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746601   pixntell pixntell Photographie Photographie Apps like pixntell Jedes Pixel hat eine Geschichte...erzähl Deine!™ Mit Pixntell kannst du Deinen Fotos jetzt eine Stimme verleihen und personalisierte Videos erstellen, die du deinen Freunden per Facebook, YouTube oder E-Mail zuschicken kannst. Wie funktioniert’s? 1. ... Gratis 06/2012
746602   VENN Group VENN Group Büro Büro Apps like VENN Group The Contract Recruitment Specialists Venn Group began in 2001 and quickly gained a reputation for being a straightforward professional consultancy. Over the past decade we have worked hard to maintain this reputation and whilst growing rapidly across the... Gratis 06/2012
746603   Token Board Token Board Bildung Bildung Apps like Token Board Token Board is a customizable tool for kids to track goals and earn rewards. It can be difficult waiting to earn the things they want without something concrete and visual. Using our customizable Token Board they can see how close they are to achieving... 3.99€ 06/2012
746604   iArchitect HD iArchitect HD Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like iArchitect HD iArchitect HD is a huge collection of house plans and designs with great photos and info such as: square feet, bedrooms, baths, garbage stalls, levels, width, depth and much more. Features: - 20.000 house plans with photos and details info - Advanc... 5.99€ 06/2012
746605   OneDollarStylist OneDollarStylist Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like OneDollarStylist Ever dream of learning how to cut and style hair for your friends and family? Hector Abreu, a master hair stylist with more than 18 years of experience, is here to show you how. Learning to cut hair for your family and friends is a great way to save mon... 0.99€ 06/2012
746606   iTravelGuides Lesvos iTravelGuides Lesvos Reise Reise Apps like iTravelGuides Lesvos iTravelGuides: Lesvos An intelligent travel guide, 100% offline. Update your data just before you visit Lesvos and get all the info you need. Features: •Popular destinations and attractions •Beaches •Accommodation •Restaurants, taverns, fast food •Sho... Gratis 06/2012
746607   Insight Visa® Prepaid Card - Mobile Insight Visa® Prepaid Card - Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Insight Visa® Prepaid Card - Mobile Stay connected to your Insight Visa® Prepaid Card anytime, anywhere with the secure Insight Mobile app. All the best online features of your Insight Card available right from your mobile phone: -Check your balance -View transaction and load history -Pa... Gratis 06/2012
746608   VPorto VPorto Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like VPorto VPorto is the Official City Guide for all those who live, visit and vibrate in the city of Porto. Through an intuitive and attractive interface, it offers in a personal, creative and unique way, useful and comprehensive information updated in real t... Gratis 06/2012
746609   Benutzerfreundliche Zwischenablage: Copycan Lite Benutzerfreundliche Zwischenablage: Copycan Lite Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Benutzerfreundliche Zwischenablage: Copycan Lite Benutzerfreundliche Zwischenablage: Copycan Lite Haben Sie nützliche Anwendungen für Text kopieren und einfügen? Copycan ist eine sehr benutzerfreundliche Anwendung für das iPhone Zwischenablage. Merkmale; Jedes Mal die App gestartet wird oder wiede... Gratis 06/2012
746610   Texas Bank Mobile Texas Bank Mobile Büro Büro Apps like Texas Bank Mobile Access to your accounts anywhere, anytime! Free Mobile Banking allows you to safely and securely access your Texas Bank account(s) anytime, using your smartphone or tablet, which also means you can do your banking wherever you are. With our App you c... Gratis 06/2012
746611   FFootball101 Fantasy Football Draft Advisor 2012 FFootball101 Fantasy Football Draft Advisor 2012 Sport Sport Apps like FFootball101 Fantasy Football Draft Advisor 2012 FFootball101 has created your ultimate draft advisor! This is an easy to use app that has 300 player profiles, projections, mixed position rankings and broken down individual position rankings. This app will have updated projections during the 2012 draf... Gratis 06/2012
746612   القبلة البوصلة ● أوقات الصلاة ● ضبط منبه الشخصي ● المساجد القريبة منك القبلة البوصلة ● أوقات الصلاة ● ضبط منبه الشخصي ● المساجد القريبة منك Navigation Navigation Apps like القبلة البوصلة ● أوقات الصلاة ● ضبط منبه الشخصي ● المساجد القريبة منك 🔲 سهلة الاستخدام. 🔲 اتجاهات القبلة باستخدام البوصلة الأكثر دقة لاستخدامها صور الأقمار الصناعية. 🔲 أوقات الصلاة دقيقة في جميع أنحاء العالم مع اختيار طرق الحساب 8. 🔲 الاختيار من الأصوات عالية الجودة، تنبيه الصلاة أو تلاوة القرآن . قبل الفجر والتنبي... 1.99€ 06/2012
746613   BollesAuto BollesAuto Büro Büro Apps like BollesAuto The Bolles Motors Mobile App provides everything you need to conduct your business and research while on-the-go. Bolles Chrysler Dodge Jeep is dedicated to providing superior service with genuine honesty and integrity. Their Mission is to be the example o... Gratis 06/2012
746614   Knit Simple Magazine Knit Simple Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Knit Simple Magazine KnitSimple, the only magazine for newbies--and knitters with a busy lifestyle --is now available on your iPad! Get the latest issue here and keep it right at your fingertips so you can learn new skills, keep up with knitting trends, and follow the easy... Gratis 06/2012
746615   Mobluu_AR Mobluu_AR Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mobluu_AR Test Augmented reality and checks the many solutions where it can be applied. from a physical advertising campaign to an advertisement. Just download the following PDF and print the targets to display its contents. You can also view the contents directly ... Gratis 06/2012
746616   Photo Collection Walls Photo Collection Walls Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Collection Walls Personalize your home screen with the trendiest, most sought after photo collections which suit perfectly for your iPad. Photo Collection Walls provides endless opportunities to customize the look and feel of your favourite iDevice. Awesome Features: >... 0.99€ 06/2012
746617   身边的博弈 身边的博弈 Bücher Bücher Apps like 身边的博弈 ▶全新阅读体验 1.流畅的阅读体验。 2.支持多字体混排。 3.界面操作人性化, 更舒适、便捷。 4.Epub格式, 书签、书摘、批注、搜索功能。 超级畅销书, 本书出版繁体版远销台湾, 韩文版远销韩国。 ▶内容简介 博弈是无处不在的, 通过这本书让你在生活中, 如何做出正确的选择。 生活需要智慧。生活要求我们要知道该在什么情况下如何跟你的竞争对手合作, 该在什么时候避免出现最糟的状况。人生就是一个博弈, 无论什么事情, 我们都在寻求一个最优。 本书内容涵盖了完全信息博弈论的基本范围, 共有13章、近... 0.99€ 06/2012
746618   U of T Mag 12.3 U of T Mag 12.3 Bildung Bildung Apps like U of T Mag 12.3 U of T Magazine serves alumni, students, faculty staff, and other members of the University of Toronto community. Published quarterly in March, June, September and December, each issue includes news, events, research stories, features and profile... Gratis 06/2012
746619   无线城市-美好安徽 无线城市-美好安徽 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 无线城市-美好安徽 “美好安徽-无线城市”是中国移动安徽公司开发的、面向安徽用户的一站式无线应用平台, 包含影院优惠订票、电费查询支付、违章查询等丰富的信息化应用, 是市民日常生活、休闲的好帮手, 欢迎安装体验... Gratis 06/2012
746620   MoneySlider MoneySlider Finanzen Finanzen Apps like MoneySlider Solve and Slide Time Value of Money. ● Real Time Solver.... 2.99€ 06/2012
746621   Micro DJ Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing Micro DJ Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing Musik Musik Apps like Micro DJ Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing The #1 DJ app 2 years straight! "An Amazing Audio Editing App that you can play with for hours!" - MFA Micro DJ is a HIT! Reaching the Music "Top 10" in Australia, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway... Gratis 06/2012
746622   Pimp Phone Pimp Phone Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pimp Phone Million backgrounds ** The best WallPapers ever! *** More Than Millions WallPapers included ***Update All The Time *** Get Ii Now!! **** The only app available with millions of high definition wallpapers for you to download for iphone3gs/iphone4/iphone4s/... 0.99€ 06/2012
746623   Police Chase Smash 2 : Free Run Police Chase Smash 2 : Free Run Spiele Spiele Apps like Police Chase Smash 2 : Free Run Police High Speed Free Run Chase Smash action game. Take Down the targets in this fast paced game. Watch where you jumping, collect pickups to help you through your chase. Once you get to the target, knock them out cold! Get points on how hard you kno... Gratis 06/2012
746624   康健特刊《變瘦的時候到了》思考篇  Free! 康健特刊《變瘦的時候到了》思考篇 Free! Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like 康健特刊《變瘦的時候到了》思考篇 Free! 康健雜誌-減重特刊《變瘦的時候到了》思考篇 Free!正式出刊! 台灣每兩個男人就有一個胖, 每三個女人就一個肥, 每四個小孩就有一個體重過重或肥胖。 吃胖發福雖是老問題, 卻是許多人多年來難以解決的難題, 反覆地下定決心, 反覆地復胖, 或是運用網路上極端或無效的減肥方法, 對身體造成更大負擔。 本App將提供您正確的減重思考概念, 讓您不再失敗! 如需閱讀更多減重相關議題, 歡迎前住購買康健特刊《變瘦的時候到了》, 內容將結合運動示範影音、連續圖片教學、互動式隨堂測驗模式, 提供國際間減重最新... Gratis 06/2012
746625   marathon1000tips marathon1000tips Sport Sport Apps like marathon1000tips The '1, 000 Marathon Tips' application brings together one thousand short tips, especially valuable to participate in long distance races, such as 10k, half marathon and marathon. The tips are classified by theme categories, but you can also consult t... 0.99€ 06/2012
746626   Dinosaur Flash Cards Dinosaur Flash Cards Bildung Bildung Apps like Dinosaur Flash Cards High quality Dinosaur flash cards with audio voice playback of all the names! The images are high quality 3-D renderings of all your favorite dinosaurs, from Allosaurus to Zuniceratops. Includes Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and many more. ... 0.99€ 06/2012
746627   Wish - Freude am Einkaufen Wish - Freude am Einkaufen key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Wish - Freude am Einkaufen Über 100 Millionen Menschen kaufen trendige Artikel 50-80% günstiger als beim Einkaufszentrum um die Ecke. Lass dir die angesagtesten Produkte zu unglaublichen Preisen direkt vor deine Haustür liefern. Wish ist die Nummer 1 der Einkaufszentren in Europa u... Gratis 06/2012
746628   实时视频监控HD 实时视频监控HD Photographie Photographie Apps like 实时视频监控HD 1.实时远程视监控, 适合LTE环境。 2.具有云台控制和截图功能。... Gratis 06/2012
746629   Indianapolis Events Indianapolis Events Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Indianapolis Events Looking for something to do in Indianapolis? Then this app is for you. The App Features Concerts, Daily Picks, Local Happenings, and much more... 0.99€ 06/2012
746630   Marburg Tapeten for iPad Marburg Tapeten for iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Marburg Tapeten for iPad marburg Tapeten Die kostenlose marburg APP zur kreativen Wandgestaltung. Rund 1.500 Tapeten stehen zur Gestaltung der eigenen Raumsituationen zur Verfügung. Wählen Sie aus unseren Stilwelten MODERN, KLASSIK, ROMANTIK, OPULENZ und EXKLUSIV. HIGHLI... Gratis 06/2012
746631   Niedersächsisches Wirtschaftsjournal Niedersächsisches Wirtschaftsjournal Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Niedersächsisches Wirtschaftsjournal Mit der neuen NWJ- App hat der Leser alle Ausgaben der Zeitung im iPad verfügbar. Nach dem Stöbern im Archiv lädt man sich die gewünschten Ausgaben herunter und kann sie auch offline lesen – also ohne Webanschluss. Ob Veranstaltungen, Firmenprofile oder ... Gratis 06/2012
746632   Funny Sex Quotes & Facts Funny Sex Quotes & Facts Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Funny Sex Quotes & Facts Funny Sex Quotes & Facts is an app filled with the funniest quotes about Sex! It also has over 1000 facts about Sex that will make you laugh, motivate you, and will even make you say "Huh, I never knew..." out loud! These Facts and Quotes are incred... 0.99€ 06/2012
746633   Movi Movi Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Movi The official mobile app of Movi, the High School Ministry at The Chapel in Getzville, NY. Movi (moe-vee) means "to move" and we believe that the decisions you make will determine the direction of your life. The Movi app is here as a tool to encourage t... Gratis 06/2012
746634   Ducks Corner Ducks Corner Spiele Spiele Apps like Ducks Corner Features of the game - Game with the new concept, user have more fun by playing it - Beautilful forest environment - Enjoy playing with lovely ducks - Wonderful fliping animation - Play up tp unlimited levels - Game Center support - You can share your s... Gratis 06/2012
746635   遠洋地產2011年報 遠洋地產2011年報 Büro Büro Apps like 遠洋地產2011年報 遠洋地產2011年報iPad版正式發布。年報的主題為“精耕作, 臻於大雅”, “精耕作”代表著匠心獨具、品質卓越和傾情服務, “臻於大雅”則是對創造傳世之作、通往愉悅人生的不懈追求。遠洋地產已經在北京、環渤海地區及珠江三角洲地區等地樹立了“遠洋”品牌的知名度, 成功從區域性開發商發展為全國性企業。現時項目遍布全國19個城市, 而我們對優質產品和專業服務的堅持將始終如一。... Gratis 06/2012
746636   Cayce’s Dream Dictionary Lite Cayce’s Dream Dictionary Lite Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Cayce’s Dream Dictionary Lite Regardless of your level of expertise or knowledge of dream interpretation, this dream app will provide you with the tools you need to successfully and enjoyably work with your dreams. Along with an easy-to-access index of more than 350 dream symbols and... Gratis 06/2012
746637   Nombres,  additions et soustractions ! Jeux de maths éducatifs et 123 pour enfants en Maternelle et CP par Apprends Avec Nombres, additions et soustractions ! Jeux de maths éducatifs et 123 pour enfants en Maternelle et CP par Apprends Avec Bildung Bildung Apps like Nombres, additions et soustractions ! Jeux de maths éducatifs et 123 pour enfants en Maternelle et CP par Apprends Avec Préparez votre enfant pour l’école primaire avec Boing et ces jeux de maths éducatifs et amusants pour enfants en Maternelle et CP, conçus pour iPhone, iPad et iPod touch ! C’est parti pour une toute nouvelle aventure dans la savane ! Grâce à cette appl... Gratis 06/2012
746638   Le Défi des Cerveaux Le Défi des Cerveaux Spiele Spiele Apps like Le Défi des Cerveaux Vous voulez en savoir plus ? Bienvenue à Le Défi des Cerveaux ! Jeu de culture générale où vous pouvez choisir parmi un certain nombre de quizz de différentes catégories et répondre à des questions. Options - Plus de 1800 questions - 5 modes de jeu - D... Gratis 06/2012
746639   与沃共赢HD 与沃共赢HD Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 与沃共赢HD “与沃共赢” 是广东联通面向社会各界及公众用户提供的移动互联网和通信领域行业应用的展示和体验资讯中心, 通过该应用可了解各类与生活、生产息息相关的移动互联网和通信领域的信息化科技应用, 帮助大家感知高效、智能的信息化生活!... Gratis 06/2012
746640   Puzzle-Rocket Lite Puzzle-Rocket Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Puzzle-Rocket Lite This is a Lite version of 'Puzzle-Rocket' allowing you to play 16 levels from the full game. Take command of the Intergalactic Rocket Rescue Fleet and save the helpless aliens! Use platforms to bounce, fire, drip and teleport the aliens to the waiting ... Gratis 06/2012
746641   Brave: Storybook Deluxe Brave: Storybook Deluxe Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Brave: Storybook Deluxe ***Experience the magic of Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE as an interactive storybook app! ***Read along and discover beautiful art, stunning animation, and special effects! ***Hunt for hidden arrows and take aim in a Medieval-style archery game! The Scottish H... 1.99€ 06/2012
746642   Zayn Malik Zayn Malik Musik Musik Apps like Zayn Malik ✔50% SALE FOR ALL ONE DIRECTIONERS FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY It's All About Zayn Malik! Are you a One Direction Fan? Here comes a Must App for all the Fans! Zayn Malik features the most complete app for Zayn Malik, one of the most popular members of the O... 0.99€ 06/2012
746643   Hiroshige Hiroshige Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hiroshige ✳ Welcome to the HD world of Japanese Art. ✳ HD collection of masterpieces of Hiroshige + Interactive Biography Book + Many more other features= This App Features: ★ 1) HD Art Gallery In this app, we have a collection of more than 600 HD artworks (p... 0.99€ 06/2012
746644   Drag Board - Free Drag Board - Free Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Drag Board - Free BOARD DRAG is an application designed for children of all ages. Simply select an image and drag your finger to the board and tell many stories! You can build castles, words, many different shapes, symbols, mathematical, or even a puzzle of a clown!... Gratis 06/2012
746645   Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer "Acceleread is the power horse of iPad speed reading applications." ~MakeUseOf.com If you're like most people, you're probably reading at only ⅓ of your potential speed - plodding through text and wasting valuable time. Learn advanced techniques to b... Gratis 06/2012
746646   mbDesktop mbDesktop Büro Büro Apps like mbDesktop mbDesktop - Remote desktop (RDP) client for iPad mbDesktop is a Remote Desktop Client for Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services), that allows you to view and control your Windows Desktop with your iPad. Features - Tap controls for mouse ... 2.99€ 06/2012
746647   FTP Media Server (FREE) FTP Media Server (FREE) Photographie Photographie Apps like FTP Media Server (FREE) Download all your photos and videos without a USB cord! You can easily access your photo libraries via FTP(File Transfer Protocol). FTP programs, Windows Explorer, Web Browsers are available! Application Features: * Easily download all photos and ... Gratis 06/2012
746648   Wassail2 Wassail2 Spiele Spiele Apps like Wassail2 Wassail to you! Welcome to eDOC's Annual Meeting. Play this fun memory card game to see if you have the fastest time.... Gratis 06/2012
746649   Deep Weather - NOAA Forecast Discussions Deep Weather - NOAA Forecast Discussions Wetter Wetter Apps like Deep Weather - NOAA Forecast Discussions Get the deep, detailed meteorological reasoning behind your local weather forecast. The National Weather Service Forecast Discussions provide detailed information and background about the weather patterns and observations that are part of the most recen... Gratis 06/2012
746650   DFLMobile DFLMobile Büro Büro Apps like DFLMobile DFLMobile provides instant access to Dayton Freight shipment information. You can track current and pending shipments; view transit times and maps; get DFL Service Center contact info; view BOLs, DRs and Invoices; obtain rate estimates; and, schedule a ... Gratis 06/2012
746651   Jump Magic HD Free + Wizard Adventure Game Jump Magic HD Free + Wizard Adventure Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Jump Magic HD Free + Wizard Adventure Game ❤◈♣ MAGIC SPELLS, POWER UPS & ENDLESS FUN ♣◈❤ The Evil Bunny is out to get you. He's been stuck in your hat for far too long and he's hopping mad! Your in his world now! Hurry, leap, float and fly using your magic powers to speed through the levels. ... Gratis 06/2012
746652   WarGames: WOPR WarGames: WOPR Spiele Spiele Apps like WarGames: WOPR Shall We Play A Game? This is THE officially licensed WarGames mobile game! Step into the role of the iconic WOPR computer as you wage intense battles of Global Thermonuclear War against characters from the movie. Take on David Lightman (played by Matth... 2.99€ 06/2012
746653   EduNxt EduNxt Bildung Bildung Apps like EduNxt EduNxt app is a free tablet app for the Apple iPad, which helps you access your digital learning material through EduNxt while letting you learn on the go Key features of EduNxt tablet application on Apple iPad are ➤Browse & Read your Self Learning Mat... Gratis 06/2012
746654   yMeet yMeet Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like yMeet yMeet is the official interactive mobile app for Yum! Events. This mobile app allows you to: * View schedules, explore sessions, and find after parties. * Create your own personal schedule and access location and speaker information. * Access inter... Gratis 06/2012
746655   You & Your Wedding – the UK's leading bridal brand for your inspired planning You & Your Wedding – the UK's leading bridal brand for your inspired planning Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like You & Your Wedding – the UK's leading bridal brand for your inspired planning Please install the latest version 3.3.48 for the best digital experience. ****************************************************************************************** What's in this issue: It’s time to go shopping for ‘The One’ – we have all the inspirati... Gratis 06/2012
746656   华安智赢HD 华安智赢HD Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 华安智赢HD 华安智赢HD版, 是华安证券基于移动互联网技术, 将证券行情、交易、资讯等服务资源完整融合的软件, 该软件免费使用 特色功能: 1、个股关注度五日走势、五周走势 2、实时解盘、信息地雷、综合资讯、个股资讯与个股行情、盘口信息同屏显示, 优化看盘操作, 有效节约时间... Gratis 06/2012
746657   AmpliTube Slash for iPad AmpliTube Slash for iPad Musik Musik Apps like AmpliTube Slash for iPad SLASH SOUND AUF IHREM iPAD. JETZT MIT iRIG BLUEBOARD-INTEGRATION, UNTERSTÜTZUNG VON AUDIOBUS IN iOS 8 UND VIELES MEHR! Wollen Sie mit Slash’s Gitarren-Rig rocken? Dann ist die neue AmpliTube® Slash App das Richtige für Sie. Spielen Sie die legendären Gu... 14.99€ 06/2012
746658   BabyStar : 猪宝学交通工具 BabyStar : 猪宝学交通工具 Bildung Bildung Apps like BabyStar : 猪宝学交通工具 “Vehicle Puzzles” is an exciting interactive puzzle game that helps your child rapidly learn how to recognize and identify plane, train and more.The interface is so easy to use that even 9 month old baby can delight in moving the objects. Ideal for ages ... Gratis 06/2012
746659   三国来了HD 三国来了HD Spiele Spiele Apps like 三国来了HD ‘蜀’于你的乱世,‘吴’人能及,‘魏’你而来!无论你是钟爱三国历史,还是热爱三国游戏,《三国来了》都能让你置身其中!  ######中国首款卡牌对战类手机游戏######  - App Store中国、港澳台、韩国、加拿大,马来西亚等13个国家和地区畅销榜第一名  - App Store 2012年度最佳,苹果精品游戏推荐  - 中国区iPhone&iPad畅销榜双榜冠军  - 500万注册用户,同时在线人数超过15万  - 8万玩家给予五星好评  - 全球2012金掌奖--最佳人气奖  =======... Gratis 06/2012
746660   Buzz me! Spieltelefon gratis - Alle Aktivitäten für Kinder in einem Spiel Buzz me! Spieltelefon gratis - Alle Aktivitäten für Kinder in einem Spiel Spiele Spiele Apps like Buzz me! Spieltelefon gratis - Alle Aktivitäten für Kinder in einem Spiel Dring dring! Hallo? Telefoniere und verschicke SMS, genau wie die Großen! Spiele 24 lustige Mini-Spiele, die entwickelt wurden um Spaß zu haben und zu lernen! Kinder lieben es mit Telefonen und Handys zu spielen, und mit diesem kinderfreundlichen Spiel... Gratis 06/2012
746661   Buzz me! Spieltelefon - Alle Aktivitäten für Kinder in einem Spiel Buzz me! Spieltelefon - Alle Aktivitäten für Kinder in einem Spiel Bildung Bildung Apps like Buzz me! Spieltelefon - Alle Aktivitäten für Kinder in einem Spiel Dring dring! Hallo? Telefoniere und verschicke SMS, genau wie die Großen! Spiele 24 lustige Mini-Spiele, die entwickelt wurden um Spaß zu haben und zu lernen! Kinder lieben es mit Telefonen und Handys zu spielen, und mit diesem kinderfreundlichen Spiel... 2.99€ 06/2012
746662   HM ePaper HM ePaper Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like HM ePaper Selepas pelancaran edisi tablet pada 2011, akhbar nombor satu Malaysia, Harian Metro kini tampil dengan versi digital yang boleh dimuat turun dan dibaca menerusi semua pelantar digital sama ada komputer peribadi, telefon bimbit dan semua jenis tablet. ... Gratis 06/2012
746663   BH Digital BH Digital Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like BH Digital Alami dimensi baru dalam pembacaan akhbar menerusi Berita Harian digital. Selain versi digital akhbar cetak, pembaca juga dapat mengikuti kandungan multimedia, pautan media sosial dan carian berita. Dapatkan Berita Harian Digital sekarang, PERCUMA ... Gratis 06/2012
746664   Luxaflex Luxaflex Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Luxaflex Med Luxaflex iPad app kan du finde inspiration til gardiner. Se for eksempel Luxaflex gardinguide, der rum for rum guider dig igennem, hvad der er værd at tænke over. Find masser af inspirationsbilleder ud fra vinduestype eller gardinvariant. Du kan ogs... Gratis 06/2012
746665   NST Digital NST Digital Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like NST Digital Direct, Precise and To The Point .... Get the new New Straits Times, Digital Edition. Being the country's longest running newspaper, the New Straits Times has evolved over more than a century to provide its readers with the most current and in-depth n... Gratis 06/2012
746666   Kinder Therapie Zentrum Kinder Therapie Zentrum Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Kinder Therapie Zentrum Mit unserer Kindertherapiepraxis, möchten wir eine moderne Einrichtung bieten, die durch vielfältige Behandlungsmethoden und entsprechende räumliche Gestaltung optimale Bedingungen für therapiebedürftige Kinder und ihre Eltern bietet.... Gratis 06/2012
746667   Maths Bash Secondary Free Maths Bash Secondary Free Bildung Bildung Apps like Maths Bash Secondary Free Math Bash is a range of applications that offers students a chance to engage and practice their maths skills on the go and in a fun way. Maths Bash is written specifically for iPhone and iPad. It was written by a working maths teacher and is based on so... Gratis 06/2012
746668   Compton Effekt Compton Effekt Bildung Bildung Apps like Compton Effekt In dieser App zum Compton Effekt zeigt BIGS die Richtungsverteilung von Photon und Elektron. Dieser Effekt gehört mit dem Fotoeffekt, der Paarbildung und Paarzerstrahlung zum Grundverständnis des Welle Teilchendualismus, wie der Relativitätstheorie ( E ... 0.99€ 06/2012
746669   Industrial Products Finder Industrial Products Finder Büro Büro Apps like Industrial Products Finder Industrial Products Finder was visualised and conceived as an industrial new-products-news monthly by R. V. Pandit, and was launched as such in October 1972. Right from the first issue, more than 38 years ago, the magazine contained unique features. It... Gratis 06/2012
746670   YurPlan YurPlan Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like YurPlan Vous ne savez pas où sortir ce soir ?! Pas de panique, retrouvez tous les évènements près de chez vous. Découvrez, achetez vos billets directement depuis votre téléphone, partagez vos trouvailles sur les réseaux sociaux et gagnez des réductions !... Gratis 06/2012
746671   篮球传奇 篮球传奇 Spiele Spiele Apps like 篮球传奇 最受欢迎的篮球经理游戏!App Store排行榜单前三名!篮球粉丝极力推荐! 由专业球员、体育主编以及资深游戏制作人组成的篮球策划"梦之队",将为你带来一场原汁原味的NBA篮球体验! 作为一款最真实的篮球经理游戏,《篮球传奇》让所有篮球迷可以驰骋NBA赛场,变身灌篮高手,打造自己的美女啦啦队! 【真实球员数据,打造超级闪亮球星】 逼真的数据,让你能够身临其境,感受到NBA超级巨星带来的震撼体验。玩家可以通过训练、比赛和交易打造属于自己的梦幻球队,享受篮球世界的传奇之旅。 【专业玩法设定,... Gratis 06/2012
746672   Tack Pad Tack Pad Navigation Navigation Apps like Tack Pad Tack Pack is an iPad passage planning tool for sailors. It computes tacking solutions for up or down wind destinations under selected wind and current conditions. Tack Pad uses Polars to estimate speed and leeway and will provide estimated time of arrival... Gratis 06/2012
746673   Cryptzone Mobile Access Protect Cryptzone Mobile Access Protect Büro Büro Apps like Cryptzone Mobile Access Protect Mobile Access Protect [MAP] is the simplest and safest way to access corporate applications, including Microsoft SharePoint, OWA and SAP. This secure app for iPad and iPhone is specifically designed to allow users to access sensitive corporate informati... Gratis 06/2012
746674   Krabi Guide Krabi Guide Reise Reise Apps like Krabi Guide Du bist ein Reisender in Thailand und möchtest wissen was man in Krabi und der Andamansee alles unternehmen kann? Mit der Krabi Guide App ist es ganz einfach dein nächstes unvergessliches Ausflugsziel zu finden. Er liefert Dir wertvolle Details über Entfe... 2.99€ 06/2012
746675   Prayer Notebook Lite - Journal & Daily Devotions Prayer Notebook Lite - Journal & Daily Devotions Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Prayer Notebook Lite - Journal & Daily Devotions Same great features as the full version, but limited to 5 prayers. Have you ever told someone you would pray for them and forgot? Us too, that's why we made Prayer Notebook. Use it to organize your prayer life and remind you to pray. Prayer Notebook c... Gratis 06/2012
746676   Light Byte Light Byte Spiele Spiele Apps like Light Byte * "Light Byte is exactly what a descendent of Tetris should be ... brilliant fun." (9/10, Pocket Gamer Gold Award) * * "Pick it up, but don’t expect to put it down." (4.5/5, 148Apps Editor's Choice Award) * * "It is definitely addictive and fun to play... 0.99€ 06/2012
746677   Fire Energy Fire Energy Büro Büro Apps like Fire Energy Willkommen bei der Fire Energy Group, einer der größten europäischen Solarproduktlieferanten und Logistikdienstleister, sowie einer der Brachenführer im Bereich EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction). Die Fire Energy Group wurde 2004 gegründet ... Gratis 06/2012
746678   mp3toTone mp3toTone Musik Musik Apps like mp3toTone make your own ringtone on iPad from mp3 or songs; mp3 cut to ringtone load song from ipad library by click load; drag the slide to set the starting time of song, the output tone always be 40s long; trim the song by click cut; wait until the progress show ... 0.99€ 06/2012
746679   Ear Piercing Ear Piercing Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Ear Piercing Love ear piercings, but want to try them out first? No problem! Take a picture of yourself with your iPhone or iPad and try out our beautiful, 100% hypoallergenic studs and earrings. If your device does not have a camera built in, you can use existing... Gratis 06/2012
746680   Spb Transport Online Spb Transport Online Navigation Navigation Apps like Spb Transport Online ВНИМАНИЕ! Программа показывает транспорт ТОЛЬКО в Санкт-Петербурге. Все данные берутся с гос-портала и некоторые маршруты на нем пока не представлены. Унылая остановка общественного транспорта. Дождь, мокро, холодно и мерзко. Когда же наконец придет до... Gratis 06/2012
746681   Fatturiamo Fatturiamo Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Fatturiamo 'Fatturiamo' is the app for professionals who want to keep track of the invoices and documents related to each of them. Allows you to control the entire sales cycle from the bid until the invoice. Check your sales with statistics and ordered list, graph... 5.99€ 06/2012
746682   FHC FHC Bildung Bildung Apps like FHC The FHC (Family Harvest Church) app bring you to the heart and center of what is happening in Tinley Park, Illinois. Stay up to speed with FHC and Pastor Robb Thompson at all times. After you’ve downloaded and enjoyed the content, you can share it wit... Gratis 06/2012
746683   Les Jardins du Golf Les Jardins du Golf Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Les Jardins du Golf Votre résidence dans un environnement d’exception… Situés aux portes du golf de Mérignies sur plus d’un hectare, Les Jardins du golf constituent une résidence séniors à l’architecture, aux services et à l’environnement de 1er ordre. Les grands apparteme... Gratis 06/2012
746684   fb chat fb chat Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like fb chat An easy to use facebook chat application. The app enables users to chat with their facebook friends. Reach your facebook friends from your iPhone and iPad anytime. Offline message delivering capability. Ping them when they are offline and it will be send ... 0.99€ 06/2012
746685   Temple Run: Merida Temple Run: Merida Spiele Spiele Apps like Temple Run: Merida TEMPLE RUN: MERIDA ... DIE OFFIZIELLE APP VON IMANGI UND DISNEY MIT BRANDNEUER GRAFIK UND BOGENSCHIESSEN! Von Imangi und Disney kommt eine neue Version einer der amüsantesten Apps im App Store raus: Temple Run: Merida... Schließ dich Merida aus dem glei... 1.99€ 06/2012
746686   Can U Control Can U Control Spiele Spiele Apps like Can U Control Tired of the same old kind of mobile game? This one is a totally new kind of mobile game!!! You have to control the space to guide the character (not the usual "control the character to reach the target"). In this game, your character always follow t... Gratis 06/2012
746687   Magic Tricks Pro - Magic Trick Video Lessons Magic Tricks Pro - Magic Trick Video Lessons Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Magic Tricks Pro - Magic Trick Video Lessons Learn Magic Tricks with Easy Step by Step Videos! FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME “THE MOST IMPRESSIVE TRICKS IN THE APP STORE!” “THESE TRICKS ARE TO GOOD TO BE FREE!” Have you ever wanted to perform the same mind blowing magic tricks you’ve seen on TV? Now ... Gratis 06/2012
746688   10.000 Chests 10.000 Chests Spiele Spiele Apps like 10.000 Chests Do you like surprises? Did you spend too many coins in slot machines? Did your nails turn black scratching card games? Did you spend nights to look for keys to open your favorite RPG's chests or treasure room?  Then 10, 000 Chests is for you! We give you ... Gratis 06/2012
746689   Speed Junkie Speed Junkie Spiele Spiele Apps like Speed Junkie "Speed Junkie" is a simple race game with a brand new system. You drive your own car gathering speed by getting items, until unrealistic ultra high-speed, by the easy operation of leaning your device. Enjoy the ultra high-speed invigoration, the ultra ... Gratis 06/2012
746690   CEO Mobile CEO Mobile Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like CEO Mobile CEO Mobile is the official interactive mobile app for the Chief Executives Organization (CEO). It was developed exclusively for use by CEO members and their families. This app was created by DoubleDutch, the category leader in mobile engagement applica... Gratis 06/2012
746691   YubiSTAR YubiSTAR Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like YubiSTAR Press and hold the Touch button.You can use only two fingers. Do not remove your finger from the screen while making a move with another finger. P1 and P2 take turns to play. You are allowed to hit a wrong button up to five times. If the bomb explodes,... Gratis 06/2012
746692   English-Bulgarian Dictionary Free English-Bulgarian Dictionary Free Referenz Referenz Apps like English-Bulgarian Dictionary Free This is English - Bulgarian and Bulgarian - English Dictionary (Българо-английски и английско-български речник), containing 88000 translation articles. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not need the internet connection. Database size is more than 25MB.... Gratis 06/2012
746693   意乐陶 意乐陶 Büro Büro Apps like 意乐陶 全面丰富的三维场景体验, 意乐陶产品多种铺贴方案任意搭配选择。... Gratis 06/2012
746694   Cross Stitch Gold Cross Stitch Gold Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Cross Stitch Gold Cross Stitch Gold magazine is the ultimate collection of cross stitch designs for experienced stitchers that will keep you stitching for weeks. Every issue showcases the projects of the highest quality from the best designers around the world, as well as... Gratis 06/2012
746695   The Crossing of the Red Sea The Crossing of the Red Sea Bücher Bücher Apps like The Crossing of the Red Sea Christmas Discount! Half Price! BelugaBloo's religious story are going half price during Dec. 18~26! Get your kids more Christmas history stories!!!They are: - The Creation - The Birth of Baby Jesus - The Garden of Eden - The Tower of Babel - The Cro... 1.99€ 06/2012
746696   The Creation The Creation Bücher Bücher Apps like The Creation The Creation of our earth by God is lovely illustrated and easily understandable for toddlers in this e-Book. Enjoy the story of the 7 Day wonder on your own or let the kind and professional narrator read it to your children. 11 beautifully designed an... 1.99€ 06/2012
746697   The Birth of Baby Jesus The Birth of Baby Jesus Bücher Bücher Apps like The Birth of Baby Jesus The Birth of Jesus Christ and its most important backgrounds is lovely portrayed in this animated book. Introduced by a friendly narrator the story shows how Jesus, the God sent Messiah was born in a barn in Bethlehem. Share this easily understandable v... 1.99€ 06/2012
746698   Capsule Workspace by Check Point Capsule Workspace by Check Point Büro Büro Apps like Capsule Workspace by Check Point Check Point Capsule Workspace connects to Check Point Security Gateway. For information on gateway deployment, please contact Check Point. Check Point Capsule Workspace is the safe and easy way to connect to your corporate. This enterprise-grade remote ... Gratis 06/2012
746699   Babel Rising 3D Babel Rising 3D Spiele Spiele Apps like Babel Rising 3D Die schiere Anzahl von Gameplay-Möglichkeiten macht die Investition schnell wieder wett. Also leg los und lass die Hölle oder den Himmel über den Turm zu Babel hereinbrechen. (148apps.com) Babel Rising 3D hat eine mehr als solide Grafik, einzigartige ... 0.99€ 06/2012
746700   Toca Train Toca Train Bildung Bildung Apps like Toca Train Alle an Bord? Steigt ein in den Toca Train Zug! Ihre Kinder sind der Lokführer in diesem witzigen und netten Zugsimulator. Die Steuerung ist intuitiv und es gibt keine schriftlichen Anweisungen. Zieht einfach an den Hebeln, drückt die Knöpfe und erkunde... 2.99€ 06/2012
746701   Nexus Nexus Bücher Bücher Apps like Nexus Nexusシステム専用アプリです。 Nexusコードの入力と、nexus://から始まるURLから、コンテンツのDLが可能となっています。... Gratis 06/2012
746702   Living Healthy Living Healthy Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Living Healthy Living Healthy Love it or hate it, you have the dough and connections to get the best personal training and health care out there. That's why we've assembled the Living Healthy from the stars for weight loss, eating right, and balancing their (and your... 1.99€ 06/2012
746703   Math with Mates! Math with Mates! Spiele Spiele Apps like Math with Mates! Can you put 2 and 2 together? Then 'Math with Mates' is for you. Try this mathematical twist on the old spelling word games, and challenge family, friends, or your own personal best. Create equations and score points, by adding your numbers to those ... Gratis 06/2012
746704   Lost Souls: Die Verzauberten Gemälde HD Lost Souls: Die Verzauberten Gemälde HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Lost Souls: Die Verzauberten Gemälde HD Retten Sie einen vermissten Jungen und tauchen Sie in dieses atemberaubende Abenteuer ein! Als das mysteriöse Gemälde eines gruseligen alten Schlosses auf der Türschwelle von Bellas Haus auftaucht, fängt ihr glückliches und friedliches Leben an, zu Sta... Gratis 06/2012
746705   Remaster - Audiobus and Audiocopy Remaster - Audiobus and Audiocopy Musik Musik Apps like Remaster - Audiobus and Audiocopy Polish your music, fix it in the mix. 7 band equalizer and compressor for Audiobus (incl. state saving in AB2). Normalize. Render to file. Audiocopy and paste 3.0. 'Open in' both import and export as stand-alone. Remaster sports the only 7 band paramet... 2.99€ 06/2012
746706   TV20 Mobile TV20 Mobile Wetter Wetter Apps like TV20 Mobile TV20 News Synergy provide the latest, news, weather, sports, and much more in North Central Florida.... Gratis 06/2012
746707   SF-36 Survey SF-36 Survey Medizin Medizin Apps like SF-36 Survey Der SF-36 (Short Form 36 Health Survey Questionnaire) Fragebogen dient der Messung der Selbsteinschätzung von psychischen, körperlichen und sozialen Aspekten. Er ermittelt damit die subjektiv eingeschätzte, gesundheitsbezogene Lebensqualität. Die App e... Gratis 06/2012
746708   实验好好玩! 实验好好玩! Bildung Bildung Apps like 实验好好玩! 我的物理实验室就在玩具工厂里! 小朋友, 玩具工厂充满了各种新奇的物理实验──想帮小熊家族或可爱机器人染上你喜爱的颜色吗?想了解小熊所坐的喷气车, 在充气之后能跑多远吗?比比看小熊家族谁最重?想自己为可爱的小鸡杯调出不同的音调, 弹出美丽的音乐吗?……这些有趣的物理实验, 都在玩具工厂中等着小朋友来冒险与挑战喔!, 这是一套专为5-12岁儿童所设计的科学实验软件, 强调从做中学。在玩具工厂的小小儿童物理实验室中, 小朋友可以在这里从事有趣的科学小实验, 启发小朋友对种种物理现象及定律... Gratis 06/2012
746709   Michoacan7 Michoacan7 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Michoacan7 MICHOACÁN 7 es una agenda cultural y de espectáculos que se actualiza cada semana en donde quienes la descarguen gratuitamente podrán encontrar las 7 recomendaciones para diversión, esparcimiento, lectura y demás actividades culturales en la capital del... Gratis 06/2012
746710   MediaGuru MediaGuru Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like MediaGuru The MediaGuru app contains free samples showing features of the MediaGuru App Publisher platform. And if you register a MediaGuru license at www.colmeo.se, you can build your own apps with the platform and review them immediately using this app on the iP... Gratis 06/2012
746711   Quest Community Church Quest Community Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Quest Community Church Quest Community Church is dedicated to transforming unconvinced people into wholehearted followers of Jesus. We experience God's redemption on a generational scale through the restoration of lives, healing of marriages, breaking of addiction, and pers... Gratis 06/2012
746712   Handbook of Mathematical Functions Handbook of Mathematical Functions Referenz Referenz Apps like Handbook of Mathematical Functions The classic "Handbook of Mathematical Functions" edited by Milton Abramowitz and Irene Stegun is now on IOS. This edition of the Handbook contains more than 4000 equations and 170 graphs/illustrations. Interactive calculators have replaced bulky tables.... 4.99€ 06/2012
746713   Huffington Huffington Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Huffington Huffington weekly magazine represents the very best of The Huffington Post delivered to your phone and tablet each week in an exclusive, vivid, feature-driven magazine format. Incorporating photography, multimedia, sophisticated narratives, commentin... Gratis 06/2012
746714   잠수네 잠수네 Bildung Bildung Apps like 잠수네 잠수네 책나무는 아이들이 볼 한글책, 영어책, DVD 선택에 도움을 드리려고 만든 컨텐츠입니다. 영어책은 J단계, 한글책은 JK단계, DVD는 JD단계로 난이도를 나눴으며, 주제에 따른 분류, 책 특성별로 원하는 책을 찾을 수 있습니다. 궁금하신 점은 gmail.com이 아닌 잠수네 홈페이지 방문하셔서 잠수네 메일을 이용해주세요.... Gratis 06/2012
746715   Mutant Storm Mutant Storm Spiele Spiele Apps like Mutant Storm Der beliebte XBLA Titel Mutant Storm kommt zu iOS! --- Nur für begrenzte Zeit: Mehr als 40% reduziert --- Mutant Storm verläuft über 89 psychedelische 3D Arenen, die zunehmend mit fiesen Biestern überfüllt sind. Dieser Karneval von frenetischem Spaß wi... 2.99€ 06/2012
746716   Sluggo: The Planet Eating Space Worm Sluggo: The Planet Eating Space Worm Spiele Spiele Apps like Sluggo: The Planet Eating Space Worm "The simple game play and the impressive design combine together to create an enjoyable experience for players of all ages and types." - Apps on Tapp "Awesome and has come back value:)" - iGamesView Team "as an addictive Indie arcade game the app certa... 0.99€ 06/2012
746717   Sudoku Supreme Sudoku Supreme Spiele Spiele Apps like Sudoku Supreme Sudoku Supreme - Lasse dich vom Sudoku Hype anstecken und werde Sudoku Champion! Stelle dein Können bei mehr als 100 Sudokusrätsel in drei verschiedenen Spielmodi unter Beweis. Sudoku Supreme garantiert durch verschiedene Hilfefunktionen einen langanhal... Gratis 06/2012
746718   Briscola Pro Briscola Pro Spiele Spiele Apps like Briscola Pro Briscola Pro is the ultimate app for all card game fans with over millions of users worldwide! IT'S YOUR TURN: Make the right move, download Briscola Pro now! PLAY BRISCOLA PRO: Play online, chat and make friends with real opponents from all over the ... Gratis 06/2012
746719   3D BREAKER FREE 3D BREAKER FREE Spiele Spiele Apps like 3D BREAKER FREE ** 5-STERNE-BEWERTUNGEN ** WUNDERBAR, IN HOHEM GRADE SÜCHTIG UND SPANNEND!! ***************************************************************** Kennen Sie die neuesten und aufregendsten Herausforderung auf einem Klassiker, der noch verrückter als... Gratis 06/2012
746720   Flipagram Flipagram Photographie Photographie Apps like Flipagram 10 Millionen Benutzer im Monat weltweit und immer noch steigend! Flipagram ist die einfachste Art um musikalische Videogeschichten zu erstellen und zu teilen! Drehe ein Video zu einer Musik oder benutze schon bestehende Fotos und Videos und füge dann ein... Gratis 06/2012
746721   Astraware Word Games Astraware Word Games Spiele Spiele Apps like Astraware Word Games Love word games? Then look no further - Astraware Word Games is the best brain-teasing pack of 5 different word games for iPhone and iPad! Each game has a choice of difficulty levels or grid sizes and options for Classic or Timed games. All 5 games inclu... 4.99€ 06/2012
746722   Gliese Gliese Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Gliese A tool for editting, creating and projecting audio-reactive GLSL shaders. Inspired by the GLSL Sandbox and it's many contributors (http://glsl.heroku.com/).... Gratis 06/2012
746723   Donkeys and Elephants: Chow-Down Donkeys and Elephants: Chow-Down Spiele Spiele Apps like Donkeys and Elephants: Chow-Down In Donkeys and Elephants: Chow-Down, you tilt to control either a donkey or an elephant to eat as many fruits or vegetables as you can before accidentally eating a mushroom. You can choose between two modes: Playing before time runs out or Playing until... Gratis 06/2012
746724   Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin HD (Full) Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin HD (Full) Eine Anhalterin hinterlässt etwas in Deinem Auto und ist nun spurlos verschwunden. Spüre sie in „Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin“ auf. Erforsche eine düstere Landschaft und finde die mysteriöse Frau in diesem spannenden Wimmelbild- und Abenteuerspiel. ... 6.99€ 06/2012
746725   Marketing Magazine Marketing Magazine Büro Büro Apps like Marketing Magazine From Canada’s oldest and best-selling marketing, media, advertising and PR magazine comes Canada’s premier marketing, media, advertising and PR magazine iPad app. The Marketing app provides critical industry content and coverage for Canadian professio... Gratis 06/2012
746726   Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution Spiele Spiele Apps like Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution Die offizielle BBC Top Gear Game! Über 2 Millionen Spieler haben Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution bereits heruntergeladen. Mit seiner unglaublichen Grafik und den abgefahrenen Autos, malerischen Orten, unzähligen und meist irrwitzigen Anpassungen und ... Gratis 06/2012
746727   iMAGAZINE 現代誌庫 iMAGAZINE 現代誌庫 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like iMAGAZINE 現代誌庫 现代传播集团是一间领先的传媒公司, 矢志成为国际地区与大中华地区之间的文化信息平台, 主要提供生活时尚杂志的制作、推广和发行及广告版面的销售。 目前, 集团旗下拥有4本周刊《周末画报》、《优家画报》、杭州《时尚周末》以及重庆《渝报》;1本双周刊《商业周刊/中文版》;5本月刊《新视线》、《健康时尚》、《生活》、《大都市Numéro》、香港《号外》;2本双月刊《艺术界》和《天南》。 iMagazine 是现代传播集团推出的一款多元化电子杂志阅读应用程序。为用户提供本集团旗下各类高品质杂志的电子阅读平台, ... Gratis 06/2012
746728   Lines Of Action Lines Of Action Spiele Spiele Apps like Lines Of Action Somehow you've stumbled across this app, possibly looking for chess. If so, you've come to the right place. This could be your next favorite game. Lines Of Action is a strategy based board game that compares in complexity to chess. The game has been ar... 0.99€ 06/2012
746729   Lost in the City: Post Scriptum HD (Full) Lost in the City: Post Scriptum HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Lost in the City: Post Scriptum HD (Full) Hilf dem Held und Ann dabei, die Menschheit in „Lost in the City: Post Scriptum“ aufzuwecken! Brich den Fluch und rette die gesamte Welt! Nachdem sie Wächter der Zukunft waren, müssen der Held und Ann nun ihre Stadt verlassen. Nach der Rückkehr in die r... 4.99€ 06/2012
746730   123Paint 123Paint Spiele Spiele Apps like 123Paint 123Paint is an interactive drawing and painting game for children between the ages of 3 and 7. ------- WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT 123Paint? 123Paint combines TWO games in ONE! The player connects the dots by numbers to reveal a picture and then colors it in. ... 1.99€ 06/2012
746731   Account Balance Account Balance Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Account Balance If you are just getting started managing your financial accounts or have a new business and need a quick solution for tracking expenses and account transactions, Account Balance is the best app for you. You can record all kinds of transactions along with... 0.99€ 06/2012
746732   PANELS 3D PANELS 3D Spiele Spiele Apps like PANELS 3D PANELS 3D is here!! In PANELS 3D we take a well known pastime fun into a whole new level. The scenery is deep space and your job is to free yourself from the cage you are trapped in by finding the matching pairs of the panels that make up the cage surroun... Gratis 06/2012
746733   Pocket Planes - Free Airline Management Game Pocket Planes - Free Airline Management Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Pocket Planes - Free Airline Management Game From the creators of Tiny Tower comes Pocket Planes, a casual airline sim that fits right in your pocket! - Manage and grow your fleet of planes as they fly interesting people and cargo to over 250 cities around the map. - Unlock everything from tiny pr... Gratis 06/2012
746734   Guitar Magic HD Guitar Magic HD Musik Musik Apps like Guitar Magic HD Sie können alle Songs spielen. Guitar Magic ist ein musikalisches Spiel auf iPad / iPhone / iPod touch mit 8 verschiedenen Gitarren-Sounds: Classic Nylon, Acoustic, Jazz, 12-Saiten Acoustic, Clean Electric, gedämpfte Electric, Distortion, Overdriv... 0.99€ 06/2012
746735   Guitar Magic Guitar Magic Musik Musik Apps like Guitar Magic Guitar Magic ist ein musikalisches Spiel auf iPad / iPhone / iPod touch mit 8 verschiedenen Gitarren-Sounds: Classic Nylon, Acoustic, Jazz, 12-Saiten Acoustic, Clean Electric, gedämpfte Electric, Distortion, Overdriven! Features: * Strings werden... Gratis 06/2012
746736   Jane's Hotel 2: Family Hero HD Jane's Hotel 2: Family Hero HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Jane's Hotel 2: Family Hero HD Baue in dieser neuen Folge des berühmten Zeitmanagement-Spiels die Hotelkette deiner Familie neu auf! Nachdem Jane ihr eigenes Hotelgeschäft zum blühen gebracht hat, kann sie nun die Kette einst prächtiger Hotels ihrer Familie zurückzukaufen. Gehe den ... Gratis 06/2012
746737   网上购物导航-国内外知名精选网购商城一点即达! 网上购物导航-国内外知名精选网购商城一点即达! key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like 网上购物导航-国内外知名精选网购商城一点即达! 精选数百家网上购物商城, 让您有更多放心选择。安全且快捷! 囊括综合、服饰、母婴、数码、汽车等多个类目。 同时,一定还有您非常喜欢的团购导航! 网购!非常简单!立即下载使用,一定不会后悔!... Gratis 06/2012
746738   Rotary Swing Golf Instruction Videos Rotary Swing Golf Instruction Videos Sport Sport Apps like Rotary Swing Golf Instruction Videos TOP RATED GOLF INSTRUCTION APP IN ITUNES! Quick tip golf apps and videos have failed you. Finally, get the REAL answers to the golf swing you've been seeking. Based on FACT, not FADS. With the 35+ FREE videos (2+ hours of footage!) in this app, you C... Gratis 06/2012
746739   深圳旅游景点 HD 深圳旅游景点 HD Reise Reise Apps like 深圳旅游景点 HD 深圳是中国南部海滨城市, 中文别称“鹏城”, 位于珠江口东岸, 与香港一水之隔。全市面积1953平方公里, 属亚热带海洋性气候区, 四季温润、阳光充沛, 盛产水果。 深圳是充满阳光和现代气息的年轻现代化城市、中国优秀旅游城市、国际花园城市。深圳是一幅画、一首诗、一个梦。“精彩深圳, 欢乐之都”真诚欢迎五湖四海的朋友。, 深圳具有浓郁的现代滨海城市特色, 是中国南方有名的旅游胜地, 被中国政府评为“优秀旅游城市”, 被美国《纽约时报》列为2010年必到的31个旅游胜地之一。 最佳旅游时间:8... 0.99€ 06/2012
746740   Zombie Quest HD - Mastermind the hexes! Zombie Quest HD - Mastermind the hexes! Spiele Spiele Apps like Zombie Quest HD - Mastermind the hexes! ★ I haven’t been able to stop playing it since I first downloaded it - iPhoneAlley ★ This is a classic game with a great theme. It’s a lot of fun to play - PadGadget ★ If you like strategy based board games, give this spooky one a try - AppAdvice ★ Th... 0.99€ 06/2012
746741   アンケート+i アンケート+i Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like アンケート+i アンケート+iではイベント・展示会やショールームでロイヤリティの高いアンケートをご提供できます。タッチするだけ簡単アンケートが可能です。 アンケート+i のメリット ・アンケート項目の簡単WEB作成(印刷コストゼロ) ・企業イメージにあったアンケートデザインの登録 ・集めたアンケートデータのWEB自動集計と一元管理 ・お客様の負担軽減(タップ選択式) ・iPad使用による企業イメージの向上 ・iPad使用によるアンケート回収率向上(興味UP) アンケート+i のご利用方法 ・アンケート+iへの登録... Gratis 06/2012
746742   Swiftbot’s Mobile Warrior Swiftbot’s Mobile Warrior Büro Büro Apps like Swiftbot’s Mobile Warrior The Swiftbot's Mobile Warrior app is a whitepaper presenting the most effective method for monetizing publications on iPad. Specifically, the new paradigm addresses the monetization of publishing original content as a direct sales engagement app for your... Gratis 06/2012
746743   Sporx HD Sporx HD Sport Sport Apps like Sporx HD Sporx resmi iPad uygulaması yayında! Sporx.com'un resmi iPad uygulaması Sporx HD ile en güncel spor haberleri artık iPad'inizde. --------------------------- Sporx.com's offical iPad app Sporx HD is on air! We’re excited to introduce Turkey's leading spo... Gratis 06/2012
746744   אוליב אוליב Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like אוליב אפליקציית המשלוחים הרשמית של אוליב מבית ספר האוכל! הקליקו ותהנו!... Gratis 06/2012
746745   Assistant Air Assistant Air Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Assistant Air Avec l'application « Assistant Air », respirez mieux informé ! La pollution de l'air est un sujet de santé publique qui vous concerne … Plus de 20% de la population française souffre d´allergie respiratoire… Des relations existent entre pollution, ... Gratis 06/2012
746746   Univélo Lille - Un V'Lille en 2s Univélo Lille - Un V'Lille en 2s Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Univélo Lille - Un V'Lille en 2s Univélo transforme votre iPhone en une carte interactive des stations de V'Lille à Lille. Avec lui, vous pourrez voir en un coup d'oeil le nombre de vélos ou de places disponibles dans les stations autour de vous. FONCTIONNALITÉ INÉDITE : L'ALERTE V'LIL... 0.99€ 06/2012
746747   Ο Ξεφτέρης στην αρχαία Ολυμπία LITE Ο Ξεφτέρης στην αρχαία Ολυμπία LITE Bildung Bildung Apps like Ο Ξεφτέρης στην αρχαία Ολυμπία LITE Σε αυτή την περιπέτεια ο Ξεφτέρης μεταφέρεται στην αρχαία Ολυμπία, τον τόπο όπου γεννήθηκαν οι Ολυμπιακοί αγώνες, για να εξιχνιάσει ένα μυστήριο που παραμένει άλυτο για εκατοντάδες χρόνια και να αποκαταστήσει μια φοβερή αδικία που είχε γίνει στο παρελθό... Gratis 06/2012
746748   Major Finance Major Finance Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Major Finance Major Finance deviendra rapidement votre assistant financier pour les grands et petits moments de la vie. Vous ne pourrez plus vous passer du "Calculateur de rêves"! Vous avez un projet qui vous tient à coeur comme l'achat d'un chalet, d'une voiture spo... Gratis 06/2012
746749   Tali Sırasını Bekliyor Tali Sırasını Bekliyor Bücher Bücher Apps like Tali Sırasını Bekliyor Öykülerle Duygusal Zekâ Eğitimi Serisi Berrin Göncü Işıkoğlu 10 kitap + 1 etkinlik kitabı + 1 vcd “Duygusal Zekâ Eğitimi” başlığını taşıyan bu setle, okul öncesi çağındaki ya da okula yeni başlayan çocuğunuz; • Öfke, kıskançlık, değersizlik, hayal... 0.99€ 06/2012
746750   Immer de Hans Immer de Hans Bücher Bücher Apps like Immer de Hans Liedersammlung «Immer de Hans» zum Anhören, Entdecken und Mitsingen. Traditionelle Schweizer Kinderlieder sind ein reicher kultureller Schatz, der uns am Herzen liegt. «Immer de Hans» will diesen Schatz heben – und poliert ihn gleichzeitig auf: Versamm... 4.99€ 06/2012
746751   Immer de Hans LITE Immer de Hans LITE Bücher Bücher Apps like Immer de Hans LITE Liedersammlung «Immer de Hans» zum Anhören, Entdecken und Mitsingen. Traditionelle Schweizer Kinderlieder sind ein reicher kultureller Schatz, der uns am Herzen liegt. «Immer de Hans» will diesen Schatz heben – und poliert ihn gleichzeitig auf: Versamme... Gratis 06/2012
746752   Gessler 2012 Gessler 2012 Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Gessler 2012 Der neue Gessler Produktkatalog 2012 jetzt auch als App für Ihr iPad! Gessler produziert und vertreibt seit über 35 Jahren Notlichtsysteme in Europa. Mit dieser App steht Ihnen der komplette Produktkatalog mit allen Datenblättern, Produktbildern und Z... Gratis 06/2012
746753   Tube Fares Tube Fares Reise Reise Apps like Tube Fares Want to know the price of a ticket from zone 1 to zone 3? How about zone 5 to zone 8? Not a problem! Tube Fares knows the fares from any zone in London. Tube Fares provides a comparison of paper tickets and Oyster card charges*, so you can quickly find ... Gratis 06/2012
746754   SMD Aalen SMD Aalen Kataloge Kataloge Apps like SMD Aalen Die Hochschule Aalen lädt am 28.06.2012 zum zweiten Aalener Social Media Day ein, der von Studenten aus dem Studiengang Internationale Betriebswirtschaft gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Gentsch organisiert wird. Im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltung treffen sich Unter... Gratis 06/2012
746755   정토회 정토회 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 정토회 정토회는 행복한 인생, 평화로운 사회, 아름다운 자연을 위한 다양한 활동을 펼치고 있습니다. 수행, 보시, 봉사를 통해 각종 수행, 수련 프로그램 진행, 환경/통일/복지 등의 사회참여운동을 펼치고 있습니다.... Gratis 06/2012
746756   U.S Presidents Info & More Free U.S Presidents Info & More Free Bildung Bildung Apps like U.S Presidents Info & More Free An educational app for both Students and Teachers to explore the various facts when learning the U.S. Presidents with the ability to Search and share the info using E-mail or SMS Text. Some of the data inludes: •President Name •Vice President(s) Name •Po... Gratis 06/2012
746757   ATFP Tips ATFP Tips Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like ATFP Tips Submit secure and anonymous tips. Anti-terrorism and Force Protection (ATFP) Navy NCIS, CNIC, USFF Suspicious Activity Reporting (SARS) See Something Say Something... Gratis 06/2012
746758   The Teaching Ocean Letters & Numbers The Teaching Ocean Letters & Numbers Bildung Bildung Apps like The Teaching Ocean Letters & Numbers ********** FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ********** Children will enjoy learning their letters and numbers with this fun ocean themed app. They'll love popping the bubbles as they float up from the ocean floor. When a bubble is popped, the letter or number in... Gratis 06/2012
746759   Light Magic Light Magic Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Light Magic Light Magic use your fingers to draw beautiful trails of colored shapes. Create magic with all 5 of your finger. Swipe you fingers and watch the magic. Choose from a large selection of magic shapes. Magic in your fingers! Light Magic REVIEWS ★ FUN way ... Gratis 06/2012
746760   English to Italian Phrasebook Lite English to Italian Phrasebook Lite Reise Reise Apps like English to Italian Phrasebook Lite English to Italian Lite is a TALKING PHRASEBOOK application that TRANSLATES ENGLISH WORDS AND PHRASES TO ITALIAN, accurately. So when you use the application, you can be confident that you’re saying the right thing and pronouncing it the right way. No g... Gratis 06/2012
746761   川话达人 HD 川话达人 HD Bildung Bildung Apps like 川话达人 HD (1)真人发音, 短语句子任意转。 (2)支持语音输入, 简化输入过程。 (3)个人收藏常用短语, 方便下次学习。 (4)更多系列应用陆续登陆。。。请留下宝贵意见!... Gratis 06/2012
746762   东北磕达人 HD 东北磕达人 HD Bildung Bildung Apps like 东北磕达人 HD (1)真人发音, 短语句子任意转。 (2)支持语音输入, 简化输入过程。 (3)个人收藏常用短语, 方便下次学习。 (4)更多系列应用陆续登陆。。。请留下宝贵意见!... Gratis 06/2012
746763   Gene Tutor Gene Tutor Bildung Bildung Apps like Gene Tutor Gene Tutor is an App designed as a Study Aid for students taking a standard College level course in Genetics. Although it was specifically designed for students taking “Molecular and Mendelian Genetics” at Barnard College, Columbia, the material should ... Gratis 06/2012
746764   Solfeggio Relax & Sleep Meditation by Glenn Harrold & Ali Calderwood Solfeggio Relax & Sleep Meditation by Glenn Harrold & Ali Calderwood Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Solfeggio Relax & Sleep Meditation by Glenn Harrold & Ali Calderwood Download now this free app and discover why Glenn and Ali's Solfeggio Sound Healing Meditations are having such a profound impact on people. The main free track in this app is is a lite version of the stunning 639 Hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation by Glenn H... Gratis 06/2012
746765   Go Go Train HD Free Go Go Train HD Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Go Go Train HD Free Go Go Train is a good puzzle game! Drag the cursor to lay out railway from S to G. The railway must pass all the stations and it can be crossed. Click the button GO to see the train start. Not enough power? Each battery can provide 5 of the power. Ge... Gratis 06/2012
746766   Pentatonic Puppy Pentatonic Puppy Bildung Bildung Apps like Pentatonic Puppy Pentatonic Puppy removes certain keys from the standard piano so that essentially any note that you play sounds great. Pentatonic Puppy was created by an elementary music teacher with children ages 5 - 11 in mind, but younger and older children may like... 0.99€ 06/2012
746767   Animal Math Fun! Animal Math Fun! Bildung Bildung Apps like Animal Math Fun! Learn to add and subtract while having fun with cute little animals! Animal Math Fun is a cute animal themed game for learning addition and subtraction. Solve math equations starting the easiest level 1 (i.e. 0+1=__ for addition or 2-1=__ for subtracti... 0.99€ 06/2012
746768   Sinco ERP Sinco ERP Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Sinco ERP Sinco Móvil es una aplicación que hace posible convertir datos en información valiosa, además de generar escenarios, pronósticos y reportes que promuevan una toma de decisiones estratégica, eficaz y acertada. Obtener conocimiento, a partir de difere... Gratis 06/2012
746769   Mount Rushmore Virtual Tour Mount Rushmore Virtual Tour Reise Reise Apps like Mount Rushmore Virtual Tour Explore the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in an interactive, self-guided tour through this offical National Park Service app. Visit the U.S. Monument known as the Shrine of Democracy and explore the mountain sculpture up-close, including the hidden H... Gratis 06/2012
746770   家常菜HD 家常菜HD Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 家常菜HD 家常菜是家庭日常制作食用的菜肴, 家常菜, 是中菜的源头。 家庭利用现有的调味品也可以炒制出的菜肴。... 0.99€ 06/2012
746771   WI Listings WI Listings Büro Büro Apps like WI Listings THIS APP IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO REALTOR MEMBERS OF METRO MLS AND SCW MLS AND REQUIRES AN AGENT LOGIN. Features: - Find homes near you using device's built-in GPS locator. - Get driving directions on the go. - Complete and current access to all MLS-list... Gratis 06/2012
746772   DL2 DL2 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like DL2 The DL2 mobile app is a custom fitness solution available to DL2 members, Members will enjoy a powerful tool to enhance their fitness regimes.... Gratis 06/2012
746773   iTalkSpanish iTalkSpanish Bildung Bildung Apps like iTalkSpanish Learn dozens of useful Spanish words and phrases. The audio was recorded by a native Spanish speaker, so you can practice your pronunciation to make it perfect!... Gratis 06/2012
746774   Century 21 Brookings,  SD Century 21 Brookings, SD Büro Büro Apps like Century 21 Brookings, SD The official Century 21 Brookings app is here! Gustafson, Krogman, and Associates Realty, Inc of Brookings, SD wants to help real estate sellers and buyers. The Century 21 Brookings, SD app contains listings of homes for sale, easy contact, a lis... Gratis 06/2012
746775   MSPWare MSPWare Büro Büro Apps like MSPWare Introducing MSPWare... The industry's most advanced workflow management system to support your business - MSPWare powers reporting on over 100, 000 merchants for MSPs in 3 countries.... Gratis 06/2012
746776   Univélo Rennes - Un Vélo Star en 2s Univélo Rennes - Un Vélo Star en 2s Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Univélo Rennes - Un Vélo Star en 2s Univélo transforme votre iPhone en une carte interactive des stations de Vélo Star à Rennes. Avec lui, vous pourrez voir en un coup d'oeil le nombre de vélos ou de places disponibles dans les stations autour de vous. FONCTIONNALITÉ INÉDITE : L'ALERTE VÉ... 0.99€ 06/2012
746777   Univélo Montpellier - Un Vélomagg en 2s Univélo Montpellier - Un Vélomagg en 2s Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Univélo Montpellier - Un Vélomagg en 2s Univélo transforme votre iPhone en une carte interactive des stations de Vélomagg à Montpellier. Avec lui, vous pourrez voir en un coup d'oeil le nombre de vélos ou de places disponibles dans les stations autour de vous. FONCTIONNALITÉ INÉDITE : L'ALERT... 0.99€ 06/2012
746778   Discovering Venice Discovering Venice Reise Reise Apps like Discovering Venice Discover Venice with these free walking tours! Walking route maps and directions are available to guide you to all major Venice attractions. Just choose an area and follow the detailed directions. Some of the areas covered are: Rialto, Marciana, Santa... Gratis 06/2012
746779   Oklahoma Magazine Oklahoma Magazine Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Oklahoma Magazine ★★★★ The new Oklahoma Magazine app for iPhone and iPad is now available free to download and also includes all previous and future editions free to view ★★★★ ★★ Oklahoma Magazine brings you the very best in coverage of the people, places and things th... Gratis 06/2012
746780   GCF Katy GCF Katy Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like GCF Katy Grace Community Fellowship of Katy, Texas is a warm, friendly, growing, and dynamic church. To find out more about who we are, and how to be a part, visit us on the web at www.gcfkaty.org! Our free app includes the following features: - Listen to p... Gratis 06/2012
746781   Star Diner Cafe Star Diner Cafe Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Star Diner Cafe With 40 years of experience, Star Diner Cafe is the restaurant to visit for a delicious, made-from-scratch meal served at breakfast, lunch & dinner every day. Our family-owned-and-operated restaurant offers a relaxed family atmosphere in a state-of-the... Gratis 06/2012
746782   Molecular Gastronomy Molecular Gastronomy Referenz Referenz Apps like Molecular Gastronomy Molecular gastronomy is quickly gaining popularity in restaurants and home kitchens but the terminology can be very intimidating. Our app defines more than 60 terms from modernist cuisine so you can intelligently discuss molecular gastronomy! Learn abou... 1.99€ 06/2012
746783   ChargeBud ChargeBud Navigation Navigation Apps like ChargeBud ChargeBud, brought to you by Consumers Energy, provides an easy-to-use interface to find the location and details of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations across the U.S. * Find charging stations via an easy to read map with an accompanying ... Gratis 06/2012
746784   Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish Pro for Teachers Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish Pro for Teachers Bildung Bildung Apps like Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish Pro for Teachers Conforme a lo solicitado por muchos distritos escolares y los de ADE, este versión PRO para educadores permite la compra por adelantado de la aplicación completa que se puede comprar a través del Programa de Compra de Volumen. BrightStartApps es un sist... 1.99€ 06/2012
746785   Seed Guide Seed Guide Büro Büro Apps like Seed Guide Our Great Lakes Hybrids Seed Guide app for iPad contains everything you’ll need to make an informed seed purchasing decision – and maximize your corn, soybean, and alfalfa yield potential. The tools and information contained in one of the industry's fir... Gratis 06/2012
746786   Domino Online PlayOK Domino Online PlayOK Spiele Spiele Apps like Domino Online PlayOK Play dominoes online live multiplayer FEATURES: - simple, clear dominoes - 2- and 4-end variants - hundreds of players... Gratis 06/2012
746787   Quand je serai grand je serai le Roi des Animaux ! (Extrait) Quand je serai grand je serai le Roi des Animaux ! (Extrait) Bücher Bücher Apps like Quand je serai grand je serai le Roi des Animaux ! (Extrait) Enter the fascinating world of little Martin who is carried into his most wonderful dream: Being the King of Animals. This tale is written and illustrated for children over 5 years of age. Discover with this story how our own passions are born and grow. ... Gratis 06/2012
746788   Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish Bildung Bildung Apps like Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish * Over 15 Million Pre-K Trace Plays * Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish is the third of a series of tracing applications aimed at kindergarten kids children who are just setting out to build a foundation of in the Spanish language and numeracy, develop ... Gratis 06/2012
746789   Accolade Accolade Büro Büro Apps like Accolade Sopheon's Accolade® is the industry's only end-to-end enterprise innovation management solution, enabling more effective strategic innovation planning and business decisions across the entire product lifecycle, including idea development, new product d... Gratis 06/2012
746790   Pizzaservice Pizzaservice Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pizzaservice pizzaservice.de – Jetzt mit der cleveren App, gegen den großen Hunger, mit über 600 Lieferdiensten Deutschlandweit! Du hast Hunger, aber nur dein Smartphone dabei: Kein Problem mit der App von pizzaservice.de! Die App erkennt automatisch wo du bist und... Gratis 06/2012
746791   Jerry Of Circus Jerry Of Circus Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Jerry Of Circus Apps Station is bringing two great radio shows in one app. Don't get confused with the name - there is a lot fun for every age group in this app. You'll find following two radio shows in this app. =========== Jerry of the Circus =========== Jerry of the... Gratis 06/2012
746792   Plenitude21 Plenitude21 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Plenitude21 A revista Plenitude21 aborda os temas saúde e sustentabilidade de forma integrada. Diante dos desafios atuais do planeta não é mais possível discutir uma temática sem visão sistêmica do que acontece no mundo. Por isso, Plenitude 21 oferece uma abordagem ... Gratis 06/2012
746793   Fort Wayne Fort Wayne Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Fort Wayne The Fort Wayne app allows you to stay connected to your city. Within the app you can view Police Activity logs, View Fire Department news, View City events. The app also allows you to pay your city utility bills. And much much more. App Developed by Appl... Gratis 06/2012
746794   Articles: A and An Articles: A and An Bildung Bildung Apps like Articles: A and An Learn about Articles and when to use A and An in a sentence with this Common Core standards aligned app! Students will: • Learn when to use a and when to use an • Place articles in sentences • Write articles in front of nouns Grade Level(s) 1 2 3 4... 0.99€ 06/2012
746795   Bank Midwest Mobile Bank Midwest Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Bank Midwest Mobile BANK MIDWEST MOBILE Securely access your accounts with Bank Midwest Mobile. Bank from home, work or wherever you busy life takes you. It’s free!* Bank Midwest Mobile is secure and uses your online banking credentials** to log in and access your account... Gratis 06/2012
746796   Univélo Pau - Un IDECycle en 2s Univélo Pau - Un IDECycle en 2s Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Univélo Pau - Un IDECycle en 2s Univélo transforme votre iPhone en une carte interactive des stations de IDECycle à Pau. Avec lui, vous pourrez voir en un coup d'oeil le nombre de vélos ou de places disponibles dans les stations autour de vous. FONCTIONNALITÉ INÉDITE : L'ALERTE IDECYC... Gratis 06/2012
746797   Preparing for Standardized Tests,  Reading Lite Preparing for Standardized Tests, Reading Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like Preparing for Standardized Tests, Reading Lite Preparing for Standardized Tests is a comprehensive program designed to help high school students prepare for the SAT or ACT tests. The free test included in this "lite" app focuses on only the easiest questions on the ACT and SAT. Lessons: The 6 les... Gratis 06/2012
746798   Univélo Bordeaux - Un V3 en 2s Univélo Bordeaux - Un V3 en 2s Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Univélo Bordeaux - Un V3 en 2s Univélo transforme votre iPhone en une carte interactive des stations de V3 à Bordeaux. Avec lui, vous pourrez voir en un coup d'oeil le nombre de vélos ou de places disponibles dans les stations autour de vous. FONCTIONNALITÉ INÉDITE : L'ALERTE V3 DISP... 0.99€ 06/2012
746799   DiversityInc DiversityInc Büro Büro Apps like DiversityInc This free app offers best practices from the leading source of information on diversity management, DiversityInc. The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity survey features an empirically driven ranking of diversity benchmarking data. The app prov... Gratis 06/2012
746800   Suburban Pest ID Suburban Pest ID Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Suburban Pest ID The Suburban Pest ID app is more than another application; it is dynamic providing both information and expert pest identification. You are given access to Suburban’s pest experts with decades of experience in the pest-control industry; it's like having a... Gratis 06/2012

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