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749201   MTPL Mobil MTPL Mobil Bildung Bildung Apps like MTPL Mobil The Manheim Township Public Library is now available anywhere and anytime you need with MTPL Mobil! Access your library patron account to see items that are checked out, request or hold items, view your fines, search the catalog, discover programs and... Gratis 06/2012
749202   Euro 2012 - Kockasti Euro 2012 - Kockasti Sport Sport Apps like Euro 2012 - Kockasti Ovo je službena Euro 2012 Kockasti aplikacija ! Ovdje pronađite sve informacije o Euru 2012 u Poljskoj i Ukrajini. Ovo je najkompletnija aplikacija Europskog prvenstva. U ovoj aplikaciji naći ćete: Statistike igrača: -Pogodci -Kartoni -Zamjene -Pozicije -... 0.99€ 06/2012
749203   الرجل المضحك - لعبة للاطفال الرجل المضحك - لعبة للاطفال Bildung Bildung Apps like الرجل المضحك - لعبة للاطفال ---اللعبة الشهيرة تأتيكم الآن على iPhone و iPad ! --- الرجل المضحك هي لعبة رسم شهيرة للاطفال و الكبار. كل من اللاعبين يرسم عضواً من أعضاء جسم دون أن يره اصدقائه. ثم يرى الجميع النتيجة المضحكة! إختر صورة - أو صور واحدة بنفسك. ! هنالك 20 صورة من رسوم ا... 0.99€ 06/2012
749204   聪明宝宝成长故事集4 聪明宝宝成长故事集4 Bücher Bücher Apps like 聪明宝宝成长故事集4 【温馨小提示】 搜索关键词“happyreading”即可找到我们的全部书籍哦! 【本书特点】 ★ 崭新的阅读体验, 全面兼容new iPad。 ☆ 首创亲子剧场模式, 不仅可以录制故事内容, 更可以发挥创意, 一家人给故事中的每个角色配上独特的台词。让爸爸妈妈和孩子们的亲子阅读更加欢乐, 过把舞台剧的瘾。 ★ 每个故事最后均有开心互动问答, 引发孩子们的联想, 加深对生活的认知。 ☆ 由专业插画师绘制的高品质插图, 不但造型可爱, 更是充满童趣。 ★ 温馨的小故事, 不但适合亲... 1.99€ 06/2012
749205   Fighting pig Free Fighting pig Free Bildung Bildung Apps like Fighting pig Free In numerical order, click on the pig, 1, 2, 3.... count how mang pigs together. Within the specified time, let the pig return to the spacecraft, that be a success!... 0.99€ 06/2012
749206   Custom Icon Pro for iPad Custom Icon Pro for iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Custom Icon Pro for iPad ***** 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ***** Create custom icons on your iPad! No ads and unlimited icons! You want your Facebook profile pic to look unique? Create your new look using Custom Icon! Add a photo, then choose if you want glass effect, and add... 1.99€ 06/2012
749207   Today Clock Today Clock Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Today Clock Today Clock with Current Date ✓ Proudly present an Award Winning App ★ QUICKLY view CURRENT DATE with a swipe ★ ____________________________________ Q: Have you ever wondered what date it is today on your iOS device? A: We have, and all it took u... Gratis 06/2012
749208   The Adventures of PiPi The Adventures of PiPi Spiele Spiele Apps like The Adventures of PiPi The game play is varied, interesting.Level hides many games need to meet certain conditions before they can trigger.Is a good casual game.... Gratis 06/2012
749209   Booty Hunt Booty Hunt Spiele Spiele Apps like Booty Hunt "... es besteht kein Zweifel daran, dass es sich Deine Zeit und Aufmerksamkeit angelt." - Slide To Play "Urteil: Gut!" - AppCroc Die Schwarzschädel sind hinter Dir her! Seitdem Du und deine Crew den lange vermissten Schatz des Käpt’n Henry “Goggle-Ey... 0.99€ 06/2012
749210   易者展示系统 易者展示系统 Büro Büro Apps like 易者展示系统 易者展示系统, 是将企业 的产品以及案例进行展示... Gratis 06/2012
749211   TrioStory TrioStory Bücher Bücher Apps like TrioStory ★ An interactive book written and read by a teacher! ★ ★ Standard iPad and iPad Retina graphics ★ Join a trio of friends on an exciting adventure through time and space as they solve a puzzle in the magnificent lands of Ancient Egypt. Filled with sound... Gratis 06/2012
749212   Mileage Expense Log (MEL) - Miles Tracker for Business,  Tax,  and Charity Deductions Mileage Expense Log (MEL) - Miles Tracker for Business, Tax, and Charity Deductions Büro Büro Apps like Mileage Expense Log (MEL) - Miles Tracker for Business, Tax, and Charity Deductions Mileage Expense Log is designed to help you quickly and easily keep track of expenses incurred as you use your vehicle. Use this application to keep accurate logs and generate summary reports. Now with Apple Watch support! Tired of other apps with recur... Gratis 06/2012
749213   语文听写 语文听写 Bildung Bildung Apps like 语文听写 语文听写 -- 是否为给孩子听写而烦恼?孩子是否为拼音学习、听写练习苦恼?”语文听写“帮助您。 小学语文教学中, 家长给自己孩子听写是必备的家庭作业.“语文听写”帮助孩子完成听写作业, 解决家长人工报读费时费力, 解决读音不准的问题, 培养孩子独立高质量完成听写作业和拼音练习。 - 支持多种语文教材:人教版(人民教育出版社), 北师大版(北京师范大学出版社), 沪教版(上海教育出版社 ) - 听写内容与课文目录对应:孩子做作业时只要选择课程名就可以自助听写, 方便快捷。 - 听写控制简单:孩子可自... Gratis 06/2012
749214   Fighting pig Fighting pig Spiele Spiele Apps like Fighting pig In numerical order, click on the pig, 1, 2, 3.... count how mang pigs together. Within the specified time, let the pig return to the spacecraft, that be a success!... 0.99€ 06/2012
749215   PhysDice (Universal) PhysDice (Universal) Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like PhysDice (Universal) PhysDice is a dice simulator based on physics. A wooden box moves synchronizing with a motion of a device. [Features] - Retina display is supported. - Gyroscope and accelerometer sense motion of device. [How to play] - Shake device!... Gratis 06/2012
749216   NFPA Journal LatinoAmericano NFPA Journal LatinoAmericano Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like NFPA Journal LatinoAmericano Stay informed of key issues, high-quality news, resources and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards information for fire protection and life safety professionals with the NFPA Journal Latinoamericano iPhone and Ipad application... Gratis 06/2012
749217   KoolCheck™ KoolCheck™ Büro Büro Apps like KoolCheck™ Simulate the process of achieving high performance energy efficient buildings by selecting your climate zone, building type, and building envelope refurbishment solution. Results will show how high performance insulation solutions can save significant ... Gratis 06/2012
749218   My 9 Months My 9 Months Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like My 9 Months The March of Dimes is the trusted source of information for moms and babies for more than 75 years. We are pleased to say this app has won a Web Health Award again this year! Whether you’re pregnant now or just thinking about getting pregnant, this app... Gratis 06/2012
749219   Esquire Malaysia - Celebrating Man at His Best Esquire Malaysia - Celebrating Man at His Best Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Esquire Malaysia - Celebrating Man at His Best SUBSCRIBE AND GET YOUR FIRST ISSUE FREE! Start your 30-day trial subscription today. As Esquire speaks to the multi-faceted, successful man who is culturally plugged in, the app version of the magazine is the perfect 'must have' for these men who need... Gratis 06/2012
749220   Frenzy Waters HD Frenzy Waters HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Frenzy Waters HD Summer Time! Who wants to play with dolphins when you are surrounded by sharks, old naval mines and octopus! Row, row, row for your life in this frenetic summer game! It's summer time! The perfect day to go to the beach and enjoy the sun on your sk... Gratis 06/2012
749221   Niu-Niu Poker Niu-Niu Poker Spiele Spiele Apps like Niu-Niu Poker Game Rules Niu-Niu is a comparing card game played between the player and the dealer. The goal of the game is to divide a five card hand into a left hand with three cards and a right hand with two cards. The value of the left hand must be a multiples of ... Gratis 06/2012
749222   Manulife Word Hunter Manulife Word Hunter Bildung Bildung Apps like Manulife Word Hunter The Word Hunter is a fun and interactive game for kids to learn new words. Kids can play against computers, or between friends (Up to 3 Players). There will be a selection of 3 characters to choose from and will compete with each other to reach the fini... Gratis 06/2012
749223   FaceMotion : Verwenden Sie Ihr Gesicht,  um zu spielen! Augmented Reality Multiplayer FaceMotion : Verwenden Sie Ihr Gesicht, um zu spielen! Augmented Reality Multiplayer Spiele Spiele Apps like FaceMotion : Verwenden Sie Ihr Gesicht, um zu spielen! Augmented Reality Multiplayer Warum mit den Fingern, wenn Sie Ihr Gesicht verwenden können, um zu spielen? Es ist endlich im AppStore ein Spiel wirklich revolutionär ist da! FACEMOTION ist die erste mobile Game der Welt, mit dem Sie gerade Ihr Gesicht verwenden, um in Echtzeit un... 0.99€ 06/2012
749224   [v] Stats lite [v] Stats lite Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like [v] Stats lite With [v] Stats you can see Ventuz Performance Statistics from all your Ventuz Machines without opening 'Ventuz Statistics' in Ventuz Designer. All Ventuz Machines in your network will be scanned. Therefore, your iPhone, iPod or iPad and Ventuz must be i... Gratis 06/2012
749225   絆ボックス 絆ボックス Büro Büro Apps like 絆ボックス 絆BOXは企業向けのオンラインクラウドストレージです。 絆BOXにファイルを保存しておけば、iPadやiPhone、PCなどの端末から、インターネットを経由してどこからでもデータにアクセスすることができます。 ・安心のセキュリティ 通信回線はSSLにより暗号化されます。 また、ウィルススキャン機能を搭載し、絆BOX内にウィルスが混入することを防ぎます。 ・企業向け各種機能 管理者は、社員向けのアカウントを自由に作成することができます。アカウント数に制限はありません。 アカウントは、管理者、一般ユーザ、... Gratis 06/2012
749226   Smart@Reader Smart@Reader Büro Büro Apps like Smart@Reader SmartReader is an application that can receive a variety of e-articles that shows recommended Apps and useful iPad tips. Unlike a plain text e-mail, an e-article organized in advance can be viewed by intuitive operation. In addition, the account registr... Gratis 06/2012
749227   Find Fast Find Fast Spiele Spiele Apps like Find Fast Find Fast is the first of a series of games that will be coming out in the near future with different themes. This version contains nature images and is an immersing game designed to test the player's observational skills. Highly entertaining, pleasant a... Gratis 06/2012
749228   Best Assistance for iPad Best Assistance for iPad Medizin Medizin Apps like Best Assistance for iPad Best Assistance App is the first fully interactive mobile app fully dedicated to help and assist you. This application will allow to locate the nearest network healthcare provider quickly and in a simple format and even rate the level of service experien... Gratis 06/2012
749229   Fatafeat El Hayat Helwa Magazine English Fatafeat El Hayat Helwa Magazine English Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Fatafeat El Hayat Helwa Magazine English Fatafeat, the number one magazine for culinary arts in the Arab World, is your destination to enjoy a myriad number of delicious recipes from all over the world prepared by our top chefs and to get top tips on all lifestyle, beauty, family and home is... Gratis 06/2012
749230   洪德成作品集 洪德成作品集 Büro Büro Apps like 洪德成作品集 洪德成设计作品集《官方版》 香港著名设计师洪德成ipad版室内设计作品集分享应用终于上线了, 洪德成先生自1980年以来 一直从事室内设计工作, 拥有超过20年的专业室内设计经验。是中国室内设计的先驱者与开拓 者, 也是中国室内设计30年发展的见证者与亲历者。 主要业绩: 2000年作品深圳“金海丽名居”示范单位荣获由建设部、清华大学、中央工艺美术学院、中国 建筑学会及中央电视台联合举办的全国首届“家居设计大赛”优胜奖、深圳一等奖, 成为深圳 唯一获奖作品, 作品在《香港亚太设计作品集》中发表。 ... Gratis 06/2012
749231   Pills Game HD Pills Game HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Pills Game HD The most addictive Pills to date! A swift game WITH LEVEL EDITOR option that will get you engaged and challenged by it's apparent simplicity. Oh my! You better bring out your physics books! The Pills are not going to make it easy for you at all. Talk abo... Gratis 06/2012
749232   Time Optimizer — an App that Creates Time Time Optimizer — an App that Creates Time Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Time Optimizer — an App that Creates Time Manage Time, Goals, Planning & To-Do's Apple Watch app available for Time Companion on iPhone An App that Creates Time ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬  ◼ Have Enough Time Today?  ◼ Your To-Do List Completed?  ◼ Time for Friends Today?  ◼ Achieving Your Goals?  ◼ Get En... 2.99€ 06/2012
749233   Telkom Financial Reports Telkom Financial Reports Büro Büro Apps like Telkom Financial Reports Investors in Telkom SA Limited now have a convenient and iPad-optimized means by which to review financial data distributed by the company. The app allows you to read the annual report, check annual and interim results as well as stay up to date with S... Gratis 06/2012
749234   PinHole Photography Magazine PinHole Photography Magazine Photographie Photographie Apps like PinHole Photography Magazine PinHole Photography is the only magazine of its kind that is entirely devoted to the exploration of Pinhole photography with a particular focus on the aesthetic aspects of this unique art form. PinHole Photography is entirely ad-free and has been formatte... 4.99€ 06/2012
749235   Capital Cities of the USA - Standard Version Capital Cities of the USA - Standard Version Bildung Bildung Apps like Capital Cities of the USA - Standard Version Capital Cities of the USA challenges you. Not only do you need to know the capital city of all 50 states, but you have to know where they are located geographically. An excellent "learn as you play" app. This is a try-before-you-buy version which will... Gratis 06/2012
749236   Congrès SFP 2013 Congrès SFP 2013 Medizin Medizin Apps like Congrès SFP 2013 Communications et programme du Congrès de la Société Française de Pédiatrie du Mercredi 15 au Samedi 17 mai 2013 à la Grande Halle d’Auvergne de Clermont-Ferrand. En exclusivité, Elsevier Masson et la Société Française de Pédiatrie, vous proposent les... Gratis 06/2012
749237   Luftrüssel Luftrüssel Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Luftrüssel Haben Sie etwas zu feiern? Jetzt gibt es auch das Zubehör dafür! Mit der Verwendung des Luftrüssels kann man überall und jederzeit seine gute Laune zum Ausdruck bringen! Man muss nur am Mikrofon in den Luftrüssel blasen und alle in der Umgebung werden wis... 0.99€ 06/2012
749238   Domino Magazine Domino Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Domino Magazine The guide to living with style, domino magazine offers accessible and cutting-edge home decor inspiration. With celebrity house tours, before-and-after transformations, and insights from famous interior designers, domino makes it easy to bring your st... Gratis 06/2012
749239   English Friends - Englisch lernen für Kinder English Friends - Englisch lernen für Kinder Bildung Bildung Apps like English Friends - Englisch lernen für Kinder Englisch lernen für Kinder Appstore Bildung 5 stars "Neu und beachtenswert" Featured in Apple's New & Noteworthy Education category in Germany, Switzerland & Austria! - Erfahren alltägliche Wörter - Lernen Sie die grundlegenden Fähigkeiten Gespräch - Le... 2.99€ 06/2012
749240   Smashing Planets Smashing Planets Spiele Spiele Apps like Smashing Planets *** Gewinner des italienischen ‘Global Game Jam’ (GGJ) 2011 *** Schütze die Erde vor der bösen Alieninvasion in dem neuesten interstellaren Spaceshooter! Das Überleben des Planeten steht auf dem Spiel – halte die Aliens auf, indem du die Angreifer absc... 0.99€ 06/2012
749241   Las Conchas que quisieron ser Estrellas Las Conchas que quisieron ser Estrellas Bücher Bücher Apps like Las Conchas que quisieron ser Estrellas El primero de los libros infantiles inspirados por la ciudad de Salamanca de las autoras Ana María y Guadalupe Sánchez, renovado en formato de App para iPad y con la narración de María Esther Sánchez, que sin duda encandilará a los más pequeños de la ca... 0.99€ 06/2012
749242   哈佛幸福教程 哈佛幸福教程 Bücher Bücher Apps like 哈佛幸福教程 “哈佛幸福教程”丛书包括:《开启幸福力》、《当下幸福力》和《持久幸福力》。 注:当您购买了书籍之后, 获得完整版的同时, 底部的广告也会移除。 〓〓〓〓〓〓内容简介〓〓〓〓〓〓 《开启幸福力》 ✓ 简化你的生活:当我们的幸福感, 不是从物质, 而是从心底深处而来;当我们的快乐可以来自于生活中的小小发现;当我们不再只是“想要”, 而是“需要”之后, 就开始懂得“不要”的重要性, 那么容易满足的我们距离幸福快乐, 就绝对不远了。 ✓ 赚钱也赚到生活:我们太多的人穷其一生, 为了“赚钱”谋生而碌碌终日, 这... Gratis 06/2012
749243   新概念英语单词3-(全息速记) 新概念英语单词3-(全息速记) Bildung Bildung Apps like 新概念英语单词3-(全息速记) ■■■全息速记:发音、音标、中英互译、拼写——全面认知一个词, 知根知底, 单词成为你真正的朋友, 再也不会疏远你! ”三巧学习团队”根据最根本的语言和单词学习理论, 研发了“新概念全息速记“系列, 设计科学, 使用简便, 实用, 高效。该系列单词记忆软件将让您对单词学习产生全新的认识, 学过的单词想忘也忘不掉!, 本系列配套外研社《新概念英语》, 按课进行同步词汇背诵。 ■■■ 体现“读音是语言的本质”这一理论:不但英语单词有外籍专家的朗读供模仿, 汉译也有录音, 实现了在读... Gratis 06/2012
749244   Babblo - Multiplayer Battle Babblo - Multiplayer Battle Spiele Spiele Apps like Babblo - Multiplayer Battle Babblo ist ein gratis Multiplayer Spiel für bis zu 4 Spieler in dem es darum geht ein gekacheltes Spielfeld mit Blöcken zu erobern. Das Ziel dabei ist soviele Kacheln wie Möglich einzunehmen. Dies kann entweder durch die Ausbreitung der eigenen Blöcke ges... Gratis 06/2012
749245   Boxing Heavyweight Champions Boxing Heavyweight Champions Sport Sport Apps like Boxing Heavyweight Champions Welcome to the Boxing Heavyweight Champions Application! This is your one-stop boxing heavyweight championship directory that provides all the information you will ever need to know about boxing champion title holders. The boxing heavyweight championship... 0.99€ 06/2012
749246   Nine Card Game HD Free Nine Card Game HD Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Nine Card Game HD Free "Nine Card Game" is a popular card game from our childhood. Features. - Multiplayer. You can play with other people via Wi-Fi or mobile internet. - Game Center integration - you can compete with your friends. - Graphics adapted to high-resolution Retina ... Gratis 06/2012
749247   「ドラゴンボール」に生きる力を学べ! 「ドラゴンボール」に生きる力を学べ! Bücher Bücher Apps like 「ドラゴンボール」に生きる力を学べ! 人生の生き方については『ドラゴンボール』を読んで学べ! 誰しもが読んだことのあるドラゴンボールは、ただ戦闘の勝ち負けだけではない! 生き方のコツさえも教えてくれる! 人はどう生きていき、どう楽しむべきなのか!? ■人生とは何か!? 何の為に生まれてきたのか!? ● 多くの人は幸せの意味がわからない! ● お金持ちになりたい!  ● 幸せになりたい! ⇒ 言っているだけでは幸せにはなれない! 自分たちが子供の頃に楽しんだドラゴンボールは、たくさんのことを教えてくれた! 小さなころだけではなくいまだに、... 4.99€ 06/2012
749248   COMMODITY TRADER PRO: Trading Signals for Commodities COMMODITY TRADER PRO: Trading Signals for Commodities Finanzen Finanzen Apps like COMMODITY TRADER PRO: Trading Signals for Commodities Commodity Trader is a tool for investors, traders, and industrialists who take positions in the worldwide commodity futures markets in the segments including metals, energy, and agriculture. Based on a complex mathematical model, this tool provides t... 69.99€ 06/2012
749249   FINN FINN key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like FINN Med FINN-appen kan du boltre deg i eiendommer, biler, jobber, motorsykler, båter, hester, snøfresere, møbler, klær, mobiltelefoner og mye, mye mer! Nå hjelper vi deg også å tømme boden og garasjen ved at du helt gratis kan legge ut ting på Torg... Gratis 06/2012
749250   iAngler by Angler Action iAngler by Angler Action Sport Sport Apps like iAngler by Angler Action Welcome to the Angler Action Program. Logging and recording your trip and catch information not only builds valuable data for recreational fisheries, but also functions as a record of your own fishing activity. The program is designed to allow you to inp... Gratis 06/2012
749251   100% Fotball-EM 100% Fotball-EM Sport Sport Apps like 100% Fotball-EM Ta del i EM-festen! Nyheter og reportasjer om lagene, spillerne og kampene i Fotball-EM 2012. Her finner du komplett TV-program, resultatservice, 3D videoanalyse av alle scoringene, historiske EM-øyeblikk og mye annet du kan kose deg med under EM. R... Gratis 06/2012
749252   Disney Second Screen: John Carter Disney Second Screen: John Carter Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Disney Second Screen: John Carter Exlpore John Carter’s personal journal with this innovative in-world experience. Open the pages and examine his annotations, sketches and other notes that extend the mythology of the movie. On certain pages, hear John Carter himself as he reveals new ... Gratis 06/2012
749253   温州金融周刊 温州金融周刊 Büro Büro Apps like 温州金融周刊 温州日报报业集团温州新闻网推出温州金融周刊, 开设“最新资讯”、“分析评论”、“温州探索”、“金融人物”、“金改产品”、“民资出路”、“企业融资”、“观察.对话”等栏目, 将随时更新金改最新动态, 发布权威消息, 全面网罗金改信息, 给你最新鲜、最及时、最权威、最全面的金改资讯。 《温州金融周刊》汇集“金改动态”、“决策者说”、“温州在行动”、“观点交锋”、“微观察”、“金融课堂”等栏目, 精选并整合温州金融改革综合试验区的各类消息, 将于每周周五准时和大家见面。... Gratis 06/2012
749254   华师i课堂 华师i课堂 Bildung Bildung Apps like 华师i课堂 课程最新信息: 2013春季《iOS 程序设计》开课啦!开发环境更新到 Xcode 4.6、iOS 6.0!视频课件同步更新中。。。。 《iOS程序设计》是华南师范大学网络教育学院面向校内本科生开设的公共选修课, 讲授在iOS环境下的程序设计。开发环境为Xcode 4.2、iOS 5.0。学习者应具备C++或Java 等面向对象程序设计语言使用经验, 课程资源、作业、论坛平台:course.gdou.com。本网络课程现面向社会开放, 欢迎使用。 课程内容: 课程概述、iOS 开发环境、iDP、iDUP... Gratis 06/2012
749255   ATN Live TV ATN Live TV Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like ATN Live TV The universal ATN Live TV app has arrived, offering you the latest news and entertainment. With a subscription you can watch more than 200 TV channels from the Middle East including: Aljazeera Alarabiya MBC Rotana Baraem You can search all our channel... Gratis 06/2012
749256   LoopTube HD - Autoplay YouTube Videos in a Loop LoopTube HD - Autoplay YouTube Videos in a Loop Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like LoopTube HD - Autoplay YouTube Videos in a Loop LoopTube is designed to play YouTube videos one by one in a loop. This is the entertainment application for everyday use to see favorite video(s) in a loop without tapping play next and fullscreen button. This is the best application for you - If you fr... Gratis 06/2012
749257   Kindergarten Subtraction Kindergarten Subtraction Bildung Bildung Apps like Kindergarten Subtraction From the company that brought you Kindergarten Addition, Kindergarten Subtraction is now available. The same great visual techniques and instruction now teach subtraction. Kindergarten subtraction uses 8 different visual learning activities to teach an... 0.99€ 06/2012
749258   TMNT Comics TMNT Comics Bücher Bücher Apps like TMNT Comics Cowabunga! Just about every TMNT comic ever created … on your iPad or iPhone! The entire TMNT comic book universe all in one app. Only from IDW Publishing, a leader in digital comics. Hundreds of great in-app purchase TMNT comics, from the original bla... Gratis 06/2012
749259   Pudding Chess Pudding Chess Spiele Spiele Apps like Pudding Chess Pudding Chess is the cute apple chess game in Pudding Series with Retina Cute graphics which supports iPod Touch, iPhone 3G 3GS 4, iPad with iOS 4.3+. 3 different difficulties are available in Pudding Bang 1. Easy 2. Normal 3. Hard ★★★★★Game Center... Gratis 06/2012
749260   Детские фантазии Детские фантазии Bildung Bildung Apps like Детские фантазии Дорогие ребята! Дорогие родители! Я, тетушка Сова, и мой помощник домовенок Непослуха представляем мультипликационное воспитательное приложение "Детские фантазии". Мы расскажем о том, как прекрасно фантазировать, какими бывают фантазии детишек, пок... Gratis 06/2012
749261   Gehirn Joggen Gehirn Joggen Spiele Spiele Apps like Gehirn Joggen Brain School ™ Zwanzig völlig verschiedene Gehirntrainingsspiele und über 100 Level voller Rätselspaß. Umfasst Plastikpuzzle, Musikunterricht, römische Geschichte, Zauberhüte, geometrische Formen und 15 weitere Rätselbereiche! Für Menschen jeglicher ... Gratis 06/2012
749262   Lasst's Gehen! - Radio,  Favoriten und Karte Lasst's Gehen! - Radio, Favoriten und Karte Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Lasst's Gehen! - Radio, Favoriten und Karte "Während den Zaun" Lassen fun time und des freien Wettbewerbs, der Weg zur Schule! Pop Song, KPOP, wie 3040, ist diese Anwendung eine Vielzahl von Musik Es ist eine kostenlose Anwendung, um Radio auf dem Internet-Stream zu hören. Vibrant Musik,... 0.99€ 06/2012
749263   Infinite Structures Infinite Structures Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Infinite Structures Infinite Structures is an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) sculpture exhibition, dispersed across 120-meters. Walk in, around and through virtual objects the size of buildings. Experience a 3-dimensional, positional sound composition. News: version 1.... Gratis 06/2012
749264   弘扬古筝校音节拍器 弘扬古筝校音节拍器 Musik Musik Apps like 弘扬古筝校音节拍器 弘扬古筝校音/节拍器拥有:校音、节拍、录音、录像4合1功能。 弘扬古筝校音器功能是一款帮助古筝学习者校音的应用, 您可以在设置好您的需求以后, 通过拨动古筝琴弦来进行调试音准, 初学古筝的用户设置我们的建议是:选择8弦、选择D调、选择手动, 首先从从8-21弦进行调试, 完成以后再对7-1弦进行调试, 这样做的好处是可以对松紧弦钉的力度多一个适应过程。 本款校音器有手动和自动2种模式, 我们建议初学者使用手动模式, 这样的好处是, 不会因为不懂古筝构造与乐理知识, 造成选择弦序错误的现象, 比如说, ... Gratis 06/2012
749265   Astro Explorer Robot Mining Strategy Astro Explorer Robot Mining Strategy Spiele Spiele Apps like Astro Explorer Robot Mining Strategy Send your robot into the heart of an asteroid as you try and find a way to mine all the gold and get out without being destroyed Watch out for cave-ins, floods, and the unexpected as you strive to survive the rigors of space. 27 Level of increasing c... Gratis 06/2012
749266   Die kleine Meerjungfrau - Entdeckung Die kleine Meerjungfrau - Entdeckung Bücher Bücher Apps like Die kleine Meerjungfrau - Entdeckung Sehr weit weg, in den Tiefen des Meeres, lebte der Meereskönig mit seiner Mutter und seinen sechs wunderschönen Töchtern. Perle, die jüngste Tochter des Königs, konnte es kaum erwarten, bis die Zeit gekommen war und sie die Welt der Menschen entdecke... Gratis 06/2012
749267   Крокодил Крокодил Spiele Spiele Apps like Крокодил Have you ever played charades? Wasn’t it tons of fun? We present to you the game “Crocodile”, an extended and more sophisticated version of charades that will allow you to maximize the fun! The “Crocodile” is an amazingly popular party game that is play... Gratis 06/2012
749268   Fresh Food Finder Fresh Food Finder Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Fresh Food Finder The Fresh Food Finder is the easiest way to locate farmers markets and locally grown food wherever you may be. The Fresh Food Finder enables you to easily find markets near your current location, or easily search for farmers markets within a state, cit... Gratis 06/2012
749269   Sun.Star E-paper Sun.Star E-paper Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Sun.Star E-paper Sun.Star Read the Sun.Star newspaper in its original format. Sun.Star E-paper allows you to subscribe to two subscriptions: SunStar Cebu - 1 month or SuperBalita Cebu - 1 month • The cost of each subscription is $5.99 per month • Payment will be charg... Gratis 06/2012
749270   Gluten Free Gluten Free Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Gluten Free NOTE: The Scanner is designed to work in the United States, some users have reported issues scanning in other counties. We're looking into this issue. Gluten Free was designed for those struggling with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease. The appl... Gratis 06/2012
749271   Sorting Machine Sorting Machine Spiele Spiele Apps like Sorting Machine Arrange tiles by dragging and dropping them to the correct places. Kids will enjoy playing while learning about sequencing, sorting, alphabet, numbering, geometry, math -- and more -- in this fun and educational cognitive game. Sample challenges: -... Gratis 06/2012
749272   경향 뉴스진 경향 뉴스진 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 경향 뉴스진 1. 경향 News Zine(뉴스진) 소개 세상과 소통하는 열린 언론, 경향신문에서 디지털 지면보기 서비스 ‘경향 News Zine(뉴스진)’을 새롭게 선보입니다. 경향신문이 발행하는 경향신문, 스포츠경향, 주간경향, 레이디경향을 경향 'News Zine' 하나면 모두 이용 하실 수 있습니다. 지면보기 서비스 이외에 모바일 에디터가 실시간 편집하는 ‘최신뉴스’와 1946년 창간호부터 대한민국의 현대사를 돌아 볼 수 있는 ‘옛날신문’도 함께 ... Gratis 06/2012
749273   Max & Ruby: Bunny Hop Max & Ruby: Bunny Hop Spiele Spiele Apps like Max & Ruby: Bunny Hop Hop to it with Max & Ruby’s Bunny Hop! Now you can race your favorite Max & Ruby characters and toys in the classic game of skeeball. A game so simple and enjoyable, that once you pick it up it will be hard to put down. With a quick flick of a finger, r... 1.99€ 06/2012
749274   ParGolf Magazine ParGolf Magazine Sport Sport Apps like ParGolf Magazine ParGolf Magazine stands out as THE leading publication in Malaysia and the Asian region. With highly informative and concise articles on the auld game; its players, famed golf courses both home and abroad as well as travel and lifestyle features, the pu... Gratis 06/2012
749275   The World Daily The World Daily Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like The World Daily The World Daily is the first app to display satellite images of any location on the planet updated daily. WARNING: This app does NOT show things like people, cars, buidlings or even some small towns, but you can use this app to: • Monitor the extent ... 1.99€ 06/2012
749276   SudokuMorpaLite SudokuMorpaLite Spiele Spiele Apps like SudokuMorpaLite A fun logic game for ages 3+, 4+ and 5+, with picture puzzles at three levels of difficulty for different ages (3x3, 4x4 and 6x6 pieces). Two language options: Turkish and English. 3+ yaş, 4+ yaş, 5+ yaş çocuklarının oynayabileceği, yaş seviyele... Gratis 06/2012
749277   LifeSlides LifeSlides Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like LifeSlides XtremeMac™ LifeSlides App for Tango™ TT The XtremeMac LifeSlides app turns your iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod® into a virtual snapshot of your life. Through the app, you can display your photos and the album art for the music you’re currently playing, pl... Gratis 06/2012
749278   Learner's Dictionary - English HD Learner's Dictionary - English HD Referenz Referenz Apps like Learner's Dictionary - English HD The best dictionary available for English language learners, from Merriam-Webster. Master written and spoken English with this app designed especially for learners and teachers of the language. Improve your understanding with full, clear definitions... 4.99€ 06/2012
749279   English Czech Dictionary Pro English Czech Dictionary Pro Referenz Referenz Apps like English Czech Dictionary Pro This is English-Czech and Czech-English Dictionary, containing 200000 translation articles. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not need the internet connection. Database size is more than 22MB. It will be downloaded when the application is run first time... 2.99€ 06/2012
749280   SudokuMorpa SudokuMorpa Spiele Spiele Apps like SudokuMorpa A fun logic game for ages 3+, 4+ and 5+, with picture puzzles at three levels of difficulty for different ages (3x3, 4x4 and 6x6 pieces). Two language options: Turkish and English. 3+ yaş, 4+ yaş, 5+ yaş çocuklarının oynayabileceği, yaş seviy... 0.99€ 06/2012
749281   Hour Detroit Magazine Hour Detroit Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hour Detroit Magazine Hour Detroit magazine is the monthly city magazine metro Detroiters rely on for dynamic, award-winning coverage of issues and people affecting their lives, as well as their source for enjoying the finer things in the region. Renowned for its outstandin... Gratis 06/2012
749282   Devil Island Devil Island Spiele Spiele Apps like Devil Island Can you survive Devil Island... and find the HIDDEN TREASURE You must shoot the Hunters before they Kill You 25 Levels - Complete them all then look for the treasure THE scary 3D First person shooter set on a beautiful tropical island More levels com... Gratis 06/2012
749283   Fairy Tales for Children - in different languages! Fairy Tales for Children - in different languages! Bücher Bücher Apps like Fairy Tales for Children - in different languages! In this application you may find many interesting and fascinating fairy tales, which are very popular among children and adults of all times and all countries. Some of the tales are illustrated by famous and talented artists, some of them are animated a... Gratis 06/2012
749284   VinoCell: verwalten Sie Ihren Weinkeller und Ihre Notizen zu Verkostungen mit Stil VinoCell: verwalten Sie Ihren Weinkeller und Ihre Notizen zu Verkostungen mit Stil Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like VinoCell: verwalten Sie Ihren Weinkeller und Ihre Notizen zu Verkostungen mit Stil VinoCell ist die umfangreichste Anwendung zur Verwaltung Ihres Weinkellers (graphisch), Ihrer Weinlisten, Verkostungen und Zuordnungen von Gerichten und Speisen. Besuchen Sie folgende Webseite für eine ausführliche Bild- und Video-Präsentation der Anwen... 9.99€ 06/2012
749285   Tank Fishing Tank Fishing Spiele Spiele Apps like Tank Fishing Save all the fish before the water in their tank runs out! ﹅﹅﹅﹅﹅﹅﹅ Featuring plenty of eye-candy, GameCenter integration and brilliant music by Sam Bartee, this app will keep you entertained for hours as you try to save all the fish in the tank. Achie... 0.99€ 06/2012
749286   La Gota de Cucho HD La Gota de Cucho HD Bücher Bücher Apps like La Gota de Cucho HD **¡Colabora con UNICEF y disfruta de la preciosa y solidaria historia de Cucho y Kía!** UNICEF, PlayTales y el futbolista Pepe Reina presentan un relato para concienciar a los más pequeños sobre la importancia del agua, la falta de acceso a ella en lo... 0.99€ 06/2012
749287   Cucho's Drop of Water HD Cucho's Drop of Water HD Bücher Bücher Apps like Cucho's Drop of Water HD **Support UNICEF and enjoy this fantastic story of Cucho and Kia!** UNICEF, PlayTales and the footballer Pepe Reina present a story to raise awareness among the kids about the importance of water and the lack of it in some countries. ‘Cucho’s drop of w... 0.99€ 06/2012
749288   Seven Yo! Seven Yo! Spiele Spiele Apps like Seven Yo! *** Seven Yo! 1.5 Update is available *** *** iOS6 white screen crash fixed! *** Seven Yo! is a unique and addictive combination of puzzle game and casino dice game. Easy to play, and a perfect, quick time-waster on your iPhone or iPad! Place your be... Gratis 06/2012
749289   Chinese Flashcards (Mandarin & Cantonese) Chinese Flashcards (Mandarin & Cantonese) Bildung Bildung Apps like Chinese Flashcards (Mandarin & Cantonese) If you've ever wanted your child to learn Mandarin or Cantonese this application is perfect for your toddler. This app contains over 400 commonly used Chinese words in both Mandarin and Cantonese (as well as 2nd Language support in English). Including c... Gratis 06/2012
749290   Cardinal Bank Cardinal Bank Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Cardinal Bank Cardinal Mobile Banking Compatible with your iPhone or iPad, Cardinal Mobile Banking is the fast, free* and secure way to check your account balances, view account activity, transfer funds, view and activate your cash back offers, pay bills, conta... Gratis 06/2012
749291   Tiny Bee HD Tiny Bee HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Tiny Bee HD APPLE NUTZER AUFGEPASST! Tiny Bee gibt es ab sofort auch auf dem iPad! Es hat lange gedauert aber die Wartezeit hat sich gelohnt!!! Der Frühling ist da und das Bienenvolk hat großen Hunger! Der Weg zum Honigtopf ist zum Glück nicht allzu weit für unsere ... 1.99€ 06/2012
749292   Fur and Feathers HD Fur and Feathers HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Fur and Feathers HD You are now looking at a new funny and cute matching game for kids and parents. If you decided to buy it, you will definitely get HD graphics, beautiful colors and breathtaking game play. And we hope, you’ll like it and enjoy playing it for long hours... Gratis 06/2012
749293   خرائط المدن العربية خرائط المدن العربية Navigation Navigation Apps like خرائط المدن العربية يشمل البرنامج معظم خرائط المدن العربية الرئسية و المتوفرة في خرائط جوجل. بالإضافة إلى احتوائه على ميزة البحث عن المدن باللغة العربية، و عرضها بشكل مصنف حسب الدول. كما يتميز التطبيق بواجهة مستخدم سهلة الاستخدام وواضحة الأوامر بلا تعقيد.... Gratis 06/2012
749294   Toddler Classical Music Jukebox Toddler Classical Music Jukebox Bildung Bildung Apps like Toddler Classical Music Jukebox Perfect introduction to classical music for young kids! The fun and colorful interface is ideal for toddlers+. They can select their favorites from Beethoven and Mozart to Chopin and Brahms. Simple piano renditions are perfect for young ears. Toddlers l... 0.99€ 06/2012
749295   Akunin. Das Baby und der Teufel. Hörbuch Akunin. Das Baby und der Teufel. Hörbuch Bücher Bücher Apps like Akunin. Das Baby und der Teufel. Hörbuch Boris Akunin ist einer der berühmtesten Schriftsteller in Russland. Audio-Aufzeichnung auf Russisch... 6.99€ 06/2012
749296   Sudoku Unlimited HD Frei Sudoku Unlimited HD Frei Spiele Spiele Apps like Sudoku Unlimited HD Frei Mit Sudoku unlimited HD können Sie das bekannteste spiel die welt auf Ihren iPad, iPhone, iPod spielen und van dem besten funktionen profitieren, die Sie soust nirgendwo finden : unbegrenzte kombinationen vontoren, drei ebenen diffculites, das direkte ... Gratis 06/2012
749297   iCreate Revista de Mac,  iPod,  iPhone & iPad iCreate Revista de Mac, iPod, iPhone & iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like iCreate Revista de Mac, iPod, iPhone & iPad iCreate es la revista de referencia sobre Mac, iPod & iPhone. Dirigida a un público entusiasta y cada vez más numeroso, ofrece información de actualidad sobre el mundo Apple de forma práctica, objetiva y pormenorizada. Una publicación de alta calidad q... Gratis 06/2012
749298   MagicInfo MagicInfo Büro Büro Apps like MagicInfo MagicInfo Mobile application is mobile version of MagicInfo-i Premium Edition Server, which is a web-based management tool that manages content and devices and organizes and publishes content for LFD(Large Format Display). By installing the MagicInfo Mo... Gratis 06/2012
749299   Bouncing Cow Bird Bouncing Cow Bird Spiele Spiele Apps like Bouncing Cow Bird Flying isn't just for birds! Meet Cow Bird, an adorable young cow who believes she can fly. Abandoned as a small calf, a group of birds raised her as their own. Now, little Cow Bird will have to act quickly to protect her egg from a fast approachin... 0.99€ 06/2012
749300   Romping Ball Romping Ball Spiele Spiele Apps like Romping Ball Knock down all obstacle balls in the 3D world to pass through levels. Supporting 4 different themes, 50 levels and tens of artifacts. It's much more than 2D pinball games. Come and show your excellent curved shot! More and more challenges and achievement... 1.99€ 06/2012
749301   Easy ABC 123 Easy ABC 123 Bildung Bildung Apps like Easy ABC 123 With Easy ABC 123, you can use your iPad as a tool to help your K-5 children practice their math and spelling skills. Looking to give your child an extra boost during the foundation of their education? Easy ABC 123 makes it fun. Do you enjoy participatin... 4.99€ 06/2012
749302   TVA E-MAG TVA E-MAG Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like TVA E-MAG Grâce à TVA e-mag, accédez au contenu intégral de six magazines québécois en mode électronique en un seul endroit. Informez-vous et divertissez-vous avec six des magazines les plus populaires: 7 Jours, Échos Vedettes, Star inc., MOI&cie, Les idées de... Gratis 06/2012
749303   Moto Racer 15th Anniversary - Free Moto Racer 15th Anniversary - Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Moto Racer 15th Anniversary - Free To make daddy happy, special price for "MotoRacer 15th Anniversary" all this week-end Don't miss this Father's Day offer. Monday, it will be too late... Für eine optimale Leistung empfehlen wir, dass du das Gerät neu startest une andere Applikationen... Gratis 06/2012
749304   Ma mutuelle et moi Ma mutuelle et moi Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Ma mutuelle et moi Retrouvez dans cette application l'ensemble des services de votre Espace Adhérent Mutuelle de France Plus : - Consultez vos remboursements - Visualisez votre garantie - Gérez le détail de votre contrat et de vos bénéficiaires - Modifiez vos informations p... Gratis 06/2012
749305   Wir Brechen Zeug! slingshot Wir Brechen Zeug! slingshot Spiele Spiele Apps like Wir Brechen Zeug! slingshot Über 3 Millionen Downloads auf allen Plattformen! Die Schleuder-Spiel, wo du zerschlagen Teller, Gläser und Geschirr. Voll 3D-und Physik-gesteuert, mit viel Spaß Soundeffekte. High-Score-Tabellen und 18 hand-built Ebenen (mit mehr später kommen!). HD-... Gratis 06/2012
749306   RoboDrummer RoboDrummer Musik Musik Apps like RoboDrummer Instant Drum Beats in your pocket. The perfect drummer for any jam session. + Includes a FREE rock pack to get you started + 800 Hand Crafted beats + 22 Different Styles + Automatically adds variations and fills to keep things fresh. + Build your own... Gratis 06/2012
749307   MagStore be MagStore be Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like MagStore be Lisez votre magazine favori sur iPad via l'App MagStore! Lé kiosque à magazines digital de Sanoma Media Belgique avec multiples magazines. Lisez votre magazine partout - même en vacances. C'est simple et facile. Et avant sa parution en magasin. Les avan... Gratis 06/2012
749308   Twisted Lands: Die Schattenstadt - Sammleredition HD Twisted Lands: Die Schattenstadt - Sammleredition HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Twisted Lands: Die Schattenstadt - Sammleredition HD Sammle Gegenstände und löse Rätsel, während Du eine verlassene schaurige Insel untersuchst. Warum schlägt Dein Herz schneller, wenn Du in einen dunklen Raum schaust? Was lässt Dich erschaudern, wenn Dir etwas Unsichtbares ins Ohr flüstert? Stelle Dich ... Gratis 06/2012
749309   Survival Run with Bear Grylls Survival Run with Bear Grylls Spiele Spiele Apps like Survival Run with Bear Grylls Manchmal muss man um sein Leben RENNEN! Im Spiel Survival Run mit Bear Grylls von F84 Games rennst du um dein Leben vor dem unbarmherzigsten Grizzlybär der Welt. Durchquere verschiedene Umgebungen und sammle Münzen sowie goldene Raupen, während deine Ner... Gratis 06/2012
749310   Tödliche Begegnung  / Deadly Association (Vollständig) - A Hidden Object Adventure Tödliche Begegnung / Deadly Association (Vollständig) - A Hidden Object Adventure Spiele Spiele Apps like Tödliche Begegnung / Deadly Association (Vollständig) - A Hidden Object Adventure Hinter einem großen Erfolg versteckt sich immer ein furchtbares Geheimnis. Nancy Boyle, eine junge, unauffällige Frau wurde halb nackt in der Nähe ihrer Wohnung in Brooklyn tot aufgefunden. Das Team von der Spurensicherung, Chloé und Paul, wird mit d... 3.99€ 06/2012
749311   Hungry Turtle HD Hungry Turtle HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Hungry Turtle HD Die süße kleine Schildkröte hat immer Hunger. Und Äpfel sind ihr Lieblingsessen! Auf ihrer Reise findet sich die abenteuerlustige Schildkröte ständig an ungewöhnlichen Orten wieder, an denen Äpfel schwer zu erreichen sind. Kannst Du der hungrigen Schildk... 1.99€ 06/2012
749312   Acne Planet Acne Planet Medizin Medizin Apps like Acne Planet Acne is probably the most common dermatological skin disease in the world. This is the first app dedicated to acne and related diseases. It is addressed to the patients and to all those who want to know in depth the issues related to this highly debilitat... Gratis 06/2012
749313   Get Off My Island Get Off My Island Spiele Spiele Apps like Get Off My Island Tourists are invading GOMI island - use a slingshot to toss fruit at tourists & destroy their buildings, or create your own boards & share with friends. FEATURES: -63 original boards -Game center integration with achievements and leaderboards -Multiple ... 1.99€ 06/2012
749314   Connected The Film Connected The Film Bildung Bildung Apps like Connected The Film Welcome to the "Connected the Film" App! * World Premiere - Sundance 2011* * Official Selection - 2012 US State Department's American Film Showcase* * Winner of 13 awards & accolades including: "Disruptive Innovation Award" 2012 Tribeca Film Festival... Gratis 06/2012
749315   Life Quest® HD Life Quest® HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Life Quest® HD It’s a big world out there — you can have it all in the palm of your hand with Life Quest® the hit PC game, now tailored for your touch screen! You’re a new graduate ready to tackle life's challenges in this quirky simulation game. The race is on to acc... Gratis 06/2012
749316   Honestly Feedback Honestly Feedback Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Honestly Feedback Geben Sie dem verantwortlichen Betreiber umliegender Locations in Ihrer Umgebung direktes Feedback. Mit der iPhone App von honestly.de können Sie den Service von Geschäften ganz ehrlich bewerten, und das sogar wahlweise anonym. Im Gegensatz zu Webpor... Gratis 06/2012
749317   Aloxi eDetail for iPad Aloxi eDetail for iPad Medizin Medizin Apps like Aloxi eDetail for iPad This application is a resource intended for partners/affiliates of IS Pharma. It contains no content and can not be used without a username and password issued by IS Pharma.... Gratis 06/2012
749318   BTLExplorer BTLExplorer Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like BTLExplorer BTLExplorer is a utility application designed to fully enumerate Bluetooth Low Energy Services and Characteristics. With BTLExplorer, engineers can ... * Scan for Bluetooth Smart accessories and quickly discover their services and characteristics. * T... Gratis 06/2012
749319   Canticos España Canticos España Sport Sport Apps like Canticos España - Anima a la ROJA en la Eurocopa - Cánticos España Versión Gratuita No sólo podrás escuchar los cánticos, ¡¡toca el bombo al compás!! La versión Canticos España HD - Incluye lista de jugadores definitiva y datos sobre cada jugador. - ... Gratis 06/2012
749320   zLocation zLocation Navigation Navigation Apps like zLocation zLocation ist die einfache, präzise und sichere Art der Lage-Teilung. Erstellen, benennen und teilen Sie Ihre Standsorte mit Ihren Freunden, Kollegen und Familie. Ihre Freunde haben nicht einmal zLocation oder andere spezielle Software installiert zu h... Gratis 06/2012
749321   A-Z Euregio pd A-Z Euregio pd Medizin Medizin Apps like A-Z Euregio pd A-Z Euregio is bedoeld voor ambulanceverpleegkundigen, meldkamercentralisten en verpleegkundigen en artsen van ziekenhuizen die tijdens grensoverschrijdende hulpverlening met Nederlandse en Duitse patiënten te maken hebben en hierbij taalkundige en organ... Gratis 06/2012
749322   KanalUrfa HD KanalUrfa HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like KanalUrfa HD Kanal Urfa Tv İphone ve iPad'de İletişim Bilgileri Telefon : 0 414 247 53 53 - 0 414 247 36 36 Haber Merkezi : 0 414 216 48 48 - 0 414 216 01 01 Haber Merkezi Adres : Akçakale Yolu Üzeri 3. Km / Şanlıurfa - Türkiye Fax : 0 414 247 00 63 E-Mail haber@kana... Gratis 06/2012
749323   WealthMagik WealthMagik Finanzen Finanzen Apps like WealthMagik WealthMagik เป็นเครื่องมือที่ใช้ในการติดตามข้อมูลกองทุนรวมทั้งหมดในประเทศไทย ได้แก่ มูลค่าหน่วยลงทุน ราคาซื้อ ราคาขาย รวมถึงผลตอบแทนย้อนหลังของแต่ละกองทุน ข้อมูลกองทุนใหม่ เพื่อช่วยในการตัดสินใจในการซื้อขายกองทุนได้อย่างมีประสิทธิภาพ โดยมีฟีเจอร์ต่าง ๆ ดั... Gratis 06/2012
749324   Math Maniac +x Math Maniac +x Spiele Spiele Apps like Math Maniac +x Math Maniac is a simple game of addition and multiplication. It goal of combine or multiply the number to equal question.... Gratis 06/2012
749325   852Hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation by Glenn Harrold & Ali Calderwood 852Hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation by Glenn Harrold & Ali Calderwood Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 852Hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation by Glenn Harrold & Ali Calderwood This is one of a series of meditation recordings by Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood, which are based upon the ancient solfeggio musical scale. Each note in this scale has specific healing properties and this recording resonates to a frequency of 852hz a... 3.99€ 06/2012
749326   漫画国学《春秋战国》下 漫画国学《春秋战国》下 Bildung Bildung Apps like 漫画国学《春秋战国》下 《春秋战国》讲述了公元前770年开始的东周时期, 周天子的势力渐弱, 各诸侯国逐渐强的, 互相攻伐, 相继称霸的故事。 这一时期最强的五位君王, 便是“春秋五霸”, 然而曾经的五位霸主, 命运坎坷, 有的为生母所不喜, 有的流亡他国多年, 有的还曾为阶下囚......他们的君王之路和争霸之途到底如何? 开卷便知。... 0.99€ 06/2012
749327   아기돼지 삼형제(우리아기 처음보는 명작) 아기돼지 삼형제(우리아기 처음보는 명작) Bücher Bücher Apps like 아기돼지 삼형제(우리아기 처음보는 명작) 출판사 : 대교 저자 : 제이콥스 멀티미디어 : ★★★☆☆ 애니메이션 : ★★★☆☆ 인터랙티브 : ★★☆☆☆ -책 소개- 아기가 처음 접하는 새로운 세계의 친구가 되어주는 「우리 아기 처음 보는 명작」 제1권 『아기돼지 삼형제』. 만1세부터 만3세까지의 유아를 위해 삶의 보편적 지혜를 담은 명작 아기돼지 삼형제를 수록했다. 쉽고 재미있게 재구성한 이야기에다가, 선명하고 단순하고 산뜻한 그림을 곁들였다. 유아에게 무한한 상상력을 심어주면서 지적 ... 2.99€ 06/2012
749328   Kusar Court Reporters Kusar Court Reporters Büro Büro Apps like Kusar Court Reporters KUSAR MOBILE APP for iPad and iPhone connects you with your important information instantly. Access your personalized, client-only website where you can view your calendar, download transcripts, exhibits, and case files, check your schedule, find di... Gratis 06/2012
749329   Threadflip : Buy and Sell Fashion Threadflip : Buy and Sell Fashion key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Threadflip : Buy and Sell Fashion Threadflip makes it fun and easy to shop and sell pre-loved fashion while on the go. Now with Apple Pay! “Makes converting closet clutter into cash a cinch” – NY Times “The new eBay for lazy (or busy) girls with fancy stuff to unload” – Lucky Magazine “M... Gratis 06/2012
749330   Ο Ξεφτέρης στην αρχαία Ολυμπία Ο Ξεφτέρης στην αρχαία Ολυμπία Bildung Bildung Apps like Ο Ξεφτέρης στην αρχαία Ολυμπία Σε αυτή την περιπέτεια ο Ξεφτέρης μεταφέρεται στην αρχαία Ολυμπία, τον τόπο όπου γεννήθηκαν οι Ολυμπιακοί αγώνες, για να εξιχνιάσει ένα μυστήριο που παραμένει άλυτο για εκατοντάδες χρόνια και να αποκαταστήσει μια φοβερή αδικία που είχε γίνει στο παρελθό... 5.99€ 06/2012
749331   GRILL-CHEF - Die besten Grill-Rezepte und Grill-Tipps! GRILL-CHEF - Die besten Grill-Rezepte und Grill-Tipps! Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like GRILL-CHEF - Die besten Grill-Rezepte und Grill-Tipps! >>> DIE BESTEN GRILL-REZEPTE + WERTVOLLE GRILL-TIPPS! ••• EMPFOHLEN VON DER iTUNES APP-STORE-REDAKTION ••• ••• EMPFOHLEN ALS »TOP 5 KOCH-APP« VON »GUTEN-APP-ETIT« ••• ••• NEU: JETZT AUCH ALS iPad-VERSION ••• *** MIT DIESER SPITZEN-APP WIRD DIE GRI... 0.99€ 06/2012
749332   Hager Group Annual Report 2011 Hager Group Annual Report 2011 Büro Büro Apps like Hager Group Annual Report 2011 „iF communication design award 2013“ für die Hager Group – ausgezeichneter Annual Report Ideen von heute für das Wachstum von morgen! Annual Report 2011 der Hager Group betont die Kraft der Innovation „Die zuverlässigste Art, die Zukunft vorauszusagen,... Gratis 06/2012
749333   Мульткнига "Времена года" Мульткнига "Времена года" Bildung Bildung Apps like Мульткнига "Времена года" Дорогие ребята! Я, тетушка Сова, представляю вам увлекательную мультипликационную книгу "Времена года"! Здесь вы найдете много интересного и полезного, - красочную аудиокнигу, настоящие мультфильмы о каждом из 12 месяцев, народные поговорки и послов... 0.99€ 06/2012
749334   WMKV 89.3 FM WMKV 89.3 FM Musik Musik Apps like WMKV 89.3 FM There’s nothing quite like it anywhere! WMKV Radio is your only home for the mix of standards such as Sinatra and Fitzgerald, plus oldies (The Beatles, Elvis, etc.) and Big Band Swing including Miller and Dorsey, all rolled together with nostalgia sho... Gratis 06/2012
749335   K+N Ergo App K+N Ergo App Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like K+N Ergo App Mit der K+N ErgoApp lässt sich mit minimalem Aufwand überprüfen, ob jemand an seinem Arbeitsplatz ergonomisch richtig sitzt oder ob Tisch und Stuhl neu eingestellt werden müssen. Machen Sie den Test mit Kollegen, Kunden oder Bekannten und natürlich auch... Gratis 06/2012
749336   Canticos Espana HD Canticos Espana HD Sport Sport Apps like Canticos Espana HD - Anima a la ROJA en la Eurocopa - No sólo podrás escuchar los cánticos, ¡¡toca el bombo y la trompeta al compás!! - Incluye lista de jugadores definitiva y datos sobre cada jugador. - Emotivo video sobre la roja y sus jugadores. - La app definitiva pa... 0.99€ 06/2012
749337   Lyon plano Lyon plano Reise Reise Apps like Lyon plano Una sola descarga de Lyon plano para una consulta sin límite de minutos aún sin conexión en red. Elija y planifique sus visitas, comente sus propios programas y publique su plano de paseo en Facebook en un solo clic. Dentro de poco, miles de otros se j... 1.99€ 06/2012
749338   Run Map New York City Run Map New York City Sport Sport Apps like Run Map New York City Maps designed for Runners and Cyclists, showing more than 500 miles running routes in New York City. FEATURES: - showing running route locations - Facebook and Twitter Integration - display a Map in different styles (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid) - sha... 0.99€ 06/2012
749339   МОТОэксперт МОТОэксперт Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like МОТОэксперт Ведущее российское издание про мотоциклы и мотоциклетную жизнь. Актуальные новости, тесты, испытания, репортажи, мотопутешествия и практические советы. Все, что нужно знать про мотоциклы! Уважаемые читатели! Для загрузки журнала рекомендуется у... Gratis 06/2012
749340   TKChor TKChor Musik Musik Apps like TKChor Willkommen bei der TKChor-App des Tölzer Knabenchores. Folgende Rubriken haben Sie zur Auswahl: Der Chor: Informieren Sie sich über die Gründung des Chores, die einzelnen Ausbildungsstufen und das pädagogische Konzept des Tölzer Knabenchores. Konzerte... 0.99€ 06/2012
749341   Spielzeug-Traum Spielzeug-Traum key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Spielzeug-Traum Weil es nichts Schöneres auf der Welt gibt als das fröhliche Lachen eines Kindes ...finden Sie in unserem Spielzeugversand eine große Auswahl verschiedenster Spielwaren. Unser Sortiment an Kinderspielzeug umfasst Originalprodukte namhafter Hersteller f... Gratis 06/2012
749342   Interacciones FAEs Interacciones FAEs Medizin Medizin Apps like Interacciones FAEs App que muestra las interacciones farmacológicas de fármacos antiepilépticos... Gratis 06/2012
749343   XJR400 XJR400 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like XJR400 A must for all XJR400 4HM enthusiasts and DIY mechanics. With more than 50 detailed images and references to more than 1300 part numbers you will never be unable to source the correct part for the best price. Forgot the order the parts assemble in? No pro... 4.99€ 06/2012
749344   Faith's Checkbook - Daily Devotional By Charles Spurgeon Faith's Checkbook - Daily Devotional By Charles Spurgeon Bücher Bücher Apps like Faith's Checkbook - Daily Devotional By Charles Spurgeon A 365 day devotional app based on the timeless classic Faith's Checkbook by Charles Spurgeon updated with digital features for today's smartphones and tablets. Customer reviews: - I can't recommend this app highly enough. The devotions are just the right... 2.99€ 06/2012
749345   어린이 카네기 리더십 어린이 카네기 리더십 Bücher Bücher Apps like 어린이 카네기 리더십 출판사 : 대교 저자 : 최염순 멀티미디어 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 애니메이션 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 인터랙티브 등급 : ★★☆☆☆ -책 소개- 정통 리더십 교육을 전해온 카네기 연구소에서 제안하는 알기 쉬운 『어린이 카네기 리더십』. 평범한 아이에게 숨어 있는 리더십을 발견하고, 바른 가치관과 바람직한 인간관계로 성공의 길을 걸을 수 있도록 안내하는 리더십 지침서이다. 리더와 리더십에 대한 설명을 시작으로, 리더의 길에 다가서는 방법, 리더십 사용... 3.99€ 06/2012
749346   Photo Gallery 3D Photo Gallery 3D Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Gallery 3D We're not absolutely sure, but probably the first mobile application that creates and exports on web real 3D photo galleries Are you envious? Because famous art galleries does not show your photos. Now you can create your own personal 3D gallery and a... 4.99€ 06/2012
749347   Marseille Plano Marseille Plano Reise Reise Apps like Marseille Plano Una sola descarga de Marseille plano para una consulta sin límite de minutos aún sin conexión en red. Elija y planifique sus visitas, comente sus propios programas y publique su plano de paseo en Facebook en un solo clic. Dentro de poco, miles de otros... 1.99€ 06/2012
749348   vozForums vozForums Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like vozForums Ứng dụng vozForums dành cho các máy chạy iOS. Với ứng dụng này các bạn có thể chém gió thoải mái hơn khi lướt diễn đàn vozForums trên iPhone, iPod Touch hoặc iPad. Các tính năng chính: - Gửi, reply, sửa, xóa bài viết - Quote/Multi-quote - Subscribe/U... Gratis 06/2012
749349   어머니를 살린 잿부기 삼형제 어머니를 살린 잿부기 삼형제 Bücher Bücher Apps like 어머니를 살린 잿부기 삼형제 출판사 : 대교 저자 : 김원석 멀티미디어 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 애니메이션 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 인터랙티브 등급 : ☆☆☆☆☆ -책 소개- 잘 알려지지 않은 우리나라 신화 이야기 4편을 묶었다. 그 중 삼신 할머니는 천하의 말썽꾸러기라서 용궁에서도 쫓겨난 용궁의 외동딸이라는 이야기. 그 외 작품들 모두 초월적인 인간들의 모습이 담긴 신화 이야기이다. -목차- 바리공주 잿부기 삼형제 바람운과 고산국 삼신할머니 -앱 제작 : (주)성도솔루윈의 ... 4.99€ 06/2012
749350   저승사자가 된 강림도령 저승사자가 된 강림도령 Bücher Bücher Apps like 저승사자가 된 강림도령 출판사 : 대교 저자 : 김원석 멀티미디어 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 애니메이션 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 인터랙티브 등급 : ☆☆☆☆☆ -책 소개- 자연과 함께 기쁨과 슬픔을 나누었던 조상들의 이야기가 고스란히 담겨 있는 우리의 신화, 이승의 생을 마감하고 가는 저승의 모습을 그려 우리 조상들의 죽음관과 세계관을 엿볼 수 있는 이야기 네 편이 실려 있습니다. 김원석 선생님의 다시 쓰는 우리 신화 3권. -목차- 할락궁이 강림도령 저승사자 사마장자와 우... 4.99€ 06/2012
749351   삼신할미가 된 당곰애기 삼신할미가 된 당곰애기 Bücher Bücher Apps like 삼신할미가 된 당곰애기 출판사 : 대교 저자 : 김원석 멀티미디어 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 애니메이션 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 인터랙티브 등급 : ☆☆☆☆☆ -책 소개- 자연과 함께 기쁨과 슬픔을 나누었던 조상들의 이야기가 고스란히 담겨 있는 우리의 신화, 사람이 태어나 성장하면서 겪게 되는 많은 어려움을 슬기롭게 극복해 나가는 이야기 세 편이 실려 있습니다. 김원석 선생님의 다시 쓰는 우리 신화 2권. -목차- 당곰애기 자청비 감은장아기 -앱 제작 : (주)성도솔... 4.99€ 06/2012
749352   윤짜이의 사과나무 윤짜이의 사과나무 Bücher Bücher Apps like 윤짜이의 사과나무 출판사 : 대교 저자 : 강정규 멀티미디어 등급 : ★★★☆☆ 애니메이션 등급 : ★★★★☆ 인터랙티브 등급 : ☆☆☆☆☆ -책 소개- 저학년을 위한 동화. 사과 먹기 싫어 앞집 대문 우편함에 넣어 두던 아이와 그걸 잘 먹어 주던 중국 친구가 떠나며 선물해준 사과나무, 증조 할아버지때부터 친구가 되어 준 공 차는 오동나무, 아픈 아이의 친구가 되어 준 목련 등 각기 다른 나무 이야기 여섯 편이 들어 있다. -출판사 서평- 정서가 메마른 ... 3.99€ 06/2012
749353   漫画国学《春秋战国》上 漫画国学《春秋战国》上 Bildung Bildung Apps like 漫画国学《春秋战国》上 《春秋战国》讲述了公元前770年开始的东周时期, 周天子的势力渐弱, 各诸侯国逐渐强的, 互相攻伐, 相继称霸的故事。 这一时期最强的五位君王, 便是“春秋五霸”, 然而曾经的五位霸主, 命运坎坷, 有的为生母所不喜, 有的流亡他国多年, 有的还曾为阶下囚......他们的君王之路和争霸之途到底如何? 开卷便知。... 0.99€ 06/2012
749354   학교갈 때 외우는 예쁜동시 학교갈 때 외우는 예쁜동시 Bücher Bücher Apps like 학교갈 때 외우는 예쁜동시 출판사 : 대교 저자 : 한국동시문학회 멀티미디어 등급 : ★★★★☆ 애니메이션 등급 : ★★★★☆ 인터랙티브 등급 : ★★☆☆☆ -책 소개- 학국동시문학회 여섯번째 작품집 『학교 갈 때 외우는 예쁜 동시』는 생활을 아름답게 표현한 시, 우리들의 모습과 나와 다른 사람의 관계를 이해하는 마음, 자연의 질서와 조화로운 모습을 동경하는 우리들의 마음이 오롯이 담긴 동시가 수록됐다. -목차- 달님 눈동자가 반짝, 윤아 뺨이 발그레 가지고 ... 3.99€ 06/2012
749355   bossjock studio bossjock studio Musik Musik Apps like bossjock studio Podcast from iOS, no PC needed. "A podcasting powerhouse" - TUAW "BossJock is certainly one of the best in its category (for me, the Best!). One Killer App!!!" - Apps4iDevices.com 4/4 Guitars "Killer App" "...if you podcast on the go, you should ... 9.99€ 06/2012
749356   GRUPO BIMBO IAI 2011 GRUPO BIMBO IAI 2011 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like GRUPO BIMBO IAI 2011 Grupo Bimbo es la Empresa de Panificación más importante del mundo por posicionamiento de marca, por volumen de producción y ventas, además de ser líder en el ramo en México, Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos, con presencia en 19 países de América, Asia... Gratis 06/2012
749357   Revista CN Revista CN Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Revista CN Revista Cidade Center Norte. Moda, estilo de vida e o universo do Shopping Center Norte.... Gratis 06/2012
749358   Witze DE Witze DE Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Witze DE Witze! Tausende Witze aus den verschiedensten kategorien. Arztwitze, Bauern, Beamten, Bier, Blondinen, Büro, Computer, Fussball, Juristen, Kinder, Kirchen, Musiker, Ostfriesen, Politiker, Schul, Soldaten, Sonstige Witze, Sport, Tier, Ur... Gratis 06/2012
749359   Legal Terms 1000 FREE: Legal Dictionary & Law Enforcement Guide Glossary Legal Terms 1000 FREE: Legal Dictionary & Law Enforcement Guide Glossary Bücher Bücher Apps like Legal Terms 1000 FREE: Legal Dictionary & Law Enforcement Guide Glossary Best Legal Terms App! This useful app is entirely FREE, so be sure to check it out! This cool app provides you with instant access to a complete dictionary of legal and law terms! This app covers all types of legal terms, including contract law, imm... Gratis 06/2012
749360   Desembasura.org Desembasura.org Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Desembasura.org Desembasurar es un gesto sencillo y pequeño, pero que nos permite pasar de la indignación al ver un residuo en nuestra calle, en nuestro río, en nuestro bosque o en nuestra playa a la acción, marcándolo y construyendo el primer mapa de puntos sucios. ... Gratis 06/2012
749361   English Limericks Encyclopedia English Limericks Encyclopedia Bücher Bücher Apps like English Limericks Encyclopedia Get your daily dose of limericks with the "English Limericks Encyclopedia" app! *** WHAT IS A LIMERICK? *** "A poem presenting with rhyme and which follows a rhythm in time need not be what we call a true Limerick at all like a lemon, the cousin of lim... 0.99€ 06/2012
749362   Sam Sylk Radio Sam Sylk Radio Musik Musik Apps like Sam Sylk Radio Sam Sylk Radio Plays The Hits Home of The Sam Sylk Show Sam Sylk Radio Is an Urban Adult Station featuring Today's R&B 80's 90's and Hip Hop Hits for grown folks. Home of The Sam Sylk Show.... Gratis 06/2012
749363   iDocks iDocks Büro Büro Apps like iDocks Hier entrepôts du port, aujourd’hui bureaux, demain, LES DOCKS MARSEILLE® retrouveront leur vocation commerciale pour incarner une nouvelle façon de vivre dans la capitale méditerranéenne, un monument, dédié au shopping de proximité, à la culture, ... Gratis 06/2012
749364   MIRADIOCHARLOTTE MIRADIOCHARLOTTE Musik Musik Apps like MIRADIOCHARLOTTE Radio online, ¿el futuro de la radio? La radio online es escuchada por 180 millones de personas en todo el mundo, y aumenta a un ritmo anual de 30% En otras palabras, la radio online es el medio de mayor crecimiento en internet. Los expertos apuntan co... Gratis 06/2012
749365   Campaigns & Elections Campaigns & Elections Büro Büro Apps like Campaigns & Elections Campaigns & Elections is the only “how-to” journal for the political consulting industry, bringing readers the best in campaign strategies and tactics—what works and what doesn’t. Founded in 1980 by the late Stanley Foster Reed, C&E’s mission remains ... Gratis 06/2012
749366   FZR400 FZR400 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like FZR400 A must for all FZR400 3EN2 (1WG) enthusiasts and DIY mechanics. With more than 50 detailed images and references to more than 1200 part numbers you will never be unable to source the correct part for the best price. Forgot the order the parts assemble in?... 4.99€ 06/2012
749367   Energie Kostenrechner Energie Kostenrechner Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Energie Kostenrechner Energie Kostenrechner berechnet die laufenden Kosten von elektrischen Geräten oder Maschinen. App berechnet 1. Kosten pro Tag 2. Kosten pro Wochen 3. Kosten pro Monat 4. Kosten pro Jahr... Gratis 06/2012
749368   Sistema Fiep Sistema Fiep Büro Büro Apps like Sistema Fiep Conheça as principais publicações do Sistema Fiep - Sistema Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Paraná. A INDÚSTRIA EM REVISTA Publicação de periodicidade trimestral, destinada a divulgar os temas de interesse da indústria, a atuação da Fiep como r... Gratis 06/2012
749369   La Boite à Bonbons - Jeux de logique pour les enfants La Boite à Bonbons - Jeux de logique pour les enfants Spiele Spiele Apps like La Boite à Bonbons - Jeux de logique pour les enfants La Boite à Bonbons - Jeux de logique pour les enfants ★★★★★ *** Cette application a été conçue avec des graphismes de qualité Rétina Display, optimisés pour le nouvel iPad ! *** Un jeux de logique pour les enfants, présenté sous forme de Quizz, La ... 3.99€ 06/2012
749370   성북소리 성북소리 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 성북소리 성북구 소식지 성북구소식 성북소리 기사보기 지면보기 eBook 웹진 푸시알림 QR코드 트위터 페이스북 카카오톡 이메일 문자 공유 디지쿼터스 성북구 소식지 성북소리입니다. 그동안 지면과 인터넷으로만 서비스되던 성북구 발행신문인 ‘성북소리’를 스마트폰으로 제공합니다. 스마트폰 ‘성북소리 정기간행물’ 서비스의 특징은 독자들이 언제 어디서나 쉽게 구독이 가능하고, 기사에서 필요한 위치정보와 연락처 등도 한번의 터치로 정보를 얻을 수 있습니다. 스마트폰 서비스... Gratis 06/2012
749371   Pattern Play Pattern Play Spiele Spiele Apps like Pattern Play Pattern Play is a fun and educational app created to teach your child to recognize patterns! An important developmental skill for preschool age children is the ability to recognize and complete patterns. Two levels of difficulty and four fun categories wi... 2.99€ 06/2012
749372   Learn Malayalam via Videos by GoLearningBus Learn Malayalam via Videos by GoLearningBus Referenz Referenz Apps like Learn Malayalam via Videos by GoLearningBus * * * * * GoLearningBus: A quality product from WAG Mobile Inc !!! * * * * * More than 4 million paying customers from 175 countries. You can subscribe to more than 500 apps for learning and training via GoLearningBus.Com. GoLearningBus brings you s... Gratis 06/2012
749373   24H Hip Hop Radio 24H Hip Hop Radio Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 24H Hip Hop Radio Some brothers would still be virgins if Crack never came out! +++ Yo Brother!! Looking for a radio app that plays all your favorite Hip Hop songs for absolutely FREE? Then stop right here and save the cash. ‘Hip Hop Radio’ is for those who are into h... Gratis 06/2012
749374   Идиомы Английского Языка Идиомы Английского Языка Bildung Bildung Apps like Идиомы Английского Языка Не вызывает сомнения, что при изучении иностранных языков помимо регулярного пополнения словарного запаса, нужно заботиться об обогащении своей речи устойчивыми словосочетаниями - идиомами изучаемого языка. Английские идиомы бывают весьма специфичны, а... 0.99€ 06/2012
749375   Radio Dubstep Radio Dubstep Musik Musik Apps like Radio Dubstep ll your favorite and the most popular Dubstep radio stations in the single application. Dubstep.fm, Sub FM, Dublovers, Dubstep Live, Filth FM and many other stations. Key features: - Recording - Background playing - Current song title - Playing histo... 1.99€ 06/2012
749376   24H Hip Hop Radio Pro 24H Hip Hop Radio Pro Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 24H Hip Hop Radio Pro Some brothers would still be virgins if Crack never came out! +++ Yo Brother!! Looking for a radio app that plays all your favorite Hip Hop songs for absolutely FREE? Then stop right here and save the cash. ‘Hip Hop Radio’ is for those who are into h... 4.99€ 06/2012
749377   French Provincial French Provincial Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like French Provincial Welcome to French Provincial... A magazine for French style and culture - transport yourself to a realm of all things French, without the need to get your passport stamped... Your one-stop guide to French products and services, furniture & Decor, Gard... Gratis 06/2012
749378   mydlink Access-NAS mydlink Access-NAS Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like mydlink Access-NAS Access your files anytime, anywhere with your ShareCenter Cloud NAS and the mydlink Access-NAS app. Stream your stored photos, documents, music, and movies directly to your iOS device over 3G or Wi-Fi. The mydlink Access-NAS app enables you to remote... Gratis 06/2012
749379   Reiki 1 Parte 3 Reiki 1 Parte 3 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Reiki 1 Parte 3 REIKI 1 PARTE 3 : ¿QUÉ ES REIKI? Ya disponible en iBookstore "MANUAL CURSO DE REIKI NIVEL 1" con todo lo que necesitas saber del primer nivel de Reiki Usui Tibetano. DEFINICIÓN DE REIKI. ¿QUÉ ES LA ENERGÍA?. NIVELES DE REALIDAD. ACTUACIÓN DEL REIKI SOBR... 4.99€ 06/2012
749380   Animal Puzzles 2 HD free Animal Puzzles 2 HD free Spiele Spiele Apps like Animal Puzzles 2 HD free ★★★★★ Sheep and Friends - Animal Puzzles II ★★★★★ Cute animal puzzles are sure to delight kids. Easy to operate: Just pull puzzle pieces into place with a fingertip. Great for trips! Great for learning spacial relationships! ★ 16 different, delightful ... Gratis 06/2012
749381   Исламский сборник Исламский сборник Bücher Bücher Apps like Исламский сборник По поводу предложений и замечаний пишите, пожалуйста на hadis2012@mail.ru, а не в отзывах. Исламский сборник содержит шесть книг: 1) Любовь и секс в Исламе 2) Сонник XXI - Тафсир снов 3) Полный тафсир Корана с комментариями ас-Саади 4) Истории о с... 0.99€ 06/2012
749382   Enogea Bordeaux Map - Médoc 1 HD Enogea Bordeaux Map - Médoc 1 HD Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Enogea Bordeaux Map - Médoc 1 HD The world’s first and only map which offers you the possibility of exploring, parcel by parcel, the vineyards of the most famous châteaux of the Médoc (AOC Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Saint-Estèphe). A unique opportunity to raise your knowledge of this ... 8.99€ 06/2012
749383   Treesse Treesse Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Treesse Gruppo Tre Esse realizza e produce vasche idromassaggio, box doccia, vasche termali e minipiscine. Una galleria di proposte che anticipano le tendenze nel settore del benessere legato all’acqua e interpretano le capacità di ricerca e di sperimentazione ... Gratis 06/2012
749384   ただいま!〜ママと僕の伝言板〜 ただいま!〜ママと僕の伝言板〜 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like ただいま!〜ママと僕の伝言板〜 The application created in the community "mamappli" for the mama by a mama's mama is put on the market! (^^)v. The child who came back by the application which improves parent and child's communication falls a message behind mama papa simply. The befor... Gratis 06/2012
749385   GalaxyKanji GalaxyKanji Bildung Bildung Apps like GalaxyKanji 問題を見て10個の漢字の中から選ぶ、簡単な漢字クイズです。 1年生から、6年生の漢字を、選べます。カタカナもあります。 無料ですので、ぜひ、お試しください。クイズの終わりに、広告が出ます。... Gratis 06/2012
749386   小学生安全手册(下) 小学生安全手册(下) Bildung Bildung Apps like 小学生安全手册(下) 孩子的健康成长与家庭幸福息息相关, 加强少年儿童的安全教育具有总要的意义。 《小学生安全手册》以朗朗上口的儿歌童谣, 配上风趣幽默的四格漫画, 让孩子在有节奏的诵读中学会自我防范, 在生动形象的漫画中寻找日常生活中自己的影子, 学会自我保护。 本书涉及少年儿童日常生活安全、校园安全、交通安全、饮食安全等十大安全防范内容。为孩子打造一片安全的天空。... 0.99€ 06/2012
749387   [解析]パチスロ北斗の拳 解析フルコンプ HD [解析]パチスロ北斗の拳 解析フルコンプ HD Bücher Bücher Apps like [解析]パチスロ北斗の拳 解析フルコンプ HD 遂に「パチスロ北斗の拳」の全容が判明! 完全無欠の解析奥義を手に入れ、ホールでの常勝を目指そう! 必勝解析情報はもちろんのこと、初心者にも分かりやすい基本的な情報もフォロー。 必勝本ライターによる立ち回り攻略も見逃せないぞ! その他にもプレミア演出、ラオウ・トキそれぞれの昇天演出、マイスロ情報など情報満載! 版権許諾証PGK-502 【収録内容】 ◆序章◆ 基本スペック フラグ解説 基本的なゲームの流れ ボーナス抽選詳細 小役狙い手順 ◆第一章 通常時システム詳解◆ 通常時のモー... 6.99€ 06/2012
749388   Donut Drum Free Donut Drum Free Musik Musik Apps like Donut Drum Free Touch The Donuts and You Are Drumming Like a Pro , With Different Colors And Sounds . Choose and Play , It Sounds Better Than The Real One . Fun For Kids FOR MORE LEVELS PLEASE PURCHASE ... Gratis 06/2012
749389   Canadian Citizenship Test 2015 - Best Free CIC Immigration Exam Practice Question Prep English Only Canadian Citizenship Test 2015 - Best Free CIC Immigration Exam Practice Question Prep English Only Bildung Bildung Apps like Canadian Citizenship Test 2015 - Best Free CIC Immigration Exam Practice Question Prep English Only **Featured as New and Noteworthy on App store** ** The latest 2015 test questions are available** Do you want to become a Canadian? If so, you must pass the mandatory Canadian Citizenship test. Based on statistics, up to 30% of applicants fail this cha... Gratis 06/2012
749390   Replay Replay Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Replay Replay är ett alternativ till Sveriges Radio Play. Tänk på! Replay är en oberoende hyllning till public service utan koppling till Sveriges Radio. Det betyder också att Replay inte kan påverka huruvida Sveriges Radio har problem med att leverera material... Gratis 06/2012
749391   Tap Fast Futebol HD Tap Fast Futebol HD Sport Sport Apps like Tap Fast Futebol HD * (A série Tap Fast é composta por) três jogos muito divertidos que a simples vista não chamam a atenção, mas garanto que você ficará viciado e tentará bater seu recorde e desafiará seus amigos e parentes em cada uma das versões. - iPadDicas.com.br * O ... Gratis 06/2012
749392   T.C. Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi - HD T.C. Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi - HD Referenz Referenz Apps like T.C. Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi - HD Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi'nin web ortamında verdiği hizmetlerin iPhone ve iPad'den etkileşimli ve görsel içerikli sunulması ile Ankaralı vatandaşlara daha yaygın, nerede ve ne zamana olursa olsun kaliteli bir hizmet sunulması amaçlanmaktadır. Uygulam... Gratis 06/2012
749393   Drukey The Dragon Drukey The Dragon Spiele Spiele Apps like Drukey The Dragon Princess Pearl's pet is a Chinese dragon called Drukey The Dragon. Princess has been taken hostage and deviously captured by evil Prince Devious IV and held in a secret tower on a remote planet. Prince wants to conquer and be the future King of planet F... Gratis 06/2012
749394   Baby Toys FREE ( 8 in one) Baby Toys FREE ( 8 in one) Bildung Bildung Apps like Baby Toys FREE ( 8 in one) Get 8 Baby Toys with just this app! It's a complete pack of all you can get from the AppStore about baby toys. *Try PRO version (18 toys) also if you like this FREE version. There are a lot more fun for babies in PRO version!! [FREE version features] - A... Gratis 06/2012
749395   PostCodes Search PostCodes Search Navigation Navigation Apps like PostCodes Search Post (postal or ZIP) codes search for many countries. You can search for post code or city name. Result displays on a Map and you can launch the Navigon or TomTom application to use find your route (You should have/purchase Navigon oe TomTom application ... 0.99€ 06/2012
749396   Talking Toro The Bull Talking Toro The Bull Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Talking Toro The Bull Talking Toro is a big brown bull that lives in a farm.Toro has a golden nose ring and always snorts. Toro is friendly but can be angry sometime. Features: *Talk to him and he repeats everything you say in a funny voice. *Slap Toro face. *Press the bubb... Gratis 06/2012
749397   Tin tức HD Lite - Tổng hợp hàng trăm báo Tin tức HD Lite - Tổng hợp hàng trăm báo Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Tin tức HD Lite - Tổng hợp hàng trăm báo [English below] Tin tức HD là phần mềm trợ giúp bạn xem tin, tốc độ xem tin cực nhanh. Sử dụng công nghệ CDN (Content delivery network) toàn cầu, truy cập tốc độ cao ở bất kỳ nơi nào trên thế giới. Tổng hợp tin tức từ hằng trăm nguồn báo trên mạng như ... Gratis 06/2012
749398   Schreiben Sie Pad (Sketchbook und Notes) Schreiben Sie Pad (Sketchbook und Notes) Büro Büro Apps like Schreiben Sie Pad (Sketchbook und Notes) *** Mit diesem erstaunlichen App Sie macht sich Notizen handschriftlich oder Typisierung, zeichnen Skizzen, erstellen bunten Zeichnungen oder technische Diagramme, wandeln Sie Ihre Notizen in PDF-oder Bild-Format, speichern Sie Ihre Notizen oder sie m... 2.99€ 06/2012
749399   3D Human Circulation System And Heart Circulation HD 3D Human Circulation System And Heart Circulation HD Medizin Medizin Apps like 3D Human Circulation System And Heart Circulation HD The System and Heart Circulation is a compilation of numerous images and illustrations of the System and Heart Circulation HD. View brilliant High definition images with the capability of pan motion in all directions as well as 360 degree spin imaging. Su... 11.99€ 06/2012
749400   辛雷学习方案HD 辛雷学习方案HD Bildung Bildung Apps like 辛雷学习方案HD 提示:请您将设备升级到ios5.0或更新的系统,否则容易出现闪退。 吴多彪评:辛雷学习方案为辛雷近几年来通过网络辅导学生的实录, 其中包含对多种类型学生及各种学习问题的解决方案, 通过阅读本书, 可以加深对辛雷学习方法的领悟, 并可解决许多学习方法上的疑难。 辛雷评:《辛雷学习方案》是近5年来辛雷亲自辅导的部分学生的典型的汇集, 本方案可看作《辛雷学习方法》在时间和细节上的扩延。尤其着重于某一学习方法使用的变化和取得效果的具体时间。另外, 对于初三以上的学生, 不同的人长期以来已经行成了比较强... Gratis 06/2012

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