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739601   Anatomy Urinary Male Anatomy Urinary Male Medizin Medizin Apps like Anatomy Urinary Male Anatomy Urinary Male: In this study: Anatomy Urinary Male are being shown, each and every one of its parts, functions, activities, types, textures, 3D views and special information about Anatomy Urinary Male. In 3D, you can see the Anatomy Urina... 0.99€ 07/2012
739602   Gesetze Deutschland Gesetze Deutschland Bildung Bildung Apps like Gesetze Deutschland Gesetze Deutschland für das iPhone und iPad erlaubt es euch ausgewählte Gesetzbücher (z.B. EStG, UStG, KStG, BDG, ...) durchzusehen, durchzusuchen und auch bestimmte Passagen (z.B. das ganze Gesetzbuch, Abschnitte, einzelne Paragraphen) per Mail zu... Gratis 07/2012
739603   Sar Sar Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Sar *** Sar App don't support Zawgyi Keyboard For iOS 8. Support only in App *** Sar is a writer app for Myanmar. It support - Bluetooth Keyboard - In Bluetooth Keyboard. press Command (⌘) + Space to switch between English And Zawgyi keyboard - iCloud ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739604   BoGart @ Université de Fribourg BoGart @ Université de Fribourg Bildung Bildung Apps like BoGart @ Université de Fribourg With Bogart ("Botanischer Garten") you can visit the botanical garden of the University of Fribourg using themes routes including medicinal plants route, toxic plants route and so on. This app also allows to look for specific plants in order to better kn... Gratis 07/2012
739605   Anatomy OpenHeart info Anatomy OpenHeart info Medizin Medizin Apps like Anatomy OpenHeart info Anatomy Open Heart Info: In this study: Anatomy Open Heart Info are being shown, each and every one of its parts, functions, activities, types, textures, 3D views and special information about Anatomy Open Heart. In 3D, you can see the Anatomy ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739606   AAMSE 2012 AAMSE 2012 Bildung Bildung Apps like AAMSE 2012 The AAMSE 2012 Annual Conference mobile application allows you to search through the presentations from the 2012 conference and access all the available presentation slides. You can draw and highlight directly on the slides using your fingers, and you ca... Gratis 07/2012
739607   Picture Builder Picture Builder Photographie Photographie Apps like Picture Builder Compose amazing pictures with special frames, stickers, backgrounds, decorations, text and more. Share them using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Save and more... Really cool app, you can add to pictures: hair kinds of many styles, funny faces, anim... 0.99€ 07/2012
739608   EBorderHD EBorderHD Büro Büro Apps like EBorderHD EBorderHD is de nieuwe versie van EBorder met vernieuwde functies en uiterlijk. Deze versie is ook geheel geoptimaliseerd voor het gebruik op de iPad. Tevens beschikt EBorderHD over een nieuwe bestelwijze met uitgestelde verzending van gegevens. Functies... Gratis 07/2012
739609   Quadpack Quadpack Büro Büro Apps like Quadpack The Quadpack iPad App provides packaging professionals with a quick and convenient way to access company information. The App includes the complete Quadpack product catalogue, which is continuously kept up to date via the web. All information can be dow... Gratis 07/2012
739610   Virginia Public School Locator Virginia Public School Locator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Virginia Public School Locator This application allows you to see boundaries of all public schools in Fairfax county, VA. 1.If you know the school name, select it from school list, and the application will map out its location and service area. 2.If you have an address inside Virg... Gratis 07/2012
739611   Bits de l'Entorn - Volum 2 Bits de l'Entorn - Volum 2 Bildung Bildung Apps like Bits de l'Entorn - Volum 2 BITS enciclopèdics - Volum 2 Aquí tens l'app amb el segon volum del programa d'estimulació primerenca amb bits de l'entorn de Educamigos, que conté 300 bits de l'entorn diferents amb imatges de: verdures, espècies, animals, rèptils, gossos, gats, ... 11.99€ 07/2012
739612   Okinawa Wall Papers Free Version Okinawa Wall Papers Free Version Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Okinawa Wall Papers Free Version Okinawa Wall Papers Free Version! This app can be a iPhone wallpaper photos of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. iPad Retina support! The picture is scheduled to increase on a regular basis. Shooting has been done in only Okinawa Prefecture. Sea In th... Gratis 07/2012
739613   Grocery List !!! Grocery List !!! Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Grocery List !!! 🍐🍑🍒🍓🍔🍕🍖 How to stick to a budget and to a diet when buying groceries? Simple! Just: - Set your budget - Create a list - Add items - Share your list Features icons for commonly used foods for easy recognition 🍐🍑🍒🍓🍔🍕🍖 And all works out w... 0.99€ 07/2012
739614   MoonTimer (for iPad) MoonTimer (for iPad) Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like MoonTimer (for iPad) MoonTimer is an App which accurately calculates and displays almost anything related to the current location or given GPS coordinates, at any date and time. MoonTimer is intended for a wide range of users including hikers, explorers, pilots, rescue wo... 1.99€ 07/2012
739615   Bits de l'Entorn - Volum 1 Bits de l'Entorn - Volum 1 Bildung Bildung Apps like Bits de l'Entorn - Volum 1 BITS enciclopèdics - Volum 1 Aquí tens l'app amb el primer volum del programa d'estimulació primerenca amb bits de l'entorn de Educamigos, que conté 300 bits de l'entorn diferents amb imatges de: fruites, instruments musicals, figures geomètriques, o... 11.99€ 07/2012
739616   Ramayana Prambanan Ballet (Nederlands) Ramayana Prambanan Ballet (Nederlands) Reise Reise Apps like Ramayana Prambanan Ballet (Nederlands) Interactief reismagazine met een focus op het Ramayana Prambanan Ballet. De voorstellingen van dit beroemde ballet vinden plaats bij het Prambanan tempelcomplex. Prambanan ligt nabij Yogyakarta op het Indonesische eiland Java. Prambanan, Borobudur (beide... 2.99€ 07/2012
739617   SirMania - Play & Learn SirMania - Play & Learn Bildung Bildung Apps like SirMania - Play & Learn One of the most popular educational apps in Norway. SirMania is a fun game suitable for all children. SirMania is a collection of 12 exiting and educational games. - Interactive, humoristic and educational. - Beautiful drawings by Anja Bredesen. - ... Gratis 07/2012
739618   Bits de matemàtiques - Xifres Bits de matemàtiques - Xifres Bildung Bildung Apps like Bits de matemàtiques - Xifres BITS de matemàtiques - XIFRES Aquí tens l'app amb la segona part del programa d'estimulació primerenca amb bits de matemàtiques de Educamigos, que conté les sessions que presenten els bits de xifres. Aquesta app es completa amb la que t'ofereix la prim... 11.99€ 07/2012
739619   География-малышка с тетушкой Совой География-малышка с тетушкой Совой Bildung Bildung Apps like География-малышка с тетушкой Совой Приложение "География-малышка" - это веселое и познавательное кругосветное мультипликационное путешествие с тетушкой Совой и ее пушистыми помощниками. Детишки станут участниками большой кругосветной экспедиции, побывают и на бескрайних просторах морей и ... Gratis 07/2012
739620   EngCross crossword helper EngCross crossword helper Referenz Referenz Apps like EngCross crossword helper EngCross is a very simple and easy to use crossword helper/solver. -Select the type of search (X for crossword, = for synonym). -Select the length of the word (the 7-button) that you are looking for. -Enter the letters/characters that you know (if any) ... 1.99€ 07/2012
739621   World Must See HD World Must See HD Reise Reise Apps like World Must See HD Your guide to all the must see places around the world. Pick from any of 43 countries, and find out all the really cool places to go. Features lots of info, map details and gorgeous pictures. Very easy to use, but be warned, you will want to book a... 0.99€ 07/2012
739622   Bits de matemàtiques - Quantitats Bits de matemàtiques - Quantitats Bildung Bildung Apps like Bits de matemàtiques - Quantitats BITS de matemàtiques - QUANTITATS Aquí tens l'app amb la primera part del programa d'estimulació primerenca amb bits de matemàtiques de Educamigos, que conté les sessions que presenten els bits de quantitats. Aquesta app es completa amb la que t'oferei... 11.99€ 07/2012
739623   Space Dust Free Space Dust Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Space Dust Free Get your jet pack on and head into space in this brain teasing space puzzler! Get your space man back to his ship in this FREE version of Space Dust. Use your jet pack to propel you forward, but be careful… you can only move in a straight line! Plan ahe... Gratis 07/2012
739624   Bits de Lectura - Oracions Bits de Lectura - Oracions Bildung Bildung Apps like Bits de Lectura - Oracions BITS de lectura - ORACIONS Aquí tens l'app amb la segona part del programa d'estimulació primerenca amb bits de lectura de Educamigos, que conté les sessions que presenten els bits d'oracions senzilles i d'oracions complexes. Aquesta app es completa am... 11.99€ 07/2012
739625   SEEFELDER SEEFELDER Kataloge Kataloge Apps like SEEFELDER Die SEEFELDER Liste nun auch auf iOS! Das Nachschlagewerk im Handwerk für Werkzeuge, Arbeitsschutz, Möbelbeschläge, Baubeschläge, Türbeschläge, Bauchemie, Elektrowerkzeuge. Bestell-Hotline 0700 - 733 733 00 (Bundesweit Ortstarif). Online: http://s... Gratis 07/2012
739626   Pivolator Pivolator Reise Reise Apps like Pivolator Travelling to the Czech Republic? Don't want to pay roaming charges for an online translator? Only have an older generation iPhone? Then this is the app for you. The Pivolator can help you communicate when buying tickets, booking accommodation, or just... Gratis 07/2012
739627   Saxophone Pub Saxophone Pub Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Saxophone Pub Saxophone Pub - Bangkok Saxophone Pub and Restaurant Jazz & Blues pub. One of the best Jazz and Blues venues in Thailand since 1987, 25 years of milestones. Guaranteed by Best Pub in Thailand Award, from Metro Magazine, UK since 1999 until now. with f... Gratis 07/2012
739628   Mazda Booking Mazda Booking Büro Büro Apps like Mazda Booking Mazda Customer Service Booking (For Thailand) This app for thais user keeps you can booking a mazda car for testing or booking aftersales service. สำหรับท่านที่สนใจ รถ Mazda ท่านสามารถ ติดต่อเพื่อขอทดลองขับ และ สามารถติดต่อ เผื่อใช้บริการหลังการขายได้ ผ่... Gratis 07/2012
739629   Ultimate 3W Free Ultimate 3W Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Ultimate 3W Free Have you ever dreamed to drive one of those Big 3-Wheels MotorBike!? "Ultimate 3W" is the First Game that offers you this opportunity! Here, we call these Fantastic Machines: "U3W"! Compete in 10 tracks more and more extreme and try to win the Ultimate... Gratis 07/2012
739630   Ultimate 3W Ultimate 3W Spiele Spiele Apps like Ultimate 3W Have you ever dreamed to drive one of those Big 3-Wheels MotorBike!? "Ultimate 3W" is the First Game that offers you this opportunity! Here, we call these Fantastic Machines: "U3W"! Compete in 10 tracks more and more extreme and try to win the Ultimate... 1.99€ 07/2012
739631   SuperHop HD SuperHop HD Spiele Spiele Apps like SuperHop HD Hop hop hop! Get the ball to the basket! Easy and very addictive true physics enabled game has become very popular, and is awaiting for you to try your skills too. It has already earned 5/5 star reviews! Note: iPhone users should download SuperHop inst... 4.99€ 07/2012
739632   Bits de Lectura - Paraules Bits de Lectura - Paraules Bildung Bildung Apps like Bits de Lectura - Paraules BITS de lectura - PARAULES Aquí tens l'app amb la primera part del programa d'estimulació primerenca amb bits de lectura de Educamigos, que conté les sessions que presenten els bits de paraules i de parells de paraules. Aquesta app es completa amb la q... 11.99€ 07/2012
739633   iChiropro Surgery US iChiropro Surgery US Medizin Medizin Apps like iChiropro Surgery US www.ichiropro.com iPAD APP FOR iCHIROPRO® SURGERY PHYSIODISPENSER – A REVOLUTION FROM BIEN-AIR The only control system offering pre-programmed operations for dental surgery is now available with a dedicated application. Discover the perfect working bala... Gratis 07/2012
739634   Medizinischer Check-Up Medizinischer Check-Up Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Medizinischer Check-Up Vorbeugen ist besser als Heilen... und mit dieser App zeigen wir dir wie. Trage deine Daten ein und du wirst erfahren, welche medizinischen Untersuchungen wichtig für dich sind, um schweren Krankheiten vorzubeugen. Alle Untersuchungen werden in einfache... 0.99€ 07/2012
739635   Töpffer Comics Töpffer Comics Bücher Bücher Apps like Töpffer Comics "It's really too funny! Sparkling talent and wit!" - Goethe Monumental works in the history of comics by the Genevan Rodolphe Töpffer (1799-1846), "Father of the Comic Strip". +++ Contents +++ • THE LOVES OF MR. VIEUX BOIS (92pages, 1839. Origina... 1.99€ 07/2012
739636   TPMS TPMS Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like TPMS This Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) was designed for increasing security, reliability, and understanding on tire conditions of your car. it support 6 wheels pickup, passenger car and motorcycle. Once you properly install the TPMS App , iTPMSy... Gratis 07/2012
739637   Medical Check-Up Medical Check-Up Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Medical Check-Up search all our apps: "Edipress" Prevention is better than cure … and with this app we’ll tell you how. Insert your details and you will find out which medical examinations you should do to prevent high risk illnesses. All these examinations are explaine... 0.99€ 07/2012
739638   Hitting Tips Baseball Hitting Tips Baseball Sport Sport Apps like Hitting Tips Baseball Improve your Baseball hitting 100's of TOP Baseball tips & Secrets. "This app is to the point...I especially liked the batting Tips. "5 STARS" ***** Includes FREE Baseball Jokes & FREE Baseball quotes.. ADD TO CART. Take it to Practice before it's too lat... 0.99€ 07/2012
739639   Addition・Subtraction Addition・Subtraction Bildung Bildung Apps like Addition・Subtraction Addition・Subtraction (Method of Instinctive Calculation) ---Now on special sale !----- Without using fingers, you will be able to add and subtract. There is individual variation. This application contains flash card-styled learning and pleasant game l... 2.99€ 07/2012
739640   Addition・Subtraction Free Addition・Subtraction Free Bildung Bildung Apps like Addition・Subtraction Free available(Free app) : A part of the flash cards or step game. Without using fingers, you will be able to add and subtract. There is individual variation. This application contains flash card-styled learning and pleasant game learning. You see tiles wh... Gratis 07/2012
739641   CLEP Math CLEP Math Bildung Bildung Apps like CLEP Math This is a Great Application on Helping you pass the CLEP College Exam, Comes with a Practice Exam and Video Training Course The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a group of standardized tests that assess college-level knowledge in several subj... 1.99€ 07/2012
739642   犬のアトピーケア 犬のアトピーケア Medizin Medizin Apps like 犬のアトピーケア 「犬のアトピーケア」は、犬のアトピー性皮膚炎に関する総合情報アプリです。 アトピー性皮膚炎はワンちゃんの代表的な皮膚病のひとつですが、 実はアトピー性皮膚炎に関する正しい知識を持っている人は多くありません。 そこで、ワンちゃんの飼い主さんたちに向けて広く、 アトピー性皮膚炎に関する正しい情報を発信していくために、 このアプリを制作しました。 アトピー性皮膚炎は完治が難しいと言われている病気なだけに、 治療に悩んでいる飼い主さんが大勢います。 このアプリが少しでも愛犬家のみなさんのお役に立てることを願ってい... Gratis 07/2012
739643   日本語(ひらがな) 日本語(ひらがな) Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 日本語(ひらがな) Hiragana is the foundation on learning Japanese. Japanese sentences can be written in hiragana without having to remember the kanji. We think you'll also use for persons from abroad, there is the notation in English.... 2.99€ 07/2012
739644   Yokohama Commercial Tire Navigator Yokohama Commercial Tire Navigator Bildung Bildung Apps like Yokohama Commercial Tire Navigator With just a touch of your finger you’ll be immersed in Yokohama’s high-tech factory. Swipe through and examine a variety of state-of-the-art commercial tires from thousands of angles. Get an in-depth look at all the features and learn which tire is best f... Gratis 07/2012
739645   Tizzy Animals of the World Puzzles HD Tizzy Animals of the World Puzzles HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Tizzy Animals of the World Puzzles HD Children ranging in age from 2 - 6 will have endless hours of engaging fun playing this beautifully designed puzzle game. - 40 different animal puzzles to choose from - 5 different locales (African Savannah, Underwater, Australia, Desert, Birds) - ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739646   Landee Kids: Happy Fishing Pole Landee Kids: Happy Fishing Pole Bildung Bildung Apps like Landee Kids: Happy Fishing Pole More than just a game, "Landee Kids: Happy Fishing Pole" is a powerful educational tool for the toddlers and tots in your life. It provides hours of fun, laughter and learning. Game features: 1. Learn through play! There are 6 scenes (shape, math, ... Gratis 07/2012
739647   旅app vol.2 : ロンドン2012 旅app vol.2 : ロンドン2012 Reise Reise Apps like 旅app vol.2 : ロンドン2012 旅app(たびあっぷ)で、あなたの旅をよりあっぷ!自由旅行をもっと自由に! 待望の旅App Vol.2 “ロンドン2012” 記念すべきロンドンオリンピック2012のアプリの登場です! 昨年2011年はロイヤルウェディング、今年2012年は女王陛下戴冠60周年記念式典のダイヤモンドジュビリー、そしてロンドンオリンピック!日本代表選手の活躍も見逃せない! 今世界が注目している都市ロンドンから現地スタッフが情報を発信します! エイチ・アイ・エス からオリンピックをより楽しめるアプリ「ロンド... Gratis 07/2012
739648   食物相克相配大全 食物相克相配大全 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like 食物相克相配大全 大家可以看看食物的相生和相克, 还是要多注意啊.... Gratis 07/2012
739649   QikCalc - Length Converter QikCalc - Length Converter Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like QikCalc - Length Converter QikCalc provides a quick and easy way to convert to and from different lengths. Features - 10 different lengths. - 90 different conversion calculations. - Supports Retina display. - Universal App. Designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The lengths y... 0.99€ 07/2012
739650   Quizzical! Quizzical! Spiele Spiele Apps like Quizzical! Conquer your cluelessness with the ingeneous quiz app that helps you learn about the questions. Quick and easy to play: Pick your categories and get quizzed about them. After answering a question, Quizzical provides you with a handy wikipedia link to a... Gratis 07/2012
739651   Swimmer Times Calc For iPad Swimmer Times Calc For iPad Sport Sport Apps like Swimmer Times Calc For iPad Swimmer Times Calc for iPad is a handy companion for swimmers. Right on your iPad you will be able to do the following: - Convert times between 25 meter, 50 meter and 25 yard pools - Calculate FINA points - View current world records - Calculate equival... 0.99€ 07/2012
739652   League Football: Sports: NFL & College League Football: Sports: NFL & College Sport Sport Apps like League Football: Sports: NFL & College Fantasy League Football 2015 Draft Guide, $9.99, is an annual magazine that brings all the team and player stats that you need to create the strongest fantasy team possible. Get this Special Annual August Edition with 435 Last Minute rankings, #1 Rated... Gratis 07/2012
739653   Los Serranos Country Club Los Serranos Country Club Sport Sport Apps like Los Serranos Country Club Download the Los Serranos Country Club App to enhance your golf experience on the course. This app includes: - Interactive Scorecard - GPS - Hole Descriptions & Playing Tips - Live Tournaments & Leaderboards - Book Tee Times - Course Tour - Food & Bevera... Gratis 07/2012
739654   Hanja Hanja Referenz Referenz Apps like Hanja The famous Sino-Korean dictionary of Li Jin-Mieung with more than 4, 000 characters in a brand new edition. Search by reading, meaning, key or stroke number the character you are looking for. Content-rich appendices have been added about the use of hanj... 5.99€ 07/2012
739655   Speedometer GPS+ (Car speedometer,  Bike cyclometer) Speedometer GPS+ (Car speedometer, Bike cyclometer) Navigation Navigation Apps like Speedometer GPS+ (Car speedometer, Bike cyclometer) Speedometer GPS+ Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Features included - Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer. - Retina Display graphics for iPhone 4-4s, 5, 5S , 5C, 6, 6 plus, New iPad.iPad Mini - Switch between mph... 3.99€ 07/2012
739656   Science Flashcards – Volume 2 Science Flashcards – Volume 2 Bildung Bildung Apps like Science Flashcards – Volume 2 Encyclopedic knowledge flashcards – Volume 2 Here you have the app with the second volume of the program for teaching encyclopedic knowledge to your children, featuring 300 different flashcards of vegetables, species, pets, reptiles, dogs, cats, f... 11.99€ 07/2012
739657   Science Flashcards – Volume 1 Science Flashcards – Volume 1 Bildung Bildung Apps like Science Flashcards – Volume 1 Encyclopedic knowledge flashcards – Volume 1 Here you have the app with the first volume of the program for teaching encyclopedic knowledge to your children, featuring 300 different flashcards of fruits, musical instruments, geometric shapes, daily o... 11.99€ 07/2012
739658   SmartSantanderRA SmartSantanderRA Reise Reise Apps like SmartSantanderRA SmartSantanderRA es una aplicación basada en realidad aumentada desarrollada en el marco del proyecto SmartSantander. Gracias a ella tendrás acceso en tu móvil a información y localización de puntos de interés turísticos, playas, museos, salas de expos... Gratis 07/2012
739659   Math Flashcards - Numbers Math Flashcards - Numbers Bildung Bildung Apps like Math Flashcards - Numbers Math flashcards - Part 2 Numbers Here you have the app with the second part of the program for teaching math with flashcards of Educamigos, with the sessions featuring the flashcards that show the numbers. We advise you to complete this app with the fi... 11.99€ 07/2012
739660   Math Flashcards - Amounts Math Flashcards - Amounts Bildung Bildung Apps like Math Flashcards - Amounts Math flashcards - Part 1 Amounts Here you have the app with the first part of the program for teaching math with flashcards Educamigos, with the sessions featuring the flashcards that show the amounts. We advise you to complete this app with the second... 11.99€ 07/2012
739661   好心的牛爷爷 好心的牛爷爷 Bücher Bücher Apps like 好心的牛爷爷 《好心的牛爷爷》图书软件是财富岛系列软件之一。这是一款专门针对低龄儿童的图书应用软件。主人公马可与小猫“菲菲”小狗“哒哒”, 三个小伙伴探索智慧乐园, 共同找寻开启财富之门的钥匙。充满童趣的故事, 传递着浓浓的亲情与友情, 给孩子关于财富的“心灵鸡汤”。 故事内容:马可是个聪明的小男孩, 他有两个好朋友, 小狗达达和小猫菲菲, 他们喜欢一起玩, 一起探索奇妙的世界, 一起研究为什么, 为什么天要下雨, 为什么天上不下汉堡雨, 为什么大人们出门要带钱包。。。他们有好多好多的为什么。 这次三个好朋友带着疑问来... 0.99€ 07/2012
739662   Reading Flashcards - Sentences Reading Flashcards - Sentences Bildung Bildung Apps like Reading Flashcards - Sentences Reading flashcards - Part 2 Sentences Here you have the app with the second part of the program for teaching to read with flashcards of Educamigos, with the sessions featuring the flashcards that show simple and complex sentences. We advise you to com... 11.99€ 07/2012
739663   Reading Flashcards - Words Reading Flashcards - Words Bildung Bildung Apps like Reading Flashcards - Words Reading flashcards - Part 1 Words Here you have the app with the first part of the program for teaching to read with flashcards of Educamigos, with the sessions featuring the flashcards that show single words and pairs of words. We advise you to compl... 11.99€ 07/2012
739664   tutti.ch - Gratis Inserate tutti.ch - Gratis Inserate key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like tutti.ch - Gratis Inserate Die iOS-App von tutti.ch: Über 700'000 Inserate aus der ganzen Schweiz. Jetzt immer zur Hand auf Ihrem iPhone und iPad!   - Finden Sie tolle Angebote und kontaktieren Sie den Verkäufer, direkt via E-Mail oder telefonisch von Ihrem iPhone. - Speichern Si... Gratis 07/2012
739665   Grosvenor Billinghurst Estate Agents Grosvenor Billinghurst Estate Agents Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Grosvenor Billinghurst Estate Agents Grosvenor Billinghurst is a privately owned group of residential estate agency business in Surrey with branches in Cobham, Claygate, Hinchley Wood (Esher), and Woking. The associated International Property Sales business is based out of Send, also in ... Gratis 07/2012
739666   Birdy Bounce HD Birdy Bounce HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Birdy Bounce HD Birdy Bounce is all about rescuing the bird and setting them free. The hunters have laid the trap and the hungry birds got trapped in the mesh laid by the hunters. The birds appear trapped in the cage and Swifty is ready to rescue them with his fine act... Gratis 07/2012
739667   EnergiGuide EnergiGuide Produktivität Produktivität Apps like EnergiGuide EnergiGuide App er den digitale udgave(app) af håndbogen Energirigtig Drift også kaldet EnergiGuiden. I appén finder du en komplet guide udviklet af Københavns Kommune, Københavns Ejendomme, Teknologisk Institut, Niras, Gate21 og Dansk Energi. Udover... Gratis 07/2012
739668   Word Game By Tinytapps Word Game By Tinytapps Spiele Spiele Apps like Word Game By Tinytapps Word Game: Word Game by Tinytapps is a foundational app for preschoolers, kids and toddlers. It’s a great way to work on literacy skills with a variety of games. CONTENT: 1.CVC Words 2.Digraph Twist 3.Sight Scramble 4.Opposites Early readers can u... Gratis 07/2012
739669   Ophir Karate Ophir Karate Sport Sport Apps like Ophir Karate This app is to inform all members of everything that is happening within the clubs of the Ophir Karate Association. This includes News, Events and even a monthly video training tutorial.... Gratis 07/2012
739670   山中千尋/Chihiro Appli 山中千尋/Chihiro Appli Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 山中千尋/Chihiro Appli ★☆ジャズ・ピアニスト山中千尋の公式アプリ登場!☆★ ☆★先行試聴・アプリだけで見られるフォトエッセイ★☆ ★☆アプリ限定イベントやプレゼントなどコンテンツ満載!☆★ 7月18日、ザ・ビートルズのカヴァー・アルバム『ビコーズ』発売! 「Chihiro Appli」は、ニューヨークを拠点に世界で活躍する美しきジャズ・ピアニスト、 山中千尋の公式アプリです。 山中千尋は、名門バークリー音楽大学に留学し主席で卒業し、 2005年にユニバーサルクラシック&ジャズと契約し、 名門レーベル“ヴァーヴ”よりメジャー... Gratis 07/2012
739671   The Turtle is Getting Married The Turtle is Getting Married Bücher Bücher Apps like The Turtle is Getting Married Come and join us on the island at sea; visit the homes of A-Dong and A-Bei! Reading connects two people in the most beautiful way, discover the joys on the map while traveling with your fingers, and don’t forget to solve the puzzles so A-Dong can bring ... 3.99€ 07/2012
739672   Safe Krackers Safe Krackers Spiele Spiele Apps like Safe Krackers Experience a 3D mind-twisting high speed mission through the inner tumblers of a bank safe vault. You'll need to make quick decisions, choose the appropriate tools for the job, and pick those tumblers. Become a master safe cracker. Your goal is simple. ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739673   Grocery List PRO for iPad (Shopping List) Grocery List PRO for iPad (Shopping List) Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Grocery List PRO for iPad (Shopping List) ✩✭✩ ON SALE - 50% OFF ✩✭✩ Looking for a full-featured and a super easy to use shopping list app? Grocery List PRO is the one you need! With Grocery List PRO you will always remember what you wanted to buy! An update that adds new cool features is comi... 0.99€ 07/2012
739674   DCECU Mobile Banking DCECU Mobile Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like DCECU Mobile Banking DCECU's Mobile Banking allows you to manage your Dow Chemical Employees' Credit Union accounts while on the go! Features: • View account lists and balances • View transaction history for all accounts • View spending pattern graphs • Complete transfers, ... Gratis 07/2012
739675   Home Residencias Home Residencias Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Home Residencias Home Residencias Verticales cuenta con todas las condiciones para crear un verdadero entorno familiar, en una torre de 15 niveles que ofrece cabida a solamente 41 hogares diseñados en diferentes dimensiones y formas de distribución que los hacen únicos.... Gratis 07/2012
739676   Lunar Commander Lite Lunar Commander Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Lunar Commander Lite Fun is the name of the game in this epic adventure of lunar landing and supply. Use your thrusters to fly and safely land on the moon. Land your supply crates to build up your inventory and earn power-ups. Find the achievements scattered throughout ... Gratis 07/2012
739677   Annual Report 2011 Annual Report 2011 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Annual Report 2011 Letno poročilo Skupine Triglav za leto 2011 seznanja s poslovanjem, finančnimi rezultati in strateškimi načrti Skupine Triglav, vodilne zavarovalno-finančne skupine v Sloveniji in ene vodilnih v jugovzhodni Evropi. The Annual Report of the Triglav Grou... Gratis 07/2012
739678   Phresco Eshop Phresco Eshop key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Phresco Eshop Phresco Eshop is an Shopping application which allows users to order products like mobile, television, laptops, audio devices, etc..... Gratis 07/2012
739679   Plurality Plurality Bildung Bildung Apps like Plurality Plurality is a memory game that makes practicing irregular plurals more portable and fun. Cheerful and colorful pictures demonstrate 24 different English irregular plurals in five levels of difficulty. Choose to use them all or select the ones you want to... 1.99€ 07/2012
739680   Planes+ Planes+ Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Planes+ An intuitive and captivating airplane app for your toddler! This app is packed with 125+ high-quality award-winning airplane photos licensed from top photographers. No internet connection required. Each photo has details for curious kids & parents: loc... 0.99€ 07/2012
739681   Kid's Sudoku,  100 puzzles Kid's Sudoku, 100 puzzles Spiele Spiele Apps like Kid's Sudoku, 100 puzzles KID's Sudokus, 100 puzzles Here are 100 very easy sudokus! The simplicity of these sudokus makes them suitable for clever kids, and adults that don't want to put too much effort into solving a sudoku! During the entire solution process, there will ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739682   Marte 5 Marte 5 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Marte 5 Discover Marte 5's augmented reality contents with this App! Launch it to access the control panel. Use support and web link functions or access to AR browser tapping on the central button. Discover an augmented world where objects are enriched with imag... Gratis 07/2012
739683   Marvin and Molly Book Marvin and Molly Book Bücher Bücher Apps like Marvin and Molly Book iPad Version. Lower-priced iPhone and iPod touch version also available on the App Store. Please rate this App below, thanks!! Featured *App of the week* in The Bookseller Voted No.#1 *App of the week* on iHeartthisapp.com Reviewed by Stuart Dredge in... 3.99€ 07/2012
739684   Bengali Fruits Bengali Fruits Bildung Bildung Apps like Bengali Fruits Bengali Fruits Bengali Fruits is an intuitive app that will help the user to learn the various fruits name in two languages, Bengali and English. It has well designed graphical contents that will engage the user for better learning. It has two modes, l... Gratis 07/2012
739685   Fb2-to-ePub Fb2-to-ePub Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Fb2-to-ePub Fb2-to-ePub is a file converter program from fb2 to ePub formats working directly in your iPhone/iPad. Now you can read e-books in popular in Russia fb2 format without installing any extra book-readers. After downloading an fb2 e-book through Safari or D... 0.99€ 07/2012
739686   Triad-Chess Deluxe Pro Triad-Chess Deluxe Pro Spiele Spiele Apps like Triad-Chess Deluxe Pro ★★★★★★ TRIAD-CH3SS - HD 3D ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★3 PLAYERS CHESS★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★ INFORMATION ★★★★★★★★ YOU WILL FIND ON THE WEBSITE TRIAD-CHESS ★ playable demo; ★ version computer Windows XP/Vista/7; ★ the answers to your comments; http://www.triad-chess.com ... 5.99€ 07/2012
739687   艾芙迪美式家居 艾芙迪美式家居 Büro Büro Apps like 艾芙迪美式家居 梦想点亮生活, Furnishing Imagination! 有些人信奉这样一则生活信条:一生拥有一套属于自己的好家具;也有些人追求这样一种生活方式:舒适、自由才是生活最本质的底色。如果你恰好选择了优质的美式家具, 那么鱼和熊掌都归你所有了。 但怎样装饰家?怎样让家有独特的风格?这些都是在建造一个舒适的家的时候必须思考的问题。无论是清雅休闲的美式风格、浪漫多情的法式风格、高贵典雅的英式风格、低调奢华的新古典您都能在这找到。 本款APP, 包括了数百件艾芙迪美式家具产品、空间使用和家具摆放方面的内容, 为... Gratis 07/2012
739688   EL Singapore EL Singapore Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like EL Singapore EXPAT LIVING is a monthly magazine that focuses on what’s happening for expats in Singapore including home & decor, travel, property, entertainment, arts and food. Magazine Subscriptions are available for purchase inside this app. ... Gratis 07/2012
739689   EvilBlocks EvilBlocks Spiele Spiele Apps like EvilBlocks EvilBlocks is a unique, fast-paced arcade game with a simple yet addictive theme, destroy the EvilBlocks! Control your player sphere by quickly drawing a path through as many power-ups and blocks as you can to unleash a storm of destruction on your ene... Gratis 07/2012
739690   Sha!-HD Sha!-HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Sha!-HD Play it, play Sha! And play dozens of amazing Chinese traditional games in one single app! There are three categories of games in Sha: * 2-Player Games - Board games or other games that you can play with another player, or with the computer. * Pu... Gratis 07/2012
739691   古筝赏学-Guzheng Appreciation and Learning 古筝赏学-Guzheng Appreciation and Learning Musik Musik Apps like 古筝赏学-Guzheng Appreciation and Learning 为感谢广大教师、学生、家长、社会各界长期以来对纳达书院的关心和厚爱,本产品限免至10月18日结束。谢谢! 公司还有更多乐器、音乐产品,如古琴、笛子、琵琶、二胡、葫芦丝、箫、小提琴、古典音乐等供您下载欣赏。 《古筝赏学》产品内容包含:古筝简介、古筝教学、名曲欣赏、教程视频、录音保存等。支持简体中文和繁体中文,曲目有对应英译。 古筝简介介绍了古筝相关基础知识;古筝教学包含古筝启蒙教学、左手吟按指法、左手拨弦指法、右手技法、双手配合技法等相关知识;名曲欣赏精选了古筝古典... 0.99€ 07/2012
739692   Brace Booth Pro - Pimp your teeth & Fun to trick out your friends Brace Booth Pro - Pimp your teeth & Fun to trick out your friends Photographie Photographie Apps like Brace Booth Pro - Pimp your teeth & Fun to trick out your friends ●●●●● Top 1 Brace Booth App! Over 1 million users love to use Brace Booth! Join Brace Booth now! ●●●●● Add braces to your teeth and turn yourself into an embarrassing high school student! Fun & Easy to use! Take picture of yourself or friends, add a ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739693   Sajian Sedap Sajian Sedap Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Sajian Sedap Sajian Sedap adalah aplikasi yang memberikan resep dan masakan yang lengkap, praktis dan teruji sehingga dapat menginspirasi pembaca untuk mensajikan masakan yang sehat dan variatif untuk teman atau kerabat.... Gratis 07/2012
739694   眼保健操 HD 眼保健操 HD Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like 眼保健操 HD 非常好的一款爱眼工具,值得拥有! “眼保健操 HD”登陆苹果商店后便取得健康类第1名、总榜Top50的好成绩。作为健康类的首选软件, 备受大家好评。 熟悉的音乐和口令, 把您带回青葱的学生时代, 眼保健操提供分步图解, 视频演示, 视力测试, 护眼常识等功能。而且附带每日推送提醒功能, 提醒您在工作之余也要保护好视力。 为健康, 保护视力, 让我们一起来做眼保健操吧! 完美支持iPad1 , iPad2 , iPad mini 和 New iPad , iPad 4 高清屏幕! 产品特点: ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739695   百家姓記憶遊戲 百家姓記憶遊戲 Spiele Spiele Apps like 百家姓記憶遊戲 Playing games and learning Chinese at the same time. This family oriented game lets you getting familiar with Chinese surnames. The game supports both traditional and simplified Chinese. You can play the game by yourself, or invite a companion player i... 0.99€ 07/2012
739696   iNSTA-PRO Gymnastics Analyzer iNSTA-PRO Gymnastics Analyzer Sport Sport Apps like iNSTA-PRO Gymnastics Analyzer The iNSTA-PRO Gymnastics Analyzer is the most advanced gymnatics analysis application available for the 3GS, 4, 4S & 5 iPhone™, iPad™ 1, 2 & 3. Featuring: • The only gymnatics analysis application with our Proprietary Frame Interpolation Technology... 4.99€ 07/2012
739697   Handwriting Book Handwriting Book Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Handwriting Book Handwriting gives you a tremendous, excellent experience of writing on paper, with digital power and flexibility. Take notes, keep sketches, draw something and share your ideas will be an easy thing with Handwriting Book. Features Highlight: ✓ Cust... 1.99€ 07/2012
739698   Chinese Finger Strokes Chinese Finger Strokes Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Chinese Finger Strokes "It looks like an app you really want to use. I think it’s fun to see your own handwriting on the screen and compare it to the original character." -- howcanilearnchinese.com We crafted Chinese Finger Strokes to capture the fun moments of stroking Chines... 1.99€ 07/2012
739699   Fruit Dasher Fruit Dasher Spiele Spiele Apps like Fruit Dasher ★★★★★ Test your agility with this little 8-bit inspired game ★★★★★ ★★★★★ It's FREE! ★★★★★ Fruit Dasher Universal app! Retina Display Supported ========================== Fruit Dasher, Dash for Fruit, Dash for Fun! Collect the falling fruits, if... Gratis 07/2012
739700   Break Cyber HD Break Cyber HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Break Cyber HD Why can't you stop playing this amazing Break Cyber? Why are you so addicted to this glorious Cyber everyday? Here it is! Break Cyber! Boost your fun with breaking more blocks and Multipliers. Break as many as you can to reach higher score. Challenge y... Gratis 07/2012
739701   学乐古诗·景物 学乐古诗·景物 Bildung Bildung Apps like 学乐古诗·景物 内容提要 ●iShowPlay为您提供全新的交互阅读体验! ●内容选自小学生必背古诗, 寓教于乐 -------------------------------------- ◆内容简介: --------------------------------------- 本应用为学乐系列应用《学乐古诗》之三, 其中有5首古诗, 分别是《望天门山》, 《江雪》, 《枫桥夜泊》, 《渔歌子》, 《望庐山瀑布》。古诗内容主要是诗人对景物的描写, 然而又寄情于景, 抒发自己的情感, 或波澜壮阔... Gratis 07/2012
739702   Flipout! A Fun & Challenging Card Matching Game for All Ages! Flipout! A Fun & Challenging Card Matching Game for All Ages! Spiele Spiele Apps like Flipout! A Fun & Challenging Card Matching Game for All Ages! Flipout! is a game of skill and luck that challenges your memory. Flip over two cards and try to get a match! You get a bonus if you succeed on your first try and for making multiple matches in a row. But watch out! It isn't going to be that easy. Boa... Gratis 07/2012
739703   iNSTA-PRO Basketball Shot Analyzer iNSTA-PRO Basketball Shot Analyzer Sport Sport Apps like iNSTA-PRO Basketball Shot Analyzer The iNSTA-PRO Basketball Shot Analyzer is the most advanced basketball analysis application available for the 3GS, 4, 4S & 5 iPhone™, iPad™ 1, 2 & 3. Featuring: • The only basketball analysis application with our Proprietary Frame Interpolation Tec... 4.99€ 07/2012
739704   NinjaBoy NinjaBoy Spiele Spiele Apps like NinjaBoy TRAILER http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mCKhNEi64v4 "NinjaBoy is a gem waiting to be discovered by many people out there." -- 85% Indie Game Mag Special Mention: Platformer of the Year -- 95/100 Arcade Life "Plays like the conso... 0.99€ 07/2012
739705   Sewing Projects and Tips Mag Sewing Projects and Tips Mag Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Sewing Projects and Tips Mag Discover Quick and Easy Sewing Projects, Step-by-step Sewing Tutorials, and Detailed Instructions For Making Professional Quality Window Treatments DOWNLOAD IT NOW TO Get Sewing Projects & Tips Magazine Delivered Automatically on your iPad every month.... Gratis 07/2012
739706   人生哲理生活感悟 心灵鸡汤 人生哲理生活感悟 心灵鸡汤 Bücher Bücher Apps like 人生哲理生活感悟 心灵鸡汤 人生哲理生活感悟 心灵鸡汤 大量关于人生哲理 生活感悟的文章 闲暇之余阅读一下 陶冶性情 多一份感悟和宽容少一点牢骚 为自己人生的奋斗指明方向, 为人处事如鱼得水。... 0.99€ 07/2012
739707   2011河北统计年鉴 2011河北统计年鉴 Referenz Referenz Apps like 2011河北统计年鉴 1.《河北经济年鉴-2011》的统计资料篇全面反映河北省经济和社会发展情况。收录了全省2010年及历史重要年份经济和社会各方面大量的统计数据, 以及各市、县2010年经济和社会发展的主要统计数据, 并附有各省市自治区主要指标。本篇内容分为22部分, 即:综合, 人口、就业人员及工资, 固定资产投资, 通顺、财政, 物价, 人民生活, 农村经济, 工业, 建筑业, 运输、邮电, 国内贸易, 对外经济贸易、旅游, 金融、保险, 教育, 科技、专利, 文化、体育和卫生, 民政、司法及其他, 城市概况, 各市概况... 0.99€ 07/2012
739708   iOffice Space Manager iOffice Space Manager Büro Büro Apps like iOffice Space Manager Take the power of the iOffice system with you everywhere you go. The iOffice Space Manager for the iPad allows you to view detailed floor plans and information associated with each individual room including descriptions, square footage, occupant informa... Gratis 07/2012
739709   PosiSoft Mobile Manager PosiSoft Mobile Manager Büro Büro Apps like PosiSoft Mobile Manager PosiSoft® Mobile Manager is a discovery tool that searches your local area WiFi network for enabled PosiTector® Advanced hand-held inspection instruments. Enhances instrument capabilities with features available on your mobile device such as keyboard and ... Gratis 07/2012
739710   Electric Lander Electric Lander Spiele Spiele Apps like Electric Lander An action game that pays homage to the arcade games of the 80's while introducing a contemporary puzzle-solving element that makes this game addictive in the extreme! In this full version you get to fetch cargo, collect of stars, solve some puzzles, pe... Gratis 07/2012
739711   Бизнес идеи 2012 Бизнес идеи 2012 Bücher Bücher Apps like Бизнес идеи 2012 Даже если у Вас уже есть свой крупный бизнес, как настоящий дальновидный коммерсант Вы просто обязаны купить приложении «Бизнес идеи 2012» с оптовой партией наших идей. Зачем? А для того, чтобы избавить себя от огромного количества конкурентов, которы... 0.99€ 07/2012
739712   徐志摩诗朗诵-名家名师朗诵, Xu Zhimo's Poem 徐志摩诗朗诵-名家名师朗诵, Xu Zhimo's Poem Bildung Bildung Apps like 徐志摩诗朗诵-名家名师朗诵, Xu Zhimo's Poem 《徐志摩诗朗诵》产品内容由配乐朗读、文本赏析、图片欣赏、歌词同步显示、我的录音、个人简介、志摩轶事等多部分构成。 配乐朗读邀请名家配乐朗读徐志摩的诗文, 便于读者模仿和学习;文本赏析包含诗文及名家赏析;产品还配有诗文意境的精美图片;同步播放实现了音频朗诵时诗歌内容同步显示功能;我的录音便于读者播放录音文件;个人简介包含徐志摩的生平简介及诗歌特色、志摩轶事介绍了徐志摩的情感故事及名家对徐志摩的解读。 《徐志摩詩朗誦》產品內容由配樂朗讀、文本賞析、圖片欣賞、歌詞同步顯示、我... 0.99€ 07/2012
739713   黄梅戏听唱-Huangmei Opera Set, 名家名段124首 黄梅戏听唱-Huangmei Opera Set, 名家名段124首 Musik Musik Apps like 黄梅戏听唱-Huangmei Opera Set, 名家名段124首 《黄梅戏听唱》产品提供了124首由名家演唱的精彩的黄梅戏名段,包含“原唱、伴奏、清唱、我的录音”等功能,便于模仿和欣赏名家的演唱;原唱、伴奏演唱时,歌词同步显示;我的录音,便于用户管理自己演唱的黄梅戏唱段;产品还配有黄梅戏简介、黄梅戏文化及名段曲目赏析;同时还增加了按需下载功能,方便用户选择所需的曲目。 《黄梅戏听唱》产品,具体包含以下黄梅戏名段。 001. 天仙配•天女散花(Goddess Marriage•The heavenly maids scatt... 0.99€ 07/2012
739714   熟睡~(100%深度睡眠) 熟睡~(100%深度睡眠) Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 熟睡~(100%深度睡眠) Everyday listen some time, Everyday a good sleep!!! ● What is the "deep sleep"? The sleep is good or bad, not the length of time, but by the quality of sleep. Decisive role from human health sleep a night of deep sleep, deep sleep of six hours than... 0.99€ 07/2012
739715   大佛頂首楞嚴經(卷五)《白話文自動對照》 大佛頂首楞嚴經(卷五)《白話文自動對照》 Bücher Bücher Apps like 大佛頂首楞嚴經(卷五)《白話文自動對照》 【卷五內容提要】 因為六根的作用,輾轉輪迴於生死之間,然而從今以後,想要從中解脫,除了從六根門頭上修證之外,再也沒有其他方法。 當從六根中解脫之後,最後遺留下來的真性又會是誰呢? 已達到解脫自在的聖賢們,吹起了當初用來修行證悟的法螺,教導眾生正確的解脫之道,於是我們也下定決心,要去體認那無上清淨的佛性! 【App簡介】 楞嚴經全經共有十卷,因卷帙疊繁浩,再加上白話譯文與佛學名相解釋,頁數更為可觀,故將此十卷,分別製作了十個App, 以『楞嚴經卷一』、『楞嚴經卷二』…『楞嚴經卷十』的方式命名,請以此關... 2.99€ 07/2012
739716   Bridge The Gap HD FREE Bridge The Gap HD FREE Spiele Spiele Apps like Bridge The Gap HD FREE TESTED on ipad 2 OUT NOW Bridge the Gap 2 Check out the trailer here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV9L85imvZA Avast! Cap'n Sneer an' the Pirates o’ The Buccaneer Bay be stagin’ an expedition in search o’ treasure, and if th’ shiny gold what’s turn... Gratis 07/2012
739717   Groundwater Groundwater Referenz Referenz Apps like Groundwater This application is served by Sweco. Sweco is a provider of international consulting engineering services whose engineers, architects and environmental experts are working together to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. The service offer... Gratis 07/2012
739718   Penguin vs Fish Lite Penguin vs Fish Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Penguin vs Fish Lite This is a throw-shooting games, You can play against CPU , also can choose a two-playerPenguin and Fish are a pair of small partners, in the fields of the slapstick, pelted each other. You can control the throwing angle and intensity to hit another on... Gratis 07/2012
739719   MobilBarn Herning Kommune MobilBarn Herning Kommune Referenz Referenz Apps like MobilBarn Herning Kommune MobilBarn er en mobil udgave af det personlige borgerunivers Mit Barn. MobilBarn kan bruges af borgere i Herning Kommune samt andre med relationer til Herning Kommune. Du skal selv åbne for adgangen til MobilBarn, før du kan bruge den. Log ind i Mit Ba... Gratis 07/2012
739720   MobilBarn Odense Kommune MobilBarn Odense Kommune Referenz Referenz Apps like MobilBarn Odense Kommune MobilBarn er en mobil udgave af det personlige borgerunivers Mit Barn. MobilBarn kan bruges af borgere i Odense Kommune samt andre med relationer til Odense Kommune. Du skal selv åbne for adgangen til MobilBarn, før du kan bruge den. Log ind i Mit Barn... Gratis 07/2012
739721   Kids' stories 2 Kids' stories 2 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Kids' stories 2 Back to school surprise from Bemaddy2! 4 picture books for only 1, 99$ Dear Children and Parents, we have good news for you! Thanks to the support and feedback we received from you after the publication of Bemaddy1, we now happily present you the new ... 1.99€ 07/2012
739722   Çocuk Kitapları 2 Çocuk Kitapları 2 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Çocuk Kitapları 2 Bemaddy2'den okula dönüş sürprizi! 4 Türkçe resimli hikaye kitabı ve 4 İngilizce versiyonu sadece 1, 99$ Sevgili çocuklar, anneler ve babalar, müjdeli haberlerimiz var! Öncelikle Bemaddy1 kitaplığımız yayına çıktıktan sonra bizlere vermiş olduğunuz d... 1.99€ 07/2012
739723   MagicMathLite MagicMathLite Spiele Spiele Apps like MagicMathLite Mid-term exam is coming, Jack Fish is working hard.At the same time, Jack play the games to relax!Please join with Jack! Game goal : To eliminate more numbers as you can . To challenge the higher score !... Gratis 07/2012
739724   【有声】经典童话故事(珍藏版) 【有声】经典童话故事(珍藏版) Bildung Bildung Apps like 【有声】经典童话故事(珍藏版) 快乐的童话, 像春天里的花朵, 开在孩子们清澈的瞳仁中, 又像天空中摇曳的纸鹤, 带着孩子们的梦想飞翔。 所以, 我们没有理由拒绝优秀的童话, 更没有理由拒绝能给孩子们创造快乐的机会。 本应用收集了《安徒生、格林童话》中经典的童话故事, 愿每个小朋友都在快乐的童话世界里长大, 享受童年快乐! 01、卖火柴的小女孩 02、海的女儿 03、皇帝的新装 04、野天鹅 05、丑小鸭 06、三只小猪 07、白雪公主 08、人参娃娃的故事 09、小红帽 10、灰姑娘 11、青蛙王子 12、七只乌鸦 13、木偶奇... 1.99€ 07/2012
739725   名师导学小学奥数讲座(四) 多媒体交互软件 名师导学小学奥数讲座(四) 多媒体交互软件 Bildung Bildung Apps like 名师导学小学奥数讲座(四) 多媒体交互软件 名师导学-小学奥数讲座第四集 多媒体教学软件 本套软件是北京华夏树人数码科技有限公司全新开发的多媒体教育软件, 全套共分四集, 涵盖小学数学奥林匹克主要知识点, 由中国数学奥林匹克高级教练、全国著名特级教师亲身讲授, 北京四中高级教师组织练习脚本, 题目经典内容充实, 讲解过程详细富于启发, 帮助学生理解、掌握分析问题的方法, 更深刻、更灵活地运用数学概念的意义和规律去解决问题。 软件界面新颖活泼, 操作简便, 将带小朋友们进入广阔而神秘的数学世界, 去探求各种数学问题的答案, 增长数学知识, 产... 1.99€ 07/2012
739726   苏轼诗词欣赏-名家名师朗诵 苏轼诗词欣赏-名家名师朗诵 Bildung Bildung Apps like 苏轼诗词欣赏-名家名师朗诵 《苏轼诗词欣赏》产品内容由配乐朗读、文本赏析、图片欣赏、同步播放、录音保存、生平简介、趣闻轶事等多部分构成。 配乐朗读邀请名家配乐朗读苏轼诗词, 便于读者模仿和学习;文本赏析包含诗文、注释、译文及名家赏析;产品还配有诗词意境的精美图片;同步播放实现了音频朗诵时诗词内容同步显示功能;录音保存便于读者播放录音文件。产品还增加了有关苏轼的生平简介、诗词风格、趣味轶事。 《蘇軾詩詞欣賞》產品內容由配樂朗讀、文本賞析、圖片欣賞、同步播放、錄音保存、生平簡介、趣聞軼事等多部分構成。... 0.99€ 07/2012
739727   豫剧听唱-Yu(Henan) Opera Collection, 名家名段精选 豫剧听唱-Yu(Henan) Opera Collection, 名家名段精选 Musik Musik Apps like 豫剧听唱-Yu(Henan) Opera Collection, 名家名段精选 《豫剧听唱》产品提供了由147首名家演唱的精彩的豫剧名段,包含“原唱、伴奏、清唱、我的录音”等功能,便于模仿和欣赏名家的演唱;原唱、伴奏演唱时,歌词同步显示;我的录音,便于用户管理自己演唱的豫剧唱段;产品还配有豫剧简介、豫剧文化、名家简介及名段曲目赏析;同时还增加了按需下载功能,方便用户选择所需的曲目。 《豫剧听唱》产品,具体包含以下豫剧名段。 朝阳沟•银环你该怎样看待自己 大祭桩•恼恨爹爹心不正 断桥•恨上来骂法海不如禽兽 ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739728   Super FindingHD Lite Super FindingHD Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Super FindingHD Lite there are lots of numbers and letters hide in Jack Fish's Playgrounds, Wise you can all find them out with the magic magnifier? Game's goal:Find all the numbers and letters out successfully as soon as possible; [Taomi Mama recommended] mama.61.com Ple... Gratis 07/2012
739729   CuteHeroHD Lite CuteHeroHD Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like CuteHeroHD Lite Sports Star Jack Fish brave and extraordinary, You see, Jack Fish jump on skateboard, what is he going to do? ..... The original is to eliminate barriers , such as: trees, water, fire, stone and ice, targeting obstacles to give a fatal blow to the... Gratis 07/2012
739730   TreasureHuntUltimateLite TreasureHuntUltimateLite Spiele Spiele Apps like TreasureHuntUltimateLite Emmanuel was born lslands tasman maria, because the family owed the debt of the lords, the parents of very young was taken away to the edge of a desert island to build fortifications, form the time he was a man, relying on the dole of the neighborhood , E... Gratis 07/2012
739731   SpinBlock SpinBlock Spiele Spiele Apps like SpinBlock Breakout spinning blocks Pretty easy !? [How to play] Firing by tapping the SHOOT button. Tilt the device manipulate the shield. By reducing the HP gauge and the bullet hit the Earth. The bullet hit the Earth, which reduce the HP. It is GAME OVER when ... Gratis 07/2012
739732   Christ Church School Christ Church School Bildung Bildung Apps like Christ Church School With the Christ Church School app (Miami, FL) parents, friends, and the community will have information with regards to school events and activities in the palm of their hands. Key Features include: -School's Contact Information -School Calendar -Imp... Gratis 07/2012
739733   抗战英魂 抗战英魂 Referenz Referenz Apps like 抗战英魂 中国不会亡, 中国不会亡, 远征军健儿浴血拼杀上战场。 枪在我们肩上, 血在我们胸膛, 庄严的军旗在炮火中飘扬。 宁死不后退, 宁死不投降, 日寇强敌不敢当, 不敢挡…… 制作这个应用时, 想找一首反映中国抗战的歌曲, 我这才发现居然如此困难。 难道中国人都忘了几十年前的抗战, 难道非得“翻墙”才能找到这种用前辈们忠魂谱写的歌曲。 再翻翻我们的教科书, 从消极抗日到现在比较中肯的评价, 用了几十年的时间, 何时才能得到最正确的评价, 何时才能还原历史以真面目…… 我们有解放纪念碑, 每个城... 0.99€ 07/2012
739734   Word Search by Purple Buttons Word Search by Purple Buttons Spiele Spiele Apps like Word Search by Purple Buttons Free version of the classic Word Search game from Word Games Volume 1 by Purple Buttons. Supports over 30, 000 words, Game Center, and amazing sound track by cellist Shaun Paul. Landscape and portrait modes supported on iPad. Upgrade to get in-game iP... Gratis 07/2012
739735   Wee Rockets Wee Rockets Spiele Spiele Apps like Wee Rockets Bauen Sie zusammen mit Ihrem Kind eine eigene Rakete, starten Sie diese in den Weltraum, und fliegen durch Asteroidenfelder um Außerirdische zu retten. Ideal für 2-6 Jährige # 1 Kids Game im belgischen App Store • Bauen Sie eine Raketen wie Sie möchte... 2.99€ 07/2012
739736   EXTRA LARGE : audio guide de l’exposition EXTRA LARGE : audio guide de l’exposition Bildung Bildung Apps like EXTRA LARGE : audio guide de l’exposition The Grimaldi Forum Monaco exhibition “Extra Large” is conceived as a voyage through the modern and contemporary collections of the Pompidou Center, focusing on fifty of its most monumental works, some of which are recent acquisitions or have never yet b... 4.99€ 07/2012
739737   Memo (Oh nein! Noch einer!) Memo (Oh nein! Noch einer!) Spiele Spiele Apps like Memo (Oh nein! Noch einer!) Finde die Paare der passenden Figuren. Verbessern Sie Ihre Beobachtung Fähigkeiten! Trainieren Sie Ihr Gehirn! Sie können die Bilder und Grafiken zu ändern und in 4 verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsgraden spielen.... Gratis 07/2012
739738   Cute DivingHD Lite Cute DivingHD Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Cute DivingHD Lite Jack Fish, frightened to stand on the take-off stage, pay more attention to control the time to jump down into the wave center , the closer the higher the score . Skip to the very middle of the water plus a chance. Objective: control Jack Fish's diving ... Gratis 07/2012
739739   唐诗三百首(朗诵+注释) 唐诗三百首(朗诵+注释) Bücher Bücher Apps like 唐诗三百首(朗诵+注释) Littlepipi工作室最新推出的《唐诗三百首》目前共收录了313首唐诗。每首唐诗都配有【朗诵】+【注释】,并配有【点查】功能,查看【注释】只需在诗句中相应文字上轻轻一按,即可查阅,极大的方便了读者。 夏青老师的经典朗诵,配上舒缓的古筝曲,堪称完美,极具实用与收藏价值。 官方微博: http://weibo.com/u/2616259511 联系邮箱: littlepipi2011@gmail.com 唐诗三百首的背景知识: 《唐诗三百首》是一部流传很广的唐诗选集。唐朝(618年—90... 2.99€ 07/2012
739740   KucPicasa Ad KucPicasa Ad Photographie Photographie Apps like KucPicasa Ad Picasaweb photo viewer. photo enjoy iPad or iPhone Kuc.Picasa Ad is FREE price app. Kuc.Picasa Ad is beautiful, great, amazing photography viewer for you. photos display mode is featured, search, myPhoto *) this Apps is FREE price (Ads will appear) ... Gratis 07/2012
739741   WordThis WordThis Spiele Spiele Apps like WordThis Spelling meets Match 3 with an addictive twist! Connect letters to spell words and master your vocabulary in this one-on-one word finding game. Take your spelling skills online to compete against friends through Game Center and Facebook and see who reig... Gratis 07/2012
739742   Talking Ted Uncensored Talking Ted Uncensored Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Talking Ted Uncensored Talking Ted is a soundboard mobile application that has animated video along with your favorite lines from the movie. You can control Ted's actions and record a video of his actions to share with your friends! In the live action/CG-animated comedy, T... 0.99€ 07/2012
739743   Times Tables x Times Tables x Bildung Bildung Apps like Times Tables x **Free to help little ones grow big minds** *Please note the app is optimised for the iPad and iPhone 4/s (3.5 inch) screen sizes only. It will still work on the other devices but the screen will not be optimised.* Learn your times tables super fast and... Gratis 07/2012
739744   幼儿教育-字母篇 (含百首儿歌) 幼儿教育-字母篇 (含百首儿歌) Bildung Bildung Apps like 幼儿教育-字母篇 (含百首儿歌) 为了孩子的健康成长, 本软件永久免费。请注意,不再支持iphone3及更早期的设备。 如果感觉有改进,请给出您的评分 儿童教育应该从小抓起, 从幼儿时期就要对其进行智力开发, 提高孩子的认知能力和辨别能力。 本软件由著名的儿童教育专家进行指导, 大量用户反馈、总结、探索的结晶。包含9个主题, 380多个物品的识别, 以及150多首好听的儿歌, 并配有滚动歌词, 是学龄前宝宝的最喜欢的益智类应用游戏。 软件介绍: ❀ 兼容版本, 适合iPhone, iPad, iPod设备。支持iOS 4.0以上设备。... Gratis 07/2012
739745   幼儿教育-颜色形状篇 幼儿教育-颜色形状篇 Bildung Bildung Apps like 幼儿教育-颜色形状篇 为了孩子的健康成长, 本软件永久免费。请注意,不再支持iphone3及更老版本。 儿童教育应该从小抓起, 从幼儿时期就要对其进行智力开发, 提高孩子的认知能力和辨别能力。 本软件由著名的儿童教育专家进行指导, 大量用户反馈、总结、探索的结晶。包含9个主题, 380多个物品的识别, 以及150多首好听的儿歌, 并配有滚动歌词, 是学龄前宝宝的最喜欢的益智类应用游戏。 软件介绍: -> 兼容版本, 适合iPhone, iPad, iPod设备。支持iOS 4.0以上设备。 ->认知物品。画面精美, 配有... Gratis 07/2012
739746   Speak Vietnamese Travel Phrasebook Speak Vietnamese Travel Phrasebook Reise Reise Apps like Speak Vietnamese Travel Phrasebook Great for travel or study! Speak Vietnamese Travel Phrasebook is an easy to use talking phrasebook app for the Vietnamese language. Each phrase is displayed in Vietnamese and English translation. Hear the audio for each phrase in a clear, pleasant voice ... 2.99€ 07/2012
739747   幼儿教育-水果篇 含百首儿歌 幼儿教育-水果篇 含百首儿歌 Bildung Bildung Apps like 幼儿教育-水果篇 含百首儿歌 为了孩子的健康成长, 本软件永久免费。请注意,不再支持iphone3及更早期的设备。 如果感觉软件还可以,请给出您的评分 儿童教育应该从小抓起, 从幼儿时期就要对其进行智力开发, 提高孩子的认知能力和辨别能力。 本软件由著名的儿童教育专家进行指导, 大量用户反馈、总结、探索的结晶。包含9个主题, 380多个物品的识别, 以及150多首好听的儿歌, 并配有滚动歌词, 是学龄前宝宝的最喜欢的益智类应用游戏。 软件介绍: -> 兼容版本, 适合iPhone, iPad, iPod设备。支持iOS 4.0以上... Gratis 07/2012
739748   幼儿教育-数字篇 (含百首儿歌) 幼儿教育-数字篇 (含百首儿歌) Bildung Bildung Apps like 幼儿教育-数字篇 (含百首儿歌) 为了孩子的健康成长, 本软件永久免费。请注意,不再支持iphone3及更早期的设备。 如果感觉软件还可以,请给出您的评分 儿童教育应该从小抓起, 从幼儿时期就要对其进行智力开发, 提高孩子的认知能力和辨别能力。 本软件由著名的儿童教育专家进行指导, 大量用户反馈、总结、探索的结晶。包含9个主题, 380多个物品的识别, 以及150多首好听的儿歌, 并配有滚动歌词, 是学龄前宝宝的最喜欢的益智类应用游戏。 软件介绍: ❀ 兼容版本, 适合iPhone, iPad, iPod设备。支持iOS 4.0以上设... Gratis 07/2012
739749   136 Thoughts 136 Thoughts Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 136 Thoughts Fed up with conversations about soap operas and newspaper headlines? This App provides a range of conversation prompts on weighty persistent issues as well as some fun ones. This App features: -136 Conversation starters -A quick jump page -Loads to think... 0.99€ 07/2012
739750   Chemical Guide Chemical Guide Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Chemical Guide The Viking Pump Chemical Guide is a mobile tool for pump material selection. Our Guide is easy to navigate and provides material compatibility and its rating for a vast number of liquids. Viking Pump has been a leader and innovator in the pump industry fo... Gratis 07/2012
739751   Community School of Naples Community School of Naples Bildung Bildung Apps like Community School of Naples Community School of Naples’ app for iPhones, iPods and iPads allows student, faculty and parent constituents to take full advantage of the ever-growing mobile phenomenon by delivering content from the website directly to their iOS-based devices. The a... Gratis 07/2012
739752   Planning d'orchestre Planning d'orchestre Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Planning d'orchestre Cette application est destinée aux musiciens d'orchestre et permet de décocher les séries que vous ne faites pas: ceci permet d'avoir sur votre agenda un calendrier partagé personnalisé. L'application permet également de visionner tous les documents relat... Gratis 07/2012
739753   Teach Secondary Magazine – lesson plans,  KS3 and KS4 learning resources and much more Teach Secondary Magazine – lesson plans, KS3 and KS4 learning resources and much more Bildung Bildung Apps like Teach Secondary Magazine – lesson plans, KS3 and KS4 learning resources and much more An essential resource for teachers of 11-18 year olds across all subjects, Teach Secondary is as entertaining as it is informative, with sharp and relevant contributions from some of the most innovative and respected educational thinkers and practitione... Gratis 07/2012
739754   幼儿教育-蔬菜篇 (含百首儿歌) 幼儿教育-蔬菜篇 (含百首儿歌) Bildung Bildung Apps like 幼儿教育-蔬菜篇 (含百首儿歌) 为了孩子的健康成长, 本软件永久免费。请注意,不再支持iphone3及更早期的设备。 如果感觉软件还可以,请给出您的评分 儿童教育应该从小抓起, 从幼儿时期就要对其进行智力开发, 提高孩子的认知能力和辨别能力。 本软件由著名的儿童教育专家进行指导, 大量用户反馈、总结、探索的结晶。包含9个主题, 380多个物品的识别, 以及150多首好听的儿歌, 并配有滚动歌词, 是学龄前宝宝的最喜欢的益智类应用游戏。 软件介绍: ❀ 兼容版本, 适合iPhone, iPad, iPod设备。支持iOS 4.0以上设... Gratis 07/2012
739755   Teach Primary Magazine – lesson plans,  KS1and KS2 learning resources,  NQT,  SEN,  CPD articles and much more Teach Primary Magazine – lesson plans, KS1and KS2 learning resources, NQT, SEN, CPD articles and much more Bildung Bildung Apps like Teach Primary Magazine – lesson plans, KS1and KS2 learning resources, NQT, SEN, CPD articles and much more Teach Primary magazine helps you to develop outstanding teaching skills. Written by leading experts in education, it offers new and effective ideas on delivering English, Maths and the broader curriculum for 5-11-year-olds. Each issue includes: A dedica... Gratis 07/2012
739756   Teach Early Years Magazine - outstanding advice for early years teachers Teach Early Years Magazine - outstanding advice for early years teachers Bildung Bildung Apps like Teach Early Years Magazine - outstanding advice for early years teachers Teach Early Years has everything you need to provide outstanding care and education for children aged 0–5 years. Each issue is packed full of advice for nursery practitioners, owners and managers; early years teachers; and childminders, including: Prac... Gratis 07/2012
739757   Wetterwerte.AT Wetterwerte.AT Wetter Wetter Apps like Wetterwerte.AT Die neue Wetterwerte.at - App, präsentiert von SpryFlash Interactive Services, versorgt Sie ab sofort mit den Wetterdaten der ZAMG vom aktuellen Tag, 14 Tage rückwirkend. Ab Herbst 2012 erwarten Sie in dieser Applikation interessante Statistiken über... Gratis 07/2012
739758   Baronia Baronia Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Baronia Mit der kostenlosen BARONIA-App können Sie jetzt die aktuellen Kollektionen der BARONIA Fashiongroup auf Ihrem iPad als elektronische Publikation erleben. Die vielen Features, wie Filme zu den Kollektionen und des Shootings im Zusammenspiel mit den Zoom... Gratis 07/2012
739759   三省堂 中日・日中辞典 〜 超級クラウン中日辞典・クラウン日中辞典 〜 三省堂 中日・日中辞典 〜 超級クラウン中日辞典・クラウン日中辞典 〜 Referenz Referenz Apps like 三省堂 中日・日中辞典 〜 超級クラウン中日辞典・クラウン日中辞典 〜 「超級クラウン中日・クラウン日中辞典」は、三省堂の中日辞典「超級クラウン中日辞典」と日中辞典「クラウン日中辞典」を搭載した iPhone/iPod touch/iPad用電子辞典アプリケーションです。 iOS付属のヒラギノと相性の良い中国語フォント「ヒラギノ角ゴ 簡体字版」を搭載し、ほぼ全ての親字と熟語を手書きで入力できる本製品は、学習からビジネスまで幅広い範囲をカバーした中日辞典・日中辞典の決定版です。 本製品は、iPhone、iPod touch および iPad 全てでご利用頂けるユニバーサルア... 33.99€ 07/2012
739760   Join Lite Join Lite Büro Büro Apps like Join Lite Client application to interact with your Deon Projects.... Gratis 07/2012
739761   Pleasure Snowboard Magazin Pleasure Snowboard Magazin Sport Sport Apps like Pleasure Snowboard Magazin Endlich auch im App-Store: Seit 1997 ist das „Pleasure Snowboard Magazin" die beliebteste Snowboard-Zeitschrift im deutschsprachigen Europa. Pleasure ist aus der aktiven Snowboardszene entstanden und wurde dank objektiver, unabhängiger Berichterstattung,... Gratis 07/2012
739762   オスロブック オスロブック Reise Reise Apps like オスロブック 文化と自然の首都オスロ VisitOSLOとのコラボレーションにより、オスロの公式ブックが出来上がりました。コラボレーションによるオスロを紹介する公式ブックは iPad アプリケーションとしてもご利用いただけます! ノルウェーの首都オスロは、生き生きした文化とフィヨルドと森に囲まれた環境は個性的な場所として多くの人から愛されてきました。 オスロブックは、マルチメディアアプリケーションです。博物館、イベント、近郊地区のビデオと膨大なフォトギャラリーおよびインタラクティブなオンラインマップにより、ビデオはマッ... 3.99€ 07/2012
739763   Geoimmo Display Geoimmo Display Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Geoimmo Display Geoimmo Display est une application pour tous les professionnels de l'immobilier qui souhaitent disposer d'un outil pour mettre en valeur ses biens immobiliers sur une tablette avec une vue cartographique et une vue liste. Les fonctionnalités sont les sui... Gratis 07/2012
739764   奥斯陆白皮书 奥斯陆白皮书 Reise Reise Apps like 奥斯陆白皮书 奥斯陆。文化与自然相映成趣。 奥斯陆官方白皮书与 VisitOSLO 合作, 现在已做成了一个iPad应用程序! 对于挪威首都的喜爱, 来自其独特的邮票, 充满活力的文化生活, 以及处于峡湾和森林之间的位置。奥斯陆白皮书是一个多媒体的应用程序, 通过来自博物馆、相关事件和街区的影片对其提升, 并使用大型图片库和在线地图解决方案, 在地图上显示图片和影片。 对于要访问奥斯陆的人而言, 这本书就是一个无比美妙的好办法和规划工具。而对于那些一直住在这里的人而言, 则是很好的纪念品, 让他们着迷其... 3.99€ 07/2012
739765   Книга об Осло Книга об Осло Reise Reise Apps like Книга об Осло Осло. Столица культуры и природы. Официальная книга об Осло, изданная в сотрудничестве с компанией VisitOSLO, теперь доступна как IPad приложение! Столицу Норвегии любят за её выразительные черты, её яркую культурную жизнь и её расположение между фьор... 3.99€ 07/2012
739766   Il libro di Oslo Il libro di Oslo Reise Reise Apps like Il libro di Oslo Oslo. La capitale della cultura della natura. Il libro ufficiale di Oslo realizzato in collaborazione con VisitOSLO è ora disponibile come app per iPad! La capitale della Norvegia è apprezzata per il suo carattere speciale, la vibrante vita culturale e ... 3.99€ 07/2012
739767   le livre d'Oslo le livre d'Oslo Reise Reise Apps like le livre d'Oslo Oslo. Capitale de la culture et de la nature. Le guide officiel sur Oslo, réalisé en collaboration avec VisitOSLO, existe maintenant en version application pour iPad! La capitale de la Norvège est appréciée pour son cachet particulier, sa vie culturel... 3.99€ 07/2012
739768   Libro de Oslo Libro de Oslo Reise Reise Apps like Libro de Oslo Oslo. Capital de cultura y naturaleza. El libro oficial de Oslo, publicado en colaboración con VisitOslo, ahora también en aplicación para iPad. La capital de Noruega se ama por su singularidad, su vibrante vida cultural y su ubicación entre el fiord... 3.99€ 07/2012
739769   Oslo-Buch Oslo-Buch Reise Reise Apps like Oslo-Buch Oslo. Kultur- und Naturhauptstadt. Das offizielle Oslo-Buch, in Zusammenarbeit mit VisitOSLO erstellt, jetzt auch als App fürs iPad! Norwegens Hauptstadt wird aufgrund ihrer Besonderheit, ihres vibrierendes Kulturlebens und ihrem Platz zwischen Fjord... 3.99€ 07/2012
739770   Free Dictionary Free Dictionary Bildung Bildung Apps like Free Dictionary Doesn’t it always seem like when you most need it, you just do not have access to a dictionary, or you cannot find one amongst a pile of books? With Free Dictionary, you will no longer have this problem! A free English Dictionary at your fingertips w... Gratis 07/2012
739771   Vorlagen für Excel Pro Vorlagen für Excel Pro Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Vorlagen für Excel Pro ++++++++++++++ Einführungspreis: 3, 99 €!! 50% Rabatt! Nur für kurze Zeit. ++++++++++++++ Vorlagen für Excel Pro bringt Ihre Tabellenkalkulationen auf Profiniveau: Mehr als 115 leistungsfähige und effiziente Tabellenkalkulationsvorlagen für mobile Off... 4.99€ 07/2012
739772   学乐古诗·边塞 学乐古诗·边塞 Bildung Bildung Apps like 学乐古诗·边塞 内容提要 ●iShowPlay为您提供全新的交互阅读体验! ●内容选自小学生必背古诗, 寓教于乐 -------------------------------------- ◆内容简介: --------------------------------------- 本应用为学乐系列应用《学乐古诗》之一, 其中有4首古诗, 分别是《凉州词》, 《出塞》, 《塞下曲(二)》, 《塞下曲(三)》, 古诗内容主要是诗人描写奇特的边疆风光、戍守边防的艰辛生活, 有些抒发将士渴望报效国家的豪情;... Gratis 07/2012
739773   Les 4 saisons d'Antoine Les 4 saisons d'Antoine Bildung Bildung Apps like Les 4 saisons d'Antoine Faites découvrir à votre enfant le chef d'œuvre d’Antonio Vivaldi à travers un livre animé et musical Retrouvez dans l'application les 4 Saisons d’Antoine Pierre Richard et les musiciens du Concerto Italiano dirigé par Alessandro Alessandrini et tous l... 3.99€ 07/2012
739774   Oculus TeleOperator Oculus TeleOperator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Oculus TeleOperator Remote control app for the Oculus Robot by Xaxxon Technologies OCULUS is a motorized frame and software combo that instantly converts a small laptop into a Telerobotic, Internet Operated Vehicle... Gratis 07/2012
739775   Black Scholes Option Calculator Black Scholes Option Calculator Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Black Scholes Option Calculator OptionIX50 is designed to calculate the fair values of stock options by using the Nobel prize winning Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model". It can be used for both European and American options. OptionIX50 calculates the fair value as your finger moves on... 4.99€ 07/2012
739776   Panda Climbers HD Panda Climbers HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Panda Climbers HD Panda Climbers HD! Panda Climbers need your help! They must climb the city wall and save the village. Enjoy!... 0.99€ 07/2012
739777   AAMVA AIC 2012 AAMVA AIC 2012 Büro Büro Apps like AAMVA AIC 2012 EventPilot® conference app is your full featured guide to manage your conference attendance. App features include: • Native app: No Wi-Fi connection required to access the conference program, schedule or animated maps. • Now: Stay informed about hot issu... Gratis 07/2012
739778   Boeing Interactive Quick Reference Handbook Boeing Interactive Quick Reference Handbook Büro Büro Apps like Boeing Interactive Quick Reference Handbook Boeing Interactive Quick Reference Handbook (IQRH) is the mobile version of the paper QRH, providing increased efficiency to Boeing airplane operators that have FCOM/QRH data subscriptions. With Interactive QRH, Boeing pilots will enjoy • Elec... Gratis 07/2012
739779   Destiny Church Broken Arrow Destiny Church Broken Arrow Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Destiny Church Broken Arrow Welcome to the official Destiny Church Broken Arrow application for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! This free application allows you to view full-service videos, access mobile giving, stay current with church events and share with friends via Facebook, ... Gratis 07/2012
739780   Hosanna! Church Hosanna! Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hosanna! Church Bible-based. Christ-centered. Relevant. Hosanna’s weekly worship experience is contemporary, relaxed, innovative, prayerful, and missional. You may experience videos, creative illustrations, and unique set designs – all meant to communicate the mess... Gratis 07/2012
739781   Ball Attack Ball Attack Spiele Spiele Apps like Ball Attack A hard yet addictive & action game. Tap and hold your finger to move player. Collect green objects by drugging player and just avoid red object which reduce your life. There's also more surprise objects for you. Now let's play this game and survive as lon... 4.99€ 07/2012
739782   Ascend Federal Credit Union Mobile Ascend Federal Credit Union Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Ascend Federal Credit Union Mobile Welcome to the app that provides convenient and secure access to your Ascend Federal Credit Union accounts. Features: LocatorSearch •Find the nearest Ascend financial center. •Find the nearest fee-free ATM. E-BRANCH •Monitor your Ascend accounts. •Get... Gratis 07/2012
739783   Swedish Royal Palaces Swedish Royal Palaces Referenz Referenz Apps like Swedish Royal Palaces Plan your visit to the palaces using our app, quickly and easily. Here you will find all the information you need about opening hours, prices, guided tours, accessibility, etc. Use the app for a self-guided tour of the palace and grounds, with text,... Gratis 07/2012
739784   New Testament iWitness New Testament iWitness Bildung Bildung Apps like New Testament iWitness ** RECOMMENDED FOR iPAD 2 & HIGHER** New Testament iWitness is an interactive presentation of the history and formation of the canon that lets you do the investigation. Who wrote the books? How do we know? How was it handed down? Has it changed? How can... 2.99€ 07/2012
739785   RePaper Web and PDF Highlighter RePaper Web and PDF Highlighter Produktivität Produktivität Apps like RePaper Web and PDF Highlighter Highlight, Annotate, Comment and Share Web pages, PDF, Word or Powerpoint files, including email attachments. "Highlight Delight" - Cat North "Only app that highlights properly" - Sparticle "Exactly what I was looking for" - Bren - Highlight any te... 2.99€ 07/2012
739786   Poker Tools - MTT Poker Tools - MTT Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Poker Tools - MTT Poker Tools - MTT is an app designed to make the life of tournament poker players easier. Whether you are a tournament grinder, only plays the occasional tournament or are a beginner looking to improve your game this app will give you all the tools ... 4.99€ 07/2012
739787   C mag HD C mag HD Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like C mag HD L'application officielle du blog C mag maintenant disponible sur iPad. Avec notre flux d'actualité, vous pourrez rester au courant des dernières tendances culturelles: mode, musique, ciné et télé.... Gratis 07/2012
739788   ExpeditionUnlimit ExpeditionUnlimit Spiele Spiele Apps like ExpeditionUnlimit Hermans who is a young warrior was born in Chags, accidentally got a broken map in his fifteen years old, the map recorded a lot of unknown world and endless wealth, all of this only in the heard story, for him it is only a magical legend, it is impo... 0.99€ 07/2012
739789   3D Photograph Creator 3D Photograph Creator Photographie Photographie Apps like 3D Photograph Creator Create your own 3D photographs using the build in camera of your iPad. The App does come with expanded help and explanation of both 3D theory and an easy walk through which allows anyone to create stunning 3D images. No photography or physical skills re... 1.99€ 07/2012
739790   VAG mobil VAG mobil Reise Reise Apps like VAG mobil Die kostenlose Fahrplan-App „VAG mobil“ der Freiburger Verkehrs AG ist der hilfreiche Begleiter im öffentlichen Personennahverkehr (ÖPNV) für das komplette Verbundgebiet (Freiburg und die Landkreise Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald sowie Emmendingen) und Baden-Wü... Gratis 07/2012
739791   Unikum Unikum Bildung Bildung Apps like Unikum Använd Unikum ännu smidigare på din iPad och iPhone! Föräldrar - kan förbereda utvecklingssamtal, bli uppdaterad kring vad som händer i skolan, och följa sina barns utveckling. Barn - kan se sin lärlogg och portfolio tillsammans med pedagoger eller fö... Gratis 07/2012
739792   Health Guide: FirstAid Health Guide: FirstAid Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Health Guide: FirstAid Health Guide: FirstAid is build ground up for the iPhone/iPad to meet your needs in getting health and emergency information. The app has a wide range of health tips and first aid information. The app has built in videos that will help you more. Use the i... 0.99€ 07/2012
739793   iSGP iSGP Produktivität Produktivität Apps like iSGP The iSGP is a tool that allows a simple access to your project information from your MS EPM 2010. This Software allows users of Microsoft Project Server 2010 to view and manage project related information, to update actualwork for material and work typ... 19.99€ 07/2012
739794   AlbMap for iPad AlbMap for iPad Photographie Photographie Apps like AlbMap for iPad This app is album over map. AlbMap shows your cool pictures in camera roll and photo stream as a diary, using time and location information ! Select a date and map shows pins where you took pictures in that day. Manipulating iPad GUI, you can see th... 1.99€ 07/2012
739795   Räkna: Djur Räkna: Djur Bildung Bildung Apps like Räkna: Djur Count: Animals teaches your child the numbers in a playful manner using animals and their sounds. Distinct voice instructions helps the child understand the task and fun animal sounds comes as a reward when it is solved. The possibility to change languag... 0.99€ 07/2012
739796   fuengirola fuengirola Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like fuengirola Fuengirola.fi Kaupunkilehti Espanjassa... Gratis 07/2012
739797   Witze pur Witze pur Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Witze pur Diese Witze-App bringt dir den Humor direkt auf dein iPhone. Es wird eine Auswahl von Witzen, Sprüchen und Scherzfragen geboten. Somit ist für jeden etwas dabei. Version 1.4: 'Deine Mutter' Sprüche sind jetzt auch dabei. Noch dazu reimen sie sich. Das ... 0.99€ 07/2012
739798   Boccadamo Boccadamo Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Boccadamo Le creazioni Boccadamo a portata di touch. Grazie all’App ufficiale, la maison ed i suoi fashion lovers saranno uniti da un nuovo canale multimediale, ricco di contenuti e dotato di un’interfaccia fashion-oriented. CATALOGHI – Su questa pagina ver... Gratis 07/2012
739799   RocketChairs RocketChairs Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like RocketChairs RocketChairs for iPad allows you create a virtual room in 3D and decorate it with your favorite furniture classics from designers around the world. Our accurate 3D models and upholstery configurations lets you find just the right model and see how it fits... Gratis 07/2012
739800   iPrevInfortuni iPrevInfortuni Produktivität Produktivität Apps like iPrevInfortuni iPrevInfortuni è il modulo di preventivazione della polizza infortuni nell’ambito della suite iPrev per la quale saranno a breve disponibili i preventivi di altri prodotti (salute, previdenza ecc.). Il download di iPrevInfortuni è gratuito e l’utilizzo... Gratis 07/2012

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