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741201   David Krut Publishing David Krut Publishing Bücher Bücher Apps like David Krut Publishing High quality ebooks on contemporary South African art and architecture from David Krut Publishing, including TAXI Art Books, books featuring William Kentridge's art, and books and monographs on other notable South African artists.... Gratis 07/2012
741202   Solitaire-- Solitaire-- Spiele Spiele Apps like Solitaire-- Solitaire-- is a great card game for the whole family. Select the desired card back design and background in the "Settings" screen. Play until you master the game.... Gratis 07/2012
741203   Solitaire- Solitaire- Spiele Spiele Apps like Solitaire- Solitaire- is a great card game for the whole family. Select the desired card back design and background in the "Settings" screen. Play until you master the game.... 0.99€ 07/2012
741204   Scales Pointe Mobile Scales Pointe Mobile Büro Büro Apps like Scales Pointe Mobile The Scales Point app is your go-to source for keeping up on the current events with us. A complete schedule of all the events, pricing, menu & services, sponsors, and more is available with this free app! This easy to use and flexible app allows you... Gratis 07/2012
741205   Virtual Dentist - Premium Edition Virtual Dentist - Premium Edition Medizin Medizin Apps like Virtual Dentist - Premium Edition Virtual Dentist is a professional dental simulation application that enables users to upload a photo and try out a variety of different dental procedures virtually on their own (or a patient's) photo. Sample effects include: -photo-realistic visualizat... 2.99€ 07/2012
741206   Der Wert von Gold Calculator Der Wert von Gold Calculator Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Der Wert von Gold Calculator Berechnen Sie den Wert Ihres Goldes. Geben Sie das Gewicht in Gramm oder Unzen und erhalten den Wert Ihres Goldes, je nach Karat ausgewählt. Die Berechnung erfolgt nach dem Zitat des Tages aktualisiert. Die Bewertung von Gold wird in Dollar oder Euro aus... Gratis 07/2012
741207   Offline Web Browser Offline Web Browser Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Offline Web Browser Wenn Sie brauchen, um Web-Seiten im Offline-Modus, der Netzempfang zu durchsuchen, oder beim Roaming. Mit dieser App können Sie Web-Seiten herunterzuladen, während Sie sich Online, und zeigen Sie ihnen, wenn Sie offline sind, ohne Internet-Verbindu... 3.99€ 07/2012
741208   古龙武侠72部大集合 古龙武侠72部大集合 Bücher Bücher Apps like 古龙武侠72部大集合 古龙(1938.6.7—1985.9.21), 原名熊耀华。著名武侠小说家, 新派武侠小说泰斗和宗师。他在1969年创作了一部先有剧本后有小说的武林奇书《萧十一郎》, 赢得读者的广泛赞赏。古龙与金庸、梁羽生并称为中国武侠小说三大宗师。他的武侠小说创作理念是“求新求变”, 不受传统拘束, 将中外经典镕铸一炉, 他为“武侠美学”理念的形成与“武侠文化”的推广作出了巨大贡献。古龙为人豪气干云, 才华惊人, 以无比丰富的创作力, 留下了70多部精彩绝伦的武侠巨作, 影响巨大, 开创了近代武侠小说新纪元, 将武侠文... Gratis 07/2012
741209   Slide Poker free Slide Poker free Spiele Spiele Apps like Slide Poker free Slide the poker deck to match three or more and the poker will flying away. This game is simple, easy to play and fun. You can play it at anytime. Such as, waiting for someone. You even can stop it immediately if you busy. You can resume playing at anyt... Gratis 07/2012
741210   zoNote zoNote Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like zoNote zoNote is a free-handwriting note application for iPad. zoNote will sync your every notebook with Evernote. You can use Evernote's OCR technology in zoNote to find your handwritten notes. Preset 16 colors and 4 point types, and you can customize colors ... 1.99€ 07/2012
741211   Dream Cheeky Sound System for Piano Dream Cheeky Sound System for Piano Musik Musik Apps like Dream Cheeky Sound System for Piano NOTE: To be able to use this app, you need a Dream Cheeky iPlay Piano. To find out where you can purchase an iPlay Piano, go to www.dreamcheeky.com. Download the Dream Cheeky Sound System app to play along on your iPlay Piano with your favorite music,... Gratis 07/2012
741212   Igloo Mobile Igloo Mobile Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Igloo Mobile Igloo Software by Igloo Software Igloo is an intranet you'll actually like. It’s built with easy-to-use apps, like blogs, calendars, file sharing and task management, making it easier to work better together with your teams. With Igloo, you can bri... Gratis 07/2012
741213   Westpac Banking for iPad Westpac Banking for iPad Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Westpac Banking for iPad Designed specifically for iPad, Westpac Banking for iPad makes banking as simple as a tap and a swipe. Accounts • Sign in using a 4 digit passcode or your fingerprint. Fingerprint sign in available on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 with iOS 8 and above. •... Gratis 07/2012
741214   i-DS問診 i-DS問診 Medizin Medizin Apps like i-DS問診 ◇i-DS検査に続くシリーズ第二弾 - i-DS問診・デビュー Hi Dentalシステム専用問診入力アプリケーション ◇患者さまの思いをうかがう問診入力システム - i-DS問診はやさしく、きめ細やかに患者さまの思いをうかがいます - 大きな絵や文字を採用。ボタンを押すだけの簡単操作。手書きが苦手な患者さまにも入力をやさしくサポートします - 充実の問診項目。新しい問診内容の作成もすぐできます - 紙では記載しきれない、細やかな情報収集が可能に。患者さまとのコミュニケーションの向上に役立ちま... Gratis 07/2012
741215   Smarty Ants PreK-1 Smarty Ants PreK-1 Bildung Bildung Apps like Smarty Ants PreK-1 Accelerate students toward mastery of foundational reading skills with Smarty Ants®. Designed for all students in grades PreK-1, Smarty Ants® is an effective, research-driven solution that differentiates instruction and accelerates students on the path ... Gratis 07/2012
741216   中信旅游宝典 中信旅游宝典 Reise Reise Apps like 中信旅游宝典 “中信旅游宝典”丛书包括: 《搭车去柏林》、《一路向南》、《背包十年》、《打工旅行》、《天上大风》和《只为与你相遇》。 〓〓〓〓〓〓内容简介〓〓〓〓〓〓 ✓ 《搭车去柏林》 《三十岁的成人礼:搭车去柏林》:“有些事现在不做, 一辈子都不会做了。如果你真想做成一件事, 全世界都会来帮你”。一个美籍中国小伙(谷岳), 一个纪录片导演(刘畅), 在2009夏天一路只依靠陌生人的帮助, 从北京到德国柏林, 用招手搭车的方式前进, 共搭车88次(包括维族大爷的三轮车1次, 伊拉克老农的拖拉机1次, 吉普赛人的马... Gratis 07/2012
741217   Picture Sudoku Picture Sudoku Spiele Spiele Apps like Picture Sudoku Exercise your brain with this addictive and challenging puzzle game, based on a riddle penned by Albert Einstein as a boy. This brain teaser uses the same high-level thinking as Sudoku, and with trillions of possible solutions, no two games are the sam... Gratis 07/2012
741218   Cap It™ Cap It™ Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Cap It™ *** What’s the best way to add hilarious captions to any photo? *** Cap It™ *** *** 1, 000+ of the most Hysterical Caps - Newer / Sexier / Younger / Awesome Caps *** *** Cap It™ is the most advanced way to make your photos the funniest QUICKLY & WITH ... 0.99€ 07/2012
741219   Disney Dining Disney Dining Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Disney Dining Disney Dining for Walt Disney World is the perfect companion app to research, review menus and prices, plan and organize your dining plans for your Walt Disney World vacation. Disney Dining covers all table service, counter service and walk-up restaura... 2.99€ 07/2012
741220   Farm Play Farm Play Spiele Spiele Apps like Farm Play Welcome to Farm Play! ISI Canada has developed this fully animated coloring game for children of all ages. Your children will love to color the Farm themed pages while watching the characters come to life. The illustrations are fun, imaginative and are s... Gratis 07/2012
741221   Flashcards - Japanese & Korean Flashcards - Japanese & Korean Bildung Bildung Apps like Flashcards - Japanese & Korean Flashcards - Japanese & Korean is a super language learning application that uses 14 themed sets of magical flashcards. Select a card and study the image - can you remember the work in Japanese and or Korean?? Simply press the Japanese flag to see and ... 0.99€ 07/2012
741222   The Resident The Resident Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Resident FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND NO SUBSCRIPTION COSTS! Established for over 14 years, The Resident is Kensington and Chelsea’s premier local lifestyle magazine. It incorporates local news and events, profiles with interesting and relevant local figures, luxury t... Gratis 07/2012
741223   Dress Up - Dolls Salon Dress Up - Dolls Salon Spiele Spiele Apps like Dress Up - Dolls Salon Want to have a beautiful doll? It’s time to be creative! Come on, design a doll you have always wanted! Design your own doll character with this dress-up game! It is sure to be a game your kids will love. You get to choose her hair, eyes, skin, dres... Gratis 07/2012
741224   Instant Ever for Evernote Instant Ever for Evernote Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Instant Ever for Evernote It is extremely convenient to post note to Evernote with this app, it lets you capture multiple thoughts and photos over the course of the day, and save them all into any notebook or note quickly. Instant Ever allows you to quick(One step) and simple ... 0.99€ 07/2012
741225   DiKiBO-7-8 DiKiBO-7-8 Bildung Bildung Apps like DiKiBO-7-8 - Rekenen voor Groep 7 en 8 van de basisschool, ook te gebruiken voor niveau 1F, 2F en 3F in het voortgezet onderwijs en het beroepsonderwijs - Wil je de reken toets halen met een positief resultaat dan is DiKiBO-7-8 dé App. De DiKiBO-7-8 app is besch... 4.99€ 07/2012
741226   Lion and Mouse Interactive Storybook iPad version Lion and Mouse Interactive Storybook iPad version Bücher Bücher Apps like Lion and Mouse Interactive Storybook iPad version Classic story of Lion and Mouse looks great when kids read it on the iPad. # Interactive Story book on iPad The Lion and Mouse story book on iPad is a completely interactive storybook full of animations. Surprise element of games also included inside th... Gratis 07/2012
741227   Eat my Cheese iPad version Eat my Cheese iPad version Spiele Spiele Apps like Eat my Cheese iPad version Mouse runs for life. Lion chases him. Apart from running from the lion the mouse has to also defend various obstacles in the different environment he is in. The mouse can gain energy by grabbing cheese. The game has three levels..... Gratis 07/2012
741228   The Fox & The Chicken The Fox & The Chicken Bücher Bücher Apps like The Fox & The Chicken "The best stories are passed on from generation to generation" "This story was told to us by our father and we have now made it into a book-app, told in his own words and pictures. The story always made a big impression on us and made us ask many questi... Gratis 07/2012
741229   Mein erstes Malbuch Mein erstes Malbuch Spiele Spiele Apps like Mein erstes Malbuch Euer Kind malt gern? Dann wird es dieses Malbuch lieben!  Mit Wachsmalblöcken, Bunt-, oder Filzstiften können kleine Künstler liebevoll gestaltete Vorlagen ausmalen oder ihrer Kreativität auf einem weißen Blatt freien Lauf lassen. Euer Kind wird begeist... 0.99€ 07/2012
741230   Justin Bieber My Year Up Close Justin Bieber My Year Up Close Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Justin Bieber My Year Up Close It’s been several years since Justin Bieber could call himself a “regular kid”. He’s experienced what so many dream of: the meteoric catapult from obscurity to worldwide star. From humble beginnings in Ontario, Canada, to a smash hit singer, pop star, ... 2.99€ 07/2012
741231   Malbuch Pferde Malbuch Pferde Spiele Spiele Apps like Malbuch Pferde Euer Kind malt gern? Dann wird es dieses Malbuch lieben!  Mit Wachsmalblöcken, Bunt-, oder Filzstiften können kleine Künstler liebevoll gestaltete Vorlagen ausmalen oder ihrer Kreativität auf einem weißen Blatt freien Lauf lassen. Euer Kind wird begeist... 0.99€ 07/2012
741232   Malbuch Autos Malbuch Autos Spiele Spiele Apps like Malbuch Autos Euer Kind malt gern? Dann wird es dieses Malbuch lieben!  Mit Wachsmalblöcken, Bunt-, oder Filzstiften können kleine Künstler liebevoll gestaltete Vorlagen ausmalen oder ihrer Kreativität auf einem weißen Blatt freien Lauf lassen. Euer Kind wird begeist... 0.99€ 07/2012
741233   Malbuch Tiere Malbuch Tiere Spiele Spiele Apps like Malbuch Tiere Euer Kind malt gern? Dann wird es dieses Malbuch lieben!  Mit Wachsmalblöcken, Bunt-, oder Filzstiften können kleine Künstler liebevoll gestaltete Vorlagen ausmalen oder ihrer Kreativität auf einem weißen Blatt freien Lauf lassen. Euer Kind wird begeist... 0.99€ 07/2012
741234   Ozean II - Gedächtnisspiel,  Sammelbilder,  Ausmalbilder & Musik - Spiele für Kinder - Lite Ozean II - Gedächtnisspiel, Sammelbilder, Ausmalbilder & Musik - Spiele für Kinder - Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Ozean II - Gedächtnisspiel, Sammelbilder, Ausmalbilder & Musik - Spiele für Kinder - Lite Nach dem enormen Erfolg von "Ozean - Puzzle und Ausmalbilder" in Europa und der ganzen Welt präsentieren wir Euch: ***** Ozean II - Gedächtnisspiel, Sammelbilder & Ausmalbilder ***** Liebe zum Detail und Orientierung an Kinderwünschen machen "Oceano" z... Gratis 07/2012
741235   Reversi Free Reversi Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Reversi Free Reversi (also known as Othello) is a classic board game that has been played for generations. Take it with you in your pocket! Flip your opponents disks to your color to win. Compete against the computer or another human player. Game features include: -... Gratis 07/2012
741236   Pinzator HD Pinzator HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Pinzator HD Assemble crazy animals using innovative puzzle mechanics. In this game you use pins and gravity to assemble super cool animal puzzles. Starting with simple puzzles the game quickly evolves into true mind-benders, especially when you try to do them in th... 0.99€ 07/2012
741237   Угадайка Угадайка Bücher Bücher Apps like Угадайка УГАДАЙКА - это веселый музыкальный гид в страну домашних животных для вашего малыша. Педагогика постоянно предлагает все новые и новые формы обучения детей. С появлением iOS в арсенале педагогов появился еще один мощный инструмент - образовательная игра,... 1.99€ 07/2012
741238   VemSer VemSer Bildung Bildung Apps like VemSer We present the work done by the NGO VemSer, a brasilian institution that works with girls from lower social classes. The job is done to build citzens thru sports activities, specially basketball, and psychological support.... Gratis 07/2012
741239   iQuizza iQuizza Spiele Spiele Apps like iQuizza Do you like quizzes? This is the app for you! Different levels, each level a different topic, from art to literature, from geography to gossip, finish all levels.... Make the record and publish it on game center. Plays in "Practice mode", more qu... 0.99€ 07/2012
741240   Kid vs Dog Kid vs Dog Spiele Spiele Apps like Kid vs Dog Kid vs Dog is a simple shoot and run game featuring the classic showdown between a paperboy and a dog. Hurl fruit, beehives, dynamite amongst others at the dog in your struggle to make it through your paper route. Highlights: * Hit the dog to go FASTE... 0.99€ 07/2012
741241   Filmfare Hindi Filmfare Hindi Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Filmfare Hindi For over 6 decades Filmfare has been the official handbook on Bollywood for their die-hard fans. We now bring you Filmfare Hindi, the magazine made especially for the die hard Hindi film fans. The language has its own distinct flavor and brings to the re... Gratis 07/2012
741242   Femina Tamil Femina Tamil Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Femina Tamil Femina has been the definitive life and lifestyle guide for over 50 years now. In April 2011, the magazine launched its Tamil edition to reach out to the modern, forward thinking Tamil-speaking woman. Femina Tamil is an exciting and chic monthly magazin... Gratis 07/2012
741243   Femina Hindi Femina Hindi Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Femina Hindi Having become the definitive life and lifestyle guide for the modern Indian woman, extending the magazine to meet the reading needs of the Hindi-speaking woman was the next thing to do. Femina Hindi was launched to speak to the modern Hindi-speaking woma... Gratis 07/2012
741244   Pythonista Pythonista Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Pythonista Pythonista brings the Zen of Python™ to your iPad or iPhone. Create interactive experiments and prototypes using multi-touch, animations, and sound – or just use the interactive prompt as a powerful calculator. Pythonista is also a great tool for lear... 6.99€ 07/2012
741245   ViA - By Braille Institute ViA - By Braille Institute Bildung Bildung Apps like ViA - By Braille Institute Braille Institute is proud to introduce ViA (Visually Impaired Apps), a fully accessible app for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.  ViA has been designed to help identify apps that are useful for adults and children who are blind or have low vision, inclu... Gratis 07/2012
741247   Heritage Highway Tourism Tasmania Heritage Highway Tourism Tasmania Reise Reise Apps like Heritage Highway Tourism Tasmania The Heritage Highway Tasmania Tourism app provides a comprehensive guide to exploring the rich history and beauty of the Heritage Highway in Tasmania. Including Tours, Accommodation, Facilities, points of interest and everything the traveler might nee... Gratis 07/2012
741248   Obama vs. Romney Quiz Obama vs. Romney Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like Obama vs. Romney Quiz ***LOOK BACK AT THE 2012 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. ***ALL 120 QUESTIONS NOW FREE! Two fun quizzes that feature over 100 sound bytes from Obama and Romney at their most serious and candid moments. TRIVIA MODE - See how much you know about Obama and R... Gratis 07/2012
741249   X Pic Lite X Pic Lite Photographie Photographie Apps like X Pic Lite Make your pictures even more pretty! Get your pictures popular in social sites. Add amazing effects to your photos making them unforgettable. Share your pictures using Facebook, Twitter and Email. Designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod Tou... Gratis 07/2012
741250   CT EMenu CT EMenu Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like CT EMenu iPad电子点菜, 适合多种类型的酒店, 饭店;可定制开发。... Gratis 07/2012
741251   Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery : a creativity-enhancing kid's book by Jamie Lee Curtis ("Lite" Free Trial version by Auryn Apps) Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery : a creativity-enhancing kid's book by Jamie Lee Curtis ("Lite" Free Trial version by Auryn Apps) Bildung Bildung Apps like Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery : a creativity-enhancing kid's book by Jamie Lee Curtis ("Lite" Free Trial version by Auryn Apps) Your child’s imagination will soar with this magical storytelling app! Rich interactive experiences they’ll return to time and time again! See why People Magazine called it "cool" and "loads of fun"! *NOTE: this "Lite" version is meant as a small sample... Gratis 07/2012
741252   Run For Peace HD Run For Peace HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Run For Peace HD Meet Salim, a peaceful guy who dreams about Peace since he was 3 years old. Too bad for him, Peace never came to his part of the world. One of those days he got so desperate that he decided to defy his fears. "Come on Salim, you are brave, show them ... Gratis 07/2012
741253   Paléo Festival Nyon Paléo Festival Nyon Musik Musik Apps like Paléo Festival Nyon Mit sieben Tagen, sieben Nächten, 270'000 erwarteten BesucherInnen, über 280 Konzerten und Darbietungen auf sieben Bühnen und mehr als 260 Ständen auf dem Gelände ist das Paléo Festival Nyon das grösste Openair-Festival der Schweiz und gehört zu den wi... Gratis 07/2012
741254   Open Subtitles Open Subtitles Photographie Photographie Apps like Open Subtitles Wenn Sie möchten, um einen Film in einer fremden Sprache zu beobachten, und Sie haben nicht die Untertitel, dann mit dieser App können Sie die Untertitel auf Ihrem iPhone oder iPad zu folgen, in jeder Sprache. Diese App nutzt die OpenSubtitles-Datenba... 0.99€ 07/2012
741255   Juice Factory - The Original Juice Factory - The Original Spiele Spiele Apps like Juice Factory - The Original ***Featured in US AppStore's New (iPhone and iPad) Family and Simulation game categories*** ***Top 5 in Family and Simulation game categories in China, Spain, Italy, Hongkong and Taiwan and over 20 countries*** The assembly line is rolling. Lights ... 0.99€ 07/2012
741256   Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery : a creativity-enhancing kid's book by Jamie Lee Curtis (by Auryn Apps) Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery : a creativity-enhancing kid's book by Jamie Lee Curtis (by Auryn Apps) Bücher Bücher Apps like Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery : a creativity-enhancing kid's book by Jamie Lee Curtis (by Auryn Apps) Your child’s imagination will soar with this magical storytelling app! Rich interactive experiences they’ll return to time and time again! See why People Magazine called it "cool" and "loads of fun"! Get a personal tour of the app from Jamie Lee Curtis ... 2.99€ 07/2012
741257   RenWeb Home RenWeb Home Bildung Bildung Apps like RenWeb Home RenWeb Home provides parents and students always-logged-in instant access to ParentsWeb via their iPhones and iPads for an annual subscription fee of $4.99 per year. PURCHASE METHOD: RenWeb Home is offered by the App Store as an In-App Subscription. Th... Gratis 07/2012
741258   BlockDropper! BlockDropper! Spiele Spiele Apps like BlockDropper! Classic blocks, now with iphone/ipad retina support Three game modes and game center BlockDropper! is: • 2 localizations – english and russian; • 3 types of game: usual game, game for a while and eternal game (for valuable points); • Unique graphic and... 1.99€ 07/2012
741259   SuperPhoto - Photo Effects & Filters SuperPhoto - Photo Effects & Filters Photographie Photographie Apps like SuperPhoto - Photo Effects & Filters Eine viielzahl fantastischer effekte für ihre fotos! Einzigartige, herausragende effekte, die sie lieben werden. Sie haben damit endlosen spaß und verwandeln ihre fotos mit nur einem mausklick in erstaunliche kunstobjekte! Es gibt 208 unlocked Effekte... Gratis 07/2012
741260   LDS Scripture Heroes Deluxe LDS Scripture Heroes Deluxe Spiele Spiele Apps like LDS Scripture Heroes Deluxe With inspiration from some of the most popular children's apps available, LDS Scripture Heroes combines fast-paced fun with gospel learning to create an enjoyable experience for your children. The app features 5 different games that teach kids about the... 3.99€ 07/2012
741261   Puzzle Slider HD Puzzle Slider HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Puzzle Slider HD Ever wondered how the classic 8puzzle game would look on the iPad? Puzzle Slider HD brings life-like sliding puzzle to your iOS device. Main features: THREE DIFFERENT BOARD DESIGNS - vintage - clean and shiny - organic THREE DIFFERENT RESOLUTIONS - 3x3 ... Gratis 07/2012
741262   Preschool EduKidsRoom - 16 Amazing Brain IQ Development Games for Toddlers & Preschoolers to Learn Math,  Shapes,  Colors,  Time,  Alphabets & More! Preschool EduKidsRoom - 16 Amazing Brain IQ Development Games for Toddlers & Preschoolers to Learn Math, Shapes, Colors, Time, Alphabets & More! Spiele Spiele Apps like Preschool EduKidsRoom - 16 Amazing Brain IQ Development Games for Toddlers & Preschoolers to Learn Math, Shapes, Colors, Time, Alphabets & More! Amazing Fun Educational Games To Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Letters, Time, Sorting and Much More! ▶▶Thank You For Your Support! More Than 2, 500, 000 Downloads On Free Version! ▶▶Please Support Us by Writing a Review! Thank You :) -------------... 3.99€ 07/2012
741263   Wikiweb: visuellen Wikipedia™-Leser Wikiweb: visuellen Wikipedia™-Leser Referenz Referenz Apps like Wikiweb: visuellen Wikipedia™-Leser Wikiweb ist ein ausgezeichneter Wikipedia™-Leser für dein iPhone und iPad, der die Verbindungen zwischen verschiedenen Artikeln visualisiert. Eigenschaften: * Entdecke Wikipedia über eine schöne und angenehm lesbare Benutzeroberfläche. * Teile interess... 4.99€ 07/2012
741264   iTrading iTrading Finanzen Finanzen Apps like iTrading Invest in an easy, practical and quick way with iTrading’s Technical Analysis and Trading System signals by Dr. Alessandro Moretti CFTe. ******TECHNICAL ANALYSIS************* Consult our detailed Technical Analysis and short, middle and long term char... Gratis 07/2012
741265   Welding Journal Welding Journal Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Welding Journal The WELDING JOURNAL is the monthly publication of the American Welding Society (AWS), delivering news of the welding and metal fabricating industry. Stay informed on the latest products, trends, technology and events via in-depth articles, photos and ... Gratis 07/2012
741266   Warlands Warlands Spiele Spiele Apps like Warlands Your goal, total world domination. Use your strategic prowess to dispatch each of your enemies turn by turn. Warlands is a turn-based strategy game where your goal is to destroy your enemies and take over the map. You can play up to 7 other people or c... Gratis 07/2012
741267   Rádio CBN Rádio CBN Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Rádio CBN O novo aplicativo da CBN foi redesenhado para se adaptar às mudanças no sistema iOS. Simples e intuitivo, ele permite ao usuário ouvir ao vivo as rádios CBN de São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília e Belo Horizonte, e mandar mensagens diretamente para o... Gratis 07/2012
741268   Traumfamilie Traumfamilie Spiele Spiele Apps like Traumfamilie Träumst du davon, dein eigenes TRAUMHAUS zu bauen? Magst du NIEDLICHE FIGUREN? Mit „Traumfamilie“ kannst du dein Traumhaus für deine Familie aus lustigen animierten Figuren bauen, die es nicht erwarten können, in dein Haus einzuziehen!  ***Details:***... Gratis 07/2012
741269   TV UK TV UK Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like TV UK Somebody hogging the remote?, this app lets you check what's on TV tonight on all the major UK television stations. Select a genre, and then you can scan upcoming TV shows up to 2 days in advance.... 0.99€ 07/2012
741270   Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box HD Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box HD Find mystery, magic, and tantalizing romance in this Hidden Object game! Play as the psychically-gifted Dela Reese and escape China with the love of your life! Dive into danger as Dela purchases an ancient riddle box, containing Hari, a 7-foot tall wa... Gratis 07/2012
741271   Gensler Developing Cities Exhibition - London 2050 Gensler Developing Cities Exhibition - London 2050 Büro Büro Apps like Gensler Developing Cities Exhibition - London 2050 http://www.thedevelopingcity.com/about/ The advanced panoramic visualisation app to accompany the 2012 Gensler Developing Cities 2050 Exhibition. Welcome to CT2050. The City of London is now home to 100, 000 people and is voted as the only truly Global... Gratis 07/2012
741272   StratPad Platinum: Business Planning and Business Intelligence Strategy App StratPad Platinum: Business Planning and Business Intelligence Strategy App Büro Büro Apps like StratPad Platinum: Business Planning and Business Intelligence Strategy App StratPad is the world's highest-rated business planning and strategy app. It makes business plans (and business planning) simple. NOW ALSO AVAILABLE ON DESKTOPS AND LAPTOPS. "Top 10 business app" -Forbes Magazine "A smart choice" -Entrepreneur Magazine ... 54.99€ 07/2012
741273   THINK ACT by Roland Berger THINK ACT by Roland Berger Büro Büro Apps like THINK ACT by Roland Berger We have completely revised our app and updated it. THINK ACT by Roland Berger now sports the modern and clean design of our new publication layout and contains many new features. These adjustments were necessary – but they do not function on iOS5 devices ... Gratis 07/2012
741274   CineTele CineTele Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like CineTele CineTele dergisini iPad'lerinizden de takip edebilirsiniz.... Gratis 07/2012
741275   NDPeeps NDPeeps Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like NDPeeps Official Engagement App for Singapore's National Day Parade (NDP) providing a fun interface for users to get involved with the 2012 celebrations by triggering virtual fireworks. The App provides an Augmented Reality Fireworks that can be triggered when t... Gratis 07/2012
741276   Farmer Info Farmer Info Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Farmer Info “FARMER INFO” แอพเพื่อเกษตรกร แต่ไม่ใช่เกษตรกรก็เช็คราคาสินค้าได้ FARMER INFO บอกความเคลื่อนไหวเกี่ยวกับข้อมูล ข่าวสารด้านการเกษตรจากทั่วประเทศแบบวันต่อวัน ไม่ว่าจะเป็นการเช็คราคาสินค้าเกษตรจากแหล่งรับซื้อที่น่าเชื่อถือทั่วประเทศ ราคาสินค้าจาก 6 ตล... Gratis 07/2012
741277   Alanya Alanya Reise Reise Apps like Alanya Alanya bietet eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten für diejenigen, die ihren Urlaub hier verbringen mit ihren Tausenden von Jahren alte Geschichte, mediterrane und anatolischen Mischung aus Kultur und Architektur wollen. Abgesehen davon, dass einzigartigen ... Gratis 07/2012
741278   Spice Hotel & SPA Spice Hotel & SPA Reise Reise Apps like Spice Hotel & SPA Spice Hotel & SPA ist eine mystische Welt, wo man mit der faszinierenden mediterranen Schönheit vereint werden. Der herrliche Geruch von Pinien, weich und süß duftende Textur lauwarmem mediterranen Brise, erfrischende Klangfarben der Wellen Skimming üb... Gratis 07/2012
741279   AltinkaynakP AltinkaynakP Finanzen Finanzen Apps like AltinkaynakP ALTINKAYNAK Mobil-Ipad uygulamasıdır. Uygulama ile Euro, Amerikan Doları ve diğer çeşitli para birimleri ile ilgili anlık değer bilgilerine ulaşılabilmektedir. Altın ONS fiyatı, gram altın, çeyrek altın, yarım altın, reşat altın, 22 ayar bilezik, ... Gratis 07/2012
741280   IT | PRO FeedbackApp IT | PRO FeedbackApp Büro Büro Apps like IT | PRO FeedbackApp With the IT | PRO Feedback App you have the possibility to send pictures to an email address with additional information.... Gratis 07/2012
741281   Save KiKiLite Save KiKiLite Spiele Spiele Apps like Save KiKiLite Marine amusement park Trolltech maze is a the Jack and Kiki favorite play place, as from time to time in the maze will appear obstacles, whirlpool, deep holes, wood or ball, blocking the road; The most terribler is the food of the National People's C... Gratis 07/2012
741282   iPill - Your medicine reminder iPill - Your medicine reminder Medizin Medizin Apps like iPill - Your medicine reminder iPill is the perfect App for those who forget to take their medicines. Just enter the medicine's name and schedule and iPill will take care of sending a notification when you have to take it. iPill is designed to make your life easier, that's why you ca... Gratis 07/2012
741283   ARCCA ARCCA Büro Büro Apps like ARCCA ARCCA’s Experts – The Experts you need. The experience you trust. ARCCA has been dedicated to helping clients investigate technical and scientific challenges and manage their litigation and claim issues. Recognized throughout the country as experts in th... Gratis 07/2012
741284   Musical HeungbuNolbu Musical HeungbuNolbu Bücher Bücher Apps like Musical HeungbuNolbu [HeungBu & Nolbu brothers] English musical performance about kind hearted 'Heungbu' and wicked 'Nolbu' is now ready for you in four languages-English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese. A Korean fairy tale of forgiveness and compromise which can be shared amo... Gratis 07/2012
741285   venue360 venue360 Büro Büro Apps like venue360 MANAGE LEADS, BOOKINGS & GUEST NEEDS Be responsive to guests when you’re not at your desk. BIG BENEFITS With this technology your key staff are always available to respond to leads, guest and facilities needs without waiting until they’re next at thei... Gratis 07/2012
741286   Hexa Lines for iPad Hexa Lines for iPad Spiele Spiele Apps like Hexa Lines for iPad Hexa Lines is a new version of classic Color Lines game, the grids are now hexagons. The game is played on 10×9 honeycomb board with balls of seven different colours. The object is to connect 5 or more balls of the same color to a vertical or diagonal li... Gratis 07/2012
741287   Wealth: What Every High School Student Needs to Know Wealth: What Every High School Student Needs to Know Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Wealth: What Every High School Student Needs to Know Our current situation: 86% of high school seniors think that the best long term growth investment is a savings account. (Jump Start 2006) Our proposed solution: Use a simple tax-FREE account called a Wealth ReserveTM to learn how to invest for long-term... Gratis 07/2012
741288   スクリーンプレイ 若草物語 スクリーンプレイ 若草物語 Bildung Bildung Apps like スクリーンプレイ 若草物語 大好きな映画で英語の学習でお馴染みのSCREENPLAYシリーズがスマートフォンで楽しめるようになりました。 音声付で連続再生したり、お気に入りフレーズを集めて集中的に学習したりすることができます。 また、単語の練習、使えるフレーズの3択問題ゲームなどもありますので、楽しく英会話を学習することができます。 【スクリーンプレイ・シリーズとは】 名作映画完全セリフ集『スクリーンプレイ・シリーズ』は、 映画のセリフとト書き(シーンの説明)を完全に英語及び日本語で文字化したもので、 映画をバイリンガル... 6.99€ 07/2012
741289   Math2d Free Math2d Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Math2d Free Math2d Free is a game of logic and mathematics. This is the free version of Math2d and is another implementation of a timeless classic mathematical puzzle set on a board. The challenge is to select which numbers will add up to each row solution shown at... Gratis 07/2012
741290   WLNS TV 6 Lansing - Jackson WLNS TV 6 Lansing - Jackson Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like WLNS TV 6 Lansing - Jackson Experience the brand new WLNS 6 News On The Go app. Get more news, more weather and more video. It's everything you love about WLNS.com right at your fingertips. WLNS 6 News delivers local news and weather for Lansing and Mid-Michigan, plus sports, ... Gratis 07/2012
741291   Finngr Finngr Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Finngr In the competetive, dog-eat-dog world of toddler finger painting, there are apps that train your child to expect sparkles, rainbows, and unicorns to fly from their fingertips -- and then there is Finngr: the modern, minimal painting program. There'... Gratis 07/2012
741292   EZlocal EZlocal Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like EZlocal *** Introducing the First "What, Where and With" in Local Search! *** EZlocal is a top local search directory and mobile resource for you to quickly and easily find products and services in your community (and elsewhere), providing an easy reference ma... Gratis 07/2012
741293   Venice to Istanbul Venice to Istanbul Photographie Photographie Apps like Venice to Istanbul This app has been optimized in every way for the new iPad 3 and its colossal Retina display. It offers 180 beautiful photographs from a cruise that sailed from Venice to Istanbul and back. The images are presented here in full iPad 3 Retina display resol... 1.99€ 07/2012
741294   Create A Room Create A Room Bildung Bildung Apps like Create A Room Create a Room Remember kindergarten, the overwhelming lists of everyday objects to memorize? Thanks to Do2Learn, learning objects around the home doesn’t have to be so difficult for your children. Create a Room teaches fine motor skills to children a... 1.99€ 07/2012
741295   Monster Truck Construction Monster Truck Construction Spiele Spiele Apps like Monster Truck Construction Maneuver your monster construction excavator, front loader, motor grader, mining dump truck, and forklift to clear land slides, smooth roads and unload big rigs.... 0.99€ 07/2012
741296   Climb2Infinity Climb2Infinity Spiele Spiele Apps like Climb2Infinity Put yourself in the shoes of a skilled climber. Start your climb towards infinity, but be careful to the many obstacles that you will find along your way. Collect bonuses and use them to climb higher all. Will you be the most accomplished of your friend... 0.99€ 07/2012
741297   iMOR Inspection iMOR Inspection Büro Büro Apps like iMOR Inspection Gilson Software Solutions On-site iMOR (Management and Occupancy Review) Inspection Module completely automates the inspection process for a Contract Administrator from scheduling the inspection, sending out email/letters, selecting the Tenant File Revi... Gratis 07/2012
741298   Philadelphia PGA Collegiate Tour Philadelphia PGA Collegiate Tour Sport Sport Apps like Philadelphia PGA Collegiate Tour The Philadelphia Section PGA Junior Tour App for iPhone. Key Features: • View Philly PGA Junior Tour tournament info and leaderboards. • Find courses and course info - across the U.S. and Canada • Read the latest Philly PGA Junior Tour news. • Check in t... Gratis 07/2012
741299   SAIT Polytechnic PUBL 260 Student Magazines SAIT Polytechnic PUBL 260 Student Magazines Bildung Bildung Apps like SAIT Polytechnic PUBL 260 Student Magazines This iPad app contains magazines designed by students in the PUBL 260 Publication Planning and Design course, a part of the SAIT Polytechnic first-year Journalism curriculum. In the course, students worked in groups or alone to create the concept and bu... Gratis 07/2012
741300   Todas las letras Todas las letras Bildung Bildung Apps like Todas las letras Todas las letras is an interactive, Spanish language learning application for children. It includes animations of letterforms, illustrations, audio clips of each letter used in a sentence, and HTML canvas where learners can practice writing letters.... Gratis 07/2012
741301   Los Angeles Travel Guide…For KIDS! Los Angeles Travel Guide…For KIDS! Reise Reise Apps like Los Angeles Travel Guide…For KIDS! Los Angeles Travel Guide…For KIDS! * Kids: this Los Angeles travel app is built just for YOU! * This is not your parents’ travel guide (but, yeah, it’s okay to share it with ‘em). With customizable postcards, activities, fun facts, social features... Gratis 07/2012
741302   Calculator-Animals Buddy Free for iPad Calculator-Animals Buddy Free for iPad Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Calculator-Animals Buddy Free for iPad - 5 Cute animals Style Calculator - Tap Bar Animation for change Calculator easily. - Calculator 5 maths in same Time - Sound on / off... Gratis 07/2012
741303   Jewel Bust Jewel Bust Spiele Spiele Apps like Jewel Bust Help two little monkeys bust as many jewels as possible. Your monkeys are equipped with only a slingshot and some colored rocks. Slingshot the rocks with the help of your monkeys. A same colored rock that collides with the like colored jewel will bre... Gratis 07/2012
741304   USC Dornsife Magazine USC Dornsife Magazine Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like USC Dornsife Magazine USC Dornsife Magazine shares the many, varied stories of alumni, faculty and students of the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and how they both honor and anchor the University of Southern California's commitment to the importance of... Gratis 07/2012
741305   Dixie PGA Junior Tour Dixie PGA Junior Tour Sport Sport Apps like Dixie PGA Junior Tour The Dixie PGA Junior Tour app for iPhone. Key Features: • View DPGA Jr. tournament info and leaderboards. • Find courses and course info - across the U.S. and Canada. • Read the latest DPGA Jr news. • Season standings and stats. • Check in to DPGA J... Gratis 07/2012
741306   Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya Reise Reise Apps like Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya One of Asia’s foremost tourist and business destinations, Malaysia boasts of international-class facilities and amenities that rival some of the world’s best. Nestled in the heart of Petaling Jaya is Eastin Hotel, the very first hotel to carry the Eas... Gratis 07/2012
741307   mERP Order Entry mERP Order Entry Büro Büro Apps like mERP Order Entry mERP Order Entry is a sales order entry application for Syspro ERP that provides mobile access to Syspro, so you can enter and book sales orders, anywhere, anytime. With mERP Order Entry you can access up-to-date Syspro data, including: • Produ... Gratis 07/2012
741308   Norris & Gardiner Norris & Gardiner Büro Büro Apps like Norris & Gardiner The UK’s landscape trouble shooter app making it easy to manage your commercial landscape. The app includes easy to use tools such as: * Plant Selector – to help with your border refurbishments. * Photo Submissions – send photos of your landscape probl... Gratis 07/2012
741309   Texas Port Ministry Texas Port Ministry Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Texas Port Ministry Welcome to the official mobile application of Texas Port Ministry! Stay in contact and share this application with friends.Texas Port Ministry is a Christian mission to International Seafarers, truck drivers, and port workers in Freeport, Texas. Texas ... Gratis 07/2012
741310   Irish Fest Irish Fest Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Irish Fest Iowa Irish Fest is dedicated to celebrating Irish culture in Iowa, takes place in the Lincoln Park area of downtown Waterloo, and is held annually during the first full weekend of August. This Irish Fest Events app brings the festival's scheduled events... Gratis 07/2012
741311   Illinois Farm Bureau Illinois Farm Bureau Büro Büro Apps like Illinois Farm Bureau This application is designed for the working Farmer in Illinois, providing up-to-date decision making information regarding commodity futures and cash market prices, weather information, legislative updates and alerts, contact information, and member... Gratis 07/2012
741312   Дремушка Дремушка Musik Musik Apps like Дремушка We picked the enchanting melodies for sleeping our babies and filled them with nature sounds: birds singing, babbling brook, the rustle of leaves and rain. Under the music kids sleeping great, and parents can relax and unwind. The collection includes:... 4.99€ 07/2012
741313   AOG Service AOG Service Referenz Referenz Apps like AOG Service When you're AOG or need immediate support for your business aircraft, this app will locate the nearest Duncan Aviation facility and list contact information for technical representatives. Locations include MROs, FBOs, avionics shops, engine road tea... Gratis 07/2012
741314   Sinusitis Toolbox Sinusitis Toolbox Medizin Medizin Apps like Sinusitis Toolbox This interactive reference application allows physicians to evaluate their patient’s sinusitis conditions by utilizing the various mnumonics, algorithms, videos and clinical pictures. There is even a quiz included to test your knowledge of the guideline... Gratis 07/2012
741315   Dixie PGA Dixie PGA Sport Sport Apps like Dixie PGA The Dixie Section of the PGA app for iPhone. Key Features: • View Dixie PGA tournament info and leaderboards. • Find courses and course info - across the U.S. and Canada. • Read the latest Dixie PGA news. • Season standings and stats. • Check in to Dix... Gratis 07/2012
741316   Winchester House School Winchester House School Bildung Bildung Apps like Winchester House School Winchester House School: The Child’s Eye View Welcome to our school!  Join us for a tour planned and conducted by the experts: the children.  Find out what they think of every aspect of school life including Boarding, Games, Music, Art and more.  ... Gratis 07/2012
741317   JuryStar® JuryStar® Produktivität Produktivität Apps like JuryStar® Nominated as a 2012 & 2013 Best Trial Prep iPad App by The National Law Journal, JuryStar was the only jury selection app featured in the Oct. 2012 issue of The American Lawyer magazine: “Many apps have tried to facilitate the jury selection process—and ... 39.99€ 07/2012
741318   ShubhSamay ShubhSamay Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like ShubhSamay The free APP , ShubhSamay, is a Universal APP (Single Binary ) which runs on iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4/4s , iPod touch , iPad2 and iPad 3 having ios version 4.3 and above. The APP runs on the portrait orientation of the device. The APP p... Gratis 07/2012
741319   MSU2U MSU2U Bildung Bildung Apps like MSU2U MSU2U is an iOS application developed by Midwestern State University Computer Science students for the Midwestern State University community. The application seeks to provide a functional and convenient means of easily accessing faculty directories, news... Gratis 07/2012
741320   Four is a Crowd Four is a Crowd Spiele Spiele Apps like Four is a Crowd You are the manager of a building tenanted by clones. They generally get along, but do not like the idea of being forced do to things by crowds. So, any time they notice that there is a "crowd" -- a crowd is 4 or more like clones living next to each ot... Gratis 07/2012
741321   Drag The Alien Drag The Alien Spiele Spiele Apps like Drag The Alien Drag The Alien is a very addictive game that will release all the adrenaline inside of your body. Take on extremely addictive levels and remember to collect the coins during your journey to the galactic door. You are part of the intergalactic police and ... 0.99€ 07/2012
741322   myMiller Chevrolet myMiller Chevrolet Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like myMiller Chevrolet Miller Chevrolet – A Minneapolis Chevrolet Dealer – New, Pre-owned Vehicle Sales, Service, Accessories and Parts. “Discover the Better Way”... Gratis 07/2012
741323   Apollo LX HD app Apollo LX HD app Büro Büro Apps like Apollo LX HD app "Apollo LX HD app" is the iPad video surveillance application for the Qvis Apollo LX and Zeus LX series of DVRs.... 2.99€ 07/2012
741324   SGenerator SGenerator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like SGenerator A high-quality 2 channels signal generator for the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad with wide frequency range (1 Hz - 20000 Hz). Create sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, saw waves, white noise and pink noise. Amplitude modulation and channels summary a... 1.99€ 07/2012
741325   Adaptivity LITE Adaptivity LITE Spiele Spiele Apps like Adaptivity LITE This app is game app. First memorise it, then detect it.... Gratis 07/2012
741326   一瞬で人の心を読むヒント 一瞬で人の心を読むヒント Bücher Bücher Apps like 一瞬で人の心を読むヒント ■ 相手の 『 本音 』 がわかる占い師のテクニック! あまたの パッと見は、すべて正しい!! ⇒ 20年間で13,000人の以上の対人鑑定から導き出された、人間観察のポイント! ■ iPhoneブックランキング1位獲得実績 ~~~■ 一瞬で人のココロを読む事がデキれば ■~~~ ⇒ 見た目で本質を見抜くことがデキる(性格・性質・生き方・考え方・気分) ⇒ 人を理解することがデキ、コミュニケーションが上手 ⇒ 交渉を優位にはこぶことができる ⇒ この夏使える! 性欲の強い人も瞬時に見抜く! ... 3.99€ 07/2012
741327   J&D J&D Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like J&D We are a 3 Generation Family business that actively find One of a kind Antique and Mid- Century decorative rugs from all over the world for over 35 years. Our company serves a diverse set of clients worldwide, with an ever-changing collection of fine Per... Gratis 07/2012
741328   FotoFotos FotoFotos Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like FotoFotos [FotoFotos] is not the normal Photo Frame app, it not only a Frame maker but also a collage maker. [FotoFotos] offers the freest way to compose your photos, and enjoy the fun of collage. Every Frame is independent, therefore, you can choose different ... 1.99€ 07/2012
741329   Bend It Bend It Sport Sport Apps like Bend It The FREE App all Soccer/Futbol players want. Learn how to bend free kicks with 100's of the latest short Futbol/Soccer tips & secrets at your fingertips. Ever wonder the secrets of bending a ball? Want to bend it like Beckham? Download this Free App to ... 0.99€ 07/2012
741330   Fishing SA magazine Fishing SA magazine Sport Sport Apps like Fishing SA magazine Fishing SA has established itself as SA's premier fishing magazine and is dedicated to all things fishing and outdoors. With a central focus of keeping South Australian anglers informed and entertained, this high quality bi-monthly publication draws on ... Gratis 07/2012
741331   Crazy Aurora Plus Crazy Aurora Plus Spiele Spiele Apps like Crazy Aurora Plus This is a very interesting puzzle game.... 0.99€ 07/2012
741332   Antoine in the Cape Verde islands Antoine in the Cape Verde islands Reise Reise Apps like Antoine in the Cape Verde islands A video tour with short movies that you can stream or download in HD. If you like this area, you can download the full sequence in HD (InApp payment) Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Ilha do Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago. The video sequences can be streamed i... Gratis 07/2012
741333   Pentapark Pentapark Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pentapark Groen is een inspiratie magazine van Pentapark, Atelier voor Communicatie. Pentapark levert originele ideeën, toegepast op jouw communicatievraagstuk. Wij denken crossmediaal. Vanuit een heldere strategie ontwerpen wij middelen die elkaar versterken. V... Gratis 07/2012
741334   Landee Kids: Landee and Wolf Landee Kids: Landee and Wolf Bildung Bildung Apps like Landee Kids: Landee and Wolf More than just a game, “Landee Kids: Landee and Wolf" is a powerful educational tool for the toddlers and tots in your life. It provides hours of fun, laughter and learning. Game features: 1. Learn through play! There are 4 scenes (color, animal, s... Gratis 07/2012
741335   Escape Beauty Lounge Escape Beauty Lounge Büro Büro Apps like Escape Beauty Lounge Welcome to Escape Beauty Lounge, Tasmania's biggest and only Boutique Beauty Salon. Our stunning new salon offers guests an unparalleled level of luxury not previously available in Hobart. Escape boasts 10 private, soundproofed rooms, a State of the ... Gratis 07/2012
741336   러너틱L 러너틱L Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 러너틱L 수많은 사람들과 이야기가 교차하는 익숙한 거리. 그리고 모든 일은 그 곳에서 일어났다. 평소와 같은 일상처럼 흐르던 그 곳에서 갑자기 땅이 흔들리고 한꺼풀 감긴 눈동자 사이로 다시 보이는 건 깊은 어둠뿐. 그 속에서 꿈틀거리는 기묘하고 '낯선' 존재들. 꿈같은 현실속에서 우리가 당장 알 수 있는 유일한 세 가지. "지진, 좀비, 그리고 탈출." 지진은 우연한 현상인가, 아니면 좀비같은 기이한 현상인가-. 나는 과연 탈출할 수 있을까? 준 : 가... Gratis 07/2012
741337   Clearpath Clearpath Bildung Bildung Apps like Clearpath Dermpath Lab of Central States (DLCS) is proud to introduce Clearpath. With the combination of a touch enabled image atlas, powerful microscope viewer and board simulated exam module - this innovative app will change the way you see and study dermatopath... Gratis 07/2012
741338   SLAM Gay LGBT Social Network SLAM Gay LGBT Social Network Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like SLAM Gay LGBT Social Network Now’s the time for the LGBT “Facebook”! Break away from the hook up apps and Facebook self-censorship. We are new and growing! Be part of the new movement in the LGBT social app scene. Be proud of who you are, feel free to express it through pictures, ... Gratis 07/2012
741339   99 Balloons 99 Balloons Spiele Spiele Apps like 99 Balloons *** App Store New and Noteworthy! *** PopPopPopPopPop! That's the sound of five balloons sequentially popping! The visuals are fun and dynamic with each balloon rendered in full 3D and the colors changing with each new game. How fun is that! Tap to pop a... Gratis 07/2012
741340   truckSTOP! truckSTOP! Spiele Spiele Apps like truckSTOP! Stop the trucks! Touch a car to hear and see it's name.... Gratis 07/2012
741341   Visa Commercial Directory HD Visa Commercial Directory HD Büro Büro Apps like Visa Commercial Directory HD Visa Commercial Directory Visa 商戶名錄 As your trusted business partner, Visa understands your company’s unique needs. In creating the Visa Commercial Directory, we are bring your existing potential buyers a user-friendly online database of Greater China ... Gratis 07/2012
741342   AERO Mobile AERO Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like AERO Mobile AERO Mobile makes it easy for you to access your account anytime anywhere. Getting started is easy. Simply enroll in AERO Online Banking and download the AERO Mobile App to connect with us conveniently on the go! Features - Pay bills and transfer fund... Gratis 07/2012
741343   OC Infiniti OC Infiniti Büro Büro Apps like OC Infiniti Orange Coast Infiniti is a premier Infiniti dealer in Orange County. Easily and quickly connect with our sales, service, and parts departments. Get our latest specials and events. Search our new and used inventory. Schedule a test drive. Schedule your s... Gratis 07/2012
741344   Explorer Kids Underwater Explorer Kids Underwater Spiele Spiele Apps like Explorer Kids Underwater Help The Explorer Kids discovering the ocean in this new jigsaw puzzle with a twist! See it in action: www.youtu.be/vLbNwIZ9FUQ The Explorer Kids Underwater delivers hours of educational family fun, beautiful graphics and wonderful music right to your ... 3.99€ 07/2012
741345   FlightGear Map FlightGear Map Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like FlightGear Map FlightGear map is a live mapping app for the free FlightGear flight simulator. FlightGear is open source, completely free and is available for Windows, OSX and Linux. Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease... Gratis 07/2012
741346   La Voz del Interior La Voz del Interior Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like La Voz del Interior Descripción Lea La Voz del Interior y recorra sus páginas como en el papel. El diario está disponible para leer en iPhone y iPad, con una versión idéntica a nuestra edición impresa. Descargue la aplicación de forma gratuita y suscríbase a nuestras edici... Gratis 07/2012
741347   Guess Who? - Silly Shadows For iPad Guess Who? - Silly Shadows For iPad Spiele Spiele Apps like Guess Who? - Silly Shadows For iPad - FEATURES Guess Who - Silly Shadows is a fun educational game that helps kids get familiar with matching a specific shadow to an illustration. - Great educational app for kids 13 and under. - Many fun characters to play over and over again. Download... 0.99€ 07/2012
741348   123 Conta con me! 123 Conta con me! Bildung Bildung Apps like 123 Conta con me! Shape puzzles with educational content: fit toys into the places and listen as they are being counted out loud in Italian. Kids love puzzles! Our are even better because of the education aspects: - learn while play; - numbers are pronounced and display... Gratis 07/2012
741349   Pet Santa Pet Santa Spiele Spiele Apps like Pet Santa It's the night before Christmas and the kids are restless. They know Santa is coming but they have not gotten their presents yet. They want a pet. Santa knows that too. Santa needs to move fast if he wants to drop off the pets to all the kids. Help Sant... 0.99€ 07/2012
741350   WizIQ Virtual Classroom WizIQ Virtual Classroom Bildung Bildung Apps like WizIQ Virtual Classroom The WizIQ App for mobile teaching and learning enables teachers and students to conduct and attend online classes, anytime, anywhere. Install the WizIQ App to access a wide range of easy-to-use and innovative teaching and learning tools that help you c... Gratis 07/2012
741351   99 Dice aka Bones. 99 Dice aka Bones. Spiele Spiele Apps like 99 Dice aka Bones. 99 Dice brings the dice to life with physics and visuals that are fun and dynamic. Each die is rendered in full 3D, and the colors change with each new game. How fun is that! Tap a die to match at least three of the same color, but get as many as you ca... Gratis 07/2012
741352   Quote plus  HD Quote plus HD Referenz Referenz Apps like Quote plus HD Quote plus HD is a stylish featured book of quotes for people who want enjoy words of wisdom. This app contains many famous quotes, histories on this day and useful functions give you connect more information on authors and quotes. Features : - Show I... 0.99€ 07/2012
741353   Lavish Dulhan Magazine Lavish Dulhan Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Lavish Dulhan Magazine Lavish Dulhan focuses on the modern bride and wedding, where South Asian tradition meets contemporary inspiration. Working with some of the best vendors in Canada, we are able to showcase the latest trends within the South Asian wedding industry to help... Gratis 07/2012
741354   CowVision Mobile CowVision Mobile Büro Büro Apps like CowVision Mobile Applicatie voor mobiel gebruik van Comru en andere CowVision applicaties.... Gratis 07/2012
741355   Mühendisname Mühendisname Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Mühendisname İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Mezunları Derneği'nin yayın organı Mühendisname uzun aradan sonra yeniden yayınlanmaya başladı. Mühendisname, İTÜ dünyasının buluşma noktası olacak. Sayıları neredeyse 100 bini bulan İTÜ'lüleri biraraya getirecek.... Gratis 07/2012
741356   ABCD FUN LITE. ABCD FUN LITE. Bildung Bildung Apps like ABCD FUN LITE. ABCD FUN LITE ABCD FUN is a LITE version apps for Kids. (Age group of 2-4 yrs) * A very fun way for to learn English Alphabets. * Full ABCD * All Alphabets includes letters A to Z and is fully-featured. * Without any restrictions * Real sound and human p... Gratis 07/2012
741357   LEXUS IL LEXUS IL Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like LEXUS IL .לקסוס ישראל מזמינה אותך להכיר את דגמי לקסוס המשווקים בישראל התשוקה לשלמות המניעה אותנו בלקסוס, מאפשרת לנו לתכנן ולייצר מגוון דגמים המשלבים את פסגת הטכנולוגיה והעיצוב בעולם. כדי שתוכל לפגוש את מגוון הדגמים שלנו, להתרשם מהטכנולוגיה המתקדמת ומהעיצוב הייחו... Gratis 07/2012
741358   Tales of India - Ramayan Children's Book Tales of India - Ramayan Children's Book Bücher Bücher Apps like Tales of India - Ramayan Children's Book Experience the famous Indian Epic Ramayan in a fun-filled and interactive way on your iPad. Bilingual in both English and Hindi. Includes Hands-on interactions such as Jigsaw puzzles and Coloring pages. THE STORY: The story is about a prince named Ra... 1.99€ 07/2012
741359   The Michael Morcombe and David Stewart eGuide to the Birds of Australia LITE The Michael Morcombe and David Stewart eGuide to the Birds of Australia LITE Referenz Referenz Apps like The Michael Morcombe and David Stewart eGuide to the Birds of Australia LITE This is a LITE version of The Michael Morcombe eGuide to the Birds of Australia but is fully functional and includes ONLY 59 species, compared to 796 species in the full app. If you like the way this app works please check out the full version. The for... Gratis 07/2012
741360   OMD Summer Institute 2012 OMD Summer Institute 2012 Referenz Referenz Apps like OMD Summer Institute 2012 This is the UU OMD Summer Institute 2012 Guidebook application. It's for use while you're at SI having a great time!... Gratis 07/2012
741361   ClickIPR by Lall & Sethi ClickIPR by Lall & Sethi Büro Büro Apps like ClickIPR by Lall & Sethi When was the last time you waited for your agent across the world to wake up and give you a report on your files? Well, that wait is now finally over. Get your reports on your time, on your mobile device NOW. What are you WAITING for? Did my agents... Gratis 07/2012
741362   Money Command Money Command Spiele Spiele Apps like Money Command Protect your dollar bills from the raining pennies Want to make a game of your own based on this game? Full source and rights available at http:/pocketgames4.me at a great price - full music and artwork included - make a version of your own and submit to ... Gratis 07/2012
741363   Heartbeat Presenter Heartbeat Presenter Büro Büro Apps like Heartbeat Presenter Heartbeat Presenter for the iPad was created to allow users to be mobile with their presentations. It is integrated with your company's Heartbeat Presenter online service and provides users with the ability to synchronize and download presentations from H... Gratis 07/2012
741364   Textile Fibre Forum Textile Fibre Forum Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Textile Fibre Forum Textile artists, designers and education facilitators will find Textile Fibre Forum informative, revealing and inspiring. Each issue explodes with colour and shows a passion for the textile arts, the fibre arts and the artisans that employ these materi... Gratis 07/2012
741365   SportVicious SportVicious Sport Sport Apps like SportVicious For lovers of extreme sports, enjoy your favorite free bimonthly magazine... Gratis 07/2012
741366   Policy Central Policy Central Büro Büro Apps like Policy Central Policy Central is an online secure policy and document portal providing advanced tools for the management of business critical compliance of statutory and industry regulations such as: human resources, health & safety, FSA regulations, TCF regulations,... Gratis 07/2012
741367   Happy Coloring HD Happy Coloring HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Happy Coloring HD FREE UNTIL 21 SEPT!!! Kids like to paint something with colorful color. So that's why we offer 80+ Colors to choose from, and from that we still offer many way to color, kids can do painting or they simply can color by using brush or just simply draw f... 0.99€ 07/2012
741368   MyClassTable - Class Timetable Manager,  Schedule and Drawing for Student MyClassTable - Class Timetable Manager, Schedule and Drawing for Student Bildung Bildung Apps like MyClassTable - Class Timetable Manager, Schedule and Drawing for Student ##### Now You Can Desgin Yourself Style ##### A ClassTable, To-do, Doodle three functions of application software, Simple and intuitive interface will bring great convenience to give your life and learning. [Features] 1. ClassTable • Separating A... 0.99€ 07/2012
741369   上海浦东水文 上海浦东水文 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 上海浦东水文 浦东新区水资源康在线监测系统利用先进的遥测、通信、网络、GIS技术, 实时监视、动态分析水文水资源信息, 为决策者提供信息服务和决策支持, 系统主要功能如下: (1)首页, 对系统简介、地区介绍、水文气象概述信息进行展示; (2)文、水质、水资源, 对基本站网、遥测站、在线参数等结合地图、参数进行信息展示、综合查询等; (3)气象, 对天气预报、卫星云图、台风路径信息展示; (4)公报, 对行政、业务公报的查看及下载功能; (5)辅助功能, 提供通讯录、图片查看下载等功能。... Gratis 07/2012
741370   Mis cuentos: Gafas Mis cuentos: Gafas Bücher Bücher Apps like Mis cuentos: Gafas Glasses is the name of the second tale in the My Tales collection. It is about a boy who wears glasses, but who has a few problems on wearing them because they are a little big for him. Like all the tales in the collection, it is a playful way of presen... Gratis 07/2012
741371   Revenge Knight Revenge Knight Spiele Spiele Apps like Revenge Knight 3D Action Game for iPad2 and New iPad... Gratis 07/2012
741372   Speech Zapper Speech Zapper Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Speech Zapper Ranked #1 in Entertainment : Canada, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, US This is the original speech jammer app on iOS One of our many reviews: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU9EGeMP5n4 Speech Zapper now 50% off!! (originally $1.99) with absolutely no in... 0.99€ 07/2012
741373   Hemoglobin Hospital Hemoglobin Hospital Spiele Spiele Apps like Hemoglobin Hospital Introducing a new blood-based action puzzle experience! As red blood cells flow through the bloodstream, it's your job to bond oxygen molecules to them! *Note: Actual red blood cells and hemoglobin differ greatly in appearance and form from those seen in... Gratis 07/2012
741374   Toonalizer Toonalizer Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Toonalizer This is Toonalizer! It creates cartoonish versions of your preferred photos by the touch of a button. Then, colorize it yourself using a free style canvas or get a little help from our app! Features: - Easy customization of toon features - Finger dr... 0.99€ 07/2012
741375   Tiny Teeter Pro Tiny Teeter Pro Spiele Spiele Apps like Tiny Teeter Pro Hi everyone.This is a very fun game of balance ball. On the smooth desktop, rock the ipad to slide your little ball to escape from all the traps and reach the final destination. This game has two modes:level mode and classic mode.In level mode, you can ... 2.99€ 07/2012
741376   Simple Reader Simple Reader Büro Büro Apps like Simple Reader View, Download, Read almost anything on your iPad and iPhone with Simple Reader. Easily access and share a wide variety of file types, including office, chm and ePub. Features: - Copy Documents from Mac or PC - Share Files with Your Friends - Downloa... 0.99€ 07/2012
741377   Pudgy Penguin Free Pudgy Penguin Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Pudgy Penguin Free Featured as a Noteworthy App on TouchVolume.com! Featured on FreeAppIsland.com! Winner of the BYU Mobile App Competition! Here's the deal: Pudgy Penguin loves fish, but due to his extreme pudgyness, he just can't catch them like he used to. Help Pud... Gratis 07/2012
741378   最伟大的100个奢侈品 最伟大的100个奢侈品 Referenz Referenz Apps like 最伟大的100个奢侈品 奢侈品所独有的高贵、完美的气质, 深深吸引了众多的中产阶级追随者。本应用根据全球各大权威机构的综合榜单, 评选出全球最伟大的100大奢侈品, 从品牌的文化历史, 到时尚理念, 打开本应用, 就走进了每一个奢侈品的前世今生。对于奢侈品的消费者而言, 本应用是一个极好的奢侈品导购指南, 让你了解每个奢侈品牌的历史和现状, 帮助你更好地选购符合个人气质的奢侈品;对于奢侈品的欣赏者而言, 本应用是一个权威的奢侈品百科全书, 能让你欣赏到每个奢侈品牌最闪耀的瞬间, 领略到每个奢侈品牌的王者气质。 气势恢弘的开场画... 2.99€ 07/2012
741379   We Heart It We Heart It Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like We Heart It Entdecke und teile die schönsten Bilder aus aller Welt. Entfliehe in die Welt von We Heart It: • Finde einen Bildschirmhintergrund: Hintergründe für jedes Gerät • Lass dich inspirieren: Finde Inspiration bei Themen wie Zitate, Reisen, Abenteuer, Fitn... Gratis 07/2012
741380   Jigsaw Puzzles : Animals (Universal) Jigsaw Puzzles : Animals (Universal) Spiele Spiele Apps like Jigsaw Puzzles : Animals (Universal) If you love animals and jigsaw puzzles you will enjoy this challenging and fun game ! Features include: • Universal build optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad • Over 50 beautifully illustrated animal themed puzzles • 4 puzzle piece sizes - 6, 12,... 0.99€ 07/2012
741381   Radio La Voz Internacional Radio La Voz Internacional Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Radio La Voz Internacional La aplicación oficial de La Radio La Voz Internacional 106.9. Ahora puede escuchar la radio desde su iPhone o iPad.... Gratis 07/2012
741382   Resgrid Responder Resgrid Responder Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Resgrid Responder Resgrid is a logistics, communication and management (LCM) system that can be used by fire departments (volunteer and career), police, emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue (SAR), hazmat, CERT and other first responder or disaster resp... Gratis 07/2012
741383   Play Music Play Music Musik Musik Apps like Play Music Entdecken Sie, dank der Play Music-Anwendung, Gitarren-, Klavier-, Bassgitarren- und Schlagzeug-Kurse, die 100%ig auf Multimedia getrimmt sind. Diese enthalten Partituren, Erklärungen, Audio- und Video-Aufnahmen, Playalongs u.a.m. Nutzen Sie die P... Gratis 07/2012
741384   中华少年奇才六 中华少年奇才六 Bücher Bücher Apps like 中华少年奇才六 《中华少年奇才》是浙江出版集团下属浙江电子音像出版社出版的古典题材连环画作品。该产品收集了中华民族历史上50位优秀少年的故事, 配上精美的中国式连环画插图及普通话朗读, 在穿插介绍人物背景知识的同时, 增加了历史知识测验游戏等, 寓教于乐, 是一款宣扬中华传统人文的文化产品。... Gratis 07/2012
741385   中华少年奇才五 中华少年奇才五 Bücher Bücher Apps like 中华少年奇才五 《中华少年奇才》是浙江出版集团下属浙江电子音像出版社出版的古典题材连环画作品。该产品收集了中华民族历史上50位优秀少年的故事, 配上精美的中国式连环画插图及普通话朗读, 在穿插介绍人物背景知识的同时, 增加了历史知识测验游戏等, 寓教于乐, 是一款宣扬中华传统人文的文化产品。... Gratis 07/2012
741386   GO!GO!PAINT Spline FREE GO!GO!PAINT Spline FREE Produktivität Produktivität Apps like GO!GO!PAINT Spline FREE An Essential item for paint, draw and sketch lovers. GO!GO!PAINT Spline is a simple paint application enabling you to post your works to the in-app gallery. Sending your works by mail or Twitter, communicate with your friends. Posting your works to th... Gratis 07/2012
741387   Sinbad Sinbad Spiele Spiele Apps like Sinbad Set sail, conquer mysterious islands, defeat enemies and find priceless treasure! Become the ultimate hero of legend in a game inspired by Sky 1 HD's Sinbad. As Captain of your loyal crew, you must navigate the seven seas to recover lost relics that a... Gratis 07/2012
741388   CUE bar CUE bar Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like CUE bar Alle informatie over de CUE bar in één overzichtelijke app. Vergeet nooit meer een feest! In de app bekijk je foto's, video's, dj's en de agenda voor de komende tijd.... Gratis 07/2012
741389   金がないなら知恵をしぼれ!ビジネス着想100本ノック 金がないなら知恵をしぼれ!ビジネス着想100本ノック Bücher Bücher Apps like 金がないなら知恵をしぼれ!ビジネス着想100本ノック 【数量限定】電子書籍アプリ特別セール!! 1,000名様だけの90.5%オフ! 書籍定価1,575円が【大特価150円】 ヒット商品連発の「商品企画のプロ」が考えた あなたのアイデア脳を目覚めさせる噂の一冊とは… この著者のノックをすべて受ければ あなたも、今日から素晴らしいアイデアマン! 例えば… ●ヨドバシを24時間営業にしたら何ができる? ●町の写真館を成長させるには? ●日中の新幹線の空席を埋めるには? ●「見積もり」をやめると何が起こる? ●男性用の小便器の理想的なデザインは? あなた... 0.99€ 07/2012
741390   Hope plus Hope plus Medizin Medizin Apps like Hope plus Hope plus 는 Happiness Of PEople suffer from ADHD plus 의 줄임말로 언제 어디서나 환자 및 보호자와 의료진을 모바일기기를 통해 서로 연결하고 ADHD(주의력결핍 과잉행동장애) 질환을 관리 할 수 있도록 돕는 어플리케이션 입니다. Hope plus는 환자 및 보호자에게 의료진이 제공하는 올바른 치료 Guide와 질환 정보를 제공하며 환자 및 보호자가 주기적으로 Scale을 모바일기기를 통해 기록하여 의료진과 공유... Gratis 07/2012
741391   µStim Player µStim Player Medizin Medizin Apps like µStim Player Healing involves therapy and chiropractic and neurologic treatment is no different. Functional Neurologists (also known as Chiropractic Neurologists) provide oculomotor therapy to stimulate deficient areas of the brain and build up brain function to a hea... 14.99€ 07/2012
741392   Interra Credit Union Interra Credit Union Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Interra Credit Union The Interra mobile app offers a unified look across all devices. You can: • Pay bills • Deposit checks • Transfer funds • Check balances and account history Additional features include: • View e-Statements • Alert management • Search capabilities... Gratis 07/2012
741393   Nex-Tech Phone Directory Nex-Tech Phone Directory Büro Büro Apps like Nex-Tech Phone Directory Search the phone directory for businesses in your area or any city nationwide. Access business addresses, phone numbers, websites, email, ads, coupons and other enhanced listing data of our participating yellow page publishers. Sort by distance to fi... Gratis 07/2012
741394   OWASP AppSec Research OWASP AppSec Research Reise Reise Apps like OWASP AppSec Research OWASP AppSec Research is the European conference for anyone interested in application security. This year it will be hosted by the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens, Greece and will take place between July 10-13... Gratis 07/2012
741395   Big Brother Hamster Soup Big Brother Hamster Soup Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Big Brother Hamster Soup ** The OFFICIAL Big Brother app of Jokers Updates! ** Big Brother US is a reality show in real time - when the TV show stops, the real show continues online with live feeds peeking in on the Hamsters for the next three months. Hamster Soup is your way t... Gratis 07/2012
741396   设计之都6月刊 设计之都6月刊 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 设计之都6月刊 陈德坚, 玩心未泯, 设计达人, 他一直很坚持一个信念:无论什么行业的设计, 活到老, 学到老 向自然致敬 ——安缦酒店在中国 玉川酒庄:酒香不怕巷子深 潘鸿彬——星光的夜宴 汤物臣——“方+圆”的奇幻宫殿 生活以上 文化之中 为坐而设计——中国原创设计十年展纪实 交流、实践、勤奋, 开启设计大门 我有一颗童真的心 喷墨陶瓷 定制的艺术 版.话 ——品王嶷木刻版画... Gratis 07/2012
741397   Al-Hasnaa - الحسناء Al-Hasnaa - الحسناء Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Al-Hasnaa - الحسناء Published for the first time in 1909, Al Hasnaa magazine was the first women's magazine in the Arab world. As an avant-gardist publication, it was a pioneer of social modernity in the Sixties. As a faithful platform for women, it contributed to their l... Gratis 07/2012
741398   Brave Knight Brave Knight Spiele Spiele Apps like Brave Knight Brave Knight is an action-packed game with a lot of heart. This is the story of a brave knight on his journey to fight evil trees, boars, dragons, and other magical creatures. The knight must use his skills with his sword to slice the evil creatures. ... 2.99€ 07/2012
741399   Mustang Monthly Mustang Monthly Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Mustang Monthly MUSTANG MONTHLY has a specialized editorial package that covers everything from do-it-yourself recommendations to the history of Mustang. It is the only magazine on the market that caters strictly to the Mustang hobby, from vintage to late-model vehicles... Gratis 07/2012
741400   OptoDrumVideo OptoDrumVideo Medizin Medizin Apps like OptoDrumVideo OptoDrumVideo, a companion to OptoDrum, allows the clinician to easily record video of a patient's eye movement while the patient is watching moving patterns. Eliminate the need for an extra video camera with the convenience of the built-in front camer... 24.99€ 07/2012

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