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721201   FC Lugano FC Lugano Sport Sport Apps like FC Lugano App ufficiale del FC Lugano per accedere a tutte le informazione del Club di Challenge League Svizzera - Risultati e Classifica, Calendario completo, le news aggiornate del club, photogallery, video... Gratis 09/2012
721202   Get smoke-free! Endlich rauchfrei mit Hypnose! Get smoke-free! Endlich rauchfrei mit Hypnose! Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Get smoke-free! Endlich rauchfrei mit Hypnose! • Die eigene Willenskraft steigern und endlich zum Nichtraucher werden • Neue Lebensqualität gewinnen • Spürbar fitter und gesünder werden Wie oft Stand der Vorsatz „Endlich mit dem Rauchen aufhören“ schon auf Ihrer Liste der guten Vorsätze für das neue ... 2.99€ 09/2012
721203   Western music history vol.3 Western music history vol.3 Bücher Bücher Apps like Western music history vol.3 If you read the episode of 100, really understand that music history. "100 episodes of history of Western music" Vol.3 app version! Vol.1 ancient, Greece, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque Vol.2 Baroque, Classical school, Romantic school Vol.3 Romant... 3.99€ 09/2012
721204   Western music history vol.2 Western music history vol.2 Bücher Bücher Apps like Western music history vol.2 If you read the episode of 100, really understand that music history. "100 episodes of history of Western music" Vol.2 app version! Vol.1 ancient, Greece, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque Vol.2 Baroque, Classical school, Romantic school Vol.3 Romant... 2.99€ 09/2012
721205   Western music history vol.1 Western music history vol.1 Bücher Bücher Apps like Western music history vol.1 If you read the episode of 100, really understand that music history. "100 episodes of history of Western music" Vol.1 app version! Vol.1 ancient, Greece, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque Vol.2 Baroque, Classical school, Romantic school Vol.3 Romantic s... 2.99€ 09/2012
721206   Get Better Sex! Mehr Lust und Leidenschaft mit Hypnose! Get Better Sex! Mehr Lust und Leidenschaft mit Hypnose! Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Get Better Sex! Mehr Lust und Leidenschaft mit Hypnose! Langeweile und Routine im Bett? Keine oder wenig Lust auf Sex? Erektions-, Orgasmus- oder Erregungsstörungen? Oder einfach nur der Wunsch nach einem noch schöneren und befriedigenderem Sexualleben? Das Hypnoseprogramm „Get better sex! Mehr Lust und Leide... 1.99€ 09/2012
721207   Tracing and Sketching (Graphite) Tracing and Sketching (Graphite) Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Tracing and Sketching (Graphite) Malen Sie freihändig oder pausen Sie Ihre Fotos ab! Dank der übersichtlichen Benutzeroberfläche und den einfach zu bedienenden Utensilien lassen sich Form, Licht und Schatten ganz leicht einfangen. ABPAUSEN VON BILDERN VON DER KAMERA ODER VOM FOTOALBUM ... 2.99€ 09/2012
721208   School Girl School Girl Spiele Spiele Apps like School Girl Everyone deserves a new, fabulous look. What are you waiting for? Dress up cute girl with holiday dresses for a formal event or in more casual items for day-to-day activities. Give the virtual girl a fabulous look Or make her look lovable and pretty ... Gratis 09/2012
721209   Monsters Kit Monsters Kit Spiele Spiele Apps like Monsters Kit Three games in one. Memory, spot the differences and monster creator all in one. Designed for kids from age 2 and up! ★CREATOR: Make, customize and paint awesome monsters, let your imagination run wild! Choose from thousands of options: body, eyes, ... Gratis 09/2012
721210   Naturgeräusche: Schlafen,  Yoga und Meditation Naturgeräusche: Schlafen, Yoga und Meditation Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Naturgeräusche: Schlafen, Yoga und Meditation Entspannen Sie sich und schlafen Sie, ein indem Sie DEN BESTEN Natur-, Wasser- und Meeresgeräuschen mit erstaunlicher Qualität und "LONG LOOP TECHNOLOGIE" zuhören. Vermissen Sie die Geräusche von Regen, dem heulenden Wind oder dem sanften Klang des Mee... 1.99€ 09/2012
721211   Golf: The Mind Factor with Karl Morris HD Golf: The Mind Factor with Karl Morris HD Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Golf: The Mind Factor with Karl Morris HD ★★★★★ Discover the SECRETS to dramatically improve your golf ★★★★★ Watch GMac's video endorsement in app - Secret ways to lower your scores - Europe's leading mind coach - Drastically improve your golf - Learn about golf psychology from the very best ... Gratis 09/2012
721212   ScheduleBase ScheduleBase Büro Büro Apps like ScheduleBase The ScheduleBase app allows you to access your ScheduleBase work schedule while on the go. You can instantly see if your weekly work schedule is posted and view weekly schedule times and information. It’s a great alternative to receiving your schedule by ... Gratis 09/2012
721213   Hats Trick Hats Trick Spiele Spiele Apps like Hats Trick Props are three hats, one coin. Dragging coins into a hat. Single-point sliding screen to exchange the position of two hats, and the coin will follow the hat. Tricks Here: Multi-point sliding, the coin does not move with the hat. Have a Fun.... Gratis 09/2012
721214   Gingerbread Dress Up - Decorate Your Christmas Cookie Gingerbread Dress Up - Decorate Your Christmas Cookie Spiele Spiele Apps like Gingerbread Dress Up - Decorate Your Christmas Cookie --> Decorate Gingerbread Cookies - A Yummy & Creative Game! --> Make Funky Character Cookies with Frosting - Superheroes, Rock Stars & More --> Choose from Tons of Awesome Designs in this Delicious App! Kids LOVE decorating cookies and the Gingerbr... Gratis 09/2012
721215   Dream Cheeky Piano Genius Dream Cheeky Piano Genius Spiele Spiele Apps like Dream Cheeky Piano Genius NOTE: To be able to use this app, you need a Dream Cheeky iPlay Piano. To find out where you can purchase an iPlay Piano, go to www.dreamcheeky.com. Download the Dream Cheeky Piano Genius app to turn your iPlay Piano into an arcade gaming and learning ... Gratis 09/2012
721216   Color Effects HD (Recolor Your Photos & Draw Beautiful Splash Art) Color Effects HD (Recolor Your Photos & Draw Beautiful Splash Art) Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Color Effects HD (Recolor Your Photos & Draw Beautiful Splash Art) Change the color of Photos! Coloring Space lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. Coloring Space is super easy and fun to use. FEATURES: + Import photos... 1.99€ 09/2012
721217   香港手語初探 香港手語初探 Bildung Bildung Apps like 香港手語初探 「接觸.體驗.香港手語」之「香港手語初探」智能手機應用程式是一個富資訊性的平台讓公眾人士認識正確的手語及聾人知識。「香港手語初探」智能手機應用程内容包括香港手語的發展簡介、香港手語字典、香港手語語法學習、一般公眾人士對手語和聾人的疑問,以及遊戲讓公眾人士測試一下對手語和聾人的認識。... Gratis 09/2012
721218   同济绿色校园地图 同济绿色校园地图 Referenz Referenz Apps like 同济绿色校园地图 高校是社会能耗大户,然而也是节能实践的先锋者。同济大学一直致力于绿色校园和智慧校园的建设,校园十大节能项目以及各项正在建设中的新项目、校园节能监管平台、校园湿地等,使同济成为了绿色校园的典范。然而,目前这些先进的节能环保项目还是过于低调,并不为大部分师生所知。 每个学生都是校园中的一分子,校园的绿色可持续发展关系到每个学生的校园生活。本软件为师生访客提供了一个了解同济绿色建筑及绿色节能技术的途径,同时也希望大家能够一起投入到校园的绿色建设中来。 欢迎关注微博@LiFe-stY... Gratis 09/2012
721219   Checkfront - Online booking system Checkfront - Online booking system Büro Büro Apps like Checkfront - Online booking system Checkfront is an award winning booking app that allows tour & activity operators, rental companies, and hospitality businesses to manage their inventories online, centralize reservations, and process payments directly on their own websites. The Check... Gratis 09/2012
721220   OfficeLady for iPad Free OfficeLady for iPad Free Spiele Spiele Apps like OfficeLady for iPad Free Go to work! Workplace life is colorful, beautiful dress up let girls are more confident, the girls want to make yourself look beautiful and bright on the workplace, show their beauty! For girls, we prepared a lot of high-grade brand workplace suit, y... 0.99€ 09/2012
721221   Mathdoku+ Miễn phí trò chơi logic và toán học Mathdoku+ Miễn phí trò chơi logic và toán học Spiele Spiele Apps like Mathdoku+ Miễn phí trò chơi logic và toán học Sudoku and puzzle fans will love Mathdoku+! Simple and challenging, this free brain teaser is unlike anything you’ve played before. Get ready to spend hours of enjoyment along your phone or tablet. With over 700 levels from 3x3 to the mind blowing 9x9,... Gratis 09/2012
721222   GXTraining GXTraining Bildung Bildung Apps like GXTraining GeneXus Training makes it easy to learn the powerful GeneXus tool with short, entertaining videos. Browse the free courses and watch them at your own pace from anywhere. The improved search function will allow you to find any video and the course it be... Gratis 09/2012
721223   Chants d’oiseaux avec reconnaissance et référence automatiques (édition française) Chants d’oiseaux avec reconnaissance et référence automatiques (édition française) Referenz Referenz Apps like Chants d’oiseaux avec reconnaissance et référence automatiques (édition française) Identifiez les oiseaux par leurs chants et leurs cris La reconnaissance automatique a lieu sur l’appareil. Aucune connexion à Internet ou à un réseau mobile n’est nécessaire. Enregistrez aussi vos propres chants d'oiseaux ! Avez-vous jamais entendu un ... 3.99€ 09/2012
721224   医学影像诊断 医学影像诊断 Medizin Medizin Apps like 医学影像诊断 随着医疗卫生事业的发展,各种医疗仪器层出不穷的涌现,给临床诊断工作带来了极大的帮助,尤其是B超、CT、X光等影像学检查的应用,大大的提高了临床诊断的正确符合率和准确性。 基层诊断医生对影像知识缺乏了解,不能结合临床有重点的剖析,正确地加以辨别,诊断难以深刻,而且易忽略不典型病变,产生误诊、漏诊;另外,基层医生缺乏必要的影像读片知识,从而影像了诊断水平的提高。 影像诊断系统能够指导各级医生如何识别B超、CT、X光等临床表现,分析各种疾病的影像特征,做出更符合临床的影像诊断。每一张影像都配有表现和评述,是医生... 0.99€ 09/2012
721225   “丽山园”遗珍——秦始皇陵园出土文物精华展 “丽山园”遗珍——秦始皇陵园出土文物精华展 Bildung Bildung Apps like “丽山园”遗珍——秦始皇陵园出土文物精华展 ★ 中国区App Store教育类别获得苹果“新品推荐”! ★ ★ 支持全新iPad(Retina分辨率)! ★ 秦始皇帝陵原名“丽山”,地处今西安市临潼区城东。陵园名“丽山园”,面积56.25平方公里。陵园规模宏大,历时38年建造,用工70余万人次。陵园建制“若都邑”,一切体现“事死如事生”的丧葬理念。 陵园埋葬丰富,陵内“珍宝之藏,机械之变,棺椁之丽,宫馆之盛,不可胜原。”考古发现大型地面建筑遗址十多处,大型陪葬坑、陪葬墓、修陵人墓等600余座,出土重要文物五万余件。 * New & Notew... Gratis 09/2012
721226   handmadechiangmai handmadechiangmai Produktivität Produktivität Apps like handmadechiangmai Welcome to handmade chiangmai - a new partnership initiative of British Council Thailand in support of the Chiang Mai Creative City initiative, with Chiang Mai University CAMT, TDCI and Nohmex. handmade chiangmai presents an interactive digital showcas... Gratis 09/2012
721227   Safety Meeting App Safety Meeting App Büro Büro Apps like Safety Meeting App DESCRIPTION: *** Sign-In Using Your Free SafetyMeetingApp.com Account *** One account for the whole company! 950+ Safety Topics! "A must for every contractor and makes safety compliance easy." Hightower Remodeling The Safety Meeting App is the only a... Gratis 09/2012
721228   Circuito Gastronômico da Pampulha Circuito Gastronômico da Pampulha Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Circuito Gastronômico da Pampulha De 12 de setembro a 28 de outubro, a capital mineira recebe a terceira edição do Circuito Gastronômico da Pampulha. Além de contemplar as belezas naturais e arquitetônicas, os turistas e belo-horizontinos poderão se render ao sabor da gastronomia da re... Gratis 09/2012
721229   Plylst App Plylst App Musik Musik Apps like Plylst App Plylst creates, curates and delivers the latest music and lifestyle videos from across urban culture direct to your device - all day, every day. This ever-evolving stream of content combines music videos, interviews, performances and behind-the-scen... Gratis 09/2012
721230   Summer Memory for iPad Summer Memory for iPad Spiele Spiele Apps like Summer Memory for iPad Summer Memory is a classic memory-game adapted to the colors of summer. Perfect for exercising your memory and ideal for young children with its progressive difficulty. Complete the game in less moves and challenge your friends ! Playing Summer Memory w... Gratis 09/2012
721231   当幸福来敲门 纯正美式发音标准口语听力阅读语法学习资料 有声英汉全文字典免费版HD 当幸福来敲门 纯正美式发音标准口语听力阅读语法学习资料 有声英汉全文字典免费版HD Bildung Bildung Apps like 当幸福来敲门 纯正美式发音标准口语听力阅读语法学习资料 有声英汉全文字典免费版HD 《当幸福来敲门》的每个句子都有标准的真人发音, 英汉对照. 每个英文单词都有详细的解释, 音标, 发音以及例句用法等, 在阅读的时候只需轻轻一按, 即可查阅. 《当幸福来敲门》有多种播放模式: 单句, 单句循环, 全文, 全文循环, 全书循环, 支持后台播放, 可切换英汉对照模式与纯英文模式. 新增语速调节功能, 三种语速, 任意调节.... Gratis 09/2012
721232   Cook_inc. Cook_inc. Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Cook_inc. Cook_inc, edita da Vandenberg Edizioni, è una rivista quadrimestrale di cucina; un vero e proprio laboratorio, un'officina internazionale di sperimentazione e avanguardia legata all’arte del buon cibo. Grazie al racconto di chef affermati e talenti eme... Gratis 09/2012
721233   Style Scan Style Scan key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Style Scan StyleScan is a photo sharing application that lets users share, discover and shop the latest fashion & beauty trends. The app also features a bar code scanner and search filter so you can get styling recommendations whenever you need them! ... Gratis 09/2012
721234   Q-Pulse Reporting Q-Pulse Reporting Büro Büro Apps like Q-Pulse Reporting Q-Pulse Reporting for iPad makes the task of capturing data and information easier by combining the power of Q-Pulse’s reporting module with the functionality and mobility of the iPad. The app removes the need to manage mountains of paperwork during the ... Gratis 09/2012
721235   畅销图书合集·时代光华 畅销图书合集·时代光华 Bücher Bücher Apps like 畅销图书合集·时代光华 为您精选的北京时代光华图书有限公司畅销精品图书,支持应用内单本购买和合集打包购买,把好书一次搬回家。  北京时代光华图书有限公司创建于2000年8月,长期专注于管理培训、文化出版产业。十年磨一剑,时代光华已快速发展成为一个具有较强实力的文化创意产业集群,主要业务涉及出版策划、图书音像营销、连锁书店、视频产品、电子商务、咨询培训等。“时代光华”已经成为一个颇具影响力的全国知名品牌,超过90%的世界500强在华企业及数十万家国内企业使用了时代光华的产品。 本合集包含以下图书: 搞鬼——废柴道士的爆笑... Gratis 09/2012
721236   TableManager TableManager Büro Büro Apps like TableManager TableManager is the ideal iPad application for restaurants and food outlets to manage the flow of customers through their establishment. Each Table Controller can be configured to the number of diners and this will automatically set to the preconfigured t... 2.99€ 09/2012
721237   O'zapft is! - Oktoberfest Labyrinth 2015 O'zapft is! - Oktoberfest Labyrinth 2015 Spiele Spiele Apps like O'zapft is! - Oktoberfest Labyrinth 2015 Das klassische Labyrinth-Spiel ... auf die bayerische Art. Rollen Sie die Kugeln durch ein riesiges Festzelt und lösen Sie die Aufgaben in den Missionen. Zauberhafte 3D Grafik und physikalisch korrektes Verhalten garantieren Spielspaß auf und abseits der... Gratis 09/2012
721238   IPMSClient - kompatibel mit iPad,  iPhone und iPod IPMSClient - kompatibel mit iPad, iPhone und iPod Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like IPMSClient - kompatibel mit iPad, iPhone und iPod ISYGLT - IPMS – Visualisierung als Client-App für iPhone, iPod und iPad. ISYGLT ist ein frei programmierbares Gebäudeautomationssystem, in dem nicht nur die Hardware individuell vom Einsatz anpassbar ist, sondern auch seitens der Bedienung vom Standar... Gratis 09/2012
721239   Harvard Med Spring 2012 Harvard Med Spring 2012 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Harvard Med Spring 2012 Discover the wonders and challenges of medical research and education. Download the FREE app for Harvard Medicine, the award-winning publication of Harvard Medical School, and become a part of a worldwide community of thought leaders dedicated to transf... Gratis 09/2012
721240   QRCode Reader Free QRCode Reader Free Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like QRCode Reader Free Turn your phone into a QR Code scanner and start connecting the physical world to your mobile device. QR Code Reader is easy to use application with intuitive user interface to easily scan any available QR code with correct/accurate details. Applica... Gratis 09/2012
721241   Studienfinder Studienfinder Medizin Medizin Apps like Studienfinder Die Studienfinder-APP bietet eine schnelle, mobile Möglichkeit, sich eine Übersicht über rekrutierende, laufende, geplante und ausgewertete Studien zu verschaffen. Diese kostenfreie APP richtet sich sowohl an Patienten/Betroffene als auch an Ärzte/Fac... Gratis 09/2012
721242   Vault Breaker Free Vault Breaker Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Vault Breaker Free If you want to test your mind-power. Just play this game.... Gratis 09/2012
721243   Bird Jump Racing - Premium Edition Bird Jump Racing - Premium Edition Spiele Spiele Apps like Bird Jump Racing - Premium Edition Features +A brand new original game +Simple to play +Explore your own way in the sky +Endless stages +Beautiful graphics +Gamecenter with leaderboards Feedback: Do you have any suggestions, mail to: support@sienso.net, Thanks. Follow us: ht... Gratis 09/2012
721244   Mobile Beauty Wallpaper Pimp Mobile Beauty Wallpaper Pimp Photographie Photographie Apps like Mobile Beauty Wallpaper Pimp Mobile Beauty Wallpaper helps you customize the look of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, icon skins, app shelves and many other eye candies. Features: * Retina resolution images for iPhone 4/4S, i... 0.99€ 09/2012
721245   PowerPup PowerPup Spiele Spiele Apps like PowerPup Dive into an energy adventure and experience a colourful, entertaining and educational undersea world with Miya, the Australian Sea-lion pup, in Ausgrid’s exciting new game. Explore the Great Southern Oceans, dodge enemies and race against the rising ... Gratis 09/2012
721246   Chugga Sees a Monkey Chugga Sees a Monkey Bücher Bücher Apps like Chugga Sees a Monkey Chugga travels from the Australian outback to the wild plains of Africa; from the icy arctic tundra to the hot desert sands. Features animals natural to each region with fun sound effects and animation. Ages 5 and under.... Gratis 09/2012
721247   The Alphabet Train Pro The Alphabet Train Pro Bildung Bildung Apps like The Alphabet Train Pro The Alphabet Train Pro app is a easy and fun way to start your kid to learn all the letters in the english language. The pro version does not have any ads so no distractions. This app is designed for kids aged 2-6 years. This app is educational and f... 0.99€ 09/2012
721248   Regnum Christi Regnum Christi Bildung Bildung Apps like Regnum Christi El Regnum Christi es un movimiento de apostolado al servicio de los hombres y de la Iglesia y comparte el carisma de la congregación de los Legionarios de Cristo. Actualmente, cuenta con cerca de 70.000 miembros, jóvenes y adultos, diáconos y sacerdote... Gratis 09/2012
721249   【有声】英语儿歌精选 【有声】英语儿歌精选 Bildung Bildung Apps like 【有声】英语儿歌精选 *** 限时免费, 原价¥18元(人民币),现在免费*** 内容提要 1.本软件适用于iphone,iphone高清版,ipad 2.本软件精选上百首英文儿歌,免费提供。 《英文儿歌精选》悦耳动听的旋律,活泼的童声,为孩子们学唱儿歌营造了良好的学习氛围,沉浸在音乐的世界里,让孩子的心灵与音乐共振,心智与音乐共鸣。标准清晰的英语发音、欢欣节奏,在倾听音符的同时,让孩子们在快乐的音乐环境中学习英文,是一份送给孩子们不可多得的礼物。旋律优美动听,悦耳的歌声,欢快的节奏,在欢声笑语中令孩子享受学习英语的乐趣... Gratis 09/2012
721250   SUBARU × スマートアプリ『スバプリ』 SUBARU × スマートアプリ『スバプリ』 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like SUBARU × スマートアプリ『スバプリ』 SUBARU × スマートアプリ「スバプリ」は、動画や音声などによる新たなクルマ体験を可能にするiPhone/iPad向け公式アプリです。 SUBARUのカタログや販売店店頭・屋外の対象物などにiPhone/iPadをかざすことで、拡張現実(Augmented Reality=AR)の技術を用いたリッチな情報を楽しむことができます。 ※初回起動後、ターゲット画像を認識すると自動でダウンロードがはじまりますのでしばらくお待ち下さい。 ※通信状況などによっては作動しない場合がございます。 ※動画表示中に画面... Gratis 09/2012
721251   Clever Brain Buster - Free Cracked Vault Mastermind Challenge Game mit Freunden Clever Brain Buster - Free Cracked Vault Mastermind Challenge Game mit Freunden Spiele Spiele Apps like Clever Brain Buster - Free Cracked Vault Mastermind Challenge Game mit Freunden Sie haben über die Sicherheit haben! Ihr Geld ist direkt hinter dem Gewölbe Tür. Finde heraus, den Code zu Ihrem Vermögen ist. Cracked Vault ist die ultimative Codeknacker Spiel. Einfach testen Sie Ihr Gehirn Macht bei dem Versuch, die Codes zu knacken... Gratis 09/2012
721252   zeichnen eine Karikatur — kostenlose zeichnen eine Karikatur — kostenlose Bildung Bildung Apps like zeichnen eine Karikatur — kostenlose Erfahren Sie, wie Cartoons zeichnen heute! Mit diesen einfachen Schritt für Schritt Zeichenunterricht Sie werden die Verbesserung Ihrer Cartoon Zeichnung Technik in Rekordzeit - und dies gilt unabhängig von Ihrer bisherigen Erfahrung. Diese App ist die k... Gratis 09/2012
721253   Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ohrenmethode 1~ Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ohrenmethode 1~ Bildung Bildung Apps like Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ohrenmethode 1~ Hab keine Angst vor den Musiknoten mehr! Diese innovative Applikation lehrt dich das Notenlesen durch einfache Bildschirminteraktionen. Mithilfe von Tönen, Farben und Musiknoten, ist das Lernen noch nie einfacher gewesen! Du kannst spontan und visuel... 3.99€ 09/2012
721254   XactRate XactRate Büro Büro Apps like XactRate XactRate Business Management Systems help you take control of your business. ... Gratis 09/2012
721255   跑跑虫 跑跑虫 Spiele Spiele Apps like 跑跑虫 这款游戏是MusketeerAnt(蚂蚁火枪手)的外传。 甲虫军团被摧毁了。一只疲惫的甲虫正在逃离战场。然而战场充满了危险和致命的武器。 记住路径,帮助我们可怜的甲虫逃走。... Gratis 09/2012
721256   Spelling Star Spelling Star Bildung Bildung Apps like Spelling Star Spelling Star is the perfect app for practicing your spelling lists. Create lists by entering words and recording the audio. Practice spelling each word correctly three times to become a Spelling Star! ● One of the top-rated spelling apps available. ●... 0.99€ 09/2012
721257   National Geographic Explorer for Schools National Geographic Explorer for Schools Bildung Bildung Apps like National Geographic Explorer for Schools Bring learning alive in your classroom with the new National Geographic Explorer app for schools. Engage your students like never before with a new way of teaching. Seven monthly issues connect to Common Core standards as well as your science and social s... Gratis 09/2012
721258   FaciliFix FaciliFix Medizin Medizin Apps like FaciliFix FaciliFix is a Mobile Facilities Management System that integrates with systems such as MicroMain primarily developed for use in hospitals.... Gratis 09/2012
721259   Big Boy Gangstar Shooter: Evil Blood Zombies Degeneration,  Free Game Big Boy Gangstar Shooter: Evil Blood Zombies Degeneration, Free Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Big Boy Gangstar Shooter: Evil Blood Zombies Degeneration, Free Game Survive the evil blood zombies and defend the Gangstar hood!... Gratis 09/2012
721260   Big Time Gangstar: Evil Blood Zombies Degeneration HD,  Full Game Big Time Gangstar: Evil Blood Zombies Degeneration HD, Full Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Big Time Gangstar: Evil Blood Zombies Degeneration HD, Full Game Survive the evil blood zombies and defend the Gangstar hood!... Gratis 09/2012
721261   Maze Of Fright Maze Of Fright Spiele Spiele Apps like Maze Of Fright You went out for a short walk under the stars but you find yourself caught in the Maze Of Fright. You have only a flashlight to help navigate your way thru the maze. Along the way be on the lookout for keys to unlock the gates to get out of the maze but w... Gratis 09/2012
721262   Roulette Roulette Spiele Spiele Apps like Roulette This application allows two or more players to play the standard French Roulette game. Three different views allow to make your bets, to launch and view the white ball rolling up to its destination cell, and to see your wins and losses. When you lau... 0.99€ 09/2012
721263   Mon Autocuiseur Mon Autocuiseur Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Mon Autocuiseur Ayez toujours une idée de recette sous la main, pour rassasier vos envies culinaires et remettre au goût du jour votre talent de chef ! Retrouvez l’application « Mon Autocuiseur » : 200 recettes revisitées et 700 temps de cuisson pour réussir vos petits ... Gratis 09/2012
721264   Yacht It Yacht It Spiele Spiele Apps like Yacht It Get yourself addicted to ‘Yacht It’, similar to Hasbro, Inc’s YAHTZEE® game. With 4 Single Player and 3 Multiplayer mode, ‘Yacht It’ will be difficult to put it down. Hours and hours of game play. Game requires a combination of both luck and skills. I... 0.99€ 09/2012
721265   Green Apple Stacker Green Apple Stacker Spiele Spiele Apps like Green Apple Stacker Green Apple Stacker is the ultimate physics playground game! You start with 10 Green Apple Mascots, try to stack them in order for the blue squids to pick them up! While your stacking crazy Mr. Knocker the big boulder..drives around and knocks your stack... Gratis 09/2012
721266   Osiyo – VISIT CN Osiyo – VISIT CN Reise Reise Apps like Osiyo – VISIT CN Experience the spirit of the traditional Cherokee greeting "Osiyo" when you explore the rich history and culture of the Cherokee Nation, located in Northeastern Oklahoma. The Osiyo App provides a unique way to interact with Cherokee events, historic si... Gratis 09/2012
721267   Cookie Factory HD Cookie Factory HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Cookie Factory HD Welcome to the Cookie Factory for iPad! Start with the cookie dough and end up eating your fresh cookies! The Cookie Factory is fun for everyone! - Choose what you want - Mix the dough - Put the dough on the tray - Bake them!!! - Add the tasty toppings... 0.99€ 09/2012
721268   Damen Bauch-Trainieren HD Damen Bauch-Trainieren HD Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Damen Bauch-Trainieren HD Begleitet von unseren Weltklasse-Körperbau Trainer, täglich trainieren, können Sie auf jeden Fall fit halten und eine tolle Figur ausbauen. Video zeigt, wie man jede Übung machen Als ein Weltklasse-Körperbau Trainer, trainiert er Damen auf einer R... Gratis 09/2012
721269   CWU CWU Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like CWU Here's what you can do with this app. - Read our latest news about your industry conditions - Read the latest developments concerning your workplace agreements - Latest information for sub-contractors - Join and support our union - Contact us - Send you... Gratis 09/2012
721270   QGate QGate Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like QGate QGate verbindet dein Smartphone mit deinen Lebensräumen. Stecke QGate in die nächste Steckdose, registriere dich auf qgate.com und los geht’s. Mit der QGate App kannst du über dein Smartphone die Lampe zu Hause ein- oder ausschalten, die Temperatur in d... Gratis 09/2012
721271   radio-med-web radio-med-web Musik Musik Apps like radio-med-web RADIOMEDWEB PLAYS IT PROGRESSIVE!! Finally, came back our appreciated and famous "SPAZIO PROG" from Linda Beat Daddi. You will listen the best of Progressive Rock from all around the world every day at 6 pm and 10 pm (GMT+1) RADIOMEDWEB PLAYS IT ECLECT... Gratis 09/2012
721272   Tap Logo Tap Logo Spiele Spiele Apps like Tap Logo ★ Universal App Show that you know all the logos of big companies and that you can be the fastest player.. Challenge your friends and family to become the Master!!! Be careful, because every time you tap a wrong logo you get a penalty! Tap as fast as ... Gratis 09/2012
721273   TEDICT - Englisch Lernen mit TED,  LITE TEDICT - Englisch Lernen mit TED, LITE Bildung Bildung Apps like TEDICT - Englisch Lernen mit TED, LITE Um Ihr Englisch zu verbessern, müssen Sie es oft hören. Doch es reicht nicht aus, Englisch einfach nur zu hören. Wie bei anderen Sprachen der Welt gibt es im Englischen viele sich ähnelnde Wörter, die alleine durch Hören schwer voneinander zu untersche... Gratis 09/2012
721274   Reminders+ Reminders+ Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Reminders+ Easy, fast, data entering to Reminders app. Ready to input, shortcuts for frequently used titles and locations, ten key inputting rather than wheel inputting, ※ Quick Start: Start typing for a new reminder item immediately after launching. ※ E... 0.99€ 09/2012
721275   CineBleach TE CineBleach TE Photographie Photographie Apps like CineBleach TE Kinoeffekte für Ihre Filme. Der beliebte Hollywood-Filmeffekt wurde von den weltbesten Kameraleuten bekannt gemacht und war in tausenden Produktionen zu sehen. Jetzt steht er Ihnen auch auf Ihrem Handy oder Smartphone zur Verfügung. Die App verarbeitet Ih... 1.99€ 09/2012
721276   Cupcakes: Zombie Cravings FREE! Cupcakes: Zombie Cravings FREE! Spiele Spiele Apps like Cupcakes: Zombie Cravings FREE! A twist on Cupcake Making apps- 1st Zombie Cupcake app! If you like Cupcakes and Zombies, this game will satisfy your Cravings! Make endless cupcakes for the Zombie in you! “Awesome cupcake game. Never seen one like it!” “Cool art and love all the yucky... Gratis 09/2012
721277   Illinois National Bank for iPad & iPhone Illinois National Bank for iPad & iPhone Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Illinois National Bank for iPad & iPhone We live in a fast-paced society and Illinois National Bank's mobile services give you on-the-go access wherever you happen to be and whenever you have a need! Our apps for iPhone and iPad are easy, secure, and allow you to manage your accounts on-the-go... Gratis 09/2012
721278   Coach Culturel : stimulez votre intelligence avec le quiz gratuit le plus malin de tous Coach Culturel : stimulez votre intelligence avec le quiz gratuit le plus malin de tous Spiele Spiele Apps like Coach Culturel : stimulez votre intelligence avec le quiz gratuit le plus malin de tous Coach Culturel est l’application pour ceux qui ont soif de savoir. Elle est conçue pour stimuler vos connaissances avec plus de 3 000 questions enrichissantes qui s’avèreront parfois être de véritables défis. Chaque leçon teste vos capacités avec 10 quest... Gratis 09/2012
721279   Architects Choice Architects Choice Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Architects Choice Architects Choice is the leading product and technology magazine for architects. With the Architects Choice App you can receive every issue and stay up to date with the latest architecture news, products, and trends.... Gratis 09/2012
721280   Fancy Nancy Ballet School Fancy Nancy Ballet School Bücher Bücher Apps like Fancy Nancy Ballet School Take center stage dancing in your own ballet routine with Fancy Nancy! ** Optimized for the new iPhone 5 and including exciting new iOS 6 features! ** Nancy will teach you ballet steps and help you choreograph (that’s fancy for create) your very own ball... 1.99€ 09/2012
721281   i-PS i-PS Büro Büro Apps like i-PS i-PS es un visor de presentaciones y documentos. Admite los siguientes formatos: HTML, docx, pdf, pptx, … Características: -Navegación horizontal y vertical -Creación de bibliotecas -El fondo puede cambiarse a demanda -El contenido se sincroniza bajo... Gratis 09/2012
721282   熊喵 Lite 熊喵 Lite Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 熊喵 Lite ◆熊喵 App 開放下載囉!! 完整收錄熊喵' Blog http://rmlove30.pixnet.net/blog 想要在全台灣吃喝玩樂, 吃好玩好, 或想要看看看熊喵的旅遊最新資訊,下載這個APP就能帶你到處趴趴走! 出門不用先做功課囉~~ 付費版、免費版, 差異為下: ◆付費版功能有: 1.可同步熊喵 Blog資料, 每年超過 200 篇新資料可以下載。 2.去除惱人又耗電的廣告。 3.隨app附贈價值千元以上的免費書服券(優惠券)喔~ ◆免費版: 1.無法同步熊喵Blo... Gratis 09/2012
721283   Dog training Dog training Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Dog training Every dog owner would have to agree that having a well-trained dog would be at the top of their wish list. There are many books available that explain how to best train your dog, and some even have pictures. This app is different, it contains 10 very ea... 0.99€ 09/2012
721284   The Acorn The Acorn Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like The Acorn Read The Acorn newspapers on your iPad!... Gratis 09/2012
721285   环球之翼 for iPad 环球之翼 for iPad Büro Büro Apps like 环球之翼 for iPad 《环球之翼》创立于2007年,由北京市体育局、《体育博览》杂志社与永行传媒公司共同策划出版。致力于打造中国顶级私人飞机机主杂志。把飞行和极致生活的分享作为主旨,致力于创建中国最具价值的交流平台。以私人飞机为载体,为追求自由享受与极致品位的人士提供衣食住行享的全方位卓越体验,为中国社会精英打造多元的尊享交流圈。... Gratis 09/2012
721286   Ace Transporter Ace Transporter Spiele Spiele Apps like Ace Transporter Race with a Mission!! If driving is in your blood and defeating danger is your passion then let ACE TRANSPORTER takes you on a high octane, adrenaline pumping deadly mission. In order to reign the Transporter Mafia, you have to move valuable consignmen... Gratis 09/2012
721287   X-Ray Camera FREE by Fingersoft X-Ray Camera FREE by Fingersoft Photographie Photographie Apps like X-Ray Camera FREE by Fingersoft This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true X-Ray functionality. Use your camera to see your friends with an X-ray like vision - in real-time! The best X-ray Camera software! This app creates a real-time X-ray style vis... Gratis 09/2012
721288   CamRanger: Wireless DSLR Camera Control CamRanger: Wireless DSLR Camera Control Photographie Photographie Apps like CamRanger: Wireless DSLR Camera Control Using CamRanger hardware (purchased separately from CamRanger.com) wirelessly control your Nikon or Canon DLSR camera! The first of its kind, no other computers or Internet needed! Just connect your camera to the CamRanger and then control wirelessly fr... Gratis 09/2012
721289   Alibi (4Squared = 16) Alibi (4Squared = 16) Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Alibi (4Squared = 16) Whether you need to make up an Alibi, post a location update, plot all your friends locations on a map around the world, or find a witty or funny status update, this app is a one of a kind social networking tool! Why is this app better? Well...4Squa... 0.99€ 09/2012
721290   Forwards Forwards Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Forwards Do you need a laugh every once in a while? How about one of those forwards you got a long time ago that you Laughed Your Butt Off. Well this is a collection of email forwards from many years and many sources. The user has the ability to view all of th... 0.99€ 09/2012
721291   Trumpet Media for iPad Trumpet Media for iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Trumpet Media for iPad Read Daily Bible Devotion and Christian news from Trumpet Media app. Daily international news is reported in realtime. Bible devotion by James Taiwo distributed offers sound bible doctrines and principles which apply to both Christians and non-Christian... Gratis 09/2012
721292   MoDeM MoDeM Büro Büro Apps like MoDeM MoDeM - アセントネットワークスが提供するモバイルデバイス管理ソリューション あなたのデバイスを安全に管理し、プログラムの配信や管理からデバイスの紛失時の対応まで、オフィスのモバイル環境を支援し、セキュリティを強化するためのアセントネットワークスが提供する、スマートデバイスの管理を行うMDM (Mobile Device Management、モバイルデバイス管理) ソリューションです。 スマートフォンやタブレットを業務上頻繁に用いられるようになりましたが、デバイスを紛失したり、マルウェアに感染し... Gratis 09/2012
721293   快乐机器人工厂 - 儿童拼图游戏 快乐机器人工厂 - 儿童拼图游戏 Bildung Bildung Apps like 快乐机器人工厂 - 儿童拼图游戏 "快乐机器人工厂" 是个专为2之6岁孩子而设计的游戏。游戏概念是让幼儿能够使用不同形状的零件拼凑出机械人模型。 当拼凑完整, 机械人会发出音乐并且舞动!有如将他们的杰作賦予生命, 让机械人栩栩如生! 游戏模式采用传统拼图概念, 但机器人工厂提供可爱有趣的设计, 巧妙的音乐搭配上别有特色的零件作为拼图。 特色: ✔ 绝妙的拼图游戏, 让孩子使用不同零件部位拼凑出可爱机械人 ✔ 15个漂亮可爱的机械人设计蓝图 ✔ 包含音乐和物体的互动来促进幼童的感官 ✔ 观赏每一个机械人拼凑完成时栩栩如... Gratis 09/2012
721294   Rio Rio Reise Reise Apps like Rio Rio Offline Karte bietet eine sehr detaillierte, hochwertige, große Karte von Rio. Die Karte wird lokal auf Ihrem iPhone/iPad gespeichert. Dies bedeutet, dass Sie keine teuren (ausländische) mobilen Datennetzwerke benötigen wenn Sie die Rio Offline Kar... 0.99€ 09/2012
721295   SAERTEX SAERTEX Büro Büro Apps like SAERTEX Erfahren Sie alle Neuigkeiten zu SAERTEX, übernehmen Sie unsere Messetermine mit einem Klick in Ihren Kalender, tragen Sie alle wichtigen Kontakte und Adressen immer bei sich, nutzen Sie das Routing um zu uns zu kommen, oder helfen Sie uns im kleinen ... Gratis 09/2012
721296   DOBRÁ ŠKOLA DOBRÁ ŠKOLA Bildung Bildung Apps like DOBRÁ ŠKOLA DOBRÁ ŠKOLA je mesačník o škole, výchove a vzdelávaní. Je určený najmä učiteľom základných a stredných škôl, čítajú ho však aj rodičia a študenti, ktorých zaujíma problematika vzdelávania. Snažíme sa spoločne diskutovať o problémoch nášho školstva a hľ... Gratis 09/2012
721297   编织中的时尚HD 编织中的时尚HD Bücher Bücher Apps like 编织中的时尚HD 本应用程序内有5本毛衣编织图书,分别是:《简单编织•潮流小配饰》、《感受编织•给他织的毛衣》、《浓情编织巨献•日韩小学生》、《时尚编织服饰系列•经典韩式女装编织》、《时尚编织服饰系列•钟爱女装编织》,五本编织书中含女装、配饰、男装、童装等。一款应用程序汇集了众多款式的编织毛衣,书中所展示的和非常详细的编织步骤,使编织变的简单易懂。每本书都有超过40多种编织毛衣,可以使读者任意的挑选自己喜欢的毛衣来织。如果你已经会基本的绒线编织技术, 那么, 在休闲的时候, 就为自己或朋友亲手编织一件温暖的毛衣吧。书中介绍... Gratis 09/2012
721298   Mouse Kabomb Chase - Free Endless Racing Game Mouse Kabomb Chase - Free Endless Racing Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Mouse Kabomb Chase - Free Endless Racing Game Help Felix the cat catch all the cheese bombs that the mouse is throwing down at him. If you miss the cheese bombs they will explode and then this will wake up spike the dog. Spike will not be happy if he is woke up, and felix will be in big trouble. He... Gratis 09/2012
721299   麻将移动对对碰 麻将移动对对碰 Spiele Spiele Apps like 麻将移动对对碰 非常好玩的益智、休闲小游戏,要求智商比较高,是您旅途、等候等空闲时候的好伴侣... Gratis 09/2012
721300   Number Pad - Nummernblock - Drahtloser Zahlenblock Number Pad - Nummernblock - Drahtloser Zahlenblock Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Number Pad - Nummernblock - Drahtloser Zahlenblock Wer des öfteren viele Ziffern eingeben muss weiss um den Wert der separaten Ziffern auf der rechten Seite der Tastatur. Nun fehlen diese aber des öfteren, was vor allem unterwegs ganz schön nervig sein kann. Mit Number Pad lässt sich die Tastatur Ihres ... 1.99€ 09/2012
721301   Study Edge Study Edge Bildung Bildung Apps like Study Edge Stressed about your college classes? Not fully getting the concepts? Need more practice problems? Or just really need to make sure you get that “A”? We can help! Study Edge is simply the best way for college students to increase their understanding of... Gratis 09/2012
721302   New Space New Space Bildung Bildung Apps like New Space New Space è una nuova applicazione che ti permette di contattare in forma privata e riservata gli operatori dei servizi pubblici per informazioni qualificate su sessualità e contraccezione, malattie sessualmente trasmissibili, uso e abuso di sostanze, ... Gratis 09/2012
721303   生物谷资讯 生物谷资讯 Medizin Medizin Apps like 生物谷资讯 “生物谷资讯”由生物谷(http://www.bioon.com)为专业医药生物学人士定制的阅读APP, 是生物谷免费为大家提供的专业、便捷的一站式医药生物学资讯,让您举手便能快速获得最新医药生物行业最新动态。 “生物谷资讯”包括生物科学,生物医药产业,生物技术产业,生物制药产业,转化医学, 卫生政策以及人物企业最新信息。资讯实时更新,大量原创资讯,满足不同专业的医药 生物学领域人士的专业要求。 * 所有企业logo、商品标识、期刊封面版权皆为对应公司或期刊所有。本软件作为介绍使用,应视作合理引用。... Gratis 09/2012
721304   高考英语大纲词汇-背单词 高考英语大纲词汇-背单词 Bildung Bildung Apps like 高考英语大纲词汇-背单词 APP STORE中最高效的背单词软件! 新东方、环球雅思等学校名师课堂推荐的APP! 1天背会355个单词你也能做到! 飞翼英语是国内资深的英语教育机构, 已经出版的英语学习类教育图书超过200种。结合我们的教育经验和先进的互动技术, 我们为您精心打造了这款背单词软件。 #最高效的背单词APP ------------------- 记住一个单词, 可能只需要1秒钟, 能够永远不忘记, 却需要反复练习巩固。这个APP是用户普遍反馈最高效的背单词应用。它通过“筛选”“初记”“复习”“... 1.99€ 09/2012
721305   中考英语大纲词汇-背单词 中考英语大纲词汇-背单词 Bildung Bildung Apps like 中考英语大纲词汇-背单词 APP STORE中最高效的背单词软件! 新东方、环球雅思等学校名师课堂推荐的APP! 1天背会355个单词你也能做到! 飞翼英语是国内资深的英语教育机构, 已经出版的英语学习类教育图书超过200种。结合我们的教育经验和先进的互动技术, 我们为您精心打造了这款背单词软件。 #最高效的背单词APP ------------------- 记住一个单词, 可能只需要1秒钟, 能够永远不忘记, 却需要反复练习巩固。这个APP是用户普遍反馈最高效的背单词应用。它通过“筛选”“初记”“复习”“... 0.99€ 09/2012
721306   JVC CAM Control JVC CAM Control Photographie Photographie Apps like JVC CAM Control The GV-LS2/GV-LS1 LIVE STREAMING CAMERA by JVCKENWOOD is freely controllabe from remote locations via touchscreen and finger gestures. The application software features Start/Stop Recording, Pan, Tilt and Zoom and allows a customized manual setting or t... Gratis 09/2012
721307   Advancial for iPad Advancial for iPad Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Advancial for iPad With the Advancial App, you can: · Quickly view account balances and transaction history · Deposit checks from your phone · Schedule recurring or one-time payments to your Advancial credit cards or loans from another financial ... Gratis 09/2012
721308   Pradeo Agent Pradeo Agent Büro Büro Apps like Pradeo Agent Note : l'application Pradeo Mobile Security nécessite un accès à un serveur CheckMyApps. Pradeo Mobile Security simplifie la protection de vos smartphones et tablettes. En quelques étapes, connectez vos périphériques à votre serveur et gérez les à dista... Gratis 09/2012
721309   Spanisch lernen - Bravolol Spanisch lernen - Bravolol Bücher Bücher Apps like Spanisch lernen - Bravolol “Spanisch lernen“ beinhaltet über 800 häufig verwendete spanische Sätze und Vokabeln für Reisende und Anfänger. Durch die Verwendung dieser App können Sie von unserem Spanisch sprechenden Papagei lernen. Der Papagei arbeitet mit Ihnen, um Ihre Sprachfert... Gratis 09/2012
721310   My Little Fish My Little Fish Spiele Spiele Apps like My Little Fish Now is your chance to feed, breed, play or do whatever with the most adorable fishes right on your phone! My Little Fishes boasts more cute & adorable fishes than Finding Nemos and any other fish apps do! Unlike all other aquarium apps that feature ... Gratis 09/2012
721311   PassCheck PassCheck Büro Büro Apps like PassCheck ***** Esta aplicación requiere usuario/contraseña ***** Esta aplicación permite comprobar el estado correspondiente al código QR leído mediante la cámara del dispositivo. Es necesaria conexión a Internet y disponer de usuario/contraseña adecuados. ****... Gratis 09/2012
721312   Tap Tap Champions Tap Tap Champions Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Tap Tap Champions Are You Ready? Do you have fastest fingers in the world. Try Tap mysterious musical moving balls as fast as you can in particular time. - Features  - 5 Types of games - Game center  - Achievements  - Fast And Time Based Game  - Simple Addicting Gameplay ... Gratis 09/2012
721313   Kids Steering Wheels - Interactive Virtual Toy HD Kids Steering Wheels - Interactive Virtual Toy HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Kids Steering Wheels - Interactive Virtual Toy HD ~~ The most entertaining racing game and steering wheel toy in the App Store ~~ ~~ 10 exciting steering wheels and road tracks for your kids to enjoy! ~~ ~~ HD illustrations and sound ~~ Have your little ones experience their very own driving fun. Kids... Gratis 09/2012
721314   Drunk Dial + Drunk Dial + Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Drunk Dial + Guilty of randomly calling up friends and family after having a few too many? Drunk Dial let's you assign up to 15 of those favorite late night contacts to a beautifully rendered wheel of photographs. Drunk Dial uses the contancts and contact photos alr... 0.99€ 09/2012
721315   LabelED: Your Study Companion LabelED: Your Study Companion Bildung Bildung Apps like LabelED: Your Study Companion Change the way you study! Label any image, then test yourself in two unique ways Location Quiz - Given a name, pick the right pin on your image Multiple Choice - Given a pin, pick the right answer Each test builds your knowledge, and the results of e... Gratis 09/2012
721316   Cineverse Cineverse Photographie Photographie Apps like Cineverse "completely forget about using Vine & Instagram" - AppAdvice.com • Get Free Access to Cineverse! Cineverse is the Fusion of Social & Video. Enhance Video with Art & Animate your World! Step aside Vine & Instagram, Cineverse Rocks because only Cineverse... Gratis 09/2012
721317   小哈换衣间-超萌换装游戏 小哈换衣间-超萌换装游戏 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 小哈换衣间-超萌换装游戏 (ノ≧∀≦)ノ 。゜ 。。 This is a super cute dress up mini game! Featured by Hana - a super adorable girl with pink hair and a flower on her head. 。。゜。 Now Hana is even more adorable with her animated faces! The app includes over 100 pieces of outfits and many ... Gratis 09/2012
721318   STATS Football ICE STATS Football ICE Sport Sport Apps like STATS Football ICE **PLEASE NOTE: You must be an active subscriber to STATS ICE to use this app.** Leveraging STATS’ proprietary X-INFO™ data for both college and professional players, ICE delivers unrivaled statistical analysis and strategic insights. Access historical p... Gratis 09/2012
721319   PowerCam HD - Effekte in Echtzeit PowerCam HD - Effekte in Echtzeit Photographie Photographie Apps like PowerCam HD - Effekte in Echtzeit ▶▶▶ Video Zoom Funktion, Effekte in Echtzeit z.B. Comic, Tilt Shift, InstaWho, Sketch usw. für Foto & Video! Selbstauslöser mit Serienfotos und vieles mehr... Hauche deinen Aufnahmen im Handumdrehen neues Leben ein. Erstelle coole Effektfotos oder m... 2.99€ 09/2012
721320   Col the Colorful Cat HD Col the Colorful Cat HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Col the Colorful Cat HD Bring back color to the world! Col is a very playful cat who lives in an old theatre. His favorite play is about to start the very next day, but the scene's colors have been washed away by the last night's rain. Help Col bring back colors to the world a... Gratis 09/2012
721321   Epic Hair Designs Epic Hair Designs Büro Büro Apps like Epic Hair Designs Epic Hair Designs is Brisbane's leading colour salon. In our app you will find a easy to use booking page to make any appointment on the go. You will also be able to us our loyalty card function instead of filling up you wallet with another card.... Gratis 09/2012
721322   Mapysto Mapysto Bildung Bildung Apps like Mapysto Un atlas historique de -500 à nos jours. Une carte interactive avec plus de 4000 événements historiques. Tous les changements de frontière expliqués. Un quiz historique.... 5.99€ 09/2012
721323   SCADA HMI Client SCADA HMI Client Büro Büro Apps like SCADA HMI Client SCADA HMI Client app for your Apple® iPad or iPhone allows client visualization and interaction on your device from SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) applications running on remote desktop computers. The ... Gratis 09/2012
721324   PhotoVideo Cam - Effekte in Echtzeit PhotoVideo Cam - Effekte in Echtzeit Photographie Photographie Apps like PhotoVideo Cam - Effekte in Echtzeit Video Zoom, Effekte in Echtzeit z.B. Comic, Tilt Shift usw. für Foto und Video. Hauche deinen Aufnahmen im Handumdrehen neues Leben ein. Erstelle coole Effektfotos oder mache am besten gleich eine einmalige Videoaufnahme. Verwandle ganz alltägliche Auf... Gratis 09/2012
721325   Dent Pad Dent Pad Medizin Medizin Apps like Dent Pad DentPadは歯科用DICOM画像ビューワーです。歯科用デジタルレントゲン「PanoACT」シリーズ製品で撮影した各種レントゲン画像や同製品で取り込んだ口腔内写真等をiPadで表示します。 iPad上で動作するため、チェアサイドでの説明はもちろんのこと、先生の個室や待合室、レントゲン室の前等、場所を選ばずに説明が可能となります。 DentPadは次の機能を提供します。 (1)レントゲン画像をはじめとした各種DICOM画像の表示 (2)拡大・縮小・移動 (3)輝度・明度調整 (4)左右反転 (5)白黒反... Gratis 09/2012
721326   Models Tower Models Tower Spiele Spiele Apps like Models Tower Gestalte das Model-Turm deiner Träume für die schönsten model auf der ganzen Welt Nutze deine Kreativität, um ein modisches und farbenfrohes Model-Turm zu entwerfen, das deinen model gefallen wird. Sammle Münzen, Herzen und Extrapunkte, damit du wunde... Gratis 09/2012
721327   Able AAC Free Able AAC Free Bildung Bildung Apps like Able AAC Free Able AAC Free is a application to help potential users evaluate five of our paid apps. Able Jr, Able, Able2Talk, Able HD AAC and My Daily Tasks. You will be able evaluate usability, functionality and capability. %%%% Able Jr Has a new update that is n... Gratis 09/2012
721328   voice calcu+ voice calcu+ Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like voice calcu+ With all your support, our voice calcu+ free edition has won a gorgeous result: 1. Top 50 of free App in China; 2. popular tool Recommendation first in China; 2. 2nd prize of Editorial Recommendation in China; 3. 7nd prize of Editorial Recommendation in... Gratis 09/2012
721329   Fast Camera Stop Motion Fast Camera Stop Motion Photographie Photographie Apps like Fast Camera Stop Motion One of the FASTEST Cameras in the iTunes store! *Instantly takes photos with a single tap! *Turn on and off flash while taking photos! *Switch between front and rear cameras while taking photos! *Save only the photos you want to your camera roll! *C... 0.99€ 09/2012
721330   Able AAC Able AAC Bildung Bildung Apps like Able AAC ########## On Sale for a limited time ############# + 20 languages & 83 in app voice engines (US $9.99 each) added + For the Able AAC manual, voice engine testing, click below http://www.ablevox.com/support/manuals/ The language packs for Able AAC a... 29.99€ 09/2012
721331   Point Blast Point Blast Spiele Spiele Apps like Point Blast ★"Another shoot em up that looks solid in the visuals and sound department." - AppSpy. Works on iPad 1st gen, iPhone 4 and above. ★Pure awesomeness★ Point Blast is a must have vertical shumps(shoot 'em up) game! How many evil alien spaceships can y... 1.99€ 09/2012
721332   campaignON campaignON Referenz Referenz Apps like campaignON Access your CampaignON™ Technology from your mobile device. Use your username and login to utilize Voter Track and Voter Monster. With Voter Track, you can view all of your interactions with a voter or constituent. Syncs automatically with the campaignOn... Gratis 09/2012
721333   악보노트 악보노트 Musik Musik Apps like 악보노트 -이젠 최신가요를 아이패드에서 만날수 있습니다. -최신가요와 시간이 지나도 우리에게 사랑을 받는 곡 위주로 악보를 구성하였습니다. 한국을 포함하여 전세계 아이패드 사용자들을 위해 만들었습니다. 이제 언제 어디서나 간편하게 악보를 만나실 수 있습니다. *악보노트 애플리케이션의 특징 -최신악보, 인기악보, 명곡으로 나누어져 있습니다.... Gratis 09/2012
721334   Lep's World 2 Lep's World 2 Spiele Spiele Apps like Lep's World 2 Von den Machern des Nummer-Eins-Hits Lep's World – über 120 Millionen Downloads! nerByte präsentiert den sehnsüchtig erwarteten Nachfolger von Lep's World mit mehr Levels, mehr Elementen und mehr Feinden sowie einer verbesserten Spielmechanik, tollen G... Gratis 09/2012
721335   RWE Kennzahlentool RWE Kennzahlentool Büro Büro Apps like RWE Kennzahlentool Mit dem WebApp „Kennzahlen Tool“ der RWE AG können Sie relevante Zahlen des Konzerns selber zusammenstellen und als Chart anzeigen lassen.... Gratis 09/2012
721336   Nedbank App Suite Nedbank App Suite Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Nedbank App Suite Nedbank is proud to bring you the Nedbank App Suite, which provides you with a one of a kind, customisable and accessible banking, financial services and lifestyle mobile experience. No matter where you are (on your life path, on the go), Nedbank en... Gratis 09/2012
721337   The Mindful Way Through Depression The Mindful Way Through Depression Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Mindful Way Through Depression If you’ve ever struggled with depression or know someone who has, take heart: mindfulness practice is a simple, powerful way to naturally break depression’s self-perpetuating cycle. With the Mindful Way Through Depression app, four leading researchers ... 15.99€ 09/2012
721338   NTRY NTRY Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like NTRY ntry ist ein neues, mobiles, für jeden zugängliches Ticketingsystem - smart und einfach. Als Veranstalter scannst du mit dieser App die Ticketcodes. -- Du kannst bei ntry in Windeseile Tickets für deinen Event erstellen – und sofort direkt auf dein... Gratis 09/2012
721339   Besedovnjak Besedovnjak Spiele Spiele Apps like Besedovnjak ** Apple predstavlja v "New and Noteworthy" ** ** Editors Choice Award - AppEggs.com ** ** #1 brezplačna aplikacija v več kot 20 državah ** ** 10.000.000 registriranih igralcev po svetu ** ** Tekmuj na spletu z več tisoč igralci ** "Najbolj zasvojljiva i... Gratis 09/2012
721340   Photolamus Photolamus Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Photolamus Photolamus wird Sie mit den talentiertesten Künstlern der ganzen Welt in Verbindung setzen! Lassen Sie Ihr Foto von ECHTEN TOP Künstlern aus den USA, GB, FRANKREICH, DEUTSCHLAND, KOREA, JAPAN, CHINA und vielen weiteren Ländern zeichnen! FUNKTIONEN:... Gratis 09/2012
721341   TEM-8专八大纲词汇-背单词 TEM-8专八大纲词汇-背单词 Bildung Bildung Apps like TEM-8专八大纲词汇-背单词 APP STORE中最高效的背单词软件! 新东方、环球雅思等学校名师课堂推荐的APP! 1天背会355个单词你也能做到! 飞翼英语是国内资深的英语教育机构, 已经出版的英语学习类教育图书超过200种。结合我们的教育经验和先进的互动技术, 我们为您精心打造了这款背单词软件。 #最高效的背单词APP ------------------- 记住一个单词, 可能只需要1秒钟, 能够永远不忘记, 却需要反复练习巩固。这个APP是用户普遍反馈最高效的背单词应用。它通过“筛选”“初记”“复习”“... 2.99€ 09/2012
721342   TOEIC托业考试词汇-背单词 TOEIC托业考试词汇-背单词 Bildung Bildung Apps like TOEIC托业考试词汇-背单词 APP STORE中最高效的背单词软件! 新东方、环球雅思等学校名师课堂推荐的APP! 1天背会355个单词你也能做到! 飞翼英语是国内资深的英语教育机构, 已经出版的英语学习类教育图书超过200种。结合我们的教育经验和先进的互动技术, 我们为您精心打造了这款背单词软件。 #最高效的背单词APP ------------------- 记住一个单词, 可能只需要1秒钟, 能够永远不忘记, 却需要反复练习巩固。这个APP是用户普遍反馈最高效的背单词应用。它通过“筛选”“初记”“复习”“... 2.99€ 09/2012
721343   IELTS雅思考试词汇-背单词 IELTS雅思考试词汇-背单词 Bildung Bildung Apps like IELTS雅思考试词汇-背单词 APP STORE中最高效的背单词软件! 新东方、环球雅思等学校名师课堂推荐的APP! 1天背会355个单词你也能做到! 飞翼英语是国内资深的英语教育机构, 已经出版的英语学习类教育图书超过200种。结合我们的教育经验和先进的互动技术, 我们为您精心打造了这款背单词软件。 #最高效的背单词APP ------------------- 记住一个单词, 可能只需要1秒钟, 能够永远不忘记, 却需要反复练习巩固。这个APP是用户普遍反馈最高效的背单词应用。它通过“筛选”“初记”“复习”“... 2.99€ 09/2012
721344   新概念英语词汇-背单词 新概念英语词汇-背单词 Bildung Bildung Apps like 新概念英语词汇-背单词 APP STORE中最高效的背单词软件! 新东方、环球雅思等学校名师课堂推荐的APP! 1天背会355个单词你也能做到! 飞翼英语是国内资深的英语教育机构, 已经出版的英语学习类教育图书超过200种。结合我们的教育经验和先进的互动技术, 我们为您精心打造了这款背单词软件。 #最高效的背单词APP ------------------- 记住一个单词, 可能只需要1秒钟, 能够永远不忘记, 却需要反复练习巩固。这个APP是用户普遍反馈最高效的背单词应用。它通过“筛选”“初记”“复习”“... 1.99€ 09/2012
721345   HYPO Landesbank HYPO Landesbank Finanzen Finanzen Apps like HYPO Landesbank Überweisungen und vieles mehr der HYPO Steiermark, HYPO Oberösterreich und der HYPO Salzburg... Gratis 09/2012
721346   同步课堂 同步课堂 Bildung Bildung Apps like 同步课堂 希望谷同步课堂是一个小学生在线课堂教学视频分享平台。在这里, 用户可以在线观看小学各年级各教材版本的课堂教学录像(视频)。 希望谷同步课堂ipad版以全新的界面, 方便快捷的操作, 集成了视频观看的全部功能 , 让您获取您想要的信息 。... Gratis 09/2012
721347   Pandoorica Pandoorica Spiele Spiele Apps like Pandoorica Dive in a wonderful world between earth and sky... Move your Gear! The journey to rebuilt the order of the world begins ..now! Merge the 4 colored hemispheres at the ends of the Gear with the respective halves of the same color with a touch of the scree... Gratis 09/2012
721348   Useful Facts Useful Facts Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Useful Facts -Swipe browse through hundreds of useful facts you should know! -Save facts in favorites -Search feature -Share facts with friends over Facebook, ams, email, and twitter -HD easy to read text for phones and tablets Did you know that Chapstick can be u... Gratis 09/2012
721349   American Cowboy American Cowboy Spiele Spiele Apps like American Cowboy American Cowboy is a simulation game for traveling. It recreates the environment of a cowboy's life. Your purpose is to earn revenue and climb up in the leader-board. While traveling you will have to go through many difficult situations like snow, rain,... Gratis 09/2012
721350   숨은단어찾기 숨은단어찾기 Spiele Spiele Apps like 숨은단어찾기 ** Apple에서 추천하는 "새로운 것과 알아야 할 것"에 소개됨 ** ** "에디터의 상" - AppEggs.com ** ** 전세계 30여개국에서 #1 무료 앱 ** ** 전세계 누적 다운로드 5만건 大기록 ** ** 수천명의 회원들과 온라인 경쟁 ** "가장 어렵고 중독성있는 단어 게임!", AppEggs. "다채로운 단어들로 재미에 푹 빠지게 됩니다.", Appyzilla "버스나 지하철에서 지루하십니까? 혹은 카페에서 친구를 기다리고 계... Gratis 09/2012
721351   Softgroup iManager Softgroup iManager Büro Büro Apps like Softgroup iManager ATENÇÃO: Requer uma assinatura ativa do iManager. Acesse imanager.com.br para obter informações sobre os planos disponíveis. O iManager é um moderno e inteligente sistema de ERP para gestão empresarial e automação comercial, otimizado para pequenas empr... Gratis 09/2012
721352   律师之家 律师之家 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 律师之家 律师之家是为律师量身打造的一款移动应用平台,是最专业的律师助手。集成各种律师需要的移动应用。包括:资讯类、数据类、工具类等移动应用。诸如法院开庭提醒、判决文书检索、法律机构黄页查询、法规检索律师业务管理、律师协会的应用(培训、通知)等应用,还有专门为律师开发的专业化应用工具诉讼费计算。上海同道信息技术有限公司专注于律师行业信息化,致力于为律师提供最实用的信息化服务。... Gratis 09/2012
721353   Indestructible™ Indestructible™ Spiele Spiele Apps like Indestructible™ Ergreife das Lenkrad, lade deine Waffen, fahr los und lasse die zerstörten Wracks deiner Siege im Staub zurück, während du der beste Fahrer im aufregenden Fahrzeug-Kampfspiel Indestructible wirst! Hast du die Nase voll von diesen langweiligen, sich... Gratis 09/2012
721354   中国济南HD 中国济南HD Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 中国济南HD 中国济南政府微门户,能够及时发布济南市的最新信息,内容包含新闻资讯、信息公开、名声连线、图说济南、政府文件等,支持微博推送分享、个性化订阅、全文检索功能,为公众提供更快捷全面的服务。 ======================================================================== 特色功能介绍 ●自动聚合发布 自动聚合原门户网站的内容,按移动门户的展现标准,自动同步到各类移动终端上,通过屏幕触摸、滑动实现信息的调阅。 ●个性化订阅 拥有海量信息资源,... Gratis 09/2012
721355   力刊 力刊 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 力刊 由中匯國際傳播有限公司全力打造,並以澳門本地製作全新免費報紙--《力報》,逢週二、五早上於全澳門各大繁忙地點免費派發。「事事求真.動力傳新」正是《力報》的宗旨,除了為澳門市民帶來全新的新聞資訊體驗外,最重要是為澳門市民發聲,緊站澳門大街小巷的情況,並深入探討及報導,絕對是為澳門市民服務。《力報》內容全面覆蓋生活上每個層面,包括澳門新聞、重點港聞、國際要聞、生活消費、娛樂演藝、旅遊及健康資訊、時尚流行、環球快訊、美食推介、數碼科技、財經金融、地產等,派發目標讀者群除全面覆蓋澳門居民外,同時服務來澳高消費旅客... Gratis 09/2012
721356   Sybit CRM Lead2Sales Sybit CRM Lead2Sales Büro Büro Apps like Sybit CRM Lead2Sales Sybit CRM Lead2Sales erleichtert Ihnen die Leaderfassung auf Messen und die Aufnahme von Informationen beim Kunden vor Ort. Papier war gestern, heute erfassen Sie die Daten Ihrer Gesprächspartner mithilfe eines digitalen Fragebogens und übergeben sie ohn... Gratis 09/2012
721357   Bremen-Hochzeit Bremen-Hochzeit Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Bremen-Hochzeit Das Hochzeitsmagazin „Bremen-Hochzeit“ ist das umfassende Kompendium zur Vorbereitung auf den wohl schönsten Tag im Leben. Es richtet sich sowohl an die vielen zukünftigen Brautpaare, die jährlich in der Metropolregion Nordwest heiraten. Gleichzeitig i... Gratis 09/2012
721358   Vegan Backen Vegan Backen Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Vegan Backen Vegan Backen bedeutet genussvoll und gesund leben. Köstliche Backspezialitäten aus verschiedenen Ländern werden ohne tierische Zutaten (z.B. Milch, Butter, Eier, Honig, ...) hergestellt und durch rein pflanzliche Produkte ersetzt. Dieses Backbuch biete... 1.99€ 09/2012
721359   TFG TFG Büro Büro Apps like TFG Die TFG-Welt für die Hosentasche: App jetzt auch für Tablets optimiert. Neue Revolution für die Profis im Bereich Tiefbau und Industrietechnik! Mit der richtigen App in der Hosentasche fit für die Zukunft: Sie sind Planer, Architekt oder Fachhandwerker... Gratis 09/2012
721360   Bautagebuch Bautagebuch Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Bautagebuch Das Bautagebuch ermöglicht das einfache Erstellen und Verwalten von Bauberichten während und nach den Baustellenbesuchen. Man kann Firmen und Kontakte pflegen, Projekte verwalten, Leistungen dokumentieren, Fotos anfertigen, und alle Daten per WebDAV m... 27.99€ 09/2012
721361   Traumringe24 Traumringe24 Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Traumringe24 Die Traumringe24 - App ist Ihr interaktiver Produktkatalog für Eheringe und Trauringe. Stöbern Sie in unserem umfangreichen Produktkatalog für Ringpaare. Lassen Sie sich von unseren Ringen inspirieren und den schönsten Tag Ihres Lebens noch mehr erstrahl... Gratis 09/2012
721362   Liberdrac Liberdrac Bücher Bücher Apps like Liberdrac Liberdrac es un visor de libros electrónicos. A través de ella podrás acceder a todos los eBooks que tengas en tu cuenta Liberdrac que aparezcan como disponibles para "Apps Liberdrac", así como las muestras gratuitas de libros añadidas a tu biblioteca" y... Gratis 09/2012
721363   Kaleidoskop Kamera lite Kaleidoskop Kamera lite Photographie Photographie Apps like Kaleidoskop Kamera lite Diese App erlaubt es Dir das Live-Bild der Kamera durch ein Kaleidoskop zu betrachten. Features: - Bildquelle: "normale" Kamera - Die Kaleidoskopansicht kann mit 2 Finger gedreht und gezoomt werden. - Mit einem Finger kann die Bildquelle gedreht werde... Gratis 09/2012
721364   서평(徐評)-MIS-배성민 서평(徐評)-MIS-배성민 Bildung Bildung Apps like 서평(徐評)-MIS-배성민 서평徐評 : 글로벌 경영•인문•트렌드 보고서 국립 한밭대학교 산업경영공학과의 배성민 교수의 대학원 교재용 앱(App)입니다. 매주 1권의 서평을 읽고 토론하는 방식으로 진행합니다. ㈜자의누리에서 서평을 진행하고 계신 서진영 박사님의 추천을 받아 MIS 관련된 수많은 책들 가운데 꼭 읽어봐야 된다고 생각되는 10권의 책을 정하였습니다. * 수업개요 PART I.: 경영정보시스템을 배우기 위해 필요한 경영학 지식들 [세계는 평평하다] 토머스 L. 프리드... 9.99€ 09/2012
721365   서평(徐評)-유교경영-서진영 서평(徐評)-유교경영-서진영 Bildung Bildung Apps like 서평(徐評)-유교경영-서진영 서평徐評 : 글로벌 경영·인문·트렌드 보고서 성균관대학교 유교문화와 자본주의 강의의 수업 교재입니다. 강의 개요 1. 유교 철학을 통해 한국의 경영과 새로운 자본주의 정신을 발견하기 위한 긍정적인 접근 2. 기존의 검증된 시판 도서와 서평(Book Review) 20편을 통해 체계적인 접근 3. 철학과 경영에 대한 이론적이고 실제적인 접근 4. 딱딱한 철학적 접근을 벗어나, 재미있게 생각하는 인재 양성 시도 * 수업개요 – 실제 수업 상황에 따라 ... 12.99€ 09/2012
721366   Picture Prompt Timer Picture Prompt Timer Bildung Bildung Apps like Picture Prompt Timer The Picture Prompt Timer (PPT) The same group that brought you Look2Learn, Stories2Learn, and Video Scheduler, brings you an innovative visual support for individuals with autism and other disabilities! The Picture Prompt Timer (PPT) allows you to di... 3.99€ 09/2012
721367   デキルと言われる5つの仕事力 デキルと言われる5つの仕事力 Bücher Bücher Apps like デキルと言われる5つの仕事力 ● 5つの仕事力で勝ち組になる為の必須方法とは!? ● プラス思考で生きている人が身に付けている法則と効果とは!? ⇒  放送局のディレクター・新聞記者を経て、400本以上の本を世に出し続けた、株式や不動産投資の指導者が書いた実践で使える仕事力 ■成功するためには一定の基準やセオリーがある。それが5つの仕事力 ・「時間力」・・・モチベーション = 時間の使い方。それが命だ! ・「情報力」・・・情報の質、それが成否を分ける! ・「コミュニケーション力」・・・ギブ&ギブの精神、これが真のレバレッジを発揮す... 2.99€ 09/2012
721368   Edu Kids Pro Edu Kids Pro Bildung Bildung Apps like Edu Kids Pro ★★★ On Sales: Total of 116 colorful flashcards at $0.99 in limited time only! ★★★ Edu Kids is a new interactive way of learning flashcards with your kids! ★★★ Why your kids will love it ★★★ ✩ A Total of 116 pictures from Animal, Bird, Insect, and O... 0.99€ 09/2012
721369   Power of Words! SAT® and Critical Reading Vocabulary Power of Words! SAT® and Critical Reading Vocabulary Bildung Bildung Apps like Power of Words! SAT® and Critical Reading Vocabulary For students who have to take the SAT before before March 2016. No flashcards. No drills. Just vocabulary and the same test-taking tips private tutors provide. Vocabulary building is one of the best ways to boost your score now, and enrich your educatio... 2.99€ 09/2012
721370   Arrais Amador Arrais Amador Bildung Bildung Apps like Arrais Amador Estude quando e onde quiser para o exame teórico de Arrais e Motonauta. São mais de 350 questões similares e com o mesmo nível dos exames da Capitania dos Portos. O aplicativo também conta com o gerador automático de provas simuladas com 40 questões (como... 1.99€ 09/2012
721371   KFO 한국금융개발원 KFO 한국금융개발원 Bildung Bildung Apps like KFO 한국금융개발원 한국 금융개발원 스마트러닝솔루션은 배속플레이어 지원으로 학습자의 만족도를 높여주는 스마트러닝솔루션입니다. 나의강의실 - 온라인에서 신청하신 강의를 Wifi Zone 에서 다운로드 하실수 있습니다. 다운로드함 - 다운로드 하신 파일을 메모리의 상태에 따라서 관리할수 있습니다. 배속지원 플레이어 - 0.8 ~ 2.0배속까지 학습자가 원하는 배속으로 재생하실수 있습니다.... Gratis 09/2012
721372   CloudDraw Viewer CloudDraw Viewer Büro Büro Apps like CloudDraw Viewer Collaborate. Innovate. CloudDraw! CloudDraw™ for iPad and iPhone enables you to collaborate with others and share ideas in real-time through the internet "cloud." NOTE: This free CloudDraw Viewer can only be used to join a shared drawing session initia... Gratis 09/2012
721373   Fruit Pairing Fruit Pairing Spiele Spiele Apps like Fruit Pairing Fruit Pairing is a delicious matching and eliminating fruits game, tap two identical fruits can be paired and removed, if there are no obstacles between them and removing routes must less than two turns. The upper fruits will be dropped to fill the empt... Gratis 09/2012
721374   두근두근 서울산책(쉽고 가볍게 즐기는 서울 걷기 여행 레시피 38) 두근두근 서울산책(쉽고 가볍게 즐기는 서울 걷기 여행 레시피 38) Bücher Bücher Apps like 두근두근 서울산책(쉽고 가볍게 즐기는 서울 걷기 여행 레시피 38) ***************************** 대한민국 명품 여행앱북, RHK 여행앱북 시리즈! 출시후 70주 연속 앱스토어 여행 카테고리 인기/매출 Top 10! ****************************** 당신이 몰랐던 서울의 놀라운 산책길이 시작된다! 쉽고 가볍게 즐기는 서울 걷기 여행 레시피 38! "두근두근 서울 산책" 프리미엄 앱북 탄생! 총 432 페이지의 Spindle Books로 재탄생했습니다! ... 4.99€ 09/2012
721375   わかる!算数 小学1年 Free わかる!算数 小学1年 Free Bildung Bildung Apps like わかる!算数 小学1年 Free 【Requires】 Not compatible with the 1st generation iPad. Mathematics Application for Elementary School Children! A large volume: a total of 25 units and 50 sections! (full version) Each unit contains "Animation" section, through which basics can be lear... Gratis 09/2012
721376   OMM FCPA OMM FCPA Büro Büro Apps like OMM FCPA The user-friendly app serves as a comprehensive, convenient reference guide for O'Melveny's clients and friends and includes four key features. The first two tabs in the FCPA App directly link to two of O'Melveny's well-known handbooks: O'Melveny's FC... Gratis 09/2012
721377   Cal Performances Cal Performances Musik Musik Apps like Cal Performances The Cal Performances Fan App is the easiest way to follow Cal Performances. Now you have access to Cal Performances' events at anytime, anywhere. This is a free application. * WHAT’S NEW Shows the next event and the most recent podcasts, news and blo... Gratis 09/2012
721378   ABC Mein Bauernhof - Dot to Dot für Kinder ABC Mein Bauernhof - Dot to Dot für Kinder Spiele Spiele Apps like ABC Mein Bauernhof - Dot to Dot für Kinder Lassen Sie Ihre Kleinen den Bauernhof entdecken und das Alphabet kennen lernen. Einfach auf die Punkte tippen und der Spaß kann beginnen! Beim Klicken auf die angezeigten Buchstaben werden die Buchstaben vorgelesen und dadurch für Ihr Kind noch einprägsam... Gratis 09/2012
721379   Eval Eval Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Eval Eval is a calculator that supports arithmetic expression evaluation. It can understand expressions such as log(1.5)+4/((1+sqrt(2))^2.5). It provides a history of recent calculation results. And it works on both your iPad and your iPhone.... 0.99€ 09/2012
721380   HealthWelfareLaw HealthWelfareLaw Referenz Referenz Apps like HealthWelfareLaw HealthWelfareLaw gives attorneys the ability to have complete access to United States Code for Public Health and Welfare.  By providing the entire code and CFR, attorneys will now be able to access important laws without the need for internet access or ... 4.99€ 09/2012
721381   Crazy Eights (Free) Crazy Eights (Free) Spiele Spiele Apps like Crazy Eights (Free) Like UNO? Well meet it's daddy: Crazy Eights. Did you know, that the name Crazy Eights dates to the 1940s, derived from the military designation for discharge of mentally unstable soldiers, Section 8? The game is very popular especially with children. ... Gratis 09/2012
721382   South Africa GPS Map South Africa GPS Map Navigation Navigation Apps like South Africa GPS Map South Africa GPS Map is a simple, accurate and entirely offline gps navigation app for iPhone or iPad 3G. All App features and map data is stored within your device, allowing you to explore freely without the worry of expensive data charges from your m... 9.99€ 09/2012
721383   CERRA CERRA Bildung Bildung Apps like CERRA Mobile application for the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement.... Gratis 09/2012
721384   WXML 90.1FM WXML 90.1FM Musik Musik Apps like WXML 90.1FM Our purpose through inspirational music and programing is to offer praise unto God; to edify the saved listener and to plant a seed in the heart of the unsaved listener that Christ will nurture into complete salvation. It is the goal of New Vision FM to... Gratis 09/2012
721385   Kata Mutiara Kata Mutiara Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Kata Mutiara Sebuah kumpulan kata-kata bijak dari seluruh dunia. Buka salah satu kerang dan membaca frase membawa. Menikmatinya!... Gratis 09/2012
721386   JuryStar® Law Student JuryStar® Law Student Produktivität Produktivität Apps like JuryStar® Law Student JuryStar Law Student is the original JuryStar voir dire iPad app. The seating chart will accommodate law school mock courtrooms with 3 rows of either 6, 7 or 8 seats. The two primary assets of this app for law school students are: (1) the “best practic... 9.99€ 09/2012
721387   Piano Chords & Scales Free Piano Chords & Scales Free Musik Musik Apps like Piano Chords & Scales Free Rated as Super App by Apps4iDevices.com, this is an app for piano students and for pianists that needs a reference to discover new things. This app will teach you different chord and scales combinations. Select a chord or scale and check it in the keyboa... Gratis 09/2012
721388   Race Form Calculator Pro Race Form Calculator Pro Sport Sport Apps like Race Form Calculator Pro Race Form Calculator is designed to aid you betting on horse racing results, This software was specifically written for the National Hunt and you will find all the information you need in The Racing Post. It was first written and tested in 1997 for the P... 13.99€ 09/2012
721389   St. Martin's Episcopal Alumni Mobile St. Martin's Episcopal Alumni Mobile Bildung Bildung Apps like St. Martin's Episcopal Alumni Mobile The official St. Martin's Episcopal app. Securely network and connect with the STM community around the world. Includes a directory integrated with LinkedIn, maps, photos and more! Powered by EverTrue.... Gratis 09/2012
721390   iHookah Lounge iHookah Lounge Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like iHookah Lounge The iHookah app allows our customers to gain access to special offers, be notified about special events, earn SMOKE PERKS, and receive FREE HOOKAHS. Order from the comfort of your own home - wherever! Be a part of the best Hookah Lounge around, iHooka... Gratis 09/2012
721391   Blackbear the Pirate Augmented Reality Viewer Blackbear the Pirate Augmented Reality Viewer Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Blackbear the Pirate Augmented Reality Viewer This free augmented reality app is designed to work with the Blackbear the Pirate book. Hold your phone or tablet over the pages in the book to bring them to life in 3D! The characters and places in the book will come to life and tell the story! !!!!!!!!... Gratis 09/2012
721392   Star 101.5 Star 101.5 Musik Musik Apps like Star 101.5 Star 101.5 plays the Soundtrack of Your Life, with the Greatest Hits of the 60's, 70's, and 80's for all of Northwest Arkansas. Star 101.5 is also home to Donny Osmond's 8 Track Playback, and the Classic Countdown with Dick Bartley.... Gratis 09/2012
721393   Spelling Space - 6th Grade Spelling Space - 6th Grade Bildung Bildung Apps like Spelling Space - 6th Grade Learning Gems completes its comprehensive elementary spelling app series with the final installment - Spelling Space - 6th Grade! This version designed for sixth graders includes a pre-recorded list of 576 High Frequency words. We have again worked direct... 0.99€ 09/2012
721394   청기 백기 게임 PRO 청기 백기 게임 PRO Spiele Spiele Apps like 청기 백기 게임 PRO 스마트한 앱포털 팟게이트에 소개되었습니다! ◆◆ 스마트 폰으로 돌아온 추억의 청기백기! ◆◆ ◆ 카톡 친구들을 초대해 점수 경쟁하기!! ◆ ◆ 내 최고 점수를 내 카톡 친구들에게 자랑하기!! ◆ ◆ 한눈 팔수 없는 짜릿한 긴장감!! ◆ ◆ 레벨이 올라갈수록 난이도 업! 재미 업!! ◆ ◆ 남녀노소 즐길 수 있는 단순한 게임방법! ◆ ◆ 무엇이든 1등을 위해 목숨 거시는 분들 강추!! ◆ [게임방법] - 시간내에 음성 및 지문의 내용대로 깃발... 0.99€ 09/2012
721395   Bayside Church Citrus Heights Bayside Church Citrus Heights Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Bayside Church Citrus Heights Welcome to the official Bayside Church of Citrus Heights application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. When you download this FREE app, you're one touch away from Pastor Craig Sweeney's weekend messages, delivered straight from the pulpit. There's a... Gratis 09/2012
721396   Lern Mit Jacob Lern Mit Jacob Bildung Bildung Apps like Lern Mit Jacob Lern mit Jacob ist ein unterhaltsamer und lehrreicher Kinder APP dessen Hauptziel es ist, das Bewusstsein, Interesse und Wissen über das Essen und deren Herkunft zu bereichern. Ein kleiner Junge namens Jacob begleitet die Kinder und erklärt den Zusamme... 0.99€ 09/2012
721397   Diario La Prensa para iPad / iPhone Diario La Prensa para iPad / iPhone Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Diario La Prensa para iPad / iPhone Descarga la aplicación para iPad / iPhone de Diario LA PRENSA, el diario de Honduras. Infórmate de lo que pasa en Honduras y el mundo a través de un diseño moderno que te permite una lectura cómoda y rápida, con los contenidos habituales de www.laprensa... Gratis 09/2012
721398   Millionaire Quiz Millionaire Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like Millionaire Quiz So you want to be a millionaire? In this quiz game you are right from the start and its only up to you if that stays till the end. 1500+ questions / 21 categories You must past 7 tests which are formed from over 1500 questions in 21 categories: - Geogr... 0.99€ 09/2012
721399   MDI Mobile MDI Mobile Medizin Medizin Apps like MDI Mobile This application is designed for medicolegal death investigators who collect data at death scenes for the establishment of cause and manner of death and the certification of death (completion of the death certificate). This app has the ability to upload ... 79.89€ 09/2012
721400   Cut Finger HD Cut Finger HD Sport Sport Apps like Cut Finger HD Hottest Finger Cutting game in a new style! BEST APP EVER! For some people this game might be aggravating and for some it may be cool and for many this game will be an interest of Entertainment. Apart from having fun cutting your fingers on screen you ... 0.99€ 09/2012

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