Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Ongole Constituency New way to connect with your constancy people directly through your mobile phone.ongole constituency mobile app designed with most useful features that allows you to post your problems,suggestions,complaints directly from your smart phone any time from an... Gratis 12/2015
11299   Addanki Constituency Addanki Constituency Kommunikation Kommunikation Apps like Addanki Constituency A new innovative idea now you will get all updates of your addanki constancy directly through your mobile.if you want to share any complaints,suggestions,problems in your area just take a photo or video and just post it in addanki constancy app.immediatel... Gratis 12/2015
11300   Aghazurdu Aghazurdu Lernen Lernen Apps like Aghazurdu Aghaz is a simple mobile app for learning basic Urdu. The method is simple and the app is kept as user friendly as possible. The intended audience of Aghaz are beginners who are starting to learn Urdu. There are 8 sections, currently 3 are operational. Qa... Gratis 12/2015
11301   Learn and Test Telugu Prakasam Learn and Test Telugu Prakasam Lernen Lernen Apps like Learn and Test Telugu Prakasam This application focuses on topics taught for Prakasam students in Manabadi. Topics are:Aquatic animals(jalacharalu)Birds (Pakshulu)Vibhaktulu ToolsMaasaluGeneral TopicsProfessionDiese Anwendung konzentriert sich auf Themen für Prakasam Studenten in Manab... Gratis 12/2015
11302   Sprekend Nederland Sprekend Nederland Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Sprekend Nederland Hoe denkt Nederland over de manier waarop jij spreekt? En hoe beoordeel jij de spraak van anderen? Doe mee met het grootste onderzoek uit de geschiedenis naar Nederlandse tongvallen en kom erachter wat anderen werkelijk vinden van jouw zachte g, Gooise r,... Gratis 12/2015
11303   Stickman Survival Stickman Survival Arcade Arcade Apps like Stickman Survival Help the stickman to survive.Avoid falling meteorites.Use a shields to become stronger.Helfen Sie dem stickman, um zu überleben.Vermeiden Sie fallen Meteoriten.Verwenden Sie ein Schilde stärker zu werden.... Gratis 12/2015
11304   TaenTaenOke Karaoke Music Game TaenTaenOke Karaoke Music Game Musik Musik Apps like TaenTaenOke Karaoke Music Game TaenTaenOke - Karaoke Music Game, please enjoy and funny with Thai song more than 100+ songs.TaenTaenOke - Karaoke Music Game, please enjoy and funny with Thai song more than 100+ songs.... Gratis 12/2015
11305   Christmas Santa Sleigh Stunts Christmas Santa Sleigh Stunts Simulation Simulation Apps like Christmas Santa Sleigh Stunts This christmas grab on to your sleigh, and with the help of Rudolph and the rest of your reindeers have the merriest christmas ever with Santa Sleigh Simulator. The first of its kind christmas game where Santa has been called by the kids and has to delive... Gratis 12/2015
11306   #Hairstylemens Free #Hairstylemens Free Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like #Hairstylemens Free #Hairstylemens .. Hair is an extension of your personal style and attitude. Show it off with ease with some proper styling. You got the fly haircut, so check out these looks for new inspiration! Learn some tricks on how to thicken fine hair, tame unruly s... Gratis 12/2015
11307   Hard Time Prison Escape 2016 Hard Time Prison Escape 2016 Simulation Simulation Apps like Hard Time Prison Escape 2016 Surviving the hard time in prison isn’t easy and especially when you are locked down in an abusing hell for years is way more torturing. You are a real Gangster and a Mafia Leader and need to get back to rule the world.As you have successfully managed to ... Gratis 12/2015
11308   Königs Wusterhausen Königs Wusterhausen Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Königs Wusterhausen „Königs Wusterhausen mobil“ bietet aktuelle Informationen über die Stadt Königs Wusterhausen und optimale Orientierung. Stadtplan, Was erledige ich Wo, Stadtverwaltung, Stadtverordnete mit Adresse und Rufnummer, Ärzte, Vereine, Firmen, Institutionen, Dien... Gratis 12/2015
11309   Hrišćanske himne Hrišćanske himne Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Hrišćanske himne Zbirka hrišćanskih himni predstavlja jedinstveni izbor iz više od trideset dela te vrste širom sveta. Izvorne teme i tekstovi pretočeni su u poetski izraz u duhu srpskog jezika zajedničkim dugogodišnjim radom uredničkog kruga prevodilaca, teologa i muziko... Gratis 12/2015
11310   Guide 4 Star Wars Galaxy Hero Guide 4 Star Wars Galaxy Hero Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Guide 4 Star Wars Galaxy Hero Unofficial made by fan of this game. This App is guide and informations about Star Wars Galaxy Hero.Features : In this app you will find. Star Wars Galaxy Hero Tips Video, Guide, twitter, Cheats Disclaimer : This guide is intended only to assist people pl... Gratis 12/2015
11311   GRUNDGESETZ Der Deutschland GRUNDGESETZ Der Deutschland Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like GRUNDGESETZ Der Deutschland Die App zum grundgesetz der bundesrepublik deutschland beinhaltet die aktuelle Fassung des Grundgesetz: übersichtlich, durchsuchbar und mit persönlicher Merkfunktion zum Speichern und Sammeln der wichtigsten artikel.Gesetze Den 14 Abschnitten des Grundges... Gratis 12/2015
11312   About Sonic Dash About Sonic Dash Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like About Sonic Dash This app explains how to play Sonic Dash step by step.The first step: to recognize the features available in game.menjelaskan how to play, explaining how to get as many coins. how to avoid obstaclesThe second step: explain the existing characters in the g... Gratis 12/2015
11313   Advent and Christmas Advent and Christmas Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Advent and Christmas He enjoys readings music and traditions. Without need for connection to Internet ... Gratis 12/2015
11314   Free Facetime VDO Chat Advise Free Facetime VDO Chat Advise Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Bücher & Nachschlagewerke Apps like Free Facetime VDO Chat Advise Video calling has become a pretty big part of our lives now. We’ve got Hangouts from Google, Facetime from Apple and Skype from Microsoft, which make up the big three smartphone OS. But what other services are out there? Because there are a ton. And there... Gratis 12/2015
11315   Zeroner Health V3.0 Zeroner Health V3.0 Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Zeroner Health V3.0 Zeroner V3.0 is the new Application dedicated to Health and Fitness that helps the Users to keep track of daily performances: • Pedometer/Steps calculation• Calories burnt counter• Distance/Time calculation• Sleep monitor• Heart rate (for I7 bracelet)Zero... Gratis 12/2015
11316   Fit Fast Fit Fast Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Fit Fast An android app to help track calorie intake and calories burned every day. The app is a simple way of tracking your daily calorie goals to help with weight loss. There are workouts to choose from that will automatically calculate the number of calories bu... Gratis 12/2015
11317   Daily Recipes (Free) Daily Recipes (Free) Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Daily Recipes (Free) Using this you can have the ultimate cooking experience by trying new delicious, tasty, yummy and healthy food recipes and exciting festival special dishes. All recipes include desserts, paleo recipes, pancake recipe, salsa recipe, carrot cake recipe, egg... Gratis 12/2015
11318   Yoga Guru 1-7 Yoga Guru 1-7 Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Yoga Guru 1-7 Yoga Class of "Level 1-7" plugin for Yoga MonkeyInstruction: 1. Please install Yoga Monkey and this pluginhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fit.yogamonkey.yoga 2. Select the session of "Level 1-7" in YogaMonkey APP, start and enjoy yoga journ... Gratis 12/2015
11319   NowRx - Pharmacy On-Demand NowRx - Pharmacy On-Demand Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like NowRx - Pharmacy On-Demand NowRx provides a trusted, reliable way to have your prescriptions delivered to your door in one hour. No more wasting time in pharmacy lines or making separate trips to the pharmacy. NowRx also provides reminders to help you remember to take your medicat... Gratis 12/2015
11320   Track Buddy Track Buddy Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Track Buddy Pedometer feature – The distance tracking isn’t 100% accurate, but it is a work in progress and will be continually updated.The user must enter their height and enable the pedometer feature is turned on, it will track distance moved. Hope you enjoy. ... Gratis 12/2015
11321   Psiquiatra on-line Psiquiatra on-line Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Psiquiatra on-line Aplicación de consulta con un equipo de profesionales de la psiquiatria y psicoterapia, para poder consultar tus dudas en tiempo real y sin largas esperas.Consultas unicas y tarifas planas.Pruebalo ya!Die Umsetzung der Rücksprache mit einem Team von Fachl... Gratis 12/2015
11322   All For Body All For Body Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like All For Body Płacisz tylko za zadania które Twój osobisty coach przygotował indywidualnie dla ciebie i za coachingi. dzięki All For Body - w łatwy sposób osiągniesz swój cel realizując zadania i zmieniając nawyki. Pozostajesz w ciągłym kontakcie ze swoim coachem. Ty d... Gratis 12/2015
11323   Yoga Monkey Free Fitness L3-2 Yoga Monkey Free Fitness L3-2 Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Yoga Monkey Free Fitness L3-2 Yoga Class of "Level 3-2" plugin for Yoga MonkeyInstruction: 1. Please install Yoga Monkey and this pluginhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fit.yogamonkey.yoga 2. Select the session of "Level 3-2" in YogaMonkey APP, start and enjoy yoga journ... Gratis 12/2015
11324   Achten Sie auf Ihre Zähne Achten Sie auf Ihre Zähne Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Achten Sie auf Ihre Zähne "Sie wollen sicherstellen, dass Ihre Zähne gesorgt?Sie werden nicht glauben, wie viel lächelt nicht. Diese Anwendung wird Ihnen zu helfen!Unter guter Pflege Ihrer Zähne ist wichtig zur Vermeidung von Zahnschmerzen und suchen Sie am besten.Die berühmteste ... Gratis 12/2015
11325   Squats Workout Guide Squats Workout Guide Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Squats Workout Guide Are you wishing to revolutionize your squats program?Do you want to squeeze out maximum benefit from your squats routine? Would you love to try these exclusive squats moves? So, now is the time to wave a god bye to all those heavy gym & equipment and get ... Gratis 12/2015
11326   How To Get Big Thighs How To Get Big Thighs Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like How To Get Big Thighs Having skinny thighs can be annoying for you. Your look can be better and sexy if you have great sized thighs.Well, there are many ways that can help you gain thigh mass and give it a well-defined shape. All right, do you have skinny thighs? Are you willi... Gratis 12/2015
11327   Santa Madness Santa Madness Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Santa Madness Ho, Ho, Ho, Hilfe ! ! ! es ist Hochdruck in Sankt Nikolaus Werkstatt. Helf ihm und seinem Team verschrobener Helfer, an alle guten Mädchen und Buben in der ganzen Welt Geschenke zu liefern. Flitze durch den Himmel auf Santas spezial Schlitten und lass Ges... Gratis 12/2015
11328   Christmas Blast Everytown Saga Christmas Blast Everytown Saga Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Christmas Blast Everytown Saga Christmas Blast Everytown Saga is a new trend of game to play during this coming Christmas season. I am very sure this game will definitely blossom up your Xmas holidays with all kind of the Christmas blast non-stoppable to be the saga.Collect and match a... Gratis 12/2015
11329   Amplay Amplay Sport Sport Apps like Amplay AMP League is an open tennis, squash or badminton competition, which anyone can join without necessity of membership in any association.Amplay is an application for AMP League that lets you report match results and check ranking.Let's see how good you are... Gratis 12/2015
11330   15th Club 15th Club Sport Sport Apps like 15th Club The 15th Club gives players an all-in-one tool to study the golf course using real HD video fly thrus, read Pro Tips, score and share their rounds with a digital scorecard as well as contact the club to book a room in the course hotel, a table in the rest... Gratis 12/2015
11331   Numbers To Binary Calculator Numbers To Binary Calculator Tools Tools Apps like Numbers To Binary Calculator This is just a little app for calculating numbers into binary... Gratis 12/2015
11332   Moved- Anti theft motion alarm Moved- Anti theft motion alarm Tools Tools Apps like Moved- Anti theft motion alarm MOVED is an anti-theft app that works as a motion alarm and prevents people from touching your phone and from stealing it. You simply put your phone on the table, then turn off the screen, and once someone touches and displaces your phone, the app will st... Gratis 12/2015
11333   SeeingAssistant Move Lite SeeingAssistant Move Lite Tools Tools Apps like SeeingAssistant Move Lite Seeing Assistant Move is an application developed by Transition Technologies S.A. in order to support blind and visually impaired people in everyday life. Application provides very advanced geo-location and navigation features.Seeing Assistant Move has be... Gratis 12/2015
11334   SeeingAssistant Home Lite SeeingAssistant Home Lite Tools Tools Apps like SeeingAssistant Home Lite Seeing Assistant Home is an application developed by Transition Technologies S.A. in order to support blind and visually impaired people in everyday life. Seeing Assistant Home allows the users to detect the light source and partially visually impaired pe... Gratis 12/2015
11335   Flashlight Torch Flashlight Torch Tools Tools Apps like Flashlight Torch Flashlight Torch app by JavaTpoint.com enables you to use LED Torch in Android. It is free to use. Send the icon of this app to your home screen for easily finding torch.Hope you will like it.... Gratis 12/2015
11336   iRide Taxis iRide Taxis Verkehr Verkehr Apps like iRide Taxis Book a taxi or cab instantly in Sheffield with a few taps of a button with the iRide Taxis app. Save your favorite journeys for convenient and quick bookings in the future.Buchen Sie ein Taxi oder Kabine sofort in Sheffield mit ein paar Fingertipps auf ei... Gratis 12/2015
11337   FRLA FRLA Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like FRLA FRLA is Florida’s premier non-profit hospitality industry trade association. Our mission is to ‘Protect, Educate and Promote’ Florida’s $82 billion hospitality industry which represents 23% of Florida’s economy and more than 1.1 million employees – making... Gratis 12/2015
11338   Planet Diver Planet Diver Arcade Arcade Apps like Planet Diver - WHAT IS PLANET DIVER ABOUT? - Planet Diver is about an adventurous daredevil tackling her newest obsession: Wing suit diving. With her close robotic companion Buddy she'll travel across space to seek out the most dangerous planets and their respective c... 2.20€ 12/2015
11339   RADIO FINLAND RADIO FINLAND Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like RADIO FINLAND RADIO FINLAND 24 hours listening a free application . - All you can access live radio stations. - Free listened to radio station in Finland . ... Gratis 12/2015
11340   Lanterna do Timão Lanterna do Timão Tools Tools Apps like Lanterna do Timão Es gibt viele Taschenlampe apps heraus dort, also warum sollen Sie diese? ... Gratis 12/2015
11341   RADIO TÜRKEI RADIO TÜRKEI Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like RADIO TÜRKEI RADIO TÜRKEI - 24 Stunden ununterbrochenen Musik eine kostenlose Anwendung . - Alles, was Sie Live- Radiosender zugreifen. - Free Türkei Radiosender hören ... Gratis 12/2015
11342   RADIO VENEZUELA RADIO VENEZUELA Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like RADIO VENEZUELA RADIO VENEZUELA 24 hours listening a free application . - All you can access live radio stations. - Free Venezuela Listen to the radio stations . ... Gratis 12/2015
11343   RADIO ESTONIA RADIO ESTONIA Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like RADIO ESTONIA ESTONIA RADIO 24 hours listening a free application . - All you can access live radio stations. - Free Estonia listen to radio stations. ... Gratis 12/2015
11344   BallMaster Pro Shop BallMaster Pro Shop Sport Sport Apps like BallMaster Pro Shop Tenpin bowling Pro shop and Coaching serviceFeaturing the UK's only C.A.T.S lane and world top 100 Coach Andy Penny... Gratis 12/2015
11345   New Glass Onet Classic Game New Glass Onet Classic Game Arcade Arcade Apps like New Glass Onet Classic Game How to play Onet Connect Glass ?- How simple it is !!! Find all pair of the same images so that the line adding two images is no more than 3 lines. - Remove 2 Glass with the same kind which can be connected within 3 lines. Features: - Classic game play- n... Gratis 12/2015
11346   Grass Live Wallpaper Grass Live Wallpaper Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Grass Live Wallpaper The most wonderful ❥Grass Live Wallpaper❥ is finally available on the market and can be yours for FREE! Relax every day looking at the “green green grass” on your phone display and always feel calm and fresh! The most amazing “nature wallpaper” awaits rig... Gratis 12/2015
11347   Meteor Live Wallpaper Meteor Live Wallpaper Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Meteor Live Wallpaper Let all your evenings be absolutely romantic with our new ✮Meteor Live Wallpaper✮ for your smartphone display! This brand new “wallpaper hd” mobile application brings you an amazing collection of 10 stunning pictures of starry nights and breathtaking “met... Gratis 12/2015
11348   Fantasy Pet Live Wallpaper Fantasy Pet Live Wallpaper Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Fantasy Pet Live Wallpaper Enjoy the most beautiful and extraordinary pets every day with our brand new ★Fantasy Pet Live Wallpaper★ app! If you love watching all those fantasy movies with the most unusual creatures, then this is just a perfect mobile app for you. All your dreams a... Gratis 12/2015
11349   Knight Tower Knight Tower Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Knight Tower Transform your self into Knight Guy!!! and land on platforms below avoiding the ones with spikes or falling to certain death... or waiting to long and get crushed, just like medieval times ..... ANYTHING KILLS YOU!!!Collect Coins and Gains Life To Further... Gratis 12/2015
11350   Kostenlose Musik-Download Kostenlose Musik-Download Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Kostenlose Musik-Download MP3 Music Download für Android-Handy und ist die beste und schnelle Werkzeuge ... Gratis 12/2015
11351   2016 Happy New Year 2016 Happy New Year Photographie Photographie Apps like 2016 Happy New Year features:$ Slide images by move or buttons next and back.$ Share on facebook, twitter etc...$ Share by email and sms$ Share by WhatsApp, Line etc ...$ Set pictures as wallpapers.$ Easy to use.Eigenschaften:$ Slide Bilder von unterwegs oder Schaltflächen V... Gratis 12/2015
11352   Link Fruits Match 2016 Link Fruits Match 2016 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Link Fruits Match 2016 This is a good game for everyone, especially children to learn and hone the way of thinking.If your child wants to train the eye and the mind, play this game, and your child will be trained.Please download this game and Enjoy it.Dies ist ein gutes Spiel f... Gratis 12/2015
11353   Love Wallpapers HD Love Wallpapers HD Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Love Wallpapers HD This application contains beautiful, unique and high quality love wallpapers and backgrounds for android phones.Features: - High quality wallpapers - Easy navigation. - Set wallpaper. - Application works offline. - Optimized for all devices. - Screen rot... Gratis 12/2015
11354   Canada Radio Stations Canada Radio Stations Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Canada Radio Stations Canada Radio Stations is the radio application that everyone expects, light , fast and clear voice.Features:* Listen to Canada Radios * Landscape and Portrait Mode* Share a radio with your friends using email or other social media* Available in all genre ... Gratis 12/2015
11355   Barking Dog Belfast Barking Dog Belfast Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Barking Dog Belfast Welcome to the Barking Dog Belfast's new app! Keep up to date with all the latest at Barking Dog, receive special offers and make bookings.... Gratis 12/2015
11356   The Hair Lounge Bangor The Hair Lounge Bangor Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Hair Lounge Bangor Download the new Hair Lounge Bangor mobile app! Receive special offers, accrue loyalty points and keep up to date with all the news from your favourite hair salon in North Down. To get your loyalty points please show your app at your appointment and we wi... Gratis 12/2015
11357   Infront Autos Infront Autos Büro Büro Apps like Infront Autos Overdue an MOT? Perhaps you're in need of a major car repair? Infront Autos are the perfect people to help you and your vehicle.Situated in the heart of Romford, Essex, we have become an integral part of the community. Oil changes to body work, download o... Gratis 12/2015
11358   Happy New Year 2016 ! Happy New Year 2016 ! Photographie Photographie Apps like Happy New Year 2016 ! $ Set as Wallpaper,,,.$ Share on Whatsapp and other all social apps n sites like facebook twitter instagram.,,$ Easy To Swipe.,,$ Easy to Use,,,$ Als Wallpaper ,,, Set.$ Share on WhatsApp und allen sozialen apps n-Sites wie Facebook Twitter Instagram. ,,$... Gratis 12/2015
11359   Good Morning Images Hd ! Good Morning Images Hd ! Photographie Photographie Apps like Good Morning Images Hd ! he most beautiful words & pictures of love on your phone to send to loved you love most,your friend, your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your brothers, your family, etc ....Tell him that you love to say good morning to him, Tell them how much t... Gratis 12/2015
11360   Santa Claus Wallpapers Santa Claus Wallpapers Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Santa Claus Wallpapers Santa Claus Wallpapers is a collection of the best high quality of Santa Claus s wallpapers and backgrounds for your mobiles or tablets. All our wallpapers have been personally ranked & selected so you can personalize your device with your favorite Santa ... Gratis 12/2015
11361   MP3 Klingeltöne MP3 Klingeltöne Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like MP3 Klingeltöne ???? ???? ???? MP3 Klingeltöne ???? ???? ???? Sind Sie müde von Ihren "alten phone ringtones"? Sind Sie versuchen zu finden und zu "Download kostenlose Klingeltöne" by doing "mp3 Suche und herunterladen"? Sie müssen nicht Ihre Zeit mehr zu verschwenden,... Gratis 12/2015
11362   Adorai Adorai Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Adorai Todos os dias com você.Jeden Tag mit Ihnen.... Gratis 12/2015
11363   Breakz.FM - Internetradio Breakz.FM - Internetradio Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Breakz.FM - Internetradio IM ÜBERBLICK:✔ Kostenlos✔ Siehe welcher DJ gerade ONAIR ist✔ 128kb, 64kb, 48kb, wählbar optimal für unterwegs✔ Siehe welche Show gerade läuft✔ Versende Wünsche und Grüße✔ Wünsche und Grüße auch per Sprachnachricht✔ Sendeplan, wann dein Lieblings-DJ aufleg... Gratis 12/2015
11364   Al Lagu Galau for Ghazali Al Lagu Galau for Ghazali Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Al Lagu Galau for Ghazali Tak hanya lagu galau saja tetapi anda bisa mendengarkan lagu lain dari Al-Ghazali lengkap beserta liriknyaTak hanya lagu Galau saja tetapi undeine bisa mendengarkan lagu gelegen dari Al-Ghazali Lengkap beserta liriknya... Gratis 12/2015
11365   Air Search(Omni Search) Air Search(Omni Search) Effizienz Effizienz Apps like Air Search(Omni Search) Air Search is a powerful search engine containing Google Yahoo Bing and Youtube.Air Search is your personal search engine to search all kinds of stuff.Air Search: The fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the web and on your device.• Quickly searc... Gratis 12/2015
11366   EDPA Community EDPA Community Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like EDPA Community EDPA Access 2015 attendees, welcome! This app is a private year round community for EDPA Access Attendees. It will allow you to choose your schedule for the upcoming EDPA Access 2015 conference and start chiming in on interesting conversations that are al... Gratis 12/2015
11367   Shorte - Url shortener Shorte - Url shortener Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Shorte - Url shortener Shorte_st is a website that lets you make money by shorting urls and sharing them while getting paid EVERYTIME someone clicks on your link.With Shorte you can now check all your account statistics directly from your android device! You can also copy any p... Gratis 12/2015
11368   taxie passenger taxie passenger Verkehr Verkehr Apps like taxie passenger taxie passenger is a simple platform that provides the best taxi service in Birmingham. Let’s enjoy great on – demand or in – advance rides with no street – hailing and no fancy billing!Check out the app’s features below:RIDE NOW OR LATER IN A FEW TAPS • ... Gratis 12/2015
11369   taxie driver taxie driver Verkehr Verkehr Apps like taxie driver taxie driver smartly maximizes driver’s efficiency and raises customer satisfaction by connecting you directly to your passengers via the auto – dispatching system. CATCH MORE PASSENGER’S REQUESTS • Fairly get more passengers on the go • Earn more money w... Gratis 12/2015
11370   Free Wallpapers Free Wallpapers Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Free Wallpapers Free Wallpapers is a bunch of attractive and high definition wallpapers. which allows user to search a certain wallpapers based on category, The application also allows user to share wallpapers through social media.Free Wallpapers ist ein Bündel von attr... Gratis 12/2015
11371   New Maps MCPE! New Maps MCPE! Software & Demos Software & Demos Apps like New Maps MCPE! carte du monde de survie ... Gratis 12/2015
11372   Amazing DJ Live Music Remix Amazing DJ Live Music Remix Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Amazing DJ Live Music Remix Music app for creative people and music lovers like you! In this app there are music tracks with different loops, and you can combine the sounds, turn it on or turn it off. Manipulate the music as you wish by adding sound fx , using music equalizers and m... Gratis 12/2015
11373   Turntable Mixer - Music DJ Turntable Mixer - Music DJ Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Turntable Mixer - Music DJ Looking for a new virtual and easy-to-use music composer software for android? Check out this -"Turntable Mixer - Music DJ"– powerful combination of music pads set and beats music maker for parties. Awesome music recorder and editor for real music maniac ... Gratis 12/2015
11374   Game For Kids Game For Kids Quizspiele Quizspiele Apps like Game For Kids Game for kids is a game that is perfect for small children and toddlers, here you can develop your knowledge about all different kinds of wild animals sea animals or pets there are animals like cat dog elephant fish dinosaur lion tiger giraffe also differ... Gratis 12/2015
11375   DJ Party Mixer - Music  Sound DJ Party Mixer - Music Sound Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like DJ Party Mixer - Music Sound DJ Party Mixer - Music Sound is the most advanced digital DJ solution for android. Transform your device into a complete and portable DJ system.application is an app with the start of the job.The Application Development team will come out for the best.Fo... Gratis 12/2015
11376   Virtual DJ Studio Remix Virtual DJ Studio Remix Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Virtual DJ Studio Remix Virtual DJ Studio Remix is the most advanced digital DJ solution for android. Transform your device into a complete and portable DJ system.application is an app with the start of the job.The Application Development team will come out for the best.For anyo... Gratis 12/2015
11377   MOR Cebu 97.1 Lupig Sila MOR Cebu 97.1 Lupig Sila Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like MOR Cebu 97.1 Lupig Sila My Only Radio For Life (MOR) 97.1 DYLS FM 97.1 MHZ is ABS-CBN's FM station in Cebu City. DYLS FM is one of the 17 My Only Radio FM stations of ABS-CBN in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at ABS-CBN Complex, North Road Jagobiao, Mandaue Cit... Gratis 12/2015
11378   Yes FM Manila Yes FM Manila Musik & Audio Musik & Audio Apps like Yes FM Manila PROGRAM SCHEDULE:Beauty, Bruno, Brownie: 4am-6amBest of Friends Missy & Rica: 6-9amTotoy Bato: 9am-12nnTanya Chinita: 12nn-3pmPakners Rico Panyero and Lala Banderas: 3pm-6pmMaria Morena: 6pm-9pmChico Loco: 9pm-12mn WEBSITE: http://www.yesfm.com.ph/ TWITTE... Gratis 12/2015
11379   bubble Zoo bubble Zoo Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like bubble Zoo Bubble-Zoo ist es überraschend neue Geschmack von super Spaß, angenehme und freie Spiel Bubble Shooter. Das Spiel ist speziell mit unserem neuen gut programmiert und süchtig Blase schießen Algorithmus entwickelt. Die spannende Geschichte beginnt, wenn Sie... Gratis 12/2015
11380   The Competition World The Competition World Lernen Lernen Apps like The Competition World # Complete Study Notes for Competitive Exams and Academics.# Includes Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Science & Technology, Current Affairs and Many More. # Visual E... Gratis 12/2015
11381   Candy Party: Dressup Candy Party: Dressup Gelegenheitsspiele Gelegenheitsspiele Apps like Candy Party: Dressup Candy Party ist zu beginnen! Also verkleiden Sie sich ein schönes Mädchen mit Kleidung mit Stil! Erhalten Sie einen fantastischen Ausblick - süß wie ein Bonbon zu werden. Werden Sie ein Supermodel schöne exklusive Kleider tragen! Erstellen Sie Ihren eigen... Gratis 12/2015
11382   Weiss Optik Lippstadt Weiss Optik Lippstadt Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like Weiss Optik Lippstadt Als Martin Weiss im Juni 1925 zum ersten Mal die Türen seines Optiker-Geschäfts für seine Kunden öffnete, sah die Welt noch ganz anders aus: Es war die Zeit der Weimarer Republik, man tanzte Charleston auf Musik von Josephine Baker und Autos waren auf den... Gratis 12/2015
11383   Christmas Solo theme(warm ver) Christmas Solo theme(warm ver) Personalisierung Personalisierung Apps like Christmas Solo theme(warm ver) Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh,hey! Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! -Well, dear, what do you want in Xmas?-Umm...I wa... Gratis 12/2015
11384   Call Recorder Call Recorder Tools Tools Apps like Call Recorder ***A Top 10 app in over 120 countries worldwide.***Call Recorder is an application that allows you to record your outgoing telephone calls.The entire call is recorded and saved on your phone and your phone only. Unlike other call recording apps your recor... Gratis 12/2015
11385   Hair Clippers App Prank Hair Clippers App Prank Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Hair Clippers App Prank Hair Clipper Prank is the just another shaver app that you can fake all your friends! Scare the life out of your friends by pretending to shave their hair off! This is a free app. Move it like a real shaver to trick all your friends! This is a free app. ... Gratis 12/2015
11386   Blood Pressure Checker Prank Blood Pressure Checker Prank Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Blood Pressure Checker Prank Finger Blood Pressure Checker Scanner is a prank app.When you open Finger Blood Pressure Checker Scanner app, it will ask you to place a finger on phone screen, when you place a finger in finger shaped area then it will scan your finger and show your BP o... Gratis 12/2015
11387   Dude your car on fire prank Dude your car on fire prank Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Dude your car on fire prank Dude your friends will be so mad when you'll damage their car with this app. Play pranks on your friends, family and colleagues putting damages on their car. We can asure you will love our app and you'll have a lot fun playing prank on your friends.People... Gratis 12/2015
11388   Medical Thermometer Prank Medical Thermometer Prank Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Medical Thermometer Prank Medical Thermometer is a prank digital thermometer for fever that calculate the body temperature using fingerprint. If you can be a prankster you should definitely like this application It's An awesome prank! Fingerprint Body Temperature will provide you ... Gratis 12/2015
11389   Blood Sugar Test Prank Blood Sugar Test Prank Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Blood Sugar Test Prank Blood Sugar Test is a free prank application android for calculating blood sugar (glucose) and diabetic blood sugar levels of a human body.Do you want some fun with your friends? If yes then check their Diabetes level with Finger Blood Sugar Test Prank. ... Gratis 12/2015
11390   All For Body Coach All For Body Coach Gesundheit & Fitness Gesundheit & Fitness Apps like All For Body Coach The app enables you to invite friends and other contacts for 10 day-long free coaching. After that your contacts can sign up subscription or pay for specific messages you leave. Aimed to be of a great help for coaches, dietics, fisiotherapists and others ... Gratis 12/2015
11391   Sudoku Master! Sudoku Master! Brettspiele Brettspiele Apps like Sudoku Master! Sudoku Master is the best sudoku puzzle game you can find for your phone and tablet, and it'll help you to learn and improve your skills in sudoku puzzle game. You won’t be looking for a paper puzzle ever again!With intuitive interface, and all the functi... Gratis 12/2015
11392   Radio Bahamas Radio Bahamas Medien & Videos Medien & Videos Apps like Radio Bahamas Bahamas Radio has collected the most popular Bahamas radio stations and let you enjoy your favorite radio wherever you go.Main features: - Background playback allows you activating other application while listening- Most popular radio stations- Station se... Gratis 12/2015
11393   Video Slideshow Maker Video Slideshow Maker Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Video Slideshow Maker Jetzt können Sie leicht zu organisieren Fotos Ihres Telefons geben einen Fotorahmen Diashow Blick auf Ihr Fotoalben.Bewerben schönen Rahmen und Filter können Sie einen fantastischen Blick auf Ihre Bilder zu geben.Ehrfürchtiges Foto Slideshow Maker. Jetzt ... Gratis 12/2015
11394   AFL Highly Quality Traffic AFL Highly Quality Traffic Büro Büro Apps like AFL Highly Quality Traffic OUT OF THE BOX SERVICEWe are dedicated to providing services which help the overall growth of the website. Our marketing includes industry standard methods to boost the website visibility through all the streams. With Main Visitors service, you can reach ... Gratis 12/2015
11395   was wo was wo Reisen & Lokales Reisen & Lokales Apps like was wo Was ist in der Umgebung?Alle Geldautomaten, Über, Polizei, Universität, Gas, Taxi, Bus, Flughafen, Krankenhaus, Hotel, Park, Zoo, Kino, Einkaufen, Cafe, BarWählen Sie den Speicherort.Suche starten.Einfach, bequem. ... Gratis 12/2015
11396   Flash Alert On Call & SMS Flash Alert On Call & SMS Tools Tools Apps like Flash Alert On Call & SMS Camera Flash Alerts is a simple way to get aware of your phone on incoming calls and messages. When a message is received or there is a call ringing on your phone, the camera will start blinking and will give you a Flash Alert. This app is very helpful if... Gratis 12/2015
11397   Anytime Delivery Service Anytime Delivery Service Büro Büro Apps like Anytime Delivery Service Contact: 760-644-0313Web: www.anytimedeliveryservices.comAnytime Delivery Service Courier and Messenger service for all of San Diego. As the Top Rated 24/7 courier service in all of San Diego -Anytime Delivery Service will provide local courier and mess... Gratis 12/2015
11398   Hourglass Hourglass Büro Büro Apps like Hourglass This app allows users to clock in and out of a job and tracks their total time.... Gratis 12/2015
11399   QSR Shop QSR Shop Büro Büro Apps like QSR Shop QSR Shop allows shoppers to log store visits and email reports based on the quality of the visit.QSR Shop allows you to record details of a fast food store shops at the Drive Thru and Front Counter. First select your shop type, then record the details ab... Gratis 12/2015
11400   Makeup Tips For Girls Makeup Tips For Girls Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Makeup Tips For Girls Entdecken Sie hier die besten Make-up Tipps ausschließlich für Mädchen. ... Gratis 12/2015

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