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736001   Black Metal Man Black Metal Man Spiele Spiele Apps like Black Metal Man Vielleicht ist der größte Stressfaktor, dunkel und intensives Spiel für Smartphones. * Top 1 Abenteuerspiel im norwegischen appstore. Woche 31 -2012 * Top 4 Action-Spiel in der norwegischen appstore. Woche 31 - 2012 Brutal Metal-Musik, anstrengend Gam... 0.99€ 08/2012
736002   21 Girls - Artbook HD 21 Girls - Artbook HD Bücher Bücher Apps like 21 Girls - Artbook HD 21Girls - Artbook Author : JR Tessier . From the creator of the motion comic Maestria’s Flower. . From sketches to final illustrations, “21 Girls” give you the possibility to follow the pictures creation step by step. . 21 illustrations gathered in ... Gratis 08/2012
736003   Learn and Play Recorder Learn and Play Recorder Bildung Bildung Apps like Learn and Play Recorder Learn and Play Recorder teaches beginners about the recorder, how to read music and how to play the soprano recorder. The app includes 38 songs from Just B to Camptown Races, all with a full performance track to play along with! This app is based on the... 3.99€ 08/2012
736004   Lannion Lannion Reise Reise Apps like Lannion Cette application ne marche que sur iOS 5 et 6. Pour iOS 7, veuillez télécharger l'application Lannion 2 Découvrez l'application Lannion ma ville sur Iphone et Ipad. Cette application vous propose de découvrir la ville de Lannion située dans le départeme... Gratis 08/2012
736005   CMU AR CMU AR Referenz Referenz Apps like CMU AR CMU AR Experience, This application used with magazine 30th anniversary Information Technology Service Center (ITSC), Chiang Mai University CMU AR เป็นแอพพลิเคชั่นที่พัฒนาขึ้นเพื่อใช้กับหนังสือครบรอบ 30 ปี สำนักบริการเทคโนโลยีสารสนเทศ มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใ... Gratis 08/2012
736006   Fröccs Fröccs Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Fröccs A fröccs alkalmazás segít eligazodni a nevezetes keverési arányok között. Hiszen a bor és szódavíz keverékét sokan ismerik, de hogy melyik fröccs melyik, már jóval kevesebben. Tippek a jó fröccshöz: - Válassz jó minőségű, semleges ízű, alacsony alko... Gratis 08/2012
736007   Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 Spiele Spiele Apps like Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 Nummer 1 in Deutschland, Österreich, Luxemburg, Irland und der Schweiz! Vielen Dank an alle unsere Fans! Im Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 für iOS erwartet dich eine große Landschaft mit Äckern, Straßen, deinem Hof und einem Dörfchen, die du mit de... 1.99€ 08/2012
736008   Fabel-Buch: 300 märchenhafte Fabeln für Kinder & Erwachsene Fabel-Buch: 300 märchenhafte Fabeln für Kinder & Erwachsene Bücher Bücher Apps like Fabel-Buch: 300 märchenhafte Fabeln für Kinder & Erwachsene ——————————————— 300 MÄRCHENHAFTE FABELN ——————————————— Fabelhaft: Ob Reineke Fuchs, Hase Lampe, Wolf Isegrim oder Petz, der Bär: Diese App enthält die wichtigsten und schönsten Tier-Fabeln der Welt: 300 an der Zahl, um genau zu sein. ———————————... 0.99€ 08/2012
736009   Photo Grid - Video & Collage Maker Photo Grid - Video & Collage Maker Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Grid - Video & Collage Maker * Mit der weltweit populärsten Collagen-App mit über 60 Mio. Fans lassen sich die coolsten Collagen und Videos erstellen, um sie auf Instagram und in anderen sozialen Netzwerken zu teilen. Mehr noch: Sie können sogar jederzeit Musik, Text und lustige St... Gratis 08/2012
736010   Astronomy & Geophysics Astronomy & Geophysics Bildung Bildung Apps like Astronomy & Geophysics Astronomy & Geophysics is a journal for the publication of serious scientific papers on a range of subjects within the remit of the Royal Astronomical Society: astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, planetary science, solar-terrestrial physics, global a... Gratis 08/2012
736011   Yes Or No Quiz Yes Or No Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like Yes Or No Quiz It's time to increase your knowledge, do you know where is the world's tallest building, how many floors it has?, or even who is the smallest person in this world? if not, do not worry Yes Or No Quiz is here to increase your knowledge in a fun way. *... Gratis 08/2012
736012   FotoExifPRO FotoExifPRO Photographie Photographie Apps like FotoExifPRO FotoExifPRO can extracted complete detailed EXIF information and show the photo shoot location on the map, You can share or record to the clipboard, e-mail, Facebook or Evernote. How to use: 1. First double-click photo tab to load click photo selector... 0.99€ 08/2012
736013   Eczacı Dergisi Eczacı Dergisi Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Eczacı Dergisi Eczacı Dergisi, eczacının; mesleki bilgi ve becerileri arttıran, halka dönük yüzünü geliştirici projeler hazırlayan, sağlık sisteminin önemli bir ünitesi olarak kimliğinin kuvvetlenmesini sağlayan ve her platformda haklarını savunan yayınıdır. --------... Gratis 08/2012
736014   WTVA WeatherHD WTVA WeatherHD Wetter Wetter Apps like WTVA WeatherHD WTVA is proud to announce a full featured weather app for the iPad platform. Features ∙ Highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance ∙ Vertical and horizontal map display with looping ∙ NOWrad, the gold standard for radar... Gratis 08/2012
736015   PROGNOZ Platform Mobile PROGNOZ Platform Mobile Büro Büro Apps like PROGNOZ Platform Mobile Prognoz Platform Mobile enables you to analyze and visualize business data on your iPad with a robust set of tools. Make quick and accurate data assessments anywhere and anytime, even in offline mode. The app gives you everything you need to: • Achieve ... Gratis 08/2012
736016   iPrevSalute iPrevSalute Produktivität Produktivität Apps like iPrevSalute iPrevSalute è il modulo di preventivazione della polizza salute nell’ambito della suite iPrev per la quale saranno a breve disponibili i preventivi di altri prodotti. Il download di iPrevSalute è gratuito e l’utilizzo è riservato ai clienti di Cross Dat... Gratis 08/2012
736017   Was passiert in der Spittelau? Was passiert in der Spittelau? Bücher Bücher Apps like Was passiert in der Spittelau? Gewinner des MOMMY AWARD in der Kategorie Apps für Kinder (www.netmoms.de) Nominiert für den AKEP (Best Performance in Electronic Publishing) AWARD - beruhigender Vorlese- und Zuhörspaß - viele ansprechende Animationen - witzige illustrative Sounds ... Gratis 08/2012
736018   My Resipi My Resipi Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like My Resipi MyResipi app dilancarkan sempena bulan Ramadan 2012 dan Syawal 2012. Dengan keberkatan bulan yang mulia ini, semoga ia memberi manfaat kepada anda semua. Apa yang menarik dengan app ini? *Anda boleh baca resepi di mana-mana sahaja *100% sama seperti ap... Gratis 08/2012
736019   Shikaku Madness Free Shikaku Madness Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Shikaku Madness Free Are you a puzzle maniac? Do you eat Japanese logic games like sudoku and nonograms for breakfast? Give Shikaku Madness a try. It's a fun and challenging game, with 120 unique puzzles to solve. Bust your brain as you try to figure out how to completely co... Gratis 08/2012
736020   끄덕끄덕 중국어 끄덕끄덕 중국어 Bildung Bildung Apps like 끄덕끄덕 중국어 • 앱스토어, T스토어, PLAY스토어 추천앱 선정!! • 2012년 8월 앱스토어 유료교육부문 1위!! • 2012년 8월 PLAY스토어 교육부문 새인기유료 1위!! • 끄덕끄덕 중국어의 대상. 초급, 초중급의 실력을 가지신 분들이나 중국어 발음을 교정하시고 싶은 분들에게 추천해드립니다. 李花子 선생님의 이름이 한국 이름 같아 보여서 오해를 하시는 고객님들이 있는 것 같습니다. 李花子 선생님은 중국출신 중국국적의 원어민 선생님입니다. 앱의 모... 0.99€ 08/2012
736021   Salamanda EP1 HD Music + Visual Salamanda EP1 HD Music + Visual Musik Musik Apps like Salamanda EP1 HD Music + Visual SALAMANDA EP1 is SALAMANDA's first release. this APP EP is a collection of songs accompanied by interactive visuals. please enjoy experiencing them together for an immersive, interactive experience. the music itself, somewhere between Bjork, Nine Inc... Gratis 08/2012
736022   Everybody's 100M Everybody's 100M Spiele Spiele Apps like Everybody's 100M LOVE the Sport. PLAY Everybody's 100M. Experience the exciting of 100M race like never before! Everybody's 100M comes to life with vibrant graphics and ultra-realistic animations in 100M race. *** This is an awesome game, so we strongly recommend c... Gratis 08/2012
736023   Metal Force Deluxe 2012 Metal Force Deluxe 2012 Spiele Spiele Apps like Metal Force Deluxe 2012 ---Multi-Control modes to chose--- ---Game Introduction--- Metal Force 2012 is a masterpiece of horizontal reel shot puzzle games made by Oye Faction. It was set in the end of year 2012 when all kinds of ghosts and demons living in the Third World wanton... Gratis 08/2012
736024   爱尔兰游 爱尔兰游 Reise Reise Apps like 爱尔兰游 爱尔兰共和国位于北大西洋,隔着爱尔兰海与英国的东部相望。东北部(北爱尔兰)是英联邦的一部分。爱尔兰有一个山峦环抱地中原地区,风光旖旎、海滩流沙,在欧洲都是绝好的胜景。暖流滋润着亚温带的海湾,崎岖陡峭的山崖绵延在5600公里的海岸线上。 听过恩雅的天籁之音,读过叶慈的诗,品尝过爱尔兰咖啡,而这一切都来自一个神圣的名字——爱尔兰。有Corrs、Boyzone、U2 的爱尔兰绝对够酷,由这些音乐所引发的狂热,使得爱尔兰文化风靡全球。曾经一度,爱尔兰是欧洲最穷的国家,经年的战争使得爱尔兰人逃往世界... 1.99€ 08/2012
736025   老挝游 老挝游 Reise Reise Apps like 老挝游 老挝位于亚洲中南半岛的东部,是东南亚唯一的内陆国家。境内山峦起伏,森林密布。动物中大象为多,故老挝有“万象之都”的美称。自然风光与独特的风情,迷醉了旅游者。 它北邻中国,南接柬埔寨、东界越南,西北达缅甸,西南毗连泰国。境内80%为山地和高原,且多被森林覆盖,有“印度支那屋脊”之称。地势北高南低,北部与中国云南的滇西高原接壤,东部老、越边境为长山山脉构成的高原,西部是湄公河谷地和湄公河及其支流沿岸的盆地和小块平原。全国自北向南分为上寮、中寮和下寮,上寮地势最高,川圹高原海拔2000—2800米。最... 1.99€ 08/2012
736026   缅甸游 缅甸游 Reise Reise Apps like 缅甸游 缅甸是著名的“佛教之国”,佛教传入缅甸已有2500多年的历史。1000多年前,缅甸人就开始把佛经刻写在一种叫贝多罗树的叶子上,制成贝叶经。正如李商隐诗中提到“忆奉莲花座,兼闻贝叶经”。在缅甸4640多万人口中,80%以上信奉佛教。缅甸的每一个男人在一定时期内都必须削发为僧。否则,就会受到社会的蔑视。佛教徒崇尚建造浮屠,建庙必建塔,缅甸全国到处佛塔林立。因此, 缅甸又被誉为“佛塔之国”。缅甸之古典舞蹈相当有可观性,其主要利用手、脚、头、腰等之姿势,配合眼睛和表情,舞姿令人击节赞赏。传统之木偶戏,由人牵线操... 1.99€ 08/2012
736027   南非游 南非游 Reise Reise Apps like 南非游 南非在1994年和平转移为民主政体,被举世公认为一惊天动地的政治成就。“种族隔离”政策已步入历史,现在所呈现的是一个瑰宝般的新天地,各种不同背景文化大鸣大放,全国上下步调齐一地推展观光旅游,尤其是生态旅游,以促进经济的转型及升级。 在非洲,南非是一个自然环境和气候条件都比较好的国家;也是非洲经济最发达的国家,它的矿产资源丰富,是世界第四大矿产国;黄金、金刚石的储量和产量均居世界第一位;南非的钻石在世界上享有盛名,德比尔斯公司控制了世界钻石销售量的70%。 南非的基础建设甚为扎实,有宽广的开... 3.99€ 08/2012
736028   Dinero Comunio Dinero Comunio Sport Sport Apps like Dinero Comunio Dinero Comunio ermöglicht dir, dich über das Geld anderer Spieler aus deinen Ligen zu informieren. Diese Anwendung überprüft die Kommentare sowie aktuellen Punktestände deiner Mitspieler und rechnet aus, wieviel Geld sie für Verpflichtungen, Bezahlung... 0.99€ 08/2012
736029   Beth Seilonens Tarot Hexen-Arkanen,  Tochter der Gaia Lite Beth Seilonens Tarot Hexen-Arkanen, Tochter der Gaia Lite Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Beth Seilonens Tarot Hexen-Arkanen, Tochter der Gaia Lite Dieses von der berühmten Tarot-Künstlerin Beth Seilonen entworfene Spiel verwendet das von Hexen benutze Theban-Script und Dreifach-Mond für ein wahrlich hexenmäßiges Feeling. Nur große Arkanen. Diese Version wird von iAds unterstützt und bietet nur die... Gratis 08/2012
736030   Wetter 14 Tage Wetter 14 Tage Wetter Wetter Apps like Wetter 14 Tage Sehen Sie das Wetter 14 Tage im Voraus für über 20.000 Orten in Spanien und 200.000 auf der ganzen Welt. Außerdem gibt es Information zu den Skistationen. Detaillierte Vorhersage nach Stunden für heute und morgen. Detaillierte Vorhersage alle 3 Stunden f... Gratis 08/2012
736031   Market Snitch Market Snitch Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Market Snitch With Market Snitch you get a range of market information at a glance. Now you can check Forex , Stock Indicies , Commodity markets and bonds too in a flash and know which way markets have been and are moving. See a trend or detect a retracement earl... 38.99€ 08/2012
736032   Conveyor Mate Lite Conveyor Mate Lite Büro Büro Apps like Conveyor Mate Lite Conveyor mate takes the pressure off you when specifying conveyor systems to your customer. No more clumsy number crunching in front of an audience! This app allows you to quickly and easily calculate maximum achievable parts per minute, required linea... Gratis 08/2012
736033   The Avenues The Avenues Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Avenues ***The official app for The Avenues*** A must-have for every savvy shopper and the best way to maximize your shopping experience. - Use interactive 2.5D maps to help you pin point the location of your favorite stores, entertainment venues and resta... Gratis 08/2012
736034   Ben & Bob Chipmunks Ben & Bob Chipmunks Bücher Bücher Apps like Ben & Bob Chipmunks ★★★ Over 1, 000 downloads in its first week! ★★★ Featured app in the iTunes Book section ★★★ Completely Ad Free! The book “Ben and Bob the Chipmunks” was birthed out of love for children. Seeing their faces as the story unfolds, and seeing two little Ch... Gratis 08/2012
736035   Rhyme - The Rhyming Dictionary Rhyme - The Rhyming Dictionary Referenz Referenz Apps like Rhyme - The Rhyming Dictionary Whether you are a songwriter, poet, rap singer, ad-writer, language student or just someone who likes express her/his feelings with style, The rhyming dictionary - "Rhyme" will help you find rhymes from a database of 80, 000+ English words. "Rhyme" r... 1.99€ 08/2012
736036   Three Dimensional Model Viewer - 3D Model viewer and Portfolio for Wavefront OBJ, Collada files and 3d design Three Dimensional Model Viewer - 3D Model viewer and Portfolio for Wavefront OBJ, Collada files and 3d design Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Three Dimensional Model Viewer - 3D Model viewer and Portfolio for Wavefront OBJ, Collada files and 3d design Great way to showcase your work on 3D Models on the go.Access and view 3D model files in .obj (wavefront) or .dae (COLLADA) format on your iPhone and iPad.You can download .zip file from your mail/safari and extract files to application and view 3D Model... 4.99€ 08/2012
736037   Arizona Lotto - Free Lottery Lucky Numbers Arizona Lotto - Free Lottery Lucky Numbers Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Arizona Lotto - Free Lottery Lucky Numbers Get now lucky numbers for Arizona lotteries! Easy: Insert your name and birth date to get custom lucky numbers based on your birth chart! ARIZONA LOTTERIES: - The Pick - Fantasy 5 - 2by2 - Pick3 - Cash4 NATIONAL GAMES (MULTI-STATE): - Powerball ... Gratis 08/2012
736038   F&I Reporting F&I Reporting Büro Büro Apps like F&I Reporting Brief summary: Welcome to the new Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions App for the iPad. This app is designed to enable users to quickly and easily download Finance and Insurance Reports directly to the iPad. SYNCRONIZE ALL DEALERSHIP DATA WITH YOUR IP... Gratis 08/2012
736039   ZchessClock Lite ZchessClock Lite Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like ZchessClock Lite Wenn Sie Schach mit einer Uhr spielen möchten, aber nicht über ein handliches, können Sie jetzt mit Ihrem iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch wie eine Schachuhr einfach, nett und einfach zu bedienen, ideal für alle Arten von Spielen von Schach, Turnier , ... 0.99€ 08/2012
736040   BRiMobile BRiMobile Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like BRiMobile BRiMobile is a secure application for on-the-go access to your tax-free benefit accounts from Benefit Resource, Inc. Whether you need a balance, want to submit a claim or have requested receipts to submit, BRiMobile is only a moment away.... Gratis 08/2012
736041   Télé Star Mots Fléchés - iPad Edition Télé Star Mots Fléchés - iPad Edition Spiele Spiele Apps like Télé Star Mots Fléchés - iPad Edition Suivez la flèche, trouvez le mot. Objectif Star des jeux de lettres, ces mots fléchés vous offrent trois niveaux de difficulté. Vert pour les débutants, orange pour les confirmés, rouge pour les experts. Quel que soit votre niveau, il vous faut remp... 2.99€ 08/2012
736042   Joyà Lite Joyà Lite Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Joyà Lite Joyà Lite è una piattaforma semplice e completa per la consulenza di bellezza alle tue clienti. Contiene le immagini di tagli, colori, effetti ed acconciature frutto della ricerca stilistica Joyà Academy. Joyà Lite ti permette inoltre di aggiungere le... 5.99€ 08/2012
736043   IT Trade Online IT Trade Online Büro Büro Apps like IT Trade Online ItTradeOnline was built for one reason: "To make it easy for anyone to buy and sell excess computers, computer parts and other hardware related inventory online." At ItTradeOnline, our goals are simple. We want to provide the simplest, most user-friend... Gratis 08/2012
736044   FBOnMap FBOnMap Reise Reise Apps like FBOnMap Our application shows your Facebook friends account on a map powerd by Google Maps. The application for iOS can be run both on iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, offering the same facilities for all users. Continued use of GPS running in the background ... Gratis 08/2012
736045   Artelia 3D - Augmented Reality Artelia 3D - Augmented Reality Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Artelia 3D - Augmented Reality Sehen Sie das Artelia Sortiment direkt auf Ihrer Terrasse oder im Garten. Positionieren Sie die Artelia Möbel in echter Größe im live Kamerabild.... Gratis 08/2012
736046   BabyApp BabyApp Spiele Spiele Apps like BabyApp This is a small app I wrote for my son Jonathan. Just some easy things to learn handling a touch device. In this free app you will find: --------------------------     • a Paint-Board     • a Piano-Pad  &... Gratis 08/2012
736047   谢天谢地,你来啦HD 谢天谢地,你来啦HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 谢天谢地,你来啦HD 《谢天谢地你来啦》是央视一套新推出的一档大型明星戏剧表演真人秀节目。该节目版权来自国外, 以明星作为嘉宾, 明星们没有剧本、没有台词, 都会通过一扇门进入到一个自己之前完全未知的特定主题场景, 场景的人物角色见到参与嘉宾的第一句话就是:“谢天谢地, 你终于来啦!”迅速将参与嘉宾、观众带入到设置的场景当中。在扮演某个特定角色的过程中, 明星面对各种未知挑战表现出的机智反应将给本节目带来不间断的笑点。... Gratis 08/2012
736048   Tap and Field Tap and Field Spiele Spiele Apps like Tap and Field Go shiwan.com and wish for more good Apps as Tap & Field! Jetzt beginnt mit Tap & Field die Sommersport-Saison. Entweder Sie TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP oder JUMP JUMP TAP TAP TAP TAP Ihr einzige Ziel ist, Ihre persönliche Rekordzeit zu schlagen. Und ... 0.99€ 08/2012
736049   CoopShop CoopShop Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like CoopShop CoopShop è l'app che permette: a chi risiede o è in vacanza a Viareggio di fare la spesa on line e di passare a ritirarla al supermercato coop di Viareggio senza spese aggiuntive; a chi abita a Roma di fare la spesa on line e di farsela consegnare a domi... Gratis 08/2012
736050   人民日报 HD 人民日报 HD Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 人民日报 HD The People's Daily Apple Client syncs with the contents of "People's Daily". It supports the functions of original edition view、content sharing、previous edition collection, etc. This Application is powered by VcRead. With the search keyword  "vcread", ... Gratis 08/2012
736051   스마트국토정보 for iPad 스마트국토정보 for iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 스마트국토정보 for iPad 스마트 국토정보(http://m.nsdis.go.kr)에서 제공하고 있는 주요 서비스를 아이패드에서도 손쉽고 편리하게 접근, 이용할 수 있습니다 내 위치의 부동산 정보 기능에서는 새주소 및 연속지적도 이용하여 현재 자신의 위치의 부동산 정보를 조회 하실 수 있습니다. 지목별, 소유구분별로 년도 통계를 조회하며 해양예측사진등을 보실 수 있습니다. [주요기능] 1. 내 위치의 부동산 정보 - 새주소, 연속지적도 중첩기능 - 현위치의 부동산 정... Gratis 08/2012
736052   FOW AR FOW AR Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like FOW AR FOW ARは気軽にAR【拡張現実】が楽しむことができるアプリケーションです。このアプリを起動したらマーカーを写すだけで迫力のあるコンテンツが楽しめます! ◆主な機能◆ 1)マーカーをカメラに写すとコンテンツが起動して動き出します。 2)一度マーカーを認識してコンテンツが出現すると、色んな角度で迫力のある撮影が可能です。 ◆出現させるコツ◆ マーカーを写す際の光源や反射、カメラの鮮明度によって認識できない場合があります。最初にマーカーが正面になる構図で、 全体にピントを合わせてコンテンツが出現したらゆ... Gratis 08/2012
736053   พูดได้ พูดคล่อง ภาษาอังกฤษในชีวิตประจำวัน พูดได้ พูดคล่อง ภาษาอังกฤษในชีวิตประจำวัน Bildung Bildung Apps like พูดได้ พูดคล่อง ภาษาอังกฤษในชีวิตประจำวัน พูดได้ พูดคล่อง ภาษาอังกฤษในชีวิตประจำวัน รวมบทสนทนาภาษาอังกฤษ 140 สถานการณ์ ครอบคลุมการใช้งานในชีวิตประจำวัน ช่วยให้คุณพูดภาษาอังกฤษได้ในเวลาอันรวดเร็วและสามารถสนทนากับชาวต่างชาติได้อย่างมั่นใจ เหมาะสำหรับผู้ที่ต้องการพัฒนาทักษะภาษาอังกฤษให้สามารถสื่อสา... Gratis 08/2012
736054   AIPP Meetings AIPP Meetings Büro Büro Apps like AIPP Meetings This App assists in document version control for large and small organisations. Various username's and password combinations give users various levels of access to folder and document structures. This is particularly useful when organisations have differe... Gratis 08/2012
736055   Spoken English 8000 Sentences for Daily Use HD Spoken English 8000 Sentences for Daily Use HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Spoken English 8000 Sentences for Daily Use HD English 8000 include the most common used 8000 sentences in daily life. After learning these phrases, you can easily talk with native English speakers.... 4.99€ 08/2012
736056   FarmaBonnin FarmaBonnin Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like FarmaBonnin Aplicación de la FARMACIA BONNIN: -Consulta nuestros datos básicos: llamada, correo, localización, galería de fotos y equipo de profesionales. - Accede a nuestros servicios mediante un innovador catalogo dentro de nuestra aplicación y consúltanos. - A... Gratis 08/2012
736057   Texas 42 HD Texas 42 HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Texas 42 HD Welcome to the Official State Domino game of Texas! Texas 42 is a trick taking game similar to bridge or spades. Invented in the late 1880s, it has become a tradition across generations of players. The sole motivator for the development of this app has... 2.99€ 08/2012
736058   Strike The Goal Strike The Goal Spiele Spiele Apps like Strike The Goal Strike The Goal is a fun soccer/football/futbol themed physics puzzle game. The object of the game is to strike the ball into the goal. Move your teammates in the white jerseys around to help set up the perfect shot or you may have to simply move some of ... 0.99€ 08/2012
736059   儿童数学擂台挑战赛太空免费版 儿童数学擂台挑战赛太空免费版 Bildung Bildung Apps like 儿童数学擂台挑战赛太空免费版 儿童数学挑战赛太空版,是帮助孩子们练习数学加法,减法,乘法和除法最佳APP。游戏有四个级别,分别是容易,中等, 困难及专家的级别。 这个数学游戏鼓励孩子们与他们的同学, 朋友及家庭成员一起玩, 在游戏中学习数学, 使学习更有趣味! 父母可以通过在玩游戏的教导小孩数学技巧, 增进父母对孩子了解。亦加深了与孩子的感情! 孩子不仅可以单独游戏, 游戏鼓励与他们的朋友,同学以及父母一起玩! 一台手机或平版电脑,两个玩家可能在任何时间地点一起玩! 特点: - 游戏模式: ﹣单人模式 ﹣双人模式 ﹣时间模式... Gratis 08/2012
736060   Hello Kitty HD Wallpapers Latest Collection Hello Kitty HD Wallpapers Latest Collection Photographie Photographie Apps like Hello Kitty HD Wallpapers Latest Collection Hello Kitty HD Wallpapers Latest Collection is available in a wide variety of styles featuring that fun loving white kitty sporting her famous red bow. Hello Kitty is everything that is sweet and good, and makes you feel happy every time you look at he... 4.99€ 08/2012
736061   Growth Standards Growth Standards Medizin Medizin Apps like Growth Standards The most complete WHO Growth Standards application on the Store, now even easier and simple to use than before! Essential for neonatologists and pediatricians, but also ideal for parents who wants to check their children's growth! Only three steps nee... 2.99€ 08/2012
736062   iScreenShots (Check screenshot history for any website) iScreenShots (Check screenshot history for any website) Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like iScreenShots (Check screenshot history for any website) iScreenShots is a tool can let you check a website's history screenshots. You can browse through sites to see how they look "now" compared to how they looked "then". How it works? We have a team of people who thrive on creating interesting collections of... 0.99€ 08/2012
736063   Kids Math Challenge Space Free Kids Math Challenge Space Free Bildung Bildung Apps like Kids Math Challenge Space Free The Kids Math Challenge Space helps kids practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are four levels of the math game, easy, medium, hard and expert level. Kids are encouraged to play the game with their friends and family mem... Gratis 08/2012
736064   CatTracks CatTracks Navigation Navigation Apps like CatTracks We started as a simple app that would take you up and down the hill at UC Merced. Now with version 2.0, we are a full fledged CatTracks app, with the entire CatTracks schedule*. With all these added features, the app is still just as simple as the prev... Gratis 08/2012
736065   CareInSync CareInSync Medizin Medizin Apps like CareInSync CareInSync enables authorized users of our collaboration platform to coordinate safe and smooth patient care transitions. CareInSync is supported on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Carebook requires authorized login credentials.... Gratis 08/2012
736066   Selfies' (Self Shooting Camera) Selfies' (Self Shooting Camera) Photographie Photographie Apps like Selfies' (Self Shooting Camera) *** Works fine on iOS 7. Resolution of the front-facing camera has been improved in iPhone 5. But if you are using the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, what should you do? You can not shoot in the main high-resolution camera while viewing the screen. On the other... Gratis 08/2012
736067   A Furious Outlaw Bike Racer: Fast Racing Nitro Game FREE HD A Furious Outlaw Bike Racer: Fast Racing Nitro Game FREE HD Spiele Spiele Apps like A Furious Outlaw Bike Racer: Fast Racing Nitro Game FREE HD Get ready for a intense bike racing game!! ************** WOW  “Familiar road racing gameplay. Immersive 3d graphics take it NEXT LEVEL!!!” Lovin it! “Love it when u hit speed and the flames come out!” Fun racing game Feel like an outlaw playing this g... Gratis 08/2012
736068   All Spine Disorders All Spine Disorders Medizin Medizin Apps like All Spine Disorders In the application Spine Disorders aims to provide resources for Genius people, who have to take care about yourself. And your Best friends, Family, and health professionals. This App is deeply Provide details about Spine. Spine disorders include a wi... 1.99€ 08/2012
736069   My Tai Chi - Chen Style 71 Form My Tai Chi - Chen Style 71 Form Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like My Tai Chi - Chen Style 71 Form My TaiChi: 3D Chen’s Style Tai Chi --- 71 Forms The movement data of the master Tian QiuXin, 70-year-old Chinese Chen’s Tai Chi legend, was collected at the world leading motion capture lab, digitized based on the advance 3D modeling and simulation a... 4.99€ 08/2012
736070   My Tai Chi - Chen Style  83 Form My Tai Chi - Chen Style 83 Form Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like My Tai Chi - Chen Style 83 Form My TaiChi: 3D Chen’s Style Tai Chi --- 83 Forms The movement data of the master Tian QiuXin, 70-year-old Chinese Chen’s Tai Chi legend, was collected at the world leading motion capture lab, digitized based on the advance 3D modeling and simulation a... 4.99€ 08/2012
736071   【有声】儿童故事免费 【有声】儿童故事免费 Bildung Bildung Apps like 【有声】儿童故事免费 内容提要: 1.本软件适用于iphone, iphone高清版, ipad 2.本软件免费提供上百首儿童故事 儿童故事是开启儿童智慧大门的一把钥匙。听故事可以打工孩子的好奇心, 丰富儿童知识, 同时提升思维能力和想象能力, 促进儿童的思维更加细微准确, 想象更加斑斓、开阔。让儿童插上一双有声的翅膀, 遨游在故事的海洋中。 给孩子打开了一扇窗, 迷人的风景印入眼帘, 清新的空气沁入心脾。在这样的氛围里, 孩子们健康地成长着, 成长得更加茁壮。阿拉伯神话中的阿里巴巴曾经用“芝麻开门”的咒语开启了通向获取财宝... Gratis 08/2012
736072   Zip & Send Lite - Email Zipped Photos and Videos Zip & Send Lite - Email Zipped Photos and Videos Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Zip & Send Lite - Email Zipped Photos and Videos Need to send multiple images or videos in one email? Zip & Send does exactly this for you. -- Features -- - Browse photos and videos to select the ones you want to share - Click Zip and Send - Very simple to use - Comes with an additional Zipper Clock ... Gratis 08/2012
736073   SACU Home Banking SACU Home Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like SACU Home Banking Sheboygan Area Credit Union Mobile Banking allows you to check balances, view transaction history, transfer funds, and pay loans on the go! Features: - Check Balances - View Transaction History - Transfer Funds - Pay Loans - Secure Messaging for suppo... Gratis 08/2012
736074   Rock Point Community Church Rock Point Community Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Rock Point Community Church The official Rock Point Church application connects you to what's going on at Rock Point. Within the app you can... *catch up on all of the recent messages *stay informed of upcoming events *connect with our blog *give online *view video's of our variou... Gratis 08/2012
736075   La Rural Memoria 2011 La Rural Memoria 2011 Büro Büro Apps like La Rural Memoria 2011 The application developed by Innovar Group allows the user to scan La Rural convention center´s map with a mobile device and to access to a 3D model which contains the technical specifications of each area. Furthermore, it offers a direct link to the com... Gratis 08/2012
736076   Model Aviation Model Aviation Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Model Aviation Get the latest aeromodeling news, features, and tutorials from the world's largest model aviation organization on your tablet device. Experience the Academy of Model Aeronautics' Model Aviation magazine tablet app. This app goes well beyond the print ... Gratis 08/2012
736077   L1formaticien L1formaticien Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like L1formaticien +++ Une application gratuite pour accéder au magazine L1formaticien pour iPad L1formaticien pour iPad est le premier magazine destiné aux professionnels de l’informatique disponible sur la tablette d’Apple à profiter pleinement de ce support : animations,... Gratis 08/2012
736078   Ultimate Mirror Ultimate Mirror Spiele Spiele Apps like Ultimate Mirror Machen Sie Ihr iPhone oder iPad in den ULTIMATE Kosmetikspiegel, auf die Sie sich Haftnotizen (und schreiben Sachen auf ihnen) zu veröffentlichen, mit verschiedenen Farben zu zeichnen, dekorieren mit Juwelen und Blumen, fügen Sie Ihre Lieblingsfotos, ... Gratis 08/2012
736079   Advanced Mobile Doc - AdvancedMD Advanced Mobile Doc - AdvancedMD Medizin Medizin Apps like Advanced Mobile Doc - AdvancedMD Advanced Mobile Doc is AdvancedMD’s mobile app for iPad and iPhone. It allows you to work more intimately with your patients in the exam room or attend to tasks when you are away from the practice. Advanced Mobile Doc is completely integrated with our EHR... Gratis 08/2012
736080   iDaily · 竞技别册 iDaily · 竞技别册 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like iDaily · 竞技别册 Features of 「iDaily · 竞技别册」 1.每日最佳图片:3000px超高清晰度 2.每日决赛结果 + 每日金牌榜 3.比赛提醒:不错过每一场精彩的比赛 4.历史上最棒的竞技图片专题 iDaily·每日环球视野 倾情奉献。... Gratis 08/2012
736081   Free Miorita Free Miorita Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Free Miorita Urmărește-i pe dacioți și pe mașina lor Miorița, Dacia 1310, în drumul lor spre Mongolia, direct de pe telefonul tău. În noua aplicație Free Miorița poți să vezi poze de pe traseul Dacioților până-n Mongolia, poziția GPS sau să citești prin ce aventur... Gratis 08/2012
736082   Strawberryshirts Strawberryshirts Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Strawberryshirts This app allows for quick and easy viewing and ordering of products from the online ecommerce site www.strawberryshirts.com. Strawberry Shirts offer a wide range of quality ladies shirts at great prices. Strawberryshirts arose from the desire to improve u... Gratis 08/2012
736083   Monitoring + Monitoring + Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Monitoring + SALE For Holidays, Limited time offer -25% 5 tools in 1, just like 5 stars in your pocket ★★★★★ ► Have you ever imagined your device as an professional monitoring system! !! -- ★ -=Now its possible with "Monitoring+"=- ★ -- This application is devel... 1.99€ 08/2012
736084   Riverview Mobile Banking Riverview Mobile Banking Büro Büro Apps like Riverview Mobile Banking Our latest version of Mobile Banking is designed for both smartphone and tablets. With it you can easily: • Monitor account balances • Transfer funds between your Riverview accounts • View transactions and images of checks • Pay bills and schedule future ... Gratis 08/2012
736085   Kuchen-Maker-Spiel - My Cake Shop HD Kuchen-Maker-Spiel - My Cake Shop HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Kuchen-Maker-Spiel - My Cake Shop HD Machen Sie einen Kuchen mit TapBlaze My Cake Shop app jetzt! Die besten Gratis-Kuchen-Maker-Spiel und Kochen Spiel app für Ihr Mobiltelefon oder Tablet. Machen Sie jemanden Lächeln heute - dekorieren Sie einen Kuchen und senden es ihnen für ihren Geburtst... Gratis 08/2012
736086   VALUEonline VALUEonline Büro Büro Apps like VALUEonline VALUEonline, die App für Sachverständige zur schnellen Restwertermittlung mit AUTOonline. Mit dieser App stellen Sie im Handumdrehen Ihre Fahrzeuge auf unserer Online-Plattform ein. Die einzelnen Schritte sind ganz einfach beschrieben und umsetzbar. End... Gratis 08/2012
736087   누리온거래정보망모바일2.0 누리온거래정보망모바일2.0 Büro Büro Apps like 누리온거래정보망모바일2.0 누리온 거래정보망 모바일2.0은 누리온 거래정보망을 사용하는 공인중개사에게 사무실에서 하던 매물관리, 고객관리, 계약관리, 쪽지관리, 공동매물검색 등 중개업무를 모바일에 구현함으로써 중개업무의 효율성을 높여드립니다. > 매물, 고객 관리 기능 누리온 모바일2.0은 중개업무의 재산인 매물, 고객 관리를 스마트폰, 태블릿PC에 구현함으로써 공인중개사에게 최고의 업무 효율성을 가져다 줄 것입니다. > 공동중개 매물 검색 기능 누리온 모바일2.... Gratis 08/2012
736088   无线快写板 无线快写板 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 无线快写板 无线快写板是无线读取PPT资源的客户端, 用于接收和调取PPT。同时还可以对图片进行圈阅, 笔记。 无线快写板需要接入Emeeting的无线网络, 否则无法被启用。(快写板与智能遥控器同属于Emeeting系统的部分, 需接入同一网络) http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDI4NTQ2ODI0.html... Gratis 08/2012
736089   Bengali Vegetables Bengali Vegetables Bildung Bildung Apps like Bengali Vegetables Bengali Vegetables Bengali Vegetables is an intuitive app that will help the user to learn the various vegetables name in two languages, Bengali and English. It has well designed graphical contents that will engage the user for better learning. It has t... Gratis 08/2012
736090   MobileGo MobileGo Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like MobileGo Compatible NVR Version ----------------------------------- 1.Software NVR3: v3.0.02.09 or later 2.Software NVR2: v2.3.05.11 or later 3.Standalone NVR: XNR-4200 and GNR-2000 v1.02.12 or later Introduction ----------------------------------- ACTi MobileGo!... Gratis 08/2012
736091   Oresome World Oresome World Bildung Bildung Apps like Oresome World Want to know more about energy and Mining? Take a journey of discovery through Oresome World to find out! View the media and complete the quizzes and challenge activities, discover what sorts of careers are around by choosing the correct industry role t... Gratis 08/2012
736092   NekomanaLite for iPad NekomanaLite for iPad Reise Reise Apps like NekomanaLite for iPad Studying travel's English with Tama Lite' are the applications which can also study English in the mood of a travel. ■ Lesson screen They are English word cards of speedy deployment. Since it is game feeling, it can learn happily. ■ Map screen It ... Gratis 08/2012
736093   Animation Weather for cartoon weather,  weather forecast Animation Weather for cartoon weather, weather forecast Wetter Wetter Apps like Animation Weather for cartoon weather, weather forecast Möchten Sie alle Arten von Wetter Szenen auf einer Wetter-Software zu genießen? ... Wenn es sonnig ist, können Sie die Sonne in der Luft. Wenn es regnet, können Sie sehen rieselt auf den Bildschirm und einige Blitze flackern hin und wieder. Wenn es bewö... Gratis 08/2012
736094   Animation Weather Animation Weather Wetter Wetter Apps like Animation Weather Möchten Sie alle Arten von Wetter Szenen auf einer Wetter-Software zu genießen? ... Wenn es sonnig ist, können Sie die Sonne in der Luft. Wenn es regnet, können Sie sehen rieselt auf den Bildschirm und einige Blitze flackern hin und wieder. Wenn es bewö... 0.99€ 08/2012
736095   Panther Dice Panther Dice Bildung Bildung Apps like Panther Dice Panther Dice includes many innovative features that are fun for all, but particularly supportive for people with disabilities. Now everyone can participate in family dice games. You'll love the extra things we do! Pounce Games. By Panther! Unleash you... 3.99€ 08/2012
736096   Princess.Puzzle Princess.Puzzle Spiele Spiele Apps like Princess.Puzzle Become a beautiful princess and reign the kingdom of Princess Puzzle! Obtain the royal treasures joining 3 similar objects together to create a new one, until you find your beloved prince! With the help of your loyal ponies, you can move objects aroun... Gratis 08/2012
736097   Matrix Calculator for iPad Matrix Calculator for iPad Bildung Bildung Apps like Matrix Calculator for iPad Matrix Calculator for iPad is the world best matrix calculator and you'll like it. Matrix Calculator for iPad is an easy-to-use tool for various matrix operations. For real or complex matrix, Matrix Calculator for iPad provides one-click buttons for ... 4.99€ 08/2012
736098   StepDraw HD StepDraw HD Bildung Bildung Apps like StepDraw HD Do your kids like drawing? Would you like to teach your kids drawing by yourself? Would you like to use StepDraw to teach your kids drawing? Stepdraw can teach your kids drawing step by step with you or itself. There are not only a lot of preloaded pict... 0.99€ 08/2012
736099   CFBank Mobile Banking CFBank Mobile Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like CFBank Mobile Banking Welcome to CFBank's Mobile Banking. Access account balances, transfer funds, and review check images. To learn how we protect your privacy, please visit http://cfbankonline.com/PrivacyNotice.pdf... Gratis 08/2012
736100   The Game Changer - Control The Game Changer instrument from your mobile device The Game Changer - Control The Game Changer instrument from your mobile device Musik Musik Apps like The Game Changer - Control The Game Changer instrument from your mobile device Use The Game Changer app to rewire your analog guitar or bass pickups and discover millions of tonal possibilities! Guitar and bass players alike can now unlock their instruments' tonal possibilities with the patent-pending pickup switching system, know... Gratis 08/2012
736101   North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce Büro Büro Apps like North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce Membership of the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is open to any business, irrespective of size. Our 1, 600 members provide well over half the private sector jobs in the area. North and Western Lancashire is a thriving, vibrant and dy... Gratis 08/2012
736102   Hangman Multiplayer Word Puzzle Hangman Multiplayer Word Puzzle Spiele Spiele Apps like Hangman Multiplayer Word Puzzle It doesn’t matter whether you’re six years old or sixty, Hangman Vocabulary Building Game updates the classic pen-and-paper game of hangman so that you can compete against your friends across the Internet. Or you can challenge yourself and rapidly improv... Gratis 08/2012
736103   Mathematik - Einmaleins Free Mathematik - Einmaleins Free Bildung Bildung Apps like Mathematik - Einmaleins Free "Mathematik - Einmaleins" ist ein guter Gehirntrainer für Erwachsene. Es fördert die geistige Ausbildung des Gehirns, entwickelt Schnelligkeit des Kopfrechnens. Das Interface des Spiels "Mathematik - Einmaleins" ist dem des beliebten "Tetris" ähnlich. D... Gratis 08/2012
736104   Aktivist Aktivist Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Aktivist Najlepszy miejski magazyn teraz zawsze przy tobie w wersji na iPada. Kultura miejska, życie nocne, trendy, miejskie akcje. "Aktivist" to niepokorny przewodnik po wielkomiejskim życiu – na naszych łamach znajdziecie zapowiedzi najważniejszych wydarzeń ... Gratis 08/2012
736105   Revoluz Revoluz Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Revoluz Revoluz agora na ponta dos seus dedos. Dando continuidade ao projeto "Sou Profissional de Iluminação", a Revoluz Iluminação inova mais uma vez e lança o primeiro aplicativo de cálculo luminotécnico para iPhone e iPad do Brasil. Através deste aplicativo... Gratis 08/2012
736106   Football Grounds Quiz Football Grounds Quiz Sport Sport Apps like Football Grounds Quiz Football Grounds Quiz is a must for all footie fans around the World! There are 4 levels each of 5 rounds of 10 ten multi choice questions that will test your knowledge of UK Football clubs and the grounds they play on. Take the test and record your hig... 2.99€ 08/2012
736107   SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense Büro Büro Apps like SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense Mit der Mobile-App SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense für iPhone und iPad können Sie Ihre Reisen und Spesen von überall und jederzeit verwalten. Diese App versorgt Ihre Mobilgeräte mit den Funktionen von SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, einschließlich ein... Gratis 08/2012
736108   World Finance World Finance Finanzen Finanzen Apps like World Finance The iPad edition of World Finance, the critically acclaimed bi-monthly magazine and website providing in-depth coverage and analysis of the financial industry and global economy. The editorial board combines award-winning reportage from in-house journa... Gratis 08/2012
736109   Monsters Monsters Spiele Spiele Apps like Monsters Monster sind kostenlos, einfach und unterhaltsames Spiel. Brauchen Sie, um das Ziel zu gewinnen, zu brechen. Monster sind so schnell und Menschen, die Geschwindigkeit / schnelle und unterhaltsame Spiele liebt, würde definitiv love this.... Gratis 08/2012
736110   wolfgirl wolfgirl Spiele Spiele Apps like wolfgirl wolfgirl(PeacockStudio) equipped with Unity3D engine effort to build a full 3D action game; description of the game is a 3D action game of the wolf girl in the under ground city and all kinds of evil monsters; Lifelike monsters, eerie underground city, ... 0.99€ 08/2012
736111   Acumen ToGo Acumen ToGo Büro Büro Apps like Acumen ToGo Always be on the ball and have your finger on your caseload's pulse with Acumen ToGo. This powerful app provides real-time access to your Caseflow Acumen system through an easy to use iPad interface. Get secure yet intuitive access to your familiar My T... Gratis 08/2012
736112   BrewBot BrewBot Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like BrewBot The bot you're looking for to make your brew day ideal. BrewBot features beer recipe formulation in the iPad version, along with ingredient data and 19 unique calculators in both the iPhone and iPad versions. Quickly reference hop, grain and yeast cha... 1.99€ 08/2012
736113   Spectacular Home Inspection System Spectacular Home Inspection System Büro Büro Apps like Spectacular Home Inspection System The Spectacular Home Inspection System is simply the best home inspection software available. It was created for property inspectors to generate a pdf report about the properties they inspect. Our app stores over 6000 regularly used comments and enables t... Gratis 08/2012
736114   Casa do Aprendizado Casa do Aprendizado Bildung Bildung Apps like Casa do Aprendizado A Casa do Aprendizado é um aplicativo desenvolvido por uma fonoaudióloga certificada pela Associação Americana de Fonoaudiologia, e que serve tanto como uma ferramenta para aprender, como tambem para brincar. Sabemos que as crianças aprendem melhor quan... 9.99€ 08/2012
736115   Knight's K'west HD Knight's K'west HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Knight's K'west HD We are proud to announce our newest app - Knight’s K’west! Watch the trailer here: http://goo.gl/KdxLH  The king needs more purple bacon for his breakfast! He has ordered his knight’s on a perilous journey to find the rare pigs! Help the knight’s bridge... 0.99€ 08/2012
736116   A Fistful of Penguins A Fistful of Penguins Spiele Spiele Apps like A Fistful of Penguins Announcing the first iPhone/iPad version of the popular dice game! A Fistful of Penguins is a quick, engaging family dice game of gathering animals to add to your zoo. After three rounds, the person who has made the most money displaying animals wins. ... 0.99€ 08/2012
736117   Descubre Nissan Juke Tablet Descubre Nissan Juke Tablet Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Descubre Nissan Juke Tablet Unleash the power of the new Nissan Juke through an amazing 3D journey which will reveal every detail of the first Sport Crossover in its category.... Gratis 08/2012
736118   Coloring Book !!! Lite Coloring Book !!! Lite Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Coloring Book !!! Lite Hey Kids! try this amazing coloring app! Features: * Choose a picture to color! * Choose a color * Choose a brush * Add a new color combination * Erase * Re-Start * Save into the Gallery. * Share using Facebook, Twitter, Email Designed espe... Gratis 08/2012
736119   Picture Builder Lite Picture Builder Lite Photographie Photographie Apps like Picture Builder Lite Compose amazing pictures with special frames, stickers, backgrounds, decorations, text and more. Share them using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Save and more... Really cool app, you can add to pictures: hair kinds of many styles, funny faces, anim... Gratis 08/2012
736120   HEX Editor HEX Editor Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like HEX Editor ** Featured in Editor's Picked by Best10Apps.com ** HEX Editor iOS App allows you to view & edit the raw data contents of a file. The data of the file are represented in two columns; hexadecimal paired values & ASCII characters. HEX Editor supports edit... 2.99€ 08/2012
736121   Mobile Takaful Mobile Takaful Büro Büro Apps like Mobile Takaful This application is intended for mobile customers of Takaful International Co. BSC., Bahrain. Current version of this mobile application provides functional feature of issuing new policies and renewing existing policies in Motor, Fire[Home Basics] and Ba... Gratis 08/2012
736122   iMedicare iMedicare Medizin Medizin Apps like iMedicare iMedicare helps thousands of pharmacies better serve their patients. Benefits: * Compare Medicare plans for your patients in 1 minute * Expose preferred closed networks that push your patients to chains or mail order * We integrate with the pharmacy sys... Gratis 08/2012
736123   【有声】儿歌精选免费 【有声】儿歌精选免费 Bildung Bildung Apps like 【有声】儿歌精选免费 内容提要: 1.本软件适用于iphone, iphone高清版, ipad 2.本软件免费提供上百首儿歌 儿歌是以低幼儿童为主要接受对象的具有民歌风味的简短诗歌。内容多反映儿童的生活情趣, 传播生活、生产知识等, 在儿歌的吟唱中, 优美的旋律、和谐的节奏、真挚的情感可以给儿童以美的享受和情感熏陶。儿童听唱儿歌既可以联络与周围人的感情, 也可以使他们的情感得到抒发, 从而调节他们的情绪, 使其得到愉悦。其中, 婴儿听儿歌, 会在和谐优美的声音中领受亲人的爱抚, 从而产生情感效应, 心理得到满足。而幼儿唱儿... Gratis 08/2012
736124   Cinderella Fairy Tale Dress Up and Storybook HD Cinderella Fairy Tale Dress Up and Storybook HD Bücher Bücher Apps like Cinderella Fairy Tale Dress Up and Storybook HD Playful animations enhance a classic, captivating story with loads of interactive graphics Dress up Cinderella and help her get ready to meet Prince Charming at the Royal Ball Insert your own dialogue into the story using our voice-recording microphon... Gratis 08/2012
736125   Wrath of Panda™ Wrath of Panda™ Spiele Spiele Apps like Wrath of Panda™ ================= New Version is Here Now, Free for Very Limited Time! Enjoy it Now!! ================= What can Angry Bird/Temple Run give you? Yes, a special and frenzied iPhone Experience! Jump Jump Panda is not only a Angry Bird or Temple run, but... 0.99€ 08/2012
736126   3D Pictures 3D Pictures Photographie Photographie Apps like 3D Pictures If you are looking for cool and stylish wallpapers to show off, then 3D Pictures is the app for you. This cool new app that brings all the best HD quality 3D wallpapers and backgrounds to your device. Move into the world of Eye Popping 3D Images that'll... Gratis 08/2012
736127   Talking Anxiety Talking Anxiety Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Talking Anxiety Learn how to manage anxiety face-to-face from the experts – people who've 'been there' and discovered techniques that really work and complement medical therapy. The app includes video of people explaining the tips that worked for them, 4 sections cover... 2.39€ 08/2012
736128   Libra Libra Musik Musik Apps like Libra Libra Records公式アプリが登場!! Libra Recordsのアーティスト情報や楽曲の試聴、スケジュールなど充実のメニューに加え、YAMAZIN「KIMIGAYO」Appを皮切りにMUSIC PLAYER機能を備えたアプリが続々と登場予定!!... Gratis 08/2012
736129   TBCocktailTutorial TBCocktailTutorial Bildung Bildung Apps like TBCocktailTutorial The Fantastic Experience of the Turbo Barman Cocktail Tutorials. Now you can learn and practice your favorite cocktails anywhere, remember the ingredients and the quantities. Includes 24 Cocktails to Prepare and more to come.... 0.99€ 08/2012
736130   Prime Time Free Prime Time Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Prime Time Free The award-winning puzzle game comes to your mobile device! Clear the blocks as quick as you can in this fast and furious Tetris-style math game.... Gratis 08/2012
736131   GMAT Prep GMAT Prep Bildung Bildung Apps like GMAT Prep The Simply Brilliant GMAT* App helps you tackle the most challenging portion of the test: Data Sufficiency Fundamentals and Data Sufficiency Strategies. The app is an interactive and self-paced GMAT course available on the iPad and iPhone. The innovative ... 9.99€ 08/2012
736132   VERBS News VERBS News Bildung Bildung Apps like VERBS News ****I am so happy that there is finally a verb tense application on the market that not only teaches children about tenses with visuals but can be used in therapy! I feel like I had been waiting for this one forever! (Consonantly Speaking)**** Verbs News... 9.99€ 08/2012
736133   Speichern Stachlig von fallenden Kugeln - Pro Speichern Stachlig von fallenden Kugeln - Pro Spiele Spiele Apps like Speichern Stachlig von fallenden Kugeln - Pro Pro Version! Stachlig ist BACK! ... und unterhaltsamer als je zuvor! Sie das Zeug haben, Stachlig Speichern von fallenden Kugeln nimmt? Speichern Stachlig ist ein fesselndes, Spaß, (und kostenlose) Spiel. Einfach kippen Sie das Gerät nach links und... 0.99€ 08/2012
736134   Speichern Stachlig von fallenden Kugeln - Free Speichern Stachlig von fallenden Kugeln - Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Speichern Stachlig von fallenden Kugeln - Free Kostenlos zum Download! Stachlig ist BACK! ... und unterhaltsamer als je zuvor! Sie das Zeug haben, Stachlig Speichern von fallenden Kugeln nimmt? Speichern Stachlig ist ein fesselndes, Spaß, (und kostenlose) Spiel. Einfach kippen Sie das Gerät nac... Gratis 08/2012
736135   Stumbler for Tumblr Stumbler for Tumblr Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Stumbler for Tumblr Private browsing for Tumblr: see pictures, discover new blogs and keep track of all visited blogs without using a Tumblr account. Keep secret all your favorite blogs with a password, they will not be shown without it. For iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®.... 2.99€ 08/2012
736136   Entrance to Japan Entrance to Japan Bücher Bücher Apps like Entrance to Japan Photo album from a Japan travel... Gratis 08/2012
736137   Time Out New York Magazine Time Out New York Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Time Out New York Magazine For the street-smart New Yorker and naive newcomer alike, Time Out New York is the complete information and inspiration guide to what's happening in New York City every week in music, dance, sports, film, art, books, comedy and theater. From hidden... Gratis 08/2012
736138   Mental Math - Addition und Subtraktion Mental Math - Addition und Subtraktion Bildung Bildung Apps like Mental Math - Addition und Subtraktion Fun pädagogische Mathematik-Spiel für die Ausbildung psychischer Addition und Subtraktion Fähigkeiten. Mit unserer App können Sie und Ihr Kind wird lernen, schnell und fehlerfrei zu zählen. Sie werden sicherlich in der Liebe mit Mathematik fallen! FEATU... 1.99€ 08/2012
736139   Pile Up HD Lite Pile Up HD Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Pile Up HD Lite Pile Up is a game designed to test your balance. There are object that are designed to disturb the balance, you need to set out a very neat strategy to create a perfect balance. Use the objects that are supplied in each levels, and stack them one upon... Gratis 08/2012
736140   DEVIAJES Revista DEVIAJES Revista Reise Reise Apps like DEVIAJES Revista Ya en tu iPad la revista número uno de viajes. Disfruta de la edición digital de la revista Deviajes, con los mismos contenidos que la edición impresa y los beneficios del formato digital. Ponemos a tu alcance una nueva forma, sencilla y rápida, de dis... Gratis 08/2012
736141   Ball and Cups Ball and Cups Spiele Spiele Apps like Ball and Cups Look at the cup the little ball is hidden under, and see if you can keep track of it during the swaps and moves. It gets more and more difficult as the game level up. - Game Center leaderboards. - Universal game: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. - Retina di... Gratis 08/2012
736142   Birdy Bounce HD Lite Birdy Bounce HD Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Birdy Bounce HD Lite Birdy Bounce is all about rescuing the bird and setting them free. The hunters have laid the trap and the hungry birds got trapped in the mesh laid by the hunters. The birds appear trapped in the cage and Swifty is ready to rescue them with his fine act... Gratis 08/2012
736143   MrFogg Apulia MrFogg Apulia Reise Reise Apps like MrFogg Apulia Una guida con tutte le informazioni sulle città della Puglia, in un’unica applicazione gratuita, pensata per i residenti eper i turisti. I migliori ristoranti, gli eventi più cool, i monumenti storici e tutti i contatti della Pubblica Amministrazione.... Gratis 08/2012
736144   Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game ***Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game is designed as a companion to the Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game Tiles, available at mass and specialty stores, nationwide. For more information about the Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game Tiles, visit us at wonderforge.com/apps/FunM... Gratis 08/2012
736145   Football - Logos Quiz Football - Logos Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like Football - Logos Quiz *** 13/14 UPDATE - NOW INCLUDES A BRAND NEW ALTERNATIVE GAME MODE FEATURING 350 TEAMS! *** Test your football knowledge and guess the football teams from their logos, using clues and coins to help you along the way! 280 FOOTBALL CLUBS FROM AROUND THE ... Gratis 08/2012
736146   Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 Spiele Spiele Apps like Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 Drokk! It's an adventure game. It's an interactive book. It's an RPG. You are Judge Dredd, the toughest judge to patrol Mega-City One, a vast futuristic city, set in the 22nd Century! ** REVIEWS ** “With a new Judge Dredd movie coming out, this Game... 2.99€ 08/2012
736147   Electric Guitar-HD Electric Guitar-HD Musik Musik Apps like Electric Guitar-HD Electric Guitar is now the #1 official best application to any electric guitar owner! If you own a electric guitar , this is the app for you! Play the electric guitar anywhere anytime Impress friends and family using just your iPad 836ce351ef... 0.99€ 08/2012
736148   Plight of the Zombie Plight of the Zombie Spiele Spiele Apps like Plight of the Zombie Now with FASTER loading times! And more zombies! "An Unique Strategic Line-tracing Game I Bet You've Never Seen Before" - Best10Apps.com "...Plight of the Zombie's satisfying and strategic experience that offers a fresh take on the zombie formula. Puzz... 0.99€ 08/2012
736149   ZM ZM Büro Büro Apps like ZM In order to facilitate the customers access to information about their products, ZM is launching the ZM applicative for mobiles. The ZM Applicative facilitates the practical activities, whether on tablet or on phone. With the integrated catalog system,... Gratis 08/2012
736150   HighFive HighFive Spiele Spiele Apps like HighFive Platziere fünf Bälle in einer Reihe, um zu gewinnen. Anders als bei Vier Gewinnt kann man Bälle aus vier Richtungen setzen. Querdenken ist angesagt!... Gratis 08/2012
736151   3DHISTECH PANNORAMIC VIEWER 3DHISTECH PANNORAMIC VIEWER Medizin Medizin Apps like 3DHISTECH PANNORAMIC VIEWER 3DHISTECH PANNORAMIC VIEWER is a high resolution image viewer aimed at medical and biological professionals. This software lets you view digital slide samples from 3DHISTECH digital slide scanners on your iPad device. You can see your virtual slides anyt... Gratis 08/2012
736152   Kids Quiz Free for iPhone and iPad Kids Quiz Free for iPhone and iPad Spiele Spiele Apps like Kids Quiz Free for iPhone and iPad What's in Kids Quiz Free? - 75 questions to test your general knowledge (but over 400 in the full version) - A single player game (but up to 4 players in the full version) --------------------- Full version description: Who fell in love with a robot nam... Gratis 08/2012
736153   NextToMe NextToMe Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like NextToMe NextToMe is a location based networking tool developed to discover social and professional opportunities next to you. You can see basic information about other NextToMe users within (approximately) 30 meters of your current GPS location, or users inside... Gratis 08/2012
736154   EFIB EFIB Büro Büro Apps like EFIB EFIB Partnering is your dedicated event planner and networking assistant. EFIB Partnering enables you to organise on site meetings with other participants and to planifiy exhibition visits and conference programme.... Gratis 08/2012
736155   Puzzle Plus Free Puzzle Plus Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Puzzle Plus Free Puzzle Plus Free is a fresh new way of enjoying Jigsaw Puzzle boards. ★ Something for everyone, child or adult, beginner to expert. ★ Choose from a variety of sizes ★ Enjoying playing with friends as you try to beat each others time. This lovingly cra... Gratis 08/2012
736156   Cooking Games- Make Drinks HD Cooking Games- Make Drinks HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Cooking Games- Make Drinks HD Do you love Cola, Coffee, Smoothies? Of course everyone loves it, well then come to the Drinking shop to make your own Drinking. You can make the following kinds of Drinkings in our shop: 1.Cola 2.Smoothies 3.Coffee 4.ice 5.Juice 6.Ice Cream... Gratis 08/2012
736157   Chibi Machine - The amazing avatar creator Chibi Machine - The amazing avatar creator Photographie Photographie Apps like Chibi Machine - The amazing avatar creator Chibi (ちび) is a Japanese term used in manga animation for characters with oversized heads. Now with ChibiMachine you can choose from millions of possible combinations to create your own perfect Chibi. Change hairstyles, clothing and accessories and add... Gratis 08/2012
736158   Happy Gnome Happy Gnome Spiele Spiele Apps like Happy Gnome HappyGnome is a gnome who always smiles and jumps from platform to platform without stopping, travelling around magical worlds in search of toys and gifts. The more gifts he found, the happier he gets. However, the evil Harpy of Forests does not stand... Gratis 08/2012
736159   Coin Factory U Coin Factory U Spiele Spiele Apps like Coin Factory U Coin Factory is not only a traditional pusher game but also a slot game, so that you can enjoy the two games at the same time and have double fun. (Maybe you can call it coin-slot game :)) In this game, 60 kinds of crystal gifts are prepared for you. C... Gratis 08/2012
736160   BT Sharing BT Sharing Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like BT Sharing ★ Top app in +60 Countries, dear costumers, thank you for your support ★ ► Now we can share photos, VIDEOS and contacts via bluetooth, and its FREE This app has best photo sharing feature, and its not all, it's free!! To share photos, videos betwe... Gratis 08/2012
736161   Medal Alerts Gold - Final Podium Results Medal Alerts Gold - Final Podium Results Sport Sport Apps like Medal Alerts Gold - Final Podium Results *****Top 6 free sports apps for the week of August 6, 2012***** *****1, 500, 000 push notifications in the final couple days of the Olympics! Thanks everyone!***** Medal Alerts Gold is your official event results app for the Games. Medal Alerts Gold is... 99.99€ 08/2012
736162   Sterilisation Lectures 1 Sterilisation Lectures 1 Bildung Bildung Apps like Sterilisation Lectures 1 A series of lectures covering pharmaceutical sterlisation that are suitable for students in pharmacy, biology and health-care disciplines... Gratis 08/2012
736163   Turn Your Friend Into a Dog Turn Your Friend Into a Dog Photographie Photographie Apps like Turn Your Friend Into a Dog Use this app to stick your friend's photo onto the animating cartoon 3D robot dogs and post the picture to Facebook/Twitter ! How to Use: 1. Select a photo from Album or Camera. 2. (Optional) Edit the photo to select only a part of it. 3. Select your fav... Gratis 08/2012
736164   Silver Bullet Silver Bullet Spiele Spiele Apps like Silver Bullet You are trapped in a laboratory infested with genetically engineered werewolves: it sucks to be you…deal with it! . To make matters worse, you are dying, and your health is rapidly decreasing every second. Stay alive by collecting the blue health spawns... Gratis 08/2012
736165   Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Division Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Division Bildung Bildung Apps like Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Division Math Facts practice with immediate feedback for EVERY student after EVERY answer. This app helps students stop counting and learn to answer quickly. Students hear, write and see each question. No paperwork for teachers to collect, grade, or return. ... 1.99€ 08/2012
736166   Bass Line Composer Bass Line Composer Musik Musik Apps like Bass Line Composer Yo, Bass drummers! Got a split in your head that you've just got to hear right now? Got a line or a lick or an exercise to put down? Compose it and play along with the new Bass Line Composer App! Now you’ve got a whole bass drum line to play along with.... 2.99€ 08/2012
736167   Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Multiplication Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Multiplication Bildung Bildung Apps like Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Multiplication Math Facts practice with immediate feedback for EVERY student after EVERY answer. This app helps students stop counting and learn to answer quickly. Students hear, write and see each question. No paperwork for teachers to collect, grade, or return. ... 1.99€ 08/2012
736168   Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Subtraction Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Subtraction Bildung Bildung Apps like Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Subtraction Math Facts practice with immediate feedback for EVERY student after EVERY answer. This app helps students stop counting and learn to answer quickly. Students hear, write and see each question. No paperwork for teachers to collect, grade, or return. ... 1.99€ 08/2012
736169   Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Addition Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Addition Bildung Bildung Apps like Fast Facts Audio FlashCards Addition Math Facts practice with immediate feedback for EVERY student after EVERY answer. This app helps students stop counting and learn to answer quickly. Students hear, write and see each question. No paperwork for teachers to collect, grade, or return. ... 1.99€ 08/2012
736170   Banca da Mundi Banca da Mundi Bücher Bücher Apps like Banca da Mundi A Mundi Editora consolida a experiência de mais de uma década na produção de revistas customizadas como líder no mercado de Santa Catarina, oferecendo soluções completas. São mais de mil publicações que circulam impressas ou produzidas para as novas se... Gratis 08/2012
736171   Cursed Ocean Cursed Ocean Spiele Spiele Apps like Cursed Ocean With cursed ocean, protect the ship! Birds, Crabs, Sharks and many more try to attack your ship to get to you! use the cannon to prevent the death of your ship!... 0.99€ 08/2012
736172   Fußball Logos Quiz Fußball Logos Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like Fußball Logos Quiz Willkommen bei Fußball Logos Quiz! Dies ist das ultimative Logos Quiz Spiel für alle Fußball Fans. Es basiert auf dem Erraten der Namen von hunderten von Logos von verschiedenen Fußball Mannschaften. Mehr als 350 Logos! In dieser App gibt es mehr als 3... 0.99€ 08/2012
736173   SUSATSU0 : NUMBER MURDER SUSATSU0 : NUMBER MURDER Spiele Spiele Apps like SUSATSU0 : NUMBER MURDER SUSATSU ist eine Art von SUDOKU-Spiel des neuen Gefühles, schnell und aufregend. Sie können in einer kurzen Zeit spielen, aber SUSATSU ist zähes Logikdenkenpuzzle. Der Mordfall geschah, in dem die Zahl die Zahl zunichte machte. Sie sind Detektiv. Un... Gratis 08/2012
736174   Ant&Dove-iLeoBooks Ant&Dove-iLeoBooks Bücher Bücher Apps like Ant&Dove-iLeoBooks "Ant & Dove - iLeoBooks" “Ant & Dove - iLeoBooks” will give a good opportunity for children to think over kindness, who are learning sociality. Feature -Professional Narration -Read to me, Read myself, AutoPlay -Educational Game - Puzzle, Sticker &... Gratis 08/2012
736175   Nursing Home Monitor Tablet Nursing Home Monitor Tablet Medizin Medizin Apps like Nursing Home Monitor Tablet Help to protect your loved one with My Nursing Home Monitor. Nursing home abuse and neglect are rampant. Too many horror stories involve what occurs to the elderly when they are not properly cared for within a facility. It has never been more important... 0.99€ 08/2012
736176   Slice & Splice Slice & Splice Spiele Spiele Apps like Slice & Splice ● #1 Educational Puzzle Game (October, 2012) ● Top 200 Best Selling Educational Game in over 50 countries ● Over 500, 000 downloads to date Slice & Splice is over 200 levels of addictive gameplay that involves cutting up one shape and assembling the pie... 0.99€ 08/2012
736177   myFirstAm myFirstAm Büro Büro Apps like myFirstAm Work easier. Introducing the residential and commercial real estate version of myFirstAm® for iPhone and iPad. As an extension of First American Title's web portal, myFirstAm.com, this app for iPhone and iPad gives you the flexibility and convenience ... Gratis 08/2012
736178   Trillium Medical Center Trillium Medical Center Medizin Medizin Apps like Trillium Medical Center This app allows Trillium Medical Center patients to access their personal health record from their iphone or ipad device via a secure login. The app also allows patients to book appointments, update their personal information for the health record, and... Gratis 08/2012
736179   FieldReporting® Mobile FieldReporting® Mobile Büro Büro Apps like FieldReporting® Mobile FieldReporting Mobile Mobile Safety Inspection Software Improve organizational, employee, equipment and jobsite safety, simplify compliance and boost field efficiency with FieldReporting Mobile from MSI Data. You make no compromises when it comes... Gratis 08/2012
736180   Proteus MMX Mobile Proteus MMX Mobile Büro Büro Apps like Proteus MMX Mobile The Mobile module for Proteus MMX allows technicians to access and update Proteus MMX on the go. Since technicians can receive, create, and update work orders in the field, they don’t have to run back to their offices to complete these functions. Some... Gratis 08/2012
736181   CHEST CHEST Medizin Medizin Apps like CHEST The redesigned CHEST Journal app features new ways to browse the latest clinical research in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine through topic and section collections, podcasts, and searchable access to the entire archive. All abstracts freel... Gratis 08/2012
736182   Magic Fractals Magic Fractals Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Magic Fractals Magic Fractals is a beautiful and easy to use fractals browser featured with custom coloring and your favorite places gallery. Immediate mosaic rendering lets you easily navigate inside the fractal with speed of your desire. ◉ Use standard pan and zoom ... 0.99€ 08/2012
736183   Monster Trouble Anniversary Edition Monster Trouble Anniversary Edition Spiele Spiele Apps like Monster Trouble Anniversary Edition Monster Trouble HD ist der Sieger von CLOCKWORK HERO, dem Preis für die technische Besonderheiten bei der Brave New Game, und wurde von Apple nur zwei Wochen nach seiner Veröffentlichung in 83 Ländern zum „Spiel der Woche“ gewählt!!! Stoppe die Invasio... 4.99€ 08/2012
736184   iDownsize iDownsize Photographie Photographie Apps like iDownsize ++ Top 10 App Kategorie iPad paid Foto & Video in Deutschland ++ Alleinstellungsmerkmale: iDownsize ermöglicht die Komprimierung ausgewählter Fotos oder ganzer Alben. iDownsize ermöglicht dadurch die Einsparung wertvollen Speicherplatzes. iDownsize erm... 0.99€ 08/2012
736185   Pigu.lt mobilioji parduotuvė Pigu.lt mobilioji parduotuvė Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pigu.lt mobilioji parduotuvė Pigu.lt mobilioji parduotuvė - tai galimybė greitai ir patogiai apsipirkti interneto parduotuvėje Pigu.lt mobiliuoju telefonu nepajudant iš vietos. Programėles įsidiegę vartotojai galės ne tik lyginti prekių kainas, bet ir naudotis tomis pačiomis funkci... Gratis 08/2012
736186   Travel in HDR Travel in HDR Photographie Photographie Apps like Travel in HDR La technique photographique HDR (High Dynamic Range), créée à la base pour remédier à une « carence » des capteurs des appareils photos numériques et avoir ainsi une photo parfaitement exposée, permet de réaliser des clichés spectaculaires et hors du co... 2.99€ 08/2012
736187   OBEETEE RUGS OBEETEE RUGS Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like OBEETEE RUGS OBEETEE IS THE LARGEST handmade rug maker in India and one of the oldest hand-woven rug companies in the world. This application showcases the premier collection of handmade rugs/carpets. This include hand knotted rugs, hand tufted rugs, dhurries, kil... Gratis 08/2012
736188   The Iron Mouse The Iron Mouse Spiele Spiele Apps like The Iron Mouse The Iron Mouse Jump into some fast paced arcade action & help a wild metallic mouse hop to victory through obstacles, dodge cats, & collect cheese slices until you win! Put your timing and hand-eye coordination skills to the test, get going & redisco... Gratis 08/2012
736189   磨磨乐HD 磨磨乐HD Bildung Bildung Apps like 磨磨乐HD ★适合幼儿年龄段 2至4岁 ★特色: 通过磨菜的动作, 锻炼孩子手指灵活度。 帮助孩子认识生活中常见的蔬菜。 ★游戏背景: 妈妈每天都会给小朋友准备非常丰盛, 可口的饭菜。妈妈为了小朋友能快乐成长需要付出多少辛苦的劳动。我们快去帮助妈妈做一些力所能及的事情, 让妈妈能轻松一下。 ★三维培养目标: ☆知识目标: 帮助孩子了解生活中常见的蔬菜。 ☆技能目标: 提高孩子手眼协调能力 ☆情感目标: 认识到妈妈的辛苦。... 0.99€ 08/2012
736190   I am a Lollipop Lite I am a Lollipop Lite Bücher Bücher Apps like I am a Lollipop Lite Edutainment: I'm a Lollipop! The curious twins are on an adventure! For each successful journey, they transform bit by bit into a bigger and cooler candy... Will they be able to become the super duper lollipop twins? Masterpieces+Classical Music+Gam... Gratis 08/2012
736191   eMenuApp Digital Menu eMenuApp Digital Menu Büro Büro Apps like eMenuApp Digital Menu Configurable interactive menu for restaurant(Cafe, Hotel, Bar and similar). Simple, beautiful system will engage your clients with inspiring, intuitive user interface design. Fully functional application with local and web tools to customize you digi... Gratis 08/2012
736192   親子天下 親子天下 Bildung Bildung Apps like 親子天下 親子天下數位特刊,獲國家級大獎肯定! ‧「養出好寶寶0-6歲關鍵100問」獲得第37屆金鼎獎最佳原生數位內容獎! ‧《5達人上菜,親子料理30+》數位影音特刊,獲得2013金點設計獎「數位多媒體設計類年度最佳設計獎」,是台灣唯一獲此大獎的媒體,更是「數位多媒體設計類」唯一獲獎作品。 下載親子天下書櫃App,兩支得獎作品一次擁有! 「5達人上菜 親子料理30+」 ● 可愛便當:玩具熊等超萌健康便當,親子一起創意玩料理  ● 歡樂甜點:喜瑞兒棉花糖、焦糖蘋果…,親子派對料理首選 ● 快手密技:「... Gratis 08/2012
736193   The Guide Phuket The Guide Phuket Reise Reise Apps like The Guide Phuket The Guide Phuket Magazine is an exciting publication aimed at providing monthly for tourists and local ex-pats easy access to key information on Phuket. The Guide Phuket Magazine will cater to the needs of all, including the most up to date details on pl... Gratis 08/2012
736194   LORS-POSmonitor LORS-POSmonitor Büro Büro Apps like LORS-POSmonitor LORS-POSmonitorは、iPadでPOSレジができるLORS-POSのキッチンモニタです。 キッチンプリンターが無くてもLORS-POSmonitorがあれば、オーダーをiPadで 見ることができます。 ご利用には、LORS-TERMの契約が必要です。 (詳細は弊社のLORS窓口メールにお問い合わせください。lors@naissance-sp.biz)... Gratis 08/2012
736195   Sutherland Shire Maps Sutherland Shire Maps Navigation Navigation Apps like Sutherland Shire Maps Information about zoning, clean up days, playgrounds and more.... Gratis 08/2012
736196   Metronome+ Lite Metronome+ Lite Musik Musik Apps like Metronome+ Lite Metronome+ Lite offers a beautifully simple layout, and incredibly accurate tempo engine and basic metronome functionality without any restrictions. This lite version is ad supported. Metronome+ Lite Features ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ ♫Incredibly accura... Gratis 08/2012
736197   C-xchange: Business Performance and Metrics App C-xchange: Business Performance and Metrics App Büro Büro Apps like C-xchange: Business Performance and Metrics App C-xchange for iPad For any size company, at any stage, it’s important to know where you are today, … and where you’re heading. Business Performance App is the mobile companion to the complete suite of cloud-based business assistance tools for your s... Gratis 08/2012
736198   ASCA National Model ASCA National Model Bildung Bildung Apps like ASCA National Model The ASCA National Model reflects a comprehensive approach to the design, implementation and evaluation of a school counseling program that improves student success. The publication defines the school counselor's role in implementation of a program based ... Gratis 08/2012
736199   Belvedere Belvedere Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Belvedere O Belvedere da Sobloco é o mais novo Lançamento imobiliário localizado na Riviera de São Lourença, no litoral de São Paulo, trazendo um conceito de morar unindo bem estar, design e sofisticação em um só produto. Esse aplicativo fornece imagens, plan... Gratis 08/2012
736200   Jewel World T4C Edition: Mash the frozen diamond skull,  unlock the candy pack to complete this match3 RPG Adventure Jewel World T4C Edition: Mash the frozen diamond skull, unlock the candy pack to complete this match3 RPG Adventure Spiele Spiele Apps like Jewel World T4C Edition: Mash the frozen diamond skull, unlock the candy pack to complete this match3 RPG Adventure ****** HD Retina-Grafik für IPhone 4-5 und IPAD!! ****** Jewel Welt Schädel Edition ist ein Hot Match-3-Puzzle-Spiel, wo Sie zu 3 oder mehr Juwelen / candys in einer Reihe anordnen. Sie müssen zerstöre alle Hintergründe Fliesen Ebenen abzuschließen und... 0.99€ 08/2012

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