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17201   每天点商户版 每天点商户版 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 每天点商户版 每天点商家版是一款下载安装到手机中、店铺工作人员专用的APP软件,让服务员通过手机帮助客人开台点餐、加菜、 买单收银等。弥补老少群体无法自助点餐和依赖电脑的不足,打造预定订单、外卖送餐、排队叫号、营销活动等都将 使用手机操作。建立无纸化、高效率、低成本的餐厅经营管理新模式。... Gratis 11/2015
17202   DüzceTSO DüzceTSO Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like DüzceTSO Düzce Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası... Gratis 11/2015
17203   WIDE:PAY WIDE:PAY Büro Büro Apps like WIDE:PAY WIDE:PAY – PAYMENT PROCESSING SERVICE via using bank payment cards. WIDE: PAY allows you to pay for mobile phone, utilities, Internet service providers, television, telephony, financial services, entertainment, make a payment to the account (free ... Gratis 11/2015
17204   Lucky Diamond's Headsup Poker! – Play Texas Hold'em Casino Full House Tournaments Lucky Diamond's Headsup Poker! – Play Texas Hold'em Casino Full House Tournaments Spiele Spiele Apps like Lucky Diamond's Headsup Poker! – Play Texas Hold'em Casino Full House Tournaments Lucky Diamond's Headsup Poker offers an authentic poker experience with a sophisticated design, along with new features. Lucky Diamond's Headsup POKER is designed to appeal to your eye and the fast game play will certainly keep you entertained all the ti... Gratis 11/2015
17205   樱花与刀-信长的战国野望 樱花与刀-信长的战国野望 Spiele Spiele Apps like 樱花与刀-信长的战国野望 《樱花与刀-信长的战国野望》, 独特的【和风】与【历史】战争手游。 个性游戏公司OtakuGames新手游《樱花与刀》上线,邀请各位玩家一同创造新的战国时代! 特别提示:目前游戏无法支持IPhone4S及以下版本手机、IPAD3及IPADMINI2以下版本设备,我们将在后续版本逐步进行优化。 ====游戏特色==== 【独特描述战国历史的RPG+SLG游戏】 一同回到1560年的乱世中,与织田信长、武田信玄、上杉谦信并肩作战,争夺天下。 【真正的实时战斗,不断创造全新体验】 您可以自由操纵部队,安... 0.99€ 11/2015
17206   大大猴 大大猴 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 大大猴 "大大猴"专业从事家居商品的网上销售业务。目前,大大猴主要专注于宜家产品的代购、安装服务以及其他周边家居产品的销售。下一步大大猴还将推出更多大家喜欢的商品,秉持“多快牢省”的理念为大家服务! 1, App支持宜家商场货号扫一扫。 2, 不定时各种活动,优惠券 3, 购买分享功能 4, 搭搭Home,看图购买! 联系方式: 新浪微博:大大猴官微 微信订阅号:大大猴家居... Gratis 11/2015
17207   Moteve Moteve Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Moteve Moteve is a market place for art students. Artists enrolled in MFA/BFA programs are at an exciting juncture. You have made a commitment to your work, and are being encouraged to expand your vision through experimentation. Art fans rarely have the opportu... Gratis 11/2015
17208   zmgy zmgy Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like zmgy zmgy项目电子商务平台 zmgy(竹木工艺)是一个专业介绍竹木工艺信息的资讯网站。网站包含新闻资讯,今日聚焦,行业资讯,企业简介,企业新闻,木业知识,竹木相册等多个栏目。让你随时随地随身的了解竹木工艺信息,时时刻刻的为您更新,让您爱不释手。欢迎大家前来使用zmgy(竹木工艺)。... Gratis 11/2015
17209   Dump the trump Dump the trump Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Dump the trump You have been there before, you are innocently browsing the web, click on the link and out of the blue, screen is filled with eye offending congestion. Fear not, there is an app for that. Create filters & cleanse your pages... Gratis 11/2015
17210   Roboctopus Roboctopus Spiele Spiele Apps like Roboctopus What’s that in the air? Is it a bird? A plane? No! It’s Roboctopus! Rocket across the sky as the one-wheeled, crab-slinging, jetpack-riding robot in the first ever Endless Platformer. Slay slugs, avoid walls of deadly tentacles, and navigate across t... 0.99€ 11/2015
17211   Time Sport Deauville Time Sport Deauville Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Time Sport Deauville L'application mobile de la boutique Time Sport à Deauville. Retrouvez tous nos articles, actualités, promotions... Installez l'application pour recevoir nos alertes offres spéciales... Gratis 11/2015
17212   Roadlike Lite - Record Memories with Locations! Roadlike Lite - Record Memories with Locations! Reise Reise Apps like Roadlike Lite - Record Memories with Locations! Join Roadlike to record your moments along with location details! This is a Lite version of Roadlike. Roadlike Lite allows you to record spots, places and 'moments, memories and thoughts at these spots and places' you feel are worth remembering in the... Gratis 11/2015
17213   Distance Distance Spiele Spiele Apps like Distance What initially starts as slow calculated journey soon becomes a frantic race to the finish. Traveling from point A to point B, what could be simpler than that? Everything. Features -- Rhythmic based combat Combat wheel spins alternating between... 0.99€ 11/2015
17214   The House of Falafel The House of Falafel Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like The House of Falafel Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratis 11/2015
17215   珠海视窗-官方 珠海视窗-官方 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 珠海视窗-官方 珠海本地最大历史最久的分类信息网, 为您提供房屋租赁、房屋买卖、求职招聘、二手物品、本地服务等实用信息的展示、发布与查询。... Gratis 11/2015
17216   Sam York Sam York Musik Musik Apps like Sam York Hi! Thanks for looking me up. This app is the ‘control center’ for everything Sam York related. You can: - Listen to my music. - Find out more about my tracks. - Post photos and messages, interact with me and other fans. - Find out where I’m playing,... Gratis 11/2015
17217   音速风暴 音速风暴 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 音速风暴 音速风暴应用是英宝玩具公司蓝牙轨道竞速玩具的智能控制程序。 通过该应用能够控制轨道玩具的运行模式,竞赛圈数,声效。竞赛模式包含训练模式和竞赛模式: 1、竞赛模式 轨道竞速玩具处于竞赛模时,App对各赛道竞速车计时、记圈和最快单圈,并根据成绩排名;轨道车有油量和轮胎寿命限制,油量或轮胎寿命低,应用进行警告提示,玩家可以进入维修区保养,否则车辆损毁任务失败;应用根据比赛结束时的用时参数给出比赛最终成绩。 2、训练模式 轨道竞速玩具处于训练模式时,App只对竞速车进行计时... Gratis 11/2015
17218   湖北石材 湖北石材 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 湖北石材 湖北石材项目电子商务平台 湖北石材是一个专业介绍湖北石材信息的资讯网站。网站包含新闻资讯、行业资讯、今日聚焦、行业动态、相关展示等多个栏目。让你随时随地随身的了解湖北石材信息。网站以便捷的浏览方式,最新的资讯信息,为广大客户展开了一个丰富的湖北石材画卷,时时刻刻的为您更新,让您爱不释手。欢迎大家前来使用湖北石材。... Gratis 11/2015
17219   十堰内衣 十堰内衣 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 十堰内衣 十堰内衣项目电子商务平台 十堰内衣是一个专业介绍十堰内衣信息的资讯网站。网站包含新闻资讯、行业资讯、今日聚焦、行业动态、相关展示等多个栏目。让你随时随地随身的了解十堰内衣信息。网站以便捷的浏览方式,最新的资讯信息,为广大客户展开了一个丰富的十堰内衣画卷,时时刻刻的为您更新,让您爱不释手。欢迎大家前来使用十堰内衣。... Gratis 11/2015
17220   Watch Recorder:Notes, Memos, Voice, Audio, Watch Watch Recorder:Notes, Memos, Voice, Audio, Watch Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Watch Recorder:Notes, Memos, Voice, Audio, Watch Watch Recorder is the most sample and powerful recorder app in the Appstore we make it compatible with all device features to get the most of the most for our awesome users. App Features:- App Design We focus in app design to make it easy and sample with... 2.99€ 11/2015
17221   The Ace Of Sandwiches The Ace Of Sandwiches Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like The Ace Of Sandwiches Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratis 11/2015
17222   Promise Academy Promise Academy Bildung Bildung Apps like Promise Academy The Promise Academy app keeps you connected with the district, from the front office to your student's classroom. Get news, announcements straight from the source.... Gratis 11/2015
17223   La Cecina Restaurant La Cecina Restaurant Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like La Cecina Restaurant Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratis 11/2015
17224   Closer - Keep your friends nearby with our locator Closer - Keep your friends nearby with our locator Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Closer - Keep your friends nearby with our locator Closer is the location-sharing app that allows you to know when your contacts get closer to you without knowing their exact location, and is the best way to stay connected to family, friends, and everyone in between. Use Closer to: * Know if your fri... Gratis 11/2015
17225   Pythagorea 60°: Geometric Constructions on Triangular Grid Pythagorea 60°: Geometric Constructions on Triangular Grid Bildung Bildung Apps like Pythagorea 60°: Geometric Constructions on Triangular Grid Check how well you know the geometry by solving construction problems on a triangular grid. > 250 tasks: from very simple to really hard > 23 subjects to explore > 66 geometric terms in a glossary > Easy to use > Table of records in the Game Center *** ... Gratis 11/2015
17226   Start Georgia Start Georgia Referenz Referenz Apps like Start Georgia Beeline Start Georgia - The best directory of applications for your smartphone Beeline Start Georgia – offers practical and essential applications for your daily life. Application is customized to fit every customer preferences and stand out with simpl... Gratis 11/2015
17227   Hapace-Free Dating, Meet International Single Hapace-Free Dating, Meet International Single Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Hapace-Free Dating, Meet International Single Hapace is the best and highly efficient dating app on earth. We use algorithm to calculate your best matches, making transnational dating simple and fun. Join Hapace to create your profile, exchange messages with single foreigners, view photos, get ma... Gratis 11/2015
17228   WiCam WiCam Büro Büro Apps like WiCam Программное обеспечение для управления WiFi камерой WiCam (для моделей L1, L2, Q1, Q2) от компании VICO. Главные преимущества камеры – легкость, компактность и простота в использовании. Вам понадобится не более 10 минут, чтобы подключить и настроить ... Gratis 11/2015
17229   抬一手 抬一手 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 抬一手 有事拿不了快件?上“抬一手”找帮忙! 有课拿不了外卖?上“抬一手”找帮忙! 作业技术缺指导?上“抬一手”找帮忙! 手机电脑出故障?上“抬一手”找帮忙! 烦事琐事不想做?上“抬一手”找帮忙吧! 找帮忙,赚外快,上抬一手。一个校园有偿互助平台。... Gratis 11/2015
17230   Running Cube Running Cube Spiele Spiele Apps like Running Cube Versuche mit dem Würfel entlang der Linien zu laufen. Spring über die Linien, um Hindernissen auszuweichen. Zum Springen links und rechts auf den Bildschirm tippen Du kannst über den ganzen Bildschirm springen Wie weit kommst du? Viel Spaß bei dem Spie... Gratis 11/2015
17231   秀车会所 秀车会所 Büro Büro Apps like 秀车会所 秀车会所:是中国领先的汽车电商交易移动客户端, 结合线上线下的O2O运营模式。 致力为车主全方位量身打造健康,舒适,环保的全系车居解决方案,并让车主领略到高品位的生活享受。... Gratis 11/2015
17232   大眼影院 大眼影院 Spiele Spiele Apps like 大眼影院 “大眼影院”是一款APP应用软件产品,是一款基于虚拟现实技术开发的3D智能随身影院。可以手机上实现IMAX效果,支持2D&3D影片、视频(支持mp4、mov格式),支持多种虚拟现实眼镜,无需外接手柄。使用iTunes将视频导入应用目录内即可播放。... Gratis 11/2015
17233   恋爱芝士 - 让你感受恋爱的美好 芝士的力量 恋爱芝士 - 让你感受恋爱的美好 芝士的力量 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like 恋爱芝士 - 让你感受恋爱的美好 芝士的力量 恋爱芝士 - 让你感受恋爱的美好 芝士的力量! 在这里: - 找到和你志同道合的人,交流恋爱知识,相互学习促进; - 找到你的恋爱导师,真实地语音交流,更快速地学到恋爱知识; - 跟你喜欢的人成为好友,一对一的聊天是恋爱知识学习的最佳实践; - 分享你的恋爱"芝士",见证"芝士"的美味和力量... Gratis 11/2015
17234   电玩街机捕鱼-全民捕鱼达人 电玩街机捕鱼-全民捕鱼达人 Spiele Spiele Apps like 电玩街机捕鱼-全民捕鱼达人 经典街机玩法,真人联网对战、一发炮弹秒全屏,千炮刺激;绮丽多彩的鱼儿、永无止境的挑战、千奇百怪的玩法!万人同场一起撸,4人同台竞技撸的欢,小鱼快跑撸的爽!丰富的鱼种,多种绚丽的场景,并且有加速、连射来简化游戏操作,锁定大鱼直接爆!爆!爆!在战斗中体验最真实的打炮快感。 ==================== 【游戏特色】 使用U3D开发出品的一款最新在线对战捕鱼游戏,全新玩法“小鱼快跑”带给玩家无限乐趣,还有全新万炮隆重登场! 全新海底场景、缤纷多彩的鱼儿、超爆的打击感让玩家体验到不一样的在线捕鱼! 四... Gratis 11/2015
17235   超神视频解说 for Dota (9神小满带你超神带你飞) 超神视频解说 for Dota (9神小满带你超神带你飞) Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 超神视频解说 for Dota (9神小满带你超神带你飞) 各路大神带你超神带你飞,同步大神最新视频,精彩不会错过!.... Gratis 11/2015
17236   Choo Choo Farm Choo Choo Farm Bildung Bildung Apps like Choo Choo Farm Welcome to Choo Choo Farm! Choo Choo Farm is about inspiring creativity and encouraging discovery among kids. It starts with a familiar black and white scene of a farm and every child can make the scene come to life by colouring all the different elemen... 1.99€ 11/2015
17237   Animals Adventure Animals Adventure Spiele Spiele Apps like Animals Adventure Tiere Adventure ist ein wild süchtig Match-3-Puzzle-Spiel mit niedlichen Haustieren! Kommen Sie und downloaden Sie dieses revolutionäre Spiel! Spielen Sie mit Freunden, mehr Spaß, mehr Herausforderungen! Du wirst nicht enttäuscht sein! Es ist einfach z... Gratis 11/2015
17238   黄石幼教 黄石幼教 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 黄石幼教 黄石幼教项目电子商务平台 黄石幼教是一个专业介绍黄石幼教信息的资讯网站。网站包含新闻资讯、行业资讯、今日聚焦、行业动态、相关展示等多个栏目。让你随时随地随身的了解黄石幼教信息,时时刻刻的为您更新,让您爱不释手。欢迎大家前来使用黄石幼教。... Gratis 11/2015
17239   Imalogee Imalogee Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Imalogee Imalogee connects you with strangers. Visually. Upload an image and start a conversation with somebody from anywhere in the world. You will not know who your conversation partner is, nor where he or she comes from. Everything you will know about each ... Gratis 11/2015
17240   Desert Zombies Desert Zombies Spiele Spiele Apps like Desert Zombies ** Featured in the Best New Games category in 77 countries ** An epic survival journey, Desert Zombies, a non-stop action shooter. You fight hordes of Zombies, use tens of weapons, fortify your bases, and arm your teams to defend your grounds from t... Gratis 11/2015
17241   方块国历险记 方块国历险记 Spiele Spiele Apps like 方块国历险记 [简介] 一次方块国的奇幻之旅。 [画面] 不可思议的美 [玩法] 颠覆性创新 [体积] 一兆大小百兆威力 [客服] frank_walker_tech@163.com... Gratis 11/2015
17242   快点超市 快点超市 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 快点超市 快点网上超市是一家立足泰安,致力于精品零食和进口食品配送和销售的综合型购物平台,我们会以最好的产品,最优质的服务回报广大泰城人民!网站开业期间碧根果最低低至1块钱一包,欢迎广大消费者光临选购!... Gratis 11/2015
17243   socketswitch socketswitch Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like socketswitch 控制路由网端开关的控制器,可以控制每个端口是否有网的状态。可控制256个板,每板有4*8个网端口。... Gratis 11/2015
17244   2BEE2 2BEE2 Spiele Spiele Apps like 2BEE2 Greetings and welcome to 2BEE2! 2BEE2 is the world's first omnid (omnidirectional) physics-based tile matching game, allowing the player both the flexibility to swipe and match in a full 360 degrees and to completely change the whole hive with one cleve... Gratis 11/2015
17245   聚宝集 聚宝集 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 聚宝集 聚各式书画成卷,收各样宝器成册,汇各种藏品成集。... Gratis 11/2015
17246   广东女装网 广东女装网 Büro Büro Apps like 广东女装网 广东女装网客户端是基于移动互联网平台而研发的手机客户端,该客户端面向全国招商,各大服装企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息,发布广告,让各大企业及广大客户更为便捷。广东女装网有大量关于女装方面的领先咨询,会员注册、便捷查看联系方式等功能,以便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能,最新的品牌报道和加盟商机,为广大客户展现一个丰富的行业平台。... Gratis 11/2015
17247   FuhkCollege FuhkCollege Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like FuhkCollege This is the official app from Fuhk College. Share, get event tickets, read news and more. All the latest updates from Fuhk College in one place.... Gratis 11/2015
17248   Plan Your Care Plan Your Care Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Plan Your Care Plan Your Care app provides mobile app access to users of the Plan Your Care service provided by Latrobe Community Health Service. Plan Your Care is a collaboration led by Latrobe Community Health Service in conjunction with Statewide Autistic Services a... Gratis 11/2015
17249   Сопотская Высшая Школа (SSW) Сопотская Высшая Школа (SSW) Bildung Bildung Apps like Сопотская Высшая Школа (SSW) Application for distance education of the Sopot University of Applied Sciences In order to obtain a login and password for the Sopot University App., please register at sopotuniversity.edu.pl and sign up for the courses of your choice.... Gratis 11/2015
17250   Cartel Poker Cartel Poker Spiele Spiele Apps like Cartel Poker The best High Stakes Poker game in the world. Cartel Poker offers the most exciting fun filled poker gaming experience online. Join the best poker site in the world and meet other players from all over the world. Cartel Poker is much more than a poker g... Gratis 11/2015
17251   Uddeholm Machining Guideline Uddeholm Machining Guideline Büro Büro Apps like Uddeholm Machining Guideline The Uddeholm Machining Guidelines contains information about how to use your tools together with Uddeholm steel.... Gratis 11/2015
17252   QualiApp QualiApp Büro Büro Apps like QualiApp The QualiApp enables the user to connect to QualiWare's other platforms. The app is able to display information about Governance Tasks, Change Requests, Subscriptions, Non-Conformance, Corrective Actions, and Problems. Moreover, the user can create ... Gratis 11/2015
17253   Violet Way Academy Violet Way Academy Bildung Bildung Apps like Violet Way Academy A bespoke smartphone application which allows parents to stay in touch with their child’s school. The app has a number of features including news, social network feeds, food menus, uniform purchasing, events calendar, push notifications and much mor... Gratis 11/2015
17254   Caesar,  the age of gladius Caesar, the age of gladius Spiele Spiele Apps like Caesar, the age of gladius Caesar, The Age of Gladius è un'adventure game ambientato nell'epoca dei Flavi ovvero nel periodo di massima diffusione dei giochi gladiatori. Questa app è il primo titolo del suo genere che unisce in un'unica esperienza di "learning by game" il concetto... Gratis 11/2015
17255   GPNLive GPNLive Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like GPNLive Watch a wide selection of awesome short videos on GPNLIVE.COM Official Mobile App. Totally FREE to use, no registration required and very easy to navigate! Tons of short, made-for-web videos including comedy skits, eSports, Cosplay, documentaries, i... Gratis 11/2015
17256   民俗宗教用品网 民俗宗教用品网 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 民俗宗教用品网 民俗宗教用品网客户端是一家宗教用品行业门户平台,汇集了佛用木雕,佛教装饰摆件 ,佛教香薰炉,花瓶/花器/果盘,佛香等各种类型的产品信息,提供丰富的民俗宗教资讯, 包括民族宗教知识、非物质文化遗产,民族宗教理论,宗教文化,民族文化等全方位的信息;整合宗教的行业资源,提供一站式服务。欢迎关注民俗宗教用品网!期待你的加盟!... Gratis 11/2015
17257   Electronic Piano Keyboard PRO Electronic Piano Keyboard PRO Musik Musik Apps like Electronic Piano Keyboard PRO FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Forget about all these boring piano keyboard apps and piano tiles games. Now, it's to create music and have fun at the same time without any efforts or special education. Electronic Piano Keyboard PRO - it's start point in ele... 4.99€ 11/2015
17258   Electronic Piano Keyboard Electronic Piano Keyboard Musik Musik Apps like Electronic Piano Keyboard Forget about all these boring piano keyboard apps and piano tiles games. Now, it's to create music and have fun at the same time without any efforts or special education. Electronic Piano Keyboard - it's start point in electronic music world! HOW TO PLA... Gratis 11/2015
17259   Nama sushi Nama sushi Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Nama sushi Nå kan du se menyen vår og bestille direkte fra din mobil! Enklere for oss, enklere for deg!... Gratis 11/2015
17260   myMass myMass Büro Büro Apps like myMass myMass is an exclusive app that gives Mass Insurance clients access to all their insurance information at the touch of a button, including your insurance card. Access your vehicle information, deductibles, coverages right from your phone. In the event ... Gratis 11/2015
17261   Super Grand Car Racing Madness Pro - new virtual speed racing game Super Grand Car Racing Madness Pro - new virtual speed racing game Spiele Spiele Apps like Super Grand Car Racing Madness Pro - new virtual speed racing game *** Paul Walker would be so proud! *** Super Grand Car Racing Madness highlights the hottest cars worldwide battling it out to be at the top. Be a part of the amazing world of racing and beat players around the world. Pick the greatest character of your... Gratis 11/2015
17262   Bidding Skills Bidding Skills Spiele Spiele Apps like Bidding Skills Bidding Skills is a must for anyone who wants to improve his/her bidding techniques and wants to be a feared opponent. The program focuses on the topic Overcalls and it includes a comprehensive bidding contest. "Overcalls" includes more than 650 hands. ... Gratis 11/2015
17263   Fluffy Rush - Multiplayer Race Fluffy Rush - Multiplayer Race Spiele Spiele Apps like Fluffy Rush - Multiplayer Race Real-time multiplayer race with your friends or random players from across the world! Welcome to the Fluffy Rush world! Don't be fooled by their cuteness, they pack quite a punch. Win a race by any means necessary and leave others behind in a hailstorm ... Gratis 11/2015
17264   云介理财 云介理财 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 云介理财 “云市”版块是为理财师提供的自由集市平台,用户可自主发布或认领任务,并在线与他人一起分担任务,通过与线下结合实现销售佣金共享。“云知”板块打造金融圈的专业性知识社群,提供最具品质的价值咨询。云介-资深金融人士的一站式服务平台... Gratis 11/2015
17265   Tap It Big : Casino Empire Tap It Big : Casino Empire Spiele Spiele Apps like Tap It Big : Casino Empire Tippe dich in Tap It Big: Casino Empire vom Tellerwäscher zum Millionär! Dir gehört ein kleines Kasino. Tippe, um Spielautomaten, Roulette- und BlackJack-Tische zu kaufen, mit denen du Geld verdienen kannst. Investiere, um schneller größere Profite z... Gratis 11/2015
17266   Fright Night: FREE Photo Stickers App Fright Night: FREE Photo Stickers App Photographie Photographie Apps like Fright Night: FREE Photo Stickers App "Fright Night" a fun and easy to use app to quickly turn your photos into funny/scary photos and share with your friends. App Features: • Select a photo from your library or take a new photo direct through your camera • Lots of high resolution stickers ... Gratis 11/2015
17267   Geometric Figures Game Geometric Figures Game Spiele Spiele Apps like Geometric Figures Game Reflexion and speed. Find the right figure. Geometric Figures Game immerse you at the heart of geometrical figures. Are you sure to know them? That's what we are going to check. You must match one figure with its right name. Are you sure that a circle is... Gratis 11/2015
17268   日本の都市の名前当てクイズ 日本の都市の名前当てクイズ Spiele Spiele Apps like 日本の都市の名前当てクイズ 4つの写真をヒントに日本の都市の名前を当ててください。 分からないときは、コインを使って文字を消すこともできますし、FacebookやTwitterで友達に助けを求めることもできます。 現在40問。随時更新していきます。... Gratis 11/2015
17269   爆点漫画 爆点漫画 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 爆点漫画 爆点漫画, 最专业的漫画阅读工具, 你不仅可以舒畅的阅读漫画, 并百万用户的选择, 且可以搜索到互联网丰富免费的漫画资源 主要功能: 按漫画名称、作者名、类型搜索查找漫画 高清漫画图片,智能切割分页 自动记录阅读进度 离线下载,随时随地看 漫画更新自动通知 个性化设置 自建专辑,整理自己喜欢的漫画 漫画阅读横竖屏设置,怎么用怎么爽 亮度调节功能,夜间看漫画不伤眼睛... Gratis 11/2015
17270   Pjuu Pjuu Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Pjuu Pjuu is a small social network. It allows you to connect with over people on the internet and find new friends. You can write posts, upload images and follow other users.... Gratis 11/2015
17271   First Federal Of Twin Falls First Federal Of Twin Falls Finanzen Finanzen Apps like First Federal Of Twin Falls First Federal offers mortgage customers a unique way of communicating and interfacing with their realtor and loan officer. The app can easily provide loan information and status, have push notification reminders for important dates (appraisal, closing, ... Gratis 11/2015
17272   Archery in Schools Scoring Journal Archery in Schools Scoring Journal Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Archery in Schools Scoring Journal Archery in Schools Scoring Journal – The only app designed exclusively to be used for five arrow ends at 10m and 15m format shooting and programs. ***WARNING*** - Do not purchase this app unless you are using for five arrow ends at 10m and 15m format sh... 2.39€ 11/2015
17273   Expert Connector - Connecting You With Home Service Experts Expert Connector - Connecting You With Home Service Experts Büro Büro Apps like Expert Connector - Connecting You With Home Service Experts Expert Connector connects consumers with local professionals in a number of different areas. Find local insurance, mortgage, home services and legal professional all with a click of a button.... Gratis 11/2015
17274   Wall of Moments Wall of Moments Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Wall of Moments This is a first version of the Wall of Moments upload application. Select any video clip from your iPhone, and upload it directly to the Wall of Moments. Development on this application is part of the EU funded ICoSOLE project.... Gratis 11/2015
17275   Herbst Mädchen verkleiden sich Herbst Mädchen verkleiden sich Spiele Spiele Apps like Herbst Mädchen verkleiden sich Der Tag wird kalt. Das Mädchen braucht ein paar neue Kleider für den Herbst. Können Sie ihr helfen? Spielanleitung: Die Spieler müssen Münzen sammeln ersten, dann können sie in den Laden gehen, um ihre Lieblings-Kleidung und andere Accessoires zu kaufe... Gratis 11/2015
17276   Happy Bubble Journey Happy Bubble Journey Spiele Spiele Apps like Happy Bubble Journey A Cute Bubble Bouncing & Shooting Game for Babies and You ! The pirate stole Kiki's favorite treats and has it hidden in an unseen place. Kiki has no choice but to enter the dreamy bubble world to find its favorite treats Game Description: -Over 200... Gratis 11/2015
17277   Verträumte Prinzessin Verträumte Prinzessin Spiele Spiele Apps like Verträumte Prinzessin Das schöne Mädchen ist wie eine verträumte Prinzessin, sie ist die Art und Weise spielen ihrer Schule. Möchten Sie sie kennengelernt? Jetzt erhalten Sie die Möglichkeit, ihr Kleid zu helfen. Komm schon! Spielanleitung: Die Spieler müssen Münzen sammeln... Gratis 11/2015
17278   Fluidly Fluidly Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Fluidly Sitting at home, wondering where you can find a delicious sour on tap? Coincidence, we built fluidly to help you connect with that beer. Locals bar can use fluidly to manage their beer and you win, because you get to find it, from the convenience of... Gratis 11/2015
17279   Westside Journalism Westside Journalism Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Westside Journalism Westside Wired is the student-run publication for Westside High School in Omaha, Neb., and is part of the student-run group Westside Journalism (WHS J), which encompasses four other publications (The Lance, Craze, WTV, Wired). Westside Journalism ai... Gratis 11/2015
17280   Audeze Audeze Musik Musik Apps like Audeze Take the Audeze premium music listening experience with you. This app designed specifically for Audeze's digital audio cable and El-8 line of headphones. The Audeze app features a 10 band equalizer that lets you apply a EQ curve to any music you play th... Gratis 11/2015
17281   raCompass raCompass Navigation Navigation Apps like raCompass raCompass connects an ordinary magnetic compass to the celestial coordinate system. It connects the horizontal components, heading and right ascension through proper aligned rings. An additional ring shows the ecliptic with the zodiac to get an idea of t... 0.99€ 11/2015
17282   Local Sports by Mitoo – find sports clubs and leagues near you Local Sports by Mitoo – find sports clubs and leagues near you Sport Sport Apps like Local Sports by Mitoo – find sports clubs and leagues near you Find and play in a sports league near you. Whether you are joining a sports league to meet new friends, get fit, relive your varsity hockey days... Mitoo will help find the perfect league for you. * Find sports leagues nearby * Search for over 30 diff... Gratis 11/2015
17283   Els en Ton op zee Els en Ton op zee Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Els en Ton op zee Els en Ton beleven een spannend avontuur, waarbij uw kind spelenderwijs woordjes kan leren. Het verhaal kan op verschillende manieren gebruikt worden. Uw kind kan voorgelezen worden, waarbij de woorden oplichten op het moment dat ze uitgesproken worden.... 0.99€ 11/2015
17284   ministore ministore Büro Büro Apps like ministore MiniStore เป็น Application เครื่องมือที่ช่วยอำนวยความสะดวกสำหรับการค้าขาย การจัดการสต๊อกสินค้า การทำให้ร้านค้ามีระบบ สามารถตรวจสอบได้มากขึ้น เหมาะสำหรับทั้งผู้ที่ค้าขายออนไลน์และมีหน้าร้าน ทั้งนี้ ระบบจะมีการสรุปยอดขายสำหรับผู้ใช้ เพื่อให้ผู้ใช้งานสามารถ... Gratis 11/2015
17285   滑呗 滑呗 Sport Sport Apps like 滑呗 一款为滑雪爱好者提供的基于雪场地理位置的应用 。 用户可以通过通过GPS自动定位到雪场,也可以手工选择。 轨迹记录模块,可以实时记录滑雪者的滑行数据,包括最大坡度 滑行高差 最大速度 平均速度 当前海拔 乘坐缆车的趟数等数据。 用户无需手工停止轨迹记录,自动识别缆车趟数和滑行轨迹,让您只需一键,解决雪场记录的各种问题。 目前已经优化过耗电问题和雪场自动识别问题。 【温馨提示】 建议在7.x 上的系统使用app,系统为4.x/5.x/6.x的用户建议您将iOS系统升级到更高版本。 GPS在后台持续运... Gratis 11/2015
17286   Trazers Trazers Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Trazers ¿Te imaginas poder crear y recorrer una ruta personalizada y disfrutar de tus lugares favoritos contados por los usuarios que elijas? Ahora puedes hacerlo cuando y donde quieras gracias a Trazers. Sube y comparte la información y las sensaciones que te p... Gratis 11/2015
17287   Dulp: Color Wheel Blast Dulp: Color Wheel Blast Spiele Spiele Apps like Dulp: Color Wheel Blast Tap to launch the ball to the matching color on the rotating ring to destroy it. Clear each level in this free and simple arcade game by removing all the colored sections on the rings. Be focused and wait for the right moment. How far can you go? ** Wa... Gratis 11/2015
17288   95养车 95养车 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 95养车 “95养车”,是福建佰元网络科技有限公司旗下O2O汽车服务品牌。拥有德系汽车多年服务经验,导入英式管家服务理念,以客户体验为中心,为客户的爱车提供创新和灵活的服务方案,以满足客户更多的爱车服务需求。 “ 95养车”管家服务平台,除了提供汽车上门常规保养、车辆安全检测、空调系统保养、AIR-20空气解决方案、汽车保险及年检等基本服务项目,专家团队通过汽车相关数据分析,为客户汽车提供更多养护系统解决方案。强大的服务团队,让我们还将有更多的贴心服务推出,满足客户更多的选择。提供英式“汽车管家”服务,提供汽... Gratis 11/2015
17289   Dates Reminder Dates Reminder Büro Büro Apps like Dates Reminder The first application to remind you with dates and give you the opportunity to take immediate action. Creating events is easy by various methods. You can upload bulk events using excel sheet, your drop box account, or even directly from your device. Hav... Gratis 11/2015
17290   Meganoticias Meganoticias Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like Meganoticias Noticias hyperlocal México. Partimos de que la libertad de información y de prensa, constituyen derechos fundamentales para el desarrollo de la vida ciudadana bajo una democracia, como se consagra en la Carta de las Naciones Unidas, en la Declaración U... Gratis 11/2015
17291   Skya Skya Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Skya Sky is a free multimedia messaging application, capable of instantly translating different languages and create an borderless environment that allows easy communication between people from all over the world. With Sky, users can quickly join in with the... Gratis 11/2015
17292   智能用品 智能用品 Büro Büro Apps like 智能用品 智能用品是由北京顶搜科技有限公司深圳分公司是为广大手机用户提供的客户端,其中包括资讯,商城,供求商机,企业会员等实用功能。... Gratis 11/2015
17293   Warner Bros. Tickets Warner Bros. Tickets Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Warner Bros. Tickets The WBTICKETS app allows you to access Warner Bros screenings right from your mobile device at anytime. Our app will allow you to: - Find Upcoming Warner Bros Movie Screenings - Redeem Codes to Obtain Advance Screening Passes - Download Passes to Att... Gratis 11/2015
17294   Color Jump! Color Jump! Spiele Spiele Apps like Color Jump! Help your cube travel through a world of changing colors! Tap to make your cube jump on the correctly colored platform to avoid falling to your doom. How far can you jump? How to Play: • Tap on the Left side to jump 2 spaces • Tap on the Right side to ju... Gratis 11/2015
17295   联合商城 联合商城 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 联合商城 联合商城:这是专门为手机用户研发的一款移动购物软件,具有商品浏览、商品购买、互联网+农村土特产、互联网+本区域内服务类商家联营等功能,并与本地区的服务类商家、国内知名卖场、品牌商等商家合作,不仅为区县用户以及广大农村市场提供质优价廉的商品,还自建物流配送团队 即时送服务,让用户尽享足不出户的购物。 特色功能简介: 1、天天特价 以本区域为商圈单位,每天推出特价,让让用户尽享足不出户的购物。 2、互联网+农村土特产 将单个、松散的农户聚集起来,形成规模化生产,让“工业品下乡,农产品进城”双向流通。 3、互联... Gratis 11/2015
17296   Zeptle Zeptle Musik Musik Apps like Zeptle Zeptle è il nuovo sistema di catalogazione ed aggregazione delle radio su Internet. In un modo simile a quello che avviene per la TV, ciascuna stazione, nella propria nazione, ha un numero identificativo che la distingue dalle altre. Il sistema LCN id... Gratis 11/2015
17297   yourroom yourroom Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like yourroom Yourrroom.eu is een jong, energiek bedrijf dat op 1 september 2015 van start is gegaan vanuit Lagos in Portugal. Iedereen, jong en oud, reist tegenwoordig de hele wereld over. Het is makkelijker dan ooit om je reis en verblijf te boeken, waar je ook b... Gratis 11/2015
17298   מידע לסוכני הפניקס מידע לסוכני הפניקס Produktivität Produktivität Apps like מידע לסוכני הפניקס הפניקס גאה להציג את האפליקציה החדשה MYFNX המאפשרת לנהל את לקוחות הסוכן באופן מהיר, יעיל ונוח. באמצעות האפליקציה הסוכן יכול לראות תמונת לקוח מלאה, לעקוב אחר פעילות הלקוחות, לקבל התראות והודעות בנוגע למבוטחים, מעקב אחר הפוליסות, מעקב סטטוס תביעות, פ... Gratis 11/2015
17299   爱花朵新概念英语青少版二 爱花朵新概念英语青少版二 Bildung Bildung Apps like 爱花朵新概念英语青少版二 爱花朵少儿英语(新概念青少版2A2B),和学校最新教材同步,为小学生学习英语增添乐趣,在有意义的游戏活动和任务完成过程中学习英语,真正实现寓教于乐!... Gratis 11/2015
17300   Pet Bots: Endless Runner Challenge - FREE GAME Pet Bots: Endless Runner Challenge - FREE GAME Spiele Spiele Apps like Pet Bots: Endless Runner Challenge - FREE GAME Pet Bots is a a FRESH spin on the predictable endless runner genre. Guide the Pet Bots on their noble journey for a better tomorrow. Help them them pass the test of agility by avoiding spikes and getting crushed. Oh no! People over the world played too ... Gratis 11/2015
17301   oSymbols oSymbols Sport Sport Apps like oSymbols Symbols for orienteering: Map symbols. Sprint map symbols. Course symbols. Control description symbols. Language: English/Norwegian... 2.99€ 11/2015
17302   Il Dono Il Dono Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Il Dono Accedi ai contenuti del sito dell'associazione il dono sulla gravidanza e il post aborto: leggi e commenta il forum, condividi la tua esperienza e trova tutto il supporto di cui hai bisogno.... Gratis 11/2015
17303   美狸 美狸 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 美狸 美吔—为你提供优质的美容护理体验。 随时查看美容院的最新优惠,美丽就那么简单。... Gratis 11/2015
17304   艾泽英雄传 艾泽英雄传 Spiele Spiele Apps like 艾泽英雄传 《艾泽英雄传》是一款魔幻题材的Q版动作卡牌手游,拥有双阵营对抗、职业树无限进阶、装备动态AVATAR、个人要塞及战争等特色玩法。纯手绘精美角色设计,超千张特色冒险地图,八大职业112种进阶专精,任意搭配随心组合!立即加入联盟或部落,为了荣耀而战吧! 游戏特色: ◆日韩顶级画师 1080P超清绝美画质◆ 纯手绘精美角色设计,超千张特色冒险地图,寂静幽深的寒霜湖、积雪覆盖的丹夏尔、干燥狂野的贫瘠之地,汇集日韩顶级画师打造2015最华丽魔幻Q版手游 ◆轻松点击无限养成 次世代放置玩法◆ 派遣英雄探索外域征战... Gratis 11/2015
17305   Zoombie Attack Zoombie Attack Spiele Spiele Apps like Zoombie Attack Do you think yourself smart ??? Do you have guts to change the big challengers Do you wanna try to break the world records Lets come inside then , a smart users from all over the world is waiting for you to break their records , Come rule on them P... Gratis 11/2015
17306   Tupiar - Free Tupiar - Free Spiele Spiele Apps like Tupiar - Free Tupiar ist ein Spiel mit einem einfachen Prinzip: man muss nur darauf achten den Ball in dem, aus Segmenten bestehenden, Kreis zu behalten. Zwei Spielmodi und drei Schwierigkeitsgrade sind verfügbar. Zufällig erscheinende Bonusobjekte und Gravitationsfe... Gratis 11/2015
17307   Safedome – Wallet and identity protection Safedome – Wallet and identity protection Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Safedome – Wallet and identity protection Safedome is the new way to keep your wallet and identity safe 24/7. From leaving your wallet at home to losing your passport to someone hacking your personal data, Safedome is here to make sure you know when something goes wrong – and with Safedome Sup... Gratis 11/2015
17308   疯狂大转盘 疯狂大转盘 Spiele Spiele Apps like 疯狂大转盘 真实场景化游戏界面,享受游戏无限乐趣。 超刺激的感官体验,让您心跳加速。 所有玩家同步游戏,与好友一起玩转大转盘的世界。 无需注册,点击就玩! 签到奖励送不停!... Gratis 11/2015
17309   趣贷 趣贷 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 趣贷 【产品介绍】 趣贷——做最专业的信贷,为用户提供便捷、划算、安全的房贷服务。根据用户信息,系统将会快速生成最佳贷款方案;多款产品任用户选择,并且提供便捷申请渠道。贷款、还款足不出户轻松预约;购房流程明朗化,系统将根据流程时间设置对用户提醒。房贷利率最及时更新,房贷账单一键精准计算。个人征信、公积金账户快速查询,为用户提供最好的线上银行贷款办理平台。 【主要功能】 ---房贷评估:在线评测贷款额度,为用户提供最佳贷款方案 ---信用贷款:为用户提供最优信用贷款方案 ---预约贷款:足不出户,随时预... Gratis 11/2015
17310   國立體育大學運動紀錄平台 國立體育大學運動紀錄平台 Bildung Bildung Apps like 國立體育大學運動紀錄平台 運動記錄App旨在讓使用者能即時安排課程訓練與回報,以達時效性與應用性,並有效減化輸入流程,以達到易用性。... Gratis 11/2015
17311   星际酷宝 星际酷宝 Bildung Bildung Apps like 星际酷宝 星际酷宝机器人是一款神奇的互动控制应用,是广州智惟高教育科技有限公司出品的酷宝早教机器人的互动控制软件。藉由此软件,用户可以通过手机与酷宝早教机器人进行互动,使孩子养成好的生活习惯,培养高情商。 主要功能包括: — 生活喂养 可以通过应用向酷宝早教机器人喂饭,喂水,吃汉堡,吃药等 — 趣味聊天 家长通过点按应用上的问题让孩子回答,孩子答对了可以按应用上的“答对”称赞孩子 — 亲子乐园 家长可以通过控制APP上相应的坏习惯,酷宝早教机器人会给小朋友讲一个关于坏习惯的故事。 -五大能... Gratis 11/2015
17312   QuickReader QuickReader Spiele Spiele Apps like QuickReader 速読アプリではありません。 早読アプリです。 高速で一文字ずつ表示される文字を読んで、その単語や文章を答えるゲーム! 文字数や表示速度を自分で設定して、難易度を変更できるよ! 文字数:3文字〜14文字まで。 表示速度:0.1秒〜3秒まで。 君は最高速で表示される言葉を読めるか!? 【ゲーム素材提供】 画像 : 「Backgrounds ETC」 http://backgrounds.mysitemyway.com... Gratis 11/2015
17313   文明冰城-哈尔滨 文明冰城-哈尔滨 Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like 文明冰城-哈尔滨 哈尔滨文明网“文明冰城”客户端以哈尔滨文明宣传为基础,以“传播文明、引领风尚”为宗旨,及时发布官方宣传信息,活动展示等内容;利用新媒体手段展示国家精神文明建设及哈尔滨市精神文明建设和文明城市创建的有关工作,开展社会动员和宣传教育,组织和发动市民更广泛地参与志愿服务活动,不断提高市民文明素质和提升城市文明程度;文明志愿者、普通市民可通过客户端进行互动,参与讨论哈尔滨文明建设,让文明创建活动信息随时掌握在手中。... Gratis 11/2015
17314   九转神龙 九转神龙 Spiele Spiele Apps like 九转神龙 九转神龙,玩法来源于风靡全球经典老虎机,在沿袭经典玩法的基础上,加入了更多新玩法,并融入了中国风元素,为玩家带来更好的游戏体验。 游戏简单刺激,通过玩家的丰富经验,获得高额的奖金回报。 无需注册,点击就玩!... Gratis 11/2015
17315   哈屋哈屋 哈屋哈屋 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 哈屋哈屋 轻松找房: 地图找房 , 地铁找房 , 附近找房 , 关键词搜索等可轻松选房 。 房屋维修: 申请维修, 由专业维修团队来维修。 查看以租房屋信息 ,该月应付款项,如租金, 电费 , 水费 等。 欢迎使用哈屋哈屋……^_^... Gratis 11/2015
17316   Animal Generation Animal Generation Bildung Bildung Apps like Animal Generation Did you know that dog years aren't just human years multiplied by seven? Animal Generation takes any number of human years, and accurately converts it to animal years, out of 19 animals of your choice. Animal Generation is a great educational tool for... Gratis 11/2015
17317   Q - Inclusive,  Human,  Queer Q - Inclusive, Human, Queer Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Q - Inclusive, Human, Queer Q is the world's first gender-inclusive queer social network. -Inclusive: Choose from 100+ genders, sexual orientations, pronouns, and interests. -Human: Our stunning profiles require members’ faces and first names, so everyone is interacting on an ... Gratis 11/2015
17318   Finde die Unterschiede 2 Finde die Unterschiede 2 Spiele Spiele Apps like Finde die Unterschiede 2 Findet Ihr alle Unterschiede? Trainieren Sie Ihr Gehirn und verbessern Sie Ihre Beobachtungsgabe mit Spot The Differences 2, dem klassischen "Finde die Unterschiede"-Spiel für Kinder und Erwachsene. Mit einzigartiger musikalischer Untermalung und Theme... Gratis 11/2015
17319   Stick Man: Helping Santa Stick Man: Helping Santa Spiele Spiele Apps like Stick Man: Helping Santa Help Stick Man and Santa to deliver the magic of Christmas! **Specially designed for 3 – 7 year olds with no in app purchases** Fly Santa’s sleigh over the rooftops and deliver presents to all the fast-asleep girls and boys! Based on the delightful pic... 1.99€ 11/2015
17320   Ball Run 2 Ball Run 2 Spiele Spiele Apps like Ball Run 2 Ball Run 2 is a fun, addictive platform-arcade game that will have you playing for hours on end. Battle your way through more than 60 levels, avoiding spikes, lasers and many more obstacles to reach the star and claim the Ball Run title between your m... Gratis 11/2015
17321   万衡商城 万衡商城 Kataloge Kataloge Apps like 万衡商城 万衡商城是为用户提供综合性购物的购物平台,旨在为客户在第一时间提供优质的商品及高效满意的服务,协助用户早日走上成功之路。在这里你可以找到时下最热门的手机、数码、衣服、美容护肤等产品,浏览产品最新资讯、特色专辑及风格小站,解决你购物的盲区,真正做到轻松购物,快乐购物。万衡商城,致力于推荐更适合自己的消费,帮助你更简单的进行消费,是你购物决策的贴心小帮手。 万衡商城 双12打破底线,等你来血拼!... Gratis 11/2015
17322   WholeSaleRaja WholeSaleRaja Büro Büro Apps like WholeSaleRaja Wholesaleraja.com is a virtual showroom where retailers have access to a large selection of wholesale fashion merchandise, electronic goods and Home Decor items where leading manufacturers from all over the country can promote their brands, sell their c... Gratis 11/2015
17323   Eternal Arena Eternal Arena Spiele Spiele Apps like Eternal Arena Eternal Arena is a fast-paced, Action-RPG. The game features over 35 playable characters, daily missions, and an expansive single-player storyline. Train your team in Story mode, then dominate other players online in Ranked PvP challenges. You can eve... Gratis 11/2015
17324   inforobot inforobot Medizin Medizin Apps like inforobot inforobot-中国唯一的智能机器人医生,7X24小时随时问诊。... Gratis 11/2015
17325   Spin&Win Spin&Win Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Spin&Win Spin&Win es un juego gratuito, con premios especiales para salir con amigos. Girá la rueda y descubrí si hay un premio para vos! Para participar, es necesario que seas mayor de 18 años y te registres presencialmente. * Apple no es patrocinador ni parti... Gratis 11/2015
17326   Camera Film Roll Camera Film Roll Photographie Photographie Apps like Camera Film Roll Keep track of your film shot's with this handy app. Similar to the Exif data captured with digital photography, this app allows you to capture the settings used to take the pictures with your film camera. Additionally, use your mobile device's built-... Gratis 11/2015
17327   萝卜兼职 萝卜兼职 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 萝卜兼职 萝卜兼职是捷城科技推出的一款基于大数据分析的移动互联网兼职服务平台,通过智能推荐系统为全国大学生提供靠谱的兼职岗位,同时为企业提供多元化的人力资源解决方案。萝卜兼职核心功能: 1、兼职信息浏览 2、在线申请兼职岗位 3、分类导航 4、收藏岗位... Gratis 11/2015
17328   Handraiser Mobile Handraiser Mobile Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Handraiser Mobile Turn voters into votes. With Handraiser, your political campaign identifies, activates and measures the participation of every voter that will help you win elections. Handraiser Mobile is an app that helps campaign staff, supporters and volunteers pla... Gratis 11/2015
17329   Tipstream Tipstream Reise Reise Apps like Tipstream Tipstream gives your recommendations a home, away from other social networks. It's a platform for positive reviews: a tip exchange. -Share discoveries -Stash away places for the future -Find out what friends have reviewed near you... Gratis 11/2015
17330   Garment Selector Garment Selector Medizin Medizin Apps like Garment Selector Compression garment selector for Health Care Professionals from medi UK. Select and choose the ideal compression garment for your lower or upper limbs with our easy to use app. Quickly find the most suitable compression garment by size, condition and li... Gratis 11/2015
17331   Trento Kia Trento Kia Büro Büro Apps like Trento Kia Shop for your next vehicle in the palm of your hand. Browse through the vast selection of vehicles from our inventory, schedule appointments within one click and get special promotions. The Trento Kia app provides access to a real-time inventory, spec... Gratis 11/2015
17332   Mystery of SUALL Mystery of SUALL Spiele Spiele Apps like Mystery of SUALL Juego de realidad aumentada dirigido a los estudiantes de colegio de la Localidad de Puente Aranda en Bogotá, Colombia. Los estudiantes deberán armar grupos de 5 jugadores y resolver los retos que el juego les proponga, tales como geolocalizar lugares e... Gratis 11/2015
17334   Offrs Offrs Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Offrs Offrs.com enables real estate agents to get new listings by leveraging their circle of influence as well download listing prospects identified by the Offrs.com predictive analytics algorithm.... Gratis 11/2015
17335   Mein wunderbares Leben Mein wunderbares Leben Spiele Spiele Apps like Mein wunderbares Leben Die schöne und elegante Mädchen auf der Bühne stehen, sie ist so erstaunlich, und zuversichtlich, sie ist ein Star hier. Haben Sie ihr bewundern Sie? Spielanleitung: Berühren Sie den Bildschirm, um die wichtigste Schnittstelle eingeben, werden Sie Ge... Gratis 11/2015
17336   쉐어앳(Share@) - #너좋으라고만든앱 쉐어앳(Share@) - #너좋으라고만든앱 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 쉐어앳(Share@) - #너좋으라고만든앱 쉐어앳(Share@) : 너좋으라고만든앱(shareat) -------------- 쉐어앳은? --------------- "고갱님, 데이트 장소, 각종 모임 장소 고르느라 많~이 힘드셨죠?" "메뉴 고를 때 옆테이블 눈치 많~이 보셨죠?" ▶ 수상내역 '대한민국 모바일 어워드' 2015 8월 우수 모바일앱 선정 ▶ 데이트 할 때 / 약속 가는 길 / 2차 갈 때도 - Step1. 방문 예정 지역의 실시간 매장 상황을 확인하고 - Step... Gratis 11/2015
17337   Colora e Gratta - La Prendo Io La Luna Colora e Gratta - La Prendo Io La Luna Bildung Bildung Apps like Colora e Gratta - La Prendo Io La Luna Have fun with Johnny coloring and discovering these lovely drawings! All these beautiful illustrations are based on the bedtime story “ME GET THE MOON!” Would you like to catch the moon like Johnny? Download the interactive book “ME GET THE MOON!” and you... Gratis 11/2015
17338   Memory - La Prendo Io La Luna Memory - La Prendo Io La Luna Bildung Bildung Apps like Memory - La Prendo Io La Luna Have fun with Johnny finding the identical playing cards and improving your memory skills! All these beautiful illustrations are based on the bedtime story “ME GET THE MOON!” Would you like to catch the moon like Johnny? Download the interactive book “ME ... Gratis 11/2015
17339   Numeri - La Prendo Io La Luna Numeri - La Prendo Io La Luna Bildung Bildung Apps like Numeri - La Prendo Io La Luna Have fun with Johnny learning to count to10! You will see, you will learn very quickly! All these beautiful illustrations are based on the bedtime story “ME GET THE MOON!” Would you like to catch the moon like Johnny? Download the interactive book “ME GE... Gratis 11/2015
17340   Puzzle - La Prendo Io La Luna Puzzle - La Prendo Io La Luna Bildung Bildung Apps like Puzzle - La Prendo Io La Luna Have fun with Johnny solving these puzzles! You will discover beautiful illustrations, based on the bedtime story “ME GET THE MOON!” Would you like to catch the moon like Johnny? Download the interactive book “ME GET THE MOON!” and you will catch it! All... Gratis 11/2015
17341   La Prendo Io La Luna La Prendo Io La Luna Bildung Bildung Apps like La Prendo Io La Luna “ME GET THE MOON!” is an endearing bedtime story with beautiful illustrations. The main character is Johnny, a happy and curious little boy. Sometimes, especially when he is excited, he makes a mess of grammatical rules! Johnny is growing up and he is ... 2.99€ 11/2015
17342   A Abbies Encore Inn Vegas Executive Slots Casino A Abbies Encore Inn Vegas Executive Slots Casino Spiele Spiele Apps like A Abbies Encore Inn Vegas Executive Slots Casino Download the best Slot experience for free today! Fun, excitement and entertainment! These slots play just like a dream - exciting to play and easy to understand! Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and atmospherical sou... Gratis 11/2015
17343   Spaceship Lander Spaceship Lander Spiele Spiele Apps like Spaceship Lander You just became an astronaut but your skills to land the spaceship are very rusty. Your job is to land the spaceship by thrusting carefully up and down to pick the right velocity to land. Go through bells of astroids, and space junk which you need to a... Gratis 11/2015
17344   Routes Direct Routes Direct Büro Büro Apps like Routes Direct Routes Direct Mobile allows you to manage your on the road work force (sales force, service engineers, delivery agents) and benefit from its real-time integration with our Routes Direct Web Optimiser. You can also use this app as stand alone (backed by ... Gratis 11/2015
17345   黄浦瑞金 黄浦瑞金 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 黄浦瑞金 瑞金二路街道为了将公共、党建、政务、交互议政等多种服务资源相整合,向瑞金二路街道居民提供网络化社区体验,方便居民通过手机客户端了解瑞金二路社区的概况、新闻、以及便民信息,同时提升瑞金二路社区的对外窗口形象,结合互联网产业高速发展的现状,拟开发瑞金二路社区移动互联网APP项目。该APP完成后将依托移动互联网的技术优势,为社区医院、生活配送、地理定位、社区意见反馈等便民服务提供解决方案,全面提升社区居民的生活质量和办事效率。在党建方面,手机APP将通过网络推广的方式宣传党的建设与实践工作,提升居民对党建的认识... Gratis 11/2015
17346   VDartsGame VDartsGame Sport Sport Apps like VDartsGame VDarts is a dart game APP by VDarts and it is the worlds first APP for an online dart game. How cool is that! Right? Game Categories: - VS online mode - Team match - 01 game (301、501、701、901、1101、1501) - Cricket game (cricket200, etc) - Count up New g... Gratis 11/2015
17347   Best Friend - Save My Partner Best Friend - Save My Partner Spiele Spiele Apps like Best Friend - Save My Partner Völlig frei von neuen Casual Game, und lassen Sie es nach unten. Das Spiel enthält 10 Arten von verschiedenen Ebenen des Spiels, gibt es Springen, schießen, essen Süßigkeiten, Double Elimination usw., ist das Spiel Szene vielfältiger, es Wasser gib... Gratis 11/2015
17348   Guitar Kits Guitar Kits Spiele Spiele Apps like Guitar Kits Welcome to Guitar Kits Play free imitation guitar. Train your precision reflexes help of this unique and fun game. After tapping the drives and precision timing and rhythm get score. You have to catch the stars rushing to beat. Enjoy beautiful graphic... Gratis 11/2015
17349   Reading Fan - Stage Approach PRO Reading Fan - Stage Approach PRO Spiele Spiele Apps like Reading Fan - Stage Approach PRO The concert of the favourite music band of the wizard is coming right now! A crowd of fans took all the places. Move the fans to approach the stage or you will miss all the the best moments and will never see your lovely band! Reading Fan - Stage Approac... 0.99€ 11/2015
17350   Reading Fan - Stage Approach Reading Fan - Stage Approach Spiele Spiele Apps like Reading Fan - Stage Approach The concert of the favourite music band of the wizard is coming right now! A crowd of fans took all the places. Move the fans to approach the stage or you will miss all the the best moments and will never see your lovely band! Reading Fan - Stage Approac... Gratis 11/2015
17351   Zoi Run - Your personal running coach Zoi Run - Your personal running coach Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Zoi Run - Your personal running coach Zoi is a personal running coach in your iOS device. This app is designed for recreational runners who want to run faster, easier, and stay injury-free. Zoi® app is a complete coaching tool for improving your running technique, efficiency and boosting ... Gratis 11/2015
17352   iPatient Mobile iPatient Mobile Medizin Medizin Apps like iPatient Mobile Ever experienced lining up for hours to see a doctor? Or calling to set up an appointment with doctor who has months-worth of waiting line? Or wasting precious time waiting inside the clinic while nurses search for your patient file? Or forgetting to ta... Gratis 11/2015
17353   Sautuliman Sautuliman Musik Musik Apps like Sautuliman The one and only Saut al Iman is finally available on iOS and Android. Download the free app to access Madaeh, Marasi, and more! Saut al Iman is Dawat’s largest and oldest collection of AlQuran AlKareem, Madaeh, Marasi, Manqabat, Qasaid, Naat,... Gratis 11/2015
17354   旺理财—债券投资理财神器,躺着赚钱 旺理财—债券投资理财神器,躺着赚钱 Finanzen Finanzen Apps like 旺理财—债券投资理财神器,躺着赚钱 下载旺理财app,注册即送红包!邀请好友更有好礼相送!专享新手标18%高收益! 100元起投,享受机构投资者及信托高净值客户的理财体验! 国企、上市公司企业债券资产保障本息;阳光保险和三方托管提供资金安全双重保障。 专业机构投资者都在选择的平台!低起点,高收益、超稳健! 【主要功能】 1、 随时随地,轻松理财 2、 新手专享18%高收益 3、 充值购买提现, 一站式理财 4、 查询个人资产账户信息 5、 专属活动链接,最新活动抢新体验 【产品优势】 资金保障,阳光保险保障您资金的安全 资产过硬,债券资产保... Gratis 11/2015
17355   Shoutout - The Social Map Shoutout - The Social Map Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Shoutout - The Social Map Shoutout is a fun new way to see who's around you, where they're going, and what they're thinking. All in real time. Know what places are crowded and what's going on where. Want to know if there's a line at Chipotle? Want to know if your friends are al... Gratis 11/2015
17356   Christmas Tree Wallpaper - design idea for next christmas tree Christmas Tree Wallpaper - design idea for next christmas tree Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Christmas Tree Wallpaper - design idea for next christmas tree Your search for next christmas tree design ends here. Look-in for wide range of christmas tree design ideas! Features :- 1) compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 2) Large set of christmas tree designs 3) Christmas tree idea can be set as your home scre... Gratis 11/2015
17357   TeraApp TeraApp Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like TeraApp EASIEST WAY TO CREATE APP FOR YOUR BUSINESS TeraApp is an easy-to-use Service that help anyone to build a mobile app for their business. This app will have many feature like: Bussiness Info, Gallery, Service/Product List, Map, News … you can easily a... Gratis 11/2015
17358   Hare and Crows Hare and Crows Spiele Spiele Apps like Hare and Crows Help the hare avoid predatory crows!... Gratis 11/2015
17359   Great Ape Attacks Great Ape Attacks Spiele Spiele Apps like Great Ape Attacks Help monkey to avoid the mad gorillas!... Gratis 11/2015
17360   Goat and Birds Goat and Birds Spiele Spiele Apps like Goat and Birds Help goat avoid predatory eagles!... Gratis 11/2015
17361   Fish and Birds Fish and Birds Spiele Spiele Apps like Fish and Birds Help fish avoid predatory pelicans!... Gratis 11/2015
17362   Spring Gorila Spring Gorila Spiele Spiele Apps like Spring Gorila Help the gorilla to overcome the obstacles on the way! High jumping is help overcome obstacles.... Gratis 11/2015
17363   Spring Goat Spring Goat Spiele Spiele Apps like Spring Goat Help Goat to overcome the obstacles on the way! High jumping is help overcome obstacles.... Gratis 11/2015
17364   Spring Frog Spring Frog Spiele Spiele Apps like Spring Frog Help Frog to overcome the obstacles on the way! High jumping is help overcome obstacles.... Gratis 11/2015
17365   Spring Flea Spring Flea Spiele Spiele Apps like Spring Flea Help Flea to overcome the obstacles on the way! High jumping is help overcome obstacles.... Gratis 11/2015
17366   Old Woman With Crutch Old Woman With Crutch Spiele Spiele Apps like Old Woman With Crutch Help Old Woman With Crutch to overcome the obstacles on the way! High jumping is help overcome obstacles.... Gratis 11/2015
17367   Snowballs Shooting Snowballs Shooting Spiele Spiele Apps like Snowballs Shooting Your task is to shoot snowballs. Connect identical snowballs to win!... Gratis 11/2015
17368   Pills Shooting Pills Shooting Spiele Spiele Apps like Pills Shooting Your task is to shoot Pills. Connect identical Pills to win!... Gratis 11/2015
17369   Fruit Shooting. Fruit Shooting. Spiele Spiele Apps like Fruit Shooting. Your task is to shoot Fruits. Connect identical Fruits to win!... Gratis 11/2015
17370   Eggs Shooting Eggs Shooting Spiele Spiele Apps like Eggs Shooting Your task is to shoot eggs. Connect identical eggs to win!... Gratis 11/2015
17371   Candy Shooting. Candy Shooting. Spiele Spiele Apps like Candy Shooting. Your task is to shoot candy. Connect identical candy to win!... Gratis 11/2015
17372   Bremen Town Musicians,  Read & Play Full Bremen Town Musicians, Read & Play Full Bücher Bücher Apps like Bremen Town Musicians, Read & Play Full The heroes of this fairy tale lose everything they have, but do they give up? Not a chance. Instead, they set out on an adventurous journey that opens new horizons for each of them. This happy tale illustrates the possibilities created by friendship, o... 2.99€ 11/2015
17373   TableUp TableUp Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like TableUp The TableUp dining app is now launching in Rhode Island, bringing easier access to tables, personalized dining experiences, exciting rewards, and much more to Ocean State restaurants. Lots of great restaurants don't accept reservations. Stop missing... Gratis 11/2015
17374   Bantay - Time Lapse Watchdog Bantay - Time Lapse Watchdog Photographie Photographie Apps like Bantay - Time Lapse Watchdog Bantay is a time lapse watchdog for home security: Have a spare iOS device? Use Bantay to watch over your home. Using your device's cameras, Bantay will monitor changes in images taken over a set time interval pointed to hot spots like your front and bac... 0.99€ 11/2015
17375   Palio Caffe Palio Caffe Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Palio Caffe Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratis 11/2015
17376   Cheats & Guide For Wizard 101 Cheats & Guide For Wizard 101 Referenz Referenz Apps like Cheats & Guide For Wizard 101 Get the best app for cheats & guide for Wizard 101 today. Here's what you get with this awesome app: - Character Information - Fishing Guide - Cheats/Hacks - Tips & Tricks - Item Info - Glitches & Secrets - And Much More..... Not only that, but this a... 0.99€ 11/2015
17377   SWAT Dealer SWAT Dealer Büro Büro Apps like SWAT Dealer SWAT Dealer gives the user easy access to dealer vehicle information on the move. Features: -Search for vehicles in your group of dealers -Find vehicles close to your location -View vehicles on the map -Check the health status of batteries in your vehic... Gratis 11/2015
17378   Tenure Tenure Büro Büro Apps like Tenure Tenure is a mineral land sale tracker for the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. We are working quickly to add the province of Saskatchewan. Tenure allows you to select the parcels of land you are interested in tracking, with push noti... Gratis 11/2015
17379   围城浏览器 围城浏览器 Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like 围城浏览器 这是一款无论在世界任何地方都可以极速浏览国内网站内容的浏览器! 不管是留学生、空中飞人还是海外华人,有了围城浏览器,再也不怕错过国内新鲜资讯。 「网络稳定」 国内架设专属服务器,突破海内外网速瓶颈,畅通的体验让你告别卡顿、缓冲、等待的焦虑。 「简单易用」 符合用户使用习惯,直接输入网址即可打开链接,跟普通浏览器一样使用,无多余的设置步骤。 「技术可靠」 多年专注于让海外华人用户更方便地获取国内资讯的浏览器加速服务,帮助您高速访问国内网站。 「订阅条款」 订阅时长 (Length of Subscr... Gratis 11/2015
17380   童拍 童拍 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like 童拍 童拍是一款专注于1-6岁儿童,多亲友共享宝宝相册,以宝宝为中心的亲友社交应用。 童拍主要功能 宝宝相册 相册展示宝宝成长历程,提供无限容量的云相册。让宝宝每一个精彩的瞬间都保留。并且支持亲友关注和共享相册,一起为宝宝上传萌照。 亲友圈 亲友圈是所有关注宝宝的亲友的一个交流平台,围绕着宝宝发布话题,点赞还有分享。 多拍同看 童拍可以实现多设备同步照片,在不同设备上实时展现相册。让想了解宝宝的亲友更加便捷。手机拍照,电子相册展示,不受物力距离的约束。... Gratis 11/2015
17381   ProSave Easy Food Finder ProSave Easy Food Finder Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like ProSave Easy Food Finder ProSave Conveniently choosing what to eat has never been easier! Don’t know what to get for take outs? Ever wondered what else is out there that’s on special? Check out these wicked features: - A variety of fast food and dining restaurants to choose ... Gratis 11/2015
17382   Batir&Kazan Batir&Kazan Spiele Spiele Apps like Batir&Kazan Dip & Win-Spiel (Batır&Kazan), wo Unterhaltung und Kommerz der Erfindung. Fun-Umgebung, um Zeit mit Ihrer Familie und Freunden zu verbringen. Komm schon, starten Sie Spaß haben mit Ihren Freunden kommen. ● Der Handel mit mehr entwickelt sich ● Schut... Gratis 11/2015
17383   Aurora Forecast Service Aurora Forecast Service Bildung Bildung Apps like Aurora Forecast Service Aurora Forecast application lets you easily see the Northern Lights, K-index, Space weather forecast, solar winds. And are you flying a drone and want to be on the safe side with the k-index this is the app for you!... Gratis 11/2015
17384   Der Amazon Preisalarm Der Amazon Preisalarm Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Der Amazon Preisalarm Mit dem Amazon Preisalarm werden Sie benachrichtigt, wenn der Preis der von Ihnen beobachteten Produkte sinkt. Legen Sie dazu ganz bequem eine Watchlist an. Behalten Sie alle Amazon Produkte die Sie interessieren im Blick. Legen Sie eine Preisschwelle fe... Gratis 11/2015
17385   Chhota Bheem Race Chhota Bheem Race Spiele Spiele Apps like Chhota Bheem Race Welcome to Chhota Bheem Race. Race against all your favourite characters from the world of Bheem. Use awesome weapons that you can collect on the way to victory and use them against your opponents. Jump over obstacles to overtake your favorite Bheem char... Gratis 11/2015
17386   Ask a Librarian Ask a Librarian Referenz Referenz Apps like Ask a Librarian Ask A Librarian is a mobile app that connects you to all of your library's reference services, including chat, texting, email, and frequently asked questions. Not sure what libraries are nearby? Browse by location helps you find nearby libraries or ... Gratis 11/2015
17387   Vegas Slots Billionaire! Classic Gangster Downtown Casino & Wheel Spinner Vegas Slots Billionaire! Classic Gangster Downtown Casino & Wheel Spinner Spiele Spiele Apps like Vegas Slots Billionaire! Classic Gangster Downtown Casino & Wheel Spinner Vegas Slots Billionaire™ - Get Your MEGA WIN Today! Best New FREE Slots Casino Game! Vegas Slots Billionaire™ (FREE) from the house of MegaRAMA® includes the brand new Gangster Town™ & Joker’s Wild™ Slots Games. Stunning graphics & top machines will... Gratis 11/2015
17388   Fundação Cesgranrio Fundação Cesgranrio Bildung Bildung Apps like Fundação Cesgranrio Baixe o aplicativo da Fundação Cesgranrio e tenha acesso à uma ferramenta que irá auxiliar em sua busca por concursos e vestibulares. Com downloads de editais, lembretes de provas e dicas. A solução do seu futuro está a alguns toques.... Gratis 11/2015
17389   Brisbane Girls Grammar School Brisbane Girls Grammar School Bildung Bildung Apps like Brisbane Girls Grammar School Developed in partnership with Digistorm Education, this app is designed to allow Brisbane Girls Grammar School parents, teachers and students to access important information about events and daily activities at the college. The Brisbane Girls Grammar S... Gratis 11/2015
17390   Saucy's BBQ Saucy's BBQ Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Saucy's BBQ Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratis 11/2015
17391   百得康 百得康 Medizin Medizin Apps like 百得康 心电宝是监测和管理心脏健康的利器,可以有效预防心梗的发生。心电宝是由随身携带的心电数据测试仪、智能手机和“云”端服务平台组成的服务体系,有24小时值班的真正医生提供实时的心电数据分析诊断和建议。 心电宝是由中国医师协会自2009年开始推广的“百得康健康心脏工程”的第二代产品,该工程已经经历了10万余例临床测试实践,对心梗的预防和心脏健康的改善作用得到充分的证明和权威的认可。 产品特点: 1、心电宝通过药监局严格检测,正式获得医疗器械注册证 2、心电测试仪与智能手机蓝牙通讯,快速接收心电数据 3、随时随地... Gratis 11/2015
17392   Blanket Statements Blanket Statements Bildung Bildung Apps like Blanket Statements This app was created for the exhibition, Blanket Statements: New Quilts by Kaffe Fassett and Historical Quilts from the Collection of the Quilt Museum and Gallery, York, UK held at the James A. Michener Art Museum from November 14, 2015 – February 21,... Gratis 11/2015
17393   Wakeupper Alarm Clock Wakeupper Alarm Clock Photographie Photographie Apps like Wakeupper Alarm Clock WakeUpper is a video alarm clock. Every morning you will be waked up by a new fascinated video of sunrise, nature, lifestyle or vacations. Videos are aesthetic and the main purpose is to help you with opening your eyes in early morning. You are motiva... Gratis 11/2015
17394   百花-自媒体社群平台 百花-自媒体社群平台 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like 百花-自媒体社群平台 百花,让你不止阅读,与作者更亲近。 酷狗音乐倾力打造,全新的社群类阅读平台,聚拢知名原创作者,独家作者粉丝互动功能,让作者与粉丝零距离。 [订阅]你可以随心所欲订阅喜欢的作者,一键成为该作者粉丝;作者每天一篇图文,最新消息抢先看。 [会员]成为作者会员,享受专享福利,阅读独家内容,与作者一对一对话。 [群组]通过群组,认识一群有趣而又志同道合的人,与作者一起畅聊。 [活动]实时参与作者独家发布的活动,让你不只局限于线上,还能到线下面对面交流。 任何疑问、建议、合作,欢迎前来咨询: 邮箱:bai... Gratis 11/2015
17395   财税服务网 财税服务网 Büro Büro Apps like 财税服务网 财税服务网是最具商业价值和最具发展潜力的专业网络媒体。该客户端面向全国招商,各大企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息,发布广告,让各大企业以及广大客户更为便捷。该客户端向广大客户展示了一个大型的互联网门户平台,以便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能,最新的资讯信息,为广大客户提供了一个丰富的信息平台。... Gratis 11/2015
17396   吃货说-发现身边的美味 吃货说-发现身边的美味 Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like 吃货说-发现身边的美味 给你看得到的美味 给你吃得到的佳肴 也许你曾经多次与它擦肩而过 但从此你将能够识它、品它、分享它 发现身边的美味 享受舌尖上的幸福 Enjoy The Love ...... Gratis 11/2015
17397   GZWL GZWL Büro Büro Apps like GZWL 物流联合了全国公路网,在线上商城的基础上,配备公路网展厅,让奔波于各城市间的旅客能在服务厅带上健康一起回家。... Gratis 11/2015
17398   Fine Health Fine Health Medizin Medizin Apps like Fine Health This mobile application enables you to search and order pharmaceutical and other health and wellness products from Fine Health. It also enables you to find the best doctors, and can read details about the doctor such as qualifications, address, timing ... Gratis 11/2015
17399   Sentence Wars Sentence Wars Spiele Spiele Apps like Sentence Wars Competitive silliness for discerning players. Find sentences to capture the board. Play against your friends using Game Center. The sentences you'll find may be absurd but they have to be grammatical. View the fun assortment of sentences that are played i... Gratis 11/2015
17400   Pizza Boy Ordering Pizza Boy Ordering Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Pizza Boy Ordering Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratis 11/2015

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