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20201   Babygotchi Babygotchi Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Babygotchi Babygotchi is the app for new parents which aims to make parenting fun and a little less stressful. We know it can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first baby. From knowing when to feed your baby next, to knowing how much sleep your baby’s had.... 2.99€ 11/2015
20202   南阳养殖 南阳养殖 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 南阳养殖 南阳养殖是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括热销产品,最新上架,最新推荐,最聚人气,热销产品,其他等一目了然,下载完全免费。... Gratis 11/2015
20203   Chef Robs Caribbean Cafe Chef Robs Caribbean Cafe Büro Büro Apps like Chef Robs Caribbean Cafe Chef Rob's Caribbean Cafe app allows you to: Make reservations View Upcoming Events Follow all of our social media accounts Join Chef Rob's personal social media network. Also join our loyalty card program and receive free food or drinks Listen to great s... Gratis 11/2015
20204   เกมไพ่สามกอง Online เกมไพ่สามกอง Online Spiele Spiele Apps like เกมไพ่สามกอง Online เกมไพ่สามกอง Online เกมไพ่ที่สนุก และน่าเล่นที่สุด จนทุกคนต้องอึ้ง!!! เกมไพ่สามกอง ออนไลน์ สามารถให้เพื่อนๆ ได้สนุกกับเพื่อนในโลกออนไลน์ ไม่ว่าจะที่ไหนก็สามารถ ร่วมสนุก ตื่นเต้นกับ เกมไพ่สามกอง ออนไลน์ ได้แล้ว ด้วยอนิเมชั่นสุดอลังการ และการนับแต้... Gratis 11/2015
20205   配件防伪识别 配件防伪识别 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 配件防伪识别 江西五十铃发动机配件防伪识别... Gratis 11/2015
20206   Force Pop Force Pop Spiele Spiele Apps like Force Pop Use your new iPhone 6S or 6S+ to the maximum in this simple and catchy game, made for 3D Touch technology. Show the world that you are best at using new mobile technology and beat the highest score. Challenge your friends in this great game! Unique game... 0.99€ 11/2015
20207   广西教育网 广西教育网 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 广西教育网 广西教育是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括教育服务、新闻资讯,一目了然,下载完全免费。... Gratis 11/2015
20208   meldhue meldhue Spiele Spiele Apps like meldhue • meld dozens of colours of varying complexity! • meld specifically presented colours for a quickened time! • compete and share your times to facebook or twitter!... Gratis 11/2015
20209   芒果金融 芒果金融 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 芒果金融 芒果金融是首家大型国企与阿里巴巴产业带运营商共同参与运营平台,提供网络投资理财、个人理财,100%本息安全保障。... Gratis 11/2015
20210   懒猫社长 懒猫社长 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 懒猫社长 懒猫社长O2O社区服务平台,聚焦本地生活和社区服务,涵盖社区购物、外卖点单、生鲜购买、社区生活、社区活动等众多服务,为您提供便捷、安心、高品质的“互联网+”新生活。 衣来伸手,饭来张口 食品饮料日常用品 蔬菜生鲜水果代购 小手一抖轻松到手 送货上门不用太久 懒猫在手要啥都有 拒绝懒猫,你怎么说得出口?... Gratis 11/2015
20211   Memista Memista Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Memista MEMISTA is the first keyboard in the world which contains customizable memes and gifs. Become a Memista and create your own memes the fastest way ever. Forget texting, start meming! We´d collected the most popular memes and gifs, and classified them i... Gratis 11/2015
20212   云媒体大电视 云媒体大电视 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 云媒体大电视 【产品说明】 云媒体大电视旨在向广大宽带用户提供了“一站式”的视频内容集成服务和差异化的网络视频观看体验,为云媒体向多屏、跨屏功能服务。... Gratis 11/2015
20213   Hang Gliding Hang Gliding Sport Sport Apps like Hang Gliding Video test new trikes developed by Aeros company, Kiev, Ukraine. Filmed on aerodrome Zurovka located in the south-west of Zurovka village, Makarov district of Kiev region. The company produces Hang Gliders, Trikes, Airplanes, Paragliders, Kites.... Gratis 11/2015
20214   ToBox ToBox Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like ToBox ToBox - Магазин в кармане ToBox - это площадка нового поколения, объединяющая сотни лучших магазинов из социальных сетей, шоурумов, а также производителей уникальной авторской продукции. Мы подобрали самые интересные товары, которые вы можете купить... Gratis 11/2015
20215   Straubing Tigers Straubing Tigers Sport Sport Apps like Straubing Tigers Hol dir die kostenlose App der Straubing Tigers auf dein iPhone! Aktiviere den News-Alarm und erhalte die aktuellsten Nachrichten deiner Lieblinsmannschaft direkt auf dein Smartphone. Behalte dein Team immer im Blick mit dem aktuellen Spielplan und der T... Gratis 11/2015
20216   爱约客 爱约客 Produktivität Produktivität Apps like 爱约客 讲师和机构之间进行课程邀约、日程管理的工具。 讲师可以管理自己开放的日程,以便机构在发起邀约时就能避开日程的冲突。 机构和讲师可以利用本工具管理邀约的相关内容,包括课程的基本信息,行程安排,其他相关信息等。... Gratis 11/2015
20217   UDecide UDecide Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like UDecide Vote diariamente por su candidato a gobernador en Puerto Rico y por su candidato a presidente por los Estados Unidos.... Gratis 11/2015
20218   Rede Século 21 Ao vivo Rede Século 21 Ao vivo Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Rede Século 21 Ao vivo Agora a Rede Século 21 está na palma da sua mão! Com o novo aplicativo “Rede Século 21 ao vivo”, para smartphones e tablets, é possível acompanhar a emissora 24h ao vivo onde você estiver. O aplicativo permite que o telespectador acompanhe a Rede Século... Gratis 11/2015
20219   Süße Praline-Slots - Win Doppelscherenhubtische Casino Mania Kostenlos Süße Praline-Slots - Win Doppelscherenhubtische Casino Mania Kostenlos Spiele Spiele Apps like Süße Praline-Slots - Win Doppelscherenhubtische Casino Mania Kostenlos Wenn Sie Las Vegas Casinos lieben, werden Sie Doppel Chocolate Candy Frenzy Slots Explosion Casino Jackpot Mania Kostenlose verdreifachen !!! Genießen Sie fantastischen Bonus-Spiele und kostenlose COINS !! Lade deine Facebook-Freunde sich Ihnen anzuschli... Gratis 11/2015
20220   ハルスコープ ハルスコープ Photographie Photographie Apps like ハルスコープ 本アプリはスマートフォンに貼り付ける製品「HULSCOPE(ハルスコープ)」に最適化された写真アプリです。 撮影前の露出やフォーカスの変更から、撮影後のテキスト等の編集機能、SNSの投稿が出来ます。 製品「HULSCOPE(ハルスコープ)」がなくても、本アプリを使用することが出来ます。 機能 ・露出、WB、フォーカスを自由に変えることが出来ます。 ・グリッドを表示させることができ、被写体のおおよその大きさがわかります。 ・リアルタイムで各種フィルターの効果を確認しながら撮影することが出来ます。 ・撮っ... Gratis 11/2015
20221   Thirty Days & Seven Seas – Piratenschlacht-Brettspiel mit Clarence,  Jeff und Sumo Thirty Days & Seven Seas – Piratenschlacht-Brettspiel mit Clarence, Jeff und Sumo Spiele Spiele Apps like Thirty Days & Seven Seas – Piratenschlacht-Brettspiel mit Clarence, Jeff und Sumo Ahoi, Wasserratte! Begib dich in „Thirty Days & Seven Seas“ mit Clarence und seinen Freunden auf eine abenteuerliche Jagd nach Piratenschätzen! PIRATEN-POWER Spiele in „Thirty Days & Seven Seas“ als Jeff, Sumo und Clarence in ihren Piratenpersönlichkei... 2.99€ 11/2015
20222   Keep Lock Private Photo Video Vault Keep Lock Private Photo Video Vault Photographie Photographie Apps like Keep Lock Private Photo Video Vault With Keep lock private photo video vault you can lock videos and hide photos on your iPhone, all your personal files, photos, videos, audio, private documents and user-credentials are locked with password security. What’s more, with its password man... Gratis 11/2015
20223   NJ 101.5 NJ 101.5 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like NJ 101.5 Get the best news, traffic and weather coverage in New Jersey with the new NJ1015.com app. Listen to the live stream from your favorite hosts on WKXW-FM Radio and tweet or call the show directly from within the app. Receive timely notifications on breaki... Gratis 11/2015
20224   東京 プレミアム | JiTTシティガイド&ツアープランナー Tokyo Premium 東京 プレミアム | JiTTシティガイド&ツアープランナー Tokyo Premium Reise Reise Apps like 東京 プレミアム | JiTTシティガイド&ツアープランナー Tokyo Premium JiTT シティガイドはあなたのスマートフォンやタブレットを、選び抜かれた歴史的・文化的な観光地を巡るあなただけの高品質なツアーへと変え、旅にかかるお金・時間・ストレスを減らします。JiTTはあなたのご都合に合う時間を設定するため、オーダーメードの高品質な経験をお届けします。 JiTTを使って歩いてみて下さい! JiTTはオフラインでも使うことができるので、高いローミング料金を払う必要はありません。このアプリは、現在地と自由に使うことのできる時間に合わせてツアーを作ります。一日のどの時間帯に観光するか... 2.99€ 11/2015
20225   安店宝 安店宝 Photographie Photographie Apps like 安店宝 安店宝——您的商铺安全必备助手,是安居宝公司自主研发的一款专门为商铺安全打造的防盗报警网络摄像机软件。通过该应用可以实现连锁商铺手机实时远程监控、报警信息实时推送、报警录像云端存储、双向语音清晰对讲、手机一键布防撤防等防盗报警功能。同时支持添加多个商铺摄像头、传感器,无需专业知识即可轻松构建专业级商铺联动防盗报警系统。 功能亮点 ·商铺实时监控 实时手机远程监控 实时远程视频录制与截图 视频清晰度可选高清、标清两档,网络环境适应性强 支持视频回放与下载,支持历史视频以日历方式查看 ·商铺防盗报警 移动... Gratis 11/2015
20226   Egyptians Solitaire Egyptians Solitaire Spiele Spiele Apps like Egyptians Solitaire Become the ultimate solitaire master with our new game! Similar to classic solitaire but with a twist! Stack cards high or low to gather them all up fast! Cards are stacked in pyramid form, and the faster you collect cards the more points you earn! Easy... Gratis 11/2015
20227   Stadtwerke Torgau PLUS Stadtwerke Torgau PLUS Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Stadtwerke Torgau PLUS Ihr PLUS an Mehrwerten Strom- oder Gaskunden der Stadtwerke Torgau profitieren hier von exklusiven Angeboten, außergewöhnlichen Events und einzigartigen Servicevorteilen. Und dazu von den neuesten Informationen aus der Region direkt auf dem Handy. Unser... Gratis 11/2015
20228   MiPayWay MiPayWay Finanzen Finanzen Apps like MiPayWay MiPayWay uses an app and a beacon to safely and seamlessly allow the transfer of money from one user to another without revealing any personal information. It eliminates the need for cash making life just a little bit easier, and the world just a little ... Gratis 11/2015
20229   abeFly abeFly Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like abeFly This is a wonderful App for the 4-axis aircraft control via bluetooth4.0 or higher. The App function: 1.Remote control the 4-axis aircraft by the iPhone/ipod touch. 2.Take photo or Video record. Note:You may have a 4-axis aircraft connected to the iPhone ... Gratis 11/2015
20230   掌上保健 掌上保健 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 掌上保健 掌上保健网是一个app,涵盖了新闻资讯、招商代理、展会、保健食品等,阅读简便,信息丰富,能更优质的为广大访客提供丰富的掌上保健资讯服务。...... Gratis 11/2015
20231   Pay Ruler Pay Ruler Büro Büro Apps like Pay Ruler Tracking each and every employee in business is a handful; and usually we cannot keep track of them 100% of the time. With Pay Ruler, we make tracking your employees easier and efficient. Pay Ruler is a complete Human Resource Information System(HRIS) pa... Gratis 11/2015
20232   核品汇 核品汇 Büro Büro Apps like 核品汇 核品汇作为互联网+核能的领跑产品,为供应链企业提供了一个便捷优质的7×24H企业展台,同时作为第三方独立平台,旨在成为核能市场的全网通,打破集团之间壁垒,利用完善规范的产品数据和文档,服务与广大用户。... Gratis 11/2015
20233   GoWashr GoWashr Navigation Navigation Apps like GoWashr - Driver version of application SmartWashr - It creates orders and driver can change status "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."... Gratis 11/2015
20234   Cleopatra "Queen of the Nile" Slot Machine Casino - Way of Nefertiti to Ra's Book of Fire Cleopatra "Queen of the Nile" Slot Machine Casino - Way of Nefertiti to Ra's Book of Fire Spiele Spiele Apps like Cleopatra "Queen of the Nile" Slot Machine Casino - Way of Nefertiti to Ra's Book of Fire Cleopatra Slot Machines - NOW FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! --- Best Mobile Casino Game Winner 2015 --- Ever wanted to play slot machine with board cabinet and card? Now you can! A new amazing slots machine game, is now officially free for sale, only for ... Gratis 11/2015
20235   ILC Rewards ILC Rewards Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like ILC Rewards Simplify your life and get rewarded at the same time. By using the ILC Rewards App you can make check out fast and easy by simply paying with your phone. Then unlock rewards, special offers and even gifts on your birthday. It’s easy! 1) Download the FREE... Gratis 11/2015
20236   Barkid Barkid Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Barkid The Barkid app will alert you whenever your child leaves your vicinity, using the distance range defined in the application (anywhere from 5 to 30 meters). If your child ventures away from you and exceeds the application’s supported distance range, you... Gratis 11/2015
20237   AdditionsPaare Sponsored AdditionsPaare Sponsored Bildung Bildung Apps like AdditionsPaare Sponsored Übe addieren während du spielst! Highlight´s: - Additionsaufgaben im Zahlenraum bis 15 - Lustiges Spiel in bekannter Memory-Spielweise - Zusätzlich zu den klassischen Bildkarten findest du im Spiel die Mathekarten; auf der einen Karte steht die Aufgabe... Gratis 11/2015
20238   Averager Averager Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Averager Averager is the simpliest way to calculate average and standard deviation with one tap. You can add as many numbers as you would like to, and you can always see a list of all the numbers you've added. Averager automatically saves all results, so you can... Gratis 11/2015
20239   有机生态 有机生态 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 有机生态 有机生态是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括农产品类、玻璃工艺品、木塑材料、环保厕所、特种建材等,一目了然,下载完全免费... Gratis 11/2015
20240   河南旅游网 河南旅游网 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 河南旅游网 河南旅游网是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括:野营帐篷、登山杖、野营睡袋、吊床、旅行包、望远镜等 一目了然,下载完全免费。... Gratis 11/2015
20241   Cozytouch Cozytouch Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Cozytouch COZYTOUCH, the revolution of connected comfort. COZYTOUCH is an application for piloting the thermal comfort, born from the association of three major players in the thermal comfort: Atlantic, Thermor and Sauter. Associated bridge COZYTOUCH, this app... Gratis 11/2015
20242   ABC 123 Challenge ABC 123 Challenge Spiele Spiele Apps like ABC 123 Challenge In this game test yourself on how fast you can recognize the alphabet letters and the numbers. Play in different game modes and challenge your friends through the Game Center. Enjoy this super engaging game!... Gratis 11/2015
20243   Semillas la Cabaña CRM Semillas la Cabaña CRM Büro Büro Apps like Semillas la Cabaña CRM Aplicación por medio de la cual los usuarios de Semillas La Cabaña podrán utilizar el sistema CRM. Podrán consultar el directorio de clientes y eventos offline y sincronizar los datos cada vez que tengan acceso a una red WiFi o conexión a internet.... Gratis 11/2015
20244   智慧测绘仪器 智慧测绘仪器 Büro Büro Apps like 智慧测绘仪器 产品设计逻辑根据测绘仪器的核心服务进行模块规划,为广大用户提供海量的仪器行业相关供应信息,为您提供一个服务的理想平台,其中包含了行业热点、技术资料、代理商、项目招标、产品大全、品牌推荐、企业大全、行业展会、人才招聘。 版权所有:李小虎 技术支持:浙江恒搜网络科技有限公司 客服热线:400-6351919... Gratis 11/2015
20245   BTN Internet Banking BTN Internet Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like BTN Internet Banking BTN Internet Banking is an application for multiple e-Banking services provided by BANK BTN which can be accessed via smartphones along with other additional features. This Application integrates Mobile Banking BTN, Mobile Token BTN, ATM & Branches, Co... Gratis 11/2015
20246   绿色食品网 绿色食品网 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 绿色食品网 绿色食品是一个详细介绍绿色美食情况的平台,涵盖了绿色商城、绿色资讯、生态水果、绿色蔬菜、肉禽蛋类、五谷粮油、酒水茶叶、休闲食品等,阅读简便,信息丰富,能更优质的为广大访客提供丰富的绿色美食资讯服务。... Gratis 11/2015
20247   스타팝 (STAR POP) 스타팝 (STAR POP) Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 스타팝 (STAR POP) 내 손안의 스타 - 스타팝! 동방신기(TVXQ!)와 샤이니(SHINee)를 지금 바로 만나보세요. ▣ 스타팝의 특징 ▣ ▶ 스타가 나와 친구라니! - 스타와 함께 카페와 공원도 가면서 친해질 수 있어요. - 맛있는 음식도 먹고 이벤트를 하면서 친밀도를 높여보세요. - 더욱 다정한 대화를 나눌 수 있어요. ▶ 내가 관리하는 스타의 활동! - 예능에서부터 영화까지! 바쁜 스타의 스케줄을 관리해주세요. - 적당한 활동과 휴식을 취해준다면 스타와 둘도 ... Gratis 11/2015
20248   Seven - Time travel through your favourite locations Seven - Time travel through your favourite locations Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Seven - Time travel through your favourite locations Time travel through your favourite locations. Now - Share what's happening now. Future - Know what's coming up in future. Past - Browse through dots to get the history of a place.... Gratis 11/2015
20249   Parco delle Cascine Parco delle Cascine Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Parco delle Cascine Cascine Park is the green lung of Florence, at the gates of the city centre. It’s the largest public park, with a surface of about 130 hectares along the Arno river. Thanks to its vegetation, huge meadows, boulevards and paths, the park is the ideal ... Gratis 11/2015
20250   智慧井冈山 智慧井冈山 Büro Büro Apps like 智慧井冈山 智慧井冈山为您提供最新的井冈山动态!其中包括依次为依次为井冈山热点、景点推荐、井冈山特产、美食餐馆、酒店住宿、健康养生、休闲娱乐、生活服务、企业名录、人才招聘、便民服务,为您提供井冈山全方位一站式服务,让您足不出户了解井冈山详情 ! 景点推荐:包含井冈山各个景区,让您随时随地了解本地景点详情。 江油特产:介绍井冈山的地方特色产品。 酒店住宿:提供全方位的出现服务,让您出行住宿无忧,方便您的生活。 美食餐馆、休闲娱乐:让您出行游玩还是吃饭都无忧,衣食都囊括在内。 企业名录:介绍井冈山知名企业的信息。 版权... Gratis 11/2015
20251   心理通 心理通 Büro Büro Apps like 心理通 生活、工作、学习中遇到什么烦心事?在孩子教育,家庭关系中有什么情绪困扰?你需要自己的心理顾问。“心理通”,能帮你找到专业心理咨询师在线倾诉,安全、私密,迅速解开心结。不管你在哪里,随时、随地,拿起手机约起来吧!... Gratis 11/2015
20252   茶苑十三张-乐清人发明的益智博弈棋牌游戏 茶苑十三张-乐清人发明的益智博弈棋牌游戏 Spiele Spiele Apps like 茶苑十三张-乐清人发明的益智博弈棋牌游戏 【获得荣誉】 游戏茶苑2015鼎力大作,乐清城市网联合推广! 【产品简介】 十三张一款考验玩家判断的智力型扑克游戏。与德州扑克类似,需要选择最合适的组合,方能获得胜利。一副牌(除去大小王),共4个人游戏,每人13张牌。玩家把13张牌分别以头(第一道),中(第二道),底(第三道)同时摆出来比较大小,确定胜负,是一种体现玩家智慧和勇气的博弈游戏。十三张游戏奖励比捕鱼达人更诱人,玩法比斗地主还精彩!心动不如行动,赶快下载玩我吧! 【产品特点】 每天签到,小奖励大惊喜 贴心任务,让你边玩边拿 低调奢华,体验指... Gratis 11/2015
20253   萌贩-二次元周边买买买 萌贩-二次元周边买买买 key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like 萌贩-二次元周边买买买 二次元周边买买买神器。 精选,精选,再精选(重要事情说三遍)动漫周边商品、店铺,手办、cos、同人制品、冻鳗衣服…宅品类目齐全!... Gratis 11/2015
20254   Basketball Wallpapers : Miami Heat Wallpaper Edition Basketball Wallpapers : Miami Heat Wallpaper Edition Sport Sport Apps like Basketball Wallpapers : Miami Heat Wallpaper Edition Free amazing Miami Heat Wallpapers! This app is a super collection of Miami Heats photos in HD quality. Use this Miami Heat Wallpaper Free for your iPhone and iPad to make your phone beauty. Personalize your homescreen and lockscreen with the Miami Heat ... Gratis 11/2015
20255   Smartphone Symphony Smartphone Symphony Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Smartphone Symphony Turn your smartphone into a musical instrument and play along to your favourite Christmas Carols. Want to also be part of a record-breaking event? Join Castle Towers as we attempt to smash the Guinness World Record for ‘Largest Smartphone Ensemble’. Du... Gratis 11/2015
20256   Kide Kide Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Kide KIDE is a baby and kids fashion global community, from 0 to 8 years old, in a mobile & web dual platform, offering an unique shopping experience... Gratis 11/2015
20257   幸福新昌—新昌人的生活平台 幸福新昌—新昌人的生活平台 Büro Büro Apps like 幸福新昌—新昌人的生活平台 幸福新昌涵括了新昌的衣、食、住、行等方方面面:前沿资讯、餐饮美食、休闲娱乐、物业服务、新昌楼市、汽车生活、酒店住宿、因为爱情、交通旅游、金融理财、健康生活、便民服务。让新昌这个繁华城市在掌上平台获得完美的展现,让人们随时随地轻轻一触便可以了解到最全面的新昌资讯。 服务理念: 传承递进互动,共享资讯。 承载信息,传播信息。 版权所有:俞晓霞 技术支持: 浙江盾健网络科技有限公司 客服热线:400-0573-572... Gratis 11/2015
20258   Mystery Of Spot The Difference Mystery Of Spot The Difference Spiele Spiele Apps like Mystery Of Spot The Difference Gameiva comes up with a latest addition to the criminal mystery and spot the difference game with a new category of different pair of images where you have to find out the hidden dissimilar and missing objects amongst the images. Start from the beginning ... Gratis 11/2015
20259   小纽扣-你忽略的, 我记住了 小纽扣-你忽略的, 我记住了 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like 小纽扣-你忽略的, 我记住了 想要更健康地生活吗?想要一个小管家提醒你定时的喝水, 或者告诉你不要久坐, 要多运动吗?想要最方便地找到被你扔在床底下的手机吗? 亲, 那就快快用我们的小纽扣把!... Gratis 11/2015
20260   Garam Garam Spiele Spiele Apps like Garam Garam is an addictive little puzzle game with many difficulty levels. Fill in the blanks so that every operation is correct! Le Garam est un petit jeu de grille addictif avec plusieurs niveau de difficulté. Remplissez les cases vides avec un unique chiff... Gratis 11/2015
20261   I am a Princess: Fashion Freak I am a Princess: Fashion Freak Spiele Spiele Apps like I am a Princess: Fashion Freak I am a Princess: Fashion Freak is a fun game for girls. Players need to collect coins first, then they can go to the shop to buy their favorite clothes and other accessories. After that they can dress up the doll! Remember you just need time to get more ... Gratis 11/2015
20262   99 Shapes - Geometric Shape,  Pattern,  Texture & Text Editor for Instagram 99 Shapes - Geometric Shape, Pattern, Texture & Text Editor for Instagram Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 99 Shapes - Geometric Shape, Pattern, Texture & Text Editor for Instagram 99 Shapes allows you to add 99 geometrical shapes, tons of different patterns and quotes to your photos. You can turn your normal photo into a piece of art. Take your creativity to the next level! FEATURES: - 99 geometrical shapes you can find nowhere e... 0.99€ 11/2015
20263   TradingPlatform TradingPlatform Kataloge Kataloge Apps like TradingPlatform 物联天下是中移互联科技有限公司专为iphone手机用户推出的满足其生活购物和线上消费需求的软件,为用户提供更方便快捷的生活服务。... Gratis 11/2015
20264   Radio Popular Radio Popular Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Radio Popular La aplicación móvil de Radio Popular te permitirá escuchar, sin interrupciones toda la programación en vivo . Además, podrás comunicarte con tus programas favoritos, enviando mensajes escritos, notas de voz, imágenes y videos.... Gratis 11/2015
20265   Camel Biking Camel Biking Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Camel Biking Camel is a smart biking companion keeps riders safe with its real-time feedback car detection system and guides them with an awesome turn-by-turn navigation system. In addition users can save favorite trips, start an old one, or share a trip to Facebook... Gratis 11/2015
20266   mömax Deutschland mömax Deutschland Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like mömax Deutschland mömax - sieht doch gleich besser aus Normal ist langweilig? Das finden wir auch! mömax als Inspirationsquelle für deinen individuellen und ganz einzigartigen Lebensstil. Deine Freunde haben eine viel coolere Couch als du? Und die Küche hat auch schon m... Gratis 11/2015
20267   gutsy deals gutsy deals key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (de)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like gutsy deals gutsy is a new mobile app that lets you discover businesses by taking advantage of deals exclusive to the app. With only a short period of time to decide, gutsy makes the choice easier and more exciting. The clock is ticking. trust. your. gut. Download ... Gratis 11/2015
20268   Golden Ventures Golden Ventures Büro Büro Apps like Golden Ventures This is a Project Marketing App for Golden Ventures. This app provides below details for all Golden Ventures Projects: -Access to Floor Plans -Access to Images/Videos -Access to Virtual Tours -Access to Units, Prices & Availability, -Diagrammatic... Gratis 11/2015
20269   智慧城市海南 智慧城市海南 Büro Büro Apps like 智慧城市海南 智慧城市海南是一款集城市热点、娱乐、购物、休闲、旅游及美食等为一体的手机客户端。全面展示海南当地的城市热点、民生起居、旅游景点等相关行业信息。 应用特色 1. 内容全面丰富,涵盖海南吃、住、娱、购、游等信息。 2. 界面颜色清新,给用户一种清爽舒适之感! 整洁:排版先后有序,分布简洁明了; 专业:定位城市专业生活平台,信息服务全面; -免费下载应用程序,用户免费注册登录 -在线留言评论功能,实现沟通交流无障 版权所有:谢燕 技术支持:浙江盾健网络科技有限公司 客服热线:400-05735... Gratis 11/2015
20270   中国医院网. 中国医院网. Büro Büro Apps like 中国医院网. 【产品分类】:了解更多产品及其分类; 【商铺中心】:了解更多商家信息,招商热线一键拨打,公司信息、产品信息、商家资讯、留言板; 【行业资讯】:了解更多行业资讯、海量信息等你来看! 【会员中心】:用户可以通过注册会员,享受更多优惠,抢先知道最新资讯!... Gratis 11/2015
20271   Sinhala Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce Sinhala Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Sinhala Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce KeyNounce is the easiest way to type in Sinhala using just the English keyboard. KeyNounce uses a technique called "transliteration" that enables you to type the Sinhala pronunciation in English, instantly giving you back the word written in Sinhala. Fo... Gratis 11/2015
20272   Pulls - Friends and Family Promotions for Businesses Pulls - Friends and Family Promotions for Businesses Büro Büro Apps like Pulls - Friends and Family Promotions for Businesses Pulls is the premier tool for businesses to create friends and family promotions. With the Pulls app, business owners can direct their employees to share exclusive offers to their closest contacts, with a few simple touches. Easily create and distribu... Gratis 11/2015
20273   Thomas & Seine Freunde: Expresslieferung Thomas & Seine Freunde: Expresslieferung Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Thomas & Seine Freunde: Expresslieferung Budge Studios™ präsentiert Thomas & seine Freunde: Expresslieferung! Begleite Thomas & seine Freunde mit dieser virtuellen Eisenbahn auf ein ganz besonderes Abenteuer auf der Insel Sodor! Sir Topham Hatt hat Geburtstag, und die Lokomotiven haben beschlos... Gratis 11/2015
20274   Mismeet Mismeet Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Mismeet Mismeet是一个聚集各种专业人员的生活服务平台。 提供普通、兴奋、隐身三种模式选择;显示当前所在位置名称,自动推送附近的人,优先匹配兴奋的人;用户可以添加擅长的专业技能,例:找房、开车、修电脑、写程序、保洁、陪吃、陪聊、修车等,可在线即时沟通洽谈。... Gratis 11/2015
20275   Flick Color Flick Color Spiele Spiele Apps like Flick Color Is it Green or is it Red ? Match the COLOR, Not the WORD. Flick the right Color, and don't get tricked by the word. Collect coins to unlock animals. Will you accept the challenge?... Gratis 11/2015
20276   VisualNet3D VisualNet3D Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like VisualNet3D Inquadra i marker e visualizza sensazionali modelli in 3D. Per provare l'app basta collegarsi all'indirizzo http://visual-network.wix.com/arevolution#!gps-marker/c17m0 e scaricare il marker di prova.... Gratis 11/2015
20277   WealthCare Radio WealthCare Radio Referenz Referenz Apps like WealthCare Radio WealthCare Connect is designed to be the one online location where members can obtain unbiased information on many wealthcare topics. Armed with the appropriate knowledge, members may utilize money saving Do-It-Yourself services; or find and engage with ... Gratis 11/2015
20278   Chambersburg Public Opinion Chambersburg Public Opinion Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Chambersburg Public Opinion Welcome to the new Chambersburg Public Opinion iPhone app! Get the latest national and local news for Chambersburg, PA with the Chambersburg Public Opinion iPhone app. • Up-to-the-minute local news • Captivating full-screen video and photo galleries • ... Gratis 11/2015
20279   Lebanon Daily News Lebanon Daily News Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Lebanon Daily News Welcome to the new Lebanon Daily News iPhone app! Get the latest national and local news for Lebanon, PA with the Lebanon Daily News iPhone app. • Up-to-the-minute local news • Captivating full-screen video and photo galleries • Breaking news alerts on... Gratis 11/2015
20280   Fecomércio-RS News Fecomércio-RS News Büro Büro Apps like Fecomércio-RS News Fecomércio-RS News permite que você acompanhe o que acontece na Fecomércio-RS Com ele você assiste vídeos, acompanha notícias e recebe notificações mesmo que o aplicativo não esteja aberto.... Gratis 11/2015
20281   管客365(官方版) 管客365(官方版) Büro Büro Apps like 管客365(官方版) 管客365,是省钱还能赚钱的吃住行游购娱一站式生活服务类应用。消费有返利,推荐享回报! *推荐赚返利:把管客365推荐给好友A, 好友A在推荐给B, A和B消费时,A、B有返利,你也有返利。返利可抵扣消费,还能提现; *找吃喝玩乐:免费下载管客365;轻松找到周边吃住行游娱购商家,精准定位,一键导航。 * 享活动优惠:享受管客会员活动及商家优惠活动,消费还能拿返利。... Gratis 11/2015
20282   Sandmännchens Traumreise - Gute Nacht App für Kinder Sandmännchens Traumreise - Gute Nacht App für Kinder Bildung Bildung Apps like Sandmännchens Traumreise - Gute Nacht App für Kinder Die Einschlafhilfe mit dem Sandmännchen! In „Sandmännchens Traumreise“ nimmt das Sandmännchen die Kinder mit auf eine Reise durch wunderschöne handgezeichnete Welten, um Menschen und Tieren den Traumsand zu bringen. Sobald die Kinder mit dem Finger den ... 3.99€ 11/2015
20283   国电内网平台 国电内网平台 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 国电内网平台 此应用为国电资本控股公司内网App, 主要用于集团内部的三会管理系统的移动化支持.... Gratis 11/2015
20284   A1 Classic Hi-Lo Card Gambling - Grand card betting game A1 Classic Hi-Lo Card Gambling - Grand card betting game Spiele Spiele Apps like A1 Classic Hi-Lo Card Gambling - Grand card betting game *** High? Low? Ready? Draw! *** A1 Classic HiLo Card Gambling highlights the classic hi-lo poker tables in world series. Beat the best players and be the #1 player in the leaderboard. Just like any card game, it 'll get you hooked big time! FEATURES: ... Gratis 11/2015
20285   车大大车管家 车大大车管家 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 车大大车管家 1、 关于车大大车管家 车大大车管家是高景网络技术(上海)有限公司旗下开发的一款基于社区的汽车后市场服务品牌。公司利用互联网工具,结合社区业主需求,整合4S店及自有团队资源,为业主提供专业的汽车保养服务,让车主真正享受到专业、便利及高性价比的一站式优质服务。 2、 功能介绍 上门保养:车大大车管家为车主提供50个品牌以上的上门汽车保养,使用100%纯正品牌机油及品牌配件,所有技师培训上岗,为客户提供专业的上门汽车保养; 4S店保养:总价低至2折起,合作的4S店涵盖目前市场上的主流汽车品牌,纯正原厂配件,让... Gratis 11/2015
20286   C4MyPets C4MyPets Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like C4MyPets Aplicação para cadastro de animais de estimação, veterinários e eventos (tais como: vacinas, banhos, vermífugos etc).... Gratis 11/2015
20287   Space Chef Space Chef Bildung Bildung Apps like Space Chef Have you tried Hawaiian Turkey Sliders? Quesadilla Con Huevos? How about a Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Shake? Space Chef has and he wants you to try them too! Space Chef, developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, is a fast-paced a... Gratis 11/2015
20288   Inside Himalayas Inside Himalayas Reise Reise Apps like Inside Himalayas Inside Himalayas App is offered free. It works offline and provides absolute details over things to do, things to see, deals & discounts, places to eat and option to select a guide. Inside Himalayas envelops Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, featuring: • Ba... Gratis 11/2015
20289   Kids Coloring Book Kids Coloring Book Bildung Bildung Apps like Kids Coloring Book Dies wird ausmalbilder für Kinder, um die kreative Seite zu entwickeln. Die derzeitige Praxis Spiel funktioniert, um Kindern zu helfen, mit Kreativität ist grenzenlos. Dies ist ein weiterer, mit denen Kinder oder Erwachsene ein schönes Bild habe ich i... Gratis 11/2015
20290   Values Magazine (ID) Values Magazine (ID) Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Values Magazine (ID) VALUES Magazine is a digital publication covering economic and financial issues in Indonesia focusing on GRCS (Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Sustainability) Management. It delivers best practice, thought leaders, trends, and domestic news also a... Gratis 11/2015
20291   彼优 彼优 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like 彼优 彼优是一款不需要操作,只需要轻松一点,在你的周围帮你找到心动的她/他。 也许你们就在同一家咖啡内,也许你们在同一辆公交车上,也许你们在看同一场演唱会。 或许他/她就在对面,或许他/她就在你的身边。 操作方法: 打开彼优轻松的输入自己和他/她的基本信息,设定配对距离,开启配对模式。配对成功是在步行距离内,双方信息满足对方需求,配对成功。成功后,双方照片出现,选择忽略或是与他/她及时通讯。及时通信将会是一次性对话,结束将没有任何记录。... Gratis 11/2015
20292   Kreuzworträtsel für Kinder Kreuzworträtsel für Kinder Spiele Spiele Apps like Kreuzworträtsel für Kinder Spaß-Spiel Figuren, um den Kindern die Idee, dass die Anzahl schneller zu finden. Dies ist ein Puzzle für die Kinder oder Erwachsene können Trainings Ideen Spielen und Entspannen sowie das Spiel beschleunigen und das wird ein anderes Spiel, die Spiele... Gratis 11/2015
20293   Dobra Taksit Dobra Taksit Büro Büro Apps like Dobra Taksit dobrataksit.com websitesinin resmi iOS mobil uygulamasıdır. Dobrataksit.com üzerinden bilgisayar, cep telefonu, tablet, televizyon, klima ve yazarkasa satın alabilirsiniz. Farklı ödeme seçenekleriyle alışverişe şimdi cep telefonunuzdan başlayın.... Gratis 11/2015
20294   Piclo Piclo Photographie Photographie Apps like Piclo Each person defines the world in a unique way. Piclo is an engaging and creative application, which allows people to express how they see ideas in the world. Here’s how it works: •Piclo posts 10 new ideas every day. These can be current events, abstr... Gratis 11/2015
20295   NiceVPN - 无限流量免费VPN,网络加速器,免注册 NiceVPN - 无限流量免费VPN,网络加速器,免注册 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like NiceVPN - 无限流量免费VPN,网络加速器,免注册 让生意做到全球?NiceVPN给你提供专业的服务,让你的团队安心并且快速沟通交流,真正实现网络网络无极限。 目前版本您可以免费使用。... Gratis 11/2015
20296   FashionUp - fashion tips and citations. FashionUp - fashion tips and citations. Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like FashionUp - fashion tips and citations. Quotes of designers and couturiers about beauty and fashion which are collected in one application. Share with friends your favorite quotes. Upload your selfie to make unique post... Gratis 11/2015
20297   道合同行 道合同行 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 道合同行 告别拥挤的公交地铁,告别每天独自开车上下班! 快来体验最新,最酷的出行方式,不到出租车一半的价格,专车的体验! 还能认识同路的有缘人,边走边聊,聊着聊着就到家了! [温馨提示] "后台定位"是手机系统提供的, 在您关屏或者程序切后台时仍然可以持续使用GPS定位的一项服务, 开启"后台定位"时, GPS在后台持续运行会影响电池续航时间(Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery l... Gratis 11/2015
20298   Unicorn - Discover Your Potential - LITE Unicorn - Discover Your Potential - LITE Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Unicorn - Discover Your Potential - LITE Unicorn lets you observe the opportunities of your past, present, and future. Your future is not set in stone, you have the power to make whatever you want happen. Unicorn provides a completely personalized set of opportunities and risks that could p... Gratis 11/2015
20299   Drag Theme Drag Theme Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Drag Theme Collect media with a “drag”! Theme Edition. -“Drag” what you see to your smartphone - Collect and explore the who, what, and where - Share with fans and friends - Connect with people who share your interests... Gratis 11/2015
20300   黑白配对 黑白配对 Spiele Spiele Apps like 黑白配对 用手指同时点击“字母”(白色),此时会出现对于的“字母”(黑色),移动手指,让对应的字母的黑白配对。 #!!注意手指不能抬起,抬起则配对失败。可从新配对。... Gratis 11/2015
20301   St Andrews RB St Andrews RB Büro Büro Apps like St Andrews RB St. Andrew's Mobil App for our members and guests. Thank you for your support in helping us share the hope of Jesus Christ in the South Bay and across the globe. St. Andrew's is a loving Christian family, faithfully reaching up with passion for God and r... Gratis 11/2015
20302   GPS Compass | Heading,  Altimeter,  Barometer,  Location,  Sunrise & Sunset GPS Compass | Heading, Altimeter, Barometer, Location, Sunrise & Sunset Navigation Navigation Apps like GPS Compass | Heading, Altimeter, Barometer, Location, Sunrise & Sunset GPS Heading Compass Barometer app for iPhone and iPad is a real compass, which shows device’s real-time orientation to magnetic fields. GPS Heading Compass is the best compass App for iOS, you can check all the information right and it uses the barome... 0.99€ 11/2015
20303   MobiCircles MobiCircles Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like MobiCircles Chat with and get more done with your team and partners. Follow and discuss Blogs, privately with your team. Easily collect data and feedback from remote team members. Integrate with 3rd party apps and your existing IT systems. Supports broadcast and One... Gratis 11/2015
20304   Old MacDonald Had a Farm (REMIXED) Old MacDonald Had a Farm (REMIXED) Spiele Spiele Apps like Old MacDonald Had a Farm (REMIXED) Nursery Rhyme Classic Who can resist the classic nursery rhyme of Old MacDonald Had a Farm...E-I-E-I-O!! Educational Fun This nursery rhyme classic is both fun, entertaining and educational as it helps young children learn about animals and sounds. C... Gratis 11/2015
20305   SecurityINFO SecurityINFO Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like SecurityINFO Machen Sie sich fit gegen Cyber Angreifer! IS-FOX SecurityINFO versorgt Sie kostenlos mit aktuellen Inhalten zum Thema IT- und Informationssicherheit: neue Phishing Angriffe, Sicherheitslücken in Software, gefährliche USB-Sticks, unsichere Passwörter u... Gratis 11/2015
20306   Saca Group Saca Group Büro Büro Apps like Saca Group Via deze app kunnen alle websites van Saca Group en partners gedownload worden. Zo kunnen alle websites lokaal bekeken worden.... Gratis 11/2015
20307   Beyuna Beyuna Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Beyuna Wenn Wissen, Kreativität, Einsicht, Erfahrungen und Durchsetzungsvermögen gebündelt werden, entsteht etwas Neues. Eine Vision, die zur Verwirklichung eines gemeinsamen Ziels inspiriert. Wir teilen das Wissen über Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und ein erfo... Gratis 11/2015
20308   plup plup Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like plup Broadcast your World Mingle with the world on plup View the World on plup ◎ Live broadcast your World on plup - Share your day! - You can enjoy more comfortable and faster broadcasting than the others ◎ Real-time 'like' - Encourage your favorite broa... Gratis 11/2015
20309   Heroes of Night Heroes of Night Spiele Spiele Apps like Heroes of Night Multiplayer Online Battle Arena where players build Battle Decks, join Guilds, and compete against other Guilds for control of the Realm of Nightmares. Beautiful 3D environments are populated by hand-animated warriors, all woven together with an fantas... Gratis 11/2015
20310   PartyBanana PartyBanana Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like PartyBanana PartyBanana is the ultimate party music collaboration app. Create a party and invite your friends from your mobile device to get the party started! Only available on iOS right now, other platforms coming soon! hello@partybanana.com... Gratis 11/2015
20311   Soccer Fight Soccer Fight Spiele Spiele Apps like Soccer Fight It's time for Soccer Fight!!! Stop the enemies from reaching your goal! Kick the ball to the opposing team to stop further attacks! FEATURES: * Beat the opponent with special shots: fireball, ice shot, exploding shot and win the tournament! * 6 amazi... Gratis 11/2015
20312   777 All In Casino! 777 All In Casino! Spiele Spiele Apps like 777 All In Casino! Do you love casino? Do you want to play with real people whenever and wherever you want? The only thing you need is your iPhone/iPod touch with internet connection OR WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION! Now just add a bit of skill and you'll have your first winn... Gratis 11/2015
20313   English Arena - Đấu Trường Tiếng Anh English Arena - Đấu Trường Tiếng Anh Bildung Bildung Apps like English Arena - Đấu Trường Tiếng Anh Học tiếng anh thú vị hơn với English Arena - Đấu Trường Tiếng Anh. English Arena có các tính năng mà bạn lần đầu tiên được trải nhiệm: - Mời bạn bè trên Facebook cùng tham gia các bài test tiếng Anh dưới nhiều dạng game khác nhau - Kết quả mỗi trận thi đ... Gratis 11/2015
20314   vehmo vehmo Produktivität Produktivität Apps like vehmo Vehmo –Vehicle movement and tracking made easy Change the art of moving cars. VIN Scanning, vehicle condition tracking, expense management and more. vehmo is an intuitive and easy to use application to help you manage your vehicle transportation need... Gratis 11/2015
20315   شوفي حولِك | Shofi7olek شوفي حولِك | Shofi7olek Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like شوفي حولِك | Shofi7olek تطبيق خدماتي يمكّن المرأة بالرياض من استغلال وقتها والحصول على الخدمات بطريقة ذكية مع تبادل الخبرات والتجارب مع الآخرين. التطبيق يوفََر لكِ معلومات كافية عن عن الأماكن (الترفيهية، التعليمية، الثقافية ، والرياضيّة). حولكِ... Gratis 11/2015
20316   The Bible Revealed Daily Verses The Bible Revealed Daily Verses Bildung Bildung Apps like The Bible Revealed Daily Verses The Bible Revealed Daily Verses pushes the user with a different Bible verse each day. The app provides shortcuts to allow the user to look up the entire chapter online and view the verse in context, share the verse via social media, email or any other... Gratis 11/2015
20317   Studio 56 Studio 56 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Studio 56 Official app for dance Studio 56! Download the app and join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. See our various studio locations. You can even register for classes with the app!... Gratis 11/2015
20318   Lokal Lokal Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Lokal Utilize o Lokal para comprar de maneira simples e fácil, ingressos dos melhores eventos da sua cidade. Você não precisa de um ingresso em papel, você irá entrar no evento com o próprio aplicativo. Fique por dentro do que está rolando.... Gratis 11/2015
20319   拼妈课表 拼妈课表 Bildung Bildung Apps like 拼妈课表 别人拼爹,我们拼妈! 拼妈课表是一个孩子兴趣特长管理的APP,帮助你成为更好的家长! 孩子兴趣特长培养两大问题: - 学什么    每个年龄阶段有哪些敏感期,学什么特长更有助于孩子成长? - 怎么学    父母不是专业老师,怎么帮助孩子课外练习,将特长进行到底? 拼妈课表这样解决: - 专家定期在线分享,告诉你每个年龄段该学什么不该学什么 - 提供任务功能,列出每天练习的任务表,完成之后奖励小红花和勋章,积累到一定数量可以兑换礼物。鼓励孩子持之以恒 - 课外班课表功能,课前提醒,还能轻松记录课堂笔记... Gratis 11/2015
20320   Infor M3 CLM 15.3 Infor M3 CLM 15.3 Büro Büro Apps like Infor M3 CLM 15.3 Mobile CLM 153, application Infor M3 Customer Lifecycle Management provides mobile sales professionals access to work with their customer information, opportunity base, sales activities and data. Infor M3 Customer Lifecycle Management is a product ... Gratis 11/2015
20321   Fujtsu Forum Fujtsu Forum Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Fujtsu Forum Organise your agenda, navigate your way within the event or sign in for a session. All these features are at your disposal using the Fujitsu Forum App: - looking at the map you will find your way within the event, it works as a navigator - take a look... Gratis 11/2015
20322   易学吧 易学吧 Bildung Bildung Apps like 易学吧 易学吧是由学友软件出品的企业级在线教育(E-Learning)APP,是企事业单位员工获取知识、提升岗位技能、实现个人学习发展的最佳工具! 主要功能: 1. 课程中心:可按发布时间、评分、学习人数、分类等多种方式进行选课,学员可以学习课程内容(支持视频、文档等格式)、对课程进行评分评论,记录学习笔记等。 2. 考试中心:查找考试并进入考试答题,实现了断点续考、自动评卷、补考、答案解析等功能。 3. 资源中心:整合了企业规章制度、产品知识、个人分享等各种非正式学习资料,资源类型支持文档、视频、图片等,学员可... Gratis 11/2015
20323   Land Of Children Land Of Children Bildung Bildung Apps like Land Of Children Get ready your child for this wonderful Land of children, in which any child can learn with more in a fun style. Basically this app combines different aspects of learning of child in a single app. Your child could learn Animals, Fruits name with proper... Gratis 11/2015
20324   Virtual Plaid Disneyland Edition Virtual Plaid Disneyland Edition Reise Reise Apps like Virtual Plaid Disneyland Edition Hi! My name is Kate, and I'll be your Virtual Plaid today! My goal is to enhance your experience at Disneyland with little effort on your part. Just tell me about what you're interested in, and I'll do the rest! It's like a personalized tour guide exper... Gratis 11/2015
20325   Right of Entry Right of Entry Büro Büro Apps like Right of Entry The Right of Entry app is the perfect tool for recording and managing union right of entry obligations on your work sites in the ACT. This app is proudly brought to you by the Master Builders Association of the ACT and Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers.... Gratis 11/2015
20326   巨利理财(投资,网贷,理财) 巨利理财(投资,网贷,理财) Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 巨利理财(投资,网贷,理财) 巨利理财是我们精心推出的大众理财平台,旨在帮助用户从复杂的金额市场中甄选出低风险高回报的理财产品,银行和保险共同保障用户资金安全 【新人红包大礼】 注册即得巨利理财红包! 推荐好友投资理财立获红包! 【随时任性,快乐理财】 全方位安全保障:100%本金保障!100%本息到账! 最快捷的操作体验:界面贴心设计,便捷式操作,财富增长就是这么简单! 数据保障:阿里云数据保障,确保数据安全... Gratis 11/2015
20327   Mini ME Party Food Maker Mini ME Party Food Maker Spiele Spiele Apps like Mini ME Party Food Maker It’s time to get your party on! You’ve invited all your friends to a big bash tonight, and you have tons of work to do! The music for your dance party is ready, and all the decorations are put up on the stage, so now it’s time to get the most important... Gratis 11/2015
20328   JUGGLER! - How many balls can you juggle? JUGGLER! - How many balls can you juggle? Spiele Spiele Apps like JUGGLER! - How many balls can you juggle? How long you can keep these balls in the air? Give the first hit and keep the ball from falling as long as you can! Lets see how many taps you can get without dropping the ball or hitting the sides of your phone.. "JUGGLER! is a gloriously simple and ente... Gratis 11/2015
20329   がんばれ!ルルロロ ハイタッチ がんばれ!ルルロロ ハイタッチ Spiele Spiele Apps like がんばれ!ルルロロ ハイタッチ 大ヒット絵本シリーズ『くまのがっこう』から、かわいいくまの双子の女の子「がんばれ!ルルロロ」が登場。 ルルロロと、ハイタッチするゲームアプリが登場! だんだんはやくなるよ。どのくらいルルロロとハイタッチできるかな? ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○● ぴっ、けーれー!きょうの「おしごと」は、「いっぱいハイタッチすること」です! 大人気絵本シリーズ「くまのがっこう」のかわいい双子の女の子ルルとロロと、 出てくる肉球マークを押してたくさんハイタッチをしよう! たくさんハイタッチできると、ランキングに記... Gratis 11/2015
20330   易联贝比 易联贝比 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 易联贝比 易联贝比通过与服务器通讯得到数据,将孩子的活动轨迹、位置信息显示在界面上,家长即使不在孩子身边也能知道孩子所处位置 。 家长还可以通过app向孩子发起录音,了解孩子目前所处的环境。... Gratis 11/2015
20331   WildFire Cart Seller WildFire Cart Seller Büro Büro Apps like WildFire Cart Seller Make your revenue increase exponentially by using the WildFire Cart Seller Application, Publish your store items for the world to shop. The Seller Application is exclusively for sellers to put up their stock online, it would enable all the buyers to vie... Gratis 11/2015
20332   伴儿音乐 伴儿音乐 Musik Musik Apps like 伴儿音乐 最好的[爱],是对宝宝的[陪伴]。最欢乐的陪伴,是和宝宝一起听音乐。 伴儿音乐,每一首歌都是由资深音乐爱好者的妈妈们精心挑选,努力做到每一首都能吸引宝宝。 宝宝哭闹不休的时候怎么办?打开伴儿音乐,立即止哭。 宝宝情绪正高的时候做什么?打开伴儿音乐,手舞足蹈。 宝宝低落的时候怎么办?打开伴儿音乐,引爆欢乐。 *伴儿音乐*,音乐就是陪伴。... Gratis 11/2015
20333   美姿约 美姿约 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like 美姿约 最专业的在线预约美容服务,给您最专业、最便捷的美容私享定制。 APP应用: 美姿约APP由美姿约专业技术团队倾力开发,用美姿约APP,随时、随地、随心、畅想您的精致生活! 【介绍优点】 1、美姿约APP,最时尚、最便捷、最专业的移动互联网美容服务平台! 2、定制您的专属美丽; 3、革命性颠覆美容行业,只为用户最安心、最便捷; 4、13个精选项目,600位专业美容顾问团任你挑选; 5、美姿约,中国美容服务领跑者。 【功能说明】 1、自由选择美容项目;在线实时下单,预约美容师; 2、自由选择地点,美容师服务即... Gratis 11/2015
20334   Bauernhof Autos Berg Zu Besteigen Spiel Bauernhof Autos Berg Zu Besteigen Spiel Spiele Spiele Apps like Bauernhof Autos Berg Zu Besteigen Spiel Sie haben Ihre eigene Farm und Sie müssen sich um alles, was es zu nehmen, von der Beförderung, um die Felder Bewässerung. Zum Glück haben Sie so viele Autos um Sie bei Ihrer Aufgaben helfen! Wählen Sie ein Auto, und starten Ausfüllen der Ebenen, um ... Gratis 11/2015
20335   테이스트로그 Tastelog 테이스트로그 Tastelog Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 테이스트로그 Tastelog 당신이 느끼고 경험한 맛에 대한 소중한 기록 테이스트로그(Tastelog)는 맛집이 아닌, 개별메뉴에 대한 맛을 평가하고 기록하는, 미식가를 위한 모바일 서비스 입니다. 당신이 느끼고 경험한 맛의 소중한 기록을 통해 당신의 입맛에 딱 맞는 추천메뉴를 제공합니다. ▶ 테이스트로그 내가 먹은 음식을 기록하고 수집해요. ▶ 태그로 표현하다 맛있게 먹은 음식들의 맛, 식감, 추억들을 짧은 태그로 기록해요. ▶ 음식 프로필 맛에 대한 기록이 쌓이면... Gratis 11/2015
20336   Names In A Hat - A Randomizer for Everything Names In A Hat - A Randomizer for Everything Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Names In A Hat - A Randomizer for Everything Names In A Hat is the best way to pick names, create fair teams, randomly assign roles and more! Groups Create groups of names that you want to randomly order, put into teams or assign roles. Import names from your contacts, or mass import them line ... 2.99€ 11/2015
20337   小蟻智慧攝影機(Yi Smart Camera) 小蟻智慧攝影機(Yi Smart Camera) Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 小蟻智慧攝影機(Yi Smart Camera) The YI Home app keeps you connected to your home from your phone anytime, anywhere.  Keep tabs on your nanny day and night, check in on your pets, or simply monitor your house with the YI Home Camera.  The app gives you access to live footage of your... Gratis 11/2015
20338   FedEx FedEx Büro Büro Apps like FedEx Managing your package delivery from your mobile device is easier than ever with the FedEx app. Simply enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager® to customize when and where you’d like to receive your packages. Download the FedEx app to: • Track the status of a pa... Gratis 11/2015
20339   Booger Boing Booger Boing Spiele Spiele Apps like Booger Boing There is a yucky and wonderful world inside your nose, is up to you to explore it! Use your finger to stretch and sling our heroic little booger. Calculate the strength and angle of each shot in order to jump, bounce, stick and splat through challengin... Gratis 11/2015
20340   掌上塑料管道网 掌上塑料管道网 Büro Büro Apps like 掌上塑料管道网 掌上塑料管道网——为您提供塑料管道全方位专业化服务! 掌上塑料管道网提供了最新最全面的塑料管道信息,其中包括供应信息、采购信息、掌上商城、招标信息、资讯中心、企业名录、管道技术、行业展会、市场价格、人才招聘等,功能齐全。 该客户端向广大用户展示了一个大型的塑料管道类移动互联网门户平台,通过该平台,用户能以便捷的浏览方式学习塑料管道知识、获取塑料管道商业信息,采购项目信息,招商信息,获取商业资料,还会拥有大量的增值和超值的服务。平台凭借强大的应用功能和丰富的内容信息一定会让您爱不释手。 版权所有:蒋惠... Gratis 11/2015
20341   ActiveTask ActiveTask Produktivität Produktivität Apps like ActiveTask This time we are launching for iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 4S only. Here we are presenting our new app for people who love to manage their day to day task. This app is very simple to use. We are working on this app continuously to add more features. Ple... 0.99€ 11/2015
20342   Ye!! Pixel Ye!! Pixel Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Ye!! Pixel With the “Ye!! Pixel” App, you can: 1. Stream music from your mobile device to the Pixelboom via Bluetooth connection. 2. Get different notification alert from your mobile device, for example Facebook, Whatsapp, email. 3. Design and edit the notif... Gratis 11/2015
20343   Desksurfing Desksurfing Büro Büro Apps like Desksurfing ATTENTION : Cette application n'est utilisable que par le personnel du groupe Michelin ! Lors de vos déplacements au sein des sites du groupe Michelin, deskSurfing vous aide à trouver un espace de travail libre où vous installer pendant quelques minutes... Gratis 11/2015
20344   Grundfos GO Balance Grundfos GO Balance Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Grundfos GO Balance Die Grundfos GO Balance App bietet eine systematische Anleitung für den hydraulischen Abgleich von 2-Rohr- Heizungssystemen, zusammen mit der Grundfos ALPHA3 Pumpe und dem Bluetooth Dongle MI401 (ALPHA Reader). Diese App ist die allererste mobile Platt... Gratis 11/2015
20345   Quatre Épingles Quatre Épingles Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Quatre Épingles Bienvenue chez Quatre Epingles. Nous allons EMBELLIR VOTRE QUOTIDIEN à Paris et en Ile de France. Vous souhaitez GAGNER DU TEMPS et ne plus avoir à vous déplacer ou à faire la queue dans un pressing, partir en courant du travail pour arriver avant la fe... Gratis 11/2015
20346   2015台灣國際客家文化嘉年華 2015台灣國際客家文化嘉年華 Reise Reise Apps like 2015台灣國際客家文化嘉年華 新竹縣為客家重鎮,擁有深度質感的客家文化底蘊,為了讓世界看到客家充滿活力的一面,並結合世界客屬第28屆懇親大會在新竹舉辦的盛事,新竹縣政府年度大事2015台灣國際客家文化嘉年華,將在10月14日至10月25日矚目展開,令人目不暇給的活動及豐富主題,勢必締造前所未有的話題性。 2015台灣國際客家文化嘉年華可看性十足,共有「一大焦點」,「二大亮點」,「三大主軸」與「四大主題」。 「一大焦點」為10月17日在新竹線體育館舉辦的世界客家之夜,盛大開幕儀式屆時將有數萬人共同參與。「二大亮點」為雙軸線燈海星光。至... Gratis 11/2015
20347   TimeCall - Chat in the future TimeCall - Chat in the future Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like TimeCall - Chat in the future A totally new way to communicate and keep in mind important things. Compose a Message Call: we reinvent messaging for a richer experience. Record audio or video, add a text message or sticker. Send the Message Call immediately, specify a time in the fu... Gratis 11/2015
20348   Sicho Sicho Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Sicho Aplicación móvil del Servicio Integral de Control Horario Accede fácilmente desde tu móvil a: - Los fichajes realizados en los terminales. - Las solicitudes de permisos. - Las incidencias realizadas - Tus datos disponibles en el sistema. - Justificación ... Gratis 11/2015
20349   爱在这 爱在这 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 爱在这 爱在这,为改变生活品质而生!面向住户群体致力于打造便捷的物业服务、社区交流与商圈平台! 在爱在这,您可以: -组建邻居圈、兴趣圈,相约一起打牌、爬山、看海、逛街,让住的这么近的我们不再陌生; -逛社区交流,及时了解发生在你社区周边的事儿; -便民服务,享受懒到家的生活方式,社区黄页一手掌握,指尖解决一切便利。... Gratis 11/2015
20350   Password for Whatsapp Messages Password for Whatsapp Messages Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Password for Whatsapp Messages Want a privacy for whatsapp Messages?? . . . With "Password for Whatsapp Messages" you can import all your chat histories from WhatsApp via email. Nobody will be able to access the vault without knowing your secret password! HOW DOES IT WORK? The app imp... 7.99€ 11/2015
20351   Virtual Guardian Virtual Guardian Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Virtual Guardian La primera aplicación en México diseñada para proteger tu seguridad, la de tu familia y empresa. Recibe notificaciones sobre asaltos, robos, balaceras y cualquier evento de peligro que suceda en tu país. Selecciona los estados que te interesan y person... Gratis 11/2015
20352   Metro_TV Metro_TV Photographie Photographie Apps like Metro_TV Metro TV is a Telugu Entertainment channel from Hyderabad, India.... Gratis 11/2015
20353   Froggy Run Froggy Run Spiele Spiele Apps like Froggy Run One small jump for a frog, one giant leap for you. Can you beat yourself and your friends? Can you reach score 100? A lot of people try and a lot of them fail. Be prepared for neverending action, where you are balancing between life and water. Make ever... Gratis 11/2015
20354   Urban Crime Killer Cop 3D - Eliminate Gangs & Boss in an FPS Tap Shoot to kill to become the Super Cop Urban Crime Killer Cop 3D - Eliminate Gangs & Boss in an FPS Tap Shoot to kill to become the Super Cop Spiele Spiele Apps like Urban Crime Killer Cop 3D - Eliminate Gangs & Boss in an FPS Tap Shoot to kill to become the Super Cop It’s to take the criminal world by storm, as you gear up your arsenal to eliminate the notorious crime gangs and their famous leader, delivering duties as city’s ultimate cop of action. CRIME’S ON THE RISE, BE PREPARED The crime on the streets of y... Gratis 11/2015
20355   广西文化投资平台 广西文化投资平台 Büro Büro Apps like 广西文化投资平台 广西文化投资是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括理财产品、银行理财、储蓄国债、互联网理财、P2P理财、股票基金展示一目了然,下载完全免费。... Gratis 11/2015
20356   Praktice Health Praktice Health Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Praktice Health Praktice health (Ph) is a mobile app for employee health management. Ph helps companies ensure that employees achieve healthy practices and provides analytics to quantify the ROI on wellness programs. The app can only be used by registered companies, to... Gratis 11/2015
20357   meineVicuritas meineVicuritas Finanzen Finanzen Apps like meineVicuritas Arztrechnungen und Schadensmeldungen per App einreichen und die Abrechnung mobil im Blick behalten. Mit der App "meineVicuritas" können sie alle Arztrechnungen und Schadensmeldungen schnell und sicher mit Ihrem Smartphone einreichen. Erhalten Sie maximal... Gratis 11/2015
20358   好买车 好买车 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 好买车 商业描述: 好买车,4S店上门购车服务第一家!目前好买车整合上海300多家优质4S店,选车、比价、上门服务一站搞定! 好买车-4S店底价送上门! 【全城比价】:上海300家认证4S店,812名4S店销售顾问,在线为您真人报价!4S店暗标竞价,一车比3家(同时可选择3家4S店报价),底价轻松逼出来! 【详实报价单】:总价报价单,车价优惠、是否有现车(没现车,要写提车时间)、购置税、保险费用、上牌信息(上牌地点和费用)、杂费、装潢赠送等一目了然。无虚报、零猫腻,不加价! 【销售约上门】:在线比价后,可预约4... Gratis 11/2015
20359   Avatar Keyboard Avatar Keyboard Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Avatar Keyboard Your own personal emoji! HOW TO USE: 1. Select your own avatar from our collection 2. Activate your avatar keyboard in Settings 3. Insert your emoji into iMessages, Facebook Messenger or Notes *** No Ads Have fun with your family members and friends!... Gratis 11/2015
20360   GPS Running + Cycling Workout Tracking with Calorie Counting GPS Running + Cycling Workout Tracking with Calorie Counting Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like GPS Running + Cycling Workout Tracking with Calorie Counting Track your run pace, measure workout, crush training goals and more with Best Running App! GPS Running Workout is the simplest way to improve fitness, whether you’re just deciding to get off the couch for a 5k, biking every day, or deep into marathon... Gratis 11/2015
20361   Astrea Astrea Büro Büro Apps like Astrea Astrea é o software jurídico desenvolvido para simplificar o dia a dia do advogado. Sua proposta é atender advogados ou pequenas sociedades que buscam um software jurídico simples, da contratação ao uso, através de um modelo muito mais inovador do que o... Gratis 11/2015
20362   OrangeIN OrangeIN Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like OrangeIN Welcome to the Orange IN! Your First ever Orange head delivery service. Sit back and order our top of the line orange heads and get them delivered to your door step! Download now and try us out! Currently only severing the metro Detroit Area! You mus... Gratis 11/2015
20363   Magic Matches for Kids Magic Matches for Kids Spiele Spiele Apps like Magic Matches for Kids == Magic Matches for Kids == You love cute animals, princesses, heroes and playing The classic card matching game! If this is the reason, this game is yours. === What's hot in this game: ==== - Over 50 princesses with very beautiful dresses. - Over... Gratis 11/2015
20364   Tank Day Care Kids Game Tank Day Care Kids Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Tank Day Care Kids Game Tank day care is a totally new category of games for kids by GameImax where they can match and select all the machines for a super war machine. Repair the broken areas of the tanker and change all the parts that are not working properly by wisely choosing... Gratis 11/2015
20365   Deliveroo Deliveroo Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Deliveroo Deliveroo gibt es in Berlin, Hamburg, München, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt und weltweit in vielen anderen Städten. Mit Deliveroo kannst Du Dein Lieblingsretaurant zu Dir nach Hause bringen, ins Büro oder wohin auch immer Du möchtest. Dein Lieblingsessen ... Gratis 11/2015
20366   Hillary Runs Hillary Runs Spiele Spiele Apps like Hillary Runs Help Hillary Clinton win the White House! Witty and addictive endless runner game lets you take on the role of Hillary Clinton in her historic bid to become the first female president of the United States. As Hillary, you’ll jump Republican obstacles in... Gratis 11/2015
20367   浙江电力行业 浙江电力行业 Büro Büro Apps like 浙江电力行业 浙江电力行业 是一款集电力新闻、技术频道、招聘公告、电力商务、产品展会、专题期刊、论坛等为一体的手机客户端。全面展示浙江电力的电力新闻、技术频道、下载中心、招聘公告、电力商务、产品展会、专题期刊、论坛等相关行业信息。 应用特色 1.内容全面丰富,涵盖浙江电力新闻、技术、招聘、商务、产品、期刊、论坛等信息。 2.界面颜色清新,给用户一种清爽舒适之感! 整洁:排版先后有序,分布简洁明了; 专业:定位掌上,信息服务全面; -免费下载应用程序,用户免费注册登录 -在线留言评论功能,实现沟通交流无障 版权所有:... Gratis 11/2015
20368   Porbits Porbits Spiele Spiele Apps like Porbits A great, single tap game. The idea is simple: launch from orbit. Strike the right balance of risk vs reward. While your quick reflexes will net you a high score, sometimes it better to take your time and lose some points to gain more.... Gratis 11/2015
20369   Elepocket 2.0 Elepocket 2.0 Büro Büro Apps like Elepocket 2.0 Application elePocket is an online application that brings the main congress information to your mobile device at the touch of your fingers.... Gratis 11/2015
20370   Mathe Magier Speicherkarte Zahlen Spiel Mathe Magier Speicherkarte Zahlen Spiel Bildung Bildung Apps like Mathe Magier Speicherkarte Zahlen Spiel Erfahren Addition, Subtraktion, Multiplikation, & Abteilung. Wie Sie Flash Fragen richtig beantworten, können Sie Fortschritte durch die Levels und multiplizieren Erfahrung deines Charakters. Ob Sie in der 1. Klasse, 12. Klasse, oder sogar mit Ihren... Gratis 11/2015
20371   切磋 切磋 Sport Sport Apps like 切磋 “切磋”是一款体育赛事组织的产品,旨在为体育俱乐部、球队及体育爱好者之间提供全面的体育赛事组织与报名服务。 通过“切磋”赛事组织管理系统,您可以快速安排赛程、发布赛事、邀请参赛者、现场比赛计分、管理成绩、一键分组等,多项实用功能让繁琐赛事组织、信息管理工作变得更简单、更流畅,大大减轻赛事组织人员的工作量。 同时,通过 “切磋”App,您可以直观全面地了解最新赛事、比赛进程、报名参赛、查看体育成绩等,并能参与各项赛事的互动,随时随地分享照片和心情,与各路体育大神进行交流... Gratis 11/2015
20372   Woololo for The Sims FreePlay Woololo for The Sims FreePlay Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Woololo for The Sims FreePlay You will forget about the humiliation of your friends. Nicknames such as noob or loser will remain in the past. You will learn from the simplest to the deepest secrets of The Sims FreePlay. Yes, you will become invincible, really! Woololo for The Sims ... Gratis 11/2015
20373   Mega Bingo Tournament Mega Bingo Tournament Spiele Spiele Apps like Mega Bingo Tournament = CRAZY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY = Cycle through as many bingo balls as possible, covering your cards with daubs and showering yourself in coins, xp and prizes! The hit Bingo game that took Facebook by storm is now in the palm of your hand! Team up with your ... Gratis 11/2015
20374   Rome MVR - Time Window Rome MVR - Time Window Reise Reise Apps like Rome MVR - Time Window Rome MVR is the best application to visit Rome across the ages and see what it looked like in the various periods thanks to the Time Window system. Time Window is an MVR (Mixed Virtual Reality) system based on time windows opened by the application onto... 2.99€ 11/2015
20375   GoPlayFamilies GoPlayFamilies Spiele Spiele Apps like GoPlayFamilies GoPlayFamilies is the interactive card deck that has 52 suggestions for fun, earth friending activities you can do together with your family. It's ideal for helping keep everyone happy on a rainy day, and for coming up with great new ideas for outdoors... 2.99€ 11/2015
20376   Smokkaleikurinn Smokkaleikurinn Spiele Spiele Apps like Smokkaleikurinn Fjörið er byrjað og allir eru að spila! Taktu þátt, settu öryggið á oddinn og þú gætir jafnvel nælt þér í stórglæsilega vinninga, þar á meðal flugferð til Evrópu og glæsilega vinninga í boði Lyfju og Durex.... Gratis 11/2015
20377   MBGTalk MBGTalk Reise Reise Apps like MBGTalk MBG App is best Telephony APP which allows you to make * FREE VOICE CALL * FREE Video Call MBG app having unique feature of Roaming to save from Network Roaming Charges MBG App Saves you up to 99% on international roaming fees with international ca... Gratis 11/2015
20378   Buoy Buddy Buoy Buddy Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Buoy Buddy Check the waves like you check the weather, quickly and easily from the Buoy Buddy Widget in the Today View. Swipe down to show the Notification Center's Today View, and you'll see data from the buoys that you selected in the Buoy Buddy app. To select... Gratis 11/2015
20379   Coastal Roofing Supply Coastal Roofing Supply Büro Büro Apps like Coastal Roofing Supply The Coastal Roofing Supply app for your iPhone helps professional contractors save time and money. Our app makes it simple to track jobsite deliveries, check invoices, sign up for events, promotions and more. Finally! An app that works as hard as you d... Gratis 11/2015
20380   Posture on the Bow - Proper Rowing Form - Myriah Lynn Posture on the Bow - Proper Rowing Form - Myriah Lynn Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Posture on the Bow - Proper Rowing Form - Myriah Lynn Posture on the Bow   Summary: Gaining mobility in your spine, rib cage, and hips is essential to strengthen your stroke. Understanding which muscles active to preform a certain motion will give you the precision you need to master your technique. Learn... 4.99€ 11/2015
20381   You're on TV You're on TV Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like You're on TV This app can send you real-time notifications when interesting names are mentioned on live TV. Just add names you'd like to follow.... Gratis 11/2015
20382   Daily Bingo Doze Daily Bingo Doze Spiele Spiele Apps like Daily Bingo Doze IT’S BINGO TIME!!! Try this NEW & EXCITING Bingo Game! Enjoy Daily Bingo Doze, the #1 social Bingo game on Facebook and Mobile Devices! * PLAY live multiplayer bingo rounds against other players from around the globe * WIN tickets, coins and amazing ... Gratis 11/2015
20383   StoreNext - MarketView StoreNext - MarketView Büro Büro Apps like StoreNext - MarketView Mobile MarketView מערכת המאפשרת מעקב אחר המגמות בשוק בכל רגע, מכל מקום, בקלות ובמהירות. הנתונים מבוססים על נתוני אמת מקופות של מעל 2, 000 נקודות מכירה המתקבלים כל יום במערכות החברה. המערכת מיועדת למנויים בלבד. רקע על החברה: StoreNext הוקמה בשנת 1998 ... Gratis 11/2015
20384   猜猜遇见谁 猜猜遇见谁 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like 猜猜遇见谁 猜猜遇见谁?一款好玩的APP,你可以发布问题,然后让好友们来猜,猜中嘛,送分给你,猜不中嘛,当然要你送分给发布问题者了。快快大家一起来娱乐嘛!当然了,猜中了还可以约会哦!... Gratis 11/2015
20385   Fun Slide Fun Slide Spiele Spiele Apps like Fun Slide Fun Slide!! Enjoy your ride and try to reach as far as you can while opening new discs & tunes as you travel along the colorful arctic landscapes. Start your sliding adventure with new & exciting one of a kind highly addictive game! - Slide your way t... Gratis 11/2015
20386   Studio Be Team Studio Be Team Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Studio Be Team The new app will let you manage your profile page, send salon prescriptions to your clients, showcase your work and much more.... Gratis 11/2015
20387   NYC Run NYC Run Spiele Spiele Apps like NYC Run You are going for the run of your life with this intriguing running game! Race down through New York City streets avoiding obstacles both on air and ground. Test your reflexes controlling the angel and the skater at the same time. Don't give up, as there... Gratis 11/2015
20388   Orange Coast College - Prospective International Students App Orange Coast College - Prospective International Students App Bildung Bildung Apps like Orange Coast College - Prospective International Students App Learn why studying at Orange Coast College, is the right choice for you! Download our free app to access and share everything you need to know about Orange Coast College. Features Include: - Facts about Orange Coast College - Find out what programs the... Gratis 11/2015
20389   Rotterdam Airport Flight Status Live The Rotterdam Airport Flight Status Live The Reise Reise Apps like Rotterdam Airport Flight Status Live The Kids are waiting for YOU at home. Your honey wants to have a sweet talk with YOU. Spend time chating with them INSTEAD OF wasting time on flight NLarch!! Download the app and start enjoying the quality time with your beloved ones. Live Flight Status @... 1.99€ 11/2015
20390   breeze: Kostenlose Dating App - Singles & Freunde in der Umgebung suchen für Flirt,  Chat oder suche und finde die große Liebe breeze: Kostenlose Dating App - Singles & Freunde in der Umgebung suchen für Flirt, Chat oder suche und finde die große Liebe Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like breeze: Kostenlose Dating App - Singles & Freunde in der Umgebung suchen für Flirt, Chat oder suche und finde die große Liebe Entdecke mit breeze eine neue standortbasierte Dating-App, die es Dir ermöglicht, mit Menschen in Kontakt zu treten, denen Du im täglichen Leben begegnest und Dir dabei dennoch die Freiheit gibt, selbst zu entscheiden, wer mit Dir in Kontakt treten d... Gratis 11/2015
20391   Random - Number,  Yes or No,  Dice and Color Random - Number, Yes or No, Dice and Color Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Random - Number, Yes or No, Dice and Color Random - A random generator with 4 different choices. Number: Pick a number between one start number and an end number. Yes or No: Can not choose? Get the answer, but you can also add maybe. Dice: Throw your dice. Choose between 1 and 5 dice. Color: ... 0.99€ 11/2015
20392   Flipdish - Hot Food Delivered Flipdish - Hot Food Delivered Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Flipdish - Hot Food Delivered Made in Dublin - The fastest food ordering app in the world. Flipdish gets food ordering right. ● Order meals in 2 taps. ● No need to type in address / email / password. ● Remembers your favourite dishes and lets you re-order fast. ● Extremely respo... Gratis 11/2015
20393   全积通 全积通 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 全积通 全积通 实惠,方便 ,轻松购物平台... Gratis 11/2015
20394   嘉兴惠生活 嘉兴惠生活 Büro Büro Apps like 嘉兴惠生活 嘉兴惠生活是一款集当地生活、资讯、服务为一体的本地化客户端,全面整合城市生活、旅游出行、行业等相关信息。客户端共涉及多项应用内容,包括走进嘉兴、嘉兴旅游、房屋出售、嘉兴热点、人才招聘、嘉兴美食、休闲娱乐、汽车生活、跳蚤市场、酒店住宿、健康养身、便民工具等。 工作生活都给力,嘉兴惠生活陪伴您! 【食住行游购娱全方位指南】 - 收录特色美食诱惑,吃遍嘉兴,不留遗憾; - 收录嘉兴最热的购物中心,地址及电话!更有很多休闲娱乐场所,带您玩转嘉兴! 【随身的旅游攻略】 - 轻松查找景点地址,随心所“遇”,畅所欲“游... Gratis 11/2015
20395   Wi-Fi DCS Wi-Fi DCS Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Wi-Fi DCS Imagine having control over your model railroad from any iOS or Android phone or tablet. How much more convenient would operating your model railroad be with the same device you use throughout your daily life? The large, bright full-color screens found o... Gratis 11/2015
20396   Posture On the Tee (Golf) By Myriah Lynn Posture On the Tee (Golf) By Myriah Lynn Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Posture On the Tee (Golf) By Myriah Lynn Posture on the Tee Summary: Gaining mobility in your spine and rib cage is essential to strengthen your swing. Understanding which muscles active to preform a certain motion will give you the precision you need to master your technique. Learning how yo... 4.99€ 11/2015
20397   Remind Me - Create reminders,  faster Remind Me - Create reminders, faster Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Remind Me - Create reminders, faster The reminders you're used to, but faster. Remind Me is designed for pure speed, and it works to compliment the reminders app you already have on your phone. Open the app and you're typing. Add a reminder and you’re already typing again, instantly. ... Gratis 11/2015
20398   AppFrigo AppFrigo Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like AppFrigo Te presentamos la nueva APP, donde los helados, tés u otros productos que más te gustan te van a encontrar. Ahora es más fácil que nunca, porque gracias a esta APP te llegarán directamente a tu móvil ofertas, descuentos y promociones muy atractivas.... Gratis 11/2015
20399   Aaron 2Boxes Aaron 2Boxes Spiele Spiele Apps like Aaron 2Boxes 2Boxes is a game about concentration, reflex. Tap to rotate the box and collect the oncoming balls. Tap the left side of the screen to rotate left box and Tap the right side of the screen to rotate right box.... Gratis 11/2015
20400   Be My Baby Be My Baby Spiele Spiele Apps like Be My Baby Be My Baby is a combined dating game and a baby simulator. Be My Baby allows you to create, customize and take care of your own virtual baby. He needs to be fed, to be cleaned, to sleep and to play. So, in order to take a good care of him, you will ... Gratis 11/2015

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