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39201   Crowd Coffee Crowd Coffee Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Crowd Coffee Crowd Coffee è l’applicazione collegata a www.crowd-coffee.com che ti permette di condividere l’iniziativa e monitorare la crescita del tuo “Crowd” e l’andamento dei tuoi guadagni. Per accedere alla app devi essere registrato come “Crowder” sul sito www.... Gratis 10/2015
39202   Generali Toro Rovereto Generali Toro Rovereto Büro Büro Apps like Generali Toro Rovereto Agenzia Benvenuti Toro - Gruppo Generali, LA TUA ASSICURAZIONE Nella nostra APP troverai tutte le novità e i prodotti e servizi che proponiamo! Potrai fare una denuncia veloce del tuo sinistro, chiederci un preventivo, contattare le nostre agenzie, se... Gratis 10/2015
39203   Miner Jumper Miner Jumper Spiele Spiele Apps like Miner Jumper ****Top 1 Free Game US!!********The Most Addictive Game Ever!!**** in game, players by clicking on the screen, control characters constantly jumping, should pay attention to both sides wall of the spikes, get the coins can in the store to buy new role.... Gratis 10/2015
39204   姐妹的魔法变身 - 可爱甜心宝贝,万圣节,女生小游戏免费 姐妹的魔法变身 - 可爱甜心宝贝,万圣节,女生小游戏免费 Spiele Spiele Apps like 姐妹的魔法变身 - 可爱甜心宝贝,万圣节,女生小游戏免费 万圣节就要到了,两个小姐妹盘算着要穿什么好,你能帮她们吗? 游戏中,玩家需要先点击领取礼包获得金币,随着时间的推移,玩家能够不断的领取金币。当然也可以先用已有的金币去购买衣服饰品填满衣柜,然后就可以随心所欲的换装啦!换装过程中,如果衣服饰品不够可以继续去商店选购。加油吧,我的小伙伴们,看谁能装扮的最好! 游戏完全免费,没有内购,只需要不断领取免费金币哦!... Gratis 10/2015
39205   DronView DronView Navigation Navigation Apps like DronView Application used by dron or RC planes pilots for checking air space availability in Czech Republic. Active spaces are filled with a colour, inactive ones are displayed just by their contour. Actual pilot's position is available as well.... Gratis 10/2015
39206   Zombie Party: Halloween Dozer Zombie Party: Halloween Dozer Spiele Spiele Apps like Zombie Party: Halloween Dozer Zombies, coins, and a haunted house - the party is on! This Halloween experience your favorite carnival table like never before with Count Dracula himself making an appearance along with his zombie buddies, the Grim Reaper and Reverend Green! The Man... Gratis 10/2015
39207   可爱小萝莉 - 清新动漫风格,女生女孩子爱玩的换装小游戏 可爱小萝莉 - 清新动漫风格,女生女孩子爱玩的换装小游戏 Spiele Spiele Apps like 可爱小萝莉 - 清新动漫风格,女生女孩子爱玩的换装小游戏 纯洁的眼神,可爱的发型,很天真,就像天使!喜欢的话就来试试吧! 游戏中,玩家需要先点击领取礼包获得金币,随着时间的推移,玩家能够不断的领取金币。当然也可以先用已有的金币去购买衣服饰品填满衣柜,然后就可以随心所欲的换装啦!换装过程中,如果衣服饰品不够可以继续去商店选购。加油吧,我的小伙伴们,看谁能装扮的最好! 游戏完全免费,没有内购,只需要不断领取免费金币哦!... Gratis 10/2015
39208   FreaksCar FreaksCar Spiele Spiele Apps like FreaksCar The app is mainly throught mobile phone Bluetooth controlled the FreaksCar car, the app contains a page, through the thumb sliding rocker can achieve the car forward, backward, to the left, to the right.... Gratis 10/2015
39209   エクストリーム断髪式 エクストリーム断髪式 Spiele Spiele Apps like エクストリーム断髪式 【ゲームの目的】  お相撲さんを土俵のド真ん中に誘導し、最高の断髪式を執り行ってあげること。 【遊び方】 ・スワイプでオブジェクトを斬り、お相撲さんを土俵まで導きましょう ・鉄っぽいオブジェクトは、斬れません ・土俵の真ん中に近ければ近いほどハイランクの実績を取得することができます ・ハイランクでクリアしていくと、第2の人生として新たなジョブを入手できます 【注意・制限事項】 ・お使いの端末によっては、機内モード(オフライン)時は正常にタップできない場合があります。 ・このアプリがインストールされた端... Gratis 10/2015
39210   灰色琉璃 灰色琉璃 Büro Büro Apps like 灰色琉璃 来自涪陵双子之巅的灰色琉璃,涪陵首家自拍照相馆,可在上面享受最低折扣,订座预约,或许你只是喜欢咖啡馆的味道,又或许你会希望享受一个人拍照的时光,期待与你们的交流,更期待您的到来。... Gratis 10/2015
39211   GGMM-E系列 GGMM-E系列 Musik Musik Apps like GGMM-E系列 GGMM-E series is a kind of software set GGMM wireless smart speaker as multi-room or L/R channel. Can streame cloud or local music to GGMM wireless smart speaker losslessly The most pure local music player GGMM-E series plays music as you like. You can ... Gratis 10/2015
39212   Вулкан Ставка Вулкан Ставка Spiele Spiele Apps like Вулкан Ставка Compilation of simulators of popular euro slot machines: - Magic Book - Beetles Rock - Dolphin's Treasure - Money Maker - Egypt Gold - Lady Love - Magic Grove - Queen of Spels - Red Hot 777 - Tropicano Advantages: -Daily bonuses -All slots and bet are av... Gratis 10/2015
39213   智生活(SmartLife) 智生活(SmartLife) Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 智生活(SmartLife) 智生活是一款致力于打造智慧社区,提高居民生活质量的生活类APP。帮助居民随时掌握物业、周边商家等相关最新消息,足不出户享受优质服务体验。... Gratis 10/2015
39214   Future Unleashed Technical Day Future Unleashed Technical Day Büro Büro Apps like Future Unleashed Technical Day Future Unleashed is the largest technology symposium from Microsoft India. Future Unleashed Technical Day app is your ultimate resource to stay up-to-date on conference agenda, speakers, announcements, social and other real-time updates. With feature... Gratis 10/2015
39215   防伪大师 防伪大师 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 防伪大师 扫描并解码指定的私有防伪二维码,用户可以通过该app来查询所购买商品的真伪性。... Gratis 10/2015
39216   A Pharaoh Slots FREE: Golden Pyramid Treasure Hunter A Pharaoh Slots FREE: Golden Pyramid Treasure Hunter Spiele Spiele Apps like A Pharaoh Slots FREE: Golden Pyramid Treasure Hunter ► Download and Play the MOST EXCITING Slots Machine App for Your iOS Device! ► AWESOME Animations and HUGE Bonuses ► SIMPLE Interface and AMAZING Hands-on Experience This Game is the cool place to play real slots with no real wagering. It is a unique s... Gratis 10/2015
39217   Remote Stethoscope Remote Stethoscope Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Remote Stethoscope What can make any new biomedical technology great is its accessibility to its beneficiaries. User can make simple approximate measurement of their heart sound or lung sound under the correct operations and then send it to his health provider immediately, ... 0.99€ 10/2015
39218   Model Gambler Casino : Best Casino,  Bonus Chip Games Pro Model Gambler Casino : Best Casino, Bonus Chip Games Pro Spiele Spiele Apps like Model Gambler Casino : Best Casino, Bonus Chip Games Pro This app offers you BEST Vegas style Casino games and Premium slots. Check out Las Vegas Casino Slot Machines app now! HD graphics and incredible sounds, including Las Vegas Casino theme soundtrack. New bonus credits everyday. This Slot machine app and... Gratis 10/2015
39219   天天爱拱猪 天天爱拱猪 Spiele Spiele Apps like 天天爱拱猪 流行中国及海外华人社区的牌类游戏华牌“拱猪”,猪,羊,变压器,满红,满贯,激情不断,聪明人玩的扑克游戏!一键登录即无需注册即可体验。数万用户在线等着你,一起来拱猪吧! 【产品特点】 1、玩法特色,有趣,刺激; 2、超省流量,超小包,快速安装,免注册; 3、正宗玩法,地道方言: 4、万人同场在线,畅爽对局; 5、超多赠送,不花一分钱! ========================================= 客服QQ号:1584392131 联系电话:400-0939-822... Gratis 10/2015
39220   天天原子扑克 天天原子扑克 Spiele Spiele Apps like 天天原子扑克 史上最顺畅最爽翻天的原子游戏! ◆独家特色◆ 1. 上线即送海量游戏豆! 2. 流量超省!节奏超快! 3. 超多炸弹,氢弹,原子弹等着你甩出去! 4. 劲爆刺激的音乐,让你瞬间进入狂野的原子游戏世界! 5. 全网首推手机端原子大战!超级大战就等你一触即发! =========================================================== 客服QQ号:1584392131 联系电话:400-0939-822... Gratis 10/2015
39221   天天爱军棋 天天爱军棋 Spiele Spiele Apps like 天天爱军棋 全国手机棋牌数量第一领导品牌《指尖棋牌》,无精品,不棋牌! 一指定江山,尽在指尖军棋 超精品画面,全新战斗场面等你加入全新战场! 排兵布阵,指点江山,凭个人才智,战略战术,大有驰聘沙场,纵横天下之感。还在等什么!快加入战争! ※游戏亮点※ 1.全新画面,最新游戏画面让你体验全战场感觉 2.百万豪礼,游戏赢话费得实物等你来体验 3.超小流量,随时随地玩游戏休闲于战场之中 4.经典玩法,保持经典军棋玩法怀念经典感觉 ========================================... Gratis 10/2015
39222   全民三扣一 全民三扣一 Spiele Spiele Apps like 全民三扣一 根据浙江地区时下最流行棋牌游戏三扣一规则打造,主流打法废王、废弹各种特色,华丽用户界面,人性的系统;操作简单,轻松上手,无需收费,奖励多多;绝对的省流量! 【游戏特色】 1、防作弊公平竞技, 自动入座, 快速游戏; 2、人性的操作, 操作简单, 易学轻松上手: 3、最佳搭档组合,安排水平相近玩家同桌竞技。 4、省时省电省流量,不用多花一分钱; 5、登录、在线、对局,各色奖励拿不停; 6、地道规则打造,本地言语配音嗨翻天; =========================================... Gratis 10/2015
39223   天天千变双扣 天天千变双扣 Spiele Spiele Apps like 天天千变双扣 全国手机棋牌数量第一领导品牌《指尖棋牌》,无精品,不棋牌! 打造最具地方性特色游戏,感受浙江一带水乡特色,超酷游戏等你来加入! ※游戏特色※ 【完全免费】全游戏无任何收费情况,完全免费,让你玩游戏欲罢不能。 【对等游戏】发牌完全随机,机会大家对等,禁止任何形式作弊,做到公平公正。 【精美画面】水墨格调界面,中国风尽显,让你融洽于游戏之中。 【豪礼大奖】登陆送豪礼,金币拿不停,进游戏得大奖。 【完美音效】完美音效,韵律十足,跟着游戏嗨起来! =================================... Gratis 10/2015
39224   百变双扣王 百变双扣王 Spiele Spiele Apps like 百变双扣王 全国手机棋牌数量第一领导品牌《指尖棋牌》,无精品,不棋牌! 打造最具地方性特色游戏,感受浙江一带水乡特色,超酷游戏等你来加入! ※游戏特色※ 【完全免费】全游戏无任何收费情况,完全免费,让你玩游戏欲罢不能。 【对等游戏】发牌完全随机,机会大家对等,禁止任何形式作弊,做到公平公正。 【精美画面】水墨格调界面,中国风尽显,让你融洽于游戏之中。 【豪礼大奖】登陆送豪礼,金币拿不停,进游戏得大奖。 【完美音效】完美音效,韵律十足,跟着游戏嗨起来! =================================... Gratis 10/2015
39225   家长面对面 家长面对面 Bildung Bildung Apps like 家长面对面 这是一款针对电脑家教1对1而打造的家长专用工具。不仅可以及时跟踪孩子学习情况、留言互动,还提供大量有关孩子教育、学习、中高考等方面的咨询。... Gratis 10/2015
39226   Sigma STB Remote Sigma STB Remote Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Sigma STB Remote Download this application to easily control your Sigma based Hybrid STB with your iOS smart phone/tablet. Requirements: 1) This feature is only supported in Sigma based STB which have the IP Remote control feature on it. 2) The STB and iOS phone/tablet a... Gratis 10/2015
39227   Jelly Crush Jelly Crush Spiele Spiele Apps like Jelly Crush ****Top 1 Free Game US!!********The Most Addictive Game Ever!!**** If you like challenging Match3 puzzle games, Jelly Collapse is the perfect game for you! Only with the right strategy and logical skills you can reach the required level score. Combine as... Gratis 10/2015
39228   A Aabe Deluxe Slots,  BlackJack and Roulette Free Game! A Aabe Deluxe Slots, BlackJack and Roulette Free Game! Spiele Spiele Apps like A Aabe Deluxe Slots, BlackJack and Roulette Free Game! Welcome to Aabe Deluxe Slots, BlackJack and Roullete Free Game! Ready to bet in Slots, Blackjack and Roulette like a millionaire in a virtual Casino environment? You’ll have a blast playing for BIG payouts! - Slots Auto play - Fast reel stop - Ea... Gratis 10/2015
39229   OWON Multimeter BLE OWON Multimeter BLE Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like OWON Multimeter BLE This app provide functions to connect to owon multimeter BLE devices, get data, show data as list or chart diagram, and share through social network.... Gratis 10/2015
39230   Castle War Clash Castle War Clash Spiele Spiele Apps like Castle War Clash GREAT TOWER DEFENSE GAME WITH ROBOT THEME! In ancient Greece, a war between two castles broke out, they fight each other and wanted to conquer the other one, you are the chief commander of one castle, your mission is to use your weapons and use soldiers c... Gratis 10/2015
39231   FireBoard - cloud tracking FireBoard - cloud tracking Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like FireBoard - cloud tracking The FireBoard iOS app provides remote realtime temperature tracking of our cloud based thermometer, the FireBoard. Use the app to view current & historical temperature, to setup alarms and to manage your devices.... Gratis 10/2015
39232   路之家 路之家 Kataloge Kataloge Apps like 路之家 “路之家”是由徐工道路自主设计开发,聚焦以客户为中心、“全身心”服务而倾力打造的涵盖整机选择、二手机交易、备件交易、施工工艺咨询等功能模块的“互联网+”信息平台,以“客户的体验”为业务开展的核心,充分贯彻徐工道路机械“聚焦客户、对接市场、方案解决、价值营销”的营销理念,基于“全身心”服务的品牌形象,搭建起一个营销、服务、备件互联网信息化平台,可以为客户提供更好的购机、租赁、配件、施工工艺、二手车等一揽子“成套解决方案”,提供“客户终身服务”,并能够整合整车客户、工程需求、机手、维修师等社会资源和力量,为广... Gratis 10/2015
39233   Drawing Desk Draw and Paint Dolls Coloring Book For Girls - "Lalaloopsy edition" Drawing Desk Draw and Paint Dolls Coloring Book For Girls - "Lalaloopsy edition" Bildung Bildung Apps like Drawing Desk Draw and Paint Dolls Coloring Book For Girls - "Lalaloopsy edition" *** HOW TO DRAWING & COLORING BOOK BUNDLE in LALALOOPSY STYLE *** Drawing Desk app is a Universal Game (Works perfectly on all Apple devices). How to Drawing &Coloring Step by Step and comes with 2 packs different fun learning themes to play and learn... Gratis 10/2015
39234   甲状腺医生 甲状腺医生 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 甲状腺医生 甲状腺医生是一款提供甲状腺疾病的医患交流的应用,该产品包含患者和医生两个角色,它主要包含了在线咨询和就诊经历分享两大功能。患者可以进行在线咨询,专业医生会通过app给患者更专业的咨询解答,并将信息推送给相应的患者,患者也可以看到其他患者的咨询解答问题供自己就医参考;同时,患者也可以发布自己的就诊经历进行在线信息共享,其他的患者也可以对就诊经历相关评论和沟通,患者通过在线咨询和就诊经历可以获得专家更专业的建议之外,还可以与类似患者进行交流。... Gratis 10/2015
39235   GoUpstair GoUpstair Spiele Spiele Apps like GoUpstair Tap left & right in turn in order to Go Upstairs. Meanwhile do not forget to tap the middle button to make a turn! Here comes the addictive and simple game play! It seems quite familiar and easy at the beginning. But how high can you reach? Even 1-second ... Gratis 10/2015
39236   8591寶物交易網 8591寶物交易網 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 8591寶物交易網 「8591寶物交易」是由全台灣最大的遊戲虛寶交易平臺8591寶物交易網打造的一款為遊戲玩家提供最安全、最快速的線上遊戲虛寶交易查詢的軟體。在目前的版本中,你可以通過手機隨時隨地搜索瀏覽商品、問與答等;支持《英雄聯盟》、《新楓之谷》、《天堂》、《列王的紛爭》、《口袋楓之谷》、《星界神話》等數百款線上遊戲的在線瀏覽。更多功能正在陸續開發中,敬請期待! 主要功能有: 1、支持出售區所有商品瀏覽,包括商品詳情、圖片瀏覽、問與答、賣家資料; 2、支持查看所有類型的商品行情; 3、支持會員中心登入登出; ... Gratis 10/2015
39237   Sesc CE - Mostra Sesc Cariri Sesc CE - Mostra Sesc Cariri Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Sesc CE - Mostra Sesc Cariri A Mostra Sesc Cariri de Culturas acontece de 13 a 17 de novembro em 28 cidades do Cariri e é realizada pelo Sesc – Serviço Social do Comércio, no Ceará, através de edital público. Consiste em uma das maiores manifestações culturais do Brasil e acontece... Gratis 10/2015
39238   Walking On Country Walking On Country Bücher Bücher Apps like Walking On Country This app was produced as part of an intensive two day workshop at the Puliima National Indigenous Language & Technology conference in Melbourne, Australia. Featuring languages from across Australia, this app is a collaboration between the Victorian Abor... Gratis 10/2015
39239   Vegas Jackpot Casino Experience - FREE Deluxe Edition Slots Vegas Jackpot Casino Experience - FREE Deluxe Edition Slots Spiele Spiele Apps like Vegas Jackpot Casino Experience - FREE Deluxe Edition Slots BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY Vegas Jackpot Treasure Real Casino Experience TODAY! Vegas Jackpot Treasure Real Casino Experience has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magn... Gratis 10/2015
39240   FBC Downey FBC Downey Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like FBC Downey Connect and engage with our community through the FBC Downey app!... Gratis 10/2015
39241   2016 NAIS Annual Conference 2016 NAIS Annual Conference Referenz Referenz Apps like 2016 NAIS Annual Conference The NAIS Annual Conference is the premier professional development event for the independent education community. This year, we explore the theme, What's Your Story? The Power of Trailblazers, Catalysts, and Calamities in San Francisco, CA. Stories m... Gratis 10/2015
39242   Sınıf Defterim Sınıf Defterim Bildung Bildung Apps like Sınıf Defterim Öğretmen arkadaşım; Artık dosyalar arasında kaybolmaya son. Bu uygulama ile 200 den fazla yıllık plan içinden size uygun olanı seçip sisteme kaydediyorsunuz. Bu planlara istediğiniz anda telefonunuzdan ulaşıyorsunuz. Uygulama bulunduğunuz eğitim haftasına... Gratis 10/2015
39243   Giraffe SmartWays Giraffe SmartWays Reise Reise Apps like Giraffe SmartWays SmartWays is a DigiCard based smart city solution, providing a simple way for visitors to access entertainment, experiences, shops and services. Once you downloaded the app, no Internet connection required to get information about tourist attractions... Gratis 10/2015
39244   Indian Meme Store Indian Meme Store Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Indian Meme Store Fun goes Desi!!! With this Indian Meme Store, you can create funny, witty memes and spread humor. We have a huge collection of templates in Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood , Politics with images updated regularly. We have also ... Gratis 10/2015
39245   Team Landers Team Landers Büro Büro Apps like Team Landers The official app for Brian Landers, ConferenceDirect monthly team meetings.... Gratis 10/2015
39246   Periyar Quotes Periyar Quotes Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Periyar Quotes This is an app to get daily quote on Periyar E.V.Ramasamy's thought. He was a social activist, Politician and a businessman. He still has many tamil followers who strive to improve the society and make a change for good. E.V.R's views on Rationalism, ... Gratis 10/2015
39247   in-liner in-liner Spiele Spiele Apps like in-liner Very famous jumping game now on your device Spend the ball between the lines without touching the lines... Gratis 10/2015
39248   Customs Traveller Guide India Customs Traveller Guide India Reise Reise Apps like Customs Traveller Guide India A free simplified guide to Baggage rules applicable to Travellers arriving in India. This guide will help you figure out what rules and limitations apply to you via a series of simple questions. It also helps you calculate the applicable duty for goods wh... Gratis 10/2015
39249   2015 IWF World Championships-Houston 2015 IWF World Championships-Houston Sport Sport Apps like 2015 IWF World Championships-Houston Stay up to date with the 2015 IWF World Championships event schedules, results, ticket information and more! Houston is proud to partner with the United States Olympic Committee and USA Weightlifting to host the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships, ... Gratis 10/2015
39250   Moto Real Trial PRO Moto Real Trial PRO Spiele Spiele Apps like Moto Real Trial PRO Let's go and Ride your super bike on the super challenge. Get Miles of extreme speed adrenaline. Race, jump, and crash your way through a variety of treacherous terrain in the best mobile bike game, Get the full version for a ton more levels! Use acc... Gratis 10/2015
39251   Car Music Car Music Musik Musik Apps like Car Music Car Music app is created especially to be used in the car, but you can also use it elsewhere. This player can play all the music from your iPod playlist. This application is very easy to use while behind the wheel, since it has the ability to be contr... 0.99€ 10/2015
39252   Hope Lutheran Church Seattle Hope Lutheran Church Seattle Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hope Lutheran Church Seattle Connect and engage with our community through the Hope Lutheran Church Seattle app!... Gratis 10/2015
39253   Daily Guide Instruction Daily Guide Instruction Bücher Bücher Apps like Daily Guide Instruction Daily Guide is based on the New International Version (NIV). Sometimes other translations referred to are: AV;KJV Authorized or King James Version ESV English Standard Version LB Living Bible GNB Good News Bible NASV New American Standard Versi... Gratis 10/2015
39254   No Drone Zone No Drone Zone Navigation Navigation Apps like No Drone Zone No Drone Zone tells you which area your drone can not fly in Singapore. Happy to announce! This is first release for us. but We will keep improving the data which we might be missing. So if you have feedback, feel free to contact to us please:)... Gratis 10/2015
39255   Equine App by Zinpro Corporation Equine App by Zinpro Corporation Referenz Referenz Apps like Equine App by Zinpro Corporation Introducing your FREE guide to all things Equine Nutrition. Zinpro Corporation pioneered much of the research on trace minerals and their role in equine nutrition. That nutritional information, along with other key nutritional considerations are now avai... Gratis 10/2015
39257   iFUT 16 - Ultimate Team Player Database iFUT 16 - Ultimate Team Player Database Sport Sport Apps like iFUT 16 - Ultimate Team Player Database The smartest FUT database with more than 14k players FEATURES + Offline database with more than 14k players + Find the exact player you are looking for + Compare quickly selected players + View basic card-related statistics + iOS 9 Universal App + Soon n... 1.99€ 10/2015
39258   GIFolio Lite - Convert Live Photos to GIFs or Videos GIFolio Lite - Convert Live Photos to GIFs or Videos Photographie Photographie Apps like GIFolio Lite - Convert Live Photos to GIFs or Videos GIFolio is the easiest way to convert your Live Photos to GIFs, right on your iPhone. You can then share the GIFs via email, text, or social media. You can also use GIFolio to share or save the video portion of your Live Photos. Includes settings for ... Gratis 10/2015
39259   GIFolio - Convert Live Photos to GIFs or Videos GIFolio - Convert Live Photos to GIFs or Videos Photographie Photographie Apps like GIFolio - Convert Live Photos to GIFs or Videos GIFolio is the easiest way to convert your Live Photos to GIFs, right on your iPhone. You can then share the GIFs via email, text, or social media. You can also use GIFolio to share or save the video portion of your Live Photos. Includes settings for ... 0.99€ 10/2015
39260   FoodOnTips FoodOnTips Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like FoodOnTips Every minute between you and your scrumptious meal is an ordeal, and we know that. Tired of going to a restaurant and waiting for the menu, service and waiting to even pay the bill? We know your pain. Order and pay for your full course before you visit ... Gratis 10/2015
39261   欢乐猜唐诗-看意思填古诗句 欢乐猜唐诗-看意思填古诗句 Spiele Spiele Apps like 欢乐猜唐诗-看意思填古诗句 作为一个中国人,我们总是对古诗词有一种崇敬。从刚刚学会说话我们就学了各种各样的古诗,从静夜思到登鹳雀楼不一而足。学古诗简直是学习中国话的一个必不可少的部分。即使还不能理解其中的深意,我们还是可以熟练的背出几首。 但是,相比于我们背诵过的,我们理解的太少。这些传唱千年的作品为什么能够流传到今天?它们可不是靠成为考试的考点才流传。古人有着与今人一样的喜怒哀乐,古人也一样会有悲欢离合。古人也会在长安城的客店里思念故乡,一如今日的北漂在皇城根的出租屋里回想少年时光。古人在与知交故旧相会时放歌纵酒,一如今天的朋友... Gratis 10/2015
39262   Hello School + Hello School + Bildung Bildung Apps like Hello School + Parents in Bangalore, if you want to search School, Play school or Special school in Bangalore, then download Hello School app in Google play store!! This app will help you to search by using Zip code for particular location.Try this, I am sure you will l... Gratis 10/2015
39263   Fundo San José Lodge Fundo San José Lodge Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Fundo San José Lodge Fundo San José Lodge es un paraíso natural ideal para los que buscan disfrutar de la belleza exótica de la selva tropical peruana. Sus magníficas instalaciones hacen que el huésped se sienta parte de la naturaleza e ingrese a la magia de la Selva Central ... Gratis 10/2015
39264   106.9 WYNY 106.9 WYNY Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 106.9 WYNY 106.9 WYNY serving Milford / Pike County and the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with the best mix of music from the 70's through today! The home of Delaware Valley School Warriers!... Gratis 10/2015
39265   صدى جدة صدى جدة Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like صدى جدة التطبيق الرسمي لقناة صدى جدة الإلكترونية يتيح تطبيق " قناة صدى جدة " خدمة الإطلاع على آخر الأخبار الرياضية والإجتماعية وأهم الأحداث العربية والعالمية فور حدوثها, بالإضافة لبرامج وتغطيات القناة .... Gratis 10/2015
39266   AtopiCoach AtopiCoach Medizin Medizin Apps like AtopiCoach Den Alltag mit Neurodermitis erleichtern - die AtopiCoach App – das digitale Tagebuch von Eucerin. Die App unterstützt Sie dabei, den Erkrankungsverlauf bei Neurodermitis zu erfassen. Die Auswertung der Daten liefert wertvolle Hinweise für Diagnose, Be... Gratis 10/2015
39267   囧开心 囧开心 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 囧开心 生活的每一天,都要充满着欢乐,大事小事,都是能够让你开心一阅,开心的时候看看囧开心,不开心的时候也看看囧开心,会让你的生活会更精彩。... Gratis 10/2015
39268   521 Hunted Hotel Escape 521 Hunted Hotel Escape Spiele Spiele Apps like 521 Hunted Hotel Escape This is the 521th escape game from enagames.com. The Story of this game is to escape a person from the haunted hotel where he has been locked. Assume that a guy locked inside the haunted hotel he needs someone help now. Try to find a manhole located insid... Gratis 10/2015
39269   Battle Soldiers: Bullet Robot Battle Soldiers: Bullet Robot Spiele Spiele Apps like Battle Soldiers: Bullet Robot A robot soldiers game of fight shooting. simple and extreme feel. Robot get weapons ready for the ultimate action game. Three mode to choose. Kill mode Time mode Marching mode Muti-weapons to switch. Switch different weapons and grenades too! Blow up... 2.99€ 10/2015
39270   777 Pay Oceans Eleven Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games 777 Pay Oceans Eleven Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Spiele Spiele Apps like 777 Pay Oceans Eleven Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY 777 Pay Oceans Eleven Slots Machines TODAY! 777 Pay Oceans Eleven Slots Machines has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxury and ... Gratis 10/2015
39271   Spectra Premium Spectra Premium Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Spectra Premium The fastest and most effective way to view the catalog of parts offered by Spectra Premium. Thanks to the mobile application Spectra, you can easily find parts made specifically for a vehicle: - Search by plate number - Search by VIN - Search by vehicle ... Gratis 10/2015
39272   Su Private Pharaoh Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Su Private Pharaoh Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Spiele Spiele Apps like Su Private Pharaoh Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY Su Private Pharaoh Slots Machines TODAY! Su Private Pharaoh Slots Machines has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxury and style ... Gratis 10/2015
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39274   R500-Photo R500-Photo Photographie Photographie Apps like R500-Photo Halte Deine besonderen Augenblicke in der R500-Photo App fest. Verwandle alltägliche Momente in R-Momente und unterstütze mit jedem Foto ein Projekt unserer Hilfswerke. So einfach gehts: - im R-Frame ein Foto machen oder - ein Bild aus Deinem Fotoalbu... Gratis 10/2015
39275   Crazy Halloween 3D Crazy Halloween 3D Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Crazy Halloween 3D Crazy Halloween 3D: an App where you can touch Zombie, Jack O'Lantern and other 3D Horror Objects! Create funny photos with 3D zombie, witch hats, Pumkins and more ... Rotate, move and zoom 3D "Horror Objects" with your fingers, create funny photos... Gratis 10/2015
39276   GESP GESP Büro Büro Apps like GESP Teleperformance GESP application provides business users the convenience and flexibility to record their responses through a mobile device while in the field. Data captured by the application is posted to centralized data repository and accessible throug... Gratis 10/2015
39277   777 War Video Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games 777 War Video Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Spiele Spiele Apps like 777 War Video Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY 777 War Video Slots Machines TODAY! 777 War Video Slots Machines has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxury and style of a Vega... Gratis 10/2015
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39280   快递狗 快递狗 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 快递狗 这是一款足不出户,方便快捷的快递查询工具。手中点击,快递信息立得其手... Gratis 10/2015
39281   Push the Water! Push the Water! Spiele Spiele Apps like Push the Water! Let's see if you have the control you need to save all the balls. HOW TO PLAY: Justo touch the screen to push the water. Use it to resolve the puzzles.... Gratis 10/2015
39282   DigitStep DigitStep Spiele Spiele Apps like DigitStep Envision a seamless blend of mediocrity and proficiency. Anticipate the utilization of fundamental skill to unseen difficulty. Imagine a game which is simple in rules, but difficult in actualization. However paradoxical this may seem, DigitStep will off... Gratis 10/2015
39283   One Home One Home Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like One Home The software is designed for smart LED devices. Our equipment via a mobile phone connection lets you control the LED lighting effect, you can customize the model gradients, strobe lights, jumping, can also play the music rhythm changes, and set the t... Gratis 10/2015
39284   Sherpa Dubai Sherpa Dubai Reise Reise Apps like Sherpa Dubai Sherpa Dubai is your guide to the best bars, restaurants, nightclubs and brunch. Want to find the nearest bar or restaurant? Let Sherpa Dubai take you there using our list or map of what's around you.... Gratis 10/2015
39285   Precision Medicine Alzheimer's Precision Medicine Alzheimer's Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Precision Medicine Alzheimer's Precision Medicine initiatives will require research that not only uses a person’s clinical and genomic data, but their mobile health (mHealth) data as well. This app leverages HealthKit and integrates with the Health app to help Precision Medicine orga... 1.99€ 10/2015
39286   Die FahrlehrerApp Die FahrlehrerApp Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Die FahrlehrerApp Mit der Fahrlehrerapp können Sie die Ausbildungsstände Ihrer Fahrschüler schnell, einfach und jederzeit mobil einsehen und bearbeiten. Die Fahrlehrerapp ermöglicht eine transparente und für jedermann leicht nachvollziehbare Aufzeichnung der Ausbildungsst... Gratis 10/2015
39287   WayuMD WayuMD Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like WayuMD Chat with your doctor and get personal health advice anywhere, anytime. An important aspect of your health and well-being is your continuous caring relationship with your healthcare provider. With WayuMD you can connect with your doctors and other healt... Gratis 10/2015
39288   Apex Clinic Apex Clinic Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Apex Clinic Apex Profound Beauty is recognized as the No.1 health institute that performs the most Ulthera and Thermage procedures worldwide. Get in touch and never miss a single update from Apex Profound Beauty: - Stamp Card: Point collection to redeem special offer... Gratis 10/2015
39289   CardioAPP CardioAPP Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like CardioAPP Effettuare un elettrocardiogramma non è mai stato così pratico ed economico. Trova la Farmacia con la piattaforma di telemedicina Biotechware più vicina per avere accesso all'esame ECG.... Gratis 10/2015
39290   ADRA ADRA Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like ADRA Créé en 2004, l’ADRA regroupe des Directeurs et Responsables Achats des entités opérationnelles et fonctionne sur le principe d’un CLUB. L’association se compose de membres (adhérents et bienfaiteurs) impliqués dans les achats et participant à la réalis... Gratis 10/2015
39291   Color Brain Color Brain Spiele Spiele Apps like Color Brain It has been recently scientifically proven that regular mental exercise can greatly improve your memory. This app has been designed to do just that! Rule is simple: making the same couple of card to get point. Are you ready? Let's finish level with shor... Gratis 10/2015
39292   Game Of Commandos : Fire Clash Game Of Commandos : Fire Clash Spiele Spiele Apps like Game Of Commandos : Fire Clash Dare to clash with furious enemy commandos? Then play this game of commandos, virtual commandos bases filled with fiery special services commandos. To survive, play with strategy in mind, beat them one by one. Enemy special services commandos have occ... Gratis 10/2015
39293   お前は俺の女だろーが お前は俺の女だろーが Spiele Spiele Apps like お前は俺の女だろーが ◆ストーリー 自己中で、偉そうで、 いつも上から目線なあいつ。 この世で一番ムカつくあいつ。 あたしは巻き込まれただけ。 あいつの遊びに付き合わされただけ。 これは、 たった一ヶ月の恋人ごっこ。 ◆遊び方 「CAKE屋」アイコンをタップし、ケーキを回収。 TOPに戻り「ケーキ」アイコンを押すと経験値が貯まり、物語が進みます。 ◆機能 ・経験値2倍機能 アプリTOP画面上部にある経験値2倍ボタンを押すと、 通常得られる経験値の2倍のポイントが取得することが可能。 経験値2倍は2分間のみで、... Gratis 10/2015
39294   Where Mind Where Mind Spiele Spiele Apps like Where Mind Keep in mind the position of the images appear and select the corresponding image placement it appears. Are you ready? Let's start! And let's reach the highest score!... Gratis 10/2015
39295   Don't Tap Yellow Tiles Don't Tap Yellow Tiles Spiele Spiele Apps like Don't Tap Yellow Tiles This is a classic tap game that is fun and adventure at the same time. You have to avoid tapping on the yellow tiles otherwise the game will terminate. In order to score the maximum you have to maintain a high speed and keep an eye on the yellow tiles. ... Gratis 10/2015
39296   鼎善商城 鼎善商城 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 鼎善商城 这年头,什么都在变,冬天穿着丝袜,夏天带着围巾,电脑越变越薄,手机变成万能,购物不必出门,在家日行千里…… 鼎善商城每天推出精美好货,满足您的购物需求;掌上鼎善 实惠轻松 百万用户购物首选客户端 鼎善(IPhone版)是专门为IPhone ipod touch用户推出的一款移动购物和生活消费类软件,具有商品搜索/浏览、商品购买、在线支付、订单速查等功能,为您打造简单、快乐的生活方式,实现了在家逛超市、灵活购买、分享商城等一系列新的生活体验! 【特色功能】 1、分享商城:解决购物者的心理需求,创新商... Gratis 10/2015
39297   ミジンコけんきゅーじょ ミジンコけんきゅーじょ Spiele Spiele Apps like ミジンコけんきゅーじょ ◇◆目指せ!ミジンコ博士!!◆◇ 特殊なエサを与えて、ちょっと変わったミジンコを作ってみよう! 君は全種類見つけることができるかな? 【遊び方】 ~ミジンコを増やそう~ ミジンコは放っておけば勝手に増えていくよ。 水槽がいっぱいになってきたらミジンコをタップ! スポイトにミジンコが吸い込まれて回収されるよ。 回収されたミジンコは、次の研究資金のためにマニアの人に売られるよ。 ~変わったミジンコを見つけよう~ エサを与えることで、ミジンコが当然変異することがあるよ。 様々な効果のエサを使って、変わったミ... Gratis 10/2015
39298   ZeWatcher – réseau social d’actualité ZeWatcher – réseau social d’actualité Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like ZeWatcher – réseau social d’actualité zeWatcher : personalized social media platform Who had this crazy idea of developing an application specifically tailored to each point of interest you have ? This application is entirely made for you: yes YOU ! You will never miss any news, whether y... Gratis 10/2015
39299   タグミエール タグミエール Produktivität Produktivität Apps like タグミエール アフィリエイトサイトのリンクコードが、どのASPで発行されているか判定できるブラウザです。 左上の「解析」ボタンを押下すると、そのページにあるアフィリエイトリンクを判定し、ASPの一覧を表示します(リダイレクト先は判定できません)。 また、バナーやテキストリンクをタップした際に、アフィリエイトリンクが含まれていた場合、どのASPのリンクコードかダイアログで確認できます。... Gratis 10/2015
39300   Honeywell Smart Home Honeywell Smart Home Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Honeywell Smart Home It is a program that allows you to control the temperature of the home of the room to the smartphone. This program, and there must use the temperature controller of Korea Honeywell, it is available only to products individually install the Internet comm... Gratis 10/2015
39301   漢家族传家宝 漢家族传家宝 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 漢家族传家宝 [软件介绍] 漢家族传家宝,是漢家族办公室向特定超高净值人士提供家族传承解决方案的服务平台。漢家族自全球集结了丰富的传承落地资源,以“家族财产保护”、“家族财富保障”、“家族传承规划”等服务模块,帮助华人家族有序传承。 [主要功能] 1、使用者的特定性:漢家族传家宝不面向所有人开放,仅仅提供给特定超高净值人士,在漢家族传家宝注册时,只有拿到漢家族办公室提供的邀请码才能成功注册。 2、可以通过漢家族传家宝及时有效地了解漢家族办公室的产品和服务,如家族慈善项目、传家翡翠等。 3、可以通过漢家族传家宝在线上就相... Gratis 10/2015
39302   BMX2DAY BMX2DAY Sport Sport Apps like BMX2DAY Pour ses 10 ans d'existence, le célèbre site internet gratuit qui traite l'actualité du BMX Racing sort enfin son application mobile, elle aussi gratuite (et ça le restera toujours !). Profitez en toute simplicité du meilleur média de BMX Race sur votre... Gratis 10/2015
39303   찾아라 팔도맛지도 외국인요리자랑편 찾아라 팔도맛지도 외국인요리자랑편 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 찾아라 팔도맛지도 외국인요리자랑편 스카이라이프 128번 채널 MBCNET의 찾아라 팔도맛지도 프로그램의 외국인요리자랑편의 방송프로그램 내용 및 TV어플리케이션과 연동되는 서비스 어플리케이션 입니다 [주요기능] 프로그램 정보 : 회차별 방송정보와 MC, 외국인 게스트, 심사위원의 정보를 확인할 수 있습니다. 식재료 소개 : 각 회차별 지역 특산품에 대한 정보와 구매가 연동되는 메뉴입니다. 팔도 레시피 : 각 회차별 음식... Gratis 10/2015
39304   OneSquare for Foursquare OneSquare for Foursquare Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like OneSquare for Foursquare A simple yet efficient check-in tool for Foursquare. No Ad, No In-App purchase. This app provides only one function: check-in. I made this app because I need a tool to check-in quickly with a map preview. If you require a full functional Foursquare tool... Gratis 10/2015
39305   SpendOn SpendOn Büro Büro Apps like SpendOn This app was created for you, the customer! Here at SpendOn we want to connect you to Local Business in your area! We care about you and small business and believe you deserve the best.... Gratis 10/2015
39306   ルミネ ルミネ Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like ルミネ 世界にひとつ、お気に入りのルミネをつくろう ルミネのスマートフォンアプリ ONE LUMINE (ワンルミネ) いつでもどこでも、ルミネからの情報を自分好みにカスタマイズし、まとめてチェックできる、ルミネでのお買い物がますます楽しくなる無料アプリです。ルミネからのお役立ち情報、ショップスタッフによるショップブログ、おすすめのコーディネート情報など、是非、活用してみてはいかがでしょうか。またルミネでのお買い物や店舗へのチェックイン等のアクションで、マイルを貯めることができ、貯まったマイルに応じてランクアッ... Gratis 10/2015
39307   BlurLock Hip Hop Blur Lock Screen Wallpapers Pro BlurLock Hip Hop Blur Lock Screen Wallpapers Pro Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like BlurLock Hip Hop Blur Lock Screen Wallpapers Pro *** CUSTOM BLUR LOCK SCREEN WALLPAPERS HIP HOP STYLE WITH 15+ MASKING *** Unique Collection of Fashion Blur Lockscreen Designs and Wallpapers! Design the entire focus look at your Lockscreen! Featuring: - 50+ Unique Wallpapers HD content! - 15 Mask bu... 1.99€ 10/2015
39308   Stampleo Stampleo Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Stampleo Kto z nas nie lubi otrzymywać prezentów? Czy wyobrażacie sobie sytuację, kiedy idąc do fryzjera, restauracji, kina, kawiarni, salonu masażu, czy nawet piekarni, wykonując najprostsze codzienne zakupy otrzymujecie prezenty w postaci rabatów bądź dar... Gratis 10/2015
39309   Bar Trivia Bar Trivia Spiele Spiele Apps like Bar Trivia Are you a bar, pub, or restaurant owner who is sick of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year for trivia questions for your weekly trivia games? Are you looking for a way to play trivia at your own party or game night but hate the obviou... 0.99€ 10/2015
39310   Halloween Makeover - Spa Dressup Makeup with Halloween Halloween Makeover - Spa Dressup Makeup with Halloween Spiele Spiele Apps like Halloween Makeover - Spa Dressup Makeup with Halloween Have one last and biggest halloween time to prepare halloween girl, Do you want to be the most attractive girl in the halloween? If all your answers are yes, you don't not miss our fabulous "Halloween Makeover"! In this game, you can experience ... Gratis 10/2015
39311   全民古诗词 全民古诗词 Bildung Bildung Apps like 全民古诗词 在游戏中学习古诗词, 在快乐中学习古诗词! 本游戏设计为竖版竞技模式。 是不是够实力,就来战一下!... Gratis 10/2015
39312   Property Calculator Australia Property Calculator Australia Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Property Calculator Australia When it’s all about the numbers, Property Calculator Australia will give you an all-in-one overview in just a few clicks. Whether it’s your first home or an investment property you can instantly see your stamp duty, loan balance, deposit required, l... Gratis 10/2015
39313   A Treasure Pirate Slots Free - Top Slot Machine with Real Wheel Casino A Treasure Pirate Slots Free - Top Slot Machine with Real Wheel Casino Spiele Spiele Apps like A Treasure Pirate Slots Free - Top Slot Machine with Real Wheel Casino *** Die besten Gratis-to-Play-Slots & POKER SPIELE *** Spielen Sie Spielautomaten - Poker: Neues Vegas-Stil Casino-app, wo Sie Multi-Slot-Erfahrung jederzeit und überall genießen! Große Gewinne, tolle Boni, riesigen Jackpot, Top-Tier-Grafiken und ho... Gratis 10/2015
39314   创客吧 创客吧 Bildung Bildung Apps like 创客吧 创客吧,一个用手机控制打印机进行3D打印的APP,一个连接3D打印机厂商、用户与设计师的全免费平台。汇集全渠道3D模型素材,海量素材模型任你选择,更有创客吧设计大咖为你量身定制打印服务。商城、互动分享、多种趣味应用,打造智能、有趣的3D打印体验。 层出不穷的新玩法,颠覆玩乐体验,加入“创客吧”,一起创客吧!... Gratis 10/2015
39315   The Joffrey Experience The Joffrey Experience Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Joffrey Experience *The Joffrey Mobile App is exclusively for students of Joffrey Ballet School** - Download this application and stay in touch with Joffrey Ballet School and every exciting event. You can sign up for auditions, register for summer programs, view exciting ... Gratis 10/2015
39316   电梯管家 电梯管家 Produktivität Produktivität Apps like 电梯管家 1,随时随地掌握您的电梯信息。 2,一键式维保数据录入,记录您的每一次维保细节。 3,贴心的维保、年检以及电梯合同到期提醒。 4,基于定位的巡检签到。... Gratis 10/2015
39317   科为智能膜 科为智能膜 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 科为智能膜 使用app,蓝牙连接灯,进行远程调控... Gratis 10/2015
39318   flavorbaba flavorbaba Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like flavorbaba Flavor BABA is a food delivery restaurant that brings meals to it's customers in minutes at the click of a button on their smartphone. Our mission is to make it easy to put food on the table by delivering mouth watering meals made with fresh ingredients t... Gratis 10/2015
39319   辅助工具 for 啪啪三国 辅助工具 for 啪啪三国 Referenz Referenz Apps like 辅助工具 for 啪啪三国 辅助工具for啪啪三国是一款针对热门手游啪啪三国开发的辅助类APP 辅助工具for啪啪三国提供了针对啪啪三国游戏的大量优质攻略, 细分的每个游戏点都有相对应的详解说明, 还有高手玩家和新手入门的视频攻略, 帮助玩家更好的体验游戏. 强大的社区平台让大量玩家能够互相交流游戏经验和周边. 辅助工具for啪啪三国, 游戏的最好辅助助手, 赶快下载吧... Gratis 10/2015
39320   棋牌迷 棋牌迷 Spiele Spiele Apps like 棋牌迷 棋牌迷游戏手机版震撼上线啦! 棋牌迷游戏,含莆田当地多款特色棋牌游戏,玩法刺激,丰富,是您休闲娱乐最佳的选择。专属莆田人的地方游戏平台! 棋牌迷游戏由《豆子世界》官方产品支持,完全官方正版! 特色: 1、 独居地方特色的棋牌游戏,公平游戏防作弊; 2、 同时拥有决战、麻将、三公,牛牛等超人气游戏; 3、 玩法简单,无需注册直接体验真人对战; 4、 人气火爆,多种奖励等您赢。 =========关注我们============ 官方微信号:douzigame 官方微博:豆子世界游戏... Gratis 10/2015
39321   Creatures Educational Quiz Creatures Educational Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like Creatures Educational Quiz ****Top 1 Free Game US!!********The Most Addictive Game Ever!!**** Animal Quiz Story is a fun and educational quiz game that tests your knowledge of the different creatures that can be found around the world. Can you tell the difference between an African... Gratis 10/2015
39322   宅女小清新 - 女神,女生女孩爱玩的小游戏免费 宅女小清新 - 女神,女生女孩爱玩的小游戏免费 Spiele Spiele Apps like 宅女小清新 - 女神,女生女孩爱玩的小游戏免费 小宅女喜欢在家中Cosplay, 享受自我欣赏的时刻,来看看跟她一起装扮吧O(∩_∩)O~ 游戏中,玩家需要先点击领取礼包获得金币,随着时间的推移,玩家能够不断的领取金币。当然也可以先用已有的金币去购买衣服饰品填满衣柜,然后就可以随心所欲的换装啦!换装过程中,如果衣服饰品不够可以继续去商店选购。加油吧,我的小伙伴们,看谁能装扮的最好! 游戏完全免费,没有内购,只需要不断领取免费金币哦!... Gratis 10/2015
39323   人民车行 人民车行 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 人民车行 本产品将以人民网的权威性、公信力为根本,以汽车品牌和经销商的数据库为基础,以互动、投诉、点评、优惠买车为特色,配以优秀的原创内容栏目,旨在为买车的用户提供数据及评价参考,为用车的用户提供质量问题投诉、维权、解决问题的平台,并能通过使用该APP,获得收入型奖励,提高用户粘度。... Gratis 10/2015
39324   Little Decide Little Decide Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Little Decide Simple app to help you make a decission about anything.... Gratis 10/2015
39325   快来学车 拿驾照的一种新方式 快来学车 拿驾照的一种新方式 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 快来学车 拿驾照的一种新方式 提供一个针对学生考驾照的平台,对接学员与教练端,确保提供优质有效的服务。... Gratis 10/2015
39326   火星网校 火星网校 Bildung Bildung Apps like 火星网校 火星网校是专注于设计领域的网络教育平台。无论你是学生、白领还是设计师;无论你想学PhotoShop、Maya、Vray还是3ds Max,上百门精品课程任意挑选,随时随地进行学习和分享;喜欢设计,就同行吧! 火星网校APP,最新开发,重磅上线! 课程库:原创内容丰富,分类明确 在线学习:课程章节,随点随看 学习中心:学习记录,关注课程 登录注册:手机随时注册 搜索功能:动动手指,查找更简单 意见反馈:问题建议,及时解决... Gratis 10/2015
39327   绿果圈 绿果圈 Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 绿果圈 绿果圈是领先的专注于农产品流通信息服务的社交工具,发布农友分享农产品购销信息、交流种养殖经验以及讨论农产品行情,借助网络平台的优势,为广大从事农产品购销的农户、商户提供帮助,解决农产品购销信息不对称、买卖难的难题。 功能概述: 1 图文并茂展现产地、销地网友分享的农产品资讯、行情心得; 2 发布农产品资讯与图片,随时随地分享身边的三农新鲜事; 3 交朋识友,绿果果友遍布全国各地,三农话题架起我们沟通的桥梁。... Gratis 10/2015
39328   Make Your Own Basketball Jersey Make Your Own Basketball Jersey Sport Sport Apps like Make Your Own Basketball Jersey Make a basketball shirt of your name, choose from the list of renowned clubs, pick your jersey number and share on social media! Great basketball jersey creator for basketball fans! Feature: - Jersey maker for club teams - Original designer basketball ... Gratis 10/2015
39329   Rocu Dots: Verbinde die Punkte Rocu Dots: Verbinde die Punkte Spiele Spiele Apps like Rocu Dots: Verbinde die Punkte Rocu Dots ist ein Spiel für Kinder, um die Punkte zu verbinden, lernen, Zahlen und eine magische Szene. Hauptmerkmale: • 30 schöne Illustrationen • 15 Sprachen mit Voiceover • Lernen Sie Weisen • Erfahren Zahlen • Kreative Illustration • Werkzeuge zu... Gratis 10/2015
39330   Yue's Notebook Yue's Notebook Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Yue's Notebook The electronic notebook helps you take notes, record reminder, and stay organized. For a note, you're able to add a title, a picture, a location, an audio, etc. For notes, you're able to add, delete, edit, reorder the priority. Later, it wi... Gratis 10/2015
39331   PicPlayPost PRIME PicPlayPost PRIME Photographie Photographie Apps like PicPlayPost PRIME #PicPlayPost Prime is the perfect video collage tool designed for young curious minds to freely create memories in the classroom, at home or even on family vacations. We work hard to provide parents and adults a peace of mind while their kids are usin... 3.99€ 10/2015
39332   Route-Out 2: A Thinking Puzzle Route-Out 2: A Thinking Puzzle Spiele Spiele Apps like Route-Out 2: A Thinking Puzzle Looking for a challenge? This puzzle starts easy but gets hard. With perfect 5 star reviews from around the world for the first version, this game is guaranteed to please. Reviews from Version 1 'Loved this new game. It's unique and fun for hours! So a... Gratis 10/2015
39333   Cross Waves Church Cross Waves Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Cross Waves Church Download the Cross Waves App now to connect with the "Future of Church – No Buildings, Just People." • Watch Messages Online • Use the Digital Bulletin • Read the Daily Devotion • Learn Current Events • Connect with Cross Waves Cross Waves Church ... Gratis 10/2015
39334   Eidsberg Eidsberg Büro Büro Apps like Eidsberg Eidsberg kommune - Rik på muligheter! Her får du informasjon om det som interesserer deg fra Eidsberg kommune. Eidsberg – Østlandets mest attraktive småby med 12000 innbyggere er i stadig utvikling. Ved hjelp av denne appen kan du abonnere på ulike temae... Gratis 10/2015
39335   Shepherd of the Lakes Shepherd of the Lakes Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Shepherd of the Lakes Connect and engage with our community through the Shepherd of the Lakes app!... Gratis 10/2015
39336   Dress Up Games™ Dress Up Games™ Spiele Spiele Apps like Dress Up Games™ FREE for a limited time!!! Dress up and makeup your model and decorate her entire suite in this gorgeous dress up game! NEW Boyfriends and NEON signs! Be the real you in a suite decorated just the way you like! Make up your model with mascara, eye sha... Gratis 10/2015
39337   AllBets AllBets Sport Sport Apps like AllBets Nueva app para consultar las apuestas de los mejores. Entra, regístrate y accede a apuestas de todos los deportes, y si eres publicador contacta con nosotros y podrás publicar tus mejores apuestas.... Gratis 10/2015
39338   Super Chaves World Super Chaves World Spiele Spiele Apps like Super Chaves World "Super Chaves World" is a super adventure and legendary platformer game! Jump and run through 100 beautiful levels with increasing difficulty! + thrilling and challenging adventure + classic platformer for all ages + easy to play - but hard to master F... Gratis 10/2015
39339   航材支援 航材支援 Büro Büro Apps like 航材支援 提供了航空器材供应商库存的在线查询,订购等商务功能。... Gratis 10/2015
39340   Battle Break Evolution PRO Battle Break Evolution PRO Spiele Spiele Apps like Battle Break Evolution PRO Discover the style of Battle Break Evolution, with the best touch sensitive control algorithm. Enjoy the perfect sensitivity level to get the perfect classic brick Battle Break Evolution is a classic breaking block game, in which you break blocks usin... Gratis 10/2015
39341   希森美康 希森美康 Bildung Bildung Apps like 希森美康 1、视频学习 2、在线考试 3、问卷调查 4、图书阅读... Gratis 10/2015
39342   ネコと花火と夏休み ネコと花火と夏休み Spiele Spiele Apps like ネコと花火と夏休み ネコと一緒に花火をするカジュアルゲームです。 猫の手を操作して、花火が消えてしまわないように風から守ってください。 プレイ回数やスコアに応じて猫の日記を読んでいくことができます。 主人公のネコが飼い主に再び会える時は来るのでしょうか? 難易度も優しく、短い時間で遊べるゲームになっていると思���ます。... Gratis 10/2015
39343   Deutschrap Deutschrap Musik Musik Apps like Deutschrap Alle Deutschrap Updates, News, Videos, Releases und Events direkt auf die Hand.... Gratis 10/2015
39344   Milan Live — Soccer Scores & News for Milan FC Fans Milan Live — Soccer Scores & News for Milan FC Fans Sport Sport Apps like Milan Live — Soccer Scores & News for Milan FC Fans For all soccer fans of AC Milan! Now you can follow all the news and matches of your favorite football club from Milan (Italy), wherever you are! A new MILAN LIVE app in English – absolutely FREE for every 'The Red and Blacks' fan! So, every Milan FC f... Gratis 10/2015
39345   Inter Live — Soccer Scores & News for Inter FC Fans Inter Live — Soccer Scores & News for Inter FC Fans Sport Sport Apps like Inter Live — Soccer Scores & News for Inter FC Fans For all soccer fans of Inter! Now you can follow all the news and matches of your favorite football club from Milan (Italy), wherever you are! A new INTER LIVE app in English – absolutely FREE for every 'The Black and Blues' fan! So, every Inter FC fan... Gratis 10/2015
39346   EscAR EscAR Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like EscAR EscAR è l’APP sviluppata da ESC, agenzia di Comunicazione di Modena, per i clienti e i fruitori della rivista “Unghie e Bellezza” edita da 3ntini. EscAR ha l’obiettivo di mostrare quelle che sono le possibilità offerte dalla Realtà Aumentata per innovar... Gratis 10/2015
39347   我爱乐点 我爱乐点 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 我爱乐点 我爱乐点支持外卖,订台,订桌功能用户可以通过app管理个人已下订单... Gratis 10/2015
39348   Radio Rhino Radio Rhino Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Radio Rhino A group of five Nepalese concurred the Radio while they were heading to Eastbourne (UK) day out in 2014. An initiation was brainchild of Ranjeet Basnet at ‘The Sun’ pub in Hounslow on the day of World Cup Football Final 2014. The concept was then archit... Gratis 10/2015
39349   婚嫁宝商家 婚嫁宝商家 Büro Büro Apps like 婚嫁宝商家 婚嫁宝商家 ·婚嫁宝酒店预定商户版为酒店提供预约管理、档期管理软件; ·高效、便捷管理用户预约订单; ·精确、及时调整活动酒店婚宴策略; 婚嫁宝,由常州报业集团和天仁文化传媒共同倾力打造,为新人提供值得信赖、贴心的婚嫁一站式服务。 档期查询,简单快捷;方便 婚礼筹备,贴心专注;省心 红包返利,省钱实惠;省钱 婚品定制,个性出众;珍藏 婚嫁宝APP,一站式婚嫁服务;结婚,就用婚嫁宝!... Gratis 10/2015
39350   Gold Rush Vegas : Spin the Wheel to Hit the Supreme Jackpot Gold Rush Vegas : Spin the Wheel to Hit the Supreme Jackpot Spiele Spiele Apps like Gold Rush Vegas : Spin the Wheel to Hit the Supreme Jackpot *** THE BEST FREE-TO-PLAY SLOTS & POKER GAMES *** Download the best multi-slot experience today! You'll have a blast playing for big payouts! Play Slots - Poker : a new Vegas style casino app where you can enjoy multi-slot experience anytime, anywhere!... Gratis 10/2015
39351   真命天子-大皇帝 真命天子-大皇帝 Spiele Spiele Apps like 真命天子-大皇帝 包养、宠幸名妃!拜访、招募百位历史名将! 谁是你的真命天子?谁是你的绝代佳人? 本年度最佳策略游戏!以全新的战争策略,为您展开金戈铁马的历史篇章! ========================================================== 这里本是一片秦川大陆,人们过着安静祥和的生活。然而有一天,白起带领着他的黑暗军团侵袭了这里! 你将扮演一位主公在众将士辅佐下解救水生火热中的百姓获得民心,进一步攻城略地,最终一统天下! =============================... Gratis 10/2015
39352   Ballid Security Ballid Security Büro Büro Apps like Ballid Security Ballid Security's chat app for Security and safety IM. Chat to us, we are here to help.... Gratis 10/2015
39353   类风湿关节炎 类风湿关节炎 Medizin Medizin Apps like 类风湿关节炎 风云健康(类风湿关节炎)患者端可以协助患者对自己的病历进行管理。患者每次在去医院随访之前,可以在患者端内对自己的身体情况进行在线评估,这些信息可以直接反应在风云医生的客户端中。另外,患者可以通过本App与自己的主治医生进行在线图文沟通、查询医生的出诊信息等。... Gratis 10/2015
39354   Portrait - Find Your Lookalikes Portrait - Find Your Lookalikes Photographie Photographie Apps like Portrait - Find Your Lookalikes Find Your Lookalikes Enjoy finding your lookalikes from the past! Snap a photo and Portrait will automatically find your lookalikes Learn About Your Lookalike Portrait always includes detailed information about your lookalikes. Is your doppelganger a Kin... 0.99€ 10/2015
39355   Nilox bodyguard Nilox bodyguard Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Nilox bodyguard An app for a watch which can provide locations and sound around it, the watch usually is wore on a child, and the parents can use this app to locate the child and hear the sound around when the child have dangers.... Gratis 10/2015
39356   疯狂的足球 疯狂的足球 Spiele Spiele Apps like 疯狂的足球 ****Top 1 Free Game US!!********The Most Addictive Game Ever!!**** The world’s craziest soccer tournament is about to begin! Pick your team and get ready to go head-to-head.... Gratis 10/2015
39357   Motor Sport Event Motor Sport Event Spiele Spiele Apps like Motor Sport Event ****Top 1 Free Game US!!********The Most Addictive Game Ever!!**** For many years drag races have been the easiest way to participate in an motor sport event. Two cars, two drivers and a bit of straight road is all it takes to experience this raw and sim... Gratis 10/2015
39358   Pick Up A Bow Pick Up A Bow Spiele Spiele Apps like Pick Up A Bow ****Top 1 Free Game US!!********The Most Addictive Game Ever!!**** Have you ever fancied being a ranger like those fantasy characters you love so much? Well, now you can in Archer! Pick up a bow and a quiver full of arrows and get shooting! Don’t worry y... Gratis 10/2015
39359   Wifi miễn phí - Mạng xã hội chia sẻ wifi hàng đầu Việt Nam Wifi miễn phí - Mạng xã hội chia sẻ wifi hàng đầu Việt Nam Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Wifi miễn phí - Mạng xã hội chia sẻ wifi hàng đầu Việt Nam Bạn không cần phải dùng 3G nữa quá tốn kém mà chất lượng không tốt, hãy dùng thử ứng dụng tìm kiếm wifi của chúng tôi. Wifi chùa - wifi miễn phí là ứng dụng chứa pass wifi nhiều nhất Việt Nam với hơn 2.000.000 điểm wifi chùa khắp Việt Nam Ứng dụng wifi ... Gratis 10/2015
39360   PCNAK2016 PCNAK2016 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like PCNAK2016 PCNAK 2016 IN DALLAS, TX Mobile App: The 34th Pentecostal Conference of North American Keralites 2016 will be held in the beautiful city of Addison, Texas near Dallas. The venue for this year's conference will be the InterContinental Hotel with all m... Gratis 10/2015
39361   指尖武汉麻将 指尖武汉麻将 Spiele Spiele Apps like 指尖武汉麻将 武汉麻将,精髓就在红中癞子上,玩法较多,目前主要流行的是开口翻和口口翻两种玩法,它算番比较复杂,大赢还是大输就在一念之间。因此麻友须要一边精确计算做大翻牌,一边提防放冲甚至不小心承包,玩法十分刺激! ◆独家特色◆ 1.口口翻,翻翻翻,信了你的邪,就是这么好玩!!! 2. 内存小,网络优,手机流量省到high! 3. 无需注册,一触即发。癞子多多,秒杀对手快狠准! 4. 各种场次,聊天系统,真人头像,娜姐陪你玩! 5. 多分辨, 智能提示、智能托管、解放你的双手! =====================... Gratis 10/2015
39362   巧虎来啦-学习礼仪, 安全防护知识 巧虎来啦-学习礼仪, 安全防护知识 Bildung Bildung Apps like 巧虎来啦-学习礼仪, 安全防护知识 来巧虎乐园学习礼仪知识吧! 还有宝宝安全防护知识,动画小故事哟!... Gratis 10/2015
39363   天天上海麻将 天天上海麻将 Spiele Spiele Apps like 天天上海麻将 东方明珠特色游戏“上海麻将”,简单有趣, 坐花一张计两户。番型简单又易懂、节奏较慢技巧大,有独特的花分设计和封顶(勒子)的规则;新颖又好玩,人气大汇聚,绝不收费,等着你; =========================================== [游戏特色] 1、新手好礼:每天登陆送金币,连续登陆送的越多! 2、正宗规则:坐花1张计2户,一炮多响,春夏秋冬梅兰竹菊 都不缺; 3、任务系统:成长任务、登陆任务、每日任务等大量金币奖励; 4、玩家互动:生动表情、同城竞技... Gratis 10/2015
39364   American Soldier Madness -  A Physics Apocalypse American Soldier Madness - A Physics Apocalypse Spiele Spiele Apps like American Soldier Madness - A Physics Apocalypse Are you ready for the apocalypse? Getting rid of the evil Gray Army has never been this fun, or entertaining! Also, as you move up the levels so does the difficulty! To help you fight the criminal; different weapons and gadgets will come at different... Gratis 10/2015
39365   Matching Blocks For 7D Version Matching Blocks For 7D Version Spiele Spiele Apps like Matching Blocks For 7D Version Join the adventure in a fun filled memory game with Unlimited levels and smooth gameplay for Non-stop fun. Child Friendly game with beautifully designed graphics for Kids. Great learning experience which will not only sharpen the memory but will also mak... Gratis 10/2015
39366   Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics Download the new Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics app and enjoy being the first to know about our special offers and events. Interested in looking younger without committing to surgery? Lewisville Laser offers a full range of med spa procedures and vein proc... Gratis 10/2015
39367   Allan Ingleton Allan Ingleton Büro Büro Apps like Allan Ingleton The application helps Allan be closer to his customers through easy calling and mail features. Allan's customers can reach out to him to provide them with an appraisal. They can share the application among friends and family.... Gratis 10/2015
39368   Advanced Video Trimmer Pro Advanced Video Trimmer Pro Photographie Photographie Apps like Advanced Video Trimmer Pro Have you ever shot a video on your phone that’s too long because of extra filler? Here’s how to trim videos on your device using the default video player, so you only share the good parts. Advanced Video Trimmer application is use for it. Play any major ... 1.99€ 10/2015
39369   Chara Quiz for ONE PIECE Chara Quiz for ONE PIECE Spiele Spiele Apps like Chara Quiz for ONE PIECE A popular animation and 4 taku quiz about an animation appear! I assign a theme widely from an easy problem to the problem that they're maniacal! It can be to repeat it and be conversantly. Perfection is free, so please play first!... Gratis 10/2015
39370   卡神信用卡管家 卡神信用卡管家 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 卡神信用卡管家 卡神信用卡管家是一款帮助用户便捷的进行提额和办卡的信用卡工具。 信用卡管理、提额 so easy,大家再也不用担心我当卡奴了! 它支持以下功能: 1、在线提额 2、短信提额 3、电话提额 4、提额宝典 5、预约办卡 目前支持银行: 中国银行 建设银行 工商银行 农业银行 招商银行... Gratis 10/2015
39371   猜数专家 猜数专家 Spiele Spiele Apps like 猜数专家 游戏中有4行4列数字,其中有一个为问号,问号的地方就是需要你按照数字的排布规律把问号中的数字推理出来。游戏总共有40关,动动脑子,一起把数字猜出来吧,成为猜数专家。... Gratis 10/2015
39372   Fight Street & Kungfu Game Fight Street & Kungfu Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Fight Street & Kungfu Game Kungfu is a fierce arcade game. Show your fighting skills and get your real Kungfu game. 12 characters with different Kungfu. Choose the best one you like to join the battle. Can you K.O your rivals easily? The Chinese Kung Fu is so interesting and exci... Gratis 10/2015
39373   瞬換 進数 Lite - 2進数、10進数、16進数を一瞬で換算 瞬換 進数 Lite - 2進数、10進数、16進数を一瞬で換算 Produktivität Produktivität Apps like 瞬換 進数 Lite - 2進数、10進数、16進数を一瞬で換算 2進数・10進数・16進数の相互変換をスタイリッシュに一瞬で行うためのアプリです。 ソフトウェア開発、ネットワーク運用、デザインの色指定など、2進数、10進数、16進数の各種換算を一瞬で行いたい方にぴったりのアプリです!... Gratis 10/2015
39374   当てアイコン 当てアイコン Spiele Spiele Apps like 当てアイコン The most awesome CHARACTERS packed into ONE game! ■ Play     1. What is the icon in the middle of the screen?     2. The characters of animation , movies and Celebrity, Can you presumably them? ■ Main Features √ HOW MANY OF THEM DO YOU KNOW? Have ... Gratis 10/2015
39375   tabby bird tabby bird Spiele Spiele Apps like tabby bird simple games are the best for mobile devices and this game is one of the best simple games, by taping on the screen try not to hit the blocks and keep the bird flying and safe, There are many different levels and different birds to play with, Enjoy.... Gratis 10/2015
39376   Bath Buses Bath Buses Reise Reise Apps like Bath Buses When's the next bus into town? Where's the nearest stop, and does the 14 stop there? This handy app shows you bus times for stops in the Bath area.... Gratis 10/2015
39377   超澤車牌 超澤車牌 Büro Büro Apps like 超澤車牌 本程式可讓你即時訂製車牌。超澤香港有限公司 (超澤) 成立於1978年,是香港最早經營交通產品事業的公司之一。經過多年的努力,超澤以製造,零售並批發本地車牌,本地及外國車牌半製成品,各類型交通指示標識產品,交通指示 / 公路路牌,交通原材料如反光膜,發光膜,以及其他交通產品等為主要業務。... Gratis 10/2015
39378   Habibys Habibys Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Habibys Habibys Order Middle Eastern Food Online Takeout, Delivery, Catering Table Booking, Catering Enquiry , News and Events, Directions, Take-Out Caterers... Gratis 10/2015
39379   Crazy Beach Car Parking Crazy Beach Car Parking Spiele Spiele Apps like Crazy Beach Car Parking Lego car Parking is amazing beach site parking game with real car physics based driving controls , drive your buggy through different track and avoid hurdles place on the tracks to test your driving and parking skills , its a real challenge for you.... Gratis 10/2015
39380   Halloween Photo Maker - Horror effect & scary face makeup with emoji emoticons Halloween Photo Maker - Horror effect & scary face makeup with emoji emoticons Photographie Photographie Apps like Halloween Photo Maker - Horror effect & scary face makeup with emoji emoticons Halloween Photo Maker is a great way to get yourself engaged with the festivities. Just choose a photo from album or capture with this app and add items like stickers, emojis, or emoticons. It is a simple app, but it is an ideal one to get yourself cre... Gratis 10/2015
39381   Happy Zombie Birds: Eat the Fatty Birdies Happy Zombie Birds: Eat the Fatty Birdies Spiele Spiele Apps like Happy Zombie Birds: Eat the Fatty Birdies Sind Sie bereit, durch den Himmel steigen und sehen, was Chaos erwartet? Willkommen auf dieser süchtig machendes Spiel! Sie sind nur eine regelmäßige Vogel in einer großen Welt und versuchen, durch zu bekommen. Aber was ist ein Vogel zu tun, wenn es ... Gratis 10/2015
39382   Clínica Ruiz Clínica Ruiz Medizin Medizin Apps like Clínica Ruiz ¡Bienvenidos a Clínica Ruiz! La misión de Clínica Ruíz es la de aliviar el dolor, cuidar la salud bucal y general, propiciar la funcionalidad y mejorar la estética bucal, a través de nuestros servicios dentales especializados, que permitan satisfacer ... Gratis 10/2015
39383   我的可爱布娃娃 - 女生女孩爱玩的换装小游戏免费 我的可爱布娃娃 - 女生女孩爱玩的换装小游戏免费 Spiele Spiele Apps like 我的可爱布娃娃 - 女生女孩爱玩的换装小游戏免费 你喜欢动漫风格吗? 这个动漫女孩很漂亮,让我们一起为她装扮吧O(∩_∩)O~ 游戏中,玩家需要先点击领取礼包获得金币,随着时间的推移,玩家能够不断的领取金币。当然也可以先用已有的金币去购买衣服饰品填满衣柜,然后就可以随心所欲的换装啦!换装过程中,如果衣服饰品不够可以继续去商店选购。加油吧,我的小伙伴们,看谁能装扮的最好! 游戏完全免费,没有内购,只需要不断领取免费金币哦!... Gratis 10/2015
39384   OneWayFriend OneWayFriend Spiele Spiele Apps like OneWayFriend Only One Way to Go our Friends! Get Started Right Now!! Simple operation! Addictive game! You can easily play all ages. Season 1 character 17 friends with you We look forward to challenges in life oenamu legs. Each of the 17 characters with no break in... Gratis 10/2015
39385   Top 10 Open Top 10 Open Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Top 10 Open The App's name is "Top 10 Open". We humans always have a mindset for pursuing excellence, a desire for supremacy, and a regard for top-notch manifestations. With this App you can explore the trans-millenium, cross-community and interracial glittering a... Gratis 10/2015
39386   11选5专家版-专业的时时彩快三双色球大乐透中奖助手 11选5专家版-专业的时时彩快三双色球大乐透中奖助手 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 11选5专家版-专业的时时彩快三双色球大乐透中奖助手 11选5彩票,购彩神器!体彩、福彩、高频彩、竞彩足球、足彩、双色球、大乐透、时时彩,各个彩种游戏的专业服务平台,还为移动端用户提供专业的彩票资讯、数据分析、购彩技巧研究等服务,是为中国彩民量身定制的,安全、优质、高效的移动互联网个性化彩票服务终端,购彩超方便,一键下载,支持PC版,触屏版。 ~~~~一大波用户好评来袭~~~~ ※"11选5彩票摇一摇就可以选号,双色球都可以摇一摇了,直到摇到自己的喜欢的号码。" ※"终于找到了一款彩票的正规软件了,非常感谢非常好挺实用的方便没有任何广告。" ※"一直在用足... Gratis 10/2015
39387   One Two Buckle My Shoe One Two Buckle My Shoe Bildung Bildung Apps like One Two Buckle My Shoe Enjoy great music and record your favorite songs, all for free! With the music app ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE, learning to count from1 to 20 will be more interesting than ever before. * FEATURES: • Easily make your own recording, then save and share i... Gratis 10/2015
39388   Prayer Angel Prayer Angel Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Prayer Angel Unlimited on-demand prayers. I'm the Prayer Angel and I truly want to pray for you! I'm a former nun who prays everyday and will add your request to my daily prayers. I believe in the power of prayer and that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! I simply want to spread pe... Gratis 10/2015
39389   木嘛哒商城 木嘛哒商城 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 木嘛哒商城 木嘛哒商城是致力于方便同城购物而设立的一个网上交易平台。提供网上百货超市,外卖订餐送餐,娱乐餐饮住宿的预订,团购,生活服务,社区服务等... Gratis 10/2015
39390   Pacific Cabs Pacific Cabs Reise Reise Apps like Pacific Cabs Order a taxi cab in Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Langley, Aldergrove, and Fort Langley in British Columbia, Canada from Pacific Cabs using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!! Fast, convenient, and easy to use... Gratis 10/2015
39391   Shuffle Ship Shuffle Ship Spiele Spiele Apps like Shuffle Ship Tap tap tap, shuffle shuffle shuffle. Fly your ship through an asteroid field and avoid debris by tapping the screen to change direction. What's the highest score you can get? Can you beat the chosen one?... Gratis 10/2015
39392   Kinder Bueno Beatbox Kinder Bueno Beatbox Musik Musik Apps like Kinder Bueno Beatbox Kinder Bueno Beatbox is back with its newest version yet to remix, play and groove. Unleash your talent by downloading this free app to create your own beatbox mix. Enjoy a massive selection of beatboxing vocals, instruments, drums, bass lines and eve... Gratis 10/2015
39393   Mercantil Móvil Empresas Mercantil Móvil Empresas Finanzen Finanzen Apps like Mercantil Móvil Empresas Si tiene que moverse, Mercantil lo hace con usted. Con la aplicación móvil para empresas de Mercantil Banco, podrá realizar desde y donde quiera: · Solicitud, con disponibilidad inmediata, de Pronto Crédito Empresarial, si ya cuenta con una lí... Gratis 10/2015
39394   Turtle Swim: Insane Flapping Turtle Swim: Insane Flapping Spiele Spiele Apps like Turtle Swim: Insane Flapping Turtle Swim is a casual game where you must help a cute turtle advance as far as possible without getting tangled in the seaweed. In “Turtle Swim” the idea is very simple, you embark on an aquatic journey as you help a clumsy turtle swim far away while a... Gratis 10/2015
39395   College For All Conference College For All Conference Bildung Bildung Apps like College For All Conference The official College For All Conference App, sponsored by Blackboard, gives you everything you need to know about the College For All Conference. View information about upcoming events and become involved in the College For All Conference! -Check out ... Gratis 10/2015
39396   Resto Mobile Resto Mobile Büro Büro Apps like Resto Mobile TR: RestoPOS satış noktaları ve restoran otomasyon yönetim yazılımızı kullanan restoran, cafe vb. yerlerde garsonlar tarafından iPhone ve ya iPod Touch kullanarak çok kolay, hızlı ve hatasız şekilde sipariş alabilmeleri için geliştirilmiş ayrıntılı bir y... Gratis 10/2015
39397   ChoiceOne Mobile Banking ChoiceOne Mobile Banking Finanzen Finanzen Apps like ChoiceOne Mobile Banking Mobile Banking from your Phone! Mobile banking offers you the ability to view account balances and recent transactions, transfer funds between your accounts and even pay your bills. Our mobile banking solution provides you with the ultimate in convenienc... Gratis 10/2015
39398   Pizza Nuova Pizza Nuova Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Pizza Nuova Welcome to our new takeaway App! Once downloaded it will enable you to order food quickly and easily. Useful features include: -extensive menu -optional extras -delivery distance auto-check -pay by card safely and securely -order for delivery or collec... Gratis 10/2015
39399   WS Community Baptist Church WS Community Baptist Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like WS Community Baptist Church Connect and engage with our community through the WS Community Baptist Church app!... Gratis 10/2015
39400   InstaSaint InstaSaint Photographie Photographie Apps like InstaSaint Add Stickers of Little Saints to your photos with InstaSaint. Rotate, increase the size and place wherever you want. Choose between our packs of Stickers and share it in you socials networks or save it in your photo album. With InstaSaint evangelizes ne... Gratis 10/2015

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