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745601   Minik Bilge - Çocuklar için eğlenceli ve öğretici oyunlar! Minik Bilge - Çocuklar için eğlenceli ve öğretici oyunlar! Bildung Bildung Apps like Minik Bilge - Çocuklar için eğlenceli ve öğretici oyunlar! Minik Bilge uygulamamız ile 2-6 yaş grubu çocukların zihinsel ve bilişsel becerilerinin arttırılması ve zeka gelişimlerinin eğlenceli bir metod ile desteklenmesi hedeflenmiştir. Uygulamamız bir oyun formatına sokulmuş ve 36 bölümden oluşmaktadır. İlk 5 ... Gratis 06/2012
745602   Atomic Pursuit Atomic Pursuit Spiele Spiele Apps like Atomic Pursuit A nuclear war aproaches, the entire planet is in serious danger. The last hope of the mankind is the space. Some countries are sending their first missions looking for a new planet to colonize. Choose your side, try to go the far as you can and became a... Gratis 06/2012
745603   Biblio Teca Biblio Teca Bücher Bücher Apps like Biblio Teca Biblio Teca is the Mediterranean area library app for Regional Council of Puglia. With this app you can search the catalog for: - Books and other materials using a text search or reading bar codes with the phones camera. - View the availability of ... Gratis 06/2012
745604   Guestimator Guestimator Spiele Spiele Apps like Guestimator Guestimator De Guestimator is een spel waarin het draait om raden, schatten en gokken. We stellen je makkelijke vragen met moeilijke antwoorden. Vragen waarop je het antwoord waarschijnlijk niet precies weet. De uitdaging is om zo goed mogelijk te schat... Gratis 06/2012
745605   expert FRACTIONS expert FRACTIONS Bildung Bildung Apps like expert FRACTIONS The activity covers both addition and subtraction of fractions. It rapidly raises skill level, bringing confidence and success. It displays the full solution for every calculation. This is presented 1-step at a time.... 0.99€ 06/2012
745606   MobileMetro - The LA Metro App MobileMetro - The LA Metro App Navigation Navigation Apps like MobileMetro - The LA Metro App MobileMetro is the FASTEST and EASIEST app for looking up routes and checking bus arrival times for the LA Metro. MobileMetro keeps track of every single Metro route & stop so you don't have to. With hundreds of under-the-hood performance tweaks and a do... 1.99€ 06/2012
745607   Alice sota l aigua Alice sota l aigua Spiele Spiele Apps like Alice sota l aigua Seguiu Alice sota el mar i descobriu les sorprenents criatures que viuen sota de les ones del mar! Aquesta divertida i interactiva aplicació li permet al seu fill a aprendre sobre les criatures del mar, dibuixant los amb diferents colors i patrons. Pot g... Gratis 06/2012
745608   Alice sous la mer Alice sous la mer Spiele Spiele Apps like Alice sous la mer Suivez Alice sous la mer et découvrez d'incroyables créatures marines! Cette application divertissante et intéractive, permet à votre enfant de découvrir des créatures marines en les coloriant avec des formes et des couleurs amusantes. Vous pouvez sauveg... Gratis 06/2012
745609   Pinta con Alice Pinta con Alice Spiele Spiele Apps like Pinta con Alice Siga a Alice bajo el mar y descubre las asombrosas criaturas que viven debajo de las olas del mar! Esta divertida e interactiva aplicación le permite a su niño aprender sobre las criaturas del mar , pintandolos en diferentes colores y patrones. A continua... Gratis 06/2012
745610   gi8 gi8 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like gi8 Integrated management and monitoring System on board, essential support for latest generation yachts: Sailing with gi8 means enjoying a safe navigation in a user friendly and comfort way. gi8 is simple and intuitive: managing commands, utilities, devic... Gratis 06/2012
745611   人生必读的100本书[2015精编] 人生必读的100本书[2015精编] Bücher Bücher Apps like 人生必读的100本书[2015精编] 本着治学的态度, 整理了这套《人生必读的100本书》, 包括:【世界名著】51部, 【日本文学】15部, 【现代文学】22部, 【茅盾文学奖】10部, 【国学经典】36部, 【名人传记】30部。WE Reader, 闲时读书, 内心安宁的欣喜。 更新计划:【经济学】, 【历史】, 【心理学】, 【哲学】。 WE Reader, 好用才是硬道理。技术创新点: ▪ 树状目录结构:将作者简介, 作品介绍呈树状提供 (支持任意位置插入文章图片), ▪ 一键直达:在正常逻辑范围内, 不让您多点一次 , ▪ ... 0.99€ 06/2012
745612   Oceans and islands Oceans and islands Reise Reise Apps like Oceans and islands This application is to discover islands, shores, seas and oceans all around the world. It proposes more and more services to travel, navigate, cruise, stay informed... Oceans works as a portal: most islands, most services have an independant life,... Gratis 06/2012
745613   My GoodBarber My GoodBarber Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like My GoodBarber With My GoodBarber, you can manage all the apps you have created with GoodBarber. Before publishing your app, use MyGoodBarber to test your project. My GoodBarber allows you to launch the app you are creating in real time on your phone, in order to t... Gratis 06/2012
745614   To Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile 笑裡藏刀 To Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile 笑裡藏刀 Bildung Bildung Apps like To Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile 笑裡藏刀 Three Animations (Traditional Chinese) & 5Q-Book (Traditional Chinese; zhuyin(bopomoㄅㄆㄇ); Hanyu Pinyin; English) Content: This is an explanation of the Chinese idiom “To Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile”. We provide one animated story and a Chinese idiom co... 0.99€ 06/2012
745615   鳥ナビ~1年で120種類の野鳥と出会えるガイド・初夏編 鳥ナビ~1年で120種類の野鳥と出会えるガイド・初夏編 Referenz Referenz Apps like 鳥ナビ~1年で120種類の野鳥と出会えるガイド・初夏編 「鳥ナビ」は、どこを探せば鳥の姿を見つけられるのかを教えてくれます。「鳥ナビ~初夏編」には、「新緑の山地」と「河原」の2つの環境で見られる鳥の探し方や観察のポイント、鳥を見分けるための図鑑(鳴き声付き)を収録しました。 【1】音声が聞こえないお客様へ→[1]参照 ---[1]--------------- 小社から発行の電子書籍で再生できる音声は、イヤホンを接続していない状態で端末のサウンドボタンがオフであった場合、外部スピーカーから音声再生されません。iTunes同期の音楽はサウンドボタンがオフでも外... Gratis 06/2012
745616   【评书】岳飞传 【评书】岳飞传 Produktivität Produktivität Apps like 【评书】岳飞传 👊南宋抗金名将岳飞(1103一1142年), 自幼拜周侗为师习武。与张显、汤怀、王贵、牛皋结拜。他投军报国, 大闹武科场, 枪挑小梁王, 奸相张邦昌要拿他问罪, 被大帅宗泽所救, 逃回家乡。不久金兵犯宋, 张邦昌卖国, 徽、钦二帝被俘。康王赵构南下称帝, 岳飞奉旨入朝, 率领岳家军抗击金兵, 经河北三战, 威名远震。牛头山救驾, 朱仙镇大捷。正逢北进杀敌, 直捣黄龙府之际, 朝廷连发十二道金牌调他回京。不久, 由于他坚决反对南宋朝廷的议和投降, 被赵构、秦桧以“莫须有”的罪名将其父子杀害于杭州大理寺风波... 0.99€ 06/2012
745617   【评书】水浒传(少儿版) 【评书】水浒传(少儿版) Photographie Photographie Apps like 【评书】水浒传(少儿版) 👬《水浒传》是一部以描写农民起义为题材的长篇小说, 通过一系列“官逼民反”的生动故事, 塑造出鲁智深、林冲、宋江、武松、李逵等众多有血有肉的英雄人物。他们不畏强暴、打抱不平, 个个身怀绝技, 功夫过人, 深受人们的喜爱。书中塑造了一批啸聚江湖, 仗义行侠的绿林好汉的独特性格和各人被逼上梁山的成长道路。108个英雄好汉, 每人有每人的语言, 通过这些语言, 人物的迥异性格被刻画得惟妙惟肖, 栩栩如生。李逵的心粗胆大, 率直忠诚, 鲁达的粗中有细, 仗义刚正, 武松的勇武利落, 心思精细, 林冲的忍让, 宋... 0.99€ 06/2012
745618   Krakit Krakit Spiele Spiele Apps like Krakit Krakit, the secret message game... Send an email, SMS, or post on Facebook through Krakit. The recipient tries to decode the scrambled message using Krakit by guessing letters one at a time. You are allowed seven wrong guesses while decoding a messa... Gratis 06/2012
745619   Penguin Multiplication For iPad Penguin Multiplication For iPad Bildung Bildung Apps like Penguin Multiplication For iPad ***Penguin Multiplication*** - Multiplication form - Lovely penguins interface - With a voice function: enhance memory - Multiplication exam: learning progress... Gratis 06/2012
745620   新約聖經Free 新約聖經Free Bücher Bücher Apps like 新約聖經Free 《聖經‧和合本》的特色: 用現代漢語標點重新編排的中文和合本經文。 可透過經節或關鍵字來搜尋經文內容。 在經文中加入個人書籤及筆記。 可在Evernote共享筆記。 可透過Facebook、Twitter、微博、電郵、短訊分享經文。 可選擇夜間模式。 可選擇字體大小。 按瀏覽記錄可追查曾經瀏覽過的經文。 可按使用說明。 現已支援the new iPad版。 機構簡介: 異象 「聖經傳萬家, 救恩臨天下」 漢語聖經協會有限公司是一個跨越宗派界限, 致力在21世紀推動... Gratis 06/2012
745621   MEDX PAD MEDX PAD Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like MEDX PAD Visualizador de dados do sistema de prontuário eletrônico MEDX para iPad. Necessária conexão à internet e uma conta de assinante do sistema MEDX. Maiores informações acesse http://www.medx.med.br.... Gratis 06/2012
745622   ヤクザ・リセッション-さらに失われる10年- ヤクザ・リセッション-さらに失われる10年- Bücher Bücher Apps like ヤクザ・リセッション-さらに失われる10年- ◆◇電子書籍アプリ特別セール!5000本の数量限定75.2%オフ!◇◆ 書籍定価1,450円がアプリ【大特価360円】 日本の不況が長く続く理由は何なのか? メディアが明かせないタブーに迫る! 日本国民が欺かれ続ける原因を暴きだす衝撃の作品がiPhoneアプリに登場。 --------------------------------------- 『日本がアルゼンチン・タンゴを踊る日』で、日本の不況を“ヤクザ不況”と評した著者が、改めて政・官・業とヤクザとの癒着の実態を描く。 かつて日本を世界第2位... 2.99€ 06/2012
745623   MPS Phone Ordering MPS Phone Ordering Medizin Medizin Apps like MPS Phone Ordering This is an ordering application for registered Medical Purchasing Solutions (MPS) customers... Gratis 06/2012
745624   Human Resource Executive ® Magazine Human Resource Executive ® Magazine Büro Büro Apps like Human Resource Executive ® Magazine Enjoy Human Resource Executive® Magazine in a format that’s as mobile as you are! Download this free app to receive the current and past issues of Human Resource Executive® Magazine, absolutely free! Written primarily for vice presidents and directors ... Gratis 06/2012
745625   Almedina 3D Almedina 3D Bildung Bildung Apps like Almedina 3D Descubre el campus virtual del colegio Almedina para practicar idiomas, reunirte con otros alumnos o descubrir su extraordinaria oferta formativa.... Gratis 06/2012
745626   Edmonton Oilers Mobile Edmonton Oilers Mobile Sport Sport Apps like Edmonton Oilers Mobile This is the official mobile app of the Edmonton Oilers. Use your (iPhone or iPod Touch) to stay connected with the Oilers anytime, anywhere. Want to catch breaking news of the team? See real-time stats while you watch the game? Take in post-game comments... Gratis 06/2012
745627   BiblioMO BiblioMO Bücher Bücher Apps like BiblioMO BiblioMO is an app for the Modena Library Network. With BiblioMO you can search the library catalogue for books and documents in libraries in the province of Modena and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. You can: - Check library holdings for... Gratis 06/2012
745628   Gwinnett edge Gwinnett edge Büro Büro Apps like Gwinnett edge The Gwinnett edge is the bi-monthly newsletter of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce in northeast metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA.... Gratis 06/2012
745629   双语童话故事动画1 双语童话故事动画1 Bildung Bildung Apps like 双语童话故事动画1 双语童话故事动画精选自伊索寓言、安徒生童话等。 目录: 1、Stupid Han(笨汉汉斯); 2、Windmill(风车); 3、The Story of a Frog(蛤蟆的故事); 4、The Cat and the Mouse are Friends(猫和老鼠做朋友); 5、Thumb Girl(拇指姑娘); 6、The Three Spinning Women(三个纺线女); 7、A Man's Life(寿命); 8、The Crystal Ball(水晶球); 9、The Three Fea... 0.99€ 06/2012
745630   項明生遊記 項明生遊記 Reise Reise Apps like 項明生遊記 《十天敢動假期:墨西哥、古巴》 電子旅遊書冠軍作品《足足五千年》之後,項明生最新力作《十日敢敢動假期:墨西哥、古巴》為首本介紹這兩個新興中美洲國家的中文旅遊電子書。 墨西哥旅遊局北京辦事處參贊Militza推薦:「我們很驕傲,看到這本充滿激情和力量的奇妙之旅作品。這本書不是一本簡單的旅遊指南,將帶你穿越我國偉大悠久的歷史、無與倫比的文化。」 古巴旅遊部北京辦事處首席代表代表Elizabeth贊揚: 「項明生這本著作, 必定能讓更多朋友認識 “安的列斯羣島最大的島嶼”, 那 “真正的古巴”!」 這是... Gratis 06/2012
745631   EM-Quiz EM-Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like EM-Quiz Wie gut ist dein Wissen über die Europameisterschaft in Polen und der Ukraine? Finde es in diesem spannenden Quiz heraus!... 0.99€ 06/2012
745632   たよれーる DMS たよれーる DMS Produktivität Produktivität Apps like たよれーる DMS たよれーる DMSは、株式会社大塚商会が提供するモバイルデバイス管理サービス「たよれーる デバイスマネージメントサービス」用のエージェントアプリケーションです。 たよれーる DMSは、単体アプリでは機能しません。たよれーる デバイスマネージメントサービスと共にご利用になれます。 たよれーる デバイスマネージメントサービスにお申し込みいただくことで、自社内のiPadやiPhoneにメッセージを通知したり、Jailbreakされた端末を検知することができます。(※Jailbreakされた端末を完全に検知す... Gratis 06/2012
745633   Fruit Link Go 2 HD Fruit Link Go 2 HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Fruit Link Go 2 HD [FREE] from now on, the best Fruit Link game ever that you CAN"T miss! Version 2.0 Upgraded for the most popular Fruit Link Go game in App Store! It is played(including the flash versions) for over 1 billion times world wide. Fruit Link Go, a very cl... Gratis 06/2012
745634   Neon Wallpapers ™ Pro - Colorful & vibrant backgrounds of flashy & shiny screens for iPhone 6,  6 Plus,  iOS 8 Neon Wallpapers ™ Pro - Colorful & vibrant backgrounds of flashy & shiny screens for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iOS 8 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Neon Wallpapers ™ Pro - Colorful & vibrant backgrounds of flashy & shiny screens for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iOS 8 Neon Wallpaper ™ Pro is a “WORTH EVERY PENNY” app that gives you limited selection of NEON COLORED ABSTRACT, ANIMALS, BUTTERFLY, FLOWERS, CARS, SPACE, ILLUSION, WAVE and many more. ◆◆◆ APP FEATURES AT ITS BEST ◆◆◆ ► All Categories are Unlocked ... 4.99€ 06/2012
745635   JuxtaCam JuxtaCam Photographie Photographie Apps like JuxtaCam JuxtaCam is a simple camera app that allows to take pictures by juxtaposing another picture from your camera roll. It allows to easily align pictures and get the perfect composition. It is the perfect app if you want to: -take many pictures of the same p... 0.99€ 06/2012
745636   Fallacies of Logic Fallacies of Logic Referenz Referenz Apps like Fallacies of Logic In logic and rhetoric, a fallacy is usually an improper argumentation in reasoning often resulting in a misconception or presumption. Literally, a fallacy is "an error in reasoning that renders an argument logically invalid". By accident or design, fal... 0.99€ 06/2012
745637   New Bravo for Children 3 New Bravo for Children 3 Bildung Bildung Apps like New Bravo for Children 3 New Bravo-Hong En International juvenile English is a collection of foreign En early childhood education experts for non-English speaking countries worldwide effort to build a set of international juvenile of English teaching materials. This set of applic... 4.99€ 06/2012
745638   国宝图鉴(2) 国宝图鉴(2) Bücher Bücher Apps like 国宝图鉴(2) “国宝图鉴”从各个领域选取了几十件有代表性的国宝, 进行系统编排, 力求突出知识性和趣味性。每件国宝都配有精美的图片, 便于您阅读和欣赏。我们希望通过这个应用来激发广大用户特别是青少年朋友对国宝的关注和热爱, 从国宝中了解中华民族的历史、文化, 并自觉地去保护我们的国宝。希望这个应用能为你打开一扇门, 带你走进绚丽的国宝世界, 让您从此与国宝成为“莫逆”, 在任何时候, 都把它放在心里, 永远地珍视。 “国宝图鉴”为一个系列应用, 本应用为“玉石青铜篇”, 将向您介绍玉石器和青铜器中... 0.99€ 06/2012
745639   BDay USA BDay USA Bildung Bildung Apps like BDay USA Practice your state capitals and postal codes before trying a bit of US history with Fourth of July word clues based on July 4, (1776, 1976 and now) and the Revolutionary War. There are Game Center leaderboard and achievements to be earned!... Gratis 06/2012
745640   Mugshot Me Pro Mugshot Me Pro Photographie Photographie Apps like Mugshot Me Pro ★ Sie wollten schon immer ins Gefängnis zu gehen, aber nur für das Foto des? ★ ★ Wanna setzen Sie Ihr Gesicht auf einem in Ungnade gefallenen Prominenten Kopf? ★ ★ Wanna aussehen wie ein ausgebrannter Junkie kriminellen, aber ohne all die harte Arbeit... 1.99€ 06/2012
745641   Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box Bildung Bildung Apps like Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box Light Box uses abstract animation and sound to introduce basic touch skills and awareness. Light Box has become a popular choice for parents of babies and young toddlers but was originally made for teenagers with autism and a range of complex needs. Soun... 3.99€ 06/2012
745642   Trucks JigSaw Puzzles - Animated Fun Puzzles for Kids with Truck and Tractor Cartoons! Trucks JigSaw Puzzles - Animated Fun Puzzles for Kids with Truck and Tractor Cartoons! Spiele Spiele Apps like Trucks JigSaw Puzzles - Animated Fun Puzzles for Kids with Truck and Tractor Cartoons! Trucks JigSaw Puzzles combines high quality cartoon animations and the classic JigSaw puzzles that kids love! After each puzzle is completed a fun animation plays and kids enthusiastically play each one to learn how the trucks work and what they will do ... 1.99€ 06/2012
745643   Siouxland Weather HD Siouxland Weather HD Wetter Wetter Apps like Siouxland Weather HD KMEG is proud to announce a full featured weather app for the iPad platform. Features ∙ Highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance ∙ Vertical and horizontal map display with looping ∙ NOWrad, the gold standard for radar... Gratis 06/2012
745644   Siouxland Weather Siouxland Weather Wetter Wetter Apps like Siouxland Weather KMEG is proud to announce a full featured weather app for the iPhone and iPad. Features • Access to station content specifically for our mobile users • 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available • Future radar to see where severe weath... Gratis 06/2012
745645   Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati Bildung Bildung Apps like Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati’s app for iPhones, iPods and iPads allows constituents to take full advantage of the ever-growing mobile phenomenon by delivering content from the website directly to their iOS-based devices. The app’s intuitive navigatio... Gratis 06/2012
745646   functns functns Bildung Bildung Apps like functns Functns is an app for practicing and learning multiplication tables. Linear progressions of the Times Table provide pattern recognition while a Random, or Shuffled Table progression develops memory retention. Students earn achievements to represent com... Gratis 06/2012
745647   祥瑞一生HD 祥瑞一生HD Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like 祥瑞一生HD “祥瑞一生”是由新华人寿保险股份有限公司推出的一款终身保障计划, 是您和家人幸福生活的守护者, 给您一劳永逸的保障和安心 祥瑞一生互动体验工具在古香古色的画面展示中, 向您展示祥瑞一生的产品特色、产品信息以及费率试算等内容和功能。它使用方便, 内容生动有趣, 用一种更贴近人们需求的方式呈现产品 ------------------------------------------- 祥瑞相伴, 信守一生 ------------------------------------------- ★ 生动。有声有... Gratis 06/2012
745648   Silbenrätsel Sports Edition Silbenrätsel Sports Edition Spiele Spiele Apps like Silbenrätsel Sports Edition Ein gesunder Geist in einem gesunden Körper! Wecken Sie Körper und Geist mit der Silbenrätsel Sport Edition! Silbenrätsel kehrt zurück mit einer noch bombastischeren Version! Entdecken Sie 20 neue Kategorien, die extra zusammengestellt wurden, um Ihnen... 0.99€ 06/2012
745649   USA Green card lottery USA Green card lottery Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like USA Green card lottery This App is for those who wanted to participate in Green Card Lottery. Our application will help you to check if your occupation is qualified for a lottery and if your country is in the list of eligible countries to apply. With our in-App Purchase of Push... Gratis 06/2012
745650   Four in a Row-- Four in a Row-- Bildung Bildung Apps like Four in a Row-- Four in a Row-- is a great game for the whole family. Select the opponent, colors, and difficulty level in the "Settings" screen. Progress through the difficulty levels until you master the game. Please try the full version for more features: 1) An... Gratis 06/2012
745651   Four in a Row- Four in a Row- Bildung Bildung Apps like Four in a Row- Four in a Row- is a great game for the whole family. Select the opponent, colors, and difficulty level in the "Settings" screen. Progress through the difficulty levels until you master the game.... 0.99€ 06/2012
745652   Dikie & Dukie: Erlernen der Geographie auf Spanisch HD Dikie & Dukie: Erlernen der Geographie auf Spanisch HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Dikie & Dukie: Erlernen der Geographie auf Spanisch HD Erlernen der Geographie auf Spanisch macht Spaß! Ihre Kinder werden lernen und üben, Spanisch und dabei Spaß zu spielen mit ihren neuen Freunden "Dikie und Dukie"! *** Lernspiel Kollektion für Kids ab 3 Jahre *** 6 Lernspiele für die Grundlagen-Konze... 2.99€ 06/2012
745653   3DPeriodicTable: Periodic Table,  Moleculor Mass Cal 3DPeriodicTable: Periodic Table, Moleculor Mass Cal Bildung Bildung Apps like 3DPeriodicTable: Periodic Table, Moleculor Mass Cal Elements contains a complete set of electron properties plus electron schematic/configuration. It has flame Colors chart and Color Spectrum chart. Very easy to use and interactive. Including our LATEST 3d ATOM module that you can spin any way you want and... 2.99€ 06/2012
745654   Living Well with Living Compass Living Well with Living Compass Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Living Well with Living Compass Living Well with Living Compass: A Whole New Approach to Personal and Family Wellness Living Well with Living Compass expands the focus of wellness by helping people to be well with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind. Begin with the Living Comp... Gratis 06/2012
745655   DDT Feedback DDT Feedback Bildung Bildung Apps like DDT Feedback Real feedback sounds on a trainer software for the audio engineer. Multi-sample technology. Pure tones and Pink noise options. It works like a game for you to increase your productivity.... Gratis 06/2012
745656   Phobia Compendium Phobia Compendium Referenz Referenz Apps like Phobia Compendium Are you scared yet? You should be! There are more things to be afraid of in this world than you would believe. Okay, so you are not scared yet. Let's help things along. Here you will find a large list of things to be scared of. Nobody can walk away f... 0.99€ 06/2012
745657   Perimeter: Grade 3 Perimeter: Grade 3 Bildung Bildung Apps like Perimeter: Grade 3 **This app is going to be updated soon. It does not work with iOS8. Learn how to find the perimeter with this Common Core standards aligned app. Students will learn to: • Calculate perimeter by adding the lengths of the sides of rectangles • Create s... 0.99€ 06/2012
745658   The Travel Kit The Travel Kit Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like The Travel Kit Scared of flying? Tired of being tired? Difficulty sleeping? The Travel Kit app has specific recommendations, acupressure sequences, and guided meditations to help you feel better at home and on the road. With tips for before you leave, while on the ... 4.99€ 06/2012
745659   Area of a Rectangle Area of a Rectangle Bildung Bildung Apps like Area of a Rectangle **This app is going to be updated soon. It does not work with iOS8. Learn how to find the area of a rectangle with this Common Core standards aligned app. Students will: • Explain how to find the area of a rectangle • Calculate the area of a given re... 0.99€ 06/2012
745660   Super Shapes Super Shapes Bildung Bildung Apps like Super Shapes Learn shapes, practice writing, and draw with this Common Core standard aligned app. Students will: • Recognize and describe a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and star • Write the words of shapes • Connect the dots by counting by ones • Dr... 0.99€ 06/2012
745661   Adding Like Fractions Adding Like Fractions Bildung Bildung Apps like Adding Like Fractions **This app is going to be updated soon. It does not work with iOS8. Learn how to add like-fractions with this Common Core standards aligned app. Students will: • Add like fractions • Find the greatest common factor to reduce fractions • Create and s... 0.99€ 06/2012
745662   Carnival Grammar: You're and Your Carnival Grammar: You're and Your Bildung Bildung Apps like Carnival Grammar: You're and Your Learn the difference between "you're" and "your" with this Common Core standards aligned english language arts app. Students will: • Recognize the difference between you're and your • Use you're and your correctly Grade Level(s) 2 3 4 5 Common Core ... 0.99€ 06/2012
745663   Codes Unlocker Codes Unlocker Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Codes Unlocker - Challenge yourself and see if you can clear all 100 stages. ---Features--- - 100 stages - Five different game modes. - GameCenter Included - 100 Achievements Included - 5 Leatherboards - Fast And Time Based Game... Gratis 06/2012
745664   .צבע אדום .צבע אדום Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like .צבע אדום צבע אדום - האפליקציה הראשונה והוותיקה שמספקת התראות בזמן אמת למעל מילון וחצי משתמשים בארץ ובעולם! האפליקציה מאפשרת לקבל התראות על כל האזורים או אזורים ספציפיים לבחירתכם בנוסף תוכל להגדיר את אזור המגורים שלכם, הדבר יאפשר לכם לקבל את ההתראות לפני כולם במי... Gratis 06/2012
745665   PrettyWiki PrettyWiki Referenz Referenz Apps like PrettyWiki PrettyWiki is a way to read your favourite Wikipedia articles in calm on your favourite device. Search for a topic and read the Wikipedia article on it, with no clutter getting in the way of the content. It's that simple.... 0.99€ 06/2012
745666   All In One Datexim All In One Datexim Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like All In One Datexim Cette application developpée par Datexim, regroupe 6 exemples de réalité augmentée à la fois sur iPhone et iPad. les cibles sont téléchargeables à l'adresse suivante : http://www.datexim.com/targets/CiblesDatexim__All_In_One.zip... Gratis 06/2012
745667   Top Rezepte Top Rezepte Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Top Rezepte Du hast keine Ahnung, was du heute kochen sollst? Dann frag doch deine Top Rezepte App, was du kochen kannst. Hol dir doch ganz einfach neue Ideen, während du durch die Rezepte blätterst. Was du in unserer Top Rezepte App nicht findest, das sind tau... Gratis 06/2012
745668   GetBackers-奪還屋- 完全版 GetBackers-奪還屋- 完全版 Bücher Bücher Apps like GetBackers-奪還屋- 完全版 無敵のアクションコミック!【GetBackers-奪還屋- 完全版】が今ならなんと4話無料!!! 【GetBackers-奪還屋- 完全版】を永久保存するなら Frontier NEXT comicsで決まり!! 【ストーリー】 信条は「奪られたら奪り還せ!」 その瞳を見たものに、1分間の夢を見せることができる邪眼使いの美堂蛮と、 体から電撃を生み出すことができる天野銀次の無敵の二人組! 依頼成功率ほぼ100%の奪還屋"GetBackers"とはオレらのことよ!  【価格】 3話100円 【操作... Gratis 06/2012
745669   ISO 22000- Internal Food Safety Management Audit Program,  FSMS ISO 22000- Internal Food Safety Management Audit Program, FSMS Büro Büro Apps like ISO 22000- Internal Food Safety Management Audit Program, FSMS ISO 22000 2005 is an international food safety management standard. It specifies a set of general food safety management requirements that apply to all organizations in the food chain. Use our program to audit your organization's food safety management sy... 49.99€ 06/2012
745670   HEBREW for children phraseguide | PROLOG HEBREW for children phraseguide | PROLOG Bildung Bildung Apps like HEBREW for children phraseguide | PROLOG It is so much fun to learn HEBREW! With this phrase guide – your child will learn 160 words, phrases and expressions that every child will be happy to chat with them in Hebrew. Each Hebrew word or phrase is presented in a unique colored screen, that com... Gratis 06/2012
745671   Gloudemans bv Gloudemans bv Büro Büro Apps like Gloudemans bv Lees het laatste nieuws over Gloudemans en informatie vinden over ons bedrijf en onze medewerkers.... Gratis 06/2012
745672   Pedrali S.p.A. Pedrali S.p.A. Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Pedrali S.p.A. PEDRALI App for Retailers - Our business support in your hands! Pedrali is an Italian furniture company with a collection of design products suitable for contract and residential market. Through this mobile application dedicated to the sales force it is... Gratis 06/2012
745673   Alien Vision Movie FX Alien Vision Movie FX Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Alien Vision Movie FX See the world as you never seen before! YOU will see another reality ! How it works: Record the alien vision around you and try to catch the instant XX ! FEATURES: • Recorder • Sound Design • Post to Facebook or Email to friends! USES: Look like ... 0.99€ 06/2012
745674   iMolecular Draw for iPad iMolecular Draw for iPad Bildung Bildung Apps like iMolecular Draw for iPad The IMoleDraw for iPad is an application that can view, edit and build molecules in 2D. Users can easily draw a molecular structure with IMoleDraw. [Open & Save] Device FTP Server Web(Open only) Email(Open an email attachment) User PC:(Need to ins... 2.99€ 06/2012
745675   Gulfstream Cabin Control Gulfstream Cabin Control Büro Büro Apps like Gulfstream Cabin Control Cabin Control allows you to adjust environmental options aboard the latest-generation Gulfstream aircraft. The app links to the all-new Gulfstream Cabin Management System, helping passengers create the perfect cabin environment. Simple navigation provide... Gratis 06/2012
745676   Amazon Terror Amazon Terror Spiele Spiele Apps like Amazon Terror Your plane crashed in the Amazon. Can you navigate your raft safely to the shore without getting eaten by Piranha & Monster Fish, or hitting too many Electric Eels? Amazon Terror is fun for the whole family! Objective: Navigate your raft safely to the... 2.99€ 06/2012
745677   Barton Abrasive Value Calculator Barton Abrasive Value Calculator Büro Büro Apps like Barton Abrasive Value Calculator Designed for iPad and iPhone, the free Barton Abrasive Value Calculator lets Abrasive Waterjet shop owners determine the garnet abrasive that offers the best value for their waterjet cutting projects. Using shop specific data entered by the user, the ... Gratis 06/2012
745678   NC Dezibel-Umwelt Decibel Test-Tools NC Dezibel-Umwelt Decibel Test-Tools Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like NC Dezibel-Umwelt Decibel Test-Tools Der Lärm immer gefährden die Gesundheit der Menschen Unsere Produkte können Ihnen helfen, zu jeder Zeit, um die Umgebungsgeräusche zu testen Echtzeit-Überwachung der Dezibel-Wert, so können Sie genau bestimmen, was zu platzieren Ihre Gesundheit wir... 0.99€ 06/2012
745679   Any Detector - Alles-Detektor - Universelles Werkzeug für Streiche Any Detector - Alles-Detektor - Universelles Werkzeug für Streiche Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Any Detector - Alles-Detektor - Universelles Werkzeug für Streiche Spielen Sie einen Streich und beeindrucken Sie Ihre Freunde. Dieses coole Zubehör kann alles erkennen! Beliebiger Detektor ist ein Universal-Scanner, um Freunden/Leuten einen Streich zu spielen oder ihnen Ihre Gefühle zu zeigen. Neigen Sie Ihr Gerät nac... Gratis 06/2012
745680   Birds Atlas Birds Atlas Bücher Bücher Apps like Birds Atlas Great Pocket ATLAS for students, bird lovers, education reference - Get visual insights into mostly ALL existing BIRDS on this planet earth with over 700, 000 text characters of detailed information. This App is a great pocket handbook for students or a... Gratis 06/2012
745681   1001 stories. 1001 stories. Bücher Bücher Apps like 1001 stories. Should the Big Bad Wolf go to Granny’s house, or would you like it better if he was feeling sick and never got there? 1001 Stories, by the renowned Slovene author Lila Prap, is based on well-known classic fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood, Snow Whi... Gratis 06/2012
745682   Mi Night Mi Night Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Mi Night Why shouldn't you remember the best nights of your life? Do you ever wake up after a big night and can't remember where you were, or how you got home? Mi Night can help you gain total recall of those awesome nights that shouldn't be forgotten. Mi Night... Gratis 06/2012
745683   Hey You,  lerne neue Leute kennnen Hey You, lerne neue Leute kennnen Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Hey You, lerne neue Leute kennnen Hey You ist eine fette, innovative und unkomplizierte Art neue Leute kennenzulernen. Hey You nutzt zur Lokalisierung GPS, 3G oder WiFi um deine Position anderen Hey You Usern anzuzeigen, welche sich in deiner unmittelbaren Nähe befinden und auch neue... 3.99€ 06/2012
745684   건강만화-당뇨병,  고혈압,  치매 어떻게 잡을까요? 건강만화-당뇨병, 고혈압, 치매 어떻게 잡을까요? Bücher Bücher Apps like 건강만화-당뇨병, 고혈압, 치매 어떻게 잡을까요? 출판사 : 조선앤북 저자 : 정결 -책 소개- 당뇨병, 고혈압, 치매에 대해 알아보고 그 예방 방법을 알려주는 건강만화 시리즈 -목차- 1. 당뇨병 어떻게잡을까요? 2. 고혈압 어떻게 잡을까요? 3. 치매 어떻게 예방할까요? -앱 제작 : (주)성도솔루윈의 "MBook Editor"로 편집 및 "HARMONY"서비스로 제작 되었습니다.... 0.99€ 06/2012
745685   엣지 메이크업-BASIC MAKEUP 엣지 메이크업-BASIC MAKEUP Bücher Bücher Apps like 엣지 메이크업-BASIC MAKEUP 출판사 : 조선앤북 저자 : 류다정 -책 소개- 『엣지 메이크업』은 네이버 블로그 시작 1년 만에 2008, 2009년 연속 파워 블로거로 선정된 ‘류다’가 제안하는 쉬우면서도 엣지 있는 메이크업 노하우가 담긴 책이다. 기본 피부 표현부터 눈, 입술, 볼터치 등의 색조 화장 요령, 다양한 상황에서 활용해볼 수 있는 케이스별 화장법까지, 그동안 류다의 블로그를 통해 많은 네티즌들이 궁금해 하던 메이크업 테크닉을 알려준다. -출판사 서평... 0.99€ 06/2012
745686   명품둘레길 명품둘레길 Bücher Bücher Apps like 명품둘레길 출판사 : 조선매거진 저자 : 월간산 -책 소개- 전국 최고의 걷기코스를 소개하는 '명품둘레길 63선' -목차- [서울] 북한산 둘레길 북한산 전체구간 002 북한산 우이령길 006 북한산 순례길 010 북한산 도봉산구간 014 개미마을과 인왕산길, 백사실계곡 018 남한산성길 022 봉산 능선과 수국사 황금사원 026 북악하늘길 030 불암산 둘레길 서쪽(서울쪽) 구간 034 서달산 숲길과 현충원 순례길 038 일자산산책로와 방이동생태경관보... 1.99€ 06/2012
745687   DMZ,  비극의 중심에서 희망을 보다 DMZ, 비극의 중심에서 희망을 보다 Bücher Bücher Apps like DMZ, 비극의 중심에서 희망을 보다 출판사 : 조선미디어 저자 : 조선일보 DMZ 특별취재팀 -책 소개- 긴장의 최전선에서 DMZ를 생생하게 기록하다! 남방한계선을 넘어 대한민국의 눈 GP까지『DMZ 비극의 중심에서 희망을 보다』. 이 책은 조선일보 DMZ 특별취재팀이 세계 언론 최초로 국방부·유엔군사령부의 정식 허가와 육군본부 지원을 받아 2년여의 기간 동안 DMZ의 내부를 속속들이 취재한 내용을 기록한 책이다. 남방한계선부터 GP 내부, 철조망 너머 북녘 땅 풍광까지 처음으로 항... 7.99€ 06/2012
745688   기적의 다이어트 도시락-5. 350~400kcal 기적의 다이어트 도시락-5. 350~400kcal Bücher Bücher Apps like 기적의 다이어트 도시락-5. 350~400kcal 출판사 : 조선앤북 저자 : 이경영 -책 소개- [5부. 350~400kcal] 균형 잡힌 식사를 위한 건강한 도시락 레시피! 34kg 감량에 성공한 후 17년간 몸매를 유지하고 있는 다이어트 프로그래머 이경영의 요리책 『기적의 다이어트 도시락』. 첫 번째 책 기적의 다이어트 밥상이 칼로리를 중심으로 이야기했다면, 이번 두 번째 책은 나트륨까지 분석하며 더 효율적인 다이어트를 할 수 있도록 도와준다. 다이어트 최대의 적이라 할 수 있는 외식에서 벗... 1.99€ 06/2012
745689   기적의 다이어트 도시락-4. 300~350kcal 기적의 다이어트 도시락-4. 300~350kcal Bücher Bücher Apps like 기적의 다이어트 도시락-4. 300~350kcal 출판사 : 조선앤북 저자 : 이경영 -책 소개- [4부. 300~350kcal] 균형 잡힌 식사를 위한 건강한 도시락 레시피! 34kg 감량에 성공한 후 17년간 몸매를 유지하고 있는 다이어트 프로그래머 이경영의 요리책 『기적의 다이어트 도시락』. 첫 번째 책 기적의 다이어트 밥상이 칼로리를 중심으로 이야기했다면, 이번 두 번째 책은 나트륨까지 분석하며 더 효율적인 다이어트를 할 수 있도록 도와준다. 다이어트 최대의 적이라 할 수 있는 외식에서 벗... 1.99€ 06/2012
745690   Anotem Anotem Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Anotem Anotem ist eine App, um erledigte Arbeit aufzuzeichnen. Anstatt sich darauf zu konzentrieren, was Sie machen wollten, könnten Sie doch einfach das erfassen, was Sie bereits erledigt haben! Sie können sich im Laufe der Zeit Ihren Fortschritt ansehen u... 1.99€ 06/2012
745691   BinaryFileViewer BinaryFileViewer Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like BinaryFileViewer This app allows you to view small binary files on your iPad. The files can be transferred using iTunes.... Gratis 06/2012
745692   iTime Tables iTime Tables Bildung Bildung Apps like iTime Tables Multiplication table: Understanding of math is understanding the language, whose mastery is important for understanding the world around us. Knowledge and understanding on this subject contributes to student's self-image class, and provides the basi... 1.99€ 06/2012
745693   Interface Magazine Interface Magazine Bildung Bildung Apps like Interface Magazine Interface – A Friendly Science Magazine, is an easy-to-read quarterly magazine geared toward the general public, featuring cutting-edge news and discoveries from the Weizmann Institute of Science, including a diverse range of topics, from cancer to ge... Gratis 06/2012
745694   המכון המכון Bildung Bildung Apps like המכון "המכון – מדע ותרבות בשפה ידידותית" הוא מגזין המביא חדשות ותגליות מדעיות מבית מכון ויצמן למדע, לצד מאמרים בתחומי התרבות והאמנות. המגזין מיועד לציבור הרחב, כתוב "בגובה העיניים", ומתפרסם מדי שלושה חודשים. בין היתר כלולים בו חידושים בחקר הסרטן, אסטרופיסי... Gratis 06/2012
745695   Baccarat * Baccarat * Spiele Spiele Apps like Baccarat * Baccarat HD Free... Gratis 06/2012
745696   UK / US Ring Sizer UK / US Ring Sizer Referenz Referenz Apps like UK / US Ring Sizer *** Featured in Appstore Top 100 UK Reference iPad apps! *** Trying to find out what your partners ring size is without them knowing for an engagement or a present? Or out shopping and wondering whether a ring will fit the person you are buying for? U... 0.99€ 06/2012
745697   Q版水果连连看 Q版水果连连看 Spiele Spiele Apps like Q版水果连连看 Official heavy launched the stunning special effects link, The best game of appstore. Limit free for three days! The game contains many of the advantages, with HD resolution, fine screen, feel super good. The game features: 1.One of several sets o... Gratis 06/2012
745698   选楼盘 选楼盘 Kataloge Kataloge Apps like 选楼盘 选楼盘是一款网络深圳楼市资讯的iPad应用程序, 目前可以利用GPS等定位, 片区, 以及发展商等多种方式搜寻楼盘, 对关心深圳楼市的用户, 足不出户就能尽览全市所有楼盘。 功能: 1, 能利用终端自带的定位系统搜索用户所在区域附近的所有住宅和商铺项目。 2, 用户可通过不同途径搜索心仪的楼盘, 包括地图分区, 发展商, 销售价格排行榜。... Gratis 06/2012
745699   Animal Game Show - deren Zehen sind das? - Passende Spaß für Kinder und Familie - Frei Animal Game Show - deren Zehen sind das? - Passende Spaß für Kinder und Familie - Frei Spiele Spiele Apps like Animal Game Show - deren Zehen sind das? - Passende Spaß für Kinder und Familie - Frei ★ ★ ★ Willkommen auf der besten GAME SHOW ON EARTH! ★ ★ ★ Willkommen auf deren Zehen sind solche, die Game-Show, wo Spieler identifizieren lustigen Charaktere von ihren Zehen! ★ Vorgestellt auf Heute in iOS Podcast! ★ ★ Top Famigo App der Woche! ★ ★ F... Gratis 06/2012
745700   Cool Interior Design Wallpapers HD Cool Interior Design Wallpapers HD Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Cool Interior Design Wallpapers HD First-class team of professionals, carefully selected and professionally designed HD cool wallpaper, giving you the beauties gluttonous, a lifetime, the shock of the wonderful visual feast to enjoy. This application is only for iPad , simple and cl... 2.99€ 06/2012
745701   EstimationLine EstimationLine Medizin Medizin Apps like EstimationLine The EstimationLine app is a proven estimation test for children to show where a target number should fall on a number line. It is fully configurable and saves the data to a CSV file for later analysis. In this app, children touch the line with their fi... 34.99€ 06/2012
745702   Random Yıllık Generator Random Yıllık Generator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Random Yıllık Generator Arkadaşlarınıza yıllık yaratmak hiç bu kadar kolay olmamıştı! Artık arkadaşlarınıza saniyeler içinde yıllık yazısı yaratabileceksiniz. Arkadaşınızın adını yazın, yıllığı yaratın, ve arkadaşınızla anında paylaşın! Her biri birbirinden farklı, rastgele ... Gratis 06/2012
745703   顽皮的小气球Lite免费 顽皮的小气球Lite免费 Spiele Spiele Apps like 顽皮的小气球Lite免费 这是一款轻松幽默的休闲游戏, 你要以最快速度将相同颜色的小气球拖拽到一起, 然后戳破它们, 赢得高分。记得要好好利用道具气球哟! 小气球们很顽皮, 通关不是那么容易的。 祝您好运! 建议您陪伴您的家人一起玩, 可以增进家人之间的感情。 优良的游戏品质, 是俺一贯的追求。感谢大家的支持, 俺会坚持做中文版游戏的, 在中国做这行真不容易阿。此版本是lite免费版。 正式版地址:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wan-pi-de-xiao-qi-qiu/i... Gratis 06/2012
745704   Looking4Cache Lite - Geocaching App Looking4Cache Lite - Geocaching App Navigation Navigation Apps like Looking4Cache Lite - Geocaching App Looking4Cache ist eine sehr umfangreiche App rund um das faszinierende Hobby Geocaching. Durch einen direkten Zugriff auf die über zwei Millionen Geocaches von Goundspeak´s Geocaching Plattform gibt es nahezu überall eine Dose zum suchen. Geocaches kanns... Gratis 06/2012
745705   Looking4Cache Pro - Geocaching App Looking4Cache Pro - Geocaching App Navigation Navigation Apps like Looking4Cache Pro - Geocaching App Looking4Cache ist eine sehr umfangreiche App rund um das faszinierende Hobby Geocaching. Durch einen direkten Zugriff auf die über zwei Millionen Geocaches von Goundspeak´s Geocaching Plattform gibt es nahezu überall eine Dose zum suchen. Geocaches kanns... 8.99€ 06/2012
745706   DTMF Dialler DTMF Dialler Produktivität Produktivität Apps like DTMF Dialler This app is a DTMF Dialler. When you want to make a call with fixed-line telephone, you can use a iPhone's contact list. You set a phone number, then play back the DTMF tones. A push-button telephone hear the tones, picks up and calls to the number. ... 0.99€ 06/2012
745707   Popzi Lite Popzi Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Popzi Lite Popzi is a fun game to play. See how many shapes you can pop before they disappear from the screen.... Gratis 06/2012
745708   End of the World Predictions End of the World Predictions Referenz Referenz Apps like End of the World Predictions Are you ready for the end of the world? This app has dates for all end of the world predictions and descriptions of each apocalypse predicted. It's important to be prepared just in case someone gets it right. You will also have fun learning about predic... 0.99€ 06/2012
745709   CBS Local CBS Local Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like CBS Local CBS Local is constantly updated with the latest news, sports, weather, and traffic. Select your city and personalize your front page for the ultimate coverage of stories that matter to you. Features: •Choose from 24 Major U.S. Locations •Live-Stream A... Gratis 06/2012
745710   完本穿越小说精选-暧昧言情,穿越剧,同人,耿美小说 完本穿越小说精选-暧昧言情,穿越剧,同人,耿美小说 Bücher Bücher Apps like 完本穿越小说精选-暧昧言情,穿越剧,同人,耿美小说 精选15部完本的经典穿越小说。包括重生之官路商图,史上第一混乱,步步惊心等等,良好的编辑阅读模式,小编精确分章阅读。... Gratis 06/2012
745711   PEST: BEGINS PEST: BEGINS Spiele Spiele Apps like PEST: BEGINS Introducing PEST: BEGINS! Time to lock n' load! Your mission? Save your fellow cupcakes from complete and utter annihilation. Waves of evil 'pests' have covered the planet, and its up to you to destroy them all. Your arsenal? Sprinkle Blasts. Cherry... Gratis 06/2012
745712   日本酒 日本酒 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 日本酒 Japanese Liquor Catalog. (a.k.a. Sake, Nihon-shu)... Gratis 06/2012
745713   Z57 GO Z57 GO Büro Büro Apps like Z57 GO Z57 Go allows real estate professionals to manage their listings, leads and online marketing from any mobile device. REALTORS® and Brokers with a Z57 website can access their Marketing Control Center on-the-go, giving them the technology they need to ... Gratis 06/2012
745714   Rio+20 Guide Rio+20 Guide Referenz Referenz Apps like Rio+20 Guide Map showing the most relevant information of Rio +20. Local events, hotels, transport, restaurants and more.... Gratis 06/2012
745715   AR Colorado Solar Homes AR Colorado Solar Homes Büro Büro Apps like AR Colorado Solar Homes Anthony Ryan Associates LLC is a family owned builder specializing in high end quality, green system built homes. These homes are constructed in a climate controlled, off site environment with laser precision technology that reduces the amount of waste ... Gratis 06/2012
745716   Musical Animals! Musical Animals! Bildung Bildung Apps like Musical Animals! Do you want to foster love for the music in your child since the early childhood? Mastering notes often happens to be boring and uninteresting for a child and deprives him/her of any desire to study music in the future. This had been the case before our a... Gratis 06/2012
745717   Coupon U 2012 Coupon U 2012 Referenz Referenz Apps like Coupon U 2012 Coupon U 2012 Annual Sales Convention is being held August 2 – August 4 at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. More than 1000 of North American’s Franchise Owner’s, Sales Reps, Sales Support staff and Headquarters’ employees will make their way to The Cosmopol... Gratis 06/2012
745718   Credit Union 1 Alaska Credit Union 1 Alaska Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Credit Union 1 Alaska One app for your on-the-move Credit Union 1 needs! The Credit Union 1 Alaska app is convenient, free, easy to use and most importantly: secure. Save more of your valuable time by using the app to find our most frequently requested information and access... Gratis 06/2012
745719   GdB digital GdB digital Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like GdB digital Con GdB digital il piacere di leggere il Giornale di Brescia diventa interattivo! Lettura: Potrai scegliere l'edizione del giorno o un’edizione dell'archivio e consultare gratuitamente la prima pagina oppure acquistare l'edizione completa. Sfogliando le... Gratis 06/2012
745720   名师导学小学奥数讲座(一)多媒体交互软件 名师导学小学奥数讲座(一)多媒体交互软件 Bildung Bildung Apps like 名师导学小学奥数讲座(一)多媒体交互软件 名师导学-小学奥数讲座第一集 多媒体教学软件 本套软件是北京华夏树人数码科技有限公司全新开发的多媒体教育软件, 全套共分四集, 涵盖小学数学奥林匹克主要知识点, 由中国数学奥林匹克高级教练、全国著名特级教师亲身讲授, 北京四中高级教师组织练习脚本, 题目经典内容充实, 讲解过程详细富于启发, 帮助学生理解、掌握分析问题的方法, 更深刻、更灵活地运用数学概念的意义和规律去解决问题。 软件界面新颖活泼, 操作简便, 将带小朋友们进入广阔而神秘的数学世界, 去探求各种数学问题的答案, 增长数学知识, ... 1.99€ 06/2012
745721   Reddy Memory Reddy Memory Spiele Spiele Apps like Reddy Memory A fun and addictive game where the fastest is the greatest! Help Reddy Hunter become also the best Reddy Memory Man! This is the iPhone version of Reddy Hunter! ★★ Please take some time to rate this free app! This greatly helps us. We appreciate your s... Gratis 06/2012
745722   Yellowlink Hotel for iPad Yellowlink Hotel for iPad Reise Reise Apps like Yellowlink Hotel for iPad Yellowlink develops and provides mobile applications that help hotels streamline operations, increase guest satisfaction and build revenue.... Gratis 06/2012
745723   LoggerLink LoggerLink Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like LoggerLink Campbell Scientific's LoggerLink for iOS is a simple yet powerful tool that allows an iOS device to communicate with IP-enabled dataloggers (CR6, CR200X, CR800, CR850, CR1000, CR3000). The app supports field maintenance tasks such as viewing and coll... Gratis 06/2012
745724   كتاب اطباق عام 2000 كتاب اطباق عام 2000 Bücher Bücher Apps like كتاب اطباق عام 2000 هذا الكتاب هو خلاصة لخبرة سنين, في مجال الطبخ وضع بشكل مرتب ليحتوي في بداية صفحاته على مقاييس وادوات المعايره مرورا بأطباق تم اختيارها بعناية لتضفي الصحة والمتعه في المذاق على افراد العائلة. كما انه روعي اضافة بعض المميزات الخاصة بالتطبيق والتي ستعطي تجر... 4.99€ 06/2012
745725   הראל מויאל הראל מויאל Musik Musik Apps like הראל מויאל האפליקציה הרשמית של הזמר הראל מויאל *** פיצרים מרכזיים באפליקציה **** * האזנה חופשית לכל השירים החדשים והאלבומים האהובים של הראל מויאל * צפייה בכל הקליפים והתמונות של הראל * עדכוני חדשות מסביב לשעון סביב הראל וקבלת לוח מועדי הופעות מעודכן * עדכונים י... Gratis 06/2012
745726   The Shelter App - HSC Legal Studies The Shelter App - HSC Legal Studies Bildung Bildung Apps like The Shelter App - HSC Legal Studies September 2013 Edition: Updated to include all of the important developments in 2013. New laws like the Boarding Houses Act, the five Aged Care (Living Longer Living Better) Acts and the major transfers of public housing properties to community housing a... 14.99€ 06/2012
745727   Chinese Dutch Flashcards Chinese Dutch Flashcards Bildung Bildung Apps like Chinese Dutch Flashcards Chinese Dutch Flashcards is a great little language learning app that utilises magical flashcards to help you learn. Its a fun vocabulary builder!! Select a card from one of the 14 themed sets, see if you can remember the word in Mandarin and or Dutch!... 0.99€ 06/2012
745728   水浒麻将移移看 水浒麻将移移看 Spiele Spiele Apps like 水浒麻将移移看 不是连连看, 不是对对碰, 全新玩法麻将移移看。清新淡雅中国风画面, 让您眼前一亮。恬静淡雅让您远离喧嚣体验宁静... Gratis 06/2012
745729   Happy Freddy HD Happy Freddy HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Happy Freddy HD Happy Freddy, a classic puzzle that will bring back memories. Make the Happy Freddy smile again by turning all the puzzle pieces into the happy face. Enjoy this puzzle that is easy to play but hard to master. Unlock all the puzzle levels and be sure to c... 0.99€ 06/2012
745730   拼火柴益智游戏免费版 拼火柴益智游戏免费版 Spiele Spiele Apps like 拼火柴益智游戏免费版 MatchGame is a funny math intelligent game, which being called correct the match equations game. The rule of game is very easy: move one match to the space to resume the relationship of the equation. The free version only include one round, you can unloc... Gratis 06/2012
745731   HiQnet Motion Control HiQnet Motion Control Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like HiQnet Motion Control **HiQnet System Architect 3.2 is required for the creation and transfer of HiQnet Motion Control iOS panels. If no panels have been transferred to the iOS device, HiQnet Motion Control will launch into the Example Control Panel(s)** HiQnet Motion Contro... 9.99€ 06/2012
745732   Phase 10 Free Phase 10 Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Phase 10 Free Das Phase 10-Kartenspiel ist jetzt im iTunes App Store erhältlich! Spiele gegen deine Freunde oder im Solo-Modus. Spiele mit deinen Gegnern um die Wette und schließe deine zehn Phasen als Erster ab, um nicht den Anschluss zu verlieren. Funktionen: · Di... Gratis 06/2012
745733   粵潮 for iPad 粵潮 for iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 粵潮 for iPad 粵語潮流用語的一種介紹和解說。 透過一些實際例子顯現潮流用語在不同環境下使用方法。... Gratis 06/2012
745734   fruit 123 (HD) Lite - learning numbers and flash card for kids fruit 123 (HD) Lite - learning numbers and flash card for kids Bildung Bildung Apps like fruit 123 (HD) Lite - learning numbers and flash card for kids Durch die bunten Obst-Muster, Kindern zu ermöglichen, Interesse an digitalen Lernens, einschließlich der Anzahl der digitalen Lernen und Beobachtung, um den Namen der Frucht und Farbe Substantive (Englisch und Chinesisch) lernen zu steigern, so dass ... Gratis 06/2012
745735   Top 500 Famous Quotes for iPad Top 500 Famous Quotes for iPad Bücher Bücher Apps like Top 500 Famous Quotes for iPad Top 500 Famous & Inspirational Quotes from great men the world has seen - Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain etc.... Gratis 06/2012
745736   MOST-96120 Memory Orientation Screening Test MOST-96120 Memory Orientation Screening Test Medizin Medizin Apps like MOST-96120 Memory Orientation Screening Test The MOST-96120 is an advanced professional version of the Memory Orientation Screening Test: MOST®, specifically configured to meet CMS requirements for “neuropsychological testing administered by a computer with qualified health care professional interp... 9.99€ 06/2012
745737   JSPB KPI Viewer JSPB KPI Viewer Büro Büro Apps like JSPB KPI Viewer The application enables you to see the defined KPI's for a Job Scheduler, connected to an SAP-Solution Manager on a mobile device. Prerequisites are: - SAP Solution Manager 7.1 - Implemented SAP Note: 1652776 - CPS as a scheduler, connected to SAP Solu... Gratis 06/2012
745738   Crazy Ball from x-ray Crazy Ball from x-ray Spiele Spiele Apps like Crazy Ball from x-ray crazy ball is a classic and addictive puzzle game. move a ball to match 5 or more balls with the same color vertically, horizontally or diagonally to popup and get points. After each move without successful popup, three balls will shoot to the board ran... Gratis 06/2012
745739   Le 10 Sport : mercato,  transferts,  buzz,  l'actualité de ceux qui font le sport ! Le 10 Sport : mercato, transferts, buzz, l'actualité de ceux qui font le sport ! Sport Sport Apps like Le 10 Sport : mercato, transferts, buzz, l'actualité de ceux qui font le sport ! Téléchargez la nouvelle application officielle Le 10 Sport et restez connectés en live à l'actualité de ceux qui font le sport : transferts (une actualité mercato toutes les 15 mn), vidéos, buzz... Suivez l'actualité du sport et de ceux qui font le spor... Gratis 06/2012
745740   Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted to Fly Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted to Fly Bildung Bildung Apps like Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted to Fly What's so great about being a raccoon? Rowdy Raccoon is about to find out. Raccoons weren't meant to fly, but you can't convince Rowdy of that. When he meets Scissor, the incomparable Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher, Rowdy is left to wonder why raccoons were... 1.99€ 06/2012
745741   Al Quran Karim Pro Al Quran Karim Pro Bücher Bücher Apps like Al Quran Karim Pro Al-Quran Karim (Koran, Coran) with great features & Full Audio, Translation in many famous languages. 25% Special Discount Quran e Kareem, A true book from Allah. Every Muslim should listen and recite Koran. Complete Audio of Al-Quran Kareem (114 Sura... 4.99€ 06/2012
745742   Antorcha App Antorcha App Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Antorcha App ANTORCHA INTERNATIONAL is committed to igniting your vision! We invite you to explore our resources App. You will find extensive teaching on marriage, Bible study, leadership, other series, marriage and leadership tips, audio Bible, youth, music, ... Gratis 06/2012
745743   Puppenspiel - Kinder App um dein eigenes Theaterstück zu inszunieren - Appracadabra Puppenspiel - Kinder App um dein eigenes Theaterstück zu inszunieren - Appracadabra Bildung Bildung Apps like Puppenspiel - Kinder App um dein eigenes Theaterstück zu inszunieren - Appracadabra Spiel frei im digitalen "Puppenspiel" von Appracadabra. Wähle einen Schauplatz, gib den Puppen (d)ein Gesicht und los geht's. Märchenwald, Mondlandschaft, drehende Tänzerinnen, schwebende Zeppeline, imposante Muskelmänner, Roboter, Astronaut und n... 1.99€ 06/2012
745744   単語から学ぶ ビジネス中国語 単語から学ぶ ビジネス中国語 Bildung Bildung Apps like 単語から学ぶ ビジネス中国語 単語や例文から学べるビジネス中国語の教育アプリです。 ビジネス会話で最もよく出る単語を厳選し、実際の使う場面を想定して例文を作りました。そのため、単語覚えるだけでなく、例文もそのまま覚えて頂けると、きっと役に立つ時があります。すぐビジネスの取引で中国語を使えたい、または、もっと中国語を勉強したいあなたに最適です。 自分の実力を把握するため、カテゴリごとのテスト機能を用意しております。 テストで間違った単語は「復習」欄に入ります。 間違いだ単語を復習してテストで再チャレンジしましょう! テスト&復習を繰り... 3.99€ 06/2012
745745   Christ Central Alachua Christ Central Alachua Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Christ Central Alachua The Christ Central Alachua app gives you access to sermons from J Mark Johns, as well as events, blog posts, frequently asked questions, campus location and service time, and other information. Browse current and previous Sermon Series and listen on ... Gratis 06/2012
745746   Ostfriesische Nachrichten Ostfriesische Nachrichten Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Ostfriesische Nachrichten Als Tageszeitung für Aurich und Ostfriesland informieren die Ostfriesischen Nachrichten (ON) sechsmal wöchentlich über Geschehnisse in der Region und der Welt. Dieses Angebot ist mit der App „ON-digital“ nur noch einen Fingertipp entfernt. Neben lokalen N... Gratis 06/2012
745747   BizBites: French Meetings (Free) BizBites: French Meetings (Free) Bildung Bildung Apps like BizBites: French Meetings (Free) Bizbites: French Meetings gives you useful expressions and phrases for all types of business meetings and discussions. You can easily refer to the expressions during meetings or conference calls without anyone being aware. The integrated exercises and qu... Gratis 06/2012
745748   BizBites: French Meetings BizBites: French Meetings Bildung Bildung Apps like BizBites: French Meetings Bizbites: French Meetings gives you useful expressions and phrases for all types of business meetings and discussions. You can easily refer to the expressions during meetings or conference calls without anyone being aware. The integrated exercises and qui... 2.99€ 06/2012
745749   General-Anzeiger General-Anzeiger Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like General-Anzeiger Als Tageszeitung für Ostfriesland sowie das Ems- und Oldenburgerland informiert der General-Anzeiger (GA) sechsmal wöchentlich über Geschehnisse in der Region und der Welt. Dieses Angebot ist mit der App „GA-digital“ nur noch einen Fingertipp entfernt. N... Gratis 06/2012
745750   Ostfriesen-Zeitung Ostfriesen-Zeitung Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Ostfriesen-Zeitung Als Tageszeitung für ganz Ostfriesland informiert die Ostfriesen-Zeitung (OZ) sechsmal wöchentlich über Geschehnisse in der Region und der Welt. Leer, Aurich/Wittmund, Emden/Norden und das Rheiderland bilden den Schwerpunkt der lokalen Berichterstattung... Gratis 06/2012
745751   号码归属地(专业版) 号码归属地(专业版) Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 号码归属地(专业版) 通讯录EXCEL一键备份强势来袭,直接备份成Excel格式的文件中,可以邮件发送也可以iTunes备份。 号码归属地仅支持已存通讯录的电话号码。 号码归属地功能,会自动对通讯录中的联系人的所有号码进行定位匹配,显示号码归属地。通讯录中的号码来电或去电时,自动显示归属地。 当不需要此应用的功能时,可使用一键还原功能。 主要功能: ◊◊ 号码归属地, 无需任何流量, 可定位大陆地区近20万号码段的所有固话及移动电话【仅限通讯录】。 ◊◊ 支持一键还原通讯录, 当不使用归属地功能的时, 可以在设置中, ... 0.99€ 06/2012
745752   koukarei2012 koukarei2012 Medizin Medizin Apps like koukarei2012 第12回日本抗加齢医学会総会 プログラム・抄録集 -アンチエイジング医学の文明開化- ------------- 主な特徴 -------------- ■講演抄録 講演抄録を印刷物と同じレイアウトでご覧頂けます。 全文検索も可能です。 ■メモ機能 付箋には手軽に書き込みができます。また、メモの内容をメールで送信できますので 後からPCでもメモ内容が利用できます。 ■しおり機能 ページにしおりを付けます。しおり一覧に表示され、 選択するとそのページにジャンプします。 ■拡大、縮小機能 ページの拡大、... Gratis 06/2012
745753   3D Liar's Dice 3D Liar's Dice Spiele Spiele Apps like 3D Liar's Dice ✪The most anticipated online dice game in App Store✪ ★★★★★ ENJOYING Club Dice? Download this game!★★★★★ ★★★PLAY with your friends or people all over the world!★★★ ★★★The most anticipated dice game is on App Store now★★★ This game provides not only dices... 4.99€ 06/2012
745754   AMYKAKU Lite AMYKAKU Lite Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like AMYKAKU Lite ◆AMYKAKU App 開放下載囉!! 完整收錄AMYKAKU Blog http://www.wretch.cc/blog/amykaku 一千一百篇食記, 料理與育兒文章, 全省帶您走透透, 出門不用先做功課囉~~ 特別收錄了大寶跟二寶的成長史喔! 付費版、免費版, 差異為下: ◆付費版功能有: 1.可同步AMYKAKU Blog資料, 每年超過 300 篇新資料可以下載。 2.去除惱人又耗電的廣告。 3.隨app附贈價值千元以上的免費書服券(優惠券)喔~ ◆免費版: 1.無法... Gratis 06/2012
745755   Dosionair Design Challenge Uploader Dosionair Design Challenge Uploader Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Dosionair Design Challenge Uploader Mit dieser App kannst du deinen Beitrag zur Dosionair Design Challenge hochladen. HINWEIS: Apple ist kein Sponsor dieses Wettbewerbs und in keiner Weise involiert. NOTICE: Apple is not a sponsor of this contest nor is involved in any way.... Gratis 06/2012
745756   Woodwind instrumentSS IA Woodwind instrumentSS IA Musik Musik Apps like Woodwind instrumentSS IA A woodwind instrument is a musical instrument that belongs to the wind instrument family other than woodwind instruments. Woodwind instrumentSS is a music application packed with 12 different woodwind instruments such as the flute and the clarinet. Engli... Gratis 06/2012
745757   Call Tracker - GoBeyond Series Call Tracker - GoBeyond Series Büro Büro Apps like Call Tracker - GoBeyond Series Track phone calls on-the-go with Call Tracker, then export data to your favourite software. Time your calls using the built-in stopwatch, then quickly log the call. You won't work with out it! Call tracking has never been this easy! Check out Call T... 4.99€ 06/2012
745758   Circuito de Cafeterias Circuito de Cafeterias Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Circuito de Cafeterias Pelo segundo ano consecutivo Belo Horizonte recebe o Circuito de Cafeterias, de 24 de maio a 24 de julho, com a participação de 25 dos melhores estabelecimentos da capital. Além da oportunidade de conhecer as cafeterias, o participante poderá degustar ... Gratis 06/2012
745759   Football Pop - Brazil 2014 Football Pop - Brazil 2014 Spiele Spiele Apps like Football Pop - Brazil 2014 Lass die große Fußballfeier zur WM 2014 beginnen und bring mit diesem Torwartspiel die Action aus Brasilien in deine Handfläche! Oh nein! Das große Spiel rückt näher und der Torwart ist bereit, doch seine Teamkollegen sind noch nicht da! Schlage den An... Gratis 06/2012
745760   Just Squish'n Just Squish'n Spiele Spiele Apps like Just Squish'n Almost as random and surreal as Jeffery Dallas, Kaio brings you Just Squish'n the fun way to exact revenge on those pesky jellyfish. "Game is easy simple and fun be sure to get this game!!!!"--- Joetubbs "Oh my goodness this game is amazing!!!!! I love... Gratis 06/2012
745761   Blow The Safe Blow The Safe Spiele Spiele Apps like Blow The Safe How good is your general knowledge? Starting with 1 million points, split between 10 gold bars, can you survive 10 explosive rounds of trivia quiz questions, without losing your million? Each round of the quiz there are 4 possible answers, represe... Gratis 06/2012
745762   Sumas y Restas Sumas y Restas Bildung Bildung Apps like Sumas y Restas [Diese Version ist in der Family Pack 10 x 3 mit einem Gesamtrabatt von 75% enthalten] https://itunes.apple.com/app-bundle/id924366755 *** Nicht die Gelegenheit verpassen: Nun werden die beiden Anwendungen in einem zu einem Preis 66% günstiger: Addition... 1.99€ 06/2012
745763   Community Softphone - Voice Calls Supported Community Softphone - Voice Calls Supported Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Community Softphone - Voice Calls Supported Call and instant message anyone else on our community for free with community mobile softphone for your iPhone or iPad. It’s great value with community iPhone dialer to do all your calls management (voice) using one application from anywhere around the gl... Gratis 06/2012
745764   Delhi Metro - Map and Route Planner Delhi Metro - Map and Route Planner Reise Reise Apps like Delhi Metro - Map and Route Planner Delhi Metro gives you the metro support you need to get from A to B in the city. Whether you plan to visit some of the city’s dazzling gems, captivating ancient monuments or fascinating museums and art galleries this FREE app will help you make the most ... Gratis 06/2012
745765   The Owl Says Hoot HD The Owl Says Hoot HD Bücher Bücher Apps like The Owl Says Hoot HD The Owl Says Hoot Written and illustrated by Laurie Andriot Overview: The Owl Says Hoot takes young children out into a wonderful warm world of animals then back to their own familiar surroundings. The simple and inviting pictures show the essence of ea... 1.99€ 06/2012
745766   Stimmgerät Pro* Lite Stimmgerät Pro* Lite Musik Musik Apps like Stimmgerät Pro* Lite What People Say We think you'll love C Tuner - The accurate and easy-to-use tuner for guitar, bass, ukulele, violin and pipe, just like these lovely people... "This is an amazing tuner. I play a several instruments and this tuner works well with all... Gratis 06/2012
745767   Sports Quizzes Sports Quizzes Bildung Bildung Apps like Sports Quizzes Sports Quiz This app is a quiz that is aimed at anyone. It is about all sport and you have to answer as many questions as fast as you can and then depending how many you get tells you how good you were. It is a fun and an awesome game to play. Test your k... 0.99€ 06/2012
745768   Candlestick Charting Candlestick Charting Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Candlestick Charting Want to gain an edge in today's competitive market? Candlestick charting, which is a form of technical analysis, is a versatile tool that can be fused with any other technical tool and will help improve any technician's market analysis. This App cove... Gratis 06/2012
745769   Trinkgeldwelt - Bester Einnahmen-Tracker für die Dienstleistungsbranche Trinkgeldwelt - Bester Einnahmen-Tracker für die Dienstleistungsbranche Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Trinkgeldwelt - Bester Einnahmen-Tracker für die Dienstleistungsbranche Möchten Sie mehr Trinkgeld verdienen? Mit Trinkgeldwelt können Sie mit Ihren Jobs mehr Trinkgeld erhalten, indem Sie Antworten auf die folgenden Fragen finden: * Wie hoch ist mein Stundenlohn? * Wo verdiene ich am meisten Geld? * In welchen Monaten verdi... Gratis 06/2012
745770   SJH Pulse SJH Pulse Medizin Medizin Apps like SJH Pulse SJH Pulse is St. Joseph Health’s mobile source for healthcare industry news, regional events, links to physician workflow applications and websites, and other need-to-know information. Features include INDUSTRY NEWS • Browse the latest in industry ne... Gratis 06/2012
745771   A La Maison A La Maison Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like A La Maison Enfin l'application iPhone / iPad du Restaurant A La Maison. Tenez-vous informé des soirées, du menu, ... le tout dans votre poche. Réalisation www.geneinfo.pro... Gratis 06/2012
745772   Tier Welt - Cartoon Maulwurf Hahn kostenlos Tier Welt - Cartoon Maulwurf Hahn kostenlos Spiele Spiele Apps like Tier Welt - Cartoon Maulwurf Hahn kostenlos Maulwurf gerne Löcher im Garten graben. Jemand sollte ihnen beibringen, wo sie graben können. Tippen Sie auf Maulwurf, bevor sie zu verstecken. Es ist einfach und macht Spaß! Genießen Sie Ihre Spielzeit, ohne zu denken zu viel. Kommen Sie zu uns! ---... Gratis 06/2012
745773   Shadow of Elves 2: Episodes 4-6. Watch Thalia,  save the drought and flood stricken Meadowlands and destroy the evil “Green Golem”. Activities include: Memory Game,  Spot the Difference and Coloring Board. (iPad Version; by Auryn Apps) Shadow of Elves 2: Episodes 4-6. Watch Thalia, save the drought and flood stricken Meadowlands and destroy the evil “Green Golem”. Activities include: Memory Game, Spot the Difference and Coloring Board. (iPad Version; by Auryn Apps) Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Shadow of Elves 2: Episodes 4-6. Watch Thalia, save the drought and flood stricken Meadowlands and destroy the evil “Green Golem”. Activities include: Memory Game, Spot the Difference and Coloring Board. (iPad Version; by Auryn Apps) Almost microscopic in size, there exists a world hidden within our own; the Meadowlands is a delicate world of flowers as large as redwoods and insects the size of dragons; where peaceful fairies take wing and comical trolls haunt the low land swamps and... 1.99€ 06/2012
745774   안산교회 iFrame 안산교회 iFrame Bücher Bücher Apps like 안산교회 iFrame 여의도순복음 안산교회 iFrame 입니다.... Gratis 06/2012
745775   중동교회 iFrame 중동교회 iFrame Bücher Bücher Apps like 중동교회 iFrame 여의도순복음 중동교회 iFrame 입니다.... Gratis 06/2012
745776   성동교회 iFrame 성동교회 iFrame Bücher Bücher Apps like 성동교회 iFrame 여의도순복음 성동교회 iFrame 입니다.... Gratis 06/2012
745777   iFunFace - reden Fotos iFunFace - reden Fotos Photographie Photographie Apps like iFunFace - reden Fotos Jetzt über 2.000.000 Downloads! Erstelle eindrucksvolle und witzige Animationen von dir, deinen Freunden oder Haustieren anhand eines beliebigen Fotos! Mit iFunFace kannst du lustige Videos von dir und anderen Menschen erstellen, indem du einfach ein ... Gratis 06/2012
745778   Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro Navigation Navigation Apps like Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro You must be a commercial or military operator subscribing to Jeppesen’s TEFIS or JMCS data subscriptions to access this application. JEPPESEN FLITEDECK PRO 2.5.7 A POWERFUL, COMPLETE MOBILE EFB SOLUTION that includes the HIGH QUALITY charting Jeppesen... Gratis 06/2012
745779   BBC Good Food Home Cooking Series magazine – Baking,  Healthy and Vegetarian recipe collections BBC Good Food Home Cooking Series magazine – Baking, Healthy and Vegetarian recipe collections Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like BBC Good Food Home Cooking Series magazine – Baking, Healthy and Vegetarian recipe collections The BBC Good Food Home Cooking Series has six annual, seasonally themed editions, each packed with 100 delicious recipes to keep you inspired the whole year round – from everyday supper solutions and healthy options to ideas for entertaining friends an... Gratis 06/2012
745780   Note Trainer: Guitar Note Trainer: Guitar Bildung Bildung Apps like Note Trainer: Guitar Beginner Guitar: Reading Music is an that will teach you to read music in relation to the guitar. Whether you need to simply improve your skill or learn from scratch this app will work for you. It requires no previous experience on guitar or with reading ... 0.99€ 06/2012
745781   Simply Text Simply Text Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Simply Text Simply Text is a plain text editor for iOS. Easily create full documents or quick notes right from your mobile device! Features: - Easy to use interface - Dropbox integration to access and upload files to and from your device - Change the font and font s... 0.99€ 06/2012
745782   Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder Optimum customers can locate any of the Optimum WiFi Hotspot or Cable WiFi partner hotspots whether or not their iOS device is connected to the internet. The App enables users to carry out quick searches for hotspots. Results are presented in map or list ... Gratis 06/2012
745783   Teach Me Words Teach Me Words Bildung Bildung Apps like Teach Me Words *** Help the thirsty crow by constructing 750+ words *** Teach me words is a interactive game in the "Fun and Learn" series, which make your child learn letter construction, phonics in interactive way. Teach me words includes more then 750+ words, e... Gratis 06/2012
745784   m-Hypo:-) m-Hypo:-) Finanzen Finanzen Apps like m-Hypo:-) m-Hypo:-) je usluga mobilnog bankarstva Hypo Alpe-Adria-Banke koja Vam omogućuje niz bankarskih prednosti. Plaćanja putem mobilnog uređaja su jednostavna, sigurna, brza, uvijek dostupna i povoljnija u odnosu na odlazak u poslovnicu. Uslugom uz brojne f... Gratis 06/2012
745785   츄파 츄파 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 츄파 By Chupar, you can enjoy the multiple contents beyond the paper Points When you can't find any of the information about the item that on the magazine, When you feel annoying about searching the internet to participate events, Chupar will help you wha... Gratis 06/2012
745786   Wing Pachi Wing Pachi Spiele Spiele Apps like Wing Pachi It's LOHO presents! The game as retro pachinko of wing type. It's the pachinko of the wing type which was before in fashion Japanese. It's the application which carried out the perfect simulation of the physical action on which balls and nails bound. Yo... 1.99€ 06/2012
745787   Revista Reformador Revista Reformador Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Revista Reformador Editado pela Federação Espírita Brasileira desde janeiro de 1883, traz artigos, históricos e novidades sobre o Movimento Espírita no Brasil e Exterior.... Gratis 06/2012
745788   Climbing Magazine Climbing Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Climbing Magazine CLIMBING is the world's most authoritative publication covering technical rock climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, and ice climbing. Each issue is jammed with practical advice on training, gear, technical skills, injury prevention and treatment, ... Gratis 06/2012
745789   Toons Summer Games 2012 Toons Summer Games 2012 Spiele Spiele Apps like Toons Summer Games 2012 ★★N°1 of the App Store in July★★ Wisst ihr, was folgende Tiere gemeinsam haben: ein Schaf, das sich für Pegasus hält, eine geschmeidige Katze, eine draufgängerische Schildkröte und ein raffinierter Gorilla? Sie alle nehmen an den Toons Summer Games 2... Gratis 06/2012
745790   Grateful Dead Almanac HD Grateful Dead Almanac HD Musik Musik Apps like Grateful Dead Almanac HD The Grateful Dead Almanac carries on the time-honored tradition of keeping Dead Heads up to date on the latest developments in this still-evolving, vital musical and social community. Reminisce over your favorite 2011 Grateful Dead memories when you down... Gratis 06/2012
745791   موبايلى كاظمة موبايلى كاظمة Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like موبايلى كاظمة برنامج أخباري مجاني يوفر أهم الأخبار المحلية والدولية . كما يشمل على أخبار الصحف المحلية والقوات التلفزيونية بالإضافة الى مقالات الكتاب والعديد من الخدمات الأخرى المتنوعة... Gratis 06/2012
745792   Save the Monkey Save the Monkey Bildung Bildung Apps like Save the Monkey "Monny"- our Monkey is hungry and waiting for the bananas. Are you ready to feed "Monny", which will help him to survive? You can help Monny survive by filling the gaps with appropriate alphabets to complete the 3, 4, 5 letter words, by visualizing t... Gratis 06/2012
745793   Ultimate Bubble Trouble Shooter Game - Play Free Fun Kids Puzzle Games Ultimate Bubble Trouble Shooter Game - Play Free Fun Kids Puzzle Games Spiele Spiele Apps like Ultimate Bubble Trouble Shooter Game - Play Free Fun Kids Puzzle Games Ultimate Bubble Trouble is here! Experience the best in bubble shooting games with incredible graphics and themes, power ups, and super smooth gameplay. You'll be addicted to this game! - 15 Different themes including: Cupcakes, Ice Cream, Circu... Gratis 06/2012
745794   Mespfi Mespfi Spiele Spiele Apps like Mespfi Challenging 3-in-1 game suitable for the whole family. Test your memory skill, tapping speed plus your ability to find things not in pairs quickly. Can be played by single player or up to 8 players over the internet in real time. The game can be easily ... Gratis 06/2012
745795   iSwoop iSwoop Spiele Spiele Apps like iSwoop "INFINITE LEVELS" "YOU WILL NEVER END THIS GAME" "WHO WILL BE MOST SKILLFULL?" iSwoop is a space arcade game inspired by the classic game Swoop which was developed by Ambrosia software. It requires high reflexes, it has great graphics and an AMAZING sou... Gratis 06/2012
745796   小学生二年级汉字笔顺和读音 小学生二年级汉字笔顺和读音 Bildung Bildung Apps like 小学生二年级汉字笔顺和读音 小学生二年级汉字笔顺和读音 按照教育部大纲要求的汉字笔顺和读音(mp3真人发音), 包括每个汉字的注音。 动画笔顺寓教于乐, 培养兴趣, 颜色环保, 保护孩子的眼睛。 具体包括: 宜, 实, 色, 华, 谷, 金, 尽, , 层, 丰, 壮, 波, 浪, 灯, 作, 字, 苹, 丽, 劳, 尤, 其, 区, 巨, 它, 安, 块, 站, 已, 甲, 豆, 识, 纷, 经, 如, 好, 娃, 洼, 于, 首, 枝, 枫, 记, 刘, 胡, 戏, 棋, 钢, 观, 弹, 琴, 养, 休, ... 5.99€ 06/2012
745797   OurNews OurNews Büro Büro Apps like OurNews OurNews is a micro blogging system for a group or business to TXT updates to customers, suppliers, employees and followers. Customise look and feel skin, upload your Logo and Brand Tag Line. Approve new contributors so that can tweet updates too! If... Gratis 06/2012
745798   疯狂英语(中学版)2012年第1期 疯狂英语(中学版)2012年第1期 Bildung Bildung Apps like 疯狂英语(中学版)2012年第1期 《疯狂英语》是中国英语期刊领跑者, 其品牌知名度、读者公信力、社会影响面和市场占有率均独占鳌头。《疯狂英语中学版》有声双语杂志(iPhone/iPad版), 是面向中学生而打造的英语学习杂志。她紧跟潮流脉搏, 从中学生关心的热点话题出发, 采用原汁原味的英语材料, 让读者在轻松自然的语境中接触各种常用语言点, 培养学习兴趣!杂志特色:新潮, 有趣, 让你快乐学英语 1.丰富的资讯 用英语的纽带让大家领略时下生活流行元素、热门话题和各国风情。 2.精彩的美文 原汁原味的英文... Gratis 06/2012
745799   每周故事合集_森林故事系列 每周故事合集_森林故事系列 Bildung Bildung Apps like 每周故事合集_森林故事系列 蚂蚁又为大家带来每周故事合集了, 这一期的主题是“森林故事系列”。 一周有七天, 每天一个新故事, 可谓是爸爸妈妈哄宝宝睡觉的必备“利器”哦!! 【森林故事系列】 本期每周故事包括了以下七个故事:失踪的水宝宝、聪明的丝丝、消失的大树、皮皮和哼哼、烫伤的长耳朵、大力士皮皮、美丽的花朵。 【蚂蚁速递】 蚂蚁还将为大家带来一系列的每周故事合集, 有森林故事系列、寓言故事系列等等。 【产品特色】 ★中国少年儿童出版社专家评测推荐 ★采用专业少儿节目主持人甜美配音 ★画面逼真生动, 创造视听... Gratis 06/2012
745800   Triathlon Mag TOUR DE FRANCE Guide Triathlon Mag TOUR DE FRANCE Guide Sport Sport Apps like Triathlon Mag TOUR DE FRANCE Guide Triathlon & Multi Sport Magazines' Guide to the Tour de France. The time for long nights and little sleep is upon us, as the Tour de France gets ready to explode with excitement and controversy.  Now you can sit back in your saddle, croissant in hand... Gratis 06/2012

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