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749601   PregnaBuzzer PregnaBuzzer Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like PregnaBuzzer Ever thought, how to tell your friends, parents or even spouse that you got pregnant? Here it is - add your face photo to the funny picture and share it easily in any possible way! Features: • List of fresh, original pictures to choose from •... 0.99€ 06/2012
749602   KETI 건물 에너지 관리 KETI 건물 에너지 관리 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like KETI 건물 에너지 관리 한국전자부품연구원(KETI)에서 개발된 건물 내부 센서들의 동작에 대한 감시 및 제어를 하기 위한 어플리케이션 프로그램... Gratis 06/2012
749603   van den berg collection - fine art prints of african wildlife and nature photography van den berg collection - fine art prints of african wildlife and nature photography Photographie Photographie Apps like van den berg collection - fine art prints of african wildlife and nature photography The van den berg collection comprises of fine art prints by the highly acclaimed wildlife photographers Heinrich van den Berg and Philip & Ingrid van den Berg. This interactive app allows the user to view the fine art images with various frames. The app ... Gratis 06/2012
749604   Çok İlginç Çok İlginç Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Çok İlginç Elinizin altında bir ilginç bilgiler kaynağı bulunsun ister misiniz ? Bu uygulama ile Türkçe içerikli bir bilgi kaynağınız var. Bir çok kaynaktan özenle seçilmiş bilgiler, veriler.. Bazılarına inanamayacaksınız. Çok şaşıracağınız garanti. Bağımlısı ol... Gratis 06/2012
749605   The42.ie Sports News The42.ie Sports News Sport Sport Apps like The42.ie Sports News Breaking news and live scores and coverage of the most important matches and sporting events as they happen 7 days a week. From the makers of the multi-award-winning app TheJournal.ie. Download the FREE app now. Features: - Dedicated sections for Rugby... Gratis 06/2012
749606   Horoscope Magazine Horoscope Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Horoscope Magazine Find Out What the Future Holds For You! Horoscope is the world’s premier astrological magazine for everyone who is interested in what the future holds. Regular features include: Day by Day Guide for each star sign; Your Love, Money and Health for the Mo... 2.99€ 06/2012
749607   Oriental Piano Oriental Piano Musik Musik Apps like Oriental Piano The Oriental Piano is an application with witch you can play Middle Eastern piano. The sound of the Oriental Piano are recorded with a real Oriental Piano tohave the most realistic sound. Some of the included features : * Show one or two octave on the s... 1.99€ 06/2012
749608   Fisheye Video Camera Fisheye Video Camera Photographie Photographie Apps like Fisheye Video Camera The most authentic, versatile, and easy to use fisheye video camera on the App Store. VIEWFINDER ■ Total live view. What you see in the viewfinder is the video you take. LENSES ■ 10 lenses - Full Fisheye, Full Inverse Fisheye, Fisheye, Inverse ... 0.99€ 06/2012
749609   African Lion & Environmental Research Trust African Lion & Environmental Research Trust Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like African Lion & Environmental Research Trust The World's 1st interactive App dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of the African Lion. Your purchase of this App directly benefits the ALERT Charity and the African Lion with all proceeds going direct to the charity - UK Charity Commission Num... 1.99€ 06/2012
749610   RECIST 1.0 RECIST 1.0 Medizin Medizin Apps like RECIST 1.0 BioClinica's "Interactive RECIST Training Program" is an excellent learning technique that will guide the user through the criteria and its classifications on response for solid tumors. RECIST (Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors) was originally ... Gratis 06/2012
749611   Cheat and Help for Draw Something Cheat and Help for Draw Something Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Cheat and Help for Draw Something This App gives you all the possible words that your partner could be drawing! Can't figure out someone's drawing? This app can look at any drawing and solve it instantly. This App is the fastest, best, Draw Something word finder. Rack up coins while n... 0.99€ 06/2012
749612   WORDsKOOL 1 WORDsKOOL 1 Bildung Bildung Apps like WORDsKOOL 1 16 word lists to help acquire language skills. Presented in the format of a game, success leads to a certificate and a relevant short story. The word lists are presented in six languages.... 0.99€ 06/2012
749613   教父英语系列HD 有声同步双语名著 英汉全文字典免费版 教父英语系列HD 有声同步双语名著 英汉全文字典免费版 Bildung Bildung Apps like 教父英语系列HD 有声同步双语名著 英汉全文字典免费版 教父英语系列分为三部分。 √√标准发音+英汉对照+有声全文字典+点读机 《教父英语系列》的每个句子都有标准的真人读音, 英汉对照, 即点即读. 文中每个英文单词都有详细的解释, 音标, 发音以及例句用法, 在阅读的时候只需在任意单词上长按超过一秒钟, 即可查阅, 即点即译, 真正做到哪里不懂点哪里. 新增单词检索功能, 无需联网, 离线查词, 方便实用. √√强大的学习功能 《教父英语系列》提供了【生词】【收藏】【字典】【单词测试】【单词拼写】等附加功能, 可以将文中任意单词加... Gratis 06/2012
749614   Computer Quiz Computer Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like Computer Quiz Graphically displayed Computer Quiz for your iPhone and iPad with HD graphics Support. Increase your knowledge by playing this computer quiz and challenging your friends with email challenge, Facebook, Twitter, Open Feint and Game Center. ... Gratis 06/2012
749615   粤语达人 HD 粤语达人 HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 粤语达人 HD (1)真人发音, 短语句子任意转。 (2)支持语音输入, 简化输入过程。 (3)个人收藏常用短语, 方便下次学习。 (4)更多系列应用陆续登陆。。。请留下宝贵意见!... Gratis 06/2012
749616   人与自然 人与自然 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 人与自然 《人与自然》杂志是我国第一家全面反映和促进人与自然相互依存、和谐发展的大型全彩图文月刊, 面向全国, 观照海外;依靠专家, 服务大众;关注生态环境, 展现自然魅力、伟力和威力, 吸引更多的人学习自然, 珍爱自然, 感悟自然, 享受自然。 《人与自然》杂志侧重从总体上、从观念上、从风尚上激起人们对自然的热爱之情、敬畏之情、顺应之情, 推动环境被过滤广告 生态保护, 促进人与自然关系的和谐发展。读者对象涵盖一切关爱自然之士, 而以大中学生、自然保护人士和中等收入家庭为主。 关于本杂志订阅注意事项: 1、人与... Gratis 06/2012
749617   GumChucks HD GumChucks HD Spiele Spiele Apps like GumChucks HD With the use of your GumChucks – the ultimate attack on plaque – complete missions and restore safety to Tonsil Town by eliminating the Mouth Mob’s notorious baddies – Ninja Vitus, Candy, Count Plaqula and Slime Shady! Sound easy? Do this all while be... 1.99€ 06/2012
749618   HIN Search HIN Search Referenz Referenz Apps like HIN Search We've compressed and optimized the complete US Coast Guard's database of over 16, 000 boat manufacturers, and over 30, 000 brands to fit on your iOS device, so you can have lightning fast results wherever you are, with NO Internet access needed! Impor... 4.99€ 06/2012
749619   BoodleUP BoodleUP Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like BoodleUP Play games and win cash, gift cards, coupons and discounts from great businesses. When you win - and you win often - you have a choice to make: ACCEPT the prize offer and be "locked out" from accepting another prize for a period of time (for example, ... Gratis 06/2012
749620   Crossland Community Church Crossland Community Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Crossland Community Church Welcome to the official Crossland Community Church application for your devices. The Crossland app gives you access to Crossland Community Church sermons from Pastor Gregg Farrell, an electronic Bible with customizable reading plans, campus locations, ... Gratis 06/2012
749621   PencilPicture PencilPicture Photographie Photographie Apps like PencilPicture Create realistic pencil drawings form a photograph stored on your device or by taking a photograph using your camera. You can use the pencil drawing as your profile picture in Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and bother social networks. Print postcards usi... 0.99€ 06/2012
749622   Paper Golf - The Golf Game - Free Paper Golf - The Golf Game - Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Paper Golf - The Golf Game - Free *** Paper Golf - The Golf Game - for the iPhone and iTouch - and now iPad *** *** Now available to try for FREE *** In a world made out of paper, play an addictive game of golf. Realistic physics and one-finger control make this easy to play for anyon... Gratis 06/2012
749623   polenes.com mobile polenes.com mobile Medizin Medizin Apps like polenes.com mobile El comité de Aerobiología es uno de los muchos comités científicos con los que consta la Sociedad Española de Alergología e Inmunología Clínica. El principal objetivo del Comité es potenciar la investigación en el área de la aerobiología (estudio de los p... Gratis 06/2012
749624   OChome Mobile OChome Mobile Finanzen Finanzen Apps like OChome Mobile The Ocean City Home Bank Mobile Banking App puts everyday banking tasks at your fingertips. You can check your account balances, view your recent activity, transfer funds between accounts, pay your bills, deposit checks, view and activate your cash ... Gratis 06/2012
749625   Easy Music Exporter Easy Music Exporter Musik Musik Apps like Easy Music Exporter ▶ Easy Music Exporter is simple and useful app which let you transfer your music into another PC without iTunes. Only two things are required: Wi-Fi and any web browser in SAME network. No more, that's all !! ▶ Usage Start this app. Open any web brows... 0.99€ 06/2012
749626   Animals Memory Match for iPad Animals Memory Match for iPad Bildung Bildung Apps like Animals Memory Match for iPad It’s a fun and educative application to introduce your kids to the animals. It is a memory match game with closed pictures on a board. It also uses associative learning system. It combines animal graphics with their sound, their spelling and their letter... Gratis 06/2012
749627   搬家达人 搬家达人 Spiele Spiele Apps like 搬家达人 游戏简介: 崭新的家具怎么可以堵在门口呢? 那就按照预期的目标将家具移动到正确的位置吧! 一款具有现代家居风格的益智游戏, 玩家需要将房屋门口处的箱子移动到目标位置。游戏本身因为各种家具的阻挡而变得更加有难度, 当然, 最佳步数将获得更高的星级评价。质感的画面, 轻松的操作, 全新的元素, 不同于以往的形式。总之要想让这些可爱的家具各就各位, 那就快动起脑筋吧, 困难还在后面...... 游戏摘要: ★30个充满挑战的关卡, 每一关都需要玩家开动脑筋 ★各种家居及房间都... Gratis 06/2012
749628   Shot Lister - Film set schedule tool for Directors Shot Lister - Film set schedule tool for Directors Photographie Photographie Apps like Shot Lister - Film set schedule tool for Directors Shot Lister is the only truly professional shot list & scheduling app.Take that crumbled piece of paper out of your back pocket & touch the digital future of shot listing. Shot Lister revolutionizes the art of shot listing from pre-production to the min... 6.99€ 06/2012
749629   絵本 - 布のえほん 絵本 - 布のえほん Bücher Bücher Apps like 絵本 - 布のえほん ■布絵本について 1.布絵本は、実際の布で作られた子ども、幼児、障碍をもつ子ども達に見て触れて遊んでもらうたのしく、やさしい絵本です。 2.さわる、うごかす、はずす、まわす、手にもったりといろいろな見方や遊び方のできる絵本です。 ■当アプリ「ぬののえほん」について ワクワクどきどきと1ページごとに仕掛けがあり、子どもをはじめとしてさまざまな方に楽しく遊んでいただけるアプリです。 ■アプリの収録作品について 「うらしまたろうさーん」 「サンタさんきてね」 「きょうはたんじょうび」 「大... 5.99€ 06/2012
749630   Live Logging Live Logging Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Live Logging Live Logging is here! - View your full mudlog right from your iPad, as it happens. With Live Logging you can view all your wells remotely with updates instantansiously. Watch as mudloggers in the field enter images, sample descriptions, etc. Watch a... Gratis 06/2012
749631   中文儿歌 - 二字歌 for iPad 中文儿歌 - 二字歌 for iPad Bildung Bildung Apps like 中文儿歌 - 二字歌 for iPad 限时免費 - 只限今天 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 注意: 所有图片采用高清制作, 系统速度要求高, 只支援 iPad 2 或以上版本。 下载前, 请确定你是使用以上硬件装置, 免得留下坏评语, 谢谢!!! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ - 19首中文儿歌。 - 随机播放所有19首歌曲。 - 每首儿歌附有精美场景图片和歌词。 - 支持锁屏和背景模式播放。 - 软件下载后, 不需要再次联网下载歌曲, 无需网络也能正常播放。 ★★★ 歌曲列表... Gratis 06/2012
749632   Bubble Shoot Galaxy Free Bubble Shoot Galaxy Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Bubble Shoot Galaxy Free There are 3 playing mode (classic, galaxy, fast) with different styles. [Classic mode] Get a high score by surviving as long as you can. There are a lot of bonus types allow you to get best score You can get bonus score when hit vibrating gems Blac... Gratis 06/2012
749633   NECC Front Row NECC Front Row Sport Sport Apps like NECC Front Row With NECC Front Row, fans can cheer on their favorite team as if they were in the front row of the arena! Created by PrestoSports in partnership with the New England Collegiate Conference, Front Row gives fans access to score updates, statistics and g... Gratis 06/2012
749634   Hot Wallpapers! Hot Wallpapers! Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Hot Wallpapers! NEW HOTTER AND SEXIER THAN EVER!!! Over 5, 000, 000 wallpapers for literally ANY TOPIC! Beautiful sexy women, hottest celebrities, gorgeous models, stunning cars, breathtaking landscapes, all things hot and sexy! ON SALE TODAY ONLY!!! You know ... 0.99€ 06/2012
749635   schützt schützt Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like schützt Great app in Ihrer Sprache zu halten, in Ihre Daten sicher Es halten verschiedene Arten von Daten wie Bilder, Passwörter, Kreditkarten, E-Mail-, Web-Konten und Kontakte Schützen Sie Ihre Daten ist sehr wichtig und ätherisches auf einem tragbaren Divi... 0.99€ 06/2012
749636   Basketball ClipPad Basketball ClipPad Sport Sport Apps like Basketball ClipPad The Basketball ClipPad is an intuitively designed iPad app that provides coaches with a "whiteboard", drill builder, practice planner and team lineup manager. Create easy to follow drills, manage team lineups game by game, and develop practice plans ... 1.99€ 06/2012
749637   First Aid by American Red Cross First Aid by American Red Cross Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like First Aid by American Red Cross **One of “8 New Apps You Don't Want To Miss” (6/16/2012) – Mashable** ** “First Aid By American Red Cross is a fix for what ails you.” - Appolicious** **One of the 50 Best Apps for Parents of 2012 – Babble.com** **One of “10 apps that can save your life d... Gratis 06/2012
749638   Experia Kids – Große Kinder-Experimente Sammlung für ein Lernen mit Spaß im Bereich Chemie und Physik Experia Kids – Große Kinder-Experimente Sammlung für ein Lernen mit Spaß im Bereich Chemie und Physik Bildung Bildung Apps like Experia Kids – Große Kinder-Experimente Sammlung für ein Lernen mit Spaß im Bereich Chemie und Physik Mit Experia Kids Wissenschaft erleben! Experia Kids macht aus Chemie und Physik einen riesigen Spaß, mit dem man spielend lernt. Das iPad an sich hat für Kinder eine große Anziehung, aber die meisten Apps sind nicht für Kinder geeignet. Mit Experia Ki... 2.99€ 06/2012
749639   幼儿识图之蔬菜篇 中英文朗读[带练习] 幼儿识图之蔬菜篇 中英文朗读[带练习] Bildung Bildung Apps like 幼儿识图之蔬菜篇 中英文朗读[带练习] ♡ 专为孩子教育设计开发的系列应用 ♡           ☺原价12, 优惠降价促销中!随时可能恢复原价!下载购买从速!☺      孩子是祖国的未来.在当今这个变化万千的多元化社会, 孩子的教育比以往任何一个时代都要艰巨, 如何启发孩子的智力, 能力, 知识, 怎样让孩子更加活泼健康地成才, 如何利用当今掌上智能设备(智能手机, 平板电脑)来很好的提高孩子的智力, 能力, 是我们最求的目标, 也是每个家长孜孜追求的目标, 我们的共同目标就是教育好孩子, 让孩子赢在起跑线上.    我们经过长时间的探讨... Gratis 06/2012
749640   幼儿早教之水果篇 中英文朗读[识图/识字/听力练习] 幼儿早教之水果篇 中英文朗读[识图/识字/听力练习] Bildung Bildung Apps like 幼儿早教之水果篇 中英文朗读[识图/识字/听力练习] ♡ 专为孩子教育精心设计开发的系列应用 ♡ 孩子是祖国的未来.在当今这个变化万千的多元化社会, 孩子的教育比以往任何一个时代都要艰巨, 如何启发孩子的智力, 能力, 知识, 怎样让孩子更加活泼健康地成才, 如何利用当今掌上智能设备(智能手机, 平板电脑)来很好的提高孩子的智力, 能力, 是我们最求的目标, 也是每个家长孜孜追求的目标, 我们的共同目标就是教育好孩子, 让孩子赢在起跑线上. 我们经过长时间的探讨, 摸索, 调查, 整理;开发出一系列专门针对幼儿, 儿童提高智力... 0.99€ 06/2012
749641   Jerky Jerky Referenz Referenz Apps like Jerky One of the most popular snacks of all time is beef jerky. Now you can learn how to make this healthy snack yourself at home! We give you step by step instructions on how to: Prepare beef jerky to be dehydrated Make beef jerky in an oven Make beef jerky ... 0.99€ 06/2012
749642   Sage Transport St@rt Mobilité Sage Transport St@rt Mobilité Büro Büro Apps like Sage Transport St@rt Mobilité Sage Transport St@rt mobilité permet aux petites et moyennes entreprises du transport routier, d’accéder en toute simplicité, à leur outil de gestion et d’exploitation Sage Transport St@rt. Cette application peut être utilisée aussi bien par l’exploit... Gratis 06/2012
749643   Sorceria 1: The Mad Doctor Sorceria 1: The Mad Doctor Spiele Spiele Apps like Sorceria 1: The Mad Doctor A traditional “4 Heroes save World” RPG: Select 4 heroes out of 8 different classes to go on a medium-length adventure. ****** The Story ****** Faira, a quiet farming province near the center of the Aiser Kingdom, enjoyed relative peace growing cabbag... Gratis 06/2012
749644   Print To Life Print To Life Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Print To Life Print To Life von VoxelAir Mit dieser App können zum Beispiel gedruckte Medien im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zum Leben erweckt werden. Das kann ein Foto sein, ein Poster, eine Zeitschrift, ein Buch und, und und. Mittels Bilderkennung über die Kamera e... Gratis 06/2012
749645   Rastrum Rastrum Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Rastrum Rastrum permite generar contenido basado las conversaciones del pueblo colombiano en las redes sociales. Además de representar la cultura de un país por aquellos mismos que lo componen, será una memoria de lo vivido, soñado y deseado, un puente que co... Gratis 06/2012
749646   Tuổi Trẻ HD Tuổi Trẻ HD Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Tuổi Trẻ HD Ứng dụng TTO HD là kênh thông tin luôn cập nhật những đề tài rất trẻ, rất thời sự, từ trang báo xếp thứ 6 trong 100 tờ báo tại Châu Á và thứ 34 trong 200 tờ báo trên giới. Những sự kiện thời sự nóng bỏng trong nước, trên thế giới được Tuổi trẻ kịp thờ... Gratis 06/2012
749647   PoP The Ballons FREE PoP The Ballons FREE Spiele Spiele Apps like PoP The Ballons FREE PoP The Balloons is a cool action game very easy and intuitive to play, but it will be hard to stop playing. Hit with your finger the blowing up balloons on the screen, came on don’t let them vanish away! you have just 60 second to pop all points! so f... Gratis 06/2012
749648   NOAA Weather Alert Free NOAA Weather Alert Free Wetter Wetter Apps like NOAA Weather Alert Free NOAA Weather Alerts Free -Weather -Radar -Satellite -Save Favorites -Forecast Maps and more -iPad Note: We are always improving. Updates come on a regular basis. Don't hesitate to download. Upgrade to NOAA Weather Alert Plus to remove banner ad... Gratis 06/2012
749649   七彩鲜花HD版 七彩鲜花HD版 Büro Büro Apps like 七彩鲜花HD版 七彩鲜花网站的iPad客户端, 可以在线订购鲜花, 红酒, 蛋糕等礼品, 方便快捷!... Gratis 06/2012
749650   直销百科网 for iPad 直销百科网 for iPad Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 直销百科网 for iPad 直销百科网的母公司是中国最大的IT传媒集团——中科普传媒集团, 该集团成功打造出基于互联网的中国最大的IT数字传媒集团——天极传媒集团。直销百科网于2011年10月18日正式上线。 直销百科网的核心是“网聚力量·信息共享”, 其主旨是打造中国乃到全球直销行业最权威的数据库平台, 汇聚直销行业的全面信息, 展示主流直销的正面形象。 直销百科网是中国直销人、直销企业、直销团队等最佳的展示平台, 是大众、行业人士了解中国直销业的最佳入口。... Gratis 06/2012
749651   Fractions & Decimals - Teachers App Fractions & Decimals - Teachers App Bildung Bildung Apps like Fractions & Decimals - Teachers App Rated one of the TOP FRACTIONS & DECIMALS APPs by Appolearning!!! "Of all the apps that teach fractions and decimals to elementary school students, this is the best for children who need more context and instruction in processing numerical relationship... Gratis 06/2012
749652   Rofl.nu Rofl.nu Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Rofl.nu Rofl.nu is a collection of funny, dumb and somewhat outrageous pictures on the internet. Daily we add the absolutely best pictures, as voted on by the internet users. This iPhone and iPad-app act as a simple gateway to the collection of funny pictures ... Gratis 06/2012
749653   MemOnBoard HD MemOnBoard HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like MemOnBoard HD Memory game with a twist. Both for kids, with the easy, medium and hard levels, and for grown ups, with triplets and hard-to-catch moving tiles. Plus, it's integrated with GameCenter to challenge yourself and your friends.... 0.99€ 06/2012
749654   Visit Aarhus Visit Aarhus Reise Reise Apps like Visit Aarhus Visit Aarhus app er Aarhus’ officielle turistguide til alt, hvad du har brug for at vide, når du besøger Aarhus. Visit Aarhus is the official city guide to everything you need to know before and during your visit to Aarhus. Du kan finde information o... Gratis 06/2012
749655   USA Rest Stops USA Rest Stops Reise Reise Apps like USA Rest Stops This app will help you easily find the nearest rest stop on the US, including Interstates, US highways, and state highways! You can browse by state and interstate or you can browse on a map. This app will show you the traditional rest areas as well as ... Gratis 06/2012
749656   Symptom Scenes Symptom Scenes Medizin Medizin Apps like Symptom Scenes Symptom Scenes is an arcade game featuring a cast of cute characters suffering from Meningitis or Septicaemia. It's a race against time to recognise the symptoms and save as many as you can! The game was designed and created by Cilein Kearns, a medic an... Gratis 06/2012
749657   Egg Bomb Lite Egg Bomb Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Egg Bomb Lite This game is all about catching the eggs using the vessels. Depending on your level and achievements you will be able to unlock lots of different features. There are: - Good Eggs - Spoiled Eggs - Tricky Eggs Some you got to catch, some you don't. Make ... Gratis 06/2012
749658   Assilah Festival 2014 Assilah Festival 2014 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Assilah Festival 2014 Keep track of Assilah Cultural International Moussem of 2014, it includes latest news, events, video clips and photos of the event. The App will pop a notification for event changes and special announcements. Developed by the Bahraini Web Team... Gratis 06/2012
749659   AirProx InFlight HD AirProx InFlight HD Reise Reise Apps like AirProx InFlight HD There are many ways to debrief a flight after you landed. However, what better way than actually seeing your flight path right on your iPad, right after you landed. AirProx features a real time 3D flight recorder that does exactly that ! There's more ... Gratis 06/2012
749660   myLimit myLimit Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like myLimit ******** 80% Discount for limited time period *********** myLimit is the application made to check human alcohol limit. Now start to check limit before you drink. You can check your limit with the different brand included in this application and with di... 9.99€ 06/2012
749661   Picture Mailer Picture Mailer Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Picture Mailer Picture Mailer This application lets you quickly send a picture from your camera or album roll. You can specify the To address, the subject, attachment name and email body to make a standard email. These fields holds variables to add the current da... 0.99€ 06/2012
749662   CBCOC 2012 CBCOC 2012 Medizin Medizin Apps like CBCOC 2012 Este é o aplicativo oficial do IX Congresso Brasileiro de Cirurgia do Ombro e Cotovelo, realizado em Foz do Iguaçu 14 a 16 de junho de 2012. A interatividade chegou na ortopedia! É com grande prazer que apresentamos nosso 1o aplicativo. Aqui você terá to... Gratis 06/2012
749663   The Kitty: Store Edition The Kitty: Store Edition Büro Büro Apps like The Kitty: Store Edition The Kitty Store Edition is an app designed to manage a little store or kiosk, just as the one you can have in a workplace, academy, fire station... With The Kitty you can know what products do you have in your store, what products your customers have... Gratis 06/2012
749664   Banan Banan key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Banan Banan is a self service technology platform application which allows you to exchange information through iPhone and also on social network platforms at no cost. Everything at your Fingertips –just login or upload your free application and you can order a ... Gratis 06/2012
749665   A Scary Pig Prank Lite A Scary Pig Prank Lite Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like A Scary Pig Prank Lite This app is a game with remarkable physics effects and beautiful graphics, that your friends will never doubt this game is made to scare them. And just when they're enjoying the game, a ghost will unexpectedly appear with a very loud and scary scream. ... Gratis 06/2012
749666   Open Charge Map Open Charge Map Navigation Navigation Apps like Open Charge Map Powered by data from Open Charge Map, you can use this app to find charging equipment locations near you, provide ratings, comments and photos and to submit details of new locations and edit existing ones. Open Charge Map is the world's largest public... Gratis 06/2012
749667   Pintxos 2012 en Hondarribia Pintxos 2012 en Hondarribia Bücher Bücher Apps like Pintxos 2012 en Hondarribia Pintxos 2012 es la versión digital de la publicación del VI Campeonato de Pintxos EUSKADI SABOREALA. La Asociación de Hostelería de Hondarribia quiere manifestar su más sincero agradecimiento a todos aquellos que de una manera u otra han contribuido a qu... 3.99€ 06/2012
749668   Best Places Munich Best Places Munich Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Best Places Munich Munich’s Hotspots Best Places is a delightful modern app which shows you the best hotels, shops, sights, restaurants and medical profession in Munich and the alpine region. ... Gratis 06/2012
749669   All Transport (FREE) - Jigsaw Puzzle Game All Transport (FREE) - Jigsaw Puzzle Game Spiele Spiele Apps like All Transport (FREE) - Jigsaw Puzzle Game ★ THE BEST-LEARNING PUZZLE GAME FOR YOUNG LEARNERS! ★ ★ Play All Transport Jigsaw Puzzles in English! Have fun learning new words . ★ What is it? ✚ 5 transport jigsaw puzzles and colorful graphics in lite and 36 puzzles in fullversion. ✚ With 3 diffi... Gratis 06/2012
749670   Total Recall: A Memory Game Total Recall: A Memory Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Total Recall: A Memory Game Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Total Recall: A Memory Game challenges players to recall sequences of numbers, letters, and even randomly-placed bubbles. Escalating difficulty and varied gameplay styles ensure that all players will ... Gratis 06/2012
749671   中文儿歌大全 - 220首 中文儿歌大全 - 220首 Bildung Bildung Apps like 中文儿歌大全 - 220首 原价 30 元人民幣 限时特价 12 元人民幣 只限今天 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 注意: 所有图片采用高清制作, 系统速度要求高, 只支援 iPhone 4, iPod touch 4rd, iPad 2 或以上版本。 下载前, 请确定你是使用以上硬件装置, 免得留下坏评语, 谢谢!!! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ - 220首中文儿歌。 - 随机播放所有220首歌曲。 - 每首儿歌附有精美场景图片和歌词。 - 支持锁屏和背景模式播放。 ... 0.99€ 06/2012
749672   Sermonotes Sermonotes Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Sermonotes Sermonotes is a Sermon Notepad App build for speed and usability. As users ourselves we know that typing sermons has always been a tough experience from switching between app, archiving your sermons, scrolling through the books, copying and pasting was... Gratis 06/2012
749673   Percentages Calculator Percentages Calculator Büro Büro Apps like Percentages Calculator Percentages Calculator is the most powerful percentages calculator designed with simplicity and functionality. Do you struggle making simple percentage calculations in your head? Struggle no more! With this Percentages Calculator you can now perform us... 0.99€ 06/2012
749674   Work hours and mileage tracker (automatic logger) for irs tax deduction - GPSPlus Work hours and mileage tracker (automatic logger) for irs tax deduction - GPSPlus Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Work hours and mileage tracker (automatic logger) for irs tax deduction - GPSPlus - Detects work hours and drives and records them automatically. - Classifies drives and visits with a swipe as Business or Personal. - Records actual route taken along with short stops. - Splits trip at recorded stop into two when asked. - Calculates dist... Gratis 06/2012
749675   AIR Supervisor AIR Supervisor Produktivität Produktivität Apps like AIR Supervisor AIR (The Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation) is an application equipped with GPS tracking and monitoring capabilities. AIR provides an open channel of communication with the AIR Support Call Center and allows participants to send and receive ... Gratis 06/2012
749676   FlyingFreddy. FlyingFreddy. Spiele Spiele Apps like FlyingFreddy. Flying Fred is a physics simulation that employs ragdoll physics scences.... 0.99€ 06/2012
749677   NHScalc BR NHScalc BR Medizin Medizin Apps like NHScalc BR NHScalc BR é um instrumento de trabalho útil e prático, desenvolvido pela Nestlé Health Science Brasil, para colaborar e facilitar o dia a dia dos profissionais de saúde. Neste aplicativo, você terá à disponibilidade diversas ferramentas importantes pa... Gratis 06/2012
749678   Po-Training Po-Training Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Po-Training „TRAINIEREN SIE WO, WIE UND WANN IMMER SIE MÖGEN!“ Im Fitnessstudio oder im Park, mit Gymnastikausrüstung und sogar ohne Gewichte. Warum trainieren 2 Millionen Menschen jeden Tag Ihre Pomuskeln, um ihren Wunschkörper zu formen? Jetzt können Sie zuh... Gratis 06/2012
749679   PadLab PadLab Bildung Bildung Apps like PadLab PadLab est une application qui permet de visualiser vos courbes réalisées avec Foxy. Grâce à la nouvelle version de l’Atelier Scientifique pour Foxy, vos courbes sont directement stockées sur un serveur distant. Vous pouvez par la suite ou même pendant... Gratis 06/2012
749680   猛獣使いの心理術—怖い人、強い人とうまくつきあう65の方法 猛獣使いの心理術—怖い人、強い人とうまくつきあう65の方法 Bücher Bücher Apps like 猛獣使いの心理術—怖い人、強い人とうまくつきあう65の方法 人づきあい、人心掌握方法、最強の仕事術など… 人生をハッピーに!今日からデキる65のテクニック 人付き合いのヒントは、野生動物が持っていたー!? カリスマ心理学者、内藤 誼人が野生動物から学んだ 人間関係を円滑にするノウハウが遂にアプリで登場!! ●初対面は緊張して苦手… ●相手が何を考えているのかが読めるない ●正直、人間関係に悩んでいる そんな人へ目からウロコの〝究極の人つき合い術〟 これで、もう悩まない!! 人間関係は、チョットした事で大きく変えられる。 【 目 次 】 ◆まえがき ◆... 4.99€ 06/2012
749681   meedee meedee Musik Musik Apps like meedee Meedee is a simple MIDI and drumpad Controller for your iPad. It works wirelessly with any MIDI-capable application on your Mac and PC. The include Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase and many more. Features: + Works via WLAN, no cables or adapters needed + W... 0.99€ 06/2012
749682   Unblock Mee - Die Ausgewählten Puzzles Unblock Mee - Die Ausgewählten Puzzles Spiele Spiele Apps like Unblock Mee - Die Ausgewählten Puzzles "Unblock Mee - Die Ausgewählten Puzzles" ist ein sehr fesselndes Puzzle-Spiel. In dem Spiel wird ein roter Block von anderen Farbblöcke umgeben. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, den roten Block bewegen die von der Karte, indem Sie die anderen Blöcke aus dem Weg. W... Gratis 06/2012
749683   OpenLanguage - Real Language Taught By Real People OpenLanguage - Real Language Taught By Real People Bildung Bildung Apps like OpenLanguage - Real Language Taught By Real People Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian & Arabic with this app. The OpenLanguage app will help you learn a new language in a convenient and engaging format. How It Works: · Learn authentic, high-frequency language j... Gratis 06/2012
749684   Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer Medizin Medizin Apps like Prostate Cancer Educated Patient: Prostate Cancer Description The complete guide to understanding prostate cancer. The Educated Patient: Prostate Cancer app is designed to provide patients with prostate cancer and their families and caregivers with the information and r... Gratis 06/2012
749685   Text on Photo for iPad 〜Label,  Caption,  Title on Photos〜 Text on Photo for iPad 〜Label, Caption, Title on Photos〜 Photographie Photographie Apps like Text on Photo for iPad 〜Label, Caption, Title on Photos〜 This is an application for adding texts to photographs very easily and quickly. □□□ How to use □□□ 1. Tap "Load Photo" button to add a photograph 2. Tap "Add Texts" button to add texts 3. Edit color/pattern, font size, font name 4. Add an outline... 0.99€ 06/2012
749686   BIOMET 3i - ESP BIOMET 3i - ESP Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like BIOMET 3i - ESP La aplicación BIOMET 3i Soluciones App ha sido desarrollada para agregar un nivel de comodidad y experiencia al usuario clínico y mejorar la accesibilidad a las herramientas de formación para el paciente. BIOMET 3i Soluciones App consiste en dos portales... Gratis 06/2012
749687   Drivve | Print Drivve | Print Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Drivve | Print The Drivve Print app for iPhone / iPad is one of the most powerful mobile printing apps available today for business users. Drivve Print allows you to print over 500 document formats from your iPhone or iPad to any network or locally attached print devic... Gratis 06/2012
749688   Fantasy Football et Pronostics Fantasy Football et Pronostics Sport Sport Apps like Fantasy Football et Pronostics Sport Faction vous immerge au cœur de son univers Football : devenez un expert du championnat de France, un Roi des pronostics, le Champion des Managers, à vous de choisir sur Sport Faction ! Dès maintenant, tout l’environnement Sport Faction s’offre... Gratis 06/2012
749689   Extreme Sportcar Racing Extreme Sportcar Racing Spiele Spiele Apps like Extreme Sportcar Racing Fast dangerous racing starting right now! You are the driver of the super sportcar and your mission is to reach the best distance! Avoid all traps in difficult tracks and become the champion of the Wxtreme Sportcar Racing!!!... 0.99€ 06/2012
749690   蜂鸟摄影 蜂鸟摄影 Photographie Photographie Apps like 蜂鸟摄影 蜂鸟网作为 CBSi (中国)集团唯一影像门户网, 始终致力于以传承影像文化、缔造商业价值为宗旨的影像互动交流型专业媒体的建设, 目前已经成为中国影像类媒体中访问量最高、最受推崇的品牌。蜂鸟网的受众群覆盖整个中国大陆、港澳台及全球华人聚居区, 主要由摄影爱好者、摄影发烧友、专业摄影师和大量影像及相关行业的从业者组成, 具有对摄影狂热、对资讯敏感、热衷于互动交流、消费能力旺盛等特点。截至目前, 蜂鸟网是中国影像相关行业人士最关注的网络媒体, 是中国影像第一门户。 *特色功能* 【资讯】最专业的影像器材资讯... Gratis 06/2012
749691   iAlertTag iAlertTag Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like iAlertTag Wirelessly Secures, Alerts, and Locates your iPhone. App requires Cirago's iAlertTag (IAT1000). NOTE: Works with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad mini Please ignore the requirements on the lower left corner.... Gratis 06/2012
749692   Ita - Listen. Einfach komplex. Ita - Listen. Einfach komplex. Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Ita - Listen. Einfach komplex. Ita macht das Erstellen von Listen und Notizen schnell, einfach und intuitiv. Wir machen es Dir einfach Einträge als erledigt zu markieren, die Reihenfolge oder die Anordnung zu ändern und alles sicher aufzubewahren an was Du Dich erinnern möchtest. It... 2.99€ 06/2012
749693   Cursive Touch and Write Cursive Touch and Write Bildung Bildung Apps like Cursive Touch and Write Kids love learning to write cursive - especially when they can use shaving cream, paint, and jello! "Cursive Touch and Write" was developed by real classroom teachers, and recreates the fun and effective teaching strategy used in classrooms every day: ... 2.99€ 06/2012
749694   Soccer ClipPad Soccer ClipPad Sport Sport Apps like Soccer ClipPad The Soccer ClipPad is an intuitively designed iPad app that provides coaches with a "whiteboard", drill builder, practice planner and team lineup manager. Create easy to follow drills, manage team lineups game by game, and develop practice plans that... 1.99€ 06/2012
749695   VooDoo Gas VooDoo Gas Sport Sport Apps like VooDoo Gas Simple to use Nitrox calculator which can determine your maximum operating depth (using PO2 of 1.4) and your contingency operating depth (using PO2 of 1.6) for a given Nitrox blend (FO2). Has the ability to pick "best mix" for a given expected maximum dep... 1.99€ 06/2012
749696   Math Pirate Math Pirate Bildung Bildung Apps like Math Pirate Learn to add and subtract while having fun as the captain of your own pirate ship! Math Pirates is a fun, pirate themed game for learning addition and subtraction. Solve math equations starting the easiest level 1 (i.e. 0+1=__ for addition or 2-1=__ for ... 0.99€ 06/2012
749697   365 food tips. Full version 365 food tips. Full version Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 365 food tips. Full version 365 food tips for every day of the year! For cooking experts and healthy food lovers. Learn many new secrets of cooking and storing food and spices! We will enrich your culinary book with a whole list of useful advice. Get new tips and images every day an... 0.99€ 06/2012
749698   African Balafon Fun! - HD PRO Version African Balafon Fun! - HD PRO Version Musik Musik Apps like African Balafon Fun! - HD PRO Version "Balafon Fun HD is a Super App for Kids" (apps4idevices.com) Play along the African Balafon for "kids" of all ages! Powered by "MyTAPFORCE" technology for detecting touch force! Hit harder for a louder sound! It's really FUN!!! Try it now!!! Compose yo... 0.99€ 06/2012
749699   管理学 管理学 Bücher Bücher Apps like 管理学 ► 内容简介 ------------------------------- 管理学数字教材是一本为读者提供交互阅读体验, 丰富的多媒体学习资源, 强大学习辅助工具的互动学习环境的创新性数字教材。 本书是作者根据自己近二十年的管理学教学经验和十多年的企业管理咨询实践, 在融会贯通国内外经典管理学教材内容的基础上形成的。本书不仅注重于管理学基础知识和基本思维方法的讲解, 而且提供了一定的管理工作技巧, 是管理学的入门教材和实用教材, 因此不仅适用于我国高等院校管理类专业的本科生、非管理专业本科毕... 1.99€ 06/2012
749700   WaterHockey WaterHockey Spiele Spiele Apps like WaterHockey Have some summer fun any time of the year, anywhere you are! WaterHockey takes a classic beach game to the whole new level. Shoot water cannons to move the beach ball across water and into the green gate. It's not as easy as it seems, because there's m... Gratis 06/2012
749701   Neurology Interpreter Spanish audio Neurology Interpreter Spanish audio Medizin Medizin Apps like Neurology Interpreter Spanish audio Neurology Spanish-audio Interpreter app is a new tool to communicate with a Spanish speaking patient who has or may potentially have a neurological problem. Neu-Sp does not require internet connection. Neu-Sp app has more than 600 specific and guided ne... 4.99€ 06/2012
749702   《今日风采》杂志 《今日风采》杂志 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 《今日风采》杂志 《今日风采》(由上海人民美术出版社主办, 日本SHOGAKUKAN INC.《Oggi》提供版权和部分图文, 面向全国发行的《今日风采》(中文译名)是一本提供职业女性塑造自我形象和提高生活品位的白领期刊。《今日风采》除秉承《Oggi》日文版一贯独有的风格以外, 还精心编辑了富有本土特色的时尚内容, 以信息量大、品位高雅、主题明确、图文并茂、实用导向性强的特色区别于其它同类刊物。 《今日风采》办刊宗旨是成为中国国内最具号召力的时尚期刊之一, 并影响愈来愈多中国白领女性的购物定向。 让她们坚信:《今日风采》的... Gratis 06/2012
749703   小学生一年级汉字笔顺和读音 小学生一年级汉字笔顺和读音 Bildung Bildung Apps like 小学生一年级汉字笔顺和读音 小学生一年级汉字笔顺和读音 按照教育部大纲要求的汉字笔顺和读音(mp3真人发音), 包括每个汉字的注音。 动画笔顺寓教于乐, 培养兴趣, 颜色环保, 保护孩子的眼睛。 具体包括: 一、二、三、十、木、禾、上、下、土、个、八、入、大、天、人、火、文、六、七、儿、九、无、口、日、中、了、子、门、月、不、开、四、五、目、耳、头、米、见、白、田、电、也、长、山、出、飞、马、鸟、云、公、车、牛、羊、小、少、巾、牙、尺、毛、卜、又、心、风、力、手、水、广、升、足、走、方、半、巴、业、本、平、书、自、已、东、... 5.99€ 06/2012
749704   秀美的 秀美的 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 秀美的 《秀美的BITEKI》杂志于2008年进入中国, 是由上海文艺出版(集团)有限公司与上海碧日广告有限公司共同合作, 引进日本株式会社小学馆旗下《美的BITEKI》杂志版权内容的专业类美容杂志。 杂志内容涵盖护肤、彩妆、美发、健康生活等多方面, 倡导“美是女人终身目的”的概念, 提供亚洲最具权威、专业和实用的美容资讯, 在日本已经成为诸多爱美女性必读的美容专刊。来到中国后, 也赢得了诸多追求美丽、时尚、精致生活的女性青睐, 让中国女性也能呈现出更完美, 精致的东方美。 关于本杂志订阅注意事项: 1、《秀美的... Gratis 06/2012
749705   [R]evolution MTB Magazine [R]evolution MTB Magazine Sport Sport Apps like [R]evolution MTB Magazine Since 2004, [R]evolution has been showcasing the new face of Australian MTB in it’s pages. In a nutshell, the new generation of riding from the riders perspective. 100% rider owned, operated and proudly produced entirely in Australia, [R]evolution is... Gratis 06/2012
749706   Math Galaxy Bridge The Swamp Math Galaxy Bridge The Swamp Bildung Bildung Apps like Math Galaxy Bridge The Swamp Practice times tables, whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and estimation in a strategy game where the object is to build a bridge across the Black Swamp to reach your home on the opposite side while blocking your opponent. The first player to g... 0.99€ 06/2012
749707   PickTech Mahjong for iPad PickTech Mahjong for iPad Spiele Spiele Apps like PickTech Mahjong for iPad PickTech MahJong is "MahJong Solitaire" which is a matching game for single player. The goal of game is to matching tiles as pairs to clear. Only most 2 side tiles without overlap can be select. Select 2 same tiles to clear, but classic tile, same colo... 0.99€ 06/2012
749708   ORLM ORLM Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like ORLM On refait le Mac est une émission de débats dédiée aux nouvelles technologies et à l’actualité d’Apple en particulier. Retrouvez chaque samedi, Olivier Frigara et ses chroniqueurs, Cédric Ingrand de LCI, Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz, investisseur, entre... Gratis 06/2012
749709   Century 21 e-Sales Century 21 e-Sales Büro Büro Apps like Century 21 e-Sales Access your CENTURY 21 e-Sales system from your iPhone or iPad. Access is limitted to CENTURY 21 e-Sales account holders.... Gratis 06/2012
749710   Doğru Cesur Doğru Cesur Spiele Spiele Apps like Doğru Cesur Doğruluk Mu? Cesaret Mi? Oyuncu isimlerini uygulamaya girin ve şişeyi çevirin. Doğruluk ve Cesaret soru tiplerinin yanısıra Masum, Komik, Çılgın, İğrenç ve +18 kategorileri ile oyunun türünü seçmenizi sağlar. Şişeyi çevirin ve rastgele seçilen bir k... Gratis 06/2012
749711   Cosmic Sports World 2015 Cosmic Sports World 2015 Sport Sport Apps like Cosmic Sports World 2015 Die Cosmic Sports World 2015 präsentiert Dir das aktuelle Sortiment von 38 Premium-Marken im Bike-Bereich. Diese kostenlose App liefert im ePaper-Katalog durch die Einbindung interaktiver Links mit zahlreichen Features wie Videos, Technik-Tipps und Produ... Gratis 06/2012
749712   Paris Metro Map and Route Planner Paris Metro Map and Route Planner Reise Reise Apps like Paris Metro Map and Route Planner Whether you plan to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Palace of Versailles this FREE app will help you make the most of your time in the city. "It's absolutely brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone. helped me loads on a recent trip to Paris" 5 S... Gratis 06/2012
749713   MS JAIN Numerology pyramid prediction MS JAIN Numerology pyramid prediction Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like MS JAIN Numerology pyramid prediction Full Featured Numerology Application MS JAIN Numerology Program includes Lucky Numbers, Unsuitable Colors, Suitable Name Number, Pyramid Predictions, Name Number, Predictions, Lucky Dates, Lucky Colors, Lucky Stone, Unsuitable Dates... Gratis 06/2012
749714   Harry Styles 1D: My BFF Harry Styles 1D: My BFF Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Harry Styles 1D: My BFF All Packages are now 50% OFF for this week only!!!! Get the best deal now before its gone!!! You can hug him, kiss him and even look like you are hanging out with Harry and the One Direction crew!!!! Don't be the last but be the first of your friends t... Gratis 06/2012
749715   Topple Domino Topple Domino Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Topple Domino You've all seen those events on TV where someone has spent months standing up millions of dominos, only to spend 5 minutes watching them fall - or more likely knocking them over prematurely narrowly missing the world record. Well ToppleDomino allows yo... 0.99€ 06/2012
749716   Popping Mania FREE Popping Mania FREE Spiele Spiele Apps like Popping Mania FREE Popping Mania ist ein spaßiges Arcade-Spiel, bei dem man einen Bogen benutzt, um Ballons platzen zu lassen und so viel Punkte wie möglich erzielen muss. Achte auf besondere Ballons für Bonuspunkte! Teste deine Fähigkeiten im Modus "Herausforderung", ... Gratis 06/2012
749717   PRO/CRM PRO/CRM Büro Büro Apps like PRO/CRM De PRO/CRM-app maakt online verbinding met uw bestaande PRO/CRM applicaties. Dankzij deze koppeling heeft u op het werk, thuis en onderweg snel en eenvoudig beschikking over de meest actuele status van klant- en verkoopgegevens.... Gratis 06/2012
749718   PRO/Staal PRO/Staal Büro Büro Apps like PRO/Staal De PRO/Staal-app maakt online verbinding met uw bestaande PRO/Staal applicaties. Dankzij deze koppeling heeft u op het werk, thuis en onderweg snel en eenvoudig beschikking over de meest actuele status van klant- en verkoopgegevens.... Gratis 06/2012
749719   Bíblia Para Mim Bíblia Para Mim Bücher Bücher Apps like Bíblia Para Mim A “Bíblia Para Mim” é uma aplicação concebida para lhe proporcionar uma experiência de leitura muito simples e agradável. Através dela tem acesso á mais recente tradução em linguagem moderna, realizada pela Sociedade Bíblica Portuguesa, complementada co... Gratis 06/2012
749720   CamCard HD Free - Professioneller Kartenscanner und -verwalter! CamCard HD Free - Professioneller Kartenscanner und -verwalter! Büro Büro Apps like CamCard HD Free - Professioneller Kartenscanner und -verwalter! 60% Rabatt nur für kurze Zeit! CamCard HD wandelt Ihr Tablett in einen super Kartenhalter um! Besuchen Sie hd.camcard.com um sie zu laden! * Meist geladene Wirtschaft App zum Visitenkartenscan und -verwaltung * Viel beliebt bei globalen Geschäftsmännern... Gratis 06/2012
749721   CamCard HD - Professioneller Kartenscanner und -verwalter! CamCard HD - Professioneller Kartenscanner und -verwalter! Büro Büro Apps like CamCard HD - Professioneller Kartenscanner und -verwalter! 60% Rabatt nur für kurze Zeit! CamCard HD wandelt Ihr Tablett in einen super Kartenhalter um! Besuchen Sie hd.camcard.com um sie zu laden! Originalpreis €17.99, Sonderpreis €6.99. • Meist geladene Wirtschaft App zum Visitenkartenscan und -verwaltung • ... 7.99€ 06/2012
749722   KidSkool: Piloten KidSkool: Piloten Spiele Spiele Apps like KidSkool: Piloten Eine Sammlung von lustigen Spielen für Kinder und Kinder nicht so! Die Kinder haben Spaß, während sie über die Luftfahrt zu lernen. *** Sammlung von acht Spiele für Kinder von 3 bis 99 Jahre *** Dieses Spiel macht Ihr Gerät zu einem Entertainment-Cente... 1.99€ 06/2012
749723   Train World Builder Full Train World Builder Full Spiele Spiele Apps like Train World Builder Full Build & play with WOOD TRAINS then RIDE & watch them go! Blow the TRAIN WHISTLE while you zoom through ZOO, FARM, CITY, and magical PAPER WORLDS! Beautiful graphics, real sound effects and kid friendly train music join you on each exciting ride! Do... 1.99€ 06/2012
749724   Bluetooth Metronome Bluetooth Metronome Musik Musik Apps like Bluetooth Metronome Say 'Hi' to the new redesigned and improved Sync Metronome (old Bluetooth Metronome). Now more accurate than ever! "Sync Metonome is great!" Apps4iDevices.com, 4/4 With a minimalist design and simple interface, Sync Metronome is a professional metron... 0.99€ 06/2012
749725   TimingDay TimingDay Büro Büro Apps like TimingDay Here it's an essential app to schedule your day!! You will no more be late or forgot a date! Essential for business man. You only need to insert your activity and press the start bottom. Once it's sufficient to slide to save the new event both in calen... 1.99€ 06/2012
749726   Go Dodo Go! Go Dodo Go! Spiele Spiele Apps like Go Dodo Go! Go Dodo Go is a multiplayer interactive educational game for kids which helps in memorizing various animals and birds. The game provides visual and audio clues similar to flash cards. Parents can play with their kids and become part of their playtime. It... 1.99€ 06/2012
749727   Quand Partir Quand Partir Reise Reise Apps like Quand Partir Quand et où partir en vacance? Une question que l'on se pose chaque année. Quand partir dans le pays de vos rêves, quelle est la meilleure période pour partir en voyage, quel climat trouverez vous sur place à cette époque de l'année ? Pour chaque pa... 0.99€ 06/2012
749728   พุทธวจน พุทธวจน Bildung Bildung Apps like พุทธวจน โปรแกรม พุทธวจน ถูกพัฒนาขึ้นเพื่อรวบรวมคำสอนที่ตรัสออกจากพระโอษฐ์ตถาคตอรหันตสัมมาสัมพุทธะโดยตรง และสื่อธรรมะในรูปแบบต่างๆ ที่คณะสงฆ์วัดนาป่าพง (ซึ่งมีพระอาจารย์คึกฤทธิ์ โสตฺถิผโล เป็นประธานสงฆ์) ได้แสดงธรรมะจากการทรงจำคำของตถาคต ถ่ายทอดด้วยการใช้พุทธวจนอธ... Gratis 06/2012
749729   SpikeLog SpikeLog Reise Reise Apps like SpikeLog SpikeLog is designed to create shareable map by taking photo and tracking your route with GPS capability. (distance, altitude, time, speed) You can combine with multiple map/track data files and show all at same time. SpikeLog is also designed to use Drop... Gratis 06/2012
749730   iFluids iFluids Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like iFluids Create stunning fluid image art work with iFluids! iFluids will be updated soon to the features of "iFluids HD", as iPhone only app. iFluids is a universal fluid simulation app designed for iPad, iPad retina, iPhone, iPhone retina and iPod touch, e... 0.99€ 06/2012
749731   Real Estate Doctor Real Estate Doctor Büro Büro Apps like Real Estate Doctor if you have Rental and Commercial Property, the Real Estate Doctor will diagnose its financial health. This app analyzes your annual operating income and expenses and calculates all important performance ratios. You will know whether it's normal , healt... Gratis 06/2012
749732   Free Color Games Free Color Games Bildung Bildung Apps like Free Color Games 4 wonderful color games only $0.99 for your preschoolers and pre-k/kindergarten learners. This color game app can generate thousands of unique games with colorful pictures dynamically. Your kids won’t feel bored. Games are easy to play and fun to learn. ... Gratis 06/2012
749733   Free Shape Games Free Shape Games Bildung Bildung Apps like Free Shape Games 5 fun shape learning games only $0.99 for your pre-k/kindergarten and 1st grade level students. This shape game app can generate thousands of unique worksheets with colorful pictures dynamically. All the games are easy to play and fun to learn. 1. Shape... Gratis 06/2012
749734   Free 1st grade math worksheets Free 1st grade math worksheets Bildung Bildung Apps like Free 1st grade math worksheets A fun 1st grade math app that will give your child excellent practice with essential math skills that are fundamental for them to be successful in mathematics: addition, subtraction, number sense, geometry shapes, patterns, and comparison. Priced ... Gratis 06/2012
749735   Ansel and Clair: Cretaceous Dinosaurs - A Fingerprint Network App Ansel and Clair: Cretaceous Dinosaurs - A Fingerprint Network App Bildung Bildung Apps like Ansel and Clair: Cretaceous Dinosaurs - A Fingerprint Network App Ansel & Clair: Cretaceous Dinosaurs Ansel and Clair: Cretaceous Dinosaurs is now a part of the Fingerprint Network for learning and play! Join Ansel, the friendly intergalactic photographer from the exotic planet Virtoos, and Clair, a brilliant Virtoo... 4.99€ 06/2012
749736   Mine Tabeller Mine Tabeller Bildung Bildung Apps like Mine Tabeller Med dette program kan du eller dit barn på en sjov og nem måde, lære alle de små tabeller fra 1-20. "Mine Tabeller" Er bygget op i 4 trin. 1. trin: Gennemgår tabellerne enkelvis, så de er nemme at huske. 2. trin: Her skal man selv udfylde de tal i t... Gratis 06/2012
749737   Beam Shooter Beam Shooter Spiele Spiele Apps like Beam Shooter A shooting game in walls. Tap to shoot. Rotate the device to change direction.... 3.99€ 06/2012
749738   Basketball Mix Basketball Mix Spiele Spiele Apps like Basketball Mix Basketball Mix Game. Draw lines to throw your ball to all baskets. To draw lines, use the simple drawing interface: move your finger to draw, and tap to remove a line. You are given a specific amount of building materials to draw lines. Use jumpers and... Gratis 06/2012
749739   One Paper One Paper Produktivität Produktivität Apps like One Paper An app For writing letters on the screen. 1. iCloud sync. 2. 2 finger pan to scroll. 3. Paper size is 1024 x 1366.... 2.99€ 06/2012
749740   GluRefPro GluRefPro Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like GluRefPro Cette application permet d'obtenir rapidement la teneur en glucides de plus de 5800 aliments. Les informations proviennent intégralement de la base de données du fichier canadien sur les éléments nutritifs, Santé Canada, 2010 (version électronique acces... 6.99€ 06/2012
749741   Verkehrskarte Toronto - Karte und Reiseplaner Subway Verkehrskarte Toronto - Karte und Reiseplaner Subway Reise Reise Apps like Verkehrskarte Toronto - Karte und Reiseplaner Subway Die beste U-Bahn-Plan App hat alles was man braucht: √ Findet den besten Weg für deine Reise (du wählst: am schnellsten oder geringste Änderungen √ Reisezeit berechnen und wie viele Haltestellen noch √ Deine Lieblingsstrecken für einfachen Zugriff speiche... Gratis 06/2012
749742   TravelSnaps Morocco TravelSnaps Morocco Reise Reise Apps like TravelSnaps Morocco A pictorial guide to Morocco for your travel inspiration. All places are displayed on the map for quick orientation. Easy to use, more than 100 pictures.... Gratis 06/2012
749743   Min MS Min MS Medizin Medizin Apps like Min MS Når du henter Min MS, sker det via App Store, og Teva Danmark A/S vil ikke i den forbindelse få adgang til dine personoplysninger. Når du gemmer oplysninger på din brugerprofil, sker det hos I-Guide ApS i en lukket database, hvor I-Guide handler efter... Gratis 06/2012
749744   Daily Pakistan Daily Pakistan Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Daily Pakistan Daily Pakistan App for iOS delivers localized news for the audience in Urdu language. Have access to swipe through stories and events to browse, with the first of its kind news coverage on mobile. Experience a world of news and insights into current affa... Gratis 06/2012
749745   Tap Monkey Races HD Lite Tap Monkey Races HD Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Tap Monkey Races HD Lite Hit the bananas until you get your monkey to the top of the palm tree before your opponent does.... Gratis 06/2012
749746   Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy Medizin Medizin Apps like Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy Official Journal of the Neurology Section, American Physical Therapy Association and the Associação Brasileira de Fisiotherapia Neurofunctional (ABRAFIN). Description: The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therap... Gratis 06/2012
749747   Shu- Chu- Train Shu- Chu- Train Bildung Bildung Apps like Shu- Chu- Train 脳の司令塔である「前頭前野」を鍛え、短時間で学習活動の基礎となる「集中力と記憶力」の向上を目指すデジタル教材です。 本アプリはサーバーアプリと組み合わせて利用する必要があるため、一般の方はご利用頂けません。... Gratis 06/2012
749748   Queensway Primary School Queensway Primary School Bildung Bildung Apps like Queensway Primary School This is the official app for Queensway Primary School, Yeadon, West Yorkshire. Stay up to date with current news, view our photo gallery, contact the school directly and locate us on our interactive map!... Gratis 06/2012
749749   Healthy Children Healthy Children Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Healthy Children Powered by pediatricians, trusted by parents. Get the peace of mind with health information from the experts at HealthyChildren.org, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ official web site for parents. Use quick tools to find a pediatrician by location an... Gratis 06/2012
749750   Evet Hayır Evet Hayır Spiele Spiele Apps like Evet Hayır Evet mi Hayır mı? Uzun soluklu, adrenalin ve heyecan dolu bu yarışmada soğuk terler akıtacaksınız! Dünyanın en çok sevilen Evet Hayır oyununda, vereceğiniz doğru cevaplar ile puanlamada üst sıralara çıkın.... Gratis 06/2012
749751   PastVid - The time-shift video recorder PastVid - The time-shift video recorder Photographie Photographie Apps like PastVid - The time-shift video recorder ■■ Direct the lens, to record the past. ■■ PastVid shows you the world a few seconds ago. You can easily check & record the past because PastVid displays the captured data after buffering to memory. For example, to check your form during training, to ... 1.99€ 06/2012
749752   Army Tactics & Doctrine Army Tactics & Doctrine Referenz Referenz Apps like Army Tactics & Doctrine Army Tactics & Doctrine is for all Soldiers that want to understand how the Army works. Words mean stuff. The Air Force has jets, the Navy has ships, Marines have hard heads and the Army has Doctrine. Tactics are the specific ways in which we carry o... 0.99€ 06/2012
749753   ProficySCADA ProficySCADA Büro Büro Apps like ProficySCADA Harness the power of Proficy HMI/SCADA on your iPad! GE’s Proficy HMI-SCADA iPad client enables you to instantly connect to iFIX WebSpace or CIMPLICITY GlobalView server―delivering a fully functioning HMI-SCADA iPad client for your operators and engineer... Gratis 06/2012
749754   INQA-Unternehmenscheck INQA-Unternehmenscheck Büro Büro Apps like INQA-Unternehmenscheck INQA-Unternehmenscheck „Guter Mittelstand“ TESTEN SIE SICH! Welche sind die Stärken und Schwächen Ihres Unternehmens? Spüren Sie Ihr Potenzial für Verbesserungen auf! Ein erfolgreiches und gesundes Unternehmen entsteht nicht durch Zufall. Der INQA-Unter... Gratis 06/2012
749755   Surf Camp 2012 Surf Camp 2012 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Surf Camp 2012 Surf Camp 2012 es un evento invitacional que reúne a periodistas, líderes de comunicación, empresarios, jóvenes y surfers famosos de Panama. El evento consiste en que todo mundo aprenda a surfear con Corona, además de tener toda una serie de actividad... Gratis 06/2012
749756   PREP3D PREP3D Spiele Spiele Apps like PREP3D The first 3D Hello Kitty children's game! This educational game will help your child learn their fruits, vegetables, and colors as they travel through Hello Kitty's garden! Children must collect as many fruits and veggies as they can before time runs o... Gratis 06/2012
749757   Notes CRM - Kundennotizen,  Kontaktformulare,  Briefe und Arbeitsberichte mit Taschenrechner,  Kategorien und Erinnerung Notes CRM - Kundennotizen, Kontaktformulare, Briefe und Arbeitsberichte mit Taschenrechner, Kategorien und Erinnerung Büro Büro Apps like Notes CRM - Kundennotizen, Kontaktformulare, Briefe und Arbeitsberichte mit Taschenrechner, Kategorien und Erinnerung eng.Notes CRM ist eine App zur Dokumentation ihrer täglichen Notizen, Arbeitsberichte und Kundenkontakte. Zur Verwaltung von Notizen bietet eng.Notes CRM den selben Leistungsumfang wie eng.Notes. Auch die Daten sind problemlos übertragbar und kompatibel.... 1.99€ 06/2012
749758   Gol Gol Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Gol Gol gives You a chance to communicate with the fans of an opponent Team! Just choose Your country, an opponent's country and hit the goal! Once You've done - You will have a chance to leave the comment for opponent country fans! Also, scoring a goal ad... Gratis 06/2012
749759   EM 2012 Planner - Mit zusätzlicher Tippfunktion in der Pro-Version EM 2012 Planner - Mit zusätzlicher Tippfunktion in der Pro-Version Sport Sport Apps like EM 2012 Planner - Mit zusätzlicher Tippfunktion in der Pro-Version Lade die neue EM-2012-App von den Machern der Platz 1 iPad-App zur WM 2010!! FEATURES ⊕ Alle Spielübersichten auf einen Blick ⊕ Alle Ergebnisse, Orte und Zeiten ⊕ Automatisches Laden der Spielergebnisse ⊕ kein überladenes Menü -> weniger ist mehr PRO-V... Gratis 06/2012
749760   iGenio iGenio Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like iGenio This app is intended for entertainment purposes only. iGenio riesce a leggere nella tua mente!! Non è uno scherzo! Questa applicazione è un'implementazione avanzata di un problema di intelligenza artificiale. Non devi fare altro che pensare ad un anim... 1.99€ 06/2012
749761   汽车商业评论 汽车商业评论 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 汽车商业评论 汽车商业评论 1 大宗旨:推动中国汽车工业向前进 《汽车商业评论》是一本以严肃、庄重态度来报道与评论的高级刊物, 它关注中国汽车工业, 同时也关注世界汽车发展动向。它凭借全球视野、专业手段、高尚品位, 力图塑造中国汽车杂志王者风范, 成为可以汇聚业界智识、助推产业创新的精神社区, 成为中国汽车界的意见领袖。 2 大目标:中国汽车的意见领袖;中国汽车商业报道第一刊 《汽车商业评论》颠覆现有汽车杂志的刻板内容和报道手法, 它以人性化、故事化、可读性、深刻性为采编方针, 在摒弃同行现有产品评测报道的基础上, 将... Gratis 06/2012
749762   武林OL HD 武林OL HD Spiele Spiele Apps like 武林OL HD ★限时免费第一品牌《搞趣网》gao7.com特约限免★ AppStore搜索“gao7”安装“限时免费”, 多快好省搞起来! 软件游戏猎手—精品APP发布风向标! 感谢软件游戏猎手给力推荐!在APP STORE搜索“软件游戏猎手”或登录ruanlie.com, 每天让你都有新发现! ★☆☆ App123 ☆☆★ 玩转应用从这里开始, 免费应用软件金榜产品!!数百万用户的唯一选择!! ※App游戏部落※www.appgz.com, 每日推荐好玩的游戏 【锋锋应用中心联合限免】iPhone必备应用, 免越... Gratis 06/2012
749763   SteamPilotHDlite SteamPilotHDlite Spiele Spiele Apps like SteamPilotHDlite Flying high above the rooftops, your job is to keep the street lamps burning by catching fireflies and shooting them at the lamps. Avoid the buildings and watch out for the bats that come out with the moonlight. Free 'Lite' Version Features: • Each ti... Gratis 06/2012
749764   Aktiv Bedrift Aktiv Bedrift Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Aktiv Bedrift Velkommen til Aktiv Bedrift. Denne appen er laget for at du som Aktiv Bedrift deltaker enkelt skal kunne registrere nye eller forhåndsdefinerte aktiviteter mens du er på farta. For å bruke appen må du ha en brukerkonto på aktivbedrift.no som du kan logg... Gratis 06/2012
749765   Bhagavatam Bhagavatam Bildung Bildung Apps like Bhagavatam ** Full 12 Cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam ** ** Search words for verses as well as English translation of any words . ** Read full chapter without purport and also read individual verses with detail purport. ** Maintain your own favorite list with verse... 4.99€ 06/2012
749766   Pasaban Cloud HD Pasaban Cloud HD Büro Büro Apps like Pasaban Cloud HD App for connecting to Pasaban machines... Gratis 06/2012
749767   Golf KingDoms HD Golf KingDoms HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Golf KingDoms HD ***** Golf Kingdoms is a slide-scrolling golf game with gorgerous and adorable design at each level. We present to you a whole new control interface, many game-modes with varied difficulty, beautiful graphic and soundtrack. Come to our lands and become ... Gratis 06/2012
749768   弘扬古筝校音器 弘扬古筝校音器 Musik Musik Apps like 弘扬古筝校音器 【我们给用户的忠告】 1、请在安静的环境下使用本款校音器; 2、请使用义甲拨弦以进行调试。 弘扬古筝校音器是一款帮助古筝学习者校音的应用, 您可以在设置好您的需求以后, 通过拨动古筝琴弦来进行调试音准。 初学古筝的用户设置我们的建议是:选择8弦、选择D调、选择手动, 首先从从8-21弦进行调试, 完成以后再对7-1弦进行调试, 这样做的好处是可以对松紧弦钉的力度多一个适应过程。 本款校音器有手动和自动2种模式, 我们建议初学者使用手动模式, 这样的好处是, 不会因为不懂古筝构造与乐... Gratis 06/2012
749769   Bug Plus Bug Plus Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Bug Plus Bug Plus nudi pogled u svijet najnovijih gadgeta, poslovnih i zabavnih high-tech uređaja te raznolikih tehnoloških dosega za slobodno vrijeme.... Gratis 06/2012
749770   Oh Hell HD Free Oh Hell HD Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Oh Hell HD Free Oh Hell is an addictive trick-taking card game, also known as Oh Pshaw, Elevator, Crazy Bridge… The object in Oh Hell is to take the exact number of tricks bid in each one of the hands played during the game. With this app you will: - Play a 5 rounds ... Gratis 06/2012
749771   SI Magazine SI Magazine Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like SI Magazine Sistemi Integrati è una rivista specializzata rivolta a installatori, system integrator, studi di progettazione, interior design e operatori del trade. Affronta le tematiche installative dei prodotti hi-tech domestici, residenziali e professionali. ... Gratis 06/2012
749772   TIO MobilePay - Bill Payments Made Easy TIO MobilePay - Bill Payments Made Easy Finanzen Finanzen Apps like TIO MobilePay - Bill Payments Made Easy Use your Visa® or MasterCard® to make fast, easy, and reliable bill payments to your utilities, phone, TV, Internet, and insurance service providers! TIO MobilePay powered by TIO Wallet is the ONLY way to pay all of your bills with your debit or cre... Gratis 06/2012
749773   Rummy Cubes Rummy Cubes Spiele Spiele Apps like Rummy Cubes Rummy classic game using tiles. Drop a tile on the top of another for creating runs. Play against 1, 2 or 3 players (on iPad, just 1 on iPhone). Or, play and chat online, over the internet, against another player. Drop 30 points for initial drop. ... Gratis 06/2012
749774   GUIzard-cLock GUIzard-cLock Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like GUIzard-cLock “cLock” is the third chapter of the GUIzard saga, a collection of your favorite magic tricks for iPhone and iPad. GUIzard-cLock requires only a bit of training by the magician, and results when successfully performed are astonishing! INGREDIENTS: ... 0.99€ 06/2012
749775   DjVu Reader Pro - The BEST viewer for djvu and pdf formats DjVu Reader Pro - The BEST viewer for djvu and pdf formats Bücher Bücher Apps like DjVu Reader Pro - The BEST viewer for djvu and pdf formats The BEST application for reading djvu and pdf formats. All formats are thoroughly elaborated and are 100% supported by the application. The visualization system takes into account the specific character of the formats functioning on mobile devices (memor... 3.99€ 06/2012
749776   雅思官方词库 雅思官方词库 Referenz Referenz Apps like 雅思官方词库 环球雅思出品的雅思官方词库, 最权威! 针对雅思考生精心设计的精品高效背单词APP! 雅思名师刘薇老师权威编写! ——词汇是雅思考试的基础 如果把英语比喻成一栋建筑, 钢混框架应该就是语法, 而每一块砖或外立面玻璃就是词汇。词汇是基础, 已经说了很多年, 但备考雅思的学生仍改不了急功近利的毛病, 懒于或不屑与背诵词汇。当然, 也有人恐惧词汇, 认为多数与词汇共度的时间, 都会最终付之东流, 不了了之。 这并不是词汇本身的问题, 更多的是背诵词汇范围, 了解词汇深度和记忆方法的问题。 《雅思... 2.99€ 06/2012
749777   Weduc Weduc Bildung Bildung Apps like Weduc Weduc was created to improve communication within the Education Sector. The application provides features such as feed with the most recent post, ability to publish texts, images, videos and links, send messages and even create a schedule and persona... Gratis 06/2012
749778   JigsawMorpaLite JigsawMorpaLite Spiele Spiele Apps like JigsawMorpaLite An educational game for ages 3+, 4+, and 5+. Helps childrens' mental development with jigsaw puzzles at three levels of difficulty for different ages (3x3, 4x4 and 6x6 pieces). Two language options: Turkish and English. 3+ yaş, 4yaş+, 5+ yaş çocukl... Gratis 06/2012
749779   Kingdom of Heroes HD Kingdom of Heroes HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Kingdom of Heroes HD Kingdom of Heroes is now in High Definition!Create your Kingdom, recruit Heroes to your cause, equip your Army and Defeat your foes! Kingdom of Heroes is a social, world building, heroes questing, and farming game in which you can compete with other ... Gratis 06/2012
749780   SteamPilotHD SteamPilotHD Spiele Spiele Apps like SteamPilotHD Flying high above the rooftops, your job is to keep the street lamps burning by catching fireflies and shooting them at the lamps. Avoid the buildings and watch out for the bats that come out with the moonlight. Includes: • Steampunk inspired graphics... 0.99€ 06/2012
749781   《风尚周报》杂志 《风尚周报》杂志 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 《风尚周报》杂志 《风尚周报》隶属南方报业传媒集团, 由南方都市报倾力打造, 《风尚周报》是一份服务于中国新崛起的精英中产阶层, 致力于提高他们的生活品质, 呈现其生活品位的大型生活读物。她将真实呈现这个时代最具影响力人群的前沿思想, 演绎最前沿的精英生活方式, 提供高端生活资讯, 描述品质生活的生动细节, 成就成功人士的品位人生。 关于本杂志订阅注意事项: 1、风尚周报杂志为半月刊, 半个月一期 2、订阅杂志, 您可以选择 .订阅三个月, 价格4.99美元或30元人民币 .订阅六个月, 价格7.99美元或50元人民币... Gratis 06/2012
749782   Peter Hases Garten Peter Hases Garten Spiele Spiele Apps like Peter Hases Garten Die Geschichte: Sei dabei wenn Peter und seine Freunde knapp aus Herrn Mr. McGreggors Garten entkommen und hilf ihnen, ihren eigenen Garten für stets genug Futter in ihren wolligen Bäuchen anzulegen, damit sie nicht mehr befürchten müssen als Kaninc... Gratis 06/2012
749783   incoterms®10 English incoterms®10 English Büro Büro Apps like incoterms®10 English When something goes wrong during a commercial transaction, who is responsible, the exporter, the importer, the carrier? The Incoterms® are a series of widely accepted terms used in international trade to resolve any conflict that may arise between al... 6.99€ 06/2012
749784   Drawletters Drawletters Bildung Bildung Apps like Drawletters Raqpit studio is pleased to announce the release of this new educational Apps. This Apps contains hand-on drawing, real-time english speaking and interactive game. Through these functions, learning becomes easy, enjoyable and funny. Parents can make us... Gratis 06/2012
749785   3D Human Head & Neck Muscle HD 3D Human Head & Neck Muscle HD Medizin Medizin Apps like 3D Human Head & Neck Muscle HD This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional reminder. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas to their... 5.99€ 06/2012
749786   Sir Bit Full Sir Bit Full Spiele Spiele Apps like Sir Bit Full The world of ASCII is in danger. The evil wizard Nul has kidnapped the princesses and it’s your duty to help the valiant Sir Bit to free them and restore order. Sir Bit features: 4 regions each to get you started Learn maps and find keys and treasure t... Gratis 06/2012
749787   RadSounds Cause / Effect Lite RadSounds Cause / Effect Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like RadSounds Cause / Effect Lite RadSounds is the world's greatest cause/effect music program for special needs learners. You can customize your playlist by recording or singing new music to your iPad, importing from your iPad's music library, or use the many great songs that we provid... Gratis 06/2012
749788   JumpStock JumpStock Büro Büro Apps like JumpStock *Requires JumpStock license available from Jump Technologies. JumpStock is the simple, yet sophisticated automated inventory management app that mimics the pen and paper method of taking inventory - but it is much faster and reduces errors. JumpStock wo... Gratis 06/2012
749789   Workout Time Lite Workout Time Lite Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Workout Time Lite No need for a stopwatch, a clock or even a watch! This free version of Workout Time is an audio and visual stopwatch, perfect for trips to the gym, timing your weight lifting reps, timing runs, bike rides and anything else that needs to be timed with... Gratis 06/2012
749790   Blickpunkt Blickpunkt Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Blickpunkt Lesen Sie die Ingolstädter Wochenzeitung „BLICKPUNKT.iN“ als Premium-Ausgabe jede Woche auf dem iPad. Spannende und exklusive Artikel aus der Ingolstädter Politik, aus Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Sport. Dazu Reportagen, Features und Porträts. Hinterg... Gratis 06/2012
749791   摇摇骰子 完美版 摇摇骰子 完美版 Spiele Spiele Apps like 摇摇骰子 完美版 Description A Dice is a practical, entertaining godly app for your life. A Dice , more situations, more backgrounds and more suprises. Are you still wasting time on choosing what are you going to eat for dinner? Where should I go for this weekend? Wh... 0.99€ 06/2012
749792   Upload Upload Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Upload Quickly and easily send photos and videos to a central location for processing and production. With the ability to connect to both FTP and FileCatalyst servers, the FileCatalyst Upload app is flexible and easy to use.... Gratis 06/2012
749793   True Bethel Baptist Church True Bethel Baptist Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like True Bethel Baptist Church Welcome! Here at True Bethel Baptist Church we want to keep in touch with our members and help people get to church even when they can't physically make it. Through our new app you'll see all the church's events, get directions from your current location... Gratis 06/2012
749794   Donut Dunk Donut Dunk Spiele Spiele Apps like Donut Dunk Who loves donuts? We certainly do, and we show it in this donut dunking game! Toss donuts and donut holes into a huge cup of coffee free throw style. The best part? We've included multiplayer mode so practice hard to win bragging rights of the master d... Gratis 06/2012
749795   incoterms®10 incoterms®10 Büro Büro Apps like incoterms®10 Los Incoterms® son normas establecidas por la Cámara de Comercio Internacional cuyo uso no es obligatorio pero sí recomendable en cualquier operación de compraventa internacional, pues establece claramente el reparto de obligaciones entre vendedor y comp... 6.99€ 06/2012
749796   Vie del Gusto Vie del Gusto Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Vie del Gusto Rivista Vie del gusto. Le migliori strutture ed i prodotti più tipici selezionati per voi da Vie del Gusto, la prima rivista interamente dedicata al gusto in tutte le sue forme.... Gratis 06/2012
749797   LaxMgr LaxMgr Sport Sport Apps like LaxMgr Lacrosse is a fast moving/exciting sport! Most lacrosse teams require a number of people to spot and record the statistics and penalty information for not only their home team but (ideally) also for the opposing team. Information is lost, because the ... Gratis 06/2012
749798   myintercom myintercom Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like myintercom Auf Ihre myintercom Videotürsprechanlage können Sie jederzeit live mit dieser App zugreifen. Das System funktioniert sowohl komplett autark in Ihrem lokalen Netzwerk (LAN) als auch unterwegs, ohne Reichweitenbegrenzung sicher verschlüsselt über Internet ... Gratis 06/2012
749799   DamnLOL DamnLOL Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like DamnLOL After a long wait, the official DamnLOL.com app is finally here! This great app gives you access to all the crazy pictures that can be found on Damn! LOL, which range from Autocorrects to Demotivationals and Photoshop Fails to Photobombs. There will de... Gratis 06/2012
749800   Tunesien - dein Reiseführer mit Offline Karte von tripwolf (Guide für Sehenswürdigkeiten,  Touren und Hotels in Tunis,  Hammamet,  Houmt Souk uvm.) Tunesien - dein Reiseführer mit Offline Karte von tripwolf (Guide für Sehenswürdigkeiten, Touren und Hotels in Tunis, Hammamet, Houmt Souk uvm.) Reise Reise Apps like Tunesien - dein Reiseführer mit Offline Karte von tripwolf (Guide für Sehenswürdigkeiten, Touren und Hotels in Tunis, Hammamet, Houmt Souk uvm.) Entdecke die schönsten Orte mit dem Tunesien tripwolf Guide - deinem Reiseführer mit Offline Karte! + Apple's „Das Beste aus 2014“ + + Empfohlen von „Die Welt“, „CHIP“ und „Computerbild 2014“ + Plane deine Reise nach Tunesien und erhalte Informationen ... Gratis 06/2012

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