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17601   서부중앙교회 서부중앙교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 서부중앙교회 인사말 우리 교회 홈페이지에 오신 여러분들을 환영합니다. 우리 교회는 1988년에 설립된 교회로서 대한 예수교 장로회(합동)에 속한 교회로서 ‘영혼에 쉼을 주는 건강한 교회’ 라는 방향을 정하고 기본적으로 변하는 세상에서 변치 않는 진리로 하나님을 기쁘시게 하고 성도를 행복하게 하는 건강한 교회라는 방향을 정하고 지금까지 걸어왔습니다. 저는 우리 시대의 교회가 외형적인 부흥을 추구하기보다는 성경적인 좋은 교회상을 추구하는 것이 맞다고 생각... Gratis 11/2015
17602   Goldschatz Casino in Sand Vegas Slots Blackjack und Poker Kostenlos Goldschatz Casino in Sand Vegas Slots Blackjack und Poker Kostenlos Spiele Spiele Apps like Goldschatz Casino in Sand Vegas Slots Blackjack und Poker Kostenlos Siereich !! Laden SiediesespannendeSpielautomat und testenSieIhrGlück! GenießenSiefantastischen Bonus-Spiele und Coins gratis !! *** Top Handy-Slots-Spiel *** Top Features • Super Slots • TONNEN Coins gratis • Fantastische Bonus-Spiele • StündlicheBeloh... Gratis 11/2015
17603   Oneplace2b Oneplace2b Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Oneplace2b Oneplace2b is a social network which combines four profile categories: members, artists, sports people and professionals. Oneplace2b allows you to discover and to boost talents in all fields as well as to access our Web TV channels and events. Discover... Gratis 11/2015
17604   Demás Demás Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Demás Encuentra los beneficios que se encuentran cerca de tu ubicación. Atrapa cupones y obtén códigos de canjee. Sigue a tu tiendas favoritas sumando puntos por compartir sus ofertas. Sigue a las tiendas para que puedas obtener sus ofertas en forma directa.... Gratis 11/2015
17605   忍者育成 にんぜにばんばん! 〜借金返済ゲーム〜 忍者育成 にんぜにばんばん! 〜借金返済ゲーム〜 Spiele Spiele Apps like 忍者育成 にんぜにばんばん! 〜借金返済ゲーム〜 ======================= 借金返済+育成ゲーム!? 忍術を使って稼ぎまくれ!! ======================= 「にんぜにばんばん!!」 …これはある忍者親子の物語 ある日、父は帰ってくるなり娘に告げた。 「どうしよ!お金返さないとワシ打ち首になっちゃう!><」 娘のクノイチ「クナイ」は父のため 借金を返すことを誓った! ◆対応OS iOS6以上 ◆アプリの不具合、ご意見ご要望に関しては下記メールアドレス宛にご連絡ください。 ml... Gratis 11/2015
17606   용성아희뜰어린이집 용성아희뜰어린이집 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 용성아희뜰어린이집 안녕하십니까? 공군 제 20 전투비행단 용성아희뜰 어린이집 원장입니다. 용성 아희뜰 어린이집 홈페이지에 방문해주신 여러분 환영합니다^^ 저희 어린이집은 “어린이가 행복한 세상을 꿈꾸며” 라는 슬로건으로 부모와 함께 협력하여 보육하는 어린이집니다. 용성아희뜰 어린이집은 대한민국 하늘의 안보를 튼튼히 다져가는 공군 제20 전투비행단의 노력으로 설립되었으며, 영.유아 보육 및 군인 가족 복지 실천의 기초가되는 어린이집입니다. 저희... Gratis 11/2015
17607   강동유정유치원 강동유정유치원 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 강동유정유치원 유아교육은 전인교육이어야 한다! 강동유정유치원은 교육어린이들에게 더 큰 꿈을 갖게할 것 입니다. 강동유정유치원은 학교입니다. 1.유치원은 우리나라의 유아교육을 담당하는 학교입니다.(유아교육법 제2조) 2.유치원은 만 3세부터 취학전 유아들이 다니는 학교입니다.(유아교육법 제 35조) 3.유치원은 교육부 장관이 정한 국가 수준의 ‘유치원 교육과정’을 근거로 유아를 교육하는 학교입니다.(유아교육법 제13조) 4.유치원은 교육부 및 교육청의 장학지도를 받는... Gratis 11/2015
17608   충주함께하는교회 충주함께하는교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 충주함께하는교회 함께하는교회 우리는 교회의 성서적, 신학적, 역사적 정통성을 지닌 기독교대한성결교회에 속하여 하나님, 삶, 세상으로 나아가고자 1980년 4월 5일부터 함께 모이는 예수그리스도를 닮아가는 사람들입니다. 함께하는 교회 홈페이지에 오신 여러분을 예수님의 이름으로 환영하고 축복합니다. 지금 우리는 더 넓은 세상을 살고 있습니다. 눈에 보이는 물리적인 세상과 눈에 보이지 않는 인터넷 세상 모두를 살고 있습니다. 우리의 삶의 주인 되신 예수님은 보이... Gratis 11/2015
17609   Aspen mHealth Aspen mHealth Medizin Medizin Apps like Aspen mHealth The mHealth Mobile Platform enables Allied Healthcare Professionals to access to their Clinic information while mobile.... Gratis 11/2015
17610   Dugout FC Dugout FC Sport Sport Apps like Dugout FC Du bist der Trainer : Stelle Deine eigene Mannschaft auf: Das Datum der Mannschaftsauswahl ist der wichtigste Moment im Fussballkalender des Jahres. So sammle alle Deine Mitarbeiter um Dich und gestalte Deine Mannschaft oder schalte Dich on-line ein: No... Gratis 11/2015
17611   Asl Bekhar (اصل بخر) Asl Bekhar (اصل بخر) Büro Büro Apps like Asl Bekhar (اصل بخر) Asl Bekhar, means buying original and non-fake products, helps consumers in developing countries where struggling to find high quality products. The current app is in Persian language. Futures app versions will support other languages such as English, ... Gratis 11/2015
17612   Balalaika - find out what your friends and rock stars like Balalaika - find out what your friends and rock stars like Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Balalaika - find out what your friends and rock stars like Balalaika - a simple and unique way to see what your friends and rock stars like. Collect all your likes from all social networks in one app, just log in with your favorite social network and invite your friends to see what you like! You will know that... Gratis 11/2015
17613   AlphaCarDriver AlphaCarDriver Reise Reise Apps like AlphaCarDriver Alpha Car and Limo Inc. is a private family owned business located in Brooklyn, New York. We're a small taxi service that plans on expanding itself in order to serve the community. Alpha is a 24/7 ran business which does pickup and drop offs all over Bro... Gratis 11/2015
17614   MySkillChart.com Mobile MySkillChart.com Mobile Bildung Bildung Apps like MySkillChart.com Mobile MySkillChart.com is the first ever online skill tracking software for class based companies. Whether your child is a student of gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, or academia you can keep track of progress live online. But it doesn’t stop there! Now w... 1.99€ 11/2015
17615   Super Nitro Chimp Super Nitro Chimp Spiele Spiele Apps like Super Nitro Chimp Race across the world at high-octane speeds with monkeys on motorcycles! Join Nitro and friends to boost, flip, and smash their way to first place in the most primal arcade racer to hit the App Store. BOOST TO WIN Rocket down the track using different... Gratis 11/2015
17616   SolidPractise SolidPractise Bildung Bildung Apps like SolidPractise SolidPractise is developed for students who are preparing for school leaving examinations and other university entrance tests. It’s meant to be highly user friendly and an off line testing solution that can be used anywhere. Certain entire subjects are fr... Gratis 11/2015
17617   Noonswoon Plus - Make New Connections & Meet Other Singles Noonswoon Plus - Make New Connections & Meet Other Singles Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Noonswoon Plus - Make New Connections & Meet Other Singles Welcome to Noonswoon: the social network for making new connections for qualified single people. Noonswoon is your friend who introduces you to interesting people. Every day at noon, Noonswoon introduces one person to you. You have 24 hours to decide wh... 2.99€ 11/2015
17618   Stellup - Meet new people Stellup - Meet new people Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Stellup - Meet new people With Stellup app for iPhone, you can meet new people within your university or company networks. Connect with other alumni, students, business individuals and travelers, to expand your personal & professional network locally or when you travel to new ... Gratis 11/2015
17619   Basketball Wallpapers : Michael Jordan Wallpaper Edition Basketball Wallpapers : Michael Jordan Wallpaper Edition Sport Sport Apps like Basketball Wallpapers : Michael Jordan Wallpaper Edition Use this Michael Jordan Wallpaper Free for your iPhone and iPad to make your phone beauty. This Michael Jordan Wallpaper application contains a lot of image collection of Michael Jordan Images. If you want to find Michael Jordan wallpaper, this app is f... Gratis 11/2015
17620   Luja Fitness Luja Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Luja Fitness Get lean, fit and strong with Luja (lu-ya) Fitness. Workout anytime, anywhere – at home, the gym or on the go! Start today with the Scientific 7 Minute Workout or jump right into the 4 week Luja Bootcamp program! Features: * An interactive guide wi... Gratis 11/2015
17621   Zombie Crisp Zombie Crisp Spiele Spiele Apps like Zombie Crisp Everything is gone, civilization is destroyed, earth is devastated, zombies have taken over the world and you are the last human alive. Your family is dead, your friends are dead, your favorite pet is dead. They were all consumed and absorbed by the ... Gratis 11/2015
17622   mitad Seller for half.com mitad Seller for half.com Büro Büro Apps like mitad Seller for half.com The mitad Seller app is business companion software developed exclusively for half.com sellers, by half.com sellers. Use your eBay® account and mitad Seller to quickly list your inventory by scanning UPC and ISBN barcodes, as well as many other common ... 3.19€ 11/2015
17623   Tiny Kart Racing: Familien Spaß Tiny Kart Racing: Familien Spaß Spiele Spiele Apps like Tiny Kart Racing: Familien Spaß Die Karts drängeln sich an die Ziellinie: Schlüpf in die Rolle eines Rennfahrers und spiele allein oder mit bis zu 6 anderen Spielern im Multiplayer Modus. Ein super großer Renn-Spiel-Spaß für die ganze Familie: + Power-up Items zum aufsammeln + Boost-Fe... 3.99€ 11/2015
17624   SOS Button SOS Button Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like SOS Button Send an SOS alert with your location to your emergency contact instantly! Alerts can be received via text, email, audio message or call. Pre-load your SOS message and send to up to 5 contacts. The SOS App also works in conjunction with thumbsUp!’s SOS... Gratis 11/2015
17625   MixerBox pro - Best Music Video Player for Youtube MixerBox pro - Best Music Video Player for Youtube Musik Musik Apps like MixerBox pro - Best Music Video Player for Youtube MixerBox pro - Best Music Video Player for Youtube +. Search video , playlist, channel from Youtube. +. Play all videos from Youtube +. Play in background and Picture in Picture mode support +. Playlist managerment +. Manage youtube account . +. Post c... Gratis 11/2015
17626   Cplus Cplus Büro Büro Apps like Cplus CustomerPlus is a mobile phone application that allows users to access main Cplus features using a smart phone, key features: For public user: - Vessel Schedule - Container Enquiry - Terminal Special Announcement For authorized user: - Vessel Schedule,... Gratis 11/2015
17627   Quick Hotel Quick Hotel Reise Reise Apps like Quick Hotel Hotel finder app that allows you to search last minute deals, flash deals near by you or in any location around the world. It gives you hotels by star rating, hotels by chain and also let's you pin your search results for later use.... Gratis 11/2015
17628   Ekki Social | Business Networking Ekki Social | Business Networking Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Ekki Social | Business Networking ***** NEW: quickly create PRIVATE photo galleries with acquaintances and colleagues WITHOUT being beforehand linked to them on Facebook / Linkedin. After-work party, farewell gathering etc. ***** The most important two minutes of your life. Two minutes ... Gratis 11/2015
17629   분당주사랑교회 분당주사랑교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 분당주사랑교회 International Theological Seminary 교수(전) 한국 초교파 부흥사협의회 상임회장(전)한국 영성 목회연구원 원장(전)아가페 세계선교 연합회 대표회장(현)(사)세계 영성 목회협의회 이사장(현)남북평화 통일 대책위원회 중앙위원(현)한국 청소년 선도위원회 선도위원(현)엠마오 국제교회 선교연합회 상임회장(현)International College of Mission Thelogical Seminary 명예교수(현) 학력 총회신학원 졸... Gratis 11/2015
17630   하버드어린이집 하버드어린이집 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 하버드어린이집 사랑이 가득한 하버드 어린이집에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 사랑스럽고 소중한 자녀를 저희 어린이집에 맡겨 주심을 감사드립니다. 친구들의 맑은 눈망울을 보면서 세상에서 가장 아름다운 것은 우리 아이들의 티 없이 맑은 모습과 고운 마음이라 생각합니다. 그런 맑은 모습과 고운 생각을 지켜주고 노력하는 원이 되도록 힘쓰겠습니다. 학부모님들의 아낌없는 성원과 지도편달을 바라며, 하버드어린이집 가족모두 건강과 행운을 기원합니다. 원훈 1. 꿈을 심어주고 2... Gratis 11/2015
17631   Dimplex CONNEX Dimplex CONNEX Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Dimplex CONNEX Dimplex Electric Heating Control App This app lets you remotely manage any Dimplex CONNEX-enabled heater via a CONNEX Wi-Fi controller. For home or remote property, ensure perfect comfort and energy savings from anywhere using your Apple device. Comp... Gratis 11/2015
17632   Sun Tzu Sun Tzu Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Sun Tzu Agita el móvil y recibirás una nueva frase que te ayudará en tu lucha diaria. "El supremo arte de la guerra es someter al enemigo sin luchar". Esta es una de las frases recogidas en el tratado "el arte de la guerra" de Sun Tzu, y la más representativa y... Gratis 11/2015
17633   Towers Solitaire Towers Solitaire Spiele Spiele Apps like Towers Solitaire Four interesting variations on the popular FreeCell solitaire. All games are free to play. No in-app purchases. Like FreeCell you are only allowed to move a single card at a time. However cards can be moved in a group when there are enough free cells to ... Gratis 11/2015
17634   Maria Bonita Maria Bonita Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Maria Bonita Embelezamento das Mãos e Pés: Curtas, compridas, quadradas, arredondadas, discretas, coloridas, naturais ou nem tanto. Bem tratadas, as unhas, tornam-se ícones fundamentais para a imagem pessoal das Mulheres e Homens.Com base em técnicas originai... Gratis 11/2015
17635   Troffi Troffi Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Troffi Con Troffi pasarlo bien puntúa, acciones como llevar amigos, permanecer determinadas horas en un local, conocer gente o disfrutar de tu bebida y comida favorita tiene premio. Acumula el máximo de puntos posibles y canjealos por regalos y descuentos exc... Gratis 11/2015
17636   BeManager - Manage your football team BeManager - Manage your football team Spiele Spiele Apps like BeManager - Manage your football team Welcome to BeManager, the new free online game that allows you to manage the team of your dreams and sign the best players from all the leagues around the word! Challenge other managers and make sure you win week by week. Sell your players at the right... Gratis 11/2015
17637   Doktor X - NA auf Rädern Doktor X - NA auf Rädern Spiele Spiele Apps like Doktor X - NA auf Rädern > HATSCHI! Es ist Grippesaison. Begleite Doktor X bei einem Krankenwagenabenteuer voller VERRÜCKTER Notfälle! > Beeil Dich! Behandle kranke Patienten mit echter medizinischer Ausrüstung und hilf ihnen dabei, gesund zu bleiben. > Überwinde verschiedene ... Gratis 11/2015
17638   Shards of Magic Shards of Magic Spiele Spiele Apps like Shards of Magic Immerse yourself in the most enthralling strategy RPG experience on mobile yet! Shards of Magic will draw you in with stunning 3D visual effects, rich strategic gameplay, and witty voice acting. Assemble a legendary team of unique characters to set fo... Gratis 11/2015
17639   Smethwick Asian Funerals Smethwick Asian Funerals Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Smethwick Asian Funerals Welcome to Smethwick Asian Funerals where we proudly serve the communities of the West Midlands and beyond. Trust Jasse Sandhu, Ashley Savell-Boss and their team to arrange the final journey with dignity and respect.... Gratis 11/2015
17640   Sociabile Sociabile Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Sociabile Sociabile is a privacy based social network that allows you to control who you connect to and who can view your information. Connections made through Sociabile are based on your phone number or personal userID. The use of groups allows you to grant permis... Gratis 11/2015
17641   한서유치원 한서유치원 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 한서유치원 아이들의 꿈과 희망이 자라나는 행복배움터 한서유치원입니다. 어린이의 꿈과 사랑을 키우는 한서유치원에 오신 여러분을 환영합니다. 안녕하십니까? 한서유치원 원장 김미화입니다. 예술과 자연의 인간의 조화를 교육목표로 정진하는 한서유치원에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 본원은 어린이를 사랑하고 그들을 교육시키려는 취지를 갖고 1988년 3월에 개원하였습니다. 유치원에서는 아동중심 철학에 기초하여 교육방법은 지식교육에만 치중하거나 교사중심 교육방법을 지양하고 어린이... Gratis 11/2015
17642   Livongo for Diabetes Livongo for Diabetes Medizin Medizin Apps like Livongo for Diabetes This app is only for existing members of the Livongo for Diabetes Program. It complements your blood glucose meter information and the private online dashboard. The app provides you with access to a Certified Diabetes Educator for support with diabetes qu... Gratis 11/2015
17643   Centric App Centric App Photographie Photographie Apps like Centric App Centric - Video from where You're At. All the videos that are being shared around you on Instagram, You tube and Centric in one simple fresh feed. No need to follow or friend to discover great video. Watch, share, create and comment on the best cli... Gratis 11/2015
17644   jopoke - Finde deine Ausbildung in Ingolstadt jopoke - Finde deine Ausbildung in Ingolstadt Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like jopoke - Finde deine Ausbildung in Ingolstadt Deine Persönlichkeit ist gefragt - finde ein Unternehmen, das zu Dir passt! Das sagen unsere Testnutzer: „Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass Jobsuche Spaß machen kann!“ „Spart ein Haufen Zeit bei der Ausbildungssuche.“ „Keine langweilige Jobbörse.“ „jopoke ... Gratis 11/2015
17645   Impossible Quiz and Test by AmIClever Impossible Quiz and Test by AmIClever Kataloge Kataloge Apps like Impossible Quiz and Test by AmIClever "From the daughter of the phone's owner: I have clinical depression. No really. And I can not - stop - SMILING!!! Inventive, colorful, INSANE. It's so much fun! As long as you have imagination and an open mind you might never be bored again!! Well- unti... Gratis 11/2015
17646   Internet-Browser Firefox Internet-Browser Firefox Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Internet-Browser Firefox Erleben Sie ein schnelles, intelligentes und persönliches Web. Firefox ist der unabhängige Browser, für den Menschen im Mittelpunkt stehen. Er wird von Mozilla entwickelt, dem vertrauenswürdigsten Internet-Unternehmen in Sachen Datenschutz. Aktualisier... Gratis 11/2015
17647   BTTalk BTTalk Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like BTTalk BTTalk is Midland's app for two way radio comunication between people and grups exspecially created for the motorkike riders. There are no limits of distance or number of people who can talk to each other. Everyone can talk to everyone just like a walkie ... Gratis 11/2015
17648   iSmartHouse by dy iSmartHouse by dy Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like iSmartHouse by dy 无论何时何地通过手机、平板控制家电实现灯光开光与调光,空调,音乐,窗帘的智能化自动控制,边看边控制家中电器设备。... Gratis 11/2015
17649   Edu Chat Edu Chat Bildung Bildung Apps like Edu Chat Edu Chat is an academic messaging app that offers faculty and students an easy way to communicate with ​their classes and labs. Now you can seamlessly collaborate and connect with your peers.... Gratis 11/2015
17650   Arbonia Quickfinder Arbonia Quickfinder Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Arbonia Quickfinder Mit der Arbonia Quickfinder App ermitteln Sie die Heizlast auf der Grundlage von Haustypus, Raumgröße und Wärmequelle und anschließend die korrekte Heizkörperdimension zur gewünschten Arbonia Produktlinie. Auf der Grundlage des gewählten Haustypus z.B. ... Gratis 11/2015
17651   YOU+社区 YOU+社区 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like YOU+社区 YOU+国际青年社区官方App。 家友们在这里可以发帖互动,聊天吹水。 有困难找家友,感受家的温暖。 后续还有更多更酷更好玩儿的功能,好期待呦~ 【挡风遮雨,有爱陪伴】 这里,不会感到孤单 这里,就是你的家 这里,有满满的温暖。... Gratis 11/2015
17652   大医生医生版-大医生云诊所 大医生医生版-大医生云诊所 Medizin Medizin Apps like 大医生医生版-大医生云诊所 【内容提要】 大医生,慢病管理权威平台。 【应用简介】 15位全国顶级内分泌专家率领医疗团队入驻大医生软件,中华医学会内分泌学会,糖尿病学分会诸多委员强力推荐的慢性病管理软件。大医生医生版是为医生打造的慢性病管理软件。目前上线糖尿病及高血压管理。 【应用介绍】 个人品牌云诊所 创建云诊所,树立医生个人品牌,实现对患者的长期管理; 患教中心,私人定制 构建自己的患者圈,慢病管理文章,一键分享,从此患教更高效; 智能引擎,轻松管理患... Gratis 11/2015
17653   Word Detective Block Puzzle - best word search board game Word Detective Block Puzzle - best word search board game Spiele Spiele Apps like Word Detective Block Puzzle - best word search board game *** Sharpest eye? Be a word detective today! *** Word Detective Block Puzzle is the newest word search app in the store that allows you to search for the hidden word in a bunch of blocks of letters. It has the coolest appearance so it &apos;s fun to pla... Gratis 11/2015
17654   OETTINGER OETTINGER Büro Büro Apps like OETTINGER Die offizielle OETTINGER App für iOS. Ab sofort ist es möglich, mit der Händlersuche die nächste OETTINGER Quelle in der Nähe zu finden, alle Informationen zu den OETTINGER Bieren und Erfrischungsgetränken abzurufen und mit der Benachrichtigungsfunktion... Gratis 11/2015
17655   Jacquita's Bakery Jacquita's Bakery Spiele Spiele Apps like Jacquita's Bakery Jacquita has created a new business! A Cupcake Bakery! Business is doing well for Jacquita but she needs your help. She has too many cupcake orders that she has to finish before the day is out. Your job is to quickly match the cupcakes in order before tim... 9.99€ 11/2015
17656   Remote Buddy Mobile Remote Buddy Mobile Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Remote Buddy Mobile Verwenden Sie Ihr iOS-Gerät als Fernbedienung, Trackpad und Tastatur für Ihren Mac. Übertragen Sie Ihren Mac-Bildschirminhalt mit dem integrierten Bildschirmfreigabe-Modul direkt auf Ihr Gerät. Verwandeln Sie Ihre Apple Watch mit der mitgelieferten Watch... Gratis 11/2015
17657   NavyMWR Meridian NavyMWR Meridian Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like NavyMWR Meridian The Official App of NAS Meridian MWR! Access to NAS Meridian is at your fingertips! Places to eat, recreation and entertainment, housing, fitness and sports, Liberty and lodging, child and youth programs, Fleet and Family Support, Commissary, Na... Gratis 11/2015
17658   francetv zoom - Votre chaîne sur-mesure francetv zoom - Votre chaîne sur-mesure Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like francetv zoom - Votre chaîne sur-mesure francetv zoom - Envie d'une pause ? Appuyez sur play Même si vous n’avez que 5 minutes, Zoom s'adapte et vous propose une sélection de vidéos sur-mesure. Pas le temps de regarder une émission en entier ? Pas grave, on vous a mis de côté l'essentiel. ... Gratis 11/2015
17659   U.S. State Capitals Quiz Premium Version - Learn the names and locations of the United States Capitals Trivia Game U.S. State Capitals Quiz Premium Version - Learn the names and locations of the United States Capitals Trivia Game Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like U.S. State Capitals Quiz Premium Version - Learn the names and locations of the United States Capitals Trivia Game Learn about each of 50 US States in an easy-to-use simple interface. The screen has 2 sections. The top section contains horizontally scrollable flags of each state. As you scroll, the bottom section shows various information about the selected state. To... 0.99€ 11/2015
17660   U.S. State Capitals Quiz! Learn the names and locations of the United States Capitals Trivia Game U.S. State Capitals Quiz! Learn the names and locations of the United States Capitals Trivia Game Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like U.S. State Capitals Quiz! Learn the names and locations of the United States Capitals Trivia Game Learn about each of 50 US States in an easy-to-use simple interface. The screen has 2 sections. The top section contains horizontally scrollable flags of each state. As you scroll, the bottom section shows various information about the selected state. To... Gratis 11/2015
17661   Guess the Flag - Premium Version - A quiz about world flags helps you learn geography and maps Guess the Flag - Premium Version - A quiz about world flags helps you learn geography and maps Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Guess the Flag - Premium Version - A quiz about world flags helps you learn geography and maps FlagsQuiz is game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of flags around the world. Advance thorough levels of difficulty and strive for the highest score possible. - EDUCATIONAL TOOL FlagsQuiz is an exceptional app to learn or refr... Gratis 11/2015
17662   DunDak DunDak Musik Musik Apps like DunDak Welcome to what we hope is a huge step forward for capoeira! Enjoy your favorite capoeira music with the DunDak streaming music app. Listen to what you want, when you want, with no limitations! We work directly with our artists to ensure they are paid... Gratis 11/2015
17663   포항대도교회 포항대도교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 포항대도교회 위대한 교회로 한걸음! 2015년 하나님께서 우리 교회에 주신 비전과 사명입니다. 하나님의 교회는 행복해야 합니다. 하나님의 교회는 보기에 좋아합니다. 그러나 우리는 여기에 머물지 않고, 한걸음 더, 위대한 교회로 나아가기를 꿈꿉니다. 대형 교회를 지향하거나, 대형 건물을 건축하는 꿈이 아닙니다. 우리가 꿈꾸는 위대한 교회는 위대한 믿음의 사람들이, 위대한 공동체를 이루고, 위대한 사명을 향해 달려가는 교회입니다. ... Gratis 11/2015
17664   김포중앙교회 김포중앙교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 김포중앙교회 인사말 1894년, 절망과 어둠에 빠진 이 땅에 희망을 전하기 위해 복음을 들고 온 언더우드 선교사가 김포지역에 한 교회를 세웠습니다. 그 교회가 바로 김포중앙교회입니다. 지금까지 김포중앙교회는 이 땅 가운데 하나님의 기쁨이 가득하기를 소망하고, 그 기쁨 아래서 행복을 누리며 열심히 달려 왔습니다. 하나님의 기쁨이 되는 것이 교회의 사명입니다. 교회는 세상의 희망입니다. 교회는 세상의 빛입니다. 우리는 이 일을 여러분과 함께 하기를 원합니다. 이 ... Gratis 11/2015
17665   복정교회 복정교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 복정교회 목마르고 지친 사람들을 위한 영혼의 쉼터 우리가 사는 세상은 엄청난 속도로 변화하며 무한히 경쟁하는 사회입니다. 이 속도감과 무한 경쟁은 많은 업적을 이루게 했지만 가장 소중한 사람을 지치게 만들 뿐 아니라 깊은 마음의 상처를 안고 살아가도록 만들었습니다. 복정교회는 현대 사회 속에서 지치고 상처받은 사람들이 와서 휴식을 취하고 치유받고 영적인 생명을 얻는 영혼의 쉼터같은 교회입니다. 복정교회에 오시면 성경 강해를 통해 말씀의 은혜를 체험할 수 있... Gratis 11/2015
17666   Notion - Thoughtful Email and Relationships Notion - Thoughtful Email and Relationships Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Notion - Thoughtful Email and Relationships Notion is available by INVITE ONLY at this time. Anyone can request an invitation on our website. By learning from you, Notion brings smart new features to your email that help you be more productive and build stronger relationships. MAIL - Clean your ... Gratis 11/2015
17667   교육그룹진학원 교육그룹진학원 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 교육그룹진학원 기관명 : 교육그룹진학원 주소 : (407-310) 인천 계양구 용종동 211-1 경동빌딩 2층 홈페이지 : http://www.edujin.kr/ 전화번호 : 032-555-0512 사이트맵 1.안산캠퍼스(공지) 2.인천캠퍼스(공지) 3.플립러닝 4.입시컨설팅 5.합격자명단 * 100% 연동형 앱 : 홈페이지에 등록된 내용, 게시물, 영상, 사진 등의 콘텐츠를 앱과 100% 연동하여 실시간으로 앱을 통해 확인할 수 있습니다. * 푸쉬 알... Gratis 11/2015
17668   土元养殖 土元养殖 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 土元养殖 土元养殖是最具商业价值和最具发展潜力的专业网络媒体。该客户端面向全国招商,各大企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息,发布广告,让各大企业以及广大客户更为便捷。该客户端向广大客户展示了一个大型的简单生活移动互联网门户平台,以便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能,最新的资讯信息,为广大客户提供了一个丰富的简单生活信息平台,时时刻刻的为您更新,让您爱不释手。... Gratis 11/2015
17669   Lustige SMS-Töne Lustige SMS-Töne Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Lustige SMS-Töne Lustige SMS-Töne bietet kostenloses lustige Klingeltöne und lustige Soundeffekte perfekt für einen lustigen Text Warnung oder Benachrichtigung. einfach eine dieser freien lustige Klingeltöne für Ihre SMS, Warnung, Benachrichtigung, SMS-Sound, E-Mail u... Gratis 11/2015
17670   Blue Bulls Blue Bulls Sport Sport Apps like Blue Bulls Are you a true Vodacom Blue Bulls supporter? Can you claim your blood is blue? Now you can have access to everything Blue Bulls related only a touch or a swipe away on your smart device. The Blue Bulls App is your home away from Loftus Versfeld where you... Gratis 11/2015
17671   NProduções NProduções Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like NProduções Acompanhar as novidades do mundo dos negócios agora está muito mais fácil. No aplicativo NProduções, com poucos toques, você encontra notícias de seu interesse e tudo sobre a agenda de palestras, desde data e horário à biografia dos palestrantes. Além ... Gratis 11/2015
17672   Trap: don't fall,  don't touch the spikes Trap: don't fall, don't touch the spikes Spiele Spiele Apps like Trap: don't fall, don't touch the spikes This is a easy but interesting trivia game, you have to tap to make your ball jump jump jump. Don't touch any of the dangerous spikes. Try how long time can you hold on. Enjoy!... Gratis 11/2015
17673   种汉子 种汉子 Spiele Spiele Apps like 种汉子 妹纸们!还在为情人节自己依旧形单影只而纠结? 还在为自己是FFF团中的一员而忧伤? 不要担心!这里有你想要的汉纸!!各种口味任君挑选! 不管是帅气的,妖孽的,肌肉发达的,还是眼睛属性的…… 只要你想不到,没有你种不出的!! 让汉纸们的温油融化你,咩~哈哈哈!!!... Gratis 11/2015
17674   용인교회 용인교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 용인교회 [교회소개] 용인교회 홈페이지에 오신 여러분을 예수 그리스도의 이름으로 진심으로 환영합니다. 저희 용인교회는 "성령님의 충만, 오직 예수, 하나님 경외"를 지향합니다. 저희 용인교회는 "우리들은 구원받기 위해 태어났다. 우리들은 예배드리기 위해 구원 받았다."는 사실을 믿습니다. "성령의 하나 되게 하신 것을 힘써 지키는 교회”가 되어 “모두가 행복한 교회”를 목표로 합니다. “예수님을 만나면 인생의 방황이 끝나고 좋은 교회를 만나면 신앙의 방황이 ... Gratis 11/2015
17675   Realistic Make Up Realistic Make Up Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Realistic Make Up You can achieve this great app with thousands of beautiful faces from different each other, the different faces of sheet metal paint color also you get , you can set the lipstick color for the lips and the style of your dreams by trying different eye c... Gratis 11/2015
17676   AnaView - optical illusion image viewer for AnaDraw AnaView - optical illusion image viewer for AnaDraw Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like AnaView - optical illusion image viewer for AnaDraw AnaView is a gallery and image viewer tool for viewing anamorphic image created by innovative drawing app "AnaDraw" on iPad. AnaView is enpowered with Augmented Reality technology to provide user a virtual device to view the magical optical illusion art. ... Gratis 11/2015
17677   FM Works Apps 4.0 FM Works Apps 4.0 Büro Büro Apps like FM Works Apps 4.0 FM Works Apps 4 extends Archibus Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) data to mobile devices. Now, it’s easier than ever for mobile workers in the field to access, update, and complete work on the fly. There are four modules and new ones can b... Gratis 11/2015
17678   Colaborativa Colaborativa Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Colaborativa É uma rede social corporativa para compartilhamento de conhecimento, comunicação interna e capacitação de equipes com EAD integrado que utiliza de inteligência semântica para o gerenciamento dos conteúdos. Em muitas empresas os conteúdos corporativos es... Gratis 11/2015
17679   Модуль учета неполадок (Мега ТС) Модуль учета неполадок (Мега ТС) Büro Büro Apps like Модуль учета неполадок (Мега ТС) Мобильное приложение для фиксации неполадок в торговом центре Мега ТС... Gratis 11/2015
17680   PCS HyperChair PCS HyperChair Büro Büro Apps like PCS HyperChair Control your HyperChair's temperature from your iPhone! Note: You will need a HyperChair in order to be able to observe this app's functionality.... Gratis 11/2015
17681   Poker Bet Poker Le Holdem Poker Bet Poker Le Holdem Spiele Spiele Apps like Poker Bet Poker Le Holdem Play it like never before! The best looking, smoothest casino experience available on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Please note that game is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device ... Gratis 11/2015
17682   CloudHH CloudHH Produktivität Produktivität Apps like CloudHH Tus manos tocando la nube! CloudHH es la primera aplicación Hand Held móvil basada íntegramente On The Cloud. Unimos una distinguida interfaz de Usuario a tecnologías que rompen los límites de la velocidad y capacidad de transmisión, ofreciendo una soluc... Gratis 11/2015
17683   Chuz Spots Chuz Spots Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Chuz Spots Chuz connects you back to basics as the social network that empowers you to meet face to face at the best spots and events that match your moods. It allows you to meet, network, discuss, learn, and make new friends – all within the security of the app... Gratis 11/2015
17684   파리선한장로교회 파리선한장로교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 파리선한장로교회 인사말 할렐루야 여러분을 주님 안에서 사랑하며 축복합니다. 하나님께서는 만물을 새롭게 하시는 구원의 역사를 그리스도의 몸인 통해서 이루어가십니다. 우리 파리 선한교회는 이 놀라운 하나님의 역사가 성령을 통해서 이루어지고 있는 현장입니다. 이 놀라운 구원의 현장에 여러분을 초대하오니 오셔서 셔서 하나님께서 행하시는 구원과 치유와 변화와 성숙으로 이어지는 생명의 역사를 경험하시기 바랍니다. 교회명 : 파리선한장로교회 주소 : 5 ru... Gratis 11/2015
17685   Vertafore Mobile Vertafore Mobile Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Vertafore Mobile Help your customers no matter where you are. Vertafore Mobile gives you an on-demand tool to access all the information you need to manage your customer accounts from your mobile device. Making use of an intuitive user interface, Vertafore Mobile allow... Gratis 11/2015
17686   Sigma XI Connect Sigma XI Connect Bildung Bildung Apps like Sigma XI Connect Mentorship platform for members of Sigma XI... Gratis 11/2015
17687   Text Emoticons Keyboard Text Emoticons Keyboard Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Text Emoticons Keyboard “Great for all those hard to find, but amazing emojis!” -Texter2k15 “I use this almost as much as the stock emojis keyboard” -AppleForLyfe Skip the massive hassle it is trying to find all those great text based emojis, and have them all in one place! ... Gratis 11/2015
17688   The Last Vikings The Last Vikings Spiele Spiele Apps like The Last Vikings Embark on your Viking adventure sailing dangerous seas in order to pillage villages and bring glory to the Viking people once again! Build up your army, boats, special heroes and powerful weapons to face the onslaught of attacks and mythical creatures. ... Gratis 11/2015
17689   KOEO Mobile KOEO Mobile Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like KOEO Mobile This app serves as the FusionHealth mobile application for employees / members to access the FusionHealth KOEO Sleep Health Management Platform. The application provides secure access to therapy data and communication with the FusionHealth Care Team.... Gratis 11/2015
17690   Bevy – Your Beverage Butler Bevy – Your Beverage Butler Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Bevy – Your Beverage Butler 3. Bevy – Your Beverage Butler ALCOHOL AND MORE DELIVERED IN AVG. 20 MINUTES AT LOCAL SHOP PRICES CURRENTLY SERVING LONDON IN KENSINGTON & CHELSEA, HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM, WESTMINSTER, WANDSWORTH, LAMBETH…and growing fast! Our Butlers are at your ser... Gratis 11/2015
17691   Asgard Run Asgard Run Spiele Spiele Apps like Asgard Run Sprint, jump, slide, turn, and even fly through the most exciting runner game on the App Store! Looks stunning on iPad Pro! Sprint into a high-speed adventure with legendary heroes on a quest to save Asgard. Use speedy reflexes to avoid hazards and gr... Gratis 11/2015
17692   SmartBuyUs 美國名牌服飾專賣店 正貨 團購 SmartBuyUs 美國名牌服飾專賣店 正貨 團購 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like SmartBuyUs 美國名牌服飾專賣店 正貨 團購 美國名牌服飾專賣店 正貨 團購 SmartBuyUs 美國名牌服飾專賣店 團購, EASY ! 美國名牌團購, 仲EASY :) 詳情請參照: https://www.facebook.com/smartbuyus/info... Gratis 11/2015
17693   Wish2 Wish2 Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like Wish2 Wish2 is the easiest way to make wishes It provides, friends, family, even the world to be aware of your wishes - Make wishes with photos - Follow trending wishes - Make your own wish list - Share your wishes with another social networks - You can al... Gratis 11/2015
17694   FYND FYND Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like FYND FYND vous prévient lorsque vos vêtements et accessoires fétiches sont en promotion. Découvrez des produits stylés, constituez des wishlists, partagez vos trouvailles avec vos proches et restez alertés lorsque vos produits favoris sont en promotion.... Gratis 11/2015
17695   Breakfast Cooking Mania : French Toast and Waffle Cafeteria Restaurant Chain FREE Breakfast Cooking Mania : French Toast and Waffle Cafeteria Restaurant Chain FREE Spiele Spiele Apps like Breakfast Cooking Mania : French Toast and Waffle Cafeteria Restaurant Chain FREE You must’ve made breakfast for yourself several times, but have you ever tried it on a big scale? Don’t worry if you haven’t. You need not to be a professional cook to run a subway shop. Download “Breakfast Cooking Mania” and start making fresh breakfast... Gratis 11/2015
17696   여천제일교회 여천제일교회 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 여천제일교회 목회이념 비전을 통한 목회 철학 1.성도 개인은 그리스도를 닮고 성품의 변화가 있어야 한다. (오직 말씀만이 우리를 변화시킬 수 있으며, 성령의 역사로 우리가 세상앞에서 칭송을 받고 영향력을 끼칠수 있는 그리스도인이어야 합니다.) 2.모든 성도는 예배의 성공자가 되어야한다. (에배는 구원받은 성도가 하나님께 드리는 최고의 행위인 만큼 예배를 통하여 하나님을 경험함으로 구원의 감격과 삶의 치유와 회복이 이루어져야 합니다.) 3.선포된 말씀 중심의... Gratis 11/2015
17697   OKIWI - Picture printing,  photobooth and postcard sending OKIWI - Picture printing, photobooth and postcard sending Photographie Photographie Apps like OKIWI - Picture printing, photobooth and postcard sending Finally print and share your pictures, simply and quickly. You want to print your pictures , give your photos as a gift or share a special moment? You want to do this from home or from the other side of the world, you can now share your most beautiful... Gratis 11/2015
17698   Lost Horizon Lost Horizon Spiele Spiele Apps like Lost Horizon # # # WARNUNG # # # Die App läuft nicht auf iPad 2 (oder älter), iPhone 4S (oder älter) und iPod touch 4G (oder älter). Wir empfehlen das Spiel zu kaufen, wenn ein iPad 3 (oder neuer), iPhone 5 (oder neuer) oder iPod touch 5G verfügbar ist. [ Das bel... 5.99€ 11/2015
17699   Thriver - Measure and improve your well-being Thriver - Measure and improve your well-being Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Thriver - Measure and improve your well-being Ever wanted to learn how to meditate? Or do you know how, but would like to have some guided meditations with you wherever you go? Whatever your meditation need is, Thriver is there with you. Thriver also let’s you track your levels of well-being. This... Gratis 11/2015
17700   FitPals FitPals Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like FitPals Meet People. Stay Active.... Gratis 11/2015
17701   Wizard and star! Wizard and star! Spiele Spiele Apps like Wizard and star! Tap to steer your wizard. CLICK to start the game. Collect all magic stars and bonuses. Stop Zoltar from stealing the magic stars. Avoid the baddies and collect the special golden power statue for invulnerability.... Gratis 11/2015
17702   Musée National de Préhistoire,  l'application officielle Musée National de Préhistoire, l'application officielle Reise Reise Apps like Musée National de Préhistoire, l'application officielle L'application officielle du Musée national de Préhistoire des Eyzies-de-Tayac (Dordogne). Cette application vous propose un parcours guidé des expositions et des informations sur le musée. Elle peut être utilisée avant, pendant ou après votre visite. Té... Gratis 11/2015
17703   Fighting Blood Cell Fighting Blood Cell Spiele Spiele Apps like Fighting Blood Cell You play as a fearless cell that fights viruses in the blood! kill virus as much as possible!... Gratis 11/2015
17704   Saborea la Ziudad Saborea la Ziudad Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Saborea la Ziudad ¿Cansado de salir a cenar y no saber a dónde ir? ¿Te pegas largas caminatas buscando un lugar para comer y siempre acabas en el mismo sitio? ¿Es tu primer día en Zaragoza y no sabes a dónde ir? ¡¡¡Se acabó!!! Con Saborea la Ziudad te proponemos las mejore... Gratis 11/2015
17705   SMAPP SMAPP Büro Büro Apps like SMAPP SMAPP används för rapportering av försäljning samt svara på enkätfrågor.... Gratis 11/2015
17706   Bravo Video Calling Bravo Video Calling Photographie Photographie Apps like Bravo Video Calling Bravo Video Calling is a multiplatform video calling application. Bravo Video Calling uses your 3G, LTE or WiFi to call your friends and family. You can invite your friends and family member using your address book, or through their email and start a vi... Gratis 11/2015
17707   NIHE App NIHE App Büro Büro Apps like NIHE App The Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s free app lets you pay your rent, report repairs and complaints and tell us about anti-social behaviour online. If you are offline at any time, you can use the app to find out how to contact us. We offer a range o... Gratis 11/2015
17708   Double Jackpot Casino BlackJack Pro - Ultimate American gambling table Double Jackpot Casino BlackJack Pro - Ultimate American gambling table Spiele Spiele Apps like Double Jackpot Casino BlackJack Pro - Ultimate American gambling table *** Casino BlackJack has never been more exciting! *** Double Jackpot Casino BlackJack features stages to help you improve your skills with BlackJack. The best part is everyday you get the chance to win the double jackpot! Plus the chance to double the c... Gratis 11/2015
17709   RIPDialer RIPDialer Büro Büro Apps like RIPDialer The RIPDialer is only available for use by pre-authenticated users. RIPDialer utilises a highly advanced piece of patented technology to re-route the call from the mobile network to lower cost channels, whilst retaining the highest call quality, mast h... Gratis 11/2015
17710   Mr Quin Mr Quin Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Mr Quin *FLASH SALE - LIMITED TIME ONLY* As featured in New York Times, Reuters, Yahoo, MSN, London Evening Standard, HEAT magazine “Awesome modern version of one of Agatha Christie's most interesting characters." GET IT NOW to find out what all the buzz is ... 2.99€ 11/2015
17711   ma3an ma3an Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like ma3an MA3AN est une plateforme communautaire initiée par plusieurs responsables syndicaux et qui tend à se généraliser sur d’autres vecteurs à fort impact. Fruit de la contribution d’un ensemble de bénévoles de plusieurs secteurs, la plateforme propose un con... Gratis 11/2015
17712   DREAM AREA app DREAM AREA app Büro Büro Apps like DREAM AREA app Revolutionize your Mary Kay Business by having these tools at your finger tips!!! Customer favorites include Event Invites via text/email, a concise place for all your Leads, Videos of the Week, Location maps so your guests wont get lost, and a Notepa... Gratis 11/2015
17713   大医生-大医生云诊所,医云大医生 大医生-大医生云诊所,医云大医生 Medizin Medizin Apps like 大医生-大医生云诊所,医云大医生 【内容提要】 大医生,云端新医界!慢病管理领先平台!(下载APP,免费绑定医生, 1元抢购鱼跃血糖仪,火爆进行中) 【应用简介】 15位全国顶级内分泌专家率领医疗团队入驻大医生软件,中华医学会内分泌学会,糖尿病学分会诸多委员强力推荐的慢性病管理软件。 知名医生提供一对一终身服务,让您也拥有自己的私人医生,轻松管理慢性疾病。 【应用特色】 分级诊疗轻松高效 根据病情治疗的难易程度进行分级,轻松实现转诊。私人医生解决日常问题,诊所主任解决疑难问题。对于疑难杂症,借助转诊通道,转到大医院专家... Gratis 11/2015
17714   Scibler automatic assistant for Gmail and Google calendars Scibler automatic assistant for Gmail and Google calendars Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Scibler automatic assistant for Gmail and Google calendars Scibler automatic assistant is a smart calendar and todo app that automatically populates and manages itself. Our new ground-breaking AI technology, infers and prioritizes meetings and todos directly from email. So you don't have to live in your inbox a... Gratis 11/2015
17715   Earl's MineCart Adventures Earl's MineCart Adventures Spiele Spiele Apps like Earl's MineCart Adventures Blast with amazing speed through mines and caves. Jump over ravines and rivers. Avoid roadblocks and dangerous traps. Break through wood, stone- and steel barricade’s Find your route along hot lava-flows, dark cliffs and breathtaking scenery. Collect g... 0.99€ 11/2015
17716   BMW Scene Live - epaper BMW Scene Live - epaper Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like BMW Scene Live - epaper Aus der Szene für die Szene: Seit 2001 berichtet die Redaktion des BMW Scene Live - epaper aus der Fan-Community des Münchner Propellers. Im Vordergrund dabei: Der Mensch und seine Maschine. Ganz gleich ob Young- oder Oldtimer, moderne Fahrzeuge, origi... Gratis 11/2015
17717   Motion Cube Motion Cube Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Motion Cube Quoi de mieux pour comprendre une technologie que de l’essayer en toute simplicité ? Touchline Interactive : créateur et développeur de solutions mobiles interactives vous présente ses solutions de Réalité Augmentée dans une application elle-même utilisan... Gratis 11/2015
17718   Secure Net WiFi Secure Net WiFi Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Secure Net WiFi Vodafone Secure Net schützt Sie jetzt auch in öffentlichen Hotspots! Vodafone Secure Net WiFi ist ein Sicherheitsservice für Vodafone-Kunden und bietet alle Vorteile von Vodafone Secure Net wenn Sie öffentliche Hotspots und ungeschützte WLANs nutzen. Mob... Gratis 11/2015
17719   Pop Dash - Pop Culture & Music Runner Pop Dash - Pop Culture & Music Runner Spiele Spiele Apps like Pop Dash - Pop Culture & Music Runner LAUFE, WEICHE AUS & SPRINGE DURCH DIE WELTEN DER POPKULTUR ERLEBE DEN GROOVE IM RHYTHMUS DEINER LIEBLINGSKÜNSTLER DER POPMUSIK: Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Meghan Trainor, Jessie J, Wiz Khalifa, R5, Becky G, The Chainsmokers, Echosmith, Vance ... Gratis 11/2015
17720   Suntrol MyHome Suntrol MyHome Büro Büro Apps like Suntrol MyHome Mit Suntrol MyHome Solaranlagen professionell überwachen und den Stromverbrauch intelligent steuern - Suntrol MyHome informiert Sie immer und überall über die aktuelle Energieproduktion Ihrer Solaranlage und den Energieverbrauch im Haus. Dank der vorinsta... Gratis 11/2015
17721   Feeling good: depression anxiety stress recovery using sports psychology & mindfulness Feeling good: depression anxiety stress recovery using sports psychology & mindfulness Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Feeling good: depression anxiety stress recovery using sports psychology & mindfulness Used by NHS doctors - GPs & psychiatrists. Safe & effective, given to over 75, 000 patients. Increase your good feelings, your wellbeing and your performance through listening to these audio recordings. This programme, Positive Mental Training, orig... Gratis 11/2015
17722   走私律师 走私律师 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 走私律师 本软件功能模块包含了首页、业务领域、团队成员、成功案例、法律法规、法律咨询及联系我们,各个功能模块内均有相应的内容。... Gratis 11/2015
17723   Pretty Streets - itinéraires de promenade Pretty Streets - itinéraires de promenade Reise Reise Apps like Pretty Streets - itinéraires de promenade The only itineraries app mapping a beautiful route. We're here to help you discover beautiful places! 1- The best itineraries for your strolls, in Paris, New York, Montreal, Boston, Chicago & San Francisco. Let us know which city should be next. Un... Gratis 11/2015
17724   MyATP MyATP Sport Sport Apps like MyATP MyATP - Your social centre court - Stay up-to-date on news from the ATP World Tour - Follow your favourite players and explore exclusive content as they travel the Tour - Re-live the best on-court action with highlights and hot shots - Get the latest inf... Gratis 11/2015
17725   iList Mobile RE/MAX iList Mobile RE/MAX Büro Büro Apps like iList Mobile RE/MAX *Diese App ist nur zugänglich für iConnect Platform Benutzer* Überall und immer direkten Zugriff auf Ihre iList Datenbank mit der neuen iList Mobile-App! Nie mehr warten bis sie im Büro angekommen sind. Unmittelbarer Zugriff auf Ihre nächsten Termin, a... 9.99€ 11/2015
17726   Sky Force World War Sky Force World War Spiele Spiele Apps like Sky Force World War Are you looking for a game in which you can fly an advanced jet fighter trough the skies. Are you looking for a free fighter jet games that can teach you to fly like the best Air force fighter plane pilots. Come and get Sky Force World War ! This is your ... Gratis 11/2015
17727   SFT Holiday Radio SFT Holiday Radio Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like SFT Holiday Radio Here is a selection of our favorite Songs For Teaching Artist Holiday songs. As long as you are connected to the network (example: Cellular, wifi...) you can stream songs to your device. You have the ability to skip songs by pressing the "Next" button. ... 0.99€ 11/2015
17728   搜狗导航(车机互联版,首批支持捷豹XJL,免费语音导航) 搜狗导航(车机互联版,首批支持捷豹XJL,免费语音导航) Navigation Navigation Apps like 搜狗导航(车机互联版,首批支持捷豹XJL,免费语音导航) ≡≡≡搜狗地图 新品出炉≡≡≡ ◎◎◎◎全新出品·免费尝鲜◎◎◎◎ 搜狗导航,车机互联,专为驾驶而生! ◎◎◎◎〖头版〗功能点◎◎◎◎ ※【手机车机能互联】首批适配捷豹XJL车机,手机连接车机即可在车机大屏幕使用搜狗导航,车外手机随身查,车内手机连车机,大屏导航,视野开阔,���家3D市街图,,体验无缝对接的导航服务; ※【实时路况避拥堵】结合实时路况计算导航路线,避堵利器; ※【数据更新无门槛】离线地图省90%流量,还可wifi下自动更新; ※【语音交互很便捷】说出目的地,一键导航; ※【收藏历史可同... Gratis 11/2015
17729   A Cartoon Zombie Undead Outbreak Invasion Crisis FREE A Cartoon Zombie Undead Outbreak Invasion Crisis FREE Spiele Spiele Apps like A Cartoon Zombie Undead Outbreak Invasion Crisis FREE Help the two zombies break out, and eat as many goodies on their way, as possible. But watch out for enemies! ▶▶▶ "Fantastic puzzle game!" ◀◀◀ ▶ Cute graphics ▶ Perfect for girls and boys ▶ Fun for all ages ▶ Addicting puzzle game play Can you solve... Gratis 11/2015
17730   微逗-搞笑幽默节操游戏视频社交平台 微逗-搞笑幽默节操游戏视频社交平台 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 微逗-搞笑幽默节操游戏视频社交平台 一款有可能获得诺贝尔搞笑奖的APP。 附带地球第一款能和外星人聊天的工具.....(你信吗?反正我不信-0-) 笑点低、1+1青年聚集地。(似乎可以社交,似乎也有颜值) 只需要你在马桶上、等车时、坐车时、工作休息时、茶余饭后时以及无聊睡觉前打开它就好。(有WIFI最好) 搞笑、节操、内涵、邪恶、宅腐、二次元、萌萌哒、游戏,哪个才是你的药?(自有组合,搭配世界) 你分享的不是APP,是你的节操和笑点,帮助朋友战胜无聊。 ---------------------------------------... Gratis 11/2015
17731   SantaSelfie By Rock Christmas SantaSelfie By Rock Christmas Photographie Photographie Apps like SantaSelfie By Rock Christmas SantaSelfie by Rock Christmas Wecke den Weihnachtsmann in dir. Endlich hast du die Möglichkeit ein Foto von dir als Weihnachtsmann zu bekommen! SantaSelfie ist kostenlos und ermöglicht es dir, ein Selfie als Weihnachtsmann zu schießen - einfach und unk... Gratis 11/2015
17732   Doomsday Craft Doomsday Craft Spiele Spiele Apps like Doomsday Craft Doomsday has arrived. Jump in your vehicle and try to outrun the apocalypse. See how long you can outrun the end of days using a wide variety of vehicles. Mine obstacles for 'Ore' while trying to survive as long as possible. Use the 'Ore' to upgrade you... 0.99€ 11/2015
17733   Five Minutes Before Five Minutes Before Spiele Spiele Apps like Five Minutes Before Jeder ist auf den Dächern, Warten auf das Ende der Welt. Sie haben 5 Minuten bekam zu retten und evakuieren Menschen. Es ist zu spät, um unseren Planeten zu retten, aber sie kann Leben retten. Viele Leben. EIGENSCHAFTEN ******* EINE INTENSIVE GAMEPLA... 1.99€ 11/2015
17734   Auguscope Auguscope Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like Auguscope Augury’s Auguscope app enables you to monitor and diagnose machinery health. • Connects to the AUGOSCOPE hardware. • Enables you to record vibration and ultrasonic signals. NOTE: The Augoscope iOS app requires use of Augury's platform and hardware. Pleas... Gratis 11/2015
17735   iVerifica iVerifica Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like iVerifica Registra tus automóviles para que no se te pase los pagos de tenencia, infracciones y verificación, también localiza que verificentros son los más cercas de ti y deja un comentario de la cálidad del servicio. Esta aplicación te ayuda a estar informado ... Gratis 11/2015
17736   Nutricia Dietetic App Nutricia Dietetic App Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like Nutricia Dietetic App The Nutricia Dietetic App has been designed with dietitians in mind, for use in both the UK and Ireland. This innovative app has three key features: - Calculate your patient's energy, protein and fluid requirements, suitable for use in both hospital a... Gratis 11/2015
17737   CosmEthics CosmEthics Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like CosmEthics Our App enables safe cosmetic choices by scanning product bar code, giving a hazard or allergy profile warning, and recommendation tailored to your needs. You will get helpful recommendations and alerts. Personal alerts can be customised according to p... Gratis 11/2015
17738   FlowNote - Get Ideas Flowing FlowNote - Get Ideas Flowing Produktivität Produktivität Apps like FlowNote - Get Ideas Flowing FlowNote makes it easy to run multiple apps in Ideabooks with dynamic update for all, check high-priority tasks in Quick View together with upcoming events, and save notes from email and web to folders for later. Try it now for free, and get your idea... Gratis 11/2015
17739   정부세종청사아이온어린이집 정부세종청사아이온어린이집 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 정부세종청사아이온어린이집 1.설립배경 본 정부청사 아이온 어린이집은 영, 유아 발달에 적합한 환경을 제공하여 건강한 성장과 발달을 촉진시키고 부모를 사회적으로 경제적으로 지지해줌으로써 가정복지의 증진을 돕고 영, 유아의 발달에 적합한 프로그램을 제공하거자 한다. 2.보육목표 가. 보육과정의목적 및 목표 본 정부세종청사 아이온 어린이집은 영, 유아 기본적인 욕구를 충족시키며, 안전하고 정 서적인 환경을 제공하여 어린이가 균형적인 발달을 이루도록 하는 것을 목적으... Gratis 11/2015
17740   智慧咸宁 智慧咸宁 Büro Büro Apps like 智慧咸宁 智慧咸宁为您提供最新的咸宁动态!其中包括咸宁动态、景点推荐、本地特产、美食餐馆、酒店住宿、健康养生、休闲娱乐、生活服务、企业名录、人才招聘、便民服务,为您提供咸宁全方位一站式服务,让您足不出户了解咸宁详情 ! 景点推荐:包含咸宁各个景区,让您随时随地了解本地景点详情。 本地特产:介绍咸宁的地方特色产品。 酒店住宿:提供全方位的出现服务,让您出行住宿无忧,方便您的生活。 美食餐馆、休闲娱乐:让您出行游玩还是吃饭都无忧,衣食都囊括在内。 版权所有:李莉 技术支持:浙江恒搜网络科技有限公司 客服热线:400-... Gratis 11/2015
17741   Schlaubayer Quiz Schlaubayer Quiz Spiele Spiele Apps like Schlaubayer Quiz DAS Quiz für Bayern! Zeige allen, dass Du der schlaueste Spieler in Bayern bist - ein echter Schlaubayer! Tritt im Bayern-Quiz gegen Freunde und die Moderatoren von ANTENNE BAYERN an - oder fordere andere Mitspieler bzw. Gruppen heraus: Du spielst mit de... Gratis 11/2015
17742   Chomp Casino - Slots,  Blackjack & Roulette Chomp Casino - Slots, Blackjack & Roulette Spiele Spiele Apps like Chomp Casino - Slots, Blackjack & Roulette We’ve created some fantastic, fun new games for you to try such as Shamrock ‘n’ Roll, Best Of British and Cave Raiders. You’ll also find casino table games such as Blackjack. To tempt you to try our games we offer: • A 200% first deposit bonus. ... Gratis 11/2015
17743   RLDHS Agenda RLDHS Agenda Produktivität Produktivität Apps like RLDHS Agenda Mobile agenda for students of Red Lake District High School Features: •Customized block rotation and schedule •Push notifications for news (i.e. school closures) and calendar changes •Set reminders and alarms for specific classes •Store class notes and T... Gratis 11/2015
17744   Stelly's Stelly's Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Stelly's Mobile agenda for students of Stelly's Secondary. Features: •Customized schedule •Push notifications for news (i.e. school closures) and calendar changes •Set reminders and alarms for specific classes •Store class notes and ToDo items for each course •Da... Gratis 11/2015
17745   Sullivan Heights Star Tracker Sullivan Heights Star Tracker Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Sullivan Heights Star Tracker Mobile agenda & class organizer for students of Sullivan Heights Secondary School. Features: •Customized block rotation and schedule •Push notifications for news (i.e. school closures) and calendar changes •Set reminders and alarms for specific classes •... Gratis 11/2015
17746   mindflow mindflow Produktivität Produktivität Apps like mindflow mindflow macht Meetings produktiver. mindflow unterstützt die persönliche Zusammenarbeit in Workshops und Meetings mit gamifizierten Tools für schnelle Entscheidungen im Konsens. Der einzigartige Ansatz für echte Kollaboration: Jeder Teilnehmer trägt ü... Gratis 11/2015
17747   Super Vögel Töne Super Vögel Töne Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like Super Vögel Töne Vogel-Sounds ist eine großartige neue App für alle, die Vogelliebhaber da draußen. Vogel-Sounds bringt Sie zu der unberührten Natur unter verschiedenen Vogelarten, die die unglaublichsten Klänge erzeugen zu nehmen. Zwitschernde Geräusche der Freude wir... Gratis 11/2015
17748   Shaky Sheep Shaky Sheep Spiele Spiele Apps like Shaky Sheep Help the little sheep from the dangerous wolfs! Wolfs are falling from the sky and the little sheep has to defend itself. The better your sheep gets it will earn the respect of new combat power belts. But it's a long way to go... will your sheep survive?... Gratis 11/2015
17749   Sky Casino - Live Dealer Blackjack,  Roulette,  Slots & Games Sky Casino - Live Dealer Blackjack, Roulette, Slots & Games Spiele Spiele Apps like Sky Casino - Live Dealer Blackjack, Roulette, Slots & Games **£20 completely free and a 100% first deposit bonus of up to £500!** Introducing a brand new casino experience from Sky, with a wide range of classic casino games and a journey filled with rewards. Sky Casino is the best place to play all your favour... Gratis 11/2015
17750   BUX - Aktien an der Börse handeln BUX - Aktien an der Börse handeln Finanzen Finanzen Apps like BUX - Aktien an der Börse handeln BUX macht den Aktienhandel supereinfach. Werde einer von über 250.000 Händlern und probiere BUX gratis aus. Entdecke die Spannung an der Börse mit BUX. Erlebe wie einfach es sein kann an den Finanzmärkten zu spielen, selbst wenn du nicht über massig Han... Gratis 11/2015
17751   La Casa Del Habano Aficionado Rewards La Casa Del Habano Aficionado Rewards Dienstprogramme Dienstprogramme Apps like La Casa Del Habano Aficionado Rewards An innovative idea makes its very first worldwide appearance within the market of Cyprus and pushes through as a pioneer in bringing the world of Habanos closer to its dedicated smokers. Habanos Cigars enthusiasts now have the opportunity to be rewarded f... Gratis 11/2015
17752   Hair Relaxation drop by drop(ドロップ バイ ドロップ)公式アプリ Hair Relaxation drop by drop(ドロップ バイ ドロップ)公式アプリ Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hair Relaxation drop by drop(ドロップ バイ ドロップ)公式アプリ 頭皮や髪にやさしい薬剤を使ったヘアデザイン、 お客様の”来てよかった”を感じれる接客を提案します。 忙しい日常からの解放感を感じゆっくりとした時間をお過ごしください。  嬉しいドリンクメニューも充実!! drop by dropでご利用いただけるスタンプカードアプリです。 ご来店毎にスタンプを貯めて、貯めたクーポンに応じて様々なサービスを受ける事が出来ます。 ■□■クーポン内容■□■ ・5個貯めると… one drop!! ・15個貯めると… two drop!! ・25個貯めると…... Gratis 11/2015
17753   btty – Sportwetten btty – Sportwetten Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like btty – Sportwetten SO HAST DU NOCH NIE GEWETTET Wir schenken Dir deine ersten Wetten - bis 10 €! So einfach geht’s: 1. btty-App kostenlos herunterladen. 2. Registrieren und Adressdaten bestätigen lassen. 3. Mit registrierten Daten in der App anmelden und unte... Gratis 11/2015
17754   抠抠网 抠抠网 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 抠抠网 抠抠网(iPhone版)是专门为iPhone、iPod touch用户推出的一款移动购物客户端,具有商品查找、商品购买、限时抢购、订单查询、产品评价、头像自拍等功能,为您带来一次愉悦的购物体验。... Gratis 11/2015
17755   GS Scan GS Scan Bücher Bücher Apps like GS Scan GEMPAK STARZ™ is one of Malaysia’s top comic publishers. Today, GEMPAK STARZ™ not only publishes comics, magazines, and novels, but has stormed into the interactive digital era with the release of innovative mobile applications utilising the latest vi... Gratis 11/2015
17756   Babs Micro Babs Micro Büro Büro Apps like Babs Micro With Babs Micro card reader and app, your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch becomes a mobile payment terminal. Babs Paylink, in cooperation with Swedbank and Point, offers an easy to use and secure service for mobile payments, called Babs Micro. Besides t... Gratis 11/2015
17757   Artificial Defense Artificial Defense Spiele Spiele Apps like Artificial Defense Artificial Defense is a real-time-strategy, orbital-shooter game in an artificial, virtual reality setting. You are the machine, a mighty computer-system, defending its servers against swarms of intruding creeps. What is your job? Fire off miniguns, ... Gratis 11/2015
17758   JuegodelHorcado JuegodelHorcado Spiele Spiele Apps like JuegodelHorcado Description in English: This is the hangman game where you type a word, but the doll appears to you. Here you you'll find a very fun game This classic game Hangman game where players have to put the letter, because otherwise the doll appear hangman and ... 0.99€ 11/2015
17759   PLM Agroquímicos Sudamérica PLM Agroquímicos Sudamérica Medizin Medizin Apps like PLM Agroquímicos Sudamérica PLM del Ecuador entrega sin costo el Diccionario Agroquímico, en su versión móvil. En esta herramienta el profesional dedicado a la agroindustria encontrará información actualizada de productos, semillas, maquinaria y eventos relacionados con la activi... Gratis 11/2015
17760   Paddy Power - Casino Vegas HD - Slot,  Roulette,  Blackjack 21 - Video Poker - AAMS Paddy Power - Casino Vegas HD - Slot, Roulette, Blackjack 21 - Video Poker - AAMS Spiele Spiele Apps like Paddy Power - Casino Vegas HD - Slot, Roulette, Blackjack 21 - Video Poker - AAMS Paddy Power porta in Italia il primo casinò interattivo con SOLDI VERI direttamente sul tuo smartphone o tablet! Gioca, vinci e sbanca il casinò con l'unica app Vegas originale. Vivi l'esperienza del casinò di Las Vegas grazie alle gesture touch avanzat... Gratis 11/2015
17761   HondaLink Navigation Premium AUS HondaLink Navigation Premium AUS Navigation Navigation Apps like HondaLink Navigation Premium AUS IMPORTANT Display Audio requires the Smartphone Connection Launcher App, which is available to download on the iTunes store by searching for SMARTPHONE CONNECTION using the iTUNES SEARCH BAR. ____________ The HondaLink™ Navigation app brings you the po... Gratis 11/2015
17762   Semiahmoo SemiTime Semiahmoo SemiTime Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Semiahmoo SemiTime Timetable/Agenda for students of Semiahmoo Secondary. Features: •Customized block rotation and schedule •Push notifications for news (i.e. school closures) and calendar changes •Set reminders and alarms for specific classes •Store class notes and ToDo it... Gratis 11/2015
17763   妙健康 妙健康 Gesundheit und Fitness Gesundheit und Fitness Apps like 妙健康 妙健康 妙健康(more)是三胞集团旗下子公司专注于移动健康管理的品牌,是国际领先的移动健康综合管理平台。 健康理念 引领全球健康潮流的健康管理平台,倡导“健康的行为管理”生活方式,用真实体验和趣味互动,有效改善您的健康。 产品特点 整合健康行业优秀资源并通过游戏化运营手段,为企业、个人及家庭用户提供个性化健康行为管理解决方案。旨在通过与众多智能健康硬件、专业医生、专业健康医疗服务、及保险公司等服务深层资源整合,创造未来最具乐趣、高效的健康管理服务。 简单易用,有趣好玩 只要随身携带安装一个妙... Gratis 11/2015
17764   EduSnap EduSnap Bildung Bildung Apps like EduSnap EduSnap is the solution to your academic woes. Snap or post questions with your mobile devices and receive help in minutes. Seek help with your studies or help your peers now from anywhere at anytime of the day. Ask earnestly; Snap fervently - Your mob... Gratis 11/2015
17765   Winneroo Games - Real Money Slots,  Roulette & Blackjack Winneroo Games - Real Money Slots, Roulette & Blackjack Spiele Spiele Apps like Winneroo Games - Real Money Slots, Roulette & Blackjack ◄ £5 Free - Play Now! ► Download Winneroo mobile casino and get a £5 free no-deposit welcome bonus to try our real money casino games totally free! ◄ Real Money Slots & Casino Games On Your Mobile ► Over £1, 000, 000 in cash paid out monthly to our luc... Gratis 11/2015
17766   PenToPlan by Oxford Diaries PenToPlan by Oxford Diaries Produktivität Produktivität Apps like PenToPlan by Oxford Diaries PenToPlan allows you to scan and organise all of your OXFORD diary pages or your OXFORD Timebook pages and create images and reminders of appointments that are displayed on your smartphone.... Gratis 11/2015
17767   Ziegen-Stadl Ziegen-Stadl Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Ziegen-Stadl Dies ist die offizielle Ziegenstadl App. Wir stellen euch hier unsere privat adoptierten Ziegen, Katzen und Pferde vor, erzählen nach und nach ihre Geschichten, wie wir sie davor und mit ihnen erlebt haben. Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit uns zu besuchen,... Gratis 11/2015
17768   Commander Smart UC Commander Smart UC Büro Büro Apps like Commander Smart UC ******************************************** Note: The application will only work in conjunction with a Commander Phone service with Mobility Smart Extra add on from Commander. Please contact Commander for details. **************************************... Gratis 11/2015
17769   Bitelli Assicurazioni Bitelli Assicurazioni Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Bitelli Assicurazioni E' la nuova app di Bitelli Assicurazioni creata per offrire informazioni sulla struttura organizzativa dell'agenzia e le tipologie di offerte in campo assicurativo. Bitelli Assicurazioni per tutti Usa Bitelli Assicurazioni in caso di incidente auto per... Gratis 11/2015
17770   inPlug inPlug Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like inPlug 本应用是由北京网河时代科技有限公司出品的inPlug智能插座控制端。 7x24小时不间断的服务让您可以在全球的任何一个角落来查看(控制)家中的电器。 家中流畅的控制让您和您的家人体验科技带来的便捷。 方便的定时控制功能,让您拥有一位家电管家。... Gratis 11/2015
17771   Fujipix DK Fujipix DK Photographie Photographie Apps like Fujipix DK Order prints, gifts, canvas and posters using images from your iPhone! Imagine Mobile offers an easy way to turn your photos into a wide variety of different products. It also integrates with your Imagine Online account so you can use images from there... Gratis 11/2015
17772   Fire Corps め組 Fire Corps め組 Navigation Navigation Apps like Fire Corps め組 「Fire corps め組」は、火災発生、安否確認の災害情報アプリです。 自治体の火災メールから地図上に火災発生場所を表示します。 (対応している自治体については、ホームページをご覧ください。) GPSを使用して同じグループの方の現在地点を確認することができます。 消防団の所属地域、お住まいの市区町村を登録するだけで、すぐにお使いいただけます。... Gratis 11/2015
17773   Verifone Pay Verifone Pay Büro Büro Apps like Verifone Pay With the payment service Verifone Pay is your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch , a mobile payment terminal. Verifone, along with selected banks have developed an easy to use and secure service for mobile payments, Verifone Pay. You simply attach the EMV ap... Gratis 11/2015
17774   Puzzle & Dragons Puzzle & Dragons Spiele Spiele Apps like Puzzle & Dragons ◆◇Puzzle & Dragons◇◆ ※本遊戲的語言設定僅對應日文。 【遊戲介紹】 用拼圖來進行壯大的冒險! 「Puzzle & Dragons」是一款玩家與寵物們一同奮戰、並且以拼圖的力量來進行冒險的遊戲。 玩家們將走遍世界各地的地城迷宮,尋覓傳說中的巨龍! 「Puzzle & Dragons」遊戲本身為下載免費! 本遊戲將會提供一部分的付費下載內容 但玩家也能從頭到尾都以免費的方式來享受遊戲。 ▼基本規則簡單明瞭的拼圖遊戲! 將同樣顏色的寶珠以縱向或橫向的方式排列在一起,就能將它消去。 巧妙... Gratis 11/2015
17775   PenFinancial Credit Union Mobile App PenFinancial Credit Union Mobile App Finanzen Finanzen Apps like PenFinancial Credit Union Mobile App PenFinancial Credit Union's iPhone App gives you access to your money anytime, anywhere. View account details, deposit cheques, transfer money, pay bills and more. Accessing your finances has never been simpler. Features include: •Check account balan... Gratis 11/2015
17776   hemoliga hemoliga Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like hemoliga O Hemoliga é uma rede formada pela união de pessoas e instituições em prol da causa da doação de sangue que permitirá integrar esses usuários aos hemocentros de todo o Brasil, começando pelo Rio Grande do Norte. O propósito principal é fortalecer as inúm... Gratis 11/2015
17777   Telekom Mail App: E-Mail App der Telekom für Ihre E-Mail-Adresse @t-online.de Telekom Mail App: E-Mail App der Telekom für Ihre E-Mail-Adresse @t-online.de Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Telekom Mail App: E-Mail App der Telekom für Ihre E-Mail-Adresse @t-online.de Mit der offiziellen Telekom Mail App können Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse @t-online.de komfortabel und sicher auf dem iPhone und iPad nutzen. Lesen und versenden Sie E-Mails ganz einfach und übersichtlich, schauen Sie sich Anhänge Ihrer E-Mails direkt in der A... Gratis 11/2015
17778   BetVictor InstaBet BetVictor InstaBet Sport Sport Apps like BetVictor InstaBet Download the Betvictor Instabet App to receive exclusive enhanced prices alerts on major sports events. Prices this good can’t last forever but Instabet’s ultra-fast bet placement function gives you the best chance of beating the countdown clock and earni... Gratis 11/2015
17779   ラヴヘブン◆イケメン偉人とドキドキ恋愛乙女パズル ラヴヘブン◆イケメン偉人とドキドキ恋愛乙女パズル Spiele Spiele Apps like ラヴヘブン◆イケメン偉人とドキドキ恋愛乙女パズル □■ラヴヘブンプロジェクト第1弾■□ パネルタッチパズル×乙女ゲームな新感覚乙女ゲームが登場! 攻略キャラクターは無限大!? お気に入りのイケメン達と一緒に冒険に出掛けよう! 誰でも簡単、爽快パズルゲームをプレイして好感度をゲット! 攻略対象の好感度を上げて絆を深めたら恋愛に発展!! あなたのテクニックでお気に入りのイケメンをドロップしよう! □■ストーリー■□ 「最近、ご飯作ってないなぁ……」 会社からの帰り道。 見慣れた景色を横目に、一人大きくため息を吐いていると、不意に、草の植込みから猫が飛び... Gratis 11/2015
17780   咪咕视频 咪咕视频 Unterhaltung Unterhaltung Apps like 咪咕视频 咪咕视频客户端,最好用的直播视频APP。海量免费直播、高清免费视频、实时互动畅聊,无广告畅快体验。看直播,尽在咪咕视频。10月底前更有5000万话费流量免费送,更多精彩等你来发现!... Gratis 11/2015
17781   NETTO NETTO Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like NETTO Die offizielle NETTO-App ist da! Ab sofort begleitet Dich der schwarz-gelbe NETTO mit dem Scottie auch auf Deinem Smartphone oder Tablet und macht Deinen Einkauf noch einfacher. Die App umfasst folgende Funktionen: - Aktuelle Angebote aus unseren Filiale... Gratis 11/2015
17782   ExpendiaSmart ExpendiaSmart Finanzen Finanzen Apps like ExpendiaSmart ExpendiaSmart mobile application by Edenred provides the main ExpendiaSmart web platform features while being away. Users can: • View card balance • See transactions in real-time • Create and submit expense claims • Upload expense receipts • Request fund... Gratis 11/2015
17783   Panorama Ridge ThunderTime Panorama Ridge ThunderTime Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Panorama Ridge ThunderTime Mobile Agenda / Timetable for students of Panorama Ridge Secondary... Gratis 11/2015
17784   FlashScore.com.au FlashScore.com.au Sport Sport Apps like FlashScore.com.au Fast and most accurate sports results from 26 sports and 3000 leagues and competitions from around the globe. With the new Live Scores app you can easily keep track of all LIVE results and stats from your favourite league! Main features: - fast and mo... Gratis 11/2015
17785   Gulaschkapell' Gulaschkapell' Essen & Trinken Essen & Trinken Apps like Gulaschkapell' GK Erpel! Jetzt auch als App für das Smartphone! An jedem Ort der Welt über Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Termine und Veranstaltungen Bescheid wissen. Immer auf dem Laufenden durch Push-Benachrichtigungen. Ein einfacher Knopfdruck genügt, und die Verbindung zum ... Gratis 11/2015
17786   FlashScores.co.uk FlashScores.co.uk Sport Sport Apps like FlashScores.co.uk Fast and most accurate sports results from 26 sports and 3000 leagues and competitions from around the globe. With the new Flash Scores app you can easily keep track of all LIVE results and stats from your favourite league! Main features: - fast and m... Gratis 11/2015
17787   RPG ファナティックアース RPG ファナティックアース Spiele Spiele Apps like RPG ファナティックアース サイバティックな雰囲気の漂うSF・RPGが登場! シールドで覆われた近未来都市を暗躍する悪の正体とは…… 【毎月新作RPGを発売中!『ケムコ』で検索!】 未知の細菌『ディアボロス』によって人類が滅亡寸前にまで追いやられた世界。 細菌の脅威から身を守るために、シールドで覆われた都市・アメイジングシティが舞台。 自分の名前すら思い出せない主人公は成り行きで一人の女性を助けます。 ミランダと名乗るその女性は主人公を見込み、ある相談を持ち込もうとしますが…… RPG『ファナティックアース』がケムコに登場。... Gratis 11/2015
17788   RE:Leads RE:Leads Büro Büro Apps like RE:Leads Encourage exhibitor retention by offering the most advanced lead management solution. RE:Leads combines state-of-the-art hardware; increased lead quality with custom surveys integrated into the scanning hardware; ability for exhibitors to view data in rea... Gratis 11/2015
17789   SecMobi SecMobi Büro Büro Apps like SecMobi 该客户端软件为登陆网神厂商vpn网关硬件设备,可以在互联网上访问公司,学校,企事业单位的内部资源,主要用于登陆windows远程桌面,... Gratis 11/2015
17790   au スマートパス -ニュースやお得なクーポンを毎日お届け- au公式アプリ au スマートパス -ニュースやお得なクーポンを毎日お届け- au公式アプリ Nachrichten Nachrichten Apps like au スマートパス -ニュースやお得なクーポンを毎日お届け- au公式アプリ \ お得なクーポンやプレゼント 最新ニュースをお届け / auスマートフォンを楽しむためのお得で便利な最新情報をチェックしましょう。 □■auスマートパス アプリの特徴■□ - 最新ニュースや注目の話題をひと目でチェック - コンビニやレストランなどで使える便利なクーポン、映画割引などお得な情報がたくさん - au WALLETのポイントやチャージ残高をいつでも確認 - au携帯の通話料やデータ通信量もすぐに確認 - auの各サービスへサイドメニューから簡単にアクセス - 天気や乗換案内や地図・ルート... Gratis 11/2015
17791   ERGO KFZ-Schaden ERGO KFZ-Schaden Finanzen Finanzen Apps like ERGO KFZ-Schaden Liebe Nutzer der KFZ-Schaden-App, die Services der Schaden-App finden Sie ab sofort in unserer ERGO-App. Gut für Sie: Damit haben Sie mehr Services in einer App. Für die Schaden-App werden Sie daher zukünftig keine Updates mehr erhalten. Bitte löschen ... Gratis 11/2015
17792   Legend of Kingdom Legend of Kingdom Spiele Spiele Apps like Legend of Kingdom [ Game Introduction ] Picotto Kingdom is a Side-Scrolling Beat-em-up Action RPG that everyone can easily play and enjoy, and it will contain the usual features you would expect in a game of this sort — multiple classes, items, missions, customization... Gratis 11/2015
17793   MountainTime MountainTime Produktivität Produktivität Apps like MountainTime Mobile Agenda/Timetable app for students of R.E. Mountain Secondary School. Note: This app is customized for the calendar and block rotation at MSS and is not suitable for other schools.... Gratis 11/2015
17794   Family Network Family Network Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Family Network FN MOBIL, yoğun bir gün boyunca aile ve yakın arkadaşlarınızla bağlantıda kalmanıza yardımcı ücretsiz bir akıllı telefon uygulamasıdır. FN MOBIL ile, kişisel haritanızda ailenizin ve arkadaşlarınızı nerede olduğunu görüp, günboyu bağlantıda kalıp bire... Gratis 11/2015
17795   PopJam PopJam Soziale Netzwerke Soziale Netzwerke Apps like PopJam *Very Important! If you are under 16, you must get your parent's or guardian's permission before downloading or using PopJam* Have you got what it takes to become a PopJam Star? With PopJam you can create and share art, photos, quizzes and much more. ... Gratis 11/2015
17796   Rebe & Wein – epaper das Magazin für Weinbau und Weinwirtschaft in Württemberg und Franken vom Eugen Ulmer Verlag Rebe & Wein – epaper das Magazin für Weinbau und Weinwirtschaft in Württemberg und Franken vom Eugen Ulmer Verlag Produktivität Produktivität Apps like Rebe & Wein – epaper das Magazin für Weinbau und Weinwirtschaft in Württemberg und Franken vom Eugen Ulmer Verlag Rebe & Wein - epaper ist die Fachzeitschrift der Weinbauverbände in Württemberg und Franken und unterstützt Sie mit aktuellen Informationen aus Ihrem Anbaugebiet. Ständige Themenbereiche der Zeitschrift sind: - Innovationen in der Weinbautechnik und Kell... Gratis 11/2015
17797   SB-Station SB-Station Büro Büro Apps like SB-Station SB-Stationは、サクサアプリケーションサーバ「SB2000」と連携して使用するリモートアクセスアプリケーションです。 iPad・iPhoneに取り込んだファイルは、他のiPad・iPhoneへ簡単に転送する事が可能です。 オフィスでの資料共有が可能となり、ペーパーレスの情報共有環境を構築できます。 さらに、パスワード付き転送、ファイルへの閲覧制限時間の設定、アプリ起動ロック、アプリ制御設定などセキュリティ機能も充実しています。 ----------------------- SB-Staionの... Gratis 11/2015
17798   PwC next:digital PwC next:digital Büro Büro Apps like PwC next:digital Elegant, intuitiv, überraschend – das PwC-Magazin next:digital ist die iPad-App für Vorausdenker. Hintergründige Reportagen zeigen die ganze Welt der Wirtschaft, Analysen und Case Studies liefern smarte Einsichten für Entscheider. Natürlich nicht nur... Gratis 11/2015
17799   三剑豪 - 动作武侠3D网游神作 三剑豪 - 动作武侠3D网游神作 Spiele Spiele Apps like 三剑豪 - 动作武侠3D网游神作 2015非玩不可的3D动作手机网游!多家媒体评价《2015最受期待的武侠手游》 韩国排名第一的3D动作武侠网游——绝不单机,无兄弟,不江湖! 动作武侠3D手游—《三剑豪—风云再起》即刻发布 @ 台湾排名第一的3D动作武侠网游 @ 陈妍希倾情代言,和陈妍希一起拯救你手中的江湖! 真正打破伪网游概念!【三剑豪】给你想要的一切,实时战斗、组队副本、公会百人大战! 【真正网游】 真正组队副本、即时PK,绝不单机!公会百人同屏大战,这一切都是真实的! 【爆破式打击感】 拳拳到肉,刀刀见血,真正爆破式打击... Gratis 11/2015
17800   CatzCalendar CatzCalendar Produktivität Produktivität Apps like CatzCalendar Timetable / Agenda for students of Brookswood Secondary School... Gratis 11/2015

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