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720801   Coach Ron Tunick Coach Ron Tunick Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Coach Ron Tunick Learn to train your brain for winning in life. This App will help you think in a different way to make more money in your life. Motivational business speaker "Coach" Ron Tunick delivers an energetic, humorous and unforgettable message crafted for the n... Gratis 09/2012
720802   ACURA OF HAMILTON ACURA OF HAMILTON Büro Büro Apps like ACURA OF HAMILTON ACURA OF HAMILTON has been the exclusive Acura dealership in the Hamilton region. Now with our brand new location at Hamilton Mountain. As a recent recipient of the Acura Client Excellence Award , we are committed to providing our clientelle with the be... Gratis 09/2012
720803   VCB Mobile VCB Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like VCB Mobile With VCB’s Free Mobile banking app, you can access your accounts anywhere, anytime on your phone. You can check your balance, view account history, transfer funds between accounts, and find the closest VCB ATM or branch office. It’s a fast, simple... Gratis 09/2012
720804   Cirqios Cirqios Spiele Spiele Apps like Cirqios Cirqios is an all-new action-packed game for the iPad! Are you looking for a fun new game that will challenge your hand-eye coordination? Interested in finding a new style of arcade game? Or do you just want a game that anybody can pick up and play no ... Gratis 09/2012
720805   Car Compare Car Compare Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Car Compare Car Compare is the number one mobile car comparison app on the market. Enjoy! We proudly present Car Compare, the number one app on the market for comparing cars on mobile devices. It makes comparing of cars as easy as it can get. We designed a superior... Gratis 09/2012
720806   Lanima Lanima Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Lanima Conheça a Revista L'anima! Veja nossos produtos de perfumaria, corporais, maquiagem e tratamento! Com uma interatividade incrível, você pode comprar diretamente pelo seu iPhone/iPad. ... Gratis 09/2012
720807   Gambia News | Breaking news,  politics,  business,  culture and more in and around Gambia Gambia News | Breaking news, politics, business, culture and more in and around Gambia Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Gambia News | Breaking news, politics, business, culture and more in and around Gambia News from Gambia as the action unfolds. Articles from popular news sites in one app and categorized by genre: latest news, economy, sports, entertainment, ... Download the free app now and stay up-to-date with news from Gambia, africa and the world ... Gratis 09/2012
720808   青岛玛丽医院 青岛玛丽医院 Medizin Medizin Apps like 青岛玛丽医院 青岛玛丽医院为了服务广大用户需求,推出一款集在线专家咨询、医院专家信息、妇幼健康知识播报以及会员健康提醒于一体的手机客户端软件。医院秉持规范医疗,保证安全,采用微创技术及无痛技术,让您体验人性化服务内涵和品质的温馨。医院涵盖妇科、产科、儿科、妇幼保健科、体检中心等各个科室,专家在线为您提供咨询服务。 手机客户端软件功能设计突出简洁、人性化,使用简单,占用流量小,请您放心使用。... Gratis 09/2012
720809   HS Chemistry Buddy HS Chemistry Buddy Bildung Bildung Apps like HS Chemistry Buddy In the information age of today education, learning and teaching is changing fast. The technology that is being used in and outside of the classroom is everywhere. Almost every student has a cell phone with access to the Internet. Even with out Internet ... 2.99€ 09/2012
720810   Keepity Keepity Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Keepity Connect to your favorite stores and restaurants! Share great deals with your followers.... Gratis 09/2012
720811   Kristeligt Dagblad Kristeligt Dagblad Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Kristeligt Dagblad Få Kristeligt Dagblad til din iPad, iPhone eller iPod Touch. Den digitale udgave af avisen er identisk med den trykte udgave, så du kan forvente lige så meget indsigt og fordybelse af Kristeligt Dagblad i denne digitale version, som du kan i den trykt... Gratis 09/2012
720812   So Chic Mahjong - adFree So Chic Mahjong - adFree Spiele Spiele Apps like So Chic Mahjong - adFree The most beautiful mahjong game on the app store. So Chic MahJong is a matching game, where your goal is to remove all tiles out of the board by pairs. Only tiles that are not covered or surrounded can be picked. When two identical tiles are selected, ... 0.99€ 09/2012
720813   Infectonator Infectonator Spiele Spiele Apps like Infectonator Tired of killing zombies? How about turning people into zombies instead! "Best Game of the Year 2012" - Armor Games "Best Browser Strategy & Simulation 2012" - JayisGames "Carnage Was Never So Cute" - JayisGames "Guaranteed to bring mayhem fun" - Indigo E... 0.99€ 09/2012
720814   Morpholio Trace: Skizzieren,  Zeichnen,  Notieren und Designen auf Transparentpapier Morpholio Trace: Skizzieren, Zeichnen, Notieren und Designen auf Transparentpapier Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Morpholio Trace: Skizzieren, Zeichnen, Notieren und Designen auf Transparentpapier Skizzieren. Designen. Kreieren. Trace; unerlässlich für alle Design-getriebenen oder kreativen Prozesse, ermöglicht es Benutzern sofort auf ein beliebiges Bild zu zeichnen und Kommentare oder Ideen in Schichten auf dieses aufzubringen, um unmittelbar in... Gratis 09/2012
720815   Monstar Driver Monstar Driver Spiele Spiele Apps like Monstar Driver To play MONSTAR Driver, you have to print this AR marker : http://www.monstardriver.com -- Game Trailers Teaser trailer can be found here: http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/7gyvoh/monstar-driver -- YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKyxNohb654&... 0.99€ 09/2012
720816   iPanzer1942 iPanzer1942 Spiele Spiele Apps like iPanzer1942 This application runs on all iPad flavors. iPanzer1942 "rise of the Eagle" is a turn based war game. iPanzer1942 offers a unique experience through 20 historical scenarios, covering the first part of the WWII. You will drive Axes or Allies forces in Pol... 2.99€ 09/2012
720817   Malen nach Zahlen HD Malen nach Zahlen HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Malen nach Zahlen HD Wer kennt dieses Spiel nicht von früher?! Ja, es handelt sich hierbei um das beliebte Spiel, wo ein Bild mit Farben ausgemalt werden muss, die über Zahlen angegeben sind! Malen nach Zahlen HD ist die Adaption dieses unterhaltsamen Lernspiels für Smart... Gratis 09/2012
720818   CheckMate CheckMate Produktivität Produktivität Apps like CheckMate Homemaking, working, studying... We have a lot of tasks to do. It is also our task to plan all these. How can we keep all the things in mind? Which one is easier? - Writing them on a paper? - Taking notes on our computer? - Hanging a to do list on fri... Gratis 09/2012
720819   Dino Puzzle - Dinosaurier Puzzle für Kinder von PlayToddlers (Kostenlose Version für iPad) Dino Puzzle - Dinosaurier Puzzle für Kinder von PlayToddlers (Kostenlose Version für iPad) Spiele Spiele Apps like Dino Puzzle - Dinosaurier Puzzle für Kinder von PlayToddlers (Kostenlose Version für iPad) Holt euch jetzt WeWantApps! kostenlos im App Store und findet die besten Kinder-Apps schnell und einfach! Über Playtoddlers 'Jigsaw Puzzles: ★ Mehr als 100.000 Downloads weltweit (Top Ten in 24 Ländern in ihrer Kategorie) ★ "Daily Editors Choice" in -... Gratis 09/2012
720820   Dino Puzzle - Dinosaurier Puzzle für Kinder von PlayToddlers (Vollversion für iPad) Dino Puzzle - Dinosaurier Puzzle für Kinder von PlayToddlers (Vollversion für iPad) Spiele Spiele Apps like Dino Puzzle - Dinosaurier Puzzle für Kinder von PlayToddlers (Vollversion für iPad) Holt euch jetzt WeWantApps! kostenlos im App Store und findet die besten Kinder-Apps schnell und einfach! Über Playtoddlers 'Jigsaw Puzzles: ★ Mehr als 100.000 Downloads weltweit (Top Ten in 24 Ländern in ihrer Kategorie) ★ "Daily Editors Choice" in - W... 1.99€ 09/2012
720821   单词课课通 单词课课通 Bildung Bildung Apps like 单词课课通 单词课课通是为广大在校中小学生学习英语而准备的配套软件。在 一个 APP 内以课程顺序收录了外研版、人教版、苏教牛津版从小学一年级至高中三年级英语教材的课后单词,并可联网下载其他版本课后单词以及大学四、六级单词单词资源, 是同学们预习及复习每课单词的理想工具。 如果正在备战Tofel、GRE、雅思等可以下载《单词天天练》应用,免去联网下载的问题。 软件通过学习、练习、测试三个环节辅助学生从小学到大学,顺利完成单词学习。单词编排以课程每课为学习单元,配合教材循序淅进,结合网络释义,全方位掌握单词含义及用法... Gratis 09/2012
720822   Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Spiele Spiele Apps like Cute Jigsaw Puzzle ***** Cute Jigsaw Puzzle ***** This is new Jigsaw Puzzle game for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. ******************* Features: (*) Add photo from: camera, your photos, puzzle library. (*) 18 different puzzle pieces: 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100... 1.99€ 09/2012
720823   拔萝卜 拔萝卜 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 拔萝卜 The kids will enjoy a professional soundtrack (both male and female), amazing pictures and the possibility to find various objects on the screen and initiate their magical transformation.... Gratis 09/2012
720824   おにいさまへ・・・ おにいさまへ・・・ Bücher Bücher Apps like おにいさまへ・・・ 【おにいさまへ・・・】を永久保存するなら Frontier NEXT comicsで決まり!! ★ ★ ★Frontier NEXT comics 2周年記念キャンペーン★ ★ ★ 今なら下記の超人気タイトルが通常1話無料⇒期間限定で最大7話まで無料に! ■4話無料■ 『クニミツの政』『サイコメトラーEIJI』『GetBackers-奪還屋-』『探偵学園Q』『ベルサイユのばら』 『シバトラ』『そふてにっ』『僕と彼女のxxx』『魔探偵ロキ』『魔探偵ロキ・RAGNAROK』『tactics』 『浮... Gratis 09/2012
720825   Vincent van Gogh Art Gallery Vincent van Gogh Art Gallery Bildung Bildung Apps like Vincent van Gogh Art Gallery Amazing works of art by one of the greatest artists of all time, now easier to view than ever. View Van Gogh’s collection and find out more about the famous artist from your iPhone or iPad. The Vincent van Gogh Gallery’s official application delivers i... Gratis 09/2012
720826   Maki Restaurants Maki Restaurants Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Maki Restaurants Founded in 2002, Maki has become a leader in fine contemporary fusion Japanese cuisine. Through the addition of high-quality international ingredients such as foie gras, house-grown extra virgin olive oil, and fresh truffles to traditional, refined Ja... Gratis 09/2012
720827   Cергей Чекмаев Cергей Чекмаев Bücher Bücher Apps like Cергей Чекмаев ИНТЕРАКТИВНОЕ ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ СЕРГЕЯ ЧЕКМАЕВА «ОЧЕВИДЕЦ» Лучшие рассказы автора в интерактивном исполнении на iOS! - 15 рассказов в жанре городской мистики и нереалистической прозы. - Удобная читалка с закладками, постраничной навигацией и возможностью регули... 4.99€ 09/2012
720828   枪之荣耀 枪之荣耀 Spiele Spiele Apps like 枪之荣耀 ★塔防巨著PocketGamer, 中国金游奖年度10佳游戏 ★看视频 找应用 《限免视频版》独家特约限免★ ★请在App Store 搜索“限免视频版”进行下载★ --本应用由i点评-限免视频版给力推荐-- 联系我们请登录apple.shiwan.com ★狂野西部另类塔防巨献,荒野大镖客的经典再现 ★西部枪手、手雷强盗、性感蒙面女、印第神射手 游戏特色 ★黄沙飞扬的荒野,稀落的仙人掌,呼啸而过的火车,充满了西部电影的感觉! ★超多的游戏角色,多种作战搭配,层出不穷的待宰肥羊,你所要做的是攒够相应的... 0.79€ 09/2012
720829   Solitaire Pro Solitaire Pro Spiele Spiele Apps like Solitaire Pro - Classic one in poker game - Top one in classic game - Do you know poker game? - If not, never miss it! - Just 5 minutes, simple pleasure is yours! - Classic game, classic pleasure!... Gratis 09/2012
720830   Medical Abbreviations Glossary Medical Abbreviations Glossary Medizin Medizin Apps like Medical Abbreviations Glossary Multilingual, international dictionary of thousands of medical abbreviations commonly used in English, German, French, Spanish and Polish languages. Reference guide to decoding abbreviations of medical terminology. Now you can reveal all mystery look... Gratis 09/2012
720831   超好玩 超好玩 Bücher Bücher Apps like 超好玩 《超好玩》杂志,是一本定位于游戏玩家群体的高端时尚杂志,我们不仅仅提供游戏推荐和攻略秘籍,更针对游戏玩家们的娱乐需求推出多档时尚娱乐的阅读栏目。 本App提供自动更新的订阅功能。您可以以18元/年的价格订阅整年的杂志,在订阅期内的所有杂志都将可以免费获得。订阅期限为订阅开始之日起算的一年时间。在订阅期满前的24小时内,iTunes将自动为您续订一年。如果需要关闭自动续订功能,您可以在订阅期满日的24小时之前,至iTunes账户设置中关闭该功能。已生效的订阅无法取消和退款。 如果您不选择订阅一年,也可... Gratis 09/2012
720832   Professor Zombie Unscramble Professor Zombie Unscramble Spiele Spiele Apps like Professor Zombie Unscramble New for Halloween! Unscramble the words before the Zombie eats the professor’s brain! The Professor has left his brain out, and now zombies want to eat it! The only way you can stop the zombies is by unscrambling the words. The play is simple: press... Gratis 09/2012
720833   iWhovian - Doctor Who Quiz iWhovian - Doctor Who Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like iWhovian - Doctor Who Quiz The ultimate Doctor Who Trivia app...Are you a TRUE WHOVIAN?!? This app is will test your knowledge of Doctor Who, Do you really know as much as you think you do? Test yourself by answering questions about Doctor Who over the last 51 years* This is ... Gratis 09/2012
720834   My Church by Elexio My Church by Elexio Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like My Church by Elexio Elexio provides integrated church software to equip churches to help people know Jesus. Our solutions include: website, database, check-in, giving and mobile app. This mobile app is a free install available to all churches subscribing to Elexio’s datab... Gratis 09/2012
720835   Duel Master: Yu-Gi-Oh Edition Duel Master: Yu-Gi-Oh Edition Spiele Spiele Apps like Duel Master: Yu-Gi-Oh Edition Duel Master is the ultimate tool for any Yugioh player! Use Duel Master to look up the details of any Yugioh card, catalogue your collection, build and test decks, compare trades, check the current banlist, check card prices, and much much more! G... 2.99€ 09/2012
720836   FH Diagnosis FH Diagnosis Medizin Medizin Apps like FH Diagnosis Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) is a genetic disposition for high cholesterol. Despite affecting over 10 million individuals world wide, most carriers are unaware and thus suffer from preventable heart disease. This app will transform the way individ... Gratis 09/2012
720837   Instant: Der Polaroid Hersteller Instant: Der Polaroid Hersteller Photographie Photographie Apps like Instant: Der Polaroid Hersteller As showcased in Apple's new iPad ad on Oscar night! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nq73_WCIib0 (NOTE: iPad 2 or later devices are recommended for this app!) Die beliebte Polaroid App Instant für Mac, gibt es nun endlich auch für das iPad. Instant brin... 1.99€ 09/2012
720838   PictBase PictBase Büro Büro Apps like PictBase PictBase Forms is a customizable app created for businesses. The app is a Rich form builder that allows you to chose from 17 field types: image, boolean (checkbox), single list choice, multiple list choice, localization, date, time, stopwatch, con... Gratis 09/2012
720839   Intergy Mobile Intergy Mobile Medizin Medizin Apps like Intergy Mobile Greenway Intergy Mobile is the iPad companion to Greenway Intergy EHR. Using an iPad device, you can access their appointment schedules, task lists, and patient clinical data at any time and from anywhere. Whether you are on call or on the road, Inte... Gratis 09/2012
720840   Revy Photolab Revy Photolab Photographie Photographie Apps like Revy Photolab The Revy Photolab app lets you easily upload photos from your iPhone and iPad and order prints to pick up from our convenient location in Revelstoke, B.C. in as little as 30 minutes. Create a new, free account. Upload photos at their full, high-qualit... Gratis 09/2012
720841   Aliens Abducted HD Aliens Abducted HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Aliens Abducted HD FREE FOR LIMITED TIME! This is an extreme geography challenger! Travel with 3 aliens over the world in a life or death game, only your knowledge can save them! Match country maps with the correct flag. If you fail they will suffer a horrible death! Coll... 4.99€ 09/2012
720842   Pocket Gettysburg LITE Edition Pocket Gettysburg LITE Edition Referenz Referenz Apps like Pocket Gettysburg LITE Edition Whether you are on the battlefield or in the comfort of your home, now you can carry a virtual encyclopedia of the Gettysburg battle in your pocket or the palm of your hand! Pocket Gettysburg is a reference and research tool to map, search, and displa... 0.99€ 09/2012
720843   PDF X: the only app that offers File Storage and PDF Exporter for files and website! PDF X: the only app that offers File Storage and PDF Exporter for files and website! Produktivität Produktivität Apps like PDF X: the only app that offers File Storage and PDF Exporter for files and website! Creating professional PDF documents the fuss free way Imagine the convenience of having the ability to create professional PDF easily and on the go, right on the iPad. PDF X supports the conversion of the common file formats such as Microsoft Office fil... 1.99€ 09/2012
720844   Gallery of Art Gallery of Art Bildung Bildung Apps like Gallery of Art Gallery of Art – 25 000 high resolution images with more than 150 000 paintings and digital reproductions of famous artists from all over the world! Gallery of Art is a fascinating barometer of the evolution of taste and style, and of changing social, ... 9.99€ 09/2012
720845   新概念英语名师导学版 新概念英语名师导学版 Bildung Bildung Apps like 新概念英语名师导学版 你怎样学《新概念》?还在苦闷地背单词、啃语法吗? No, no, no. 《新概念》最大的魅力, 在于科学的教学步骤, 符合语言认知规律, 让你事半功倍。 这, 正是我们要做的。 ——史上最强大的英语学习app, 英籍作者亚历山大六步教学法的忠实再现。 Step 1: 听力训练:为你确立一个“出击目标”, 让你的“被动听力”变成“主动听力”。 Step 2: 理解性问题:说出简单的回答, 就是我们英文开口的第一步。 Step 3: 自提问题:不要小看提问, 它让你在口语社交中反客为主哦~ Step 4... 3.99€ 09/2012
720846   Finger Acrobat Finger Acrobat Spiele Spiele Apps like Finger Acrobat Bist du bereit für ein Finger-brechendes Erlebnis? Teste deine motorischen Fähigkeiten, und versuche sie von Level zu Level zu verbessern. Verknotete Finger sind garantiert, während du versuchst, bis zu 8 Finger gleichzeitig zu bewegen, ohne sich se... 0.99€ 09/2012
720847   Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management The Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management app offers private clients mobile access to their portfolio data information, market news and insights from across Goldman Sachs. The Private Wealth Management app offers you: - Convenient access to your po... Gratis 09/2012
720848   Intimity Intimity Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Intimity Wie oft haben Sei unerwartet ihre Periode bekommen? Wie oft haben Sie schon die Daten ihres letzten Zyklus vergessen? Wie oft wollten Sie schon im Voraus bescheid wissen um einen Urlaub oder einen besonderen Tag planen zu können? Keine Überraschungen meh... 0.99€ 09/2012
720849   苗栗縣教育處網路電話 苗栗縣教育處網路電話 Bildung Bildung Apps like 苗栗縣教育處網路電話 This app is a mlc sip phone for network telephoning.... Gratis 09/2012
720850   Carlo Reader Carlo Reader Büro Büro Apps like Carlo Reader The easy way to view, share, annotate and distribute documents.... Gratis 09/2012
720851   StandApp StandApp Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like StandApp AD FREE VERSION: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/standapp-pro/id579983234?ls=1&mt=8 ***Desk Job? Sit too Long and Often? Did you know sitting can be deadly in the long run? ********* StandApp Helps Combat "Sitting Disease" ******** Millions of American... 0.99€ 09/2012
720852   Burn the Meal - “Universal Edition” Burn the Meal - “Universal Edition” Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Burn the Meal - “Universal Edition” ***Burn the Meal Universal Edition works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch*** Trying to get in shape or lose weight? Want an easy way to track how many calories you eat and burn off through exercise? Then Burn the Meal is the app for you! Burn the Meal... Gratis 09/2012
720853   AAP Red Book AAP Red Book Medizin Medizin Apps like AAP Red Book ** PLEASE NOTE: Application requires Red Book Online access via existing subscription, access for AAP members, or relationship to a subscribing institution or practice.** Silver Award Winner -- 2015 Digital Health Awards! The enhanced Red Book app is ... Gratis 09/2012
720854   每日瑜伽 - 健身减肥健康减压必备,每日练瑜伽,你的私人瑜伽教练 每日瑜伽 - 健身减肥健康减压必备,每日练瑜伽,你的私人瑜伽教练 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like 每日瑜伽 - 健身减肥健康减压必备,每日练瑜伽,你的私人瑜伽教练 「每日瑜伽」— 你的专属移动瑜伽健身教练,打开App, 即可随时随地“瘦身塑形”、“美颜护肤”、“压力平衡”、“健康调理”。每日瑜伽,见证蜕变·“瑜”到出众! -科学体系/权威课程/专业导师: 确保令你能够对一种运动方式更加容易坚持,持续有效地实现“瘦身塑形、压力平衡、健康调理”等全方位蜕变目标。 -课程计划/量体裁衣/任由心选: 无论你有没有基础,想达到哪一种训练目标,总有一款为你打造”,我们的职责是帮助你实现每一天中的蜕变,见证瑜伽的坚持与超越。 -真人同步/多种时长/随你而变: 全程真人语音陪... Gratis 09/2012
720855   Lingraphica TalkPath Listening Lingraphica TalkPath Listening Bildung Bildung Apps like Lingraphica TalkPath Listening TalkPath Listening exercises can now be found in the ALL NEW TalkPath Therapy app available in the App Store. Please download TalkPath Therapy to access more listening exercises. TalkPath Listening guides adults with aphasia or apraxia through a series o... Gratis 09/2012
720856   Mahjong Spiele Pro Mahjong Spiele Pro Spiele Spiele Apps like Mahjong Spiele Pro Games Pro ist ein werbefreies Mahjong-Spiel! Wenn Sie spielen Mahjong genießen, dann lieben Sie dieses Pro-Version! Genießen Sie das Spiel!... 0.99€ 09/2012
720857   Mahjong-Spiele Mahjong-Spiele Spiele Spiele Apps like Mahjong-Spiele Gratis Klassische Mahjong-Spiel mit toller Grafik und verschiedene Spielplatten -Layouts. Sehr fesselndes Gameplay. Eines der beliebtesten Spiele Puzzle der ganzen Welt! Kommen Sie und sehen, warum jeder liebt unser Spiel, wo Sie mit den Fliesen in den ... Gratis 09/2012
720858   Jinni in bottle Jinni in bottle Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Jinni in bottle Elite Business Network... Gratis 09/2012
720859   连连看经典版 连连看经典版 Spiele Spiele Apps like 连连看经典版 Official heavy launched the stunning special effects link, The best game of appstore. Limit free for three days! The game contains many of the advantages, with HD resolution, fine screen, feel super good. The game features: 1.One of several se... Gratis 09/2012
720860   HJ Story: Messages of Love HJ Story: Messages of Love Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like HJ Story: Messages of Love The long awaited HJ Story App is now available for IOS! HJ Story: Messages of Love is a compilations of little stories about love, humor, and life. With 100k+ and growing fans on Facebook, now you can enjoy all the comics on the go, hoping to bring a... Gratis 09/2012
720861   Anti Joking Around Free Anti Joking Around Free Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Anti Joking Around Free Get ready to stop laughing right now because Anti Joking Around Free is lacking all intrinsic meaning and the content has absolutely no meaning whatsoever! This app is jam packed with pointless jokes. Enough pointless jokes that you won't see the same jok... Gratis 09/2012
720862   Gladiatus Gladiatus Spiele Spiele Apps like Gladiatus ★★★★★ Als Gladiator kämpfst du dich an die Spitze der Arenen. Behaupte dich gegen Freund und Feind, um der mächtigste Kämpfer des römischen Imperiums zu sein. WERDE ZUM GLADIATOR UND KÄMPFE MIT FREUNDEN UM EHRE UND RUHM In Gladiatus erwartet dich ein L... Gratis 09/2012
720863   Kể truyện Lite Kể truyện Lite Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Kể truyện Lite Phiên bản free với hơn 260 truyện, bài thơ cho bé yêu nhà bạn: - Truyện cổ tích việt nam và thế giới - Truyện hiện đại việt nam và thế giới - Truyện cười dân gian việt nam và thế giới - Bài thơ Những truyện có biểu tượng khóa chỉ dành cho bản Full. Các... Gratis 09/2012
720864   MCAT + MCAT + Bildung Bildung Apps like MCAT + The Arcadia Prep's MCAT App takes the comprehensive review and practice material from Nova Press's classic MCAT Trilogy in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and presents it in interactive, mobile format. The material provides the most comprehensive r... Gratis 09/2012
720865   PDG Quiz 2011 PDG Quiz 2011 Bildung Bildung Apps like PDG Quiz 2011 ************ NOTICE: The content within this app is derived from the OCT 2011 PDG. It is effective for promotions through Fall 2013. Download our new PDG Ultimate 2013 app to get the latest PDG information. ************ Features - 3 Modes of Study: Pract... 6.99€ 09/2012
720866   CISSP Flashcards CISSP Flashcards Bildung Bildung Apps like CISSP Flashcards In my cards section, you can use the following login: Username: demo@gmail.com Password: demo How to study effectively? Do you want to succeed in exams? Using Flashcard will help you learn faster and remember more in a shorter time by showing flashcards... 4.99€ 09/2012
720867   Post Haste! Post Haste! Spiele Spiele Apps like Post Haste! At Pinchcliffe Post Office the mail comes pouring in. So Theodore has invented an advanced steam-driven mail sorter which sorts letters very efficiently. Your job is to help sort the mail by putting the letters which arrive at the Post Office into the co... 2.99€ 09/2012
720868   Dino Rocks Dino Rocks Spiele Spiele Apps like Dino Rocks Hilf unserem Dinosaurier aus seinem prähistorischen Höhlensystem, indem du viele knifflige Rätsel löst. Kannst du es schaffen? EINZIGARTIGES SPIELKONZEPT Reise durch die Höhlen, um in jedem Level den richtigen Ausgang zu finden. Bewege Plattformen, öf... 0.99€ 09/2012
720869   The Science Teacher Magazine The Science Teacher Magazine Bildung Bildung Apps like The Science Teacher Magazine The Science Teacher is a professional journal for Classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, and supervisory personnel concerned with the teaching of science in secondary science education. No other journal meets the needs of high school educators the ... Gratis 09/2012
720870   Audio Salebook (Аудиокниги) Audio Salebook (Аудиокниги) Bücher Bücher Apps like Audio Salebook (Аудиокниги) Предлагаем Вашему вниманию каталог аудиокниг от ведущих Российских издательств. В каталоге собраны классические произведения, детская литература, бизнес-книги, женские романы и многое, многое другое. В нашем каталоге более тысячи аудиокниг. Вы можете... Gratis 09/2012
720871   科普童话-神秘大侦探 科普童话-神秘大侦探 Bildung Bildung Apps like 科普童话-神秘大侦探 《科普童话》于2006年5月创刊, 由黑龙江省教育厅主管, 黑龙江省语言文字报刊社主办。这是一本将培养孩子的科学素养与创新精神为办刊宗旨的少儿杂志。在快乐的阅读体验中, 每个精彩的栏目都会开启创新思维, 引领心灵成长。并让孩子们从此养成勤于思考、积极探索、大胆想象、主动求知的良好习惯。它的定位为“培养中国最具探索力和想象力的智慧儿童。”并力争打造中国少年读物- 第一品牌。 , 《科普童话》从2010年起改为《科普童话·百科探秘》。 关于本杂志订阅注意事项: 1、食品与健康杂志为月刊, 一个月一... Gratis 09/2012
720872   科普童话-百科探秘 科普童话-百科探秘 Bildung Bildung Apps like 科普童话-百科探秘 《科普童话》于2006年5月创刊, 由黑龙江省教育厅主管, 黑龙江省语言文字报刊社主办。这是一本将培养孩子的科学素养与创新精神为办刊宗旨的少儿杂志。在快乐的阅读体验中, 每个精彩的栏目都会开启创新思维, 引领心灵成长。并让孩子们从此养成勤于思考、积极探索、大胆想象、主动求知的良好习惯。它的定位为“培养中国最具探索力和想象力的智慧儿童。”并力争打造中国少年读物第一品牌。 《科普童话》从2010年起改为《科普童话·百科探秘》。 关于本杂志订阅注意事项: 1、食品与健康杂志为月刊, 一个月一期 2、订阅杂志,... Gratis 09/2012
720873   uDisk uDisk Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like uDisk Let your iOS device become a USB disk ! You can use it to transfer files between iOS device and computer by Wifi or iTunes File Sharing. The uDisk support various files browse, music and video play, and text file editing. Tap the toolbar buttons you... Gratis 09/2012
720874   Harmony Voice Harmony Voice Musik Musik Apps like Harmony Voice Transform your voice into a choir with up to four voices ! Harmony Voice is a pitch shifter and harmonizer with professional features including automatic tuning correction. A realtime visual intonation-display gives you feedback of the tunes you sing. ... 6.99€ 09/2012
720875   AuroraTouch AuroraTouch Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like AuroraTouch AuroraTouch is a convenient control and status monitoring utility for your Wyatt Technology Corporation analytical instruments. Using its intuitive interface you can track instrument signals, both numerically and through beautiful graphs, check for ac... 14.99€ 09/2012
720876   GSXR400RR GSXR400RR Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like GSXR400RR A must for all GSXR400 GK76 enthusiasts and DIY mechanics. With more than 60 detailed images and references to more than 1500 part numbers you will never be unable to source the correct part for the best price. Forgot the order the parts assemble in? No p... 4.99€ 09/2012
720877   Rapaport Magazine Rapaport Magazine Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Rapaport Magazine Based in New York City’s Diamond District, Rapaport Magazine has correspondents reporting from all the major diamond centers around the globe. Recognized as the diamond authority, the Rapaport Magazine app supplies the comprehensive market intelligence ... Gratis 09/2012
720878   Elphi Elphi Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Elphi Elphi is the first smart plug built for the 21st century. With it you can monitor, control and even share devices with your friends from anywhere in the world. Simply plug your devices into the Elphi plug and connect them to the Elphi cloud with our ap... Gratis 09/2012
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720881   BreadVault HD BreadVault HD Finanzen Finanzen Apps like BreadVault HD Welcome to BreadVault, your opportunity to create an immediate, positive impact on your household finances. Centered on the idea of saving and spending wisely, BreadVault offers free tools for every member of your family to make decisions that will dev... Gratis 09/2012
720882   CPR Tempo CPR Tempo Medizin Medizin Apps like CPR Tempo CPR Tempo provides audio and visual cues to aid the timing of chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Timers are also provided for rhythm checks after defibrillator shocking and for epinephrine administration. The American Heart As... Gratis 09/2012
720883   WLaxGameTrack WLaxGameTrack Sport Sport Apps like WLaxGameTrack WLAXGameTrack is Lady's specific version of the LAXGameTrack application and the only app you need to track all the details of your favorite Ladys Lacrosse games. Whether you're a parent wanting to keep track of your players stats, a coach wanting to s... 9.99€ 09/2012
720884   Ведомости Ведомости Büro Büro Apps like Ведомости «Ведомости» — ведущее деловое издание, для создания которого объединили свои силы известные бизнес-газеты мира Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal и крупнейший Издательский дом Sanoma Independent Media. Приложение «Ведомости» позволяет читать дос... Gratis 09/2012
720885   image Locker for iPad image Locker for iPad Photographie Photographie Apps like image Locker for iPad Every one have personal images of great memories. How about private pictures of loved ones ?images that you just don't want someone to accidentally delete, mess up, or stumble opon? So keep your photos secure and private with ImageLocker for iphone and ip... 1.99€ 09/2012
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720887   LOOK-ME LOOK-ME Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like LOOK-ME Hemos creado para ti este vestidor digital personalizado donde tu ropa es la protagonista. Esta exclusiva herramienta ayuda a organizar tu ropa/complementos y a distribuir los modelos según el momento o evento y avisándote de la ultima vez que te la pusi... Gratis 09/2012
720888   HKBN bbVDO HKBN bbVDO Bildung Bildung Apps like HKBN bbVDO bbVDO為香港寬頻旗下服務, 是全廣東話多媒體教學平台, 讓你隨時隨地輕易掌握最新科技資訊潮流。 電腦及電子產品日新月異, 在公在私, 要趕上科技新趨勢已成必然。bbVDO 讓你在任何時候, 任何地方, 於彈指之間掌握最新科技資訊潮流, 與時並進, 最快最新。 本網站分為以下六條主頻道: 電腦 電腦人人識用, 但要用得精用得專卻不是一件易事。我們會教你一些用電腦時不可不知的小秘技, 讓你用電腦時更得心應手! 互聯網 互聯網資源泛濫, 怎樣才可最有效地用得其法?我們會由生活、工作/學業以至娛... Gratis 09/2012
720889   Le Quiz Histoire de France Pour les Nuls Le Quiz Histoire de France Pour les Nuls Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Le Quiz Histoire de France Pour les Nuls Des milliers de faits, de dates et de noms à retenir sans peine ! Votre niveau de connaissance de l’histoire de France est proche de zéro ? Vous ignorez qui des quatre Napoléon a été empereur ? Vous ne savez pas si Austerlitz, Azincourt ou Verdun étaie... 1.99€ 09/2012
720890   Words- Words- Spiele Spiele Apps like Words- Words- is a great way to test your word skills and have fun at the same time. Select the category, difficulty level, and background in the "Settings" screen. Play until you master the game. ... Gratis 09/2012
720891   Clean Streak Clean Streak Spiele Spiele Apps like Clean Streak Wash away your boredom with the incredibly addictive Clean Streak. You play a window washer who is out to clean up your building all while dodging residents and the local exotic bird population. Unlock bigger and more challenging levels by getting the j... Gratis 09/2012
720892   Planet Hidden Planet Hidden Spiele Spiele Apps like Planet Hidden Planet Hidden is hidden objects space adventure which will take you to various corners of our Solar system, from outer space down to the fractal wormholes. Experience the world on molecular level and how it is to be inside the computer. If you’re curious... Gratis 09/2012
720893   Temple Loops Temple Loops Spiele Spiele Apps like Temple Loops Free for a limited time! Destroy matching balls before they reach the gate. Power ups appear for a short time only, so find a match quickly for a ball displaying a power up, in order to activate it. ... Gratis 09/2012
720894   Hangeul 101 - Learn Korean Alphabet Hangeul 101 - Learn Korean Alphabet Bildung Bildung Apps like Hangeul 101 - Learn Korean Alphabet Starting to learn Korean? This is the the most effective app for mastering Hangeul Learn the Korean alphabet Hangeul (Hangul) with visual and verbal mnemonic. Learn alphabet and vocabulary words with romanization and audio pronunciation. Practice and ... Gratis 09/2012
720895   Circle Syndicate Circle Syndicate Musik Musik Apps like Circle Syndicate App for enigmatic entity, Circle Syndicate. Featuring Circle Syndicate songs that redefine eclectic.... Gratis 09/2012
720896   Fish Champ Fish Champ Spiele Spiele Apps like Fish Champ Bored of "Fishing Game" ? Try our new Revolutionary Fishing game! ** FREE FOR a very LIMITED TIME! ** Simply Cast net to catch as many fish as possible within given time. Exciting Features - Multiple Ocean - Amazing High Quality Retina Graphics - GameC... Gratis 09/2012
720897   Geese Squad Geese Squad Spiele Spiele Apps like Geese Squad Don't Keep The Canada Geese Down -- help them Fly South! Wintertime is approaching, eh? So it is time for the Canadian Geese to start their migration south. Canada's favorite goose has to get ready to fly in formation. So the older birds teach the young... Gratis 09/2012
720898   Nord Eclair. Nord Eclair. Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Nord Eclair. Nord Eclair vous propose son application iPhone gratuite. Vous pourrez retrouver votre journal du jour ou des 30 derniers jours au sein du kiosque pour 0, 99 € par numéro. Cet achat vous permettra de lire les autres éditions de Sudpresse portant la même... Gratis 09/2012
720899   La Province La Province Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like La Province La Province vous propose son application iPhone gratuite. Vous pourrez retrouver votre journal du jour ou des 30 derniers jours au sein du kiosque pour 0, 99 € par numéro. Cet achat vous permettra de lire les autres éditions de Sudpresse portant la même... Gratis 09/2012
720900   La Nouvelle Gazette La Nouvelle Gazette Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like La Nouvelle Gazette La Nouvelle Gazette vous propose son application iPhone gratuite. Vous pourrez retrouver votre journal du jour ou des 30 derniers jours au sein du kiosque pour 0, 99 € par numéro. Cet achat vous permettra de lire les autres éditions de Sudpresse portant... Gratis 09/2012
720901   La Meuse La Meuse Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like La Meuse La Meuse vous propose son application iPhone gratuite. Vous pourrez retrouver votre journal du jour ou des 30 derniers jours au sein du kiosque pour 0, 99 € par numéro. Cet achat vous permettra de lire les autres éditions de Sudpresse portant la même da... Gratis 09/2012
720902   Jófogás.hu Jófogás.hu Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Jófogás.hu Adj fel ingyenesen hirdetéseket és keress az apróhirdetések között kedvedre a Jófogás.hu új alkalmazásával. Böngéssz kategóriák szerint vagy válaszd ki a kívánt régiót és azonnal kedvedre válogathatsz a legkülönfélébb apróhirdetések között. Vedd fel a kap... Gratis 09/2012
720903   广播中国 (China RADIO)  Listen live online to over 50 Chinese radio stations 广播中国 (China RADIO) Listen live online to over 50 Chinese radio stations Musik Musik Apps like 广播中国 (China RADIO) Listen live online to over 50 Chinese radio stations China RADIO has dozens of Chinese radio stations for free. Listen anywhere in the world for free to Chinese radio stations from all over the world. The radio will play in the background while you use other apps! Control your radio station from the lock ... Gratis 09/2012
720904   iComics - The Comic Reader for iPad and iPhone iComics - The Comic Reader for iPad and iPhone Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like iComics - The Comic Reader for iPad and iPhone iComics® is a Universal app designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to read DRM-free comics from your own collection, quickly and smoothly! "Highly customizable and polished" -The Best Apps for Reading Comics on Your iPad, MakeUseO... 1.99€ 09/2012
720905   Mech Pilot Mech Pilot Spiele Spiele Apps like Mech Pilot "Very addicting and fun" "Benchmark in its genre." "Mech Pilot plays surprisingly well on the compact touchscreen" The Mech War has begun! General Riffin has joined forces with the alien race Kryllex to overthrow our King. I am Cara, the rebellion lead... 0.99€ 09/2012
720906   LeadCapture LeadCapture Büro Büro Apps like LeadCapture LeadCapture is the professional method for capturing contact details of visitors to a trade show booth, or contact details of signors of a petition using the iPad. Visitors simply complete the iPad form to join the list. LeadCapture is customizable sinc... 5.99€ 09/2012
720907   LBCGroup LBCGroup Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like LBCGroup LBCGroup is the leading TV station in Lebanon and a pioneer in the region. Have questions or feedback on the LBCI App? E-mail us at support@lbci.com. We are always looking for suggestions on how to provide the best experience possible on your iPhone.... Gratis 09/2012
720908   ValueMaster V-Terminal ValueMaster V-Terminal Büro Büro Apps like ValueMaster V-Terminal Mit ValueMaster "terminal" können Sie sämtliche Kundenkartentransaktionen auch bequem via Iphone durchführen. Egal ob Sie einen Einkauf oder einen Sonderrabatt aufbuchen oder einen Gutschein einlösen wollen, mit dem virtuellen Terminal geht es kinderleic... Gratis 09/2012
720909   FH2go FH2go Bildung Bildung Apps like FH2go Mit der App FH2go kannst du als StudierendeR an der FH JOANNEUM deine Vorlesungs- und Prüfungstermine sowie deine Noten verfolgen.... Gratis 09/2012
720910   animeMANGA Reader animeMANGA Reader Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like animeMANGA Reader animeMANGA Reader - Dein Manga Reader fur iPad, IPhone und IPod Touch Der animeMANGA Reader ist ein Online-Manga Reader basierend auf von Fans erstellten Inhalten der Seite www.animemanga.de. Es handelt sich somit um einen 100% legalen Online-Reader. D... Gratis 09/2012
720911   Bürgerradar.at Bürgerradar.at Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Bürgerradar.at Bürgerradar.at ist die Plattform für mehr Bürgerbeteiligung in den Gemeinden. Jeder Bürger ist dazu aufgefordert in seiner Gemeinde mitzuhelfen und Bürgerradar.at ermöglicht genau das in einer einfachen und effizienten Art und Weise.... Gratis 09/2012
720912   :K Magazin :K Magazin Kataloge Kataloge Apps like :K Magazin Die :K Magazin CADENAS App ist eine Kooperation der PARTcommunity von CADENAS aus Augsburg und der :K. Erstmals bietet eine Fachzeitschrift im Konstruktionsumfeld damit den mobilen Zugriff auf 3D CAD-Daten von ausgewählten Technologieführern sowie auf vie... Gratis 09/2012
720913   Amazing Neons Amazing Neons Spiele Spiele Apps like Amazing Neons ... 70% OFF FOR LIMITED TIME ... 4 Games in 1 Cool Animated Neons With Beautiful Colors Make This Entertaining Application Really Fun . • Draw Something By Touching The Screen • Make your own visuals or create Cool backgrounds With Beautiful Animated Ne... 1.99€ 09/2012
720914   GroupNotes Lite - Folder Note Taking GroupNotes Lite - Folder Note Taking Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like GroupNotes Lite - Folder Note Taking GroupNotes is a simple note taking application with support for grouping your notes into folders and subfolders. Lite version limitation is, you can only take 50 notes maximum. Features - Create, rename, delete your groups - Create, edit, delete ... Gratis 09/2012
720915   Amazing Lights Amazing Lights Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Amazing Lights 5 Games in 1 ... 70% OFF FOR LIMITED TIME ... Cool Animated Figures And Beautiful Colors Make This Entertaining Application Really Fun . • Draw Something By Touching The Screen • Make your own visuals or create stunning backgrounds With Beautiful Animat... 1.99€ 09/2012
720916   Cake Bakery ™ Cake Bakery ™ Spiele Spiele Apps like Cake Bakery ™ Decorate, create and make a virtual cake with all kinds of toppings and different flavors! Featuring a large number of different frostings, sprinkles and decorations. You'll be able to create a cake for every occasion! With very simple controls ever... Gratis 09/2012
720917   MMA Jiu Jitsu Trainer MMA Jiu Jitsu Trainer Sport Sport Apps like MMA Jiu Jitsu Trainer ==> SALE! DOWNLOAD FREE! (LIMITED TIME ONLY) <== Sind Sie bereit? Für die Top 10 Unbewaffnet und Waffe Angriffe finden Sie auf der Straße Begegnung ... Entdecken Sie Techniken, wo es keine Regeln gibt und Ihre Angreifer nie fair arbeiten - auf den real... Gratis 09/2012
720918   Wagga Motors Wagga Motors Büro Büro Apps like Wagga Motors With the Wagga Motors App you can : - Search and view all our vehicles - Send an inquiry - Book a service - Book a test drive - Interact via social media - Keep up to date with all our news, promos and more!... Gratis 09/2012
720919   YamanashiMan YamanashiMan Spiele Spiele Apps like YamanashiMan This app is mainly displayed in Japanese language. This is a Quiz app through which you can get basic knowledge about Yamanashi Prefecture. All the questions are about Yamanashi Prefecture. Section 1 and 2 have 15 questions each. Section 3 and 4 have ... 2.99€ 09/2012
720920   Five4Now Five4Now Referenz Referenz Apps like Five4Now Ever wish you didn’t have to sift through so many mediocre results when trying to find a product or service nearby? With Five4Now, you have the power. With a tap of the screen you can find the best of the best in hundreds of categories. The best food.... Gratis 09/2012
720921   Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Reise Reise Apps like Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Offline Karte bietet eine sehr detaillierte, hochwertige, große Karte von Sao Paulo. Die Karte wird lokal auf Ihrem iPhone/iPad gespeichert. Dies bedeutet, dass Sie keine teuren (ausländische) mobilen Datennetzwerke benötigen wenn Sie die Sao... 0.99€ 09/2012
720922   Vet Cardiology Vet Cardiology Medizin Medizin Apps like Vet Cardiology Vet Cardiology More than 60 cardiac diseases and conditions in small animal veterinary ( dogs and cats). Congenital: Atrial Septal Defect Double Aortic Arch Patent Ductus Arteriosus Persistent Right Aortic Arch Tetralogy of Fallot Ventricular Septal Def... 19.99€ 09/2012
720923   食べるほどやせてきれいに! デトックス・ベジ生活 食べるほどやせてきれいに! デトックス・ベジ生活 Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 食べるほどやせてきれいに! デトックス・ベジ生活  累計13万部の人気レシピ本「デトックス・ベジシリーズ」の中から、スープ、定食、めん料理、ジュースの20レシピを紹介。加えて、43種の野菜についてキレイになる栄養素を中心に解説した野菜辞典「デトックス・ベジ事典」も同時収録しました。  書籍「デトックス・ベジシリーズ」掲載コンテンツをお試しいただけるアプリです。 ☆★☆デトックス・ベジ生活とは?☆★☆ 肉や魚を使わずに野菜だけで作るごはんを食べることで、美しくなる生活のこと。野菜の力を借りれば、腸にたまった老廃物や、塩分過多でためこんだ、むくみの原因とな... Gratis 09/2012
720924   Брайан Трейси Брайан Трейси Bücher Bücher Apps like Брайан Трейси - all the books by the world’s #1 business speaker and author - books on personal and business growth by other renowned experts - please NOTE: these books might transform your whole life! ‘What do you want to improve today?’ – this is a major initial qu... Gratis 09/2012
720925   Pakistani Dramas Pakistani Dramas Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Pakistani Dramas This application brings many of Pakistani TV dramas and other TV programs from Pakistan on your iDevice. You can search for your favorite dramas, go through the list of episodes and watch them right on your device. The dramas and program list from Pakis... Gratis 09/2012
720926   Best Travel Los Angles Best Travel Los Angles Reise Reise Apps like Best Travel Los Angles Enrich your travels and vacations with our "LOAS ANGELES, USA travel app! No matter whether it is your business trip or your holiday, all you wish at the start of the travel is to make it a successful and memorable. Our maps are most informative, use... 0.99€ 09/2012
720927   Bubble Up Lite Bubble Up Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like Bubble Up Lite Select the picture and click on the bubble. Help Jack fish to collect each series of bubble. Obtain starfish will have an additional bonus ! [Taomi Mama recommended] mama.61.com Please search and download Taomi Mama APP in the Apple Store, Taomi Mama ... Gratis 09/2012
720928   Medical Interview Medical Interview Medizin Medizin Apps like Medical Interview This app helps doctors revise for UK medical interviews. Medical interviews have changed recently. There are clearly defined applicant criteria and usually set questions that the interviewers cannot stray from. The answers, similarly, are set - especial... Gratis 09/2012
720929   NurseTabs: Complete NurseTabs: Complete Referenz Referenz Apps like NurseTabs: Complete This app allows novice beginning nurses and nursing students to access all content from the three original apps NurseTabs: MedSurg, NurseTabs: Fundamentals and NurseTabs: Pharmacology. The organization of the app allows the user to search through all thr... 19.99€ 09/2012
720930   Flowers Atlas with Quiz & Puzzles Flowers Atlas with Quiz & Puzzles Bildung Bildung Apps like Flowers Atlas with Quiz & Puzzles Great Pocket ATLAS and Quiz Solver for students, flower lovers, education reference - Get visual insights into mostly ALL existing FLOWERS on this planet earth with over 500, 000 text characters of detailed information. This App is a great pocket handbo... 0.99€ 09/2012
720931   Kids Puzzle ! Kids Puzzle ! Bildung Bildung Apps like Kids Puzzle ! "Kids Puzzle" is an educational game for children by observing, thinking, hands-on practice, completed aircraft, cars, ships and other vehicles categories puzzle games, aimed at increasing children's logical thinking ability and hand-eye coordinatio... 0.99€ 09/2012
720932   Nelso Mailand Nelso Mailand Reise Reise Apps like Nelso Mailand Nelso Mailand ist eine Offlinekarte und Stadtführer für Touristen. * Intelligentes Suchen - Die Applikation enthält eine eigene Suchmaschine. Dort finden Sie sofort, was Sie suchen und wie man am Besten dorthin gelangt. * Offlinekarten - Blitzschnelles... Gratis 09/2012
720933   Test Adherence Test Adherence Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Test Adherence This app is designed to evaluate how adherant you are with a set of given rules. This mobile device application (‘App’) has been created solely as a means for its testing. The Owner of the App has provided fictional information and the App is therefore NO... 0.99€ 09/2012
720934   Braingle HD - Brain Teasers & Riddles Braingle HD - Brain Teasers & Riddles Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Braingle HD - Brain Teasers & Riddles Tap into the world's largest collection of brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, mind puzzles and optical illusions from Braingle.com. With over 15, 000 brain teasers at your finger tips, and more being added daily, you'll never run out. Get ready ... Gratis 09/2012
720935   Kids Pony Labyrinth Kids Pony Labyrinth Spiele Spiele Apps like Kids Pony Labyrinth Kids Pony Labyrinth is a game designed for girls who like ponies, princesses, and fairies! The princess's fairy friends and ponies are lost in the woods. You must help her to solve the labyrinths and bring the lost ponies and fairies back to her castle... Gratis 09/2012
720936   Easy Travel Easy Travel Navigation Navigation Apps like Easy Travel Search pretty much everything around you when you Travel. Travel Search is a wonderful App helps you to search things around you very fast. No need to carry paper maps or guides when you travel extensively. With the help of Travel Search, exploring an... 1.99€ 09/2012
720937   Swipea Tangram Puzzle für Kids: Katzen Swipea Tangram Puzzle für Kids: Katzen Spiele Spiele Apps like Swipea Tangram Puzzle für Kids: Katzen Ein einfaches, aber zugleich spannendes und lehrreiches TANGRAM Legespiel. Entwickelt, um bei Kindern logisches Denken, räumliches Vorstellungsvermögen und einen intuitiven Sinn für Geometrie zu fördern. Diese Ausgabe bringt Kindern Katzen durch Spiel ... Gratis 09/2012
720938   TouchDown Mail TouchDown Mail Büro Büro Apps like TouchDown Mail NOTE: TouchDown requires your Exchange Server to support ActiveSync protocol. Before purchasing, please confirm with your IT that ActiveSync is enabled for you. Just because TouchDown for other platforms is able to connect may not mean that this version ... 19.99€ 09/2012
720939   Super Duper StoryMaker FREE Super Duper StoryMaker FREE Bildung Bildung Apps like Super Duper StoryMaker FREE With Super Duper StoryMaker, you can create all the picture and photo stories you want and tell them over and over — plus, you can make your own photo albums, special occasion cards, comic books, etc. Educators and parents will love StoryMaker becaus... Gratis 09/2012
720940   Magic Garden ! Magic Garden ! Spiele Spiele Apps like Magic Garden ! Magic Garden is a world full of magic, let kids have plant beautiful flowers! Magic Garden is a growing interactive applications for children . Children can learn to type of flower, and pronunciation, understanding the different types of flowers and se... Gratis 09/2012
720941   bluespot City Guide // Free WiFi bluespot City Guide // Free WiFi Reise Reise Apps like bluespot City Guide // Free WiFi bluespot – der beliebte und kostenlose City Guide für aktuell 7 deutsche Städte mit ausgewählten Spots, hochwertigen Bildern und Touren. Dazu nützliche CityTools für ÖPNV, Shopping und Toiletten-Suche. bluespot – dein kostenloser City Guide – das Upda... Gratis 09/2012
720942   Africa Nights für Kinder Africa Nights für Kinder Spiele Spiele Apps like Africa Nights für Kinder „Africa Nights“ ist der lustige Puzzle-Spaß für Kinder zwischen 1 und 6 Jahren. In „Africa Nights“ werden die Kleinen auf eine spannende Nacht-Safari nach Afrika entführt. Dort treffen Sie auf viele unterschiedliche Tiere. Per Drag'n'Drop sollen die Tie... Gratis 09/2012
720943   新网络 新网络 Bücher Bücher Apps like 新网络 《新网络》是深信服科技官方出版的电子杂志,是专为普及最新的企业级网络知识开发的展示平台。 在这里,您将更直观清晰的了解最新的网络动态、深信服为您专门打造的解决方案和深信服产品的形象介绍,希望您在阅读本杂志的同时为您的企业级网络建设提供有效地帮助。 深信服自2000年成立以来,客户数量超过18000家,员工超过1400人,是全球领先的应层网络设备供应商。深信服旨在提升用户的带宽使用价值,不断的技术创新以及适合用户的解决方案是深信服获得广泛好评的重要原因。 特别声明: 深信服科技作为国内最大的应用层网络设备... Gratis 09/2012
720944   Wines HD Wines HD Bücher Bücher Apps like Wines HD ★★ Most exclusive and insightful INFOGRAPHICS on TOP EXCLUSIVE 100 Wines of the World TILL TODAY! ★★ Ideal must have app for ALL Wine LOVERS around the world! ★★ Introductory SALE OFFER of just 99¢! _____________________________ ★★ INFOGRAPHICS FEATURE... 0.99€ 09/2012
720945   Emoji 2 Color Text Characters Symbols & Rage Comics GIFs Images Animations Emoji 2 Color Text Characters Symbols & Rage Comics GIFs Images Animations Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Emoji 2 Color Text Characters Symbols & Rage Comics GIFs Images Animations 😊😉😍😛😝😜😭😂😢😞😅😱😎😷😋😆😤 🐳🐬🐟🐠🐛🐝🐞🐔🐍🐼🐧🐸🐥🐚🐎🐲🐂 🌻🌹🍀🌷🌸💐🌺🌾🌿🍂🍃🍁🌵🌴🌲🌳🌰 🍉🍓🍎🍏🍑🍙🍊🍈🌽🍋🍌🍆🍠🍍🍐🍒🍬 Stop sending boring black and white messages. Personalize text messages your way! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It is a 3in1... 1.99€ 09/2012
720946   Exif Editor und Viewer Exif Editor und Viewer Photographie Photographie Apps like Exif Editor und Viewer Exif Editor bearbeitet und visualiert EXIF Metadaten aus Fotos. EXIF Tags speichern nützliche Informationen wie z.B. Belichtungszeit, Kameratyp, ISO, GPS Position, Aufnahmezeit, usw. Exif Editor kann auch Exif Informationen zwischen Bildern kopieren.... 1.99€ 09/2012
720947   Kids Drawing Lite Kids Drawing Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like Kids Drawing Lite "Kids Drawing" is a young and beautiful and mysterious sea Elves who experience the joy of painting, not only can improve hand-eye coordination, but also to every creature in the ocean, as well as their form of child care classes drawing game. Game mu... Gratis 09/2012
720948   Von Gutenberg Von Gutenberg Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Von Gutenberg Von Gutenberg Magazine, the premier multimedia portal with fashion, designers and the hottest models in alternative and latex fashion. See the latest videos, stories and fashion shoots and global event reports combined with fantasy stories, simply stu... Gratis 09/2012
720949   KY Xtra KY Xtra Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like KY Xtra The KY Xtra augmented reality app brings the newspaper to life! Point your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad at the pages of the newspaper to unlock enhanced editorial content such as animations, videos, and audio that complement and enhance our print content... Gratis 09/2012
720950   Hotel Transylvania Movie Booklip Deluxe Hotel Transylvania Movie Booklip Deluxe Bücher Bücher Apps like Hotel Transylvania Movie Booklip Deluxe Watch nearly 20 minutes of video in 24 video clips from the movie - all in HD! Hotel Transylvania Booklip Deluxe app is a stunning digital children's book application that takes full advantage of Sony Pictures Animation’s new movie, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA a... 1.99€ 09/2012
720951   DashDrive Air DashDrive Air Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like DashDrive Air This software is designed for ADATA DashDrive Air AV200 product, providing your mobile device with wireless access to your SD Card and USB Flash drive. Features 1. Wi-Fi Access Point with UFD/SD card reader function 2. Supports SD Cards & USB Flash d... Gratis 09/2012
720952   Wir lernen die Gegensätze HD-BabyBus Wir lernen die Gegensätze HD-BabyBus Bildung Bildung Apps like Wir lernen die Gegensätze HD-BabyBus Ist dir jemals aufgefallen, dass das Huhn viele kleinere Eier legt als die Ente? Dass ein Moped gemütlich vor sich her tuckert während ein Auto nur so vorbeidüst? Dass der Regen Kleider durchnässt und die Sonne diese wieder trocknet? Ist dir jemals aufge... Gratis 09/2012
720953   RSS Reader HD Lite RSS Reader HD Lite Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like RSS Reader HD Lite RSS Reader HD Lite ist ein RSS-Lesesoftware von IPD-Version, die auf Google Reader basiert. Eine Prämisse: Sie müssen ein Google-Konto und registrieren Sie ein Google Reader-Konto. RSS Reader HD Lite ist eine bequeme und einfache Lesung Tool, das Ihne... Gratis 09/2012
720954   RSS Reader HD RSS Reader HD Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like RSS Reader HD RSS Reader HD ist ein RSS-Lesesoftware von IPD-Version, die auf Google Reader basiert. Eine Prämisse: Sie müssen ein Google-Konto und registrieren Sie ein Google Reader-Konto. RSS Reader HD ist eine bequeme und einfache Lesung Tool, das Ihnen die häuf... 0.99€ 09/2012
720955   Audio Memo für Kinder (von Happy-Touch®) Audio Memo für Kinder (von Happy-Touch®) Spiele Spiele Apps like Audio Memo für Kinder (von Happy-Touch®) Millionen Eltern vertrauen auf Happy-Touch® Apps für Kinder Das ist NEU! Geräusche merken und aufdecken. Ein Gedächtnis-Spiel zum Hören. Jede Karte verbirgt ein lustiges Geräusch. Findet Ihr die passende zweite Karte? Zur Belohnung gibt’s tolle Bilder...... Gratis 09/2012
720956   Mini PS Mini PS Bücher Bücher Apps like Mini PS Den bedste læsestart – nu som app – få den første bog gratis! Mini PS er en spændende serie bestående af 12 letlæsningsbøger til børn allerede fra det sidste år i børnehaven og videre op i børnehaveklassen. Serien er danskproduceret og tilrettelagt med fo... Gratis 09/2012
720957   Reformers Reformers Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Reformers This is the official app of Ecclesia Word Ministries International - A cutting edge ministry that is affecting the world for Christ. The Ecclesia app is a great tool to use to connect with our church in many ways including: Directions, finding out our se... Gratis 09/2012
720958   Word Detective: Apostrophes Word Detective: Apostrophes Bildung Bildung Apps like Word Detective: Apostrophes Never quite sure where the possessive apostrophe goes? Is it James's mum or James' sisters? Sure? You should be sure and you will be after finishing this App. It utilises a simple 4-step system, successfully tried and used within schools of New Zealand,... Gratis 09/2012
720959   Preparing for Standardized Tests,  Language Preparing for Standardized Tests, Language Bildung Bildung Apps like Preparing for Standardized Tests, Language Preparing for Standardized Tests is a comprehensive program designed to help high school students prepare for the SAT or ACT tests. The four tests accurately reflect the full range of types and difficulty of questions students will find on the ACT and S... 1.99€ 09/2012
720960   PAK capture PAK capture Büro Büro Apps like PAK capture PAK capture is part of the well-established PAK product family. Designed for arbitrary dynamic data acquisition in all industries, the PAK capture suite ensures instant, sustainable and traceable results for your applications in noise and vibration meas... Gratis 09/2012
720961   NZZ Campus NZZ Campus Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like NZZ Campus «NZZ Campus» ist die führende Plattform für Studierende in der Schweiz. Dahinter steht eine engagierte Redaktion, die in regem Austausch mit Studentinnen und Studenten, Professorinnen und Professoren sowie Universitäten auf der ganzen Welt steht. Mindes... Gratis 09/2012
720962   玄幻修仙小说 - 网络精品 热门合集 追书利器 书迷必读 玄幻修仙小说 - 网络精品 热门合集 追书利器 书迷必读 Bücher Bücher Apps like 玄幻修仙小说 - 网络精品 热门合集 追书利器 书迷必读 ▶ 喜爱玄幻修仙类连载小说的朋友的理想工具 → 一键转码加同步,脱离阅读满是广告小说网页的痛苦! ▶ 海量免费热门小说各类图书 + 手机优化阅读 + 最新章节同步更新 + 支持离线阅读 + 电子书完本下载 + 本地WiFi传书 ▶ 默认大字体 + 柔和背景颜色 → 保护您的视力 道教指学道修行,求得“真我”“去伪存真”为修真。 修真又称修仙、修炼内丹,“借假修真”,当代的道士即修真者。修真方法主要是炼外丹(服食)、炼内丹(精气神),所以有金丹大道一说。 修真小说分现代修真小说,古代修真小说,都市修真小... Gratis 09/2012
720963   Tabel-and Tabel-and Spiele Spiele Apps like Tabel-and In Table Duck, select a table between 2 and 10 and start shooting ducks carrying numbers from the selected table. Gain medals and high scores, but take care not to shoot the wrong ducks!... Gratis 09/2012
720964   Super Duper StoryMaker Super Duper StoryMaker Bildung Bildung Apps like Super Duper StoryMaker With Super Duper StoryMaker, you can create all the picture and photo stories you want and tell them over and over — plus, you can make your own photo albums, special occasion cards, comic books, etc. Educators and parents will love StoryMaker becaus... 4.99€ 09/2012
720965   Baseline. Baseline. Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Baseline. BASELINE is an independent, lifestyle-focused quarterly magazine for people living with and affected by HIV and hepatitis. Professionals providing support and services to the HIV positive community also read the magazine. This includes doctors, nurses ... Gratis 09/2012
720966   App3ad | آب-عاد App3ad | آب-عاد Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like App3ad | آب-عاد ●في أقل من 24 ساعة تطبيق آب-عاد الأول عربياً، شكراً لكم● ●في قائمة آبل لأكثر التطبيقات المدفوعة تنزيلاً لعام 2013 و عام 2014● تطبيق آب-عاد هو التطبيق العربي الوحيد الذي تزيد فائدته وهو مغلق! نعم صدق هذا، فمع خدمة الإشعارات سوف تتمكن من معرفة العروض على ا... 1.99€ 09/2012
720967   Luminations:  A Laser Puzzle Game Luminations: A Laser Puzzle Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Luminations: A Laser Puzzle Game Luminations is a laser puzzle game with a simple idea - use the lasers to illuminate the lights. Sound easy? Then why not put your puzzle solving skills to the test? Puzzles begin simple enough, but as you advance they become large, hard, and more c... Gratis 09/2012
720968   Puzzle Legend Puzzle Legend Spiele Spiele Apps like Puzzle Legend Select your hero and begin an epic journey through a unique match 3 experience with deep RPG elements! Don’t miss this exciting new style of play! FEATURES -->Never-before-seen gameplay -->Wonderful graphics and eye-catching visual effects -->5 fantasti... Gratis 09/2012
720969   Fast Camera Free Fast Camera Free Photographie Photographie Apps like Fast Camera Free One of the FASTEST Cameras in the iTunes store! *For Only $0.99* Compile photos into a single STOP MOTION VIDEO!! *Instantly takes photos with a single tap! *Turn on and off flash while taking photos! *Switch between front and rear cameras while takin... Gratis 09/2012
720970   生活副刊 - etnet 經濟通 生活副刊 - etnet 經濟通 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 生活副刊 - etnet 經濟通 生活副刊 - etnet 經濟通 etnet『生活副刊』現已強勢登陸iPad平台, 讓您可以隨時隨地一按即睇品味生活、時尚潮流、消閒娛樂、健康飲食、數碼科技、投資管理等優質內容。副刊網羅超過60位名人撰寫專欄, 猛人雲集, 資訊富啟發性、緊貼潮流、豐富精采, 內容每天更新, 深受一眾高收入、高教育程度和懂得享受生活的讀者歡迎。 etnet經濟通 etnet經濟通於一九九四年開展業務, 為香港經濟日報集團成員, 憑著提供全面的財經新聞及資訊包括實時報價而在金融服務業奠定領導地位。經濟通通訊社於2001年... Gratis 09/2012
720971   Frank – Truly Private Messaging Frank – Truly Private Messaging Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Frank – Truly Private Messaging Frank allows you to communicate messages, sound and pictures in complete privacy, without ever having to disclose your identity. Frank requires no user account. Just give yourself a name and start chatting. Frank allows for fully encrypted conversatio... Gratis 09/2012
720972   Instant.ly Instant.ly Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Instant.ly Instant.ly is a field research app which empowers organizations to help make important decisions. In order to use the this app, you will need a survey code which can be provided only through the Instant.ly website. In addition to standard survey ques... Gratis 09/2012
720973   Emil Bilinski Photography Emil Bilinski Photography Photographie Photographie Apps like Emil Bilinski Photography As a professional photographer Bilinski works since 2003. He specializes in nudes, fashion, beauty and advertising photography. Bilinski photographed for many european magazines such as: Matador, Playboy, ELLE, DIVA, WOMAN, Active Beauty, Wiener, ... Gratis 09/2012
720974   Small Town Terrors: Livingston HD (Full) Small Town Terrors: Livingston HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Small Town Terrors: Livingston HD (Full) Your family is missing and the town is in chaos in Small Town Terrors: Livingston! Search for your family, uncover the evil that has enveloped the town, and escape with your life in this mystifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Explore abandoned ... 4.99€ 09/2012
720975   Mystery of the Ancients: Der Hexer von Lockwood HD (Full) Mystery of the Ancients: Der Hexer von Lockwood HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Mystery of the Ancients: Der Hexer von Lockwood HD (Full) Deine beste Freundin Jenny steckt in Schwierigkeiten! Sie wurde entführt und in das Lockwood-Anwesen gebracht, das ein teufliches Geheimnis verbirgt! Durchstöbere das Anwesen nach versteckten Hinweisen, löse anspruchsvolle Rätsel und entschlüssele teufl... 4.99€ 09/2012
720976   FingerPiano Plus FingerPiano Plus Musik Musik Apps like FingerPiano Plus "FingerPiano" allows you to play the piano with just your finger. You don't need any skill, scores or practice. You only need a motivation to play the music. Instead of reading the score, scrolling guides appear on the screen. Just touching the ke... Gratis 09/2012
720977   Wallpapers for Black Butler Wallpapers for Black Butler Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Wallpapers for Black Butler Cool Black Butler Wallpapers bring you a really wonderful wallpaper collection of Manga Black Butler! Hope you Enjoy it. The story is about Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler who is bound by a supernatural contract to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the 1... 0.99€ 09/2012
720978   Arcana DIY Arcana DIY Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Arcana DIY DIY (Do It Yourself) is a new ARCANA application designed for iPad to create and customize ambients with all the novelties. Now it is very easy to figure out how your tiles will look like before being fixed on your wall or floor. You can choose between l... Gratis 09/2012
720979   Car Puzzles (Supercar Jigsaw) Car Puzzles (Supercar Jigsaw) Spiele Spiele Apps like Car Puzzles (Supercar Jigsaw) A beautiful jigsaw puzzle game featuring some of the fastest and luxurious cars money can buy. Cars like: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, and more! The app is free to download and comes with two starter puzzles. The remaining puzzles can be unlo... Gratis 09/2012
720980   Anatomy & Physiology Anatomy & Physiology Referenz Referenz Apps like Anatomy & Physiology This is amazing app. The best resource for human anatomy and physiology, It provides a superb balance between structure and function, emphasizing the correlations between normal physiology and pathophysiology, normal anatomy and pathology, and homeost... 19.99€ 09/2012
720981   Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning - Education Edition Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning - Education Edition Spiele Spiele Apps like Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning - Education Edition What is Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning? It is a lot of truck learning fun packed into one app. This app works with toddlers and preschoolers on learning their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. It provides a lot of positive encouragement and incent... 1.99€ 09/2012
720982   Lena Lena (NL) Lena Lena (NL) Bücher Bücher Apps like Lena Lena (NL) In 16 geanimeerde verhalen om te kijken en te luisteren, speelt en experimenteert Lena lena met alles wat ze tegenkomt: een wurm, een vogel, een fluit, of gewoon haar eigen lijf. Lena lena ziet de wereld zoals kinderen die zien en zij speelt, zoals j... 3.99€ 09/2012
720983   Monique & Co. Monique & Co. Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Monique & Co. Monique & Co. 成立於2010年,由著名造型設計師Alex Lam及其製作團隊提供專業的婚紗外影(Pre-Wedding)、造型設計及度身訂造婚紗晚裝服務。 Alex以專業化妝師身份入行,逐漸從廣告工作中發展造型設計事業。他成功將獨特的時尚靈感及多年來的工作經驗滲入Monique & Co. 的創作中,與製作團隊共同實現每個震撼的構思及理念。... Gratis 09/2012
720984   嘉实多课件HD版 嘉实多课件HD版 Bildung Bildung Apps like 嘉实多课件HD版 嘉实多课件平台高清iPad版 集专业知识与休闲娱乐于一体 让专业的我们告诉您,爱车的需要... Gratis 09/2012
720985   A Battle of Maps A Battle of Maps Referenz Referenz Apps like A Battle of Maps Want to understand the modern world and its burning issues, the balance of powers between the major players, the role of the emerging economies and the risks to come? The ‘Battle of Maps’ app will provide the answers you’re looking for. You’re French, ... 10.99€ 09/2012
720986   Math Swipe Jr. Math Swipe Jr. Bildung Bildung Apps like Math Swipe Jr. Math Swipe Jr. ist ein Bildungs-Mathematik-Spiel. Wir nutzen iOS die Swipe-Funktion für ein Original-Spiel für das Erlernen grundlegender Addition, Subtraktion, Multiplikation und Division. Math Swipe Jr. hilft nicht nur Kinder lernen grundlegende Mathe... Gratis 09/2012
720987   Domino Dog - Crazy Carnival Domino Dog - Crazy Carnival Spiele Spiele Apps like Domino Dog - Crazy Carnival Domino Dog is back in an ALL NEW adventure! Crush evil cats across 20 stages set in Crazy Carnival, the third of many worlds to come! Domino Dog features hours of gameplay, rock solid physics, retina graphics, awesome effects, and tons of replay valu... Gratis 09/2012
720988   The Great Coffee App The Great Coffee App Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like The Great Coffee App Dies ist eine kurze Einführung in die 16 beliebtesten Getränke, die auf Espresso basieren. Sie wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit einem professionellen Barista entwickelt, der mehr als zehn Jahre Erfahrung hat. Vorführen von Getränken im Querschnitt, interess... 2.99€ 09/2012
720989   Rage Comics Rage Comics Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Rage Comics Introducing the only rage comic reader that reads from ALL your favourite Rage comics feeds! Read the latest rage comics from: - Reddit - Le Rage Comics - Tumblr - Cheezburger - Rage Guy Comics - and many more in one place! There are other rage comic r... Gratis 09/2012
720990   Сонник - толкование снов. Понять значение сна про зубы,  дом и гороскопы. Сонник - толкование снов. Понять значение сна про зубы, дом и гороскопы. Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Сонник - толкование снов. Понять значение сна про зубы, дом и гороскопы. Бесплатная версия самого крупного сонника AppStore - собрано 43 различных сонников, около 30 000 толкований Интересные и серые, пропитанные отголосками прошедшего дня или, напротив, несущие в себе некие знамения, переносящие нас в далекое прошлое ил... Gratis 09/2012
720991   Peninsula Federal Credit Union Peninsula Federal Credit Union Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Peninsula Federal Credit Union Now offering an even better experience on your Apple Iphone/Ipad!! Our mobile app provides fast and secure access to your accounts right from the palm of your hand. Features: Check balances 24/7 Transfer funds View recent transaction history View rates Lo... Gratis 09/2012
720992   Dodge-Dart.org Forum Dodge-Dart.org Forum Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Dodge-Dart.org Forum Dodge-Dart.org is the premier worldwide 2013+ Dodge Dart Forum and News Site. Our new mobile app will allow you to easily participate and view thousands of discussions in the online community dedicated to Dodge Dart owners and enthusiasts.... Gratis 09/2012
720993   SunBeam Hotel SunBeam Hotel Reise Reise Apps like SunBeam Hotel Situated in the heart of Pattaya between Beach Road and Pattaya 2nd Road ideal for shopping or the beach with water sports galore-wind surfing, jet skis, banana boats, and more spend a thoroughly entertaining vacation in comfort and privacy at Sunbeam... Gratis 09/2012
720994   SimplyFireWorks SimplyFireWorks Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like SimplyFireWorks Launch FireWorks, just click on the button to launch FireWorks. Only for iPad.... Gratis 09/2012
720995   Learning French Learning French Bildung Bildung Apps like Learning French This is a Excellent Application on Learning French, Comes with a Helpful Practice Exam and a Video Training Course, Save Big on Books and Audio CD's.... 1.99€ 09/2012
720996   Toxic Thinking Toxic Thinking Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Toxic Thinking Simple ways to improve your Mental Health and help others at risk. Simple ways we can improve our Mental Health and recognise people at risk of developing Mental Health Problems. You can find all of the information in one place. An easy to find guide to... Gratis 09/2012
720997   Profs' Phonics Smar-test 2 Profs' Phonics Smar-test 2 Bildung Bildung Apps like Profs' Phonics Smar-test 2 Profs' Phonics Smar-test allows children aged 3 to 7 years to refine their knowledge of phonemic awareness in a fun and easy to administer format. This app has been developed from international research into beginning reading. This includes The Indepe... 1.99€ 09/2012
720998   Profs' Phonics Smar-test 1 Profs' Phonics Smar-test 1 Bildung Bildung Apps like Profs' Phonics Smar-test 1 Profs' Phonics Smar-test allows children aged 3 to 7 years to refine their knowledge of phonemic awareness in a fun and easy to administer format. This app has been developed from international research into beginning reading. This includes The Indepe... Gratis 09/2012
720999   Christmas eTract Christmas eTract Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Christmas eTract Interactive Gospel eTract for Christmas Season, welcome everybody to download and to send this electronic eTract to your friends. We find partnership Church to develop more eTract. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us. admin@jgospel.net ... Gratis 09/2012
721000   Cookie Yum FREE! Cookie Yum FREE! Spiele Spiele Apps like Cookie Yum FREE! Grab your apron, your utensils, and get mixing in the kitchen, making warm, delicious, fresh baked cookies! When you're done mixing the ingredients, bang them in the oven and start decorating!! Decorate with a plethora of toppings like candy, cho... Gratis 09/2012

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