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731801   Adriatic Wind Adriatic Wind Wetter Wetter Apps like Adriatic Wind When you are on sea you need fast and accurate information about the wind in your area. Adriatic Wind provides easy access to Aladin weather maps making it seamless to check the wind forecast for the next 3 days. With Adriatic Wind you don't need to bro... 2.99€ 08/2012
731802   Papillion-La Vista Public Schools Papillion-La Vista Public Schools Bildung Bildung Apps like Papillion-La Vista Public Schools The Papillion-La Vista Public Schools app gives you a personalized window into what is happening at the district and schools. Get the news and information that you care about and get involved. Anyone Can: - View district and school news - Use the dist... Gratis 08/2012
731803   Color Shine Pro - image splash effects Color Shine Pro - image splash effects Photographie Photographie Apps like Color Shine Pro - image splash effects Gib deinen Fotos einen Farbglanz indem du es in schwarz weiß konvertierst und einige Stellen farbig lässt. ★★★★★ 50% reduziert nur für kurze Zeit Erstelle beeindruckende Bilder durch Color Shine. Der Color Shine Effekt lenkt die Aufmerksamkeit des Betr... 1.99€ 08/2012
731805   Amtsblatt AG Amtsblatt AG Referenz Referenz Apps like Amtsblatt AG Mit dieser App haben Sie die elektronische Ausgabe vom Amtsblatt des Kantons Aargau immer dabei. Bei jedem Öffnen wird automatisch überprüft ob eine neue Version vorhanden ist und schlägt diese zum Download vor oder Sie laden manuell eine Ausgabe aus dem ... Gratis 08/2012
731806   포항관광 포항관광 Reise Reise Apps like 포항관광 포항시의 관광정보를 스마트폰을 통해서 손쉽게 이용할 수 있습니다.... Gratis 08/2012
731807   The Grunts: Beard of Bees The Grunts: Beard of Bees Spiele Spiele Apps like The Grunts: Beard of Bees Build a beard of buzzing bees for Mr. Grunt! This funny, fun (and rather addictive) game is a tie-in app for The Grunts book series, written by Philip Ardagh and with original artwork by The Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler. The game requires fast ... Gratis 08/2012
731808   Next Player Next Player Musik Musik Apps like Next Player Next Player is a music player that will help you to quickly create smart playlists based on the number of stars you give to your tracks, the date of the last playback or the rating of the songs. The application has six different play modes: - Top rated... 0.99€ 08/2012
731809   南方日报阅读器HD 南方日报阅读器HD Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 南方日报阅读器HD 南方日报创刊于1949年10月23日,是中共广东省委机关报,南方报业传媒集团的旗舰媒体。南方日报是智慧型资讯的提供者,以其不可替代的权威性、公信力、高品质的主流新闻和深度报道,确立了华南地区高端主流政经大报地位。主要面向公务员、企业管理者和专业人士等高端读者群,对广东乃至中国的社会政治、经济、文化走势具有高度的影响力。 南方日报官方网站南方报网(www.nfdaily.cn)注重新闻报道的权威性和及时性,强调政经新闻的梳理整合和简明易读,目前内容涵盖即时快报、时政要闻、财经分析、深度报道、地市观察、文化... Gratis 08/2012
731810   Bokeh Digital Photography Magazine skill techniques tutorials and business tips for photographers Bokeh Digital Photography Magazine skill techniques tutorials and business tips for photographers Photographie Photographie Apps like Bokeh Digital Photography Magazine skill techniques tutorials and business tips for photographers Top Mag *****5 Star by MongrelM UK - Version 3.0.2 - Mar 29, 2013 - I'm an amateur photographer with an eye on becoming a professional. Every issue has been helpful and inspiring. Recommended. *** Download ISSUE 01 For Free *** Bokeh Magazine is a premi... Gratis 08/2012
731811   myON myON Bücher Bücher Apps like myON The myON app provides access to myON reader, a personalized, online literacy program that matches student’s interests and their reading level to a recommended book list generated from the largest digital library with over 8000 enhanced digital books wit... Gratis 08/2012
731812   المرأة العربية | أخبار الطبخ المنزل الصحة والموضة المرأة العربية | أخبار الطبخ المنزل الصحة والموضة Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like المرأة العربية | أخبار الطبخ المنزل الصحة والموضة تطبيق متكامل للمرأة العربية يهتم بكافة شؤون المرأة من موضة وجمال ، صحة ورشاقة ، موضة وأزياء ، وكافة ما يخص العائلة والطفل ، المنزل والديكور وكل ما يخص المرأة العربية... Gratis 08/2012
731813   睡前故事精选 睡前故事精选 Bildung Bildung Apps like 睡前故事精选 精选160个有趣的儿童睡前故事, 所有故事采用高品质音频, 是您给孩子听睡前故事的不二选择! 下载安装软件后所资源已安装在本地, 无需网络就可开始使用! 支持上一曲、下一曲、暂停、继续、拖动进度条调节播放位置, 支持后台播放并支持iphone耳机的线控功能! 播放控制支持自动按顺序连续播放、单曲循环播放、随机播放并可在这几种方式间切换! 自动记录播放故事及播放位置, 下次可继续播放! 支持收藏功能, 您可把孩子特别喜欢的故事加入收藏, 并可设置是否只在收藏故事中连续播放! 支持睡眠功能, 可设置定时停止播... Gratis 08/2012
731814   قصص الانبياء الشاملة قصص الانبياء الشاملة Bildung Bildung Apps like قصص الانبياء الشاملة قصص جميع الأنبياء عليهم السلام بأسلو مفيد ومشوق.... Gratis 08/2012
731815   Wonder Beeps Wonder Beeps Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Wonder Beeps Verbal Machines LTD is proud to present: The WonderBeeps. The WonderBeeps, based on the Sensory Inc SonicNet™ Technology and our WonderBeeps board can let you experiment with this exciting new App and use it to control your home using your iPhone. All yo... Gratis 08/2012
731816   少儿围棋教学系列第七课 少儿围棋教学系列第七课 Bildung Bildung Apps like 少儿围棋教学系列第七课 ********************第七课内容简介********************** 孙子说:兵者,诡道也。说的就是,打仗用兵,一定要会使用计策,要出其不意,要攻敌不备。那围棋,就像打仗一样,对局双方在棋盘上你争我夺,谁的计策多,谁就可以吃更多的子,谁就会取得最终的胜利! 把对方棋子的出路用一手棋堵住,像关起门���一样让对方无路可跑,这就是“关门打狗”,正式的术语也叫——“闷吃”! 除了“关门打狗”,还有一种“欲擒故纵”的计策,也叫“置于死地而后生”! 在围棋中,就是自己先主动送对... 2.99€ 08/2012
731817   Legen Sie Bildunterschrift Frei - für iPad Legen Sie Bildunterschrift Frei - für iPad Photographie Photographie Apps like Legen Sie Bildunterschrift Frei - für iPad Fügen Sie benutzerdefinierte überschriften zu Ihren Bildern und teilen Sie sie mit Ihren Freunden und Familie. Beschriftungen können innerhalb Diskussion sein und denken, Blasen, Banner, Bilder, Schilder, Aufkleber, Papier Notizen und andere coole S... Gratis 08/2012
731818   Toddler Numbers Paid Toddler Numbers Paid Spiele Spiele Apps like Toddler Numbers Paid A cute and engaging counting app for toddlers and preschool children designed to demonstrate the basic concept of counting, the number sounds, their order and the fact that each item can only be used once when counting. By simply tapping the beautifully... 0.99€ 08/2012
731819   12 LCARS 12 LCARS Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 12 LCARS 12 animations to simulate the LCARS systems on your device. They are designed to play in a continuous loop fashion to create the impression of some mega processing in the background.... 1.99€ 08/2012
731820   iSplitLite iSplitLite Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like iSplitLite * "This app should be called lickity split, for before you know it you are done!! This is a superb concept, brilliantly executed." -- Ecstatic User, iTunes Review * "I downloaded this today and have been playing with it. It's absolutely wonderful." -... Gratis 08/2012
731821   FocusLynx Web Controller FocusLynx Web Controller Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like FocusLynx Web Controller Quick, hassle-free connection to your FocusLynx on your iPhone or iPad! The FocusLynx Web Controller gives you a fast and simple method to connect via WiFi to the control webpage for your FocusLynx Focuser Controller Hub. * Requires FocusLynx Focuser C... Gratis 08/2012
731822   StockA StockA Büro Büro Apps like StockA ●StockA is a special APP that helps auctioneers, retailers, businessmen, and people who want to sale their things to deal with their inventory. ●StockA can list all your items in a systematically clear way. ●StockA is able to change, add or delete... 1.99€ 08/2012
731823   Pair Player Pair Player Photographie Photographie Apps like Pair Player Providing over 20 functions, Pair Player is an extraordinarily multifunctional high-performance video playback app. Double-screen playback, Single-screen playback, Frame-by-frame playback, Reverse frame-by-frame playback, Playback speed changes, ... 6.99€ 08/2012
731824   POINT&FIGURE POINT&FIGURE Finanzen Finanzen Apps like POINT&FIGURE Den POINT&FIGURE-Trader, der exklusive Vermögensaufbau durch Chart-Technik, gibt es jetzt auch als App für iPhone und iPad. Die Funktionen: •Depotübersicht mit klaren Handlungsempfehlungen •Alle aktuellen Meldungen sofort auf Ihrem iPhone / iPad verfüg... Gratis 08/2012
731825   Animated Puzzle 2 Animated Puzzle 2 Bildung Bildung Apps like Animated Puzzle 2 Erfreuen Sie sich an dem neuen aufregenden Puzzle-Format, welches Animation und Bewegung mit dem klassischen Puzzle-Spiel vereint. In diesem neuen Spiel erstellt das Kind eine animierte Szene, indem es die Puzzle-Teile anders anordnet. Das Spiel trä... Gratis 08/2012
731826   关圣帝君灵签 关圣帝君灵签 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 关圣帝君灵签 关帝灵签是一个很古老的占卜项目,又称“雷雨师圣签百首签”、“关圣帝君感应灵签”。... Gratis 08/2012
731827   Ice Pengy Ice Pengy Spiele Spiele Apps like Ice Pengy ★★★★★ 60+ FUN-DEAD LEVELS AND MORE ★★★★★ 50+ ACHIEVEMENTS ★★★★★ COLLECTION SYSTEM ※ Description The world is getting warmer and warmer, the ice world, the home of penguins, begins to melt! Help penguins! A brand new Drag and Drop block puzzl... 0.99€ 08/2012
731828   Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar While your enjoying your meal or drinks, use our app to play trivia against other guests in the restaurant. Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar is located in Siesta Key, Florida and offers fresh, affordable seafood in a casual family atmosphere. Our app i... Gratis 08/2012
731829   男欢女爱的秘密 男欢女爱的秘密 Bücher Bücher Apps like 男欢女爱的秘密 你知道男女那些事的秘密吗?你懂的!男女都适用哦!... Gratis 08/2012
731830   The Yellow Card - Clinical History and Examination Plus! The Yellow Card - Clinical History and Examination Plus! Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like The Yellow Card - Clinical History and Examination Plus! Clinical History and Examination Skills Plus! For clinical medical students including MB ChB, MBBS, MRCP, USMLE candidates. The Yellow Card© is an indispensible aide for the clinical medical student and a resource for the practising physician. The Ye... 1.99€ 08/2012
731831   SecuCON Mobile SecuCON Mobile Büro Büro Apps like SecuCON Mobile SecuCON Mobile is a free application for all valued customer of SecuCON Corporation only. Function description: 1. Real-time live video streaming remote monitor IP-Camera. 2. Support RTSP-over-HTTP. 3. Support Re-connect. 4. Support MJPEG and H.264... Gratis 08/2012
731832   MIA - Museum Info App for iPad MIA - Museum Info App for iPad Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like MIA - Museum Info App for iPad Up-to-date museum information conveniently displayed at the palm of your hand! MIA (Museum Info Application) is a directory of museums and art gallery locations that are categorized by state. The app also provides information related to events and exhib... 4.99€ 08/2012
731833   ViziKit ViziKit Büro Büro Apps like ViziKit With ViziKit you can import your custom html content and utilize it as a trackable presentation that can be shared and utilized by your business, customers, kiosk, sales force, agency or classroom. ViziKit gives you the freedom to collaborate and comm... Gratis 08/2012
731834   Montessori Numbers - Math Activities for Kids Montessori Numbers - Math Activities for Kids Bildung Bildung Apps like Montessori Numbers - Math Activities for Kids • Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design - 4.8 stars out of 5 - "This is a must-have app, for any early learning setting" - Children's Technology Review • Featured by Apple as "Best for Ages 5 and under" & as 'New and Noteworthy' (Education) • ... 2.99€ 08/2012
731835   The Reds - The interactive matchday programme for Barnsley Football Club The Reds - The interactive matchday programme for Barnsley Football Club Sport Sport Apps like The Reds - The interactive matchday programme for Barnsley Football Club Subscribe or download individual issues and keep up to date with everything happening at Barnsley Football Club The Reds features include: • Full digital editions of official Barnsley Football Club match-day programmes • Intuitive and easy to use page r... Gratis 08/2012
731836   ALUCOBOND design ALUCOBOND design Büro Büro Apps like ALUCOBOND design Beschreibung ALUCOBOND® design App Kreativ und mobil, das ist die neue, kostenlose App ALUCOBOND® design. Die neue ALUCOBOND® App unterstützt Ihre Fassadengestaltung für individuelle Architektur und Gestaltungsfreiheit. Mit der App lassen sich die ... Gratis 08/2012
731837   Lovelets – show your love Lovelets – show your love Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Lovelets – show your love Send love cards to a special person with Lovelets, it's the fun way to show your love. Get a picture of your loved one, stick it onto a card, put in your choice of gifts on it and email or share on facebook in a few taps. Simple and quick, yet just pe... Gratis 08/2012
731838   Me divierto en Chino Me divierto en Chino Bildung Bildung Apps like Me divierto en Chino Me Divierto en Chino™ es una aplicación basada en cuentos tradicionales, que incorpora juegos y canciones, para exponer a los niños al chino. Blancanieves, La Cenicienta y La Bella Durmiente son los primeros libros de la colección. La aplicación es gr... Gratis 08/2012
731839   Bubble Heads Bubble Heads Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Bubble Heads Transform yourself, friends, family or pets into a Bobblehead. Bubble Heads App transforms your photos into a interactive Bobblehead. Touch or shake your android device to animate your personalized Bobblehead. Download Bubble Heads and join the FUN!... 0.99€ 08/2012
731840   聪明记单词-CET4词汇通 聪明记单词-CET4词汇通 Bildung Bildung Apps like 聪明记单词-CET4词汇通 本软件是为在校大学生备考CET4的同学量身定制的一款高效英语背单词软件, 一款真正支持历年真题的背单词软件, 通过真题翻译, 真题阅读理解, 真题完型填空来加强单词的记忆和复习.支持屏幕取词功能, 对所选单词进行英英解释, 英汉解释和在线查询功能, 扫清生词障碍.在背单词过程中, 可将生词加入生词本中. 本软件的特色功能有: 1. 全面支持CET4考试真题, 与真题实时互动, 答题结果一目了然. 2. 支持屏幕取词功能, 只要有英文的地方长按都可以进行英英翻译, 英汉翻译(内置朗文简明英汉... 1.99€ 08/2012
731841   Regulus Card Match! Regulus Card Match! Spiele Spiele Apps like Regulus Card Match! A very simple card game to test your memory! Flip the cards and match them. This simple yet entertaining game can be customized to match your brand or product. Need a game for your brand? Contact us at contact@regulusgames.com to get a quote on customiz... Gratis 08/2012
731842   Bluetooth Chat / Walkie Talkie Bluetooth Chat / Walkie Talkie Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Bluetooth Chat / Walkie Talkie This application allows you to convert your iDevice to walkie-talkie and Chat between iDevices ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ √ Does not affect data usage √ Application convert your i... 0.99€ 08/2012
731843   Skeletal Anatomy. Skeletal Anatomy. Medizin Medizin Apps like Skeletal Anatomy. The Skeletal System HD is a human skeletal structure learning and teaching app that allows users to explore the human skeletal visually and interactively. This release features each comprised of over 200 structures and present relationship between them. ... 6.99€ 08/2012
731844   Los! Schlagzeug (Go! Drum Set) Los! Schlagzeug (Go! Drum Set) Musik Musik Apps like Los! Schlagzeug (Go! Drum Set) Endlich gibt es im App Store das beste und schönste Schlagzeug. Wir stellen das Los! Schlagzeug vor... mobiler Rockstar zu werden, wird hier zum Kinderspiel! Nehmen Sie Ihre ganz eigene Trommel-Sessions auf oder spielen Sie zusammen mit Ihren Lieblings-... Gratis 08/2012
731845   Copy for iOS Copy for iOS Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Copy for iOS Save, protect, and share your files with Copy. Get instant access to your files on your computers, iOS devices, and the Copy website. Your data is secured with AES-256-SHA encryption in the cloud. With Copy you can share and sync folders with friends... Gratis 08/2012
731846   World of Huntsman Polyurethanes World of Huntsman Polyurethanes Büro Büro Apps like World of Huntsman Polyurethanes Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals. Explore the interactive 3D world of Huntsman Polyurethanes to see our solutions in action. Choose your sector and see the many exciting applications of Huntsman products all aro... Gratis 08/2012
731847   名师导学初中数学讲座(三) 多媒体交互软件 名师导学初中数学讲座(三) 多媒体交互软件 Bildung Bildung Apps like 名师导学初中数学讲座(三) 多媒体交互软件 名师导学—初中数学讲座第三集 多媒体教学软件:   本套软件是北京华夏树人数码科技有限公司全新开发的多媒体教育软件,全套分四集,共20讲的内容。 本套软件精选初中数学课程中出现的典型难题,特聘请十几位北京市重点中学的权威名师进行授课,内容生动具体,讲解出神入化,能够使学生的课堂教学与课外知识完美结合,训练学生多角度的思维方法,学会举一反三的思维模式。本软件每讲均配有相应练习,使学生产生较强的参与意识,帮助学生激发学习兴趣,启迪数学思维,开拓数学视野,培养创新能力,从而很大程度地激发学习积极性。 我们相... 1.99€ 08/2012
731848   Haushaltsbuch mit Budget Notes HD Haushaltsbuch mit Budget Notes HD Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Haushaltsbuch mit Budget Notes HD Budget Notes HD ist unsere neue Finanz-App. Alles wird visuell dargestellt: Budgetplanung und -beschränkung, gegenwärtige Einnahmen und Darstellungen in Farbe. Budget Notes passt sich sowohl normalen als auch Retina-Displays perfekt an, und Sie erhalt... Gratis 08/2012
731849   My BMW My BMW Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like My BMW The My BMW application is your gateway to the Ultimate Driving Machine in Australia. Simply download to your iPhone or iPad device and access up-to-the-minute news, connect with BMW Australia’s social platforms, request a brochure and locate a BMW dea... Gratis 08/2012
731850   ZOOM Cloud Meetings ZOOM Cloud Meetings Büro Büro Apps like ZOOM Cloud Meetings Zoom, a 2014 Gartner Cool Vendor, unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings and group messaging into one easy-to-use application. Start or join a 25-person meeting with crystal-clear, face-to-face conversation, high quality screen shar... Gratis 08/2012
731851   BIB HSI iPad BIB HSI iPad Produktivität Produktivität Apps like BIB HSI iPad BIB HSI is an open standard, SIP-based softphone specifically designed for the iPad and iPad 2 that uses a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to make and receive calls. **IMPORTANT NOTE: BIB HSI is a standalone softphone and not a VoIP service. SIP-based service o... 23.99€ 08/2012
731852   Mandala Puzzle Mandala Puzzle Spiele Spiele Apps like Mandala Puzzle ★★★★★ Amazing! This game is the most beautiful jigsaw puzzle game out there. The graphics reminds me the kaleidoscope, gorgeous. The background music really makes me relax. My kids love it. Highly recommended. ★★★★★ Great jigsaw puzzle game! If you like... Gratis 08/2012
731853   iSleep Sphere 2 iSleep Sphere 2 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like iSleep Sphere 2 More than 250.000 happy users bought iSleep during last year around the world. Now we presents you iSleep Sphere 2, the new version of our best app ever. And it comes with some great new features and new sounds. This is by far the best iSleep app. MAIN ... 1.99€ 08/2012
731854   SetGo Scan SetGo Scan Produktivität Produktivität Apps like SetGo Scan ***** EASILY SCAN with FileMaker Go ***** - IOS native application. - Available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. - Fully integrated with FileMaker Go. - Easy to implement and use, do not need any special configuration or function nor plug-in. - You ... 7.99€ 08/2012
731855   Amazing Balls Amazing Balls Spiele Spiele Apps like Amazing Balls Helps the basketball ball and the bowling ball, get to goal. Uses and combines well the pieces, and creates an incredible chain of effects, to put the balls into the goal. Features: - 32 levels and more coming soon. - High definition graphics. - Rea... Gratis 08/2012
731856   Minigrip® Minigrip® Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Minigrip® FIRST – any time you need to CONTACT US, tap the CONTACT button in the top right corner. Simple as that! OFFER: Download the APP, tap CONTACT and then Email Minigrip to receive a free 100-pack of zipper bags – any TYPE you want! In the email, type ... Gratis 08/2012
731857   静心佛音 for iPad[8系列150曲] 静心佛音 for iPad[8系列150曲] Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 静心佛音 for iPad[8系列150曲] 静心佛音 - 佛乐·梵音·轻音乐精选60首,从浩如烟海的佛歌轻音乐中,精挑细选60曲,确保曲曲动听。 YI Player, 好用才是硬道理: ▪ 支持专辑, 自由切换 ▪ 播放列表按照个人喜好排序, 设置喜欢或不喜欢(播放或不播放)。 ▪ 15款风格(皮肤), 选你所爱 Music List CD 1 南无阿弥陀佛 观音灵感歌 劝世佛歌 皈依三宝祈愿文 一声佛号一声心 清净法身佛 般若波罗密多心经 云水逸 生活禅曲 雪域光芒 CD 2 破晓 遐想 长笛奏鸣曲 棕发少女 星光 森林之雨 静寂... Gratis 08/2012
731858   The Royal Adelaide Show The Royal Adelaide Show Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like The Royal Adelaide Show The Official Royal Adelaide Show App - Browse the latest showbags & rides - View the 2015 Show schedule - Find your way around the show with our map - Keep up to date with the latest news - Find information on tickets, transport and much more... Gratis 08/2012
731859   Hand Clap! ..das traditionelle Spiel Hand Clap! ..das traditionelle Spiel Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Hand Clap! ..das traditionelle Spiel Rechte Hand + "Clap!" .. Linke Hand + "Clap!" .. Beide Hände zusammen + "Clap!" Leichter zu spielen als zu erklären! ☆ Wenn die Hand auf der linken Seite erscheint, legen Sie Ihre rechte Hand auf sie ☆ wenn "Clap!" Bild erscheint klatscht in die Hände... Gratis 08/2012
731860   Coins Muncher Coins Muncher Spiele Spiele Apps like Coins Muncher Wir sind nicht allein im Universum. Auf einem kleinen Planeten lebt ein Geschöpf names 'Coins Muncher'. Und der 'Coins Muncher' geht gerne von Planet zu Planet, um seinem Hobby nachzugehen: Münzen mampfen! Du kannst ihm jetzt helfen. Lege die Münzen auf... 1.99€ 08/2012
731861   Revox Joy S232 Revox Joy S232 Musik Musik Apps like Revox Joy S232 Hören Sie Musik von einem Revox Joy Produkt und suchen Sie Ihre Lieblingsmusik mit Hilfe dieser App. Aus einer Geräteliste können Sie den Revox Joy wählen, den Sie bedienen möchten. Das angewählten Gerät bietet Ihnen alle Quellen des Joy zur Auswahl: In... Gratis 08/2012
731862   معجم القرآن الكريم معجم القرآن الكريم Bücher Bücher Apps like معجم القرآن الكريم يحتوي هذا البرنامج على جميع كلمات القرآن وتفسيرها يمكنك البحث عن أي كلمة باستخدام اسم السوره ورقم الآية.... Gratis 08/2012
731863   PopupChat PopupChat Büro Büro Apps like PopupChat Live Chat for Live Sales and Customer Support PopupChat key features:- - Push Notification - You will get alert when you play games or surf or even if iphone in your pocket - One on One live chat - Live Website Monitoring Manage all your devices to ena... Gratis 08/2012
731864   Pudding Hit'nPop Pudding Hit'nPop Spiele Spiele Apps like Pudding Hit'nPop Pudding Hit'nPop is a simple and cute pudding game with Retina Cute graphics which supports iPod Touch, iPhone 3G 3GS 4, iPad with iOS 4.3+. ★★★★★Survival Mode★★★★★ Hit Puddings before squirrels kicking. Life will be reduced when you click wrong colo... Gratis 08/2012
731865   The Sound of Buildings for iPad Vol.2 The Sound of Buildings for iPad Vol.2 Bildung Bildung Apps like The Sound of Buildings for iPad Vol.2 The Sound of Buildings is an audio exploration of Melbourne’s most architecturally significant buildings. The Sound of Buildings provides listeners with a deeper level of understanding and context for the selected buildings, as well highlighting Melbourn... Gratis 08/2012
731866   MobileAutoSLM MobileAutoSLM Büro Büro Apps like MobileAutoSLM Mobile autoSLM is a an iPad app that's designed to be used in conjunction with the autoslm.com software product... Gratis 08/2012
731867   ProMagic Squares,  Triangle and Stars ProMagic Squares, Triangle and Stars Spiele Spiele Apps like ProMagic Squares, Triangle and Stars A Magic Square, Triangle or Star is a math puzzle where a set of numbers contained within the layout of the puzzle add up to a magic constant or magic score. For Magic Squares, the cells in the rows, the columns and the diagonals individually add up to... Gratis 08/2012
731868   My Secret Contacts My Secret Contacts Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like My Secret Contacts * Identify break in attempts with Photo and GPS! * Create decoy passcodes to fool intruders Do you have contacts on your phone that you want to keep private? Password protect your favorite contacts to keep them safe from prying eyes. USER REVIEWS: * I l... Gratis 08/2012
731869   My Secret Notes * My Secret Notes * Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like My Secret Notes * * Identify break in attempts with Photo and GPS! * Create decoy passcodes to fool intruders Do you have notes on your phone that you want to keep private? Password protect your favorite notes to keep them safe from prying eyes. USER REVIEWS: * I use thi... Gratis 08/2012
731870   骆驼磁砖 骆驼磁砖 Kataloge Kataloge Apps like 骆驼磁砖 骆驼磁砖, 公司介绍, 产品介绍... Gratis 08/2012
731871   Wörterspaß Wörterspaß Bildung Bildung Apps like Wörterspaß Wörterspaß ist ein in Schweden produzierter pädagogischer App, durch das der Wortschatz erweitert wird und das Lesen von mehr als 350 Substantiven geübt wird. In sechs verschiedenen Übungen mit unterschiedlichen Kombinationen von Bildern, Buchstaben und... 3.99€ 08/2012
731872   Hit The Friend! - Angry? Take it out on the friend instead of pigs! Hit The Friend! - Angry? Take it out on the friend instead of pigs! Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Hit The Friend! - Angry? Take it out on the friend instead of pigs! Your friend is on your nerves? The waiter is just being a jerk? The driver in front of you is crazy? Hit The Friend makes it fun to take revenge. Simply take a picture of the jerk from camera or Facebook and hit ‘em real hard with your choice of weapons a... Gratis 08/2012
731873   Funny Memes Funny Memes Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Funny Memes Funny Memes is the premium All-In-One Funny App! Enjoy countless Funny Pics and jokes and much much more ★ Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" and "New" ★ Create your very own meme, whether its the one thats pre-set or you can choose to create your own m... 0.99€ 08/2012
731874   DiveMax NITROX Dive Planner DiveMax NITROX Dive Planner Sport Sport Apps like DiveMax NITROX Dive Planner DiveMax Nitrox is an incredibly simple dive planner designed for divers who dive with air that is enriched with 32% of oxygen. QUALITY INNOVATION OF THE YEAR 2012! BEST MOBILE SPORTS APPLICATION 2011! Incredibly simple dive planner. TESTIMONIALS: "Fa... 3.99€ 08/2012
731875   OMNINAS OMNINAS Produktivität Produktivität Apps like OMNINAS Die “OMNINAS”-App eignet sich für mobile Apple-Geräte mit iOS (iPhone, iPad und iPod), um damit auf freigegebene Dateien eines OMNINAS KD20 NAS*-Gerätes zugreifen. *) NAS = Network Attached Storage, übersetzt: netzgebundener Speicher Voraussetzungen: ... Gratis 08/2012
731876   KBHR KBHR Medizin Medizin Apps like KBHR Knowledge Based Health Record — view patient labs, medications, and appointments; record patient vitals and notes. This app requires our KBHR server software to be installed at your practice. Without it, the app will connect to our demo server, where... Gratis 08/2012
731877   僕と彼女の××× 僕と彼女の××× Bücher Bücher Apps like 僕と彼女の××× 新世紀型ラブコメ!【僕と彼女の×××】が今ならなんと5話無料!!! 【僕と彼女の×××】を永久保存するなら Frontier NEXT comicsで決まり!! ★ ★ ★Frontier NEXT comics 2周年記念キャンペーン★ ★ ★ 今なら下記の超人気タイトルが通常1話無料⇒期間限定で最大7話まで無料に! ■4話無料■ 『クニミツの政』『サイコメトラーEIJI』『GetBackers-奪還屋-』『探偵学園Q』『ベルサイユのばら』 『シバトラ』『そふてにっ』『僕と彼女のxxx』... Gratis 08/2012
731878   Kanal3 HD Kanal3 HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Kanal3 HD Kanal3 iPad'de! Şirket Ünvanı: Megabirlik Radyo, Televizyon, Reklam, PROD. , YAY. TİC. VE SAN. A.Ş. Adres: AFYONKARAHİSAR - İZMİR KARAYOLU 5. KM KANAL3 HİZMET BİNASI - AFYONKARAHİSAR Telefon:0272 246 36 00 E-posta: info@kanal3.com.tr... Gratis 08/2012
731879   Carousel Mobile Carousel Mobile Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Carousel Mobile Carousel's social engagement brought to you anywhere. You'll have access to all of your Carousel feeds as well as the ability to recognize your co-workers whenever they do something amazing. Plus, you can show off your trophy case to family and friends ... Gratis 08/2012
731880   NRA Gun Guide NRA Gun Guide Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like NRA Gun Guide Electronic-media technology has now made it possible for NRA E-Media to bring back the hot-selling Ultimate Gun Guide, the most ambitious guidebook to contemporary guns ever produced at the time of its original publication in 2008. Now available in a har... 2.99€ 08/2012
731881   小学英语(人教版PEP版)-全息速记之优等生巧背单词 小学英语(人教版PEP版)-全息速记之优等生巧背单词 Bildung Bildung Apps like 小学英语(人教版PEP版)-全息速记之优等生巧背单词 “同步单词全息速记“ 系列产品给学习者全新的学词背词体验,上线以来,广受学习者好评。根据用户的宝贵建议,我们不断修订完善本软件。 此次,我们隆重推出”优等生“版,融入优等生们在巧学速记单词时的好经验!赶快来免费体验吧! 本软件配套人民教育出版社小学英语课本《PEP小学英语》, 按单元进行同步词汇背诵,因为《PEP》有新、旧两个版本,请核对单元名称后购买。 ■ ■ ■ 本系列软件特色 --- 培养双语语感: 体现“读音是语言的本质”这一理论:不但英语单词有外籍专家的朗读供模仿, 汉译也有录音,... Gratis 08/2012
731882   Sentinel® mobilesafe Sentinel® mobilesafe Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Sentinel® mobilesafe Sentinel® mobilesafe is a proactive security solution that helps to protect your data and browse the internet safely. Once Sentinel® mobilesafe software is installed on your smartphone, it will also provide you with protection whilst browsing the interne... Gratis 08/2012
731883   Pixelinout Pixelinout Photographie Photographie Apps like Pixelinout Turn your photo into a unique artwork by using this creative and intuitive app.... Gratis 08/2012
731884   SwiftWish SwiftWish Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like SwiftWish SwiftWish is the fastest way to send a birthday or anniversary wish to your friends and loved ones. SwiftWish 3 stores and reminds you about birthdays and anniversaries using your contacts, and lets you send a text or email without even having to type t... 0.99€ 08/2012
731885   Paint My Wall - Pro Paint My Wall - Pro Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Paint My Wall - Pro Überlegst du in welcher Farbe du deine Wand streichen möchtest? Mit dieser App kannst du deine Wand auf einem Foto einfach mit deinem Finger streichen. ***** 50% reduziert nur für kurze Zeit Prüfe wie eine neue Farbe zu deiner Inneneinrichtung passen ... 3.99€ 08/2012
731886   Yatzy World Yatzy World Spiele Spiele Apps like Yatzy World Yatzy World is a device-to-device communication game based on the classic board game Yatzy/Yahtzee®. - Yatzy World is now actually PLAYABLE on the Apple Watch! - You can play against anyone in the whole world. In addition to all that the classic versio... Gratis 08/2012
731887   Sprachnotiz (Aktien auf Twitter und Facebook) Sprachnotiz (Aktien auf Twitter und Facebook) Büro Büro Apps like Sprachnotiz (Aktien auf Twitter und Facebook) Die einzige Anwendung, mit der Sie teilen die Tonaufnahme auf Facebook und Twitter. Wie Twitter, gibt Audio-Memos Sie 120 Sekunden, um Ihr Wort auf Twitter, Facebook und E-Mail zu verbreiten. Sie können Ihre Stimme oder ein Geräusch dann per E-Mail ... 3.99€ 08/2012
731888   Wemeet : The Social Tracking Network Wemeet : The Social Tracking Network Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Wemeet : The Social Tracking Network WeMeet The Social Tracking Network ******************************************** Real-Time Tracking, Unlimited Tracking, Unlimited Invitations Download it now! Free for a limited time ..... For your iPhone / iPad / iPod!! Create new meetings with track... Gratis 08/2012
731889   SportsTables Liga-Manager SportsTables Liga-Manager Sport Sport Apps like SportsTables Liga-Manager SportsTables ist ein Turnier und Liga-Tabellenverwaltung App für jede Art von Sport. Sie geben die Teams und die Ergebnisse SportsTables erzeugt die Liga-Tabelle für Sie. Sie können dann veröffentlichen die Liga-Tabelle auf sportstables.net und mit der ... 1.99€ 08/2012
731890   AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 6 HD AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 6 HD Bildung Bildung Apps like AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 6 HD "AURALBOOK is an artificial intelligence music teacher with real human character. It has started the revolution of music education" -- Bloomberg Businessweek "AURALBOOK is an effective tool to learn aural skill. Students show significant progress in dif... Gratis 08/2012
731891   Kent Libraries Kent Libraries Bildung Bildung Apps like Kent Libraries Access Kent Libraries from your iOS device. Manage your account, search the catalogue, renew and reserve books.... Gratis 08/2012
731892   Motion Math: Hungry Guppy Motion Math: Hungry Guppy Bildung Bildung Apps like Motion Math: Hungry Guppy Your 3- to 7-year-old will learn numbers and basic addition with this delightful game. It's easy to play – simply drag bubbles together to add them, then feed it to your fish. **Parents’ Choice Silver Award Winner** Hungry Guppy is an interactive way fo... 3.99€ 08/2012
731893   JCMO - The Jefferson City App JCMO - The Jefferson City App Reise Reise Apps like JCMO - The Jefferson City App JCMO is the only app you'll need to discover Jefferson City, MO. The app provides quick access to a geo location based directory, the hottest spots in town, and the latest social media info.... Gratis 08/2012
731894   Color Me Reverent Color Me Reverent Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Color Me Reverent I made this app for my son. I wanted to bring fun to listening and learning about the gospel. He loves it, I love it and I hope you do too! - Coloring is a joy as you get to know the characters from your favorite bible stories! - Smooth coloring lines ... Gratis 08/2012
731895   Lektz eBook Reader Lektz eBook Reader Bücher Bücher Apps like Lektz eBook Reader The Lektz eBook Reader gives you a pleasant ebook reading experience on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 5.1.x or later. Lektz reader is one of the very few reader apps that support EPUB3 features. PDF books are also supported. Features... Gratis 08/2012
731896   eyebaby® Baby Monitor eyebaby® Baby Monitor Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like eyebaby® Baby Monitor Monitor your sleeping baby with eyebaby® In Conjunction with the eyebaby® camera, you can monitor your baby from multiple devices. FEATURES -------- View your baby in perfect High Resolution Crystal Clear Sound Clear video in complete darkness Extremely... Gratis 08/2012
731897   و ركوب الدراجة و ركوب الدراجة Bildung Bildung Apps like و ركوب الدراجة ميلي و مولي قصة مسلية و تفاعلية تحكي علاقة الأهل بلإطفال و علاقة الإطفال بالمحيط الواسع و الإكتشافات التي تضيف الى معرفتهم و قدراتهم الذهنية و التربوية . QBook "كيوبوك" هذة المجموعة من القصص التفاعلية تحتوي على سرد القصة بالصوت و التهجي و الإملاء و الرسم... 0.99€ 08/2012
731898   clock for kids lite clock for kids lite Bildung Bildung Apps like clock for kids lite What is the time? Application of clock’s studies. This application enables the child to learn the analog clock in a simple and available way. This software permits the study, practice and internalization of clock’s part. Learning and understanding th... Gratis 08/2012
731899   Eye Test HD Eye Test HD Medizin Medizin Apps like Eye Test HD Eye Test is a portable testing tool for near visual acuity, color test and optical illusion. It’s very useful for people who need to do visual acuity testing routinely. Your sight is precious to us. Features: While testing near visual acuity with S... 0.99€ 08/2012
731900   Windows - Revista oficial Windows - Revista oficial Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Windows - Revista oficial Descubra como aproveitar ao máximo o mais revolucionário sistema operacional já lançado pela Microsoft. O título apresenta o Windows ao público numa linguagem simples, direta e descontraída. Seu conteúdo mostra o que o sistema é capaz de fazer, fornece ... Gratis 08/2012
731901   Photo Editor Professional Photo Editor Professional Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Editor Professional Photo Editor Professional provides an easy way to edit photos using a simple and intuitive user interface combined with most powerful photo editing tools. Features: * Gorgeous photo effects * Share with friends * Dynamic ToneCurve * Add text * Focus mode... 4.99€ 08/2012
731902   NC Privat Rekord -Aufnahme File Protection NC Privat Rekord -Aufnahme File Protection Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like NC Privat Rekord -Aufnahme File Protection Es ist eine sehr einfache Bedienung schnelle Aufnahme-Software Die Aufnahme kann mit gutem Zugang vergessen Es schützt nicht von anderen belauscht werden Außerdem hat die folgenden Eigenschaften * Aufzeichnung der Telefon nicht automatisch Stand-by * Di... 0.99€ 08/2012
731903   eKeyboard Free eKeyboard Free Musik Musik Apps like eKeyboard Free Learn musical notes the fun way with this touch electronic keyboard. Or simply discover the musician in you. 25-keys electronic keyboard Free version has authentic Piano notes Light indicator when key is pressed Key name displayed on indicator panel Pro... Gratis 08/2012
731904   Friendsee Friendsee Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Friendsee broadcast LIVE VIDEO straight to your Facebook wall or twitter. Share your moments with your friends or family as if they were there. if they didn't see the live broadcast don't worry the video remains on your wall so they can catch it later or on the fri... Gratis 08/2012
731905   UrbanCoach Field Hockey UrbanCoach Field Hockey Sport Sport Apps like UrbanCoach Field Hockey UrbanCoach is the ultimate field hockey coaching application. Manage everything about your teams. Track any statistic you want in real time. Plan your practices. UrbanCoach allows you to manage your hockey teams and track any statistics you want during a... 9.99€ 08/2012
731906   The Quiet Way Home The Quiet Way Home Bücher Bücher Apps like The Quiet Way Home Award-winning author Bonny Becker and artist Benrei Huang have created a quiet picture book for children ages 4 to 7. A grandfather picks up his granddaughter from school and they take the quiet way home. Avoiding noisy dogs and banging trucks, the pair ... 0.99€ 08/2012
731907   2 Plus 2 Fun Math School Game 2 Plus 2 Fun Math School Game Spiele Spiele Apps like 2 Plus 2 Fun Math School Game 2+2 is a fun-filled game that teaches kids how to add, and motivates them along the way. Add by counting, and earn a gold star on every problem solved. Answer directly, and earn a puzzle piece! Keep on playing and build up your puzzle collection!... Gratis 08/2012
731908   Ленэнерго. Годовой отчет 2011. Ленэнерго. Годовой отчет 2011. Büro Büro Apps like Ленэнерго. Годовой отчет 2011. 2011 год стал для ОАО «Ленэнерго» годом значительных преобразований, направленных, прежде всего, на повышение эффективности работы Общества, кардинальное обновление производственных мощностей, развитие клиентских сервисов и повышение деловой репутаци... Gratis 08/2012
731909   Python Programmiersprache Python Programmiersprache Bildung Bildung Apps like Python Programmiersprache Wenn Sie möchten, um die Programmiersprache Python zu lernen, dann ist dies die perfekte App für Sie. Sie können Python-Skripte in Ihrem iPhone oder iPad geben, und führen sie-on-the-fly, um die Ergebnisse zu sehen. All dies ohne die Notwendigkeit, d... 0.99€ 08/2012
731910   Lead-Deadwood School District Lead-Deadwood School District Bildung Bildung Apps like Lead-Deadwood School District Stay up to date with Lead-Deadwood School District in South Dakota! Receive Push Notifications for important announcements. View upcoming events and sports schedules, breakfast/lunch menus, district news, staff directory, maps with directions, bus sc... Gratis 08/2012
731911   La Dee Da™ - Sweet Party La Dee Da™ - Sweet Party Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like La Dee Da™ - Sweet Party You’re invited to Dee’s 16th birthday party! This animated eBook has full narration, interactive features and dee-licious surprises on every page!... Gratis 08/2012
731912   Wilson Property Wilson Property Büro Büro Apps like Wilson Property Wilson Property RCI is a family owned and operated business, originally trading as Rob Wilson Real Estate. Along with our rigorous high standards and exceptional resources, our dedicated and experienced team enable us to provide our clients with outstan... Gratis 08/2012
731913   Ludo for iPieces® Ludo for iPieces® Spiele Spiele Apps like Ludo for iPieces® Play world's most popular family board game and bring your iPieces home first. Battle your way to the finish by playing hilarious mini games. iPieces combines the fun of playing classic games together with the fantastic interactive world of iPad. iPiece... Gratis 08/2012
731914   Imadoko Navigation Imadoko Navigation Navigation Navigation Apps like Imadoko Navigation This application gives a joyful time at the travel, the shopping and so forth by sharing geo location. "ImaDokoNavi" is the map application which shares the geo location by groups. The members in the same group will be displayed on the map once you set ... Gratis 08/2012
731915   Black Event Furniture Black Event Furniture Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Black Event Furniture If you’re having a party, wedding or corporate event, you can use our furniture app to choose the style and colour of chair that will help create the perfect setting. Choose from chair frames in many wood finishes, chrome, polycarbonate or plastic com... Gratis 08/2012
731916   WHIZ News FM WHIZ News FM Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like WHIZ News FM With the WHIZ News FM app you can : -listen live -send enquiries -interact with social media -keep up to date with all our news, events, promos and special... Gratis 08/2012
731917   Me Divierto en Inglés Me Divierto en Inglés Bildung Bildung Apps like Me Divierto en Inglés Me Divierto en Inglés™ es una aplicación basada en cuentos tradicionales, que incorpora juegos y canciones, para exponer a los niños al inglés. Blancanieves, La Cenicienta y La Bella Durmiente son los primeros libros de la colección. La aplicación es ... Gratis 08/2012
731918   Unit Converter + Unit Converter + Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Unit Converter + ◉ Featured: Converter+ greatly supports a Database with 20 available common categories and over 400 units (Include mixed unit such as ft + in, m + cm, ...) so Converter+ can help you solve almost every conversion problem in your Work, your Study and als... Gratis 08/2012
731919   Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji Bücher Bücher Apps like Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji ※Your content has been purchased at once, After removal, the second billing (in the case of the same account) does not occur when attempting to download again. “Naruto”, ”One Piece”, “Bleach”, these are the genre of“ Shonen Manga”.These Manga is a c... Gratis 08/2012
731920   Grocery Split Grocery Split Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Grocery Split Mit dieser App kann man schnell und einfach jegliche Einkäufe zwischen seinen Mitbewohnern aufteilen. Kurze Anleitung: - zuerst muss man die Personen im Einstellungs-Tab anlegen - über das 'Neue Liste'-Tab kann man auswählen wer an dem aktuellen Einka... Gratis 08/2012
731921   Einfache Aufgabenliste: Die besten,  einfachen Aufgabenlisten - Kostenlos Einfache Aufgabenliste: Die besten, einfachen Aufgabenlisten - Kostenlos Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Einfache Aufgabenliste: Die besten, einfachen Aufgabenlisten - Kostenlos ★★★★★ Eine verblüffende App um alle Aspekte Ihres Lebens zu organisieren. Einfach, clever und schön. ★★★★★ ★★★★★As seen on AppModo, iPhoneworld & AppCraver and featured on 'Today's best apps' at Appadvice.com★★★★★ Diese App ist perfekt für "Aufgaben... Gratis 08/2012
731922   Vantaan Sanomat,  Itä-Vantaa Vantaan Sanomat, Itä-Vantaa Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Vantaan Sanomat, Itä-Vantaa Vantaan Sanomat on itsenäisen vantaalaisen riippumaton äänenkannattaja, josta on totuttu lukemaan suoraa puhetta niin kaupungin kuin kaupunkilaisten asioista. Vantaan luetuimmalla kaupunkilehdellä on vuosikymmenen perinne vantaalaisten etujen puolustamis... Gratis 08/2012
731923   Vantaan Sanomat,  Länsi-Vantaa Vantaan Sanomat, Länsi-Vantaa Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Vantaan Sanomat, Länsi-Vantaa Vantaan Sanomat on itsenäisen vantaalaisen riippumaton äänenkannattaja, josta on totuttu lukemaan suoraa puhetta niin kaupungin kuin kaupunkilaisten asioista. Vantaan luetuimmalla kaupunkilehdellä on vuosikymmenen perinne vantaalaisten etujen puolustamis... Gratis 08/2012
731924   Helsingin Uutiset,  Pohjois-Helsinki Helsingin Uutiset, Pohjois-Helsinki Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Helsingin Uutiset, Pohjois-Helsinki Helsingin Uutiset - oma lehti omilla kulmilla. Helsingin Uutiset on helsinkiläisten oma äänenkannattaja. Lehdestä löydät kaupungin tärkeimmät ja puhutuimmat jutut poliisiuutisista kaupungin päätöksentekoon. Helsingin Uutiset ilmestyy sekä iPad-näköisle... Gratis 08/2012
731925   Big Fish Casino - Gratis Slots,  Vegas Slots & Slot Turniere! Ebenso Poker,  Karten,  21 und vieles mehr! Big Fish Casino - Gratis Slots, Vegas Slots & Slot Turniere! Ebenso Poker, Karten, 21 und vieles mehr! Spiele Spiele Apps like Big Fish Casino - Gratis Slots, Vegas Slots & Slot Turniere! Ebenso Poker, Karten, 21 und vieles mehr! Jetzt runterladen! Bei der weltweiten Nummer 1 FREE-to-play Casino App erhalten neue Spieler 100, 000 BONUS CHIPS - GRATIS! Über 36, 000 5-Sterne Bewertungen! Mit Big Fish Casino hast Du die Chance auf RIESENGEWINNE bei Slots, Blackjack, Texas Hold'em... Gratis 08/2012
731926   TOEIC Practice 4 TOEIC Practice 4 Bildung Bildung Apps like TOEIC Practice 4 ///////////////////////////////////////// Hi everybody, Firstly, I'm so happy when get many feedback from everybody. Now, our app will support two server for playing sound. Thanks, Son Tung Developer Team. /////////////////////////////////////////... 3.99€ 08/2012
731927   Teamwork Teamwork Büro Büro Apps like Teamwork If you’re a Manager you need Teamwork! Use Teamwork to: - Assign and track work your team is responsible for - Chase up your team and associates - Update your boss and stakeholders - Keep your 1 on 1 discussion on topic Key features: - Easily show wh... 4.99€ 08/2012
731928   TrueConf Videoanrufe TrueConf Videoanrufe Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like TrueConf Videoanrufe Genießen Sie kostenlose Videoanrufe mit der neuen TrueConf Anwendung! Bleiben Sie mit Ihren Freunden in Kontakt, wo immer sie auch sein mögen! Laden Sie TrueConf noch heute auf Ihr Gerät herunter und beginnen Sie Ihre kostenlose Kommunikation mit 3G, ... Gratis 08/2012
731929   Video Frames! Video Frames! Photographie Photographie Apps like Video Frames! Die besten Video-und PHOTO FRAMING APP auf iTunes. Leicht zu kombinieren Sie Ihre Videos, Fotos und Musik zu einem erstaunlichen Video-Frame! Wählen Sie einen Rahmen. Wählen Sie ein Video / Foto. Wählen Sie eine Farbe. Wählen Sie einen Song. Mit Freunde... 0.99€ 08/2012
731930   RedHead for iPad RedHead for iPad Büro Büro Apps like RedHead for iPad RedHead Mobile Apps provides custom design services for Ipad applications. Our previewer app allows clients to preview their custom applications before submittal. RedHead works with businesses across all industries.... Gratis 08/2012
731931   PowerFolder PowerFolder Produktivität Produktivität Apps like PowerFolder PowerFolder is your integrated and secure solution for backup, synchronization and collaboration. Depending on your requirements, both an out of the box solution as well as an individual SaaS solution are available. Dedicated clients are and available f... Gratis 08/2012
731932   Web-Slinger for iPad Free Web-Slinger for iPad Free Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Web-Slinger for iPad Free Carry a Web-Slinger around and start shooting your imaginary web to your friends! All You need to do is just pull your iPad and push like you would with a real Web-Slinger Toy! Web-Slinger features more than a dozen of Web-Slinger sounds at your fingerti... Gratis 08/2012
731933   GLAM Malaysia GLAM Malaysia Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like GLAM Malaysia GLAM magazine is Malaysia’s first national-language fashion, beauty and lifestyle authority for the elite high society. Get hot celebrity and society gossip, couture style, premium beauty trends, and insights on the hangouts and obsessions of the rich... Gratis 08/2012
731934   Revenge of Pigs Revenge of Pigs Spiele Spiele Apps like Revenge of Pigs es ist Zeit, Rache zu nehmen! Als Pink Floyd bereits zur Verfügung gestellt hatte, können die Schweine fliegen, und nicht nur wie Fallenlassen Feuer aus seinen Nasenlöchern fliegen. Steuern Sie die fliegende Schwein schießen alle Vögel, die auf Ihre... Gratis 08/2012
731935   Pocket Spy Cam: Video Camera with Sound and Motion Sensor Activated Recording Pocket Spy Cam: Video Camera with Sound and Motion Sensor Activated Recording Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Pocket Spy Cam: Video Camera with Sound and Motion Sensor Activated Recording ******************************************** The best Spy Cam App you'll ever buy! It just simply works! Try it out for yourself! ******************************************** Features: - Voice Activated recording. - Motion Activated recording using the ... 1.99€ 08/2012
731936   疯狂填字2 疯狂填字2 Spiele Spiele Apps like 疯狂填字2 2012年最疯狂的填字游戏!你还在等什么! 创新填字玩法挑战你的脑细胞, 现在就来下载! 一键求助微信朋友圈, 时下最疯狂的社交游戏! 疯狂填字是最早的在线中文填字游戏, 现在你可以在手机上玩填字了, 既打发了时间, 又增长了知识, 你准备好挑战史上最疯狂的中文填字游戏了吗? 1、游戏一开始只有几道题可以选择 2、游戏时请选中空格查看提示 3、点击字母按键输入首字母拼音 4、正确完成词条就会转换为汉字显示 5、点击+号弹出功能菜单 6、完成题目80%解锁下一题 7、完成100%可以解锁... 0.99€ 08/2012
731937   ScriptureHD NASB Edition ScriptureHD NASB Edition Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like ScriptureHD NASB Edition Your favorite bible app now available with the New American Standard Bible! Scripture HD provides the most comprehensive seletion of Bible verses for deep and personal study. Covering the entire New American Standard Bible, you get a random verse along... 0.99€ 08/2012
731938   Mutation:Invade Mutation:Invade Spiele Spiele Apps like Mutation:Invade ▦▦▤▤▣ The Famous RTS Flash game finally comes to iPhone/iPad!▣▤▤▦▦ Malignant virus come! Protect your healthy cells! Use your benign virus wisely to re-seize the cells back! The rule is simple: Lead your virus to the cell, they will try to conquer the... Gratis 08/2012
731939   政府 App 站通 政府 App 站通 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 政府 App 站通 GovHK Apps is a mobile application through which citizens could conveniently locate the mobile app provided by the Government of the Hong Kong SAR. Major functions include: • Search and download official Government mobile apps; • Hot picks of Governmen... Gratis 08/2012
731940   eYamakan eYamakan Navigation Navigation Apps like eYamakan Are you struggling with your navigation system driving in any direction to find your destination ? You are not alone ! Current navigation systems are almost useless in case of locations outside the main road infrastructures or in countries without a str... Gratis 08/2012
731941   MonitorQ MonitorQ Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like MonitorQ This software support equipment 1 ------> Dahua Digital Video Recorder 2 ------> Dahua IPCamera 3 ------> Hikvision NVR 4 ------> Hikvision IPCamera 5 ------> Mobotix 6 ------> Canon VB-C50FSI 7 ------> Mjpg-Streamer... 3.99€ 08/2012
731942   中考题库:中考试卷、同步拔高、名校期末试卷等大量资料 中考题库:中考试卷、同步拔高、名校期末试卷等大量资料 Bildung Bildung Apps like 中考题库:中考试卷、同步拔高、名校期末试卷等大量资料 中考真题在手, 初中的重点和难点彻底明晰, 把握中考从熟悉中考开始! 推广期间, 下载即可免费获得全国近50个地区的多年中考试卷真题, 包括北京、上海、广州、南京、南宁、包头、贵阳、呼和浩特、合肥、杭州、哈尔滨、西宁、济南、昆明、无锡、温州、海口、福州、大连、宁波、常州、烟台、乌鲁木齐、黄冈、甘肃、成都、深圳、厦门、西安、福州、宁波、重庆、长春、南通、银川、兰州、青岛、长沙、天津、武汉等全国各主要中考资源地区。 本应用提供如下功能: 1. 试卷在iPad上全屏显示, 逼近纸质试卷效果, 手指点触... Gratis 08/2012
731943   何以笙箫默-顾漫言情小说 何以笙箫默-顾漫言情小说 Bücher Bücher Apps like 何以笙箫默-顾漫言情小说 一段年少时的爱恋,牵出一生的纠缠。大学时代的赵默笙阳光灿烂,对法学系大才子何以琛一见倾心,开朗直率的她拔足倒追,终于使才气出众的他为她停留驻足。然而,不善表达的他终于使她在一次伤心之下远走他乡。七年后,赵默笙回国,在超市在拥挤的人潮中,第一眼就看到他,他俊挺依旧,出众依然…… 本书从七年后超市的相遇开始,把一段刻骨铭心的爱情娓娓诉来。书中男主角何以琛深情而执着,平静的外表下汹涌着刻骨的相思,冷淡的语言中暗藏着最深的温柔。如果世界上曾经有她出现过,其他任何人对他来说,都成了将就,而他,不愿意将就…… 《何... Gratis 08/2012
731944   SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition Spiele Spiele Apps like SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition Play your app and ZAPP WIZARDS together! SPELLSHOT zAPPed app features an animated world of magic, treasure and fantastical lands! Use your ZAPP WIZARDS to cast spells head-to-head on your iPad! You’ll love: • The way your iPad magically recognizes th... Gratis 08/2012
731945   Hunderassen der Welt Hunderassen der Welt Referenz Referenz Apps like Hunderassen der Welt Mit dieser App ist die Auswahl einer Hunderasse aus 296 beschriebenen Rassen kinderleicht. Sie suchen einen Hund, der kinderfreundlich und dennoch ein guter Wachhund ist? Einfach diese Filterkriterien antippen und sie erhalten eine Liste der Rassen mit d... 4.99€ 08/2012
731946   Instabook Instabook Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Instabook Sharing, viewing, and creating books has never been as easy and fun as it is with Instabook. Instabook lets you take photos, mesh them together, add audio, text, stickers and doodles, to create a completely shareable, and interactive book used f... Gratis 08/2012
731947   香港政府通知你 香港政府通知你 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 香港政府通知你 GovHK Notifications provides citizens a convenient way to receive Government information and alerts with smartphones. Users would be able to choose their preferred types of Government notifications to receive. Major functions include: • Receive notifi... Gratis 08/2012
731948   Fluid Football Fluid Football Spiele Spiele Apps like Fluid Football „Die Mechaniken von Fluid Football sind brandneu und innovativ … mit diesem Spiel könnte für dich ein Traum wahr werden." Pocket Tactics Vom Team der Konsolen-Smash-Hits LMA Manager und Club Football kommt jetzt FLUID FOOTBALL, ein fesselndes Strategie... Gratis 08/2012
731949   Picsy Picsy Spiele Spiele Apps like Picsy Choose a word, snap a pic, and see who's the most creative. Picsy turns photo sharing into a fun competition! Hilarious or heartwarming, zany or cute - what will you pic? "Like Apples to Apples with pictures." "Words with Frames" "Draw Something mee... Gratis 08/2012
731950   Honda Motos Honda Motos Photographie Photographie Apps like Honda Motos Você gosta de motos? Conheça toda a linha 2012 da Honda. O aplicativo contém fotos, ficha técnica e vídeos das motos. Linha 2012 Biz 125 CB 1000R CB 300R CB 300R Special Edition CB 600F Hornet CBR 1000RR Fireblade CBR 250R CBR 600F CBR 600RR CG 125 Fan... Gratis 08/2012
731951   Movie Trivia: Holywood Facts and History - Powered By Wordsizzler Movie Trivia: Holywood Facts and History - Powered By Wordsizzler Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Movie Trivia: Holywood Facts and History - Powered By Wordsizzler An addictive brain game and word puzzle about movies and movie stars. Move letters around the screen to solve thousands of problems. . Free sample games and in-app purchasing. It's deceptively easy-looking but surprisingly challenging! 5 TYPES OF ACTIVIT... 0.99€ 08/2012
731952   Klingelton > 20.000 Klingelton > 20.000 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Klingelton > 20.000 DIE UMFASSENDE Klingeltöne - kompatibel mit iPhone - iPad - iPod ★ ★ ★ fast 20.000 Klingeltöne ★ ★ ★ Durchsuchen Sie hier einfach und laden Sie die gewünschte Melodie (Klingelton, SMS, Alarm, E-Mail, etc ...). Suchen, ansehen, herunterladen, anhör... 0.99€ 08/2012
731953   BATTLESHIP zAPPed EDITION DAS SPIEL ZUM FILM BATTLESHIP zAPPed EDITION DAS SPIEL ZUM FILM Spiele Spiele Apps like BATTLESHIP zAPPed EDITION DAS SPIEL ZUM FILM Spiele die gratis BATTLESHIP zAPPed App mit deinen zAPP-Schiffen, um die Invasion der Aliens zu stoppen. Besiege die Aliens auf deinem iPad! Für die volle Battleship-Action und bessere Steuerung spielst du auf deinem iPad mit den zAPP-SCHIFFEN. Wähle d... Gratis 08/2012
731954   Strange Cases: Das Geheimnis des Leuchtturms HD (Full) Strange Cases: Das Geheimnis des Leuchtturms HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Strange Cases: Das Geheimnis des Leuchtturms HD (Full) FBI Agent Claire Ellery hat einen neuen merkwürdigen Fall zu lösen, der zudem auch noch sehr persönlich ist. Tom, ihr ehemaliger Partner, ist unter bizarren Umständen ums Leben gekommen. Als Agent Ellery versucht, die seltsamen Hintergründe seines Tod... 4.99€ 08/2012
731955   Histamine Intolerance Histamine Intolerance Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Histamine Intolerance HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE is the intolerance towards “normal” levels of histamine in food caused by a decreased activity of the histamine-degrading enzymes DAO or HNMT. APP FEATURES: viewing/filtering/sorting of 1) medicines to avoid, 2) concentrations o... 3.99€ 08/2012
731956   iCatalog HD iCatalog HD Büro Büro Apps like iCatalog HD iCatalog is a product/service management framework for iPad. Using our web based iCatalog framework, anyone can build their product/service portfolio and showcase to target audience in iPad offline. The iPad app is completely FREE. Here are the steps to ... Gratis 08/2012
731957   DeepSine DeepSine Referenz Referenz Apps like DeepSine Entertaining comic book about how a mobile application gets from a drawing board into the iTunes. Read about the team work between DeepSine and Robert Walters and how they went through the good, the bad and the ugly within a single project life cycle.... Gratis 08/2012
731958   MOGUL Songwriting & Recording Studio with Free Music Beats MOGUL Songwriting & Recording Studio with Free Music Beats Musik Musik Apps like MOGUL Songwriting & Recording Studio with Free Music Beats MULTITRACK MUSIC STUDIO: IMPORT BEATS. WRITE. RECORD. SHARE! TAKE YOUR MUSIC TO THE NEXT LEVEL MOGUL was designed with the urban artist in mind. It's an all in one studio app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to import beats, write lyrics, record vo... Gratis 08/2012
731959   Fairy Magic Fairy Magic Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Fairy Magic A universe of Fairies right on your fingertips! Catch the Fairies flying around you, photograph them in the real world, chat with beautiful Fairy Queens and Princesses, and collect your Fairies in magical Fairy Jigsaws! Discover and play with Fairies i... 4.99€ 08/2012
731960   Rap Wars Rap Wars Musik Musik Apps like Rap Wars The vision behind Rap Wars is to provide a place where rappers can show off their talent, meet other rappers, listen to and battle each other. A place where anyone can be a rapper and anyone can become the Rap King. Rap Wars lets rappers record raps, ... 1.99€ 08/2012
731961   The Lost Bears Universe The Lost Bears Universe Spiele Spiele Apps like The Lost Bears Universe Battle swarms of drones while collecting bear power. Unleash the mighty bear slam to stop the gluttons from destroying the universe! This 3rd person arena-platformer includes 7 different themed virtual game boards. Non-stop drone-zapping action! ... Gratis 08/2012
731962   Dice Tray Dice Tray Spiele Spiele Apps like Dice Tray Does your gaming involve a whole lot of dice, a table top and maybe even a hex map or two? If so, this is the app for you! Enjoy this whimsical dice rolling app and be prepared to hold up your iOS device to the GM and say, "See? Nat 20!" With a comple... Gratis 08/2012
731963   AirPoint AirPoint Produktivität Produktivität Apps like AirPoint AirPoint is an application for casting PowerPoint presentations from your iDevice to projectors and flatscreen displays using Apple tv or Chromecast. The main features of the application are: -Present fullscreen with easy slide controls. -Present wireles... 2.99€ 08/2012
731964   Last Stag Standing Last Stag Standing Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Last Stag Standing *** WICHTIG*** Last Stag Standing ist eine App von Jägermeister. Durch den Download bestätigst Du, dass Du über 18 bist. *** WICHTIG *** Wenn Ihr was zu klären habt – klärt es hier. Früher wärt Ihr vor die Tür gegangen. Jetzt habt Ihr dieses Spiel. L... Gratis 08/2012
731965   Snap Collage - Frame and Crop Your Photo Grid Creations Snap Collage - Frame and Crop Your Photo Grid Creations Photographie Photographie Apps like Snap Collage - Frame and Crop Your Photo Grid Creations Join over 3 million users who love to tell their story and share with friends & family via social media or email! Quickly combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture. Choose your desired pictures and the app automatically frames them in m... Gratis 08/2012
731966   Drum Kit+ Drum Kit+ Musik Musik Apps like Drum Kit+ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Thank you For your support!! Big Discount on upgrade!!!! ONLY By friday!!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Drum Kit+ is one of the most realistic Drum Apps on the app store right now!! The ultimate Drum Kit ... Gratis 08/2012
731967   Tickly Prickly Tickly Prickly Bücher Bücher Apps like Tickly Prickly Award-winning author Bonny Becker and artist Shari Halpern have created an interactive book of wiggly animals and bugs to tickle children ages 1 to 4. The gentle, rhythmic text, read by the author, appeals to a toddler's ear. The brightly-colored artwo... 0.99€ 08/2012
731968   Beavers Strike Back! Free Beavers Strike Back! Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Beavers Strike Back! Free The time has passed since the last war against the Beavers. The Frogs have been living peacefully in their swamp ... but Beavers want revenge! They will strike back and you should help them this time. Meet new episode of popular Battle Frogging game, th... Gratis 08/2012
731969   Monster Truck Gold HD Monster Truck Gold HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Monster Truck Gold HD Prepare for the ride of your life Discover many worlds like Temple Adventure, Volcano, Alien Planet, Avoid many obstacles , jump dangerous chasms, race across mysterious temple Good Luck... 0.99€ 08/2012
731970   enga   -  English-Russian dictionary  -  Англо-русский и русско-английский словарь и самоучитель - справочник enga - English-Russian dictionary - Англо-русский и русско-английский словарь и самоучитель - справочник Reise Reise Apps like enga - English-Russian dictionary - Англо-русский и русско-английский словарь и самоучитель - справочник ENGLISH: Enga is a practical English-Russian dictionary and Russian- English dictionary. * * * dictionary was awarded with "Hottest" award. - 400000 most frequently used words - English grammar in Russian - Extended English Irregular Verb List - A... 0.99€ 08/2012
731971   Seaside Community Church App Seaside Community Church App Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Seaside Community Church App Stay up to date on what is happening here at Seaside Community Church in huntington Beach. you will have access to current events, sermon notes, growth group discussion questions, ministry events, the seaside twitter feed, as well as the weekly podca... Gratis 08/2012
731972   Anwaltskanzlei Erich Ehrlinger & Kollegen Anwaltskanzlei Erich Ehrlinger & Kollegen Büro Büro Apps like Anwaltskanzlei Erich Ehrlinger & Kollegen Herzlich Willkommen in der Anwaltskanzlei Erich Ehrlinger & Kollegen! Wir sind Fachanwälte für Arbeitsrecht, Baurecht und Architektenrecht, Miet- und WEG Recht sowie Mediatoren. Wir laden Sie ein, uns in dieser App näher kennenzulernen und sich übe... Gratis 08/2012
731973   Durchsuchung - WESSING & PARTNER Durchsuchung - WESSING & PARTNER Büro Büro Apps like Durchsuchung - WESSING & PARTNER Durchsuchung: plötzlich steht der Staatsanwalt, die Polizei, die Steuerfahndung oder das Kartellamt vor der Tür. Was nun? Unsere Durchsuchungs-App gibt Ihnen erste, präzise Hilfestellungen und ermöglicht zugleich die telefonische Kontaktaufnahme zu ein... Gratis 08/2012
731974   Funny Top Cat Free Funny Top Cat Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Funny Top Cat Free A simple and addictive flight game with amazing hd graphics. That’s a story about four brave friends: cat Muffin, dog Sparky, cow Charming and young man Ernesto, who went on a risky travel through the North Pole. A lot of hazards are waiting for them ... Gratis 08/2012
731975   Sprich Oktoberfest Bayrisch - Phrasebook für Deutsche Sprich Oktoberfest Bayrisch - Phrasebook für Deutsche Reise Reise Apps like Sprich Oktoberfest Bayrisch - Phrasebook für Deutsche "Sprich Oktoberfest Bayrisch - Phrasebook für Deutsche" hilft Dir bei DEM deutschen Bierfest klarzukommen! Wenn du dieses Jahr zum Oktoberfest nach München fährst, dann solltest Du dir definitiv diese App aufs Handy packen. Stell Dir mal vor, du bestel... 1.99€ 08/2012
731976   El Principito : Cuento Interactivo El Principito : Cuento Interactivo Bücher Bücher Apps like El Principito : Cuento Interactivo descubre la app del principito interactivo... 1.99€ 08/2012
731977   10 Finger 10 Finger Bildung Bildung Apps like 10 Finger - "10 Finger ist durch die originelle Ausführung und die intelligente Anregung zum Entdecken eine wirklich geniale App." La Souris Grise - Von Déclickids beschriebene App 19/20: "Eine ausgezeichnete App zum Kennenlernen von mengenbezogenen Begriffen und ... 1.99€ 08/2012
731978   Trova Satelliti Trova Satelliti Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Trova Satelliti Easy to use app to point your dish to a satellite of your choice. It uses iPhone's GPS and compass to help you point satellites precisely. It's based on a database of over 400 satellites.... 11.99€ 08/2012
731979   Tech Marketing 360 Tech Marketing 360 Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Tech Marketing 360 The official app of Tech Marketing 360: An OMS Event. Make the most out of your time at the event by using this app to: -Create your personal event itinerary -Connect with other attendees -Get sponsor/exhibitor info and view venue maps -Get info about pa... Gratis 08/2012
731980   Milano Tour&Shop Milano Tour&Shop Reise Reise Apps like Milano Tour&Shop Milano Tour & Shop coniuga una guida turistica per scoprire principali attrazioni turistiche di Milano, anche con itinerari di visita nella città e nei dintorni, ad una guida allo shopping che propone una serie di negozi, alberghi e ristoranti accurata... Gratis 08/2012
731981   ParuVendu - petites annonces gratuites ParuVendu - petites annonces gratuites Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like ParuVendu - petites annonces gratuites + DE 1 000 000 PETITES ANNONCES Avec l'application iPhone et iPad de ParuVendu, ne passez à côté d'aucune bonne affaire ! Consultez les petites annonces autour de vous et partout en France. Vous cherchez une voiture d'occasion, ou une nouvelle maison... Gratis 08/2012
731982   Un Gioco Un Gioco Bücher Bücher Apps like Un Gioco Un’applicazione per giocare, disegnare, sperimentare e immaginare creata dal pluripremiato autore Hervé Tullet. Questa applicazione originalissima propone ben 15 attività ed è stata concepita come un vero laboratorio di scoperta per i bambini a partir... Gratis 08/2012
731983   Sài Gòn Giải Phóng Thứ 7 Sài Gòn Giải Phóng Thứ 7 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Sài Gòn Giải Phóng Thứ 7 SÀI GÒN GIẢI PHÓNG – tờ báo thân quen của mọi người, mọi nhà Là cơ quan của Đảng bộ thành phố, báo Sài Gòn Giải Phóng đã sớm xác định tôn chỉ: Tiếng nói của Đảng bộ, chính quyền và nhân dân thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. Bằng sự nỗ lực của mình, chỉ trong m... Gratis 08/2012
731984   REAL DRIVING 07 REAL DRIVING 07 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like REAL DRIVING 07 NEU ! NEU ! NEU ! REAL DRIVING mit neuen Funktionalitäten. Interaktive Fotos zum Schwenken und Zoomen mit Fingertipp. Einfach die Fotos antippen und mit der Pinch-Geste Details heranholen. Mit der Menüleiste oben im Bildschirm können Sie alle Funktionen... Gratis 08/2012
731985   Freecell Freecell Spiele Spiele Apps like Freecell Le jeu du Freecell Solitaire dans une version proche de celle de windows qui a fait son succès. Ce jeu vous occupera de longues heures malgré son apparente simplicité. Il propose un niveau de jeu plus élevé que le Solitaire classique (Klondike) mais c'es... Gratis 08/2012
731986   GW2 New Krytan Machine GW2 New Krytan Machine Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like GW2 New Krytan Machine New Krytan Machine is your key to unlocking the new symbol language messages found in Guild Wars 2. NKM will translate message from English to New Krytan or transform New Krytan back to English. Make New Krytan messages to share with your friends and yo... 0.99€ 08/2012
731987   TKD Quiz - TAGB TaeKwonDo Grading Questions TKD Quiz - TAGB TaeKwonDo Grading Questions Bildung Bildung Apps like TKD Quiz - TAGB TaeKwonDo Grading Questions TaeKwon-Do Quiz app to help students prepare for their grading exam questions.... Gratis 08/2012
731988   Revista CNT Revista CNT Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Revista CNT Há mais de 15 anos, a Revista CNT - Transporte Atual é sinônimo de informação de qualidade para todos que se interessam por transporte. Todos os meses, são mais de 40 mil exemplares de reportagens sobre os principais acontecimentos do setor, além de ar... Gratis 08/2012
731989   EU Pilot Logbook by FlyGoo EU Pilot Logbook by FlyGoo Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like EU Pilot Logbook by FlyGoo This logbook is specially made for EU Countries, according to JAA/EASA-2014 requirements! Tips & tricks: •At first use, quickly insert your flight history from previous logbook. •"Specify as you fly" (hobby, CPL, airline pilot... ) Select uniqu... 4.99€ 08/2012
731990   Wind Calculator Wind Calculator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Wind Calculator THIS PROGRAM IS AN OFFICIAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT OF EUROPEAN FLIGHT SCHOOLS  Do you remember going off the course because of the wind?  It could happen to every pilot.  But not anymore!  The new "Wind Calculator" will help you to make your flight as per... 1.99€ 08/2012
731991   Drift Calculator Drift Calculator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Drift Calculator THIS PROGRAM IS AN OFFICIAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT OF EUROPEAN FLIGHT SCHOOLS  Do you remember going off the course because of the wind?  Drifted away at final.  It could happen to every pilot.  But not anymore!  The new "Drift Calculator" will help you ... 1.99€ 08/2012
731992   RunWay Calculator RunWay Calculator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like RunWay Calculator THIS PROGRAM IS AN OFFICIAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT OF EUROPEAN FLIGHT SCHOOLS  Do you remember going off the course because of the wind?  Drifted away after take off.  It could happen to every pilot.  But not anymore!  The new "RunWay Calculator" will he... 1.99€ 08/2012
731993   Flexina Invoices Flexina Invoices Büro Büro Apps like Flexina Invoices ATTENTION THIS IS NOT A FREE APP ! YOU MUST HAVE an existing FLEXINA VALID LICENCE to use the mobile app. This is your perfect companion for your professional appointments. These Application allows you to manage your company all the time ! What are th... Gratis 08/2012
731994   i Hamptons i Hamptons Referenz Referenz Apps like i Hamptons A GUIDE YOU CAN FEEL Imagery Hamptons is a handcrafted digital guide mapping the nature, culture, stores, restaurants, services, nightlife & special events of the Hamptons. Simply select the towns you wish to explore, and let your senses do the res... Gratis 08/2012
731995   MonsterPao2 MonsterPao2 Spiele Spiele Apps like MonsterPao2 Relax game from Bizvision *************************** Features: - can select to play quest game - or high score game - show level completed or high score on Facebook - on/off sound and music option - can play iPod music between you are playing thi... Gratis 08/2012
731996   GreatApp - with tagline "Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 edition GreatApp - with tagline "Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 edition Bildung Bildung Apps like GreatApp - with tagline "Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 edition Best App for iPhone & iPad & New ipad... 4.99€ 08/2012
731997   Pilot Calculator Pilot Calculator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Pilot Calculator "Your Speaking Co-Pilot" *****NOW IT'S AN OFFICIAL TRAINING DEVICE OF SEVERAL FLIGHT SCHOOLS ***** Bad weather can make... Hard take off / Crazy landing. But your "Speaking Co-Pilot" will tell you everything to make your flight just perfect. You will ... 2.99€ 08/2012
731998   ABC 123 Colors: Self-Learning Spelling & Pronunciation ABC 123 Colors: Self-Learning Spelling & Pronunciation Bildung Bildung Apps like ABC 123 Colors: Self-Learning Spelling & Pronunciation Teach your kids to spell and pronounce hundreds of words. TheiPhoneMom.com ----------------- "I will definitely be using this app with my son and I would recommend it to parents who are looking for something educational and fun!" Padgadget.com -------... Gratis 08/2012
731999   iSlate iSlate Bildung Bildung Apps like iSlate iSlate is a fun way for Australian students to practice their handwriting using an iPad. Students select the state they live in, which sets up the writing script for them to use. The app can display practice writing on paper or using an onscreen chalk sl... 1.99€ 08/2012
732000   Signature Scanner Signature Scanner Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Signature Scanner Ever wonder - What your signature really says about you? Does your signature compare to someone famous? Do you write famously? Do you think you are funny? Do you think you are smart? Your signature can tell a lot about you. Give it a try and see if the ... 0.99€ 08/2012

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