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724001   RCJ Education RCJ Education Bildung Bildung Apps like RCJ Education تطبيق إدارة الخدمات التعليمية بالهيئة الملكية بالجبيل، يحتوي على الخدمات الإلكترونية للمعلمين والطلاب وكافة منسوبي إدارة الخدمات التعليمية بالجبيل كنظام بياناتي، نظام إدارة التعلم، لقاء أولياء الأمور وآخر أخبار الإدارة. كما يحتوي على هواتف المدارس والخدما... Gratis 09/2012
724002   Sahih Bukhari - Sunan an-Nasai - Ibn Majah - Abu Dawood - Arbain Nawawi - Hadith e Qudsi - Islamic Hadith Books In Arabic  Pro Version Sahih Bukhari - Sunan an-Nasai - Ibn Majah - Abu Dawood - Arbain Nawawi - Hadith e Qudsi - Islamic Hadith Books In Arabic Pro Version Bücher Bücher Apps like Sahih Bukhari - Sunan an-Nasai - Ibn Majah - Abu Dawood - Arbain Nawawi - Hadith e Qudsi - Islamic Hadith Books In Arabic Pro Version Read Sahih Bukhari, Sunan An-Nasai, Muta Imam Malik, Sunan Ibne Maja, Sunan Abu Dawood, Arbain Nowawi and Hadith e Qudsi in Pure Arabic Language on your iPhone. With built in text customization features. User can send or share any Hadith or part of a... 9.99€ 09/2012
724003   There's A Cookie Stuck To My Nose! There's A Cookie Stuck To My Nose! Bücher Bücher Apps like There's A Cookie Stuck To My Nose! A hungry boy tries to eat a super duper chewy gooey extra sticky bubble gum chocolate chip cookie and all sorts of fun follows as the cookie keeps getting such to everyone’s noses. A fun children's story with brightly colored illustrations by cartoonist D... 1.99€ 09/2012
724004   The Puppies Find a Home The Puppies Find a Home Bücher Bücher Apps like The Puppies Find a Home This story is a true story about my friend who adopted four newborn puppies that survived a cold January in Asbury Park, NJ. There was a total of nine puppies in the litter but only four survived. I love the story and hope to convey the message of determ... 1.99€ 09/2012
724005   Hercules The Mighty Steed Meets Ginger The Sparrow Hercules The Mighty Steed Meets Ginger The Sparrow Bücher Bücher Apps like Hercules The Mighty Steed Meets Ginger The Sparrow A children's story book illustrating the value of diversity and friendship and how important it is to embrace the differences amoung us all. It captures the beauty of friendship regardless of ones size, shape, color or various abilities. It also illustr... 1.99€ 09/2012
724006   Swamp Life Swamp Life Bücher Bücher Apps like Swamp Life This book will delight both children and their parents. Swamp Life is adapted from an original animated action packed screenplay written in 2011 by Mark Coronado. This original story is about the adventures of a tenacious stray puppy named Enzo who, alon... 1.99€ 09/2012
724007   Hungry? Get Food Hungry? Get Food Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Hungry? Get Food Are you Hungry and looking for a good place to have food? So this application is for you.  Very useful application to find nearest restaurant, bar, cafe etc.. Think if you are at any unknown place with no food then this application will surely help yo... 0.99€ 09/2012
724008   Timesheet PRO - Timecard,  Clock,  Calculator,  and Wage Tracker Timesheet PRO - Timecard, Clock, Calculator, and Wage Tracker Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Timesheet PRO - Timecard, Clock, Calculator, and Wage Tracker Timesheet is an application designed to help keep track of time spent on daily activities. Clock keeps track of time even when the app is in the background! Now with Apple Watch support! • A simple, intuitive, yet feature rich user interface. • Keep ... 2.99€ 09/2012
724009   Analog Mixing Consoles - Layout,  Signal Flow and IO Analog Mixing Consoles - Layout, Signal Flow and IO Musik Musik Apps like Analog Mixing Consoles - Layout, Signal Flow and IO This high level audio course is essential knowledge for anyone who wants to learn how analog consoles and their state of the art studios are "wired up." It gives you the deepest possible understanding of mixing console Signal Flow and I/O in both the anal... 9.99€ 09/2012
724010   ARAMARK Inventory Express ARAMARK Inventory Express Büro Büro Apps like ARAMARK Inventory Express ARAMARK™ Inventory Express App ARAMARK™ Inventory Express for iPad is a mobile tool for ARAMARK™ technicians to accelerate the inventory data collection process using web-based mobile technology. ARAMARK™ Inventory Express connects to your WebTMA appl... Gratis 09/2012
724011   Itasca Bank Itasca Bank Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Itasca Bank Get 24/7 access to your Itasca Bank & Trust Co. bank account information and services from your iPhone/iPad. Itasca Bank & Trust Co. Mobile Banking is a free service offered to all Itasca Bank & Trust Co. Online Banking customers. FEATURES CHECK BALANCES... Gratis 09/2012
724012   Piper Airplane Forum Piper Airplane Forum Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Piper Airplane Forum Mobile application for Piper Airplane Forum. Forums for plane models Cherokee, Cub, Pacer, Comanche, Twin, Arrow.... Gratis 09/2012
724013   BeerHunterLQ BeerHunterLQ Büro Büro Apps like BeerHunterLQ 760-564-7442. Welcome to The Beer Hunter , The Coachella Valley’s Premier Sports Bar and Grill. We are located at the corner of Highway 111 and Washington Street in La Quinta, with easy access from Cathedral City, Indian Wells, Indio, Palm Desert, P... Gratis 09/2012
724014   PDS Alumni Connect PDS Alumni Connect Bildung Bildung Apps like PDS Alumni Connect The official Princeton Day School alumni app. Join fellow alums connecting through their mobile devices. Access searchable and location based directory, social media, events and more! Powered by EverTrue.... Gratis 09/2012
724015   Charleston Crab House Charleston Crab House Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Charleston Crab House Founded in 1991, Charleston Crab House has been “Family Owned for 20 Years & Still Crackin”. Fresh Lowcountry seafood is served everyday in our casual, family friendly Charleston seafood restaurant. Indoor & outdoor seating is offered. Visit James Isl... Gratis 09/2012
724016   Spartan Villa Spartan Villa Spiele Spiele Apps like Spartan Villa In Spartan Villa your goal is to create the best college house on campus. Design the house, build the rooms, throw parties and social events, all to attract the best tenants. Be a generous landlord and shower your tenants with high-end rooms and lavis... Gratis 09/2012
724017   Crop Water Crop Water Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Crop Water The Crop Water App was developed at the request of Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Network (NAWMN) participants. This app provides an easy way to estimate soil water status based on Watermark sensors installed at depths of 1, 2, and 3 feet. Wit... Gratis 09/2012
724018   Bar Madness Bar Madness Spiele Spiele Apps like Bar Madness Spring Break has just began! Are you ready to drink lots of beer... in this bar you can only find a beer madness... You are the best barman in a florida bar and lots of people might show up, think you can handle it? Are you ready to help all those col... 0.99€ 09/2012
724019   WTW Radio WTW Radio Musik Musik Apps like WTW Radio Walk the Walk Radio has the hottest Christian hits of today and the best contemporary Christian hits of all time. For the best music 24 hours a day 7 days a week, listen to WTWRadio. Broadcast from the Jersey Shore to every creature in every nation. Yo... Gratis 09/2012
724020   Holy Bible (Hindi) Holy Bible (Hindi) Referenz Referenz Apps like Holy Bible (Hindi) Holy Bible(Hindi) , an amazing bible reader for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch which lets to read Bible in your favourite language 'Hindi'. Application includes Old and New Testament with a very simple interface.You can easily select the book, chap... Gratis 09/2012
724021   Haiku   Solt of the North Stars   Kau Ueno Haiku Solt of the North Stars Kau Ueno Bücher Bücher Apps like Haiku Solt of the North Stars Kau Ueno Kau Ueno Haiku poems "Salt of the North Stars" This is a collection of Haiku poems. It is about a life of an old man who has written Haiku poems for over 30 years. You will see how wonderful Haiku poems are. I hope you enjoy "Salt of the North Stars"... Gratis 09/2012
724022   Catch me if you can ? Tom Cat - Circle this cat game for all ages Catch me if you can ? Tom Cat - Circle this cat game for all ages Bildung Bildung Apps like Catch me if you can ? Tom Cat - Circle this cat game for all ages ****** The most popular and most appreciated Cat game on iPad! ****** ** The most brain storming game on iPad** Blow your brain to trap this crazy cat. The Crazy Cat game features logic based game strategy. Do you think that you can trap the cat with 9... Gratis 09/2012
724023   VDG Sense VDG Sense Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like VDG Sense The VDG Sense app makes it possible for anyone with a VDG Sense video security setup to access, view and control live images. The VDG Sense app features: - Add servers: add multiple VDG Sense servers to your app, making it incredibly easy to switch b... Gratis 09/2012
724024   WW2 Naval WW2 Naval Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like WW2 Naval WW2 Naval is a great database with ww2 naval photos and detailed info. You can view, edit, share, add to favorites, compare and even play games with your favorite from ww2 naval. - Photo and info - Compare - Slideshow - Quiz game - Zoom in - Share ph... 4.99€ 09/2012
724025   WW2 Infantry WW2 Infantry Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like WW2 Infantry WW2 Infantry is a great database with ww2 infantry photos and detailed info. You can view, edit, share, add to favorites, compare and even play games with your favorite from ww2 infantry. - Photo and info - Compare - Slideshow - Quiz game - Zoom in -... 4.99€ 09/2012
724026   iTeach Maths Pro iTeach Maths Pro Bildung Bildung Apps like iTeach Maths Pro **********iTeach Maths Pro************ Maths Pro is a perfect app for people who like the subject of Mathematics and at the same time find it to be complex. People who find it difficult in recollecting the formulas or equations on everyday basis, iTeach ... 3.99€ 09/2012
724027   WW2 Artilery WW2 Artilery Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like WW2 Artilery WW2 Artilery is a great database with ww2 artilery photos and detailed info. You can view, edit, share, add to favorites, compare and even play games with your favorite from ww2 artilery. - Photo and info - Compare - Slideshow - Quiz game - Zoom in -... 4.99€ 09/2012
724028   どこキャビ iOS版ビューワ どこキャビ iOS版ビューワ Produktivität Produktivität Apps like どこキャビ iOS版ビューワ 「どこでもキャビネット」に保存されているファイルをiPhone、iPadから閲覧、保存できる便利な無料ビューワです。iPhone、iPadで撮影した写真も「どこでもキャビネット」に保存することができます。 場所を選ばず必要なデータをいつでも活用することができ、また、保存した写真も手軽に共有できますので、さまざまシーンで情報の有効活用ができます。 注意: ・バージョンアップが必要になった場合は、即座にバージョンアップを行ってください。 セキュリティ: ・ウイルスチェック 他のコンピュータからのファイル... Gratis 09/2012
724029   MyKolor Touch Kolormax MyKolor Touch Kolormax Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like MyKolor Touch Kolormax 4 Oranges, the paint manufacture of Mykolor, Spec, SonBoss and OExpo paint has launched the paint color matching application for iPhone & iPad. Kolormax 4.0 makes more innovation with life style in choosing paint color. It is too simple and quick. It’s... Gratis 09/2012
724030   人を動かすたった一つのもの、それは情熱 人を動かすたった一つのもの、それは情熱 Bücher Bücher Apps like 人を動かすたった一つのもの、それは情熱 ◆◇電子書籍アプリ特別セール!5000本の数量限定61.9%オフ!◇◆ 書籍定価1,575円がアプリ【大特価600円】 ●意識をほんの少し前に向けることで、 人生や仕事にとって大切なことが見えてきます。 組織は戦略に従い、戦略は情熱に従う。 情熱が人を成長させ企業を伸ばす というテーマに焦点を当て、 どのようにしたら情熱を呼びおこすことが できるのかを様々な事例を見ていきながら確認する。 『熱い情熱』を持つビジネスマンに捧ぐ渾身の一冊! 情熱を持ったビジネスマンは必ず成長する! 売上が上がらない... 4.99€ 09/2012
724031   New or Reno New or Reno Büro Büro Apps like New or Reno Choosing a home for your family is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, we help families make an informed choice. Trying to decide between a brand New Home, Factory-Built, Design Build home or Renovation? Here’s an App for that! Search Ne... Gratis 09/2012
724032   Informatica MDM Mobile Informatica MDM Mobile Büro Büro Apps like Informatica MDM Mobile Informatica MDM Mobile allows remote and traveling business users to get a complete, 360-degree view of their most relevant enterprise master data, directly from their iPad or iPhone. This app works directly with your organization’s Informatica MDM clo... Gratis 09/2012
724033   Elevator Adventures Elevator Adventures Spiele Spiele Apps like Elevator Adventures Children's Adventure counting game that takes a child through a New York City scene, and building elevator ride allowing them to choose their own destination floors. The game opens up in a city scene where you can interact with the scene, balloons, ... 0.99€ 09/2012
724034   The Kavanaugh The Kavanaugh Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Kavanaugh Live in the heart of Beechwood Village, soon-to-be home of The Kavanaugh, Domicile’s newest condo development. The Kavanaugh App is designed for home buyers and real estate professionals. Find your dream home with this App by browsing through floor plan... Gratis 09/2012
724035   Running With Teddy Running With Teddy Spiele Spiele Apps like Running With Teddy Claudia and her teddy bear are inseparable. She often dreams of running on clouds up in the sky with teddy by her side. They collect toys and other goodies popping around on those white clouds. Mice with balloons can be seen above the clouds if you go hig... Gratis 09/2012
724036   Town Center Bank Mobile Banking Town Center Bank Mobile Banking Büro Büro Apps like Town Center Bank Mobile Banking Mobile Banking – Whenever you go...anywhere...take Town Center Bank’s Mobile Banking with you. It works with any smart phone and any carrier, giving you access to your accounts with us. Mobile Banking lets you check your deposit balances, check your... Gratis 09/2012
724037   iNavis iNavis Büro Büro Apps like iNavis InaVIS ermöglicht, die bereits eine Navis.net Kunden die Vorteile der Kernfunktionalität von NavisPOST in einfache und intuitive Weise erfolgen: • Eingabe von Daten und Bilder von einem Boot und Verwalten der Aktivierung der Anzeigen • Einschätzungen auf... Gratis 09/2012
724038   CBDLoja CBDLoja Büro Büro Apps like CBDLoja CBDLoja is software for shops trade in general, facing the individual microentrepreneurs, autonomous or ordinary users who need a financial management software simple, cheap and mobile. View movie in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGBJWIJhXLU... 0.99€ 09/2012
724039   hidescan hidescan Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like hidescan Wi-Fi機能を搭載したポータブルハンディスキャナーhidescanProの閲覧アプリです。ブラウザ(Safari)表示に比べると使い勝手が向上しております。 -iPhoneとiPadでスキャンしたデータを確認する事ができます。 -データの種類、容量や日付が確認できます。 ※利用する際は予め、設定→Wi-Fiでネットワーク選択より、hidescanproへ接続を行う必要があります。(デフォルト時のパスワードは”123456789”)となります。 対応機種:hidescanProのみ URL:htt... Gratis 09/2012
724040   CAPTIV8 Lite CAPTIV8 Lite Medizin Medizin Apps like CAPTIV8 Lite CAPTIV8 for iPad is an amazing 3D animation patient education and marketing application for all eye-care professionals. It allows you interact with state-of-the-art animations by using the Dynamic Toolbar and draw over video technology. What's more, you ... Gratis 09/2012
724041   ELA Library ELA Library Bildung Bildung Apps like ELA Library Connect to the Ela Area Public Library on the go! With the Ela mobile app you can … -view Library hours and location -Check your account -Pay your Library fines -Search our Catalog -Place holds -Register for Programs and Events -Access our electronic res... Gratis 09/2012
724042   CBC Mobile Banking CBC Mobile Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like CBC Mobile Banking You're in control of your banking everywhere you go. You can: - Check balances - View items and history - Search history by date and description - View, approve, or cancel all transactions - Create funds transfers - Create single ACH/Domestic wires from... Gratis 09/2012
724043   Zombicide Zombicide Spiele Spiele Apps like Zombicide THIS IS A COMPANION APP, TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ZOMBICIDE BOARDGAME BY GUILLOTINE GAMES. Zombicide is a collaborative game for 1 to 6 players, for 13 years old and up. A game lasts from 20min (beginner board) to 3 hours (expert board). Eac... Gratis 09/2012
724044   Walters State Community College Walters State Community College Bildung Bildung Apps like Walters State Community College Stay connected to Walters State via the Walters State Mobile App. Quickly access campus maps, course information, college news and events, the faculty and staff directory, notifications, and important office numbers. You can even exchange contact inf... Gratis 09/2012
724045   itracks Mobile itracks Mobile Büro Büro Apps like itracks Mobile itracks Mobile allows you to share your opinion and be rewarded! Download the free itracks mobile app to participate in research studies from your mobile device. It is easy and fun to post videos and provide feedback on brands, new products, ads and mo... Gratis 09/2012
724046   Fun Alphabet Fun Alphabet Bildung Bildung Apps like Fun Alphabet This is a great interesting application that teaches your kids english alphabets in an easy way. - It teaches your kid english letter in it's both cases (capital and small) in easy way. - It teaches your kid to write the english letters in it's both cases... 0.99€ 09/2012
724047   X Samurai HD X Samurai HD Spiele Spiele Apps like X Samurai HD X Samurai is a simple game with relaxing, yet challenging gameplay. The main goal of the game is to throw a knife and catch as many leaves as you can, while still hitting the timber to get scores. Bombs will try to interfere with your training, but bon... 0.99€ 09/2012
724048   Halloween-Match! Halloween-Match! Bildung Bildung Apps like Halloween-Match! Nur für kurze Zeit FREI, laden Sie die App jetzt herunter! Dies ist ein Wettbewerb! Ein Wettlauf gegen die Uhr, am besten gegen sich selbst, oder spielen Sie gegen Ihre Freunde. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie Ihren Namen auf der Highscore-Seite eingeb... Gratis 09/2012
724049   Khmer Dictionary (Extended) Khmer Dictionary (Extended) Referenz Referenz Apps like Khmer Dictionary (Extended) This Extended Khmer Dictionary contains an updated new Khmer words and definitions to the existing Chourn Nat Khmer-Khmer dictionary. This is a work result of "The National Commission of Khmer Language" to standardize the Khmer spellings and writing. No... Gratis 09/2012
724050   Indiewire Mobile Indiewire Mobile Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Indiewire Mobile No other website covers film and TV like Indiewire. Celebrating its 16th year, our Webby Award-Winning website is the leading news source for independent film, smart TV and Hollywood. Now independent-minded movie fans and Hollywood insiders alike can ge... Gratis 09/2012
724051   SwitchboardFREE SwitchboardFREE Büro Büro Apps like SwitchboardFREE ***** Top 20 FREE Business App!!!! ***** *** Now updated for iOS 8 *** Never miss a call again with the app for the UK best selling Virtual Receptionist SwitchboardFREE. Utilising an innovative and user friendly interface which allows full control over... Gratis 09/2012
724052   Shooting Snake Shooting Snake Spiele Spiele Apps like Shooting Snake Awesome another version of Snake game!!! Shooting Snake!!! ☛ FEATURES ✔ Compact Zone / Big Zone ✔ Item Mode / Classic Mode ✔ Support Game Center ✔ Universal(iPhone + iPad) App... Gratis 09/2012
724053   Futari: Browse together Futari: Browse together Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Futari: Browse together [ Futari - Simple App Series No.2 ] Futari is a double-paned web browser for iPhone/iPad. You can also use an iPhone/iPad with a person sitting on the opposite side. Details 1. Split window for Browsing 2. Share web page using "Send" button. 3. Simpl... 2.99€ 09/2012
724054   Alignment Alignment Spiele Spiele Apps like Alignment Das Prinzip des Spiels ist äußerst einfach. Sie müssen auf einem karierten Blatt leere Felder ankreuzen. Das Ziel besteht darin, Ihre Symbole entweder horizontal, vertikal oder diagonal nebeneinander anzuordnen. Sobald Sie mit 3 nebeneinander liegende... 0.99€ 09/2012
724055   影の日本史 影の日本史 Bücher Bücher Apps like 影の日本史 ■ あなたの知識が試される! ⇒ あなたは学校では教えてくれない歴史をどれだけ知っているか!? ■ 日本人は超スケベ! ⇒ 日本ってフリーセックスの国だったの!? ● 歴史の中でうやむやにされてしまった教科書に載っていない(載せられない)謎の数々! ● 教科書なんて作り話の寄せ集め・・・!!? ● 知れば知るほど面白い! 今日から使えるネタ満載! 楽しみながら賢くなりましょう! ◆ ◆ iPhoneブックランキング1位獲得記念◆総和社 初アプリ初1位 ◆ ◆ ―――■ 知られざる歴史の... 2.99€ 09/2012
724056   LAD HD LAD HD Spiele Spiele Apps like LAD HD Thoughtful puzzles and striking aesthetics make LAD an atmospheric adventure you must experience. Immerse yourself and unravel the cryptic story throughout LAD as you uncover the mystery within. Recommended for iPad 2 and above. Follow Black Chair G... 0.99€ 09/2012
724057   Jumbz Jumbz Spiele Spiele Apps like Jumbz Jumbz is a jumping game where you travel on sinking platforms. To avoid to sink with the platform, you have to jump on the neighbouring platforms. The main goal is to get 60 points by collecting the yellow stars. One yellow star gives you 10 points, one... Gratis 09/2012
724058   Hana Hana Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Hana Hana is a dream about flowers for computers. The idea is that no process of creating the flowers is hidden from the computer, no bitmaps are used and as few human decisions are hardwired into the software as possible. If the computer had the capability... Gratis 09/2012
724059   iGoban+ iGoban+ Spiele Spiele Apps like iGoban+ In addition to 19x19 standards Go board, iGoban+ features 9x9 and 13x13 boards, suitable for practice for beginners and mini games. iGoban+ is not Go game application, but a real GO board application for iPad. What it means is that this app doesn’t te... 0.99€ 09/2012
724060   Geeks behind Iron Curtain Geeks behind Iron Curtain Bücher Bücher Apps like Geeks behind Iron Curtain Do you happen to know who came up with female Spider Man? Do you know about the kids behind the Iron Curtain who put together their own gaming consoles not to be cool, but because they could not afford them otherwise? Or that college professors invented ... 1.99€ 09/2012
724061   Lügendetektor - Polygraph Lügendetektor - Polygraph Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Lügendetektor - Polygraph Um zu starten, berühren und lassen Sie den Finger auf dem Scan-Bereich, während Sie etwas sagen. Nachdem der Scan abgeschlossen ist, werden die Ergebnisse als wahr oder gelogen angezeigt. Sehr geeignet für Veranstaltungen, Partys und um neue Leute ken... Gratis 09/2012
724062   Code de la route 2016 avec Codeclic Code de la route 2016 avec Codeclic Bildung Bildung Apps like Code de la route 2016 avec Codeclic La version 2016 de notre programme d’entraînement au code de la route vous propose pas moins de 600 questions pour vous permettre d’obtenir facilement et rapidement l’examen officiel du code de la route. Avec Codeclic, vous bénéficiez enfin d’une applic... Gratis 09/2012
724063   Jubiabá Jubiabá Bücher Bücher Apps like Jubiabá Em comemoração ao centenário de Jorge Amado, a Companhia das Letras lança a versão eletrônica de Jubiabá, adaptação em quadrinhos do romance de mesmo nome. O aplicativo oferece duas opções de navegação - por página ou quadro a quadro - e conta, ainda, ... 9.99€ 09/2012
724064   Super Numbers Super Numbers Spiele Spiele Apps like Super Numbers Super Numbers is a math-based puzzle game in which you are to clear series of boards filled with numbered tiles. Add up the numbered tiles to form the digit displayed on the board's display. A new board is presented when you clear the current one and this... Gratis 09/2012
724065   Urheilusanomat Urheilusanomat Sport Sport Apps like Urheilusanomat Suomen suurin urheilun erikoislehti Urheilusanomat on kausikorttisi huippu-urheilun eturiviin. Saat joka viikko Suomen laadukkaimman asiantuntijalehden, jonka kivijalat ovat syvällinen analyyttisyys, ainutlaatuiset henkilökuvat maailman huipulta ja maak... Gratis 09/2012
724066   Battlefield Tank Battlefield Tank Spiele Spiele Apps like Battlefield Tank Battlefield Tank is a 3D tank shooting game to challenge your strategy thinking, tank aiming, and dodging skills. It is set in a town with thousands enemy tanks. Your mission is to destroy enemy tanks as many as possible while getting survival as lon... 1.99€ 09/2012
724067   Aladino Interactivo Aladino Interactivo Bücher Bücher Apps like Aladino Interactivo ALADINO INTERACTIVO HD DESCRIPCIÓN Aladino y el genio de la lámpara, dos de los personajes más famosos del mundo de los cuentos, su historia es la más conocida del relato "Las mil y una noches". Hace mucho tiempo, vivió en Persia un muchacho llamado A... 1.99€ 09/2012
724068   MyToDo - Cleanup Days & Calendar To Do List MyToDo - Cleanup Days & Calendar To Do List Produktivität Produktivität Apps like MyToDo - Cleanup Days & Calendar To Do List With MyToDo easily create your schedules for the days and calendar to come. == Features == • The daily, calendar or list views allow you to have a pending/completed and precise vision of your schedules , and to modify time frames if necessary by a sim... 1.99€ 09/2012
724069   Balloons Afloat! Balloons Afloat! Spiele Spiele Apps like Balloons Afloat! Balloons Afloat! Is a fun game for kids! Although, adults can also enjoy this fun and reflexes challenging game. Essentially, all you have throughout all the levels is keep balloons afloat by tapping in the opposite direction you want them to go. So if ... 0.99€ 09/2012
724070   CarteBestiali CarteBestiali Spiele Spiele Apps like CarteBestiali Speak Italian with I FILIBUSTIERI! “Carte Bestiali” is a card game that helps children from 18 months to learn the names of animals wile playing. “Carte Bestiali” allows children to match pairs of cards of 30 animals. This is a perfect application to ... Gratis 09/2012
724071   中国古镇 中国古镇 Reise Reise Apps like 中国古镇 《中国古镇》打破地域界限,以主题化的编排方式将各种古镇归类:有的古镇因商贸发达而繁盛一时,如云南大理历史上曾沿着茶马古道形成了沙溪、喜洲、玉湖等商业重镇;有的古镇抗击过外来侵略、经历重大战役,如北京古北口、山西大同新平堡等军事重镇;有的古镇由于独特人文地理环境孕育出别样的物产和民情风俗,如水乡镇远传承千年的“龙舟戏”,丝织业的发达造就的苏绣之乡镇湖;有的古镇以富有地方特色的美食而名闻天下,如四川乐山苏稽镇的“翘脚牛肉”、广东中山黄圃镇的广式腊味;有的古镇则以红色记忆而载入史册,如曾经在中国革命史上产生过深... Gratis 09/2012
724072   Human Resources Director Human Resources Director Büro Büro Apps like Human Resources Director The Human Resources Director magazine iPad app is designed for senior HR professionals on the go. Packed with all the features, insights, news and analysis from your favourite magazine, this is your opportunity to keep up-to-date wherever you are. Take... Gratis 09/2012
724073   2012 College Football Preview 2012 College Football Preview Sport Sport Apps like 2012 College Football Preview Preview of the 2012 College Football Season with expanded coverage of the UCLA Bruins and the USC Trojans.... Gratis 09/2012
724074   Go-Joseki Go-Joseki Referenz Referenz Apps like Go-Joseki Go-Joseki, namely formalized series of moves of go game, is a software specifically developed to help the beginners to learn all kinds of joseki and improve their playing go skills. Features highlights: 1. It shows you thousands of corner opening ... 4.99€ 09/2012
724075   Chinsoft Lunar Calendar Chinsoft Lunar Calendar Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Chinsoft Lunar Calendar Easy-to-use Chinese calendar(萬年曆) featuring: - Years 221BC-3359AD - Day/month/year/decade view - Imperial Calendar (農民曆 / 黃曆) - Daily Do's and Don'ts - Five elements, nine star, lunar mansion, 12 day officer, liu yao - Daily/hourly lucky/unlucky spiri... 2.99€ 09/2012
724076   Stunt Car Challenge Stunt Car Challenge Spiele Spiele Apps like Stunt Car Challenge Perform amazing stunts with a stunt car! Drive on tracks with jumps and obstacles! Do a corkscrew stunt, make flips to get achievement coins! Start playing the fun tracks right now, and challenge yourself to get three stars from all levels! Complete th... 0.99€ 09/2012
724077   Cage Rain Cage Rain Spiele Spiele Apps like Cage Rain Cage Rain ist ein sehr süchtig machendes Spiel, in dem Sie den blauen Vogel gefangen Käfig zu schützen. Ihre Aufgabe ist alles zerstören, die Käfige, um den Vogel zu retten. Versuchen Sie, so lange wie möglich zu überleben und in die Hall of Fame! Au... 0.99€ 09/2012
724078   Doodle Tower - Stack The Shapes Doodle Tower - Stack The Shapes Spiele Spiele Apps like Doodle Tower - Stack The Shapes ★Free For The iPhone 5 Launch★ Doodle Tower is an extremely fun strategy tower stacking game with real physics elements! Do you have the expertise to build-up a tower? Play this fun game and find out!! Drag the falling shapes on the platform and try to... Gratis 09/2012
724079   BookHouse BookHouse Produktivität Produktivität Apps like BookHouse Do you want to manage your books effectively? Do you need memorizing what is being read and what will be read and what have been read? Do you wish to categorize your books by what is your own and what is borrowed? Our BookHouse can give you a solution... 3.99€ 09/2012
724080   苏报云媒 苏报云媒 Büro Büro Apps like 苏报云媒 “苏报云媒”是苏州日报报业集团云媒体系统的iOS客户端应用,实现采编和发稿的云端处理,突破采编过程的时空限制,大大提升采编过程的效率与可 靠性。目前主要功能包括稿件发布与稿件管理功能,支持文字稿件、高清图片和采访录音的云端同步。 本应用仅限于苏州日报报业集团授权用户使用。... Gratis 09/2012
724081   ABC Maschine Lite ABC Maschine Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like ABC Maschine Lite ABC Maschine Lite ist die kostenlose Schnupperversion der ABCMaschine mit den 7 ersten Worträtsel. Wenn alle Rätsel gelöst sind hat man eine Belohnungsanimation freigespielt, die auch einen Link zur Vollversion im App-Store enthält. Die Vollversion enth... Gratis 09/2012
724082   eCharade eCharade Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like eCharade Voici quelques dizaines de charades plus ou moins difficiles, amusantes et variés pour égayer vos soirées. Secouez votre iphone et c'est parti pour de nouvelles surprises.... 0.99€ 09/2012
724083   Wubbzy's Kooky Kostume Kreator Wubbzy's Kooky Kostume Kreator Spiele Spiele Apps like Wubbzy's Kooky Kostume Kreator Help Wubbzy mix and match silly costumes with the brand new Kooky Kostume Kreator game inspired by the Emmy® Award winning Nick Jr.® television series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!® The game offers tons of dress-up options and several colorful backgrounds directly fr... 0.99€ 09/2012
724084   Wubbzy's Disco Dancin' Wubbzy's Disco Dancin' Spiele Spiele Apps like Wubbzy's Disco Dancin' Do the Wubbzy Wiggle with Wubbzy in a brand new interactive disco dancing memory game from the Emmy® Award winning Nick Jr.® TV series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!®. Kids will enjoy dancing along with Wubbzy as they help him keep in step with the squares as they lig... 0.99€ 09/2012
724085   Engage Magazine Engage Magazine Medizin Medizin Apps like Engage Magazine Engage magazine is a publication for donors and friends of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC.... Gratis 09/2012
724086   Autumn Sequence Autumn Sequence Spiele Spiele Apps like Autumn Sequence This excellent autumn themed game, "Autumn Sequence", is going to help you as it will allow you to practice your intellectual facilities and concentration. The game contains two modes: Practice and Challenge. In the Practice game mode, there are thre... Gratis 09/2012
724087   Infiniti Personal Assistant Infiniti Personal Assistant Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Infiniti Personal Assistant The Infiniti Personal Assistant app provides registered users of the Infiniti Personal Assistant service with expanded access to a world-class team of professional assistants. The mobile app gives registered users the ability to make requests from anywher... Gratis 09/2012
724088   Compendio Lernkartei Compendio Lernkartei Bildung Bildung Apps like Compendio Lernkartei Die Compendio Lernkartei unterstützt alle AKAD Schüler beim Lernen. Nach dem Einloggen in die cloud werden automatisch alle aufgeschalteten Lernmodule heruntergeladen. Alle Lerninhalte sind passend zu den entsprechenden Kursbüchern.... Gratis 09/2012
724089   ASAHI TV Japanese News Player (HD) ASAHI TV Japanese News Player (HD) Bildung Bildung Apps like ASAHI TV Japanese News Player (HD) Learning Japanese by listening ASAHI TV News Please note this application is NOT a product of ANN. ANN Japanese News Player gets RSS data from Yahoo ANN website everyday, and playbacks mp3 audio file, autoscroll the transcript at the same time. It is ... 2.99€ 09/2012
724090   CityU Mobile CAP CityU Mobile CAP Bildung Bildung Apps like CityU Mobile CAP The CAP App enables speedy access to CityU public events. Moreover, providing CityU staff and students anywhere anytime access to the stylish facing of the CityU Announcement Portal (CAP) where newly posted University Announcement and Emergency Message w... Gratis 09/2012
724091   The Abstract Clock - New Ways for Indicating Time The Abstract Clock - New Ways for Indicating Time Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like The Abstract Clock - New Ways for Indicating Time The Abstract Clock is the art of telling time. ... Gratis 09/2012
724092   Mastery Minute for Traders-Your Daily Trader Motivator Mastery Minute for Traders-Your Daily Trader Motivator Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Mastery Minute for Traders-Your Daily Trader Motivator ★ATTENTION TRADERS: Eliminate Your Big Losses and Increase Profits in Only One Minute! "Mastery Minute For Traders" from Norman Hallett, The Disciplined Trader, are one-minute motivational audios that will enhance your trading psychology, inspire you ... Gratis 09/2012
724093   Bedding. Bedding. Büro Büro Apps like Bedding. Royal Wood Shavings app makes it easier for you to...... Gratis 09/2012
724094   APB Desk App APB Desk App Büro Büro Apps like APB Desk App *** NOTE: This application is strictly for auto dealers and requires an existing subscription to APB. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE AN EXISTING AUTOMOTIVE PROFIT BUILDERS SUBSCRIPTION. ** NOTE: VIN Scanner requires an auto focusing cam... 1.99€ 09/2012
724095   Steganos Mobile Privacy Steganos Mobile Privacy Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Steganos Mobile Privacy Steganos Mobile Privacy ist eine Begleit-App zum Steganos Passwort-Manager für Windows. Mit dieser App haben Sie auch unterwegs Zugriff auf Ihre Zugangsdaten und Passwörter. Sie benötigen Steganos Passwort-Manager oder der Steganos Privacy Suite (ab Versi... Gratis 09/2012
724096   YouSee Mobil YouSee Mobil Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like YouSee Mobil Med Mit YouSee Mobil kan du styre alt, hvad du har behov for, i dit YouSee Mobil-abonnement. Du kan bl.a. følge dit forbrug, til- og afmelde services og tillægspakker samt se alle relevante oplysninger om dit abonnement. Du behøver ikke at være mobil... Gratis 09/2012
724097   Easy File Sharing Web Server App Easy File Sharing Web Server App Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Easy File Sharing Web Server App Easy File Sharing Web Server App is a file sharing and management tool on iOS devices. It can help you share files anywhere. You can easily download files from and upload files to your computer(Mac and PC). Key features: 1. Upload local files, photos an... Gratis 09/2012
724098   Foragelab Foragelab Büro Büro Apps like Foragelab Cumberland Valley Analytical Services continues to provide the most extensive internet based data management programs available to the industry. CVAS has grown significantly by providing cutting-edge forage evaluation services in a quick, accurate and c... Gratis 09/2012
724099   飞信 HD 官方版 飞信 HD 官方版 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like 飞信 HD 官方版 飞信HD是中国移动通信集团公司为iPad用户量身定制的即时通讯社交平台,该平台在继承飞信无缝联系好友、免费发送短信、实现日常沟通、满足社交需求等诸多优点的基础上,更结合ios设备的优秀特性,致力于为用户提供更方便、更快捷、更流畅的即时通讯体验。 2.6.0版新增特色 1、创建群:独乐乐不如众乐乐,让志同道合的朋友在一起。 2、好友管理:告别乱糟糟的排序。好友分组,处女座小伙伴们的福音。 3、同步删除:删除好友并将我从对方的列表中删除,让“分别”不再尴尬。 常见问题 1、问:使用飞信HD资费问题? 答... Gratis 09/2012
724100   remoca remoca Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like remoca このアプリはペット用ネットワークカメラremoca(リモカ)に接続し、かわいいペットの様子を確認したり、声かけやおやつポケットの操作が出来ます。 このアプリをご利用いただき、ペットとの新しい生活をお楽しみください。... Gratis 09/2012
724101   Steeplechase Steeplechase Spiele Spiele Apps like Steeplechase In this game there are six riders racing for the finish line and along the track have to clear a number of diverse fences, ditches and other obstacles. From the settings, you may pick your horse, the speed of the game, and the distance of the race. T... 0.99€ 09/2012
724102   Video Rotate & Flip - Videos drehen und kippen Video Rotate & Flip - Videos drehen und kippen Photographie Photographie Apps like Video Rotate & Flip - Videos drehen und kippen Mit 'Video Rotate & Flip' können Sie jetzt Ihre Videos ganz leicht und unterhaltsam drehen und kippen, direkt auf Ihrem Gerät. Drehen Sie Ihre Videos, um die Hochformats-/ Querformatsausrichtung zu ändern, oder kippen Sie sie, um das Bild auf den Kopf... 1.99€ 09/2012
724103   River Valley Credit Union River Valley Credit Union Finanzen Finanzen Apps like River Valley Credit Union Experience the "River Valley Difference"! Who can join River Valley Credit Union? • Individuals who reside, are employed, attend school, or who worship in Kent, Montcalm, or Ionia County, Michigan. • Any person over the age of 55 who receives a ... Gratis 09/2012
724104   MakeUp Salon MakeUp Salon Spiele Spiele Apps like MakeUp Salon Want to be a Perfect Bride, Fashion Girl, Rock Star, Dancing Queen or Superstar? You still indulge yourself in a fancy of taking up your mom’s dresser?? Attention!! "MakeUp Salon" is finally here. Now, start with imagining what is your own dresser ... Gratis 09/2012
724105   Polynomial Addition and Subtraction Polynomial Addition and Subtraction Bildung Bildung Apps like Polynomial Addition and Subtraction With the Polynomial Addition and Subtraction app you can practice adding and subtracting polynomials with a step-by-step method. And you can get additional help at each step. The app saves your most recent problems and allows you to play back previously ... 3.99€ 09/2012
724106   Truth Or Dare Affair Truth Or Dare Affair Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Truth Or Dare Affair Truth or Dare Affair ist ein Wahrheit oder Pflicht-Spiel, bei dem du entscheiden kannst, wie verrückt deine Pflicht-Aufgaben sein sollen oder wie viel du bei den Wahrheits-Fragen von dir Preis geben möchtest. Finde interessante und verrückte Details übe... 0.99€ 09/2012
724107   Blue Libra 2 Lite Blue Libra 2 Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Blue Libra 2 Lite Small is beautiful. Those just might be the most fun tiny ships you will ever command! Play as the commander of "Libra II", the newest state of the technological art space carrier and take revenge on Alien Invaders that took over your home world. This t... Gratis 09/2012
724108   BlueTunes BlueTunes Musik Musik Apps like BlueTunes With BlueTunes you can listen to your music and use other iPhones and iPads as loudspeakers over Bluetooth and WiFi. The procedure is simple: On one iPhone or iPad you choose "Serve Music" and listen to your music as you would do with the iPod app. On al... Gratis 09/2012
724109   Provident Funding Mortgage Broker Provident Funding Mortgage Broker Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Provident Funding Mortgage Broker Lock anywhere, track pipeline, create cases, upload conditions, and access your client’s information from wherever you are with The Mortgage Broker app from Provident Funding for iPhone and iPod Touch. Key Features: • Lock loans • View Conditions ... Gratis 09/2012
724110   The Daily Eagle The Daily Eagle Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like The Daily Eagle The Daily Eagle is the official app for the student newspaper of Your University. It is a location-based mobile app platform that delivers to students late-breaking campus news and real-time offers from local merchants. The app features a unique ‘tile... Gratis 09/2012
724111   World Heritage in France World Heritage in France Reise Reise Apps like World Heritage in France World Heritage in France is the tool for you to get world heritage information of France. You can get heritage list, every heritage introduction, local gallery, heritage map, and cloud photos. Everything is available in English, Chinese Traditional, ... Gratis 09/2012
724112   JTV for iPad JTV for iPad key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like JTV for iPad Download the Jewelry Television iPad App to experience everything JTV has to offer, from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, or anywhere your internet-connected iPad can go! Here are some of the features the iPad app brings you: - Watch Jewelr... Gratis 09/2012
724113   AA Days Out Guide AA Days Out Guide Reise Reise Apps like AA Days Out Guide Searching for a fun family day out? The AA Days Out app features over 1, 800 attractions across the country, from visitor centres, stately homes, castles and gardens, to theme parks, zoos, museums and galleries. Entries may include a description, ... Gratis 09/2012
724114   AA Pub Guide AA Pub Guide Reise Reise Apps like AA Pub Guide Searching for that perfect pint? The AA has over one hundred years of experience in seeking out, assessing and recommending the best places to eat and stay in the country. The AA Pub Guide app features over 2, 000 pubs and hostelries, from cosy coach-ho... Gratis 09/2012
724115   AA Restaurant Guide AA Restaurant Guide Reise Reise Apps like AA Restaurant Guide Looking for a recommended restaurant? The AA has over one hundred years of experience in seeking out, assessing and recommending the best places to eat and stay in the country. The AA Restaurant Guide app focuses on finding you the best places to eat, f... Gratis 09/2012
724116   urban inspiration city MALLORCA urban inspiration city MALLORCA Reise Reise Apps like urban inspiration city MALLORCA urban inspiration city Mallorca: der City Guide abseits des Mainstreams empfiehlt sich gleichzeitig für die Reiseplanung, als Reiseführer und für die Nachreise. Viele interaktive Funktionen wie z.B. Karten, Routenplaner, Wetterkarte, ÖPNV-Plan bieten ... 3.99€ 09/2012
724117   Ninja: One Shot HD Ninja: One Shot HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Ninja: One Shot HD There are a variety of enemies, but the ninja have only one shot. How to eliminate all of them? Confronting your enemies with your instinct and wisdom, become a true Ninja. Feature Highlights √ 63 unique levels √ Addictive gameplay √ Challenging puzzle... 0.99€ 09/2012
724118   Rabo AgriFinance Vendor Finance Rabo AgriFinance Vendor Finance Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Rabo AgriFinance Vendor Finance Welcome to the Rabo AgriFinance Vendor Finance app. A leading financial partner to U.S. producers and agribusiness, Rabo AgriFinance adds value to America’s most successful operations with leading expertise and client-focused solutions, as well as long... Gratis 09/2012
724119   L'imagier de Plume - Les animaux L'imagier de Plume - Les animaux Bildung Bildung Apps like L'imagier de Plume - Les animaux -- FREE for a limited time -- Available in English, French or Korean ! Discover 40 wonderful animals with Plume! Pets, farm, ocean, savannah, jungle ... Kids will learn how to pronounce name of this animals. They marched all over the screen with vo... Gratis 09/2012
724120   Current Opinion in Anesthesiology Current Opinion in Anesthesiology Medizin Medizin Apps like Current Opinion in Anesthesiology Current Opinion in Anesthesiology Offering a unique and wide ranging perspective on the key developments in the field, each issue of Current Opinion in Anesthesiology features hand-picked review articles from our team of expert editors. Welcome to th... Gratis 09/2012
724121   ELEmente ELEmente Büro Büro Apps like ELEmente In dieser Kiosk-App finden Sie viermal jährlich das neue Business-Magazin des innovativen und leistungsstarken Regionalversorgers der Emscher Lippe Energie (ELE). Es bietet Berichte, Interviews, Reportagen und Services rund um Energie, regionales Enga... Gratis 09/2012
724122   The Adventures of Green & Yello The Adventures of Green & Yello Bildung Bildung Apps like The Adventures of Green & Yello The Adventures of Green & Yello is a puzzle-game in which everything revolves around numbers. Will you be able to obtain the highest score? You will have to go all-out to make your way through the different puzzles. Bricks, balances and math-machines; no... 0.99€ 09/2012
724123   海德信智能照明系统 海德信智能照明系统 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 海德信智能照明系统 Control your home lighting in your home using Hyderson's innovative wireless lighting solution for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. NOTE: Requires Hyderson's dedicated intelligent lighting gateway and a Wifi router.... Gratis 09/2012
724124   RoyalAuto Magazine RoyalAuto Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like RoyalAuto Magazine RACV's monthly magazine, RoyalAuto is packed with information and stories for people on the move. Inspirational travel articles and tips, vital motoring news and reviews, and details on all the discounts and benefits of your RACV Membership are now c... Gratis 09/2012
724125   ‣Calculator ‣Calculator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like ‣Calculator ‣Calculator features stylish design, animated feedback with a traditional layout for quick and easy calculations. FEATURES ‣ 10 Themes ‣ Smooth glowing animations on button presses ‣ Scientific Notation ‣ Stylish colourful design ‣ Supports up to 8 di... Gratis 09/2012
724126   Dari - LSK Dari - LSK Bildung Bildung Apps like Dari - LSK This is the Dari LSK. Language Survival Kits(LSKs) are designed as a quick reference available in 6 different topics per language for deploying service members. The LSKs contain mission-specific vocabulary and simple phrases in topics such as medical term... Gratis 09/2012
724127   EasyIQ EasyIQ Bildung Bildung Apps like EasyIQ Med EasyIQ kan du tilgå din skoles it-ressourcer. Adgang til de samme data fra MAC, PC og iOS-enheder, og du logger ind med dit UNI∙Login. Funktionalitet: - Se, åben og placér filer, opgaver og afleveringer fra dine skoledrev - - Personlige drev... Gratis 09/2012
724128   Top1000.ie Top1000.ie Büro Büro Apps like Top1000.ie Top 1000 is a guide to the biggest companies in Ireland and is compiled by The Irish Times business team... Gratis 09/2012
724129   DecoSama Vintage lite DecoSama Vintage lite Photographie Photographie Apps like DecoSama Vintage lite DecoSama Vintage lite app including more than 30 brand new illustrations with vintage style and tone to have new choice and feelings to you decorate your photos. FEATURES: ★CUTE ILLUSTRATION Including themes such as “Yummy”, "Trip", “Animal” etc. ... Gratis 09/2012
724130   Punky Extravaganza 1 Punky Extravaganza 1 Bücher Bücher Apps like Punky Extravaganza 1 " Detonating sound cut the night. This comic is the masterpiece among the bad boys who risk of their life in fighting, overdrive, women. Sendou took part in his ex-bike gangteam seamonkeys meeting. He became a mafia member and owned Mercedez. Seamonkey me... 1.99€ 09/2012
724131   Welcome to Seagull Restaurant 1 Welcome to Seagull Restaurant 1 Bücher Bücher Apps like Welcome to Seagull Restaurant 1 "This is the comic young genious cook's passion and manly spirit hit your emotion. Look at the way of his life in single-minded pursuit of. Wanibuchi who is famous as a noutspoken critic, visited to one restaurant. He criticized soon and scolded worke... 1.99€ 09/2012
724132   Bad Guy 1 Bad Guy 1 Bücher Bücher Apps like Bad Guy 1 "This comic is bible and dedicated to bad boys, acknowledge themselves. Youji Himuro is the baddest boy who never surrender against teachers and maffia. This comic shows how he is bad. Takanodai high school has many bad boys. Three incredible teachers ... 1.99€ 09/2012
724133   ⓈⓟⒾⒹⒺⓇ Solitär + ⓈⓟⒾⒹⒺⓇ Solitär + Spiele Spiele Apps like ⓈⓟⒾⒹⒺⓇ Solitär + Dies ist das klassische Spider Solitär-Spiel, das du bereits kennst und liebst … mit all den fantastischen Funktionen, Grafiken und Animationen, die du auf deinem iPhone, iPod und iPad erwarten würdest :) Zu dem klassischen Spider Solitär haben wir e... 9.99€ 09/2012
724134   Queen City Timing Queen City Timing Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Queen City Timing Queen City Timing App enables users to find event information, maps, and view results for events of Queen City Timing. Race results will be available at the touch of your fingers powered by the RR:360 results engine™, and will be posted on the Queen Ci... Gratis 09/2012
724135   Capption - Meine Aufschrift Capption - Meine Aufschrift Photographie Photographie Apps like Capption - Meine Aufschrift --- SO WERDEN DEINE BILDER NOCH LUSTIGER, ALS JEMALS ZUVOR! --- Vergiss die lächerlichen Filterprogramme und das langweilige Entstellen und Verzerren von Bildern. Die WIRKLICH guten Lacher entstehen erst, wenn du deine privaten Bilder mit nicht vorhers... Gratis 09/2012
724136   Lollipop Draw Lollipop Draw Bildung Bildung Apps like Lollipop Draw How SWEET it is! INFUSE YOUR MESSAGES! Best Draw fun - traditional lollipops, twisty, and swirls. Press REFRESH and get ALL for only .99 cents. This is just TOO COOL - So SWEET! Share - Facebook, Twitter or Great lollipop emails. Fun, FUN and Supe... Gratis 09/2012
724137   Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Guide HD Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Guide HD Reise Reise Apps like Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Guide HD The Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Guide HD app is a convenient, on-the-ground trip planning tool. An extensive, current source of Newfoundland & Labrador travel information, our mobile app offers smart searches, GPS capabilities, tourism operator ... Gratis 09/2012
724138   Kaleidomatic Kaleidomatic Photographie Photographie Apps like Kaleidomatic Kaleidomatic transforms the simple into something unique and mesmerizing. With this easy-to-use app, your iOS device becomes an interactive kaleidoscope allowing you to create high-quality images ranging from simple reflections to intricate, infinitel... 0.99€ 09/2012
724139   Deutsche Witze XXL Deutsche Witze XXL Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Deutsche Witze XXL Eine großartige Witze-Sammlung. Über 3000 Witze in übersichtlichen Kategorien eingeteilt: > Alle Kinder > Alkoholsprüche > Alkoholwitze > Antiwitze > Arztwitze > Autowitze > Bauernregeln > Bauernwitze > Beamtenwitze > Beleidigungen > Bierwitze > Blondin... Gratis 09/2012
724140   Beautiful Kitchens Magazine Beautiful Kitchens Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Beautiful Kitchens Magazine LIMITED TIME OFFER: 30-DAY FREE TRIAL WHEN YOU PURCHASE AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. Download the app now and take advantage of this amazing offer when you subscribe. An invaluable resource for anyone planning a kitchen redesign or even a simple refresh, Be... Gratis 09/2012
724141   Kids Songs: Candy Music Box 7 - App Toys Kids Songs: Candy Music Box 7 - App Toys Bildung Bildung Apps like Kids Songs: Candy Music Box 7 - App Toys Candy Music Box arrives at the App Store! It is brought to you from the MobEdu.cn of Kids Animal World, Flash Cards, Kids Memory Test, with more than 1, 000, 000 downloads. Candy Music Box issue 8 albums which is classic English songs specifically for... Gratis 09/2012
724142   Miracle Aircraft 3D Reconstruction Miracle Aircraft 3D Reconstruction Bildung Bildung Apps like Miracle Aircraft 3D Reconstruction Complete 3D real time presentation of technical virtual archeology – of never built „miracle“ aircraft from the year 1928. Application offers 3D real-time view of the virtually reconstructed aircraft in operation with Orbit and Zoom features. Revolutionar... Gratis 09/2012
724143   Kinder Assessment Kinder Assessment Bildung Bildung Apps like Kinder Assessment This app tests the knowledge of the literacy and oral language skills of a kindergarten child. This comprehensive app includes typical kindergarten literacy skills, including alphabet letter recognition and sounds in a share-the-screen style. Since the ... 4.99€ 09/2012
724144   Kelime Deposu Kelime Deposu Spiele Spiele Apps like Kelime Deposu Kelime bilginize güveniyorsanız bu oyun tam size göre! Hem eğlenin, hem kelime haznenizi geliştirin. Kelime Deposu'nda sizler için tam 5000 kelime sakladık. Bilemediğiniz kelimeler için çözüm göstertebilir, kelime dağarcığınızı geliştirebilirsiniz. Oy... Gratis 09/2012
724145   The Story of a World The Story of a World Spiele Spiele Apps like The Story of a World Should you buy this game? If you are looking for a "game", then no. The Story of a World isn't a game in that sense, you are not gonna find a lot of interaction, or deep, evolving strategies. It is more of an experience. There are things to discover a... 0.99€ 09/2012
724146   LTYH LTYH Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like LTYH Learn all about the movie, "Listen to Your Heart". Go directly to the locations used in the movie, get to know the cast, memorize the song lyrics, watch the movie trailer, access Photo Galleries from the movie and the fans, upload your own fan photo... 0.99€ 09/2012
724147   等考二级C语言 等考二级C语言 Bildung Bildung Apps like 等考二级C语言 全国无纸化等考二级C模拟题库... Gratis 09/2012
724148   100 Parole 100 Parole Bildung Bildung Apps like 100 Parole What is the German for kite? ... or the Spanish for butterfly, or the Russian for umbrella? 100 words to learn to read and to learn foreign languages in a fun and easy way! 100 Words is designed for children aged 4 years and older. The game goal is to fi... 3.99€ 09/2012
724149   TrueViz Pulse Data Manager Mobile Client TrueViz Pulse Data Manager Mobile Client Büro Büro Apps like TrueViz Pulse Data Manager Mobile Client The TrueViz Pulse® Data Manager Mobile Client application allows users to view and create point cloud data extractions with an iPad. This application requires security access to HNTB's TrueViz Pulse® Data Manager, a cloud-based system that is capable o... Gratis 09/2012
724150   KEYC TV News 12 KEYC TV News 12 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like KEYC TV News 12 KEYC TV provides up to date local News, Weather, and Sports for Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.... Gratis 09/2012
724151   One Zone One Zone Büro Büro Apps like One Zone Discover all about Carmel and Fishers in Hamilton County, Indiana, whether you’re a member of the business community, a longtime resident or a first-time visitor. Now it’s all at your fingertips in one convenient place – the official app of OneZone,... Gratis 09/2012
724152   Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine North America Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine North America Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine North America LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscribe now and save 85%. Download the app and take advantage of this amazing offer when you subscribe. Motor Boat & Yachting is Europe's best motorboating magazine. It's also the oldest, with its first issue published in 1904. Ou... Gratis 09/2012
724153   Free Riddle Generator by Bobo Free Riddle Generator by Bobo Spiele Spiele Apps like Free Riddle Generator by Bobo Bobo the Clown is back with this fantastic Riddle Generator App. With hundreds of riddles on hand and many more being updated frequently, you can be sure this app will keep you entertained. Here are a couple: The first 2 letters of this English word r... Gratis 09/2012
724154   まとめニュースは無料で芸能/エンタメ・スポーツのニュースのネタも!新聞や速報、政治・経済の記事、情報も収集するブラウザ。このニュースリーダーでエンタメ、サッカー、野球も まとめニュースは無料で芸能/エンタメ・スポーツのニュースのネタも!新聞や速報、政治・経済の記事、情報も収集するブラウザ。このニュースリーダーでエンタメ、サッカー、野球も Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like まとめニュースは無料で芸能/エンタメ・スポーツのニュースのネタも!新聞や速報、政治・経済の記事、情報も収集するブラウザ。このニュースリーダーでエンタメ、サッカー、野球も このアプリは芸能(エンタメ)・スポーツなどの人気のニュースから大きな社会変革が起こっている日本や世界の政治・経済まで様々な重要な時事・速報を一気に収集して効率よく読むことができる最強のまとめニュースリーダー、ブラウザです。Twitter、Facebook、はてなで話題になっているニュースを効果的に並べ替えて閲覧できるので時間短縮にもなるニュースリーダーです。 ------------------------------------------------ ◎最強のニュースリーダー、ブラウザ このアプリを... Gratis 09/2012
724155   Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle If you’ve already experienced Augmented Reality, you know how cool it is. If not, get ready for some fun! Watch the Eagle Talon Castle come to life like magic. See it in all its expanded glory, unfolding to a HUGE 42”. Get to know the characters and ex... Gratis 09/2012
724156   餐行健智能菜谱 餐行健智能菜谱 Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 餐行健智能菜谱 “餐行健”iPad智能菜谱是一款基于苹果iPad平板电脑为载体的智能化点餐系统。只需简单的触摸操作即可轻松完成点餐、下单、结账等事项,带来非凡的视觉冲击力。可有效激发顾客自主点餐的欲望,引导顾客进行消费,提高饭店的服务档次和服务水平。同时也能有效减少服务员数量,降低人力支出,真正帮助餐厅实现“开源节流”。 餐行健ipad智能菜谱,代表了饭店的时尚与品位,能全方位展现菜品价值和文化内涵,可有效提高饭店档次和服务水平,让菜品异彩纷呈,让消费者食欲大开!  “餐行健”智能点餐系统的成功研发并诞生,给餐饮行... Gratis 09/2012
724157   Radians Radians Navigation Navigation Apps like Radians Radians is the perfect companion while you're on the road. When you open the app, it instantly locks on to your location. Contacts' addresses are shown as you drive by them, and with a single tap you can call or message them. Radians is a unique take o... 0.99€ 09/2012
724158   移动售楼 移动售楼 Büro Büro Apps like 移动售楼 移动售楼·专注来访签约率 在置业顾问与购房者沟通时,移动售楼可以帮助置业顾问展示项目效果图,截面图,户型图,以及项目周边的优势等,协助置业顾问完成选房计价的整个过程,可以有效提升房地产项目的高端形象,进而帮助客户提高来访签约率。 房地产移动售楼支持场景 效果图展示 1、可以展示项目的鸟瞰图,效果图,绿化图等多张图片,可以帮助置业顾问向客户讲解项目规划前景等各种优势; 2、可以通过鸟瞰图上,穿透查看楼栋的截面图,详细介绍楼栋的各个户型及位置; 3、可以通过截面图,查看楼栋的销控表... Gratis 09/2012
724159   成語皇朝 成語皇朝 Spiele Spiele Apps like 成語皇朝 成語皇朝 Idiom Empire 遊戲操作方式說明 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WlQYiqVY4k 世界的歷史上,曾有過一段鮮為人知的風光朝代。 在皇帝英明睿智的領導之下,皇朝內一片祥和。文武百官無不崇尚詩書,市井 小民也都鑽研文字之美,力求展現一己之才,來日能得到一官半職,光宗耀祖。 於是本皇朝便以”成語科舉”,來做為評鑑官員晉升的重要考試制度。 身為成語皇朝中的居民,你(妳)是否可以通過各地州府嚴格的審查,發揮所學, 從原本平民的身分,一步步邁向皇朝百官... Gratis 09/2012
724160   Breezy For Good Technology Breezy For Good Technology Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Breezy For Good Technology Breezy For Good Technology IMPORTANT NOTE: This application will not operate without the necessary back-end software and for IT security reasons each end user of the application must enter their corporate email address and an IT-provided, 15-character A... Gratis 09/2012
724161   Jewel Dragon Jewel Dragon Spiele Spiele Apps like Jewel Dragon Contact us: pocketelementsfeedback@gmail.com  Jewel Dragon is a surprisingly cool social game, which is only available on iPhone and iPod. A legendary card-based adventure! Collect unique Cards and lead your guild to glory! Join the Holy War between G... Gratis 09/2012
724162   Turn 'N' Run HD Turn 'N' Run HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Turn 'N' Run HD Dreh und lauf Die Welt hat sich umgedreht… Benutze eine einzigartige Spielsteuerung im erstaunlich guten Geduldspiel. Dreh die Welt um dich, um einen Weg zum abgestürzten Schiff des netten, glotzäugigen Außerirdischen zu finden. DREH WEITER Gleite e... 1.99€ 09/2012
724163   Turn 'N' Run Free Turn 'N' Run Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Turn 'N' Run Free Dreh und lauf Die Welt hat sich umgedreht… Benutze eine einzigartige Spielsteuerung im erstaunlich guten Geduldspiel. Dreh die Welt um dich, um einen Weg zum abgestürzten Schiff des netten, glotzäugigen Außerirdischen zu finden. DREH WEITER Gleite e... Gratis 09/2012
724164   Candle Light HD Candle Light HD Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Candle Light HD "Finally, a candle that does exactly what you wan it to." "The only candle app that does it all!" Candle Light HD is the candle app everyone has been waiting for. Beautifully designed with HD images, unparalleled features and you can even blow out t... Gratis 09/2012
724165   Selector Selector Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Selector Need to select between a bunch of people? Selector will decide for you! Have everyone hold a finger on the device and the spinner will spin until it selects one person. Use it to pick who pays for dinner! Use it to decide who does the dishes! Use it to s... 0.99€ 09/2012
724166   Stranded: Escape White Sands Stranded: Escape White Sands Spiele Spiele Apps like Stranded: Escape White Sands Stranded: Escape White Sands is new interactive, adventure storybook. Your mission is to help Tom Foxton and his new fiancée, Jen, escape the mysterious island of White Sands, which they suddenly find themselves stranded. Was it an accident that the... 0.99€ 09/2012
724167   Montessorie Geometrie - mit Tam und Tao spielend die Formen entdecken Montessorie Geometrie - mit Tam und Tao spielend die Formen entdecken Bildung Bildung Apps like Montessorie Geometrie - mit Tam und Tao spielend die Formen entdecken Lassen Sie Ihr Kind spielerisch die ersten Schritte in Geometrie machen! Unsere Helden Tam & Tao begleiten es auf eine Reise in die spannende Welt der geometrischen Formen. Mit dieser Applikation entdeckt das Kind die Logik: Kategorisieren, hierarchisie... 3.99€ 09/2012
724168   Thor Fitness: 60 Day Bodyweight Workout Routine - Program for Strength and Cardio Conditioning Thor Fitness: 60 Day Bodyweight Workout Routine - Program for Strength and Cardio Conditioning Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Thor Fitness: 60 Day Bodyweight Workout Routine - Program for Strength and Cardio Conditioning Want to see what a healthier, faster, stronger version of you looks like? Thor Fitness Bodyweight is a 60 day workout regimen that will transform your body into the best version of you. Follow along with your trainer in his video demonstrations as he pu... 0.99€ 09/2012
724169   畅捷菜谱 畅捷菜谱 Büro Büro Apps like 畅捷菜谱 畅捷菜谱是畅捷通公司研发的可替代纸质菜单的应用程序, 广泛适用于酒店、餐饮、娱乐等服务行业, 该程序完美结合畅捷通餐饮管理软件, 为餐饮企业提供一步到位的整体解决方案。 本电子菜谱可通过云平台同步后台数据, 电子菜单结合了文字、图片、音频、视频等多媒体内容, 展现酒店餐厅的服务与文化及菜品信息。并充分利用iPAD特性, 以绝佳的浏览体验, 能够让顾客轻松、愉悦的自助完成点菜工序, 提升顾客的互动点菜乐趣, 为顾客带来全新的用餐体验。为餐厅增加了就餐的时尚感, 赢得了回头客, 节约了餐厅的人力成本。 畅捷菜... Gratis 09/2012
724170   Vitals Monitor Vitals Monitor Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Vitals Monitor The Raiing Vitals Monitor connect your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to Raiing wireless health monitors through Bluetooth links.... Gratis 09/2012
724171   Bij Daphne Bij Daphne Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Bij Daphne Bij Daphne in de Kas, the central meetingpoint in Vathorst. Every Friday there is a special menu with meat or fish, or a vegetarian option. Every week you will be notified of the new Daphne's Friday Special, and other news. You can book immediately, ... Gratis 09/2012
724172   GIVI WebOrder B2B GIVI WebOrder B2B Büro Büro Apps like GIVI WebOrder B2B App b2b riservata alla sola forza vendita Givi che consente la compilazione e la consultazione degli ordini e il relativo stato in tempo reale... Gratis 09/2012
724173   LayerGloss App Viewer LayerGloss App Viewer Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like LayerGloss App Viewer The LayerGloss™ App Viewer accompanies the LayerGloss App Creator. To use this app, an account is required. Use this app to: • log on to your LayerGloss account • preview your work • show your work to your peers or customers • test your work on diff... Gratis 09/2012
724174   Hadoota Hadoota Bücher Bücher Apps like Hadoota Hadoota is an all-in-one bedtime companion for children and parents alike! There are all kinds of fun and interactive bed time stories: animated, narrated and featuring fun and educational games & puzzles too. You also have your very own doodles dashboar... Gratis 09/2012
724175   Zoem Zoem Reise Reise Apps like Zoem Met deze app kunnen elektrische deelauto's van Zoem worden gereserveerd. Je hoeft geen lid te zijn om de app te downloaden. De app voorziet in een registratie voor nieuwe gebruikers. Om je aan te melden en te kunnen rijden heb je een emailadres, rijbewi... Gratis 09/2012
724176   投资界HD 投资界HD Büro Büro Apps like 投资界HD 投资界(www.pedaily.cn)是清科集团旗下领先的中国私募股权投资行业门户网站。以强大的投资人关系网络为基础, 投资界采编团队致力于为业界人士提供最及时、准确、深入的市场报道, 并整合清科集团十余年的行业研究资源, 倾力打造具备丰富数据及深入分析的专业化网站。... Gratis 09/2012
724177   Enchant U Enchant U Spiele Spiele Apps like Enchant U Für iPhone 5 optimiert! Hol dir heiße KLAMOTTEN, triff dich mit SÜSSEN JUNGS und entdecke den ZAUBER! Enchant U ist eine typische Universität ... oder nicht? Dunkle und aufregende Geheimnisse umgeben Schulfreunde, Studentenverbindungen und das Nacht... Gratis 09/2012
724178   LesArdoises LesArdoises Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like LesArdoises Les tablettes tactiles, ça vous touche ? Vous ne lâchez plus votre iPad ? Vous adorerez l'application LesArdoises. News, tests, revues d'applications et de jeux, démonstration d'accessoires, réflexions sur le marché : c'est bien simple si cela a un r... Gratis 09/2012
724179   All-in-One Board Games All-in-One Board Games Spiele Spiele Apps like All-in-One Board Games ** 50% Discount! Sale only $0.99 for a LIMITED TIME! ** Don't miss it! *iPhone 5 and iPod Touch(5th generation) retina screen are fully supported.* A top board games collection app with delicate picture, 10 classic board games included. Tired of clickin... 0.99€ 09/2012
724180   SkinLogic Lite SkinLogic Lite Medizin Medizin Apps like SkinLogic Lite Is non-surgical rejuvenation possible? Would you like to simulate the effects technical of facial rejuvenation? Developed by renowned dermatologist Ricardo Ruiz Rodriguez and his team, The SkinLogic Simulator app shows you the potential effect of treatm... Gratis 09/2012
724181   PilotWorkshops – Pilot Proficiency Training PilotWorkshops – Pilot Proficiency Training Bildung Bildung Apps like PilotWorkshops – Pilot Proficiency Training Free app from PilotWorkshops provides 20 free pilot proficiency workshops plus an option for purchasing additional programs. Top flight instructors cover important topics like Airmanship, IFR, Weather and more… PilotWorkshops’ training is delivered in... Gratis 09/2012
724182   ATI Net F/T ATI Net F/T Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like ATI Net F/T This app uses ATI Industrial Automation's Net F/T transducer to display force and torque data. A Net F/T transducer is required on the same local network in order for the app to receive data.... Gratis 09/2012
724183   My Personal Trainer (w/ Reminders) My Personal Trainer (w/ Reminders) Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like My Personal Trainer (w/ Reminders) My Personal Trainer is a way to have a personal trainer customized to you individually, right in your pocket. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ LIMITED TIME SPECIAL! GET IT NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES BACK UP!! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ ✓ ... 2.99€ 09/2012
724184   SphinxMobile SphinxMobile Büro Büro Apps like SphinxMobile SphinxMobile est l'application de Sphinx Développement pour la collecte de données d'enquête en mode déconnecté à partir d'un iPhone ou d'un iPad. *Le scénario d'utilisation est très simple : 1.Depuis la tablette/SmartPhone, l'enquêteur prépare son a... Gratis 09/2012
724185   Crowdfire - for Twitter & Instagram Growth Crowdfire - for Twitter & Instagram Growth Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Crowdfire - for Twitter & Instagram Growth Find your unfollowers, followers, inactive users, admirers, people who will follow back and more for Twitter and Instagram! Schedule posts for Instagram, send automatic direct messages, find twitter users near you - take your social media marketing... Gratis 09/2012
724186   Krakout HD Krakout HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Krakout HD Endlich gibt es das Kultspiel auch als App! Zerstöre Blöcke mit einem Ball, indem Du ihn mit Deinem Schläger triffst. Der coole Retro-Sound und die lustige Grafik von Krakout HD machen immer wieder Spaß ✶ Mehrere Schwierigkeitsgrade für Anfänger, Fort... 0.99€ 09/2012
724187   Pirate Adventures HD lite: hidden object game Pirate Adventures HD lite: hidden object game Spiele Spiele Apps like Pirate Adventures HD lite: hidden object game Pirateville ist actionbeladenes Versteckte-Objekte-Spiel, dass jeden begeistert, der Geheimnisse und Piratenromantik liebt! Vor langer Zeit kam ein Pirat namens Sharpshooter Jack in den Besitz einer mysteriösen, altertümlichen Kiste. Jack wusste sofo... Gratis 09/2012
724188   ShamanGame ShamanGame Spiele Spiele Apps like ShamanGame Match 3 spiel mit zaubersprüchen... Gratis 09/2012
724189   Find Khmer Find Khmer Reise Reise Apps like Find Khmer Find Khmer (in English and Khmer, option to choose in Setting) is a Cambodian local search engine based on location awareness. The app uses a database from FindKH. (www.findkh.com) Features: • Online search by categories, locations • Search the nearest... Gratis 09/2012
724190   Wildwalks Wildwalks Reise Reise Apps like Wildwalks This app gives you access to topographic maps, tracknotes, photos, terrain profiles and heaps more information for near 1000 walks in NSW. The walks range from 3 mins strolls to multi-day hiking adventures. Something for everyone from parents taking... Gratis 09/2012
724191   Death Under Tuscan Skies: Ein Dana Knightstone Roman Sammleredition HD Death Under Tuscan Skies: Ein Dana Knightstone Roman Sammleredition HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Death Under Tuscan Skies: Ein Dana Knightstone Roman Sammleredition HD Spiele dieses umfassende, qualitativ hochwertige Spiel GRATIS! Fahre das Abenteuer fort, indem Du es EINMAL freischaltest! KEINE VIRTUELLEN GEGENSTÄNDE, KEINE UNTERBRECHUNGEN! Das Spiel GEHÖRT Dir! Schlüpfe in „Death Under Tuscan Skies - Ein Dana Kni... Gratis 09/2012
724192   Singer's Mate Singer's Mate Musik Musik Apps like Singer's Mate Trying to learn how to sing? Spending too much of your voice lesson just learning to sing on key? Now you can develop this most basic singing skill all by yourself using Singer's Mate. Singer's Mate is a pitch training tool that provides visual feedback ... 2.99€ 09/2012
724193   Terapets 2 - Monster Dragon Evolution Terapets 2 - Monster Dragon Evolution Spiele Spiele Apps like Terapets 2 - Monster Dragon Evolution MONSTER TRAINING GAME =========== SOME TRUST REVIEWS ========= - Fun to play. A mix between digimon and pokemon - Lil prob but great game Its a great game just fix the bugs and it reminds me of pokemon. - Great game goes fast I love this game and it add... Gratis 09/2012
724194   Bungee Birds Bungee Birds Spiele Spiele Apps like Bungee Birds *** FREE TODAY *** Normally $0.99 You float like a butterfly and hover like a honeybee. You're one of a new breed of precision flyers... A Bungee Bird! Fling yourself high and savor the view but pay close attention on your descent. Bungee Birds is the lat... 2.99€ 09/2012
724195   Settle This! Settle This! Spiele Spiele Apps like Settle This! Settle This! (in HD) is a stylish, intense, and fully customizable 2 in 1 strategy game. It blends dynamic real time action with turn based play seamlessly in Gu-Chi-Pa & is indisputably the most epic Rock, Paper, Scissors experience delivered to iOS.... Gratis 09/2012
724196   My Dragon My Dragon Spiele Spiele Apps like My Dragon Für iPhone 5 optimiert! Hast du dir je gewünscht, deinen eigenen Drachen aufzuziehen? Mit „My Dragon“ kannst du genau das jetzt tun! Als der neue Königliche Drachenhüter von Dragonia ist es deine Aufgabe, dich um die besten Drachen des Königreiches ... Gratis 09/2012
724197   Magic Sweets HD (Full) Magic Sweets HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Magic Sweets HD (Full) Verköstige in „Magic Sweets“, einem temporeichen Gegen-die-Zeit-Spiel, die Einwohner der Magischen Akademie mit leckeren Mahlzeiten, die mit einzigartigen Zaubersprüchen aufgewertet werden. Hilf Dino, einem winzigen Babydrachen und seinem Frauchen dab... 2.99€ 09/2012
724198   防御英雄 防御英雄 Spiele Spiele Apps like 防御英雄 【Features】 Supports Chinese and English. Beautiful graphic effect and lively roles. TD which tests your wisdom and courage. 14 classes will be gradually unlocked according to the game process, such as Paladin, Mage, Ranger, Rogue, Blasted tower, For... Gratis 09/2012
724199   Schooltas Schooltas Bildung Bildung Apps like Schooltas Schooltas ist eine preisgekrönte App, die Schülern und Lehrern ermöglicht zu lernen und zu lehren mit Digitaltext durch die Kombination von E-Book-Funktionalitäten mit einer sozialen Schicht und Klassenzimmer Tools. Schooltas ist ein eBook-Reader und -... Gratis 09/2012
724200   Dixie Regional Medical Center Dixie Regional Medical Center Medizin Medizin Apps like Dixie Regional Medical Center The Dixie Regional Medical Center app makes it easy for users to find their way around the hospital’s three campuses, as well as get directions to the many Intermountain Healthcare clinics and facilities in Washington County, UT. Just press the icons on... Gratis 09/2012

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