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722201   Photo 15 Puzzle Photo 15 Puzzle Spiele Spiele Apps like Photo 15 Puzzle This game is 15 puzzles. The puzzle can be made in the photograph. Let's make it from the lover, the child, and the family picture.... 0.99€ 09/2012
722202   MoneyNote  HD + MoneyNote HD + Produktivität Produktivität Apps like MoneyNote HD + This App is designed for the more easier calculation from Income and outcome with your accounts. Also, This app will protect your valuable, private and important accounts from not allowed person by password. If your device support touchID, you need no... 0.99€ 09/2012
722203   Quadri Falsi d'Autore - iPad Quadri Falsi d'Autore - iPad Büro Büro Apps like Quadri Falsi d'Autore - iPad Quadri "Falsi d'Autore", realizzati da pittori professionisti, con qualità da museo. Un'opportunità unica per mettere in mostra nelle pareti di casa tua, un fantastico quadro VERO!... Gratis 09/2012
722204   Quelea Quelea Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Quelea Generate simply secure passwords and be sure that they are in a safe place! Today we are facing two major problems with the use of internet: * the growth of the number of web sites requiring authentication urges us to constantly think new passwords or t... Gratis 09/2012
722205   easysearch HD easysearch HD Referenz Referenz Apps like easysearch HD easySearch HD App allows quick and easy way to search from your iPad on your favorite search, video, image, finance, social shopping, travel and news sites. This app allows the users to search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google Finance, Yahoo Finan... 0.99€ 09/2012
722206   Quick Images Quick Images Bildung Bildung Apps like Quick Images **Move beyond counting by 1's to more efficient strategies with number!** Your child can now count objects up to a high number, perhaps 50 or even higher. Now what? The mathematical skill of subitizing is "instantly seeing how many." The tasks in this a... 0.99€ 09/2012
722207   Musicians' Union Musicians' Union Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Musicians' Union The Musicians’ Union is a globally-respected organisation which represents over 30, 000 musicians working in all sectors of the music business. This app contains news and information about the Union.... Gratis 09/2012
722208   Bomb Peng Bomb Peng Spiele Spiele Apps like Bomb Peng In this bomb game you have to make sure that you will let the enemy fall down of the platform. Do this by planting bombs on the right spots.... Gratis 09/2012
722209   Break Bottles Break Bottles Spiele Spiele Apps like Break Bottles ★☆★ Bottles-breaking upgraded with a higher level! ✔ The best App for the solution of stress. ✔ The best App for time killing. ✔ The App for resting your mind without any thinking. ★ Now, enjoy it without any thinking. ☛ Tip: How to raise a high score... Gratis 09/2012
722210   VerbTeX Pro LaTeX Editor VerbTeX Pro LaTeX Editor Produktivität Produktivität Apps like VerbTeX Pro LaTeX Editor VerbTeX Pro is the secure LaTeX Editor for your iOS device. It allows you to create and manage LaTeX projects directly on your iOS device and generate a PDF by using Verbosus (Online LaTeX and Octave Editor). This software is provided "as is" without war... 1.99€ 09/2012
722211   Extreme Construction Trucks Extreme Construction Trucks Spiele Spiele Apps like Extreme Construction Trucks Grab junk cars with the claw truck for demolition, smash buildings with a wrecking ball, use your crane to build steel truss structures, use a forklift to load a trash compactor, and maneuver your monster construction excavator to load and unload big ... 0.99€ 09/2012
722212   VerbTeX LaTeX Editor VerbTeX LaTeX Editor Produktivität Produktivität Apps like VerbTeX LaTeX Editor VerbTeX is a free LaTeX Editor for your iOS device. It allows you to create and manage LaTeX projects directly on your iOS device and generate a PDF by using Verbosus (Online LaTeX and Octave Editor). This software is provided "as is" without warranties ... Gratis 09/2012
722213   Farmaci - prontuario farmaceutico Farmaci - prontuario farmaceutico Medizin Medizin Apps like Farmaci - prontuario farmaceutico Scontato del 50% - solo per un periodo limitato! ============================== Oltre 21.700 farmaci dettagliati. Prontuario farmaceutico comprende tutti i farmaci presenti in italia con un database aggiornato ad agosto 2013. 13/09/2013* NUOVA FUNZIONE... 3.99€ 09/2012
722214   Birthday Wise Free Birthday Wise Free Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Birthday Wise Free Keep track of all the birthdays in your life. Never forget another one. Key Features: ★ Import birthdays from Facebook ★ Import birthdays from phone contacts ★ Add birthdays directly in app ★ Customizable reminder settings: receive notifications stra... Gratis 09/2012
722215   Easy English Lite Easy English Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like Easy English Lite Easy English für Kinder ist eine unterhaltsame Annäherung an die Englische Sprache für Kinder im Vorschulalter. Dieses App. wurde entworfen für all diejenigen Eltern und Lehrer, die Kindern eine Möglichkeit bieten wollen, sich an die Englische Sprache ... Gratis 09/2012
722216   四大名著-中英文 四大名著-中英文 Bücher Bücher Apps like 四大名著-中英文 Four Great Classical Novels in China Collecting the most famous and classical Novels in China! • The language of Books are including Simple Chinese, Chinese-traditional and English. • Enjoy reading both on your iPad and iPhone! • This App is als... Gratis 09/2012
722217   HeartsFree!!! HeartsFree!!! Spiele Spiele Apps like HeartsFree!!! A very fun card game, it will make your spare time more abundant.Ado, direct demo? Know.Please!... Gratis 09/2012
722218   Hearts!!! Hearts!!! Spiele Spiele Apps like Hearts!!! A very fun card game, it will make your spare time more abundant.Ado, direct demo? Know.Please!... 0.99€ 09/2012
722219   Snow Music Snow Music Musik Musik Apps like Snow Music Snow Music is a simple computer instrument created by Charles Martin and Ensemble Evolution for bringing the sound of snow and ice in Piteå into their performances. Tap the snow to create the sound of footsteps, swipe to create the sounds of sliding in ... Gratis 09/2012
722220   panda gogo panda gogo Spiele Spiele Apps like panda gogo Panda Go game. Launch the Panda to destroy all the bamboo stick... 0.99€ 09/2012
722221   Walnut Walnut Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Walnut The Walnut app lets you realistically visualise artwork on your wall with just a few touches. You can visualise any image from your iPhone or iPad, as well as artworks from our partner galleries. Enjoy! www.walnut-art.com www.twitter.com/WalnutArtApp ... Gratis 09/2012
722222   UccSpace Global UccSpace Global Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like UccSpace Global Uccspace application is a video application to help you understand the truth of the Bible more easily. We wish you to realize the Second Coming Jesus and Heavenly Mother and the new covenant which the Bible testifies about, so that you can find the way t... Gratis 09/2012
722223   Task Tracker - Makes Scrum Standups Easy Task Tracker - Makes Scrum Standups Easy Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Task Tracker - Makes Scrum Standups Easy Simple and easy to track your tasks. Makes answering "What I did yesterday" and "What will I do today" questions of an Agile standup easy!! Features: - Displays tasks for yesterday, today and tomorrow in a single summary view - Automatically creates ... Gratis 09/2012
722224   Balloon Modelling Balloon Modelling Bildung Bildung Apps like Balloon Modelling The balloon twisting is a kind of magic. If you have the knowledge of it you can turn balloons into animals and objects with the sleight of your hands and make the crowd of children happy for seconds. Fortunately, there is no need to go to the magician ... 0.99€ 09/2012
722225   Learner Log Book Learner Log Book Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Learner Log Book This app is great for capturing the details you need for learner driving sessions. Being especially useful for when you forget your Log Book. Some key features: - Easily log Learner driving entries. - Calculation of total time. - Timer. - Pause & Continu... Gratis 09/2012
722226   bdnews24 bdnews24 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like bdnews24 This is the official iPhone/iPad app for bdnews24.com developed jointly by Selliyal Sdn Bhd and bdnews24.com bdnews24.com is the first and the leading source of Bangladesh's news, delivered in both Bangla and English on an interactive, integrated multi... Gratis 09/2012
722227   Hide Face Cam - Ausblenden Gesicht Kamera Hide Face Cam - Ausblenden Gesicht Kamera Photographie Photographie Apps like Hide Face Cam - Ausblenden Gesicht Kamera "Hide Face Cam" ist die Kamera, um den Effekt zu verstecken das Gesicht automatisch machen. Sie werden in der Lage sein, um den Effekt in der Vorschau während der Aufnahme zu sehen. Sie können aus 4 Arten von Effekten wählen. - Mit einem Stift füllen - ... Gratis 09/2012
722228   Livro-Obra Livro-Obra Bücher Bücher Apps like Livro-Obra This app, conceptualized by Itaú Cultural and by Associação Cultural o Mundo de Lygia Clark, recreates Lygia Clark’s “Livro-Obra”, published in 1983, through a rich interface that reinterprets its manipulable structures, textures and finishings. The... Gratis 09/2012
722229   أذكار وأدعية أذكار وأدعية Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like أذكار وأدعية ★★★★★ البرنامج الوحيد الذى لا يحتاج الى الانترنت و ليس روابط و انما كامل و بنقاء عالي للصوت جودة عالية جدا ووضوح رائع في الصوت دون الحاجة للانترنت لا يمكن ان تجده في تطبيق اخر هذا التطبيق يحتوي على اكثر من ٤٠ ذكرا و دعاء مسموع و مثلها مكتوب فهو يحتوي على ... 4.99€ 09/2012
722230   COLOR_SAMPLE COLOR_SAMPLE Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like COLOR_SAMPLE This app is color Sampler. Please use when creating apps.... Gratis 09/2012
722231   Perks in Skyrim ® Perks in Skyrim ® Referenz Referenz Apps like Perks in Skyrim ® For players of the game Skyrim, this app makes it easy for you to plan your Skyrim character build. This app lets you choose perks from clear descriptions, and it automatically selects any required prerequisites. What others have said about this app:... 0.99€ 09/2012
722232   Digital Cameras Digital Cameras Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Digital Cameras Digital cameras is a great collection with digital cameras photos and detailed info. You can view, edit, share, add to favorites, compare and even play games with your favorite digital cameras. - Photo and info - Compare - Slideshow - Quiz game - Zoo... 4.99€ 09/2012
722233   Pilotica Pilotica Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Pilotica Pilotica is the Ultimate online and mobile pilot logbook. This is a 100% free online/mobile pilots logbook application. Works offline and synchronizes with seamless integration to the award winning Pilotica.com online logbook. With this App you can a... Gratis 09/2012
722234   Gebedsplan Gebedsplan Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Gebedsplan This prayer plan is based on the Word of God and was birthed through the leading of the Holy Spirit by Pastor Ronnie Barnard from Word and Life ministries in Johannesburg South Africa. Reference to scripture is made in almost every sentence and as such ma... Gratis 09/2012
722235   Draw Me Dress Me Draw Me Dress Me Bildung Bildung Apps like Draw Me Dress Me Draw Me, Dress Me is a cute and simple application that was developed by a speech language pathologist to teach body parts, how to draw a person, weather and how to dress for the weather. This app was designed for young children.   Draw Me, Dress Me ... 0.99€ 09/2012
722236   Guns Gallery Guns Gallery Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Guns Gallery Guns Gallery is a great collection with guns photos and detailed info. You can view, edit, share, add to favorites, compare and even play games with your favorite guns. - Photo and info - Compare - Slideshow - Quiz game - Zoom in - Share photos - Edi... 4.99€ 09/2012
722237   The Amendments Quiz The Amendments Quiz Bildung Bildung Apps like The Amendments Quiz If you need help studying for that upcoming constitution test or just wanna brush up on your Amendments then this is the app for you. All 27 Amendments are featured in this app plus an exclusive Bill of Rights category. Instant fee back makes it super si... 0.99€ 09/2012
722238   St. Clair College Landscape Horticulture St. Clair College Landscape Horticulture Bildung Bildung Apps like St. Clair College Landscape Horticulture Contact: Use this app to quickly contact your Faculty Professors, Support Staff and Program Chair. You can choose to email or place a phone call directly to each staff member of the horticulture department. You will be connected automatically to the c... Gratis 09/2012
722239   MS Earth Science Buddy MS Earth Science Buddy Bildung Bildung Apps like MS Earth Science Buddy Teacher Review "As Science teacher, I find many obstacles in finding the perfect medium in which to share information with my students. This often includes hours of google searches, you tube searches, etc. This app is amazing! It takes those hours I us... 1.99€ 09/2012
722240   SitoHD SitoHD Photographie Photographie Apps like SitoHD Die Anwendung SitoHD gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, die Bilder Ihrer Webseite auf auch ohne Internetverbindung zu sehen.... Gratis 09/2012
722241   Ahorcado: ¿Quién va a ser ahorcado? Ahorcado: ¿Quién va a ser ahorcado? Spiele Spiele Apps like Ahorcado: ¿Quién va a ser ahorcado? Ahorcado: ¿Quién va a ser ahorcado? El ahorcado es un juego maravilloso, que probablemente recordarás de tu infancia. Antes necesitabas una hoja de papel o una pizarra, ahora lo puedes jugar en tu teléfono o tablet! Adivina la palabra oculta escogiendo... 0.99€ 09/2012
722242   B2BCoreHX B2BCoreHX Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like B2BCoreHX Personal Fitness Trainer Heather Ancheta presents B2BCoreHX fitness workout. A little about CORE. Remember, training the Core is not the same as “working the abs.” It is not about obtaining a six-pack or getting rid of “muffin tops.” Core training invo... 0.99€ 09/2012
722243   Armando Palabras Armando Palabras Bildung Bildung Apps like Armando Palabras Armando Palabras es una util herramienta que te ayudara a la enseñanza de tus hijos de una manera facil y entretenida. Tu hijo arrastrara cada letra para formar una palabra, ayudado por el dibujo de la misma. Armando palabras cuenta con las siguientes ... 0.99€ 09/2012
722244   Wien U-Bahn Wien U-Bahn Reise Reise Apps like Wien U-Bahn Wien U-Bahn ========= Diese App ist für Leute, wer Wien besuchen und wollen U-Bahn für Reisen verwenden. Mit diesem Programm können Sie leicht finden die Stationen. Die App berechnet die Entfernungen der einzelnen Stationen von Ihrer aktuellen Position ... 0.99€ 09/2012
722245   Clinical Medicine Clinical Medicine Medizin Medizin Apps like Clinical Medicine It provides a comprehensive and authoritative source of information on the management and treatment of medical problems, textbook combined with instructional videos produces a complete resource of medical information. Its aim is to explain the management... 1.99€ 09/2012
722246   UnsungHeroes UnsungHeroes Kataloge Kataloge Apps like UnsungHeroes This app is a 'living app book' which honors the men and women of Rescue One in the New York City Fire Department, particularly Lt. Dennis Mojica who was the leader of the rescue on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. ... Gratis 09/2012
722247   Sleep Better: Relaxing Waves Sleep Better: Relaxing Waves Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Sleep Better: Relaxing Waves Having trouble falling asleep? Let the gentle waves of white noise calm your mind and lull you into a deep sleep. Trying to read or study? Turn on the waves to silence outside noise. Listen to a constant stream of soothing white noise, or choose one of ... Gratis 09/2012
722248   Dog Haiku Dog Haiku Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Dog Haiku Interactive Poem. "Summer doggies dream but I am remiss and miss the days of the dead." - by Heather D. Freeman)... Gratis 09/2012
722249   San Francisco Offline Karte + Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr Karte (ÖPNV) San Francisco Offline Karte + Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr Karte (ÖPNV) Reise Reise Apps like San Francisco Offline Karte + Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr Karte (ÖPNV) San Francisco die Offline Karte + Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr Karte (ÖPNV) mit iCloud Unterstützung ist die beste App in der Kategorie Navigation, ohne die nutzung des Internets. Alle Daten werden Lokal auf Ihrem iPhone, iPad oder iPod Touch gespeic... 0.99€ 09/2012
722250   Toy Box Clock Lite Toy Box Clock Lite Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Toy Box Clock Lite A 3D clock with a Toy Box theme. Dynamic objects can be moved around using a simple touch and drag interface. New soft shadowing techniques are used to produce direct and indirect lighting effects and allow for high fidelity visuals. Night light can be ... Gratis 09/2012
722251   Jamila Magazine Jamila Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Jamila Magazine A magazine of superior printing quality, Jamila is an attractive, exciting and prestigious magazine. It gathers and challenges its readers to new horizons of concerns, enthusiasm and ever increasing interest. Launched in 1998 as a monthly magazine, Ja... Gratis 09/2012
722252   Babies Crochet Patterns Babies Crochet Patterns Referenz Referenz Apps like Babies Crochet Patterns In Babies Crochet Patterns you can find a large selection of Crochet Patterns that can be made either for that special little bundle in your life or as gifts for family and friends. The categories included are: Hats/Bonnets Booties Layettes Blankets Mis... 1.99€ 09/2012
722253   Daily baby pics Daily baby pics Photographie Photographie Apps like Daily baby pics Every parent would like to capture there child's each lovely day. So evidcomm presents a unique application which will help you to take daily pics of your lovely child.  Now remember your child each day with this application. This application will save d... 0.99€ 09/2012
722254   VietNam TV VietNam TV Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like VietNam TV VietNam TV Xem phim, ca nhạc, thể thao, hài kịch giải trí miễn phí tốc độ cao, cực hay cực HOT. VietNam TV phát trực tuyến các kênh truyền hình của SCTV và đối tác, là hệ thống có độ ổn định và tốc độ cao. Giải trí với VietNam TV giúp người xem thưở... Gratis 09/2012
722255   Kids Songs Featured Kids Songs Featured Bildung Bildung Apps like Kids Songs Featured Description 1. The software applies to iphone, iphone hd version, ipad 2. The software included hundreds of English children's songs, and provided for free. A Totally New Learning Experience. This Multi Media Application is packed with hundreds of Son... 0.99€ 09/2012
722256   Money Note + Money Note + Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Money Note + This App is designed for the more easier calculation from Income and outcome with your accounts. Also, This app will protect your valuable, private and important accounts from not allowed person by password. If your device support touchID, you need no... 0.99€ 09/2012
722257   Holdem Calculator Holdem Calculator Spiele Spiele Apps like Holdem Calculator know if you will win or not, know your odds of winning. This app allows you to calculate the probability of winning in Texas Hold em cards game (德州撲克卡精靈) texas hold em tarjetas genio. You can adjust the accuracy by sliding the + button at the bottom.... 0.99€ 09/2012
722258   Amount - Einheiten und Währungsrechner Amount - Einheiten und Währungsrechner Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Amount - Einheiten und Währungsrechner ### Apple Best New Apps 2013 Apple New & Noteworthy Apple Editor’s Choice Apple Productivity Essentials Apple Travel Survival Kit #1 Productivity App ### Amount ist der intuitivste, leichteste und einfachste Einheiten-Umrechner, den du je gesehen hast.... 0.99€ 09/2012
722259   World Guns World Guns Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like World Guns World Guns is a catalog with all guns of the world. Features: - Compare guns - Quiz game - Gallery - Bookmarks - No internet connection needed - Retina display You should visit each gun from this catalog. ... 4.99€ 09/2012
722260   Wonder of the World Wonder of the World Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Wonder of the World Wonder of the World is a beautiful catalog with most amazing wonder in the world. Features: - Amazing wonder - Compare wonder - Quiz game - Gallery - Bookmarks - No internet connection needed - Retina display You should visit each wonder from this catal... 4.99€ 09/2012
722261   Tea Bags Tea Bags Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Tea Bags Tea Bags is a huge database where you can find detailed info and great photos about each tea bag that ever existed. Features: - Great photos with detailed info for every tea bag - Compare - Quiz game - Gallery - Bookmarks - No internet connection needed ... 4.99€ 09/2012
722262   Sticker Pic Sticker Pic Photographie Photographie Apps like Sticker Pic Find your special design tools in Sticker Pic, 240+ unique badges and stickers to express variety of moods to perfect your photos. Sticker Pic-unique stickers to perfect your photos Copyright © Sticker PicAll Rights Reserved.... 1.99€ 09/2012
722263   Ski Resorts HD Ski Resorts HD Sport Sport Apps like Ski Resorts HD Ski Resorts HD is a resort guide includes detailed resort piste maps, photos, village maps, facts & figures and pros & cons to help you choose the best ski resort for your ski holiday. Features: - Amazing landscapes - Compare resorts - Quiz game - Gal... 4.99€ 09/2012
722264   Motorcycles Gallery Motorcycles Gallery Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Motorcycles Gallery Motorcycle Gallery is a great database with motorcycles photos and detailed info. You can view, edit, share, add to favorites, compare and even play games with your favorite motorcycles. - Photo and info - Compare - Slideshow - Quiz game - Zoom in - ... 4.99€ 09/2012
722265   Star View Rover Tracker - Sky Astronomy Guide -Stargazing and Night Sky Watching - Best app  to Explore the Universe Star View Rover Tracker - Sky Astronomy Guide -Stargazing and Night Sky Watching - Best app to Explore the Universe Referenz Referenz Apps like Star View Rover Tracker - Sky Astronomy Guide -Stargazing and Night Sky Watching - Best app to Explore the Universe -----> Observe in real time what stars, planets, and constellations hover above. <----- - Information at your fingertips. Learn about stars and planets. Discover trivia connecting stars to some of your favorite science fiction Learn the folklore behi... 0.99€ 09/2012
722266   Monkey Barrel Game - Blast the Monkeys Monkey Barrel Game - Blast the Monkeys Spiele Spiele Apps like Monkey Barrel Game - Blast the Monkeys Monkey Barrel game finally comes to IOS! Blast the Monkeys from on barrel to another to reach the Banana! *** Reviews *** Editors pick appeggs.com Sep 20, 2012 AggEggs.com : Buying Monkey Barrel Game Is the Best Buck You Will Spend This Week! AppDicti... 0.99€ 09/2012
722267   Treasure Planet Treasure Planet Spiele Spiele Apps like Treasure Planet *** Works fine on iOS 7. You are a treasure hunter. Traveling through the space looking for treasures. Adventure is always dangerous. Since the spacecraft failed today, You crashed into a planet where you do not know. Don't you think that it's an oppo... 2.99€ 09/2012
722268   八丈富士 〜標高854m。黒潮に聳える火山〜 八丈富士 〜標高854m。黒潮に聳える火山〜 Bücher Bücher Apps like 八丈富士 〜標高854m。黒潮に聳える火山〜 This is the photograph collection in which a photographer, Kaoru Honda photoed the highest peak, Mt. Hachijo-Fuji in Izu Islands, Japan. High Definition quality, and supported Retina Display. The charm of Mt. Hachijo-Fuji is "Ohachi-Meguri" which goe... 2.99€ 09/2012
722269   TimeThisFree TimeThisFree Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like TimeThisFree TimeThisFree allows you to create preset countdown timers for just about anything. From things like filling the bath to when dinner will be ready, TimeThisFree reminds you when you need to take action. The greatest feature of TimeThisFree is that you... Gratis 09/2012
722270   PhotoStory Pro PhotoStory Pro Photographie Photographie Apps like PhotoStory Pro PhotoStory New features: * Support for iPhone5. * Add Frames. * Add Lovely stickers. * Change border size. * Beautiful background images. * Change background color or background images. * Write something in the Text Box. Color of Text is changeable. Size... 2.99€ 09/2012
722271   MobAle MobAle Büro Büro Apps like MobAle Sales and ordering software for the beverage industry. MobAle is a mobile sales and ordering application integrated with QuickBooks and Excel delivering near real-time inventory, ordering, and customer management to your sales force. MobAle combines the... Gratis 09/2012
722272   Multi Maths Multi Maths Bildung Bildung Apps like Multi Maths Multi Maths can be used to practice your maths skills. As you progress through the levels, numbers increase and new operators are introduced: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Comparison and Operators. Features: - A section for each ... 0.99€ 09/2012
722273   ACU Summit Schedule ACU Summit Schedule Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like ACU Summit Schedule With over 200 sessions this year, creating a personal schedule for Summit can be daunting. ACU Summit Schedule lets you browse and view session information, create alerts for them in your calendar, and will warn you if you schedule two events that happ... Gratis 09/2012
722274   Kingdom Island HD - Online Virtual World Kingdom Island HD - Online Virtual World Spiele Spiele Apps like Kingdom Island HD - Online Virtual World 7 EXCLUSIVE HD ONLY ITEMS FOR YOUR DRAGON!   • Aviator Jacket • Aviator Hat • Firefighter Helmet • Firefighter Jacket • Girl Dragon Head Bow • Yellow Dragon Color • Access to HD Users only Ballroom (inside the castle)!! • Completely Ad Free!   Welcome to ... 1.99€ 09/2012
722275   The Little Flying Boy The Little Flying Boy Bücher Bücher Apps like The Little Flying Boy This is an easy to read story that is beautifully color illustrated. This exciting story will hold your child’s attention and enhance their creative imagination. Many of the pages have an optional “Paint Me” feature for children to finger paint the page... 1.99€ 09/2012
722276   Vischnu Vischnu Bücher Bücher Apps like Vischnu Vischnu ist ein interaktives Bilderbuch für jeden, der von den Wundern der Ozeane angezogen wird und auf der Suche nach Abenteuern ist. Jedes Lebewesen hat seinen Platz. Doch was, wenn du nicht weisst, wo dein Platz ist? Was, wenn du nicht weisst, w... 0.99€ 09/2012
722277   Madd Maddox Madd Maddox Bücher Bücher Apps like Madd Maddox Madd Maddox is tired of his pesky little sister bossing him around and telling him what to do. He devised a plan to make sure that he doesn’t have to be bothered by her ever again. He will sell her! And it works…at least he thinks it does? Maddox runs int... 1.99€ 09/2012
722278   Allergies,  and Awesome You Allergies, and Awesome You Bücher Bücher Apps like Allergies, and Awesome You Can you imagine your life allergy-free? Yes, yes, and yes. It is possible. Now, it's your turn. The AmazingAllergist will show you how. This book is a part of the AmazingAllergist's Awesome Series that empowers allergic children to live great lives.... 1.99€ 09/2012
722279   ITALIENISCH + ITALIENISCH + Bildung Bildung Apps like ITALIENISCH + Wenn Sie mit Italienischen Geschäftspartnern zusammen arbeiten oder Italienisch lernen, brauchen Sie dringend unsere App um Ihre Kommunikationsfähigkeit im Italienisch zu verbessern. Wir haben für Sie alle İtalienische Verbkonjugationen zusammengefasst. ... 3.99€ 09/2012
722280   Smash these Bees HD FREE Smash these Bees HD FREE Spiele Spiele Apps like Smash these Bees HD FREE This is a cool, easy and fun to play, endless game. Tap the Bees to kill them, before they leave the screen. Don't tap the red Bees, or you end the game. Great Game Great Fun!!! Key Features: • very very easy to play • nice color graphics • endles... Gratis 09/2012
722281   Ernie the Eagle and the Mysterious "Grrrr!" Ernie the Eagle and the Mysterious "Grrrr!" Bücher Bücher Apps like Ernie the Eagle and the Mysterious "Grrrr!" Synopsis of “Ernie the Eagle and the Mysterious Grrrr!” Have you ever heard a scary noise and you didn’t know what it was? Then you know how Ernie the Eagle felt one morning when a loud growling noise woke him up. Can you figure out what it was? Many of... 1.99€ 09/2012
722282   ATZCam ATZCam Photographie Photographie Apps like ATZCam This software is specifically applied to IP cameras of PnP series produced by ATZ Technology Co., Ltd PnP series IP cameras, which can be called Plug-and-Play IP cameras, are the new generation product manufactured by ATZ Technology Co., Ltd. This ne... Gratis 09/2012
722283   Discover Luxembourg Discover Luxembourg Navigation Navigation Apps like Discover Luxembourg Fully compatible with iPhone, iPad and new iPad with Retina Display Graphics. This will get you started and point you toward some of the possibilities for designing your own vacation. Whether this is your first trip or your 10th, you're bound to come ... 1.99€ 09/2012
722284   The Taekwondo Toolkit! The Taekwondo Toolkit! Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Taekwondo Toolkit! This is not a passive reference guide. we are not going show you poomsae, or things that can and should be learned in the dojang. Rather, we have created an application that is every bit as active as you are. If it is your dream to reach your full po... 1.99€ 09/2012
722285   Beautiful Scotland Beautiful Scotland Reise Reise Apps like Beautiful Scotland Fully compatible with iPhone, iPad and new iPad with Retina Display Graphics. This will get you started and point you toward some of the possibilities for designing your own vacation. Whether this is your first trip or your 10th, you're bound to come ... 1.99€ 09/2012
722286   Wondorful Qatar Wondorful Qatar Navigation Navigation Apps like Wondorful Qatar Fully compatible with iPhone, iPad and new iPad with Retina Display Graphics. This will get you started and point you toward some of the possibilities for designing your own vacation. Whether this is your first trip or your 10th, you're bound to come ... 1.99€ 09/2012
722287   Struffel Explores Struffel Explores Bücher Bücher Apps like Struffel Explores Struffel Explores is a charming and captivating children’s book about Struffel, a little bear, and his explorations with his family and friends. In the first story, Struffel identifies him humble side and aids all his friends in their daily tasks. In t... 1.99€ 09/2012
722288   Cricket Score Sheet Cricket Score Sheet Sport Sport Apps like Cricket Score Sheet This app is like an electronic piece of paper. Fill in the scores as your club match progresses and then email it for records or printing.... 1.99€ 09/2012
722289   Amazing  Brunei Amazing Brunei Reise Reise Apps like Amazing Brunei Fully compatible with iPhone, iPad and new iPad with Retina Display Graphics. This will get you started and point you toward some of the possibilities for designing your own vacation. Whether this is your first trip or your 10th, you're bound to come ... 1.99€ 09/2012
722290   Where They Live Where They Live Bücher Bücher Apps like Where They Live Early childhood development is important, and we need to read to our children every night. Many of the pages have an optional “Paint Me” feature for children to finger paint the pages and create their own custom version of the book. Additional f... 1.99€ 09/2012
722291   Learn Pro Blackjack™ Trainer - The Simple App That Helps You Learn Basic Strategy and How to Win at 21 Learn Pro Blackjack™ Trainer - The Simple App That Helps You Learn Basic Strategy and How to Win at 21 Spiele Spiele Apps like Learn Pro Blackjack™ Trainer - The Simple App That Helps You Learn Basic Strategy and How to Win at 21 Learn Pro Blackjack™ trainer for iPhone and iPad helps you quickly and easily learn basic strategy to boost your confidence, have more fun and win more often. The app has all of the features you would expect from a premium training application including... 2.99€ 09/2012
722292   iGeoBoard iGeoBoard Produktivität Produktivität Apps like iGeoBoard GeoBoard is a wonderful 2D application and a talent drawing tool, which can help you create geometrical figures, points, circles, polygons and so on. It’s features are: 1. Create points, lines, circles and other basic graphic elements. 2. Create Pa... 1.99€ 09/2012
722293   HindiMadeEasy-foriPad HindiMadeEasy-foriPad Bildung Bildung Apps like HindiMadeEasy-foriPad Learn Hindi fast and effectively with “Hindi Made Easy”. It contains 70+ quality images with native audio sound. You have the option to learn in Hindi of most common things, fruits, vegetables, colors, body parts and vehicles. Most Apps try to teach... Gratis 09/2012
722294   TravelReady TravelReady Reise Reise Apps like TravelReady Travel Ready has been designed to present a traditional looking travel checklist that is simple, user friendly and pretty easy to maintain. If you are looking for a defined list of items, Travel Ready offers you with a basic list of items in 10 categori... Gratis 09/2012
722295   Tock Tock Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Tock A clock doesn't have to be boring. Tock is a beautifully designed textual clock app for iOS. Set it on a dock on your desk or next to your bed. Enjoy the animated changes in time and select the font of your choice. • 7 beautiful color themes to pick from... 0.99€ 09/2012
722296   Dress Up-Exotic Girls Dress Up-Exotic Girls Spiele Spiele Apps like Dress Up-Exotic Girls Are you the type of girl that enjoys shopping and trying on different outfits? Are you a fashionista that loves showing off her design talent? Then check out this free make over and dress up game. In every theme, you can create hundreds of unique comb... Gratis 09/2012
722297   RunSignUp Mobile Timer RunSignUp Mobile Timer Sport Sport Apps like RunSignUp Mobile Timer *** Important: RunSignUp Mobile Timer is in beta *** RunSignUp Mobile Timer is a universal application that allows race directors to accurately time and place a foot race with a real time, modern solution. The three sections of the application are: Ti... Gratis 09/2012
722298   MyBCTeam: The social network for women facing breast cancer MyBCTeam: The social network for women facing breast cancer Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like MyBCTeam: The social network for women facing breast cancer MyBCTeam is the only social network dedicated to breast cancer survivors and women recently diagnosed. Stay connected & share with other women like you who understand. “MyBCTeam has played an important role in my recovery and I know it will continue to ... Gratis 09/2012
722299   Turismo de La Rioja Turismo de La Rioja Bücher Bücher Apps like Turismo de La Rioja En este quiosco digital te proponemos un paseo virtual por La Rioja. Descárgate de forma gratuita esta aplicación y disfruta de seis folletos con toda la información sobre La Rioja: -La tierra con nombre de vino -Gastronomía -Turismo del Vino -Monaste... Gratis 09/2012
722300   ArtFangs ArtFangs Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like ArtFangs Your Lock Screen is your Front Page. With hip 'Fang' Art the Lock Screen is transformed, and WAY more useful! ArtFangs is the first ever app built from the ground up to display beautiful artwork AND your personalized contact information. Choose from ... 0.99€ 09/2012
722301   Elmore Toyota Elmore Toyota Büro Büro Apps like Elmore Toyota Elmore Toyota is a premier Toyota Dealer in Orange County, California. At Elmore Toyota, we make buying or leasing a new vehicle a pleasant and rewarding experience. We have a great selection of new Toyota and Scion Vehicles. We also carry a great sel... Gratis 09/2012
722302   Photos WDW Fireworks Photos WDW Fireworks Photographie Photographie Apps like Photos WDW Fireworks Fantastic Fireworks Pictures from WDW Enjoy!... Gratis 09/2012
722303   Go Play Pool Go Play Pool Sport Sport Apps like Go Play Pool Rooms that are members of the GoPlayPool App will have a detailed profile on the application. Profile will contain information about the establishment. Profiles can include: - Hours of operation - Tournament schedules - Amenities such as sports package... Gratis 09/2012
722304   Finger Painter Plus Finger Painter Plus Bildung Bildung Apps like Finger Painter Plus 'Finger Painter Plus' is a simple, child friendly painting app. Let your child explore the easy to use interface to make beautiful paintings for you to keep and share. 'Finger Painter Plus' features: * a range of bright, funky colors * simple, in... Gratis 09/2012
722305   Chinesisch + Chinesisch + Bildung Bildung Apps like Chinesisch + Wenn Sie mit Chinesischen Geschäftspartnern zusammen arbeiten oder Chinesisch lernen , brauchen Sie dringend unsere App um Ihre Kommunikationsfähigkeit im Chinesisch zu verbessern. Wir haben für Sie über mehr als 1000 Chinesische Wörter zusammengefasst. ... 1.99€ 09/2012
722306   PolymerCAFÉ PolymerCAFÉ Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like PolymerCAFÉ PolymerCAFÉ Magazine is dedicated to providing news and instruction to hobbyists, students and professionals about people, events, techniques and products in the world of polymer clay. The magazine contains columns that range from beginner's instructio... Gratis 09/2012
722307   California Professional Firefighters California Professional Firefighters Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like California Professional Firefighters California Professional Firefighters By California Professional Firefighters The California Professional Firefighters app offers CPF members and their affiliated local unions an important link to the California fire service and a valuable resource on ev... Gratis 09/2012
722308   MDR BuyingPower MDR BuyingPower Büro Büro Apps like MDR BuyingPower MDR’s BuyingPOWER app gives you a quick view into MDR’s high quality, comprehensive education data. Use it to review K12 district, building and personnel counts by state, as well as to see All Instructional Spending (AIM) by county. This handy tool l... Gratis 09/2012
722309   AutoBlendX AutoBlendX Photographie Photographie Apps like AutoBlendX AutoBlendX allows you to blend photos together using a large variety of blend modes and options. Select photos from your iPad's photo library and then use the Blend Modes toolbar button to choose from many blend modes. You can also toggle between blending... 1.99€ 09/2012
722310   UFCU Mobile Banking for iPad UFCU Mobile Banking for iPad Finanzen Finanzen Apps like UFCU Mobile Banking for iPad Welcome to UFCU Mobile Banking for iPad. You are one step closer to having access to UFCU whenever, wherever you are. It’s a fast, secure and free* way to get 24/7 access to your UFCU accounts from your iPad. UFCU Mobile Banking for iPad benefits: –... Gratis 09/2012
722311   Medrills: Army Needle Chest Decompression (NCD) Medrills: Army Needle Chest Decompression (NCD) Medizin Medizin Apps like Medrills: Army Needle Chest Decompression (NCD) The MEDRILLs (U.S. Army Medic) Needle Chest Decompression app is a highly interactive training tool for initial training and skill sustainment of task 081-833-3007 for U.S. Army Health Care Specialists (Combat Medic, MOS 68W). Each MEDRILLs App covers ... 3.99€ 09/2012
722312   Speech Cards Professional Speech Cards Professional Bildung Bildung Apps like Speech Cards Professional Improve speech and language skills with Speech Cards, a flashcards app for people of all ages. Each card shows customizable text and a picture. Tap on the text or picture to hear an audio recording. Use the microphone to practice speaking and then list... 9.99€ 09/2012
722313   Clinical Advisor Clinical Advisor Medizin Medizin Apps like Clinical Advisor Clinical Advisor is the first app created specifically for nurse practitioners and physician assistants, from the publishers of the number one print journal for these healthcare professionals. The CA app was designed to be the essential resource for NPs... Gratis 09/2012
722314   Pharmacy Australia Congress Pharmacy Australia Congress Referenz Referenz Apps like Pharmacy Australia Congress PAC12 is pharmacy’s pre-eminent congress and exhibition for pharmacists across all sectors of the profession and industry, to held at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 October 2012. PAC12’s theme of From Vision to Re... Gratis 09/2012
722315   The ADWC Anatomy Quiz The ADWC Anatomy Quiz Bildung Bildung Apps like The ADWC Anatomy Quiz This app has been designed for students taking the Anatomy and Physiology 1 course at Abu Dhabi Women’s College. This course provides an introduction to basic anatomy and physiological principles from cellular level to the whole organism. It was developed... Gratis 09/2012
722316   Clever Bird Clever Bird Spiele Spiele Apps like Clever Bird This a very addictive game, the whole purpose is to help the bird fly from one point to the other. Energy gets reduced, so you need to eat insects and other items to boost your energy level. Beware! There are lots of "hunters" all around, you need to ... 0.99€ 09/2012
722317   F1 Racing Magazine F1 Racing Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like F1 Racing Magazine F1 Racing magazine is the only official Formula 1 magazine in the world and it offers readers incredible access to the sophisticated, passionate and glamorous world of Formula 1. Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives rea... Gratis 09/2012
722318   Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) Medizin Medizin Apps like Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) is now available as a free app on your mobile device, bringing you the latest and most relevant peer-reviewed research on public health efforts to prevent chronic disease. Established by CDC’s National Center for Chronic ... Gratis 09/2012
722319   Reef-Log Reef-Log Bildung Bildung Apps like Reef-Log Reef Log keeps track of all the corals, fish and critters in your Reef Aquarium in an easy and accessible way. The main display is a collapsible three level tree structure which shows aquariums, life form categories and life form names that you create. ... 2.99€ 09/2012
722320   Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Mount Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Mount Sport Sport Apps like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Mount CAIO TERRA’S MODERN JIU-JITSU The Mount position is one of the most dominant positions to attack and finish your opponent. Maintaining proper control and having a series of attacks in your arsenal will give you a powerful BJJ game. Caio teaches his attac... 14.99€ 09/2012
722321   Grenade Attack HD Grenade Attack HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Grenade Attack HD Grenade Attack HD is a fun and addicting physics-based game. The goal of the game is to toss grenades at the enemies on the screen and blow them to bits. Enemies include: Ninjas, Mercenaries, Soldiers and Pirates. FEATURES: - Fun physics-based game... 0.99€ 09/2012
722322   Cookie Maker Free! Cookie Maker Free! Spiele Spiele Apps like Cookie Maker Free! Get ready to mix, cut out, bake, and decorate cookies of many shapes and sizes! When you see the variety of items and the truly realistic art, this app will be the only one you use to bake and create a cookie that’s too cute to eat! First, mix th... Gratis 09/2012
722323   Strip Magazine #6 Strip Magazine #6 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Strip Magazine #6 Print Media Productions is pleased to present this special digital-only edition of Strip - The Comic Magazine Issue 6, featuring some of the stories that appear in the ginat-sized print edition of STRIP #5, but some bonus items along the way, just for ... 2.99€ 09/2012
722324   AIRVAN AIRVAN Büro Büro Apps like AIRVAN Single engine aircraft with 8 to 10 seats used for tourism, freight, sky-diving, aerial photography, covert surveillance, private flying, business, map surveying, flight training, military use and just plain fun. Fully certified by FAA and EASA, ... Gratis 09/2012
722325   MyMaxPreps MyMaxPreps Sport Sport Apps like MyMaxPreps MaxMobile2 has been totally redesigned for 2013 and renamed MyMaxPreps. MyMaxPreps includes new features such as Team Customization, Multi-frame Action Camera, Metro Pages, Social Sharing, and much more. Performance has been increased as much as 10x f... Gratis 09/2012
722326   iFeedback iFeedback Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like iFeedback iFeedback® - Your Feedback Portal Download the official iFeedback® App now. BENEFITS FOR CUSTOMERS: Give feedback directly to the management – everywhere, quickly and easily GIVE FEEDBACK Find companies around you and contact the management of the c... Gratis 09/2012
722327   Draw Buddy Draw Buddy Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Draw Buddy Draw your master piece. Share it with the world. Draw Buddy is a simple and easy to use touch based drawing programing. Use it to draw a simple picture to make a point or let the kids uses it for hours of entertainment. Draw Buddy features multiple lev... 0.99€ 09/2012
722328   Fleet Owner Fleet Owner Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Fleet Owner Daily business news and analysis from North America's largest media outlet serving the commercial truck fleet market.... Gratis 09/2012
722329   CATNIP Mobile CATNIP Mobile Bildung Bildung Apps like CATNIP Mobile CATNIP Mobile is an application for students enrolled in the Center for Advanced Technologies program at Lakewood High School. This app allows students to see the current bell schedule and how many minutes are left in class. It also displays any assignm... Gratis 09/2012
722330   Vortex Valves Vortex Valves Büro Büro Apps like Vortex Valves Vortex Valves by Salina Vortex Corporation This app provides access to Sales and Products related information of products made by Vortex Valves.... Gratis 09/2012
722331   UltraCalm - Mark Hyman UltraCalm - Mark Hyman Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like UltraCalm - Mark Hyman Most relaxation techniques focus on either soothing the body or settling the mind—and achieve only limited results. Dr. Mark Hyman’s approach helps you address the mind and body at once to achieve a state he calls “UltraCalm.” With the UltraCalm app, thi... 9.99€ 09/2012
722332   Full Spectrum Sound Healing - Alex Theory Full Spectrum Sound Healing - Alex Theory Musik Musik Apps like Full Spectrum Sound Healing - Alex Theory Science has shown that sound frequencies occurring in nature can literally feed the brain, heal the body, and stimulate elevated levels of consciousness. “Full Spectrum Sound” is an innovative therapeutic concept that uses these frequencies to promote h... 20.99€ 09/2012
722333   Radical Self-Forgiveness Practices - Colin Tipping Radical Self-Forgiveness Practices - Colin Tipping Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Radical Self-Forgiveness Practices - Colin Tipping Most of us have plenty of experience with self-blame and guilt—but we are often at a loss when it comes to forgiving ourselves. That’s why world-renowned forgiveness expert Colin Tipping has created a special set of techniques to help us achieve this diff... 9.99€ 09/2012
722334   Rare Elements - Ustad Sultan Khan Rare Elements - Ustad Sultan Khan Musik Musik Apps like Rare Elements - Ustad Sultan Khan World-renowned sarangi master Ustad Sultan Khan recorded ten pieces in a New York studio with producer David Nichtern and an elite group of contemporary musicians. The Rare Elements app is a pulsing spectrum that blends India's traditional sounds with a b... 7.99€ 09/2012
722335   Kabbalah Meditation - Rabbi David A. Cooper Kabbalah Meditation - Rabbi David A. Cooper Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Kabbalah Meditation - Rabbi David A. Cooper Kabbalah, it is said, was brought down from heaven by angels. The great mystics of Judaism originally passed its teachings by word of mouth only, believing that the secrets of the Kabbalah transcend the written word. In this great oral tradition, the ... 9.99€ 09/2012
722336   Teachings on Love - Thich Nhat Hanh Teachings on Love - Thich Nhat Hanh Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Teachings on Love - Thich Nhat Hanh In the practice of mindfulness, your complete awareness in the moment opens the door to every possibility. Join Thich Nhat Hanh with the Teachings on Love app to explore how to shine the light of awareness into your intimate relationships. ... 12.99€ 09/2012
722337   Kirigamine Kirigamine Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Kirigamine Med Kirigamine appen kan du teste funksjonene på den nyeste varmepumpen fra Mitsubishi Electric. Ved å bruke fjernkontrollen i appen kan du lese om alle de smarte funksjonene samt se videoer på de unike egenskapene.... Gratis 09/2012
722338   Writing Down the Bones - Natalie Goldberg Writing Down the Bones - Natalie Goldberg Bildung Bildung Apps like Writing Down the Bones - Natalie Goldberg With nearly one million copies of Writing Down the Bones in print, Natalie Goldberg has helped change the way writing is practiced in homes, schools, and workshops across America. The Writing Down the Bones app lets you experience this modern classic o... 23.99€ 09/2012
722339   True Abundance - Michael Bernard Beckwith True Abundance - Michael Bernard Beckwith Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like True Abundance - Michael Bernard Beckwith When we find ourselves wanting more money or material wealth, what is it that our souls are really seeking? According to Michael Bernard Beckwith, what we long for is “true abundance”—the overflowing treasure of divine energy that is all around us at al... 9.99€ 09/2012
722340   Shamanic Meditations - Sandra Ingerman Shamanic Meditations - Sandra Ingerman Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Shamanic Meditations - Sandra Ingerman The first meditators in history were the shamans, whose practices for contemplation and connecting with the energetic world are echoed in virtually every spiritual tradition today. With the Shamanic Meditations app, Sandra Ingerman invites you to return... 9.99€ 09/2012
722341   Johannesburg Offline Karte Johannesburg Offline Karte Reise Reise Apps like Johannesburg Offline Karte Johannesburg Offline Karte bietet eine sehr detaillierte, hochwertige, große Karte von Johannesburg und Pretoria. Die Karte wird lokal auf Ihrem iPhone/iPad gespeichert. Dies bedeutet, dass Sie keine teuren (ausländische) mobilen Datennetzwerke benötig... 1.99€ 09/2012
722342   Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief - Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief - Jon Kabat-Zinn Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief - Jon Kabat-Zinn If you’re reading this, chances are that your life or the life of someone you know is shaped by pain—and by the physical and emotional suffering that usually accompany it. The good news: Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues have helped thousands of people l... 9.99€ 09/2012
722343   Jupitee Preview App Jupitee Preview App Büro Büro Apps like Jupitee Preview App Using Jupitee Preview App you can live-preview your Jupitee powered mobile app, before releasing it. Log in with your Jupitee credentials and see exactly what your app looks like and how it behaves. Jupitee is a technology for generating mobile apps tha... Gratis 09/2012
722344   Auksalaq NOMADS Auksalaq NOMADS Musik Musik Apps like Auksalaq NOMADS Auksalaq NOMADS is an iOS app that allows audience members to interact with the Auksalaq multimedia work in real time during performances. In the opera, NOMADS allows the audience to create aspect of the music, libretto and graphic projections in real t... Gratis 09/2012
722345   eyeAdvise eyeAdvise Medizin Medizin Apps like eyeAdvise The eyeAdvise app provides a more efficient way of dispensing optical frames and sunglasses. The stylist functionality of eyeAdvise provides an overview of the most common shapes available superimposed on the client's picture taken with the iPad. Additio... 219.99€ 09/2012
722346   Anxiety Relief - Martin L. Rossman Anxiety Relief - Martin L. Rossman Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Anxiety Relief - Martin L. Rossman Our bodies respond to anxiety as if we are facing a physical threat, putting us in a constant “flight or fight” mode that increases our vulnerability to exhaustion, depression, and illness. With the Anxiety Relief app, Dr. Martin L. Rossman presents p... 7.99€ 09/2012
722347   Unconditional Confidence - Pema Chödrön Unconditional Confidence - Pema Chödrön Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Unconditional Confidence - Pema Chödrön Pema Chödrön is one of today’s leading meditation teachers. With more than one million books sold to date, she draws sold-out crowds across the U.S. and Canada. With the Unconditional Confidence app, she offers two accessible sessions to help anyone fin... 7.99€ 09/2012
722348   Guided Meditations for Difficult Times - Jack Kornfield Guided Meditations for Difficult Times - Jack Kornfield Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Guided Meditations for Difficult Times - Jack Kornfield We all face tough times. How can we meet these situations with a compassionate heart and a clear mind? “Inside each of us is an inner light that I call ‘The One Who Knows, ’” teaches Jack Kornfield. “Awakening to this wisdom can help us find our way throu... 9.99€ 09/2012
722349   Guided Meditations for Self-Healing - Jack Kornfield Guided Meditations for Self-Healing - Jack Kornfield Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Guided Meditations for Self-Healing - Jack Kornfield Meditation brings you into a deep communion with your own body and heart—but what happens when you are sick or in pain? With the Guided Meditations for Self-Healing app, Jack Kornfield guides you through meditations created specifically to ease physical ... 9.99€ 09/2012
722350   100 Chambers Free 100 Chambers Free Spiele Spiele Apps like 100 Chambers Free Progress through lots of chambers filled with puzzles, brainteasers and minigames in this “Escape the Room” adventure! FEATURES - Many different level themes with high definition graphics (best played on a tablet) - Makes heavy use of device features ... Gratis 09/2012
722351   Materials Council Materials Council Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Materials Council The Materials Council app presents more than 12, 000 materials and finishes in the „Materials Inspiration“ section. The app is focused on materials and products intended for architectural applications. For each material / product you will find images of ... Gratis 09/2012
722352   Stop That Post...Again! Stop That Post...Again! Spiele Spiele Apps like Stop That Post...Again! Your friends and family are at it again! They’re sharing things online that may embarrass them or get them into trouble. Good thing they’ve got you looking out for them. Stop them from posting their inappropriate videos, pictures, and comments online be... Gratis 09/2012
722353   touch the clear colors ~Soothing App with a transparent feeling~ touch the clear colors ~Soothing App with a transparent feeling~ Spiele Spiele Apps like touch the clear colors ~Soothing App with a transparent feeling~ It is a simple app. Start from the play I while listening to soothing music Tap the button shines It is OK even just look <About the handling of the user info>  Because you do not always collect all user info by our application, you can use the average... Gratis 09/2012
722354   BLAM Sci-Fi BLAM Sci-Fi Spiele Spiele Apps like BLAM Sci-Fi BLAM Sci-Fi accesses your camera and allows you to bring superb sci-fi weapons (like fully automatic Pulse Blasters and Photon Torpedoes) into the real-world. The weapons have unlimited rounds so you never waste time reloading. Now, for the first time in... 0.99€ 09/2012
722355   RoboTone FREE RoboTone FREE Bildung Bildung Apps like RoboTone FREE Hit the tones, beat the robo! RoboTone is an application to strengthen absolute listening skill for your kids, especially grade school students. They say, it's difficult to get the absolute listening skill after grown up, so try this app before you ge... Gratis 09/2012
722356   悪い金儲け 悪い金儲け Bücher Bücher Apps like 悪い金儲け ■ 詐欺 ■ 悪い商売 ■ 悪質商法 ■ もろもろ ―――■ 決して真似をしてはいけません! サギ・悪徳商法の手口を公開 ■――― ⇒ 金が万能な世の中! ⇒ 法を犯し、ルールを破ってでも金儲けをする悪い輩。 ⇒ そんな悪人たちの餌食にならないためにも奴等の手口を知り尽くすことが必要。 ■ 詐欺 ・つり銭詐欺・両替詐欺・寸借詐欺・切手詐欺 ・募金詐欺・取り込み詐欺・クレジットカード・保険金詐欺 ■ 悪い商売 ・人材派遣・タクシーで稼ぐ・物売り・バッタ屋 ・専門家は金になる・芸術は金になる・芸能界で金稼... 2.99€ 09/2012
722357   Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition Spiele Spiele Apps like Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition ist für Schachspieler, die die Unkompliziertheit und Exaktheit eines elektronischen Partieformulars wollen. Man braucht keine Koordinaten aufschreiben - bewegen Sie die Figur einfach durch Ziehen oder Antippen. Da Sie f... 9.99€ 09/2012
722358   LO Does Makeup LO Does Makeup Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like LO Does Makeup Bienvenue sur LOdoesmakeup ! Vous pourrez retrouver sur ce blog beauté des revues de produits cosmétiques, des conseils de maquillage et des tests ! En téléchargeant cette application vous pourrez suivre toute l'actualité du blog alors n'attendez plus! ... Gratis 09/2012
722359   Fast Trash Truck Fast Trash Truck Spiele Spiele Apps like Fast Trash Truck Fast Trash Truck is an amazing quality game that will make you explore all your gaming senses. Easy StartUp Instructions: 1. Move your "truck" from left-right by tilting the device. 2. Touch the screen to go faster 3. How Far Can You Go? Don't kill yours... 0.99€ 09/2012
722360   Play with Dino: My Kid first game - for Kids and Toddlers by Tiltan Games Play with Dino: My Kid first game - for Kids and Toddlers by Tiltan Games Spiele Spiele Apps like Play with Dino: My Kid first game - for Kids and Toddlers by Tiltan Games Play with Dino the dinosaur! Now with additional 20+ Puzzles! Explore Dino's interactive world in this fun new dinosaur game from Tiltan Games. Play with Dino is aimed as an introduction game for little toddlers. Dino is a young dinosaur who likes to p... Gratis 09/2012
722361   Camera Effects Proffesional Camera Effects Proffesional Photographie Photographie Apps like Camera Effects Proffesional Camera Effects - real time camera amazing effects. Features: - 9 awesome camera effects - save photo to library - adjust effects intensity - use in real time effect - retina display - front and back camera supported... 6.99€ 09/2012
722362   Borgunda Bygghandel Borgunda Bygghandel Büro Büro Apps like Borgunda Bygghandel Läs de senaste nyheterna från Borgunda Bygghandel. Se bilder från våra utställningar i Borgunda, Vinninga, Tidaholm, Marbodal Center och Falköping. Ta även del av Borgunda Bygghandels senaste erbjudanden. Använd Borgunda Appen för att hitta till din lo... Gratis 09/2012
722363   New Moon Quest New Moon Quest Spiele Spiele Apps like New Moon Quest Set sail for a treasure hunt out of this world! New Moon Quest offers a single player campaign spreading over twelve new moon night journeys into the treasure cove and for a multiplayer experience there is a race to amass the maximum treasure in a head to... 0.99€ 09/2012
722364   UbiCam UbiCam Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like UbiCam This app. allows user to view and control IP Camera. It's very easy to use.... Gratis 09/2012
722365   The Teeth of the Moon The Teeth of the Moon Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like The Teeth of the Moon Bienvenue sur The Teeth of The Moon ! Avec le revival de la tendance "sciences occultes" une armée de grande prêtresses a investi la toile , Mx Marion en fait partie. Cette toulousaine fan de de cinéma et d'art n’hésite pas à mélanger les genres, son b... Gratis 09/2012
722366   Tatler Russia Tatler Russia Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Tatler Russia Первый номер Татлера появился в Лондоне в 1711 году. Это старейший и очень уважаемый, но одновременно юный, дерзкий и провокационный журнал о светской жизни – особенно в России, где год всегда идет за десять. Только на наших страницах – высшее общество... Gratis 09/2012
722367   KIBLA PLUS ● MEKKA KOMPAS ●  MOSLIM GEBEDSTIJDEN ● MOSKEEEN ● VOLLEDIG ADHAN ● ZES ISLAMITISCHE KALENDERS KIBLA PLUS ● MEKKA KOMPAS ● MOSLIM GEBEDSTIJDEN ● MOSKEEEN ● VOLLEDIG ADHAN ● ZES ISLAMITISCHE KALENDERS Navigation Navigation Apps like KIBLA PLUS ● MEKKA KOMPAS ● MOSLIM GEBEDSTIJDEN ● MOSKEEEN ● VOLLEDIG ADHAN ● ZES ISLAMITISCHE KALENDERS 🔲 Makkelijk te gebruiken. 🔲 Meest Accurate Kibla Richting. Gebruik Makend van met de Kompas Richting Meedraaiende Satelliet Foto's. 🔲 Accurate Wereldwijde Gebedstijden met 8 Berekenings Instellingen. 🔲 Een Keuze uit Hoge Kwaliteit Adhan of Koran Ve... 1.99€ 09/2012
722368   Kings Party Kings Party Spiele Spiele Apps like Kings Party Bekannt unter den Namen 'Kings', 'Kingston', 'King's Cup', 'Ring of Fire' oder 'Circle of Death'... Mit diesem klassischen Trinkspiel geht deine Party so richtig los! Du kannst mit den klassischen Regeln spielen, oder deine eigenen Regeln hinzufügen..... Gratis 09/2012
722369   Aquab0n - jeux vidéos,  gaming live,  actu... Aquab0n - jeux vidéos, gaming live, actu... Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Aquab0n - jeux vidéos, gaming live, actu... Bienvenue sur Aquab0n ! Retrouvez l'intégralité du blog sur l'application iPhone : -Tests de jeux vidéo (Playstation 3, Steam...), -Gaming Live, -Concours -News. Téléchargez gratuitement l'application iPhone !... Gratis 09/2012
722370   Ricettacolo - Ricette di cucina Ricettacolo - Ricette di cucina Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Ricettacolo - Ricette di cucina Ricettacolo è un grande libro di ricette per iPhone e iPad. Cerca fra migliaia di ricette digitando uno o più ingredienti, il tipo di portata, un luogo (città, regione o nazione) o una combinazione di tutte queste cose. Ricettacolo ti offre: - Ricette... 0.99€ 09/2012
722371   ポンコツトロッコ ポンコツトロッコ Spiele Spiele Apps like ポンコツトロッコ ◆◇ただのトロッコじゃない。ポンコツなのだっ!!!!◆◇ 彼は、ある日トロッコに乗って旅立った。 ポコツンなトロッコで。。。 ブレーキなんてついてません。 なすがままの加速!! 君は、ポンコツを操れるか? ポンコツなトロッコに乗って旅に出よう 画面をタッチするとジャンプするよ。 コインを集めて目指せ全ステージクリア!... Gratis 09/2012
722372   PulpFX PulpFX Photographie Photographie Apps like PulpFX PulpFX lets you use real-time video effects to turn your iOS device into an augmented reality filter where you get to pick the effects that pepper everything you point your device at! PulpFX was created to offer everyone the chance to have some virtual ... Gratis 09/2012
722373   Landee Kids:Learns Vegetables Landee Kids:Learns Vegetables Bildung Bildung Apps like Landee Kids:Learns Vegetables More than just a game, Landee Kids Learns Vegetables is a powerful educational tool for the toddlers and tots in your life. It provides hours of fun, laughter and learning. Landee Kids Learns Vegetables will help your child: == learn vegetables from ru... Gratis 09/2012
722374   NESCOT NESCOT Bildung Bildung Apps like NESCOT This is the Nescot app which brings print to life – if you’ve got a prospectus or brochure with additional content this app will unlock a new dimension.... Gratis 09/2012
722375   Ruokakaupat Ruokakaupat Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Ruokakaupat Ruokakaupat – Tässä.fi on ratkaisu seuraaviin kysymyksiin: • Missä on lähin ruokakauppa? • Onko se auki? • Mitä siellä on tarjouksessa? • Miten löydän kaupan? Sovellus tarjoaa luotettavaa ja ajantasaista tietoa kaikkialla Suomessa. Kauppojen tietoja päi... Gratis 09/2012
722376   60 Vacation Pardises 60 Vacation Pardises Reise Reise Apps like 60 Vacation Pardises **** Imp: App best viewed in Landscape mode **** App Features: *** No Wi-Fi or Data Connection is required to view the photos. *** Fully Compatible to IPAD, IPhone and IPod touch. *** Contains 60 Vocation paradises and 1000 plus photos. *** Each Place... 0.99€ 09/2012
722377   Les Chroniques d'une Blonde Les Chroniques d'une Blonde Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Les Chroniques d'une Blonde Bienvenue sur Les Chroniques d'une Blonde ! Avec son application, Marie vous propose de retrouver l'intégralité de son blog. De la mode, de la beauté, des tutoriels, des vidéos, des guides shopping, des invitations aux ventes presse et privées, de... Gratis 09/2012
722378   Krungthepturakij TV Krungthepturakij TV Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Krungthepturakij TV Krungthepturakij mobile news let your iPhone gain more value with most update business, economic, politic and all kind of movements in Thailand.... Gratis 09/2012
722379   Felissimo Felissimo key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Felissimo "Felissimo Digital Catalogue” is an iPhone/iPad application that introduces services and unique products chosen from the professional yet unique point of view. The products and services chosen are both within and outside of Japan. The Felissimo newest c... Gratis 09/2012
722380   Citiblox Lite Citiblox Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Citiblox Lite A simple, yet strategic game, where you outwit and out play your so-called "smart" phone! It's the classic "square" game...with a twist! Every game is different! 3 levels of play, 9 animated city scenes to reveal ***How To Play*** - Touch the... Gratis 09/2012
722381   早打ち英文法(中学英語・高校英語の英文法) 早打ち英文法(中学英語・高校英語の英文法) Bildung Bildung Apps like 早打ち英文法(中学英語・高校英語の英文法) 正しい順序で素早く風船を割って英文を完成させよう! このアプリ1本で中学や高校で学習する代表的な英文法をらくらくマスター! 繰り返し学習しているうちに自然と英文法が記憶されるように、 1つの文法項目に対し5つの例文で反復学習する仕組みになっています。 本当に基本的な英文法からスタートするので、 中学生、英語が苦手な高校生や大学生、 一から英語をやりなおしたい大人の方まで、気軽にご利用頂けます。 問題の和文は、英文と和訳の関係を理解しやすくするため、 なるべく意訳は行わず、逐語訳に近い文章を採用してい... Gratis 09/2012
722382   Al-Hadith Pro In Urdu / Major Hadith Books In Complete Urdu Language Al-Hadith Pro In Urdu / Major Hadith Books In Complete Urdu Language Bücher Bücher Apps like Al-Hadith Pro In Urdu / Major Hadith Books In Complete Urdu Language Read Sahih Bukhari Hadith book translated in Urdu Language on your iPhone. With built in text customization features. User can send or share any Hadith or part of any Hadith in Urdu to his / her friends through many social sites like Facebook and twitter.... 1.99€ 09/2012
722383   Anatomy of The Cardiovascular System Anatomy of The Cardiovascular System Medizin Medizin Apps like Anatomy of The Cardiovascular System The Skeletal System HD is a human skeletal structure learning and teaching app that allows users to explore the human skeletal visually and interactively. This release features each comprised of over 200 structures and present relationship between them. ... 4.99€ 09/2012
722384   CPX Note CPX Note Medizin Medizin Apps like CPX Note 의사국가고시 CPX 시험을 준비하는 의대생들을 위한 필수앱! 1. 타이머 기능 - 8분, 10분에 알림을 띄웁니다 2. 랜덤 선택 기능 - 52개의 항목 중 랜덤으로 한개를 선택해니다 - 52개를 한번 다 연습할 때까지 겹치지 않게 랜덤을 돌려줍니다 - 다시 섞어서 처음부터 시작할 수 있습니다 3. 필기 기능 - 각 항목마다 빠뜨렸거나 기억할 점들을 기록할 수 있습니다 4. iCloud 연동 - iCloud에 백업 및 기기간 연동이... Gratis 09/2012
722385   JamExam Free Ukulele Bass Chords Guitar Scales and Book JamExam Free Ukulele Bass Chords Guitar Scales and Book Bildung Bildung Apps like JamExam Free Ukulele Bass Chords Guitar Scales and Book Jam Exam is a great practice tool for guitar, bass, ukulele and baritione ukulele players. If you are studying guitar, bass or ukulele, either privately or on your own, you should find this app to be great value to your studies! The App has 3 secti... Gratis 09/2012
722386   Vocabulary Catcher 6 - Clothing,  Sports and Sports Equipment Vocabulary Catcher 6 - Clothing, Sports and Sports Equipment Bildung Bildung Apps like Vocabulary Catcher 6 - Clothing, Sports and Sports Equipment 'Vocabulary Catcher' series is a fast fun game that helps your child learns vocabulary in a short period of time. Children have to listen to the given words and are challenged to pop as many correct pictures as they can before the clock runs out. Childr... Gratis 09/2012
722387   KWC2012 KWC2012 Referenz Referenz Apps like KWC2012 The Kenexa World Conference, now in its seventh year, was built on one simple premise—our customers learning from our customers. This year, we invite you to join us as we share incredible stories that move business. This year you’ll have everything yo... Gratis 09/2012
722388   Evangel Church Evangel Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Evangel Church This is the Official Evangel Church Application. When you download this FREE app, you’re only a tap away from Pastor Jason St. John’s weekend messages. What else does this app offer? You’ll also be able to stay plugged in with the Evangel community thr... Gratis 09/2012
722389   Link Year Link Year Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Link Year Welcome to the official Link Year application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Link Year is a 9 month gap year program designed to empower future leaders to impact the world for Christ. The Link Year app was developed with the Subsplash App Plat... Gratis 09/2012
722390   أخبار المصارعة أخبار المصارعة Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like أخبار المصارعة برنامج مشيق ومتجدد الاخبار لعالم المصارعة يجب الاتصال بالانترنت للحصول على الاخبار يمكنك البرنامج من مشاركة الاخبار يمكنك البرنامج من حفظ الاخبار المهتم بها بقائمة المفضله للرجوع لها دون الاتصال بالانترنت... Gratis 09/2012
722391   No Monkey Business No Monkey Business Büro Büro Apps like No Monkey Business Herramienta de auditoría a fundamentales de venta de empresas de consumo para todos los canales de venta.... Gratis 09/2012
722392   Guitar Tunes Guitar Tunes Musik Musik Apps like Guitar Tunes Welcome to Guitar Tunes, the ad-free version of Guitar♫. Learn the notes of the guitar using our interactive note chart, or tap and play animated songs with music notation or TAB. ♫ Wishful ♫ Au Claire de la Lune (Remix) ♫ Go Tell Aunt Rhody ♫ Mary Ha... 0.99€ 09/2012
722393   Brat's Risks Management Matrix Brat's Risks Management Matrix Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Brat's Risks Management Matrix The Brat’s Risk Management Matrix is a very intuitive, easy, yet powerful risk management system for your iPad. Designed by a certified project manager with 20 years in the industry. Brat Risks was designed with the project manager in mind, beautifully... 4.99€ 09/2012
722394   Flexitime SHiFT Flexitime SHiFT Büro Büro Apps like Flexitime SHiFT FlexiTime SHiFT is an online photo time clock app for the Apple iPad. It is part of FlexiTime’s SHiFT plan, which also includes rostering. The SHiFT photo time clock is simple to use and integrates automatically with FlexiTime, letting you view employ... Gratis 09/2012
722395   Fashion Week San Diego Fashion Week San Diego Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Fashion Week San Diego The official app of Fashion Week San Diego – the only traditional fashion week in Southern California, lifting the veil for consumers to come behind the scenes. Now you can have up to date information on the runway shows, vote for your favorite design... Gratis 09/2012
722396   Escuchar y Repetir — Spanish Phonology Escuchar y Repetir — Spanish Phonology Bildung Bildung Apps like Escuchar y Repetir — Spanish Phonology This app uses a phonological approach to remediating speech that is adapted from the ideas of Hodson and Paden and based on the unique features of the Spanish Phonological System. The program focuses on target patterns rather than target phonemes. One pat... 9.99€ 09/2012
722397   Talent Slate Talent Slate Büro Büro Apps like Talent Slate NetDimensions Slate is an application designed specifically for tablets, and now phones, to enable mobile learning and on-the-job performance support based on the NetDimensions Talent Suite. NetDimensions Talent Suite is a state-of-the-art Learning & T... Gratis 09/2012
722398   Borkum Offline Map Borkum Offline Map Reise Reise Apps like Borkum Offline Map Borkum die Offline Karte mit iCloud Unterstützung. Diese universelle offline Karten App wurde speziell entworfen für iPhone, iPad, Pod touch. ★★★ FEATURES ★★★ ✓ Die Karte ist vollständig offline mit sehr hoher Detaillerung. ✓ Markierungen kann man s... 0.99€ 09/2012
722399   Tube Transport Tube Transport Navigation Navigation Apps like Tube Transport Don't waste your time with other paid or advert-supported apps, try Tube Transport for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3G and all iPad's. Includes the following: London Underground (Tube) map - high quality and regularly updated. This is the standard map provided b... Gratis 09/2012
722400   Noursat TV Noursat TV Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Noursat TV Noursat is the first Christian television in Lebanon and the Middle East founded in order to spread the Word of God and to promote multi-cultural understanding and religious dialogue between all citizens. After years of broadcast, Noursat has become a da... Gratis 09/2012

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