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757201   Euros Netherlands Pro Euros Netherlands Pro Sport Sport Apps like Euros Netherlands Pro This is THE official Euro 2012 Netherlands App! Find all information about the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. This is the most complete EURO 2012 App. In this App you will find: Player statistics: - Goals - Cards - Substitutes - Position - Number ... 0.99€ 05/2012
757202   Rage Comic Maker Rage Comic Maker Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Rage Comic Maker ★★★★★ 175, 000+ comics have been CREATED with the Rage Comic Maker app! This is the EASIEST and QUICKEST way to create and share Rage Comics on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! ★★★★★ RAGE COMIC MAKER makes it ridiculously easy to create and share Rage ... 0.99€ 05/2012
757203   Nature & Scenery Wallpapers HD Nature & Scenery Wallpapers HD Photographie Photographie Apps like Nature & Scenery Wallpapers HD A spectacular photo collection of natural landscapes and beautiful scenery from around the world to liven up your iPad. All photos were taken around the world by travel enthusiast and adventurer, Brian T. Cox in locations including Africa, Equador, Per... 0.99€ 05/2012
757204   Flowers Wallpapers HD Flowers Wallpapers HD Photographie Photographie Apps like Flowers Wallpapers HD A spectacular photo collection of flower and plant images to liven up your iPad. All photos were taken around the world by travel enthusiast and adventurer, Brian T. Cox in locations including Africa, Equador, Peru, China, The Galapagos Islands, Egy... 0.99€ 05/2012
757205   Berlin U-Bahn Berlin U-Bahn Navigation Navigation Apps like Berlin U-Bahn Es ist mehr als nur eine Karte: Es ist die U-Bahn in Ihrer Tasche! Die EINZIGE U-Bahn-App mit visual Benutzerschnittstelle und Fußwegbeschreibungen. • Erhalten Sie Schritt-für-Schritt-Wegbeschreibungen zwischen zwei beliebigen Haltestellen, selbst wenn... 0.99€ 05/2012
757206   Escape 3D: Library Escape 3D: Library Spiele Spiele Apps like Escape 3D: Library WARNING: THIS ESCAPE GAME IS FREE ESCAPE 3D: LIBRARY CONTAINS 3 FULL LEVELS ★★★★★★ I’ve been going to the library everyday for the past month...who thought you would have to study so much in college? As an adrenaline rush of boredom surges throughout... Gratis 05/2012
757207   iRoll+ iRoll+ Büro Büro Apps like iRoll+ Metal Plate Roll at Your Fingertips iRoll+ brings the latest research on rolling accuracy to the iPad. Touch the screen and draw your part's profile. Even complex shapes can be quickly entered. Now the iPad delivers the same accuracy which previously ... Gratis 05/2012
757208   Jazz Cats Jazz Cats Musik Musik Apps like Jazz Cats Rated a killer app by Apps4iDevices.com! http://apps4idevices.com/read/jazz-cats-v1-0.html Video Preview Trailer at http://www.lighthouseinternet.com/jazzcats Introducing "Jazz Cats" from Lighthouse Internet, LLC now optimized for the new iPad display!... 2.99€ 05/2012
757209   GO,  the mobile app from SACU GO, the mobile app from SACU Finanzen Finanzen Apps like GO, the mobile app from SACU Manage your money anywhere and anytime with GO, the mobile app from SACU. Now you can view your SACU account history, deposit checks*, transfer money, schedule and make bill payments, locate branches, ATMs and more all from the convenience of your i... Gratis 05/2012
757210   Poppy's Pizza & Grill Poppy's Pizza & Grill Büro Büro Apps like Poppy's Pizza & Grill Poppy’s Pizza & Grill offers something for everyone in a great location downtown on Estes Park’s beautiful Riverwalk. From pizza to burgers, salad bar and homemade soups to classic sandwiches and wraps, from a great wine list to one of the most extensiv... Gratis 05/2012
757211   iSciLog iSciLog Bildung Bildung Apps like iSciLog This is the first version of the logging system at MBARI. Use this application to log your observations.... Gratis 05/2012
757212   Church-111 Church-111 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Church-111 This app was developed by ICG Link as a companion to the Church111 content management system.... Gratis 05/2012
757213   血字研究(福尔莫斯系列)-英语有声读物-英汉对照 血字研究(福尔莫斯系列)-英语有声读物-英汉对照 Bildung Bildung Apps like 血字研究(福尔莫斯系列)-英语有声读物-英汉对照 ▲真人朗读▲ ▲同步字幕▲ ▲定位点读▲ ▲英汉对照▲▲内置词典▲▲生词库▲听名著, 练听力, 学英语, 记单词 ▲ ▲▲录音长度:260分钟 约4个小时 ▲▲其中四分之一的章节是免费的 《血字的研究》英文版篇名为:A Study In Scarlet;标准缩写:STUD。 血字研究最早发表于1887年11月的《1887年比顿圣诞年刊》(《Beeton's Christmas annual》)它的推出以及一系列传奇的开始奠定了一个在世界文学史上颇受争议, 也颇为有名的人物的地位。 当阿瑟·柯南·道尔... Gratis 05/2012
757214   Jelly Mon Jelly Mon Spiele Spiele Apps like Jelly Mon "Very innovative gameplay.Haven't played a game like it before on my iPad." "this is a great game that the creators should be very proud of." "Cute and challenging, should keep kids busy for a while!" "The characters are really cute." "My kid loves t... 2.99€ 05/2012
757215   StarQ_唱唱跳跳3 StarQ_唱唱跳跳3 Bildung Bildung Apps like StarQ_唱唱跳跳3 产品概述 《星猫唱唱跳跳》一共4期, 每期4首儿童歌曲, 共含16首适合孩子的歌曲, 包含完整歌曲和伴奏音乐, 是一款为孩子量身定做的娱乐软件。 功能特点 *目录浏览 设置了目录页面, 使操作更简单方便。 *图片精美 卡通风格, 色彩生动活泼。 *听歌曲 优美的儿童歌曲, 健康活泼, 专为孩子量身定做。 *听伴奏 方便孩子学习歌曲, 随着伴奏演唱。 欢迎使用更多StarQ其他幼教产品。 Product Overview “Star cat sing and dance” includes... 0.99€ 05/2012
757216   StarQ_唱唱跳跳2 StarQ_唱唱跳跳2 Bildung Bildung Apps like StarQ_唱唱跳跳2 产品概述 《星猫唱唱跳跳》一共4期, 每期4首儿童歌曲, 共含16首适合孩子的歌曲, 包含完整歌曲和伴奏音乐, 是一款为孩子量身定做的娱乐软件。 功能特点 *目录浏览 设置了目录页面, 使操作更简单方便。 *图片精美 卡通风格, 色彩生动活泼。 *听歌曲 优美的儿童歌曲, 健康活泼, 专为孩子量身定做。 *听伴奏 方便孩子学习歌曲, 随着伴奏演唱。 欢迎使用更多StarQ其他幼教产品。 Product Overview “Star cat sing and dance” includes... 0.99€ 05/2012
757217   Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt started his career at the Mongolian Stock Exchange as a floor supervisor in 1991 and moved on to engage in the family business a year later. He joined the Central Bank’s Supervision Division after graduating from the Budapest Unive... Gratis 05/2012
757218   4 Square 4 Square Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 4 Square 4 square is an artwork that creates random juxtapositions of four different elements. Tap each square to change the images. Drag the squares to change their positions.... Gratis 05/2012
757219   Money-- Money-- Bildung Bildung Apps like Money-- Money-- is a great way to practice counting money. Select the difficulty level and number of problems in the "Settings" screen. Progress through the difficulty levels until you master counting money.... Gratis 05/2012
757220   Money- Money- Bildung Bildung Apps like Money- *** Price reduced for a limited time! *** Money- is a great way to practice counting money. Select the difficulty level and number of problems in the "Settings" screen. Progress through the difficulty levels until you master counting money.... 2.99€ 05/2012
757221   Schaefer Yachts Schaefer Yachts Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Schaefer Yachts Baixe o aplicativo oficial do estaleiro catarinense Schaefer Yachts e conheça a melhor frota do Brasil que vem conquistando clientes no Brasil e no mundo, com fotos internas, externas, plantas e informações técnicas completas de cada modelo. Ficou int... Gratis 05/2012
757222   NinJump Deluxe HD Free NinJump Deluxe HD Free Spiele Spiele Apps like NinJump Deluxe HD Free SPRINGE, RENN & SCHLITZE DICH AN DIE SPITZE! NinJump Deluxe, der Nachfolgehit des überaus populären NinJump-Spiels beinhaltet den gleichen Ninja-Kletterspaß, sowie brandneue, aufregende Szenarios mit neuen Feinden und Power-Ups. NinJump ist jetzt 100... Gratis 05/2012
757223   Silly Baby Faces Silly Baby Faces Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Silly Baby Faces Silly Baby Faces is a hilarious face animator and voice changer that moves to your own voice! Record your own phrases and play them IN A BABY VOICE! App Features: * Automatically change your voice to sound like a baby! * Save an unlimited number of rec... 0.99€ 05/2012
757224   Lead ! The Leadership Library : Book Summaries,  Tips,  Quiz Lead ! The Leadership Library : Book Summaries, Tips, Quiz Büro Büro Apps like Lead ! The Leadership Library : Book Summaries, Tips, Quiz With more than 64, 000 books on leadership on amazon.com, Leadership is a very important topic these days for professionals, executives, and business managers… Important, but also the sheer size of the literature means that there is a lot of waste and... Gratis 05/2012
757225   A Arca de Noe A Arca de Noe Bildung Bildung Apps like A Arca de Noe There are many and many years, a great storm changed the destiny of Earth and its inhabitants. Noah, a good and righteous man, was chosen by God to live an exciting adventure with your family and save all species of animals in the world of a huge delug... Gratis 05/2012
757226   Medical Glossaries Medical Glossaries Medizin Medizin Apps like Medical Glossaries ***** Glossary collection of 25 specialties in Medical Science ***** ***** Special discounted price for all Pack for limited period ***** ***** Medical Professionals, students & doctors are highly respected across all society ***** This Medical Glossar... Gratis 05/2012
757227   NeuroReport NeuroReport Medizin Medizin Apps like NeuroReport NeuroReport Publishing the very latest research in neuroscience. Welcome to the iPad app for NeuroReport. This dynamic app combines a print-like reading experience with changeable text size, article-sharing features, multimedia links, and other enh... Gratis 05/2012
757228   Swamp People Swamp People Spiele Spiele Apps like Swamp People Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies America’s oldest swamp – a million miles of inhospitable bayous, marshes and wetlands where nature rules and humans struggle to tame it. Alligator hunting is one of the most exciting, and dangerous, activities one ca... Gratis 05/2012
757229   European Journal of Emergency Medicine European Journal of Emergency Medicine Medizin Medizin Apps like European Journal of Emergency Medicine European Journal of Emergency Medicine Publishing the very latest research in emergency medicine. Official Journal of the European Society of Emergency Medicine Welcome to the iPad app for European Journal of Emergency Medicine. This dynamic app com... Gratis 05/2012
757230   European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Medizin Medizin Apps like European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Publishing the very latest research in gastroenterology and hepatology. Welcome to the iPad app for the European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology. This dynamic app combines a print-like readin... Gratis 05/2012
757231   Skate Proof Movie Skate Proof Movie Photographie Photographie Apps like Skate Proof Movie The app for SKATE PROOF - the gritty skateboard/crime/drama film - with trailer, behind-scenes, soundtrack, twitter, and the whole movie available in app! ----------------------- Now download and watch the whole movie for ONLY $0.99 in SD !! $2.99... Gratis 05/2012
757232   Crystal Lines HD Crystal Lines HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Crystal Lines HD Crystal Lines is the most classic and amazing board game featuring addictive gameplay and tons of exciting new balls and power ups! Once you play , you can't stop! The object of the game is to link five balls of the same color to form a line in any di... Gratis 05/2012
757233   도도스토어 도도스토어 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 도도스토어 도도스토어는 소상공인이 서비스 이용자에게 쉽게 적립을 해주고 이를 통계적으로 관리할 수 있는 애플리케이션입니다. 도도스토어를 사용자에게 보여주어 사용자가 바로 적립할 수 있게 해주세요. 사용자가 평소에 소지하고 다니는 어떤 QR코드로도 적립이 가능합니다. 적립된 사용자 정보는 화면을 뒤집어 볼 수 있는 관리 패널을 통해 빠르게 관리할 수 있습니다. 로열 사용자에게 추가 포인트를 주고, 어뷰징 사용자의 포인트를 취소시키세요. 관리 패널에선, 적립... Gratis 05/2012
757234   DrugChecker (Pregnancy & Lactation) DrugChecker (Pregnancy & Lactation) Medizin Medizin Apps like DrugChecker (Pregnancy & Lactation) This application displays the data on the Safety Categories for Pregnancy Drugs downloaded from the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on 02/07/2011 to classify the risks of taking each medication during pregnancy or lactation. The data in this appli... 1.99€ 05/2012
757235   TruckPowerNapPro TruckPowerNapPro Reise Reise Apps like TruckPowerNapPro -This app was designed and programmed by a Professional Truck Driver that is an expert computer programmer. - This app has been designed to be quick and easy to use. - This app is convenient to use by following these three easy steps: 1. Select the ... 0.99€ 05/2012
757236   Catfish Fry Free Catfish Fry Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Catfish Fry Free Fishing in the swamp is fun fun fun! this Fishing game is loaded with crazy catfish including great big ones and a ton of baby catfish! Throw in a couple Alligators and you got some crazy fishing action! Every time you catch something, you'll win a snack... Gratis 05/2012
757237   Louis Vuitton 100 Legendary Trunks Louis Vuitton 100 Legendary Trunks Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Louis Vuitton 100 Legendary Trunks Embark on an epic journey around the world and discover the secrets behind some of the most exquisite and unique trunks created by Louis Vuitton for explorers, magicians, movie stars, maharajas …. Adapted from the book Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Tru... 16.99€ 05/2012
757238   Kroolz Kroolz Spiele Spiele Apps like Kroolz Kroolz is meditative puzzle game, with a chilled, evolving ambient sound track. This is the classic Match-3 puzzler pushed into the third dimension, designed with the long commute to work in mind. Every action and state of the game is communicated bac... Gratis 05/2012
757239   Studieren Spanische Wörter - Auswendig Spanischer Sprache Vokabular mit Lernkartei und Vokabelliste Studieren Spanische Wörter - Auswendig Spanischer Sprache Vokabular mit Lernkartei und Vokabelliste Bildung Bildung Apps like Studieren Spanische Wörter - Auswendig Spanischer Sprache Vokabular mit Lernkartei und Vokabelliste Verbessern Sie Ihre spanischen Wortschatz mit Karten und Wortspiele. Das Vokabular ist die Grundlage der Sprache, sondern das Lernen neuer Wörter kann ein Streit. Mit Studieren Spanische Wörter Lernen ist praktisch und unterhaltsam. Es wird Ihnen helfen,... 3.99€ 05/2012
757240   Legend of the Cryptids Legend of the Cryptids Spiele Spiele Apps like Legend of the Cryptids #1 FREE GAME in countries on the AppStore with over 3 Million Downloads!! UPDATE: Legend of the Cryptids is now compatible and fully supported on the iPad - Enjoy the STUNNING artwork on a larger screen! *Devices running version 5.1.1 and lower are curr... Gratis 05/2012
757241   T Bone T Bone Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like T Bone Ristorante americano Steak House Bisteccheria... Gratis 05/2012
757242   EasyPiecy Dänisch EasyPiecy Dänisch Reise Reise Apps like EasyPiecy Dänisch Nimm eine neue Sprache mit in Deine Tasche, wenn Du zur Schule gehst oder wenn Du auf Reisen bist. Das App enthaelt 1800 Woerter und Redensarten speziell fuer Reisende. Alle Woerter sind aufgenommen und logisch in 15 Kategorien sortiert.... Gratis 05/2012
757243   ecQ ecQ Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like ecQ Do you know how much time you are spending or wasting on queueing every day? By using "ecQ", you may say goodbye to "Bored Queueing" from now on. After you got the ticket from the shop, you may take a snapshot on the shop's QR Code, and then input yo... Gratis 05/2012
757244   Easter Recipes & Tips Easter Recipes & Tips Referenz Referenz Apps like Easter Recipes & Tips Easter is coming! Are you prepared to welcome it by showing off your cooking abilities to your friends and family? The "Easter Recipies & Tips" app is here to help! With just one tap on your mobile device, you get access to everything you want to know a... 0.99€ 05/2012
757245   Longbow - Archery 3D Lite Longbow - Archery 3D Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Longbow - Archery 3D Lite Longbow ist ein unterhaltsames und herausforderndes 3D Bogenschießspiel für Telefone (iPhone, iPod Touch und iPad) und Tablet-Geräte. Stellen Sie Ihr Zielen ein, ziehen Sie Ihren Pfeil und treffen Sie entfernte Ziele, um hohe Punktzahlen zu erreichen!... Gratis 05/2012
757246   Piano88Keys Piano88Keys Musik Musik Apps like Piano88Keys Piano with 88Keys full Keyboard... Gratis 05/2012
757247   宝钢在线 HD 宝钢在线 HD Büro Büro Apps like 宝钢在线 HD 这是宝钢奉献给广大钢材用户的iPad自助应用终端。用户手持iPad即可随时随地查询自己合同相关的信息, 包括:合同信息、生产进程、出厂码单、出厂提单、质保书及GPS等。 技术让生活更轻松, 宝钢与您共享移动商务的便利。... Gratis 05/2012
757248   Word Dynamo - Flashcards & Word Games by Dictionary.com Word Dynamo - Flashcards & Word Games by Dictionary.com Bildung Bildung Apps like Word Dynamo - Flashcards & Word Games by Dictionary.com Top-rated word game app by Dictionary.com. Cited by CBS: “Word Dynamo can be used and enjoyed by everyone from elementary school students to college graduates.” Named Appolicious top iOS app. Rated 9.1 Learning Score by Learning Works for Kids. Word Dyna... 0.99€ 05/2012
757249   ways2gether AR-Viewer ways2gether AR-Viewer Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like ways2gether AR-Viewer Dieser Viewer entstand im Rahmen eines österreichischen Förderprojekts und dient der Visualisierung von Planungsvorhaben im Straßenraum. Bisher gibt es ein Beispiel von insgesamt vier zum Betrachten. Der Viewer kann in 2 Modi betrieben werden. Aktiviert ... Gratis 05/2012
757250   AirCards AirCards Bildung Bildung Apps like AirCards Be ready for your next checkride, interview, type rating course, revalidation, multi-crew coordination course, ATP/ATP license, or transition training with AirCards! AirCards are a series of aircraft system and procedure reviews covering most Boeing... Gratis 05/2012
757251   Tricks for "OSX Lion" Tricks for "OSX Lion" Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Tricks for "OSX Lion" ★★★★★ TOP SELLER ★★★★★ ★This is one of the "must have" application for everyone that have a Mac.★ ★ Probably you have see that use a Mac is really easy but this incredible machine hide a lot of tricks and gesture. Whit this Application you can learn... 0.99€ 05/2012
757252   Voyages in World History 1e Voyages in World History 1e Bildung Bildung Apps like Voyages in World History 1e World History Students and History Buffs: Explore and examine the past on your mobile device! This interactive app, developed by historians, guides you through voyages taken by real life travelers in various time periods as early as 4000 B.C.E until ... 9.99€ 05/2012
757253   KitchenHelper Pro KitchenHelper Pro Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like KitchenHelper Pro Useful kitchen converter with liquid and solid conversion features. With KitchenHelper PRO you can also convert liquid units to solid and viceversa. Very useful when you don't have a graduated container or a balance. 64 units for liquid measurements, 2... 0.99€ 05/2012
757254   Biogénie Interface® Biogénie Interface® Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Biogénie Interface® BIOGENIE INTERFACE® For your beauty institute, Biogenie's new Interface application meets all the needs of beauty professionals with a simple, efficient, and intuitive tool: Interface. You will find all the functions you have been waiting for: - Fac... Gratis 05/2012
757255   Tap and Match Shapes Tap and Match Shapes Spiele Spiele Apps like Tap and Match Shapes “Tap and Match Shapes” is an attractive interactive game for kids that helps them to develop object recognition and matching capabilities while having fun. It is designed for kids of age 2 and above keeping in mind their capabilities. *With “Tap and Matc... Gratis 05/2012
757256   EvidenceCam for iPad EvidenceCam for iPad Photographie Photographie Apps like EvidenceCam for iPad 1. Header of photo contains GPS coordinates, street address (street name can be turned off for photos taken in open fields), time/date stamp. Time/Date stamp uses NTP (national time protocol) in UTC format. If NTP servers are unreachable, the device's ... 1.99€ 05/2012
757257   Ermittlung Der Differenz Ermittlung Der Differenz Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Ermittlung Der Differenz Ermittlung der Differenz ist ein fesselndes Matching-Spiel, in denen Sie jagen Unterschiede bevor die Zeit abgelaufen wird! Jede Stufe hat Spaß und einzigartige Bilder, und auf den ersten Blick scheinen mag die Bilder identisch, aber es gibt fünf Unte... 0.99€ 05/2012
757258   NOAA Weather Center NOAA Weather Center Wetter Wetter Apps like NOAA Weather Center Sale! Just $1.99! Download Now! Weather Center is a professional application with professional features not found in your average weather app. Weather Center plugs directly into NOAA's weather sources delivering you the most accurate and timely weather d... 1.99€ 05/2012
757259   Dino Match Lite Dino Match Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Dino Match Lite In this five-by-five grid game, you can select two tiles to trade places. The goal is to create rows or columns of like tiles to create a matching set. You score points for each row or column set you make. You have a limited number of turns to make as ... Gratis 05/2012
757260   123D Make Intro 123D Make Intro Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 123D Make Intro Introducing 123D Make Intro! 123D Make lets you turn 3D models into 2D build plans with animated assembly instructions. This intro version of Make for iOS lets you explore some of the basic concepts and features of this amazing technology. If you lik... Gratis 05/2012
757261   2-6岁益智训练 2-6岁益智训练 Bildung Bildung Apps like 2-6岁益智训练 专为2-6岁儿童设计! *****如果地球上没有动物, 那是一个没有活力的世界!***** 让我们看看近年动物灭绝记载:渡渡鸟(印度, 1781), 蓝马羚(南非, 1799), 马里恩象龟(舌塞尔, 1800), 大海雀(大西洋, 1844), 欧洲野马(欧洲, 1876), 斑驴(亚洲, 1883), 白臀叶猴(中国, 1893), 旅鸽(北美, 1914), 佛罗里达猴(北美, 1917), 卡罗莱那鹦鹉(北美, 1918), 中国犀牛(中国, 1922), 高加索野牛(欧洲, 1925), 巴... Gratis 05/2012
757262   Ralliart Collection 2012 Ralliart Collection 2012 Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Ralliart Collection 2012 History Mitsubishi Motors established Ralliart in 1984 to take its motorsport ambitions to the highest Level. Two decades of wins later, Ralliart has developed a strong racing heritage with stunning success in events such as the FIA World Rally Champio... Gratis 05/2012
757263   Kitsch-Player Kitsch-Player Musik Musik Apps like Kitsch-Player Ein Musik-Player, der den Charme und die elegante Schlichtheit eines Transistorradios verkörpert. Der Kitsch-Player spielt Musik aus deiner Mediathek, hat jedoch die Anmutung eines klassischen Radios. Durch Drehen der Wählscheibe kann zwischen 11 Stati... 0.99€ 05/2012
757264   Grabbit Grabbit Spiele Spiele Apps like Grabbit Helfen Sie Ihren Frosch so viele Insekten wie möglich zu essen, bevor die Zeit abgelaufen ist! Aber Vorsicht, die Insekten werden zurückschlagen! Grabbit ist ein schnelles Actionspiel, in dem Sie Ihren Sinn für Genauigkeit und Ausdauer herausfordern w... Gratis 05/2012
757265   Cement Truck Cement Truck Spiele Spiele Apps like Cement Truck A fun and cute interactive app for Kids! A fun new addition to our construction vehicles! Follow alongside a Cement Truck as it drives through a neighborhood. Fill up the cement truck with rocks and water at the cement plant. Visit various construction ... 0.99€ 05/2012
757266   Signal Content Signal Content Büro Büro Apps like Signal Content Application to select and view multimedia content from the Signal Online Publishing Platform installed for the Enterprise as a SaaS instance... Gratis 05/2012
757267   OrtoNL OrtoNL Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like OrtoNL OrtoNL geeft de patiënt van de orthodontie-praktijk Hagen te Rosendaal de mogelijkheid om een aantal activiteiten uit te voeren. Dit zijn o.a.: - Het bekijken van zijn/haar openstaande afspraken. - Het maken/verplaatsen van afspraken. - Financieel overzic... Gratis 05/2012
757268   HistoryCalls HistoryCalls Reise Reise Apps like HistoryCalls History Calls App is an information system prepared to allow users to access historical information on the Iphone. This multilingual app has been prepared by experts and covers all monuments on the Historical Peninsula in Istanbul. The information is not... Gratis 05/2012
757269   Журнал «Налоговед» Журнал «Налоговед» Büro Büro Apps like Журнал «Налоговед» Журнал «Налоговед» — ежемесячный федеральный журнал для профессионалов в налогообложении. В издании обсуждаются актуальные вопросы правоприменения, тенденции судебной практики разрешения налоговых споров, действующее налоговое законодательство. Авторы ж... Gratis 05/2012
757270   The Ski Journal The Ski Journal Sport Sport Apps like The Ski Journal The Ski Journal is the world’s highest quality skiing magazine. Featuring icons of the culture, stunning mountains and outstanding photography, The Ski Journal connects it readers to the best stories, photo galleries, videos and athletes of the sport.... Gratis 05/2012
757271   Adirondack Express Adirondack Express Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Adirondack Express Adirondack Express - newspaper of the Old Forge Region of Upstate New York and your best source for local news and information.... Gratis 05/2012
757272   Toys Free Game HD - Top Free Game - Best Apps Toys Free Game HD - Top Free Game - Best Apps Spiele Spiele Apps like Toys Free Game HD - Top Free Game - Best Apps ♥ Toys- Fun Free Game! CATCH THESE AWESOME TOYS! ♥ Don't let these favorite toys fall on the floor. Look out for the falling iPhone, if you drop that one it is Game Over! Don't let slimy cooties get you either! Collect tons of power ups, ward off ... Gratis 05/2012
757273   Sacandaga Express Sacandaga Express Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Sacandaga Express Sacandaga Express - newspaper of the Great Sacandaga Lake Region of Upstate New York and your best source for local news and information.... Gratis 05/2012
757274   AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 5 HD AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 5 HD Bildung Bildung Apps like AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 5 HD "AURALBOOK is an artificial intelligence music teacher with real human character. It has started the revolution of music education" -- Bloomberg Businessweek "AURALBOOK is an effective tool to learn aural skill. Students show significant progress in dif... Gratis 05/2012
757275   AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 4 HD AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 4 HD Bildung Bildung Apps like AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 4 HD "AURALBOOK is an artificial intelligence music teacher with real human character. It has started the revolution of music education" -- Bloomberg Businessweek "AURALBOOK is an effective tool to learn aural skill. Students show significant progress in dif... Gratis 05/2012
757276   Secure Vault™ - Lock Media Files Classic Secure Vault™ - Lock Media Files Classic Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Secure Vault™ - Lock Media Files Classic Protect, secure, organize, browse, play and share your precious media and files with this ***FREE DOT LOCK*** app. All your most important photos & files are PASSWORD PROTECTED with this app. Manage your photo and video collection with simplicity an... Gratis 05/2012
757277   ecQ Server ecQ Server Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like ecQ Server Everyday, there must appear a crowd of people stuffed on every famous restaurants, scenic spots, clinics and etc. Some of them are expressionless, some are impatient, and some are lose temper. Those of them also want to enjoy the service after queuei... Gratis 05/2012
757278   Mog the Forgetful Cat Mog the Forgetful Cat Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mog the Forgetful Cat The classic story about everyone’s favourite family cat – now an App for iPad, iPhone and iTouch. Mog always seems to be in trouble because she is such a very forgetful cat. She forgets that she has a cat flap and she forgets when she has already eaten ... 1.99€ 05/2012
757279   iAnimals iAnimals Bildung Bildung Apps like iAnimals iAnimals is the best way to teach animals to your kids ! Just one click to hear the sound of the animal. Very easy to use, iAnimals is designed for children from 1 to 10 Your child can play alone or with you. Manual scroll or diaporama mode, lion, e... 0.99€ 05/2012
757280   FaceMod FaceMod Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like FaceMod ** Featured in IPhoneAppReview http://www.iphoneappreview.com/facemod/ ** Create fun and amazing realistic-looking images by taking facial parts from one image and copy them to another image. you can use either pre-made masks that have been created f... Gratis 05/2012
757281   MultiTrack Stat! MultiTrack Stat! Sport Sport Apps like MultiTrack Stat! Multitrack Stat! is a general purpose, digital timing system. By default, the app has two operating modes: a stopwatch that is capable of simultaneously timing any number of things; and a finish line timer. The app has a third, optional, operating mo... Gratis 05/2012
757282   IHCTablet IHCTablet Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like IHCTablet IHCTablet® lets you control your LK IHC® installation in a whole different way. Set your creativity loose and create your very own control panel for controlling all your LK IHC Controllers - at the same time. IHCTablet® utilizes the build-in Foto albums o... 44.99€ 05/2012
757283   iWell iWell Büro Büro Apps like iWell Real time & historical production metrics, organized to help you make better production decisions. iWell Reports and Monitoring makes sure you stay on top of production and avoid costly downtime by providing you real time production metrics of your well... Gratis 05/2012
757284   Drive and Jump: 8-bit retro racing action Drive and Jump: 8-bit retro racing action Spiele Spiele Apps like Drive and Jump: 8-bit retro racing action - IGN: "Brilliant!" - 148apps: "...an enjoyable romp for fans of the NES era of gaming" - AppAdvice (4/5 stars) - "If law enforcement catches you driving like this, you'll receive a high score... of 15-20 years IN JAIL." - Sheriff John Bunnel Out run t... 0.99€ 05/2012
757285   Virus Vs. Virus(multiplayer versus game collection) Virus Vs. Virus(multiplayer versus game collection) Spiele Spiele Apps like Virus Vs. Virus(multiplayer versus game collection) Most amazing multiplayer versus game collection! Intuitive and fun gameplay that shines in competition. A variety of amusing and frantic creative games to explore with your friends. GET IT NOW and enjoy the FUN.... Gratis 05/2012
757286   Weiss MAN Weiss MAN Musik Musik Apps like Weiss MAN Remote control application for the Weiss Engineering MAN 301 network audio player.... Gratis 05/2012
757287   Blaster Simulator Blaster Simulator Spiele Spiele Apps like Blaster Simulator Lassen Sie Ihrer Zerstörwut freien Lauf und werden Sie zum Sprengmeister! Mit Geschick erreichen Sie die vorgegebene Zerstörungsquote und kämpfen sich vor Ihre Konkurrenz, um immer neue Aufträge zu erhalten – nur der Beste wird den größten Sprengauftrag ... 0.99€ 05/2012
757288   Distractarian Distractarian Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Distractarian Spirituality is for all, even the busy. Distractarian is a resource of 101 thoughts and sayings from mainly - but not exclusively - the rich seam of Christian theological heritage from around the world. It can be used as a way to become distracted from... 0.99€ 05/2012
757289   暗記の達人 FP技能士3級 暗記の達人 FP技能士3級 Bildung Bildung Apps like 暗記の達人 FP技能士3級 大好評の暗記の達人シリーズから、遂にFP技能士3級が登場しました! 多くのお問い合わせ誠にありがとうございます! 比べて下さい! 3級だけで1000問収録は絶対お得です! 本アプリは単なる過去問のコピーアプリではありません。 暗記の達人 FP技能士2級は、FP試験合格に必須な約1000の論点を暗記カードの形式でアプリにしました。 過去問を徹底的に分析、試験合格に必要なほぼ全ての論点を一問一答の暗記カードとしてまとめております。 暗記カードアプリとして、全世界から圧倒的な評価を受けているFlashc... 8.99€ 05/2012
757290   Greek News Greek News Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Greek News - Έχετε κουραστεί να μπαίνετε σε δεκάδες εφαρμογές για να δείτε τις ειδήσεις? - Βλέπετε τα data του κινητού σας να μειώνονται με γρήγορους ρυθμούς? - Βαρεθήκατε να ψάχνετε το κείμενο μέσα σε τόνους διαφημίσεων και γραφικών? - Θέλετε να 'γεμίζετε' το κινητ... Gratis 05/2012
757291   iA Concierge iA Concierge Reise Reise Apps like iA Concierge IA Concierge is a full featured, in room concierge system to support Innkeepers and enhance the guest experience. If you already have an account with InnApplications, simply download the application and enter your username and password to get started... 13.99€ 05/2012
757292   Voipy: Cheap International Calls & SMS Voipy: Cheap International Calls & SMS Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Voipy: Cheap International Calls & SMS Cheap International Calls to any mobile or landline in the world with Voipy How can the Voipy app save you money on calls and give you great service? • VERY CHEAP INTERNATIONAL CALLS: We have very cheap rates to more than 250 countries. Our Great rates ... Gratis 05/2012
757293   TouchArcade - The Best New Games TouchArcade - The Best New Games Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like TouchArcade - The Best New Games Find the Hottest new games for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad before everyone else! Save money by bookmarking games to your own personal Watch List which notifies you of any sales, updates, and reviews. Our team of editors spend every waking mo... Gratis 05/2012
757294   BIOLOX App cn BIOLOX App cn Medizin Medizin Apps like BIOLOX App cn The BIOLOX® App cn is the chinese version of the BIOLOX® App. The BIOLOX® App offers physicians and health professionals information on BIOLOX® ceramic hip components. Numerous animations and resources will provide the physician with information about the... Gratis 05/2012
757295   Donut Doodle Donut Doodle Spiele Spiele Apps like Donut Doodle Become a donut master, and create realistic gourmet donuts from scratch on your iPhone or iPad. Crack the eggs, sift the flour, shake the salt, and pour in the vanilla. After cooking your confection in our splatter-free frier, cover it with frostin... 0.99€ 05/2012
757296   Lalanne Guitar Lalanne Guitar Musik Musik Apps like Lalanne Guitar "Lalanne’s Guitare" not only lets you listen to compositions by Jean Felix Lalanne but you can also play them with partitions, tablatures and a "live" guitar neck that displays the notes in total synch with the sound. It also lets you take guitar lesson... Gratis 05/2012
757297   Buffzone for Mobile Buffzone for Mobile Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Buffzone for Mobile The brand-new Buffzone mobile app is the most comprehensive, accurate, and content-rich source of local news and sports for the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Here are just a few of the many features of our new app: • Improved push noti... Gratis 05/2012
757298   iPuzzle! iPuzzle! Spiele Spiele Apps like iPuzzle! Es Fifteen Puzzle - Logik-Spiel für iPhone und iPad. Sie können das Bild eines Löwen oder verwenden Sie Ihr eigenes Bild aus der Galerie. Sie können die Anzahl der Fliesen. Keine Internet-Verbindung erforderlich. Das Spiel Ist Kostenlos. Genießen Sie e... Gratis 05/2012
757299   Distance Converter HD Distance Converter HD Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Distance Converter HD Distance Converter HD is now available for iPad! ✔ Converts: inches, centimeters, ells, feet, meters, parsecs and more ✔ Made by professionals for professionals The professional tool for converting Distance ✔ Multiple ways of conversion possible!... 0.99€ 05/2012
757300   Peter & the Wolf Peter & the Wolf Bücher Bücher Apps like Peter & the Wolf Tapisodes have adapted Breakthru Films' Oscar winning film of "Peter & the Wolf" directed by Suzie Templeton, into a beautiful storybook, featuring amazing animation from the film. A gripping and uplifting story of a boy and his animal friends. Their d... 1.99€ 05/2012
757301   A Shake & Hate Ball A Shake & Hate Ball Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like A Shake & Hate Ball If you are easily offended, overly sensitive or have no sense of humor this app is not for you so just go away. We all know and love that pool ball with the 8 on it. It's supposed to be magical but I can't say it's name here, well this ball is like it ... 0.99€ 05/2012
757302   Kettlebell Training: The Basics Kettlebell Training: The Basics Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Kettlebell Training: The Basics New to kettlebells? Bored of weights? Looking to re-visit KB fundamentals? This app is for men & women of all ages that want to learn & perfect kettlebell training. Join RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor Robert Budd as he safely walks you through the... 3.99€ 05/2012
757303   Motion Math: Wings Motion Math: Wings Bildung Bildung Apps like Motion Math: Wings Become a master at multiplication! "A beautiful app that shows what other math apps should be: a great way to introduce your learner to different ways of thinking about and looking at numbers, until your child inherently understand how multiplication w... Gratis 05/2012
757304   SPHERA SPHERA Spiele Spiele Apps like SPHERA Embark on a dangerous journey with Tess, a lonely young girl, as she is transported to a world that lies within her imagination in Sphera, a new hidden object adventure from Sandlot Games! Download Game and Play for Free! Mocked mercilessly by her ol... Gratis 05/2012
757305   GoGoPhoto 拍拍走 GoGoPhoto 拍拍走 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like GoGoPhoto 拍拍走 生活中總有新鮮事 現在就拿起您的手機 跟著GoGoPhoto一起發現這個城市的新鮮事 特色: * 生活中附近的新鮮事:快速找出您所在位置附近的新鮮事, 以城市地區群組介面呈現。 * 即時上傳新鮮事:您可以透過 GoGoPhoto 上傳新鮮事圖片與留言討論。 * 最即時的在地資訊:提供規劃路線, 或透過 facebook 和朋友分享喜愛新鮮事。 * 追縱您喜愛的評論人或朋友, 看看他們都分享了什麼。 * 商家提供優惠活動, 您可以查看附近正在進行的優惠, 透過QR Code掃描馬上獲取折扣。 Go... Gratis 05/2012
757306   BYOB App - Chicago BYOB App - Chicago Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like BYOB App - Chicago The BYOB App - Chicago provides an easy to use map of the over 340 BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) restaurants in Chicago! As Seen on: Thrillist Chicago Chicagoist Urbandaddy Chicago Gapersblock And many more! A big thank you to our great users for helpin... Gratis 05/2012
757307   مكتبة STC مكتبة STC Bücher Bücher Apps like مكتبة STC تطبيق مكتبة STC هو رفيقك في حلك وترحالك حيث يكون في متناول يديك في أي وقت كتبك المفضلة التي تسليك وتستفيد منها. وأهم خصائص هذا التطبيق أنه: - موسوعة مكتبية متكاملة لأهم الكتب من أهم المراجع. - تغطي العديد من التصنيفات المتنوعة في مجال النشر. - تمنحك مجم... Gratis 05/2012
757308   Mexican Train Dominoes Deluxe Mexican Train Dominoes Deluxe Spiele Spiele Apps like Mexican Train Dominoes Deluxe The ultimate domino game! Mexican Train Dominoes Deluxe is fun and challenging. Become a domino master by scoring the fewest points possible against three opponents. Use your Apple Watch to access additional game features for more convenient game play. Yo... Gratis 05/2012
757309   SuperPower™ - World at War SuperPower™ - World at War Spiele Spiele Apps like SuperPower™ - World at War Real-time Online War Simulation Game - Super Power! Become the President. Rule the country and conquer the world! You can enjoy 1:1 battles. Conquer the world with allied forces to root out organized crime groups. We invite you to a new world of real-tim... Gratis 05/2012
757310   GCSE Chemistry Quizzes GCSE Chemistry Quizzes Bildung Bildung Apps like GCSE Chemistry Quizzes GCSE Chemistry Quizzes contains 100+ questions that covers all the main topic taken in GCSE and IGCSE chemistry. You will find questions about: Atomic structure Periodic table Energetics Equilibrium Bonding Separation Techniques Oxygen and Oxides Rates Eq... 1.99€ 05/2012
757311   McCullough Robertson IP Health Check McCullough Robertson IP Health Check Büro Büro Apps like McCullough Robertson IP Health Check McCullough Robertson IP Health Check Intellectual property is often overlooked despite being as important to a business as its physical assets. With the McCullough Robertson IP Health Check, you can generate a report that will provide you with some guid... Gratis 05/2012
757312   Writers' Blocks Writers' Blocks Referenz Referenz Apps like Writers' Blocks Randomly fashioned, creative phrases. Adverb verb, adjective noun.... Gratis 05/2012
757313   Word Social Word Social Spiele Spiele Apps like Word Social Word Social is an addictive new game for the iPhone and iPad where you search for words in a grid of 4x4 random letters. It's a social (i.e., party) because everybody who's online plays against each other! Everybody sees the same grid at the same time. ... 3.99€ 05/2012
757314   Rhyme-N-Time - Rhyming Words With Jane And Blayne Rhyme-N-Time - Rhyming Words With Jane And Blayne Bildung Bildung Apps like Rhyme-N-Time - Rhyming Words With Jane And Blayne • The Orange County Register “Rhyme-N-Time is sure to help get your child off to a great start in building rhyming skills” • Rhyme-N-Time is an educational app that focuses on, as you might guess, rhyming. Your child will have to find words that rhyme... 0.99€ 05/2012
757315   OvitalMap OvitalMap Navigation Navigation Apps like OvitalMap OvitalMap is a cross-platform map browser developed by Beijing Ovital Software Co., Ltd. based on Google API, supporting offline views of Google Map, satellite map and terrain map, as well as voice navigation. OvitalMap has the following features: 1、... Gratis 05/2012
757316   Kena Upanishad Kena Upanishad Bücher Bücher Apps like Kena Upanishad The Kena Upanishad (Devanagari: केन उपनिषद्) also called Kenopanishad or Talavakara Upanishad is one of the earlier main, i.e. Primary Upanishads. It is associated with the Sama Veda. This classic Vedic scripture is time immemorial and is meant to be re... 2.99€ 05/2012
757317   Kaave Kaave Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Kaave *** #1 - AppStore Turkey Entertainment Apps *** *** 20 million users have had more than 250 million readings *** *** Cup reading, also called tasseography, is an ancient art of fortune telling. Interpreting patterns made by tea leaves or coffee groun... Gratis 05/2012
757318   Häuser und Cottages – Foto HD Galerie: Türen & Fenster,  Kamine & Treppen,  Garten & Renovierung Häuser und Cottages – Foto HD Galerie: Türen & Fenster, Kamine & Treppen, Garten & Renovierung Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Häuser und Cottages – Foto HD Galerie: Türen & Fenster, Kamine & Treppen, Garten & Renovierung Der Kauf eines Hauses ist eine der größten finanziellen Entscheidungen Ihres Lebens! Es ist ein langwieriger und komplizierter Prozess, der Sie vollständig einnimmt und mit Stress und Unruhe verbunden ist. Aber zum Glück gibt es viele gute Ratschläge, u... 0.99€ 05/2012
757319   CoPilot GPS – Navigation,  Offline-Karten und Verkehrsmeldungen CoPilot GPS – Navigation, Offline-Karten und Verkehrsmeldungen Navigation Navigation Apps like CoPilot GPS – Navigation, Offline-Karten und Verkehrsmeldungen Genießen Sie die Fahrt mit CoPilot-Navigation. CoPilot ist die leistungsstarke offline GPS-Navigations-App, mit der Sie sicher, zuverlässig und vor allem mühelos fahren können. Schließen Sie sich 14 Millionen Fahrern und Fuhrparkbetreibern weltweit... Gratis 05/2012
757320   Middle School Science 8th Grade Middle School Science 8th Grade Bildung Bildung Apps like Middle School Science 8th Grade Here's a fun way to practice your middle school science skills and get ready for the 8th grade standardized science test. Fly the monkey through space and avoid the asteroids. Answer questions correctly to keep going. The free version includes quizz... Gratis 05/2012
757321   Brain Teaser Brain Teaser Spiele Spiele Apps like Brain Teaser Brain Teaser is an interesting MATH and LOGIC based educational game to check your Intelligence Quotient and aptitude level. ★★★★ NO ADS - SIMPLE INTERFACE - ALL QUESTIONS TESTED ★★★★ Very handy when preparing for Competitive examinations and entra... 0.99€ 05/2012
757322   Журнал «Арбитражная налоговая практика» Журнал «Арбитражная налоговая практика» Büro Büro Apps like Журнал «Арбитражная налоговая практика» Ежемесячный журнал, целиком посвященный тому, как арбитражные суды разрешают налоговые проблемы. Журнал сделан специально для бухгалтеров – позволяет быть в курсе самой важной «арбитражки» по налогам с минимальными трудозатратами. Свежие судебные решени... Gratis 05/2012
757323   Littelfuse Electrical Catalogs Littelfuse Electrical Catalogs Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Littelfuse Electrical Catalogs The Littelfuse Catalog and Literature App gives you instant access to the complete Littelfuse offering of power fuses, fuse holders, protection relays and controls products. Access our literature and other materials, such as product videos, training a... Gratis 05/2012
757324   Wingsuit Stickman Wingsuit Stickman Spiele Spiele Apps like Wingsuit Stickman Did you ever dream of flying down the highest mountains in the world? Now it's your time, join the completely redesigned Wingsuit Stickman experience, pack your wingsuit and glide through beautiful landscapes, cross the Alps, fly down the Rocky Mounta... Gratis 05/2012
757325   韓星網 Kpop 韓星網 Kpop Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 韓星網 Kpop 《韓星網》App 服務包括: - 即時提供最新Kpop、韓劇、明星、韓劇等消息 - K-Mag獨家韓星專訪及專題報導 - 提供最新Kpop MV、Teaser 及韓團歌手演出影片 - 韓星資料庫讓你輕鬆選取你喜歡的明星、歌手或韓劇的資料 -《大獎賞》送禮品! 只要回答每期《大獎賞》問題,就有機會贏得韓星CD及周邊產品! - 非訂閱用戶可瀏覽 (50則/每天) 有關付款詳情: - 用戶可免費下載《韓星網》App - 非訂閱用戶可瀏覽 (50則/每天) - 訂閱用戶可以無限制瀏覽所有內容,更可參加《大獎賞》... Gratis 05/2012
757326   HSK Level 5 Vocab List - Study for Chinese exams with PinyinTutor.com HSK Level 5 Vocab List - Study for Chinese exams with PinyinTutor.com Bildung Bildung Apps like HSK Level 5 Vocab List - Study for Chinese exams with PinyinTutor.com Vocab List HSK Level 5 contains the complete set of vocabulary for HSK Level 5 exam. With English translation and clear spoken Chinese, it is an ideal application for Chinese learners studying for the HSK exams. This app is optimized for iPad for full sc... Gratis 05/2012
757327   Willbee the Bumblebee Willbee the Bumblebee Bücher Bücher Apps like Willbee the Bumblebee From the creators of the award-winning bestseller The Wonky Donkey, Willbee the Bumblebee is now available as an interactive digital KIWA BOOK™. Willbee the Bumblebee is so embarrassed when he realises his stripy jumper has caught on a rose thorn and co... 4.99€ 05/2012
757328   Dalai Lama Quotes Dalai Lama Quotes Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Dalai Lama Quotes Dalai Quotes is a collection of insightful quotes by the Dalai Lama. You may find that you are surprised by just how well these quotes can provide you with valuable wisdom for right where you are at the time that you read them. I hope you enjoy them. I l... Gratis 05/2012
757329   700 Club Interactive 700 Club Interactive Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 700 Club Interactive Connect with 700 Club Interactive on your iPad! Take part in the daily live webcast, view the most recent episodes, and watch Gordon Robertson's Top 10 teachings.... Gratis 05/2012
757330   Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzleosaurus Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzleosaurus Spiele Spiele Apps like Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzleosaurus Kids will love being transported back 250 million years when playing this fact filled prehistoric dinosaur jigsaw puzzle app! If you enjoy Puzzleosaurus - why not try our other puzzles app 'Bumbles Jumble - Toddler Puzzles'? Piece together a prehistori... 0.99€ 05/2012
757331   DHF DHF Bücher Bücher Apps like DHF DHF provides a series of professional mold application guidebook, to teach users how to apply the carbide cutters on CNC and milling machine correctly. By the cutting conditions in the guidebook, users could exercise and complete the mold working effici... 0.99€ 05/2012
757332   Rexel USA Rexel USA Büro Büro Apps like Rexel USA Business interaction application for Rexel customers. Rexel is a leading provider of innovative electrical solutions and equipment to improve comfort, performance, and energy efficiency, for professional customers in the industrial, residential, and... Gratis 05/2012
757333   Gophr DJ Glee Club Gophr DJ Glee Club Spiele Spiele Apps like Gophr DJ Glee Club 'Beautiful game. Smooth animations, entrancing graphics and amazing gameplay.'-by Epicvick See it in action-http://youtu.be/0nSdhEAYI3c Who needs vinyl when you got GOPHR DJ GLEE CLUB! Each singer has their talent, like Boo Boo Bassa can belt out tha... Gratis 05/2012
757334   PPM Genius - Pacemaker & ICD Companion PPM Genius - Pacemaker & ICD Companion Medizin Medizin Apps like PPM Genius - Pacemaker & ICD Companion PPM Genius – Pacemaker & ICD Companion Developed to assist medical professionals involved in the care of patients with implantable cardiac devices. Technicians, nurses, doctors and company representatives owe it to patients and themselves to own this ... 5.99€ 05/2012
757335   Yahtzee Scorecard Yahtzee Scorecard Spiele Spiele Apps like Yahtzee Scorecard Sie lieben das Spiel Yahtzee? Glauben Sie, dass das Spiel mehr Spaß mit richtigen Würfeln anstatt auf Ihrem IPad macht? Mit Yahtzee Score Card können Sie das Spiel mit richtigen Würfeln, aber unter Verwendung von einer digitalen flexiblen Score Card s... Gratis 05/2012
757336   中级英语口语句典(正版授权) 中级英语口语句典(正版授权) Bildung Bildung Apps like 中级英语口语句典(正版授权) 全书共分74个单元, 由74个真实的, 丰富多彩的生活场景组成。每个单元分三部分, 即重点句型, 句型应用和互动会话。 重点句型列出了一些适用于具体场景的简单而实用的句子。这些句子都是地道的英语用法, 熟练掌握了这些句子, 就能对简单的对话驾驭自如!句型应用是重点句型的扩展应用。丰富的例句体现了重点句型的灵活性和生命力, 并能带给读者灵感, 激发读者根据自己的实际造出类似的句子, 这样既能进一步掌握句型, 也给读者带来初步的成就感, 从而事倍功半!互动会话中, 设计了一些简单生动而又贴近生活的对话, 语言... 0.99€ 05/2012
757337   Private Files and Photos - Hide Contacts,  Bookmarks,  Photos,  Videos and More Private Files and Photos - Hide Contacts, Bookmarks, Photos, Videos and More Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Private Files and Photos - Hide Contacts, Bookmarks, Photos, Videos and More * Identify break in attempts with Photo and GPS! * Create decoy passcodes to fool intruders Do you have photos or videos on your phone that you want to keep private? Password protect your favorite photos, videos, contacts and websites to keep them safe... Gratis 05/2012
757338   Natalie Brooks - Secrets of Treasure House HD (Full) Natalie Brooks - Secrets of Treasure House HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Natalie Brooks - Secrets of Treasure House HD (Full) Kann es einen besseren Schauplatz für ein Wimmelbildspiel geben, als ein altes Haus voller geheimer Zimmer und versteckter Flure? Seht selbst! In Natalie Brooks: Secret of Treasure House gibt es mehr als genug von beidem. Schliesse Dich der unerschrocken... 4.99€ 05/2012
757339   iStackUp iStackUp Spiele Spiele Apps like iStackUp Stack to the top! Once you start, you can't stop! iStackUp is an retro arcade game that challenges you to stack blocks as high as possible. As the blocks move back and forth across the screen, you must line them up perfectly so they don't fall. Once yo... Gratis 05/2012
757340   Doodle Art for iPad Doodle Art for iPad Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Doodle Art for iPad Doodle-App for iPad is the official colouring app of the Original DoodleArt. You remember the original doodle poster with 12 brightly coloured markers? This app will bring you hours of colouring and creativity on your iPad, where you can choose from Doo... Gratis 05/2012
757341   Parchis Free HD Parchis Free HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Parchis Free HD Are you the Parchis or Ludo enthusiast? Get the totally FREE Parchis on your iPad NOW!! The Parchis Free supports you to play against your friends or AI computer or compete against the nearby people by Blutooth, with the beatiful graphics will bring yo... Gratis 05/2012
757342   Link 5 Free HD Link 5 Free HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Link 5 Free HD Are you the Link 5 enthusiast? Get the totally FREE Link 5 on your iPad NOW!! The Link 5 Free supports you to play against your friends or AI computer or compete against the nearby people by Blutooth. The beatiful graphics and brilliant gameplay will bri... Gratis 05/2012
757343   Chess Free HD Chess Free HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Chess Free HD Are you the Chess enthusiast? Western chess is one of the greatest board games. Get the totally FREE Chess on your iPad NOW!! Chess Free supports both 1 player and 2 player gameplay, so you can play against friends or test your skills against a challen... Gratis 05/2012
757344   Backgammon Free HD Backgammon Free HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Backgammon Free HD Are you the Backgammon enthusiast? Get the totally FREE Backgammon on your iPad NOW!! Backgammon Free supports you to play against your friends or AI computer or compete against the nearby player by Blutooth. The beautiful graphics will bring you genuin... Gratis 05/2012
757345   Mein Baby Feuerwerk Mein Baby Feuerwerk Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mein Baby Feuerwerk Ein lustiges Feuerwerk Festival für Sie und Ihr Baby! Erleben Sie ein phantastisches Feuerwerk mit Ihrem Baby! Bei Berührung wird ein phantastisches Feuerwerk mit authentischen Tönen erklingen. Die lustige Musik und Effekte werden Augen und Ohren Ihres... 0.99€ 05/2012
757346   Mein Baby Feuerwerk free Mein Baby Feuerwerk free Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mein Baby Feuerwerk free Ein lustiges Feuerwerk Festival für Sie und Ihr Baby! Erleben Sie ein phantastisches Feuerwerk mit Ihrem Baby! Bei Berührung wird ein phantastisches Feuerwerk mit authentischen Tönen erklingen. Die lustige Musik und Effekte werden Augen und Ohren Ih... Gratis 05/2012
757347   Hip-Hop Soundboard HD Hip-Hop Soundboard HD Musik Musik Apps like Hip-Hop Soundboard HD Create your own Hip-Hop music with the Hip-Hop Soundboard or with downloadable High-Definition stereo audio packs, as seen on the Mac App Store. Kick off the Hip-Hop beats and loops, then add some FX & Transitions with Bass & Percussions, Synth Leads ... 9.99€ 05/2012
757348   Rongeaux Rongeaux Reise Reise Apps like Rongeaux "Vorsicht ... ! Kannst du Dich bitte mal konzentrieren!?" Du hast das schon mal von deinem Beifahrer gehört? Oder es wurde dir selbst schon mal bewusst, während du nur schnell wissen wolltest, von wem dieses Lied gerade ist? Oder als du gerade versucht ... 1.99€ 05/2012
757349   Angry Hogs Angry Hogs Spiele Spiele Apps like Angry Hogs Get the latest hit for iPhone and iPad - Angry Hogs! Fight for the survival of the Hogs. Now the hogs have a sling too. Crush the evil birds by slinging the hogs into them. Only you can save the hogs from the evil birds who have come to invade.... Gratis 05/2012
757350   Train Simple for Adobe® Creative Cloud Train Simple for Adobe® Creative Cloud Bildung Bildung Apps like Train Simple for Adobe® Creative Cloud Train Simple for Adobe® Creative Cloud is a cloud-based service offering access to all of Train Simple's video-based courses. In addition to current course offerings, you’ll also gain access to all new courses released within your membership timeframe. N... Gratis 05/2012
757351   Impact AR Impact AR Büro Büro Apps like Impact AR ImpactAR is the leading POS AR platform for viewing and interacting with your designs from Impact at the concept/Development stage. See your design concepts in full 3D right before your eyes, anywhere in the world at any time. ImpactAR has evolved! With ... Gratis 05/2012
757352   Cross Stitch Crazy: Packed with everything you need to learn a new hobby. Easy to follow patterns and much more. Cross Stitch Crazy: Packed with everything you need to learn a new hobby. Easy to follow patterns and much more. Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Cross Stitch Crazy: Packed with everything you need to learn a new hobby. Easy to follow patterns and much more. Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine is packed with inspiring charts from all the top cross stitch designers. From quick-to-stitch gifts to gorgeous cards, and pretty samplers to cute characters, there’s something to suit every taste and level of stitcher. Insi... Gratis 05/2012
757353   PokerBankroll PokerBankroll Finanzen Finanzen Apps like PokerBankroll It doesn't matter how good you think you are if you don't have the bankroll to back it up. Knowlege is power and it's essential to know how you have been doing in order to adjust your game into a winning one. Chris Ferguson was able to turn $0 into over... Gratis 05/2012
757354   Bubble Combo Bubble Combo Spiele Spiele Apps like Bubble Combo The Bubble Map is awaiting energy to birth stars in place of black holes. Infuse more energy into existing stars to increase their luminosity! From knowledge comes energy, which powers the stars’ life cycle. Basic knowledge starts with counting bubbles a... Gratis 05/2012
757355   Little Books 1: Baby Brother Little Books 1: Baby Brother Bücher Bücher Apps like Little Books 1: Baby Brother *** INTRODUCTORY OFFER - 50% DISCOUNT*** Little Books is a 3-level series of eBooks aimed at kindergarten learners of English. The stories are based on topics which children love. The illustrations and animations are colourful and attractive, making ch... 2.99€ 05/2012
757356   Who's Who in France Who's Who in France Referenz Referenz Apps like Who's Who in France * ! Attention, cette application est réservée à nos abonnés disposant d'un compte en ligne Who's Who in France ! * Le Who’s Who in France est un dictionnaire de 22 000 biographies d’hommes et femmes reconnus pour leurs talents et réalisations dans tous... Gratis 05/2012
757357   WEB.DE Online-Speicher WEB.DE Online-Speicher Produktivität Produktivität Apps like WEB.DE Online-Speicher *** Wir schenken Ihnen 4 GB Speicher für Ihren Online-Speicher! *** Laden Sie sich einfach kostenlos die WEB.DE Online-Speicher oder Fotoalbum App herunter und melden Sie sich an - schon bekommen Sie einmalig 4 GB extra (dieses Angebot gilt für alle Kunde... Gratis 05/2012
757358   Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin Sammleredition HD Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin Sammleredition HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin Sammleredition HD Eine Anhalterin hinterlässt etwas in Deinem Auto und ist nun spurlos verschwunden. Spüre sie in „Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin“ auf. Erforsche eine düstere Landschaft und finde die mysteriöse Frau in diesem spannenden Wimmelbild- und Abenteuerspiel. ... Gratis 05/2012
757359   Keitai Bookstore Keitai Bookstore Bücher Bücher Apps like Keitai Bookstore Il più grande Bookstore italiano di applicazioni multimediali di libri. All'interno numerosi contenuti extra e funzioni interattive quali: * Matita * Evidenziatore * Gomma da cancellare * Post-it * Note vocali * Block-Notes * Booktrailers * Social netwo... Gratis 05/2012
757360   吸血鬼之舞 HD 吸血鬼之舞 HD Spiele Spiele Apps like 吸血鬼之舞 HD 这是一款重力感应控制的游戏, 请向左或向右倾斜设备, 控制主角跳跃方向。 游戏主角是一名害怕阳光与大蒜的吸血鬼, 不过他更喜欢别人称呼他为高贵的“血族”。 游戏场景画面清晰生动, 丰富有趣且特效华丽的各种道具, 让你欲罢不能。 很多人都说:“这是一款令人上瘾的游戏!”相信你一定会喜欢它的。 游戏中, 主角可以获得各种道具进行加速, 当然还有令人讨厌的大蒜以及阳光阻碍你的跳跃。 游戏操作简单, 不过想获取高分却有难度, 所以高级玩家也会发现游戏的乐趣哦!... Gratis 05/2012
757361   Bria Stretto™ for iPad Bria Stretto™ for iPad Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Bria Stretto™ for iPad Bria Stretto™ for iPad is a VoIP softphone explicitly tied to CounterPath's Stretto Platform™ and requires an administrator generated account for login. If you do not have an account given to you by your company, operator or CounterPath, you will not be... Gratis 05/2012
757362   たかつぶらり たかつぶらり Navigation Navigation Apps like たかつぶらり たかつぶらりは、GPSを使って神奈川県川崎市高津区のイラストマップや古地図の上に、現在位置を表示したりすることができるアプリです。 地図上のランドマークをタップすると、現在では見ることのできない“たかつ”の姿や、隠れた歴史を発見することができます。 別の地図同士や標準地図と切り替えることができます。 このアプリは、「新総合計画川崎再生フロンティアプラン第3期実行計画(2011~2013年度)」における「高津区計画」の主な事業である「高津区ふるさとアーカイブ事業」の一環として制作されたものです。 【... Gratis 05/2012
757363   Torwand Netto Torwand Netto Spiele Spiele Apps like Torwand Netto Der Fußballspaß in 3D für Jung und Alt! Sechs Schüsse gilt es an der Torwand zu verwandeln.... Gratis 05/2012
757364   脳が若返る30の方法 脳が若返る30の方法 Bücher Bücher Apps like 脳が若返る30の方法 ◆◇電子書籍アプリ特別セール!5000本の数量限定56%オフ!◇◆ 書籍定価1,365円が【大特価600円】 アナタの脳をフル回転させてビジネスや日常で 最高のパフォーマンスを発揮させる『30の方法』 ●脳は「刺激」を食べて元気になる!! ●頭の回転を高め、アイデア脳にする秘訣とは!? ●朝食を食べないと頭が働かないのは、何故… ●脳を整理すれば、スランプからも抜け出せる!! ●退屈な日常生活からの〝脱マンネリ術〟とは… 脳を活性化にさせる【BGM搭載型】電子書籍アプリ 〝100%脳をフル回転させる... 4.99€ 05/2012
757365   JP Synth Editor JP Synth Editor Musik Musik Apps like JP Synth Editor Synth Tone Editor for JUPITER-80/50 ● JP Synth Editor is an iPad app that allows you to edit the SuperNATURAL Synth Tones of the Roland JUPITER-80 and JUPITER-50. * Synthesizer sound generator not included. * Roland JUPITER-80 or JUPITER-50 required to ... Gratis 05/2012
757366   nGin Video (Streaming+Download) nGin Video (Streaming+Download) Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like nGin Video (Streaming+Download) COMING SOON!! MAJOR UPDATE... 5.99€ 05/2012
757367   Draw Along Pip Draw Along Pip Bücher Bücher Apps like Draw Along Pip #1 iPad Book App in Canada! As featured on CTV's Canada AM! The first interactive children’s ebook from international bestselling writer and illustrator Leslie McGuirk. Now with Skyreader’s Draw Along feature! With over 600, 000 copies sold worldwide, ... 1.99€ 05/2012
757368   酷键盘 酷键盘 Musik Musik Apps like 酷键盘 “我不懂音乐,但我有一颗追寻音乐梦想的心” 酷系列致力于满足普通人玩音乐的梦想,自上线以来获得广大用户的喜爱,数次登上苹果官方音乐畅销榜单第一名。此次,酷系列产品迎来上线后首次全面升级,4.0版本以后更多功能,更有趣地玩音乐。 全新整合:1.钢琴、吉他、架子鼓、电吉他、贝斯快速切换,无需切换App。 2.购买内容、账号统一,通用所有酷系列产品。无论会员购买、歌曲解锁,全系列通用。 不变的精彩: ——真实乐器音色,逼真演奏体验。 ——庞大歌曲库,千首钢琴曲,从流行到古典,应有尽有。 —... Gratis 05/2012
757369   National Geographic Traveller (UK) National Geographic Traveller (UK) Reise Reise Apps like National Geographic Traveller (UK) Subscribe to the National Geographic Traveller (UK) app to enjoy all of the award-winning content from our print magazine on your iPad or iPhone. National Geographic Traveller (UK) is here to inspire readers to get up and go with compelling storytelling... Gratis 05/2012
757370   Møt Veggen Møt Veggen Spiele Spiele Apps like Møt Veggen LynQuiz for alle. Velg favorittemne og konkurrer i det du er best på. Test oppfattelse, kunnskap og reaksjon i dette raske QUIZ-spillet. Alle kan finne sin favoritt blant åtte emner: Bil-Film-Fotball-Musikk-Bøker-Tall-Geografi-Bokstaver Mer enn 3000 spør... Gratis 05/2012
757371   Moro med bokstavkjeks Moro med bokstavkjeks Bildung Bildung Apps like Moro med bokstavkjeks Bokstavkjeksmoro for barn i alle aldre. Mye moro og ingen smuler. Baksetevennlig, spennende og lærerikt. Tre ulike aktiviteter: 1. Frilek med bokstavkjeks. - Skriv det du vil, og bokstaver du ikke trenger deler du med kua. 2. Ordlek med bilde og bokst... Gratis 05/2012
757372   New York Dumb - Not-so-clever graffiti on New York advertising posters New York Dumb - Not-so-clever graffiti on New York advertising posters Bücher Bücher Apps like New York Dumb - Not-so-clever graffiti on New York advertising posters New York Dumb showcases more than a hundred examples of rude, crude and not-so-clever poster defacements found in the underground world of the New York City subway system. A dim-witted gallery of mustaches, zombie eyes, broken teeth, smart-alecky rema... 2.99€ 05/2012
757373   Highway Rider Highway Rider Spiele Spiele Apps like Highway Rider Wie schnell kannst du dich durch den Verkehr schlängeln, ohne zu crashen? Highway Rider gibt dir den Lenker der mit allen Schikanen aufgemotzten, schnellsten Motorräder aller Zeiten in die Hand. Rase auf Zentimeterabstand an Sattelschleppern vorbei, wä... Gratis 05/2012
757374   TEDxGrandRapids 2012 TEDxGrandRapids 2012 Bildung Bildung Apps like TEDxGrandRapids 2012 Inspired by TED, TEDxGrandRapids is about ideas worth spreading, and people worth meeting. TEDxGrandRapids 2012 explores the theme, “What now?” The open-ended question is an invitation to participants to reflect on the ideas that matter most in our wor... Gratis 05/2012
757375   sera sera Bildung Bildung Apps like sera sera (Chemical Resistance Charts) – Die einzigartige Beständigkeitslisten-App von sera sera ist eine App der sera Unternehmensgruppe (sera GmbH, sera ProDos GmbH, sera ComPress GmbH), die in Form von Beständigkeitslisten über die Beständigkeit von u... Gratis 05/2012
757376   IAB Spain: “Quién es Quién en Mobile Marketing en España”_iPad version IAB Spain: “Quién es Quién en Mobile Marketing en España”_iPad version Büro Büro Apps like IAB Spain: “Quién es Quién en Mobile Marketing en España”_iPad version Con esta aplicación gratuita y para profesionales, tienes por primera vez a tu disposición la única base de datos de empresas relacionadas con el sector mobile en España. La guía “Quién es Quién en Mobile Marketing en España” ha sido desarrollada por IAB... Gratis 05/2012
757377   iShowGallery by iPropertyHD iShowGallery by iPropertyHD Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like iShowGallery by iPropertyHD iProperty.com Malaysia, Malaysia’s No.1 online property portal proudly presents iShowGallery powered by iPropertyHD, Malaysia's 1st digital property showroom that allows property buyers and investors to truly experience the sensations of walking into a ... Gratis 05/2012
757378   Code Danger HD Code Danger HD Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Code Danger HD Code Danger permet de décoder les plaques danger qui se trouvent sur les transports, ces plaques sont sur fond orange avec deux numéros, le premier est le code danger, le second le code matière. La liste des codes danger, aussi appelés code Kemler, ... Gratis 05/2012
757379   Goodyear Truck Plus Goodyear Truck Plus Büro Büro Apps like Goodyear Truck Plus Need roadside service now? With one click, access the Goodyear Fleet HQ roadside assistance hotline number, or easily search for nearby service centers. Your mobile device’s GPS passes your location to quickly locate the nearest dispatch center. Insta... Gratis 05/2012
757380   なぜ、女性ドライバーは狭い道でもかまわず突っ込んでくるのか? なぜ、女性ドライバーは狭い道でもかまわず突っ込んでくるのか? Bücher Bücher Apps like なぜ、女性ドライバーは狭い道でもかまわず突っ込んでくるのか? ◆◇電子書籍アプリ特別セール!5000本の数量限定28.6%オフ!◇◆ 書籍定価840円がアプリ【大特価600円】 「世界で一番受けたい授業」「エチカの鏡」など TVでも大活躍する医学博士 米山公啓氏が教える!! 学校では〝絶対に教えてくれない〟女脳とは… ◆まえがき◆ このように思ったこと、ありませんか? 『女ドライバーは、なぜ前しか見れないのか?』 『女はなぜ、男の浮気を見抜けるのか?』 『女が、突然キレ出す前の 前兆 とは?』 男性ならば一度はこのように思ったことがあるはずです。 「女ドライ... 4.99€ 05/2012
757381   PLUSカタログ PLUSカタログ Kataloge Kataloge Apps like PLUSカタログ 「PLUS製品カタログ」の無料iPadアプリです。 デスク、イス、ミーティングツールなどのオフィス家具や、修正テープ、はさみ、ファイルなどの文具事務用品が掲載されたカタログをはじめ、お薦めの製品を集めたセレクションカタログをご覧頂けます。 また、製品の使い方や使用感などの詳細がわかるムービー(約300本)や、チェアを360度回転いただける画像もリンクされており、ご覧いただけます。 カタログについては、随時書棚に追加していく予定です。 ※本アプリの容量は約6.8MBです。 ※基本はオンラインでのご利用にな... Gratis 05/2012
757382   恐怖のグレイヴ顔 ~恐ろしすぎて自主規制!あなたも“恐怖のグレイヴ顔”になれる!~ 恐怖のグレイヴ顔 ~恐ろしすぎて自主規制!あなたも“恐怖のグレイヴ顔”になれる!~ Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 恐怖のグレイヴ顔 ~恐ろしすぎて自主規制!あなたも“恐怖のグレイヴ顔”になれる!~ 6月1日 全国ロードショーの映画『グレイヴ・エンカウンターズ』の公式アプリです。 動画サイトでの予告編再生回数22, 000, 000回突破!! 日本版ポスターは、あまりの衝撃に関係各所から「怖すぎる!」との声が殺到し急遽自主規制版ポスターを制作するに至った“恐怖のグレイヴ顔”。 このアプリを使えば、どんな人の顔も“恐怖のグレイヴ顔”に変化する! ■映画『グレイヴ・エンカウンターズ』とは… 2011年4月、ニューヨークのトライベッカ映画祭で1本のホラー作品が上映された。 映画のタイトルは「Grav... Gratis 05/2012
757383   teamwork interaktiv teamwork interaktiv Medizin Medizin Apps like teamwork interaktiv Die teamwork-App: Agieren Sie interaktiv und erleben Sie ausgesuchte Fachbeiträge des „Magazins für den ambitionierten Zahnmediziner“ digital und mit noch mehr Informationen. Sehen, hören, lernen und Zusammenhänge noch besser verstehen – mit der App sch... Gratis 05/2012
757384   EchoHacks® Speech Trainer Lite EchoHacks® Speech Trainer Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like EchoHacks® Speech Trainer Lite Sprachtraining mit Sofort-Feedback! - ein Tool für konzentriertes Üben - EchoHacks Speech Trainer ermöglichte es dem Benutzer, in das Mikrofon zu sprechen und seine eigene Stimme mit einer bestimmten Verzögerung im Kopfhörer zu hören. Die Stimme ist aut... Gratis 05/2012
757385   EchoHacks® Speech Trainer EchoHacks® Speech Trainer Bildung Bildung Apps like EchoHacks® Speech Trainer Sprachtraining mit Sofort-Feedback! - ein Tool für konzentriertes Üben - EchoHacks Speech Trainer ermöglichte es dem Benutzer, in das Mikrofon zu sprechen und seine eigene Stimme mit einer bestimmten Verzögerung im Kopfhörer zu hören. Die Stimme ist aut... 2.99€ 05/2012
757386   Mölkky Mölkky Spiele Spiele Apps like Mölkky [This is the official mobile version of Mölkky developed by AduSal Oy and supported by Tuoterengas Oy, owner of the trademark Mölkky.] Our neighbor seems to be agitated? What? But he has, that can’t be … yes, he has got the Mobile Mölkky! Fresh from th... 4.99€ 05/2012
757387   Presentation Link Lite Presentation Link Lite Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Presentation Link Lite Presentation Link ist die ideale App, um interaktive Präsentationen auf Ihrem iPad zu erstellen und zu präsentieren. Importieren Sie Ihre Präsentationen als PDFs oder Bilder, integrieren Sie Videos oder setzten Sie Hyperlinks für beeindruckende Präsenta... Gratis 05/2012
757388   Voices.com Voices.com Büro Büro Apps like Voices.com Voices.com ist der Marktplatz, auf dem Marken und professionelle Voice-Over-Talente treffen Mit Voices.com können Sie Jobangebote posten, die Antworten einsehen und Sprecher für Audio- und Video-Produktionen anheuern. Mit der Voices.com-App haben Sie I... Gratis 05/2012
757389   Ace Kids Math Word Problems HD Ace Kids Math Word Problems HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Ace Kids Math Word Problems HD ***************************** One Day Sale - 50% OFF Price **************************** Easily teaches kids how to solve word problems VISUALLY using fun animations with a prize reward system for completing each level. SIMPLE RULES: 1. Visually solv... 1.99€ 05/2012
757390   Abby Write & Play - Animals Free Lite Abby Write & Play - Animals Free Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like Abby Write & Play - Animals Free Lite Learn 50 Animal Words through Write & Play. 2 INTERACTIVE APPS IN ONE: -------------------------------------------- 1) WRITING: Trace the words of the animals while learning the spelling, the pronunciation, and the image association of the animal.... Gratis 05/2012
757391   Dubstep Music Studio Pro Dubstep Music Studio Pro Musik Musik Apps like Dubstep Music Studio Pro Do you want to make it wobble like a pro DJ? Do you have the rhythm but don't have the money for over-priced equipment? Dubstep Music Studio is the hottest new mobile Dubstep production tool! Check out a few of Dubstep Music Studio's highlight features: ... 0.99€ 05/2012
757392   Track&Field Look Book Track&Field Look Book key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Track&Field Look Book Considerada a principal grife brasileira de moda esportiva, a Track&Field atua desde 1988 no segmento e hoje possui diversas lojas espalhadas pelo país. A marca destaca-se no mercado pela alta tecnologia de seus produtos, sempre voltados ao conforto e ... Gratis 05/2012
757393   Cat Gif Texter Cat Gif Texter Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Cat Gif Texter Are you tired of using words to communicate your feelings? Had enough of everyday exclamation marks and emoticons? Then check out Cat GIF Texter! Because an animated cat GIF is worth 1000 words. Whether you keep falling over that ledge, can’t get enough ... 0.99€ 05/2012
757394   お絵かき先生 お絵かき先生 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like お絵かき先生 Drawing is an application of smooth writing comfortable amount. Multi-touch support, a minimum interface needed! You can drawing easily by anyone. Also, the delete function of teacher-like drawing is provided. Main function · Writing comfort & smooth i... Gratis 05/2012
757395   Cinderella`s Hairstyle HD Cinderella`s Hairstyle HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Cinderella`s Hairstyle HD Use your skills and imagination to save the princess from the nightmare of poor look. You will have a lot to do with her hair: - wash - dry - cut - straighten - curl - color - set To complete the makeup rouge the princess' lips and mascara her eyelashes.... 0.99€ 05/2012
757396   Invierno Invierno Bildung Bildung Apps like Invierno Invierno es una aplicación de Realidad Aumentada, la cual se activa con un marcador impreso, que nos permitirá ver una animación en 3D de la misma obra, y escuchar un audio con una explicación.   Contenido de la app: -Muestra una representación anima... Gratis 05/2012
757397   MotionBooth MotionBooth Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like MotionBooth Erstellen Sie geile Stop-Motion-Filme mit MotionBooth!... 0.99€ 05/2012
757398   顎関節疾患 鑑別診断と症例ファイル 顎関節疾患 鑑別診断と症例ファイル Medizin Medizin Apps like 顎関節疾患 鑑別診断と症例ファイル 臨床経過や症状が似かよるため、周辺疾患との鑑別が難しいとされる顎関節疾患の診断に朗報。 元日本顎関節学会理事長が、検査法や観察方法、病態認識のポイント、検査機器について詳述しています。 臨床記録の集積「症例ファイル」には、三次元CT、MRI、パノラマX線写真、内視鏡写真満載。 【本書の内容】 ■鑑別診断に応用する診断方法 1.医療面接(問診)と視診、触診 2.形態学的診断 1) 顎関節の画像診断 2) 顎関節腔穿刺法と関節鏡視法 3) 病理組織・細胞学的診断 4) 生化学的分析による... 36.99€ 05/2012
757399   PT Terminal PT Terminal Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like PT Terminal PT (Pigtail) Terminal is a utility application to talk to the Wifi to Serial adapter sold by Pignology, LLC. Using this app, along with a Pigtail, you can talk to serial devices over wifi. The device works in both Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure modes. Th... Gratis 05/2012
757400   Color Fruits and Vegetables Color Fruits and Vegetables Bildung Bildung Apps like Color Fruits and Vegetables - This App Actually Let You Color - --- Features --- - Auto save, so that you can continue where you left. - Ability to save image in photo gallery. - Reset coloring page so that you can start again. - Free style coloring. - Press info button for origin... Gratis 05/2012

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