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744801   Lowville Golf Club Lowville Golf Club Sport Sport Apps like Lowville Golf Club Download the Lowville Golf Club App to enhance your golf experience on the course. This app includes: - Interactive Scorecard - GPS - Quick & Easy Tee Time Booking - Hole Descriptions & Playing Tips - Live Tournaments & Leaderboards - Course Tour - Food ... Gratis 06/2012
744802   Speed & Force Wallpapers Speed & Force Wallpapers Photographie Photographie Apps like Speed & Force Wallpapers Find the Coolest wallpaper collection of mechanical weapons and super vehicles. Feel its speed and beautiful wallpaper images. You will attracted by the awesome wallpapers of Military Weapons; Air Force Wallpaper; Top Race cars; Cool Motorcycles, and mo... 0.99€ 06/2012
744803   Rec Easy Rec Easy Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Rec Easy Sprachaufnahmen? Mit dieser App geht‘s! Ob Geburtstagsständchen, Mitschnitt eines Gespräches, zur Erinnerung einer Aufgabe oder einfach als Nachrichtenspeicher: Diese App macht‘s möglich. Mit dieser App können sie ganz einfach bis zu acht Sprachaufn... 0.99€ 06/2012
744804   Голоса птиц - 3D Голоса птиц - 3D Musik Musik Apps like Голоса птиц - 3D This collection will help you fill the soul of the charm of his native land. Listening to the birds singing, you can, as if by magic to be in his favorite corner of nature. These sounds help you relax and relieve accumulated tension, restore your stren... 4.99€ 06/2012
744805   Living Room Designs Photo Catalog Living Room Designs Photo Catalog Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Living Room Designs Photo Catalog Living Room Designs Photo Catalog & Ideas. Browse thousands of amazing living room photos to inspire your remodeling or construction projects. The living room design categories include: Contemporary, Traditional, Hi-Tech, Farm, 1800s, American, ... 0.99€ 06/2012
744806   (有聲)木偶奇遇記 (有聲)木偶奇遇記 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like (有聲)木偶奇遇記 木偶奇遇記 《木偶奇遇記》是科洛迪的代表作, 發表於1880年。當仁慈木匠皮帕諾睡覺的時候, 夢見一位藍色的天使賦予他最心愛的木偶皮諾曹生命, 於是小木偶開始了他的冒險。如果他要成為真正的男孩, 他必須通過勇氣、忠心以及誠實的考驗。在歷險中, 他因貪玩而逃學, 因貪心而受騙, 還因此變成了驢子。最後, 他掉進一隻大鯨魚的腹中, 意外與皮帕諾相逢……經過這次歷險, 皮諾曹終於長大了, 他變得誠實、勤勞、善良, 成為了一個真真正正的男孩。該作品於1940年被迪斯尼公司改編為動畫電影, 後分別於1983年和2... 2.99€ 06/2012
744807   MemShape MemShape Bildung Bildung Apps like MemShape With MemShape you will become a MandarinMaster in no time at all! Easily memorise over 60+ chinese characters with full colour original images and sound files. Frequent updates and more stuff being added all the time!... 0.99€ 06/2012
744808   start to invest start to invest Finanzen Finanzen Apps like start to invest ความสามารถของโปรแกรม: # คำนวณเงินลงทุน: โปรแกรมช่วยวางแผนการเงินเพื่อเป้าหมายต่างๆ เช่น เก็บเงินซื้อบ้าน ซื้อรถ การศึกษาบุตร หรือเพื่อเกษียณอายุ # สินค้าใหม่: ค้นหาสินค้าใหม่ที่อยู่ระหว่างเสนอขาย โดยเลือกตามกลุ่มที่สนใจ เช่น หุ้นกู้ หุ้น IPO กองทุนรวม... Gratis 06/2012
744809   KATV Channel 7 Weather KATV Channel 7 Weather Wetter Wetter Apps like KATV Channel 7 Weather Get Arkansas weather information from KATV Channel 7 and Arkansas’ Most Experienced Weather Team! Led by Chief Meteorologist Ned Perme, our team of meteorologists is dedicated to providing critical, up-to-date severe weather information and the most acc... Gratis 06/2012
744810   No-brainer Darts Scorer No-brainer Darts Scorer Sport Sport Apps like No-brainer Darts Scorer You play darts we do the math! This Darts Scorer does ALL the calculating for you. Just enter your individual darts and the app keeps track of your scores. The darts are easy to enter in clear and practical screens so you can concentrate on playing darts... 1.99€ 06/2012
744811   MyRailey MyRailey Reise Reise Apps like MyRailey The MyRailey App is designed for rental guests vacationing at properties managed by Railey Mountain Lake Vacations and visitors interested in finding out about what the Deep Creek Lake Area has to offer while on vacation. Railey Mountain Lake Vacations ma... Gratis 06/2012
744812   Balatonozz! Balatonozz! Reise Reise Apps like Balatonozz! Új! Balatonozz a mobilodon! Új alkalmazásunk segítségével több száz balatoni szállás közül válogathatsz gyorsan és egyszerűen! Kezedben tarthatod nyaralásod és kényelmesen foglalhatsz szállást bárhonnan, bármikor! Most ingyenesen! Keresési feltételek, ... Gratis 06/2012
744813   IntuiFace IntuiPad IntuiFace IntuiPad Büro Büro Apps like IntuiFace IntuiPad IntuiFace IntuiPad is a companion application for IntuiFace Composer and Player. It acts as a remote control for users who wish to wirelessly control interactive experiences from their handheld iPad/iPhone device. Using automated discovery, any IntuiFa... Gratis 06/2012
744814   方言达人 HD 方言达人 HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 方言达人 HD 回馈用户,限免开始拉。 (1)达人系列应用至尊版, 支持普通话、粤语、东北话、四川话、台湾话五种方言, 让您尽享学习语言的乐趣。 (2)语音输入内容, 让您输入更加方便。 (3)收藏夹功能保存您常用学习语句, 随时随地, 想学就学。 还等什么, 快来做一个方言学习的达人吧!!!... Gratis 06/2012
744815   Tuhi Tuhi Tuhi Tuhi Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Tuhi Tuhi Every Mantar holds a vibration, when recited with dedication, a transformation begins to unravel in all aspects of our life. This latest Tuhi Tuhi App has Mantras and Paath of the previous version however, there are various added features. Tuhi Tuhi S... Gratis 06/2012
744816   LGV Theory Test LGV Theory Test Bildung Bildung Apps like LGV Theory Test The complete 2015/16 OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test Question Bank. Prepare for your Large Goods Vehicle (LGV or Lorry) theory test and pass first time! LGV Theory Test offers the most advanced test system to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch offering practice ... 8.99€ 06/2012
744817   教出天才宝宝:父母必做的88件事HD 教出天才宝宝:父母必做的88件事HD Bildung Bildung Apps like 教出天才宝宝:父母必做的88件事HD ★限时冰点促销18元→6元!★如何教出智商和情商都比别人高的宝宝, 成了每个父母都头痛的问题。父母对宝宝做的每一件小事, 都会给宝宝的成长造成正面或者负面的影响。亲子教育专家联合人类遗传科学家一起, 对众多拥有优秀宝宝的家庭进行了大规模的样本调查, 总结出这些家庭中, 父母为宝宝做的雷同性最高的88件事情。只要用心对宝宝做一些力所能及的事情, 培养出天才宝宝其实也是易如反掌的一件事!... 0.99€ 06/2012
744818   [年轻父母育儿必备]聪明宝宝健康营养食谱 [年轻父母育儿必备]聪明宝宝健康营养食谱 Bildung Bildung Apps like [年轻父母育儿必备]聪明宝宝健康营养食谱 对于婴幼儿来说, 在由母乳喂养过度到幼儿膳食这个阶段, 诸多不利于健康的因素表现尤为突出, 儿童生长曲线呈现马鞍状迟滞。其中主要原因是婴儿辅食添加不及时、品种少而量不足, 幼儿膳食品种单调、烹调失当以及断离母乳后未换用其他乳品等。 为帮大家解决这些问题, 就食材选择、搭配、烹调、注意事项等多方面做了全面的介绍;针对宝宝不同年龄段所进食物的特征, 如流质、半流质、固体等, 采用中餐、西餐多种烹饪方法相结合的形式, 做了简单的制作示范;并辅以简要说明和精美图片。 总之, 这是一个不可多得的家庭必备应用... 2.99€ 06/2012
744819   ParisSelect® ParisSelect® Reise Reise Apps like ParisSelect® PARIS SELECT is a chic and stylish CITY GUIDE presenting an exclusive selection of places to see and be seen in Paris. These hotspots are grouped by area and organised by different themes. This easy to use application boasts a route planner and other prac... Gratis 06/2012
744820   Kofiko flies EL AL - קופיקו טס אל על Kofiko flies EL AL - קופיקו טס אל על Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Kofiko flies EL AL - קופיקו טס אל על חדש מבית קופיקו-קופיקו טס אל על! קופיקו חוזר ובגדול עם ספר פעילויות וירטואלי שיספק שעות של הנאה. הצטרפו לקופיקו במסע סובב עולם במהלכו תלמדו דברים חדשים על ארצות רחוקות, תציירו ותצבעו גם. תשחקו עם קופיקו בשלל משחקים ותעזרו לו לפצח מבוכים. האפליקציה כולל... Gratis 06/2012
744821   Preismonitor Preismonitor Büro Büro Apps like Preismonitor Die VNG – Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft bietet Ihnen mit der Preismonitor-App ein nützliches und innovatives Tool zur Unterstützung im Bereich Erdgasbeschaffung. Die App richtet sich an Stadtwerke und größere Industriekunden. Sie möchten die Vorteile... Gratis 06/2012
744822   Weigand Weigand Büro Büro Apps like Weigand Rechtsanwälte Weigand & Keller, Ihre Anwaltskanzlei für Rechtsberatung und Prozessvertretung im Rhein-Main-Gebiet. Sie suchen Lösungen für privat-, steuer- & wirtschaftsrechtliche Probleme? An unserem Standort Oberursel betreuen wir Unternehmer und Nic... Gratis 06/2012
744823   Momo Weather Clock Momo Weather Clock Wetter Wetter Apps like Momo Weather Clock 1, weather forecast for the next six days 2, exquisite flip clock and needle clock. 3, calendar for every month. 4, a local music player. 5, a number of exquisite backgrounds for Xpress switch 6, a alarm clock to remind you what to do. FAQ: Q: How... 0.99€ 06/2012
744824   Carrara Carrara Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Carrara Carrara presenta la versione digitale dei propri cataloghi attraverso i quali è possibile selezionare gli articoli della vasta gamma produttiva. Molteplici funzioni per la consultazione dedicate agli addetti al settore e non. Un virtual tour inoltre conse... Gratis 06/2012
744825   i.Puglia Trulli i.Puglia Trulli Photographie Photographie Apps like i.Puglia Trulli i.PUGLIA TRULLI is a collection of 63 high quality free photos of the beautiful traditional houses of Apulia or "Trulli". Also a bonus album with 5 photos of olive trees is included. The App consists of a picture browser and full screen slideshow. All ... 0.99€ 06/2012
744826   Meridian Taxi Meridian Taxi Reise Reise Apps like Meridian Taxi This new version of the Meridian application brings to the taxi market a new innovative function: Cost Control function! No one ever had the courage to give the customers the opportunity to check if the trip cost is correct, according to the route!* We o... Gratis 06/2012
744827   Segelknoten HD Segelknoten HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Segelknoten HD Enthält alle Prüfungsknoten !!! Jetzt auch in HD fürs iPad !!! Segelknoten oder Bootsknoten stellen besondere Anforderungen an die Knoten: - man muss sie schnell knoten können - sie müssen bei großer Belastung und Zug sicher halten - sie müssen sich auc... 1.99€ 06/2012
744828   The Massey App The Massey App Referenz Referenz Apps like The Massey App Emergencies and natural disasters can happen at any time. The Massey App™ keeps you prepared with a DISASTER AND EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for the commercial real estate market. This application for iPad and iPhone allows for greater functionality, ver... Gratis 06/2012
744829   琉璃25周年 琉璃25周年 Büro Büro Apps like 琉璃25周年 “诚意——一个中国琉璃复兴的故事”琉璃工房25周年特展 琉璃工房成立于1987年台湾淡水, 由艺术家杨惠姗与张毅为创始人, 25年来所创作之现代中国琉璃作品为世界各博物馆典藏。25周年之际以“诚意”为题, 呈现过去复兴中国琉璃艺术的历程, 并展出2012年的最新创作系列。 上海琉璃艺术博物馆将携262件经过上海博物馆鉴识的古琉璃收藏, 标志琉璃工房25年创作的代表作品, 以及艺术家杨惠姗的四大最新琉璃艺术创作系列, 共计近百件作品展出。 通过免费的App应用程序, 为您呈现中国琉璃发展的脉络, 2... Gratis 06/2012
744830   Gasline Mobile ™ Gasline Mobile ™ Büro Büro Apps like Gasline Mobile ™ Gasline Mobil Proje Takip Sistemi... Gratis 06/2012
744831   DoAndDont DoAndDont Bildung Bildung Apps like DoAndDont Dynamics DoAndDont is a pictorial behaviour management application for individuals with Autism Spectrum disorders. Children with other learning challenges such as ADHD, speech and language delays or cognitive challenges can greatly benefit from it as wel... 2.99€ 06/2012
744832   Guide for expand it Guide for expand it Referenz Referenz Apps like Guide for expand it ★★★★★ All worlds all Levels !!!! All solutions!!! !!! ★★★★★ Full walkthrough step by step !!! !!! * *Free updates keep coming! *No internet connection needed! *Compatible with iPod/iPod4, iPhone/iPhone4/iPad/iOS4 *Retina display supported Legal Notice... 0.99€ 06/2012
744833   食物相克相宜 食物相克相宜 Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 食物相克相宜 食物也有好朋友和坏朋友哦! 演示视频 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/HE8pPkmM87Q/ 民以食为天!中华五千年最重要的文化即是食文化。搭配相宜会促进营养吸收, 于健康有益;搭配相克会破坏营养价值、影响吸收, 甚至导致疾病或引发中毒。只有根据食物属性及自身情况合理安排膳食, 趋利避害, 才能吃得科学, 吃得营养, 吃出健康。 现在的食品安全问题一直困扰着我们, 到外面吃怕出事, 于是选择在家吃, 但现在的年青人对食材的了解并不多, 所以在家吃也不一定很... Gratis 06/2012
744834   從零開始學英文(高級課程) 從零開始學英文(高級課程) Bildung Bildung Apps like 從零開始學英文(高級課程) 「從零開始學英文」是您的專屬英文教師, 她從基礎講起, 逐步學習, 由簡入深, 從而使您能流利得進行閱讀、對話。 體味英語的精髓(Fluency in English)四冊涵蓋了文化、經濟、哲學、藝術、體育、政治、美學、心理學、社會學、教育學、倫理學、天文學等三十多個學科門類, 語言文字精美獨到, 句型結構復雜多變而又不失簡潔酣暢。同時諸多文章里蘊涵著深厚的哲思、美學及西方文化中獨特的思維方式, 這使得該教材成為每一位欲真正掌握英語語言精華的學習者不可多得、不可不學的教材。教師將與你共同體味其中... 2.99€ 06/2012
744835   從零開始學英文(提高課程) 從零開始學英文(提高課程) Bildung Bildung Apps like 從零開始學英文(提高課程) 「從零開始學英文」是您的專屬英文教師, 她從基礎講起, 逐步學習, 由簡入深, 從而使您能流利得進行閱讀、對話。 提高課程:掌握英語的關鍵(Developing Skills)著重分析句子之間內在的邏輯關系, 使你認識到句型的精煉、優美、實用與可模仿性, 從而將其有機地運用於英語寫作之中;老師將進一步擴充講解詞匯、短語及語法的實戰運用。具備3000個左右的詞匯, 或已完成「從零開始學英文」第二冊學習的學員可進行「從零開始學英文」第三冊的學習。 「從零開始學英文」包括:基礎課程, 初級課程, 提高... 2.99€ 06/2012
744836   從零開始學英文(初級課程) 從零開始學英文(初級課程) Bildung Bildung Apps like 從零開始學英文(初級課程) 「從零開始學英文」是您的專屬英文教師, 她從基礎講起, 逐步學習, 由簡入深, 從而使您能流利得進行閱讀、對話。 初級課程:構建英語的基石(Practice and Progress)在掌握一冊語法知識的基礎上, 由淺入深、逐步講解語法要點, 使你輕松掌握枯燥的語法;通過對句型想方設法的分析及對詞匯、短語的講解, 使你在聽、說、讀中能真正運用地道的句型。掌握後, 可以參加高考一類考試。 「從零開始學英文」包括:基礎課程, 初級課程, 提高課程, 高級課程, 每本課程需要單獨購買。... 2.99€ 06/2012
744837   從零開始學英文(基礎課程) 從零開始學英文(基礎課程) Bildung Bildung Apps like 從零開始學英文(基礎課程) 「從零開始學英文」是您的專屬英文教師, 她從基礎講起, 逐步學習, 由簡入深, 從而使您能流利得進行閱讀、對話。 基礎課程:學習英語的敲門磚(First Things First)講練基本語音、語調(包括所有的音標、連讀、同化)及英語中的基本語法、詞法、句法及句型結構知識。學好第一冊, 是練好英語基本功的關鍵, 適合於英語基礎差, 欲在短期內掌握英語基礎的學習者。掌握後, 可以參加國中一類考試。 「從零開始學英文」包括:基礎課程, 初級課程, 提高課程, 高級課程, 每本課程需要單獨購買。... Gratis 06/2012
744838   Even Monsters Get Sick Even Monsters Get Sick Bildung Bildung Apps like Even Monsters Get Sick Kids play and interact with Harry as he struggles to find out what’s wrong with his new monster. The multiple games are intertwined with the story so that the player can help push the action forward. Kids sail a pirate sea, target-shoot soup into a monst... 1.99€ 06/2012
744839   ANB Bank – Mobile Banking ANB Bank – Mobile Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like ANB Bank – Mobile Banking FREE - ANB Bank Mobile App • Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender | NMLS457261 • Securely access you banking information 24/7 • Display account balances and details in real-time • View transaction history and check images, display online activity, and com... Gratis 06/2012
744840   Baby Letter Cards Baby Letter Cards Bildung Bildung Apps like Baby Letter Cards Do you want your baby to learn ABC's? This is the app you are looking for. A-Z with words and images - Simple and Clean Layout - Nice Images - Flipping page just like a real book - Even Babies can use it... Gratis 06/2012
744841   Beaches and Bays Guide Beaches and Bays Guide Reise Reise Apps like Beaches and Bays Guide ***FREE to download*** Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate award-winning beaches and bays. With long hot summer days just around the corner what better way to explore the award-winning beaches and bays of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate than with the ... Gratis 06/2012
744842   Cabinet Bedin Immobilier HD Cabinet Bedin Immobilier HD Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Cabinet Bedin Immobilier HD Cabinet Bedin Immobilier (CBI), l'immobilier à Bordeaux, Toulouse, Courbevoie, Dax, et Bassin d'Arcachon / Cap Ferret. Cette application HD vous permettra de trouver votre logement sur iPad (une application iPhone existe aussi): - rechercher une anno... Gratis 06/2012
744843   ZeitPaare Sponsored ZeitPaare Sponsored Bildung Bildung Apps like ZeitPaare Sponsored Übe das Lesen der digitalen und analogen Uhrzeit! Highlights - Lustiges Spiel in bekannter Memory-Spielweise - Neben klassischen Bilderkarten, gibt es Zeitkarten, damit du das Lesen der Uhrzeit üben kannst - Wähle selbst den Schwierigkeitsgrad: 4, 6... Gratis 06/2012
744844   Toyota 86 AR Toyota 86 AR Spiele Spiele Apps like Toyota 86 AR ### Gehen Sie zu toyota86ar.com und drucken Sie die Vorlage ‘Made to Thrill’ aus und plazieren Sie diese auf dem Boden vor Ihnen. ### Starten Sie Toyota 86 AR und richten Sie die Kamera auf die Vorlage um den neuen Toyota 86 zum Lebel zu erwecken. Test... Gratis 06/2012
744845   Live Weather With Map Live Weather With Map Wetter Wetter Apps like Live Weather With Map Live Weather is the original and most beautiful Weather App for your Weather App for iPad - with cool map. This app provides the most accurate and relevant weather information whenever weather matters to you. Live Weather With Map includes a wide range o... 0.99€ 06/2012
744846   Sultangazi Belediyesi Sultangazi Belediyesi Referenz Referenz Apps like Sultangazi Belediyesi Sultangazi Belediyesi'nin Resmi iPhone/iPad uygulamasıdır. Uygulama ile Sultangazi Belediyesi ile ilgili birçok bilgiye erişebilir, e-belediyecilik üzerinden borç sorgulama ve ödeme yapabilirsiniz.... Gratis 06/2012
744847   SPU i-eBook SPU i-eBook Bücher Bücher Apps like SPU i-eBook SPUieBook Bookstore for Sripatum University... Gratis 06/2012
744848   Shopper Calc Shopper Calc Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Shopper Calc Shopper Calc combines many common shopping calculations into one convenient app! Use it to... • convert between a large number of unit types (weight, length, area, volume) • convert between similar ratios such as $/lb and $/kg, mpg and L/100 km, etc... 0.79€ 06/2012
744849   MonkeyMote Music Remote HD MonkeyMote Music Remote HD Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like MonkeyMote Music Remote HD MonkeyMote HD gives you a full-fledged wireless music remote control for your iPad. It supports several popular media players: • Winamp • MediaMonkey • JRiver Media Center • AIMP The app connects to your Windows PC via your WiFi network and allows you to... 2.99€ 06/2012
744850   FlexDek : Wellness Management FlexDek : Wellness Management Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like FlexDek : Wellness Management FlexDek™ is a simple yet comprehensive program with a full menu of robust features providing Clients and Care Managers tools for remote patient monitoring, data collection and reporting. FlexDek™ is able to provide simple resources (information, surveys... Gratis 06/2012
744851   Tappy Escape - Besten Abenteuer-Spiel für Kinder Tappy Escape - Besten Abenteuer-Spiel für Kinder Spiele Spiele Apps like Tappy Escape - Besten Abenteuer-Spiel für Kinder Es gibt keine Möglichkeit dass Tappy, Sir Bobcat seine geliebte Pixieentführen lässt und mit ihr weggeht! Und als ob dies nicht genug wäre, zählt der Bösewicht nun auch noch zu unseren Helden! Wirst du Ihm helfen um den Tag zu retten? Über einem Wald ... Gratis 06/2012
744852   EXPO2012 Library Lite EXPO2012 Library Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like EXPO2012 Library Lite The App provides access to lite version of interactive library from Russian Exposition within EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea, World's Fair. The main theme of the Expo is "The Living Ocean and Coast. Diversity of Resourses and Sustainable Activities".... Gratis 06/2012
744853   Rotkäppchen Rotkäppchen Bücher Bücher Apps like Rotkäppchen Sind Sie mit interaktiven Bücher, deren Interaktivität keinen Sinn hat, satt? Wir möchten Ihnen die gute Alternative dazu anbieten. In diesem Buch wird das Kind zum eigentlichen Teilnehmer der Geschichte. Ob es dem Rotkäppchen hilft, sich für die Reis... 1.99€ 06/2012
744854   Ini's Ants Ini's Ants Spiele Spiele Apps like Ini's Ants My name is Inigo and this is my game. It's you against the bull ants - they just keep coming. This is a very addictive high action game with 10 levels of gameplay that draw you in. You'll just want to get better and better at playing - must beat that l... 0.99€ 06/2012
744855   WiCall Business - Hochwertige Internet-Telefonate WiCall Business - Hochwertige Internet-Telefonate Büro Büro Apps like WiCall Business - Hochwertige Internet-Telefonate WiCall Business bietet die gleiche Funktionalität und Benutzerfreundlichkeit, um Anrufe über das Internet zu machen dass WiCall, die sich über 15 Millionen Nutzer Innerhalb von 36 Monaten erreicht hat. Aber sobald der Anruf erreicht unsere nächstgelege... Gratis 06/2012
744856   RECIST 1.0 vs 1.1 RECIST 1.0 vs 1.1 Medizin Medizin Apps like RECIST 1.0 vs 1.1 BioClinica's "Interactive RECIST Training Program" is an excellent learning technique that will guide the user through the criteria and its classifications on response for solid tumors. RECIST (Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors) was originally ... Gratis 06/2012
744857   RECIST 1.1 RECIST 1.1 Medizin Medizin Apps like RECIST 1.1 BioClinica's "Interactive RECIST Training Program" is an excellent learning technique that will guide the user through the criteria and its classifications on response for solid tumors. RECIST (Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors) was originally ... Gratis 06/2012
744858   Okey 101 Online Okey 101 Online Spiele Spiele Apps like Okey 101 Online Arkadaş Okey 'in yapımcılarından bu kez de online yüzbir keyfi cebinize geliyor! Kaliteli bir ortamda arkadaşlarınız ile beraber yüzbir oynayabilir, istediğiniz gibi mesajlaşabilir, yüksek puan tablosuna girmek için yarışabilirsiniz. Oyunumuzun özellik... Gratis 06/2012
744859   Brevet des Collèges 2015 avec digiSchool Brevet des Collèges 2015 avec digiSchool Bildung Bildung Apps like Brevet des Collèges 2015 avec digiSchool ◉◉◉ Réalisée avec les professeurs digiSchool ◉◉◉ ◉ On fait le plein de nouveautés pour cette nouvelle édition du brevet des collèges 2015 par digiSchool ! ◉ Dans cette application, tu peux accéder GRATUITEMENT à plus de 100 fiches de révisions et plus ... Gratis 06/2012
744860   Future Story of Sagamihara Future Story of Sagamihara Reise Reise Apps like Future Story of Sagamihara A series of maps provides guidance to the many fascinating sides of Sagamihara. From future community development projects to cherry blossoms, from nature, water, and cycling to outer space, sports and art. This app is all you need to enjoy the very b... Gratis 06/2012
744861   USA Radio Player USA Radio Player Musik Musik Apps like USA Radio Player Radio USA allows you to listen to a great variety of radio stations from USA on a simple and intuitive way. Hear about the latest news, enjoy listening sports and the best music from your country or you can also check out our genre selection. Select thos... 0.99€ 06/2012
744862   Holy Bible In Amharic Holy Bible In Amharic Bücher Bücher Apps like Holy Bible In Amharic ================================= "For I know the plans I have for you, " says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope" ( Jeremiah 29:11) We are happy to offer Holy Bible in Amharic for 50% discount. Ge... Gratis 06/2012
744863   BART: Dump the Pump BART: Dump the Pump Spiele Spiele Apps like BART: Dump the Pump BART's Dump the Pump Adventure A fun, interactive story about the perils of driving a car. First - draw yourself! Then watch your hand-drawn character navigate through the crowded rush hour traffic in downtown San Francisco, and come up with creativ... Gratis 06/2012
744864   Naver Matome Antena Naver Matome Antena Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Naver Matome Antena RSS Reader. Users can read most interested and favorited news and other topics at naver.jp. Can sort by popularity, date, alphabetically. Genre are complicated at naver.jp, but you can read them instantly by putting together!... Gratis 06/2012
744865   Central Estate Agents for iPad Central Estate Agents for iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Central Estate Agents for iPad Central Estates was established in 1986, recently celebrating 25 years of unblemished service to Central London property. We are an independent firm specializing in high-end residential property with exclusive focus on residential sales and acquisitions,... Gratis 06/2012
744866   HaierViewHD Full HaierViewHD Full Produktivität Produktivität Apps like HaierViewHD Full HaierViewHD Full is the innovative software for viewing the video of plug n play IP Cameras on iPad. No public IP address is needed for the IP camera, no port mapping or DDNS is needed for router configuration. It is simply enough to just key in the ID/p... Gratis 06/2012
744867   Crazy Catch HD Crazy Catch HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Crazy Catch HD If you are a hardcore Game player, then you must play this awesome catching game >>!!Warning!!<< You must wear a helmet to play this game otherwise you never know when you might fall off the couch. Already several gamers have fallen off their chairs an... 4.99€ 06/2012
744868   中华美德故事——Traditional Chinese Virtue Story 中华美德故事——Traditional Chinese Virtue Story Bildung Bildung Apps like 中华美德故事——Traditional Chinese Virtue Story 中华民族具有生生不息、历史弥新的传统美德, 这是中小学永不枯竭的道德教育资源, 在面向现代化、面向世界、面向未来的青少年学生身上, 寄托着复兴中华民族的伟大希望。 为了帮助学校开展好传统道德的教育, 让每一个青少年学生都能体会到传统美德的魅力, 感受到民族精神的力量, 不断增强民族自尊心、自信心和自豪感, 我们从大量的传统美德故事中遴选出30个小故事视频, 研发制作了《中华传统美德》产品, 产品故事生动有趣, 寓教于乐, 百看不厌。 本产品功能专业化、新颖化、多样化, ... Gratis 06/2012
744869   Titan Alive Titan Alive Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Titan Alive Ever wished you could bring your real comic to virtual life? Well now you can, with Titan Alive. Titan Alive allows your smart phone or tablet to recognise images in your favorite comic. It then changes your view of the real-world with videos, mus... Gratis 06/2012
744870   Chinese Acupuncture Chinese Acupuncture Medizin Medizin Apps like Chinese Acupuncture One of the most exclusive Visual Dictionary of AcuPuncture that details on over 300+ CHINESE AcuPuncture points with their ENGLISH and CHINESE names. LEARN A-Z of AcuPuncture and get insights into the following categories of AcuPuncture: * Du Vessel Mer... 0.99€ 06/2012
744871   Titan AR Titan AR Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Titan AR Ever wished you could bring your real comic to virtual life? Well now you can, with Titan AR. Titan AR allows your smart phone or tablet to recognise images in your favorite comic. It then augments your view of the real-world with videos, music an... Gratis 06/2012
744872   Solkollen Barnehage Solkollen Barnehage Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Solkollen Barnehage Interaktivt informasjonsblad fra Solkollen Barnehage i Kristiansand. Inneholder artikler, videoer, intervjuer m.m.... Gratis 06/2012
744873   Guilnar Guilnar Musik Musik Apps like Guilnar This Application contains biography, photos, discography and videos about the Lebanese pianist Guilnar Majdalani.... Gratis 06/2012
744874   FNCB Mobile FNCB Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like FNCB Mobile First National Community Bank’s Mobile App makes it easy for you to bank on the go. Do your banking right from your iPhone and iPad! You can manage your accounts, pay bills, find ATMs and more! Bank with confidence - First National Community Bank’s Mo... Gratis 06/2012
744875   PriorityONE Credit Union of Florida PriorityONE Credit Union of Florida Finanzen Finanzen Apps like PriorityONE Credit Union of Florida With PriortyONE’s mobile banking application, you can take your banking with you. Check your balances, pay your bills, transfer money , even find an ATM or our closest location – all using our new mobile application. To learn how we protect your pri... Gratis 06/2012
744876   KSU Faculty Members & Staff KSU Faculty Members & Staff Bildung Bildung Apps like KSU Faculty Members & Staff يقدم التطبيق عدة خدمات لإعضاء هيئة التدريس والموظفين بالتكامل مع النظام الإداري والمالي لجامعة الملك سعود وهي إمكانية الاطلاع علي الملف الشخصي للمستخدم وعرض المعلومات الوظيفية له وكذلك سجل العهد كما يمكن للموظف الاطلاع على الرواتب حسب الشهور كما يمكنه ا... Gratis 06/2012
744877   Konductor'12 Konductor'12 Musik Musik Apps like Konductor'12 Konductor allows you to control your Linn Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS, Sekrit DS-I or Sneaky Music DS from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Konductor was designed from the ground up to control the complete range of Linn Digital Streamer Players ru... Gratis 06/2012
744878   Madefire Comics & Motion Books Madefire Comics & Motion Books Bücher Bücher Apps like Madefire Comics & Motion Books Featured App Store Editors' Choice with Best of July, Best New Apps, (July 2014) and Best of 2014 awards Winner of Pipedream Comics Digital Comics App of 2014 Madefire delivers the most innovative mobile and tablet app with its rich catalogue of new d... Gratis 06/2012
744879   Stánok 7 Plus Stánok 7 Plus Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Stánok 7 Plus Od 1.10.2015 znížené ceny predplatného pri väčšine titulov a nová, nižšia cena - iba 0, 99 € pre jednotlivé vydanie týždenníka Plus 7 dní Až 23 slovenských časopisov môžete čítať v aplikácii Stánok 7 Plus. Vyberte si zo širokej ponuky a oddýchnite si pr... Gratis 06/2012
744880   Mein Traumtagebuch Mein Traumtagebuch Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mein Traumtagebuch Notiere, klassifiziere, markiere, speichere und teile deine Träume! Gratis! Mit Mein Traumtagebuch kannst du leicht deine Träume notieren, so wie du dich an sie erinnerst. Wähle Datum, verwende Markierungen und gebe auch an, welche Art von Traum e... Gratis 06/2012
744881   銀杏的果實:日本文學名著《中文版》 銀杏的果實:日本文學名著《中文版》 Bücher Bücher Apps like 銀杏的果實:日本文學名著《中文版》 秋天的山丘上, 一株孕育出大量銀杏果的母樹, 與即將展開旅程的孩子們, 接下來會有什麼樣的遭遇呢?且聽日本著名文學家『宮沢賢治』, 為您娓娓道來這段精采的短篇故事。 本書每一頁內容, 均配合故事情節, 製作了對應故事內容的全畫面精美插圖, 全書共21頁(含封面), 精采的故事內容, 等您來仔細品味! 【軟體特色】 1.能夠追蹤您手指移動的位置來翻頁, 讓您盡享翻書閱讀的樂趣。 2.提供快速切換至指定頁功能, 由下滑及上推手勢可收合此功能列。 3.自動記憶目前閱讀中的頁碼, 並於下次啟動時自動切換至此頁... Gratis 06/2012
744882   WDW Wallpaper from Disney Photography Blog WDW Wallpaper from Disney Photography Blog Photographie Photographie Apps like WDW Wallpaper from Disney Photography Blog Disney Photography Blog brings you 30 high resolution photographs from inside the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom. All 30 images are available as retina graphics for use on the new iPad. Images can be saved as wallpapers ... 1.99€ 06/2012
744883   Banco BICE Banco BICE Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Banco BICE Te presentamos la aplicación de Banco BICE, disponible para nuestros clientes 7x24. Tu información en forma rápida y segura, con navegación y funciones rediseñadas para hacer la experiencia móvil más simple para ti. Tus saldos y movimientos en línea... Gratis 06/2012
744884   Vivienda Vivienda Büro Büro Apps like Vivienda Aplicación distribuida por un consorcio de constructoras la cual entrega información a los usuarios de ubicación de los proyectos de construcción e información de cada uno. Cuenta con un buscador, lector de QR Codes, ficha de información para cada proye... Gratis 06/2012
744885   Jewel Stacker Jewel Stacker Spiele Spiele Apps like Jewel Stacker Jewel Stacker is an amazing, simple, but challenging physics-based game where the object is to stack sets of jewels without letting them fall over. Optimized for iPhone 5! REVIEWS: ■ "This is a stunner. 10 out of 10 for me." ■ "This is a fun and addic... Gratis 06/2012
744886   Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Bildung Bildung Apps like Liechtenstein Dieses App ist ein kostenloser Reiseführer, welcher anlässlich des Jubiläums “300 Jahre Liechtensteiner Oberland” erstellt wurde. Es beinhaltet Informationen zum Fürstentum Liechtenstein allgemein, aber auch den einzelnen Gemeinden. Verschiedene Sehens... Gratis 06/2012
744887   Just Tee Times HD Just Tee Times HD Sport Sport Apps like Just Tee Times HD Just Tee Times.com offers the independent golfer who wishes to only book golf, a quick and easy solution to access golf tee times at competitive rates saving time and money. We have established agreements with the best golf courses in the best Continenta... Gratis 06/2012
744888   Caveirac Caveirac Bildung Bildung Apps like Caveirac Château de Caveirac... Gratis 06/2012
744889   Tuto Photoshop CS6 Tuto Photoshop CS6 Bildung Bildung Apps like Tuto Photoshop CS6 Découvrez des vidéos gratuites sur Photoshop CS6, réalisées par un formateur professionnel. Une formation complète sur toutes les nouveautés de Photoshop.... Gratis 06/2012
744890   Astro Drop Astro Drop Spiele Spiele Apps like Astro Drop Astro Drop is a fast-paced "fall and dodge" game focused on speed and reflexes. Sometimes there are things in life that just can’t wait. You must race to your destination as fast as you can avoiding perilous obstacles in the process! Powerups will get yo... 0.99€ 06/2012
744891   Jijigo: Kolorowanka ZOO Lite Jijigo: Kolorowanka ZOO Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Jijigo: Kolorowanka ZOO Lite Które dziecko nie lubi malować? Kolorowanki rozwijają dziecięcą wyobraźnie i pozwalają poznawać kolory. Dwie ilustracje (10 w pełnej wersji) uroczych zwierząt z Kolorowanki JIJIGO ZOO zapewnią Twojemu dziecku zabawę przez długi czas! Przeznaczona dla dzie... Gratis 06/2012
744892   Jijigo: Kolorowanka ZOO Jijigo: Kolorowanka ZOO Spiele Spiele Apps like Jijigo: Kolorowanka ZOO Które dziecko nie lubi malować? Kolorowanki rozwijają dziecięcą wyobraźnie i pozwalają poznawać kolory. Dziesięć uroczych zwierząt z Kolorowanki JIJIGO ZOO zapewnią Twojemu dziecku zabawę przez długi czas! Przeznaczona dla dzieci w wieku 3-12 lat. - Malo... Gratis 06/2012
744893   Golf Asia Golf Asia Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Golf Asia Golf Asia is Asia's premier golfing lifestyle magazine with over 18 years of experience bringing to readers superior quality in editorial content, design and presentation. It is the choice read among discerning golfers for the complete guide to equipment... Gratis 06/2012
744894   MEDMap MEDMap Medizin Medizin Apps like MEDMap Reisen Sie mit Vertrauen. Keine Sorgen mehr beim Verlassen mit MEDMap. Die einzige App, die Ihnen hilft, die kleinen unerwartete gesundheitliche Probleme, die auf der Straße passieren kann, zu verwalten. Eine große Anzahl von Benutzern vertrauen ber... Gratis 06/2012
744895   London HD London HD Reise Reise Apps like London HD London is the largest city in the United Kingdom as well as the capital of England. London is also a worldwide financial center. It is a beautiful city, with exquisite architecture and many historical sites. Geographically, London is a very complex ci... 2.99€ 06/2012
744896   趣趣生果HD for iPad 趣趣生果HD for iPad Bildung Bildung Apps like 趣趣生果HD for iPad Through the colorful fruit patterns, to enable children to increase interest in learning digital, including learning the number of digital and observation to learn the name of the fruit and color nouns (English and Chinese), so that children learn how ... Gratis 06/2012
744897   国谱 国谱 Bildung Bildung Apps like 国谱 1.丰富的地图数据 2.多种地图展示 3.趣味化的知识... Gratis 06/2012
744898   Spitball Revenge! Spitball Revenge! Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Spitball Revenge! Spitball Revenge! is an addictive new adventure game which will stretch your gaming skills to the limit. Slide to turn corners, jump to avoid obstacles, and shoot spitballs at anybody who gets in your way! What Users are Saying ‘My best purcha... 0.99€ 06/2012
744899   Naked Wines Naked Wines Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Naked Wines Built exclusively for Naked Wines Angels. Not an Angel? Download and register for a free $100 wine voucher. Naked Wines in an online wine retailer supporting independent winemakers from around the world. Rather than building an app version of our websit... Gratis 06/2012
744900   Radar Online for iPhone Radar Online for iPhone Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Radar Online for iPhone Can't live without the latest celebrity and entertainment news and gossip? Stay in know with the Radar Online news app. You'll be able to access and read top Radar stories wherever you are. Radar Online is the most influential, trusted celebrity and pop ... Gratis 06/2012
744901   Bouygues Immobilier - Jardins Liers Bouygues Immobilier - Jardins Liers Büro Büro Apps like Bouygues Immobilier - Jardins Liers Visualisez en réalité augmentée le programme " les Jardins de Liers " de Bouygues immobilier situé à Sainte Geneviève des Bois. Pour voir apparaître le projet en réalité augmentée sur votre iPad ou de votre iPhone, vous pouvez suivre les étapes suivante... Gratis 06/2012
744902   Cosmote Books Reader Cosmote Books Reader Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Cosmote Books Reader Cosmote Books Reader is a document reading application compatible with PDF and ePub Free or Adobe DRM'ed documents. Download and use Cosmote Books Reader app to read all your e-books and documents. The application provides a unique reading experience bo... Gratis 06/2012
744903   Quick Fictions - every story under 300 words Quick Fictions - every story under 300 words Bücher Bücher Apps like Quick Fictions - every story under 300 words 30 new stories for 2015. Now over 150 great very short stories. **Chosen by Sunday Times App 500 World's best apps as one of the ten top book apps** The Guardian 'This is a nifty idea.' The Literary Platform 'The stories all pack a punch beyond their 3... 0.99€ 06/2012
744904   Bottom of the Ninth 01 Bottom of the Ninth 01 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Bottom of the Ninth 01 Bottom of the Ninth is the first animated graphic novel of it's kind, created by Hollywood artist, Ryan Woodward (The Avengers, Ironman 2 , Spider-man 2&3, The Iron Giant(1998) etc.) In the year 2172, Tao City bleeds New Baseball, an artificial gra... Gratis 06/2012
744905   LEB LEB Referenz Referenz Apps like LEB Het Landbouw-Economisch Bericht 2012 biedt een verklarend overzicht van de gang van zaken in de Nederlandse agrosector. Tegen de achtergrond van de internationale en nationale economische en politieke ontwikkelingen, wordt ingegaan op ontwikkelingen in d... Gratis 06/2012
744906   HDKaraoke Control for iPad HDKaraoke Control for iPad Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like HDKaraoke Control for iPad HDKaraoke (HDK Box) Control Application for iPad Version 1.2.0 HDKaraoke Control for iPad is the remote controller application for HDK Box (Karaoke Set top Box).... Gratis 06/2012
744907   OFS Brands Neocon OFS Brands Neocon Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like OFS Brands Neocon OFS Brands Neocon showroom utility to aid dealers and designers in product knowledge and imagery.... Gratis 06/2012
744908   Black Operations HD Black Operations HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Black Operations HD STRATEGY COMES TO MULTI TOUCH! TAKE command and charge the field in this ACTION-PACKED line-drawing battle! ★★★★★ ✓ Adaptive difficulty; ✓ World class artwork; ✓ Captivating gameplay; ✓ Tons and tons of cowbell; ✓ Bluetooth, local wifi and gamece... Gratis 06/2012
744909   Swyft Mobile Swyft Mobile Büro Büro Apps like Swyft Mobile Swyft's Mobile App is Right for Any Sales Force or Field Service Team Increase Efficiency, Generate and Prioritize Leads, Cross Sell & Up Sell Whether your sales force or field service team is knocking on doors of individual consumers or businesses, ... Gratis 06/2012
744910   Radiant Church Radiant Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Radiant Church Radiant Church offers something for everyone and with two campus locations in Colorado Springs and four service times, we're convinced you can find a service that fits you. Use our app to stay up-to-date with WORSHIP services, CONNECTION groups, ENGAGE... Gratis 06/2012
744911   InstaStitch - Photo Collage Maker! InstaStitch - Photo Collage Maker! Photographie Photographie Apps like InstaStitch - Photo Collage Maker! * FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! * * InstaStitch is a powerful collage maker and photo editor for you to make photo collages using your photos, fun stickers, backgrounds, text with cool fonts and frames. * InstaStitch is the best collage maker and helps you... Gratis 06/2012
744912   Buster Spirits Buster Spirits Spiele Spiele Apps like Buster Spirits "If you like bananas old school shooters where a million things are happening on-screen at once then Buster Spirits is for you. " - IGN "If you're looking for an extremely solid arcade shooter, this is the ticket" - Popugamer The sequel to the hit vert... 0.99€ 06/2012
744913   MoSKito UI MoSKito UI Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like MoSKito UI MoSKito UI is the mobile addition to the open source MoSKito Monitoring Framework. It allows you to control and monitor your application from anywhere. From now on, your iOS device is all you need to be sure that your multimillion dollar portal is runnin... Gratis 06/2012
744914   Toon Shooters Toon Shooters Spiele Spiele Apps like Toon Shooters SUPER BOYS Out Now! All games free. (Dungeon Time next week!) Featured in the App Store under 'The Best Games You've Never Played' in the US & many other countries. In a faraway place a long time ago, the Galactic Fleet threaten to eat the galaxy and E... Gratis 06/2012
744915   Bad Pirate Bad Pirate Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Bad Pirate Bad Pirate PLEASE NOTE: This app is for 17+ only FREE APP Meet Bob! Hes a Pirate, however he's a Bad Pirate Press Bob to hear him say a bad pirate phrase, or view to soundboard to pick your best ones. Developed By www.SlinkyApps.com Voiced By www.... 2.99€ 06/2012
744916   اخبار البحرين | خبر عاجل، محليات،سياسة، ثقافة، أخبار العالم اخبار البحرين | خبر عاجل، محليات،سياسة، ثقافة، أخبار العالم Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like اخبار البحرين | خبر عاجل، محليات،سياسة، ثقافة، أخبار العالم آخر نشرات الأخبار السياسية، الإقتصادية، الترفيهية، والرياضية من المواقع المتخصصة بالأخبار البحرينية، العربية, الخليجية، والعالمية حمّل التطبيق مجانا وابقى على إطلاع على آخر الاخبار البحرينية لحظة حدوثها News from AlBahrain as the action unfolds. Arti... Gratis 06/2012
744917   英语国际音标逆向学习法多媒体交互软件 英语国际音标逆向学习法多媒体交互软件 Bildung Bildung Apps like 英语国际音标逆向学习法多媒体交互软件 本软件是北京华夏树人数码科技有限公司开发的多媒体教学软件, 所选单词实用典型, 朗朗上口。由外籍英语专家领读, 语音标准地道。 所讲语音知识完整系统, 能使您的发音更加完美。本软件适用于中小学生及英语初学者。用户通过学习能够纠正错误的发音, 掌握听说英语的技巧, 说一口漂亮标准的英语! 本套软件共含五大部分内容: 一、元音:单元音中的四个前元音、三个中元音、五个后元音;双元音中的五个合口元音、三个集中元音的发音及各个元音在单词、短语及句子中的发音。 二、辅音:六个爆破辅音、十二个摩... 0.99€ 06/2012
744918   Spinphony Spinphony Musik Musik Apps like Spinphony Your pictures, your music. Spinphony treats your pictures as records. Load any image and hear it become a catchy song, soothing groove or quirky melody. Load a photo and Spinphony's 3 tone generators analyze the colors in the image as it rotates. Modi... Gratis 06/2012
744919   Doodle Army HD Doodle Army HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Doodle Army HD The Doodle Army™ wants you! See even more of the action with this specially made HD version just for your iPad! Enlist today and cut down wave after wave of enemies in this endless shooting adventure! Hear the sweet screams of your victims as you straf... 0.99€ 06/2012
744920   National Geographic France,  le magazine National Geographic France, le magazine Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like National Geographic France, le magazine Téléchargez gratuitement l’application du magazine National Geographic et retrouvez à la vente chaque mois l’édition numérique National Geographic. Exclusivité dans l’appli : accédez avec l’appli à de nombreux bonus numériques dans chaque numéro : vidéos,... Gratis 06/2012
744921   ممالك الأبطال ممالك الأبطال Spiele Spiele Apps like ممالك الأبطال ممالك الأبطال أخذت المركز الأول في عدة الدول العربية علي تصنيف الألعاب ممالك الأبطال لعبة استراتيجية للحروب في القرن المتوسط, واللاعبون يمكنهم تقويتهم بتطوير ممالكهم في عالم اللعبة, ويساعدون أعضاء النقابة.والتحدي اللاعبين من أنحاء العالم, وقتل الوحوش الش... Gratis 06/2012
744922   優美客/Youmaker.com 優美客/Youmaker.com Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like 優美客/Youmaker.com Youmaker, video, audio and social website... Gratis 06/2012
744923   TVApp TVApp Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like TVApp TVApp su iOS! TVApp ti permette di vedere TVA Vicenza in diretta “live” e tutte le puntate dei tuoi programmi preferiti “on demand”. Sempre aggiornato sulla programmazione di TVA Vicenza, Terra Veneta, TVA Sport, TVA +1 e TVA News. Con il tasto “ in... Gratis 06/2012
744924   Moment Mag Moment Mag Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Moment Mag Moment นิตยสารดิจิทัล 2 ภาษา จากโมเดอร์นฟอร์ม รวบรวมเรื่องราวผ่านที่มาและแรงบันดาลใจในการอยู่อาศัยแบบเหนือระดับ พร้อมแนวคิดที่สะท้อนถึงนวัตกรรม และการถ่ายทอดบทสัมภาษณ์เพื่อส่งต่อแรงบันดาลใจไปสู่ผู้อ่านที่มีไลฟ์สไตล์แบบคนรุ่นใหม่ เพื่อเติมเต็มความสุขและประ... Gratis 06/2012
744925   Sparkle Sparkle Spiele Spiele Apps like Sparkle - NOW FREE FOREVER!! - "it looks amazing, it plays amazing, the music is brilliant and it's just a great game to play." -Customer Review "great game. Smooth movements and animations between menus etc and the game play is cool." -Customer Review "Nea... Gratis 06/2012
744926   疯狂填字Live版 疯狂填字Live版 Spiele Spiele Apps like 疯狂填字Live版 疯狂填字天天版是每天更新的填字游戏 名列文字类第一名的填字游戏荣誉出品 每天一题, 不用再买报纸做填字游戏啦 疯狂填字是最早的在线中文填字游戏, 现在你可以在手机上玩填字了, 既打发了时间, 又增长了知识, 你准备好挑战史上最疯狂的中文填字游戏了吗? 1、天天更新的中文填字游戏 2、游戏时请选中空格查看提示 3、点击字母按键输入首字母拼音 4、正确完成词条就会转换为汉字显示 5、注意提示分为横向和纵向的提示 6、完成或升级VIP后可以双击查看答案 帮助中心还可以 1、切换音效开关 2、... 0.99€ 06/2012
744927   The Witch With No Name HD The Witch With No Name HD Bücher Bücher Apps like The Witch With No Name HD The Witch With No Name is an artful blend of story and games *** Featured in the book "iPad Apps for Kids" (part of the "For Dummies" books series) *** --------- *AppySmarts.com : (94/100) Editor's fav * USA Today (4/4): This is a magical romp, full of... 3.99€ 06/2012
744928   London Sports London Sports Spiele Spiele Apps like London Sports The Summer London Games are just around the corner and friendly competition is in the air! People all around the world have gathered to see which nation has the best athletes around the globe. Training has begun. You have been chosen to represent your ... Gratis 06/2012
744929   StageScape Remote StageScape Remote Musik Musik Apps like StageScape Remote IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version of the StageScape Remote app works only with StageScape firmware v1.20. Please update your StageScape firmware before updating your StageScape Remote app. PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: The StageScape Remote app is a comp... Gratis 06/2012
744930   Ski Park HD: Erstellen Resort und Finden Gegenstände! Ski Park HD: Erstellen Resort und Finden Gegenstände! Spiele Spiele Apps like Ski Park HD: Erstellen Resort und Finden Gegenstände! Jetzt auch als iPhone-Version verfügbar! Hole dir das erste Spiel, das zwei beliebte Genres verbindet: Aufbau-Strategie und Wimmelspiel! Baue das beliebteste und außergewöhnlichste Ski-Resort der Welt! Erbaue wunderschöne Gebäude und verwandle die Wunder... Gratis 06/2012
744931   新濠 新濠 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 新濠 本软件介绍新濠的发展历程, 以电子杂志的形式展示了新濠的发展.同时以3D方式展示了新濠的三维展厅.... Gratis 06/2012
744932   航空气象 航空气象 Wetter Wetter Apps like 航空气象 本软件提供实时的航空气象信息。... Gratis 06/2012
744933   Astronot Lite Astronot Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Astronot Lite A lowly garbage worker on a trading ship is the only survivor after a crash on an uncharted planet filled with strange beings. Explore the planet's surface and what lies beneath!... Gratis 06/2012
744934   Astronot Astronot Spiele Spiele Apps like Astronot A lowly garbage worker on a trading ship is the only survivor after a crash on an uncharted planet filled with strange beings. Explore the planet's surface and what lies beneath!... 1.99€ 06/2012
744935   Pursue Journal and Bible Pursue Journal and Bible Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pursue Journal and Bible Loaded with several Bible versions, cloud based journal, and much more, the Pursue Journal and Bible app is the ultimate FREE Journal app! Reading and listening to the Word of God becomes a breeze with this app. Quick tabs make it easy to quickly find... Gratis 06/2012
744936   Tap It Up! Juggle and Kick the Soccer Ball Tap It Up! Juggle and Kick the Soccer Ball Spiele Spiele Apps like Tap It Up! Juggle and Kick the Soccer Ball Give the first kick and keep the ball from falling as long as you can! Tap it Up! is the ultimate arcade game for every football lover. How long can you keep the ball from touching the ground? Enjoy the classical kick-up game with the addition of fun p... Gratis 06/2012
744937   Ninja Striker Ninja Striker Spiele Spiele Apps like Ninja Striker A carefree game for the tired souls! Enliven your dull moods with this uplifting antidote of a game.."Ninja Striker!" Tricky enough to taunt your brain... Heartening enough for a breezy gameplay... Why deprive yourselves from this beautifully designed st... 0.99€ 06/2012
744938   Clinical Chemistry Clinical Chemistry Medizin Medizin Apps like Clinical Chemistry Clinical Chemistry is the leading international journal of clinical laboratory science, providing 2, 000 pages per year of peer-reviewed papers that advance the science of the field.... Gratis 06/2012
744939   Jijigo: ZOO Coloring Book Lite Jijigo: ZOO Coloring Book Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Jijigo: ZOO Coloring Book Lite Is there a child that doesn't like painting? Coloring books developes childrens imagination and teaches colors. 2 charming animals (10 in full version) from Coloring Book JIJIGO ZOO will provide your child fun for a long time! Designed for children 3-12 y... Gratis 06/2012
744940   Jijigo: ZOO Coloring Book Jijigo: ZOO Coloring Book Spiele Spiele Apps like Jijigo: ZOO Coloring Book Is there a child that doesn't like painting? Coloring books developes childrens imagination and teaches colors. 10 charming animals from Coloring Book JIJIGO ZOO will provide your child fun for a long time! Designed for children 3-12 years old. - Two dif... 0.99€ 06/2012
744941   Looping Kiosk Looping Kiosk Büro Büro Apps like Looping Kiosk What is Looping ? LOOPING is a cost-effective solution to compete with larger retail loyalty programs and be in control of your very own loyalty program right on your smartphone or tablet. Decked out with all of the bells and whistles like a flexible ru... Gratis 06/2012
744942   家在深圳 - 原房网论坛,深圳本地最大的网上社区 家在深圳 - 原房网论坛,深圳本地最大的网上社区 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like 家在深圳 - 原房网论坛,深圳本地最大的网上社区 家在深圳 iPhone 客户端是深圳房地产信息网提供的一款手机客户端产品。您可以通过家在深圳即时参与论坛互动、分享内容、发帖灌水,支持便捷的看帖、回帖与收藏等操作。同时结合手机拍照,实现即拍即发,让你随时随地分享自己的所见所闻,提供不亚于PC的发帖与阅读体验。 ===================================== 关于我们: 家在深圳(原房网论坛)是深圳最大的综合生活社区,于2015年4月1日正式更名家在深圳。无论你是初来深圳,还是成家立业,或是怀孕生育、养老保健,这里都能给你... Gratis 06/2012
744943   Toy Puzzles - Interactive puzzle game HD Toy Puzzles - Interactive puzzle game HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Toy Puzzles - Interactive puzzle game HD > Fantastic interactive puzzle of toys for children > 40+ toys in 8 different puzzles > Play with toys and discover great activities! Do your kids like Puzzles? This great puzzle app offers a fantastic collection of toys, lovely illustrations, spec... Gratis 06/2012
744944   Math Shooter Math Shooter Bildung Bildung Apps like Math Shooter Looking for a brilliant educative app for learning multiplication?? Hunt no longer!! Let's multiply is an impressive multiplication app that helps your child learn and test their multiplication skills in no time. Your smart kid's handy guide to stardom... 0.99€ 06/2012
744945   DJ Devan Ibiza DJ Devan Ibiza Musik Musik Apps like DJ Devan Ibiza Devan Ibiza - The Youngest Digital DJ Official iPhone App! Download now and get all of the latest updates of DJ Devan Ibiza with recent twitter and facebook updates, events, tours, giveaways, offers and many more!... Gratis 06/2012
744946   World Book's World of Animals (FREE Lite Edition) World Book's World of Animals (FREE Lite Edition) Bildung Bildung Apps like World Book's World of Animals (FREE Lite Edition) Which sea creature has been shuttled into space? Which snake can spit venom into the eyes of animals that threatens it? Which animal reached 171 years old? Find out all this and more in World Book’s World of Animals Lite! World Book's extraordinary educa... Gratis 06/2012
744947   Bauch-Übungen KOSTENLOS Bauch-Übungen KOSTENLOS Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Bauch-Übungen KOSTENLOS KOSTENLOS *** SPEZIAL ANGEBOT ZUR MARKTEINFÜHRUNG *** KOSTENLOS Willst du den leichtesten und effektivsten Weg lernen ein Six Pack zu erhalten? Dann ist dies das EINZIGSTE App was du brauchst um die Bauchmuskeln zu bekommen die du willst. DAS BEKOMMST D... Gratis 06/2012
744948   OneTouch EMR OneTouch EMR Medizin Medizin Apps like OneTouch EMR Familiar, Flexible, and Fast – OneTouch EMR! **** Register for free at our website **** This free EHR App was designed by a physician so the workflow mimics the way doctors think. The familiar chart-based system makes sense from the moment you login. ... Gratis 06/2012
744949   Heredis Heredis Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Heredis Heredis is to date the only application which allows you to keep your genealogy always to hand! Why will you love it? Because it is not just a simple GEDCOM viewer. It does much more than that! • Add, delete or modify a person directly from your iPhon... Gratis 06/2012
744950   무지개꿈(무꿈) 평생교육원 무지개꿈(무꿈) 평생교육원 Bildung Bildung Apps like 무지개꿈(무꿈) 평생교육원 스트리밍웨이가 개발한 스마트러닝솔루션 마이클래스는 다운로드 DRM기능을 통한 컨텐츠의 완벽한 보안과 배속플레이어 지원으로 사업자와 학습자의 만족도를 높여주는 스마트러닝솔루션입니다. 나의강의실 - 온라인에서 신청하신 강의를 Wifi Zone 에서 다운로드 하실수 있습니다. 다운로드함 - 다운로드 하신 파일을 메모리의 상태에 따라서 관리할수 있습니다. 배속지원 플레이어 - 0.8 ~ 2.0배속까지 학습자가 원하는 배속으로 재생하실수 있습니다.... Gratis 06/2012
744951   Your Happiness Now Your Happiness Now Bildung Bildung Apps like Your Happiness Now Filled with Tips, Traps, Thoughts and Exercises on Happiness, the Your Happiness Now app from Cathy Greenberg is a compilation of her decade of work in studying and helping Companies, Coaches, Women and Working Mothers be happy. Watch dozens of vide... Gratis 06/2012
744952   Zyncro for iPad Zyncro for iPad Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Zyncro for iPad App für iPad, mit dem Sie in von Ihrem Tablet aus in Echtzeit auf Ihr soziales Unternehmensnetzwerk zugreifen. Mit Zyncro können Sie: * Die letzten Veranstaltungen in Ihrer Organisation verfolgen * Aktualisierungen Ihres persönlichen Status, Unternehme... Gratis 06/2012
744953   Baezner Baezner Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Baezner Mobile Application for Régie Baezner & Cie.... Gratis 06/2012
744954   Solitaire Gold Solitaire Gold Spiele Spiele Apps like Solitaire Gold If you're a fan of Windows solitaire - you have to give this a try! - Solitaire, just the way you're used to - A fun quest for true Solitaire players - Draw one or draw three, depending on your preference - Play in portrait or landscape. Play on your i... Gratis 06/2012
744955   FynBus Mobilbillet FynBus Mobilbillet Reise Reise Apps like FynBus Mobilbillet Med FynBus Mobilbillet er det nu endnu nemmere at købe billetter til busserne på Fyn. Du kan købe almindelige billetter til voksne og børn. Billetterne er gyldige i busserne på Fyn. Betaling sker med dit betalingskort. Kort du kan bruge til betaling: -... Gratis 06/2012
744956   國文第二堂 國文第二堂 Bildung Bildung Apps like 國文第二堂 本套課程共有14堂, 每堂課皆為1個單獨的App, 需分別下載, 本堂課內容請參考授課重點。 授課講師:鍾裕老師。 授課重點:公文解析Ⅰ 、 公文解析Ⅱ 、 公文考古題解析 課程簡介:作文(論文):清楚的邏輯架構與想法是作文的生命, 跟著鍾老師作文寫作絕技, 讓您文思泉湧;公文:透過鍾老師的重點解說, 讓繁雜的公文格式, 變得簡單易懂;閱讀測驗:熟記鍾老師的獨門口訣, 毋須盡讀文選, 便能輕鬆答題。... 4.99€ 06/2012
744957   Pcysh - the Insanely Addictive Word Game Pcysh - the Insanely Addictive Word Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Pcysh - the Insanely Addictive Word Game Pcysh (pronounced "psych") is an insanely fun and addictive word game where you attempt to spell as many challenging five letter words as you can in two minutes. To help achieve the highest score possible there are lots of hints and special power-ups. Cha... Gratis 06/2012
744958   Martha Stewart CraftStudio Martha Stewart CraftStudio Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Martha Stewart CraftStudio Download CraftStudio now for FREE, courtesy of Snapfish! Limitless creativity at your fingertips. A must-have app that delivers Martha Stewart’s world of paper crafting and design to your iPad. Create, print and share cards using photos, stickers, sta... Gratis 06/2012
744959   Word-O-Matic Word-O-Matic Spiele Spiele Apps like Word-O-Matic The Word-O-Matic 9000 is a sophisticated, high powered, word generating machine, but it cannot function without your help. Use the letters from the topmost platforms to create words. As the topmost letters are used, the letters below will become ava... 0.99€ 06/2012
744960   iCreighton iCreighton Bildung Bildung Apps like iCreighton The official app for Creighton University students, designed to put info you need and info you want in your pocket. Access a number of features anytime, anywhere. Get your grade and schedule information or check in on Creighton news and events! We are h... Gratis 06/2012
744961   Fish Heroes Fish Heroes Spiele Spiele Apps like Fish Heroes *** STOPPE DIE HAIFISCH-MAFIA IN FISH HEROES *** MOBILER UNTERWASSER-SPIELSPASS IN 3D *** Unter der Wasseroberfläche treibt die Haifisch-Mafia ihr Unwesen. Nur eine Truppe fischiger Helden stellt sich ihr entgegen: die Fish Heroes! Jeder Held hat besonder... 0.99€ 06/2012
744962   JAPANESE 2 (JLPT N4) JAPANESE 2 (JLPT N4) Bildung Bildung Apps like JAPANESE 2 (JLPT N4) "Let's learn! Japanese2" is a perfect application for elementary to intermediate Japanese learners. You can learn basic Kanji, vocabulary, and grammar (JLPT N4 Level) by answerring questions. The words and sentences in this level are those widely used in... Gratis 06/2012
744963   我猜-家庭版 我猜-家庭版 Spiele Spiele Apps like 我猜-家庭版 我猜 – 家庭版 全球最热的社交猜词游戏中文版上线了, 再不是让人恶心的E文了, 还等什么, 快来和你家人朋友一起随心涂鸦, 画出你的创意, 展示你的才华, 大家一起大声的笑出来!!! ____________________________________________________________________ 超级免费大礼包限量赠送, 送完为止: -200个免费游戏币 -30个免费的提示炸弹 -绑定新浪微博或者人人社区能获得另外的100个免费游戏币. __________... Gratis 06/2012
744964   العبقري الصغير العبقري الصغير Bildung Bildung Apps like العبقري الصغير تطبيق العبقري الصغير يحتوي العمليات الحسابية الأربعة (الجمع ،الطرح ، الضرب والقسمة ) بطريقة شبه محسوسة تتيح للطلبة على اختلاف مستوياتهم التعليمية استخدام هذا البرنامج . حيث يستطيع الطالب اختيار العملية الحسابية المطلوبة حيث يظهر له السؤال على شكل لعبة و... 2.99€ 06/2012
744965   Yesterday Yesterday Spiele Spiele Apps like Yesterday New York City erlebt eine mysteriöse Mordserie: Ein Bettler nach dem anderen wird bei lebendigem Leib verbrannt aufgefunden. Die Leichen der Opfer, die allem Anschein nach nichts miteinander verbindet, zeigen auf dem Handteller eine Narbe in der Form ... 6.99€ 06/2012
744966   Apocalypse Knights - Endless Fighting with Blessed Weapons and Sacred Steeds Apocalypse Knights - Endless Fighting with Blessed Weapons and Sacred Steeds Spiele Spiele Apps like Apocalypse Knights - Endless Fighting with Blessed Weapons and Sacred Steeds ※※※※※ Congratulations! Over three million downloads worldwide! ※※※※※ ※※※※※ Recommended most by international game sites! ※※※※※ ※※※※※ Pros and gamers rave about its art and diverse game play! ※※※※※ “Apocalypse Knights” is a free Action Game. It’s up to yo... Gratis 06/2012
744967   Stephorium Stephorium Photographie Photographie Apps like Stephorium With Stephorium you can create and export time-lapse movies with your device. Time-lapse photography is a technique used to view an accelerated version of a slow process. Some examples of this are: a sunset, trees moved by the wind, or the clouds' move... Gratis 06/2012
744968   HeartWare Implant Notification HeartWare Implant Notification Büro Büro Apps like HeartWare Implant Notification HeartWare's Implant Notification. The Application is used to allow individuals to report notifications of individuals receiving an implanted Heart Pump device.... Gratis 06/2012
744969   Tax @ PT Tax @ PT Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Tax @ PT Tax@PT é a nova aplicação dos serviços de consultoria fiscal da PwC que disponibiliza um conjunto de informações actualizadas de âmbito fiscal que ficam, agora, permanentemente acessíveis, munindo os seus utilizadores de importantes ferramentas para as... Gratis 06/2012
744970   bContext - Interactive whiteboard to record & share lessons for flipped classrooms bContext - Interactive whiteboard to record & share lessons for flipped classrooms Bildung Bildung Apps like bContext - Interactive whiteboard to record & share lessons for flipped classrooms Instantly record and share lessons with students for free. Create engaging lessons by recording your voice and annotations over static files. Add pictures or shapes on the fly or use different types of fonts and colors to create the best lessons for your ... Gratis 06/2012
744971   EMS Notes EMS Notes Medizin Medizin Apps like EMS Notes EMT and Paramedic note taking tool for use onscene. Log your call info, vitals, treatments, call times, and pretty much everything else. It can even be used as a full PCR. *** Known bugs: - for iPhone currently not supported for original 3g or 3gs, ... 6.99€ 06/2012
744972   Kredite Kredite Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Kredite Finden Sie einen günstigen Kredit! Mit dieser App gar kein Problem mehr. Übersichtlich bieten wir Ihnen Kredite verschiedener Banken und Kreditinstitute. Sowohl mit als auch ohne Schufa. Ein Kredit (engl. Credit) mit niedrigen Zinsen ist leicht gefunden.... Gratis 06/2012
744973   Hay Day Hay Day Spiele Spiele Apps like Hay Day Die beste Farm aller Zeiten. Willkommen bei Hay Day, dem beliebtesten Farmspiel für Mobiltelefone und Tablets und der Nummer eins in 122 Ländern. Kümmere dich um dein Land, deine Feldfrüchte und tausche Handelswaren mit Nachbarn und Freunden. Dieser O... Gratis 06/2012
744974   Lock 'n' Roll Deluxe Lock 'n' Roll Deluxe Spiele Spiele Apps like Lock 'n' Roll Deluxe Die Nr. 1 Würfelspiel ist wieder in Form Deluxe mit zusätzlichen Features und noch mehr spannende Gameplay! -Capture-Münzen, um Power-Ups zu verdienen! -Punkte sammeln, um Joker Boni zu erhalten! -Advance Ebenen zu Ihrem Gesamt-Score Multiplikator erhö... Gratis 06/2012
744975   Byt fonder Byt fonder Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Byt fonder Söka efter och byta fonder, snabbt och enkelt i mobilen. Vår app ger dig möjlighet att med mobilt BankID söka, se över och byta dina fonder i premiepensionen Du kan följa ditt sparande, ta del av den fondavgift du betalar och följa dina fonders utveckl... Gratis 06/2012
744976   Smart Speller Russian HD Full Version Smart Speller Russian HD Full Version Bildung Bildung Apps like Smart Speller Russian HD Full Version Learning to ★★★spell in Russian★★★ has never been so much fun with the new Smart Speller Russian from EduKidsApps! Entertaining way to learn alphabet, develop basic spelling skills and become a master of pronunciation: your child will hear the SOUND EA... 2.99€ 06/2012
744977   Marine Zoo Marine Zoo Spiele Spiele Apps like Marine Zoo A new function,”Picture Book (Paradise Book)” has been added! Register your creatures on the ”Picture Book (Paradise Book)” and make your original picture book!! You will receive the points which can be used to play Reward Roulette! Get new creatures on... Gratis 06/2012
744978   Letters from Nowhere® 2 HD Letters from Nowhere® 2 HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Letters from Nowhere® 2 HD Hast du das Prequel dieses faszinierenden Abenteuers schon gespielt? Lass dir Letters from Nowhere nicht entgehen - für iPad und iPhone! Reise in die Stadt Nowhere und suche nach Hinweisen, um den grauenvollen Fluch in dieser aufregenden und gespenstisch... Gratis 06/2012
744979   Macabre Mysteries: Der Fluch des Nightingale HD (Full) Macabre Mysteries: Der Fluch des Nightingale HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Macabre Mysteries: Der Fluch des Nightingale HD (Full) Erkunde das Nightingale Theater, das vor 40 Jahren von einem verheerendem Feuer verwüstet wurde, und enthülle ein dunkles Geheimnis! Nachdem Du von deinem Großvater per Post einen Brief mit einer goldenen Eintrittskarte erhalten hast, bist Du auf dem W... 4.99€ 06/2012
744980   Velocirapture Velocirapture Spiele Spiele Apps like Velocirapture "Action gaming heaven! 4.5/5" -Apple 'n' Apps "A hard game to put down." -App Spy "If you like your action to be fast-paced...then Velocirapture is a must-buy." -MoDojo The end is nigh! Find out what REALLY happened to the dinosaurs as you help guide the... 1.99€ 06/2012
744981   Explodables Lite Explodables Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Explodables Lite Make the worlds most beautiful display of fireworks in this explosive, combo making, high scoring, addiction forming, action packed, fun-filled game. Have you ever wanted to explode things? Lots of things? Everything? Across the world? In space?... Gratis 06/2012
744982   Asphalt 7: Heat Asphalt 7: Heat Spiele Spiele Apps like Asphalt 7: Heat GIB GAS √ "Asphalt 7 ist vielleicht das beste Rennsport-Erlebnis für Handys, das es zurzeit gibt." - Gamezebo √ "Das Spiel sieht absolut atemberaubend aus." - 148Apps √ "Asphalt 7 hat alles, was ein großartiges Arcade-Rennsportspiel ausmacht." - c|ne... 4.99€ 06/2012
744983   News Point News Point Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like News Point News Point is fast, up to the minute News. Give us Seconds, we'll give you the World! News Point keeps up with the most popular, fast breaking news events around the world, then our trade secret algorithms distill the news down to just the few words ... 1.99€ 06/2012
744984   Boom Brigade 2 Boom Brigade 2 Spiele Spiele Apps like Boom Brigade 2 Take command and see your Troopers devastate a rampaging alien horde! Issue orders in real time or use the Tactical Mode for detailed manouvers. Fight your way through the campaign, unlock powerful upgrades and challenging extra game modes. Load up and s... 2.99€ 06/2012
744985   职场口语宝典 职场口语宝典 Bildung Bildung Apps like 职场口语宝典 是学习英语最基本的一套好的英语教程, 教程包含3个基本要素——涵盖实用的口语知识、教授正确的学习方法、塑造地道的英语思维。 既要让读者“有的可学”, 又要让读者知道“怎么去说”, 同时解决“输入”和“输出”问题, 断掉“哑巴”的根源。 《职场口语》的特点有: 1)贴近生活, 实用性强, 所有星级典句全部选自相应语境中的常用句式; 2)内容简练, 信息贴近生活, 读者使用起来倍感亲切, 容易产生事半功倍的效用; 3)趣味性。本书除了在语言的叙述上力求轻快, 使读者心情愉快外, 还在可以跟读, 找出自己的不足... 1.99€ 06/2012
744986   生活用语 生活用语 Bildung Bildung Apps like 生活用语 本书以“日常生活和工作中的常用表达”为着眼点, 筛选出各种不同的口语表达短句, 分门别类, 一应俱全。书中将人们日常生活领域划分, 从衣食住行到休闲娱乐等等, 基本上涵盖了生活的方方面面。 《生活用语》的特点有: 1)贴近生活, 实用性强, 所有星级典句全部选自相应语境中的常用句式; 2)内容简练, 信息贴近生活, 读者使用起来倍感亲切, 容易产生事半功倍的效用; 3)趣味性。本书除了在语言的叙述上力求轻快, 使读者心情愉快外, 还在可以跟读, 找出自己的不足, 不断改进。... 1.99€ 06/2012
744987   英式高中口语 英式高中口语 Bildung Bildung Apps like 英式高中口语 在日常教学中, 我们发现学生的词汇量不小, 但却写错用错很简单的句子, 出现汉式英语(Chinese English)。其原因在于汉英两种语言思维习惯的差异。而本课程以培养学生运用英语进行交际为最终目的, 学生能否用英式思维就很重要, 即用英式思维指导英语交际。听说结合, 迅速提高口语和听力。... 1.99€ 06/2012
744988   国外求学英语 国外求学英语 Bildung Bildung Apps like 国外求学英语 有志于海外求学的年轻人最关心的常常是如何才能顺利被外国大学录取, 如何才能顺利地得到签证。 国外求学之《学习篇》《工作篇》《生活篇》涵盖了在国外学习的各个方面。从入学注册、选课、申请奖学金、到如何外出和打工、以及参加社团精选等, 帮助您了解在国外学习中可能遇到的问题, 并为去国外留学做好准备。... 1.99€ 06/2012
744989   公共英语口语 公共英语口语 Bildung Bildung Apps like 公共英语口语 全国英语等级考试(Public English Test System, 简称PETS), 是教育部考试中心设计并负责的全国性英语水平考试体系。级别划分为PETS-1至5级。笔试和口试均合格者, 由教育部考试中心颁发给《全国英语等级考试合格证书》。 考试分笔试和口试两部分, 内容包括:听力、语言知识、阅读、写作、口语。笔试和口试均合格者, 由教育部考试中心颁发给《全国英语等级考试合格证书》。合格证书既可作为持有者英语能力水平的权威性证明;又可为各地各单位对其所用人才的英语水平提供一个公正、统一的评价尺度。... 1.99€ 06/2012
744990   Open Day Open Day Bildung Bildung Apps like Open Day Make the most of your University of Liverpool open day by downloading our all-new app. See recommended events based on your preferred area of study, create a personal itinerary to help plan your day, and beat the queues by checking-in online to let us k... Gratis 06/2012
744991   Expiry PRO Expiry PRO Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Expiry PRO Expiry PRO is an elegantly designed app with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It keeps track of all items in your life that has an expiry date, whether it be food, cleaning products, cosmetics, tickets, vouchers, subscriptions, memberships, med... 5.99€ 06/2012
744992   旅游口语宝典 旅游口语宝典 Bücher Bücher Apps like 旅游口语宝典 1)贴近生活, 实用性强, 所有星级典句全部选自相应语境中的常用句式; 2)内容简练, 信息贴近生活, 读者使用起来倍感亲切, 容易产生事半功倍的效用; 3)趣味性。本书除了在语言的叙述上力求轻快, 使读者心情愉快外, 还在可以跟读, 找出自己的不足, 不断改进。... 1.99€ 06/2012
744993   Calculator HD - PrettyCalc 2 Calculator HD - PrettyCalc 2 Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Calculator HD - PrettyCalc 2 Beautiful and Powerful Calculator for iPad with Retina Display support !!! "Calculator HD-PrettyCalc 2" has multiple high definition skins and they are really beautiful. Speaking numbers option helps your calculation and it's fun to play for your children... Gratis 06/2012
744994   Tequila. Tequila. Bildung Bildung Apps like Tequila. This is a digital ebook that describes everything about the national beverage of Mexico: Tequila It's a digital interactive book that takes you from the pre-hispanic origins of this beverage, through the changes during colonial and revolutionary times u... 0.99€ 06/2012
744995   Weight Tracker Weight Tracker Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Weight Tracker "Weight tracker" is a useful app to help you lose weight, we have such an experience, to lose weight need to continued insistence of behavior become a habit a way to do a good job. This app will record your daily weight change and the formation of... 0.99€ 06/2012
744996   Pachinko-HD Pachinko-HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Pachinko-HD Pachinko is a game that is somewhat similar to pinball machines in the United States. In Japan, Pachinko machines are used as gaming devices in Pachinko parlors, where people play to win prizes or money. We are THRILLED and honored that in Japan Pac... 0.99€ 06/2012
744997   Word Breaker,  HangMan Game Word Breaker, HangMan Game Bildung Bildung Apps like Word Breaker, HangMan Game *** Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Word Breaker wurde Top Overall Nr. 2 und Bildung Kategorie Nr. 1 in Costa Rica Platz und belegte Education Kategorie Nr. 3 in South Africa. Dies ist ein freies Spiel mit OpenFeint Henker, wo Sie die Buchstaben in einem Wort z... Gratis 06/2012
744998   Pre-K RHYME HD Pre-K RHYME HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Pre-K RHYME HD * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the "Know what's inside" best practices for kids’ apps * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *... 1.99€ 06/2012
744999   The Warbler's Nest The Warbler's Nest Spiele Spiele Apps like The Warbler's Nest THE WARBLER'S NEST is an award-winning and critically acclaimed short work of interactive horror fiction by Jason McIntosh. Enter the world of a certain troubled soul, searching for answers among the reeds. Originally written for the 2010 Interactive Fi... 0.99€ 06/2012
745000   Punch Em HD Punch Em HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Punch Em HD Punch Em! Punch mole, punch tiger, punch ... Punch Em game for iPad version. with multiple themes graphics and animations. Multiple themes Multiple animation cartoons; Multiple game level. V1.1 Add link up game Just fun!!!... Gratis 06/2012

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