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758401   4 Walls Review 4 Walls Review Büro Büro Apps like 4 Walls Review The 4 Walls Review App is a business tool with which TGI FRIDAYS employees and franchisees can review the quality of their restaurants.... Gratis 05/2012
758402   Næste Næste Navigation Navigation Apps like Næste Video om Næste.app på: www.næste.dk Find din næste bus, tog eller metro i et snap! - På kun få sekunder kan du se alle afgange fra et stoppested/station nær dig! ** Alle busser i hele Danmark 🚌 ** Opdateret med nyeste rejseplan for Midt Trafik (Aarhus... 0.99€ 05/2012
758403   Salon Seudun Sanomat Salon Seudun Sanomat Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Salon Seudun Sanomat Lue tuoreet uutiset Salon Seudun Sanomien iPad/iPhone sovelluksesta. Lataa ilmainen SSS-sovellus iPadiin tai iPhoneen ja voit lukea uutiset Salon seudulta ja muualta. Salon Seudun Sanomat tarjoaa päivän lehden sisällön helposti luettavassa muodossa. Lehd... Gratis 05/2012
758404   Doodoo Pad  -  Drawing Pad for Kids Doodoo Pad - Drawing Pad for Kids Spiele Spiele Apps like Doodoo Pad - Drawing Pad for Kids "Doodoo Pad" is a drawing game designed specifically for little kids. There're more than 14 interesting brushes to entertain kids, such as glow/neon brush, rainbow brush, crayon brush, oil brush, etc. Each brush and color are intentionally randoml... Gratis 05/2012
758405   WAKE MD WAKE MD Sport Sport Apps like WAKE MD Learning new Wakeboard tricks is made super easy. Over 85 Wakeboard lessons, tricks and tips available through this app! This is Shaun Murray's official (and only) Wakeboarding app. There is as much here for beginning riders as there is for intermediate ... Gratis 05/2012
758406   FindAControl FindAControl Produktivität Produktivität Apps like FindAControl FindAControl provides map-based access to National Geodetic Survey (NGS) survey control data, eliminating return trips to the office when control cannot be found.  Users can easily find authoritative survey control stations on a map, see the quality and... Gratis 05/2012
758407   Primate Memory Primate Memory Spiele Spiele Apps like Primate Memory Suddenly you wake up in a laboratory jail. You can only remember barely things but inside the bars you are seeing a monkey in a lab coat. The Titi Doc is going to do an experiment and you are the chosen one.You can't understand what is happen.The doc sho... Gratis 05/2012
758408   Animated Quick Reference - Cardiac Events Animated Quick Reference - Cardiac Events Medizin Medizin Apps like Animated Quick Reference - Cardiac Events Cardiac events require immediate attention and the Focus Animated Quick Reference – Cardiac Events prepares one for the pre and post procedure care of the patient. Useful images & videos and the tips on diet and physical activity included and diagnostic a... Gratis 05/2012
758409   Weather HD for weather forecast,  world city Weather HD for weather forecast, world city Wetter Wetter Apps like Weather HD for weather forecast, world city Weather HD Lite + bietet Ihnen das echte Wetter Informationen von verschiedenen lebendig animierten Icons und Sounds. An der Schnittstelle von IT, können Sie sehen, lebhafte visuelle und animierte Symbole für Regen, Schnee, sonnig, bewölkt, Gewitter... Gratis 05/2012
758410   Weather HD+ Weather HD+ Wetter Wetter Apps like Weather HD+ Weather HD + bietet Ihnen das echte Wetter Informationen von verschiedenen lebendig animierten Icons und Sounds. An der Schnittstelle von IT, können Sie sehen, lebhafte visuelle und animierte Symbole für Regen, Schnee, sonnig, bewölkt, Gewitter-Dusc... 0.99€ 05/2012
758411   AARP for iPad AARP for iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like AARP for iPad AARP for iPad combines the best content from our Web site and magazines with new features that help you discover stories, videos, music, and discounts. We’ve put them all within a clear, simple, user-friendly interface designed just for the iPad. Her... Gratis 05/2012
758412   Jack Pott - Taxi Driver On The Run Jack Pott - Taxi Driver On The Run Spiele Spiele Apps like Jack Pott - Taxi Driver On The Run Buckle up and hit the gas, it’s time for a ride! Drive crazy cars through traffic packed streets and try to outrun the chasing police and mafia. Are you up for an adventure? Join the fun now! Meet Jack Pott, a smarty pants cab driver desperately in nee... Gratis 05/2012
758413   Speech Therapy Tool Kit Speech Therapy Tool Kit Bildung Bildung Apps like Speech Therapy Tool Kit Speech with Milo brings you the Speech Therapy Tool Kit! Created by a licensed SLP, the Tool Kit offers nine great tools for parents, therapists, and teachers. We hope you enjoy! Let’s start with the fun ones: *Milo’s Sticker Chart is great for rewa... Gratis 05/2012
758414   Panda-Poker Panda-Poker Bildung Bildung Apps like Panda-Poker Panda-Poker ist ein Online-Spiel der Sozialpädagogin für die mathematische Bildung und Ausbildung. Lehrer oder Eltern können Kindern helfen, verbessern ihre mathematischen Berechnung Geschick durch das Spielen dieses lustigen Panda-Kartenspiel. Durch da... Gratis 05/2012
758415   iZikir Lite HD iZikir Lite HD Bücher Bücher Apps like iZikir Lite HD Zikir Penambat Rindu: A collection of zikr that desire to get closer to God Kandungan: 1.Surah Al-Fatihah 2.Surah Al-Ikhlas 3.Surah Al-Falaq 4.Surah An-Nas 5.Ayat Qursi 6.Pelindung Diri 7.Untuk Mendapat Manfaat 8.Hindari Gangguan Syaitan 9.Meng... Gratis 05/2012
758416   Bunny Bazooka: Animal Cannon Series Bunny Bazooka: Animal Cannon Series Spiele Spiele Apps like Bunny Bazooka: Animal Cannon Series Bunny Bazooka is the hottest new animal cannon game in iTunes – featured in over 117 places – it’s the most addictive fun you will have on your mobile device. Raise your bazooka, take aim and send your bunny gliding through the air in this classic distan... Gratis 05/2012
758417   Airborne Supply HD Airborne Supply HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Airborne Supply HD Base is under attack!! Your fellow soldiers are in desperate need for ammo, food ration and medical supplies to survive the siege. Guide the floating supplies to the right building, and detonate bombs as soon as you see them! Don't let the bombs destroy... Gratis 05/2012
758418   Birthday Floating Presents HD Birthday Floating Presents HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Birthday Floating Presents HD Happy Birthday!! Kids are eagerly waiting for their gifts!! Deliver the gifts by directing them to good boys and girls. Outlast deliveries, sort gifts, and detonate bombs before more kids and more gifts show up! Don't let the bombs destroy happy boys ... Gratis 05/2012
758419   Conciliation Travail-Famille Conciliation Travail-Famille Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Conciliation Travail-Famille Cette application vise à mieux outiller les entreprises, et plus particulièrement les gestionnaires et employeurs, souhaitant implanter des mesures de conciliation travail-famille au sein de leur organisation.... Gratis 05/2012
758420   Friendly Type Friendly Type Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Friendly Type Friendly Type A New, Easier Way to Read. What happens when you read in Friendly Type? First, your eyes relax because they only move a small amount to take in all the words in each cluster. Second, you feel a rhythm in the text, making your reading ... Gratis 05/2012
758421   Montblanc Creations of Passion Montblanc Creations of Passion Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Montblanc Creations of Passion The Montblanc Creations of Passion App offers passionate enthusiasts and collectors of exquisite writing instruments a fascinating insight into the world of Montblancs exclusive Limited Editions. Whether it is the Writers Edition, Patron of Art Edition,... Gratis 05/2012
758422   環保騎士 環保騎士 Bücher Bücher Apps like 環保騎士 2012年, 香港的垃圾堆填區開始飽和, 慢慢異變出「垃圾魔王」, 更衍生出不同的「垃圾魔獸」, 令香港變成「垃圾港」, 大部份香港人都變成了「垃圾喪屍」, 終於引發了世界末日的危機!四位「環保騎士」──火影、水仙、風靈地藏──各具一種處理垃圾的神奇力量, 從未來的時空重回現代, 拯救人類。... Gratis 05/2012
758423   BuddyPoke Avatar-Ersteller – 3D-animierte Emoji und Bilder BuddyPoke Avatar-Ersteller – 3D-animierte Emoji und Bilder Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like BuddyPoke Avatar-Ersteller – 3D-animierte Emoji und Bilder Millionen Nutzer lieben BuddyPoke! „Die BESTE Avatar-App weltweit." „Die Figuren sind wunderschön und Sie können buchstäblich jedermann nachmachen!" „Meine Enkelin liebt dieses Spiel über alles." „Ich liebe diese App, es macht Spaβ, Miniversionen von... 1.99€ 05/2012
758424   My Grammar Lab My Grammar Lab Bildung Bildung Apps like My Grammar Lab My Grammar Lab A1/A2 Description Need more grammar practice? Download this free app and create hundreds of practice exercises to improve your grammar on the go. MyGrammarLab A1/A2 This app is intended to be used with MyGrammarLab Elementary A1/A2 (Mar... Gratis 05/2012
758425   Projection Simulator Projection Simulator Büro Büro Apps like Projection Simulator The "Projection Simulator" tool provides easy simulation for Sony projector installers and system integrators. The tool contains an interactive simulation of throw distance for easy kind of lens and available lens shift range. Different aspect ratios betw... Gratis 05/2012
758426   Meu Rio App Meu Rio App Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Meu Rio App This App prepares the people to visit Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympic Games. Using this app you'll know how to use city's transport system, to reach your destiny, will know where are the health, security and fireman services closest to you (or a... Gratis 05/2012
758427   Your Hair Magazine Your Hair Magazine Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Your Hair Magazine ***Brand new App design and FREE 1 month Trial*** Looking for stunning hairstyles? Want hundreds of hair ideas? Need the latest trends and hottest celebrity looks? Your Hair magazine has all the inspiration you'll ever need for a gorgeous new you! From mu... Gratis 05/2012
758428   Guess Who -Baseball Edition- Guess Who -Baseball Edition- Spiele Spiele Apps like Guess Who -Baseball Edition- "Guess Who -Baseball Edition-" is a Pictionary-like game collects many photos & images of top baseball players. Let’s go through a series of top baseball player pictures and see how well you can recognize them. The sooner you make a correct guess, the ... Gratis 05/2012
758429   Rhyme Sorts HD Rhyme Sorts HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Rhyme Sorts HD "Rhyme Sorts" HD for iPad helps develop auditory discrimination by matching rhyme sounds. In this fun educational game, the child tries to match the rhyming pair of pictures and audio to the rhyme images shown on top and bottom. At any time, the child c... 1.99€ 05/2012
758430   渔夫和金鱼_睡前故事 渔夫和金鱼_睡前故事 Bücher Bücher Apps like 渔夫和金鱼_睡前故事 今天, 蚂蚁要为大家带来的是经典的寓言故事《渔夫和金鱼》。该故事主要刻画了一个贪得无厌, 一心只想不劳而获的老奶奶的形象, 并借由她来展开一系列情节的故事。 【成长启蒙】 蚂蚁认为, 儿童成长的最好方式就是和家长一同学习和进步。那接下来就让孩子和您一起来解读故事里蕴含的智慧之光。 在这里特别启示:故事告诉我们做人一定要懂得知足, 不要贪得无厌, 毕竟, 幸福是要靠自己去争取的。 【蚂蚁速递】 蚂蚁速递还为小朋友们带来了其它好看的故事, 如《萝卜的故事》、《年的故事》、《海的女... Gratis 05/2012
758431   36cloud 36cloud Büro Büro Apps like 36cloud 36cloud - The Elastic Cloud Expert! 36cloud is a Cloud Server and CDN provider, easy to deploy your own customized cloud platform! This app lets you manage and monitor your cloud server powered by 36cloud. Control your cloud in your hand!... Gratis 05/2012
758432   Washington Beer Washington Beer Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Washington Beer The official Washington Beer Commission mobile app designed for beer lovers and member microbreweries of the state of Washington. This app provides Pacific Northwest beer enthusiasts with information about Washington’s beer festivals, breweries, and cra... Gratis 05/2012
758433   Polamatic by Polaroid Polamatic by Polaroid Photographie Photographie Apps like Polamatic by Polaroid Polamatic, die offizielle App von Polaroid, bringt die Nostalgie von Polaroid-Bildern zurück. Nur echter Polaroid-Film bietet ein noch überzeugenderes Ergebnis! Machen oder importieren Sie ein Foto, und sehen Sie zu, wie es sich wie ein echtes Polaroi... 1.99€ 05/2012
758434   abricot abricot Bildung Bildung Apps like abricot Jetzt erhältlich - Entdecken Sie die beliebte Welt der ABRICOT-Magazine, die von Chocolapps jetzt in allen Details für iPhone und iPad aufbereitet wurden. **** Wenn wir zusammen Spaß haben, lässt es sich viel besser lernen! Entdecken Sie die großartig... 2.99€ 05/2012
758435   星座幻想 Horoscope 星座幻想 Horoscope Spiele Spiele Apps like 星座幻想 Horoscope Stare into the starry night sky to find all of the constellations in this fun horoscope puzzle! How to Play: Memorize the example constellations and then just touch and slide to collect the stars then draw the horoscope correctly.If you slide the wron... Gratis 05/2012
758436   时代光华 时代光华 Bücher Bücher Apps like 时代光华 时代光华自创立起, 联合北京大学出版社, 人民出版社, 中国社会科学出版社, 北京出版社, 广东出版集团广东经济出版社, 海峡出版发行集团鹭江出版社, 汕头大学出版社, 中央电视台—中国网络电视台、中华全国工商业联合会教育培训中心, 中国企业联合培训会培训中心等战略合作伙伴, 专注打造“中国经管培训图书第一品牌”。自开始推出图书产品至今, “时代光华”已发展成为拥有数千个品种、涵盖企业管理的各个层级与不同领域的经管图书品牌。... Gratis 05/2012
758437   China-USA Business Review China-USA Business Review Bücher Bücher Apps like China-USA Business Review China-USA Business Review: China-USA Business Review (ISSN1537-1514, USA) is an international, scholarly and peer-reviewed journal (print) published monthly by David Publishing Company, The Journal seeks to bridge and integrate the intellectual, meth... Gratis 05/2012
758438   Talking Fish - Funny Animals Talking Fish - Funny Animals Spiele Spiele Apps like Talking Fish - Funny Animals Grow your animal. Teach him to speak. Make funny videos with your animals and share this videos with your friends. This game is for people who have a sense of humor and a desire for creativity. The game is a mixed genre, on the one hand, this is «Tamag... 1.99€ 05/2012
758439   국가기준점 국가기준점 Referenz Referenz Apps like 국가기준점 국가기준점 성과 열람 서비스 어플은 사용자가 현장에서 측량 업무를 진행할 때 필요한 국가기준점의 위치를 검색하고, 검색된 기준점의 성과 열람을 현장에서 바로 확인함으로써 측량 업무에 효율적으로 사용하도록 지원하기 위하여 국토지리정보원에서 개발된 모바일 어플이며, 기존의 웹서비스에서 제공하는 기준점 검색 기능을 모두 수용하였으며 웹에서 지원하지 않는 검색 기능을 추가하여 더욱 편리한 검색을 이용할 수 있다. □ 스마트폰(아이폰)의 주요 기능 - 기준... Gratis 05/2012
758440   Schmessages Pro Color,  Glow,  & Doodle Text Messages Designer Schmessages Pro Color, Glow, & Doodle Text Messages Designer Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Schmessages Pro Color, Glow, & Doodle Text Messages Designer Make funny COLOR TEXT MESSAGES, EMOJIs, DOODLE MESSAGES, PICTURE CAPTION MESSAGES, VOICE & TEXT messages with Schmessages, and send on SMS, MMS, iMessage FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and more!! Doodle Schmessages are totally new for iPhone Apps. I’ve wa... 0.99€ 05/2012
758441   Schmessages Free Texting Translator and Message Maker Schmessages Free Texting Translator and Message Maker Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Schmessages Free Texting Translator and Message Maker 5 MESSAGE APPS IN ONE!! Make & send funny GLOW, COLOR, DOODLE, PICTURE, VOICE & TEXT messages with Schmessages, and send over SMS, MMS, iMessage, Facebook, and Twitter!! Add EMOJI's with a fancy keyboard overlay!! "Doodle Schmessages are total... Gratis 05/2012
758442   PAD4U for iPad PAD4U for iPad Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like PAD4U for iPad The PAD4U FREE app offers hundreds of properties for Sale and Let in Greater Manchester. The app is constantly updated with photographs, floorplans and location maps. -Search properties via your GPS position -Save your favourite properties -Get direct... Gratis 05/2012
758443   Objects ID Objects ID Bildung Bildung Apps like Objects ID All children must learn to identify several objects that they use daily. Some of these objects are pretty basic, including comb or toothpaste. Yet, children with special needs sometimes find it perplexing to tell one regular object from another. Objects... 0.99€ 05/2012
758444   Twitt Browser Twitt Browser Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Twitt Browser Tweeting and Surfing the web has never been this easy. And cool. The easiest way to surf the web and tweet web pages. Designed for iPhone, iPod touch and the new iPad. iOS 5 Required.... Gratis 05/2012
758445   Ape the Wall Ape the Wall Spiele Spiele Apps like Ape the Wall Langweilen Sie sich im Strudel der grauen Werktage? Wollen Sie sich amüsieren? Dann haben wir gerade das, was Sie brauchen! Begegnen Sie! Ape the Wall! Dieses neue unglaublich lustige und spannende Spiel, das Sie gleichgültig nicht lassen wird! Dein Z... Gratis 05/2012
758446   МосфильмТВ - скачать фильмы для iPad или iPhone и смотреть видео бесплатно онлайн МосфильмТВ - скачать фильмы для iPad или iPhone и смотреть видео бесплатно онлайн Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like МосфильмТВ - скачать фильмы для iPad или iPhone и смотреть видео бесплатно онлайн «Мосфильм» – ведущее предприятие киноиндустрии России, на котором осуществляется производство практически всей отечественной кино-, теле- и видеопродукции. Большинство фильмов создается на студиях, которые находятся на «Мосфильме». Их возглавляют веду... Gratis 05/2012
758447   Missing Melody Missing Melody Spiele Spiele Apps like Missing Melody When all seems to be lost for die hard retro collectors, an unknown manager appeared and formed contracts with high school potential candidates. The contract allows them to transform into magical idols, and grants them with power to fulfill their one w... 0.99€ 05/2012
758448   Objects S - Autism Series Objects S - Autism Series Bildung Bildung Apps like Objects S - Autism Series Have you ever taken note of objects you use on a daily basis? What object do you use to clean your teeth? What is it on which you sit? Learn about all these daily used objects at one go with the app Objects – S. This app is specially designed for kids on ... Gratis 05/2012
758449   Fruits S - Autism Series Fruits S - Autism Series Bildung Bildung Apps like Fruits S - Autism Series Have you forgotten the name of your favorite fruit? Unable to guess what is apple? Now learn about all the fruits and how they look, with the help of the app Fruits – S. This app is designed by WebTeam Corporation to help children on the spectrum identif... Gratis 05/2012
758450   Flowers S - Autism Series Flowers S - Autism Series Bildung Bildung Apps like Flowers S - Autism Series When you hear the word 'Lily', what comes to your mind? How does a rose look? Learn about various flowers and identify them all with the help of the app Flowers – S. This app is designed by WebTeam Corporation to introduce different flowers to children o... Gratis 05/2012
758451   domainsicle - Domain Name Search Engine,  Whois Lookup and Word Generator domainsicle - Domain Name Search Engine, Whois Lookup and Word Generator Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like domainsicle - Domain Name Search Engine, Whois Lookup and Word Generator domainsicle - Domain Name Search Engine, Whois Lookup and Word Generator Tired of domain checking apps that are out dated, have only one feature or the even more common practice, monitor all of your searches without your permission -- do you really t... Gratis 05/2012
758452   Weebly – Website,  Blog oder Shop gratis erstellen Weebly – Website, Blog oder Shop gratis erstellen Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Weebly – Website, Blog oder Shop gratis erstellen Über 35 Millionen Menschen aus aller Welt haben bereits eine Website mit Weebly erstellt. Mit Weebly Mobile kannst du jetzt eine Website, einen Blog oder einen Shop direkt auf deinem iPhone oder iPad erstellen. „Dank der klaren, praktischen Oberfläche,... Gratis 05/2012
758453   Starvatar Genesis Starvatar Genesis Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Starvatar Genesis Genesis is a free version of Starvatar with only the avatar creation parts: you can edit and create avatars to use in Starvatar. You can also just make fun avatars that look like friends, relatives, and celebrities. Features include: - Create and edit... Gratis 05/2012
758454   Competence Competence Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Competence Fassmer is a dynamic family-owned shipyard in its fifth generation. The internationally successful company is active in six business areas: Shipbuilding, Lifeboats, Deck Equipment, Wind Power, Composite Technology and After-Sales Service. Our clients ... Gratis 05/2012
758455   Diesel eBook Store Diesel eBook Store Bücher Bücher Apps like Diesel eBook Store Get 2 million free eBooks, transfer eBooks from other stores - simple to use. The best value among free eBook reader apps -- you'll be downloading eBooks in matter of seconds. As eBook “free-dom” fighters, we've purposefully refused to narrow in on a s... Gratis 05/2012
758456   Save the Aliens Save the Aliens Spiele Spiele Apps like Save the Aliens Der Tag der Evakuierung ist gekommen! Jetzt mit iCloud! Die Sonne, die die Welten der Mochis erwärmt, ist kurz davor sich in eine Supernova zu verwandeln. Hilf ihnen dabei, mit Hilfe des Planetentransporters sicher und gesund auf dem Mutterschiff in S... Gratis 05/2012
758457   Violet Storm HD Lite Violet Storm HD Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Violet Storm HD Lite ...Some games have a story to tell. Others make you think to get through a series of complicated puzzles. Violet Storm doesn't have any of that. What is does have is pure, intense, unabashedly over-the-top, non-stop action - rendered in fantastic glowi... Gratis 05/2012
758458   Cluster Frenzy Lite Cluster Frenzy Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Cluster Frenzy Lite Click on a cluster of two or more blocks of the same color – and off they go! Sounds simple, right? But give it a try, and soon you will see that there's more here than meets the eye! Cluster Frenzy consists of 12 fields, each containing a picture hi... Gratis 05/2012
758459   88 Slots - Kostenlose Casino-Spielautomaten 88 Slots - Kostenlose Casino-Spielautomaten Spiele Spiele Apps like 88 Slots - Kostenlose Casino-Spielautomaten ★★★★★ SPIELEN SIE 88 SLOTS – DAS KOSTENLOSE CASINOSPIEL MIT SPIELAUTOMATEN! SPIELEN SIE DIE BESTE GRATIS-SPIELAUTOMATENAPP IM APP STORE ★★★★★ Spielen Sie das beste kostenlose Spielautomaten-Jackpot-Spiel als wären Sie in Las Vegas. Es erwarten Sie benutz... Gratis 05/2012
758460   苏菲红酒地图 苏菲红酒地图 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 苏菲红酒地图 红酒名庄佳人地图版 ☆ Sophie Liu, 一位年轻的中国女品酒师独自来到世界葡萄酒的四大产区:波尔多、隆河、托斯卡纳和那帕谷, 寻访心目中的世界顶级酒庄和稀世珍酿。从“美食美酒”体验到“葡萄酒SPA”之旅, 从葡萄采收到古堡入住;从聆听庄主的人生历程到和欧洲皇室的红酒对话……, ☆ 《苏菲红酒地图》以世界葡萄酒名庄之旅为主线, 以地图的形式简单明了地展示作者到达的庄园, 并对酒庄做概略的介绍;以葡萄酒基础知识为辅线, 向读者展示了一个只身到世界各地寻访心中最爱的葡萄酒的女品酒师的精彩日记... 2.99€ 05/2012
758461   Cangas del Narcea Cangas del Narcea Reise Reise Apps like Cangas del Narcea Guía turística del concejo de Cangas del Narcea, pueblo turístico de Asturias con toda la información tanto turística como práctica para una visita integral a este singular y maravilloso concejo. Mapas, el tiempo, eventos, museos , historia….. todo e... Gratis 05/2012
758462   InsideOut InsideOut Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like InsideOut INSIDE OUT is the market-leading interiors magazine based in the UAE, providing everything the discerning reader needs to create a beautiful home. The magazine showcases stunning real houses from around the world, fabulous design innovations, inspir... Gratis 05/2012
758463   mySFX mySFX Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like mySFX Play your own sound effects! mySFX puts the world of sound at your fingertips- the app comes with over 50 high quality sound effects built in! Samples are assigned to buttons, which play the sound effect when tapped. You can assign any sound to a button... Gratis 05/2012
758464   VerseWise Bible Douay-Rheims + VerseWise Bible Douay-Rheims + Referenz Referenz Apps like VerseWise Bible Douay-Rheims + VerseWise Bible® Douay-Rheims (DR) for the iPad is the Catholic Bible (with deuterocanon and notes) at your fingertips. It is optimized for easy, convenient reading. Douay-Rheims is an English translation of the Latin Vulgate. It was the Bible of the ma... 1.99€ 05/2012
758465   VerseWise Bible King James Version + VerseWise Bible King James Version + Referenz Referenz Apps like VerseWise Bible King James Version + VerseWise Bible® King James Version (KJV) for the iPad is the Bible at your fingertips. It is optimized for easy, convenient reading. This release includes the option of having the deuterocanon (also known as the apocrypha) off or on. When off, one see... 1.99€ 05/2012
758466   Space Squad Space Squad Spiele Spiele Apps like Space Squad REVIEWS ✮✮✮✮✮ “A little gem of a tactical real-time strategy game” - Gamereactor.eu ✮✮✮✮✮ “Space squad definately rocks !” 4.5 / 5 -The iPhone App review Join the Space Squad - a band of rough-neck mercenaries - in their fight against the invading Al... Gratis 05/2012
758467   iPPs by Equibase iPPs by Equibase Sport Sport Apps like iPPs by Equibase iPPs by Equibase iPPs by Equibase – A revolutionary new handicapping tool that allows you to “mark-up” and customize daily Thoroughbred and Harness programs from any race track running in North America. You can chose from any of the 40-80 tracks runnin... Gratis 05/2012
758468   MovBox MovBox Spiele Spiele Apps like MovBox We want to challenge everyone to solve all puzzles with these simple rules. You need to clear all boxes by move each box to contact same color boxes up to 3 boxes (or more). And we've some special boxes that help you to solve the puzzle (But the most of t... Gratis 05/2012
758469   56k 56k Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 56k 56k is a tribute to the early-90's internet experience, where you had to make sure nobody was using the phone before you could dial up and connect to the internet. Speeds were slow - increeeedibly slow. The mobile phone you know and love would leave any ... 0.99€ 05/2012
758470   ZoneViewer ZoneViewer Photographie Photographie Apps like ZoneViewer Ever have a problem viewing your IP cameras on your mobile device? Especially with the terrific Zone Minder? This app was created for the sole purpose of being able to drop an IP cam's URL into a text box then be able to see those images at a variable ref... 1.99€ 05/2012
758471   Reiner Knizia's City of Secrets Pipes Reiner Knizia's City of Secrets Pipes Spiele Spiele Apps like Reiner Knizia's City of Secrets Pipes ***SALE*** Celebrating the launch of City of Secrets 2: Episode 1, you can pick up this BRAND NEW ADVENTURE for the crazy introductory price of 99 cents! (normal price will be $4.99). And, because we're feeling generous, ALL of our other games are also... 0.99€ 05/2012
758472   VerseWise Bible Revised Standard Version + VerseWise Bible Revised Standard Version + Referenz Referenz Apps like VerseWise Bible Revised Standard Version + VerseWise Bible® Revised Standard Version (RSV) for the iPad is the Bible (with optional deuterocanon) at your fingertips. It is optimized for easy, convenient reading. The RSV is, as its preface states, "an authorized revision of the American Standar... 4.99€ 05/2012
758473   Moon Flight Lite Moon Flight Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Moon Flight Lite Fly me to the moon! As the heiress of the Kaslana family, the 16-year-old witch Kiana has always dreamed of finding the Eclipse and restoring honor to her family name. With 60 engaging levels, you will experience superb graphics, unique game play, and... Gratis 05/2012
758474   Stress Stress Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Stress An easy to use stress management tool to help you toward a low stress lifestyle. This app uses recent advances in cognitive behavioural therapy to help you understand your stress and develop strategies to reduce it. We all experience difficult and stres... 1.99€ 05/2012
758475   Just Parts Magazine Just Parts Magazine Referenz Referenz Apps like Just Parts Magazine Just Parts is Australia’s spare parts supermarket. From rare and specialist parts dealers through to the largest number of private parts sellers, if you’re a vehicle enthusiast then this is a subscription you can’t afford to be without! ----------------... 2.99€ 05/2012
758476   RC Mini Racing RC Mini Racing Spiele Spiele Apps like RC Mini Racing RC Mini Racing is a game to feel adrenaline running together with remote control cars from scale 1:28. Using only one finger you have full control of your car to make exciting turns and amazing overtakings! Race in more than 30 tracks and you have access... Gratis 05/2012
758477   BeoSetup BeoSetup Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like BeoSetup The BeoSetup App is an extremely simple and easy-to-use app for BeoSound Essence, BeoPlay A9, BeoPlay A8, BeoPlay A3, Beolit 12 and Playmaker that is relevant when you are asked to setup various Bang & Olufsen network based products to connect to and ... Gratis 05/2012
758478   soundOscope soundOscope Musik Musik Apps like soundOscope Herzlich willkommen in Deinem Klang- und Musiklabor! WAS IST SOUNDOSCOPE? soundOscope ist Dein Mikroskop für Klänge. Du kannst Töne und Geräusche aufnehmen und abspielen. Natürlich kannst Du sie auch ganz genau untersuchen. Du kannst: - Aufnahmen langs... Gratis 05/2012
758479   Catch the Baby - FREE GAME for babies and children Catch the Baby - FREE GAME for babies and children Spiele Spiele Apps like Catch the Baby - FREE GAME for babies and children Enjoy a lot the CATCH THE BABY, a playful game developed for babies and children of all ages. Before start, help your little to take a picture and fill the player name. Then, let him choose one between all beautiful game's scenery full of challenges: ... Gratis 05/2012
758480   9 in 1 children games – free set of educational games 9 in 1 children games – free set of educational games Bildung Bildung Apps like 9 in 1 children games – free set of educational games This app includes 9 free educational games from the best children games development company. Only HD quality. It is perfect opportunity to try playing 9 different amazing games for free! In this pack you will find: * 2 numbers and letters learning and ma... Gratis 05/2012
758481   Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt Spiele Spiele Apps like Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt The free Solitaire game played over 60 MILLION times by iPhone and iPad players. Thanks for all your great reviews, we're really happy you are enjoying this card game. Use the power of your solitaire skills to fill Ancient Egypt with the spectacular pyr... Gratis 05/2012
758482   Awakening: Das Königreich der Kobolde Sammleredition HD Awakening: Das Königreich der Kobolde Sammleredition HD Spiele Spiele Apps like Awakening: Das Königreich der Kobolde Sammleredition HD Spiele dieses umfassende, qualitativ hochwertige Spiel GRATIS! Fahre das Abenteuer fort, indem Du es EINMAL freischaltest! KEINE VIRTUELLEN GEGENSTÄNDE, KEINE UNTERBRECHUNGEN! Das Spiel GEHÖRT Dir! Du konntest Dich aus dem Schloss ohne Träume befreien... Gratis 05/2012
758483   Pimp All Screens - Free Cool Custom Wallpapers,  App Shelves,  Frames,  & Icons Pimp All Screens - Free Cool Custom Wallpapers, App Shelves, Frames, & Icons Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pimp All Screens - Free Cool Custom Wallpapers, App Shelves, Frames, & Icons Welcome to Pimp All Your Screens! 1000's of combinations available! 9 wallpapers, 40+ icons, and tons of app shelves and frames included! Wallpaper any type of screen: √ Home Screen √ Lock Screen √ Call Screen Upgrade to Pro version for unlimite... Gratis 05/2012
758484   Basketball Shot Chart Basketball Shot Chart Sport Sport Apps like Basketball Shot Chart Basketball Shot Chart takes a player’s shooting statistics beyond pen and paper while keeping things simple. Designed with basketball coaches, scouts, parents, and enthusiasts in mind, Basketball Shot Chart makes use of intuitive touch gestures to giv... 3.99€ 05/2012
758485   寶寶音樂世界 寶寶音樂世界 Musik Musik Apps like 寶寶音樂世界 Designed and made professionally for your 0~2 years old baby. Relaxation music for the mother-to-be and the infant as well as anyone who is looking for soft music to listen and relax! *Baby’s Music Box: an exquisite music selection professionally design... 3.99€ 05/2012
758486   BrainCoach USA Free BrainCoach USA Free Bildung Bildung Apps like BrainCoach USA Free BrainCoach USA is the coolest educational app to help you learn states, capitals, flags, state nicknames and even coats of arms! In addition, important landmarks are displayed during your learning / playing experience. BrainCoach is a multiple sele... Gratis 05/2012
758487   Bricks Trouble Origins Bricks Trouble Origins Spiele Spiele Apps like Bricks Trouble Origins Do you like tetris-like puzzles!?...check! Shooters!?...check! Then this is a game for you! Form space bricks into rectangular shapes to destroy them in this addictive, action packed puzzler/shooter! Save The Galaxy. Are you up to the task!? Act now befo... Gratis 05/2012
758488   Munchie's Lunch HD (Full) Munchie's Lunch HD (Full) Spiele Spiele Apps like Munchie's Lunch HD (Full) Lead your family away from the dangerous Hungries who are invading your forest dwelling and become a hero mom! Inspired by the journey of a real family, Munchies' Lunch is an epic story that plays as an exciting Puzzle Adventure game! Gather fruits for y... 2.99€ 05/2012
758489   Dalal Street Investment Journal Dalal Street Investment Journal Büro Büro Apps like Dalal Street Investment Journal Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) - India's No 1 investment magazine, the one and only complete Resource guide for a wide loyal base of over 5 lacs HNI readers. DSIJ is a one-stop-shop for all investment related opportunities and is the most widely... Gratis 05/2012
758490   Dogs & Pups Dogs & Pups Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Dogs & Pups Dogs & Pups- Celebrate eternal love-understand your pet better, become a responsible pet parent, get acquainted with pooch and kitty needs, ensure great health, share fun- n- frolic, gear up to enjoy stardom and find out what’s hot and what’s new. Th... Gratis 05/2012
758491   Make Your Own Destiny Make Your Own Destiny Bildung Bildung Apps like Make Your Own Destiny M.Y.O.D is a youth magazine that does exactly what its title suggests. It guides, mirrors and informs young people to take charge of their destinies and live their dreams and goals. Catering to the enthusiastic 15-25 year-old age group in the country, t... Gratis 05/2012
758492   Fernbedienung Codes Fernbedienung Codes Referenz Referenz Apps like Fernbedienung Codes Eine Installation Ingenieure Begleiter Werkzeug - Versuchen Sie, die Fernbedienung des Fernsehgeräts Codes und durch die große Datenbank der Codes beeindruckt, um Ihre Fernbedienung mit dem Fernsehgerät zu verbinden ... TV-Fernbedienung Codes ist eine ... Gratis 05/2012
758493   TracciamiHD TracciamiHD Navigation Navigation Apps like TracciamiHD Tracciami ist eine sehr nützliche Anwendung, wenn Sie durch die Straßen unbekannt Sie sich bewegen, wird einmal gestartet Ihren Standort mit viel map verfolgen, in der Stadt, die Berge oder die Landschaft. Ausgestattet mit allen Funktionen für fortge... 1.99€ 05/2012
758494   Money Radio 1200 Money Radio 1200 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Money Radio 1200 The Money Radio 1200 app is a live stream of a money and investment radio station based in Palm Springs, CA. We focus on all types of money related programming; how to save it, invest it, keep more of it.... Gratis 05/2012
758495   Boss Blockers Lite Boss Blockers Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Boss Blockers Lite Boss Blockers can now be played for FREE with Boss Blockers Lite! Can you sneak out of work early? Boss Blockers Lite is a block pushing puzzle game where you must clear a path through your office building while dodging your many bosses to escape your... Gratis 05/2012
758496   Attrape un Bug ! Attrape un Bug ! Bildung Bildung Apps like Attrape un Bug ! *** Cette application a été conçue avec des graphismes de qualité Rétina Display, optimisés pour le nouvel iPad ! *** Attrape un Bug ! ★★★★★ Un jeux pour les enfants de tout âge, Attrape un Bug apprendra à vos enfants à développer réflexes et préci... 3.99€ 05/2012
758497   iFugenCenter iFugenCenter Büro Büro Apps like iFugenCenter iFugenCenter, die Gratis-App der Fugen-Center Gersthofen GmbH für ihr iPhone, iPad und iPod Touch! Ob Fugen im Hochbau, Fensterfugen oder Spezialfugen (z.B. brand- und chemikalienbeständige), wir sind der ideale Ansprechpartner für Sie! Informieren ... Gratis 05/2012
758498   Rust Insurance Agency,  LLC Rust Insurance Agency, LLC Büro Büro Apps like Rust Insurance Agency, LLC Rust Insurance Agency, LLC has operated as a locally owned, independent insurance agency since 1889. Rust Insurance Agency has earned an outstanding reputation for providing high quality service to its clients in fields such as, technology, communic... Gratis 05/2012
758499   Camera Magic for iPad Camera Magic for iPad Photographie Photographie Apps like Camera Magic for iPad ★ Real-Time Filters It's real-time, you can see the effect of the filters before you take photo. Three kinds of filters are provided. "Magic effects" distort the image in funny ways. "Color effects" transform the color of the image to generate different... Gratis 05/2012
758500   Estado Eficaz Estado Eficaz Bücher Bücher Apps like Estado Eficaz Nuestra generación tiene el reto de acabar con el miedo y renovar la esperanza. Hoy contamos con la fuerza para alcanzar un nuevo pacto social que construya un Estado Eficaz. En este espacio, a través de 8 capítulos, me propongo a explicar cómo podríamo... Gratis 05/2012
758501   RWW Moto RWW Moto key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like RWW Moto RWN Moto Shopping-App für iPhone und iPad Deine RWN Moto App bringt alle Vorteile des RWN Moto-Shoppings auf dein iOS Gerät und verwandelt es so in einen tragbaren Online-Shop! Kauf dein Zubehör und deine Ersatzteile sofort von überall und wann immer du m... Gratis 05/2012
758502   Breast Implant Exercises HD Breast Implant Exercises HD Medizin Medizin Apps like Breast Implant Exercises HD After breast augmentation surgery with implants, patients are often advised to perform range of motion exercises for two purposes: Phase 1) in order to avoid compensatory postures and positions that may produce chest, back, neck or shoulder spasm an... Gratis 05/2012
758503   Malaysia iTrav (Deutsch) Malaysia iTrav (Deutsch) Reise Reise Apps like Malaysia iTrav (Deutsch) Interaktives Reisemagazin mit Schwerpunkt auf den wichtigsten touristischen Höhepunkten. Durch kurze Beschreibungen von touristischen Gebieten, Orten und Sehenswürdigkeiten kann man sich schnell ein klares Bild von diesem herrlichen Urlaubsziel machen. ... 1.99€ 05/2012
758504   Bug Catchers Bug Catchers Spiele Spiele Apps like Bug Catchers Bug Catchers brings the fun of capturing bugs in your backyard to your iPad! Kids will love capturing bugs on 15 different levels. It starts off easy and increases in difficulty with each level, so kids from ages 3+ can enjoy this wonderful app! At the... 2.99€ 05/2012
758505   ASTRID IMMOBILIER ASTRID IMMOBILIER Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like ASTRID IMMOBILIER L'agence ASTRID IMMOBILIER et son équipe sont heureux de vous accueillir sur leur application. L’occasion de découvrir l'appartement ou la maison que vous cherchez. Vous souhaitez vendre votre bien ? N'hésitez pas à nous contacter, nous connaissons peut-... Gratis 05/2012
758506   ARDrone Sim ARDrone Sim Spiele Spiele Apps like ARDrone Sim ARDrone Sim ist die erste jemals flight Simulator von der AR.Drone-Quadcopter von Parrot! Üben Sie fliegen Ihre AR-Drone unabhängig vom Wetter und gewinnen Sie Vertrauen in Ihre fliegende Technik um Ihre Freunde zu beeindrucken. Verfügt über alle Steuer... 1.99€ 05/2012
758507   Glucose Recorder Glucose Recorder Medizin Medizin Apps like Glucose Recorder Glucose Recorder is an easy-to-use application that can help you keep track of your blood glucose levels over time. It is a perfect companion for your glucose monitoring system. With support of iCloud, you can enter glucose level with your iPhone whereve... 2.99€ 05/2012
758508   Hradec nad Moravicí Hradec nad Moravicí Reise Reise Apps like Hradec nad Moravicí Město Hradec nad Moravicí se nachází v Moravskoslezském kraji, nedaleko od Opavy. Je významným cílem výletů obyvatel naší republiky i zahraničních návštěvníků. Návštěvníky města zaujme Hradecký zámek, Bílá věž, Pivovarské sklepy, Národní dům, církevn... Gratis 05/2012
758509   Autism and PDD Associations Lite Autism and PDD Associations Lite Bildung Bildung Apps like Autism and PDD Associations Lite Although the information on the left states that this app is available in all languages, it is only presented in English. This Buddy Bear app is based on the perennially popular Buddy Bear software and storybooks that have a strong following among speec... Gratis 05/2012
758510   Learn Word,  Excel and PowerPoint by GoLearningBus Learn Word, Excel and PowerPoint by GoLearningBus Referenz Referenz Apps like Learn Word, Excel and PowerPoint by GoLearningBus * * * * * GoLearningBus: A quality product from WAG Mobile Inc !!! * * * * * More than 4 million paying customers from 175 countries. You can subscribe to more than 500 apps for learning and training via GoLearningBus.Com. GoLearningBus brings you a si... Gratis 05/2012
758511   Art Collection HD Art Collection HD Bildung Bildung Apps like Art Collection HD Art Collection HD of is a huge collection of artworks with amazing photos and description. You can zoom in photos, visualize them in slideshow mode, mark them as favorites, compare, share with friends, the application offers a Quiz game for you to ch... 3.99€ 05/2012
758512   Art Collection Art Collection Bildung Bildung Apps like Art Collection Art Collection of is a huge collection of artworks with amazing photos (iPhone Optimized) and description. You can zoom in photos, visualize them in slideshow mode, mark them as favorites, compare, share with friends, the application offers a Quiz ga... 3.99€ 05/2012
758513   Toronto Island Ferry Finder Toronto Island Ferry Finder Reise Reise Apps like Toronto Island Ferry Finder Toronto Island Ferry Finder shows the ferry schedule of the ferries going to and from the Toronto Islands, and also helps you locate the closest ferry docks.   HOME • From the Home page you can immediately see the next boat times departing the city and ... 1.99€ 05/2012
758514   eTravelMagazine eTravelMagazine Reise Reise Apps like eTravelMagazine Now you can discover more about Australia than ever before. The eTravel-Magazine Australia for the iPad® is loaded with interactive features in an easy-to-navigate layout. Instead of passively thumbing through printed material, you can now interact with... Gratis 05/2012
758515   ICD Polska Klasyfikacja ICD Polska Klasyfikacja Medizin Medizin Apps like ICD Polska Klasyfikacja podręczna klasyfikacja kodów ICD 9 i ICD 10 po polsku. Dwie klasyfikacje w jednej aplikacji ze wspólną wyszukiwarką i opcją zakładek dla zapamiętania i szybkiego dostępu do wybranych kodów. Zawiera najnowsze wersje słowników ICD-9 oraz ICD-10 używanych pr... 1.99€ 05/2012
758516   Where Is ABC? Where Is ABC? Bildung Bildung Apps like Where Is ABC? - A tool for us to teach us children, it is simple, you can listen sound of the animal with alphabet. - It had good sound, nice graphic. - Thank for use.... 0.99€ 05/2012
758517   Geld Rechner Geld Rechner Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Geld Rechner Geld Rechner ist eine einfache App, Währungs-Banknoten und-Münzen zu zählen, unterstützt alle Stückelung.. Funktioniert mit Währungen wie dollars, euros, pounds, rupees etc..... Gratis 05/2012
758518   Sepia Camera Pro Sepia Camera Pro Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Sepia Camera Pro ► One Day Sale - 50% OFF! Sepia Camera Pro is a camera app that changes your photo to old sepia style. FEATURES: - Create sepia photos directly using iPhone - Create sepia photos for pictures in photo library - Auto-adjust photo to best quality after t... 2.99€ 05/2012
758519   ICE-Drive ICE-Drive Büro Büro Apps like ICE-Drive ICE-Drive stands for the “Ippany Cloud Extender-drive“. The first easy to use and install on premise file access and collaboration solution where data is kept safe behind your own firewall. ICE-drive for iPhone and iPad lets you: ・Access, view and manage... Gratis 05/2012
758520   Learn Electrical Engineering by GoLearningBus Learn Electrical Engineering by GoLearningBus Bildung Bildung Apps like Learn Electrical Engineering by GoLearningBus * * * * * GoLearningBus: A quality product from WAG Mobile Inc !!! * * * * * More than 4 million paying customers from 175 countries. You can subscribe to more than 500 apps for learning and training via GoLearningBus.Com. GoLearningBus brings you a si... Gratis 05/2012
758521   Was war heute? Was war heute? Bildung Bildung Apps like Was war heute? Du möchtest wissen, was am heutigen Tag in der Vergangenheit alles passiert ist? Mit dieser App ist das gar kein Problem mehr. Einfach App starten und schon wird dir für das heutige Datum ein Ereignis gezeigt, dass an diesem Tage passiert ist. Dies kan... Gratis 05/2012
758522   SensusWeb SensusWeb Produktivität Produktivität Apps like SensusWeb Lesen und überwachen Sie Ihre Wasser- Strom und Gaszähler von überall auf der Welt, mit den Anlagen der Sensus GmbH. Mit dieser neuen App haben Sie jederzeit und von überall die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Verbräuche. Nutzen Sie diese App um auch im Urla... Gratis 05/2012
758523   Sleep Well! Sleep Well! Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Sleep Well! Finally a sleep app based in science! Written by two psychologists, this app provides the latest information on improving your sleep and creating a healthy sleep routine. The three guided audio exercises are perfect for listening, just before bed or t... 3.99€ 05/2012
758524   My Mom’s the Best My Mom’s the Best Bücher Bücher Apps like My Mom’s the Best NOW IN SPANISH ! ***Highly recommended by Teacherswithapps*** 'Moms and children will want to return to this app over and over to get all warm and fuzzy with this beautiful feel-good story' http://teacherswithapps.com/book_apps-my-moms-the-best-by-snapp... 2.99€ 05/2012
758525   Small Business Expo Small Business Expo Büro Büro Apps like Small Business Expo The Small Business Expo 2012 (NYC) is the largest networking event and trade show for Business Owners & Professionals. This APP allows our attendees to navigate the exhibitor hall and view agenda items & our workshop schedule.... Gratis 05/2012
758526   Law Society of South Australia Law Society of South Australia Büro Büro Apps like Law Society of South Australia This comprehensive iPhone/iPad application has been developed by the Law Society of South Australia for use by its members. It is an essential tool for members of the local profession and is free to download. The App provides users with:- - a directory (... Gratis 05/2012
758527   Ratgeber Küche Ratgeber Küche Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Ratgeber Küche AMK - diese drei Buchstaben stehen für "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche e.V.". Die Organisation besteht seit über 55 Jahren, wurde im Jahre 1956 gegründet und ist der Fach- und Dienstleistungsverband der gesamten Küchenbranche. So verwundert es nic... Gratis 05/2012
758528   Zverce Zverce Spiele Spiele Apps like Zverce Animated game, excellent for kids but fun for adults too :) - 18 missions +6 bonus stages - Mute/Play sound - Zverce speed setting - Pause/Resume game - High scores (Top 10) ~Take the fruits and the cakes but stay away of the dangers!~... Gratis 05/2012
758529   Electrocomponents plc Investor Relations HD Electrocomponents plc Investor Relations HD Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Electrocomponents plc Investor Relations HD The Electrocomponents plc Investor Relations App gives you access to all the latest investor and financial information you need in an iPad optimised App.  The App allows you to keep track of the latest share price information and press releases as well a... Gratis 05/2012
758530   My Mum’s the Best My Mum’s the Best Bücher Bücher Apps like My Mum’s the Best NOW IN SPANISH ! ***Highly recommended by Teacherswithapps*** 'Moms and children will want to return to this app over and over to get all warm and fuzzy with this beautiful feel-good story' http://teacherswithapps.com/book_apps-my-moms-the-best-by-sna... 2.99€ 05/2012
758531   Win&Win Win&Win Büro Büro Apps like Win&Win Win & Win se veut être une compagnie différente et conviviale, toutes les collaboratrices et tous les collaborateurs s’engagent à mes côtés pour vous garantir un travail honnête et de qualité. Mettez-nous à l’épreuve. Et s’il est vrai que nous sommes ré... Gratis 05/2012
758532   Gazetki Tesco Gazetki Tesco Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Gazetki Tesco Zainstaluj aplikację i bądź na bieżąco z aktualnymi promocjami w Tesco! Mobilna aplikacja Tesco to: - Gwarantowane przesyłanie gazetek Tesco na 3 dni przed startem nowej promocji - Dostęp do gazetek promocyjnych Tesco w wygodnym formacie dostosowanym d... Gratis 05/2012
758533   Sensual Stories Sensual Stories Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Sensual Stories Life is a journey filled with your uniquely personal experiences. Sensual Reading aims to inspire your sensual imagination to spark your inner flame and help you add more wonderful experiences to your life. Short sensual stories to excite and tempt you a... 0.99€ 05/2012
758534   Phonics Fun 4 Phonics Fun 4 Bildung Bildung Apps like Phonics Fun 4 Want your child to become a better reader? 'Phonics Fun' series surely help your child learn the sounds of the letters, which are important for reading as well as spelling. Tap the picture and you will hear the words. Tap the letter and you will hear t... Gratis 05/2012
758535   Zoom To Kill-Free Zoom To Kill-Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Zoom To Kill-Free The future of the city is at stake. Assassins from all corners of the city are approaching the city center where the mayor is addressing the public. Only you can protect her. From your elevated position, use your sniper rifle to hunt down the assassins b... Gratis 05/2012
758536   Bookish - eBook reader Bookish - eBook reader Bücher Bücher Apps like Bookish - eBook reader This app is ebook reader. support file format "pdf" "epub" "bec" You can share contents with other bookend applications on other devices by simply registering your mail address into bookend Web library. You will see more and more bookend contents coming.... Gratis 05/2012
758537   SarmattHD SarmattHD Photographie Photographie Apps like SarmattHD С помощью мобильного клиента для системы видеонаблюдения Sarmatt, Вы сможете просматривать видео с камер на вашем объекте в режиме реального времени непосредственно с Вашего iPhone или iPad. Теперь, что бы получать актуальную информацию с Вашего объек... Gratis 05/2012
758538   영어동요 삼총사 - 3 English Songs 영어동요 삼총사 - 3 English Songs Bildung Bildung Apps like 영어동요 삼총사 - 3 English Songs [3 English Songs Series] 3 IN 1 HD. This is an amazing opportunity to download the 3 English Songs series for children by discounted price. How to use 1. Talk with your kids about the stories looking at the pictures. 2. Play the entire song with the p... 4.99€ 05/2012
758539   Toddler Lane Puzzles Toddler Lane Puzzles Spiele Spiele Apps like Toddler Lane Puzzles Toddler Lane Puzzles is a collection of jigsaw and shape shifting puzzles that toddlers will find fun, colourful and sometimes challenging. Games are designed to be consistent so that toddlers can quickly grasp the slide and slot in method of solving the... Gratis 05/2012
758540   Belt In "iPhone",  Style Shopping APP Free Belt In "iPhone", Style Shopping APP Free Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Belt In "iPhone", Style Shopping APP Free Do you still worry about buying belt? Now, the app will be your best choice. This app provide tens of thousands of belts, with cheap price. Hurry up, buy a beautiful belt for yourself.... Gratis 05/2012
758541   Capture 40 Free Capture 40 Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Capture 40 Free --------------------------------- (English) --------------------------------- The most powerful AI engine! The most amazing poker game! This is a two-player card game integrated with competition and recreation. Capture 40 has three versions and fou... Gratis 05/2012
758542   Precious Metal Prices Precious Metal Prices Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Precious Metal Prices Download our free gold and silver prices app to help you monitor the real time market situation from your mobile device. Platinum and palladium prices are also included. Prices are set per troy ounce and displayed in USD. A weight conversion calculator is... Gratis 05/2012
758543   Belt Store,  Style Shopping APP Belt Store, Style Shopping APP Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Belt Store, Style Shopping APP Do you still worry about buying belt? Now, the app will be your best choice. This app provide tens of thousands of belts, with cheap price. Hurry up, buy a beautiful belt for yourself.... 2.99€ 05/2012
758544   Streams in the Desert - Daily Devotional (Lite) Streams in the Desert - Daily Devotional (Lite) Bücher Bücher Apps like Streams in the Desert - Daily Devotional (Lite) A 365 day devotional app based on Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles Cowman updated with digital features for today's smartphones and tablets. Customer reviews: - Love this app! Streams in the Desert gives hope and encouragement. Precisely when you ne... Gratis 05/2012
758545   解雇されないための50の社会人基礎力 解雇されないための50の社会人基礎力 Bücher Bücher Apps like 解雇されないための50の社会人基礎力 貴方は大丈夫ですか。 間もなくリストラの対象者になっていませんか!? ① 「現場突破力」(社会人基礎力)とはどういうことなのか? ② 理解度を50問のクイズでチェック ③ それぞれの能力のポイントを学ぶ ④ 「自己能力チェックリスト」であなたの能力レベルを確認する。 あなたは大丈夫!? 大丈夫と思っている人こそ危ないぞ!!? あなたがクビになるかどうか50のドリルで一目瞭然!! ⇒ 本書は忙しいビジネスマンが通勤の合間に気軽に読んで、仕事ですぐに利用できるようにビジネス現場を素材にしたクイ... 2.99€ 05/2012
758546   Finance Ratio Finance Ratio Büro Büro Apps like Finance Ratio 50 Questions on Accounting Ratios for Financial Statement Analysis App Description: This app provides a quick reference on how to calculate financial ratios for analyzing the profitability, activity, liquidity and solvency of business entities. Basic... 4.99€ 05/2012
758547   Ersteller für Muttertagskarten Ersteller für Muttertagskarten Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Ersteller für Muttertagskarten Kostenloser digitaler Versand Deiner selbst erstellten Karte durch Ersteller für Muttertagskarten Hintergrund auswählen, einige Sticker hinzufügen, Text schreiben und per E-Mail versenden. Oder sogar auf Facebook posten und all deinen Freunden zeigen,... Gratis 05/2012
758548   BEEFWAR BEEFWAR Spiele Spiele Apps like BEEFWAR BEEFWAR * BEEFWAR * BEEFWAR Defend your Cattle from the Panzer Blitz! Features: - 48 Unique Cuts of Beef - 7 Types of Panzers - Intense Strategies *** Please Support American Beef Farmers *** 100% Earnings of this game will go for buying beef and supp... 0.99€ 05/2012
758549   ASVAB Video Course ASVAB Video Course Bildung Bildung Apps like ASVAB Video Course This is a Great Video Training Application and Practice Exam on the ASVAB Military Exam. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a multiple choice test, administered by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command, used to determine ... 2.99€ 05/2012
758550   Shark Tank - 3D Shark Tank - 3D Spiele Spiele Apps like Shark Tank - 3D You can become the most dangerous shark in the ocean. Swim the deep seas, prowl the ocean floor, and eat the fish that you see. You are the feared Great White shark, the most feared shark in the ocean. However there are dangers to be feared. Monste... 0.99€ 05/2012
758551   Mi Libro Verde Mi Libro Verde Bücher Bücher Apps like Mi Libro Verde Fundación Televisa presenta "Mi Libro Verde", una aplicación para tabletas que aborda diferentes temas relacionados con la ecología como: cambio climático, cuidado del agua, energía, residuos, contaminación y biodiversidad, brindando alternativas p... Gratis 05/2012
758552   ElectricalWiringPro ElectricalWiringPro Produktivität Produktivität Apps like ElectricalWiringPro Electrical code & design calculators for electricians, engineers working with wiring systems and other electrical professionals. Written by a working Electrician using it on a daily basis. Calculations per 2011 National Electrical Code. o Ampacity / ... 0.79€ 05/2012
758553   Par Equivalent CDS Spread Analyzer Par Equivalent CDS Spread Analyzer Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Par Equivalent CDS Spread Analyzer The Par Equivalent CDS (Credit Default Swap) Spread Analyzer is an indispensable tool for evaluating a bond-CDS trade opportunity. A corporate bond is one of the most commonly traded fixed income securities. Generally, an investor can buy bond and CDS ... Gratis 05/2012
758554   Glitter Doodle Color Blast HD Glitter Doodle Color Blast HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Glitter Doodle Color Blast HD Make your drawings sparkle with dazzling glitter patterns. Glitter Doodle Color Blast has sparkle built into every colorful doodle! Features: ● 15 Radical Glitter Color Patterns ● Mix and Match Multiple Patterns ● Shake to Erase ● Eraser Tool ● Ch... 1.99€ 05/2012
758555   连连看高清 连连看高清 Spiele Spiele Apps like 连连看高清 To celebrate the game's total downloads exceeded 1 million, limit free for three days! The game is the best game of mobile platforms games. support high-definition, Screen delicate, and feel super good, gorgeous special effects, colorful content o... Gratis 05/2012
758556   Dr. Julia Kinder Dr. Julia Kinder Medizin Medizin Apps like Dr. Julia Kinder Are you lucky enough to have someone in your life with Down syndrome? Then download this app, join The Upside of Down Tribe, and become a Thrivalist Right Now! Thrivalists don’t just survive a diagnosis of Down syndrome, they thrive in every aspect of... Gratis 05/2012
758557   Expresso do Sul Expresso do Sul Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Expresso do Sul Este aplicativo pretende abrir um canal de comunicação permanente com todas as pessoas que possam se interessar pelos serviços prestados e pelos assuntos relacionados a cada serviço desta empresa. Como realizamos o transporte rodoviário de passageiros ent... Gratis 05/2012
758558   Baby Discover Images Baby Discover Images Bildung Bildung Apps like Baby Discover Images A simple App to allow your child to interact with different images using touch. This is part of a series of Apps : * Baby Discover Images * Baby Discover Animals * Baby Discover Cats * Baby Discover Dogs * Baby Discover Birds * Baby Discover Aquat... 0.99€ 05/2012
758559   QuizArt English QuizArt English Spiele Spiele Apps like QuizArt English $$$ APP FOR SALE !!! LIMITED TIME!!! $$$ Can you tell a Monet from a Michelangelo or a Van Gogh from a Tiziano? How many painters do you know? Can you recognize the subjects of famous paintings and you know who they are? Test your background in art with ... 1.99€ 05/2012
758560   BandG Triton BandG Triton Sport Sport Apps like BandG Triton **Compatible only with Ipad and Ipad2** Discover the incredible definition and simplicity of use of the Triton B&G multifunctional display – instruments and pilot – thanks to this "real" experience of use developed by Navico - B&G's parent company - and ... Gratis 05/2012
758561   Ruby Capture Lite Ruby Capture Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Ruby Capture Lite Ruby Capture can now be played for free with Ruby Capture Lite! Ruby Capture Lite is a puzzle game with a bit of chess flavor. Move your chess pieces to collect all the gems. Grab power-ups along the way for extra moves. Challenge yourself on hundreds of... Gratis 05/2012
758562   Football 3D Phone Football 3D Phone Sport Sport Apps like Football 3D Phone Football 3D Phone ist eine 3D-Anwendung, mit der Football-Strategien und Trainingsübungen visualisiert werden können, die vorher mit der Tactic3D Football 3D Sketcher Software erstellt wurden. "Football 3D Sketcher" für Mac und für PC oder "Football3D C... Gratis 05/2012
758563   MemoMusic MemoMusic Spiele Spiele Apps like MemoMusic Memo music is a memory game designed for everyone. It is also an ear training tool designed to improve your musical skills.... Gratis 05/2012
758564   aMoney - Money Management aMoney - Money Management Finanzen Finanzen Apps like aMoney - Money Management ***** -50% Rabatt! ***** Einfache Verwaltung Ihrer Finanzen aMoney ist eine Anwendung, mit der Sie Ihre Finanzen verwalten, um so intuitiv und schnell hilft! In wenigen einfachen Schritten können Sie Passwort schützen alle Ihre Bewegungen, Berichte,... 1.99€ 05/2012
758565   De Wilgeroos De Wilgeroos Bildung Bildung Apps like De Wilgeroos Ouders van Stichting Fedra kunnen gebruik maken van de app van de Wilgeroos om over diverse zaken geïnformeerd te worden. U kunt bijvoorbeeld de jaaragenda raadplegen of de laatste nieuwsbrief lezen. Ook kunt u op eenvoudige wijze contact opnemen met de... Gratis 05/2012
758566   Kadey-Krogen Yachts Kadey-Krogen Yachts Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Kadey-Krogen Yachts The Kadey-Krogen Yachts app gives a glimpse of what it's like living the Kadey-Krogen dream. Beautiful photos, maps, stories and articles show you slices of the lifestyle of Krogen trawler yacht owners from Alaska to the South Pacific, to anywhere in t... Gratis 05/2012
758567   Sun Country PGA Sun Country PGA Sport Sport Apps like Sun Country PGA The Sun Country PGA app for iPhone. Key Features: • View Sun Country PGA tournament info and leaderboards. • Find courses and course info - across the U.S. and Canada. • Read the latest Sun Country PGA news. • Season standings and stats. • Check in to Su... Gratis 05/2012
758568   Epicor Insights Epicor Insights Büro Büro Apps like Epicor Insights Epicor Insights is a live event for Epicor customers. Manage your conference experience from your mobile device using the Insights 2015 mobile app. Download it today to build your personal agenda, receive event updates, connect socially, and networ... Gratis 05/2012
758569   STAR 99.1 STAR 99.1 Musik Musik Apps like STAR 99.1 STAR 99.1 is New York City's Christian Music Radio Station! Our air personalities love Jesus and they love you. Plus our contemporary Christian music playlist is always positive and uplifting, which means you’ll always feel better when you listen. We ... Gratis 05/2012
758570   BMI Cotizador Salud Ecuador BMI Cotizador Salud Ecuador Medizin Medizin Apps like BMI Cotizador Salud Ecuador Software para cotizar Seguros de Salud ofrecidos por la empresa Best Meridian Insurance Company en Ecuador. Suministrando datos básicos, permite obtener los valores del seguro de salud para un titular, su cónyuge y los dependientes.... Gratis 05/2012
758571   FuzionTek Hair Studio FuzionTek Hair Studio Büro Büro Apps like FuzionTek Hair Studio Welcome to Fuzion Tek Hair Studio Ltd Bringing Downtown Vancouver Style to uptown New Westminster at affordable prices! We are Masters at applying custom formulas, fuzing cutting edge designs, creative colors and precision styling. Visit our salon toda... Gratis 05/2012
758572   Welpen dress up Welpen dress up Spiele Spiele Apps like Welpen dress up Für alle Tierfreunde, hier ist ein guter Weg, um eine Zeit mit iPad verbringen: der Welpe dress up Spiel. Unser Welpe ist wirklich lustig, und er liebt es, sich im Kostüm zu sein. Das ist ein Spiel aus der Kategorie "Spiele für Mädchen".... Gratis 05/2012
758573   iQRReader iQRReader Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like iQRReader NOW FREE WITH NO ADS! DON'T MISS IT! READ REVIEWS AND CHECK IT OUT NOW! Simply read any QR-Code using your device camera. Can easily read every QR code in real-time!!! No need to capture the code in advance. Check it out now for FREE! ______________... Gratis 05/2012
758574   DiLisi's Pizza DiLisi's Pizza Büro Büro Apps like DiLisi's Pizza For over 22 years, we have been serving up the best pizza in Medford area! We take pride in knowing that we put out the best tasting pizza, pasta, salads, Italian entrees and sandwiches, period. We know there are tons of Italian restaurants that ... Gratis 05/2012
758575   Sonekka Sonekka Musik Musik Apps like Sonekka Aplicativo com o álbum Agridoce do músico sonekka. Ele faz parte e é um dos fundadores do clube Caiubi de compositores. Delicie-se com esta obra de arte que vai da mpb ao rock clássico.... Gratis 05/2012
758576   ISIS Papyrus ISIS Papyrus Büro Büro Apps like ISIS Papyrus The Papyrus Platform for Business Communication and Process future-proofs your application investments because it offers a complete solution for enterprise mobility that is platform and device-independent. It allows to open parts of your system to your Mo... Gratis 05/2012
758577   Autism iHelp – Vehicles Autism iHelp – Vehicles Bildung Bildung Apps like Autism iHelp – Vehicles Autism iHelp is a vocabulary teaching aid developed by parents of a child with Autism and a speech-language pathologist. Autism iHelp was inspired by the need for specific language intervention tools for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder focusing on ... 1.99€ 05/2012
758578   John Titor John Titor Referenz Referenz Apps like John Titor In 2009 an anonymous author wrote a book called Conviction of a Time Traveler. He goes by the name Temporal Recon when online. This app was created to be the best way for followers of the John Titor story to keep up with all the latest news. Here you'll b... 0.99€ 05/2012
758579   GnokInvaders HD GnokInvaders HD Spiele Spiele Apps like GnokInvaders HD ***** iPad 2 and iPad HD version ***** Gene Gnocchi in Gnok Invaders The first videogame starring the great Italian comedian The Aliens invaded Planet Earth. Maybe you’ll recognize them, because they resemble the prominent figures of the soccer world... 1.99€ 05/2012
758580   Diet Watchers Diary Diet Watchers Diary Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Diet Watchers Diary Abnehmen muss keine Qual sein… Diet Watchers Diary is das ultimative Komplettpaket als App inclusive Punkterechner, Punktelisten und Tagebuch! FEATURES - Punkterechner für das klassische System sowie Plus/Pro - Aktivitätspunkte (Bonuspunkte) - Wochenpu... 2.99€ 05/2012
758581   UMHB Cru Mobile UMHB Cru Mobile Bildung Bildung Apps like UMHB Cru Mobile Crusader for Life? Take the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor with you wherever you go! The Cru Mobile app keeps you up to date with the latest from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. It's perfect for current students, future students, parents, and ... Gratis 05/2012
758582   Car Wallpaperz HD Car Wallpaperz HD Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Car Wallpaperz HD The application contains beautiful car wallpapers. You can save any wallpaper into photo library.... 0.99€ 05/2012
758583   Havana Cocktailbar Dillingen Havana Cocktailbar Dillingen Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Havana Cocktailbar Dillingen Karibikfeeling mitten in Dillingen: Die Havana Cocktailbar liegt nicht nur mitten im Herzen von Dillingen, sondern auch ein bisschen in der Karibik. Traumhafte Cocktails und abgefahrene Events – im Havana können Sie den Alltag vergessen. Bereit für die N... Gratis 05/2012
758584   Goalball Scoreboard Goalball Scoreboard Sport Sport Apps like Goalball Scoreboard An app designed for both Athletes, Coaches and those who just like to follow Goalball. The app allows users to keep up with the latest tournaments, stats, and team rankings. Goalball Scoreboard is a Goalball Website and IPhone app that is looking to b... 1.99€ 05/2012
758585   Moovin Up Lite Moovin Up Lite Spiele Spiele Apps like Moovin Up Lite You can now enjoy Moovin Up for free, with Moovin Up Lite. Moovin Up Lite is a puzzle game where you help your hungry cattle eat up all the grass on your farm. Sounds easy enough but your cows aren't exactly the brightest animals in the barn! These bovi... Gratis 05/2012
758586   Yohoho! Free Yohoho! Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Yohoho! Free Yohoho! is a two players strategy game without any random. It is played on a board made of hexagons and simulate a sea battle. The game can be compared to Chess in a number of aspects. All Jocly features included: - artificial intelligence to play alo... Gratis 05/2012
758587   iLightningCam Lite - Lightning Strike Photography iLightningCam Lite - Lightning Strike Photography Photographie Photographie Apps like iLightningCam Lite - Lightning Strike Photography Real-time lightning photography with iPhone made easy The first photo app that enables everyone to take spectacular pictures of real lighting strikes with an iPhone! This is the free Lite version of iLightningCam 1! It offers all features of the full ap... Gratis 05/2012
758588   CODEC - Comunidad Consumidores CODEC - Comunidad Consumidores Reise Reise Apps like CODEC - Comunidad Consumidores Participa en CODEC - Comunidad de Consumidores y podrás conseguir fabulosos premios simplemente dándonos tu opinión!! Valora algunos de los establecimientos que visitas habitualmente contestando un brevísimo cuestionario de satisfacción y consigue puntos... Gratis 05/2012
758589   Jocly Tafl Free Jocly Tafl Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Jocly Tafl Free There are a number of Tafl games, all of them having in common to be asymmetrical (not the same pieces for each player), one of the player having a King piece that must escape the board. This application embeds 2 popular versions: Ard-ri and Fitchneal.... Gratis 05/2012
758590   English Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary English Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary Referenz Referenz Apps like English Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary This is English - Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Traditional) - English Dictionary (英漢(繁體中文)雙向字典), containing 111000 translation articles. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not need the internet connection. Database size is more than 24MB. It will ... 2.99€ 05/2012
758591   Jocly Classics Free Jocly Classics Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Jocly Classics Free * Play classic board games * This application game set features: - Chess - Draughts (8x8) - Awele - Connect 4 - Reversi The exact rules details are embedded into the application with easy to read graphics. All Jocly features included: - artificial in... Gratis 05/2012
758592   MJR Theatres MJR Theatres Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like MJR Theatres Welcome to the MJR Theatres online ticketing app. From here you can browse schedules, find MJR locations near you, view MJR Rewards progress, update your MJR Rewards membership information, and even use your MJR Rewards membership to purchase tickets!... Gratis 05/2012
758593   Monroe County Library System Monroe County Library System Bildung Bildung Apps like Monroe County Library System Get the library in your hands 24/7 with the MCLS Mobile App. You can now get anytime, anywhere access to your library account, the library catalog, one click to eBooks and eAudiobooks, book lists, contact with a librarian, online databases and much ... Gratis 05/2012
758594   Keij & Stefels Keij & Stefels Büro Büro Apps like Keij & Stefels Keij & Stefels makelaars de meest veelzijdige makelaar van Amsterdam e.o. Keij&Stefels is sinds de oprichting in 1989 een bedrijf dat met beide benen op de grond staat. Nuchter. Helder. Geen knollen voor citroenen. Dat soort zaken. Realistisch. Zeker nie... Gratis 05/2012
758595   GM-Yachts GM-Yachts Kataloge Kataloge Apps like GM-Yachts Aplicação onde poderá visualizar todos os modelos das Marcas, Azimut, Benetti, Fountaine Pajot, Jeanneau e Prestige, bem como os Barcos usados à venda em Portugal pela GM-Yachts.... Gratis 05/2012
758596   petite madeleine petite madeleine Büro Büro Apps like petite madeleine petite madeleine ist eine Smartphone Applikation, die Ihnen zusätzliche multimediale Inhalte zu ausgewählten Publikationen und Druckmedien bietet. Seiten mit weiterführenden Informationen erkennen Sie an dem entsprechenden Hinweis oder petite madeleine S... Gratis 05/2012
758597   Rockingham Insurance Rockingham Insurance Büro Büro Apps like Rockingham Insurance Ncinsquote.com is a division of Rockingham Insurance Agency, which has been serving the citizens of Rockingham County for over 54 years. Ncinsquote.com was established to service the needs of clients via the internet, not just locally, but across the e... Gratis 05/2012
758598   3D Memory 3D Memory Spiele Spiele Apps like 3D Memory 3D üç boyutlu, eğlendirici ve eğitici Hafıza Oyunu “3D Memory” IPhone/ IPad ve IPod için hazırlandı. Oyun çocuğunuzun dikkat, zeka ve konsantrasyon yetilerini kısa zamanda geliştirecektir. 3D MEMORY: Oyun üç boyutlu, interaktif ve eğiticidir. Oyun o... 1.99€ 05/2012
758599   Photo Fantasy Photo Fantasy Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Fantasy A walk on the moon? A photo with Obama? As you would with a geisha hairstyle? Amaze your friends with funny photomontages Photo Fantasy. It 'easy to use, you can choose from many different backgrounds to apply and just a click to turn your photos into re... 1.99€ 05/2012
758600   Free BMI Calculator Free BMI Calculator Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Free BMI Calculator SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICE $1.99 >>>>> FREE GET IT NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP! This is a FREE BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, Easily calculate your BMI using cm or inches and kg or lbs or stone. The app also shows your BMI category. This is the si... Gratis 05/2012

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